The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2018-04-21T04:18:34Z World First at Surfing Dog Championship 2018-04-21T04:18:34Z world-first-at-surfing-dog-championship For Immediate Release: Host of the 2018 Surfing Dog Championships has released the official video of the event.  The video shows that participants of both the 2 and 4 legged variety had an absolute blast, and so did that 6000+ spectators who packed Noosa's main beach to witness what was once again a fantastic spectacular. As well as the great waves, tricks and stunts performed by human and hound, the 2018 Surfing Dog Championships also saw a world first appearance of an amazing winged water craft in a dog surfing event - check it out in the video at The team would particularly like to thank all the participants (both human and dog), sponsor Simparica and the Noosa Festival of Surfing. For more info about the events, video and pics, visit Say No To Business Brain Pickers 2018-04-20T11:56:36Z say-no-to-business-brain-pickers A message pings into your inbox. It’s from a new business keen to get ahead.  The person is asking to buy you a coffee, but you know they really just want to pick your brain. According to business consultant Angela Henderson, service-based businesses need to push back on these requests. “When you reach a certain level of success in business, especially these days of easy access via social media, people just starting out in business want to absorb your knowledge, and bounce ideas past you” she said. “Because you’ve probably been free with tips and advice online, they feel they can ask.” However, service-based business have to be careful to protect their IP and their time. “Most high performing business I’ve worked with are happy to give back, but there is a fine line to how much you give away and not charge for,” she said. “For everything you say yes to, you’re saying no to something else. When a request comes in, ask what are you saying not to in order to say yes to someone. Base the decision on strategy - will you be able to add value to this person; will this help your brand or how much time will this take? “It is vital to acknowledge the blood, sweat and tears put into building a brand and business. We are all in business of making money but when someone offers you a coffee in exchange for your expertise it is insulting. Most of us want to be helpful and saying no can make a person feel terrible.” The reasons for saying no should be imprinted on the business person’s brain – there is no time to go traipsing off to coffee shops and it is only right to be paid for it. Angela said saying no can be a challenge, especially women in business. “By nature, women like to help so saying no or suggesting the person buys their product can make them feel they’re being salesy or pushing,” she said. “Instead of saying no, the request is ignored, which ultimately damages the brand.” There is a way to say no gracefully and politely without leaving the other person feeling awful. “It is always better to be honest in these situations. If you really want to help, collate a list of FAQs you can send the ‘can I pick your brain?’ requests or do a webinar you can direct people to,” Angela said. “It is ok to be possessive of your time. Ask the person doing the requesting what they really want from you; explain you are busy and ask - are they looking for information, become a client or just have a quick question? You can direct them to your calendar. Make sure you block out space for a 10-minute quick phone call to manage your time. Then at the 8-minute mark, wrap up the call and send them your sales info.” Angela said it is ok to ask to be paid. “Your expertise and skill have value and you should be paid.  Again, let them know you’re busy and don’t have time for coffee unless it is for business. Be comfortable in saying you’ve a charge for a consultation. If they were just after free info, you will not hear from them again,” she said. “If you want people to value you time, you have value it.” SLR expands Waste and Resources Management Expertise 2018-04-20T05:23:35Z slr-expands-waste-and-resources-management-expertise SLR Consulting has recently announced the senior appointment of Technical Director Andrew Quinn to further strengthen the firm’s Waste and Resources Management service in the Asia Pacific region Andrew has over 25 years’ experience including expert witness and due diligence for waste projects, resource recovery facility concept design and master planning, operational systems assessments, resource recovery technology research, along with strategy and policy development. Andrew was also selected to judge the 2015 and 2017 National Landfill and Transfer Stations Innovation and Excellence Awards for the Waste Management Association of Australia.   SLR’s APAC Advisory Operations Manager, John Postlethwaite commented   “SLR’s waste and resources management team have been on a growth trajectory now for some time, supporting our clients on a vast array of projects and providing new and innovative solutions, across landfills, policy and strategy and energy to waste. With this growth has driven the need to find experts in Waste and Resources Management to join our APAC team. “Andrew’s appointment brings expertise across many elements of waste management and great experience working in the Built Environment, Infrastructure, Mining and Oil and Gas sectors.”.   SLR Consulting is considered a leading global provider of environmental consultancy services to the waste and resources management sector, providing advice to a range of clients including waste producers, the waste management industry, its regulators and investors.    The global SLR team has experience in providing practical advice on all waste types, including municipal, household, commercial, industrial, hazardous, agricultural, and mining waste. Drawing from our global expertise, SLR are one of the leading consultants in APAC in energy from waste and alternative waste technology projects, providing feasibility and masterplanning, design and operational  advice across the whole project life cycles Virbac Australia releases recommended guidelines for a successful sheep worm program 2018-04-20T04:15:54Z virbac-australia-releases-recommended-guidelines-for-a-successful-sheep-worm-program For farmers wishing to maximise their sheep productivity and profitability this season, an effective parasite management program is vital – as animal health company Virbac Australia explains. The best approach to tackling worms brings together a range of chemical and non-chemical methods, and Virbac has just released some key guidelines to assist farmers: Breeding for worm resistance Genetic selection is one effective method to increase a sheep’s resistance and resilience to worms. Resistance can