The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-07-07T08:30:30Z Privity participates in Verofax pre-seed investment round 2020-07-07T08:30:30Z privity-participates-in-verofax-limited-s-pre-seed-investment-round          DUBAI, UAE, July 6, 2020 - Verofax Limited, a start-up building innovative Traceability services with the application of blockchain, closed its recent pre-seed investment round with participation from Privity FZ LLE, based in the UAE, acquiring an equity stake. Privity is an independent venture-focused advisory firm, founded in Dubai in 2004, that has backed and invested in more than a dozen portfolio companies since its inception.Wassim Merheby, Verofax CEO, commented, "We are truly thrilled to welcome Privity as a shareholder in Verofax. Traceability plays a key role in upgrading brand owners' business through authenticity validation, advanced product marketing and access to financing and global markets. Traceability is a key enabler of digital transformation to automated and resilient supply chain services. In the markets where Traceability has been deployed such as China, sales increased by over 30% while consumer complaints dropped by 42%. It is just a matter of time for Traceability to become a must for ShopSafe compliance regulations, currently under review in the US for example."Mr. Merheby is leading transformation projects for the Health authorities in UAE in relation to eHealth native digital services, and promoting patient safety through the application of integrated technologies. The world has just been hit by a pandemic which clearly points out that Healthcare could be better managed with contactless processes applying technologies such as IOT devices, drones, blockchain, AI, and augmented reality. The most immediate need is for the safe delivery of eHealth services, where Verofax offers wide applicability for the underlying systems of the Healthcare and supply chain industries.Sleem Hasan, Privity Founder and CEO, said "Privity participated alongside reputed regional investors in the pre-seed round of investment in Verofax. This is Privity's first portfolio company based in the UAE, and its second HealthTech venture. I am delighted to open Privity's network to Verofax as I find the underlying value proposition of their business idea compelling. COVID-19 has demonstrated the need to transform secure delivery and offer protection to the most vulnerable in our society. Verofax services are perfectly positioned and aligned to secure pharmaceutical deliveries of medication in the region with privacy and safety."Verofax proprietary traceability and delivery solutions powers unique compliance and brand protection services, including serialization, traceability, anti-counterfeit and anti-diversion solutions. The service supports manufacturers of food, pharmaceuticals and other consumer goods, in meeting evolving product traceability regulations and growing consumer demand for product safety, security and authenticity.About VerofaxVerofax Limited is a blockchain-enabled, traceability service provider established in Abu Dhabi Global Markets, UAE. Verofax services have been accepted by Oracle, Microsoft and Ant Group for co-selling across their established B2B channels. Verofax has recently set up subsidiary entities in Malaysia and Estonia, to offer Traceability-as-a-service across wider geographies.About PrivityPrivity FZ LLE was founded in 2004, an independent venture-focused advisory firm that seeks entrepreneurs with interesting and unique ideas and helps them develop and grow. Privity is agnostic to geography and industry vertical; It focuses on the quality of the entrepreneur and the compelling value proposition of the idea.Visit Verofax at, and Privity FZ LLE at Invaluable support for mums in breastfeeding app 2020-07-06T00:05:18Z invaluable-support-for-mums-in-breastfeeding-app New features in the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA)’s app mum2mum are set to support families through their breastfeeding journey. The app will send personalised push notifications to parents based on the age of their baby, letting them know the answers to common questions, upcoming milestones and providing tips and ideas along the way. ABA President Margaret Grove says the app will be an invaluable tool for new parents who will get the information they need, right when they need it most. The app will provide extra support to parents who may have difficulty accessing health professionals during COVID-19 restrictions. ‘With the new features in the mum2mum app, parents will have an idea of what to expect, what might be considered normal behaviour, and will be provided with some strategies to assist them in their breastfeeding,’ Ms Grove said. ‘We’re hearing from lots of new mums that getting to mothers groups and health care nurses is a bit harder at the moment. We’re not trying to replace those visits, but we can give mums that extra bit of information and support when they need it most.’ ‘Babies often go through stages at similar times. For example, we can let parents know that their baby may become more distractible while breastfeeding at around 4 months and then link them to information that will help them support themselves and their baby through this stage.’ The mum2mum app also allows parents to search content grouped into a baby’s age and stage, record their baby’s feeds, sleeps and nappies, note milestones and keep a journal of information to help at health professional appointments. All members of the Australian Breastfeeding Association will have access to premium content, as will those who have purchased the paid version of the app. ‘Our members allow our organisation to support breastfeeding parents around Australia, and it’s great to be able to reward their support with access to this content,’ Ms Grove added. Care Circle Health, the digital health company whose platform provides full service, end-to-end digital health technology options, has worked with ABA to bring families an app that supports parents and babies through every step of their breastfeeding journey. The mum2mum app is available to download now from Google Play or the App Store: For further information please contact Nitty Brown, Marketing & Partnerships Manager or Lizzie Stafford, Marketing & Communications Coordinator 0402 542 852, email: Qlicksmart launches online platform to transform sharps safety in hospitals 2020-07-01T06:17:44Z qlicksmart-launches-online-platform-to-transform-sharps-safety-in-hospitals 01 July 2020, Brisbane, Australia—Qlicksmart Pty Ltd announced today the launch of their ground-breaking Digital Platform for sharps safety management. 