The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-07-27T05:00:05Z AQUA ANALYTICS SIGNS A MULTI-YEAR ASSET MAINTENANCE CONTRACT WITH YARRA VALLEY WATER 2021-07-27T05:00:05Z aqua-analytics-signs-a-multi-year-asset-maintenance-contract-with-yarra-valley-water Melbourne – Recently, Yarra Valley Water, one of the largest water corporations in Australia, appointed the specialist water network intelligence provider, Aqua Analytics as its consultant to deliver leak detection services for the corporation’s water distribution area. Both organisations entered a three-year contract with an option to extend for a further two years subject to satisfactory performance and results. Yarra Valley Water has long focused on proactively, efficiently and effectively identifying and rectifying leaks in their network as soon as possible to minimise water loss. This project will see Aqua Analytics continue to identify leaks throughout the Yarra Valley Water distribution areas that cover 4,000 square kilometres and assets that consist of over 10,000 kilometres of water mains. If any asset defects are identified, Aqua Analytics will report these via a customised field asset management system that integrates with Yarra Valley Water’s ERP solution, enabling prompt repair and reducing leak run-times. The scope consists of both planned and reactive works based on real-time network intelligence such as minimum night flow indicators. Aqua Analytics’ team will use a range of acoustic leak detection equipment and sensors to achieve the project objectives and offer a range of innovative solutions to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of field activities. Commenting on the new project, Hugh Chapman, Managing Director of Aqua Analytics says, “We are excited to partner with Yarra Valley Water over the coming years to help them further reduce their non-revenue water. Yarra Valley Water are deeply committed to creating a sustainable future for their customers and our team shares this vision.” Every day, more than 2 million people – around 30% of Victoria’s population and 58,000 businesses rely on Yarra Valley Water for their water and sanitation services.   The project award coincides with Aqua Analytics opening a new office in Melbourne, their third opening in the last 12 months and now have a direct local presence in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria to better serve their customers' water network management needs.    About Aqua Analytics Aqua Analytics is a trusted partner for water utilities in Australia, New Zealand and Asia embarking on smart water networks, water loss management and pipeline condition assessment projects. Since the 1990s, the Aqua Analytics team has utilised technology to help towns and cities reduce water network leakage, improve operational efficiency, and deliver superior customer experiences through the design and implementation of water network intelligence solutions. For more information, please visit Offering virtual infertility support in a revolutionary way 2021-07-27T02:36:31Z offering-virtual-infertility-in-a-revolutionary-way Changing the experience of infertility through a revolutionary approach to fertility care 27 July 2021 Perth-based ‘Your Fertility Hub’ are supporting thousands of women worldwide to live better through infertility through their innovative approach to fertility support and wellness.  For most women and couples, the journey through infertility is one of the toughest of their lives. Typically, not much support and advice is offered outside of medical care and individuals are left floundering - finding their own way through the confusing web of advice and not knowing where they can turn for support.  Your Fertility Toolbox changes all that and believes that no one should have to do this alone. A web-based app - the Toolbox contains a private members-only community filled with light and positivity plus a huge toolbox of resources focused on the mind and body - such as recipes, yoga classes, meditations and mindset support. All members are supported by coaches who are there to motivate, inspire and provide both individual and group support.  The app is the brainchild of Karenna Wood, internationally renowned and award-winning fertility coach who has helped over 3000 women to travel through and out of infertility more positively. Karenna says “Infertility is a devastating experience, one which many outside of it can’t even comprehend. It impacts on every area of your life and is strongly linked to high stress, anxiety and even depression. “There’s not enough support out there. Even though we have mandatory counselling within every fertility clinic here in Australia, often people aren’t willing to use this service and they need support at every step - not just during treatment or in a clinic setting. It’s those moments of loss and despair from a pregnancy announcement, hitting a key milestone or in the middle of the night when you believe this pain will never end. That’s when people need round the clock access to holistic support.” “Your Fertility Toolbox is about everything apart from the medical side. There’s already so much focus on what you need to do to get pregnant. Instead we are just there for support, inspiration and motivation and teaching members practical things they can do to feel better now, even whilst still trying. For example, we support our members to keep motivated on their diet, learn about relaxation techniques, how to foster hope, keep moving with our gentle yoga classes and how to bring back joy into their lives.” “We’ve had an amazing response from both individuals and within the fertility industry with clinics and practices now joining as corporate members so they can offer the Toolbox to all their clients.” Former Toolbox member Bayley who has recently given birth said ‘After a natural conception I had a miscarriage which I found difficult to deal with, following a year of trying my partner and I went to a fertility specialist and was given a diagnosis of unexplained fertility.  Despite undertaking psychology I was still  struggling with the miscarriage and was having difficulty dealing with having to undergo IVF.   “I found Your Fertility Toolbox via the Your Fertility Hub podcast. The toolbox helped me to gain perspective and turn what I perceived to be a negative experience (IVF) into a positive one. After the 1:1 chat with Karenna I felt more positive. The one thing that really sticks with me is that Karenna kept telling me I wasn’t broken which was a constant negative thought I had. Karenna also wrote some beautiful affirmation cards for me specific to my needs.    “All these tools combined as well as working through the worksheets in the fertility toolbox I was able to recognise my fears more clearly and change my mindset to a more positive outlook. The ongoing support from Karenna and being able to access and utilise the toolbox helped me manage going through IVF and change my mindset which helped me to achieve a pregnancy and I now have a beautiful girl. I now recommend this toolbox to everyone I know struggling with infertility.” Current Toolbox Member, Bridget couldn’t have managed without the Toolbox on her gruelling 5 year journey through IVF, miscarriage, surgery and now cutting-edge treatment as their last chance “After four years of trying by ourselves and saving for IVF but not getting there yet, I felt broken. It was then that I realised I couldn't do this alone. I was searching for meditations on YouTube when I came across one by Karenna. This led me to the Toolbox, where I discovered an amazing community of support and a wealth of knowledge and tools to help me cope with my journey.  “I honestly can say that the Toolbox was a game changer for me. Infertility makes you feel so incredibly alone, but I don't feel alone in it anymore. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do.” As Your Fertility Hub is a profit-for-purpose organisation, all members also know they are helping more women TTC through donations to international infertility and miscarriage charities.  Reaching over 200,000 people globally and with over 3000 members of our innovative Toolbox - we're changing the way people experience and talk about infertility. ENDS Media Contact:  Karenna Wood 0458 240 587   Links: Learn more about the Toolbox at  Find out about Karenna and Your Fertility Toolbox, including quick videos here -  See some of our videos and our popular meditations on our YouTube channel -  Listen to our popular podcast - (60+ episodes) Attached images: Toolbox main screen on a phone Karenna holding one of our physical toolboxes which are sent out to corporate members of the toolbox to help them promote the Toolbox, including positive affirmation cards people can take away Karenna in her home office in the Perth Hills (the she-shed at the bottom of the garden!) Karenna on the cover of national parenting magazine ‘Offspring’  Bayley’s newborn daughter - Willow Ivy Many more images plus full size images available here -  Interviews:  Both Bridget and Bayley are available for interview, however Bridget would wish not to be photographed as she is keeping her journey private.  Both are based on the east coast of Australia. Let us know if you require further members for interview and specify any specific location or story type. We have members all over the world who would love to share their story and their journey to the Toolbox.  ----- Bridget’s full story: We started trying for a baby 5 and a half years ago now. The first few months were exciting, hopeful and everything they were meant to be. We were trying at the same time as a few friends and after 6 months, when they were all pregnant and I wasn't, the first seeds of doubt were sown. Little did I know the magnitude of what lay ahead.  Our initial tests showed no issues with me and a low sperm count for my hubby. We were told we likely needed IVF but to keep trying as it could happen naturally. It took us a long time to save for ivf as we were also saving for a house. Naively I didn’t feel the pressure of time - I assumed IVF would work first time for us, but also held onto the belief that we would get pregnant before needing to take that step - it would just take a bit longer, but it would happen. So I believed.  Right before we were due to begin, my husband lost his job and we had to use all our savings to keep afloat. By the time we had saved again, Covid hit and we couldn't begin treatment. 4 years had now past. We had been trying every month, tracking ovulation, testing, hoping, praying for a miracle, riding that rollercoaster of hope, crushing disappointment, despair. I was devastated that it hadn't happened and terrified of IVF.  Our new specialist ran tests prior to our cycle and found that my husband's sperm count was now normal, however my AMH blood test showed very low ovarian reserve. I also needed thyroid medication and laparoscopy surgery to look for endometriosis. It was then that I realised I couldn't do this alone. I was searching for meditations on YouTube when I came across one by Karenna. This led me to the Toolbox, where I discovered an amazing community of support and a wealth of knowledge and tools to help me cope with my journey. The surgery confirmed stage 3 endometriosis and I then had to commence 3 months of brutal Down Regulation before starting IVF. I felt so broken. The medications put me in a state of artificial menopause and the side effects were horrendous.  Finally, we could begin our first IVF cycle, but it ended with only 1 embryo to transfer and it didn't implant. I was utterly heartbroken. I took a month off and did a second cycle which resulted in a cancelled transfer and then a FET (frozen embryo transfer). I will never forget taking the home pregnancy test and seeing, for the first time in my life, those 2 pink lines. I was finally pregnant, the nightmare was over.  Karenna, so closely invested in my journey was filled with emotion and happiness for me, as were the amazing community members in the Toolbox. They celebrated this happiness with me and I can't explain how wonderful that felt. I didn't know that my world would come crashing down. I miscarried at 5 weeks 2 days. The pain of losing our first baby after everything we had been through is indescribable and yet our situation got even worse.  Testing following my miscarriage revealed that my husband and I are a partial DQ Alpha match. This means that my body recognises our embryos as 'altered self' (cancer) and my immune system destroys them.  To stand a chance of having a baby we now need to bank embryos, fly interstate to get LMIT therapy and do heavy immune suppresion protocols for transfers.  I am about to start my 5th IVF cycle. We have one perfect embryo awaiting PGS results. It is a long and gruelling journey we are on, but I no longer feel alone. I have meditations specifically designed for the different stages of my IVF cycles, I have podcasts, articles, recipes, motivation. I have a support community where people truly understand what infertility is like. Where we all cheer each other on and lift eachother up on our darkest days. I have Karenna, who is there whenever I need her, to calm me, motivate me, advise me, comfort me. She helps me to keep that flame of hope burning, to believe that against all the odds, I will be ok and that I will one day hold my baby in my arms. If I am quiet within the community, she checks in to make sure I'm ok. She remembers where I am in my journey.  I honestly can say that the Toolbox was a game changer for me. Infertility makes you feel so incredibly alone, but I don't feel alone in it anymore. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do xxx acQuire launches GIM Suite 5 with a raft of new features 2021-07-26T08:44:56Z acquire-launches-gim-suite-5-with-a-raft-of-new-features PERTH, Western Australia (27 July 2021) – acQuire, a global software company specialising in geoscientific information management, has launched GIM Suite 5, a major advance to their flagship product. The new release includes a raft of brand-new features plus a transition to a new licence model. GIM Suite 5 has been built for the future of data management, with the aim to improve the way geologists and miners manage their geological data. The new release streamlines data collection from the field to sample submission and provides a way to seamlessly manage their entire field data collection workflow across mobile, desktop and web. New: Drillhole logging and sampling in web and mobile Steve Mundell, Director of Product at acQuire, says the company is focused on continually evolving the GIM Suite software to ensure miners are always working with the most powerful geological data management tools on the market. “We’ve focused on providing dynamic and interactive tools for geologists to match the way they work,” Steve said. “GIM Suite 5’s new interface is designed for drillhole logging and sampling across a range of drilling methods, from exploration to production, whether you’re collecting data in remote field locations or logging in the core shed. “It gives you visual feedback in real time when logging geological observations and sample intervals within a graphical log in web or mobile. “You no longer need to use multiple software tools for different logging scenarios.” Geologists working with geoscientific data can use GIM Suite 5 for Reverse Circulation (RC), air rotary drilling or Rotary Air Blast (RAB), air core (AC) or diamond drilling methods. Workers in a remote environment with limited or no connectivity, can capture drillhole data using the acQuire Arena mobile app. Alternatively, if they’re working online, they can easily capture data on any Windows device through a web browser. New: Streamlined data collection from the field to sample submission GIM Suite 5 smoothly integrates all the steps from mobile data capture in the field to creating sample despatch reports on the web. Users can plan, capture, import, monitor and despatch.  “This results in a fast, efficient, and accurate way to manage geological data across an entire field collection workflow,” Steve explained. New: Rapidly create complex data queries A new web-based tool, called Data Discovery, enables senior geologists or anyone on a geology team to discover and access all data stored in GIM Suite. “We want to give miners a way to dig deeper into their geological data, when they need to” Steve said. “You can rapidly construct complex queries in our web interface. The data discovery tool lets you create complex data queries and views with a ‘drag and drop’ tool. “You can construct queries, filter or aggregate data across data views, and create on the fly calculations.” New: Data definition library to improve data integrity Business rules and other parameters governing the quality and integrity of geological data are controlled from a central location in a new, web-based data definition library. This simplifies how data definitions are managed and allows you to apply business rules consistently across all methods of data capture. Configuration times for new projects are reduced because you can rely on your previously created data definitions. New: Cloud-based licensing solution acQuire has overhauled the way they licence their technology to ensure everyone who needs GIM Suite has easier access to the product. “We’re introducing a simplified and more flexible licence model for all users of GIM Suite technology with this release,” Steve said. “GIM Suite licences are now managed from a cloud-based licence platform, making it easier to access and manage team licences.” Find out more about GIM Suite and the all-new GIM Suite 5 on the acQuire website. Or, you can contact our team to discuss your geological data management requirements.  Collaborative Technologies Announces that RePur Disinfectant Has Received Two Approvals to Be Entered Into the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) for use against COVID-19 2021-07-26T06:33:41Z collaborative-technologies-announces-that-repur-disinfectant-has-received-two-approvals-to-be-entered-into-the-australian-register-of-therapeutic-goods-artg-for-use-against-covid-19 Collaborative Technologies, an innovative environmental solutions provider,   is pleased to announce that two of its proprietary Repur®  disinfectants have been listed in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) with approved claims for effectiveness against a  wide range of bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Repur® Hospital Grade Disinfectant has has been listed under ARTG No.  AUST L 371575 and a Commerical/Household Grade Disinfectant - Repur® Commercial, has has been listed under ARTG No.AUST L 371572 Both versions of Repur® Disinfectant are low odour, sustainable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, pH neutral and are fully biodegradable, powerful alternatives to bleach and quaternary ammonium based disinfectants, enabling OH&S, compliance managers and consumers to choose disinfection products that are non-toxic, highly effective and give peace of mind. Repur® Hospital Grade disinfectant, is patient friendly and safe for all staff, while being gentle on all surfaces allowing healthcare providers to increase speed and effectiveness of their disinfection regimes.  Repur® Commercial Grade Disinfectant is powerful yet user friendly, gentle on all surfaces and safe enough to use on food-contact surfaces without a rinse. Repur® comes ready to use, requiring no dilution, special protection or disposal as it breaks down to just oxygen & water   Ronen Hazarika, Managing Partner of Collaborative Technologies, commented, “We are delighted to have both Repur® products listed in the ARTG, which now allows us to aggressively enter into the Australian marketplace and offer a safe, powerful, cost effective tool to improve the level of hygiene in hospitals, critical care facilities, aged care homes and commercial facilities such as airports, commercial aircraft, food and beverage manufacturing, hair and beauty salons, schools and offices.” Collaborative Technologies are currently using the core Repur® technology platform to develop new products with applications in wound care, eye care, oral care, nasal care, dermatological conditions and animal wellness. Parties interested in becoming distributors or retailers for the product should contact: Lucy Acland, Business Development Manager Collaborative Technologies LLC Email: Repur® Australia's mutual banks bear a heavy compliance burden following Royal Commission 2021-07-26T01:00:14Z australia-s-mutual-banks-bear-a-heavy-compliance-burden-following-royal-commission Australia has around 60 mutual financial institutions providing banking and related services to some 4.5 million Australians. These businesses range in size from less than $10 million in assets to over $16 billion. For many in the mutual banking sector the digital adoption process was already underway prior to the pandemic, enabling a much smoother, more agile, response, and helping to create efficiencies. However, the sector remains resource constrained and continually challenged by the rate and pace of regulatory change still flowing from the Banking Royal Commission and other sources.   This year alone we will see the commencement of:   ·                     new  design and distribution obligations commence October 5th, 2021  ·                     new internal dispute resolution systems commence requirements and systems (RG271 replacing RG165)   ·                     the introduction of a deferred sales model for add-on insurance commence  ·                     changes to anti-hawking provisions, and   ·                     a new breach reporting regime. commence October 1st, 2021  The challenge for the sector is how to triage these requirements along with, or on top of, ongoing compliance programs. This challenge is being dealt with against a background of internal constraints including tight compliance budgets, lack of skilled resources, managing and motivating remote workers, and maintaining a compliance culture in our organisations. GRC Solutions has released their first Financial Services Benchmarking Report. The aim of the report is to provide a view into the current state of compliance in the sector, understand where the current pressures are in the market and where there are opportunities for collaboration and improvement, and to provide a baseline from which the industry can grow compliance capability. A copy of the report can be downloaded here  First-home buyer regional hotspots revealed 2021-07-25T22:25:16Z first-home-buyer-regional-hotspots-revealed First-home buyers are riding a regional house hunting wave and now exclusive data reveals just where they are starting their homeowner journey in NSW. New analysis by InfoTrack, innovators in legal and conveyancing technology, demonstrates that over the past 12 months first-home buyers in regional NSW have mostly sat in one of two camps. They are overwhelmingly interested in locations within a part-time commutable distance of Sydney, or close to a thriving regional airport. “The data indicates there is plenty of action and some refreshing standouts to speak about. Our May and June data tells us that the hottest suburbs are still those outer western suburbs of Sydney like Austral and Marsden Park. However, in the regions there is a lot more variety in the types of suburbs that first-home buyers are going for,” says John Ahern, Chief Executive Officer of InfoTrack. The most popular regional location for first-home buyers during FY21 was Hamlyn Terrace, near Wyong on the Central Coast, 113kms north of Sydney and 72kms from Newcastle. The sought-after suburb, which incorporates Wyong Hospital and is close to Tuggerah Lake, has a median three-bedroom house price of $540,000. 