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Women Use Group Buying Power With HoneyandGinger.com.au

Honey and Ginger are two savvy Sydney shoppers who know what they want and how to bargain to get a great deal.

HoneyandGinger.com.au is a collective buying website that launches later this month, but this site goes beyond Groupon.com and others like it – Honey and Ginger’s difference is that the site offers deals targeted specifically at women.

Starting in Sydney with localised offers for Eastern Suburbs residents, the site has quickly gained followers further afield in other Sydney regions, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Hobart. Once enough members in a region have committed, businesses in will jump on board and offer those shoppers discounts of up to 90 per cent!

HoneyandGinger.com.au director Jenn Miller said, “Collective buying provides the opportunity to purchase goods and services at a discounted rate through group purchases. Collective or group buying leverages social media to provide instant community awareness for a product or service”.

Collective buying can be achieved quickly and simply in a cost effective manner. There are many successful collective buying sights in existence with the most successful example being Groupon.com.

“HoneyandGinger.com.au follows a similar business model to other collective buying sites, however it offers a tailored and personalised model focusing on deals in the community, for the community. It is based on personal recommendation; after all, who wants to try out a new restaurant unless you know the food is good?” Ms Miller added.

The Honey and Ginger motto is “Sweet local deals”, and Ms Miller plans to find those deals in every community the site operates, starting with Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

“Our vision is that every digitally enabled member of the community in which we live becomes a member of our site and that every sweet product or service in our community benefits beyond expectation from the promotion of their business on HoneyandGinger.com.au.”

Ms Miller developed two avatars representing the women who would use Honeyandginger.com.au. Honey represents the 30 - 45 year old career woman who juggles family and a career and Ginger is the single 25 – 40 year old who is living life to the full.

Honey and Ginger membership is free and will launch in the Eastern Suburbs on March 21.

To sign up or for more information visit www.honeyandginger.com.au