18,000 nurses and healthcare professionals are affected by sharps injuries every year, with many occurring in Operating Theatres. Sharps injuries are a significant occupational risk for hospital workers as they can lead to the transmission of bloodborne infections such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV. The Qlicksmart Digital Platform provides tools for each stage of sharps safety implementation, empowering hospitals to reduce the risk of sharps injuries. The available tools cover how to evaluate sharps safety devices, an Interactive Training App for product training, sharps safety education resources, and how to assess the success of a facility’s implementation plan. Qlicksmart co-founder and emergency physician, Dr. Michael Sinnott, sees the Digital Platform as a way to make safety policy more accessible in hospitals. “Safety engineered devices are proven to reduce sharps injuries, but the time and resources traditionally required to evaluate products or train staff can be a deterrent to safety improvements. We wanted to provide a platform where hospitals from the city or remote areas can access the quality training and evaluation tools they need to make the best decisions for their staff.” Qlicksmart collaborated with Monash University’s Design Health Collab for the development of the Interactive Training App, which is a key aspect of the Digital Platform. Professor Daphne Flynn, Director of Monash Health Collab, and Eden Potter, Senior Research Officer, provided their insights on how the project will support healthcare workers. “With the training and test being app-based, health care workers can be educated on how to correctly use BladeCASSETTE [Qlicksmart device] in their own time, place, and pace. In these current times with the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s no need for groups of people to gather together for training.” Federal funding was provided for the development of the Interactive Training App through the Innovations Connections Grant facilitated by the Ministry for Industry, Science and Technology. The launch event for the Qlicksmart Digital Platform will be conducted at the Cohort Innovation Space at Gold Coast on Friday 3rd of  July at 12:30pm. Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews is confirmed to speak. The event will be livestreamed on Qlicksmart’s facebook page:   About Qlicksmart: Qlicksmart Pty Ltd is an ISO 13485:2016-accredited R&D and manufacturing company committed to making healthcare professional’s lives easier and safer, so that they can focus on patient care. Established in 1999 by Australian medical doctors, our award-winning safety devices are used in over 50 countries worldwide. Qlicksmart works with innovators from the healthcare sector to deliver solutions which target the overlooked concerns of nurses, surgeons, and healthcare facilities. To learn more about Qlicksmart, visit . Technology enabled care - physiotherapy association recruiting for patient data pilot 2020-06-30T00:40:19Z technology-enabled-care-physiotherapy-association-recruiting-for-patient-data-pilot The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), are commencing a Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) data pilot funded by the Physiotherapy Research Foundation (PRF) with support from Macquarie University, to demonstrate the feasibility of data collection to guide better and more effective clinical decisions. A PROM is a scientifically validated questionnaire used to measure and quantify a patient’s condition from their own perspective. PROMs provide valuable data that help complete the feedback loop between treatments and outcomes, assist practitioners with the monitoring of conditions and help to inform treatment decisions. With current practice to collect PROMs data on an ad hoc basis, the PROMs data pilot is an innovative project that will collect PROMs data electronically and in real-time from patients with knee conditions who are receiving physiotherapy treatment.  Pilot study participants are able to subscribe to the latest dedicated technology for PROMs data collection, myscoreit™. myscoreit is a web-based PROMs collection platform that collects PROMs data digitally from patients whilst at home through a quick and simple questionnaire between appointments. Patients receive immediate feedback, are able to follow their own progress and engage in their own management. APA’s Vice President and Physiotherapy Research Foundation Chair, Jenny Aiken commented on the pilot “We are delighted to partner with the myscoreit platform to enable the APA to investigate the feasibility of digitally collecting PROMs in the private practice setting. myscoreit not only collects PROM data which can be used by the APA to gain insights into the effectiveness of physiotherapy intervention, it also guides the user to choose the right PROM to allow the practitioner to track patient progress and make informed clinical decisions.” Jenny added.  