The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-06-26T22:02:21Z A2Z Car Removal’s 60 Second Deals Sell Your Car in a Minute 2019-06-26T22:02:21Z a2z-car-removal-s-60-second-deals-sell-your-car-in-a-minute There is an absolute lack of resources for the car owners that want to get rid of their vehicles sooner, as most car dealerships do not offer any kind of rebates of benefits for the car owners in Auckland. A2Z Car Removals is doing their best to help Auckland residents to get rid of these vehicles. As a professional car buying firm, they have tried endeavors with their customer care system.  While speaking to one of the spokespeople, who also happens to be the Head of Customer Care Services, we got important insights on how they could make this possible.  “We are not scared of getting duplicated. There is no way you can copy our level of expertise, and the kind of training our employees go through.”, said Courtney on being asked about their business model.  “I see it as an exciting opportunity for myself. This is what I have been training for almost half my adult life, I should be able to do it. Evaluating and assessing a vehicle can be tough if you are unsure of the criteria that will be used to decide. But we have our own estimates that suit industry standards.”, said Sameer from the customer service team.  As reported, the company will continue its car removal services in the city of Auckland. These services have been elementary in changing the way car owners in Auckland get rid of their unwanted vehicles.   Due to high demand and continual requests from customers all around the city, A2Z Car Removals’ top management has decided to keep their functions running throughout the week. Due to high demand on all days, and people who might need a towing in the weekends, they have decided to keep availability open on all seven days of the week.    However, the company has been reported to have taken action against fraudulent car owners. “We need to protect our image. Sometimes we get customers who don’t have the car keys, nor the papers, nor their own identification. We cannot buy cars from such customers because we know it might not be their own car.”, says one of the top management members.    The firm has also given its approach towards car removal a twist in recent years. Their focus is now on building some social impact. Social impact is now an evolving concept and has been considered an important aspect of business in recent times. The focus on the creation of social impact intertwined with the profit-making aspects of the business is what will make any business successful as well as ethical. A2Z Car Removals being a car recycling company is looking to improve their processes eventually and transform their business.    “Our business is already very environment-friendly. We are not trying to save the environment, but we ware trying to do as much as we can to prevent the landfills from becoming worse. All vehicles we buy are recycled, reused for car parts or resold to a car buyer. We are eliminating car waste, and it is profitable to do so!”, said the Co-Founder at A2Z Car Removals.    Beginning the revolution of instant co-creation of services might not be an easy task for most organisations. However, the experience of an organisation is essential and critical to the success in revolutionizing such an industry which is rather stable. It is only a matter of time that we should be able to get instant services on more high-involvement decisions. A2Z Car Removals are car wreckers and a car removal company in Auckland. Their services are car removal, abandoned car buying, paying instant cash for cars, and send-hand car buying. They buy old cars, used cars, trucks, utes, SUVs, vans, etc. Their services include van pickup, car pickup, giving cash for old or scrap cars and buying old cars for cash. They also do free car removal of accidental, junk and scrap vehicles.  They buy vehicles of all categories in all makes and models. Road rage and bad driving sees more dash cams being installed 2019-06-12T01:38:58Z road-rage-and-bad-driving-sees-more-dash-cams-being-installed It seems that not a day goes by when we don’t hear about a road rage incident or see a case of really bad driving. This is prompting more drivers to install dash cams — or car dashboard cameras — in their vehicles to insure themselves against adverse outcomes that may occur as a result. Along with many other reasons to use a dash cam, it’s the user’s hip pocket that’s the winner: protecting their finances and personal property, and importantly, their time. For example, with rear-ending being the most common type of car accident in Australia, drivers of the car who did the rear-ending are usually considered at fault unless they can prove otherwise. If they are innocent, a dash cam with a crisp clear recording can help prove it straight away. Clear footage can also help identify vehicles that leave the scene of an incident. Insurance companies love dash cams because they can then chase the real instigator of the crash and the affected driver isn’t recorded as being at fault. At its heart, a dash cam continuously records video and audio as well as other information such as location, date, time and speed. Leading Australian safety products company, Andatech, has introduced new DriveSense Ranger dash cams that use the latest generation technology and provide exceptional camera quality. G-sensor detects vibrations Ensuring the video footage is protected when needed is crucial, which is assisted by the gravity sensor (G-sensor) in the device. DriveSense dash cams have a built-in G-sensor that uses indicators such as vibrations and sudden jolting motions to alert the user to protect the recorded file so it cannot be deleted or overwritten. The G-sensor sensitivity can be set to low, medium, high or switched off completely. A film file can also be manually selected to lock or protect, which is then saved in a separate folder in the microSD card and cannot be deleted. Andatech’s two dash cam models comprise the DriveSense Ranger Dash Cam with WiFi and GPS ($249) and the DriveSense Ranger Duo Dash Cam ($299), which has both a front and rear dash cam with GPS. DriveSense features Features of the DriveSense Ranger dash cams include: * Recording in high resolution super HD 1080p at 30 frames per second to ensure it will pick up details such as licence plate numbers. * 1.5 or 2-inch LCD colour screen that is lightweight and compact without blocking the field of view. * A built-in accelerometer that records the speed of the vehicle while driving and is shown in every video recording. * 150-degree wide angle view with six-layer glass and infrared vision that provides an excellent field of view, comfortably covering up to five lanes of traffic. * 4x digital zoom to check details of licence plates, road signs and street names and large f/2.0 aperture, which provides vivid recordings under low light conditions and clear images even at night. * Ability to record videos in 3, 5 or 10 minute segments or continuously. Once the memory is full, the dash cam will start writing over older files seamlessly (excluding locked files). DriveSense dash cams have auto start up and shut down and users can enable or disable motion detection. Following the easy installation, it can connect directly to a smartphone for viewing and downloading files using the free DriveSense app. Andatech’s dash cams provide crisp clear recordings, full functionality and connectivity for an easy, seamless user experience. Both units come with a 32GB micro SD card and one-year warranty. For more information visit: About Andatech: Andatech is a 100% Australian owned company that designs, supplies, supports and services safety products including high quality alcohol and drug testing equipment. The