The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2018-12-09T22:44:02Z Fast Growing Australian Medtech Startup RxMx Partners with InterSystems to Enhance the Safe Use of New Medicines 2018-12-09T22:44:02Z fast-growing-australian-medtech-startup-rxmx-partners-with-intersystems-to-enhance-the-safe-use-of-new-medicines SYDNEY, Australia, December 10, 2018 – InterSystems, a global leader in information technology platforms for health, business and government applications, today announced that fast growing Australian medical technology company RxMx will expand its partnership with InterSystems to increase its agility in developing solutions that enhance the safe use of medicines. Using the InterSystems database platform, RxMx has built and deployed an automated patient monitoring system for complex medicines that require ongoing laboratory testing for potential adverse effects. The system uses real-time algorithms to detect at-risk test results and notifies or provides reminders to doctors, nurses and patients via emails, texts and mobile apps. RxMx has been recognised in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 2018 and Australian Financial Review Fast Starters 2018 lists for its rapid growth rate, at 193 percent year over year. The company will migrate to InterSystems IRIS for Health™, the first and only data platform engineered specifically for healthcare, to adapt to an extremely rapidly changing environment, according to RxMx Co-founder, Associate Professor Sean Riminton. “It is an incredibly fast moving field. We are fortunate that InterSystems is willing to innovate with us to keep ahead,” said Dr Riminton. “As RxMx goes from strength to strength, the volume of data that we collect, analyse and report increases dramatically. We therefore need adaptability from our core technology vendor to be able to rapidly recruit new sources of information into our network.” “We are working towards continuous deployment and we know that InterSystems IRIS for Health can facilitate that with support for container technology,” said Ben Rhodes, Software Development Manager for RxMx, adding that the company’s interoperability requirements are also expanding. “As we scale up to support multiple new medications in markets such as the U.S. and Europe, we may have to integrate with 10 or more different laboratories and vendors, each providing real-time data feeds to a single RxMx platform.” Scalability, performance and the responsiveness of InterSystems are critically important to RxMx, said Rhodes. “With InterSystems, RxMx never experience issues with the database. The system just runs and the performance will scale to whatever we need. It is important to know that InterSystems is there to make it work, and will always send the right people to help us should we need them.” InterSystems IRIS for Health extends the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform, which combines transaction processing and analytics with embedded interoperability to offer a fast development platform for building mission-critical applications at scale. InterSystems IRIS for Health adds healthcare-specific capabilities for real-time connected care solutions, including a framework for rapid development of solutions using Health Level Seven (HL7) Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR). “With clinically proven technology solutions that improve patient safety and which are deployed around the world, RxMx has achieved an enormous amount in a very short time,” said Luciano Brustia, Country Manager, Australia and Greater China for InterSystems. “With InterSystems IRIS for Health, we look forward to partnering with RxMx to meet whatever technology challenges lie ahead.” About InterSystems InterSystems is the engine behind the world’s most important applications. In healthcare, finance, government, and other sectors where lives and livelihoods are at stake, InterSystems is the power behind what matters™. Founded in 1978, InterSystems is a privately held company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA), with offices worldwide, and its software products are used daily by millions of people in more than 80 countries. For more information, visit About RxMx RxMx offers an innovative suite of medical solutions that enhance the safe use of medicines, optimising patient safety and delivering real-world efficiency in busy clinical settings through systems integrations and innovations. For further details see World renowned franchise OsteoStrong has arrived in Australia. 2018-12-09T22:35:48Z world-renowned-franchise-osteostrong-has-arrived-in-australia-1 Media release apology In the media release of OsteoStrong's arrival to Australia we inadvertently misspelt Mr Perry Eckert as Mr Perry Eckart for this we apologise for any inconvenience caused to Mr Eckert. Solving the Problem of Interior Acoustics 2018-12-09T22:23:21Z solving-the-problem-of-interior-acoustics BRISBANE/ QUEENSLAND – NOVEMBER: A major problem with designing modern working andliving spaces is that hard interior surfaces reflect sound waves thereby creating an excessively noisyenvironment. Brisbane-based design studio ty.designs set out to find an innovative way to solve that problem. Introducing the one.two - a medium sized pendant light made of a sound absorbing textile, that givesarchitects, interior