The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-06-26T14:09:04Z James Pratt Asked To Italk LA 2019-06-26T14:09:04Z james-pratt-asked-to-italk-la Leadership Content, Pop Culture and Stage Drama collide this July 12th in Los Angeles, when iTalk LA holds its next leadership event at the former estate of Frank Sinatra. The world-renowned iTalk events confirmed they have asked in-demand Australian actor and celebrity auctioneer James Pratt to join the star-studded line up of speakers this July in Los Angeles. This is the first time an Australian talent has been asked to speak at iTalk. Pratt who is fast building an esteemed reputation internationally has impressed iTalk in the past with his skillset, and if he confirms, he will be join the best across USA Film, Television and Fashion including Sean Stone, film actor and son of the legendary film maker Oliver Stone, celebrity stylist Ali Levine, MTV’s Chanel West Coast, and Frank Knuckles former percussionist for The Roots and The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon, all whom will be showcasing specific leadership advice aimed at inspiring the next generation of pioneers Motivational Leadership events are growing rapidly in popularity, but with this growth also comes higher expectations from the audience according to Jen Montague, co-founder and Sr. Director of ITalk, and who’s worked hard at making sure her events are keeping up with the progressive trends. One of the biggest challenges right now is to build events that satisfy the moment-by-moment engagement that audiences are craving and not just millennial audiences but audiences of all ages. Content has to grip them, keep them, and provide them an opportunity to participate, to party, to network and so much more. The content has to be engaging enough for them to then share it online and on social media with their own followers. In other words, it’s about the experience said Jen Montague Director of ITalk, who enjoys merging her music conservatory and theatre roots with her corporate leadership and human resources professional experience. The infusion of pop culture is another unique facet of the platform, keeping audiences engaged. We’re pushing leadership and pop culture forward with iTalk said the world acclaimed International DJ Casper, Co-Founder and Director of Music for iTalk and DJ for “super producer,” Rodney Jerkins. In April iTalk Philadelphia featured speakers such as, Meisha Johnson (CBS Anchor) Stephen Hoelper, Vice President of Product, Comcast NBCUniversal and Desiree Rogers –former CEO of Johnson Publishing, LLC and former Social Secretary for Barack Obama’s Administration. But it was not just the speakers and their content serving as the engaging hook; the event featured live music and some original works by The International DJ Casper, along with the fact that the event was held on the roof of the majestic Kimmel Centre at sunset, ensuring an emotive and inspiring set of colours as the backdrop for learning and the perfect party scene. This July, guests attending iTalk LA can expect to experience the same type of star power! Tickets are currently selling fast. Frank Sinatra’s mansion will serve as the backdrop for leadership development and empowerment in Los Angeles. The International DJ Casper signed to DarkChild Entertainment will be doing a live set to turn up the crowd, all culminating in a truly dope leadership-club “experience” iTalk has termed “Motivational Nightlife.” The keynote speakers will also be cutting down there talk time to under 10 minutes to allow for better interaction with guests after speaking. iTalk provides three directives to their iTalkers Be Bold (make a strong impact), Be Brief (under10 minutes) Be Gone (get off the stage). The event also covers an array of topics all aimed at increasing those looking at self-improvement and being inspired; Courage, Vision, Change and more. Although it’s not yet confirmed if Pratt has accepted his invitation to be a keynote speaker, it’s another testament to the enormous international reach iTalk Events attract, and the high calibre of talent their speakers have. Ultimately, challenging attendees to: think non-traditionally, identify creative solutions to problems and share their own stories, based on their passionate why, is how Jen describes this next exciting ITalk event and the iTalk platform. For more information go to AIR DRYER TREATMENT KEEPS THE WHEELS OF INDUSTRY TURNING 2019-06-26T11:54:26Z air-dryer-treatment-keeps-the-wheels-of-industry-turning Desiccant air dryers offer manufacturers a straightforward and economical way of protecting equipment, reducing maintenance costs and cutting their carbon footprint, says Oxair, an Australian specialist in gas separation for the international markets. For many industrial operations it is vital that pneumatic equipment is in an environment where the compressed air supply is clean and consistent. As well as affecting energy bills and production costs, contamination with water, dirt or dust can result in poor performance of equipment, breakdowns, corrosion of parts, failure of air cylinders and Solenoid valves as well as damage to air tools. Condensation and corrosion can disrupt manufacturing in various industrial sectors including food, beverages, pharmaceutical, offshore and aerospace. Suppliers like Oxair offer a range of compressed air dryers, alongside refrigerant dryers, to ensure that the air is as dry as needed. A typical desiccant air dryer pays for itself in less than a year by reducing and eliminating maintenance costs and downtime, making company operations more productive while having less impact on the environment by reducing transport emissions through service call-outs and the disposal of broken parts. Dry air keeps pneumatic equipment running at peak efficiency and extends the service life of air tools, motors and cylinders. Desiccant dryers pass compressed air through a pressure vessel with two ‘towers’ filled with an alumina desiccant bed. This is the material that adsorbs water from the air and the bed becomes saturated and is regenerated in the next cycle The dryer is timed to switch towers based on a standard timing cycle. During the drying cycle some compressed air is used to purge/dry the depressurised desiccant offline bed. Oxair’s desiccant air dryers are available in both electric and pneumatic control formats are PLC controlled with reliable HMI touch screen, the company also offers conversions on customers’ own air-drying equipment. Air flows can be achieved from 100 SCFM to 10,000 SCFM, with pressures from 100 psi to 500 psi. Certified lifting frames are available as well as the multi stage filtration system for maximum protection. AS-1210 or ASME V111 stamped pressure valves are available and the system has a super quiet muffler for noise control. Designed for consistent pressure dew points, -40°C to -60°C, Oxair’s desiccant air dryers eliminate water and freezing ice in low ambient temperatures. The system comes completely assembled, piped and wired with a full charge of activated alumina desiccant. The only thing that needs doing for operation is to hook the system up to the utilities. Ideal for pipeline maintenance and other offshore industries are the Prism Cactus® pc3010 Membrane Air Dryer, a cost-effective solution for ensuring a continuous stream of dry air on-site in a wide range of remote and harsh environments or High Pressure Desiccant Air Dryers with either a vertical or horizontal compressor. Oxair is focused on meeting exacting customer requirements, reliability, ease of maintenance, safety, and plant self-protection. It is a world leading manufacturer of gas process systems, for shipboard and land-based use to suit any requirement. For further information on Oxair’s products and services visit: Swift Media Appoints Pippa Leary as CEO 2019-06-26T06:27:42Z swift-media-appoints-pippa-leary-as-ceo Sydney, Wednesday 26th June. Leading communications, content and advertising solutions provider Swift Media Limited today announced the appointment of Pippa Leary as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). She will formally join Swift Media in August 2019. Current Director Darren Smorgon has also been appointed Non-Executive Chairman, effective immediately. Ms Leary brings a proven track record of commercial innovation and success in the digital media space, having spent more than 20 years with Nine Entertainment Company and Fairfax Media, as well as several non-executive roles. Prior to joining Swift, she was Commercial Director of Nine’s Digital Sales team, achieving the number one ranking in the Australian market during her tenure, and is the former CEO of APEX Advertising, a joint venture between Nine and Fairfax Media. Prior to APEX, Leary held the role of Managing Director of the Media division at Fairfax Digital where she was responsible for the launch of WA Today, Brisbane Times, The Vine and Business Day. During her tenure at Fairfax she was also involved in the acquisitions and integrations of RSVP, Stayz, Essential Baby and Weatherzone. Commenting on her appointment, incoming Swift CEO Pippa Leary, said “I’m excited about the opportunity Swift Media represents. As a digital out-of-home marketing platform, the fundamentals of Swift are strongly positive. The team has built a profitable business servicing client with communication and entertainment solutions in the key verticals of mining, aged care, hospitality and health. The recent acquisition of Medical Media has allowed Swift to further diversify its revenue