The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-01-08T22:38:01Z Welding Safety in Western Australia 2019-01-08T22:38:01Z welding-safety-in-western-australia Having worked in the welding safety industry for over 23 years, I have seen more positive change in the last year than I have over the last twenty years and I feel like we’re just getting started in WA. Toward the end of 2018 we saw the WA housing market and general growth bottom-out and begin to rebound and it was announced that there would be a number of large-scale iron-ore and lithium mining projects planned to commence in the coming years. The Western Australian welding outlook looks bright in 2019 both from an economy and safety perspective. The main welding industries and applications in WA The mining of iron ore, gold, lithium, and nickel drives the welding industry in Australia’s westernmost state as well as a strong shipbuilding presence. So, the news of large-scale iron ore and lithium projects on the near horizon is great news for WA. Due to the heavy-duty nature of the welding that supports these industries the primary welding application in Western Australia is high amperage MIG welding between 200 and 400 amps. MIG welding at high amps is hot work and produces high levels of welding fume which is basically microscopic particles of hot metal and gases that are small enough and buoyant enough to be released from the welding arc and rise in a cloud of metal fume. If not properly protected, welding fume can pose significant short-term and long-term health risks to welders and workers in close proximity. As an example, it’s recommended that even in good environments with forced ventilation that a powered air respirator be worn when MIG welding with materials like aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised steel and non-coated steel. The big change in welding safety in Western Australia The big change in Western Australia came shortly after the 2017 reclassification of welding fume by the International Agency for the Research on Cancer (IARC). The IARC concluded that there was sufficient evidence in humans that welding fume can cause lung cancer and limited evidence for kidney cancer. As a result, the IARC reclassified welding fume as carcinogenic to humans. Following this news, 2018 witnessed many large, medium and small Western Australian companies completely change their stance on welding fume and the protection of their employees. The 3M Speedglas Welding Helmets with the Adflo PAPR which offer powered air respiratory protection against welding fume have become the “norm” for welders and companies in Western Australia. For me personally, it’s great to see the faces on the welders when they experience the refreshingly cool and clean air delivered by the Adflo PAPR for the first time. Not only do the systems keep the welders protected from welding fume, they also keep welders cool in the WA heat. Speedglas Welding Helmets Speedglas welding helmets with Adflo PAPR also protect the welders’ eyes and face from ultra-violet and infra-red radiation, bright visible light, high-speed particles, and certain helmets are also available with integrated over-head safety helmet protection and hearing protection. A recent study performed by a large company in the US found that foreign body eye injuries decreased by over 70% year-on-year after introducing the 3M Adflo Powered Air Purifying Respiratory Protection (PAPR) Systems. This is an often-overlooked positive side-effect of using these welding PAPR systems. Speedglas welding helmets are available with clear grinding visors which means the welder can keep the welding helmets in the safe down-position for the entirety of their workday providing continuous high impact eye and face protection. What does WA need for welding to remain strong into the future? For the welding industry to remain strong in WA I think we need to make sure that welders, companies and educational bodies training our next generation of welders coming through, understand that while the risk posed by welding fume and welding, in general, is real, protecting themselves from this risk is both easy and readily available. Teaching welders about respiratory and welding safety will ensure welders don’t leave the industry due to the potential health hazards. We’ve experienced that the general level of welding safety knowledge can be low and often misguided. This would be a major step in ensuring welders are fully informed to facilitate positive change. If you’d like more information on welding safety please contact AWS. OXAIR FANFARE USHERS IN GOLDEN ERA FOR OXYGEN GENERATORS 2019-01-07T10:18:41Z oxair-fanfare-ushers-in-golden-era-for-oxygen-generators Australia-based Oxair says that having a constant supply of high purity oxygen on tap, compared to being dependant on shipping in cylinders from an outside source, could be the difference between life and death when treating patients in hospitals and medical facilities. Already in use in many remote locations where healthcare might be compromised due to failing supplies of cylinders, Oxair’s Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) system is enabling hospitals to be self-sufficient in generating the purest of oxygen for years to come. By switching from cylinders, that can be at the mercy of delays during transportation as well as being potentially prone to corrosion from moisture, salt and other materials, to Oxair’s oxygen generator reduces manpower handling cylinders, saves room space and the life-saving gas is immediately available. In addition to saving lives on wards, Oxair’s robust technology is ideal in the extreme conditions that can often be encountered in sectors such as mining, farming or even in the military where the use of resources to clear empty oxygen cylinders can become a thing of the past. Safety in gold mining is improved significantly through the use of oxygen generators. Mined rock is usually ground up and turned into a slurry by adding cyanide, oxygen and water before being fed through a carbon bed to extract the gold. Incorporating highly purified