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You can still travel to the Holy Lands this Easter

Sydney Travel Agent starts virtual tour series on Easter Saturday - Live Travelogue Online Event 3pm EST

As people everywhere are adjusting to a world less travelled, a suburban Sydney travel agency, best known for its personal care and service, is preparing to take the world right into the living rooms of its customers. 

Liberty Tours is keeping travel dreams alive through a series of webinars, in the style of old fashioned “slide shows” – on a platform that adheres to social distancing and self-isolation protocols!

“We are aware that this is a time of turmoil for many people, with many sufferings greatly from a loss of tourism-related activities,” said Steve Cairns, Managing Director of Liberty Tours.

“While no-one knows when we will be dusting off our passports and packing to travel again, we are determined to support our clients, and trust that our online live guided travelogues will lift our spirits, and the spirits of others.   It will help us focus on the places we might like to go next.”

“Just because we cannot travel today, it does not mean we cannot plan together online,” said Steve.

Steve has faith that the travel industry will bounce back, so over the next few months, Liberty Tours is presenting a series of live “Travelogue to…”  - basically web-enabled guided slide shows.  Each week, travel industry guests will join Steve in a community driven initiative to help others connect through the joy of travel.

“At this time of year we are usually have many travellers undertaking annual pilgrimages,” said Steve, who is preparing a number of virtual journeys of faith, helping people connect with some of the world’s most sacred cities.

“People contact us about journeys to places steeped in religious significance for many reasons.  For many it is to fulfil their lifelong dreams. Some are keen to make real world cultural connections to the art and music that features so prominently in their lives.For those of stronger faith, it will allow them to bring their daily bible readings to life  - we can take then to the Garden of Gethsemane at the foot of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.  

Perhaps you are one of the many travellers who stand in awe underneath the majestic stained glass windows of the world’s grand churches and temples – or perhaps you are simply a film buff, making sense of the storylines and themes referenced in films such as the “East of Eden”, “Life of Brian” or “The DaVinci Code”. And no discussion about religious influence would be complete with mentioning the many icons, tapestries, illustrated manuscripts and even decorative carpets that are of interest to believers and collectors alike – and provide travellers with souvenirs.

So with Candlelight Processions in Nazareth paused, the old city of Jerusalem closed to the public, and the traditional Palm Sunday procession on the Mount of Olives cancelled,  Steve has invited area expert Natalie Brown (Collette) to help him present the first of Liberty Tours  guided cyber-journeys.

“Travelogue to The Holy Lands” is the first in a  number of faith inspired journey that will be presented live over the next month.  

Where: The Holy Lands
How: online live
Time: 3pm EST
When: Easter Saturday 11 April 2020
Cost: Free
Register: www.libertytours.com.au/travel-dreams

Future “Travelogue to…” topics will showcase Fatima in Spain, Lourdes the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains. Plus sacred sites and shines of religious significance across France, Italy and even Ireland!

Recommended for:

Anyone who has ever wanted to travel to the Holy Land
Anyone who has wondered what a Pilgrimage is
Anyone interested in the real-life places mentioned in the Bible
Anyone interested in overseas travel
Anyone who has previously undertaken a Pilgrimage (we will have a live Q&A!)
Anyone interested in religious themed art and collectables 


About the Presenter: 
Steve Cairns, Liberty Tours
Member: Australian Federation of Travel Agents

Steven Cairns is a dream-maker who has spent 30 years travelling and working around the world. He excels at helping clients find clarity in what they really want, and then brings those dreams into reality. His own passions are cultures and people. As he travels, he delves into the psyche of societies, seeking their true essence. He has spoken to groups, led seminars and workshops throughout his career. In 2019 was invited as a guest speaker at the inaugural Buddhist International Travel Mart in Lumbini, Nepal, the birthplace of Lord Buddha. At that event, he explored the merits and implications of pilgrimage. That passion carries through to his position as Managing Director of Liberty Tours, where he continues to manage a team working with clients to uncover and express their passions and fulfill their travel desires.