streams and move into adjacent markets.” Ms Leary continued, “The key driver of Swift’s current success is its passionate team with a positive culture of continuous innovation. I am confident that adding Darren Smorgon as Chairman and myself as CEO sets the business up to take Swift’s products, revenue and profitability to the next level.” Darren Smorgon has been a Non-Executive Director on Swift’s board since February 2019 after having previously served on the board of Medical Media for three years prior to its acquisition by Swift. He is Managing Director of Sandbar Investments, a Sydney-based family office, and prior to that, spent 16 years at CHAMP Private Equity where he led several deals including the privatisation and subsequent re-listing of oOh!Media Ltd. He is also currently a Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Remuneration Committee of oOh!media, the Chairman of coworking facility provider Hub Australia Pty Limited, and a Non-Executive Director of Total Drain Cleaning Pty Limited. Commenting on his appointment, Swift Chairman Darren Smorgon, said “I am excited to become Chair of Swift and thank the board for its support to increase my involvement in this exciting business. The great foundations built by our outgoing CEO Xavier Kris and the management team give Pippa as incoming CEO a fantastic platform from which to build a new type of media business, focussing in particular on providing quality, targeted content to closed loop environments, and to serve local and national advertising in particular to the health sector.” Medical Media acquisition In December 2018, Swift announced the acquisition of digital out-of-home media network Medical Media and is currently ahead of schedule on its integration. Once the integration is complete, Medical Media’s advertising capability and close relationships with more than 2,300 advertisers will provide significant scope for Swift to enhance the monetisation of its existing network and grow new revenue streams. Commenting on both appointments, Swift Director Robert Sofoulis, said “The appointments of Pippa and Darren mark a new chapter in Swift’s history. We are excited to have secured such experienced and skilful personnel to head up our Board and Management. Pippa brings a formidable track record of creating value for shareholders of companies that operate in markets where communications, content and advertising interface, and I look forward to her leading the next phase of Swift Media’s growth. “I also look forward to Darren contributing strongly with his substantial corporate, strategy and ASX-listed governance experience. I wish to recognise and thank our outgoing CEO, Xavier Kris, for his valued contribution to the growth of the Company during his tenure of three years as CEO – a period during which Swift achieved significant operational and strategic development,” said Sofoulis. /Ends ABOUT SWIFT MEDIA LIMITED Swift Media Limited (ASX: SW1) is a diversified technology, content and advertising solutions provider. Swift provides the technology to deliver premium entertainment content and advertising services on connected screens out of the home. Services include free-to-air television, pay television, telecommunications, video on demand with content from some of Hollywood’s largest studios, data insights and targeted advertising for national brands and hyperlocal businesses. Running more than 74,000 dedicated screens across 1842 sites in resources, aged care, health and hospitality sectors, Swift’s fully integrated platform is deployed where reliability, flexibility and scalability are critical success factors. Media enquiries Einsteinz Communications for Swift Media: +61 2 8905 0995 Pru Quinlan or Sue Ralston | Aussie brand discovers the power of Blue Tansy Oil to calm inflamed, red and acne-prone skin this winter 2019-06-26T05:59:16Z aussie-brand-discovers-the-power-of-blue-tansy-oil-to-calm-inflamed-red-and-acne-prone-skin-this-winter Blue Tansy is the miracle essential oil making a name for itself thanks to new vegan Australian skincare brand Samson & Charlie’s The Gift Balancing Blue Tansy + Marula Facial Oil. With the chilly months already upon us, this vibrant blue, ultra-lightweight, organic oil has come to the rescue, saving winter skin from dryness, breakouts and irritation. “When we discovered the power of Blue Tansy Oil after years of research, it was like we found the missing piece of the puzzle,” said Samson & Charlie founder Carole Staeck. “We were blown away by its profound ability to balance problem skin, as well as it’s dazzling blue colour!" The Gift Balancing Blue Tansy & Marula Facial Oil works to save your skin from winter thanks to one hard-working ingredient: ‘Azulene.’ The ‘Azulene’ compound has a brilliant blue hue and works to inhibit histamine production, the chemical involved our body’s inflammatory responses. Winter inflammation shows itself in the form of redness, and in extreme cases, Rosacea, all caused by frequent temperature changes, chaffing scarves and coats and artificial heating. The 'Azulene’ compound in The Gift Balancing Blue Tansy & Marula Facial Oil helps ease this irritation, while adding powerful hydration with Marula, Squalane and Fractionated Coconut Oil. Winter acne finally has a botanical solution too, as this powerful facial oil boasts analgesic, anesthetic and anti-fungal properties. Potent ‘Azulene’ is blended with antioxidant oils, helping regulate sebum levels to both clear and control breakouts made worse by hormonal fluctuations and the temperature changes in winter. Unlike most products targeting acne though, The Gift Balancing Blue Tansy & Marula Facial Oil is gentle on skin, and won’t leave it dry. Essential fatty acids from Fractionated Coconut Oil, as well as the calming German Blue Chamomile Essential Oil, balance the Blue Tansy Oil’s potent power. “So many face oils on the market deeply hydrate skin, but they can make acne worse! We wanted to find a way to blend deep hydration with acne-fighting properties, and that’s where Blue Tansy came in,” said Carole Staeck. It’s this achievement of creating botanical balance that makes Samson & Charlie a standout in the natural skincare market. They have managed to ingeniously measure the potency of botanical powerhouses like Blue Tansy against the softening properties of Squalane and Marula oils to achieve both a cosmetic outcome, and a skin-loving softness that leaves your skin brighter and deeply hydrated. With mounting evidence detailing the terrifying long-term effects of chemical cosmetic use, most women are looking for luxurious, vegan, local, cruelty and chemical-free alternatives, and Samson & Charlie fills this need. Blending effortlessly chic branding with botanical products that promise to work wonders, the Australian-made The Gift Balancing Blue Tansy & Marula Oil is the 3rd step of the brand’s Balancing Range, and is the perfect form of protection against winter skin complaints. Product details: The Gift Balancing Facial Oil: 30ml RRP $79.95 From Samson & Charlie - Botanical Apothecary ExtraHop Announces Reveal(x) Cloud: Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response for the Hybrid Enterprise 2019-06-26T05:30:56Z extrahop-announces-reveal-x-cloud-threat-detection-investigation-and-response-for-the-hybrid-enterprise SEATTLE & BOSTON – AWS RE:INFORCE – JUNE 25, 2019 – ExtraHop today announced ExtraHop® Reveal(x) Cloud™, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based network detection and response (NDR) solution for the cloud-first hybrid enterprise. Reveal(x) Cloud provides deep and continuous visibility, enabling Security Operations (SecOps) teams to analyse every transaction, detect threats, and respond to attacks to gain control over their hybrid attack surface and protect their investment in the cloud. While the cloud has proven to be a force multiplier for DevOps and IT Ops, for SecOps teams already struggling under the burden of a sprawling attack surface and a shortage of skilled analysts, adopting cloud platforms can be a vulnerability. With SecOps taking the blame for stalled migration efforts, enterprises are recognising the need to take a cloud-first approach to securing elastic workloads rather than trying to retrofit old practices to new technology design patterns. Without native network visibility in the cloud, enterprises have been limited to log- or agent-centric tools, making it difficult to detect and investigate complex threats in a timely manner due to lack of continuous visibility across all environments. Reveal(x) Cloud is a SaaS-based solution that provides security teams with a zero-infrastructure service for AWS that deploys quickly, delivers immediate asset discovery, and offers threat detection, investigation, and response. The solution takes advantage of new enterprise features introduced by AWS during AWS re:Inforce 2019, including Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) traffic mirroring that supports passive observation of network traffic from cloud workloads, and private network peering that allows for the secure transmission of data between AWS accounts. It also connects natively with AWS data sources, such as Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, and Amazon VPC flow logs. Check out the video to learn about how Amazon VPC traffic mirroring changes the game for monitoring AWS workloads: “Today, security operations teams often rely on tools and data sources like logs that don’t provide a complete picture,” said Dave Brown, Vice President, EC2 Compute and