The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-12-16T02:06:13Z Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: Best Brand of Air Conditioners for the SECOND Year in a row 2019-12-16T02:06:13Z mitsubishi-heavy-industries-best-brand-of-air-conditioners-for-the-second-year-in-a-row Capping off an incredible 20th anniversary year, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia, Pty. Ltd. (MHIAA) is pleased to announce that they have once again been recognised as the Best Brand of Air Conditioners by leading consumer advocacy group CHOICE®. The Best Brand of Air-Conditioners recognition is based on test reviews of over 140 split system air conditioners and the results of the annual reliability and satisfaction survey completed by 7738 CHOICE® members. According to CHOICE®, the Best Brand recommendation is given to companies with a clear lead over their competitors during the test period. Factors include performance over the last 12 months, customer satisfaction and reliability information submitted by CHOICE® members on their experience with the brand. This is then combined with the bi-annual review of split systems conducted independently by CHOICE® and all contribute to a company receiving the Best Brand recognition. Overall Mitsubishi Heavy Industries out performed all competitors with an overall Best Brand Score of 79% to be awarded the Best Brand of Air Conditioners in 2019. Managing Director of MHIAA Mr. Yuji Ito notes that receiving this recognition for the second time exemplifies the company’s commitment to bringing high quality and reliable products to the Australian market. “Receiving this honour for the second year in a row highlights the quality product we are bringing to the Australian Market. In 2019 we once again received a customer satisfaction rating of 91% and a high reliability rating of 88% to be awarded the Best Brand of Air Conditioners for 2019.” “At MHIAA we are committed to high performance, quality and exceeding customers expectations and to be recognised by CHOICE® for the second year running highlights our ongoing commitment to these efforts.” Mr. Yuji Ito, MHIAA. For MHIAA, receiving this recognition in both 2018 and 2019 cements their belief in creating long-lasting relationships with customers and their commitment to global research and development. “As a company, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries takes pride in developing and designing products that are engineered in line with local and international standards. We believe in keeping consumers at the forefront of our heating and cooling solutions and going above their expectations to help them find the perfect AC solution for their needs” -Mr. Yuji Ito “We would once again like to thank CHOICE® for this esteemed honour and for once again recognising MHIAA as the Best Brand of Air-Conditioner.” – Mr. Yuji Ito. As MHIAA looks to the future, this acknowledgment of merit will once again cement the company as a leading supplier of heating and cooling solutions to the Australian consumer. Platinum Speakers Say Consider Kemi Nekvapil For Your International Women’s Day Speaker 2019-12-16T01:50:47Z platinum-speakers-say-consider-kemi-nekvapil-for-your-international-women-s-day-speaker There is a huge demand for female motivational speakers for International Women’s Day in March, which falls on Sunday 8th next year but there are many events organised around the date throughout the whole week.  International Women's Day 2020 is set to be the biggest IWD ever and it’s the perfect celebration to engage an inspirational and engaging female speaker to highlight the occasion. Platinum shares with many of its clients their expertise and advice on speakers for IWD, and Kemi Nekvapil is one amongst many who should be considered for your organisation during the week of International Women’s Day. Charismatic, engaging, dynamic and wholehearted, Kemi is a captivating orator, and when she speaks every audience member is moved and inspired and left empowered to fulfil their own potential. Kemi shares her story of being English born with a Nigerian heritage, spending her entire childhood in foster care, drawing on her early experiences of disempowerment to inspire other women to create lives of worthiness and fulfilment. Kemi empowers audiences around the world through sharing stories of her life – assumptions cast on her about who she is, not just as a woman; but as a black woman. This captivating orator can silence a room through her artful storytelling and powerful presence. She radiates warmth and energy through her actions and words, connecting deeply with listeners and offering truth to the notion that where you start in life isn’t where you must end up. A successful actor over many years, Kemi engages intuitively and effortlessly with audiences of all sizes – delivering meaningful, authentic and uplifting presentations that speak directly and intimately to all those in her presence. Having studied leadership and purpose at The Gross National Happiness Centre in Bhutan, trained as a yoga teacher in India with a 23-year yoga and meditation practice, Kemi understands there is a process for meaningful, connection to ourselves, our work, our families and communities. She is the author of Raw Beauty – The 7 Principles to nourish your body, transform your mind and create the life you want and, The Gift Of Asking – A woman’s guide to creating personal power. Her humorous and unapologetic narrative is refreshingly rare, and her insights around choice and empowerment resonate powerfully with women from all walks of life. Platinum Speakers and Entertainers connect you and your organisation with the best local and international inspirational presenters, female motivational speakers, leading creative minds, champions of business, sporting and celebrity speakers. Kemi is the perfect speaker to consider for International Women’s Day Week so to get in touch for her availability and speaking fee, and for more information on leadership speakers Melbourne please go to . RetireAustralia Advances Media Strategy with Audience Group 2019-12-16T01:50:47Z retireaustralia-advances-media-strategy-with-audience-group BRISBANE, QLD – 16 Dec 2019 – Retirement living decisions can span generations and are made