10 hottest regional suburbs:   Suburb                                   Median $ 3-bed houses                    Dist. from Sydney Hamlyn Terrace                      $540,000                                                         113kms Wagga Wagga                        $435,000                                                         459kms Greater Gosford                      $575,000                                                         85kms Dubbo                                     $350,000                                                         390kms Bathurst                                  $425,000                                                         200kms Tamworth                                $386,000                                                         414kms Rutherford                               $418,000                                                         179kms Cameron Park                        $525,000                                                         155kms Albury                                      $620,000                                                         554kms Wallsend                                 $530,000                                                         159kms * Data from “What is interesting is that Wagga Wagga is the next hottest area in the regions for first-home buyers. Although it’s far from Sydney, the median price for a 3-bedroom property there is $435,000 - and that comes with plenty of land too,” Mr Ahern adds. Despite being 460kms from the state capital, Wagga Wagga is home to a well-serviced airport with an approximate 1-hour flight time to Sydney. The bronze medal goes to the Greater Gosford area, a regional hub also on the Central Coast halfway between Sydney and Newcastle where the median house price is $575,000. “Also on the Central Coast, Gosford is further south and closer to Sydney than Hamlyn Terrace - and it’s a bit more expensive too - but that’s likely due to its proximity to the city,” he says. Dubbo, Bathurst and Tamworth place 4th, 5th and 6th on the list and are all more than 200kms from Sydney’s CBD. InfoTrack’s data also shows that Wagga Wagga, Dubbo and Tamworth rank more highly with first-home buyers than middle to outer ring Sydney suburbs such as Blacktown and Penrith. "Now these are true regional areas that don’t need proximity to Sydney because they have formed their own regional centres. All three have major hospitals and airports, plus Dubbo and Bathurst offer easy access to on-campus universities too,” Mr Ahern explains. Although placing ninth on the list, Mr Ahern says Albury on the NSW state border was a stand out location according to InfoTrack’s latest analysis.  “The newest data gives us insight to the last financial year and we can see some regional areas have experienced a real shift in demand. This time last year first-home buyers in Albury were in the single digits, now we’re seeing almost three times as many making purchases in that postcode,” he said, adding that given Albury sits on the Victorian border some buyer interest could be attributed to migration from areas which endured extended lockdowns throughout 2020. Since the arrival of Covid-19, most Australian regional housing markets have experienced unprecedented boom conditions as dwelling values have out-performed metropolitan markets. Over the 12 months to April, combined regional housing values climbed by 13 per cent, while capital city home values rose by just 6.4 per cent, CoreLogic data shows. Despite that sustained growth, regional NSW still offers first-home buyers more square metre bang for their buck than in Greater Sydney. While Sydney’s median house price has risen to $994,298, the median price for a house in regional NSW is significantly lower at $586,982. The 2021 landscape for first-home buyers might have changed since mid-2020 when historically low interest rates, little to no investor competition due to Covid-19, and the Federal Government’s HomeBuilder Grant were all in play. And although the highly popular HomeBuilder program ceased in April, Mr Ahern points out that there are still active schemes out there to help first-home buyers to get on the property ladder. The New Home Guarantee (formerly the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme) has been extended with an additional 10,000 places available from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022. The scheme means first-time purchasers can avoid paying Lender’s Mortgage Insurance and get into a loan with as little as 5% deposit. There is also the First Home Owner’s Grant, a $10,000 package for those purchasing or building a new home, plus the First Home Buyer Assistance Scheme which allows eligible purchasers to apply for an exemption or reduction of transfer duty. “These home buyer schemes are often capped on purchase price and unfortunately those price caps are too easily reached in Sydney so first-home buyers are looking for options elsewhere. They also encourage first-time purchasers to take up home and land packages and one way to do that is to head to the regions where there’s more space.” - Ends - Notes to editors For more information about InfoTrack, visit: For all media enquiries or to organise an interview with InfoTrack CEO John Ahern, please contact Sandra Falzon on 0431 703 969 or About InfoTrack: InfoTrack is the leading innovator in legal technology and pioneers of property conveyancing automation in Australia. InfoTrack’s integrated platform has been supporting over 8,000 businesses with technology adoption for over 21 years enabling clients to find, analyse, organise and communicate information more efficiently. InfoTrack’s wealth of data, deep knowledge and expertise of the Australian legal and conveyancing industry is your barometer for property activity from contract creation through to settlement. Giveaway for emergency services, aid workers, journalists and volunteers 2021-07-25T02:31:46Z giveaway-for-emergency-services-aid-workers-journalists-and-volunteers Galactic Bioware – a clothing engineering and design company based in Victoria, Australia and Utah, USA – today announces a giveaway for emergency services, aid workers, journalists and volunteers. Galactic Bioware is committed to increasing the availability of ballistic, stab and shrapnel protection to people who place themselves in danger in the service of others. These people include emergency workers, aid workers, journalists and media crew. Discreet protection that does not draw unwarranted attention is critical, and for this purpose, Galactic Bioware's 2021 Casual Collection is provided to these eligible professionals without overt branding or any marks which are reflective or identifying. Galactic Bioware is giving away 10 collections per month valued at up to US$1,100 each to support people who support