The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-08-18T07:43:35Z When neighbours become good friends 2017-08-18T07:43:35Z when-neighbours-become-good-friends The close friendship of Sue Marsden and Margaret Dixon is truly a case of the stars aligning. In December 2016, it was through pure serendipity that Margaret and Alan Dixon moved next door to Sue at Settlers Retirement Village, Forest Lake. Sue introduced herself to the couple the night they moved in, armed with a home-cooked dinner, and a beautiful friendship was formed instantly. “I thought, isn’t that beautiful that Sue had brought over some dinner for us,” said Margaret. “Years ago we did that all the time, but now nobody does it anymore so I thought it was wonderful.” Margaret and Sue soon discovered they had a connection through the small adjoining country towns in central Queensland in which they were raised. Sue grew up in the town of Tambo in the 1960s, with a current population of 345, and Margaret was raised just an hour away in Augathella. Sue's interest was sparked when she spotted a “Tambo Teddy” in Alan and Margaret's living room. Sue discovered that Alan passed through Tambo with his son and grandson about 15 years ago, and picked up the teddy as a memento. “There is still so much for us to catch up on, and learn about each other,” said Sue. Married for 53 years, Alan and Margaret Dixon first met in Hong Kong where they were stationed in the army. Alan being English and Margaret, Scottish, the couple have been blessed with three beautiful children, and six grandchildren. Margaret has a passion for patchwork, and was quite active in the community, making quilts for the local school and the Wesley Hospital when she lived in Laidley.  Margaret also used to teach patchwork but is no longer able to do so due to her health. On the other hand, Alan is described as “soccer mad”, and even started up his own soccer club many years ago. Since moving to Envigor, Alan and Margaret have been more than impressed, especially when they first met Executive Manager, Tracey Silvester, describing her as honest, straight-to-the-point and 'told us exactly how it was'. “Envigor is so caring, it is almost unbelievable that you can have such good care,” said Margaret. Sue was forced to hide her Aboriginal identity for many years, due to her ex-husband’s disapproval, and only started rediscovering her heritage about 12 years ago. “I missed it because I really didn’t know who I was, and now I understand what it means to me to be Aboriginal, and to be proud of it,” said Sue. Sue eventually left Tambo to become a Registered Nurse: “It was one of those things out west that most girls did, I really had a lot of fun and I enjoyed my nursing.” Sue now volunteers her time at the Inala Indigenous Community Health Centre. “Being a nurse and coming from an Indigenous background, I can join into just about anything from cooking back to nursing, so it’s exciting because as I’m Indigenous I am now considered an elder, which is such an honour.” Sue describes the services she receives from Envigor's Western Suburbs Brisbane Community Care Business Partner, Jan Green as “exceptional”. “Support is only a phone call away,” said Sue. “There have been a couple of times when I have needed help urgently, and Jan has always been there with the kindness of help, and it is very important that we get that help.” This real life case of love your neighbour as you love yourself truly is the caes for Sue and Margaret, two women who have been brought together by fate after living in small adjoining towns for years, and not being aware of the other’s existence. “I love my neighbours because you can just go outside your front door, and if you are feeling down, they pick you right back up and there is always someone to say hello to,” said Margaret. “It is a reward on its own just knowing Sue, and being able to spend time with her. “Just knowing that she is there is enough.” -ends-Joanne Rahn Director zanthii communications Phone: 0402 148 334 Email: Facebook: Home care is where the heart is 2017-08-18T07:38:02Z home-care-is-where-the-heart-is Aged care worker, Cindy Jordan has had the opportunity to work with a variety of special clients during her time at Envigor Home Care, but now has one very close to her heart. In January this year, Cindy's 89-year-old mother, Sylvia Joyce suffered a medication-related episode which landed her in hospital for two weeks. Sylvia began to lose her mobility and cognitive abilities as a result of the stroke-like symptoms. Since this unfortunate episode, Cindy started caring for her mother professionally through Envigor, and she receives almost 20 hours of care per week. “I enjoy looking after my Mum both professionally and personally,” said Cindy. “She is always happy, and never complains even though she has had quite a hard life.” After working in the aged care industry for many years, Cindy became frustrated with clients' needs not being met, and soon after made the switch to Envigor in 2016. “Envigor has given me the opportunity to truly meet the needs of my clients, and the autonomy to be able to work on a personal level with each client, tailoring their care needs to what they want to have in place, truly consumer director care,” said Cindy. “This is my goal, and when I have achieved this, I can say that I am very, very happy - that is my reward.” Cindy and Sylvia have had their fair share of hard times, but assure they are a very close family, and support one another at all times. “We believe in being there for each other, my Mum is my rock,” said Cindy. Sylvia spends her days gardening, and still enjoys a trip to Bunnings whenever she has the chance, in addition to singing in the local village choir, and attending weekly rehearsals. Cindy herself has also become involved with the local music centre at Rothwell, along with her older brother. “We often have recitals and stage shows which Mum takes great interest in, and loves seeing the footage of our performances,” said Cindy. Sylvia was still going down to the swimming pool for her daily swim until earlier this year when her health deteriorated. Her daily ritual involved a 6am swim at the retirement village where everyone in the complex knew her, and