designers, home & business owners an attractive and functional way to fight noisepollution and improve acoustic privacy. ty.designs is launching their first bespoke collection of noise reducing pendant lighting this month.The collection called “one.two” has a curvaceous fluted design which is comprised of twelve fins,made from a dense sound-absorbing textile, contrasted against Scandinavian inspired designerplywood support rings. The one.two can be installed stand-alone or in clusters of three (or more).More details can be found on their website “It’s becoming commonplace for interior designs to be largely comprised of solid and densesurfaces” explains Tyrone Cleary, lead designer at the studio. “Whether it’s polished concrete orhardwood floors, timber furnishings or solid set walls and ceilings, our interiors have an inability toabsorb or reduce noise. Our lives are also increasingly becoming integrated with technology and we   seem to have multiple appliance and devices simultaneously generating a mass of noise. It’s nowonder our home and workspaces are increasingly becoming impacted by noise issues.”Tyrone went on to explain that noise pollution is an issue in places where you naturally would expecthigher noise volumes (clubs, pubs, coffee shops, restaurants offices, waiting rooms, etc.) as well asprivate spaces, like our homes, where we naturally put an emphasis on speech intelligibility. Thenegative impact of excessive noise in our daily lives is an increase to our fatigue and stress levels. Tyrone, who started his design studio in 2015, says that he became acutely aware of the “echochamber issue” while collaborating on a design for a reputable radiology clinic’s main waitingroom. “Our client mentioned that one of their concerns with previous practices was the amount ofnoise in the main waiting area. At any given time you can have two or three receptionists conversingwith patients, in person or on the phone. There can be a couple of TVs on for the patients to watchwhile waiting for their name to be called and you can have multiple patients on mobile devices.Accumulatively, all these factors degrade the comfort, increasing fatigue and stress, of all the staffand patients alike.” In a market very heavily dominated by pendant lights constructed predominately from metal, timber,glass and/or ceramic, consumers would justifiably feel they have a lack of variability. Using a soundabsorbing textile, the one.two collection offers another unique point of difference with its competition- a soft luxurious aesthetic. “Using a textile-based material as the mainstay for our pendant lighting designs gives us anotherexcellent advantage,” says Tyrone. “It’s a rarely used medium for pendant lighting and it gives ourdesigns a pleasing subtle appeal that is exceptionally easy to integrate into almost any environment.”In a day and age where our lives are becoming more engulfed in technological advancements, it’srefreshing to know that there are products out there aiming to improve our interiors ambience. Noisereducing pendant lighting may not be the only means to achieving an echo-free environment, but itcertainly gives architects, interior designers, home & business owners excellent options. Pricing and AvailabilityThe one.two is available in various colours and configurations, the cost for a single pendant is $595. Please visit the website to find out more or email us Images of the one.two standalone and installed.Download All World renowned franchise OsteoStrong has arrived in Australia. 2018-12-09T22:04:14Z world-renowned-franchise-osteostrong-has-arrived-in-australia With rapid growth plans OsteoStrong plans to open 30 sites in Australia and New Zealand,  with Adelaide, Sydney, and Canberra all locked in for post Christmas opening, Master franchise owner and Managing Director Perry Eckert stated. In Australia, convenience is highly valued!   We are all so busy and time poor and as a result of this and other dietary and lifestyle factors, most of us are becoming physically deconditioned! Did you know that more than 50% of Australians live with chronic disease and pain!  And more than one third of these conditions could be eliminated with very simple diet and lifestyle changes. We now have a greater risk of dying from chronic conditions including obesity, diabetes and musculoskeletal disease than heart disease, cigarettes or cancer. Today more than 1 in 20 deaths are directly or indirectly due to musculoskeletal diseases and osteoporosis is the leading cause. 20% of women over 60 years old will suffer from a hip fracture and up to 50% of these will die due to complications within 2 years, half of those that survive will require institutional care in the first year.   