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Winscribe Announces the Appointment of Florian Stroehle as Director of Global Sales

Florian Stroehle has been named Director of Global Sales at Winscribe, a world-leading provider of speech productivity technology.

Winscribe is pleased to announce Florian Stroehle as Winscribe's new Director of Global Sales.

Stroehle has been with Winscribe for over four years, and for the past two years he has led the Asia Pacific Region as the Regional Sales Manager.

Over this period, sales growth in the Asia Pacific region have nearly tripled, and a number of significant milestones were achieved by the APAC sales team. From Winscribe's largest individual sale in the APAC region to Winscribe's inclusion in a state-wide framework agreement in Queensland, Mr. Stroehle was instrumental in aligning the interests of clients, partners, technology providers and Winscribe to achieve successful outcomes and deliver win-win solutions. Under his leadership, a new cloud-based SaaS business model to deliver Winscribe’s flagship clinical documentation and speech recognition technology rapidly across multiple health services was developed and implemented.

Mr. Stroehle is a frequent public speaker on transformative change and the capabilities of technology to make positive contributions to patient outcomes and healthcare delivery efficiency.

“I am very pleased that, following a rigorous selection process, this very talented and enthusiastic new leader came out on top, and we are in a position to appoint Florian Stroehle to this strategic position in the Winscribe senior management team,” says Greg Allen, Winscribe’s CEO. “We have very ambitious goals for Winscribe in the coming years, and I have no doubt that Florian’s enthusiasm and drive will help us achieve those”, he continues.

Mr. Stroehle holds a Masters Degree in International Business from the University of Otago. Prior to joining Winscribe, he has worked in a variety of roles, including international business development in China. Aside from his qualifications and experience, he brings a huge amount of energy and passion.

“I am under no illusion that the success we have enjoyed over the past few years has been only possible through a concerted team effort, a spirit of collaboration, and a lot of hard work from everyone involved. I can’t wait to get into this new role, listen to and learn from our sales team member and partners, and then to apply proven as well as new and innovative sales approaches to contribute to achieving Winscribe’s vision for the future,” comments Florian Stroehle.