The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-06-17T03:08:14Z HCL Technologies and Cricket Australia launch global TechJam to implement solutions and prototypes for transforming the game 2021-06-17T03:08:14Z hcl-technologies-and-cricket-australia-launch-global-techjam-to-implement-solutions-and-prototypes-for-transforming-the-game HCL Technologies (HCL), a leading global technology company, in partnership with Cricket Australia and collaboration with Microsoft, will host the HCL – CA TechJam 2021: #InspiredByHCL.   As the Official Digital Technology partner of Cricket Australia (CA), HCL has driven the development of the digital innovation platform that will explore crowdsourcing data-driven solutions from across the globe to inspire and engage the ecosystem of cricket fans, players and partners. HCL and CA will collaborate with Microsoft to support participants with Azure as a platform sandbox while leveraging technology as a means to unite and encourage the passion for cricket.   HCL signed a multi-year partnership with CA in 2019 and was selected as its Official Digital Technology Partner for scaling its digital transformation.   The HCL – CA TechJam is open to all sport enthusiasts, data scientists, analysts, developers, statisticians, tech enthusiasts, tech freelancers, university students, coders and technology innovators from the global developer community.   HCL’s Scale Digital methodology will help CA and its partners in building a digital core through a composable platform leveraging Microsoft Azure that will be modular, auto-scalable, data driven and experience-centric, integrating multiple industry standard products and services to enhance the experience for fans and participants.   While providing key data sets, data excerpts and insights, the HCL – CA TechJam 2021 will address the following areas:   ·       Game Performance – Develop technology solutions that create meaningful impact for the game of cricket and enable Cricket Australia to improve the Australian National Team’s performance on and off the field.   ·       Fan Engagement – Create comprehensive, accessible and scalable fan experience solutions to ensure fans are continuously connected and engaged with the game across multiple touchpoints.   ·       Community Engagement – With more than 700,000 registered participants, develop prototypes leveraging technology to support the community and transform cricket into a professional multi-touchpoint sport for all Australians.   The HCL – CA TechJam 2021 will enter its final stage with 32 top teams shortlisted to compete for rewards and recognitions via a series of live, tele-pitch presentations to a panel of experts and industry leaders from the partner ecosystem in August 2021.   For further details, please contact:   Meenakshi Benjwal    Elka Ghudial, Europe    Devneeta Pahuja, India and APAC INCONSULT UNVEILS NEW BRAND IDENTITY 2021-06-17T01:05:42Z inconsult-unveils-new-brand-identity SYDNEY, Australia – June 17, 2021 – InConsult, an advisory firm specialising in end-to-end risk management, internal audit, assurance and business resilience services has for the first time in two decades, reimagined its brand and distinctive wing logo, a symbol of rising above the challenges. “We have been in business since 2001, that’s 20 years now, and our existing logo has served us well. It was developed at a time when we were still forming our services, very few clients and did not have a sense of identity” said Director, Tony Harb. “For this brand and logo refresh, we wanted a logo that is modern, but we did not want to completely cut ties with the 3 line wing concept altogether. The light blue wing is very well known to our current clients, but on it’s own, does not truly represent all that we are today”. “We wanted a logo that is more representative of what we mean to our clients today, how we want to make them feel and a logo and brand identity to take us forward well into the future”. The InConsult Shield  The new logo retains the wing and similar light blue colour palette but modernises the font and transforms the logo into a modern shield to represent protection, safety, security, stability, strength and confidence.  “We want our clients to feel protected by our end-to-end risk management, resilience, audit and assurance services”.  Back in 2001, our only service was risk management.  Today, we offer a more comprehensive range of risk management services that extend to risk management technology, cyber risk, climate risk, risk culture, risk appetite, third party risk and strategic risk management.  We have also moved beyond risk management to crisis management, resilience, fraud prevention, internal audit and assurance services”, said Harb. “Our mantra has always been to encourage organisations to take more calculated risks to realise opportunities and create value. But we want them to do this by understanding the risks first and putting a strong control environment in place (systems, people, culture and processes) that work together to guide and protect them on their journey”. The Tick  Look closer and you will also see a dark blue tick or check mark in the new logo, an affirmative symbol used in audit, governance, quality control and compliance to represent something is correct and to provide assurance. Historically, a tick is representative of the first letter of the Latin word Veritas – meaning true or truth!  The dark blue colour was chosen for its representation of confidence. “Whether we are helping to design a robust risk management framework, evaluate risk culture, assess the impact of climate change, test a disaster recover plan, or conduct an internal audit, our clients expect us to reveal and present the truth”, said Harb. The new identity did not just happen overnight. In recent years, InConsult undertook a series of branding strategy workshops to help establish a more targeted and unique brand identity to align to the organisation’s purpose and culture statement more closely. The output of the workshops was a brand archetype with characteristics associated with providing structure, guiding the way forward, caring, protecting, controlling and uncovering the truth. The challenge was to capture that brand archetype and to deliver the refresh look and feel to the brand’s corresponding logo. InConsult partnered with Mike and Nick from Thiink Consulting and designer George Moussa on the refresh project. The Symbol of Confidence Just like our services have evolved, so to has our logo and identity.  Metaphorically, the new logo says – armed with a shield (InConsult services) an organisation can confidently move forward, take risks and be more resilient. “The new logo is a symbol of confidence when taking risks to realise opportunities. It represents the work we’ve done over 20 years to deliver quality risk management, audit and assurance services to our clients and the work we still have to do together, as we face a bright and yet uncertain future. Whilst the logo and brand identity has changed, some things will remain the same.  “Our commitment to our clients, value for money and quality service will not change.  Our highly experienced, professional and committed team will remain the hallmark and a key differentiation point between us and our competitors”. “InConsult will always be there to help organisations pursue their vision, manage their risks, be more resilient and stay in control” said Tony Harb. Rebooting classifieds using first-to-market technologies in a languishing digital marketplace world 2021-06-16T21:45:00Z rebooting-classifieds-using-first-to-market-technologies-in-a-languishing-digital-marketplace-world MELBOURNE, Victoria, June 17, 2021 - Warrp is breaking ground as one of the most disruptive start-ups in Australia with its proprietary dynamic pricing system, in-built escrow facility, instant PayID payment wallet, featured video listing and other next generation tech innovations that are transforming the digital pre-owned goods trading space. The company’s data and software engineers developed a unique pricing algorithm that is capable of accurately determining a pre-owned product’s market value through user valuations, known by its users as Warrping. Warrp Co-Founder and CEO, Matthew Ng, said the company had pioneered the never-before-seen pricing technology to give the next generation of digital consumers a more transparent marketplace experience where consumer goods are priced fairly. “We are accommodating convenience consumerism where everything is quick and simple, and through our dynamic pricing system we have even managed to remove the negotiation process that many used goods buyers and sellers found awkward or confronting,” said Mr Ng. “Through this technology we have fostered a safe and equitable online marketplace; no other classified or online marketplace operates in this way.” Warrp is driving market innovation in line with trending social video mediums such as IGTV and TikTok with its own featured video listing feature. “We recently launched a video listing option for users, who can now list their items with a creative introduction or explainer video followed by images of the product,” said Mr Ng. “This new storyline value concept was integrated to complement Warrp’s modern user interface that is designed for today’s generation, a far cry from the aging aesthetics on other marketplaces like eBay, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace. “User experience is important, and even our Ultimate Warrper Program has ‘gamified’ the marketplace in a way that appeals to a digitally-reliant society with mobile gaming at their fingertips. “The Ultimate Warrper Program is a reward initiative for users to engage their strategic retail or pricing knowledge by Warrping items on the platform, which then