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Zulu Labs Releases Trusted Sender Score Domain Admin

Zulu Labs Pty Ltd, the leading post DMARC authentication email service provider and email trust network has released Trusted Sender Score Domain Admin, a progressive web application for domain administrators to manage their email trust score

MELBOURNE, Australia – Tuesday, February 18 2020

Zulu Labs Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the release of the domain administration application for Trusted Sender Score. Trusted Sender Score was developed to help domain owners understand email sending best practices with correct email configuration and authentication.

Trusted Sender Score is also the Worlds first transparent email trust application that gives non-technical email users a free and simple to understand metric as to the trustworthiness of an email and the domain. The purpose of the application and score is to help consumers make informative decisions with respects to the emails they are receiving and the websites that they buy from.

The launch of Trusted Sender Score Domain Admin now provides domain administrators and owners a mechanism by which they can run important email projects, such as DMARC authentication, as well as tidy up their email configuration, DNS settings and so on.

In 2017 Zulu Labs first used and published the phrase “DMARC Compliance” which is essential in protecting a domain from being spoofed. This was as a result of tests that were conducted that highlighted that DMARC conformance using single check authentication could easily be spoofed and was misleading for domain owners and administrators.

The Trusted Sender Score Domain Admin application has built in DMARC Reporting Tools, DNS reports and a guide to help domain administrators reach a compliant and trusted status. The free version of the application as well as the free tools that have been made available are more than sufficient to reach a trusted score of 7 or more.

Registrations to the pre-release and free version of Trusted Sender Score Domain Admin include users in Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Hungary, India, Singapore, Sweden and The United States. Users vary from small business domain owners to some of the largest companies in the World.

The price per domain for the paid version starts from just $5 USD per month. This gives administrators tools to refresh the Trusted Sender Score on demand, publish vital back links to Anti-SPOOF policies and subscriber forms and license to use the verification logo on emails, websites and other vital communication tools. The verification logo is only visible on a domain profile when a domain reaches a score of 7 or more.

More details are available on the Trusted Sender Score website https://trustedsenderscore.com.


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