oxygen actually allows cyanide to work more efficiently and thus reduces the quantity of this deadly poison in the leaching process. Another advantage of Oxair’s generators when a constant, onsite source of oxygen is required for mining operations is their design. High quality parts for valving and piping means less maintenance and low power consumption when compared to other manufacturers. Environmental considerations are a key priority for mining companies, the addition of highly purified oxygen into the mix helps to destroy leftover cyanide in the waste mixture and so creates a purer and cleaner waste product at the point of disposal or evaporation. Oxair generators can deliver constant oxygen of 94%-95% purity through PSA filtration, a unique process that separates oxygen from compressed air. The gas is then conditioned and filtered before being stored in a buffer tank to be used directly by the end user on demand. The equipment also boasts noise control technology, user friendly colour touch screen HMI, full diagnostic history, continuous monitoring of on-stream oxygen to ensure uninterrupted supply, consistent, high purity oxygen, automatic operation – no extensive technical training required – high quality parts for less maintenance, guaranteed performance and lower energy and air consumption. From saving precious lives to extracting precious metals rugged oxygen generators from Down Under can safely and securely ensure an uninterrupted flow of this precious gas for many processes, offering a cost-effective alternative to shipping in cylinders. Commercial Furniture Direct Announces Stylish new Arrivals 2018-12-20T08:11:23Z commercial-furniture-direct-announces-stylish-new-arrivals Casual cafes, eateries and dining establishes represent one of the fastest growing categories of new businesses and the need for hospitality furniture Melbourne is increasing. Commercial Furniture Direct specializes in café chairs, stools, tables, dining sets and accessories and announced its most recent arrivals. Commercial Furniture Direct offers an extensive line of affordable and durable furniture for a wide variety of establishments, whether it’s a new restaurant, Internet café, or a pop up eatery. Each piece is carefully curated to provide customers with a comfortable place to share food and drink with friends or family. New arrivals of hospitality furniture Melbourne at Commercial Furniture Direct include three-piece Paris dining sets, Fitzroy tables, and Carlton tables and chairs. Each offering is available in multiple colors, styles, sizes and materials to accommodate every space requirement. Clients will also find Zurich bar tables, export bar tables, and Munich benches to complement any décor. Offerings are equally appropriate for lobbies and similar environments. Clients can choose from individual chairs, stools or chair packages for any type of establishment, whether it’s a restaurant offering fine dining or a beachside ice cream bar. Cafe chairs Melbourne encompass a myriad of choices from replicas of classic designs to those for retro-themed restaurants. Clients can select those that mirror French provincial to trendy modern styles. Every establishment must have tables and Commercial Furniture Direct provides tables that complement any environment, setting and trend. Cafe tables Sydney can accommodate interiors featuring industrial or ultra-modern looks. Versatility and style are benchmarks of the company’s offerings. To set the tone for any business, the company also offers scatter cushions, pod chairs and bean bag chairs. Stylish, low maintenance fire pits are available to eliminate the chill, enabling businesses to stay open longer. Clients can choose umbrellas, hammocks and hanging chairs, along with loungers and furniture specially designed for outdoor entertaining. The new arrivals available at Commercial Furniture Direct provide businesses in the food and hospitality sectors with even more stylish furniture choices at affordable prices. Each piece is designed and selected to enhance ambiance and provide comfort for customers. About Commercial Furniture Direct Commercial Furniture Direct is a 100 percent family owned Australian business. We are passionate about living and entertaining. We believe in our products. We understand that furnishing a café or restaurant is about more than acquiring objects – it’s about enjoying the good life with food, wine and friends. It’s about making the most of the best company. We do our bit to make this experience all that it can be by specializing in high quality items that offer the finest in comfort, style, durability and convenience. Media Contact Commercial Furniture Direct Phone: 03 8742 2931 Address: Shop 4,283 Old Geelong Road Hoppers Crossing VIC 3029 Website: GRC Announces Associate Appointments 2018-12-18T07:06:25Z grc-announces-associate-appointments Independent construction cost consultancy, GRC are pleased to announce the recent promotions of Matthew Brown, Doug Fletcher and Hugh Mackie to Associate which recognises not only their technical competency but also the contribution each of these staff make in the areas of business planning, strategic support and leadership.  Matthew Brown celebrated his five year service milestone at GRC in September this year and has more than 20 years’ professional experience.  As a published co-author and a regular industry guest speaker, Matthew has been pivotal in providing value-add solutions to complex asset portfolios for GRC across multiple sectors.   Doug Fletcher joined GRC in February 2016 and has more than 20 years’ professional experience. He has an established reputation for delivering practical and economical solutions to his clients problems with a specialisation in state government projects.  Doug is also a passionate advocate for the profession and was recently appointed as the AIQS QLD Chapter Vice President.   Hugh Mackie joined GRC in May last year and brought a diverse portfolio of expertise to the business across the building, infrastructure and oil and gas sectors.  