Networking Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “With the introduction of Amazon VPC traffic mirroring, we’re allowing customers to extract traffic of interest from any workload in an Amazon VPC and send it to the right tools to detect and respond faster to attacks often missed by traditional log- and agent-centric tools. With Reveal(x) Cloud, ExtraHop is delivering a purpose-built solution designed to enable AWS customers to take full advantage of network traffic for better cloud visibility, detection, and response.” Reveal(x) Cloud offers a host of features designed to help SecOps teams support the shared responsibility model, protect cloud workloads by ensuring compliance, and deliver security across the hybrid attack surface. Automatic Discovery and Classification: Up-to-the-minute visibility and classification across all cloud workloads allows SecOps teams to track rogue instances, prioritise investigations by risk score, and correlate malicious activity and asset criticality to focus on the highest-risk threats. Application Layer Decoding: Full support for AWS services, such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and AWS Elastic Load Balancing means visibility into behaviour, not just activity, while machine learning at the application layer provides immediate detection of exfiltration activity. Encrypted Payload Visibility: Reveal(x) Cloud decrypts SSL/TLS-encrypted traffic at line rate, including cipher suites supporting perfect forward secrecy, providing complete visibility into all communications, including encrypted malicious traffic. Rich Integrations: AWS CloudTrail events enrich network-based threat detection with on-box activity (disabled logging, suspicious processes, suspect file execution), while connection with Amazon CloudWatch allows granular tracking of privilege manipulation. Customers can also leverage integrations with orchestration platforms, such as Phantom, ServiceNow, and Palo Alto Networks, to automate response workflows. “The modern hybrid enterprise has created an expansive and complex attack surface that cannot be managed by traditional security tools or architectures," said Jesse Rothstein, CTO and co-founder, ExtraHop. "It's time to stop retrofitting old models onto the new reality and start building cloud-first security operations. With Reveal(x) Cloud and Amazon VPC traffic mirroring, SecOps teams finally have inside-the-perimeter visibility and control over their hybrid attack surface.” ExtraHop Reveal(x) Cloud is now available in preview. Please contact your ExtraHop sales representative for more information. What the industry is saying: “With Amazon VPC traffic mirroring in Reveal(x) Cloud, ExtraHop is further reducing the barriers to cloud adoption, by giving enterprises the same level of insight they’ve always had into their on-premises traffic,” said Mike Sheward, Senior Director, Information Security, Accolade. “Visibility has always been key in security, combine Reveal(x) with the native security features you find in AWS, and you’re going to have more actionable visibility than ever.” “Cloud providers continue to work with security vendors and with enterprise customers to provide functionality and integrations that make it easier, more efficient, and more secure to build presence in the cloud,” said Fernando Montenegro, Principal Analyst, 451 Research. “Amazon VPC traffic mirroring is just the latest example. ExtraHop’s Reveal(x) Cloud fits within this trend, as it allows customers to use traffic monitoring to achieve better network visibility, detection and response, and to do that as a service. This is likely to assist SecOps teams making the transition to support cloud deployments.” At ePlus, we believe that Cloud platforms, combined with the right technologies, can transform IT from a cost center to a business enabler,” said Justin Mescher, Vice President of Cloud and Data Center Solutions at ePlus. “We’re building Reveal(x) Cloud into our CyberSecurity and Cloud practices to help our customers increase their visibility and act quickly and accurately. This will bring improved cloud readiness and security posture, leading to more rapid adoption of transformational Cloud services.” “Pervasive enterprise digital transformation efforts are dramatically expanding the attack surface, but many organisations are failing to transform their cybersecurity approaches to keep pace, continuing to use the same cybersecurity methods they have always used while attempting to support continuously evolving business models,” said Joe Vadakkan, Global Cloud Security Leader, Optiv. “Combining industry-leading technologies such as ExtraHop’s Reveal(x) with Optiv’s end-to-end services, enables us to provide clients with an approach to cybersecurity that is aligned to new business models and centered on client-focused outcomes. We believe that ExtraHop Reveal(x) Cloud will deliver great value to cloud workloads by providing the necessary visibility to more efficiently detect and respond to incidents.” To learn more about how Reveal(x) Cloud delivers cloud-first network security, read the blog from ExtraHop co-founder and Chief Customer Officer, Raja Mukerji: To learn more about ExtraHop’s vision for the cloud-first enterprise. check out the post from CEO, Arif Kareem: To learn more about the company's industry-leading cyber analytics platform, visit: and explore the Reveal(x) live interactive online demo: About ExtraHop ExtraHop provides enterprise cyber analytics that delivers security and performance from the inside out. Our breakthrough approach analyses all network interactions in real time and applies advanced machine learning to help you investigate threats, ensure the delivery of critical applications, and protect your investment in the cloud. With this approach, we help the world's leading enterprises including Credit Suisse, Hasbro, Caesars Entertainment, and Liberty Global rise above the noise of alerts, organisational silos, and runaway technology with complete visibility, real-time detection, and guided investigation. To experience the power of ExtraHop, explore our interactive online demo: or connect with us on LinkedIn: and Twitter: © 2019 ExtraHop Networks, Inc., Reveal(x), and ExtraHop are registered trademarks or marks of ExtraHop Networks, Inc. ENDS Allan Van Planning Offers Clarity and Insight for Development Projects 2019-06-26T04:05:46Z allan-van-planning-offers-clarity-and-insight-for-development-projects From amusement parks and gourmet dining to residential housing projects and community uses, town councils have their hands full ensuring that communities are balanced and account for the common good. Allan Van Planning specializes in assisting city councils in purchasing property, building projects, and making improvements that are beneficial for all. The company is town planner Gold Coast experts that offer a wide variety of services that include preparing planning reports on a specific site, planning advice when purchasing properties for potential development, or considering improvements on an existing site. Rules and regulations concerning land usage change more quickly than most people realize and Allan Van Planning provides accurate intelligence and advice on the likelihood of a project being approved. Specialists at Allan Van Planning meet with town planners to fully understand the type and scope of a project. The firm can offer clear insight for any town planner Brisbane, providing feasibility studies to demonstrate due diligence, along with the highest and best usage for properties. The agency also provides level of assessment determinations and aid in ascertaining if a property purchase will be appropriate for the desired usage. A knowledgeable representative from Allan Van Planning will attend a pre-lodgement meeting to ensure all the contents of a development application being submitted meets the pertinent standards, regulations and requirements. Town planning Gold Coast is highly complex. Allan Van Planning has expertise and experience in expediting project approval in the most economical way possible. It’s essential that companies have accurate information before launching any project. The boutique planning agency has experience with projects encompassing high-rise developments and subdivisions to cafes, children’s centres, and animal clinics, along with car washes, wrecking yards, and transportation hubs. A town planning committee requires the most accurate and up-to-date information available and Allan Van Planning provides that data. The firm is highly-experienced and provides consultations, can negotiate on clients’ behalf, and help with all aspects of permits, applications and compliance. Media Contact Allan Van Phone: 0418 312 724 Email: Daniel Ebert Phone: 0434 812 386 Email: 38 Park Road, Milton QLD 4064 Website: Awhi Yoga and Wellbeing’s Jase Te Patu Honoured with a 2019 Absolutely Positively Wellingtonian Award in New Zealand 2019-06-26T03:49:01Z whi-yoga-and-wellbeing-s-jase-te-patu-honoured-with-a-2019-absolutely-positively-wellingtonian-award-in-new-zealand WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND June 20, 2019: Awhi Yoga and Wellbeing’s co-founder, Jase Te Patu, was recognised at a recent event honouring examples of outstanding service to the Wellington community at the 2019 Absolutely Positively Wellingtonian Awards. “What a privilege and an honour to be nominated and consequently selected as a recipient for an Absolutely Positively Wellingtonian Award,” said Jase. “I take pride in being a Wellington citizen and deeply appreciate the recognition of my work here in the community. This award, to me, enforces the fact I’m on the right path and will continue doing this great work for HAUORA, in particular mental health and wellbeing.” Jase was recognised as a tireless advocate for mental health and well-being and using his skills as a yoga teacher, mindfulness and meditation instructor. Originally from Whanganui, Jase is of Ngāti Apa, Ngāti Ruanui and Ngāti Tūwharetoa descent.  