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When it comes to feeding our children - fresh is best

Changing the landscape of fresh meals for babies one fresh pot at a time

Media Release – July 2016

When it comes to feeding our children – fresh is best to help them thrive

A survey by fresh baby food specialists, Food Babies Love reveals that when it comes to feeding babies and toddlers, 90 per cent of mums agreed strongly that fresh home-made food is best and that healthy eating in the early stages of the child's development forms the foundation for a happy, healthy life -  yet only 1 in 3 surveyed have the time to cook nutrient rich meals from scratch. 

Despite the best intentions, life gets in the way and it’s not always easy for parents to cook meals for their children which leaves the majority of parents relying on pre-packed foods.  Unfortunately for most parents, the ready-made options available in store, including well-known baby food brands, are heat blasted allowing them to sit on the shelves for up to 18 months – so whilst convenient, important nutritional value is lost.  


What’s even worse, explains best-selling Author, entrepreneur, Melbourne-based baby food expert and mother of 3, Emily Dupuche, is that “There are whole fridges dedicated to fresh pet food in supermarkets, but you can’t find any fresh baby food.  It is unacceptable. Busy parents today deserve access to convenient, fresh, nutritious meals for their children with less salt, sugar and preservatives. We don’t buy meat off the shelf to eat, so we shouldn’t have to serve our babies just that.”


Dupuche has been fostering healthy eating habits in children and inspiring parents for 5 years.  Dupuche’s first book, Food Babies Love (published by Pan MacMillan) has sold over 10,000 copies, made popular for it’s easy and delicious real food ideas to suit parents looking for strategies and solutions to feed babies the good food they need to thrive. 


The popularity of the Food Babies Love guide and demand from parents looking for more food babies love, motivated Dupuche to take the favourite recipes from the guide and launch Food Babies Love - Fresh Pots – an Australian-first range of readily available FRESH baby and toddler meals.


Food Babies Love - Fresh Pots, is a range of convenient, nourishing baby and toddler food, offering time-poor parents peace of mind and the much needed opportunity to feed their babies fresh, wholesome and quick meals without compromising on nutrition, flavour and taste. It’s simple, real food that is kitchen fresh and exactly like home-made food.

Mums want to know what ingredients they are feeding their children and how it has been prepared. With Fresh Pots the process and ingredients are transparent. We’ve taken the favourite recipes from the guide and prepared them fresh for parents. Being time poor doesn’t need to mean poor quality food for our children,” states Dupuche.

Dupuche has also chosen to package the meals in clear pots rather than pouches, specifically to stimulate all the senses of a growing baby including sight, smell and texture key stimulants for developing palettes, interest and a healthy relationship with food. The 200g tamper-proof pots are microwavable and freezable and come in three distinct ages and stages.  Early proteins for 6 plus months, textured meals for 7 plus months and toddler meals for 10 plus months. 

There are 7 delicious varieties in the range. The range includes Lentil Dahl, Fish Pie, Curry, family favourites such as Spaghetti Bolognaise and more.

Food Babies Love - Fresh Pots can be found in the refrigerated section of select supermarkets and grocers along the Eastern Seaboard with the option of weekly home delivery for Melbournians. RRP $6.45


For further media information or to set up an interview with Emily Dupuche, founder of Food Babies Love Guide and Fresh Pots, please contact Emilia or Christie at Kids Business   media@kidsbusiness.com.au

www.foodbabieslove.com.au I Instagram: @foodbabieslove I Facebook: foodbabieslove I #foodbabieslove  #freshpots


Notes to Editors:

Ages and Stages Overview

Early Proteins for 6+ months packed with iron and protein with a smooth finish

·         Chicken, apple and pumpkin 

·         Red Lentil Dahl

Textured Meals for 7+ months loaded with vegetables to provide an exciting range of textures and colours.

·         Greek Lamb casserole

·         Chicken Curry

·         Baby Bolognaise

Toddler Meals for 10+ months big on flavour and goodness.

·         Spaghetti Bolognaise for little people

·         Fish pie



More about Food Babies Love founder, Emily Dupuche:

Emily is a Melbourne mum of 3 and author of the hugely successful Food Babies Love Guide to introducing solids to babies, which is an Aussie best seller.  She has always loved food and cooking and had great fun introducing her twins to solids.  She quickly realised that many parents found this phase of parenting challenging and there was a need for a practical and simple guide.  Combining her love of food with practical advice saw the creation of her popular baby food guide which was first published in 2012.  It was then a natural progression to offer a better alternative of convenient food and launch her own range of FRESH Food Babies Love Fresh Pots.