The brittle bones of Australians over 50 cost $3.1 billion in 2017 and the total cost over 10 years will climb to nearly $22 billion by 2022. Unfortunately, the chronic deconditioning of our population is happening at an alarmingly faster rate and at a younger age and will soon start to affect our whole economy, as effective working life is reduced due to illness. We are conditioned to believe that as we age, we slow down, we get weaker and everything starts to hurt!! Our phone contact lists gets smaller and everyone’s name starts with "D" for Doctor! So, it goes without saying that the health of our skeleton, which is the foundation that all our organs, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia are attached, is extremely important and that the responsibility for its HEALTH rests squarely with us. We only have one body and only one skeleton! Our Balance, Posture, Strength, Power, Agility & Energy....our freedom to perform everyday tasks without pain and restriction is affected by our skeleton. And as we age, our mobility, our dignity and ultimately our longevity, all depend on our skeletal health. The really exciting news is that at OsteoStrong we engage in skeletal strength conditioning, something that no other business in Australia can claim or achieve in a fast, convenient service. And amazingly at OsteoStrong centres, almost everyone between 12 and 96 years old can become stronger, have better posture, better balance, better agility and many people can reduce or eliminate joint, muscle and back pain.   In the US, Sweden, UK and Spain we’ve seen amazing results with OsteoStrong members improving their bone and muscle strength plus reduce or eliminate joint, muscle and back pain. At OsteoStrong "YOU" can DIY bio-hack your central nervous system to workout smarter, not harder. In less than 10 minutes once a week we can build bones, make you stronger and provide significantly better balance. Sessions are sweat free, no pain, all gain! So as famous US entrepreneur, blogger and biohacker Dave Asprey from Bulletproof has repeatedly said, “OsteoStrong IS the ultimate bio-hack”. OsteoStrong is highly recommended for children, who up to age 20 are still building bone density. It’s like investing in their bone health, plus it helps make them fracture proof for sports and daily activities.   Building your child’s “bone-bank” is like investing in their education - the more they put away when they’re young, the longer it should last as they get older. Getting this message out to all parents is critical, as we don’t want the next generation being called “Generation B” for breakage! For serious athletes, OsteoStrong helps strengthen tendons, ligaments, joints and bones so they can recruit more muscles safely. They can build a stronger foundation based on super bone density for high performance explosive action fuelling their performance on the track or field and helping make them fracture and injury proof. At OsteoStrong we also work in co-operation with medical and allied health professionals. We fill in the blanks relating to exercise dosage for people with low bone density, poor balance and muscle tone, which we know indicate high fall and fracture risks. Doctors know the dosage protocols for medications, supplements and diets, however until now, they have not known the correct dosage requirements for exercises required to build healthy new bone.   Now thanks to Dr John Jaquish and more than 25,000 peer reviewed studies from all around the World, we know that by using osteogenic loading at OsteoStrong Centres, we can provide a very controlled and safe environment for high impact emulation, which we know grows strong healthy new bone, makes your muscles stronger and improves your balance, which all help reduce your fall and fracture risk. We know the exercise dosage requirements, OsteoStrong results are measurable and we can provide technical reports to monitor members progress. For more information visit CBD Movers Launches Competitive Relocation Packages For Brisbane Customers 2018-12-08T14:11:11Z cbd-movers-launches-competitive-relocation-packages-for-brisbane-customers-1 Relocating is a very hectic job and is next to impossible if you don't have the right kind of resources and tools. Very often people plan to take the relocation in their hands knowing about the consequences it brings with it but the main reason to carry the move themselves is to save the money but have you ever thought that moving heavy furniture without supervision can cause you fatal injuries and even damage your valuables. To counter the costing issues of valued Brisbane customers, CBD Movers has come up with exciting budget moving packages that give you premium moving experience yet aren't hard on your pocket.  While interacting with Rick S, Junior Manager, CBD movers Brisbane, we came to know about the main reason why their moving rates are so competitive. He explained that moving jobs requires special training and equipment. With years of experience in the removal industry and a team of the best removalists of Brisbane, they were able to reduce the cost after years of analysis and job requirements without compromising the move quality and time duration.  As the moving market is on the verge of expansion, cost-cutting is a must to stay ahead of the competitors and have a stable growth.  We wish CBD Movers a very best in their new initiative 9STAR Unveils Fully Managed, Cloud-Hosted, SAML2 Gateway Service for SaaS vendors and Content Publishers 2018-12-07T16:06:45Z 9star-unveils-fully-managed-cloud-hosted-saml2-gateway-service 9STAR, a rapidly growing leading provider of enterprise-grade Identity and Access Management software solutions,today unveiled a fully-managed, cloud-hosted, SAML2 gateway service, ElasticSSO Cloud Proxy.  The new service acts as a gateway between SAML2 Service Providers (SP) which are typically SaaS vendors and Content Publishers and their client's SAML Identity Provider (IDP).  