result in fewer drenches being required each year, and resilient sheep are much better able to tolerate worms. Rams with better-than-average worm resistance can help to create better overall genetic resistance in a flock – and so Virbac recommends looking at Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBV) (which estimate the genetic potential a sheep will pass on to its progeny) to select rams and ewes that will genetically improve their flocks. That means choosing studs with Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBV) for worm egg counts (WEC ASBV) and dag (DAG ASBV). Virbac also recommends including selection against DAG if scouring is an issue, and also ensuring that selection for worm resistance and DAG is balanced with other performance traits. Grazing management practices Effective grazing management reduces the exposure of sheep to worms. There are three basic rules to follow; avoid paddocks heavily contaminated with worm larvae, reduce contamination of paddocks with worm eggs, and alternate graze periods with rest periods, to allow enough time for most of the eggs and larvae on the pasture to die (usually 40-80 days). Alternating grazing between cattle and sheep is another effective means of reducing worm infection, because most worms are host-specific (with the exception of the barber’s pole worm and stomach hairworm, which can successfully reproduce within both sheep and young cattle). Be proactive, not reactive Faecal egg counts can be one of the best weapons to help monitor the incidence, type and levels of infection. Worm egg counts enable farmers to determine whether drenching is necessary in the first place, the effectiveness of a drench program, and also to monitor worm resistance levels. Used strategically at key times, faecal egg counts enable farmers to get ahead of the problem and take a proactive approach, rather than waiting until worms proliferate in their livestock. . Incorporate combination drenches into your program With resistance to treatment becoming an increasing problem, non-chemical worm-prevention methods are a useful first step – and when it comes to chemical-based worm-management, it’s important to be aware that different sheep drench products can vary dramatically in their efficacy. The type of drench a farmer uses can make a huge difference in a worm control program’s success – as Virbac Australia Sheep Product Manager Terrance Loughlin explains: “One of the most challenging issues for farmers is the decline in effectiveness of single active drenches. A traditional method of maintaining single active drench efficacy was to rotate between drenches. However, this strategy has now been surpassed, with the advent of three-way combination drenches. The benefit of three-way combination drenches is that the chance of a worm having gene-resistance to a drench containing three active ingredients is much lower than being resistant to just one. This leaves fewer resistant worms to reproduce, minimising any further resistance development.” Virbac believes there is a place for highly effective single active drenches, provided they’re used alongside combination drenches in a tailored program. These combination drenches should, where possible, include actives that are still effective on a property. In the absence of knowing drench effectiveness, farmers are advised to use a drench with highly potent actives. Higher potency, higher kill rate Quite simply, high potency products work better. That’s because they create a higher kill rate, which means fewer worms and eggs, as well as less pasture contamination. This reduces the overall requirement for increased drenching, driving improved long-term sustainability. Within the macrocyclic class of drenches, moxidectin has proven to be the most potent active. Moxidectin potency is derived from pharmacodynamics that are different to other ML actives. Tridectin – the backbone of a successful drench program Virbac recently launched Tridectin, a new class of combination drench backed by the power of moxidectin, and developed with micellar technology, for improved efficacy. Tridectin is designed to provide maximum protection against highly resistant worms, being the only combination drench in Australia to include moxidectin, the most potent and persistent mectin. Tridectin is the only drench in the world with registered claims against triple resistant and monepantel resistant worms. Terrance Loughlin explains exactly how it works: “This new drench is unique in being a pre-mixed broad-spectrum combination of moxidectin, albendazole and levamisole. The micellar technology helps to improve the pharmacokinetics of the drench, making it more effective, because it reaches higher concentrations faster and is retained in the sheep for longer. “Using advanced chemistry, we’ve been able to combine Moxidectin with Levamisole and Albendazole, for improved efficacy.” Its unique combination provides a more sustainable solution, because the product also delivers a higher kill rate, which means fewer worms and eggs, resulting in less pasture contamination and thereby minimising the development of resistance. Tridectin also has a shorter-than-usual ESI of just 17 days (much shorter than other combination drenches), and it continues working for up to 14 days, against moxidectin-sensitive strains of barber’s pole worm and small brown stomach worm, making it the only combination drench to provide sustained protection against these two highly prevalent species of worms. Terrance explains that farmers who drench using Tridectin will also reduce the requirement for regular drenching. “This helps delay the development of resistance, with the end result being healthier, more productive sheep, and increased productivity and profit.” Tridectin is suitable Australia-wide, for use at any time of the year, and is available in rural merchandise stores across the country. To learn more about Tridectin, and to arrange for a Virbac animal health professional to develop a sheep drench program specific to your property, visit Ends. Media Enquiries: Kate Munsie - C7EVEN COMMUNICATIONS (02) 6766 4513 / 0421 935 843 Adam Arndell - C7EVEN COMMUNICATIONS (02) 6766 4513 / 0403 372 889 Photo captions: Drenching sheep with Tridectin Sheep in paddock FUNERAL DIRECTOR'S, IT'S A FAMILY BUSINESS. 2018-04-20T04:02:39Z funeral-director-s-it-s-a-family-business Media RELEASE  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 20 APRIL 2018 Funeral Directors, it’s a family business.  Troy Upfield and Liddy Upfield considered career changes that would make a difference to the community for a long time before Troy embarked on a new career in the funeral industry.  After 23 years with investment bank Goldman Sachs, Troy gained experience as a funeral directors assistant and hearse driver and fell in love with an industry that has lacked honest care and compassion for a long time.  