referred to her as ‘frog’. However, Sylvia is known as ‘Nin’ to all her grandchildren (as her eldest grandson couldn’t quite pronounce 'Nan'). Sylvia will be celebrating her 90th birthday in October with her family by her side. “She says that she is lucky to have me as a daughter, but I say that I am lucky to have her as a Mum as she is the one who moulded me, and I wouldn’t be who I am without her,” said Cindy. -ends-Joanne Rahn Director zanthii communications Phone: 0402 148 334 Email: Facebook: Life-long volunteer finally puts her feet up in Cairns 2017-08-18T07:31:15Z life-long-volunteer-finally-puts-her-feet-up-in-cairns A Queensland for all ages is the theme for this year's Senior's Week, and Lesley Kerr is a prime example of a Senior who has committed her life to the community. Lesley, 74 has lived a life of fulfilling her passion for the community, and the betterment of the lives of others. Lesley and husband Don, 79 made the move from Gladstone to Cairns in 2010 for the warmer weather. The dedicated Senior was actively involved in the Gladstone community – Lesley acted as the Gladstone Geneaology Society Treasurer for many years, managed the local library roster from 1992 until 2010, and was a proud member of the Collinsville Lions Club for seven years, along with husband Don. Married for 54 years, the couple have been blessed with three children, eight grandchildren, and five great grandchildren. In October 2016, both Lesley and Don acquired home care from Envigor and continuously praise the care, support and awareness provided by the home care givers. “Envigor’s available to help when we need it,” said Lesley. “They work around our lifestyle and flexible around any changes needed. “Although we don’t need much support, only domestic help fortnightly, we know that we will need more support later on so we wanted to be a part of the community from the start.” Before marriage, Lesley worked with the Commonwealth Bank for five years. “I’ve been the home organiser all my married life as employers didn’t take married women back then,” said Lesley Lesley’s main hobbies include family history, genealogy, crossword puzzles, reading and ten-pin bowling. “Lesley's dedication and contribution to the community and her family is greatly appreciated, and an inspiration to all those around her,” said DonJoanne Rahn Director zanthii communications Phone: 0402 148 334 Email: Facebook: MEDIA ALERT: Apple iOS Security Breach 2017-08-18T07:09:16Z media-alert-apple-ios-security-breach Threat Intelligence Expert Provides Insights on how the operating system for an iOS device can be accessed for the first time – letting hackers research how to breach security What: A hacker who goes by the alias "xerub" has managed to successfully crack Apple's Secure Enclave firmware decryption key for their iOS devices. The Secure Enclave Processor (SEP) is used by iOS devices to store and manage the encryption keys and authentication process for the device. This includes fingerprint data for touch ID. Fingerprint touch ID is the authorisation for sensitive data and allows payment transactions to proceed, including Apple Pay and purchases from the iTunes Store. Why: This type of attack could potentially lead to an authentication bypass attack – making Touch ID redundant - for the device owner. Outcomes include payment authorisations being forged and potential financial loss for the device owner. Who: IT Security expert Ty Miller, Founder and Managing Director of Threat Intelligence is available for interviews and in-depth information about what accessing the Secure Enclave of an iOS device really means right now – and what the potential for hackers could be. Among the topics Ty can discuss: Ease of bypassing current security controls New attacks likely to be seen– financial apps, email accounts and social media networks The increased value of a stolen iPhone Timeframe for research and potential breaches Bounties for successful attacks – who is going after the $100,00 incentive When: Ty is available for phone interviews to provide in-depth background and analysis on the potential threats such as login bypasses and spoofed payments. Contact: To arrange interviews with Ty Miller from Threat Intelligence on this or any other IT security-related topics, please contact: TY MILLER CATHRYN VAN DER WALT 0409 713 735 0402 327 633 Stellarossa Serves Up Franchising Success To Steal Market Share 2017-08-18T05:06:27Z stellarossa-serves-up-franchising-success-to-steal-market-share Darren Schultz, Director of Stellarossa, is standing-by his philosophy that in order for his franchise Stellarossa, to continue to grow; his core group of existing franchisees need to be happy and successful business owners. “We have concentrated on building a strong platform in South-East Queensland before expanding. I wanted to get our backyard right first before we moved interstate. Now we’re geared up for growth and prepared to go anywhere nationally,” says Darren. "Regardless of whether you’re a new or existing business owner, business planning is essential for success. We have worked really hard to create an award-winning café; with a modern and sophisticated set-up, high-quality supplier arrangements and is positioned in a great location. And while this sets the foundations well, each store’s success really boils down to how well the business is managed. Darren explains "Budget One has created a unique programme that can support Stellarossa franchisee’s on their business journey and provide them with much needed management confidence and clarity, helping to lower their business risk, improve efficiencies and build their wealth." "We began integrating this program at the start of this year and the results are promising and expect it can only get better! It simply is a “win-win” for all. Happy franchisees mean happy franchisors” exclaims Darren. Click here to find out more on our franchising success story. If  you're actively looking to franchise or want to purchase a franchise, don't miss the Franchising Expo in Melb next weekend. Come and Visit us at stand D32. Author Taso Tounis Taso Tounis is a business planning, cash flow management and budgeting consultant. He is passionate about equipping soon-to-be business owners with insightful knowledge on the outlook of a prospective business so they can decide if its the right fit and has great success potential. Learn more  about Taso. Want to know more about Budget One? Read more on our business planning and business growth advisory services. WET rebate reforms pass muster 2017-08-18T03:58:36Z wet-rebate-reforms-pass-muster The Winemakers’ Federation of Australia has welcomed this week’s passage through Parliament of critical Federal Government reforms to the Wine Equalisation Tax (WET).   