ElasticSSO Cloud Proxy Service can be used by SaaS developers, SaaS vendors, Content Publishers and MSPs who want to minimize downtime and disruptions associated with integration of new clients that require SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication for secure access to the SaaS App. ElasticSSO Cloud Proxy can also be integrated with any Shibboleth Identity Federation.   Instead of constantly changing and testing SAML SP configurations with each client access integration, a SaaS vendor now only need to connect their App (SAML SP) just once to the Elastic SSO Cloud Proxy Service.  The enterprise clients of SaaS vendor can simply connect their SAML Identity Providers to ElasticSSO Cloud Proxy.  The SaaS App still has complete access to user and client information that is needed for access management and control.  9STAR’s new proxy service thus acts as an intermediary between the SaaS App and their client’s SAML Identity Provider. “An Exceptional Service” “ElasticSSO Cloud Proxy Service provides SaaS developers, SaaS vendors and MSPs with simplified and easy-to-use service and delivers minimized downtimes and maximized reliability,” said 9STAR's President, Vinay Kumar.  We’re quite proud to offer this exceptional service.    “ElasticSSO Cloud Proxy Service gave our software team the ability to stay focused on our core competency of providing great App experience to our customers, without worrying about complexities of SAML and SSO authentication”, said David Minor, President of Career Dimensions, Inc. ElasticSSO Proxy Services reduced our App’s downtime, disruptions and delays while enhancing security and access controls four our App. We are happy with the Service and would recommend this to any SaaS App vendor. ElasticSSO Cloud Proxy Service’s key features: DESIGNED FOR THE CLOUD This fully-managed service is designed for the cloud. It is hosted and integrated with the Amazon AWS cloud service and available in all regions of the world. 9STAR can locally host the service in SaaS vendor’s region of choice.   24X7 UPTIME SLA 9STAR provides 24×7 customer service with a 99.9% uptime service-level agreement (SLA).  APP RESILIENCE AND RELIABILITY Maximize your App’s uptime and reliability by connecting the SaaS App (SAML SP) with ElasticSSO Cloud Proxy service. 9STAR takes care of all SAML SSO complexities with respect to on-boarding SaaS vendors client via SAML SSO authentication. This reduces App downtime, disruptions and delays.   ### About 9STAR9STAR is a rapidly growing leading provider of enterprise-grade Identity and Access Management software solutions. The software solutions are designed for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and IT Managers to rapidly provision and manage IDaaS (Identity as a Service) in the cloud or on-premises. 9STAR’s software solutions are widely deployed in Education, Non-Profit, Public Sector and mid/large Enterprise markets. The company continues to lead in the marketplace by adopting open-standards in its product offerings, as well as partnering with leading MSPs and Technology Solution Providers around the world for delivering turnkey solutions and support to customers.  Please visit: https://9starinc Zealous System is Now a Clutch Recognized Global Leader! 2018-12-07T05:54:20Z zealous-system-is-now-a-clutch-recognized-global-leader Clutch is a B2B review platform that helps buyers find the right sellers in the service industry through conducting surveys, posting genuine client reviews, and sharing compilation of top companies regularly. While it’s free to get listed on Clutch, but they only award and recognize the most recommended companies in each tech or category as leaders. Every year, Clutch shares annual report of top and highly recommended companies from around the world, and recognize them for their expertise in their niche. And this year, Zealous System has been regarded as the highly recommended company and a global leader in the development industry. Previously, we’ve also been highlighted as Top B2B Company in India. Though earning these awards were far from easy, but our experienced team of developers are dedicated to provide innovative and high-quality web & mobile solutions to our clients. These awards indicate the quality of work we provide to each of our clients, and the importance we give to business relationships. Because without them, becoming a global leader and earning all these awards would not have been possible. Here’s what our clients had to say about working with us on Clutch: “They have excellent project management. They make it extremely easy to communicate and understand their processes.” ¬– Owner & Manager, SeeVirtu "They hop on projects quickly and remain communicative throughout the process." - Neil Patel Digital "We feel that we’ve hit the jackpot with Zealous. They get the work done, and they get it done well." - Chief Technology Officer, Synrgise (Pty) Ltd "Their company policy is assisting customers as much as they can. They really go the extra mile." - Director, Instant School App Overall, we’re happy that our hard work is paying off, and that we’re officially now a global leader across the globe. We look forward to the future challenges and continue working hard and being Global Leader for upcoming years as well. Perfectstroke Golf Training Centre Offers Intensive Golf Development Programs 2018-12-07T05:29:40Z perfectstroke-golf-training-centre-offers-intensive-golf-development-programs The Perfectstroke Golf Training Centre on the Gold Coast in Australia has recently announced that it is now offering intensive golf training packages for golfers who want to accelerate their golf playing abilities. The Perfectstroke Golf Studio in Molendinar has two full swing training bays and a dedicated putting studio with some of the best technologies currently available. Owned and operated by long time PGA member and former touring professional Mark Officer the centre has available the best launch monitors and simulator systems in Foresight GC Quad and Trackman as well as the worlds leading putting analysis technology the SAM Puttlab.  