others in dangerous environments while stocks last. A collection is one hat, one top and one bottom garment. The collection employs a multi-layer system of fibers that aims to reduce the impact and injury level from gunfire, knife wounds, and bomb shrapnel. Our flexible armor panels are designed and tested to NIJ Type II (0101.06) standards to help protect against common handguns, rifles and shotguns including 9mm FMJ and .357 Magnum JSP. This offer is available in 14 countries: USA, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Palestine, South Africa and Tunisia, subject to local laws and regulations. Find out more about this limited giveaway here including our Terms of Sale and Safety Notice. Galactic Bioware's 2021 Casual Collection Now Available for Purchase 2021-07-25T01:44:30Z galactic-bioware-s-2021-casual-collection-now-available-for-purchase Galactic Bioware – a clothing engineering and design company based in Victoria, Australia and Utah, USA – today releases its protective clothing collection to the general public. Galactic Bioware’s casual covert defense line offers ballistics, stab, and shrapnel protection in comfortable shirts, pants, jackets, hoodies, hats and more.  Galactic Bioware designed its 2021 Casual Collection to deliver maximum protection against the increasing threats to personal safety present in highly populated cities without compromising on the wearer’s comfort or clean design.  The collection employs a multi-layer system of fibers that aims to reduce the impact and injury level from gunfire, knife wounds, and bomb shrapnel. Our flexible armor panels are designed and tested to NIJ Type II (0101.06) standards to help protect against common handguns, rifles and shotguns including 9mm FMJ and .357 Magnum JSP.  The 2021 Casual Collection is now available for purchase for the general public in 14 countries: USA, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Palestine, South Africa and Tunisia, subject to local laws and regulations.  Find out more at including our Terms of Sale and Safety Notice. Internet of Things (IoT) Platform Market 2021-2026 Global Demand by Key Players like Intel, GE, Google LLC, Microsoft, Wipro, AT&T and More 2021-07-23T13:43:41Z internet-of-things-iot-platform-market-2021-2026-global-demand-by-key-players-like-intel-ge-google-llc-microsoft-wipro-at-amp-t-and-more The report is the perfect asset that worldwide and local Internet of Things (IoT) Platform Market players and financial specialists need to peep into the eventual fate of their business and plan out successful development procedures. It is an assemblage of clever and precise research and examination contemplates that help players in the Internet of Things (IoT) Platform Market business to comprehend the development examples of driving portions and locales, nature of rivalry, and other huge viewpoints. Purchasers of the report are given dependable figures for complete income, utilization, deals, CAGR, creation, and other significant elements. Readers of the research report can get distinct information on important drivers, restraints, developments, and opportunities in the Internet of Things (IoT) Platform Market Enterprise. They can also study trending technologies, manufacturing strategies, investment strategies, products, and applications that Internet of Things (IoT) Platform Market key players should be taking note of. Every segment is deeply studied by the authors of the record to help key players identify key growth pockets and make the proper investment choices in their Internet of Things (IoT) Platform Market Commercial enterprise. All the segments taken into consideration for the research have a look at are analyzed on the basis of percentage, consumption, boom fee, client choice, and numerous other parameters. Buy Latest Study@ The Internet of Things (IoT) Platform market is expected to grow from USD X.X million in 2020 to USD X.X million by 2026, at a CAGR of X.X% during the forecast period. The global Internet of Things (IoT) Platform market report is a comprehensive research that focuses on the overall consumption structure, development trends, sales models and sales of top countries in the global Internet of Things (IoT) Platform market. The report focuses on well-known providers in the global Internet of Things (IoT) Platform industry, market segments, competition, and the macro environment.Under COVID-19 Outbreak, how the Internet of Things (IoT) Platform Industry will develop is also analyzed in detail in Chapter 1.7 of the report.*In Chapter 2.4, we analyzed industry trends in the context of COVID-19.*In Chapter 3.5, we analyzed the impact of COVID-19 on the product industry chain based on the upstream and downstream markets.*In Chapters 6 to 10 of the report, we analyze the impact of COVID-19 on various regions and major countries.*In chapter 13.5, the impact of COVID-19 on the future development of the industry is pointed out.A holistic study of the market is made by considering a variety of factors, from demographics conditions and business cycles in a particular country to market-specific microeconomic impacts. The study found the shift in market paradigms in terms of regional competitive advantage and the competitive landscape of major players.Key players in the global Internet of Things (IoT) Platform market covered in Chapter 4:*Amazon Web Services Inc.*Intel Corporation*General Electric Company*Google LLC*Microsoft Corporation*Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd*Wipro Limited*AT&T, Inc.*IBM Corporation*Cisco Systems, Inc.*In Chapter 11 and 13.3, on the basis of types, the Internet of Things (IoT) Platform market from 2015 to 2026 is primarily split into: Cloud, On-premise, Hybrid*In Chapter 12 and 13.4, on the basis of applications, the Internet of Things (IoT) Platform market from 2015 to 2026 covers: Connectivity/ M2M platform, IaaS backend, Hardware-specific software platforms, Consumer/enterprise software, Other Geographically, the detailed analysis of consumption, revenue, market share and growth rate, historic and forecast (2015-2025) of the following regions are covered in Chapter 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14: *North America (Covered in Chapter 7 and 14): United States, Canada, Mexico *Europe (Covered in Chapter 8 and 14): Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Others *Asia-Pacific (Covered in Chapter 9 and 14): China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, India, Southeast Asia, Others *Middle East and Africa (Covered in Chapter 10 and 14): Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Others *South America (Covered in Chapter 11 and 14): Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Chile, Others Years considered for this report: *Historical Years: 2015-2019 *Base Year: 2019 *Estimated Year: 2020 *Forecast Period: 2020-2025 Free Sample with TOC@ Table of Content 1 Internet of Things (IoT) Platform Market Overview 2 Executive Summary 3 Industry Chain Analysis 4 Global Internet of Things (IoT) Platform Market, by Type 5 Internet of Things (IoT) Platform Market, by Application 6 Global Internet of Things (IoT) Platform Market Analysis by Regions 7 North America Internet of Things (IoT) Platform Market Analysis by Countries 8 Europe Internet of Things (IoT) Platform Market Analysis by Countries 9 Asia Pacific Internet of Things (IoT) Platform Market Analysis by Countries 10 Middle East and Africa Internet of Things (IoT) Platform Market Analysis by Countries 11 South America Internet of Things (IoT) Platform Market Analysis by Countries 12 Competitive Landscape 13 Industry Outlook 14 Global Internet of Things (IoT) Platform Market Forecast 15 New Project Feasibility Analysis Contact us: *Research Trades* Contact No: +1 6269994607 SkypeID: researchtradescon Malaysian Housing & Property Summit to focus on challenges and opportunities in the new normal 2021-07-22T22:43:02Z malaysian-housing-amp-property-summit-to-focus-on-challenges-and-opportunities-in-the-new-normal The upcoming Malaysian Housing & Property Summit will review the experiences and knowledge gained from the unprecedented challenges faced by the nation from global covid-19 pandemic and opportunities for the future said Kingsley Strategic Institute’s (KSI) Tan Sri Dr Michael Yeoh.   