Certificates were issued in a special ceremony with Mayor Justine Lester at City Gallery Wellington on the evening of Thursday June 20.  About Awhi Yoga and Wellbeing Awhi Yoga and Wellbeing have made it their mission to empower and support the Wellington community on their journey to wellbeing through the practice of yoga, mindfulness and Te Ao Māori teachings. Based in the heart of Wellington’s CBD, co-owners Justine Hamill and Jase Te Patu have created a space that is focused on whānau and community.  The 3 Most Popular Bucks Party Activities Revealed 2019-06-26T03:12:51Z the-3-most-popular-bucks-party-activities-revealed The results are in, and it's official: blokes love a bit of action when they're at a bucks party. It can take a lot of convincing to get a guy down the aisle, but the idea of a wild night with his best mates to wave goodbye to bachelordom requires no such twisted arm. So how do Aussie blokes like to celebrate their final hours before throwing away the key to the old ball and chain?  Beer?  Certainly.  Babes and boobs?  No doubt. With over 1000 bucks parties under our belt we looked into what men really love to do for their bucks party and the results may surprise you. It turns out they love fresh air and the high seas.  A backhand draw and a weighted offset.  And 9 holes on the crispest of crisp fairways.  What on earth are we talking about? 1. The party boat Yarr, me hearties!  It turns out that guys don't want grog, grub, games and girls for their bucks night.  They want grog, grub, games and girls ... on a party boat! Big Boys Club's party boat cruise has turned out to be an absolute winner on the high seas, as big strong blokes lap up the sunshine and the most beautiful of views.  We're talking about 1/ beautiful Port Phillip Bay, and 2/ sexy sailor girls serving unlimited beers.  Now you're talking! The package includes inner city pick-up, exclusive three-hour usage of the party boat, a tasty 7:1 ratio of blokes to topless waitresses, and saucy parlour games like lingerie twister (ooh!) and strip beer pong (oooooh!).  Throw in a strip show, man-sized finger food and a bus to the strip club with VIP entry, and you've got one of the most winning bucks parties on planet earth. 2. Lawn bowls Beer and babes on the high seas may sound like fun, but do you know what soon-to-be former bachelors and their mates enjoy even more for a bucks party?  Beer, babes and a smooth-as-silk bowling green. Huh?  Big Boys Club calls it Barefoot Bowls - because all you need to do to enjoy this super-popular bucks party package is take your shoes off.  The blue-rinse mob will vacate their favourite green for two exclusive hours so that you, your mates, and several Bowling Beauties can play with funny-looking balls.  Ahem. As with all of these excellent packages, it includes pick up and drop off, topless waitresses with saucy party games in their rucksacks, a strip show, unlimited beers and finger food, and a VIP bus to the city strip club.  Perhaps the blue-rinse mob really do know how to have a great time. 3. Golf But if boats and bowls are man's third and second-best friends, then what grabs number 1 spot as THE most popular bucks party package?  One word: golf. Complete with clubs, caddies and collared shirts, golf is indeed the great Scottish export (with the possible exception of Glenmorangie Scotch).  It combines science, sport, and Zen mental exercise.  What on earth could possibly make man's perennially favourite weekend pastime even better? How about a Beer Cart following in the slipstream of the Golf Buggy?  Check.  How about a couple of extremely cute caddies in the driving seat?  Check again.  How about a 3 hour bucks party once your 9th hole at stunning Albert Park is sunk?  Triple check. Big Boys Club will take care of the club hire, the golf carts and the cute caddies, and if the weather turns foul, we'll switch you over to the state of the art X Golf simulator and you can try your luck on the world's best Links courses (without needing to bother about the 25 hour plane ride to Scotland). So there you have it.  It turns out that blokes want outdoor action to go with their beer and babes when they're celebrating a best mate's descent into married bliss.  Every one of these most popular of popular packages - and the dozen others offered up by Big Boys Club on a silver platter - ensures that an epic bucks party is easy, smooth-sailing and truly memorable.  So are your mates ready for Melbourne's best girls, and unlimited booze and fun that only those about to end their days of bachelor bliss should ever get to experience?  Visit for more great bucks party ideas in Melbourne. Cohesity Research Reveals an Expectation Gap Among Australian Enterprises About the Public Cloud Driven by Mass Data Fragmentation 2019-06-26T02:36:19Z cohesity-research-reveals-an-expectation-gap-among-australian-enterprises-about-the-public-cloud-driven-by-mass-data-fragmentation SYDNEY, June, 26, 2019 – Cohesity today announced results of a global survey of 900 senior IT decision makers that shows a major expectation gap exists between what IT managers hoped the public cloud would deliver for their organisations and what has actually transpired. More than 9 in 10 of respondents across Australia, France, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom and the United States believed when they started their journey to the cloud, it would simplify operations, increase agility, reduce costs and provide greater insight into their data. However, of those that felt the promise of public cloud hadn’t been realised, 92 percent of Australian respondents believe it is because their data is greatly fragmented in and across public clouds and could become nearly impossible to manage long term “While providing many needed benefits, the public cloud also greatly proliferates mass data fragmentation,” said Raj Rajamani, VP Products, Cohesity. “We believe this is a key reason why 46 percent of Australian respondents say their IT teams are spending between 30-70 percent of their time managing data and apps in public cloud environments today.” Mass data fragmentation refers to the growing proliferation of data spread across a myriad of different locations, infrastructure silos, and management systems that prevents organisations from fully utilising its value – including but not exclusive to public cloud environments. There are several factors contributing to mass data fragmentation in the public cloud. First, many organisations have deployed multiple point products to manage fragmented data silos, but that can add significant management complexities. The survey, commissioned by Cohesity for Vanson Bourne, found that nearly half (49 percent) of Australian respondents are using 3-4 point products to manage their data – specifically backups, archives, files, test/dev copies, - across public clouds today, while nearly a fifth (18 percent) are using as many as 5-6 separate solutions. Respondents expressed concerns about using multiple products to move data between on-premises and public cloud environments, if those products don’t integrate. Sixty-five percent are concerned about security, 52 percent worry about costs and 39 percent are concerned about compliance. Additionally, data copies can increase fragmentation challenges. More than a third of Australian respondents (39 per cent) have four or more copies of the same data in public cloud environments, which can not only increase storage costs but create data compliance challenges. "The public cloud can empower organisations to accelerate their digital transformation journey, but first organisations must solve mass data fragmentation challenges to reap the benefits,” continued Rajamani. “Businesses suffering from mass data fragmentation are finding data to be a burden, not a business driver.” Disconnect between senior management and IT IT leaders are also struggling to comply with mandates from senior business leaders within their organisation. Almost nine in ten (87 percent) respondents say that their IT teams have been given a mandate to move to the public cloud by senior management. However, nearly half of those respondents (44 percent) say they are struggling to come up with a strategy that effectively uses the public cloud to the complete benefit of the organisation. “Nearly 80 percent of respondents stated their executive team believes it is the public cloud service provider's responsibility to protect any data stored in public cloud environments, which is fundamentally incorrect,” said Rajamani. “This shows executives are confusing the availability of data with its recoverability. It’s the organization’s responsibility to protect its data.” Eliminating fragmentation unlocks opportunities to realise the promise of the cloud Despite these challenges, more than nine in ten (91 percent) believe that the public cloud service providers used by their organisation offer a valuable service. The vast majority (98 percent) expect that their organisation’s public cloud-based storage will increase by 93 percent on average between 2018 and the end of 2019. Nearly