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World's Greatest Videos awards 2019 US$100,000 Grand Prize

World's Greatest Videos™ (WGV™) is pleased to announce the winner of the highly anticipated 2019 US$100,000 Grand Prize. The first global, cash-awarded, continual short video competition, World's Greatest Videos hosts Regional Weekly Contests and Global Challenge Contests. The first-place winners from each of these contests go on to compete in the Grand Prize Contest held every December.

This year's final five competitors were from countries across the world including the US, UK, Brazil, and Mexico. The videos encompassed a variety of categories: Music, Comedy, Feel good, and Pets. The final winner was declared as Victor Franco from Brazil with his video Hello! Ma Baby, but it's JAZZ (https://pr.report/NakRPyWV).

19 year old Victor hails from the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil. He comes from a family of musicians, and started singing in church when he was just three years old. Victor says he got a lot of support from his parents for his music over the years, and he wants to use part of the prize money to give back to them.

Other finalists include Lyricmjc from the United States, who won $3,000 in the June Monthly Contest. Lyric, the little girl featured in the video Down Syndrome ABILITIES! (https://pr.report/ZuoJCQdE) has Down Syndrome. In the last year, she's learned to match the pitch of different tunes, and articulate the words and phrases of songs.

Beccabsmithmusic, from the U.K., has won several prizes for over $300. She says was inspired to share her talent after her grandmother was diagnosed with dementia and she performed for the residents at her nursing home. Her video can be accessed at https://pr.report/PEb9kSvT.

Toshiro Flores is from Mexico and won 1st place for $3,000 in our May monthly contest. Hermes Flores, Toshiro's owner, manages a fan page for Toshiro, which has followers from all over the world. Watch the video at https://pr.report/YRgdQlP3.

Ansel Mckenzie, aka. zzfrosty won $10,000 in the February contest. Ansel is not only a content creator, but an aspiring entrepreneur as well. He says that he used his prize money to invest better production for his videos and his business. His video can be seen at https://pr.report/VMbUHuYP.

World's Greatest Videos gave away 3,500 cash prizes worth US$267,000 in the first (Beta) year to short-form video makers from around the world. The platform prides itself on true community - members who watch and react to videos are just as important as members who create them. 

According to 27-year-old founder Makayla Allen, there's a lot more that makes it stand out from the crowd. "We are truly inclusive, and take a firm stance against any type of bullying or negative comments," Allen explains. "Our goal is a safe, comfortable environment for creators and viewers alike, so we only allow positive comments and reactions to our members' videos."

For more information about World's Greatest Videos and to view the winning videos, visit www.wgvs.com.

About World's Greatest Videos
Launched on January 1, 2019 by 27-year-old Makayla Allen, World's Greatest Videos awards 21 cash prizes every week. First-place winners from Regional Weekly Contests and Global Challenge Contests become eligible for the annual Grand Prize which is announced in December.

As the first global cash-awarded video contest, World's Greatest Videos is on a mission to expose people around the globe to different cultures and what those cultures find entertaining. The company's app and website operate in the top 20 languages across the world.