Troy realised he, along with his family members could make a huge difference to the funeral industry. Chapter House was created to offer bespoke funeral services, direct cremations, memorial services alongside traditional funerals.  Chapter House has a modern look and feel and creates a boutique atmosphere at Head office in Kew, Melbourne. Liddy’s career background was in small business management and human resources. Liddy’s sister Elyse Knight has also joined Chapter House bringing with her a wealth of experience in customer service and people care. William Upfield, Troy’s father brings years of experience in the funeral industry. His sister Tara Upfield is currently completing her Certificate IV in Celebrancy.   Chapter House is involved with many community organisations such as Kew Neighbourhood Learning Centre, SANDS Australia, SOLVE Disability Solutions and The Compassionate Friends, and also a major sponsor of the Power House Amateur Football Club. Liddy, Elyse and Tara are passionate about children, with eleven children between them they understand family values and the importance of community. This is pivotal to Chapter House’s vision and goals to engage and be active in our local and broader communities. Chapter House has the first Infant Hearse in Australia and specialises in caring for parents and families after an infant or young person has died. Liddy said   “our Novella service provides supportive guidance to families in need of funeral arrangements every step of the way. Most funeral directors look after the funeral service and families are left to talk to the cemetery about a final resting place.  Chapter House offers parents a full concierge service, whether it be driving with a family to a cemetery to make arrangements before the funeral, to specialised bereavement counselling if required.”  Chapter House is very modern in its look, in comparison to other funeral homes in the industry, however, prides itself on going back to old school funeral directing service for families.   Troy said     “Chapter House does not feel like a traditional funeral home with intention. We use digital displays to offer families their options, rather than the typical ‘coffin room’ which can be confronting and overwhelming.  Our space is warm, inviting, classic with a modern edge, a place that is safe and not hurried. “  Liddy said     “My message is to slow down. If you need time, you should be provided with options that allow this. Allow your funeral director to lead you, not control you through a difficult time.” Many years ago, the funeral director was always identified by their name in the community. He or she was a  person of trust and part of a family business you could rely on when needed. Corporate takeovers of the local family funeral homes had all but destroyed the local community's funeral director. Over the last decade, InvoCare, Australia's largest provider of funeral services and crematoriums, has taken over many family-owned funeral homes, this has led to years of community engagement, trust and integrity being purchased for corporate gain.  We didn't see it coming as most never think about funeral service, let alone the provider unless a loved one has passed. The amalgamation of small funeral homes took the industry away from the community while we went about our daily lives. Troy said “Like you would know your local GP, you should at least know of your local funeral director; a good funeral director should make themselves known in their community by supporting such things as local events and sporting teams”. Chapter House is privately owned and currently has arranging offices at 400 High Street, Kew and Level 27, 101 Collins Street, Melbourne. Future arranging offices are planned across Melbourne. All Chapter House offices are and will be operated by partners of Chapter House Funerals Pty Ltd. END For more information, please contact: Troy Upfield - 03 9855 0155 / 0427 749 294 Liddy Upfield -  03 9855 0155 / 0400 575 276 About: Chapter House Funerals is a family owned and operated funeral director in Melbourne with offices at 400 High Street, Kew and Level 27, 101 Collins Street, Melbourne.     HARTMANN Australia, signs partnership with Dutch wearable technology company, LifeSense Group to empower women worldwide 2018-04-20T03:07:27Z hartmann-australia-signs-partnership-with-dutch-wearable-technology-company-lifesense-group-to-empower-women-worldwide LifeSense Group (LSG) and HARTMANN Australia have joined together to reach a common goal—remove the stigma associated with incontinence and empower women around the globe to eliminate urine loss.  Carin, LSG’s award winning urine loss solution, is the only non-invasive wearable pelvic floor trainer available today. Through the new collaboration with HARTMANN Australia, this unique technology will soon be available to women in Australia and New Zealand. “We are extremely excited to embark on this journey with HARTMANN Australia.  We look forward to expanding our global impact by bringing solutions to more women around the world,” says Valer Pop, CEO of LifeSense Group.   The winner of multiple awards worldwide for design and technology, Carin combines three key elements to achieve the goal of pelvic floor strength and leak eradication.  Patented smart textiles create stylish, absorbent underwear while a non-invasive Bluetooth sensor records and transmits data based on bodily activity and urine loss to the Carin app.  The app also provides week by week motivation and expertly tailored exercise videos specially designed to guide women as they strengthen their pelvic floor muscles and eliminate leaks.  This trifecta of innovation empowers women to regain control of their bodies and their health.   Now, even more women will gain access to this pioneering product and find freedom from urine loss thanks to the alliance between LSG and HARTMANN Australia.  The partnership comes at a momentous time for both groups.  “As a young company, we are humbled to be joining with HARTMANN Group as they celebrate their 200th anniversary. It is an honor to be working with such an experienced and well-respected company and to know they have confidence in our success,” says Pop.    Incontinence affects over 5 million Australians over the age of 15 and about 80% of those cases are women. It is a huge problem affecting Australians and costing the economy more than $67 Billion a year. (Continence Foundation Australia)   “We are delighted to be partnering with Lifesense on this extremely innovative technology. It is a non-invasive way to obtain treatment and helps empower women get back to balance. At HARTMANN we have been working to support Incontinence for 200 years this year and we are looking to continue to invest and lead the way with this partnership and provide the women of Australia a new option to tackle their incontinence. “– Mark Summerville – Managing Director, HARTMANN Australia.   “The sad thing is that the majority of people with Incontinence can be completely cured yet only very few get the help they need. Some of VCRC’s clients have waited years to get help and are surprised to find that they can be cured just by learning how to use their pelvic floor muscles correctly. We welcome new technology that encourages people to regain control”. Lisa Wragg - CEO Victorian Continence Resource Centre (VCRC).     Beginning in April 2018 HARTMANN Australia will be partnering with the Victorian Continence Resource Centre and is seeking 100 Australian women interested in evaluating Carin and providing feedback on this revolutionary product.  Interested participants can register their interest at Carin will be available for purchase through HARTMANN Australia online via later this year.  Potential distributors and other interested parties may contact for more details.    About Carin Carin is developed with the purpose of helping everyday women manage bladder control issues. Carin empowers women to take control of their bodies and health without sacrificing style and comfort.   About HARTMANN GROUP   The HARTMANN GROUP is one of the leading European providers of medical and hygiene products with its core expertise being in wound treatment (e.g. wound dressings, negative pressure wound therapy, conforming bandages and adhesive plasters), incontinence care (e.g. single-use incontinence pants and pads as well as skincare products for use in case of incontinence) and infection prevention (e.g. surgical custom procedure trays, surgical gowns, single-use surgical instruments and disinfectants). Its range also includes products for compression therapy and First Aid in addition to care products and cosmetics. Furthermore, HARTMANN offers innovative system solutions for professional target groups in the medical and healthcare sector. The Company, which has its headquarters in Heidenheim and which has Europe as its focal market, is organised with its own country companies close to the market across the world   About Victorian Continence Resource Centre.   The Victorian Continence Resource Centre (VCRC) works to promote continence for all. 1:4 people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds experience loss of bladder and/or bowel control referred to as incontinence. The majority of people do not seek help because of embarrassment, shame or thinking nothing can be done.   Our Vision: Speaking Up for Continence Health. Our Mission: Awareness, Prevention and Treatment.   Our Team is made up of Continence Nurse Specialists, Continence and Pelvic Health Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists.   About LifeSense Group Innovation plays a crucial role in our wellbeing. LifeSense Group is a technology development company that cultivates applications for medical, health and wellbeing. With our patented technology in smart textile, wearable technologies and mobile applications we make innovations reality. Seeley International’s suite of new Braemar products showcase big thinking for small spaces 2018-04-20T01:21:45Z seeley-international-s-suite-of-new-braemar-products-showcase-big-thinking-for-small-spaces The growing trend of both first-home buyers and now last-home buyers, downsizing to smaller, high luxury living options, has inspired the latest additions to Seeley International’s innovative Braemar range, and offer great safety, reliability and energy efficiency, even when space is at a premium. Seeley International Founder and Executive Chairman, Mr Frank Seeley AM, DUniv Flin, FAICD, says the trusted Braemar brand has reinforced itself as simply the best, together with the addition of an amazing new fixed speed Add-on Cooling Range, a new Ultra Compact Low Profile Ducted Gas Heater  and the R32 Window Wall System. “Braemar has now taken safety, reliability and energy efficiency to a brand new multi-million-dollar level across its entire range, and our suite of new product options, showcases versatility to those wanting to live in smaller units, townhouses, or apartments*, without sacrificing creature comforts,” Mr Seeley said. “The Australian residential building boom continues to defy predictions of a downturn, and this has largely been achieved by a surge in approvals for smaller dwellings.  A growing number of Australians are now opting to follow lifestyles already enjoyed in some of the world’s greatest cities such as Paris and New York, where inner city living means vibrant eating and entertainment options, right on the doorstep,” he said. “Over the past 25 years, the number of occupied apartments, flats and units in Australia has increased by 78% and now numbers over 1.2 million dwellings**.  Our new Braemar products provide people with versatile solutions that allow them to stay comfortable, regardless of how big or small their home might be.” The New Braemar Ultra Compact Ducted Gas Heater series offers 14kW, 20.5kW and a larger capacity 27.5 kW output options, with all models providing side access for easy servicing – making it the ideal choice for small space installations such as low roof pitched homes. Maximum heating efficiency is achieved with the introduction of an InShot Burner™ which ensures a thorough air/gas mix for clean and efficient combustion. Exclusive Braemar technology ensures continuous warm air without any cold drafts thanks to a Softair™ fan system, while clever ignition technology removes the need for a pilot light, delivering additional gas savings and ensuing the heater works every time. The Braemar R32 Window Wall System is also packed with clever technology, which now includes a 3-speed fan with Auto Mode, allowing the air conditioner to automatically adjust the fan speed as the room temperature changes. A handy Sleep Function changes the set point temperature after one and then two hours to facilitate a more natural sleep pattern. Also, fresh air can be easily delivered by adjusting a slider to expel smoke and any odours from the room, and provide ventilation.  Anti-Corrosion Protection is provided by Hydrophilic Blue Fin Coils and a galvanised and painted slide-out chassis which means the Braemar R32 Window Wall System can withstand the harshest of conditions.  