company has the widest range of Australian Standard-certified breathalysers in Australia, which are designed for personal use, workplaces, hospitality venues (wall mounted) and as car interlock devices. Drug testing kits cover saliva and urine testing of up to 9 drug groups, providing error-free results. Andatech’s distribution channel offers consumer safety and air quality products including dash cams, FIR heater, dehumidifiers, air purifiers and humidifiers. Three Simple Guidelines On Selling An Old Car For Wrecking 2019-06-11T05:41:37Z three-simple-guidelines-on-selling-an-old-car-for-wrecking These specific factors lead to break down of cars. Well, if you are an owner to such a damaged and broken vehicle, then you can get rid of your car by selling it for wrecking. Selling vehicle for wrecking is considered to be a wise choice. The same is of great benefit to us. The decision for the same can help you attain a high price in return for your vehicle. The same comes up with monetary income, which is something every unexpected out of a scrap vehicle. Well, if you have made a firm decision of selling your car, then following the simple guidelines will help you make the best sell.  Estimating the Value of a Vehicle The vehicle is a valuable asset which is of high usage in our day to day lives. So, before replacing the same, you must evaluate its actual price. The exact cost estimation about the product will help you figure out the worth or somewhat real value of vehicles. The same will further help you to identify whether or if you get money the right price for your car. So do not forget to estimate the vehicle price before selling. The same is of great benefit. It will help you figure out the appropriate amount of the useless vehicle as per its condition. Selling in Parts You should consider selling off the vehicle into parts. Buying old cars for parts first before presenting it to the wreckers it is a perfect solution to maximize your earning from an old car. If you are looking to get used vehicle parts in Queensland, Qldcarwreckers is the perfect solution for you. Selling the used car parts one by one will help you gain the right money based on its working condition. For example, the parts functioning well are of great value than the one with extensive repairs. Well, to distinguish between the different vehicle parts, you will require expert knowledge. In such a case, you can hire any skillful individual. The expert knowledge can help you figure out with the identification of different parts along with its easy removal without causing any damage to it. However, rendering help from an expert requires an investment which is costly as well as inconvenient. Find Out the Extra Charges The auto wreckers ready to purchase your old cars charge an amount for their additional service. These other services are necessary and facilitate the individuals with the best. Well, these chargeable services by the experts can cost you much and simultaneously reduce your profit from the sale. So, you should have a clear idea about these hidden charges. Inquiry about these charges will help you avoid the extra charges. Therefore don't forget to find out the cost of paperwork, transportation, and every single process involved in selling the vehicle.  The above-mentioned guidelines will help you sell your car to the auto wreckers with ease. Moreover, it will help you maximize your profit from the sale. Pondering upon these tips will surely be of great benefit to you. Besides, while selling your car to the auto wreckers, these practices will of great help in ensuring a secure promotion of environmental wellness. Well, you can sell the components of your car to the online store as well as the remaining structure of wreckers. If you are ready to proceed further with the sale of your old car, then these simple steps will be a perfect start for sale. Therefore, do not miss out having a look at it and customizing your sale process. These steps are suitable and end up providing maximum benefits to the customers in terms of minimized losses. At the same time, it will help you identify the right offers of an auto-wrecking company. Here you are provided with the perfect opportunity which ensures the right income from the useless vehicle. Moreover, the assumption is considered to be the best decision to get rid of the junk car in an inappropriate condition. Solera | Autodata Acquires AutoMate Training 2019-06-03T12:35:02Z solera-autodata-acquires-automate-training MAIDENHEAD, UK and SYDNEY, Australia / 3rd June, 2019 – Autodata Publishing Group Limited (“Autodata”), a Solera Holdings, Inc. (“Solera”) group company and a global leader in automotive technical information, today confirmed the acquisition of AutoMate Training Pty. Ltd. (“AutoMate”), the automotive industry’s foremost provider of online technical training and professional development platforms. Founded and based in Sydney, Australia, AutoMate has rapidly expanded from a fledgling start-up to become a globally competitive player, offering automotive eLearning to thousands of automotive professionals and workshops in more than 60 countries. AutoMate’s unique, online training programs combine cutting-edge 3D visualisation with comprehensive real-vehicle analysis - all developed by a highly-experienced team of automotive experts and specialists. AutoMate and Autodata are both trusted and valued information service providers to more than eighty five thousand independent and enterprise automotive repair shops across the world, as well as corporate clients in the automotive service, maintenance and repair (“SMR”) industry. Autodata itself is recognised as the go-to automotive data solution for workshops with many countries seeing eight in ten workshops choosing Autodata to meet their SMR and automotive diagnostics needs. Jonathan Sampson, Managing Director and founder of AutoMate said: “Joining the Solera family is a logical and exciting next step on our strategic journey as a company. This union will see AutoMate’s renowned training programs made available in new global markets and will ensure increased business growth through further product development. AutoMate’s eLearning expertise, combined with Autodata’s highly advanced diagnostic and repair data, promises to deliver new and existing customers a compelling suite of products for the automotive mechanic.” Rod Williams, Managing Director of Autodata said: “AutoMate’s innovative solutions and strong management team provide immediate value with Solera. Together we provide immense value to Solera’s 400,000+ SMR users with AutoMate, enabling us to further capitalise on the opportunity to service both our existing users and beyond with AutoMate’s solutions.” -END- About Solera Solera was founded with the mission to digitalise and empower mobility transactions across the critical 54 and 250 lifecycle touchpoints of a vehicle, delivering true transparency and knowledge to all stakeholders. Today, Solera’s leading digital technologies manage and protect life’s most important assets: our cars, trucks, homes and digital identities. The company processes more than 300 million digital transactions annually for approximately 235,000 partners and customers in over 90 countries. For more information, please visit About Autodata  Established in 1972, Autodata is a trusted world leader in providing technical information to the automotive aftermarket. Autodata develops products for use in automotive workshops for the repair and servicing of cars and motorbikes, as well as corporate solutions for companies requiring bespoke platforms or integration with Autodata’s technical information. Through long-standing relationships, all data is licensed directly from 142 manufacturers, covering 34,000 models worldwide. The new Autodata web application features 