This year’s event will be a virtual summit and be held on Tuesday July 27th.  The theme for the prestigious and highly anticipated event will be Resetting & Rebuilding the Housing and Property Industry in the New Normal.   The opening keynote address will be presented by YB Datuk Hajah Zuraida binti Kamaruddin, Malaysia’s Minister of Housing and Local Government.    Commenting further on the Summit, Tan Sri Dr Michael Yeoh said the annual event brings together key industry leaders, senior government officers, property consultants and professionals related to the housing and property industry to take stock of the state of the sector and evaluate key trends, strategic challenges and opportunities.   “The pandemic has caused many disruptions across numerous economic sectors and impacted several industries including housing and property”, said Tan Sri Dr Michael Yeoh.   “The new post pandemic normal requires housing and property to strengthen its resilience, rethink, reset and rebuild a better industry for the future”.   Increasingly greater digitalization is being utilized in the property sector with virtual sales platforms and digital technology being integrated into the property development cycle – and this will be a key focus of the Summit’s program and presentations by the distinguished speakers and presenters.   Additionally, the Summit program has been structured to enable key industry players to exchange ideas, information and experiences on how to reset and revitalize the Housing and Property industry.   The Summit will also enable participants to ‘feel the pulse’ of the industry and be updated on key issues and new opportunities.  It will be a meeting of minds to take stock of the changing marketplace and to plan for the future in a greatly changed landscape.   Tan Sri Dr Michael Yeoh concluded, “Beyond the lessons of the pandemic, the Summit program will also examine how Malaysia’s housing system is responding to the issues of sustainable design and energy efficient housing.      “In addition, the Summit will examine a range of topics including affordability and availability; improving the linkages between housing and support systems; and many more”.   ENDS Issued by Connect Malaysia              Media enquiries          Mr. Joe Perri, Connect Malaysia Mob:  +61 412 112 545      Email:   Profile:      Kingsley Strategic Institute       The New Malaysia has brought new hopes for the country and new challenges. This requires new strategic thinking, new plans and new ideas. The Kingsley Strategic Institute (KSI) aims to provide strategic advice, high level executive briefings, international conferences, policy roundtables and national summits.   In line with the revived Malaysia Inc concept to foster closer public- private sector cooperation KSI organises top level exclusive briefings and policy dialogues and provide policy inputs to government derived from policy analysis. KSI is a bridge between Government and Business:   - KSI Institute’s value propositions are our commitment to excellence, professionalism and integrity.   - KSI Institute helps companies and organizations prepare for the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Age of Disruption through meetings of minds sharing new ideas, insights and intelligence.   - KSI is also the Secretariat for the prestigious Economic Club of Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysia China Economic Cooperation Council (MCECC), and Dialog Rakyat.         i The MCECC organizes high level meetings on the Belt and Road Initiatives (BRI) and works closely with think tanks, business organizations and research institutions in China and ASEAN.         ii The Economic Club of Kuala Lumpur promotes discussions and debate on economic policies and issues and host Roundtables and luncheons with Cabinet Ministers, top CEOs and thought leaders from Malaysia and the ASEAN region. Why choosing the right technology stack is key for your business strategy 2021-07-22T10:12:36Z why-choosing-the-right-technology-stack-is-key-for-your-business-strategy In today's digital world there is a endless supply of different software and platforms to accomplish everything from eCommerce to accounting and project management. What is a technology stack? A technology stack refers to the collection of different software/systems used within a business an example of a stack could be: MYOB for accounting, WordPress for a blog, WooCommerce for an online shop, Microsoft Office 365 for email and a CRM such as Hubspot to manage contacts and other business information. Choosing the right tools is important to ensure you get the best functionality for the best price and that it is scalable for when your business grows and needs to adapt. Choose the wrong frameworks and scaling can become cumbersome and expensive as time is wasted reducing overall productivity. Technology stacks are also used in programming/software development and involve selecting frameworks and programming languages to write software and are critical in developing solid reliable programs. For example certain languages are far more suitable for specific tasks like the language Django which can be used to build web applications whilst other frameworks like Swift are designed to build mobile apps for iOS. Factors to consider when choosing a technology stack for your organization: Project scope & size The first thing you need to consider is the size of your project and scope of requirements. This will enable you to plan out the size of your application and what factors need to be considered for it to achieve it's intended goals.Scalability As your business changes direction or grows in size so does your computing & I.T needs which is why careful planning is key. This involves checking the features of the software and if it has provisions to expand in size and accommodate potential aspects of future business plans. Software model - Cloud or on-premise hosting & off the shelf or custom Another thing to consider is whether you want to host the software internally or if it would be more convenient to have it hosted in the cloud. Cloud options otherwise known as SaaS or IaaS platforms offer pay as you go subscriptions which can be easy to setup and don't require maintenance as they are looked after by a third party. On-premise software also offers advantages such as the ability to self-host and control the data and make changes to the software if needed in some cases however requires maintenance. Lastly depending on your needs you may be able to simply select an off the shelf product or consider developing custom software for your business requirements. Conclusion Are you needing a trusted advisor or consultant to develop or help you develop your own technology stack? AGR Technology can help with experience in the I.T sector and various digital services such as Online Marketing and Website Design, Hosting and Design. AGR Technology is an independently owned Australian business based in Shepparton, Victoria dedicated to helping businesses get the most out of their