His 25 years of relevant quantity surveying experience across projects both in Australia and abroad provides him with a breadth of experience which has underpinned his successes to date at GRC.  Hugh sets the benchmark for his project teams to follow and has the ability to maintain a high standard of work all whilst staying actively involved with training and mentoring junior staff around him.  Managing Director Andrew Brady commented: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge the contributions Matthew, Doug and Hugh have made at GRC.  These appointments recognise the respect and report each of these staff have established with their work colleagues, clients and acquaintances.  I look forward to working with each of them in their new management role.” Nu Lighting Holds Christmas Special on Select Illumination Options 2018-12-17T04:15:52Z nu-lighting-holds-christmas-special-on-select-illumination-options Nu Lighting Pty. Ltd announced that it’s conducting a special promotion just in time for Christmas. Consumers can receive a 20 percent discount on a select range of products now through Jan. 31, 2019 by entering coupon code XMASMR16. To illuminate a pathway for holiday celebrants, one of the lighting options eligible for the holiday discount is the Byron Small Post Top with Post top coach light. The six-panel coach light is available in several color choices, frosted glass per panel and is suitable for a variety of outdoor usages. The Byron Small Pillar Mount Coach Light features a six-panel pillar mount from the Byron collection. Frosted glass per panel and multiple color options makes the light a good choice for multiple types of architectural styles. Appropriate for a variety of outdoor locations, it has a 12-month warranty. For an elegant look that provides ample illumination, the Byron Large Six Panel Down Outdoor Wall Lantern is constructed with large panels. The outdoor wall lights option features frosted glass per panel, multiple colors and a convenient 12-month warranty. For those that prefer old-world styling that’s at home in modern settings, the Cobar One Light Four Panel Post Top Lantern is highlighted by a four panel top post, multiple colors and a 12-month warranty. As the preferred source for lighting in Australia, Nu Lighting offers one of the largest and most comprehensive selections of indoor and outdoor lighting options available online. The company has illumination for an extensive variety of needs that includes lamps and chandeliers, clinical and lava lamps, and fans in traditional and thoroughly modern styles. Clients that require outdoor lighting will find brick and bunker lights, flood lights and LED strip lights, and illumination options for decks, security, and lights for uses underwater, in-ground and on steps. Mounted and free-standing selections are available to provide charm and safety for any structure. The special Nu Lighting offer is an ideal opportunity for individuals to obtain the specialized lighting they desire on eligible products now through Jan. 31, 2019. Customers simply enter coupon code XMASMR16 to receive their 20 percent savings on custom lighting. Media Contact Nu Lighting Pty Ltd Phone: 1300300366 Address: 102/10 Help St  Chatswood NSW 2067 Website: Bluelab Explain What is pH & Why Measuring it is So Important 2018-12-17T01:33:48Z bluelab-explain-what-is-ph-amp-why-measuring-it-is-so-important pH is the measurement of acidity and its opposite, alkalinity in a solution. Neutral pH is 7.0 pH. Acidity measures below seven pH (7.0pH) with alkalinity measuring above it (7.0pH).  It is important to maintain a hydroponic nutrient solution at a pH level where the elements in the nutrient solution are consistently available to the plant. If the solution is too acidic or too alkaline it can cause ‘lock up’ – a situation which restricts certain elements essential for growth from being absorbed by the root structure. Deficiencies in the required elements become apparent in the plants’ growth and can lead to crop failure.  Additionally the pH of the water we drink is crucial to our health, the pH of a swimming pool is important, not only for our skin and eyes, but also for the efficiencies of sanitizers and pool equipment. Again the pH of the water a fish lives and breeds in is critical to its existence, as certain species require a particular pH to survive.  The elements we add to a solution will either increase or decrease the solution’s pH measurement. Only accurate measurement of the pH level will allow complete control of the outcome. To find oout the preferred pH range for your plants you can download the optimum nutrient pH range for plants sheet, or have a look at the how pH affects the availability of nutrients to plants chart. Individual crops have their own preference for pH values. That is, they do best at certain pH levels. Whatever food solution you use, keep your pH in a fairly tight band. Consistent balance gives consistent growth. It’s not just the nutrient mix; it’s the right pH that delivers the food.    Accurate pH readings in solutions with a ppm (500 Scale) of less than 250ppm [0.5 EC] can be challenging to obtain, and require the pH probe to be extremely well maintained and in excellent condition. For this reason, Bluelab recommends that for general applications the ppm of the solution being measured should be greater than 250ppm (500 scales). If pH measurements in solutions of less than 250ppm are required then Bluelab recommend that guild lines for measuring pH in low ionic strength solutions be followed. For more information on digital soil pH meters, Bluelab ec meters and temperature probes please go to . Does drinking milk protect you from welding fume? 2018-12-13T01:16:46Z does-drinking-milk-protect-you-from-welding-fume There will be two types of welders reading this article. The first will think this is a joke. That no one could seriously believe that milk would be a suitable shield against a now known carcinogen. The other has heard from their peers that drinking milk does protect them from welding fume and wants to know whether there is any truth to this tale. Below, we look into facts and give you the answers once and for all.   