Unlike existing PROMs collection solutions, myscoreit has been designed and developed by sports physicians to focus solely on PROMs data collection. Not only does it assist practitioners with choosing the correct PROM for their patient, it also facilitates easy interpretation to help use clinical data with patients to inform treatment decisions. “Our aim was to design a platform that integrated seamlessly into existing clinical practice and was simple for both you and your patient to use.”myscoreit founder and Sport and Exercise Physician, Dr Louise Tulloh said. “The myscoreit platform has the ability to capture and compare data over time enabling you to track patient progress and treatment effectiveness from a dashboard in real time and bridge the gap between appointments. Collection of outcome measures can support remote monitoring, add value to telehealth consultations, and help to improve communication with referrers. This pilot will demonstrate the importance of value-based decision making and the role that technology can play in futureproofing the physiotherapy profession.” Expressions of interest for the pilot are now open, and through the support of the Physiotherapy Research Foundation, all physiotherapists have been given the opportunity to participate in this research. For more information about the pilot and to sign up to the myscoreit platform please go to or contact Shelley Crowther or Louise Tulloh via the contact details below. Australian Physiotherapy Association Shelley Crowther Deputy General Manager, Policy and Government Relations myscoreit Dr Louise Tulloh Founder, myscoreit Patients With Chronic Pain Should Choose Chiropractic Care Over Opioids 2020-06-20T06:20:48Z patients-with-chronic-pain-should-choose-chiropractic-care-over-opioids After an alarming study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine found that opioid prescriptions have doubled since 2001, Dr. Anthony Leong (Chiropractor) from Ryde Chiropractic in Sydney wants people living with chronic back pain to know there are natural, non-pharmaceutical alternatives to treat their conditions. Opioids are highly addictive and the number of unintentional overdose deaths continues to grow each year. Besides scheduling regular chiropractic treatments, patients can also set a personalized exercise routine and healthy life habits to manage pain. Learn more about the services offered by Ryde Chiropractic at FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — 20 June 2020 — An international study published earlier this year in the Journal of Internal Medicine found that the number of opioids prescribed for chronic pain has doubled between 2001-03 and 2011-13, a trend leaving medical experts alarmed. Researchers found these prescription numbers jumped from 20% to 40% over 24 years for patients with chronic, non-cancerous pain. The average patient’s age was 55.7 years and most reported chronic back pain. “The chemical makeup of opioids makes them very addictive and so it is unsurprising that the problem has reached such concerning levels,” said Dr. Anthony Leong (Chiropractor) with Ryde Chiropractic. “I understand that for many patients it provides a quick fix to their pain, but that fix comes at a major cost and could soon become an addiction, and according to the data that is exactly what has happened.” This groundbreaking new review of opioid prescriptions was the result of reviewing 42 published studies across eight countries: the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Norway, Spain, India, Canada, and Denmark. Over 5 million people with chronic pain conditions were included. According to Dr. Leong, the rate of unintentional overdose deaths linked to opioids continues to grow each year, but many patients suffering from chronic back pain can treat their conditions with regular chiropractic care, a personalized exercise routine and healthy habits. “This is a genuine tragedy. Patients’ lives and their families are being destroyed,” said Dr. Leong. “Unfortunately, much harm has been done by the overuse and subsequent unintentional overdoses which have followed.” New guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also discourage the use of opioids in these cases for the same reason. The CDC found there wasn’t enough evidence to prove whether opioids are effective. Dr. Leong has over 18 years of experience as a chiropractor and more than 20,000 practice hours. He offers a natural alternative to pain management. Ryde Chiropractic also helps with more than just back pain. It provides a holistic approach to physical well-being. “Chiropractic treatments are known to decrease people’s dependency on the drug and provide great relief more naturally,” he said. “Chronic lower back pain treatment by opioids comes with so many risks. The risk-to-benefit ratio is not in the best interests of the patient.” Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of seeing a chiropractor? Read Ryde Chiropractic’s FAQs to find out everything you need to know. ABOUT RYDE CHIROPRACTIC You’re in good hands at Ryde Chiropractic. Our chiropractor, Dr. Anthony Leong (Chiropractor) has over 18 years of ‘hands-on’ experience, having helped thousands of patients reduce their pain and improve their health. As both a chiropractor and competitor, he has worked with national sports teams and elite athletes. Dr. Leong is available to provide comment or further insight into chiropractic and health related stories. References Vaccine testing - faster and better 2020-06-18T12:51:30Z vaccine-testing-faster-and-better The Editor, Dear Editor, Like many Australians of a certain age I’m spending most of my time at home, hoping a COVID-19 vaccine will be available very soon. The CSIRO, usually at the cutting edge of science and technology research in this country, is wasting precious time squirting the virus up ferrets’ noses! Ferrets don’t go to protests or footie matches, so let’s leave them alone! Testing on non-human animals is not only unethical, it is scientifically unjustifiable. The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) reports that 95 out of every 100 drugs that test safe and effective in animals never make it through human clinical trials. Tests on animals are no guarantee of human safety, and this was tragically illustrated in the 2006 clinical trial for the immunomodulatory drug Theralizumab, where six human volunteers suffered multiple organ failure after receiving a dose 500 times smaller than that found safe in