credits the user with real money to be spent on in-app items.” Warrp’s mission to facilitate a safe marketplace for its users is demonstrated by the platform’s industry leading payment functions, with secure escrow tracking and a PayID-only reliant e-wallet solution. Warrp Co-Founder and CTO, Roman Granovskyi, said user security was always a priority, so the company had introduced simple and secure transaction functions that its competitors did not seem to find important. “Warrp is built on a highly secure payment framework; we are the only online consumer goods marketplace that escrows all transactions, and we integrated PayID as a safer and faster way to transfer money between our wallet and the end user,” said Mr Granovskyi. “We feel there’s a distinct lack of security with other online marketplaces, particularly when Australians are estimated to lose more than $43 million to scams on classified and online marketplaces this year according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. “Our aim is for Warrp to play a role in ensuring this statistic diminishes overtime.”For more information visit the Warrp website, the Warrp Marketplace, or Warrp’s Press Room. Warrp is available to download on iPhones via the Apple App Store, and will be available on all other smart phone and web devices at a later date. -ENDS- About Warrp: Warrp is a digitally innovative iOS marketplace app that takes the hassle out of peer-to-peer shopping online with a world-first dynamic marketplace, Trusted Partner program, Loyalty Rewards program, and Secure Escrow facility. Easily list products to sell or browse thousands of items to buy all from the Warrp app. As a proud Australian online start-up company, Warrp’s end-to-end experience is designed to change the way people buy and sell. Currently servicing Victorians but available to download nation-wide, Warrp’s vision is to grow its presence globally as an online marketplace built on strong community values, innovation, safety and ease of use. Discover a marketplace where you are in control of the journey and destination. Media Contact: Room: Joint Resource from Axelos and ISACA Illustrates the Synergies Between ITIL 4 and COBIT 2019 2021-06-16T06:38:36Z joint-resource-from-axelos-and-isaca-illustrates-the-synergies-between-itil-4-and-cobit-2019 Sydney, Australia (16 June 2021) – Enterprises adopting frameworks to create value for their stakeholders often believe that they need to select just one to implement. A new white paper from Axelos and ISACA, Using ITIL® 4 and COBIT® 2019 to Create an Integrated I&T Framework Environment, upends this misperception, outlining how each framework has evolved and illustrating the synergies that exist between the two. This free resource provides an overview of ITIL 4 and COBIT 2019—distinguishing between what they are and are not. It then examines how the two complement one another, including how ITIL 4 principles map to COBIT 2019 objectives as well as how ITIL 4 practices and COBIT 2019 processes align, including:ITIL 4’s continual improvement practice maps to COBIT 2019’s Managed Quality (AP011), Managed Performance and Conformance Monitoring (MEA01) objectives.ITIL 4’s risk management practice maps to COBIT 2019’s Ensured Risk Optimisation (EDM03) and Managed Risk (AP016) objectives.“Enterprises gain the most value by finding a balance between performance and conformance and leveraging multiple frameworks as part of their overall governance structure,” says Mark Thomas, CGEIT, CRISC, CDPSE, COBIT Assessor and president, Escoute Consulting. “COBIT 2019 and ITIL 4 each bring their own benefits, and when used in combination, the synergies can drive further value for organisation stakeholders.”Using ITIL 4 and COBIT 2019 to Create an Integrated I&T Framework Environment also provides an overview of the guiding principles, governance and management objectives, and elements of continuous improvement related to each framework. The paper also details how ITIL 4 and COBIT 2019 approach information and technology, partners and suppliers, and value streams and processes, as well as design and implementation. Akshay Anand, ITIL Product Ambassador at AXELOS, adds, “We always emphasise how frameworks offer guidance to solve specific challenges, and how organisations need to blend or integrate frameworks as needed. ITIL and COBIT have always complemented each other, offering IT professionals valuable and practical guidance on the topics of service management and IT governance. This paper will help practitioners understand how ITIL 4 and COBIT 2019, the latest iterations of both frameworks, can be adapted, adopted, and integrated to create value for their organisations.”More information about COBIT 2019, including publications, certification and training can be found at To learn more about ITIL and access relevant white papers, case studies and information about certification and training, visit Professionals can also join online discussions related to ITIL and COBIT on ISACA’s Governance Engage platform here.For a complimentary copy of Using ITIL 4 and COBIT 2019 to Create an Integrated I&T Framework Environment, visit or About ISACAFor more than 50 years, ISACA® ( has advanced the best talent, expertise and learning in technology. ISACA equips individuals with knowledge, credentials, education and community to progress their careers and transform their organisations, and enables enterprises to train and build quality teams. ISACA is a global professional association and learning organisation that leverages the expertise of its more than 150,000 members who work in information security, governance, assurance, risk and privacy to drive innovation through technology. It has a presence in 188 countries, including more than 220 chapters worldwide. In 2020, ISACA launched One In Tech, a philanthropic foundation that supports IT education and career pathways for under-resourced, under-represented populations. Twitter: Instagram: About AxelosAXELOS is a joint venture company co-owned by the UK Government’s Cabinet Office and Capita plc. It is responsible for developing, enhancing and promoting a number of best practice methodologies used globally by professionals working primarily in project, programme and portfolio management, IT service management and cyber resilience. The methodologies, including ITIL®, PRINCE2®, PRINCE2 Agile®, MSP®, RESILIA® and AgileSHIFT®, are adopted in more than 150 countries to improve employees’ skills, knowledge and competence in order to make both individuals and organisations work more effectively.  Contact:Karen Keech,, 0411 052 408 Low-Code Development & IoT Combine For Rapid Location-Aware Applications 2021-06-16T01:25:06Z low-code-development-amp-iot-combine-for-rapid-location-aware-applications According to McKinsey & Co, the merging of the physical and digital worlds via IoT could generate up to $11.1 trillion a year in economic value for organisations by 2025 while Gartner reports that “the increased demand for custom software solutions in support of digital transformation has sparked the emergence of citizen developers outside of IT, which, in turn has influenced the rise in low-code.” To understand how the convergence of Low-code Application Development and IoT will see organisations shift their business processes, you first need to understand a little about each of these technologies. What is Low-Code Application Development?  Low-code application platforms (LCAP) simplify the process of creating web & mobile software applications via graphical user interfaces and configuration tools rather than the traditional hand-coded approach.   The approach is increasingly popular because it opens up development to a greater range of user skills, at a time when the highest skilled developers are in high demand.   In the context of OneBlink’s Low-code Suite (LcS), we enable business users to create sophisticated forms and workflow centric applications to support their business processes, without over reliance on the IT department. What is IoT?  Gartner defines the Internet of Things (IoT) as the network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate, and sense or interact, with their internal states or the external environment.   When it comes to Spotto, OneBlink’s first IoT partner, their focus is to track indoor assets in real-time without requiring complex infrastructure, wiring or installation efforts. Out of the box, Spotto will let you search where specific assets are right now, tell you what’s in a location, and when assets arrived or leave. It can also register other environmental data such as temperature, orientation, movement etc. alongside the location information.  But Why Does Low-Code Application Development & IoT Make Sense?  While 'for purpose' IoT devices can be purchased and installed with varying degrees of difficulty, there is a massive entry barrier for companies looking to embed IoT data into their extended business processes. Most IoT companies provide a closed ecosystem of connected devices, management consoles and data stores, resulting in long or complex development if you want to make that data part of your day-to-day operations or embark on anything beyond what the vendor originally envisaged.   Low-code application development on the other hand allows anyone to rapidly deliver bespoke enterprise applications. Applications that leverage existing data and systems, but make it easy to apply notifications, rules and workflow to make such data central to business and activity orientated applications.    