90,000 diagrams and illustrations, covering over 600,000 step by step procedures. Autodata is part of the Solera group. For more information about Autodata and its latest developments, please visit About AutoMate Founded in 2014, AutoMate has made a name for itself as the industry’s leading provider of online technical training platforms for the automotive sector. AutoMate’s suite of digital training products are designed to support technicians throughout their entire automotive career, giving them easy, on-demand access to high-tech video training, covering fundamental and emerging automotive systems. AutoMate develops these knowledge solutions for trainee and professional technicians in over 60 countries, as well as corporate solutions for companies requiring bespoke training solutions. For more information, please visit Cautions About Forward-Looking Statements This press release contains forward-looking statements, including statements about: the benefits of the acquisition of AutoMate (the “Acquisition”), including but not limited to the benefits and value of products and services to Solera’s, Autodata’s and AutoMate’s customers, either alone or in conjunction with the products and services of other Solera group companies. These statements are based on Solera’s current expectations, estimates and assumptions and are subject to many risks, uncertainties and unknown future events that could cause actual results to differ materially. Actual results may differ materially from those set forth in this press release due to the risks and uncertainties inherent in transactions of this nature, and Solera’s, Autodata’s and AutoMate’s respective businesses, including, without limitation: the failure to realize the expected benefits of the Acquisition; risks associated with and possible negative consequences of acquisitions, investments, joint ventures and similar transactions; successfully integrating AutoMate’s solutions with or into Autodata’s or other Solera group offerings, including but not limited to, continued adoption of AutoMate’s Autodata’s and the Solera group’s products and services; effects of competition on product and service pricing and AutoMate’s, Autodata’s and the Solera group’s business; Solera’s ability to obtain additional financing as necessary to support its business or operations; rapid technology changes in Solera’s industry; and effects of security breaches on Solera’s business and reputation. Solera is under no obligation to (and specifically disclaims any such obligation to) update or alter its forward-looking statements whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. Octo Telematics partners with SAS to enhance analytical capabilities across its insurance IoT platform 2019-06-03T01:39:43Z octo-telematics-partners-with-sas-to-enhance-analytical-capabilities-across-its-insurance-iot-platform Cary, NC (May 31, 2019) SAS, the global leader in analytics, and Octo Telematics, the global leader in insurance IoT, have entered into a global partnership agreement to enable property and casualty insurance carriers to gain deeper business insights through the power of IoT. The insurance industry is under intense pressure to improve their books of business and remain relevant in a burgeoning field of tech-driven competition. The billions of sensors connected to insurable things – people, vehicles, homes – provides the industry with the opportunity to completely transform their business with personalized insurance offerings and higher customer retention through engagement. Octo Telematics provides an IoT platform purpose-built for insurance that enables insurers to better price risk, manage claims and engage customers. Insurers will be able to analyze their full set of driving and crash data alongside their traditional data directly in Octo’s platform using SAS® tools.  The combined analytics capabilities of SAS and Octo will provide insurers with prebuilt scores, interactive dashboards and smart visualizations as well as a suite of powerful SAS enterprise-level tools with which to build their own. “SAS shares our vision for the transformative power of insurance IoT and best-in-class analytics,” said Gianfranco Giannella, Chief Operating Officer at Octo Telematics. “Together, we are able to analyze huge data volumes and generate actionable insight at speed for insurers and customers.” “Octo is a pioneer in insurance telematics, and their insurance platform is a great example of how applied analytics combined with IoT can make insurance more profitable and personalized,” said Jason Mann, Vice President of IoT at SAS. SAS’ analytics suite, deeply integrated into Octo’s insurance IoT platform, will support the complete data life cycle – from data ingestion, normalization and validation to analysis to model deployment – and will reveal meaningful insights from IoT data regardless of its quantity, type or speed. Having both traditional and telematics data in a single platform enables insurers to make better decisions and act quickly using the real-time insights that arise from data visualization, machine learning and streaming analytics. To learn more about SAS’ approach to IoT analytics, with embedded AI capabilities, download the free product brief SAS Analytics for IoT. About Octo Telematics Octo is the number 1 global provider of telematics and data analytics solutions for the auto insurance industry. Founded in 2002, Octo is one of the pioneers of the insurance telematics industry. Today, Octo is the largest and most experienced insurance telematics company in the world, transforming auto insurance through behavioral, contextual and driving analytics for more than 100 insurance partners. Octo has more than 5.6 million connected users and the largest global database of telematics data, with over 228 billion miles of driving data collected and 456,000 crashes and insurance events analysed (as of Dec. 31, 2018). Octo applies proprietary algorithms to this market-leading database to deliver powerful new insights into driver risk, informing solutions that benefit both auto insurance companies and policyholders. The company is headquartered in Rome, with offices in Boston, London, Stuttgart, Madrid, and Sao Paulo. About SAS SAS is the leader in analytics. Through innovative software and services, SAS empowers and inspires customers around the world to transform data into intelligence. SAS gives you THE POWER TO KNOW®. All About Cash For Cars Services 2019-05-17T06:38:37Z all-about-cash-for-cars-services One of the least demanding methods for selling your vehicle is through cash for car service. Otherwise called vehicle evacuations, cash for car service allude to company that buy vehicles for extra parts and scrap metal. In this paper, you will figure out how to use vehicle expulsion administrations.  Preparing Your Vehicle Car wrecker sydney services purchase a wide range of vehicles. Notwithstanding, they can just buy the vehicle from its unique proprietor. In this manner, guarantee that you have the vehicle's enlistment reports. A moving vehicle brings more cash than a slowed down vehicle. In that capacity, on the off chance that you can lead minor fixes to improve the state of your vehicle, you will get a higher statement from the vendor. Abstain from modifying the vehicle's mileage since the vendor could make lawful move against you. Drop the vehicle protection and consider exchanging the number plates to your new vehicle.  Finding Car Removal Service Search for an company with long periods of involvement in the vehicle expulsion business. The following are a couple of tips to enable you to discover a car valuation company:  1. The organization must be legitimate. Online surveys and tributes are a decent wellspring of data in regards to their administration. 