technology through high-tech tailor made solutions. Follow us on social media: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Instagram Pinterest GitHub (All our profiles) Fully Licensed, Qualified NBN™ Technicians are Always Available at Birch Tech 2021-07-22T08:25:55Z fully-licensed-qualified-nbn-technicians-are-always-available-at-birch-tech Nations around the world have experimented with different strategies to deliver broadband access to residents. The infrastructure project conducted through the National Broadband Network (NBN™) of the Australian Government is making inroads on the problem and Birch Tech has the highly trained technicians to install, troubleshoot and repair systems by which individuals receive internet access. Individuals that don’t live in or near a city hub often had slow service, had to go without internet service, or choose more expensive options such as satellite connectivity. Others were gaining access through copper wiring, a material that’s now nearing the end of its lifespan. Working on these new telecommunication technologies requires the specialized training and experience that are hallmarks of Birch Tech technicians. As NBN cabling contractors, the company’s experts are trained in the installation of NBN™ systems and identifying the best positioning of equipment for optimal service. They’re skilled in working with fibre optic cables, wireless and satellite systems. Birch Tech is a regulated data installation company for delivering services according to NBN™ legislative standards. Connecting to broadband services may seem like a simple process, but only because the knowledgeable experts at Birch Tech make it appear so. An NBN technician is experienced in the installation of data points, cabling and connections for residential and business customers. The technicians are fully qualified and licensed for those tasks and to make repairs and conduct renovations. “Antenna installers near me” is one of the most common online search terms, whether individuals are seeking installation of a traditional TV antennae or TV service through a satellite system. Both types of receivers must be properly secured, positioned, cabled, and aligned to facilitate reception. Birch Tech specialists are experienced in all types of antenna installations and repairs to ensure customers can receive their favorite news and entertainment programs. Birch Tech provides free no-obligation quotes for customer convenience, 24/7 availability, and all staff is police checked for safety. The full-service telecommunications company also provides phone line troubleshooting and repair, home theater installation and TV mounting, reception boosters, and multiple security and data services for the way people live in the modern world. About Birch Tech Birch Tech provides top-quality telecommunications services to homes and businesses located in and around Sydney District. The company is an ASIAL member, a Gold Member of Australian Security Industry Association Limited, and ACRS Master Cabler. Birch Tech seeks to create long-term relationships with every client. Media Contact Birch Tech 4/94 Byrant Street Padstow NSW 2211 Australia Website: Australia’s iconic region the Whitsunday’s joins EarthCheck to become a leading destination of the world. 2021-07-22T06:34:39Z australia-s-iconic-region-the-whitsunday-s-joins-earthcheck-to-become-a-leading-destination-of-the-world The Whitsunday’s has partnered with EarthCheck to support its Healthy Heart initiative and their ambition to become more climate resilient. The programme will be delivered through the Whitsunday Climate Change Innovation Hub which is an initiative of the Whitsunday Regional Council under the Great Barrier Reef Foundation’s Reef Islands Initiative and the only one of its kind in the country. Their focus is to develop innovative, practical solutions to help the Whitsunday region manage the impacts of climate change, both present and future. In doing so, the Hub hopes to act as a think tank to gather and share knowledge with the community to build resilience in the region, and throughout Australia and across the globe. Renowned for its relaxed lifestyle, the Whitsunday’s boasts beautiful beaches, tropical rainforests, swaying cane fields and earthy colours of the historic outback. The destination covers the four main townships of Airlie Beach, Bowen, Collinsville and Proserpine with a number of rural & coastal communities, and residential areas scattered in between. Fun Facts: + The Ngaro Aboriginal people likely lived in the Whitsunday Islands as many as 8,000 years ago. + The Great Barrier Reef stretches for over 2,600 km, is comprised of more than 2,900 individual reefs, and can be seen from outer space + Whitehaven Beach is consistently rated as Australia’s #1 beach and as the 5th best in the world. + The Whitsundays is home to over 75 species of animal/plant that are endemic to Queensland. + The Whitsundays usually experiences a wet hot summer and a dry mild winter. Daytime and night-time temperatures typically only vary 5-10 degrees Celsius! + 40% of all reef visitation comes through the Whitsundays - the “Heart of the Reef”. Lee Hawkins, Project Officer for the Healthy Heart program in the Whitsundays Climate Change Innovation Hub, said that partnering with EarthCheck was an exciting opportunity for the Whitsundays Region. She said, “This is a collaborative four-year project, focussing on marine tourism operators in the first year with plans to expand further in following years.” “We will be working with EarthCheck and other world-leading destinations to share ideas and learn how we can more effectively address key destination challenges associated with development, planning and marketing.” Stewart Moore, Founder and CEO of EarthCheck said great destinations are built on a strong vision and an ability to harness the collective passion of local industry and community. “EarthCheck has been working with businesses, communities and governments across the globe for the past 30 years to deliver clean, safe, prosperous and health destinations for travellers to visit, live, work and play.” “Leading destinations do not happen without commitment and engagement at all levels – from government and industry to local partners and communities.” The program provides the Whitsunday’s with access to a wide range of destination and planning resources which includes access to a rapid destination appraisal, destination certification for 3 years, business toolkits for tourism operators and a tourism carbon footprint tool.    