based on needs, health issues, emotions, financial means, location, time of life, and more. They may happen quickly, based on necessity, or could take years of family discussion to resolve. Retirement village / facility living isn’t for everyone, and members of the same family can disagree strongly on the topic. Effective media strategies developed for this category are complex and multi-faceted. According to Tom Evans, co-founder and director of independent media agency Audience Group, it takes experience and a particular knack for bringing the right range of data together for the right reasons, to get the media mix right.RetireAustralia is a leading owner, operator and developer of retirement villages across New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. Its markets and villages are diverse, as are its more than 5000 residents. RetireAustralia believes in Audience Group to help reach interested audiences for its network of 27 retirement businesses, naming it Media Agency of Record thanks to segment expertise and a focus on data-driven media strategy.“We went in search of more effective media buying and more effective ways of measuring the impact of our media investment,” said Brooke Chapman, national marketing manager, RetireAustralia. “Audience Group’s approach to targeting, media strategy and measurement was different than its competitors’, and its team was able to demonstrate an impressive level of understanding of the behavioural mindset that accompanies retirement living decisions,” said Chapman.Appointed to develop and implement a complete media strategy, Audience Group’s Evans stresses that being data-driven doesn’t mean it’s all about digital.“We work closely with our clients to access and leverage a variety of data sets, and blend with other relevant data sets to inform the entire media mix, and even the creative,” said Evans. “We leverage digital’s rich, real-time data and behavioural insight to plan and map traditional media as part of that mix. We take an evidence-based approach to campaign tracking and measurement.” Audience Group was selected by RetireAustralia, formerly with MediaCom and IProspect, following a competitive pitch. ### BridgeClimb Reaches the Cloud with RingCentral’s Cloud Communications and Contact Centre Solutions 2019-12-16T00:45:44Z bridgeclimb-reaches-the-cloud-with-ringcentrals-cloud-communications-and-contact-centre-solutions BridgeClimb, the operator of Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge experience, has selectedRingCentral Australia Pty Ltd, a leading provider of global enterprise cloud communications, collaboration, and contact centre solutions and a wholly owned subsidiary of RingCentral, Inc. (NYSE: RNG), to enable multichannel communications and customer service. Looking to replace its legacy on-premise infrastructure, BridgeClimb has deployed RingCentral Office® and RingCentral Contact Centre™ solutions across its entire staff. The implementation and cutover took place in October 2019.“We were looking at upgrading all of our business systems to provide BridgeClimb with the flexibility to scale in the future, and that included our telephony and contact centre provider,” said Parth Gandhi, Head of IT, BridgeClimb. “When we were assessing unified communications and contact centre solutions, RingCentral ticked all the boxes in terms of functionality and cost savings. I also like choosing partners with a vested interest in continually enhancing their systems over time, which is exactly what you get with RingCentral. The transition to our new RingCentral environment was smooth.”The RingCentral Office solution provides voice, video, online meetings and team messaging to support the communications needs for all BridgeClimb’s staff members. With this solution, BridgeClimb has replaced at least five different internal systems that they had been running previously to provide these various capabilities. RingCentral Contact Centre provides BridgeClimb’s customer service team multichannel capabilities with email, phone and chat in a universal queue. It is integrated with RingCentral Office and provides extensive performance reporting and analytics across the entire platform.RingCentral’s Professional Services team completed the design, configuration and implementation of the unified communications and contact centre solutions. It took just seven weeks from the initial meeting between RingCentral and BridgeClimb to complete the cutover of the new solution.Key benefits of RingCentral for BridgeClimb include:Resiliency – BridgeClimb no longer has any single points of communications failure and no reliance on any physical infrastructure. RingCentral has a high availability, fully-redundant cloud and telecommunications infrastructure, end-to-end performance monitoring and SLAs, and real-time disaster recovery. User experience – as a people-first organisation, the employee experience is critical for BridgeClimb. RingCentral’s user interface is very intuitive with similar functionality to the consumer communications apps that are already very familiar to most users. This made the transition to RingCentral a very smooth experience for BridgeClimb’s staff, and also ensures easy onboarding and training for new employees. Scalability – with RingCentral’s subscription model and no communications hardware requirements or user onboarding constraints, BridgeClimb can continue to grow its business without any technology limitations. With BridgeClimb currently undergoing an extensive digital transformation, RingCentral’s ability to integrate ‘out of the box’ with many other systems and applications was another critical decision factor. RingCentral is already integrated with BridgeClimb’s Microsoft Office 365 environment, and the company will be looking to other integrations in the future, including a new CRM solution.