The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2018-01-17T22:49:29Z Ascend the new star of PGG Wrightson Seeds Annual Ryegrass Portfolio 2018-01-17T22:49:29Z ascend-the-new-star-of-pgg-wrightson-seeds-annual-ryegrass-portfolio PGG Wrightson Seeds have released a fast-establishing annual ryegrass called Ascend to replace their popular Winter Star II variety. PGG Wrightson Seeds, National Sales & Marketing Manager, Cameron Henley says Ascend offers exceptional seedling vigour and improved early winter production and the decision to replace Winter Star II with Ascend was made following extensive trials across Australia. “Winter Star II was a market leader for many years in late maturing annual ryegrasses and was always a popular choice for farmers, providing consistent quality winter feed,” Cameron explained. “Farmers were telling us that they really loved Winter Star II and that it provided them with exactly the sort of grazing and forage opportunities they were after, but if we could improve it in one way they would like it to come to its first grazing a bit quicker.” Based on this feedback, PGG Wrightson Seeds invested significantly in researching and developing a faster-establishing annual ryegrass. “The whole reason behind developing Ascend was farmer driven – the product was developed in direct response to listening to farmers,” Cameron said. “Ascend captures what we desired in breeding this grass – it is something that jumps up very quickly like a rocket and that is why we chose the name.” Ascend also offers farmers improved rust tolerance and excellent dry matter production from autumn to late spring. It also has finer leaves and is more densely tillered to improve its grazing performance. “Rust is strongly associated with poor quality pasture and any pastures which are free of rust are far more usable and palatable for animals than pasture that contain rust,” Cameron explained. “We have also seen farmers getting one or two earlier grazings using Ascend, compared to when they were using Winter Star II and with its denser tillering Ascend fills out quickly providing exceptional ground cover.” Ascend is suitable for famers looking for highly flexible forage options. “Ascend is suited for farmers seeking to increase their home-grown winter pasture production from autumn into late spring – whether for grazing or cutting for silage or hay,” Cameron said. “Ascend is able to offer multiple forage options because it establishes early but matures late in the season. You can be grazing early through the year and then cut for silage or hay late in spring - it is a very flexible pasture option.” Cameron said Ascend is the result of a very long breeding and evelopment programme. “It typically takes ten years to breed and trial a new grass before releasing it to farmers. So you can be assured that Ascend is one of the best annual ryegrasses available.” “For farmers that have been using Winter Star II in the past they should feel confident in moving to the next model in Ascend and for those farmers who are seeking a fast establishing and highly productive annual grass to increase their home grown feed they should give Ascend a go.” For more information on how Ascend tetraploid annual ryegrass can improve your pasture production, contact your local PGG Wrightson Seeds’ Pasture Seed Agronomist as listed at or call 1800 619 910. - Ends - Media Enquiries: C7EVEN Communications Kate Munsie Adam Arndell (02) 6766 4513 / 0421 935 843 (02) 6766 4513 / 0403 372 889 Photo Captions: Cameron Henley, National Sales & Marketing Manger at PGG Wrightson Seeds Australia Ascend Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass closeup Ascend Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass Deadly Farms: NSW Fatality Rate Hasn’t Improved in 15 Years 2018-01-03T02:56:55Z deadly-farms-nsw-fatality-rate-hasn-t-improved-in-15-years There are calls for more to be done to improve farm safety in NSW, after new research found work-related deaths have remained constant for the last 15 years. The Public Health Research and Practice released a report that showed a constant fatality rate of 17.3 per 100 000 workers from 2001-2015. This is 12 times higher than the state’s all-industry average.  Of the 367 fatalities in NSW where the cause was known, almost 60 per cent were work-related. Tractors, quad bikes, and farm machinery were the leading causes of death, with men accounting for almost 90% of all fatalities.  The authors of the study said the continued lack of reduction in the fatality rate was of “serious concern and suggests that alternative approaches are required”. Speaking to the ABC, author Tony Lower said farmers needed more advice on safety best practices, without fear of prosecution. “We want to try and ensure that people do take forward the message that they can do something about this and that they can manage safety in the same way that they manage their crops and stock.” NSW Farmers safety spokesperson Matthew Waring said they were working closely with SafeWork NSW and the state government to improve farm safety, and that one death in the agriculture industry was one death too many.  “Simple steps can be taken by farmers to reduce the number and severity accidents on farm including conducting simple risks assessments each time you use a piece of plant, or inspecting work areas on a routine basis to identify items that may need replacing or maintenance.” “Something as easy as a checklist could save a life or a limb.” Agriculture has long been a deadly industry for Australian workers. Data shows that more people die working on farms than in the construction and mining industries combined. According to SafeWork Australia, 43 people have died from accidents in agriculture, fishing and forestry industries this year alone.  Case IH receives Good Design Award 2017-12-21T00:55:38Z case-ih-receives-good-design-award Case IH's Autonomous Concept Vehicle (ACV) turned heads earlier this year when it made its Australian debut at Gunnedah's AgQuip field days. This week's it's been revealed the ACV has also caught the attention of a US leader in architecture and design, which announced it is one of the winners of this year’s prestigious Good Design Awards. Case IH Brand President ​​Andreas Klauser said it was a satisfying way for the company to round out its 175th anniversary and that the technology that inspired the ground-breaking ACV would be employed on new product releases in 2018. Please find attached a media release on the award, and photos of the ACV at AgQuip in August, and for any further inquiries please don't hesitate to get in touch. Kind regards, Kylie Galbraith Seftons Tamworth NSW 2340 Ph. 0411 480 208 'Pop' an Aussie Prosecco on ice this New Year 2017-12-15T02:54:05Z pop-an-aussie-prosecco-on-ice-this-new-year THE festive season has begun and the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA) suggests Australian consumers choose Aussie Prosecco to enjoy in moderation with family and friends during celebrations these holidays.   WFA Chief Executive Tony Battaglene explained the variety has been growing in popularity since the first vines were planted here some 20-plus years ago.   “It’s a global phenomenon, gaining a loyal following from those who appreciate its crispness. It works very well with food and our climate, and is a standout choice for those looking for a celebratory toast,” Mr Battaglene said.   There’s also a more pressing need for people to become familiar with and support Australian producers of the Prosecco variety.   Mr Battaglene said Australian Prosecco was on the European Union’s hit list for the next round of Free Trade Agreement negotiations, and the Italians are using it as a way to try and stop Aussies using this and other grape variety names on our Australian wine products.   “This is just the start,” he explained. “If the EU wins the fight to stop Aussies using Prosecco then we will see other grape varieties fall. They are also targeting Nero d’Avola, Dolcetto, Montepulciano, Barbera, Brachetto, Dolcetto, Fiano, Greco di Tufo, and the list goes on.   “They tried this before in 2013 but we stopped them through the courts. It wasn’t an easy battle, and we are getting ready to roll up our sleeves and again go into bat for Aussie producers.   “Now our Prosecco Road producers in Victoria and others around the country are rallying together again to support the WFA campaign. We have been working with the Australian Government and highlighting how dangerous such a move by the Europeans would be in terms of impinging on our rights, the cost to the Australian economy and livelihoods of our producers.   “WFA fiercely defends the rights of Australian producers to use Prosecco and we are getting ready for the fight of our lives. We want Australian consumers to get behind us too and that’s why enjoying an Aussie Prosecco during the holidays would be a great show of support.”   Australian Prosecco producer and WFA member Ross Brown, Executive Director of iconic family brand Brown Brothers, said we cannot give up the fight and hand Italy the rights to the variety.   “For our Australian producers to be denied the right to use the name Prosecco would be akin to losing Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc,” Mr Brown said.   “Aussies know their favourite wines by the grape variety and we produce great Prosecco which we are rightly proud of.   “So we say to Australians: ‘Select Australian Prosecco these holidays and help us show our competitors that we mean business.’”     In the King Valley the Dal Zotto Family planted Australia’s first commercial Prosecco vines almost 20 years ago. The variety now accounts for 50% of its production, with plans in place for a major expansion in 2018 to meet the growing demand.   “Any move now to ban the use of Prosecco would be devastating to our business and to Australia’s growing reputation for producing outstanding varietals,” said WFA member Michael Dal Zotto, who co-owns with brother Christian the vineyards his father first planted.   “This is a strategic move by the Italians, through the EU, to prevent other countries sharing in the huge growth opportunities emerging for Prosecco in both domestic and international markets and it’s unfair and not on.”   Notes: Australian Prosecco is currently worth an estimated $60 million. Growth projections estimate it could rise as high as $200 million in the next few years. SATPHONE SHOP REPOSITIONS THE ONLINE PURCHASING AND RENTALS OF SATPHONES WITH LAUNCH OF NEW WEBSITE 2017-12-14T00:38:49Z satphone-shop-repositions-the-online-purchasing-and-rentals-of-satphones-with-launch-of-new-website MELBOURNE, Victoria, 14 December 2017: SatPhone Shop Pty Ltd, a leading online shop for remote satellite communication products and Telstra’s largest mobile satellite dealer, has launched a new website at that will give customers easy and improved online shopping and rental experience for quick and easy transactions. The website is simple to navigate and is rich in information, enabling customers to access a range of mobile satellite and safety communication products and service offerings.  With the major shift to online purchases on mobile devices, the new website enables an enhanced shopping experience to all users regardless of their device.  Some of the new functionality enables both purchase and rentals online by following an easy step-by-step process and a one-page checkout.   “We have transformed the website experience for our customers,” explains Reiny Gajewski, General Manager of SatPhone Shop. “The website is our shop window, and we wanted to make sure that no matter who visits the site, they can find what they are looking for quickly without any fuss.”  SatPhone Shop has recognised that there is a rising demand and need for safety products and mobile satellite communications, releasing new plans and products of particular appeal to the 4x4, camping, hiking, fishing and outdoor adventure travellers.  The new website showcases Iridium satellite products, as well as other big brand names such as Beam Communications, Uniden, Garmin, and ACR Artex.      The re-development of the website is a reflection of SatPhone Shop’s position in the Australian mobile satellite communications market. “It is vitally important that SatPhone Shop can reach out to our growing customer base,” continues Gajewski. “Through our website, we can be more efficient and continue to provide the highest quality service to all of our customers, no matter where they are in Australia.”    To celebrate the launch, SatPhone Shop is currently offering a lot of specials online, visit or alternatively you can speak to one of their friendly staff at 1300 368 611!  Scientists take off their white coats and head bush 2017-12-04T05:35:16Z scientists-take-off-their-white-coats-and-head-bush Scientists take off their white coats and head bush Scientists are leaving the big cities for rural Australia in a bid to ensure the products they develop are well matched to producer’s needs. A team of seventeen scientists from Virbac Australia’s Research and Development Team recently travelled to Bathurst and Orange in New South Wales to get closer to resellers and producers. Over the course of three days the team visited several stores, farms and the Australian National Field Day at Borenore. “Although we have an active and relevant new product portfolio it is important that the people who develop and support our products understand our market. We need to be developing products that really make a difference to productivity and ultimately the farm’s bottom line,” said Dr Robert Dempster, Director Research and Development, Virbac Australia. “Our scientists go back to basics when they visit properties and field days in rural Australia. They put their boots on and get a chance to work with cattle and sheep. We get a chance to ask how animal health fits in with the priorities of resellers and producers. We also get to sample the trends occurring in market, for example the increasing use of automated handling equipment on sheep farms. “Some of the more significant points raised by farmers during the Virbac scientist’s visit to Borenore was the need for better options for producers in getting their cattle and sheep through periods of drought, products that are effective against resistant strains of worms, as well as products that offer more convenience. “This is something our scientists have taken back to the labs to test and trial new and better solutions for the tough conditions our producers face. “Farmers were keen to discuss upcoming and available options for parasite treatment – and were keen to let us know how our new Tridectin 3-Way Oral Drench for Sheep is being received”, Dr Dempster said. Launched in September 2017, Tridectin relies on three active ingredients from the major drench families, which means fewer worms and eggs, as well as less pasture contamination – which reduces the overall requirement for increased drenching and therefore decreases the rate of selection for resistance. As the project lead in the product development of Tridectin, Aimy Johnston, New Product Development Project Manager at Virbac