2. Inquire as to whether they offer free towing from your home. 3. Search for an organization that gives moment money once they get your vehicle. 4. The organization ought to be authorized and protected to direct the business. Car Valuation Use online assets to compute the estimation of your vehicle. In such a way, you will know when a vendor offers you a reasonable cost. Additionally, you can utilize the valuation report as a haggling apparatus.  Ask For Quotes Most car removal companies will give free quotes on the call. The statement depends eager for advancement, model, year of producer and state of the vehicle. You must be precise while depicting your vehicle. Minor subtleties, for example, reseller's exchange parts, condition of the tires, sort of edges, and state of the suspension could altogether improve the estimation of your vehicle. Try not to give false data. Something else, the seller will definitely debase your vehicle amid get.  Pickup Advise the seller regarding your favored method of installment in advance and guarantee that you are accessible on the pickup day. In the event that the seller believes that the vehicle does not merit the settled upon value, let the person in question present a defense. You reserve the option to drop the understanding whether you feel that you will show signs of improvement bargain.  Instant Cash For Car Sydney are a fast method for transforming your vehicle into moment money. Pick a dependable company, furnish exact subtleties and abstain from messing with your vehicle's mileage. Prestige Public Vehicle Auction – Rare Opportunity to Purchase Exclusive Luxury and Exotic Vehicles 2019-05-10T06:41:22Z prestige-public-vehicle-auction-rare-opportunity-to-purchase-exclusive-luxury-and-exotic-vehicles-8 Car auctioneers, Manheim, is holding an evening prestige vehicle auction on Thursday, May 16 at 6:00pm AEST. The auction is a regular event in the sales calendar in Sydney and will kick off with around 60 late model prestige and luxury vehicles offered for sale to members of the public. Interested car buyers shouldn’t miss this chance to buy a prestige vehicle at a great price. While a 2 door high performance sports car might not suit your lifestyle, Manheim’s prestige auction always features a great range of premium and luxury hatches, sedans, wagons and 4 wheel drives. It’s a great opportunity to pick up any style of luxury vehicle with a wide range of late model, low km cars including McLaren, BMW, Tesla, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. Some of the stand out vehicles include – 2018 Tesla Model S P100 D 5D Hatch - has put Tesla on the map with prodigious performance from its twin electric motors 2016 Ferrari 488 Spider 2D Cabriolet - featuring a 3.9L V8 engine with only 3,491 on the clock, nothing says prestige more than a Ferrari 2018 Mercedes-Benz S-class C217 S 560 2D Coupé - 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8, the S560 puts 345kW/700Nm, with a nine-speed transmission driving the rear wheels 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLE AMG 43 4MATIC 5D Coupé - unbelievable performance and sporty coupé design combined with a generous SUV sense of space 2014 Rolls-Royce Wraith 665c 2D Coupé - Only 11,904 kms on the odometer, the Wraith is a large, lush, evocative 4-seat coupe aimed at those who appreciate the best Daniel O’Brien, General Manager for Manheim in Sydney, said “Our latest Prestige auction has a great line up of outstanding vehicles on offer and we expect huge public interest in our sale on May 16. We have some stand out vehicles including a rare 2018 Tesla Model S, which we don’t have in our line up very often, a fantastic car and very environmentally friendly.” Many of the vehicles are being sold on behalf of financiers and corporate clients. Prospective buyers can view the content of the featured cars on Manheim’s Facebook page. The auction will commence at 6.00pm at Manheim, located at 144 Moorebank Ave, Moorebank. Members of the public are welcome to inspect the vehicles during the weekdays leading up to the auction. All vehicles are listed on the Manheim website, with detailed information, photographs and online catalogues available for viewing. Vehicles will also be available to purchase online with the auction ‘Simulcast’ live over the internet, allowing buyers to participate in the physical auction online. To find out more about this auction or the vehicles on offer, please call Hussain Alassadi on 0407 693 270. Ends/.. For further information, please contact: Mathew McAuley – Manheim Public Relations | Mobile: +61 419 333 696 Email:   About Manheim ( As an Australian market leader in the provision of automotive and industrial remarketing services, Manheim offers a comprehensive range of asset management and disposal services. With almost 60 years of experience across a broad range of industry sectors, Manheim delivers high quality services on a national basis to help customers meet their fleet and asset management business objectives. Manheim sells assets such as passenger and commercial vehicles, trucks, trailers, machinery, motorcycles, plant and equipment and written off vehicles in regular weekly and monthly auctions open to both trade and public buyers. Manheim works with dealers, manufacturers, federal and state government agencies, local government, insurers, financiers, rental companies and fleet and leasing companies across Australia and New Zealand. For more information on the company, please visit – New Media App Launches To Kill Off The Press Release 2019-04-30T04:15:39Z new-media-app-launches-to-kill-off-the-press-release A new technology platform has launches tomorrow made just for you. This tech platform called Story Match® will change the way that you receive your story pitches. No more emails, no more press releases and no more hassling PRs (I promise not to be one of those…) First, watch this! In 1.5 minutes it will explain it all to you… Story Match® is a two sided market place App and Desktop platform that allows brands to pitch story ideas to journalists, at the same time allowing journalists to select only what topics of stories they want to receive. Journalists, like you, set up their profile using 6 simple steps. You can select from up to 50 industry tags (food, finance, lifestyle, tech, etc etc) and can localise by State and Territories. If there’s a match on industry tags then you see the pitch. Using swiping technology you can scroll through stories, swipe left if you don’t like the story or right if you do. If you swipe right, it will open an immediate and private chat between you and the person who posted the pitch. The best bit…. The pitches have limitations – so brands can only upload selected images, a headline and up to 500 characters to bring their pitch to life. They then select which industry tag their story is relevant to, and localise it. So now you don’t need to read any more press releases or receive any more pitches that you’re not interested in. Story Match® was developed to improve efficiencies in the media industry, and allow all brands, no matter how big or small the opportunity to get their brand noticed. The tech platform has been developed by Founder and Director of Polkadot Communications Dionne Taylor – who has worked both as a journalist and a PR for the last 15 years. Dionne is available for an interview to chat about this new and exciting platform, built just for YOU! If interested in speaking with Dionne, please get in touch. CBH Group appoints ORIX Australia as outsourced Fleet Management and Leasing provider in Western Australia 2019-04-30T00:54:41Z cbh-group-appoints-orix-australia-as-outsourced-fleet-management-and-leasing-provider-in-western-australia Sydney, Australia – April 30, 2019 – ORIX Australia Corporation Limited (ORIX) today announced that, following a competitive