“We’re delighted to be associated with the iconic Sydney tourism experience BridgeClimb, and really looking forward to seeing how the BridgeClimb team leverages RingCentral’s open platform for further innovation and business transformation as they roll out new digital applications and services,” said Peter Hughes, Regional Sales Vice President for Asia Pacific, RingCentral. About BridgeClimbSince its official opening to the public on 1st October 1998, BridgeClimb has established itself as an iconic experience and an integral part of the Sydney tourism scene. Over 4 million people from around the world have climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, experiencing the city as well as the remarkable iron structure and the feat of engineering from a fresh perspective. BridgeClimb considers itself custodians of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, celebrating its past and breathing new life into its present and future. We believe in opening the bridge to all and delivering unique, memorable moments for every visitor and catering to their every need. About RingCentral RingCentral, Inc. (NYSE: RNG) is a leading provider of global enterprise cloud communications, collaboration, and contact centre solutions. More flexible and cost-effective than legacy on-premises systems, the RingCentral platform empowers employees to work better together, from any location, on any device, and via any mode to serve customers, improving business efficiency and customer satisfaction. The company provides unified voice, video meetings, team messaging, digital customer engagement, and integrated contact centre solutions for enterprises globally. RingCentral’s open platform integrates with leading business apps and enables customers to easily customise business workflows. RingCentral is headquartered in Belmont, California, and has offices around the world.© 2019 RingCentral, Inc. All rights reserved. RingCentral, RingCentral Office, RingCentral Contact Centre, and the RingCentral logo are trademarks of RingCentral, Inc. Skin predictions for 2020 – everything you need to know 2019-12-16T00:41:36Z skin-predictions-for-2020-everything-you-need-to-know 2020 is going to be a revolutionary year for skin and will see a significant shift in behaviours and the resurgence of getting back to basics and less is more; it will be all about transparency and honesty. In the previous decade there has been a number of skin trends, changes to technology and lots of new scientific research. Don’t worry, we have your back and can now spill everything you need to know about skin in 2020, with some interesting predictions to share ahead of the new decade. Expert skin therapist, owner of Newcastle clinic Skintifix, author of ‘Skinside Out’ and dermaviduals ambassador, Robyn McAlpine says, “2020 brings a new decade where education and customisation in skin care is going to thrive even more so than ever before, extending to makeup. I have some strong predictions on what I think will be hot in the new year, but it’s always important to remember that trends come and go, and good skin is always in fashion.” Robyn McAlpine’s top 6 predictions for skin in 2020 include: BACK TO BASICS: I believe we are seeing a real shift in the way people are seeking their skin care. We are going back to the basics more than ever before and seeking out honest, factual skin care and advice. We are done with the invasive trend treatments. Customers are more awake to the marketing than ever before. There is so much more seeking of the ‘why’ behind everything they use and do to their skin. LESS IS MORE: The less is more approach is in! Skin care isn’t about having as many products in your bathroom cupboard as possible. Sustainable, skin friendly, active products is where it’s at. Having 3-4 high quality skin care products is what we will see more of, and making those products really work for you instead of having a huge collection of mix and match. BESPOKE ON THE RISE: Bespoke is still going to be on the rise as more brands see that customers are wanting to dig deeper into a treatment that is tailored to them. But be wary of those only catering to the look and feel of a product and still not addressing the function of a bespoke product. Choosing your fragrance and consistency isn’t the same thing! By the end of this decade, I predict almost everyone will be strictly using bespoke skin care. Transparency is going to be big in 2020. It’s becoming harder for brands to “sell” without science, proven results and quality ingredients, as social media and other forms allow for everyone to have a say and ask questions, loudly and publicly! We are all asking more questions and looking for deeper answers and will not stop until we find what we need. THE PURSUIT FOR INFORMATION: Education in skin is going to explode in 2020. The thrill of seeking information is real with unlimited sources at our fingertips. Podcasts, audio books, new educational platforms and even traditional hard copy books are booming. What has been a skin therapists’ best kept secrets, my book ‘Skinside Out’ explains it all. In a funny, easy to read book that empowers us with an in-depth understanding of our skin, ‘Skinside Out’ is the book that every woman needs to read in 2020. CUSTOMISED MAKE UP: Makeup that’s made for you! The skin care makeup that is colour matched to your exact skin tone. dermaviduals Deco is the ultimate in skin friendly make up that gives you buildable coverage for that fresh skin look. Team it with the new dermaviduals Refillable Makeup Brush and its everything you’ll even need for the perfect base! It’s great for everyday use and unbeatable for use on-the-go. Co-Managing Director of dermaviduals, Reika Roberts, says, “We’re excited to see what 2020 brings for skin, and to continue seeing the rise of customisation in skin care and makeup. Our new refillable Deco Makeup Brush has beautifully soft synthetic bristles, protected by a guard that pops down when in use and back up just before you put the top back on. The bottom unscrews to easily put your Loose Mineral Powder or Blush in with the provided spoon. It’s super simple to use and a great size for your handbag or clutch for touch ups.” The new refillable deco brush is available now at dermaviduals clinics for RRP $39.90. About dermaviduals: Made with pure, natural ingredients, all dermaviduals products are free from emulsifiers, preservatives, fragrances, mineral oils, silicones, dyes and amines, so you can be sure there are no nasties in your skin care routine. dermaviduals is now available in over 300 clinics across Australia and New Zealand. The range now includes cleansers, serums, face and body moisturisers, and bespoke mineral makeup. 