This naturally extends to how IoT data can provide even greater value within low-code enterprise apps. For example, how rules can be set for alerts on potentially ‘lost’ shipments when location data is no longer being received, or cafe/restaurant hygiene audits that sync with temperature data for fridges and freezers. Other examples include automatically invoking a hospital's repair processes with manufacturers by doing nothing more than moving faulty equipment to a designated store. How are OneBlink & Spotto Re-shaping Low-Code Application Development and IoT?  Spotto tells you where something is or when it was last seen, a different view can show you what’s in a location in real time. Uniquely, Spotto does this as a low-cost DIY package your staff can set up themselves, while encouraging plain language familiar names and conventions your users understand.   OneBlink’s close association and support for open APIs, allows organisations to take that Spotto data and develop apps that help answer the questions or guide the actions that typically come right after an item/asset/thing is located. Think of it as a ripple effect - quickly locating an asset is the big splash, but once found there is most typically a series of following actions or activities. OneBlink has established itself as the perfect vehicle in which to quickly design and build the relevant web and/or mobile apps to guide these downstream actions and activities. It can do this because it already provides the necessary linkages and integrations into other systems as well as the conditional logic, rules and workflow tools to streamline such activities. OneBlink, Spotto And Central Coast Local District Health (CCLDH)  OneBlink and Spotto recently presented to various NSW State Health Agencies at a ‘Friends of the Hub’ event at the CCLHD Ideas hub located at Gosford Hospital.   During the event OneBlink showcased our thoughts on how the CCLHD IoT data from their Spotto installation can be consumed by a OneBlink LcS (Low-code Application Development) app, and the resulting opportunities to serve a variety of user needs.   These 'post location' activities included: What Model Or Version Is It? As Spotto will typically be used to locate classes of assets, it makes sense that you would want to know more details of the actual item you are going to use, including:   - Make / model / serial number  - Picture of asset  - Description of asset  - Plus other relevant/helpful identity information How Do I Work With It?   This can extend to being able to reference user guides or ‘cheat sheets’ in text, images or video.   - Searchable guide(s) with detailed instructions on how to use equipment What Should I Check Before Using It? Many organisations insist on Safe Work Method Statements and this requirement can be built quite easily for any asset, including:    - Checklists to help staff follow any operational procedures before use, and  - Confirm the asset is in operational order What Is The Process To Conduct A Check?   Depending on the sophistication of the Asset Mgt System, OneBlink can provide all staff/contractor notifications, with:    - Jobs scheduling capabilities  - Routing to appropriate staff/contractor  - Confirming relevant license or skills When Was It Last Checked? OneBlink’s open APIs can be the interface into Asset Mgt Systems to view maintenance history including:   - Who performed the maintenance  - What was found/fixed  - When the maintenance occurred  - Copies of previous reports What Do I Do If It's Broken?   Similarly these same apps can include conditional logic and workflows that trigger when an asset is deemed unusable.   - The correct “Report an issue” form can be presented to the user  - Form can be routed direct to the relevant maintenance department  - Generating a ‘work order’ for asset evaluation and repair  - Asset can be flagged back in Spotto as being ‘offline’ so its not searched for again. Give Me The Inspection Form To Report On It Now! Even making sure that the correct form and process are being used to complete an inspection:   - A specific inspection/audit form per asset (or asset class)  - Capturing additional layers of data such as fault photos, with  - Workflows for sign-off or additional data, with  - Integration back into Asset Mgt, BI or other systems Coupa Unveils New Product Innovations Enabling Sustainable Business Impact 2021-06-16T00:08:11Z coupa-unveils-new-product-innovations-enabling-sustainable-business-impact-1 SYDNEY – 16 June 2021 — As global markets re-emerge from the pandemic, “building back better” remains a top business priority. Yet despite this priority, many organisations struggle to actually implement their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives. Today, Coupa Software (NASDAQ: COUP), a leader in Business Spend Management, announced new product innovations designed to help organisations maximize business and ESG impact through their spend. With Sustainable Business Spend Management (BSM), leaders of supply chain, sourcing, procurement, and finance can collaborate to ensure every dollar spent benefits the business, as well as the community and the planet.“Companies have the power to drive sustainable impact with how they spend their money, such as choosing to buy from diverse suppliers or designing a transportation network that reduces carbon footprint,” said Donna Wilczek, senior vice president of Product Strategy & Innovation at Coupa. “Coupa's BSM platform enables spend leaders to act in real time to achieve ESG and business impact, without sacrificing financial performance. We help turn good intentions into actions that have a measurable impact.”Key benefits and new capabilities include:Spend with Diverse and Sustainable Suppliers:Diversity and Sustainable Identifiers in Search Results & Filtering: Organisations can use visual tags on supplier records and item cards to identify if the supplier or product is from a diverse or sustainable business. Customers can also filter search results to only show suppliers or items from diverse or sustainable businesses.Custom Alerts: Companies can set opportunity triggers to help identify diverse suppliers when creating new requisitions.Best-in-Class Supplier Diversity Data:Diversity Data Collection: Collect supplier diversity data and certifications directly in the Supplier Information Management (SIM) tool via a comprehensive, easy-to-use form.Supplier Onboarding: A clear and guided path for new suppliers to onboard onto Coupa’s BSM platform to get easily discovered, helping drive further lead generation for their businesses.Supplier Diversity In/Out API: New diversity status insights within supplier records make it easier to find a diverse supplier.Supplier Diversity and Enrichment Analytics: New Coupa Analytics capabilities help business leaders measure success directly against their goals.Visibility into ESG Impact and Benchmarking:Diversity Dashboard: This dashboard shows organisations the portion of their spend that comes from diverse-owned suppliers.Sustainability Insights: Coupa pre-calculates the environmental impact of e-invoicing and e-purchasing, including the amount of trees, water, oil, and carbon emissions saved. To learn more about Sustainable Business Spend Management (BSM), visit About Coupa SoftwareCoupa empowers companies around the world with the visibility and control they need to spend smarter and safer. To learn more about how Coupa can help you spend smarter, visit Read more on the Coupa Blog or follow @Coupa on Twitter. A video is worth a thousand images: Warrp first to innovate with introduction of video listing option 2021-06-13T22:23:51Z a-video-is-worth-a-thousand-images-warrp-first-to-innovate-with-introduction-of-video-listing-option MELBOURNE, Victoria, June 14, 2021 - Australia’s inventive new online marketplace, Warrp, has introduced a video listing feature that allows users to post their pre-owned items for sale using a short video. No longer are Warrp users solely reliant on static images to buy or sell a product, with the video feature set to unleash user creativity unlike anything seen in online classified or marketplace platforms before. Warrp Co-Founder and CEO, Matthew Ng, said no other online classified or marketplace platform provided users an option to sell their goods using video. “Video advertising is bread and butter for companies selling online, but when it comes to consumers selling their pre-owned goods direct to other consumers, this hasn’t been an option,” said Mr Ng. “Users can now list, describe and show off their items on Warrp using video they film themselves in any way they choose, providing a livelier and more engaging medium than imagery. “Videos convey so much information and they tell a story, so why not give our users the option to sell their goods this way?” Mr Ng said social channels such as TikTok and Instagram’s IGTV demonstrated the growing trend in consumer-made video content that today’s digital generation find appealing. “The video feature option is set to revolutionise the way people engage and shop on Warrp, and we’re proud to be the first online marketplace to incorporate this concept.” Warrp’s platform innovations continue with its release of the Daily Warrp Counter, which tracks the number of times a user values different items, known as Warrping. The Daily Warrp Counter is an industry-first model that gives users Loyalty Points that can be used to redeem Partner Offers and free transactions. Warrp Co-Founder and CTO, Roman Granovskyi, said Warrp’s unique selling point was driven by its dynamic crowd and community valuation system, a system further enhanced by the Daily Warrp Counter. “The Daily Warrp Counter keeps track of your Warrping activity, with up to three accomplishment levels rewarded per day,” said Mr Granovskyi. “Firstly, users receive an additional five Loyalty Points for their first Warrp of the day, or the first item they value. “Secondly, you can claim an additional twenty Loyalty Points for the first twenty Warrps in that day, points that can be stockpiled