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Wonderlux launches premium range of DIY Curtains and Blinds

Location: Canberra, Australia


Luxury has become affordable with the new range of DIY Blindsand Curtains from Wonderlux. Save up to 50% off retail prices.

A Timber Venetian blind has flat slats layered atop over another. Timber Venetian blinds are essentially horizontal slats made from durable PVC with a convincing timber finish. Wood slats are sometimes used, but in Australia, these are now generally known as wood blinds.


Also called wooden Venetian blinds, Venetian wood blinds are window furnishings traditionally used to modulate the amount of sun & warmth that enters through the windows of a home. They're among the most popular window treatments available because of the way they blend function and beauty. Real timber Venetians are more costly than other blinds, but not our PVC version. Our PVC blinds blend the low maintenance of PVC with the sleek, classy look of real timber, so that you can get the durability and water-resistant qualities of PVC without the exorbitant price. In this way, our Timber-look Venetians offer the best of both worlds.


Roman blinds are a window furnishing designed to block out sunlight. Roman blinds are different to other window treatments such as vertical blinds or shades because they are comprised of a single long length of fabric that is divided into segments, which in turn fold away neatly when the blind is raised or lowered.

Roman blinds can be operated either with a handheld cord or a mechanised option. The handheld cord is child-friendly and tucks away neatly inside the blind when not in use. The mechanised option involves an efficient lithium battery that does not require an electrician for installation, meaning that you'll be able to enjoy hands-free operation with the simple touch of a button. Welcome to the future!


A Motorized blind means that need only flip a switch or push a button to see your favorite blind effortlessly close or open. It's quick, easy, and makes for a sleek look.

 Every home has windows, and most homeowners will agree that window treatments are essential for solitude and aesthetic appeal. As a homeowner, you make a considerable investment in your house and its interior decorations, and Motorized blinds are a way of seeing a strong return on that investment. They bring real worth and practical advantages - including streamlining the visual look of your window furnishings, preventing safety hazards from dangling cords, and making your window treatment more easily accessible to all.


DIY Roman blinds are made from large panels of cloth that pleat together when raised or lowered.DIY Roman blinds are built by mounting slats attached to cords to the rear of the cloth panel. This makes for sleek, visually pleasing operation- simply pull the cord, and the fabric panels will fold away neatly, making a stylish top pelmet.

DIY Roman blinds can be made from various materials, from lace and cotton to synthetic fabrics such as polyester. They're an excellent alternative to curtains, and are available in an extensive selection of colours, patterns, and styles.

The main benefit of DIY Roman blinds is that they allow for easy and effective light control that can be adjusted depending on the time of day. If you need total darkness, simply opt for a blockout option to prevent any light from entering the room.

DIY Roman Blinds can be fitted either outside or inside the recess of a window. With state-of-the-art componentry, bounce-back will not be a problem, and the fabric is treated to make it UV resistant, meaning that it will not fade given prolonged exposure to sunlight. It's an excellent investment option, and will work with all decor styles.