Australia, explains Tridectin delivers a market leading export slaughter interval (ESI) of just 17 days – eleven days shorter than other combination drenches – and is the only oral combination drench containing Moxidectin. This new class of combination drench continues to kill susceptible barber’s pole worm and small brown stomach worm for 14 days after drenching. “As the New Product Development Project Manager, it is a fantastic experience to get out to the stores and meet our customers. Having worked on the development of Tridectin for over five years, I was thrilled to see the product in prime position in the stores and humbled by the appreciative comments we received from store staff and producers" Aimy says. Virbac Australia invests approximately five percent of annual turn-over back into research and development – that accounts for millions of dollars directed to products that are pivotal to farm production and quality. This local investment in new products for Australian sheep and beef is supported by a global investment in new companion animal products. Dr Dempster adds, “we’ve been working with Australian farmers for 30 years now – and we’re proud to be working at grass roots level with primary producers. We now carry the Australian Made Logo on many of our products which are made in one of our three manufacturing plants in NSW”. We’ll continue to work with producers – on their farms and at the agricultural field days around Australia and we’re grateful for their important input to ensure the new products we launch in the future meet their needs,” said Dr Dempster. - Ends - Media Enquiries: C7EVEN Communications Kate Munsie Adam Arndell (02) 6766 4513 / 0421 935 843 (02) 6766 4513 / 0403 372 889 Photo Captions: Virbac R&D staff on a sheep farm near Bathurst, NSW. The Virbac R&D team on-site at the Australian National Field Day, Borenore, NSW. Virbac Australia challenge producers in 12 month livestock performance challenge 2017-11-30T10:34:16Z virbac-australia-challenge-producers-in-12-month-livestock-performance-challenge Virbac Australia challenge producers in 12 month livestock performance challenge Sheep and cattle producers across Australia will soon have the chance to be part of a unique program designed to improve animal growth, fertility and ultimately their financial bottom-line. From 1 December 2017 Virbac Australia will invite sheep, beef and dairy producers to nominate for the Multimin Performance Ready Challenge - a 12 month program focussed on the effective use of trace mineral injections for cattle and sheep. As part of the Challenge up to seven producers will be selected to document their progress and share their experiences using Multimin with the ultimate prize of an experience of a lifetime overseas trip. Valued at more than $21,000, the prize will offer professional development tailored to the winner and their enterprise. “We want to work with sheep, beef and dairy producers from across Australia in a challenge to see how significantly they can improve fertility, animal health and ultimately herd performance with the use of Multimin,” said Dr Jerry Liu, Nutritionist and Livestock Nutrition Product Manager, Virbac Australia. “We know that during high demand periods such as joining, weaning and birthing, animals have elevated requirements for trace minerals. Multimin injections are designed to rapidly and effectively top up trace minerals to get stock performance ready. “The results we expect are better conception rates, tighter calving and lambing intervals, improved immune function, reduced disease and treatment costs, and better general health. “By working with producers in this way, we will be able to see and document just how much they can increase fertility and productivity,” he said. The successful applicants for the Multimin Performance Ready Challenge will receive an on-farm assessment and analysis, a free 12 month supply of Multimin, an iPad to capture and document their progress and 12 months support from some of Australia’s most renowned vets. “We want to watch the progress of each producer using Multimin through video blogs and social media so that other producers and industry experts can share the experience and monitor results. During the challenge, producers will gain knowledge they can communicate with other producers across the country. “As part of the program, producers will have the support and expertise of some of Australia’s most experienced animal experts to hone their operations. These professionals will work with the challengers to improve and optimise animal productivity,” Dr Liu said. Experts include, Dr Craig Dwyer, Veterinarian and President of Australian Cattle Vets. Dr Dwyer has a particular interest in cattle nutrition, reproduction and bull fertility. Dr Colin Trengove, Veterinarian and Managing Director, Pro-Ag Consulting. Dr Trengove has more than 30 years experience working in whole farm nutrition and animal health. Dr Susan Swaney, Veterinarian and Technical Services Manager at Virbac Australia. Dr Swaney is an expert in