and redeemed. “And finally, for those who qualify for our recently launched Ultimate Warrper Program, you can Warrp a maximum of one hundred items in a day to receive a $5 credit to be spent through Warrp, which can earn you up to $155 a month or $1,825 in a year.” Visit the Warrp website to learn more about the Daily Warrp Counter and how to qualify for the Ultimate Warrper Program. For thousands of incredible deals on pre-owned goods, check out the Warrp Marketplace today. Warrp is available to download on iPhones via the Apple App Store, and will be available on all other smart phone and web devices at a later date. -ENDS- About Warrp: Warrp is a digitally innovative iOS marketplace app that takes the hassle out of peer-to-peer shopping online with a world-first dynamic marketplace, Trusted Partner program, Loyalty Rewards program, and Secure Escrow facility. Easily list products to sell or browse thousands of items to buy all from the Warrp app. As a proud Australian online start-up company, Warrp’s end-to-end experience is designed to change the way people buy and sell. Currently servicing Victorians but available to download nation-wide, Warrp’s vision is to grow its presence globally as an online marketplace built on strong community values, innovation, safety and ease of use. Discover a marketplace where you are in control of the journey and destination. Media Contact: Room: LCO Welcomes DoorDash As Inaugural Naming Rights Sponsor 2021-06-10T23:59:11Z lco-welcomes-doordash-as-inaugural-naming-rights-sponsor Sydney, Australia, June 11th — League of Legends Circuit Oceania today announced a partnership with leading on-demand delivery platform DoorDash, which will see the company become naming rights partner of the DoorDash League of Legends Circuit Oceania (‘DoorDash LCO’) for the remainder of 2021. The partnership marks a first for the league, which was watched by over 750,000 viewers for its first season in 2021. The partnership will enable DoorDash to connect with the hard-to-reach audience of young, tech-savvy gamers & esports fans. A high potential, but still fairly untapped market by brands in Australia and New Zealand.  Strategy for the partnership is to integrate DoorDash as authentically as possible. Giving players and fans alike a reason to like and engage with DoorDash, and most importantly try DoorDash, if they haven’t already.  As part of the deal, DoorDash will be featured across the DoorDash LCO broadcast in new segments, including the DoorDash #sendit Replays, and the Players That Delivered, activating during key moments of the twice-weekly broadcast. DoorDash will also integrate into the LCO’s social media channels, which reached an audience of over 2 million users over the course of its inaugural season. “We are elated to be partnering with DoorDash. They’ve been greatly supportive of our vision for the league and I’m excited to see what we can do together in both the short and long term.” said Graeme Du Toit, Head of Commercial for the DoorDash LCO. “Convenience is critically important for our audience, and we’re looking forward to leveraging DoorDash to improve the LCO experience for our fans. Hopefully that spills over into DoorDash making their lives more convenient outside of match days too.” Given the nature of DoorDash’s high-level convenience offering, the partnership between DoorDash and LCO is a no-brainer. Michael McCash, Senior Manager Consumer Marketing - Australia said: "We're really excited about sponsoring the League of Legends Circuit Oceania. Gaming and on-demand delivery go perfectly together. DoorDash prides itself on it’s high level convenience offering for food, groceries and alcohol - perfect for players and spectators that are often engrossed in long gaming sessions." “DoorDash is also excited to have recently expanded to add DashPass, Australia’s most valuable food delivery membership. At just $12.99 a month, members are able to access unlimited $0 delivery fees - perfect for those regular gamers who are chasing a quick refuel.” * * * The LCO is owned and operated by a joint venture between ESL Gaming Australia and Guinevere Capital. ABOUT ESL GAMING ESL Gaming is the world’s largest esports and gaming lifestyle company. Since 1994, the company has been shaping the industry and leading esports and gaming innovation on a global scale across the most popular video games with numerous online and offline esports competitions, and through premier gaming lifestyle festivals. The company operates high-profile, branded international leagues and tournaments under the ESL Pro Tour, including ESL One, Intel® Extreme Masters, DreamHack Masters, ESL Pro League, and other preeminent, stadium-size tournaments. ESL Gaming also produces and hosts DreamHack Open tournaments, ESL National Championships, grassroots amateur cups, matchmaking systems, and DreamHack’s gaming lifestyle festivals — which feature everything gaming under one roof. ESL Gaming is part of MTG, the leading international digital entertainment group. More information is available at  ABOUT GUINEVERE CAPITAL Founded in 2016, Guinevere Capital is an advisory and investment firm focused on high growth segments of the sports and esports industry, bringing together performance, commercialisation, media and management to create leading global organisations. For esports, Guinevere aims to develop competitive ecosystems in emerging markets and have focused their efforts on Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Guinevere was responsible for the launch of the Esports High Performance Centre at Sydney Cricket Ground, one of the most iconic sports grounds in Australia and the first esports facility to launch in the country and his since followed up with a sister facility in New Zealand's Eden Park Stadium.   ABOUT DOORDASH DoorDash is a technology company that connects consumers with their favorite local and national businesses in more than 4,000 cities and all 50 states across the United States, Canada, and Australia. Founded in 2013, DoorDash enables local businesses to address consumers’ expectations of ease and immediacy and thrive in today’s convenience economy. By building the last-mile logistics infrastructure for local commerce, DoorDash is bringing communities closer, one doorstep at a time. Read more on the DoorDash blog or at MEDIA CONTACTS: Alex Blaikie PR Manager, ESL Australia CyberArk Expands Availability of Identity Security Offerings on AWS Marketplace 2021-06-09T22:00:00Z cyberark-expands-availability-of-identity-security-offerings-on-aws-marketplace Sydney, AUSTRALIA – Impact Live 2021 – June 10, 2021 – CyberArk (NASDAQ: CYBR), the global leader in Identity Security, today announced the availability of CyberArk Cloud Entitlements Manager, CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager and CyberArk Workforce Identity on Amazon Web Services Marketplace (AWS Marketplace). CyberArk now offers least privilege controls that span from the endpoint to the cloud on AWS Marketplace. and CyberArk Workforce Identity on Amazon Web Services Marketplace (AWS Marketplace). CyberArk now offers least privilege controls that span from the endpoint to the cloud on AWS Marketplace. Migrating workloads to the cloud is a top priority for many organisations. This trend, coupled with the need to securely support increasingly remote workforces, has created new challenges – particularly for protecting against increasingly identity-centric attacks. AWS customers can now easily access even more of CyberArk’s Identity Security SaaS-based offerings, which deliver greater deployment flexibility and simplicity, along with rapid time to value and risk reduction. CyberArk’s Identity Security offerings allow AWS customers to remove excessive privileges and permissions on endpoint devices, servers and throughout their cloud environments. Removing unnecessary privileges helps organisations disrupt the attack path by limiting lateral movement and stopping privilege escalation. Specifically: CyberArk Cloud Entitlements Manager is the industry’s first privilege-based, artificial intelligence-powered service designed to strengthen the security of cloud environments by identifying and removing excessive cloud permissions, and mitigating the risks related to permission sprawl or privilege abuse. Additionally, Cloud Entitlements Manager recently introduced capabilities allowing customers to onboard and analyse IAM permissions across their entire AWS Organisations service. Cloud Entitlements Manager customers can now easily connect accounts and organisational units within their AWS Organisations to identify and remediate excessive IAM permissions in specific AWS accounts. CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager is a critical component for securing endpoints, especially in modern remote work models. It removes barriers to enforcing least privilege and allows organisations to block and contain attacks at the endpoint to reduce the risk of information being stolen or encrypted and held for ransom. CyberArk Workforce Identity helps secure remote workforces by proactively protecting users' access to cloud and on-premises applications, endpoints, VPNs and other critical resources. Workforce Identity features Single Sign-On, adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication and Lifecycle Management capabilities. “Embracing cloud, remote work and other digital transformation initiatives cannot be a tradeoff with security,” said Clarence Hinton, chief strategy officer, CyberArk. “There are clear use cases here that organisations need to address, and they need the tools that allow them to securely meet their business objectives. With expanded access to CyberArk Identity Security solutions, AWS customers can move forward with confidence, reducing excessive permissions and containing threats before they negatively impact the business.” CyberArk offerings already on AWS Marketplace include CyberArk Privileged Access Manager, CyberArk Privilege Cloud, CyberArk Conjur Open Source and CyberArk Privileged Access Manager for GovCloud (US). To learn more, visit CyberArk on AWS Marketplace. About CyberArk CyberArk (NASDAQ: CYBR) is the global leader in Identity Security. Centered on privileged access management, CyberArk provides the most comprehensive security offering for any identity – human or machine – across business applications, distributed workforces, hybrid cloud workloads and throughout the DevOps lifecycle. The world’s leading organisations trust CyberArk to help secure their most critical assets. To learn more about CyberArk, visit, read the CyberArk blogs or follow on Twitter via @CyberArk, LinkedIn or Facebook. # # # Copyright © 2021 CyberArk Software. All Rights Reserved. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders. Media Relations Contact: Sue Ralston Einsteinz Communications Ph: + 61 02 8905 0995 CyberArk Advances Industry-Leading Identity Security Platform 2021-06-08T22:00:00Z cyberark-advances-industry-leading-identity-security-platform Sydney, AUSTRALIA – June 9, 2021 – Impact Live 2021 - CyberArk (NASDAQ: CYBR), the global leader in Identity Security, today announced major advancements to the CyberArk Identity Security Platform to help secure high-risk access and broaden protection across cloud and hybrid environments. Global organisations of all sizes can benefit from CyberArk’s comprehensive, flexible set of cloud-delivered products and shared services to achieve an unmatched Zero Trust-based approach to protecting human and machine identities. Digital transformation and cloud migration initiatives continue to accelerate, and as a result, attackers are now targeting a quickly expanding attack surface, where any user can have some level of privileged access. Identity is at the center of the attack path. According to the Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA), 94 percent of organisations have experienced an identity-related breach at some point. Organisations must evolve their cybersecurity programs by taking a security-first, least privilege view of identity-related risk to help eliminate security gaps. Centered on privileged access management, the CyberArk Identity Security Platform provides customers with a unified and holistic approach to securing access for any user, across any type of application or system, from anywhere, using any device. New Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings introduced today include: CyberArk Dynamic Privileged Access: Drastically reduces risk of standing access by provisioning just-in-time access to hybrid and cloud workloads, starting with Windows and Linux Virtual Machines. Dynamic Privileged Access also includes full audit capabilities, providing insight into exactly who accessed what and when. Only CyberArk secures both standing and dynamic access across hybrid and multi-cloud environments while enforcing least privilege controls. CyberArk Secure Web Sessions: Adds additional layers of security to high-risk browser-based applications access via continuous monitoring, re-authentication enforcement and isolation of malicious processes originating on user devices. Secure Web Sessions enables enterprises to record and audit risky user behavior within any web application while maintaining a frictionless user experience. CyberArk Lifecycle Management for Privileged Users: An expansion of existing capabilities, customers can now further expedite employee onboarding, including those with privileged access, and meet audit and compliance mandates more efficiently. Lifecycle Management for Privileged Users integrates with existing solutions or can work with HR-driven identity management solutions, providing further flexibility to enterprises. “CyberArk is a critical component of our Identity and Access Management strategy, which enables us to deliver on our company’s digital transformation goals,” said Tony DeAngelo, assistant vice president, information security, Encova Insurance. “And like many organisations, we’re becoming more cloud-oriented, causing our CyberArk footprint to continue to grow and evolve as managing Identity Security and privileged access for our organisation and partner organisations becomes even more vital.” New Cloud-Native Shared Services Streamline Operations and Reduce Risk The CyberArk Identity Security Platform’s new cloud-native shared services are available to customers running CyberArk software on-premises, in their own clouds, or managed by CyberArk. Shared services include: A unified identity management, authentication and authorisation layer enabling enterprises to scale the protection of identities with a unified administrator experience AI-powered Identity Security analytics uniting user behavior and privileged threat analytics to enable customers to detect and respond to potential security incidents more quickly An integrated Identity Agent to provide robust Zero Trust controls on endpoints with strong identity assurance via adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA), least privilege and session protection API-first design enabling easy integration of third-party applications into the CyberArk Identity Security Platform “CyberArk’s strong SaaS portfolio gives customers the flexibility to rapidly accelerate their Identity Security strategies while delivering unmatched user experiences and streamlining operations,” said Chen Bitan, chief product officer, CyberArk. “CyberArk is the only Identity Security provider that can offer a truly integrated, holistic set of solutions in flexible deployment models that match customers’ preferences – from hybrid to SaaS.​” As part of its Identity Security Platform, CyberArk also introduced Conjur Cloud, a SaaS-based version of its Conjur secrets management solution. Conjur simplifies securing secrets used by software development pipelines and across entire application portfolios. Dynamic Privileged Access and Secure Web Sessions will be generally available by the end of the year. Conjur Cloud and expanded Lifecycle Management capabilities for Privileged Users will be available in 2022. Thousands Tune Into Impact Live 2021 to Witness “Future Impact” Platform advancements will be unveiled today at Impact Live 2021 (June 8-9), the world’s largest gathering of cybersecurity professionals focused on securing identity. Thousands of attendees are expected to tune into keynotes from CyberArk executives, including Chairman and CEO Udi Mokady and Chief Product Officer Chen Bitan, attend technical sessions with industry visionaries, and hear new research presented by CyberArk researchers, among other content. To attend CyberArk Impact Live 2021, please visit the Impact Live registration page. About CyberArk CyberArk (NASDAQ: CYBR) is the global leader in Identity Security. Centered on privileged access management, CyberArk provides the most comprehensive security offering for any identity – human or machine – across business applications, distributed workforces, hybrid cloud workloads and throughout the DevOps lifecycle. The world’s leading organisations trust CyberArk to help secure their most critical assets. To learn more about CyberArk, visit, read the CyberArk blogs or follow on Twitter via @CyberArk, LinkedIn or Facebook. # # # Copyright © 2021 CyberArk Software. All Rights Reserved. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders. Media Relations Contact: Sue Ralston Einsteinz Communications Ph: +61 02 8905 0995 Coupa Software Reports First Quarter Fiscal 2022 Financial Results 2021-06-08T01:05:31Z coupa-software-reports-first-quarter-fiscal-2022-financial-results Quarterly Calculated Billings of $149 Million, 46% Year-Over-Year GrowthQuarterly Operating Cash Flows and Adjusted Free Cash Flows of $32 Million and $30 Million, RespectivelySYDNEY - 8 June, 2021 — Coupa Software (NASDAQ: COUP) has announced financial results for its first fiscal quarter ended April 30, 2021.“During the first quarter, we delivered record revenue, generated meaningful free cash flows, and added dozens of new customers to the Coupa Community,” said Rob Bernshteyn, chairman and chief executive officer at Coupa. “With supply chain disruptions and an emphasis on frugality impacting the way companies approach Business Spend Management, our customers depend on us to help them build the agility and resiliency needed to strategically navigate a challenging but improving economic environment.”First Quarter Results: Total revenues were $166.9 million, an increase of 40% compared to the same period last year. Subscription revenues were $140.1 million, an increase of 33% compared to the same period last year.GAAP operating loss was $73.9 million, compared to a GAAP operating loss of $5.6 million for the same period last year. Non-GAAP operating income was $7.0 million, compared to a non-GAAP operating income of $14.9 million for the same period last year.GAAP net loss was $100.4 million, compared to a GAAP net loss of $14.8 million for the same period last year. GAAP net loss per basic and diluted share was $1.38, compared to a GAAP net loss per basic and diluted share of $0.23 for the same period last year. Non-GAAP net income was $5.0 million, compared to a non-GAAP net income of $14.5 million for the same period last year. Non-GAAP net income per diluted share was $0.07, compared to non-GAAP net income per diluted share of $0.20 for the same period last year.Operating cash flows and adjusted free cash flows were positive $32.1 million and $29.8 million, respectively.See the section titled “Non-GAAP Financial Measures” and the reconciliation tables below for important