Drinking milk to protect you from welding fume The first concept is that after drinking milk, the body will absorb the calcium from the milk and this will “fill up” the spaces that other heavy metals like zinc and cadmium would otherwise fill. By filling these gaps, the welder lowers the potential intake of these heavy metals. While the body will absorb calcium, this process relies on the digestion system pathway NOT the respiratory system. Therefore, the heavy metals that make their way into the respiratory pathway by breathing in welding fume are in no way affected by the intake of milk through the digestion system. Furthermore, a healthy diet means there should be no calcium deficiency, so the extra calcium in the milk will not be absorbed (or very little).   Holding milk in the mouth while welding acts as a filter The other theory is that welders would hold the milk in their mouth while welding. After welding they would spit the now dirty milk out! Trying to use it as a scrubber solution.   The whole notion is wrong. Holding the milk in your mouth forces the welder to breathe through their nose. Again, this process relies on the respiratory system with the welding fume being transported to the welder’s lungs. Clearly a respirator worn and used correctly will be more effective at preventing the welding fumes from getting into the welders’ airways to start with, rather than attempting to do something after the fumes have already entered the body.      So how should welders protect themselves from welding fume? The 3M Speedglas 9100 Welding Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) give welders a required minimum protection factor of 50. This means that the air the welder breathes when using a PAPR welding helmet will be 50 times cleaner than an unprotected welder. This is 5 times the level of protection offered by a properly fitted and tested disposable or reusable respirator. To learn more about how to protect yourself from welding fume please visit our resources below or download our free Welding Fume White Paper which takes a closer look at the recent reclassification of welding fume as a Group 1 Carcinogen.  Visit our range of Welding Helmets with Powered Air   Attracting & Retaining People – Myths, Magic or Mayhem (Part 2) 2018-12-12T00:47:21Z attracting-amp-retaining-people-myths-magic-or-mayhem-part-2 It’s not unusual for exasperated managers after having spent untold hours during the interview and recruitment process to throw up their hands and ask ‘why did I bother’ said author, speaker and personal development consultant Stephen Chong.    Added to this frustration, has been the downturn in productivity; expenditure and budget blow outs and other important issues that resulted from managers being distracted from their day to day duties continued Stephen Chong.   The reality is these managers forgot the basic principle – and it’s one of the most important aspects of human interaction – the principle of ‘First Impression’ affirmed Stephen Chong.  “You know how it is when you meet someone for the first time. It takes as quick as a few moments to decide whether you like that person, or not”.   “Maybe it’s the way they dress?  Or perhaps it’s how they present themselves, or what they say.  Whatever the case, that impression you’ve formed is now ‘rock solid’”.   If you ‘like’ that person, it’s an impression very hard to change.  The same applies if you ‘dislike’ the person.  This is why it’s called the ‘Moment of Truth’.   The manager has gone to all of this time, trouble and expense to hire the individual believed to be the best candidate that can deliver a really high return on investment (ROI) as a new employee.   That was the hope.   But unfortunately, it’s here that many organisations/managers allow the ‘wheels to fall off’.   On the first day of the new job, the first question that all new high ROI employees will ask – given that they more than likely had a number of potential new employers to choose from – is, ‘Have I made the right decision?’.  It’s imperative that the new employer supports and reinforces that decision.   After nearly three decades of coaching and training, Stephen Chong can attest to seeing many examples of employers unwittingly destroying budding relationships with new employees by failing to pay sufficient attention to the recruit’s ‘day of induction’.   “Much worse, in fact I’ve witnessed employers completely neglect this important aspect of the hiring process”, said Stephen Chong.   “Of course, there were many functions to sign off and cover from the all-important documentation – they may have had to view the WHS & EEO videos and so on.  But this can all be accommodated within a ‘day of induction’ that makes the person feel special and welcome and - most importantly, reinforces their perception and decision to join the new organisation”.   Here are some tips Stephen outlines in his presentations and management / leadership workshops to help managers better navigate the process:   - Make sure the new employee’s workstation/uniform/name badge is set-up, clean, working and highly presentable; - Ensure they are welcomed (enthusiastically) by a senior member of the management team; - Make sure they can meet other team members in a relaxed, cordial environment; - Be sure they understand their role, position, level of responsibility and authority; and - Make sure they are aware of who will assist them as they find their way around their new organisation’s labyrinths.   Stephen Chong concluded, “The ‘Induction Day’ should be templated, timetabled, monitored and mentored (and regularly update this template to ensure it remains best practice)”.   “As a manager, you’ve gone to a lot of time, trouble and expense to hire this person…make sure you give your best ‘first impression’”.   