animal tests. Thankfully, medicines regulators – including the Therapeutic Goods Administration – are waking up to this and have decided that some COVID-19 vaccines can go directly to human trials without waiting for the results of certain lengthy and deadly animal tests. Innovative, non-animal research methods, combined with responsibly conducted tests on human volunteers, are the surest route to effective treatments and vaccines. Unlike humans, animals can’t agree to being experimented on. They are born and die in a laboratory and spend the intervening time in small, bleak cages, denied all freedom and autonomy. In these secret, high security institutions, they may be infected with the virus, then force-fed or injected with drugs for days or weeks before being gassed to death and dissected. Not in our name, not on our time. Stop this cruel, archaic wastage, and go straight to human tests. Desmond Bellamy Special Projects Coordinator PETA Australia PO Box 2352 Byron Bay NSW 2481 0411 577 416 TGA-APPROVED MEDICAL DEVICE OFFERS NEW WAY FOR DOCTORS TO TREAT PATIENTS’ CHRONIC BACK PAIN 2020-06-16T03:22:34Z tga-approved-medical-device-offers-new-way-for-doctors-to-treat-patients-chronic-back-pain-1 Medical professionals will soon have access to a new device to treat the 3.241 million Australians who suffer chronic pain and it’s already been given TGA-approval.   Nevro’s Omnia™ Spinal Cord Stimulation System delivers treatment for chronic back pain using frequency technology to stimulate the spinal cord.   It is the only product of its kind that can deliver all frequencies, between two and 10,000HZ. It also offers a waveform pioneered by Omnia, the HF10, which was found to reduce pain across two 24-month trials. In the SENZA-EU study, a multicenter back pain study conducted in Europe, the average opioid intake of the patients was decreased by nearly 70%, and the percentage of patients not taking opioids by two years had tripled (from 14% to 42%).2   Nevro’s Chief Commercial Officer Niamh Pellegrini said the product will be available to medical practitioners across Australia from July 1, following successful launches in the United States and Europe.   “Omnia was developed as a result of extensive feedback from physicians to provide a versatile solution to help more patients with chronic pain,” Ms Pellegrini said.   “With Omnia, patients will have access to the widest range of SCS frequencies, and physicians can have the peace of mind knowing they can provide their patients the broadest range of solutions for the best possible outcomes.”   The system is made up of a number of new components including a programmer which allows medical practitioners to vary the frequencies required by their patients and a remote which makes it easier for patients to use the device. It also features an implantable pulse generator which lasts more than a decade, is MRI safe and can be upgraded for future waveforms and frequencies.   Pain Specialist Australia Director Nick Christelis said he is looking forward to using Omnia’s updated programming suite.   “The TGA approval of the Omnia spinal cord stimulation system to treat chronic refractory pain will be a welcome new platform from Nevro,” Mr Christelis said.   “The new device reflects a more versatile solution to treat the changing, dynamic, and sometimes even progressive, nature of chronic pain.”   Nevro has created the NevroCloud system so patients are supported using the device and doctors can check in with how their patients are responding to the treatment.   Nevro has been granted TGA approval and the Senza® Omnia™ Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) system will appear on the 2020 Prostheses Listing.   A Media kit which includes approved image, fact sheet and additional media release is available. 1 Pain Australia Limited. Pain in Australia. Source: 2 Al-Kaisy A, et. al. Sustained effectiveness of 10 kHz high-frequency spinal cord stimulation for patients with chronic, low back pain: 24-month results of a prospective multicenter study. Pain Med. 2014;15:347-354. Paediatric Nutritionist Launches Starting Solids Online Course to Help Parents Give their Babies the Best Nutritional Start 2020-06-15T00:42:16Z paediatric-nutritionist-launches-starting-solids-online-course-to-help-parents-give-their-babies-the-best-nutritional-start Paediatric Nutritionist and mum of two Mandy Sacher cuts through the noise and guides parents through this milestone with her debut course Starting Solids the Wholesome Way.  “A baby’s first experiences with food can influence their long term taste preferences and relationship with food for life – it is an important journey and I’m so excited to support parents through this no matter where they live or what schedule they’re on with my new online course”, says Sacher. Sacher developed Starting Solids the Wholesome Way to not only provide parents with the knowledge and tools they need to comfortably and confidently transition their babies onto solid food, but to also help families enjoy the experience and strengthen their baby’s lifelong relationship with food.   “Many parents seek support from their mothers groups, maternal health nurses, GPs and paediatricians when it comes to introducing solids, but in a time of social distancing and reduced trips to see medical professionals this isn’t always possible – I’m so glad to have this course online for parents starting solids at this time in our world”.   The comprehensive course provides all the expert guidance parents need to start solids, including 37 detailed lessons, 6 Customisable Meal Plans separated by age and stage, over one hundred recipes, a smart recipe tool to filter by key ingredient, age and stage, allergen and more as well as an automated shopping list to save precious time.  Starting Solids sits within The Wholesome Child Academy, a new education platform for parents that is geared to help with key nutrition milestones and challenges including Fussy Eating Strategies and Solutions, Boosting Immunity and Wholesome Shopping.  