information regarding the non-GAAP financial measures used by Coupa.Business Outlook:The following forward-looking statements reflect Coupa’s expectations as of June 7, 2021.Second quarter of fiscal 2022:Total revenues are expected to be $162.0 to $163.0 million.Subscription revenues are expected to be $142.0 to $143.0 million.Professional services and other revenues are expected to be approximately $20.0 million.Non-GAAP loss from operations is expected to be $2.0 to $3.0 million.Non-GAAP net loss per basic and diluted share is expected to be $0.05 to $0.07 per share.Basic and diluted weighted average share count is expected to be approximately 73.5 million shares.Full year fiscal 2022:Total revenues are expected to be $681.0 to $684.0 million.Non-GAAP loss from operations is expected to be $2.0 to $7.0 million.Non-GAAP net loss per basic and diluted share is expected to be $0.14 to $0.20 per share.Basic and diluted weighted average share count is expected to be approximately 74.0 million shares.Coupa has not reconciled its expectations for non-GAAP loss from operations to GAAP loss from operations, or non-GAAP net loss per share to GAAP net loss per share, because certain items excluded from non-GAAP loss from operations and non-GAAP net loss, such as charges related to stock-based compensation expenses, amortization of acquired intangible assets, amortization of debt discount and issuance costs, gain or loss on conversion of convertible senior notes, and related tax effects, including non-recurring income tax adjustments, cannot be reasonably calculated or predicted at this time. In addition, the effect of the anti-dilutive impact of the capped call transactions entered into in connection with the company’s offerings of convertible notes in 2018, 2019 and 2020, respectively, cannot be reasonably calculated or predicted at this time. The effect of these items may be significant.Recent Business Highlights:Welcomed many new customers into the Coupa community in Q1, including the following: A Lassonde Inc., Abzena, Acino Pharma, Adevinta, Aileron Therapeutics, American Cybersystems, Apogee Enterprises, Boels Verhuur, Bridgewater Associates, Catalyst Housing, Eagle Bancorp, Eisai Corporation, Flagstone Foods, Frucor Suntory, Hamburger Containerboard, Hopkins Public School District, J.B. Poindexter & Co., Kantar Group, Lagardère Travel Retail, Location d’outils Simplex, Novaria Group, One Medical Group, Osburn Contractors, Praxis Precision Medicines, Progroup AG, Protagonist Therapeutics, Punto Fa SL, Sage Housing, Siegwerk Druckfarben, Silverback Therapeutics, SiteOne Landscape Supply, Skillz, SoftPawa Ltd., Southcross Energy Partners, The Hain Celestial Group, Thumbtack Inc., Tupperware Brands, UserTesting, and Zeta Charter Schools.Announced a strategic partnership with Japan Cloud to establish Coupa K.K., a new joint venture to scale and accelerate Business Spend Management adoption among Japanese companies.Launched Coupa Ventures, a $50M fund to support the next generation of companies shaping the future of Business Spend Management and made our first two strategic investments in Zylo and SourceDay.Named to Inc’s Best Workplaces list1 and celebrated in both the "Enduring Impact" and “X-Large Company" categories.Named to Fortune’s Best Workplaces in Technology list2.Launched the 2021 Benchmark Report: From Resilience to Renewal, highlighting “The BSM Suite 16” to help businesses improve performance of 16 spend KPIs.Received the Customers’ Choice distinction in the Gartner Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer”: Procure-to-Pay Suites 2021 report3.Named a leader in Ardent Partners’ 2021 ePayables Technology Advisory Report4.Named a leader in 11 Spend Matters Spring 2021 SolutionMaps5, covering every aspect of Source to Pay.Hosted a virtual panel “Women of Impact: A Seat at the Table” for International Women’s Day.Conference Call Information:Coupa hosted a conference call and live webcast for analysts and investors, which is available as a replay webcast at Non-GAAP Financial Measures:In addition to disclosing financial measures prepared in accordance with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), this press release and the accompanying tables contain certain non-GAAP financial measures, including non-GAAP operating (loss) income, non-GAAP net (loss) income, non-GAAP net (loss) income per basic and diluted share, and adjusted free cash flows. Coupa believes these non-GAAP measures are useful in evaluating its operating performance and Coupa’s management regularly reviews and uses these measures for business planning and other purposes.Non-GAAP operating (loss) income and non-GAAP net (loss) income exclude certain items from the corresponding GAAP measures, including: stock-based compensation expenses; amortization of acquired intangible assets; the change in fair value of contingent consideration related to an acquisition; amortization of debt discount and issuance costs; gain or loss on conversion of convertible senior notes; and related tax effects, including non-recurring income tax adjustments. In addition, the weighted average diluted shares figure used to calculate non-GAAP net income per share reflects the anti-dilutive impact of the capped call transactions entered into in connection with the company’s offerings of convertible notes.Adjusted free cash flows is defined as net cash provided by operating activities, less purchases of property and equipment, plus repayments of convertible senior notes attributable to debt discount. Coupa has the ability to settle obligations related to its senior notes through the use of cash, shares of its common stock, or a combination of both, at its election.Coupa believes these non-GAAP measures are useful to investors and other users of its financial information because they provide a way to measure and evaluate Coupa’s underlying operating performance and the strength of its core business consistently across the periods presented. Coupa believes these non-GAAP measures are also useful for comparing its operating performance to that of other companies in its industry, because they eliminate the effects of certain items that may vary between companies for reasons unrelated to their operating performance. Coupa believes that adjusted free cash flows also provides a useful measure of the company’s capital strength and liquidity, although it is not intended to represent and should not be viewed as the amount of residual cash flow available for discretionary expenditures.Coupa uses these non-GAAP measures in conjunction with GAAP measures as part of its overall assessment of its performance and liquidity, including the preparation of its annual operating budget and quarterly forecasts, to evaluate the effectiveness of its business strategies, and to communicate with its board of directors concerning its financial performance and liquidity. Coupa’s definitions of its non-GAAP measures may differ from those used by other companies for similarly-titled measures, and therefore comparability may be limited. In addition, other companies may not publish these or similar metrics. Thus, Coupa’s non-GAAP measures should be considered in addition to, not as substitutes for, or in isolation from, the company’s GAAP results.Coupa encourages investors and others to review its financial information in its entirety, not to rely on any single financial measure, and to view its non-GAAP measures in conjunction with GAAP financial measures. In addition, Coupa compensates for the limitations of its non-GAAP financial measures by providing a reconciliation of each non-GAAP measure to the most directly comparable GAAP financial measure. These reconciliations are included in the tables attached to this release.Forward-Looking Statements:This release includes forward-looking statements. All statements other than statements of historical facts, including the statements of management and statements in “Business Outlook,” are forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are based on Coupa’s current expectations and projections about future events and trends that Coupa believes may affect its financial condition, results of operations, strategy, short- and long-term business operations and objectives, cash flows, liquidity and financial needs.These forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks, uncertainties and assumptions that may cause actual results to differ materially from those projected, including, without limitation: the uncertain impact of the COVID-19 pandemic; Coupa has a limited operating history at its current scale, which makes it difficult to predict its future operating results; if Coupa fails to manage its recent rapid growth effectively, Coupa may be unable to execute its business plan, maintain high levels of service, or adequately address competitive challenges; the impact of acquisitions on its business, such as integration issues, assumption of unknown or unforeseen liabilities and ability to retain customers; if Coupa is unable to attract new customers, the growth of its revenues will be adversely affected; because its platform is sold to large enterprises with complex operating environments, Coupa encounters long and unpredictable sales cycles; the markets in which Coupa participates are intensely competitive; Coupa’s business depends in part on its customers renewing their subscriptions and purchasing additional subscriptions; if Coupa fails to develop widespread brand awareness cost-effectively, its business may suffer; risks and liabilities related to breach of its security measures or unauthorized access to customer data; and the impact of foreign currency exchange rates and global economic conditions.These and other risks and uncertainties that could affect Coupa’s future results