Winemakers Federation of Australia Chief Executive Tony Battaglene said the reforms were needed to restore the integrity of the WET system.   “I was delighted to see all sides of politics coming together to support passage of these very important reforms through Parliament,” Mr Battaglene said.   “The reforms will help ensure the WET rebate can continue to deliver on its original policy intent of supporting winemakers who have a genuine investment in regional areas, growth and innovation,” he said.   “To operate successfully in a highly competitive global market, it is critical that the domestic policy and regulatory framework is robust and without distortions.   “We have worked closely and productively with the Australian Government to drive the reforms and it is now time to get on with business.   “Coupled with the  $50 million package being provided over four years to promote Australian wine overseas and wine tourism at home and the $10 million Wine Tourism and Cellar Door grant program, this provides a stable platform for the sector to invest and grow.   “Reforms such as these are often difficult for industry. I would like to acknowledge the many winemakers in our industry who despite changes at an individual business level have wholeheartedly supported the package of reforms recognising that overall this delivers industry-wide benefits in the long term.   “I acknowledge the leadership of the Minister for Revenue and Financial Services, the Hon Kelly O’Dwyer MP, and the Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Senator the Hon Anne Ruston. Their comprehensive industry consultation process earned much respect from local and regional winemakers.   “I would also like to acknowledge the Federal Labor Party, Independents and other parties in the House of Representatives and the Senate for their willingness to listen to industry and facilitate the passage of these important reforms.” MODE’s Sydney Studio Moves after Rapid Growth 2017-08-18T00:31:41Z mode-s-sydney-studio-moves-after-rapid-growth MODE’s Sydney studio begins a new chapter this month with their move to Level 5, 111-117 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills. The new office space allows MODE to sustain growth and provides room for more than 40 staff. The building has 6 levels overall and is in a hot spot for great restaurants, bars, cafes, gyms and parks. The move comes after another solid year of growth for the studio with continuing success across a number of markets with major wins in education, commercial and aviation sectors. Paul Oreshkin, MODE Director said, “We've been looking at this move for some time now. We wanted the additional space of a larger building to further expand our local resources to meet growing current and future workloads. The new building gives us some great collaborative spaces that have already had a significant impact on our projects”. The new studio was designed by the MODE interior designers to represent MODE and its philosophy to focus on collaboration and future joint ventures as they align themselves with many of their colleagues and clients in the central design hub of Sydney. The ongoing presence in Surry Hills will continue to provide support and a central location for the growing number of staff within the studio who now have a greater choice of transport options and several neighbouring retail hubs. Included in this is the CBD and South East Light Rail new light rail network for Sydney, currently under construction. The 12km route will feature 19 stops, extending from Circular Quay along George Street to Central Station, through Surry Hills to Moore Park, then to Kensington and Kingsford via Anzac Parade and Randwick via Alison Road and High Street. Construction will be completed and services will start running in 2019. This new line will run right through Devonshire St and connect MODE directly with the CBD. Harnessing the opportunity to further develop their presence within Sydney, MODE will continue to deliver international expertise with the support of MODE studios and alliances. The move is an unquestionable progression to not only the Sydney studio but to all 10 MODE studios across Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam who offer a range of specialist design solutions. Digivizer starts new venture to tap into $65 billion APAC gamers’ market 2017-08-17T23:43:20Z digivizer-starts-new-venture-to-tap-into-65-billion-apac-gamers-market Sydney, 18 August 2017 - Australian social and digital analytics technology company Digivizer has launched a new venture, called, to tap the global esports and online games market. is a media hub, run by gamers for gamers, designed to connect great content, events, activations, competitions and influencers within the one ecosystem. According to digital and online games research company Newzoo, the market is worth AU$131 billion globally, AU$65 billion across APAC, and AU$1.5 billion in Australia and New Zealand alone.  There are more than 1.1 billion gamers in the APAC region, according to Newzoo. Digivizer has formed as a separate company that will operate alongside Digivizer itself, supported by Digivizer’s analytics technology, the same technology that Digivizer offers its commercial clients.   