Notes to the editor:   Stephen Chong’s applauded book, Letters Across Time: A journey of enlightenment is now available on Amazon and Kindle   Issued by Stephen Chong   Media Enquiries:        Mr. Joe Perri, Joe Perri & Associates Pty Ltd T: +61 3 9324 0362     M: +61 412 112 545     E:   Stephen Chong M.Ed. is a highly sought-after Personal Development Coach, Speaker, and Author. In his coaching work, Stephen focuses on imparting the essential envisioning and goal-setting skills that bring out the best in executives, managers and staff in the modern workplace.    He has established a considerable reputation for designing and delivering quality coaching and training programs, evidenced in the many courses he has written, such as: Enhanced leadership skills; Effective communication; Conflict resolution; Living on the edge of your comfort zone; Developing winning teams; and Overcoming the obstacles. TAN Board & Philip Dalidakis meet Australian Ambassador-Designate to Thailand in Melbourne 2018-12-10T21:58:40Z tan-board-amp-philip-dalidakis-meet-australian-ambassador-designate-to-thailand-in-melbourne Members of the Thai Australia Network (TAN) Board together with Philip Dalidakis MP met with Allan McKinnon PSM, Australian Ambassador-Designate to Thailand over lunch during his visit to Melbourne last week.   Commenting on the meeting, Dr Simon Wallace, Royal Thai Consulate General and TAN Chairperson said the event had been an excellent opportunity for Ambassador-Designate to meet with members of the Board and discuss many of the bilateral trade and cultural connections that underpin the harmonious and long-established relationship between Australia and Thailand.   Philip Dalidakis also took the opportunity provide both a personal and Victorian perspective on the many successful initiatives introduced by the State Government that have enhanced trade and cultural appreciation both locally and in Thailand.   Ambassador – Designate McKinnon expressed his appreciation to TAN and Philip Dalidakis for the opportunity to meet with them and was confident that good outcomes would continue to flow from the proactive relationship between Australia and Thailand.   The Ambassador – Designate appreciated the perspective and insight Richard Lovell provided on the activities both in Thailand and internationally of Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) – one of Thailand’s largest and most successful corporations.   Both Philip Dalidakis and Richard Lovell also took the opportunity to discuss matters relating to food safety, labelling and prospects for further bilateral opportunities in the future.  Mr Lawit Sawadirak of Thai Airways and Mr Kumpee Ratanachodpanich of Bangkok Airways spoke at length about inbound / outbound tourism and business plans of the respective major carriers.   In bringing the lunch to a close, Dr Wallace wished Ambassador – Designate McKinnon every success for the future and affirmed TAN looked forward to continuing to support Thailand Australia relationships and connectivity.   Issued by Thai Australia Network (TAN)       Media Enquiries:                 Mr. Joe Perri                                                 Joe Perri & Associates Pty Ltd                                                 Telephone / fax:     +61 3 9324 0362                                                 Mobile:                      +61 412 112 545                                                 Email:                  Airmaster launches New Zealand expansion, Optimum Air 2018-12-06T21:04:41Z airmaster-launches-new-zealand-expansion-optimum-air The move represents the company’s first foray outside of Australia.   Founded in 1988, Airmaster is an award-winning technical solutions company, delivering end-to-end management of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, industrial and process cooling and building automation.   Headquartered in Melbourne, Airmaster services all states and territories from 12 branches around Australia, and employs over 800 staff.   Speaking at the company’s announcement, Airmaster CEO Noel Courtney said the time is right for Airmaster to cross the Tasman and enter New Zealand’s growing HVAC market, trading under the name Optimum Air.   “This is an exciting time for Airmaster,” Courtney said. “Having grown our operations across all of Australia, New Zealand represents a natural progression for us in terms of expansion.”   Optimum Air’s first branch will be located in the Auckland suburb of Mount Wellington, and will employ local management and technicians. Branches in other cities are planned for the future.   “Airmaster is a proud, innovative company and we are thrilled to begin our journey in New Zealand with the launch of Optimum Air,” said Courtney. “We believe our culture, values and reputation will allow us to grow our New Zealand operations, and we look forward to creating new opportunities for the best and brightest of New Zealand’s HVAC industry.”   Courtney said Optimum Air would offer the same products, services and solutions as those currently provided to Airmaster’s Australian-based customers.   “Many Airmaster customers already have a New Zealand presence, and we look forward to introducing our innovative approach to HVAC and mechanical services in this exciting market.” For more details: Optimum Air Website Optimum Air on LinkedIn Passion for people & personal values drives Michael Carmody FPA Professional of the Year 2018-12-06T02:22:20Z passion-for-people-amp-personal-values-drives-michael-carmody-fpa-professional-of-the-year Against an often-heated environment filled with negative commentary directed against financial services, it’s refreshing to see a dedicated professional rise above the static and receive an award that not only recognises their own personal attributes but acknowledges the backbone of the advice sector said Sentry Group chairman and MD Murray Hills.   Commenting further, Murray Hills said Viva Wealth Director Michael Carmody’s FPA Certified Financial Planner Professional of the Year 2018 award was an acknowledgement of his immense individual competency as a practitioner in the provision of the highest levels of financial advice and client service / care.   Michael doesn’t operate from a glamourous mid-city office, it’s very much a two-person practice administered with his wife Vanessa who embarked on this joint venture together in July 2016.  