recent advances in parasitology, nutrition and vaccination. Dr Matthew Ball, Veterinarian and Technical Services Manager at Virbac Australia and owner of Beacon Veterinary. Matthew Ball has over 18 years experience in helping cattle farmers develop practical and profitable preventative health programs. As well as the overseas trip, the overall winner will also take home a 12 month supply of Multimin. The second and third runners-up will receive a six month supply of Multimin. Entries for the Multimin Performance Ready Challenge will be open from 1 December 2017 and close 31 January 2018. Entries can be made at: - Ends - Media Enquiries: C7EVEN Communications Kate Munsie Adam Arndell (02) 6766 4513 / 0421 935 843 (02) 6766 4513 / 0403 372 889 Free E-Book for Addressing Family Businesses Biggest Problem 2017-11-30T02:45:19Z free-e-book-for-family-businesses-addressing-their-biggest-problem According to Ernst and Young recent research, family business make up approximately two-thirds of all companies around the world.Transitioning those family businesses through the generations is the most important issue those family business and all of their stakeholders face. Without a formalised, effective plan 97% of family businesses fail to make it beyond the 3rd generation.Australian family business expert, David Harland, Managing Director of FINH has recently released an E-book on "Simple Steps For Family Business Succession". Via articles, statistics, infographic and short videos this E-book provides the large family business community with tips and the ability to identify barriers to family business succession. It provides a vital pathway to creating long-terms sustainability of family owned and operated businesses.  Hitachi Invests $875 million AUD in Australian Social Innovation Business and predicts mining industry will be operated by autonomous machines by 2030 2017-11-28T07:02:41Z hitachi-invests-875-million-aud-in-australian-social-innovation-business-and-predicts-mining-industry-will-be-operated-by-autonomous-machines-by-2030 Brisbane, 28 November 2017 – Hitachi, Ltd (TSE: 6501) today announced at its Social Innovation Forum Queensland that over the past 18 months it has invested approximately $875 million AUD of the 1.25 billion AUD it committed to investing in its Australian Social Innovation business by FY2020. Owing to the company’s belief that Australia’s mining sector is an undisputed world leader, Hitachi has focused the bulk of this investment in Australian mining in order to further accelerate the industry locally through digital advancements and the IoT (Internet of Things), and then export this innovation to other parts of the world. By 2030, Hitachi predicts that Australia’s mining industry will be operated almost entirely by autonomous machines. Game-changing innovations, such as remote and integrated operations centres, autonomous vehicles and analytics, will have been filtered down from being used only by Australia’s largest mining companies, to being commonplace across the entire industry in less than 15 years. Such advances in technology are predicted to increase productivity and reduce costs by up to 25 per cent, which will have a significant impact on retaining Australia’s competitiveness in the Asia Pacific region, in addition to major positive social impacts such as the ability for mining employees to work in metropolitan areas. Hitachi also predicts that by 2030 most mines will have fully integrated IoT systems that will connect all mining operations to central analytics hubs where strategic decisions can be made and implemented thousands of kilometres away from the mining site. Despite a period of downturn, current strong demand for commodities has meant the market has begun to recover and the world views Australia’s mature mining industry as rich with opportunity. Hitachi’s Managing Director, Mr. Atsushi Konishi, said: “There are several large mining companies that are looking at Australia to implement new digital technologies in order to then replicate them in other regions of the world. Embracing smart technology including digitisation and IoT (Internet of Things) in the mining industry is imperative for Australia to maintain its leadership position.” One of the key technologies that will drive the autonomous mining revolution is Hitachi’s Autonomous Haulage System (AHS). AHS leverages technologies developed for Hitachi Ltd.’s automotive and railroad solutions as well as fleet management and dispatch system to increase productivity and lower the total cost of ownership. Since 2016, Hitachi has made several acquisitions including the purchase of Bradken, HE Parts and Sullair. Additionally, Hitachi has invested in smaller research projects in the agriculture industry namely a collaboration with Meat & Livestock Australia to accelerate business transformation in agriculture through data analytics and IoT-led decision making. Hitachi has increased its Australia workforce by employing an additional 2000 employees since 2016 and today has about 3650 employees in the region. Hitachi is on track to triple its FY2015 revenue total in Australia to reach $3.75 billion AUD by FY2020. For further information about the Social Innovation Forum in Brisbane, visit:  Orb's new range of lighting 2017-11-21T03:38:04Z orb-s-new-range-of-lighting Orb is very pleased to announce the release of the Lind Equipment LED work light range in Australia.  