Digivizer and CEO Emma Lo Russo explains the decision to launch “The gaming space is not new to Digivizer. We’ve provided social and digital insights and services in this market for clients that include Lenovo and Intel over the past three years. We’ve engaged some of the biggest influencers and esports teams in the APAC region, generating highly successful activations, streams, content and sponsorships, providing gaming and non-gaming brands with opportunities to be involved in the lucrative esports market.” Creating a new ecosystem to support a large market of influencers Digivizer has worked with gamers and brands at some of the largest gaming events here in Australia. The audiences and attendance at these events outstrip those for many mainstream television and sporting events. “Our analysis of the market, and our work at events such as PAX, RTX and this year’s Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) esports event in Sydney, makes it clear that there is a huge opportunity to fill a gap in the market,” says Emma Lo Russo. “Over 7 million live views of IEM and 92 million in-content views for a single event represent audiences almost double those of mainstream TV viewing numbers, including the major traditional sporting AFL and NRL grandfinals.  And we have seen this market grow, in size and in the number of engaged fans who influence each other. “Our strategy for is to bring these three groups - gamers and influencers, their fans and brands - together in a new ecosystem that treats everyone with equal respect, adds expertise and value at every point in the engagement, and uses real-time data to understand what’s working and where to go next. “Gamers and esports teams want to connect with commercial sponsors, without compromising their values. Brands want to understand how to work effectively in what for many remains unfamiliar territory. And fans want to enjoy their gaming without selling out to anyone. meets these needs. This is a gaming destination run by gamers for gamers. “And our experience shows that using data and advanced analytics, combined with the best-possible understanding of this very specialist marketplace, is the only way to deliver value and meaningful engagements to all. “For fans, influencers and brands, this is about creating a win-win-win, with content and contexts that matter to them. We have been thrilled by the overwhelming support we have received from the wider gaming influencers and esports teams across the APAC region, and from partnerships with the major social and streaming platforms.” will be headed by Digivizer’s gaming team specialists Phid Oldfield and Jack Hudson, highly credible gamers and streamers in their own right, supported by a team of gamers including their advertising specialists. is already talking to top-tier gamers and esports teams, and launches with clients AKRacing (which is launching a new specialist gamers’ chair on the web site), Intel, and Legion by Lenovo. will identify new sponsorship opportunities for brands, influencers and gamers, provide a web portal for news, opinions and reviews, develop and stage new esports events, and create and run social media activations.  The website will publish original and aggregated content from brands and gamers, and provide site take-over opportunities for brands seeking to ‘own’ the web site for marketing programmes. Digivizer’s first breakaway venture The new venture is aiming at the APAC market. Underpinning everything will sit Digivizer’s real-time analytics technology, providing insights for everyone operating in this new ecosystem - corporate marketers, influencers and gamers alike. starts operations as Digivizer approaches its seventh year of operations, growing its operating revenue 290% over the last year alone. Starting in classic Silicon Valley fashion with two people in an office smaller than one of the meeting rooms in its current location in the Sydney CBD, Digivizer now employs over 50 people. It has clients in ANZ, APAC, EMEA and the United States, in the IT, financial services, consumer products, automotive and corporate leadership segments. The company won the Carnegie’s Den round in May 2014, signed a Strategic Alliance Agreement with Deloitte in December 2014, and has concluded one round of private investment. is its first breakaway venture. ENDS is at: Twitter: Facebook: Twitch: Instagram: Web: CEO Emma Lo Russo is available for interview.  Photographs and logo artwork available. For more information:                                              Alan Smith                                                                           Head of Strategic Business Communications, Digivizer                    0404 432 700                                                                        Twitter: @alansmithoz          Media background: Digivizer history 2010: company founded by Emma Lo Russo and Clinton Larson. First social analytics and reporting delivered to clients 2011: first iteration of the complete map of Australia’s social web including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn 2011: first social trigger-based leads delivered to clients2013: first influencer relationship programs delivered to clients, using Digivizer’s analytics technology for identification and tracking2014: clients start using Digivizer’s social analytics platform for real-time insights Digivizer wins Carnegie’s Den Digivizer and Deloitte sign an exclusive Alliance Agreement2015: expansion to 30 employees first round of private investment completed Instagram added to Digivizer’s data platform first global data added to technology platform, first overseas client engagements2016: first test iteration of Saas product development integration of advertising APIs from social platforms (in addition to development APIs) integration of Google Adwords and Google Analytics (Digivizer becomes a Google Partner) first presentation version of dashboard delivered to clients first companies data used by clients for leads and prospect tracking expansion of data and client engagements into US and EMEA data-driven senior thought leadership social programs across APAC and the US expansion to 50 employees 2017: expansion of services offering into APAC creation of, a new data-driven business designed to tap into the global esports sector, bringing gamers and brands together How to Create a Social Media Policy for Your Employees 2017-08-17T23:26:08Z how-to-create-a-social-media-policy-for-your-employees There’s no denying that businesses now live in a digital world. This has given brands opportunities to reach new people, interact with their customers on a personal level, more regularly, and promote the brand on a greater scale. This has also meant that competitors and customers will notice if you slip up, say the wrong thing, or make an inappropriate joke. A social media policy can help to avoid finding yourself in hot water.   