EarthCheck is supported by the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), the APEC International Centre for Sustainable Tourism (AICST), the not-for-profit EarthCheck Research Institute and is aligned with the aims of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). The Reef Islands Initiative is a Great Barrier Reef Foundation program, supported by funding from Lendlease, the Australian Government’s Reef Trust, the Queensland Government and the Fitzgerald Family Foundation. Springfield Smart City attracts Australian and Indian tech giants 2021-07-22T01:36:50Z springfield-smart-city-attracts-australian-and-indian-tech-giants-1 Springfield, Queensland - Springfield City Group (SCG), the leading developer of Greater Springfield, has partnered with Australia India Business Council Ltd (AIBC); the peak body for promoting and enhancing bilateral trade relations between the two countries, to further fortify the Australia-India rapport by attracting internationally recognised Indian technology companies to Australia. The partnership was introduced in link with the tactical coalition that was announced between the Indian and Australian Prime Ministers, Narendra Modi and Scott Morrison, last year. Springfield City Group and AIBC initiated the project by hosting the Australia India Technology Summit recently. The aim of the summit was to emphasise on further developing Australia’s tech and IT status through the introduction of a second Global Silicon Valley, that would further strengthen the ties between the two countries. The acceleration in partnership between India and Australia would drive domestic productivity, further creating jobs for both nations in higher technical education, technology, energy, defense, health and sports. Major Indian IT companies participating in the summit included TCS, InfoSys, HCL, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, among others. Speakers included Peter Varghese AO, who led the India Economic Strategy to 2035; and Ambassador Anil Wadhwa, who led the Australia Economic Strategy. Maha Sinnathamby, Chairman of SCG, said: “In Greater Springfield, we have laid the foundation to attract the very best partnerships – whether that be in technology, health or education. And now we are delighted to have a very specific focus on the Indian Technology Companies that are already in this country or planning to establish in Australia and understand their needs going forward. The demand for knowledge workers over the next decade will be crucial in this country and we want to play our role in nurturing the minds in our national and local economy to enable them to participate actively in the knowledge economy as it continues to grow. We can leverage the assets we have in this country, build the knowledge workers of the future as well as attract more companies to locate to Australia in areas like the Knowledge Precinct in Greater Springfield.” Jim Varghese, National Chair of AIBC said: “Australia India Business Council is proud to support the Springfield City Group’s latest project surrounding a sustainable future. AIBC believes in the power of this one-stop-shop location for leading tech companies from India and Australia to collaborate and further build on bilateral ties between the two countries.” Ashok Mysore, Chair of AIBC’s Information and Communications Technology and Digital Chapter stated that Indian IT and technology companies have long embraced Australia when asked about the prospective the latest project would introduce. --ENDS-- Key facts about Springfield: • Masterplan approved for 2.685 million square metres of mixed-use GFA and 22,855 apartments • Over $18 billion spent on Greater Springfield to date• Population of 48,000, growing at 5.8% per annum (on average)• 2 rail stations and connected by major road networks• 11 schools, both public and private schools• Private hospital, university, and TAFE campus• Major shopping centre, Orion Springfield Central • Data centre and dark fibre network connecting Greater Springfield and Brisbane For further information or to schedule an interview: Katrina Hall+61 2 8705 CyberArk Named a Leader in 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Privileged Access Management 2021-07-21T23:23:06Z cyberark-named-a-leader-in-2021-gartner-magic-quadrant-for-privileged-access-management-1 Sydney, AUSTRALIA, NEWTON, Mass. and PETACH TIVKA, Israel – July 22, 2021 – CyberArk (NASDAQ: CYBR) today announced it was named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Privileged Access Management1. The company was positioned both highest in ability to execute and furthest in completeness of vision for the third time in a row. Over the past year, CyberArk has driven significant product innovations and made it even easier for global organisations of all sizes to take a security-first approach to protecting the growing number and types of identities – wherever they exist – in the cloud, across DevOps workflows and throughout increasingly fragile supply chains. From its advanced on-premises offerings to its growing SaaS portfolio, CyberArk delivers the only Identity Security platform, centered on privileged access management, to provide unmatched customer satisfaction while boosting operational efficiencies and driving down cybersecurity risk – at scale. “CyberArk has invested significantly in product innovation while reimagining how we engage with and support our customers as they continue to face growing business challenges across an increasingly complex world,” said Mike O’Malley, senior vice president, Global Marketing, CyberArk. “From our transition to a subscription business model and our new cloud-native offerings, to the expanded number of access, privilege and secrets-related use cases we address, CyberArk continues to deliver on its Identity Security vision and drive results for our customers.” Gartner Peer Insights documents customer experience through verified ratings and peer reviews from enterprise IT professionals. CyberArk reviews include the following: “CyberArk is a perfectly built PAM solution to cater every PAM use case, covering the basic password vault and password rotation all the way to secure single sign-on access through privileged session management with end to end replay able session recording, hence creating secured jump servers / bastion hosts.” – Director, IGA Program, Healthcare Industry (read full review) “CyberArk has an excellent customer relationship management team. We enjoyed working with them throughout the engagement. With [this] PAM solution, we were able to avoid and eliminate the need to store access related data in our local system and move to a centralised place which takes care of the encryption and eliminate any security related issues.” – Sr. Software Associate, Construction Industry (read full review) “This tool has drastically reduced our time spent to manage and track credentials internally. The account management has been very easy and helps to stay compliant with our PCI DSS audits.” – Operations Manager, Communications Industry (read full review) CyberArk recently won several awards and earned industry recognition, including the SC Awards Europe for Best Privileged Access Management Solution and Best Cloud Computing Security Solution, and Best Privileged Access Management and Best Cybersecurity Company by the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, among other honors. To download a complimentary copy of the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Privileged Access Management, visit: 1 – Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Privileged Access Management, Felix Gaehtgens, Abhyuday Data, Michael Kelley, Swati Rakheja,19th July 2021 Gartner Disclaimers Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings or other designation. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner’s research organisation and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Gartner Peer Insights reviews constitute the subjective opinions of individual end users based on their own experiences, and do not represent the views of Gartner or its affiliates.                                                 About CyberArk CyberArk (NASDAQ: CYBR) is the global leader in Identity Security. Centered on privileged access management, CyberArk provides the most comprehensive security offering for any identity – human or machine – across business applications, distributed workforces, hybrid cloud workloads and throughout the DevOps lifecycle. The world’s leading organisations trust CyberArk to help secure their most critical assets. To learn more about CyberArk, visit, read the CyberArk blogs or follow on Twitter via @CyberArk, LinkedIn or Facebook. # # # Media Contact: Sue Ralston Einsteinz Communications Ph: +61 02 8905 0995