process, CBH Group has appointed ORIX as its outsourced Fleet Management and Leasing provider. The CBH Group is Australia’s largest co-operative organisation and a leader in the Australian grain industry, with operations extending along the value chain from grain storage, handling, transport, marketing and processing. Owned and controlled by more than 4,000 Western Australian grain growing businesses, the core purpose of the CBH Group is to sustainably create and return value to growers*. ORIX is a trans-Tasman Fleet Management and Leasing Organisation, currently employing over 300 people and managing assets valued in excess of A$1 billion. ORIX’s offer to CBH Group includes traditional fleet management and leasing services to support CBH’s fleet of vehicles. The offer was complemented by enhanced Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) capabilities tailored for CBH Group and designed to optimise the cost of managing mobility within the Group. Further, by accessing ORIX’s innovative technology package, CBH Group and ORIX were able to develop a support package that allows CBH Group to extend industry best practice fleet management and leasing capabilities to its substantial network of growers and suppliers. ORIX will engage CBH Group in the near future to further extend its offer to include Novated Leasing and a Vehicle Buying Service to its members and employees. * <ENDS> About ORIX Australia Corporation Limited ORIX Australia Corporation Limited (ORIX) is one of the world’s leading fleet management companies. In Australia and New Zealand, we’ve provided fleet management, commercial vehicle rentals and leasing and novated leasing for more than 30 years. Through our innovative solutions, including the award-winning OneView platform, ORIX Share and ORIXi, we help our clients get more value from their vehicles and manage the evolving risks of a mobile workforce. Drive up your sales by enhancing the customer experience 2019-04-17T00:23:12Z drive-up-your-sales-by-enhancing-the-customer-experience Looking to shift gears and take your customers’ car dealership experience to the next level? Then JURA’s range of professional fully automatic coffee machines is the solution. Enhance every customer’s dealership experience by providing an extra special touch – personalised, café quality coffee at the touch of a button. Customers expect only the best treatment when entering a car dealership, whether visiting for a routine car service or looking to buy a new car – especially when it comes to luxury car brands. A premium, Swiss-made JURA coffee machine represents the perfect synergy for such treatment. As soon as the customer enters the door, the sales person can set the tone by offering a freshly brewed, barista-style coffee without having to go out and visit the local café. George Liakatos, JURA Australia’s General Manager says, “Our machines are a great solution for car dealerships who want to make a great first impression and really show they care about their customers throughout the entire buying process. They not only look professional and premium but produce coffee that you will be proud to serve every time.” The JURA difference: All machines use freshly ground beans, not capsules The JURA Operating Experience (J.O.E.®) coffee app allows users to create a coffee profile for each individual customer and personalise their drink of choice, right down to the strength, amount of milk and type of coffee Save money over time, calculate how much here: Simply press your customer’s profile and the machine will prepare their personalised coffee Easy to clean with automated cleaning cycles – simply plug in, add the cleaning solution and the job is done The machines: JURA WE8 Fully Automatic Coffee Machine: 30 cups per day Featuring a wide choice of speciality coffees, the WE8 is equipped with a 3L water tank, a bean container for 500g of coffee beans and a grounds container with the capacity of 25 portions. The One-Touch function creates trend specialities like latte macchiato, flat white or cappuccino very simply at the touch of a button. The modern TFT display make operation incredibly simple even for inexperienced users. RRP $2,690. JURA X8 Fully Automatic Coffee Machine: 80 cups per day The X8 is incredibly versatile: it can prepare the full range of speciality coffees finished with milk and milk foam as well as black coffees and the classic pot of coffee. For tea lovers, it also prepares hot water at different temperature levels. With its solid, height-adjustable dual spout, it can create a speciality coffee – or even two beverages simultaneously – and dispense them into the cups or glasses, at the touch of a button. RRP $3,949. The Recycling Express of Melbourne 2019-04-11T22:31:45Z the-recycling-express-of-melbourne Social businesses and enterprises are taking over the planet! And the planet is finally starting to look better. Doing business for social good is not something new or something that is ‘trending’ right now. Social businesses and social entrepreneurs are the need of the hour, especially in a country that doesn’t even have an ozone layer! Melbourne is full of the hustle-bustle of new businesses and entrepreneurs who want to be creators of change. As a city, too, Melbourne’s citizens have increasingly supported such businesses as they want to be socially responsible. One such business is Express Cash for Cars that is located in Melbourne and operates as a recycling company. They are also car wreckers, which essentially means that they wreck cars and other vehicles. Wrecking involves the dismantling of vehicles so that the parts of this vehicle that are still functional can be used. This facilitates the reuse of every single part of this entire vehicle that probably has no other use. They also ensure that the rest of the body of the car, van, utes, minivan, truck, or whichever vehicle it is they have, is recycled for scrap metal. Scrap metal recycling is a procedure that is used for cars and their parts to be converted into scrap metal that is then sold to more production and manufacturing units. These manufacturing further use this metal to produce other goods and sometimes services, too. These goods can also be recycled further, making them sustainable produce. Why is Express Cash for Cars so worried about recycling products? Well, we spoke to a few members of the Board at Express Cash for Cars and we found out why! Stacy from ECC, Melbourne said,”We’re all trying to sell something. But if that’s all we’re doing then we’re basically no better than cavemen who would barter their goods for other’s goods. Our company holds a strong mission for doing business for the good of the society. We’re earning profits, but we’re also keeping Melbourne neat and tidy. That’s how entrepreneurs should be thinking about their ideas, making money ain’t enough anymore.” The head of the management staff also exclaimed that he works to make sure no customer is treated in the wrong manner, or scammed. The company claims to believe in the ‘do good and good will come to you’ philosophy which is also helping them function smoothly. “What’s wrong with what we’re doing? My children are going to grow up in this city, who would want their own children to grow up in garbage dumps! We keep the city clean for the future of our kids, and their kids. They deserve fresh air and parks where they can play.”, said Shaun from services management. The company has currently employed a team that works to improve the visibility of their services online and on social media. “Everyone is now buying stuff on Facebook! We have to be up there for people to know what we do. And to be honest, it does give us a lot of space to tell potential customers of our services hat they probably wouldn’t have known otherwise.” The company claims to have received more business and many more calls from younger adults who ‘try to look for different ways to get their work done’ instead of sticking to the same old processes. On being asked for their most popular service they mentioned the fact that the customers don’t need to be involved at all, is considered the best. “The customers don’t need to drop the car, as we pick it up for free. They don’t have to do the paperwork, because our team completes it for them before the pickup happens. They love it! They don’t have to move a bone and they can sell their old, unwanted car in Melbourne in a day.” For all we know, Melbourne will soon be one of the cities with the lowest carbon footprint, if our business enterprises work towards such goals. We do have a long way to go, but where there is a will, there is a way! Further media information: Express Cash for Cars is a car buyer in Melbourne that is an express car removal service as well. Their wide range of services is inclusive of car removal, accidental car removal, paying cash for cars, and used car buying. They buy old cars, used cars, trucks, utes, SUVs, vans, etc.  