WHAT IS A SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY? Put simply, a social media policy is a corporate code of conduct introduced by a company that provides guidelines for employees who post online, or on social media as either part of their job or as a private person. This helps to safeguard your brand while still encouraging employees to share your brand with the world! Social media is constantly changing and so your social media policy should be revised where necessary.   WHAT SHOULD BE INCLUDED? Your social media policy does not have to be a 10-page document. It can be outlined in as little as two pages – the importance will be in what aspects you cover and how thoroughly they are explained so that there is no room for misinterpretation. It is also recommended that you have two social media policies: -        One for employees who handle the company social media profiles -        One for all employees for when they are talking about, or interacting with the brand WHO DOES THE SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY APPLY TO? As mentioned above, the social media policy should apply to ALL employees, from the CEO through to senior management and team members. The social media policy should be differentiated between those who handle the company social media accounts and those employees who do not. Employees who handle the company social media accounts include anyone who: -        posts online as your brand; or -        interacts with consumers and followers as your brand WHAT PLATFORMS DOES THE SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY APPLY TO? The social media policy should apply to ALL social media platforms. It should also include blogs that are posted online.   CRISIS MANAGEMENT It is human nature to want to be involved in drama and give input on how things can be helped. In such a situation, it is important to have a clear set of steps to follow to deal with the crisis. This should include points such as who is responsible for contacting the user or person behind the drama, who is responsible for keeping the company updated etc. You do not have to go into a lot of detail about this in this document, however, it is recommended to have a social media crises management guide for employees to refer to.   RULES AND REGULATIONS These rules and regulations should refer to the way the company speaks online. The tone of voice, the type of language used, how much humour you incorporate into your posts etc. This should also include the way the company should be portrayed when replying to consumers online. These rules should also address how employees are expected to communicate when speaking about the brand on their personal profiles. Examples of this might be: -        do not use profanity in conjunction with the brand -        do not reflect political views and mention the company in the same post -        confidentiality around what information can be shared online ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES This should outline who is responsible for ensuring that social media content and communication aligns with the business and is on track with the social media strategy outlines. This could be a simple table which has tasks on the left column with the responsible individual on the right. Roles and responsibilities to be assigned can include: -        brand management -        approval of posts -        customer service -        advising other staff members SECURITY RISKS You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting yourself or your company online. To protect any breach of security is important to outline what employees should do if accounts are compromised. Examples of information to include are: -        Create secure passwords -        Avoid phishing attacks, spam, scams, and other malicious threats -        How to respond in the event of a security breach or attack EXAMPLES OF SOCIAL MEDIA POLICIES Here are a few examples of social media policies from companies who have successfully created and implemented a social media policy. Adidas Social Media Policy Department of Justice (Victoria, Australia) Social Media Policy Social Media Policy ABC Social Media Policy BEAN-TO-BAR ARTISAN CHOCOLATE COMES TO SOUTH MELBOURNE MARKET 2017-08-17T22:21:51Z bean-to-bar-artisan-chocolate-comes-to-south-melbourne-market Established by French trained pastry chef-turned-chocolatier Charles Lemai and his business partner Chi, Atypic Chocolate is handcrafting single-origin, small batch chocolate from bean-to-bar in a brand-new stall at the Market. The business was inspired during a visit to Vietnam last year where Charles met a chocolate maker who introduced him to creating chocolate from raw cacao bean to final product (bean-to-bar).   The process of creating artisanal sweets is central to the offering at Atypic Chocolate. “Chocolate takes centre stage in our stall and the design creates a deep sense of appreciation for the process of chocolate making. I want customers to feel my passion for chocolate and see the entire bean-to-bar process on a micro level”, Charles said.   It really is like Charlie and his Chocolate Factory brought to life. Customers can watch it all - from roasting, dehusking also known as winnowing, and grinding the nibs, to refining the balance of flavour and texture (conching) and molding the chocolate. The 42-square metre space is set to an optimal temperature of 20 degrees and humidity controlled, creating an ideal environment for making and storing chocolate. The large viewing windows allow shoppers to see every detail, but nothing can contain the sweet chocolate aroma.   Atypic Chocolate offers delicious handmade chocolates, desserts, gifts and specialty chocolate items. The range includes single-origin chocolate tablets in dark, milk and white chocolate (around $11); chocolate pastries like decadent brownies and hazelnut merveilleux - mounds of crisp meringue with organic praline and single origin Solomon Island 70% dark chocolate ($4-$8); European-style hot chocolate with dark chocolate, spicy chocolate or matcha white chocolate options ($5 or $5.50 with almond milk). Chocolate soft serve will be added to the menu in summer.       