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Why choosing the right technology stack is key for your business strategy

Choose the right platforms to help your business grow and establish a strong technical foundation

In today's digital world there is a endless supply of different software and platforms to accomplish everything from eCommerce to accounting and project management.

What is a technology stack?

A technology stack refers to the collection of different software/systems used within a business an example of a stack could be:

MYOB for accounting, WordPress for a blog, WooCommerce for an online shop, Microsoft Office 365 for email and a CRM such as Hubspot to manage contacts and other business information.

Choosing the right tools is important to ensure you get the best functionality for the best price and that it is scalable for when your business grows and needs to adapt.

Choose the wrong frameworks and scaling can become cumbersome and expensive as time is wasted reducing overall productivity.

Technology stacks are also used in programming/software development and involve selecting frameworks and programming languages to write software and are critical in developing solid reliable programs.

For example certain languages are far more suitable for specific tasks like the language Django which can be used to build web applications whilst other frameworks like Swift are designed to build mobile apps for iOS.

Factors to consider when choosing a technology stack for your organization:

Project scope & size

The first thing you need to consider is the size of your project and scope of requirements. This will enable you to plan out the size of your application and what factors need to be considered for it to achieve it's intended goals.


As your business changes direction or grows in size so does your computing & I.T needs which is why careful planning is key. This involves checking the features of the software and if it has provisions to expand in size and accommodate potential aspects of future business plans.

Software model - Cloud or on-premise hosting & off the shelf or custom

Another thing to consider is whether you want to host the software internally or if it would be more convenient to have it hosted in the cloud.

Cloud options otherwise known as SaaS or IaaS platforms offer pay as you go subscriptions which can be easy to setup and don't require maintenance as they are looked after by a third party.

On-premise software also offers advantages such as the ability to self-host and control the data and make changes to the software if needed in some cases however requires maintenance.

Lastly depending on your needs you may be able to simply select an off the shelf product or consider developing custom software for your business requirements.


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