By offering fast cash for vehicles old and new, Express Cash for Cars keeps their customers happy and satisfied with a hassle-free service, and free benefits such as free pickups and free valuation of an old vehicle. Manheim to offer more hail affected vehicles in Sydney 2019-04-10T04:12:52Z manheim-to-offer-more-hail-affected-vehicles-in-sydney Following the unprecedented interest and sales success of the first auction, Manheim is once again offering the public a chance to buy hail damaged vehicles from the hail storm in Sydney to end 2018. Commencing Saturday, April 13 at 9:00am, over 250 cars are up for auction. From the 250 vehicles, Hyundai Motor Company are offering 120 near new, driveable and low km cars to the public. They are not on the WOVR and are being sold without registration plates. The auction provides a fantastic opportunity for the public to purchase a damaged vehicle for a great price. “The hail storm impacted our site heavily just before Christmas as well as many cars on our property and the Sydney region. Again we are offering another range of cars for people to purchase on the back of our great auction success in February,” said General Manager of Manheim NSW, Daniel O’Brien. The auction will take place at 144 Moorebank Avenue, Moorebank and via our online auction platform, Simulcast on Saturday, April 13 at 9:00am (AEST). People will be able to view the cars on Thursday, April 11 from 12:00pm AEST. For more details, please click here or contact Eric Kravos on 0409 500 221. Ends/.. For further information, please contact: Mathew McAuley – Manheim Public Relations | Mobile: +61 419 333 696 Email: About Manheim ( As an Australian market leader in the provision of automotive and industrial remarketing services, Manheim offers a comprehensive range of asset management and disposal services. With almost 60 years of experience across a broad range of industry sectors, Manheim delivers high quality services on a national basis to help customers meet their fleet and asset management business objectives. Manheim sells assets such as passenger and commercial vehicles, trucks, trailers, machinery, motorcycles, plant and equipment and written off vehicles in regular weekly and monthly auctions open to both trade and public buyers. Manheim works with dealers, manufacturers, federal and state government agencies, local government, insurers, financiers, rental companies and fleet and leasing companies across Australia and New Zealand. For more information on the company, please visit –   JetSkiBoats.Com.Au is the first online Jet Ski retailer to accept Bitcoin and other crypto currencies as payment and it has a 30% Sale Discount Campaign to celebrate it 2019-04-08T15:38:15Z jetskiboats-com-au-is-the-first-online-jet-ski-retailer-to-accept-bitcoin-and-other-crypto-currencies-as-a-payment-and-it-has-a-30-sale-discount-campaign-to-promote-it Jetski Boats WA participates in liquidations and clearance auctions for personal watercrafts from US & Japan. We dedicate our time finding brand new older models of Kawasaki, Yamaha and Seadoo Jet Skis which we import to Australia and today we proudly announce the acceptance of crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and many others for the items in stock. Bitcoin is a digital currency that enables instant payments over the Internet. Unlike credit cards and PayPal, Bitcoin has no central authority and no way to lock entire countries out of the network. Merchants who accept Bitcoin payments can do business with anyone. In order to promote the acceptance of crypto currencies we decided to start the Autumn Mega Sale Campaign which allows buyers interested to purchase any of the listed items at 30% discount. During this campaign we accept only Crypto Currencies.  We strongly believe we are the first Australian Jet Ski retailer accepting Crypto Currencies and we are really proud of our achievement.  Get the Most Money for Your Vehicle with These 5 Tips on How to Trade in a Car 2019-04-05T08:37:10Z get-the-most-money-for-your-vehicle-with-these-5-tips-on-how-to-trade-in-a-car A car is quite an expensive commodity that people purchase after a lot of saving. However, every car has a service life after which it begins to give trouble while working. Under such circumstances, it becomes difficult for the owners to use the car. Moreover, the vehicle may be beyond repair, or the repair cost may be very high.   That's why car owners often decide to sell their car before it loses its market value. The average service life of a vehicle is 12 years. Hence, it is advisable that individuals should plan to sell it before the problems start emerging in the car and it becomes difficult to sell. Also Read: What Are The Wrecking Benefits Adelaide Following are five tips to help you get the best value for your car while trading it in: Know your vehicle – It is essential to know your car thoroughly. By this, we mean that you should know about all its details and features. The model's number, make and other essential functions are information that people consider while purchasing a car. You also have to give information about its insurance and other such legal details. The clearer you are about the car’s features the better will be the chances of its sale. Negotiation – The skill of negotiation is significant while selling your car. This works in two ways. First, do not accept any price that is lower than what your vehicle deserves. Since you are the owner, you will know the worth of your car much better than anyone else. Second, do not be too rigid with the price either. If someone offers you an amount that is close to yours, you can make the deal. However, in both situations do not compromise too much on your profit. Be prepared – You need to be ready to part with your car at any time once you decide to sell it. You must be prepared with the necessary paperwork for the sale of the vehicle. It is done so that you do not waste time to develop the paperwork. Often, people may be ready to buy the car on a particular day, but a delay with the paperwork may allow them to look for other prospects. As a result, you may lose the customer. Take multiple quotes – Do not restrict yourself to just one individual or dealership. You need to take quotes from various places in the market. This is done so that you get the best value for your car.  Documents – The documents that prove your ownership over the car, insurance papers, emission test receipts, etc. are all critical when it comes to selling your vehicle. These are proof that the vehicle you are selling is in a completely legal way and will not implicate the new owners under any circumstances. So use these tips to trade your car for the best value available in the market. An easy way to get in touch for any vehicle recycling or removal permanently that can be done with the online using our contact form of Also, free removals will help you out where towing and obligation are completely free.  