nine in ten (87 percent) believe the promise of the public cloud can be better realised if solutions are in place that can help them solve mass data fragmentation challenges across their multi-cloud environments. Respondents believe there are numerous benefits that can be achieved by tackling data fragmentation in public cloud environments, including: generating better insights through analytics / artificial intelligence (54 percent), improving the customer experience (57 percent), and maintaining or increasing brand reputation and trust by reducing risks of compliance breaches (49 percent). “It’s time to close the expectation gap between the promise of the public cloud and what it can actually deliver to organisations around the globe,” said Rajamani. “Public cloud environments provide exceptional agility, scalability and opportunities to accelerate testing and development, but it is absolutely critical that organizations tackle mass data fragmentation if they want the expected benefits of cloud to come to life.” Supporting Quote "Given the amount of data organisations accumulate on a daily basis, it’s almost inevitable that without proper management, organisations were going to lose control of their data,” sais Katie Noyce, research manager, Vanson Bourne. This problem is now impacting organisations’ ability to make the best use of the public cloud. Over nine in ten (91%) of those who feel the promise of this service hasn’t been realised attribute this failure to the fact that their data is greatly fragmented. It seems like a no-brainer that organisations need to get a hold on their data, before it gets a hold on them." For More Information Read a detailed global market study that analyses findings from the Vanson Bourne research: Look at the infographic that graphically interprets the new research: Read the press release on the first Vanson Bourne study on Mass Data Fragmentation: Register and attend the Cohesity webinar ‘Mass Data Fragmentation in The Cloud’ on July 25th: About Cohesity Cohesity ( ushers in a new era in data management that solves a critical challenge facing businesses today: mass data fragmentation ( The vast majority of enterprise data — backups, archives, file shares, object stores, and data used for test/dev and analytics — sits in fragmented infrastructure silos that makes it hard to protect, expensive to manage, and difficult to analyze. Cohesity consolidates silos onto one web-scale platform ( spanning on-premises, cloud, and the edge, and uniquely empowers organisations to run apps on that platform — making it easier than ever to back up and extract insights from data. Cohesity is a 2019 CNBC Disruptor ( and was named a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum ( Visit our website ( and blog ( follow us on Twitter ( and LinkedIn ( and like us on Facebook: About Vanson Bourne Vanson Bourne is an independent specialist in market research for the technology sector. Their reputation for robust and credible research-based analysis, is founded upon rigorous research principles and their ability to seek the opinions of senior decision makers across technical and business functions, in all business sectors and all major markets. For more information, visit Relegen Reveals Details of assetDNA Cloud and relegenDNA Mobile Releases 2019-06-26T01:56:23Z relegen-reveals-details-of-assetdna-cloud-and-relegendna-mobile-releases SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 25 June, 2019 – Relegen, leading supplier of technology to Defence and asset-intensive industries, has released details about its intensive, multi-year R&D program to extend and enhance the capabilities of its enterprise asset intelligence technology platform and enable a new era of innovation, collaboration and enterprise mobility. This announcement follows the official launch of assetDNA cloud and relegenDNA Mobile applications. “Relegen constantly invests in the enrichment of our enterprise asset intelligence platform so it sits at the forefront of the serialisation, traceability, and asset lifecycle data management sectors,” said Paul Bennett, Relegen’s Founder and Managing Director. “All the new capability delivered with the release of assetDNA cloud and relegenDNA Mobile ensure our clients have the best-available technology to transform the way they track, measure and manage their assets and improve productivity, safety, security and compliance.” New User Interface [UI] and User Experience [UX] The first enhancement users will notice is assetDNA’s modern user interface, characteristic of today’s web applications, and the introduction of intuitive, icon-driven menu bars which have been carefully designed for the contribution they make to the ease-of-use of the platform. Throughout the system many tools and actions have been refreshed and simplified to ensure the user experience is streamlined, consistent, efficient and responsive. New Insights into Workflow Manager  As communicated in a related announcement, assetDNA now includes a powerful Workflow Manager that enables organisations to build-and-deploy their own mobile apps – rapidly without code. This capability can play a central role in enabling organisations to create custom repeatable apps that collect the information they need about their assets, feed primary systems with real-time data, and reduce time between capture, analysis and action. Now, users can simply break down any business process into the data set that needs to be collected, and the order for the data capture to follow during routine works. The system then automates fast, clean and consistent infield data collection via relegenDNA Mobile. This capability can also be used to deploy information, such as asset history, photos, checklists, manuals and more, to operators, so accurate and timely data is available at point of need for faster, knowledge-driven decisions in-the-field. New Point-In-Time Traceability assetDNA’s serialisation capabilities provide the foundation for a new ability to instantly query an asset’s complete data set and operational state – such as location, description, condition, OEM, custodian, service event, or any other attribute – at a specific point in time via a date and time selection tool. This enables users to ‘slice’ an asset’s data profile to see what it was, where it was, what it was doing, who had custody of it, and any other attribute, at any point in its history. In doing so, organisations can retrieve an item-level snapshot and digital, highly-traceable, audit trail for demonstrating due diligence, operational integrity and proof-of-compliance.   New Ways To Track Asset Position and Paths Travelled On Google Maps assetDNA now includes an Advanced Mapper Control tool to capture, associate and share asset position and location history via a visual chart function which utilises Google Maps. This capability can be highly-useful for directing field service operators to remote assets faster, and more accurately, as well as for managing mobile assets on the move. Advanced Mapper Control also enables users to enter a date-time range and view an assets geolocation history as a track on a map and retrace the path travelled through time. The last-verified asset location data can also be accessed from the relegenDNA Mobile application. New Data Transformation Capabilities  assetDNA’s business-specific data transformation function has been enhanced to enable users to rapidly reconstruct asset attributes, groups, filters, and now asset hierarchy and relationship structure, for any business purpose. Once set-up, functional users can switch between different data representations, such as moving from a systems view to a maintenance, configuration, financial, or supply view. This allows for improved insight and action around asset maintenance programs, configuration management, logistics, depreciation and more. Asset data transformations are user-defined, so can be tailored to client requirements, meeting the demands of today’s multidisciplinary global operations. New Robust Data Security Measures With the new era of assetDNA as a cloud and mobile service, Relegen has rolled out a number of robust security measures to ensure strong protection of business data. This includes TLS data transfer encryption, Salted Hash SHA-512 password encryption, MobileIron compatibility, and automated audit logging which records every single user interaction and all state changes to the cloud and mobile applications. New In-App Help assetDNA includes a new and comprehensive in-app help system developed using HTML5 to deliver a superior search and modern navigation experience. New features include predictive search, a comprehensive glossary for definitions and technical terms, and an interactive index and topic breadcrumb trail for easier navigation. New Multi-Lingual Capabilities assetDNA can now translate any text entered into a text field such as an asset description or last servicing information via a simple right-click. There are at least 14 language options available to support the needs of today’s global and diverse operations. System administrators can also set language preferences based on user roles and permissions, which will translate menus, labels and open text controls. Evaluation and Availability These new and enhanced features are immediately available on the new assetDNA cloud platform. All new user subscriptions will be on the latest version and inclusive of these updates. Existing customers wishing to migrate to the new cloud and mobile-enabled platform should contact Relegen. Organisations