are included under the captions “Risk Factors” and “Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations,” in Coupa’s annual report on Form 10-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on March 18, 2021, which is available at and on the SEC’s website at Further information on potential risks that could affect actual results will be included in other periodic filings Coupa makes with the SEC.The forward-looking statements in this release reflect Coupa’s expectations as of June 7, 2021. Coupa undertakes no obligation to update publicly any forward-looking statements for any reason after the date of this release to conform these statements to actual results or to changes in its expectations.1 Inc., “Best Workplaces 2021: 429 Companies That Make Work Worth It”2 Fortune, “Best Workplaces In Technology 2021” (small and medium companies category)3 Gartner, “Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’: Procure-to-Pay Suites” March 19, 20214 Ardent Partners, “The 2021 ePayables Technology Advisor Report” April 6, 20215 Spend Matters, “SolutionMap: Source-to-Pay (S2P) – Spring 2021” April 20, 2021 DisclaimersGartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice constitute the subjective opinions of individual end-user reviews, ratings, and data applied against a documented methodology; they neither represent the views of, nor constitute an endorsement by, Gartner or its affiliates. About Coupa SoftwareCoupa empowers companies around the world with the visibility and control they need to spend smarter and safer. To learn more about how Coupa can help you spend smarter, visit Read more on the Coupa Blog or follow @Coupa on Twitter. Coupa Launches $50 Million Coupa Ventures Fund 2021-06-04T02:22:41Z coupa-launches-50-million-coupa-ventures-fund SYDNEY – 4 June 2021 – Today, Coupa Software (NASDAQ: COUP) announced the launch of Coupa Ventures, a US$50 million fund to foster innovation in Business Spend Management. Coupa Ventures will invest in early- and growth-stage companies breaking down inefficiencies in how businesses manage their spend, aligning processes and decisions across supply chain, procurement, and finance. As part of its debut, Coupa unveiled the fund’s first two portfolio companies: Zylo and SourceDay. “This is an exciting milestone for Coupa. In partnership with our customers and partners, we blazed a new trail in Business Spend Management, creating a comprehensive platform that maximises value through smarter spending decisions,” said Rob Bernshteyn, chairman and CEO at Coupa. “Coupa Ventures enables us to further this vision by investing in a future where businesses and their suppliers can harness the power of their spend to constantly adapt, transform, and innovate.”“We're entering a new era of digital maturity within business, one that is marked by organisational agility, distributed and more autonomous users, and built-in intelligence,” said Todd Ford, CFO at Coupa. “There is a massive opportunity right now to extend digital transformation efforts to the back office, as more companies recognise the power that spend has to transform their businesses and fuel their growth. That’s the inspiration behind Coupa Ventures.”“We’re excited to welcome Zylo and SourceDay to the Coupa Ventures portfolio,” said J.J. Freitag, senior vice president of Corporate Development at Coupa and managing director of Coupa Ventures. “It’s amazing to see so much innovation in Business Spend Management. We look forward to working closely with all of our portfolio companies to help them grow their businesses. Together, we will continue breaking down the silos around spend.” Zylo, a leading SaaS management platform helping companies manage and optimise cloud-based applications, is one of the first companies to receive funding from Coupa Ventures, along with existing investors, Menlo Ventures and Bessemer Venture Partners. Zylo’s platform provides organisations with visibility into what software is being used, how much is spent, and how to optimise their software investments.“We’re honoured to be part of the Coupa Ventures portfolio, aligned with Coupa’s mission of bringing smarter spending to businesses everywhere,” said Eric Christopher, co-founder and CEO at Zylo. “Coupa Ventures offers us a unique and novel position within the Coupa Community. We are excited to join the expansive ecosystem of customers, suppliers, and partners, and we look forward to working closely with Coupa’s expert team.”Also receiving one of the first investments from Coupa Ventures is SourceDay, a leading supply chain performance solution that bridges the gap between a company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) and its supply chain network. “The investment from Coupa Ventures will deepen our collaboration with Coupa and enable our joint customers to save more money and leverage supplier performance as a competitive edge,” said Tom Kieley, CEO at SourceDay. “We’re honoured to expand our relationship with the Coupa ecosystem and build on our work with CoupaLink.”Coupa is looking for early and growth stage companies with innovative approaches to business spend challenges to join the portfolio. To learn more, please visit Michael R. Cote to Retire as Secureworks CEO; Board Appoints Wendy K. Thomas as Next President & CEO 2021-06-03T23:57:01Z michael-r-cote-to-retire-as-secureworks-ceo-board-appoints-wendy-k-thomas-as-next-president-ceo-1 June 3, 2021 –Secureworks® (NASDAQ:SCWX), a global leader in cybersecurity, today announced that Chief Executive Officer Michael R. Cote is retiring as CEO and a member of the Secureworks Board of Directors, effective Sept. 3, 2021. The Secureworks Board of Directors unanimously appointed Wendy K. Thomas, Secureworks' current President of Customer Success, as the company's next President and Chief Executive Officer, effective Sept. 3, 2021."Wendy is a proven and respected leader who has been the driving force of our company's transformation," said Mr. Cote. "Her deep knowledge of our business has made her a valued strategic partner for many years, and throughout her tenure she has delivered strong operating results and innovative solutions through a relentless commitment to our customers, our purpose, and our people. I am confident she will lead Secureworks well into the future and I am proud to have her succeed me. I know she will make an outstanding CEO."Mr. Cote has had a remarkable career at Secureworks. He joined the company in 2002 as Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, developing the company's reputation as a leader in the security industry with a global presence in over 60 countries and 4,000+ customers."It has been my honour to lead this company for the past two decades, and I am proud of all we accomplished to create a safer, more secure world for our customers and their customers," Mr. Cote continued. "I've made lasting friendships and I am fortunate to have worked with the best people in the industry. I look forward to celebrating their continued success."In 2011, Mr. Cote led Secureworks' acquisition by Dell Technologies, establishing a continued relationship with the organization and with Michael Dell, who has been chairman of Secureworks Board of Directors since Secureworks' IPO in 2016."I've had the privilege of working with Mike for over a decade, witnessing first-hand his leadership and devotion to Secureworks' purpose and customers," said Mr. Dell. "On behalf of the Board, we thank Mike for his contributions and congratulate Wendy as Secureworks' next President and CEO. Wendy has worked closely with the Board over the years and we are confident that she is the right person to lead Secureworks into a bright future."Ms. Thomas first joined the Secureworks finance team in 2008, quickly expanding into leadership roles across strategy, operations, product, and customer success."I know that I speak for everyone at Secureworks in thanking Mike for his leadership and tireless dedication to the company," said Ms. Thomas. "I appreciate the support of Mike and the Board, and I am proud to work with an exceptional team that is focused on taking decisive actions to transform cybersecurity."At the end of the day, our transformation is much more than moving from a services provider to a software-led company. It is about being customer-led and proactively addressing the tremendous market opportunity in security. Our customers look to us for solutions that reduce their risk and effectively protect their organizations against a constantly evolving threat landscape, and we are uniquely positioned to help them and unlock future growth opportunities with our deep bench of security expertise, our singular focus on software-driven security, and our customer-centric solutions that solve security's toughest challenges."About Wendy K. ThomasMs. Thomas leverages more than 25 years of experience in strategic and functional leadership roles. She's worked across multiple industries at companies such as FirstData, Bell South, and Internap Network Services, Inc.During her career at Secureworks, Ms. Thomas has partnered with Mr. Cote on several milestones including the acquisitions of Verisign's Managed Security Services (MSS) business and DNS, as well as the acquisition by Dell Technologies and the IPO. In 2017, she recognized Secureworks' unique opportunity to leverage its experience and threat intelligence to help customers transform their security operations with an integrated, cloud-native security analytics platform. As Chief Product Officer, Ms. Thomas led the team to develop Secureworks Taegis™ and launched Secureworks' first security analytics product, Secureworks Taegis™ XDR, in April 2019. She has been instrumental leading Secureworks' strategy to empower the global security community and beat the adversary at