The putting studio is recognised as the best in  Australia and arguably one of the best in the world and is outfitted with a four camera video system using V1 software as well as an electrically controlled tilting putting platform. This enables analysis of not only straight putts but also breaking left to right and right to left putts.  Mark Officer stated "There is no question that the ability to be able to putt successfully on course relates to being able to deal with all lengths of putts as well different breaks. Fact is that less than 20% of putts on the course are going to be straight so players need to be able to read greens correctly and then aim and produce the same stroke mechanics consistently."  "At the Perfectstroke Putting Studio we can do a comprehensive analysis of a players putting stroke and set up, gain an understanding of their concepts and abilities and then make changes where necessary to improve outcomes." Officer said. The main full swing studio also has an electrically controlled hitting platform to simulate sloping lie shots and to improve swing plane and weight transfer. The use of these technologies and other feedback tools such as Blast Motion, BodiTrack, The Perfectstroke Putting Aid and laser training aids means that players can have their problems quickly identified and remedied. For information on access to the Perfectstroke Golf Training Centre for one on one lessons or the accelerated intensive packages go the website or send an email to GolfBowls in Australia 2018-12-07T05:06:36Z golfbowls-in-australia-1 GolfBowls is a game that uses coloured golf balls being hit with a putter to a standard bowls jack on a bowls rink. PGA Australia members Mark Officer and Garth Cusick as well as golf enthusiast Mark Bengtson have developed the game born out of Officer’s indoor golf studio on the Gold Coast. “We needed to be able to occupy some of the people coming to the Perfectstroke Golf Training Centre with training when the full swing and putting studios were already being used.”  Officer stated.  “So we set up an area where up to six people could play a putting game using coloured balls with a white ball substituting as the jack. What we found that participants quickly improved their distance control and direction without thinking too much about technique. It wasn’t until a year later that we actually tried out the game on an actual bowls green.” Bengtson and Officer took the game to Club Robina on the Gold Coast where there was an immediate positive response from those involved at the bowls club. They have played three competitive tournaments at the facility since including the Queensland Open Singles title which was won by PGA member Clint Sailes. Others to compete in the Queensland Open GolfBowls title included Jeff White, former AFL player, Aaron Nye, ex Queensland Bulls cricketer, Dylan Campbell, two time winner of the Australian Junior Golf Championship.  The event was open to any age above 12, male or female and all abilities with five golf professionals taking part. The competitive events usually played in GolfBowls are scored basically in the same manner as the same way as in lawn bowls with players scoring points for every ball that finishes closer than the opponents nearest ball. The standard game of GolfBowls also includes the use of a PowerBall which can be used once only in any one game which adds to the overall strategy of the game. After a soft introduction of the game at bowls clubs all around the country it is hoped that local clubs will start their own GolfBowls Leagues competing against neighbouring teams. There are over fifteen different games that can be played under the brand GolfBowls which include games that are more suitable for kids, corporate and party groups, as well as in teams of two, three or four. There are plans for a series of state and national level tournaments in 2019 culminating in the World GolfBowls Championship with all events offering prizemoney to the leading place getters. For more information on GolfBowls go to the website or email Tyre Compare Pty Ltd 2018-12-07T02:36:35Z tyre-compare-pty-ltd-1 We are Australia's most reviewed tyre website.Find the best deals local to you.  No credit card required.  Pay after fitment. Find us: Regional centres ripe for investment in 2019 2018-12-07T02:29:42Z regional-centres-ripe-for-investment-in-2019 Sydney and Melbourne’s property markets may be correcting but it’s far from game over for investors looking to make a profit in the new year. Your Investment Property magazine has just released its Annual Top 100 Suburbs Guide, an in-depth ranking of the best property markets for 2019.     