seeking to evaluate assetDNA and relegenDNA Mobile can request a web-based software demonstration and site trial. Further information can be found at About Relegen Pty Ltd Relegen is a leading provider of enterprise intelligence software, asset tagging, mobile data capture, and collaborative workflow solutions. Our products and services help organisations improve through-life data integrity, enterprise-wide visibility, item-level identification and traceability of physical assets and operational risk. Relegen’s deep expertise stems from delivering people and technology to the Australian Defence Force – expertise that has been successfully leveraged across asset-intensive organisations and industries across Australia and around the world. For more information, visit Passwordless Login and Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication Capabilities Expanded in Ping Identity's Latest Cloud Identity Solution 2019-06-26T01:43:20Z passwordless-login-and-advanced-multi-factor-authentication-capabilities-expanded-in-ping-identitys-latest-cloud-identity-solution WASHINGTON and DENVER — June 25, 2019 - Ping Identity, the leader in Identity Defined Security, today announced a significant update to PingOne for Customers, the cloud-delivered Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) offering built for developers. The API-first solution can now deliver seamless and secure push notifications from custom mobile applications that can be used for passwordless and advanced multi-factor authentication. The cloud identity solution helps development teams speed time to launch for their applications, while also taking security concerns off their plates and letting them maintain customisation and control over their user experiences. This release marks another milestone for PingOne for Customers that makes embedding secure identity services—login, registration, multi-factor authentication and others—into applications easier than ever. Application developers using PingOne for Customers can now: Turn Custom Mobile Apps into a Strong Authentication Factor PingOne for Customers is now equipped with a mobile SDK that allows development teams to send push notifications to custom mobile applications for multi-factor authentication (MFA). These push notifications are a more convenient and secure authentication factor than SMS or email one-time passwords (OTPs). Push notifications to custom mobile apps also can be used to achieve strong passwordless authentication, allowing consumers to skip using a password entirely. Offer Social Login Through a Variety of Methods PingOne for Customers now has authentication APIs for social login and registration with Facebook. Application teams can add one-click registration and login into their user interfaces in any manner they see fit. They can embed a social login button or link in a hidden dropdown, or lead users directly to it if it’s the method of login they prefer their consumers to use. Social login—like other elements of PingOne for Customers’ authentication APIs—gives development teams full control over their consumer authentication experiences. Allow Users to Login Using SAML Identity Providers PingOne for Customers can now accept inbound SAML assertions and support just-in-time provisioning. This capability helps enable enterprises to route all customer logins through a single sign-on (SSO) experience. This allows enterprises to achieve federated SSO across their entire application portfolio and connect to their largest customers, thus enabling their customers to reuse their existing identities without worrying about tedious onboarding and identity management tasks. Store European Citizen Data in a Dedicated EU Datacenter The solution has added a dedicated data centre in the European Union, giving enterprises confidence that user data added to the EU data centre is completely isolated from users living in other parts of the world. This helps ensure compliance with data sovereignty and regulations such as GDPR, which restricts the allowance of EU citizens’ personal data being sent out of the EU. “When PingOne for Customers launched, it took a huge step forward in allowing development teams within large enterprises to quickly and securely get identity into their applications,” said Steve Shoaff, chief product officer, Ping Identity. “This latest release builds on that ease-of-use. It drastically expands the use cases PingOne for Customers can support and enhances critical features that allow development teams to build secure experiences to really wow their consumers.” These enhancements will be generally available next month. Interested organisations can sign up for a free trial to experience the new PingOne for Customers updates firsthand, or learn more about the solution by clicking here: About PingOne for Customers PingOne for Customers is a cloud-delivered, customer IAM (CIAM) solution that helps large enterprises launch apps faster, replace custom identity services that are difficult to maintain and support cloud-first initiatives by facilitating the transition from on-premises deployments to cloud-hosted services. By making it easy to securely authenticate end users using REST APIs, PingOne for Customers takes security off the plates of development teams and frees them up to focus on delivering business value faster. About Ping Identity Ping Identity envisions a digital world powered by intelligent identity. We help enterprises achieve Zero Trust identity-defined security and more personalised, streamlined user experiences. The Ping Intelligent IdentityTM platform provides customers, employees and partners with access to cloud, mobile, SaaS and on-premises applications and APIs, while also managing identity and profile data at scale. Over half of the Fortune 100 choose us for our identity expertise, open standards leadership, and partnership with companies including Microsoft, Amazon and Google. We provide flexible options to extend hybrid IT environments and accelerate digital business initiatives with multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, access management, intelligent API security, directory and data governance capabilities. Visit: ### Ping Identity Contacts Ping Identity Corporation Follow Us on Twitter: @PingIdentity Join our LinkedIn Group: Ping Identity: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: PingIdentityTV: Like Us on Facebook: PingIdentityPage: ENDS Voxon Launches the World’s First 3D Holographic Arcade Machine, the Z3D 2019-06-25T23:41:35Z voxon-launches-the-world-s-first-3d-holographic-arcade-machine-the-z3d Media Release -  Adelaide, Australia - 26 June 2019 Following on from the successful release of the world’s most advanced 3D volumetric display, the VX1 and after a successful debut at the Tokyo Game Show 2018, the world will now be able to purchase the Voxon Z3D. A New Dimension in Gaming The Z3D’s unique and captivating visual appearance (think holograms from science fiction) in true 3D, has taken what has only previously been imagined and brought it to life. Voxon’s Z3D has now added a whole new dimension to gaming. Will Tamblyn, Voxon Photonics CEO and Co-Founder, said of the announcement, “We knew we had a real wow factor product in the VX1 volumetric display, but when combining this with the social aspect of multi player gaming and the retro-futuristic arcade form factor, the Z3D now allows us to deliver a whole new dimension in gaming.” “The ‘Z’ part of the name is really referring to the z-axis. It’s no longer just x and y axis two dimensional gaming. We can now create games in a true 3D volumetric form which can be viewed by a number of people, from any angle, without the need for headsets or glasses. This allows us to make some of the old classics new again, create your own games, or use new volumetric video technology.” “It’s inspiring and exhilarating to create something new, to do what others thought couldn’t be done. This is just the start of our journey with volumetric display technology, but making a 3D holographic arcade machine, is a fun way to start sharing it with the world.” Voxon plans to both sell the Z3D directly to consumers globally as well as partner with distribution companies within the gaming industry worldwide. The Voxon Z3D Technical Description The Z3D is a swept surface volumetric display, and is powered by the Voxon Photonics Engine. This engine comprises an ultra-high-speed digital projection system, CPU, volumetric graphics engine and reciprocating light diffuser. Volumetric images are created by projecting slices of light at 4,000 frames per second onto a moving screen. The images diffuse at precisely the right position in physical space, and through persistence of vision, the human eye blends them together, resulting in true three-dimensional digital objects that can be viewed in the same way as one would view a real object, from any angle, and without special goggles or glasses. The Z3D supports multi-user interactivity for gaming and other interactive applications.  