Their business goal was to have less clients and work with each client more intimately.    “I have an immense passion to provide the very highest standards of client experience and in doing so, assist clients to achieve their life goals and aspirations – hence my own dedication to ongoing personal and professional development and learning.    “This also extends to giving back to the industry as an FPA WA Committee member, mentor to new industry entrants and established practitioners; and supporting community / charitable activities.  They are inseparable”, said Michael Carmody.   Michael started his working life as an educator before embarking on a career change into financial services in 2006.  He joined Byfields Accountants & Financial Advisers and had advanced to Partner and Senior Financial Adviser by 2009.   However, it was 2016 that he decided it was time for a new undertaking and established Viva Wealth financial practice in the Perth suburb of Ardross, as a Corporate Authorised Representative of Sentry.   Viva means ‘long live’ and that has been the mission of the practice since its inception – to firstly intimately understand and appreciate the individual aspirations unique to each client and then create a financial plan to assist them achieve those all-important long-term life objectives.   Viva has also provided Michael and wife Vanessa a quality of life away from the business to be devoted parents to their three daughters and also enjoy many personal and social pursuits.    “I grew up in Western Australia’s wheatbelt and the values and passion to excel that were instilled in me by parents, family and community have been my personal bedrock and underpinned both my personal and professional life journey”, continued Michael Carmody.   “Hence it is our client centric approach that has proven to be highly effective for the holistic capability it provides clients to achieve their ideal life”.   It was an immense honour to be awarded FPA’s highest award – but more so that the rigour and thoroughness of the award assessment framework was validation of our processes and competency in the provision of professional financial advice affirmed Michael Carmody.   It’s imperative to intimately understand and appreciate each and every client which is why Michael devotes time to helping clients improve their personal financial literacy in order to better understand and appreciate their wealth creation, lifestyle protection or retirement plan.   Although there are many technological aids available, Michael prefers to document meeting and interview notes personally as it provides an opportunity to reflect on the discussions and better appreciate and understand each individual client.   Looking to the future, Vanessa’s skills as a qualified coach will be utilised more extensively in Viva Wealth as desired by their clients.   Vanessa’s coaching capabilities will be utilised to help clients better understand their emotions and emotional intelligence associated with money, thus helping them to visualise and document what an enriched life truly means to them.   The work that Vanessa does with each client sets a solid foundation for Michael to develop “Financial Life Planning” strategies that are unique to each individual client. It results in advice that is truly personal financial advice and not a cookie cutter approach.   Michael expects the practice will continue to grow through clients acting as brand ambassadors referring Viva Wealth to family members, friends and business associates.    “Change, upheaval and living more complex lives is now the new norm – however, the importance of financial advice has never been more important.  The fundamental purpose as financial planners remain unchanged – to help clients plan for the future and effectively use time to achieve those long-term life goals”, concluded Michael Carmody.   ENDS   Issued by Sentry Group                 Media enquiries:  Mr Joe Perri, Joe Perri & Associates Pty Ltd                               T:  +61 3 9324 0362   M:  +61 412 112 545                               E: Australian legaltech start-up lands banking heavyweight 2018-12-05T02:02:55Z australian-legaltech-start-up-lands-banking-heavyweight Ben Rosswick, a former Vice-President at Deutsche Bank and Director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, has joined legal-tech company Smarter Drafter as CFO. Smarter Drafter is a document creation tool powered by Artificial Intelligence, used by more than 140 law firms in Australia. The appointment marks a key stage in the business’s transition from a startup to becoming a major player in the legal technology space, as the business continues to double in size each year and prepares for future capital raises. Ben was largely considered a young prodigy at Deutsche Bank, where he quickly rose to the position of Vice President in London. He was then poached by Bank of America Merill Lynch and moved to Hong Kong, where he played a key role in managing their FX Options team in Asia. Ben returned from Hong Kong and left the banking world to take up the position at Smarter Drafter. Ben Rosswick says “Working in banking for so long, I had endless interactions with lawyers and always wished there were ways for them to get their job done faster. When I first saw the Smarter Drafter technology, I knew this was going to change the legal sector and I wanted to be a part of that.” Ben joins a management team that already includes: Adam Long, CEO, an ex-strategy consultant known for launching the charitable sock brand Conscious Step, David Lipworth, Head of Legal / CTO, an ex-Baker McKenzie and Clifford Chance M&A lawyer David King, Head of Partnerships, who grew the law firm Schofield King Legal from 1 person to a four office operation. Smarter Drafter CEO, Adam Long, says “We’re very excited to be hiring people of Ben’s calibre. With his appointment, we now have the management team we need to keep doubling every year and begin our international expansion.” If you would like more information or to schedule an interview please contact Smarter Drafter CEO Adam Long, 0421 498 170, Image: Smarter Drafter CEO, Adam Long (left) and Smarter Drafter CFO, Ben Rosswick (right). AFA Launches 2019 ACE Awards 2018-12-04T12:57:19Z afa-launches-2019-ace-awards The Australasian Furnishing Association (AFA) has launched the 2019 Australian Contemporary Emerging Design Awards (ACE). The official launch was held in the magnificent showrooms of Catapult Design Sydney.   