Digital displays*** enable users to operate the air conditioners, either via the digital control panel on the unit, or the remote control. The Amazing Braemar Fixed Speed Add-on Cooling (AOC) range offers the convenience of using existing duct systems**** to integrate new cooling systems with current gas ducted heating systems, to ensure welcome relief from Summer’s extreme temperatures. The indoor AOC unit has an easy single point connection to existing ductwork, built-in safety tray and easy installation. It comes in a broad range of models to accommodate different dwelling sizes, from 10kW through to 23kW capacity, and integrated flare connections on most models avoids the need to take heavy brazing equipment into the roof space. The outdoor AOC units provide the convenience of flexible (small space) outdoor placement (including enough refrigerant for 12m of pipework), built-in carry handles and smaller footprints than other brands currently on the market.  Long life weather protection, efficient whisper-quiet 3-speed fans and vertical air discharges, which improves air circulation, and as a result, performance. “Braemar has a reputation for quality and reliability with its award-winning gas heating range, as well as its high performing evaporative air conditioners. Braemar ducted gas heaters drastically reduce energy use while delivering heat fast, and Braemar evaporative air conditioners are highly reliable and super-efficient, whether people are looking for beautifully cooled homes, or ultra-comfortable commercial environments,” Mr Seeley said. More information about the array of award-winning Braemar products available can be found at    About Seeley International Seeley International is Australia’s largest air conditioning manufacturer and is the market leader in the design and manufacture of ducted and portable heating and cooling products for the domestic, commercial and industrial markets in Australia. Renowned for its innovation, Seeley International’s brands include Breezair, Braemar, Climate Wizard, Convair, Coolair, Braemar, AIRA ICI and Coolerado. Seeley International’s head office is based in Australia at its Lonsdale manufacturing plant.  Factories are also situated in the USA and Albury in Australia.  The company was founded in 1972 by Frank Seeley AM FAICD, who remains Executive Chairman. Unlike many of its competitors, Seeley International continues to design and manufacture most of the components for its Australian made products, which it exports to more than 100 countries around the world.  With a strong support network across Europe, UK and Africa; customers can buy a Seeley International product with global confidence, knowing that they are investing in a quality climate control solution. Seeley International never stops striving to engineer the world’s most energy efficient climate control solutions – and that commitment to excellence is at the heart of everything it does. Independent verification of Seeley International success in delivering on that commitment has been recognised by many awards and an expanding global presence… More information about Seeley International and its products can be found at *       Requires sufficient roof cavity space for to install heater and ductwork and service **      2016 Census results ***    Not available on the KWCF16D1S model ****  Providing the existing installed duct is large enough to accommodate AOC Progress OpenEdge ISVs Report Jump in Customer Acquisition; Progress Technology, Innovation and Strategy a Driving Factor 2018-04-20T01:17:47Z progress-openedge-isvs-report-jump-in-customer-acquisition-progress-technology-innovation-and-strategy-a-driving-factor SYDNEY, Aus.—April 19, 2018—Progress (NASDAQ: PRGS), the leading provider of application development and deployment technologies, today announced accelerating market momentum and new industry recognitions for Progress® OpenEdge®, the leading platform for the development and deployment of mission-critical business applications. In 2017 Progress made significant investments to ensure the success of the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner community that have built their software products on Progress OpenEdge technology. Efforts included noteworthy product updates and feature enhancements to the award-winning OpenEdge platform. At the same time, the company embarked on its cognitive-first strategy–-to help customers and partners build business applications for the future. Included in these efforts were the acquisitions of Kinvey and DataRPM, delivering important capabilities for a modern serverless cloud application backend and machine learning and predictive maintenance capabilities for building cognitive applications. “Our ISV community must continue to deliver new and innovative application solutions to acquire and retain customers and grow their businesses,” said John Ainsworth, Senior Vice President, Core Products, Progress. “We must stay ahead of the key technology trends and drive new high-impact innovations across our product portfolio to enable them to succeed. Our strategy delivers on the needs of our current customers and partners, while also providing the best solution for new customers and partners who want to build modern, cognitive applications.” New/Returning Customer Acquisition In 2017, Progress partners acquired over 3,500 net new customers looking to deploy their mission-critical business applications with solutions powered by Progress. Progress has also continued to expand alliances with several of its key ISVs including proALPHA, QAD and MIPS Holdings. “It is obvious that Progress is not only focused on building for the future with its cognitive strategy, but the company has made strategic decisions that are benefitting its current base of customers, partners and ISVs,” said partner Richard Firth, Chairman and CEO, MIP Holdings. Industry Recognitions In addition to strong customer and partner support, several third-party organizations have honored Progress OpenEdge platform for technology innovation, customer satisfaction and industry impact. Accolades include: ·         DBTA’s Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2018 ·         QAD’s Consulting Partner of the Year for 2017 ·         SD Times 100: 'Best in Show' in Software Development for 2017 ·         IDC’s “Worldwide Software Construction Component (SCC) Market Shares, 2016: An Embrace of Data Centricity and Open Source,” July 2017   According to Arnal Dayaratna, research director, Software Development, at IDC, “The Progress OpenEdge platform offers a versatile and powerful development framework. Progress’ attention to machine learning, IoT, mobile development, predictive analytics, and adaptive user experiences strengthen its offering significantly for empowering developers to address a broad set of use cases for modernizing existing applications and developing new modern apps.” Technology Innovation Progress recently announced several significant new capabilities in the OpenEdge platform, along with key integrations between OpenEdge and the acquired Kinvey™ and DataRPM® products. Product enhancements include: ·         Progress OpenEdge 11.7 allows partners and customers to enhance high availability in the always-on era, mitigating risk through improved identity management and gaining data accuracy and visibility across the business. ·         Kendo UI Builder 2.1, makes it easy for OpenEdge partners and customers to deliver modern web experiences, through an extended library of built-in templates, the ability to customize screens and enhanced data connectivity, with the next version expected to be delivered in Spring 2018. ·         Progress OpenEdge PdM Integration Kit, enables customers to integrate the cognitive predictive maintenance capabilities of the Progress DataRPM platform into their OpenEdge enterprise applications to predict and remedy potential asset failures before they occur.   “We are continuing to invest heavily in enhancing our core OpenEdge platform as well as in bringing new innovations to the market that will benefit our customer and partner base moving forward,” continued Ainsworth.  “Based on some of the achievements of the last year, we’re delighted to see the market responding, recognizing the value this strategy will deliver to the market.”  Treat your Mum like the Queen: buy her a unit in a racehorse for Mother’s Day 2018-04-19T23:45:35Z treat-your-mum-like-the-queen-buy-her-a-unit-in-a-racehorse-for-mother-s-day Sydney, 20 April 2018 - There’s a new experience now available for Australian mums - ownership of a thoroughbred racehorse. It’s affordable, quick and easy - and it’s an experience that lasts beyond just Mother's Day. It’s courtesy of miRunners. MiRunners creates 1,000 units in each yearling it buys, and offers these units at 1/1000th of the horse’s original purchase price. MiRunners has six horses, with two already sold-out and four with units still available. Units cost $275 each, plus a monthly fee of $15 to support the care, management and training of each horse. And it’s a premium ownership experience already shared by over 1,000 unit holders, including mums, grandmothers, daughters, sisters and wives. All six horses are being trained by some of Australia’s best-known trainers, including Gai Waterhouse, Kris Lees, David Hayes, Mick Price, Tony Gollan and Bjorn Baker. “Owning a part of a thoroughbred racehorse in this way is an amazing Mother’s Day gift idea,” says miRunners CEO Steve Brown. “Until now, ownership has been expensive and complicated. Now, anyone can enjoy a wonderful racehorse ownership experience, and we’d love to see more mums on board.” Families wanting to buy a unit as a Mother’s Day gift can simply go to the miRunners web site, make their choice, and with a credit card and a few clicks, become a part-owner.  “For most families and mums, ownership will be a new concept. We take every owner on a journey, and the experience goes beyond the purchase, or future race days,” says Steve Brown. “Owners share experiences, they have weekly video updates about their horse, its progress and training, become part of a social community on Facebook, owners choose their horse’s name, and they join us at events where they can meet their animals and trainers.” As owner Dianne Metcalfe says, “The experience has been incredibly exciting, the communication is second to none. I'm so looking forward to the day they race, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying the journey immensely!” Go to Ends. MiRunners is at: For more information, contact: Alan Smith, Digivizer, 0404 432 700 Note to editors & writers: photographs available on request. MiRunners has units for sale from $275 per unit in four young thoroughbred racehorses. Easy, affordable and accessible to everyone, they’re the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Go to MiRunners supporter, Queensland jockey Tegan Harrison, with one of miRunners’ six young thoroughbreds. Racehorse ownership is now an affordable option and a great way to say “thank you” to mum on Mother's Day, for $275 per unit. Go to Unit ownership in a premium thoroughbred racehorse is a wonderful idea for every special mum,  with owners forming special bonds with the horses they co-own. Costs are $275 per unit. Go to High-flyer Brett Sheridan steps up at Presentation Studio as Business Director 2018-04-19T23:44:41Z high-flyer-brett-sheridan-steps-up-at-presentation-studio-as-business-director Brett will help APAC’s leading presentation agency expand its training and design offerings across the region and take the company’s success to the next level. A creative entrepreneur and customer-centric, results-orientated professional, Brett started in the marketing space with WPP group and Ernst & Young before forging his own path and building Australia’s first online experiences aggregator From flying jets to climbing the highest mountains, Adrenalin defined the limits of experiential marketing and online retailing. He also helped launch the first Indoor Skydiving company in Australia (, of which the parent company was listed on the ASX in 2013. Since 2006, Brett has been co-owner of Presentation Studio, along with founder Emma Bannister, and now focusses 100% of his energy into building strategic solutions for Presentation Studio clients as it expands its APAC offering and footprint. “I’m excited to step up and take this hands-on role at Presentation Studio and help build on the fantastic company Emma and the team have created,” Brett says. “We are really excited that Brett has joined our growing team,” says Emma Bannister, CEO and Founder of Presentation Studio. “Our focus over the years has been on delivering exceptional quality in our niche industry and that has grown purely from word of mouth and our amazing reputation,” she adds. “With Brett’s dedicated focus on providing strategic solutions and presentation training in APAC we’re really excited about our next stage.” Brett commences the role immediately. Presentation Studio is the largest presentation agency in Asia Pacific with a client list including Telstra, Yahoo!7, Microsoft, VISA and Qantas. Find out more at New Orange Disposable Nitrile Gloves 2018-04-19T22:49:46Z new-orange-disposable-nitrile-gloves RCR International please to announce the arrival of the new Pro-Val Nitrile Orange PF - Bright orange coloured nitrile disposable gloves. The Nitrile Orange PF are strong, durable and offer excellent grip, as well as outstanding chemical resistance, particularly with petroleum based chemicals. Features: Nitrile Latex free, ideal for latex allergy sufferers Strong, durable and comfortable Orange in colour for increased visibility On-line chlorinated for easy donning Powder free HACCP International Food Safety Certification Broad range of chemical resistance, particularly petroleum based chemicals Textured fingertips provide extra grip for wet or dry situations Beaded cuff for extra strength when donning Ambidextrous design Suggested Usage: Mechanical workshops Automotive / Panel shops Window cleaning Cleaning General industry Graphic arts Click here to buy in Australia Click here to buy in New Zealand Noodz Boutique: Pick a Perfect Bridesmaid Dress At Discounted Price 2018-04-19T11:55:02Z noodz-boutique-pick-a-perfect-bridesmaid-dress-at-discounted-price Dressing your bridesmaid isn't always easy. Keeping everyone happy and feeling beautiful without tossing your budget limits is a great challenge. However, Noodz Boutique is here to help you find a perfect complementing dress for your bridesmaid although with the advantage of "Buy Now Pay Later".    