scale with a software-driven approach grounded in our security expertise.As President of Customer Success, Ms. Thomas led the customer success organization, which encompasses product and engineering, operations, customer experience, and Secureworks' threat intelligence-focused Counter Threat Unit™. Recently, Ms. Thomas was recognized in the number one position in The Software Report's "Top 25 Women Leaders in Cybersecurity of 2021." Outside of Secureworks, she serves as a Liaison for AFS Intercultural Programs, an international youth exchange organization.About Michael R. CotePrior to joining Secureworks, Mr. Cote served in executive roles at both Talus Solutions, a pricing and revenue managed software firm, and MSI Solutions, a web application development and systems integration company. In Feb. 2002, Mike joined Secureworks as Chairman, President, and CEO to develop a strategic and sustainable business model that would allow the company to execute its vision of protecting organizations against the growing threat of cybercrime. At that time, Secureworks had less than $1 million in annual revenue. Under his leadership, Mr. Cote grew the business to over $550 million with a global presence in over 60 countries, developing a reputation as one of the leading security companies in the world.Throughout his tenure, Mr. Cote led Secureworks to adapt and grow as needed in response to a rapidly evolving market. Most notably, he engineered the acquisition into Dell Technologies in 2011 and five years later announced Secureworks' IPO in April 2016. The relationship with Dell gave Secureworks the opportunity to rapidly expand the business through Dell's global scale and customer relationships, and established a continuing relationship between the two companies, collaborating closely to integrate Secureworks Taegis™ offerings with Dell's technology product portfolio.Outside of Secureworks, Mr. Cote sits on the board of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, the board of regents at Boston College, the board of trustees at Marist School, and the board of directors at Extrahop.Q1 FY22 Earnings Conference CallSecureworks plans to release its first quarter fiscal 2022 financial results today at 8:00 a.m. EDT. Investors, journalists, and the general public may access a live audio webcast of the conference call on the Secureworks website at The webcast will be archived at the same location for one year.About SecureworksSecureworks (NASDAQ: SCWX) is a global cybersecurity leader that protects customer progress with Secureworks® Taegis™, a cloud-native security analytics platform built on 20+ years of real-world threat intelligence and research, improving customers' ability to detect advanced threats, streamline and collaborate on investigations, and automate the right actions. Optus Brings the Worlds of TV and Digital Closer Together with Amobee 2021-05-31T23:53:29Z optus-brings-the-worlds-of-tv-and-digital-closer-together-with-amobee SYDNEY, Australia, 1 June 2021 – Optus and Amobee, a global leader in advertising technology that unifies TV, digital and social to deliver results that drive customer growth, are pleased to announce that they will be further extending their strategic partnership to supercharge Optus’ digital video buying via the Amobee TV platform.The exclusive, multi-year extension comes off the back of the tremendous success and increased buying efficiency Optus has realised from utilising Amobee’s TV platform over the last 24 months. In addition to media buying, as part of the extension, Optus will be seeking to maximise value from TV and BVOD investments through use of Amobee’s proprietary analytics suite, including Advanced Footfall and TrueReach reporting, and Amobee’s CTV Allocator solution.Harnessing Amobee’s technology has given Optus greater accountability, visibility and control over buying decisions. Specifically, Optus was able to not only effectively extend audience reach from linear to CTV, but also measure household audiences to more accurately represent their actual audience reach (2.5x higher reach per impression). Further, Optus was also able to realise more competitive rate positions (24% decrease in CPM YoY) through a better understanding of their audience composition and network ROI attribution.While traditional TV buying varies considerably from programmatic buying, using digital technology that was built on TV principles allows not only Optus, but other brands and advertisers, to achieve true convergence of linear and digital channels. Amobee’s unique TV technology offers a future-proof solution optimised to today’s viewership behaviour.For Optus, the ability to understand total TV viewership and measure across all video channels is critical to their success. “As digital video becomes one of our key advertising mediums, we need a cross-screen delivery and measurement solution that will provide us with the ability to see the whole picture,” says Melissa Hopkins, Head of Marketing at Optus. “Amobee’s world-leading video platform and analytics suite has allowed us to bridge the gap between linear TV and digital so we could make smarter decisions across all our video buys.” Josif Zanich, Managing Director for Amobee Australia and New Zealand says the extension couldn’t have come at a more opportune time given how advertisers are actively searching for unified solutions across TV and digital. “We are thrilled to continue our long-standing partnership with Optus,” he says. “Their success is evidence of our commitment to provide solutions that unify and empower TV and digital advertising strategies – from planning to activation, all the way to measurement and reporting.” Recognised as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Ad Tech and the Forrester New Wave™: Cross-Channel Video Advertising Platforms report, Amobee provides clients with solutions that drive results in any format, across any screen, to optimise reach across desired audiences and deliver desired business outcomes. Amobee unifies TV and digital to provide advertisers with advanced data management and media planning capabilities as well as actionable, real-time market research and proprietary audience data. Amobee also empowers media companies with sophisticated audience-based planning technology that helps them efficiently meet marketers’ goals while managing the business challenges and technical complexities of the converging world. Impact to Host Partnerships Experience 2021 to Educate Marketers on the Growing Partnerships Industry 2021-05-26T22:00:00Z impact-to-host-partnerships-experience-2021-to-educate-marketers-on-the-growing-partnerships-industry Sydney, Australia, May 27, 2021 — Impact, the global leader in partnership automation, today announced that it will host Partnerships Experience 2021 (PX 2021), a first-of-its-kind virtual event designed to arm attendees with the knowledge, motivation and connections to create productive partnerships. PX 2021 will take place June 2-25, 2021 and will gather brands, publishers, and influencers to learn about the burgeoning partnerships ecosystem, network, and ultimately, create new partnerships. “With recent changes in tracking and privacy, marketers must leverage alternative methods of advertising that are authentic, cost-effective and helpful for consumers,” said Cristy Garcia, VP of Marketing at Impact. “The Partnerships channel offers that at scale, and we’re excited to launch PX 2021 as a platform for our influencers, agencies, publishers and leading, global brand clients to tell their stories of success.” The four-week free educational event will cover all bases in the exploding partnerships industry including consumer and brand trust, growth, influencers, authenticity, content monetisation, and brand building. Specific learnings include partnerships with purpose, the elements of successful B2B partnerships, strengthening commerce content partnerships, and how small businesses can grow and scale through partnerships. All content will be available on demand shortly after it streams live. With more than 50 keynote sessions, PX 2021 will offer a 360 view of partnerships from speakers at leading brands, agencies, and publishers, including: Apartment Therapy Media Big Red Group BINGE / Kayo Sports Booktopia Business Insider Canva Catcher In The Style Condé Nast Freedom March NYC Giving Assistant GrowthOps HSBC Honey HubSpot Illuminate Social Ivory Ella LetsGetChecked Mapiful Neo Media World News Corp Australia Pedestrian Group Razer Silverbean Sparro Talking Influence Team Bespoke Jenni Cassidy, VP, Partnerships and Revenue at Giving Assistant says, “I'm excited to speak on the topic of partnerships with purpose because this is at the core of what we do at Giving Assistant. Impact continually drives thought leadership through their events and PX is shaping up to be the same.” Cassidy’s panel will take place on June 23rd. To register for the Partnerships Experience 2021 and learn more about how to leverage partnerships to drive results, please visit: # # # ABOUT IMPACT The global leader in Partnership Automation, Impact has been transforming the way enterprises manage and optimise all types of partnerships — including affiliate, influencer, and more — since its founding in 2008. Through an integrated end-to-end solution called the Partnership Cloud™, Impact accelerates enterprise growth by automating the full partnership life cycle, including discovery, recruitment, contracting, engagement, fraud protection, optimisation, and payment processing. To learn more about how Impact’s SaaS technology platform is driving revenue growth for global enterprise brands such as 1-800-Flowers, Fanatics, Lenovo, Levi’s, L’Oreal, Ticketmaster, TUI and Walmart, visit CONTACT: Sue Ralston Einsteinz Communications Ph: +61 02 8905 0995