For more information, visit or  ELDO Manufacturing Wet & Dry Wipes & Masks For the COVID-19 Pandemic 2020-06-10T05:04:21Z eldo-manufacturing-wet-amp-dry-wipes-amp-masks-for-the-covid-19-pandemic As the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic progresses, one debate relates to the use of face masks by individuals in the community. People often wear masks to protect themselves, but it is suggested that a stronger public health rationale is source control to protect others from respiratory droplets. This approach is important because of possible asymptomatic transmissions.     There are mechanistic reasons for covering the mouth to reduce respiratory droplet transmission and, indeed, cough etiquette is based on these considerations and not on evidence from clinical trials.    By the end of 2019, China was facing the threat of COVID-19, and the family firm, ELDO decided to establish the face mask lines. Due to the good relationship and resources on the non-woven field, three fully automatic lines were built in a very short time. Each line daily output is around 120,000pcs. However, the face mask business is not only built to fight against COVID-19, ELDO’s mission is to expand the wipe business and to be the most professional and reliable wipe factory in China.    Over 20 years their business has grown through providing a very high level of service, quality and dedication to their customer needs, and their comprehensive range of products saves you time and money and enables you to buy from one supplier. They now supply their high-quality products around 1000 containers annually to more than 55 countries.     Finally, mass masking is underpinned by basic public health principles that might not have been adequately appreciated by authorities or the public. First, controlling harms at source (masking) is at least as important as mitigation (handwashing). The population benefits of mass masking can also be conceptualised as a so-called prevention paradox—ie, interventions that bring moderate benefits to individuals but have large population benefits.    The ELDO team look forward to offering you their outstanding service in the near future, and for more information on surgical masks Australia and protective mask please go to . A Selection Guide to Buying Business Two Way Radios in Australia 2020-06-09T03:43:32Z a-selection-guide-to-buying-business-two-way-radios-in-australia MiningTelecoms have produced a guide for businesses wanting to purchasing business two way radios. They provide 9 key elements that organisations should look for when purchasing a commercial radio, including: Audio Quality Connectivity Worker Safety Features User Experience Build Quality Accessories Personalization Future Proofing Peace of Mind For a free Australian Business Guide to Purchasing Portable Two Way here How medicine, money and mindset are killing our communities 2020-06-09T00:04:15Z how-medicine-money-and-mindset-are-killing-our-communities Dr Warrick presented his speech at both the TEDxUniversityofMissouri event in the USA and the TEDxDocklands event in Melbourne. It has been viewed by a global audience of almost 20,000 and recognised as top-performer by the TED franchise. Both events were held in February, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.   Dr Bishop said he wanted to travel far and wide to highlight how the current heart attack risk assessment is failing some people, and how we can bring precision to individual risk assessment.    “A number of years ago, a man came into my office for a heart check. Based on current assessment at the time, I gave him a 6% chance of heart attack in the next five years. In medical practice, this is considered low risk and not worthy of therapy commencement,” said Dr Bishop.   “Two years later he was dead on the side of a road, after suffering a heart attack during a fun run.”   Luckily, that man was able to be revived, with Dr Bishop offering assistance, who by chance was driving along the same road at the time.   However, Dr Bishop said it made him realise that the current heart attack assessment was not good enough and that he, as a cardiologist, needed to do better.   “What I failed to realise, and explain to my patient all those years ago, was that the 6% risk in five years actually represented the rate of heart attack for 100 men with the same characteristics as his, over a five year period,” he said.   “It does not tell us which six will have a problem. It’s like being in a choir with 100 men aged 50, and knowing that six of you will die in the next five years, but you just don’t know which six.”   So is there a way to pinpoint which six will be affected?   Yes, according to Dr Bishop.   Cardiac CT imaging allows cardiologists to look into an individual’s heart and see the health of their arteries. They can then identify high risk individuals, mitigate the risk and ultimately save lives.   It seems a simple solution so why isn’t the procedure widely available?   Dr Bishop said cardiac CT imaging lies in the perfect storm of medicine, money and mindset.   Firstly, medicine requires a scientific base in order to bring new therapies into practice. Ethical and practical considerations have blocked cardiac CT scanning from the randomised trials dictated by modern medicine. This means there is not enough of a scientific base to make it a mainstream therapy.     Secondly, doctors, hospitals and medical clinics have to make money if they are to stay afloat, and are therefore geared towards cure, rather than prevention. Prevention literally falls in a ‘blind spot’ as it just doesn’t pay the bills.   “Doctors are paid a lot of money to cure sick people; which is good for us, not so good for patients,” said Dr Bishop.   Thirdly, the mindset of the public can be hard to change. They know what the standard procedures are and can be reluctant to try something new.   Dr Bishop said a cardiac CT scan is like a mammogram for the heart. It looks inside, literally at the health of the arteries, and indicates a high or low risk for heart disease.   “Just as with breast cancer, or a mole check, this is a simple scan that picks up abnormalities early, which will always lead to a better outcome,” said Dr Bishop.     Heart attack kills more than nine million people globally every year and Dr Bishop believes it is time to start preventing, rather than trying to cure, this highly avoidable condition.  Manage Pandemic Risks with The Covid-19 Risk Assessment Module 2020-05-27T04:09:10Z manage-pandemic-risks-with-the-covid-19-risk-assessment-module The purpose of the COVID-19 Reporting Module is to allow people to report either a suspicion of or actual COVID-19 illness. It is designed to facilitate effective communications to HR and provide advice to affected individuals based on government guidelines. How does it work? Risks can be assessed by category eg health, financial, legal, and reputational. Once identified, risks are evaluated through risk rating. Control strategies are then evaluated and corrective actions assigned. Viking Analytics provides a visual guide to your overall Covid-19 Risk Assessment Compare initial and residual risk ratings by category View risk assessments by status, assigned persons, and category. View actions assigned, completed and outstanding risk assessments by status, category and assigned persons. Join a Webinar on June 2nd, watch a short video or request a quote Elite Physiotherapists Introduce Online Telehealth Consultations 2020-05-26T06:43:03Z elite-physiotherapists-introduce-online-telehealth-consultations Rob O’Mahony, Kinima Physio co-director and senior physiotherapist, announced that he and his co-director, Alina Tran are offering safe, secure, and convenient online consultations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals can access the service from the comfort of their own home through a privately encrypted online video platform from multiple types of digital devices. Telehealth visits have existed for many years and multiple prestigious studies have demonstrated that a telehealth visit can be just as effective as a face-to-face visit for improving injuries, health, and quality of life. Each individual receives a clear diagnosis and management plan that encompasses self-treatment measures and a tailored exercise program that can be performed at home. The movements will be demonstrated and supervised online during the consultation. Perth physio online provides guidance and support every step of the way for injury recovery. The telehealth visits are eligible for rebates and covered by Australian health funds. Telehealth visits are $70 AUD for the initial 45 minute consultation and $60 AUD for 30 minute follow-up consultations. The telehealth visits are available from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-1 p.m. on Saturday, and Sundays by appointment only. No one has to suffer in silence with the availability of online telehealth physiotherapy at Kinima Physio. It’s an ideal way for individuals to receive safety screens and post-discharge check-ups, preventative and wellness services, and rehabilitation and post-surgical monitoring. It’s also effective for mobility assessments and safety evaluations to prevent hospital readmissions. One of the most prevalent injuries as people are spending more time at home, even with the loosening of restrictions, are neck and shoulder injuries. Individuals are working at less than optimal work stations, exercising from home using unfamiliar equipment, and completing a range of home maintenance tasks to keep busy. Perth shoulder physio can be addressed and administered through telehealth visits and individuals can be referred if appropriate. Kinima Physio offers individualized management for sports injuries, spinal conditions, injury prevention, and orthopaedic surgical rehabilitation for the entire body. The focus on telehealth physio services online is an innovative way that Kinima Physio is committed to providing a high quality service to the people of Perth and now Australia.  About Kinima Physio At Kinima Physio, we integrate clinical excellence with a unique client experience to create a local health movement that empowers as many people as possible. With 25 years of combined experience in the physiotherapy and health industries, including elite sports and orthopaedics, we offer the latest evidence-based treatment programs to instill clarity and understanding, restore function and confidence, and drive high performance. Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook. Media Contact Kinima Physio Email: Website: Strong Effectiveness of NanoViricides Drug Candidates Observed in an Animal Model of Infection by an ACE2-using Human Coronavirus 2020-05-20T12:24:16Z strong-effectiveness-of-nanoviricides-drug-candidates-observed-in-an-animal-model-of-infection-by-an-ace2-using-human-coronavirus      May 20, 2020 - NanoViricides, Inc. (NYSE American: NNVC) (the "Company") a leader in the development of highly effective antiviral therapies based on a novel nanomedicines platform, announced today that strong effectiveness against infection by an ACE2-utilizing coronavirus in an animal model has been observed for the drug candidates it is developing against SARS-CoV-2 to treat COVID-19 spectrum of diseases.NanoViricides is developing an animal model for coronavirus infection using hCoV-NL63 as a surrogate for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 disease. HCoV-NL63 is a circulating human coronavirus that causes a disease that is similar to SARS-CoV-2, but much milder. Both viruses utilize the same cell receptor, namely ACE2, to gain entry into the cell. Because it causes a mild disease, hCoV-NL63 can be used in BSL2 environments, and the Company believes it is a useful surrogate for development of therapeutics against SARS-CoV-2 infection.In this lethal direct-lung-infection model, animals in all groups developed lung disease which later led to multi-organ failures, a clinical pathology resembling that of the SARS-CoV-2. Reduction in loss of body weight at day 7 was used as the primary