5 things to consider before purchasing an office coffee machine 2019-12-15T23:46:41Z 5-things-to-consider-before-purchasing-an-office-coffee-machine The great office debate – to buy or not to buy a coffee machine? No matter the number of employees, amount of coffee consumed or even potential client visitors, there are a number of factors that need to be considered when investing in a professional coffee machine. George Liakatos, General Manager of JURA Australia, knows too well the benefits a commercial coffee machine can provide in the workplace, surrounded by the latest innovation in Swiss automated coffee machines on a daily basis. “I may be biased in saying that having an office coffee machine is the water cooler of 2020. However, I do believe that there are a number of factors that business owners need to take into consideration before they make a purchase to ensure they are getting the right fit for their organisation,” said George. George’s top five tips for those considering purchasing a machine in 2020 include: Number of people who drink coffee: Conduct an office survey to determine how many staff members would use an inhouse coffee machine. Number of coffees consumed per day: Based on the number of coffee drinks, calculate how many they consume during work hours, make sure you include a buffer for visitors and clients. What space is available: An ideal location is next to a water supply, sink, bin and fridge. Measure the space available to ensure the machine fits comfortably with easy access. Expenses: Will you charge your employees and clients for their coffee, or offer as a perk? Most people don’t realise that on professional machines, you can track the coffees made per staff member or client. Sustainability: Beans or pods? Office sustainability is at the core of most business these days. JURA coffee machine offer a bean only option, making them better for the environment. You can also provide staff members with Keep Cups to take this further and reduce your workplace’s carbon footprint. “JURA’s range of professional machines range from those designed to make 30 coffees per day to 200. With all machines featuring the same technology, functionality and ease of use and cleaning, it really comes down to the number of coffees predicted per day and the bells and whistles you desire,” said George. To evaluate which coffee machine is best suited for various office spaces, JURA Australia provide an easy calculator tool to provide the best options based on productivity, return on investment and beans vs pods consumption. Check out the calculators online: About JURA: JURA’s products stand for innovation, ease of use and sustainability. JURA believe in the perfect cup of coffee, using fresh beans, freshly ground and extracted at the touch of a button. The product range includes both machines for domestic use and professional models for the office and food service industry. In recent years the long-established Swiss brand has grown to become a global player, operating in around 50 countries. 10 ways to be more sustainable in 2020 2019-12-15T23:13:44Z 10-ways-to-be-more-sustainable-in-2020 For some, the move towards more sustainability in the home and eco-friendly everyday life choices may have appeared out of the blue. For others, the interest in going green has been a slowly emerging trend over the last few years, especially since the plastic bag bans across Australia. The best part is the trend is here to stay – and in fact, will now be the way of living in the long-term for the greater good of our world, going beyond ‘trend status’. Christina Kjaergaard, Commercial Manager at Pure Planet Club, shares her top 10 ways to be more sustainable in 2020: Top up your pool or spa for summer the best way to conserve water. Use a hose fitted with a trigger nozzle, watering can or bucket for a maximum of 15 minutes per day. Only replace water lost through evaporation though, not water deliberately removed or splashed out by the kids! Help our environment and the drought across Australia by saving water, starting today. Say goodbye to disposables. That’s right, for real this time in 2020! Take-away plastic cups, forks, knives and food containers are on the way out. It began with the switch from plastic straws to recyclable paper types, but now all the hype is trendy re-usable metal straws. Next year, more people will opt for eco-conscious options. When you buy something, consider its life expectancy. How long can it be used, and will it have more than one use? When you’re finished, will it end up in landfill. Make the swap to an eco-friendly, plastic-free and tree-free toilet paper. Try options made from 100% plant-based materials like bamboo and sugarcane waste, like Pure Planet Club toilet tissue – their new marine collection is full of fun marine animal facts and cute designs! It’s also BPA-free, cruelty free, biodegradable and vegan-friendly. Making this simple choice means you save wiping out 27,000 trees which is normally used to make toilet paper per day! Use half flush when possible! If you have a dual flush toilet, using the half flush button reduces your water usage which helps to preserve the environment and save money on your water bill. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that over 15,000 litres of water can be saved annually in a residential household that uses a dual flush toilet. Time your showers and stick to 4 minutes. Believe it or not, it is possible to wash your whole body in 4 minutes. Set a timer, do it for a few weeks and soon you will be in the habit of efficient showering. Save water and energy used to heat the water. Reduce plastic waste by choosing eco-beauty products. Plastic pollution is causing irreversible damage to our planet at an alarming rate; go plastic-free today to protect the Earth’s future. Think about your toothbrush, hairbrush and all those other beauty products you use that are packaged in ridiculous amounts of plastic and swap them out ASAP! Try bamboo options, or Pure Planet Club’s new organic lip balms. Use non-toxic cleaning products. A few natural products you have lying around the house can be awesome eco-friendly cleaning products. For example, the acid in white vinegar makes it naturally capable