The spectacular space that showcases the very best of current Australian Contemporary furniture and lighting provided the perfect backdrop to launch the 2019 Awards for Australian contemporary emerging design and address the need to improve communication between industry and the design community. The products at Catapult Design speak of how incredible Australian talent can be promoted, and the opportunities that exist for collaboration and innovation. AFA CEO Patrizia Torelli spoke openly and passionately of the industry. “The future of Australian furnishing design lies in the hands of emerging designers.   The role of the AFA is to provide an arena to acknowledge and showcase the work and the potential of these amazing creative Australians to national and international markets,’ she said.   ‘The Australian Contemporary Emerging (ACE) Design Awards reflect the vision of the industry and are open to students, emerging designers and masters from all fields related to the furnishing industry.   These NATIONAL Australian Furnishing Industry Awards represent a tremendous opportunity for all sectors of the furnishing industry to engage in a collaborative way to put the Australian Furnishing Industry on the world map – and help achieve the ultimate goal of Australian Furniture for every room in the world!’ concluded Ms Torelli.   Industry leader and ACE Ambassador, Andrew Brown followed on with a special announcement speaking of the philosophy of industry icon Tony Parker.   ‘Tony was unfortunately unable to attend but sent his best wishes to the next generation of Australian designers and reinforcing his confidence in the fact that they will bring renewal and growth to the industry,’ he said. ‘In my capacity as Ambassador for ACE, I have delighted in highlighting the works of the great masters of the industry who continue to support and believe in the evolution of the industry which includes future disruptive technologies and innovation in both design and distribution. Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to announce the new award category - the Rob Cooper Lightmakers lighting design award,’ he announced. ‘The importance of Lightmakers contribution to Australian lighting manufacture from the 70s to the 90s cannot be underestimated and should be held up as an example to young aspiring lighting designers to work toward,’ he concluded. Andrew cited the incredible lighting design on display at the launch by LAAL, Ben-Tovim, Lumil and Paul Townsin and the incredible international success of Melbourne designer Christopher Boots as additional inspiration for those emerging designers. The evening was indeed one of industry and design community coming together as one and finding that there is so much common ground and room for discussion and collaboration. In one of Australia’s best showcases of local design Catapult Design directors Leigh Johnson and Aaron Zorzo showed incredible generosity in providing the perfect venue for this sophisticated and intimate event where many new connections were made, and future collaborations planned. Nominations for the 2019 ACE Awards are now open and the winners will be announced in June 2019 # ENDS # MEDIA CONTACTS Joe Perri /AFA Joe Perri & Associates Pty Ltd  T:  +61 3 9324 0362  M:  +61 412 112 545   E:   ABOUT THE AUSTRALASIAN FURNISHING ASSOCIATION The Australasian Furnishing Association (AFA) is the peak industry organisation representing Australian and International Members spanning national and global markets.  The AFA contributes to worldwide consultation, collaboration and developments on behalf of all Members, particularly in the Australasian region. AFA Members benefit from the AFA’s services in both residential and commercial environs and provides advocacy and lobbying leadership via government and industry led networks. AFA Members operate across all areas of the residential and commercial furnishing supply chain including education and training, design, manufacturing, supply of services and materials, installation, compliance, testing and certification, import and export of furniture, furnishings and components United Networks (ASX:UNL) launches Insurtech solutions to Columbus Direct customers in the UK 2018-12-03T22:38:49Z united-networks-asx-unl-launches-insurtech-solutions-to-columbus-direct-customers-in-the-uk United Networks Limited is pleased to announce the signing of a new distribution agreement with Collinson for customers of their direct-to-consumer travel insurance brand, Columbus Direct. From today, Columbus customers in the UK will be eligible to receive unlimited global access to the United Networks 67+ million hotspots. Columbus Direct UK customers will receive complimentary unlimited global WiFi access through the United Networks App when they purchase an eligible Travel Insurance product.  Nicholas Ghattas CEO of United Networks said, “We are excited to be launching our United Networks engagements solutions in conjunction with Collinson in the UK. Collinson has been at the forefront of delivery innovation and increased engagement to the travel industry globally through its travel, loyalty and lifestyle products for over 30 years. We look forward to working with Collinson and their extensive network of partners.”  