Orb is the only stockist of Lind Equipment LED lights (both rechargeable and corded) throughout Australia.  Call us today at 02 9188 8807 to find out more. Lind LED Beacon Light and accessories Lind LED Spot Light and accessories Lind LED Spot Light and accessoriesVisit our website:    National Ag Day: "5 Minutes with…A Farm Manager" 2017-11-20T22:48:39Z national-ag-day-5-minutes-with-a-farm-manager National Ag Day! ‘5 Minutes with…A Farm Manager’ To keep you informed please see a link to this month's 'Chook Chat', the blog for the Australian Chicken Meat Industry, and a post by Guest Blogger Phil Pirone. To acknowledge National Agriculture Day this month's Chook Chat blog is dedicated to hearing first hand from a Farmer who manages a chicken farm north of Adelaide and talks to us about biosecurity. The direct link to the post is or visit the blog homepage Blog updates are also communicated via the ACMF twitter channel (@ACMFchicken) About the ACMF The Australian Chicken Meat Federation (ACMF) is the peak body of Australia’s chicken meat industry, representing both growers and processors. Its members are the five State Chicken Meat Councils (NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and WA), the Australian Chicken Growers’ Council and the Australian Poultry Industries Association. Its blog 'Chook Chat' is aimed at providing an insight into the way the chicken industry does things and why – it is not intended to promote products, but to provide the facts. For more information about Australian Chicken Meat Federation, visit Media inquiries contact: Quay Communications, Emma Norgrove, M:0499 688 001, T:02 9386 9161, - ENDS - Women Entrepreneur Closing Regional and STEM Gender Gaps 2017-11-14T00:49:44Z women-entrepreneur-closing-regional-and-stem-gender-gaps Household names such as Booktopia, Carmens Fine Foods and Cellarmasters started as AFR Fast 100 companies. Now a Dubbo entrepreneur closing regional and gender gaps has earned her place on the list, as one of the country’s fastest growing businesses. Meet Juliet Duffy of Regional Enviroscience. Nine years ago Juliet Duffy started this business from a garage in a rental property in Dubbo, NSW. Now, with offices in Dubbo, Wagga and Tamworth and recently in Maroochydore, Queensland, her business employs over 25 people, including 17 professional staff. Regional EnviroScience is an Occupational and Environmental Hygiene consultancy with specialties in asbestos, pollution incidents, meth lab clean-ups, contaminated sites and air, & water monitoring. EnviroScience protects the health of people and the environment through detecting and monitoring a range of contaminants in the air, water, soil and materials working with a range of public and private clients including state & federal departments and tier one civil, manufacturing and mining companies. ‘Being regionally-based,’ says Juliet Duffy, ’we understand the uniqueness of our natural environment, infrastructure and communities. Living in the towns where we work, our team has the connections and support to get the job done quickly and efficiently, and recognition of our innovative approach to meeting legislative and safety requirements has amplified our growth’. The company also specialises in naturally occurring asbestos which is prevalent in regional NSW, detecting and testing samples at their Dubbo-based NATA accredited laboratory. Typically a male dominated industry, the EnviroScience team includes two young women who are both science qualified and Licenced Asbestos Assessors, mentored by Juliet. ‘Being a woman in STEM is not without its challenges – especially with perceptions, however it has never really been a problem with on-site work’ says Juliet, ‘all of our team, contractors and clients support each other in day to day operations. It has been easy and thoroughly enjoyable to grow the business to where it is today, and without their support we wouldn’t have been able to achieve this extraordinary growth. I thank them all.’ The growth over the last four years can also be attested to Juliet’s sheer tenacity. A recent breast cancer survivor, Juliet knows how to put up a good fight and is a champion for regional businesses and the untapped expertise in regional areas. ‘Often the education and experience that lies within the regions is overlooked by decision makers in capital cities, adding great expense and additional resource use to manage projects.’ ‘I hope EnviroScience’s national recognition can contribute to breaking down some of the false perceptions that being a bush-based organisation is some sort of barrier to talent.’ Says Juliet. For the future Juliet is keen to develop new products, technologies and staff that will help keep people safe from environmental hazards, both in Australia and internationally. ‘Every day new hazards are being identified, and we strive to be on top of the impacts they can have on the communities where we live and work’. New South Wales Wine and New South Wales Government sign New Memorandum of Understanding 2017-11-02T23:56:39Z new-south-wales-wine-and-new-south-wales-government-sign-new-memorandum-of-understanding As part of the 2017 NSW Wine Awards celebration, a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the NSW Wine Industry Association and the NSW Government has been announced, signaling a positive step forward for the state’s wine industry. The MoU has been signed by Tom Ward, President of the NSW Wine Industry Association, Minister Niall Blair MLC, Minister for Primary Industries, Minister for Regional Water and Minister for Trade and Industry, and Minister Adam Marshall MP, Minister for Tourism and Major events and Assistant Minister for Skills.   Tom Ward says, “This document represents much hard work done behind the scenes and a much closer working relationship between us and the government. It is vital for an industry that not only provides regional communities with sustainable employment and boosts their economic activity but also contributes $1.6 billion to the total NSW economy and plays an important role in our state’s $38 billion tourism sector.” Minister Blair said, “This Government knows the value of the wine industry to our state, and especially to the regional communities it supports. “We’ve signed this MoU to ensure the NSW wine industry is in the best possible position to capitalise on trade opportunities, tourism initiatives and research and development, while growing at home and abroad.” Under this MoU, and in partnership with industry, the NSW Government will undertake to focus on the areas of export markets development, regional wine tourism, and research and innovation. This includes helping NSW wineries maximise the opportunities outlined in the recent Export and Regional Wine Support Package (ERWSP) announced by the federal government, finalising and releasing the NSW Food and Wine Tourism Strategy and Action Plan (2020) as soon as possible, and improving support for and promotion of inbound visitation across regional NSW, including visitation of wine regions and cellar doors. The commitments in this MoU also cover using and promoting NSW wines at NSW Government functions and venues and showcasing NSW wine during any overseas Ministerial trade missions. Finally, the MoU stipulates ongoing high level meetings between government and wine industry every six months at a minimum. Both the NSW Wine Industry Association and the NSW Government are committed to action the new MoU and continue to create programs and opportunities that will contribute to a strong, profitable and growing wine industry. Marking World Osteoporosis Day 2017-10-19T21:59:07Z marking-world-osteoporosis-day *** MEDIA RELEASE *** Friday 20th October 2017 Marking World Osteoporosis Day Garvan is running and taking part in a series of events and activities for World Osteoporosis Day 2017. In Australia it is estimated 1.2 million people are affected by osteoporosis.[1] It is a disease that does not just affect women. Men account for up to 30% of all fractures related to osteoporosis and their associated costs[2]. The cost of fractures is the largest component cost of poor bone health in Australia, presenting a serious burden to the healthcare system. To mark World Osteoporosis Day, the Garvan Institute of Medical Research is hosting an Osteoporosis Seminar. Open to the public, the seminar provides attendees with the opportunity to ask questions, engage with researchers and learn about the latest developments around this major health issue. Speakers include Professor Peter Croucher, Garvan’s Bone Biology Division Head; Professor Markus Seibel, Director of the Bone Research Program: ANZAC Research Institute, and Professor John Eisman, Lab Head: Osteoporosis & Translational Research at Garvan. The seminar will be live streamed on Garvan’s social channels. Broadening the awareness of the importance of bone health, improving the bone health of the Australian population, and the outcomes for people with osteoporosis is integral to the vision and recommendations of the Osteoporosis National Action Plan. Recommendations currently being implemented by member organisations focus on prevention, treatment, impact and cure and a national strategy for research into curing osteoporosis. Garvan Research Foundation CEO, Mr Andrew Giles said, “Osteoporosis is a national issue, and Garvan is playing an important role in building awareness of the disease, and support for research. It is encouraging to see our activities, and those of others like Osteoporosis Australia, starting to make inroads be it at State and Federal levels, amongst GPs or at a broader community level. We are seeing, and will continue to see, great initiatives underway.” Garvan’s World Osteoporosis Day Seminar is