VIVID SYDNEY 2019 ENTERS A NEW DECADE OF INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY 2019-03-19T04:34:52Z vivid-sydney-2019-enters-a-new-decade-of-innovation-and-creativity MEDIA RELEASE: 11.30am, Tuesday 19 March, 2019 VIVID SYDNEY 2019 ENTERS A NEW DECADE OF INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY ARGYLE CUT IN THE ROCKS RETURNS WITH PIXAR ANIMATION STUDIOS, CAMPBELLS COVE AND HICKSON ROAD RESERVE REJOIN LIGHT WALK, GAME CHANGERS SPIKE LEE AND ESTHER PEREL HEADLINE VIVID IDEAS PLUS THE CURE, RÜFÜS DU SOL, FKA TWIGS & UNDERWORLD ROCK VIVID MUSIC. 2019 PROGRAM ANNOUNCEMENT VIDEO CONTENT AND IMAGES ARE AVAILABLE Vivid Sydney, the largest festival of light, music and ideas in the Southern Hemisphere, will ignite the Harbour City this winter from Friday 24 May to Saturday 15 June 2019 as it enters a new decade of innovation and creativity with an inspiring and star-studded program of events. Destination NSW CEO and Executive Producer - Vivid Sydney, Sandra Chipchase said, “Australia’s most loved and awarded festival, now in its eleventh year, will bring together light artists, music makers and brilliant minds to showcase Sydney as the creative industries hub of the Asia-Pacific. “This year’s Vivid Sydney program is bold, exciting and diverse, offering something for everyone so I encourage those who want to experience this unmissable event to start planning their trip now.” Vivid Sydney is owned, managed and produced by Destination NSW, the NSW Government’s tourism and major events agency, and in 2018 attracted 2.25 million attendees, delivering $172.9 million in visitor expenditure into the NSW economy. “I am proud to say our marketing activities saw a record 185,887 travel packages sold to domestic and international visitors for Vivid 2018 - an increase of 37 per cent over the previous year. Vivid Sydney is a must-attend event for travellers and motivates people to visit Sydney and beyond,” Ms Chipchase said. “It doesn’t matter your age or interests, whether it is your first time to Sydney or if you are a local - Vivid Sydney has universal appeal. The Vivid Sydney 2019 program offers inclusive and accessible installations, events and experiences that you can enjoy for one evening or over 23 nights.” Ms Chipchase also announced the inaugural Vivid School for High School students in years 9-12 to assist students to learn more about the creative processes involved in imagining, designing and delivering light-based artworks for this huge global event. “This initiative will enable students and their teachers to meet the professionals behind Vivid Sydney’s iconic building projections and light walk installations, and to hear from artists, designers and technicians about their career paths and how they harnessed opportunities to build their skills for future projects and employment,” Ms Chipchase said. VIVID LIGHT This year’s Light Walk sees over 50 radiant works curated into the largest outdoor gallery of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, stretching for more than three kilometres. In a partnership first, Academy-Award winning Pixar Animation Studios will illuminate Sydney’s heritage-listed Argyle Cut in The Rocks with a creative light projection that will delight visitors of all ages as they are transported through a visual feast of behind-the- scenes artwork and the evolution of iconic animation. The return of the Argyle Cut to the Vivid Light program will be a huge drawcard for festival goers featuring the captivating characters of Pixar films, including the beloved duo of Woody and Buzz Lightyear. For this year’s eagerly anticipated Lighting of the Sails, Los Angeles-based Chinese American artist-filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang presents Austral Flora Ballet. This hypnotic tribute to Australia’s exquisite native plants and flowers incorporates a dancer’s movements in response to the sensuous arcs of the Sydney Opera House’s silhouette. Visitors can once again weave their way through the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney for close encounters with illuminated artworks that reflect and refract both light and nature. Glowing, darting, hovering above the ground, Firefly Field is a mesmerising installation of 500 flying light points that simulate the aerial ballet of these tiny nocturnal lampyridae. Viewers are encouraged to look beyond the night sky and wonder what secrets lie beyond the stars throughKA3323, a retro-futuristic satellite dish overgrown with alien plant matter that has mysteriously landed in the Botanic Garden. While at I Hear You (But Do You Hear Me?), an array of LED light poles generates a space between two people with their voices starting a conversation of light and sound, questioning inequality in the digital era. Across the Quay, the imposing art-deco façade of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia will be transformed by award-winning Australian-Columbian artist Claudia Nicholson who, together with light veterans Spinifex Group, reimagine her vibrant artworks into Let Me Down, an animated cycle of creation, destruction and regeneration underscored by the cool and contemporary sounds of Lonelyspeck. Next door, in addition to an incredible experience at Foundation Hall, Samsung Electronics Australia will create a once in a lifetime experience at First Fleet Park using some of the most exciting features of the Galaxy S10 to reimagine how you see Vivid Sydney. Watch your chips! in The Rocks examines the collective behaviour of birds, mimicking the way gulls sometimes harass humans for food scraps while Nostalgia Above connects the romance of nature to data-driven climate technology, creating a virtual barometer that forecasts rain and thunderstorms, clear or gloomy skies. Campbells Cove is back with Ballerina, an eternal dance solo that shimmers along the harbour’s edge as if in a dream, while Let it Snow makes it seem that giant snowflakes have landed at Hickson Road Reserve offering great views from the water. Celebrating the International Year of Indigenous Languages, the southern pylon of Sydney Harbour Bridge is set to come to life with Eora: Broken Spear curated by Rhoda Roberts AO with projection design by The Electric Canvas. This powerful work reminds us to reflect, to call country, to read country and listen to country. The façade of Customs House is once again transformed to become an aquatic wonderland in Under the Harbour by Spinifex Group, sure to delight children and adults alike. The watery world with neon sea creatures, botanical wonderlands, and unclassified oddities will provide a playful and exquisite escape into an extraordinary underwater fantasy certain to inspire audiences and deepen the appreciation of Sydney’s aquatic haven. VIVID SYDNEY PRECINCTS Popular precincts Taronga Zoo, Darling Harbour, Chatswood, Barangaroo and Luna Park also light up in 2019. On the north shore, festival favourite Taronga Zoo’s Lights for the Wild adds to its illuminated trail of interactive lanterns featuring endangered species. Joining the star-spangled Asian Elephant, a family of glowing Silverback Gorillas, the iridescent Marine Turtle and the Weedy Sea Dragon, is the Sumatran Tiger Cubs marking the birth of three new tiger cubs and highlighting the Zoo’s commitment to conservation. In its second year, the ever-grinning Luna Park Sydney dazzles again after dark. This year adrenaline seekers can get airborne in the new family thriller Volaré studded with thousands of LED lights which perfectly complements the light-laced