indicator of drug effectiveness. Rats were infected directly into lungs with lethal amounts of hCoV-NL63 virus particles and then different groups were treated separately with five different nanoviricides drug candidates, remdesivir as a positive control, and the vehicle as a negative control. The treatment was intravenous by tail-vein injection once daily for five days, except in the case of remdesivir wherein it was by tail-vein injection twice daily.Animals treated with the five different nanoviricides showed significantly reduced body weight loss. The body weight loss was only 3.9% for the best nanoviricide candidate, ranging to 11.2% for the potentially least effective one, as compared to 20% in the vehicle-treated control group, in female animals (n=5 in each group). Male animals treated with the same nanoviricides also showed significantly reduced body weight loss. The body weight loss in male animals was 8.0% for the best nanoviricide candidate and ranged up to 10.9% for the potentially least effective one, as compared to 25% in the vehicle-treated control group (n=5 in each group). In comparison, remdesivir treatment led to a body weight loss of 15.2% in females and 18.6% in males in this study (see below). Smaller numbers mean less loss in body weight compared to starting body weight in the group, and indicate greater drug effectiveness.The strong effectiveness of nanoviricide drug candidates in this model is consistent with the effectiveness observed in cell culture studies against infection of both hCoV-NL63, which was used in this study, and hCoV-229E, another circulating coronavirus that uses a distinctly different receptor, namely APN.Thus this study corroborates the previous cell-culture effectiveness reported by the Company and provides confidence to the Company that these nanoviricides drug candidates may be expected to result in a clinical candidate to be pursued in human clinical trials.The Company believes the fact that these nanoviricides anti-coronavirus drug candidates are highly effective against two distinctly different coronaviruses that use different cellular receptors is very significant. Specifically, it provides a rational basis to scientists indicating that even if the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus mutates, the nanoviricides can be expected to continue to remain effective.Importantly, nanoviricides are designed to act by a novel mechanism of action, trapping the virus particle like the "Venus-fly-trap" flower does for insects. Antibodies, in contrast, only label the virus for other components of the immune system to take care of. It is well known that the immune system is not functioning properly at least in severe COVID-19 patients.The Company believes that these nanoviricides drug candidates are potentially superior to favipravir, based on cell culture studies and may be superior to remdesivir based on the results of this study, however, a definite conclusion to that effect cannot be drawn. Oral favipravir and infusion of remdesivir are two anti-viral drugs in clinical trials for the treatment of COVID-19.Prior to filing for human clinical trials, NanoViricides plans on conducting studies to further determine the effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2, perform drug development studies for safety/toxicology, and request a pre-IND Meeting with the US FDA for regulatory guidance.Human coronavirus NL63 (hCoV-NL63) uses the same ACE2 receptor as the SARS-CoV-2 that causes CoVID-19. Both in terms of its clinical pathology, and its receptor usage, it is known to be very similar to SARS-CoV-2, except much milder. Therefore the Company believes hCoV-NL63 is a good surrogate model for therapeutics development against SARS-CoV-2. HCoV-NL63 can be studied in a BSL2 lab whereas SARS-CoV-2 currently requires a BSL3 or BSL4 facility.The striking difference in weight loss between the two sexes in this animal model was remarkable. It has been widely reported that men are more likely to suffer severe infection and fatalities from SARS-CoV-2 than women in the current pandemic. This feature was replicated in our animal model study indicating that biological sex differences are the driver of the differences in the severity of infection by the coronaviruses that utilize the ACE2 receptor.The various receptors used by different coronaviruses appear to fall in the broad family of membrane-associated serine proteases. As a family, they share several structural features. Their substrate specificities are dictated by specific amino acid residues and their positions. However, the coronaviruses do not appear to insert into the specific substrate sites on their receptors as can be broadly deduced from limited, available knowledge of these interactions. NanoViricides believes that this has made it possible for the Company to develop receptor-mimetic virus-binding ligands that have broad-spectrum effectiveness against multiple coronaviruses that use different receptors.HCoV-NL63 is known to cause severe lower respiratory tract infections in young children leading to hospitalization. The symptoms are generally less severe than SARS-CoV-2 but are similar. In most cases, hCoV-NL63 causes relatively mild disease, often associated with croup, bronchiolitis, and lower respiratory tract disease in children, and is considered to cause some of the common colds in adults. Thus, the clinical manifestation of hCoV-NL63 infection in pediatric patients is similar to that of SARS-CoV-2, although much less severe. SARS-CoV-2 causes clinically similar milder forms of disease in most patients, but moderate to severe disease requiring hospitalizations in about 15-20% of infected persons. These similarities imply that hCoV-NL63 should be a reasonable model virus for antiviral cell culture and animal studies in BSL2 environment in the course of antiviral drug development for SARS-CoV-2.About NanoViricidesNanoViricides, Inc. ( is a development stage company that is creating special purpose nanomaterials for antiviral therapy. The Company's