of killing mould and bacteria, so you can use this on your taps, mirrors, shower floors and bath. Natural products are healthier for you and healthier for our planet. If you’re not using it, switch it off! Always turn off appliances, lights, switches and everything you’re not using. It’s amazing how much of your household energy you can save when you’re consciously taking action. Not only will you reduce your electricity bill, you’ll also reduce your impact on natural resources, pollution and your overall impact on global warming. Resell and donate items. If there’s anything you no longer need, everyone is keen to give your beloved items a second life. In 2020, vintage items will be more popular than ever before. So, think twice before tossing something out and adding to landfill. Try reselling at the local markets, offer to or donate to a charity organisation. Double check your water restrictions and stick to it. Recently some places, including Sydney, have upped their water restrictions. Changes include watering your garden using a watering can or bucket before 10am and after 4pm, or washing vehicles with a bucket and sponge – not a hose. If we all do our bit and save a little, together we'll make a big difference. Pure Planet Club Toilet Tissue is available for RRP $48.00 per 36 pack carton or $43.20 per carton on subscription. Organic Lip Balms come in four flavours including Natural, Vanilla, Raspberry and Mint, available in 3-packs for RRP $30 delivered to your door. The ultimate gift for coffee lovers this Valentine’s Day 2019-12-15T23:00:00Z the-ultimate-gift-for-coffee-lovers-this-valentines-day Try turning on the romance with your favourite cup of joe this Valentine’s Day! Why not splurge on a special gift that keeps on giving, filling your home with the beautiful aroma of coffee all year around? Calling all coffee lovers, it’s time to skip the takeaway coffee and move on from the pod machine. Surprise your loved one with the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day, a new shiny gem that can produce barista quality coffee every time, a fully automatic coffee machine by JURA. Freshly ground with coffee beans, not capsuled, along with a bunch of other sustainable features, you can reduce your environmental footprint in 2020 with JURA. At the same time, you can make your money back on the investment by the end of the year* with no compromise on the quality of your caffeine hit. JURA’s top coffee machine pick for Valentine’s Day 2020: JURA ENA 8 Sunset Red – RRP $1,899 Small – only 27.1 cm wide, 32.3 cm high and 44.5 cm deep – this one-cup machine will comfortably fit anywhere Stunning – a cylindrical shaped water tank inspired by premium crystal carafes; a key highlight of the design Simple – easy to use 2.8” TFT display and clearly defined operating panels Automatic filter type detection – RFID technology settings automatically Freshly ground, not capsuled – freshly extracted every time from coffee beans. The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) optimises the aroma of a short ristretto or espresso Fine foam technology – creates airy, feather-light milk foam 10 specialties at the touch of a button – the perfect cup every time Affordable, premium technology at its finest quality – one of the newest machines in the JURA range Also available in two alternative colours include Nordic White and Metropolitan Black The JURA ENA 8 Sunset Red is available now from selected electrical retailers, department stores and independent and specialty outlets. *Based on a household of two occupants who drink an average of 1-2 coffee each per day, calculated on the cost of $3 for a takeaway coffee in comparison to the cost of the JURA ENA 8. About JURA: JURA’s products stand for innovation, ease of use and sustainability. JURA believe in the perfect cup of coffee, using fresh beans, freshly ground and extracted at the touch of a button. The product range includes both machines for domestic use and professional models for the office and food service industry. In recent years the long-established Swiss brand has grown to become a global player, operating in around 50 countries. Gut health testing Microba using machine learning with Google Cloud 2019-12-15T22:57:24Z gut-health-testing-microba-using-machine-learning-with-google-cloud Microba is one of Australia’s leading biotech companies in microbiome analysis and one of the first companies worldwide to offer gut microbiome profiles using advanced DNA metagenomic sequencing. Microba’s bioinformaticians and scientists are at the forefront of innovation, creating new methods of testing to capture the highest resolution view and deliver comprehensive analysis and accurate results. Recently, a Cloudversation discussion between Google Cloud’s APAC Managing Director, Rick Harshman and Microba CEO Blake Wills on how their partnership uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to develop potentially life changing therapeutics has been published. Microba now have the ability to predict irritable bowel disease in patients with 97% accuracy.   You can view the discussion here:   ENDS.   Introducing Real Techniques’ NEW Brush Cleansing Palette 2019-12-15T22:49:37Z introducing-real-techniques-new-brush-cleansing-palette Australia’s top selling makeup brush brand, Real Techniques, has just made it even quicker and easier to clean and maintain their popular range of makeup brushes at home. Featuring performance grade silicone ridges, the new design cleans brush heads quickly and contours to the palm of the hand for maximum control. Erica Galea, Marketing Director at Chemcorp International, the distributors of Real Techniques in Australia, says, “We all know that cleaning your makeup brushes albeit a necessity can be a tedious task. The new design of the Brush Cleansing Palette from the Pixiwoo girls Sam and Nic Chapman is an improved version of the original. “The key change is the new collapsible glip and slip palette which is more compact for storage and flexible to shape to the palm of the hand, and also helps to clean brushes three times better based on testing using the palette and gel versus hand cleaning with water.” Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette Fast Facts: Removes makeup, oils and impurities from the brush bristles Extends the life of the makeup brush Three sizes of cleansing nodules to more effectively clean different size brush heads Palette fits comfortably into the palm for maximum control. How to use the Brush Cleansing Palette: Extend the collapsible glip and slip palette between your fingers Add warm water and the Real Techniques cleansing gel to surface Swirl brush over surface until clean Rinse thoroughly, squeeze out water, and dry brushes upside down The new Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette is available nationally instore at Priceline or online at at an RRP of $27.99. *Proprietary Research: Testing using Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette and Gel versus hand cleaning with water. Microba-empowered study investigates link between gut health and allergy in infants 2019-12-15T22:42:43Z microba-empowered-study-investigates-link-between-gut-health-and-allergy-in-infants Microba awarded Curtin University PhD Candidate, Jacquelyn Jones with a $10,000 research grant to empower her research with a team from multiple research institutions. For the first time, a team of researchers will examine the impact of prebiotic supplementation in maternal diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding to prevent allergic diseases in babies. Microba is supporting a sub-study to perform a detailed analysis of the gut microbiome of some infants to track how the prebiotics given to their mothers during pregnancy may have an impact on their baby’s microbiome. Detailed analysis of the infant gut microbiome may identify gut-derived factors that influence the healthy development of the infant immune system. The study utilises some of the stool samples from participants enrolled in the SYMBA study, operating out of the Joondalup Health Campus in Western Australia as part of the ORIGINS Birth Cohort Project. Microba CEO Blake Wills said that the research grants were awarded to three shortlisted candidates, with the aim of seeing a tangible impact through investment in clinical research. “At Microba, we are focused on making a global impact in gut health and overall health,” he said. “We are committed to empowering Australian researchers to find the best ways to improve gut health for Australians and, in turn, the world.” PhD candidate Jacquelyn Jones said that “it is our hope that this study will show us how the infant gut microbiome develops and how autoimmune diseases such as allergy occur throughout this process. “To better understand the interactions that can occur in response to therapeutic intervention such as prebiotics, we will capture this data which will assist us in interpreting the shifts in this complex system.” Microba continues to partner with local and international groups to assist with groundbreaking research to bring their mission of ‘Bringing science to life’ and making a real impact across the globe to fruition. ENDS Year of housing access inequality for seniors & disabled ends – and another about to start says Residents Assoc 2019-12-15T21:36:13Z year-of-housing-access-inequality-for-seniors-amp-disabled-ends-and-another-about-to-start-says-residents-assoc One of the most worrying aspects of Spring Street’s obsession with development at all costs is the unintended consequence of social inequality and access to suitable housing for seniors, mobility challenged and families coping with parents and children with disabilities said Fawkner Residents Association spokesperson Mr Joe Perri.    Commenting further Joe Perri said, “Developments are coming onto the market in Fawkner in designated high-density zones and not one meets the Liveable Housing Design gold and platinum level guidelines.  As a result, seniors and the mobility challenged are being deprived of access to housing suitable for their needs in areas that are close to shopping, medical, transport and other amenities”.     “By far the worst example is Jukes Road and more recently Hood Crescent”.   27 new dwellings over seven sites in Jukes Road have been approved and not one meets the gold and platinum level guidelines.    Seniors and the mobility challenged would appreciate and benefit from a home on Jukes Road with access to the nearby Bonwick Street retail precinct, library, community centre, swimming pool and CB Smith Reserve sporting complex.  Instead developers are ignoring the needs of these people in their planning.   It’s almost like the developers have banded together and constructed a large sign declaring Jukes Road as a seniors and disabled free zone said an infuriated Joe Perri.   There is currently an application before Moreland Council for 8 townhouses to be constructed on Hood Crescent bringing the total to 18 with the adjacent development that was approved by VCAT earlier this year.   Seniors and the mobility challenged would benefit immensely from access to the Merri Creek parkland that surrounds the quiet East Fawkner residential enclave, however they again find themselves with nothing on offer to suit their needs from developers.   “If all this wasn’t bad enough, it’s the lost opportunity and unrealised potential that I regard as the most disturbing”, said Joe Perri.    “Fawkner has a quite a number of elderly residents living lonely lives in homes that are beyond their means to maintain physically and financially.  However, they can’t consider down-sizing as developers are deliberately not providing housing to accommodate their specific needs.    “So instead of a win-win scenario providing an incentive to downsize that in turn would result in more properties coming to market to address the inner-city housing shortage – we have a missed opportunity and an appalling example of greed embodied in uncaring, unsustainable housing projects that deliberately excludes seniors, disabled and the mobility challenged”.   Adding his voice, Mr Gino Iannazzo of Australian Pensioners' Voice said, “I’m not surprised that elderly residents have been overlooked in yet another example of profits before people”.   “Instead of access to housing options that would provide peace of mind and quality of living in their twilight years – they have nothing.  Is it any wonder seniors feel abandoned by government”?   