Z3D Features All the functionality of the Voxon VX1 with the addition of a removable arcade table top & custom made games Genuine Sanwa arcade components LED strip lighting effects Compatible with plug-in-play game controllers (such as Xbox 360 controllers) Easy to use menu and games launcher Windows 10 architecture Includes Voxatron and other games. Unity Software Development Kit included for making your own games & projects C based SDK for low-level programming Software and Content Creation  All software on the Z3D is driven by our proprietary Core Graphics Engine, which is provided to developers free (on a single user license basis). In addition to the Core Graphics Engine, Z3D units will be shipped with the following;  Games included: Snaketron Z, Super Turrets, Balls For Dinner (Again)  Voxtron Game Engine which includes a number of preloaded games as well Voxiedemo – a suite of volumetric graphic demos with source code  VoxieOS to view sample 3D models and animations  Sample applications and games  Find out more about Z3D here: - ENDS - For further media information contact: Will Tamblyn CEO and Co-Founder 0433 623 625 Lynton Manuel Marketing and Communications Manager 0405 343 770 About Voxon Photonics: Voxon Photonics are the creators of the world's most advanced 3D volumetric display. Voxon’s 3D Volumetric technology brings digital content to life and helps empower people to visualise, communicate, learn and have fun in a collaborative manner with no barrier to the 3D experience. No special glasses are required. Voxon Photonics is now looking to partner with premier companies within industries such as medical, gaming, education, automotive, mining & visualisations to bring their emerging and awe inspiring technology to these different markets.   Find out more about Voxon Photonics here: See the incredible videos here: Study finds Australians are concerned for their mental health at work 2019-06-25T23:07:49Z study-finds-australians-are-concerned-for-their-mental-health-at-work New data released by data analytics and online visibility management platform SEMrush suggests Australians are concerned for their mental wellbeing at work or they’re trying to make ends meet by looking for a second job as a cleaner or truck driver – further supporting the rise in May’s underemployment figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The words ‘bullying’, ‘harassment’, ‘diversity’ and ‘discrimination’ were among the most used keywords for online searches associated with “at work” search terms made by Australians between May 2018 to May 2019. “The high-ranking search for ‘diversity at work’ is a positive sign, which could reflect the desire of Australians looking to work within a work culture that offers variety, however, our findings suggest that Australians are more concerned with their mental health or navigating unpleasant experiences in their workplace culture,” said Olga Andrienko, global marketing director, SEMrush. In the State of Workplace Mental Health in Australia report, only 52% of employees said they believe their workplace is mentally healthy compared to 76% for physical safety. The report also stated it is estimated that untreated mental health conditions cost Australian workplaces approximately $4.7 billion in absenteeism, $6.1 billion in poor productivity at work and $146 million in compensation claims. This sentiment is further supported by additional SEMrush findings, when comparing May 2019 with May 2017, which revealed online searches for ‘gaslighting at work’ recorded an alarming 30,100% increase. Other search increases during this same period included mental health (5,600%), drug testing (4,900%) and conflict (2,000%).  The online work search study also found that between April 2018-April 2019 the most popular types of job searches were for cleaning, truck driving and social work. The data suggests that more people are looking for part-time roles as second jobs or which offer flexible work options around study or family commitments. Searches for nursing, flight attendants and library jobs were also popular, followed by accounting, nanny, graphic designer and dental assistant. In terms of companies of interest, the SEMrush study hints students or people looking for part time hours influenced searches as retailers and fast food outlets dominated the list. Despite “work from home” ranking well ahead as the top searched Australian place of work, Coles, hostel work, Google work and Woolworths made the top five searches. This was followed by McDonalds, Kmart and KFC. Searches for employment overseas found Canada to be the most researched destination Googled by Australian residents. This was followed by work opportunities in Australia, Japan, UK, New Zealand and the United States. On a final note, when studying the top searches related to the search terms ‘working with’, it seems many prefer to work with children as this category was by far the most popular search. This was followed by ‘working with diverse people’ and ‘working with idiots at work’. To find out more visit ### About SEMrush SEMrush is an online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platform that ensures businesses get measurable results from online marketing. Trusted by more than 3,000,000 marketing professionals, SEMrush offers insights and solutions for companies in any industry to build, manage, and measure campaigns across all marketing channels. With 30 tools for search, content, social media and market research in the platform, data for more than 140 countries, seamless integration with Google and task management platforms, SEMrush is now a must-have solution for all companies who are serious about online. Search methodology: SEMrush estimate search volume using our proprietary algorithm based on processing of anonymized clickstream data provided by third-party data providers. More precisely, we built the model that allows us to estimate search volumes and trends based on real user activity in search engines. We use this data to calculate search volumes on global, national, and even local levels.  New Research Shows Surge in Mac Malware, Malicious Office Documents and Web Application Exploits in Q1 2019 2019-06-25T22:40:14Z new-research-shows-surge-in-mac-malware-malicious-office-documents-and-web-application-exploits-in-q1-2019 SEATTLE – June 25, 2019 – WatchGuard® Technologies, a global leader in network security and intelligence, secure Wi-Fi and multi-factor authentication, today announced the release of its quarterly Internet Security Report for Q1 2019 ( Amid a massive 62% increase in overall malware detections compared to Q4 2018, the report found that cyber criminals are leveraging a wide array of varied attack techniques, including malicious Microsoft Office documents, Mac malware and web application exploits. Overall, these results illustrate that in 2019, hackers are doubling down on well-known tactics like credential theft and ransomware by utilising fake Office documents and other attack avenues that require organisations to deploy advanced defenses to combat a wider variety of threat vectors. “The key findings from this latest report illustrate the importance of layered security protections in today’s advanced threat landscape,” said Corey Nachreiner, chief technology officer at WatchGuard Technologies. “Whether it be DNS-level filtering to block connections to malicious websites and phishing attempts, intrusion prevention services to ward off web application attacks, or multi-factor authentication to prevent attacks leveraging compromised credentials – it’s clear that modern cyber criminals are leveraging a bevy of diverse attack methods and the best way for organisations to protect themselves is with a unified security platform that offers a comprehensive range of security services.” WatchGuard’s Internet Security Report is designed to provide the threat intelligence, research and security best practices organisations need to defend against online adversaries and better protect their data. Key findings from the Q1 2019 report include: WatchGuard’s Internet Security Report is designed to provide the threat intelligence, research and security best practices organisations need to defend against online adversaries and better protect their data. Key findings from the Q1 2019 report include: Attackers continue to favor malicious Office documents – In Q1 2019, more than 17% of Fireboxes blocked malicious Office documents, with two threats in this category making it into WatchGuard’s most widespread malware list, and one in the top 10 malware attacks by volume. Over half of these malicious documents were blocked in EMEA, largely in Eastern European countries. Users should avoid interacting with unsolicited Office documents and consider any attachments that seek to enable macros as a threat. Mac OS malware on the rise – Mac malware first appeared on WatchGuard’s top 10 malware list in Q3 2018, and now two variants have become prevalent enough to make the list in Q1 2019. This increase in Mac-based malware further debunks the myth that Macs are immune to viruses and malware, and reinforces the importance of advanced threat protection for all devices and systems. Web application exploits soar – Despite a decrease in the overall volume of network attacks in Q1, web application attacks grew significantly. WatchGuard’s IPS service caught attackers exploiting many cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection (SQLi) vulnerabilities – both popular methods for credential theft. Two SQIi attacks made it onto WatchGuard’s top 10 network attacks list, while one web XSS attack accounted for more than 10% of network attacks on the top 10 list overall. DNS filtering blocks more than 5 million malicious sites – WatchGuard’s DNSWatch service successfully prevented 5,192,883 attempted visits to nefarious destinations, blocking over half a million connections to known malware-hosting domains, 187,101 connections to compromised websites and 61,096 connections to known phishing sites. Compromised websites can be difficult to identify and block, so