iconic Ferris Wheel. Vivid Sydney at Chatswood, a family favourite, is set to radiate with peace and harmony. The Concourse will shine with Co-existence, a large-scale projection work by Hungarian artist collective Limelight while music fans can catch shows by Vince Jones and Lisa Fischer as well as performances by the Willoughby Symphony Orchestra. Vivid Ideas weighs in with a festival/conference for girl gamers and free sessions on clean beauty, fit- tech and wellness. Barangaroo offers a feast for the senses with Exchange Place set to become a wondrous Winter Camp each night with the glowing six-metre tall spirit Marri Dyin (Great Woman) visiting Thursdays to Sundays. Visitors are invited to join her to hunt and gather through illuminated bushlands and enjoy light-inspired fare at all price-points from over 40 restaurants, bars and cafes. At Darling Harbour, Robot SPACELand imagines a not-too-distant future where a new civilisation rises from our post-industrial debris. This is where you will get to meet mind- boggling electro-automotive super-bots that have been sent to sow the seeds of a brighter, greener tomorrow. Vivid Sydney’s inclusive playground Tumbalong Lights is back with the support of Access and Inclusion partner Cushman & Wakefield. Inspired by the next frontier, playSPACE will bring together super-scale installations that give intrepid explorers an opportunity to walk Under the Milky Sky, play with Spaceballs, and share different perspectives with See What I See. Low-sensory sessions will be catered for too. VIVID IDEAS Vivid Ideas brings to Sydney 23 days and nights of talks, hands-on workshops and industry- shaping forums delving into the meaning of love, loneliness and belonging in our fast-paced, ever-connected lives. This year’s Game Changers challenge assumptions on race and relationships. Hollywood trailblazer Spike Lee opens up about his personal politics, story-craft and tips for making movies that matter, while iconic psychotherapist and creator of the wildly popular podcast Where Should We Begin? Esther Perel investigates modern love in the digital age and looks at the ways relationships are being affected by technology. The New Horizons series tunes into signals from the future. Highlights include Future of Sex researcher and podcast creator Bryony Cole charting the frontiers of sextech, Marc Fennell exploring loneliness and how and why many people in Japan feel overworked and undersexed, and Eileen Ormsby shines a chilling light into the dark underbelly of the web. Scientists and researchers from UTS, the ABC and CSIRO will also shed light on what’s coming next in AI and ethics, space exploration and more. In The Mark Colvin Conversation: Net Worth, Pulitzer prize winner author Sebastian Smee, psychologistJocelyn Brewer and artist and author Holly Throsby look at the value of an ‘inner life’ and ask what price we’ll pay for our constant digital distraction. Vivid Art After Hours returns to the Art Galley of NSW for free Wednesday evenings that combine art activities, live music and talks by creative thinkers addressing issues of belonging - including comedian and ‘bad Buddhist’ Meshel Laurie, rapper, poet and author Omar Musa and artist Abdul Abdullah in conversation about cultural identity, and the team behind the hit ABC TV show You Can’t Say That celebrating social diversity. Citizens of the World workshops and other how-to sessions will unlock essential skills for living a more creative, better informed and fulfilled life and Semi Permanent returns with a jam-packed program of design goodness featuring vice president of design for Uber, Michael Gough and other luminaries. The Vivid Ideas Exchange will once again reside on Level 6 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia with 23 days of stimulating talks and skill sharpening workshops including future-facing industry forums, deep-dive conferences, panels and showcases where we brighten up your perspectives and challenge your ideas. VIVID MUSIC Vivid Sydney spotlights the city’s live music culture by both bringing in influential overseas acts and placing a firm focus on local talent, this year’s line-up is set to impress. Dynamic electronic act RÜFÜS DU SOL and genre-bending popstar FKA Twigs headline this year’sCarriageworks program while the warehouse party of the year, Curve Ball curated by Fuzzy Events returns featuring Hayden James, Touch Sensitive and Mallrat. The City Recital Hall presents four musically diverse highlights including Australian music legend Paul Kelly and leading Australian composer James Ledger performing thirteen new songs and soundscapes inspired by birds, pop-darling Kate Miller-Heidke, internationally acclaimed pianists ZOFO and Concertos on Fire. Vivid LIVE at the Sydney Opera House celebrates artists at the cutting edge of their genre and visionaries who create on their own terms. British alternative rock pioneers The Cure mark the 30th anniversary of their landmark album Disintegration with four sold-out Australian exclusive performances. Their compatriots, UK electronic titans Underworld are set to transform the Concert Hall into a euphoric dance floor with four exclusive shows, while rising American synth-pop star Maggie Rogers makes her Sydney Opera House debut bringing her singular fusion of melodic folk and percussive beats to showcase her incredible new record, Heard It in a Past Life. Acclaimed singer songwriter Sharon Van Etten also sails in for an electrifying one-night-only performance and legendary jazz ground-breaker Herbie Hancock’s only Sydney show will be unmissable. 2019 marks X|Celerate’s third big year and partnership between the City of Sydney and Destination NSW supporting the ongoing growth of Sydney’s thriving music scene. 23 inner city venues including a hair salon, church and brewery showcase emerging grassroots acts across every imaginable genre, with acts like The Catholics, Set Mo, Carlotta and I Know Leopard, while Heaps Gay returns for the Qweens Ball at the Sydney Town Hall. Vivid Art After Hours returns to the Art Gallery of NSW with the fused Vivid Ideas and Music program on Wednesday evenings. Catch Andrew Bukenya’s Do the Spike Thing, OKENYO taking a sonic deep dive into the human condition andJZ Lunar Capsule presenting an Astronaut’s Playlist celebrating the music of space travellers as imagined by the Apollo 11 astronauts 50 years ago. VIVID SYDNEY SPONSORS Vivid Sydney thanks its sponsors for their support of Vivid Sydney 2019. American Express returns as partner for the third consecutive year with the American Express Lounge at Cruise Bar as well as supporting the Vivid Sydney Volunteer Program. Samsung Electronics Australia and official energy partner TransGrid also return as partners with Pixar Animation Studios joining as partner for the first time. Supporters include City of Sydney, Sydney Opera House, Technical Direction Company and 32 Hundred Lighting and ICC Sydney. For the third year, Vivid Sydney’s Access and Inclusion Partner is Cushman & Wakefield and the festival continues its sustainability partnership with the Banksia Foundation and Informed 365. Vivid Sydney’s collaborators include Art Gallery of NSW, Australian Museum, BEMO, Carriageworks, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Event Engineering, Kennards Hire, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service, PropMill, Spinifex Group, State Library NSW. The official charity party is the Royal Flying Doctor Service, South Eastern Section. The full 2019 Vivid Sydney media kit, program announcement and high-res imagery including 2019 Vivid Sydney light renders and broadcast quality video footage of 2018 festival highlights, are available to download at Media Enquiries Nathan McIlroy, The Mint Partners 0421 668 440 Jo Hocking, Destination NSW 0429 507 328