novel nanoviricide(R) class of drug candidates are designed to specifically attack enveloped virus particles and to dismantle them. Our lead drug candidate is NV-HHV-101 with its first indication as dermal topical cream for the treatment of shingles rash. The Company is also developing drugs against a number of viral diseases including oral and genital Herpes, viral diseases of the eye including EKC and herpes keratitis, H1N1 swine flu, H5N1 bird flu, seasonal Influenza, HIV, Hepatitis C, Rabies, Dengue fever, and Ebola virus, among others. The Company's technology is based on broad, exclusive, sub-licensable, field licenses to drugs developed in these areas from TheraCour Pharma, Inc. The Company does not currently have a license to the coronavirus field, however, TheraCour has not denied any licenses to the Company. The Company typically begins the licensing process only after demonstrating effectiveness of some candidates in optimization stage.This press release contains forward-looking statements that reflect the Company's current expectation regarding future events. Actual events could differ materially and substantially from those projected herein and depend on a number of factors. Certain statements in this release, and other written or oral statements made by NanoViricides, Inc. are "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. You should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements since they involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which are, in some cases, beyond the Company's control and which could, and likely will, materially affect actual results, levels of activity, performance or achievements. The Company assumes no obligation to publicly update or revise these forward-looking statements for any reason, or to update the reasons actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in these forward-looking statements, even if new information becomes available in the future. Important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from the company's expectations include, but are not limited to, those factors that are disclosed under the heading "Risk Factors" and elsewhere in documents filed by the company from time to time with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and other regulatory authorities. Although it is not possible to predict or identify all such factors, they may include the following: demonstration and proof of principle in preclinical trials that a nanoviricide is safe and effective; successful development of our product candidates; our ability to seek and obtain regulatory approvals, including with respect to the indications we are seeking; the successful commercialization of our product candidates; and market acceptance of our products.As with any drug development efforts, there can be no assurance that any of these candidates would show sufficient effectiveness and safety for human clinical development at this time.There can be no assurance that the Company will be successful in establishing the necessary collaborations, although the Company has been successful at establishing necessary collaborations for its drug programs in the past.FDA refers to US Food and Drug Administration. IND application refers to "Investigational New Drug" application. CMC refers to "Chemistry, Manufacture, and Controls". PHEBRA SIGNS INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT FOR MANUFACTURE AND SUPPLY OF A NEW PHARMACEUTICAL FOR TREATMENT OF DUCHENNE MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY 2020-05-19T06:17:55Z phebra-signs-international-distribution-agreement-for-manufacture-and-supply-of-a-new-pharmaceutical-for-treatment-of-duchenne-muscular-dystrophy Media Release: Sydney. Australia. 18 May, 2020.       PHEBRA SIGNS INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT FOR MANUFACTURE AND SUPPLY OF A NEW PHARMACEUTICAL FOR TREATMENT OF DUCHENNE MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY   Leading Australian pharmaceutical firm, Phebra Pty Ltd, is pleased to announce it has signed an agreement with Michigan-based Phrixus Pharmaceuticals Inc. (‘Phrixus’) to manufacture and distribute  (Carmeseal-MDÔ) and to assist Phrixus with its clinical trials. This new drug from Phrixus is expected to aid Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) in patients suffering cardiac and respiratory deficits.   DMD is a crippling, degenerative disease, primarily affecting boys and young men, leading to muscular weakness, respiratory distress and early death through heart failure.   The Phrixus compound is a small sterile preparation intended for daily subcutaneous administration. It is a unique speciality treatment for patients with DMD, which aims at modulating cellular damage and assisting with the stabilisation and preservation of the plasma membrane, which results from a loss of functional muscle dystrophin protein.   The effect of reducing muscle damage in key organs leads to an improved survival of these cells, which translates into improved function of the heart, the diaphragm and skeletal limb muscle for patients with DMD.   Announcing the agreement today, Phebra Chief Executive Officer, Dr Mal Eutick said: “Phebra is delighted to have concluded this agreement with Phrixus for the manufacture and distribution of this very important disease modifying, speciality drug.”   “DMD is a progressive and devastating genetic disease and Phebra looks forward to working closely with Phrixus and the Duchenne muscular dystrophy communities to achieve favourable outcomes and improve the lives of those patients concerned.”   “This latest agreement strengthens Phebra’s commitment to pursuing the treatment of rare diseases in Australia and across the world.”   About Phebra:   Phebra is an Australian based specialty pharmaceutical company which develops, manufactures and markets critical medicines in Australia and across the world.   At Phebra, we create critical medicines that save and improve lives.     Phebra media contact: Richard Lenarduzzi. +61 411 254 390