Greg Lawson, Head of Travel Insurance at Collinson, added, “This partnership with United Networks continues to demonstrate why Columbus offers our customers not only a quality travel insurance experience but also peace of mind and tools that help make every trip that little bit more enjoyable. We look forward to working with United in the coming months to develop what we can offer our Collinson partners, as well as evolve the Columbus proposition.” For Full terms and conditions of the Columbus Direct offer visit -ENDS Columbus Direct  Columbus Direct ( is a leading travel insurance specialist, established in 1988. Columbus have a history of innovation in the industry, including being the first company to sell travel insurance direct to consumers in the UK and also the first to fully sell online. Columbus Direct travel insurance is available in 45 countries and have covered over 15 million travellers worldwide. 26 November 2018  Collinson  Collinson is a global loyalty and benefits company. We craft customer experiences which enable some of the world’s best known brands to acquire, engage and retain the most demanding and choice-rich customers. Our unique expertise and insight into high earning, frequent travellers allows our clients to deliver the smarter experiences it takes to drive deeper customer devotion. We have 30 years’ experience working with the world’s leading payment networks, over 600 banks, 90 airlines and 20 hotel groups in over 170 countries to create loyalty, deliver smarter travel experiences, and protect and assist their customers in times of need. Clients include Accor Hotels, Air France KLM, American Express, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Diners Club, Intel, Mandarin Oriental, Mastercard, Visa and Vhi.  United Networks Limited  United Networks was established in 2009 by Nick and Anthony Ghattas. The company listed on the ASX in January 2017. United Networks is a B2B business. It derives the majority of revenue from “white labelling” its global Trust platform connectivity and Insuretech platform services for large B2C businesses such as insurers, airlines, banks and travel agents. United Networks Trust platform is a customer engagement ecosystem, which enables enterprise partners to connect and engage with their end users through a variety of Insuretech products and services. The Trust platform incorporates real time tracking, multiple connectivity and valued added products across an integrated messaging platform. The Trust platform Insuretech products and services include:  • Global SIM that connects to 190 Countries  • App Based WiFi access to 67 million locations  • App Based Global Alerts  • Duty of Care and SOS emergency platform  • Live real time messaging  FOR FURTHER Mr Nicholas Ghattas, CEO INFORMATION PH: (02) 9003 9514 A look at the rapid growth of LED technology 2018 2018-12-03T05:26:01Z a-look-at-the-rapid-growth-of-led-technology-2018 More than just a gimmick According to market research reports, the global LED lighting market size is projected to reach $54.28 Billion by the end of 2022, with a compound annual growth rate of 13% from 2017. While this is just a projection, there’s no denying that LED has quickly proven itself the future of lighting. The main driving force behind this growth is the advantages LED Lighting has over incandescent and florescent technologies, and the environmental benefits it offers. LED consumes drastically less energy than both incandescent and florescent lights, making it more energy efficient, better for the environment, and cheaper for the consumer to run. As a result, environmentally conscience government bodies around the world have been pushing for the uptake of LED within households and commercial properties. An example of this push can be seen within Australia, where government energy Incentive schemes are encouraging businesses to upgrade to LED through lighting subsidies:  The VEU in Victoria, ESS in New South Wales and REES in South Australia. In hand with these new subsidies, a string of new lighting regulations and laws surrounding lighting technology has driven the growth of the LED sector. Measures to phase out Incandescent bulbs has been the biggest of these changes – with bans on both the manufacturing and sale of these bulbs since the late 2000s meaning that alternatives such as compact fluorescents and LEDs have become the new norm.   Smart Lighting - Not just for retrofitting As the LED market is projected to grow a significant amount between now and 2022, one of the biggest segments of that growth will be Smart LED Lighting - estimated to grow from $7.93 Billion in 2018 to $20.98 Billion by 2023. While in the beginning LED lighting was primarily targeting the retrofit market, that is, replacing existing lights, new innovations in connectivity and smart technology such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LPWAN have revealed its true potential. Smart Lighting uses a Wi-Fi network to allow light bulbs to talk to each other, enabling the user to control them through other networked devices such as their phones and laptops. This technology is linked to the growth of the larger ‘smart home’ technology market, which allows everything from lights to televisions to be connected through a central hub. Innovating on what we already know Smart lighting isn’t the only way LED lighting is changing the lighting industry. Products such as the Tri-Colour Downlights are innovating on the typical downlight design, offering a replacement to the older MR16 and GU10 technology. Highbay lighting has seen a massive shift from the previously standard High Intensity Discharge Lamps, to LED UFO highbays, which not only improve the lighting of warehouses, but the safety of the space as well.   What this means for you So, LED lighting is a fast-changing technology, how does this impact you, the consumer? The simple answer is this – as LED technology changes rapidly every year, the products you can buy today may be impossible to get in a year. While there’s often a newer version on the market as a replacement, these aren’t always identical in design or look – or even price. Luckily, LED lasts a long time, so the chances you’ll need to upgrade immediately are slim. This is one of the biggest benefits of the technology – it’s longevity. That being said, if you’re concerned about not being able to acquire the same product again, especially in the case of commercial applications, buying extras to keep on hand is the best way to ensure you can replace or upgrade old bulbs quickly.