The emphasis at Atypic Chocolate is on premium and organic ingredients. Organic or direct trade cacao beans are sourced from small farms in the Solomon Islands, Haiti, Brazil and Madagascar and the resulting single-origin chocolate allows the flavours of the beans from each location to shine through. Organic raw sugar, non-GMO sunflower lecithin, unbleached organic flour, free range eggs, and organic or chemical free nuts are also used to make the chocolate and pastries. Charles will be experimenting with new textures, cream fillings and unique flavours, always with an emphasis on the finest ingredients.   Since 1867, South Melbourne Market has been a treasured inner-city landmark and a favourite destination among locals and visitors. Operated by Port Phillip Council, it is the quintessential village market, a place where people come not only to purchase fresh food, but also to meet, eat, drink, shop, discover, share and connect.   New stalls such as Atypic Chocolate are part of Council’s plan to meet the changing needs of the community while staying true to the Market’s identity. Mayor Bernadene Voss says “it is fitting that in the Market’s 150th year, we are opening a chocolatier that is innovative, progressive, organic and sustainable. Charles is a true artisan and being able to watch the chocolate-making process adds a new element of food theatre to the Market’s exciting mix of modern, on trend and classical food stores”.   Atypic Chocolate is located at Stall 170 in Aisle D, South Melbourne Market, corner of Coventry and Cecil streets, South Melbourne.   For more information visit, or   MindKits wins Mercedes-Benz Vans’ Hack My Van 2017, will take STEM workshops to schools across New Zealand 2017-08-17T05:09:11Z mindkits-wins-mercedes-benz-vans-hack-my-van-2017-will-take-stem-workshops-to-schools-across-new-zealand 17 August 2017 -- Melbourne. For the second year running, Mercedes-Benz Vans invited Australian and New Zealand based small businesses, start-ups, product developers, industrial designers, creative technologists, hustlers and hackers to put together a team of like-minded entrepreneurial thinkers and pitch an innovative business idea using the Vito van as the canvas. Six finalists were selected to participate in Hack My Van 2017. From a silent disco for children to a mobile VR showroom, a commercial wellness van, and an all abilities childcare service, the judges saw a range of diverse and creative business ideas. Judges Dr. Kate Cornick (CEO, LaunchVic), Nick Crocker (Partner, Blackbird Ventures), Shane Delia (award winning chef and restaurateur), Megan Morton (Australia’s leading stylist), and Diane Tarr (Managing Director, Mercedes-Benz Vans Australia & New Zealand) assessed the ideas and selected MindKits Education Van as the winner who were presented with a brand new Mercedes-Benz Vito. The first runner up, HME Limited’s ThunderPods, received a $5,000 cash grant, and the second runner up, Ruby & Ollie’s Big Days Out, received a $2,500 cash grant provided by RedZed Lending Solutions. Diane Tarr Managing Director, Mercedes-Benz Vans Australia & New Zealand said, “We created this event because we know that when used creatively the Vito can be transformative for a small business. Once again this year the entries were extremely diverse, and we were so pleased to extend into New Zealand, with three of the six finalists - including our winner - traveling across the ditch to be part of the event.” “Congratulations to Tim and Fay from MindKits who are already providing such a valuable service to school children in New Zealand by delivering hands-on STEM learning experiences. We cannot wait to see them achieve their dreams of taking their workshops on the road to more kids and more schools.” MindKits was established in December 2008 after seeing a lack of support for New Zealanders in learning robotics and physical computing. Co-founders Tim Carr and Fay Cobbett said,"Winning the Vito enables us to take our proven engaging STEM workshops and bring them to schools with fewer resources, independent of their wealth and status. For the business this opens a new chapter and an expanding market, with thanks to Mercedes-Benz Vans." | #hackmyvan ---- ends For more information: Blake Vincent, PR and Corporate Communications Manager, Mercedes-Benz Vans,, +61 408 266 493 Kate Dinon, Character +61 487 328 738 | Images: About the Mercedes-Benz Vito Whether it‘s work or play, the Vito is purpose-designed to take care of your every need. It‘s a van built not just to fulfil the tasks it‘s set but make that all-important difference when it comes to flexibility, safety, economic efficiency and quality. This peace of mind is something you only get from a genuine commercial vehicle specialist. About MindKits MindKits was established in December 2008 by Tim Carr after seeing a lack of sites supporting New Zealanders in learning robotics and physical computing. After working away Sundays tinkering Tim decided it was time there was a site that not only sold robotics kit, sensors and Arduinos but was a place for a community around robotics to grow and have somewhere to share ideas and learning. How to make your forearms look bigger 2017-08-17T04:28:27Z how-to-make-your-forearms-look-bigger Out of all the items in the world, there is only one that will make your forearms look bigger. A well designed, perfectly sized watch. You don’t want one of those ridiculously oversized watches, they’ll just make you’re forearms look tiny. If you’ve spent years in the gym working out trying to get huge arms, why ruin it with a poor choice? WHY Watches are architecturally designed timepieces that you know are going to complement your aesthetics. Designed by master level graduates and former athletes, there really isn’t anything on that market that can compete. Grab yours today at Conserve Household Energy and Save on Bills with Sharp’s New R820E Convection Microwave with Smart Eco-Mode 2017-08-17T02:27:58Z conserve-household-energy-and-save-on-bills-with-sharp-s-new-r820e-convection-microwave-with-smart-eco-mode SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 15th August 2017 – Today, Sharp Corporation of Australia, a leading consumer electronic brand, unveils the new R820EBK and R820EW Convection Microwave Oven. With microwaves remaining one of the most frequently used appliances in the world, Sharp are proud of its continuous innovation in the field including the release of this new technologically advanced model.Convection microwaves are the multitaskers of the cooking world. With 3-in-1 cooking functions, including 900W microwave power, fan-forced convection and grill features, this midsize range is the perfect addition to any kitchen, available in black or white fascia. Developed for the convenience of the everyday Australian household, this range comes with 15 Smart Auto  Menus and 5 Microwave Power levels for added flexibility and finer control to accurately defrost, cook and reheat a wide range of foods with ease.In addition, the R820EBK and R820EW includes a Smart eco-friendly feature, setting this model apart from the typical Microwave Oven and taking into consideration both economic and environmental factors. With majority of households becoming increasingly aware of their power usage, the new Smart Eco-Mode helps put energy conscious users minds at ease. This feature allows the unit to enter standby mode by removing the clock display to save both energy and electricity.Sharp remains dedicated to meeting Australians cooking preferences and continue to work on their Australian Developed Menus to ensure all local households achieve the same great results. With Sharp’s Smart Creations each menu has been carefully tested and developed with locally sourced produce and with the Australian consumer in mind.The 15 Smart Auto  Menus include user-friendly options to heat ingredients that can be inconsistent to melt or soften like butter and chocolate, as well as reheat and cook options. Sharp has also developed 4 Smart Weight Defrost Menus that allow 4 popular varieties of meat to be appropriately defrosted according to the weight and category of meat. This Smart auto program removes any guess work when it comes to defrosting and ensures your meat is carefully thawed.Along with the household friendly Smart Eco Mode features, efficiency and ease of use was another focus when developing these models. Sharp have achieved both factors by including a Smart Memory Key to save the most frequently used cooking times and power levels as well as a kitchen timer. These features aim to make using a microwave easier and more convenient in Australians day to day lives.For the preliminary release of the R820E Microwave Ovens, Sharp have included  a BONUS Convection Cookbook, valued at $39.95. This cookbook has been written to assist in the creation of simple, quick and easy meals perfect for the whole family. This bonus offer will only be available for a limited time.With a range of features to make microwave cooking a breeze, the stylish and eco-friendly R820E Convection Microwaves are suitable for any modern kitchen and are sure to create the perfect meal every time without fuss. In addition to the Smart features, this model also delivers a Smart Design with digital display and indicators, program buttons, jog dial and integrated handle for easy grip and durability.Pricing and Availability:Manufacturer: Sharp Corporation AustraliaProduct: R820ERecommended Retail Price: $329Website: All major electrical retailersAvailability: August 2017About Sharp CorporationFor over 100 years, Sharp Corporation has created award-winning technologies that are the envy of competitors worldwide. In Australia, Sharp continues to deliver technologically advanced ‘one of a kind’ products for the home and business. For more information on Sharp visit Twenty Percent of Global Commercial Email Fails to Reach the Inbox 2017-08-17T02:00:05Z twenty-percent-of-global-commercial-email-fails-to-reach-the-inbox Sydney, Australia – August 17, 2017 — One in five commercial emails worldwide fails to reach its intended target, according to the 2017 Deliverability Benchmark Report from data solutions provider Return Path. This new research reveals that just 80 percent of email is delivered to the inbox, while the remainder—a full 20 percent—is diverted to spam folders or gets blocked altogether. The report’s findings are relatively consistent with the company’s 2016 and 2015 benchmarks, which reported a 79 percent global inbox placement rate. While this rate has improved slightly in the past year, the significant percentage of filtered messages means that marketers are still missing out on a valuable opportunity to drive meaningful revenue from the email channel. “Email remains the most popular and effective channel available to marketers, so it’s more important than ever to get it right. If your emails aren’t reaching the inbox, you’re missing out on an opportunity to build relationships and generate ROI,” said Return Path President George Bilbrey. “But email filtering continues to evolve, as mailbox providers apply increasingly sophisticated algorithms to deliver only the content their users truly want.” Email marketers in the US saw the lowest inbox placement of any country analysed, with just 77 percent of messages reaching subscribers—up from 73 percent in 2016. Meanwhile Canadian marketers achieved one of the highest inbox placement rates in this study, with an average of 90 percent. Other key findings include: ● Marketers in European countries generally exceeded the global inbox placement rate, with averages of 82 percent (France and Spain) and 84 percent (UK). Of the European countries studied, only Germany fell slightly below the global average with 79 percent inbox placement. ● For the second year in a row, Australian marketers maintained average inbox placement of 90 percent—tied with Canada for the best result in this study. ● Looking at inbox placement by industry, the best results were found in sectors with strong account-based consumer relationships such as banking & finance (94 percent), distribution & manufacturing (92 percent), and travel (90 percent). This annual benchmark report from Return Path examines how email is delivered and how inbox placement is measured, along with global, regional, and industry