DNS-level filtering is critical to prevent users from unknowingly falling victim to malware infections, credential theft or botnet command and control systems. Fileless malware stakes its claim – Fileless threats appeared in both WatchGuard’s top 10 malware and top 10 network attack lists. On the malware side, a PowerShell-based code injection attack showed up in the top 10 list for the first time in Q1, while the popular fileless backdoor tool, Meterpreter, made its first appearance in the top 10 list of network attacks too. This trend further demonstrates cyber criminals’ continued focus on utilizing this evasive threat category. Mimikatz malware skyrockets by 73%, remains the #1 threat – Accounting for 20.6% of all malware found in Q1, this popular open source tool is often used for password theft, and represents a major driver behind many network infiltrations. Mimikatz is a mainstay on WatchGuard’s top 10 malware list, which highlights the importance of using lengthy, complex passwords unique to each individual account. Furthermore, with cyber criminals’ persistent focus on credential theft, organisations of all sizes should consider adopting multi-factor authentication solutions in order to prevent bad actors from compromising legitimate user accounts. WatchGuard’s Internet Security Report is based on anonymized Firebox Feed data from a subset of active WatchGuard UTM appliances whose owners have opted in to data-sharing to support the Threat Lab’s research efforts. Today, 42,372 appliances throughout the world contribute to the Internet Security Report data pool. In total, those appliances blocked more than 23,884,979 malware variants, at a rate of 564 samples blocked per device. Additionally, those Firebox appliances prevented 989,759 network attacks (23 per device). The complete report explores the most impactful malware and attack trends from Q1 2019, a detailed analysis of the historic “51% attack” against the cryptocurrency Ethereum Classic (ETC) that resulted in $1.1 million in loses, and cyber security advice readers can use to better protect themselves and their organizations. For more information, download the full report here: About WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. WatchGuard® Technologies, Inc. is a global leader in network security, secure Wi-Fi, multi-factor authentication, and network intelligence. The company’s award-winning products and services are trusted around the world by nearly 10,000 security resellers and service providers to protect more than 80,000 customers. WatchGuard’s mission is to make enterprise-grade security accessible to companies of all types and sizes through simplicity, making WatchGuard an ideal solution for distributed enterprises and SMBs. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. To learn more, visit For additional information, promotions and updates, follow WatchGuard on Twitter, @WatchGuard, on Facebook (, or on the LinkedIn Company page: Also, visit our InfoSec blog, Secplicity, for real-time information about the latest threats and how to cope with them at: Subscribe to The 443 – Security Simplified podcast ( at or wherever you find your favorite podcasts. WatchGuard is a registered trademark of WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. All other marks are property of their respective owners. ### City of Whittlesea embarks on cost-saving transformation adopting Aruba SD-WAN 2019-06-25T22:35:00Z city-of-whittlesea-embarks-on-cost-saving-transformation-adopting-aruba-sd-wan MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, 26 June 2019: The City of Whittlesea has partnered with Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, to become the first Australian city council to deploy Aruba SD-WAN, optimising connectivity across 15 branch offices whilst significantly lowering costs, streamlining IT resource and providing greater flexibility in setting up new locations. Aruba SD-WAN enables City of Whittlesea’s infrastructure team to deploy, configure and manage both WLAN and WAN traffic across multiple branch sites, from small offices to community activity centres and libraries, all from a single pane of glass. The solution has removed the constraints of City of Whittlesea’s costly legacy connectivity technologies to provide a flexible network that enhances branch visibility, management and control. This has optimised operations for their lean infrastructure team, allowing them to effectively manage more branch locations with fewer resources and reduce operational costs. David Holt, Team Leader Network Operations at City of Whittlesea said: “Aruba SD-WAN has solved our branch visibility and operation limitations, reducing the time it takes our infrastructure team to deploy and manage our WAN network. “There was a lot of day-to-day maintenance involved in running our previous solution that we simply couldn’t dedicate resource to. Aruba’s solution has removed this demand on resource and simplified our operations, allowing our team to focus on more critical business projects and, most importantly, deliver significant cost savings”, said Holt. With Aruba SD-WAN, the council can now connect all branch locations to the head office network, and at the same time have both corporate and public access to council services available at those sites. The solution also gives the City of Whittlesea new flexibility, allowing the council to quickly and easily add new locations, both permanent and temporary. For example, branch gateways can now be deployed at the touch of a button at pop-up community events. Anthony Smith, Director, Aruba South Pacific, said: “We are proud to deploy Aruba’s first city council SD-WAN solution, delivering increased visibility and control, enabling City of Whittlesea to reduce its operational costs and benefit from an agile network. “A key feature that attracts our customers to Aruba SD-WAN is the cost savings that it delivers – moving networks to lower-cost links and improving the visibility and management of branch traffic. This greater visibility of devices and network traffic inside City of Whittlesea’s branch office locations means the council can now easily troubleshoot the source of issues affecting the WAN and branch level networks. “Our SD-WAN solution helps our customers to do more with less and we’re delighted to have helped the City of Whittlesea improve its network efficiency and reduce its operational costs in this way. “We look forward to supporting City of Whittlesea’s dedicated infrastructure team as they deploy the solution across the council’s activity centres, leisure centres and offices, simplifying WAN routing and enhancing the council’s network performance to improve end-user experience for staff and constituents.” The Aruba SD-WAN deployment is part of City of Whittlesea’s wider digital transformation project to enable a mobile-friendly workforce and offer constituents digital services, such as free, public Wi-Fi. “Our inherited connectivity solution was both costly and not robust enough to support our digital transformation project,” said Holt. “With a newly empowered mobile workforce spread across multiple branch locations we needed a flexible WAN management solution that could consistently enforce policies across our city council sites and give us greater visibility of traffic. With IT resource focussed on rolling out our digital transformation activity it was also important for us to have a solution that would streamline our team’s resource and time spent managing network traffic.” With the support of Aruba SD-WAN, the city council now has deeper application visibility into its WAN traffic, allowing the infrastructure team to better understand, route and control traffic. This utilises bandwidth more efficiently and streamlines network management for the team. The solution is currently being tested across six sites at City of Whittlesea, with positive feedback already received from staff on improved connectivity, speed and performance of the network. The solution will be rolled out to a further nine sites in the next two months. Aruba SD-WAN sits within the City of Whittlesea’s existing Aruba infrastructure, which, once complete, will include 100 Aruba access points, 15 branch gateways, two data centres and cloud management platform, Aruba Central. ENDS About Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, is a leading provider of next-generation networking solutions for enterprises of all sizes worldwide. The company delivers IT solutions that empower organisations to serve the latest generation of mobile-savvy users who rely on cloud-based business apps for every aspect of their work and personal lives. To learn more, visit Aruba at For real-time news updates follow Aruba on Twitter and Facebook, and for the latest technical discussions on mobility and Aruba products visit Airheads Social at ©2016 Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, Aruba’s trademarks include Aruba Networks®, Aruba The Mobile Edge Company® (stylized), Aruba Mobility-Defined Networks™, Aruba Mobility Management System®, People Move Networks Must Follow®, Mobile Edge Architecture®, RFProtect®, Green Island®, ETips®, ClientMatch®, Virtual Intranet AccessTM, ClearPass Access Management SystemsTM, Aruba InstantTM, ArubaOSTM, xSecTM, ServiceEdgeTM, Aruba ClearPass Access Management SystemTM, AirmeshTM, AirWaveTM, Aruba CentralTM, and ARUBA@WORKTM. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. For more information, please contact: Hannah Purslow OR Jenna Woods at DEC PR +61 2 8014 5033 and