Using the latest data from CoreLogic together with input from a panel of experts, the Guide ranks suburbs based on key factors such as affordability, demand, demographics and growth prospects. And the message to homebuyers is to look outside the big cities for the profit opportunities.     “There are some major regional centres on the experts’ radar for 2019 – places like Ballarat, Wagga Wagga, Cairns and the Sunshine Coast,” said YIP editor Sarah Megginson.     “The median price in most of these areas is around or below $500,000. This provides a real opportunity for investors to take advantage of an affordable property market that is expected to grow,” she said.      Suburb  State  Median price  Property type  Ballarat  VIC   $448,750   Houses  Cairns City  QLD   $327,000   Units  Noosa Heads  QLD   $740,000   Units  Caloundra  QLD   $555,000   Houses  Launceston  TAS   $485,000   Houses  Wagga Wagga  NSW   $410,000   Houses     The full report and list of 100 suburbs is available in the January issue of Your Investment Property magazine, on sale now.     Media contact:  Lisa Narroway      About Your Investment Property  Your Investment Property is the intelligent property owner’s choice when it comes to learning about Australia’s $4 trillion property market. Your Investment Property provides you with the most complete set of property data, independent commentary and thoroughly-researched articles about all aspects of investing in property in Australia and abroad. Every issue features in-depth analysis of the market trends that affect your investment, practical tips and advice on how to manage and finance your investments to help you make the best decisions. Your Investment Property carries the most comprehensive data section of any Australian property magazine, with extensive and exclusive data about every suburb in Australia to help you decide where to put your money.      HCL Technologies to Acquire Select IBM Software Products for $1.8B 2018-12-07T01:51:26Z hcl-technologies-to-acquire-select-ibm-software-products-for-1-8b ARMONK, NY – Dec 6th, 2018 and NOIDA, INDIA – Dec 7th, 2018 - IBM (NYSE:IBM) and HCL Technologies (HCL) today announced a definitive agreement under which HCL will acquire select IBM software products for US $1.8 billion. The transaction is expected to close by mid-2019, subject to completion of applicable regulatory reviews. The software products in scope represent a total addressable market of more than $50 billion and include: Appscan for secure application development, BigFix for secure device management, Unica (on-premise) for marketing automation, Commerce (on-premise) for omni-channel eCommerce, Portal (on-premise) for digital experience, Notes & Domino for email and low-code rapid application development, and Connections for workstream collaboration. HCL and IBM have an ongoing IP Partnership for five of these products. "We continue to see great opportunities in the market to enhance our Mode-3 (Products and Platforms) offerings. The products that we are acquiring are in large growing market areas like Security, Marketing and Commerce which are strategis segments for HCL. Many of these products are well regarded by clients and positioned in the top quadrant by industry analysts," said C Vijayakumar, President & CEO, HCL Technologies. He further added, “The large-scale deployments of these products provide us with a great opportunity to reach and serve thousands of global enterprises across a wide range of industries and markets. I am confident that these products will see good growth trajectory backed by our commitment to invest in product innovation coupled with our strong client focus and agile product development. In addition, we see tremendous potential for creating compelling ‘as-a-service’ offerings by combining these products with our Mode-1 and Mode-2 services." “Over the last four years, we have been prioritizing our investments to develop integrated capabilities in areas such as AI for business, hybrid cloud, cybersecurity, analytics, supply chain and blockchain as well as industry-specific platforms and solutions including healthcare, industrial IOT, and financial services. These are among the emerging, high-value segments of the IT industry. As a result, IBM is a leader in these segments today,” said John Kelly, IBM senior vice president, Cognitive Solutions and Research. “We believe the time is right to divest these select collaboration, marketing and commerce software assets, which are increasingly delivered as stand-alone products. At the same time, we believe these products are a strong strategic fit for HCL, and that HCL is well positioned to drive innovation and growth for their customers.” About HCL Technologies HCL Technologies (HCL) is a leading global technology company that helps global enterprises re–imagine and transform their businesses through Digital technology transformation. HCL operates out of 43 countries and has consolidated revenues of US$ 8.2 billion, for 12 Months ended 30th September 2018. HCL focuses on providing an integrated portfolio of services underlined by its Mode 1–2–3 growth strategy. Mode 1 encompasses the core services in the areas of Applications, Infrastructure, BPO and Engineering & R&D services, leveraging DRYiCE™ Autonomics