benchmark results by quarter. The complete 2017 Deliverability Benchmark Report, including inbox placement statistics broken down by country, can be downloaded here. Methodology Return Path conducted this study using a representative sample of more than 2 billion promotional email messages sent to consumers around the world between April 2016 and June 2017. Global and regional statistics are based on performance across more than 140 mailbox providers in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions. Country and industry statistics are based on a subset of senders whose locations and industry classifications are identifiable. Industry results are based on global consumer data consisting of over 17,000 commercial senders, two million consumer panellists, and over two billion commercial email messages sent to Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, and AOL users in the same time period. Return Path Consumer Network data is captured from monitored email accounts controlled by real subscribers to sample user-initiated engagement based filtering decisions by mailbox providers. Consumer data can uncover behaviour based factors and thresholds that influence inbox placement at large mailbox providers, and can’t be identified by non-interactive seeds. About Return Path Return Path analyses the world’s largest collection of email data to show businesses how to stay connected to their audiences and strengthen their customer engagement. Our data solutions help analysts understand consumer behaviour and market trends. We help mailbox providers around the world deliver great user experiences and build trust in email by ensuring that wanted messages reach the inbox while spam doesn’t. To find out more about Return Path solutions, visit us at or request a demo. Media contacts: Biana Chamlet and Lucy Walker Espresso Communications +61 2 8016 2200 New Zealand’s Promapp Recognised as Hot Vendor in Business Process Management 2017-08-17T01:38:14Z new-zealands-promapp-recognised-as-hot-vendor-in-business-process-management Promapp, a leading provider of cloud-based business process management (BPM) software, has been recognised as one of the five Hot Vendors in Business Process Management 2017, in an annual report prepared by Aragon Research who are based in Silicon Valley, US. Authored by analyst Jim Sinur, the Aragon Research report highlights providers with interesting, cutting-edge products, services and technology. The report notes that each of the five vendors highlighted in the report has a unique approach to supporting the BPM needs of organisations. “Promapp’s secret sauce is its ability to be easy enough for beginners and business teams to be successful pretty quickly,” the Aragon Research report notes. “It is far more easy to use than others we have seen to date. The collaborative nature is a key feature, along with the ability to manage change and process variants.” According to the report, Promapp enables complete change and improvement management and tracking through its ability to embed processes that are searchable in SharePoint, and manage process variations by region or product/service type. “We are very excited that Aragon Research has selected Promapp as one of its Hot Vendors in Business Process Management 2017,” says Promapp CEO Ivan Seselj. “As the report accurately notes, the demand for operational efficiency and effectiveness is stronger than ever. “Most organizations now recognise that business process improvement is something that requires sustained momentum, and that lengthy procedure manuals and Word docs no longer work,” Seselj continues. “Increased process management discipline and new tools are being introduced in organizations of all sizes and across all vertical markets to enable teams to collaborate, innovate, and find ways to boost productivity and effectiveness. This is fueling Promapp’s rapid, global growth.” Each year, Aragon Research selects Hot Vendors across multiple markets which have interesting, cutting-edge products, services, or technologies. For more information, visit Earlier this year, Promapp was ranked as one of the fastest growing technology companies in New Zealand on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ Asia Pacific. About Promapp Established in 2002, Promapp works with hundreds of organisations worldwide to foster a thriving business improvement and process management culture. Promapp’s cloud-based business process management (BPM) software makes it easy to create, navigate, share, and change business processes, enabling continuous improvement, quality assurance, risk management and business continuity. Providing an intuitive online process repository, an integrated process mapping tool, and a process improvement toolset, Promapp’s proprietary software supports the development of smarter and safer ways to work, while encouraging sharing of information by operational teams rather than limiting it to process analysts and technical specialists. Promapp’s wide range of public and private sector customers includes: MorganFranklin Consulting, JE Dunn, Coca-Cola Amatil, Air New Zealand, Toyota, Ricoh, McDonald's, Fuji Xerox, Audi Australia, and the Department of Justice, Victoria. The company is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, with offices in USA (San Francisco, CA), UK (London) and Australia (Sydney and Melbourne). About Aragon Research Aragon Research is the newest technology research and advisory firm. Aragon delivers high impact interactive research, consulting, and advisory services to provide enterprises the insight they need to make better technology and strategy decisions. Aragon Research serves business and IT leaders and has a proven team of veteran analysts. For more information, visit” Aragon Research does not endorse vendors, or their products or services that are referenced in its research publications, and does not advise users to select those vendors that are rated the highest. Aragon Research publications consist of the opinions of Aragon Research and Advisory Services organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Aragon Research provides its research publications and the information contained in them "AS IS," without warranty of any kind.