Noodz Boutique is the ultimate one-stop-shop platform that enables you choose from the most popular bridesmaid dresses to see what exactly work for your girly squad. It is a leading online fashion boutique based in Sydney, Australia. This boutique has been founded in 2015 through its founder's personal interest in designing elegant bodycon dresses. Due to immense fondness and passion for body-hugging dresses, she actually quits her corporate life and started her dream business on a roll.  Everyone wants to be the center of attraction of the party, so by keeping this thought in mind, all the dresses have been designed that actually add a statement to your style and make your bridesmaid look stunning.  Noodz Boutique comes up with the classy and sexiest collection which not only makes you look beautiful but fits you like a glove and highlight your curves. So no matter whether you are looking for the fast fashion or classy dresses that never goes out of style, you can find all of them right here at Noodz Boutique.  No matter what size, color, and style you are looking for, Noodz Boutiques can offer you widest range of bodycon dresses that make your bridesmaid look superbly gorgeous.  Company Profile: Noodz Boutique is one of leading online fashion store where you can explore hundreds of dresses for different occasions and pick a one that perfectly fits your occasion and personality.You can directly buy from here A New Approach To Accounting Secures Place In Prestigious Awards 2018-04-19T08:11:23Z a-new-approach-to-accounting-secures-place-in-prestigious-awards Standing out as a new business can be a challenge but for a fledgling Brisbane based accountancy, their hard work has nailed them a finalist position in the prestigious Accountants Daily Australian Accounting Awards 2018.  Watson & Watt have been shortlisted to win an award in the New Firm of the Year category at the 2018 Australian Accounting Awards, hosted by Accountants Daily. When founder Nathan Watt started the firm, he wanted to break the stereotypes that follow accountants around and this focus has seen the business boom over the past nine months.  “Being shortlisted for this award validates the approach we have taken to grow our business,” he said. “Business is based on people. When you are doing business, you are dealing with a person and they should be treated like a person, not just a client or a name on a screen.  “Accountants have a bad reputation for being hard to talk to and not building rapport. This is something we have worked on and why we are finalists in the awards.”  The criteria for New Firm of the Year included demonstrating the number of clients won from January to December 2017, turnover and the tactic used to grow the business.  Nathan said he was excited to get the good news. “Watson & Watt is new. We’ve only be operational for under nine months. To know what we have been doing is not only working for us as a business but for our clients is pleasing,” he said.  “The stereotype of the typical accountant is a hinderance to accountants and it needs to be challenged.  We don’t want to fit inside the mould. We want to be different. You can have a personality and be professional.”  Now on its fifth year, the Australian Accounting Awards, in partnership with Thomson Reuters, recognises the exceptional contribution of individuals and accounting firms across 31 categories. Winners from the individual categories will automatically be shortlisted for the coveted Accountants Daily Excellence Award.  “On behalf of the team at Accountants Daily, sincere congratulations to all the deserving finalists in this year’s Australian Accounting Awards,” said Accountants Daily managing editor Katarina Taurian. “It’s great to see such a diverse mix of firms, from micro-businesses right up to nationwide networks. “We are also pleased to be recognising the broader role accountants play in their locales and in the lives of their clients. Accountants are the backbone of small business in Australia, and the community flow-on effect is enormous.” The winners will be announced at a black-tie awards dinner on 1 June at the Hyatt Regency Sydney.    CONTACT Nathan Watt | Managing Director Phone: 07 3067 3017/0407386243 Email: Rubicon Red Achieves Specialization Trifecta 2018-04-19T07:42:23Z rubicon-red-achieves-specialization-trifecta 19 April, 2018 – Rubicon Red, a recognized global leader in Oracle Cloud Platform and a Platinum level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), today announced momentum is building in it’s Oracle PaaS and IaaS practice with growing customer demand, and three new Oracle Partner Network (OPN) Specializations. Since the launch of it’s Oracle PaaS and IaaS practice six months ago, Rubicon Red is thrilled to have recently delivered a number of successful go-lives with Oracle PaaS and Oracle middleware, with some exciting new projects on the horizon. “We are starting to see real traction in the Australian market place with customers looking to modernize their existing applications footprint by quickly moving to the cloud, but in parallel, looking to invest in specific cloud native projects, where they can deliver fast ROI and achieve real differentiation,” said John Deeb, CEO, Rubicon Red. Deeb went on to highlight opportunities around some of the more recent Cloud offerings from Oracle. “Emerging technologies are changing the way we interact with application functionality and data. Specifically, chatbots are proving to be a very tangible solution for our customers - delivering value quickly, by solving real problems easily and applying consistency and scale in customer experience.” Having recently delivered a successful Oracle Intelligent Bots project, part of Oracle Cloud Platform, for a higher education institution to address student ATAR enquiries, Rubicon Red is currently fielding requests for chatbot solutions across many industries including higher education, public sector and service delivery. Other recent Rubicon Red go-lives include People’s Choice Credit Union with a new Oracle-based integration platform to support the New Payments Platform; Ruralco upgraded their enterprise Oracle integration platform from 11g to 12c and migrated to the cloud; Australian Red Cross Blood Service also upgraded their enterprise Oracle integration environment to 12c; US customer, DirecTV, rolled out Rubicon Red MyST to deliver DevOps capability across their enterprise Oracle integration platforms, and in Europe, the Dutch Government also implemented Rubicon Red MyST for DevOps provisioning and continuous integration.  “We are delighted with the work Rubicon Red have delivered for our Oracle SOA 11g to 12c migration to the cloud. As part of ongoing managed services we have implemented DevOps using Rubicon Red MyST for provisioning and continuous delivery.  Our migration to 12c on the cloud is the first step in our cloud journey and we are looking forward to working with Rubicon Red on our future Oracle cloud projects.” said Stuart Laird, Head of Applications, Ruralco. Rubicon Red has a number of interesting projects on the horizon including an application modernization project for an Australian winemaker looking to move their enterprise integration platform to Oracle Cloud. What continues to emerge as Rubicon Red helps customers on their journey to Oracle Cloud is the importance of having a thriving community of successful customers – successful projects breeds ongoing success for customers, vendors and partners alike.  “We see three key elements to supporting a thriving community around Oracle Cloud Platform – first is to build our own knowledge, second, to share our wisdom – sharing what we have learned in terms of best practices and proven approaches with the broader community and thirdly to promote the success of our customers as they rollout successful projects that are having such a positive impact on their own organizations. As Oracle Cloud Platform specialists, continual learning and ongoing investment in the latest product knowledge is critical for all of our consultants to stay abreast of the latest technologies and approaches”, concluded Deeb. A prime example of the ongoing investment Rubicon Red makes towards continuous learning and education is the latest round of OPN Specializations it has achieved.  Rubicon Red are very proud to announce it has recently achieved three new OPN Specializations for Oracle Mobile Cloud, Oracle Infrastructure as a Service and Oracle Management Cloud. These latest accreditations extend Rubicon Red’s comprehensive set of OPN Specializations, now numbering nine in total, including Oracle SOA Suite 12c, Oracle Business Process Management 12c, Oracle WebLogic Server 12c, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, Oracle Linux 6 and Oracle VM 3.0. “The three recent OPN Specializations attained by Rubicon Red, cement their position as a partner of choice for Oracle Cloud Platform in Australia and New Zealand”, said Rob Willis, Regional Managing Director, Oracle Australia and New Zealand.   “Our customers all over the world are looking for partners like Rubicon Red to help them modernize their existing applications and in parallel, deliver on the digital innovations that business transformation today, demands, using Oracle Cloud”. About Rubicon Red Rubicon Red is a globally recognized and awarded thought leader in Oracle Cloud Platform. An Oracle Platinum Partner, Rubicon Red offers a set of innovative and market leading Professional Services and Managed Services for Oracle Cloud Platform.  Rubicon Red provides expert services across Oracle Cloud Platform including Application Development, Integration, Security and IaaS, spanning the broad set of Oracle Cloud Services in each of these domains. Dedicated to Oracle Cloud, Rubicon Red is the partner of choice for Oracle Cloud Platform. Since it’s founding in 2009, by two former senior executives from Oracle product management, Rubicon Red’s mission has been to lead customers to success on their Oracle middleware journey. This is the origin of our name; helping customers cross the “Rubicon” in their successful adoption of the Oracle Cloud Platform “Red” stack. Additional Information Join us on Linked In  Follow us on Twitter About Oracle PartnerNetwork Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) is Oracle's partner program that provides partners with a differentiated advantage to develop, sell and implement Oracle solutions. OPN offers resources to train and support specialized knowledge of Oracle’s products and solutions and has evolved to recognize Oracle’s growing product portfolio, partner base and business opportunity. Key to the latest enhancements to OPN is the ability for partners to be recognized and rewarded for their investment in Oracle Cloud. Partners engaging with Oracle will be able to differentiate their Oracle Cloud expertise and success with customers through the OPN Cloud program – an innovative program that complements existing OPN program levels with tiers of recognition and progressive benefits for partners working with Oracle Cloud. To find out more visit: Trademarks Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Exploring Music Makes For Better Kids 2018-04-19T07:19:41Z exploring-music-makes-for-better-kids From an early age children appreciate and enjoy listening to music. Many parents relate stories of the benefits of playing music to babies in the womb. Whether it calms the mum and baby or expands the babies mind it is certainly obvious to any parent that kids just love music. Before children can walk and talk they will happily tap along to a beat. In addition to the calming effects of music on expectant Mums, parents around the world have found their children happier and more able to focus when exposed to a wide variety of musical styles. Many parents these days get their kids started with nursery rhymes or kid’s bands like the Wiggles or Lah Lah's Big Live Band. But what happens when the children get a little bit older? Usually this is when kids get exposed to music that was created with teenagers in mind. Pop music often with suggestive lyrics and video clips that is not really age appropriate. "That's exactly why we created Musical Style Adventures", explains Adam from Stinky Ninja. The Stinky Ninja imagery, lyrics, and storytelling style are aimed at pre-teens that have outgrown music made for kindergarten." With Stinky Ninja's Musical Style Adventures children have fun and learn about many different musical styles. From Folk music that is fully acoustic right through the decades to Hip-Hop that is fully electronic. Each song is coupled with a funny story and animated video clip that ensures kids have a good time while listening.  The great thing for parents is that Stinky Ninja isn't just for kids. With authentic music, instrumentation, and arrangements many adults also really enjoy listening. Find out more about Stinky Ninja and the many fantastic artists involved from