to transform clients' business and IT landscape, making them 'lean' and 'agile'. Mode 2 focuses on experience–centric and outcome–oriented integrated offerings of Digital & Analytics, IoT WoRKS™, Cloud Native Services and Cybersecurity & GRC services to drive business outcomes and enable enterprise digitalization. Mode 3 strategy is ecosystem–driven, creating innovative IP–partnerships to build products and platforms business. HCL leverages its global network of integrated co-innovation labs and global delivery capabilities to provide holistic multi–service delivery in key industry verticals including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Media, Publishing, Entertainment, Retail & CPG, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities, Travel, Transportation & Logistics and Government. With 127,875 professionals from diverse nationalities, HCL focuses on creating real value for customers by taking 'Relationships Beyond the Contract'. For more information, please visit MedAdvisor partners with Thrivor App to improve the journey for patients with serious and complex illnesses 2018-12-06T23:14:01Z medadvisor-partners-with-thrivor-app-to-improve-the-journey-for-patients-with-serious-and-complex-illnesses MedAdvisor Limited, Australia’s leading digital medication management company, is pleased to announce it has partnered with Thrivor to innovate long term patient care by harnessing the efficiencies of smart technology.  The goals of MedAdvisor and Thrivor are highly complementary in that they seek to provide support for people dealing with serious illness, leveraging technology to provide convenience and improve the lives of patients.  The tumult caused by serious illness often places a significant administrative burden on patients and their supporter base. Managing multiple appointments and medications can create confusion and a lack of coordination during this critical time in the patients’ health journey. By linking the patient experience with Thrivor and MedAdvisor, patients, along with their critical supporter base can feel more in control, leading to a better co-ordinated experience for those dealing with a serious illness. This may include booking and coordinating appointments including the travel to these via an API with Uber. The partnership represents an important first step towards improving the patient’s experience as well as recognising the benefits for patients to have a connected supporter base that help a patient deal with the challenges faced during and after a serious health issue. The Thrivor app includes functionality to help keep track of medical expenses and records as well as maintaining a health wallet allowing family and friends to contribute financially for patients to pay for services required.  The agreement will see MedAdvisor awarded 5% of the Equity in Thrivor. Further commercial opportunities, such as Clinical Trial Recruitment and support via Patient Programs will follow.  Robert Read, CEO of MedAdvisor commented: “MedAdvisor has created a platform that helps over 1million people manage their medication by giving patients a live medication list and allowing them to order their prescriptions from their favourite pharmacy or GP. Many of the patients on our platform are living with cancer and other serious and complex illnesses which we know is an extremely emotional time. By partnering with Thrivor we can provide these patients with easier access to a world class app to manage their medication along with an app designed to coordinate and organise the complexities of their serious illness, such as cancer.  Working together also broadens the clinical trial opportunities to help pharmaceutical manufacturers by offering a solution that can identify hard to reach eligible patients and manage their trial compliance. MedAdvisor can be a point of connection for other more specialised apps that have vital roles to play in our health system and working with Thrivor is a critical step towards more digital players working collaboratively for better health outcomes.”  Justin McLean, Founder of Thrivor commented: “The journey during serious illness of a patient is disjointed and intimidating. Serious illness is a time fraught with uncoordinated experiences and patients are completely unprepared for what is ahead. There is little technology specifically focused on patients and their families during this time to facilitate and coordinate their everyday life. There is also poor communication and preparation between the patient and the health services which often results in inefficiencies and “no shows” within health sites such as Clinical Trial Sites and Hospitals. The collaboration of MedAdvisor and Thrivor platforms is a no brainer to deliver benefits for the patient and stakeholders in the health system”                                                                                                    ---ENDS--- About MedAdvisor MedAdvisor is a world class medication management platform focused on addressing the gap and burden of medication adherence. Founded with a desire to simplify medication management, the highly automated and intuitive Australian software system connects patients to their community pharmacy, providing them with real time access to their personal medication records. Available free on mobile and internet devices, the