Moreland City Council and Spring Street must join forces to address this situation with decisive action in 2020 affirmed Joe Perri.    Issued by the Fawkner Residents Association   Media enquiries:     Mr. Joe Perri                                     Mobile:  +61 412 112 545    Email:   Holista Files Patent for Water-Soluble Technology Targeting Cannabidiol (CBD) and Other Fat-Soluble Nutraceuticals 2019-12-15T16:30:23Z holista-files-patent-for-water-soluble-technology-targeting-cannabidiol-cbd-and-other-fat-soluble-nutraceuticals    PERTH, AU, Dec 13, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - Holista CollTech (ASX: HCT; Holista) today announced that it has filed its 100%-owned global patent for platform technology that will deliver many fat-soluble medications by creating a water-soluble delivery system. This patented process can apply to a whole range of molecules including the Cannabidiol (CBD) oil industry. The commercial benefits for the CBD producers include making their CBD formulation up to 40 times more potent (allowing them to reduce their dosages significantly) as well as making their product palatable for the young and the elderly.Fat-soluble molecules have poor bioavailability as they don't dissolve well and reach the bloodstream. As such, a higher dosage needs to be ingested. This is both wasteful and costly. The platform technology will particularly benefit the Cannabidiol (CBD) oil industry where the active material is scarce, costly and poorly water-soluble.A statement released this week by Dr Roscoe Moore Jr, Project Leader and head of Holista's Technical Advisory Panel, stated: "Working on developing this technology is exciting. Most medicine consumed orally is wasted due to its poor absorption by the body. This is especially true for CBD, which is also expensive. More important, the integrity of the final molecule is preserved exactly as it is found in nature and hence, there is no apparent need for any lengthy approvals process anywhere in the world. We only use materials certified as 'Generally Regarded as Safe' (GRAS) by the FDA[1]."Dr Moore is the retired Assistant Surgeon General of the United States. He currently sits on several Company boards linked to CBD in the United States and Canada.CBD Oil has an earthy, musky and lingering bitter taste due to the high concentration of organic compounds that make it very unpalatable. This makes formulating CBD for oral consumption difficult. The taste masking technology linked to this patented formulation used GRAS botanicals to allow wider applications in pharmaceutical and food with oral dosing."Holista drew from parallel work done on the turmeric molecule which is also very fat soluble," said Dr Swanand Malode, leader the teams in Europe and Asia that worked on this technology for more than five years."We note that there is growing consensus in the medical community that CBD can be used to improve patient outcomes for conditions such as seizure, inflammation, pain, psychosis or mental disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, nausea, migraines, depression, anxiety," said Dr Rajen Manicka, CEO of Holista.Holista is focused on fat-soluble substances such as CBD, curcumin and Vitamin D, targeting initially the food and nutraceutical markets in Australia and North America.According to a new estimate from cannabis industry analysts the Brightfield Group[2], the hemp-CBD market alone could hit $22 billion by 2022. The prospects for Australia are also increasing. According to a 2016 University of Sydney report[3], "Medicinal Cannabis in Australia: Science, Regulation & Industry", found that the Australian medicinal cannabis market, if it emulates cannabis regulations in Netherlands and Canada, may produce demand for as much as 8,000 kg of product. Australia approved medical cannabis in 2016 and is working towards liberalising this space further.CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis, has had a surge in popularity. Unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) the chemical compound that gives cannabis its psychoactive effects, CBD has been shown to help patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, Multiple Sclerosis and epilepsy - without having the harmful effects.The patent was registered in the USA and filed for a global coverage, as US Filing No: 16/694,197 (the patent may be viewed on the Holista website). Holista has instructed its patenting firm to secure all global strategic markets world-wide.With the patent filing completed, Holista has commenced negotiations with companies involved in CBD processing in North America and expect these negotiations to complete in 2020, leveraging the expertise and network of Dr Moore Jr.The commercial model will seek to charge an industry-standard formulation fee for non-exclusive access and then a quarterly licensing fee and royalty based on wholesale pricing of the licensee product.[1] FDA - Food and Drug Administration, USA[2] For more information on the Brightfield Group, refer to[3] Details of the study can be found at  Celebrated NLP Life Coach Holds Workshop At Teksmobile 2019-12-13T05:54:00Z celebrated-nlp-life-coach-holds-workshop-at-teksmobile Teksmobile - a leading technology company held a workshop on ‘Team Building & Enthusiasm’ to boost the employees. The session was conducted by renowned NLP life coach Mrs. Nishi Arora.  It was a very fun day for the people at the technology company. The session kick started on a funny note to energise the attendees and moved forward to explore the principles of team building. The day was high on motivation, there were many activities to cheer up the moods of the employees, get them away from work pressure and stress.  The session started off with a trick question, “I need some volunteers. Who all are up?” A few of the employees were interested, few went with little hesitation and few were reluctant. And to everyone’s surprise, they all won prizes just to introduce themselves. Of course, it was to test the voluntary spirit of the employees.  Followed by this small surprise, there was a session on ‘how to make the best of opportunities’. In the session, the employees were explained how they should hop on every opportunity they come across in their professional lives. It was a session encouraging the employees to be proactive and look for opportunities. Even if no one is giving them an opportunity, they should create their own opportunity to attain their version of success was the crux/message of the session.  