timely, following a bi-partisan Federal Ministerial roundtable on fracture prevention hosted by Osteoporosis Australia in Canberra this week. Professor Peter Croucher and Professor John Eisman attended the round table to review the impact of osteoporosis in Australia and investigate strategies for fracture prevention. Mr Giles adds, “An integrated national approach is critical to improving care while reducing the health care and individual human costs of osteoporosis.” World Osteoporosis Day is dedicated to raising global awareness of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis. The day aims to put osteoporosis and fracture prevention on the global health agenda by reaching out to healthcare professionals, policy makers and members of the public. The 2017 theme for WOD is 'Love your bones - Protect your future'. Garvan and Osteoporosis Australia are encouraging Aussies to visit Know Your Bones, an online self-assessment tool to better understand their risk and discuss with their GP if required. To download a copy of the Osteoporosis National Action Plan, visit ENDS ABOUT THE GARVAN INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL RESEARCH The Garvan Institute of Medical Research (Garvan) was founded in 1963 and is a world leader in gene-based medical research. It is a multi-disciplinary facility, pioneering study into some of the most widespread diseases of today (cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, neurological and immunological disorders). Garvan researchers investigate the origins, diagnostic markers and most effective treatments of disease with the ultimate aim of prevention and cure. One of Garvan’s greatest strengths is the extent of active cross-collaboration between the research areas and the consequent innovation this drives. ABOUT THE GARVAN RESEARCH FOUNDATION The Garvan Research Foundation was established in 1981 to provide fundraising and marketing support to Garvan’s medical research programs In addition to its fundraising activities, the Foundation's activities have since expanded to support Garvan with a Public Engagement Program. This initiative aims to increase understanding of the need for and importance of, Garvan's medical research across the broader community. Issued by QUAY Communications on behalf of Garvan Research Foundation For more information please call; Quay Communications, Emma Norgrove, M: 0499 688 001, T: 02 9386 9161 Quay Communications, Cheryl Pettinau, M: 0424 157 714, T: 02 9386 9161 [1] Henry M, Pasco JA, Nicolson GC, et al. Prevalence of osteoporosis in Australian men and women: Geelong Osteoporosis Study. Med J Australia 2011;195:321-322. [2] Osteoporosis Australia, Facts & Figures Scientists say NSW Forestry Bill will not achieve positive outcome for farmers or the environment 2017-10-16T19:43:36Z scientists-say-nsw-forestry-bill-will-not-achieve-positive-outcome-for-farmers-or-the-environment The Institute of Foresters of Australia has joined the chorus of concerns from all sectors of the scientific community with a scathing assessment of the NSW Government’s Draft Native Forestry Bill 2017. In a letter to the Hon Paul Toole MP, Minister for Lands and Forests, the IFA has noted that recommendations from an Independent Biodiversity Legislation Review Panel commissioned by your Government have been ignored and the exposure draft of the Bill gave only a week for forestry experts to make comment. National President of the Institute of Foresters of Australia Mr Bob Gordon said, ‘Our members work across the full spectrum of forestry from parks and conservation management to timber production and processing as well as research and academia and as such, we can provide authoritative and independent advice on forest science and management – if we are given the opportunity. ‘On this occasion, when we were given the time our comments were ignored and when we should have had the opportunity to review the draft Bill, our members were not even consulted. ‘The Institute has serious concerns about the Bill which includes discretionary clauses such as “…if the regulatory authority considers…” and “…for any reason the regulatory authority thinks appropriate…” and terms such as “material”, defined only as “not trivial”. ‘The NSW Government has stated support for a sustainable native forest timber industry and flagged the importance of a viable private native forest resource in the future of that industry, but this draft Bill will achieve the exact opposite by laying red tape upon red tape backed up by thinly veiled threats of punitive fines to landholders. ‘We strongly make the point that any legislation covering private native forestry should treat it as a sustainable land use contributing to the environmental, social and economic wellbeing of both the rural and broader environment and community. The current draft treats forestry as land clearing and the proposed penalties reflect this. ‘This approach can only lead to further mistrust, undesirable land use practices and the avoidance of authorised forestry undertakings‘, said Bob.