platform also incorporates a variety of valuable and convenient features including reminders and pre-ordering of medications, which together improves adherence to common medications by approximately 20%. Since launching in 2013, MedAdvisor has welcomed more than one million users through its connections with >55% of Australian pharmacies and thousands of GPs across Australia. MedAdvisor was recognised in the 2018 AFR Fast 100. Follow us on: Twitter:  @MedAdvisor_AU     LinkedIn:  MedAdvisor International Pty Ltd  Facebook: MedAdvisor   About Thrivor Thrivor is a SaaS platform delivered through a web-browser and app interface focused on assisting patients and their families when dealing with a serious illness. The administration portal is designed to assist health institutions manage communications, appointment facilitation and payments. The Patient and Supporter app acts as a support tool for life outside a patient’s clinical care – including appointment managements, payments, health files and communications. Thrivor has been live in the market for just over one year and has 2 major clients, Linear Clinical Research and the Undiagnosed Diseases program within the WA Department of Health. Leukaemia Foundation receives HONcode certification 2018-12-06T22:17:01Z leukaemia-foundation-receives-honcode-certification The Leukaemia Foundation has been granted prestigious HONcode certification for its high standard of reliable, ethical and trustworthy health and medical content featured throughout its digital communications platforms. The HONcode is an international standard for health and medical websites issued by the Health on the Net Foundation, based in Switzerland. The Leukaemia Foundation joins only 8000 sites listed worldwide. The Leukaemia Foundation’s General Manager – People Living Well with Blood Cancer, Emma Craig said the listing shows information shared on the Leukaemia Foundation’s web platforms page was of the highest standard. “The HONcode listing shows that the information we present is created by qualified professionals, supports relationships between a person and their doctor or health professionals and that we present the information with transparent and balanced evidence,” Ms Craig said. “This listing shows the Leukaemia Foundation is a professional and trusted source of health information in Australia and reinforces that we are the leading source of blood cancer information in Australia.” The HONcode listing will mean the Leukaemia Foundation will be listed on a global database of trusted sites and also the Health on the Net Foundation Health Trust Indicator – which can be installed on any internet browser. The Leukaemia Foundation will be reassessed every two years in order to retain the listing. - ENDS -   About The Leukaemia Foundation:  The Leukaemia Foundation is the only national charity dedicated to helping more Australians survive blood cancer and live a better quality of life. Leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and related blood disorders are all types of blood cancer, which can develop in anyone, of any age, at any time.  More than 60,000 Australians are living with blood cancer or related disorders, and the equivalent of one person every 41 minutes is diagnosed. Although research is improving survival, sadly an Australian loses their life to blood cancer every two hours, claiming more lives than breast cancer and melanoma.  For more information, please visit  Airmaster launches New Zealand expansion, Optimum Air 2018-12-06T21:04:41Z airmaster-launches-new-zealand-expansion-optimum-air The move represents the company’s first foray outside of Australia.   Founded in 1988, Airmaster is an award-winning technical solutions company, delivering end-to-end management of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, industrial and process cooling and building automation.   Headquartered in Melbourne, Airmaster services all states and territories from 12 branches around Australia, and employs over 800 staff.   Speaking at the company’s announcement, Airmaster CEO Noel Courtney said the time is right for Airmaster to cross the Tasman and enter New Zealand’s growing HVAC market, trading under the name Optimum Air.   “This is an exciting time for Airmaster,” Courtney said. “Having grown our operations across all of Australia, New Zealand represents a natural progression for us in terms of expansion.”   Optimum Air’s first branch will be located in the Auckland suburb of Mount Wellington, and will employ local management and technicians. Branches in other cities are planned for the future.   “Airmaster is a proud, innovative company and we are thrilled to begin our journey in New Zealand with the launch of Optimum Air,” said Courtney. “We believe our culture, values and reputation will allow us to grow our New Zealand operations, and we look forward to creating new opportunities for the best and brightest of New Zealand’s HVAC industry.”   Courtney said Optimum Air would offer the same products, services and solutions as those currently provided to Airmaster’s Australian-based customers.   “Many Airmaster customers already have a New Zealand presence, and we look forward to introducing our innovative approach to HVAC and mechanical services in this exciting market.” For more details: Optimum Air Website Optimum Air on LinkedIn