Gradually, the audience was immersing in the session, motivated to be one of the most thoughtful and entertaining audiences. And of course, when the unity activity happened, the technology company was on its toes to show their unity. They played a card game where everyone of them was given a playing card. Once they all had their cards, they had to make a team with the people having the similar cards. One of the senior members of the company recalled that it was a delight seeing everyone participating and having fun.  During the session, the geeks were enlightened about working in unison without having the thought of jealousy and surpassing their team members. The employees said, it was something they had been following since the company’s inception. And they believe in loyalty towards the company and their team members. Also, Nishi Arora acknowledged the fact that the youngest geek in the company is just nineteen and the most experienced one in the folks have been serving for thirteen years now. Following this there was a balloon popping game which ended with a surprising yet fun result.  The session mainly concentrated on stress management and work pressure. Nishi Arora being an experienced life coach had a good hook on the solutions to these problems. The employees were lectured on the ways to stay motivated, cheerful and positive. There was a good session on ‘content reframing’ & ‘context reframing’. In the session attendees were made familiar with the habit of seeing things in a positive way. There was an activity where the audience were given a set of situation which were demotivating in reality and the audience were challenged to give it a positive spin. Followed by which, the teks employees were set to learn empathy and show their problem solving abilities. The audience was divided into certain groups, where the person with the problem chit had to write a problem he was facing in his professional or personal lives and others from the team had to write plausible solutions to it. The Teks employees managed to find solutions to the problems like ‘how to balance between work and personal life’, ‘how to inculcate saving habits’, ‘ how to improve family relationships’.  The whole team of teksmobile was very thankful to Mr Hussain Fakhruddin. Nishi Arora added, Hussain is one of the rarest in his kind. He is not a person who will take leverage of his position as the global CEO. He is polite with his colleagues and concerned for them. As a vote of thanks and to show their love for the global CEO of teksmobile, the whole team stood up and applauded in unison. Hussain mentioned, he is very happy with his team, they all have given a lot to the company and Teksmobile has managed to win so many milestones because of his team.  The whole Teksmobile team also thanked the Mr and Mrs Arora for the outstanding workshop. Some of the employees mentioned they got to learn a lot. The workshop was like a fresh air for them and they will surely inculcate their learning to do better for themselves and Teksmobile.  To know more about ethics and working culture Teksmobile Software, visit To get in touch with the company’s representatives, dial +61-280385078 and/or send emails to Teksmobile plans to organise more such sessions in future. Nishi Arora was also more than enthusiastic about future sessions at Teksmobile.   Hills District mortgage broker ranked among Australia’s Top 100 2019-12-13T03:59:15Z hills-district-mortgage-broker-ranked-among-australia-s-top-100 §  Scott Partridge of Mortgage Choice in Sydney Hills ranked 26 out of Australia’s Top 100 mortgage brokers. §  14 Mortgage Choice brokers reached the Top 100 – more than any other aggregator, with eight being ranked in the Top 50 brokers. §  Sydney Hills home buyers have the advantage of a local home loan expert recognised as one if the nation’s best. SYDNEY (13 Dec 19): Leading Hills District mortgage broker – Scott Partridge, Principal of Mortgage Choice in Sydney Hills, has been officially recognised as one of Australia’s most successful brokers, achieving a rank of 26 out of the nation’s Top 100 brokers. The annual ranking of Australia’s 17,000 mortgage brokers by Mortgage Professional Australia (MPA) acknowledges the ‘best of the best’ home loan experts across Australia. Mr Scott Partridge, said, “It’s an honour to be ranked so highly among Australia’s leading mortgage brokers. My focus has always been to help home buyers in the Hills District achieve their property goals, and that dedication is definitely paying off.” Despite opening his Hills District office just three years ago, Scott Partridge is no stranger to the MPA Top 100, having ranked in this elite category in both 2016 and 2017. In addition to helping Hills District residents secure the right home loan for their needs, Scott and the team at Mortgage Choice Sydney Hills also assist their customers with business lending, car loans, insurance and financial planning.     Explaining his success, Mr Partridge said, “It’s a reflection of my ‘customer first’ philosophy. I invest time building long term relationships with all my customers – no matter whether they are first home buyers, upgraders or investors.” This year saw a total of 14 Mortgage Choice brokers, including two female brokers, rank in the MPA Top 100 – the most of any aggregator Australia-wide, with eight Mortgage Choice brokers ranking in the Top 50. CEO of Mortgage Choice – Ms Susan Mitchell, who herself is ranked among the MPA Mortgage Global 100, said, “This is an outstanding result for Scott Partridge and his entire team at Mortgage Choice in Sydney Hills. Reaching the MPA’s Top 100 can only be achieved through continued effort and absolute dedication to customer needs, and that’s exactly what Scott Partridge has delivered. “This is not just a win for Scott, it is also great news for home buyers across the Hills District, who can be confident they have support and expertise of one of Australia’s leading home loan experts.”                                                                              *****ENDS****