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The world’s first blood test for Melanoma, developed by Geneseq Biosciences (Melbourne, Australia), has been further validated by a new clinical study to be published in the journal ‘Melanoma Research’

The new blood test which can diagnose melanoma skin cancers earlier and more accurately, is now one step closer to being available to patients and healthcare professionals.

Melanoma is up to four times more prevalentin Australia than the US and European countries and is responsible for the deaths of three Australians every day.

Unlike other common cancers, the death rate of melanoma in Australia has risen alarmingly, which experts suggest is partially due to inaccurate diagnoses and a lack of progress in the development of new tests. 


Now, a new blood test called Melaseq, can pinpoint the ‘molecular fingerprint’ of melanoma, even in the earliest stages of the disease.  

In world-first research, the new study shows that the Melaseq blood test can be performed both before and after a melanoma has been removed providing accuracies of up to 94%

“The current methods for detecting melanoma have been proven to have limited ability to identify many of the melanomas that progress to late stage disease, where prognosis is extremely poor,” said Geneseq Co-Founder Dr Ryan van Laar Ph.D.

“The Melaseq blood test however has the ability to detect first stage melanoma, saving millions of healthcare dollars, and more importantly saving lives,” he said.


“After a melanoma skin lesion has been removed, patients have few, if any, options for follow up tests to confirm if the tumour has been completely removed and they are melanoma-free.”

“Tragically, melanoma is the leading cause of cancer death in young people aged between 20 to 39 years old, and in recent years, has killed more Australians than the road toll.[i]” Dr Van Laar commented.

“We have received incredibly positive feedback from national and international melanoma experts on the potential for Melaseq to improve patient outcomes.”

The Melaseq test is designed to be performed by GP’s and pathology collection services and has the potential to arrest the impacts of melanoma which is the leading cause of cancer death in young people aged between 20 to 39 years old, and in recent years, has killed more Australians than the road toll.

About Geneseq Biosciences:

Geneseq Biosciences is a Melbourne based biotechnology company, pioneering the development of new “liquid biopsy” tests to help doctors individualise cancer diagnostics & treatment options. Founded in 2016, their first test Melaseq, is designed to accurately detect the genetic (microRNA) fingerprint of active melanoma in blood. Geneseq Biosciences was selected to participate the 2017 Melbourne Health Incubator program and published their first study in the British Journal of Cancer in January, 2018. For more information please contact Dr Ryan van Laar Ph.D. Founder, Geneseq Biosciences, +61 (3) 9028 2992 

Email: info@geneseq.com.au| Web: www.geneseq.com.au  | Twitter: @geneseqbio


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