The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-03-25T06:03:09Z Eventify App Platform Revamped and Relaunched By Teksmobile 2019-03-25T06:03:09Z eventify-app-platform-revamped-and-relaunched-by-teksmobile Eventify - the multi-featured digital event app builder platform initially released in 2017 - has received a facelift. The new version is equipped with powerful and more customisable features, and is set to take the convenience factor of professional event managers even higher. Speaking on behalf of Teksmobile, CEO Hussain Fakhruddin stated that the encouraging response to the first version of Eventify was a big factor behind the second coming of this event app platform. Earlier, the platform had already been used to create the official mobile applications of several high-profile events - with Nordic Smart Cities, Business Innovation, Startcon and Nordic Smart Cities being among the most noteworthy ones. Buoyed by the great reviews and the feedback received from early users, the developers of Teksmobile have gone in with a series of new and improved features in Eventify 2.0. Event organisers can quickly add/edit event names, dates and brief descriptions, upload logo(s), select theme colours, and proceed to adding all the relevant event-related information. For example, detailed scheduling of the event - speaker names & bios, their sessions, sponsor details, and information on exhibitors participating in events can all be included. Interested attendees can access all the pertinent information before deciding to participate in the event. Seamless networking will continue to be one of the biggest USPs of the Eventify tool, according to a senior executive from the Teks team. The platform has a live, one-on-one messaging system, allowing people to easily communicate with each other. In addition, a global push notification system has also been added. Event managers can, with its help, quickly notify all attendees about changes and updates in their events. The process is super-fast and super-effective. Maps on Eventify have also improved in their utility and accuracy, compared to those in the previous edition. To ensure people can reach event venues, detailed navigational maps are present. With exploring across large event floors also often proving to be tricky, organisers can add a clear floor plan in their app, created with Eventify. That way, attendees will have no difficulties in checking out the different sections/zones of the event. One of the biggest high points about the Eventify platform is the fact that it takes away the need for prior coding knowledge to build mobile event apps. Organisers, after subscribing, can simply click to add/edit sections and categories - and ensure that the final version of the app contains all the information that they require. Live previews are available, allowing the organisers to check how their event app is shaping up. Once this stage is complete, Teksmobile takes over - submitting the app for review and getting it live in stores with a fortnight or less. At a time when awareness and adoption of cutting-edge event technology is at an all-time high, Eventify offers state-of-the-art paperless promotion solutions. Instead of having to rely on the woefully ineffective yet considerably expensive event pamphlets and hoardings and banner ads, organisers can simply sign up on Eventify, build their very own event apps, and reach out to the widest possible audience. From the dashboard of the Eventify portal, users can also check out in-depth event reports and statistics, pie-charts, and other visual representation of key numbers. Mr. Fakhruddin likes to refer to Eventify as the ‘intelligent’ app platform! Eventify has been designed to build apps for practically all types of B2B events - from small-scale business meetings and workshops, to high-profile conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, and the like. While software and tech events are the main points of focus, organisers of medical conferences and travel industry events are also being encouraged to use the platform to build customised event apps. Mr. Fakhruddin, however, was quick to point out that his team would not be taking on any events related to finance, entertainment, gambling, politics and other social activities. Eventify was a big success when it launched back in 2017, and its revamped avatar packs in several new and interesting features. Most importantly, the new version is decidedly more flexible for event organisers. The tool is available on a subscription-only basis - with the two available packages being Business Pro ($249/event; ideal for smaller events) and Enterprise Pro ($599/event; ideal for large events). A number of international event managers have already expressed interest about the tool - and the team is looking forward to collaborating with many more high-profile B2B events over the next couple of quarters. Visit to know more about the new-look Eventify app-builder platform. Dial 91-33-40649087 or send emails to to clarify your doubts and further queries. Eventify is one of the finest event management software tools currently available, and it eases the task of making event apps and maximising the exposure for events manifold. Three reasons to celebrate! 2019-03-22T03:42:45Z three-reasons-to-celebrate-1 March has been an eventful month in the calendar for Adelaideans and for local engineering business gama consulting who are celebrating three years since opening their doors. The Kent Town based consultancy prides itself on offering a fresh approach to structural engineering within the residential and commercial sectors and has now grown to employ around ten full time staff. “Employing the right staff is really important. If you have the right team behind you, which we are fortunate to have, then you have every opportunity to build and run a successful business,” Matthew Mammone, gama consulting joint director explains. “After deciding that we needed a challenge in our careers and with the support of our families, we went on to pursue our dream of starting our own consultancy. “Our aim was to offer a service and a product that people in the industry would respect and enjoy and create something we would get a kick out of too.” “Fortunately, the growth we’ve seen and the feedback that we’re receiving is that people are liking and appreciating what we’re doing,” Gabby Stracci, gama consulting joint director explains. And while one of the business goals was to create work life balance, Matthew explains with a smile, “That has been questionable, especially with a young family!” He also tells that, “One of the greatest things about gama is being able to make decisions about how the business is run and moves forward without having to jump through too many hoops.” While being a business owner has many positives, Matthew and Gabby explain, “Adelaide is probably one of the most challenging places to start and run a business in the current economy. “We have been extremely fortunate to work with some amazing companies and clients to build our business from the ground up. “You’re never quite sure how it’s going to play out, so getting through our first three years has been a great achievement. It doesn’t mean that the foots been taken off the pedal though!” Matthew also recalls the challenges of running a start-up business. “I remember I had a ‘wake up’ moment when we first opened our doors. I was sitting in the office, typing up my first inspection report when I had the realisation that it was up to Gabby and myself to push as much as we wanted.” Gabby goes onto explain that it’s very much a relationship-based industry. “It’s obviously about providing our clients with a quality service and product and putting our vision into practice by setting a plan and then having the support around us to grow the business. “Each job we work on receives the same high level of attention to detail and follow through. Client communication is a big focus for us.” When asked how they define success, Gabby explains, “I think if we’re happy and our staff are happy then you’re on your way to achieving success.” And as for the future of gama consulting, Gabby and Matthew explain, “We’re working on our internal processes and at the same time hoping to showcase some of the work we’re doing through our website and online channels. “Our aim is to keep our heads down, keep working hard and enjoying ourselves as a team.” gama consulting offers a fresh approach to structural engineering within the residential and commercial sectors. To find out more about the range of services, visit or call 08 7123 4050 Health and Safety Incidents Now The Biggest Loss Driver for Organisations 2019-03-19T02:15:59Z health-and-safety-incidents-now-the-biggest-loss-driver-for-organisations Health and safety incidents have become the leading financial loss drivers for businesses around the globe, with cumulative losses now outstripping the costs of more high-profile disruptions such as cyber-attacks or IT outages, according to the latest research. The British Standards Institution (BSI) 2019 Horizon Scan analysed the risks and threats recognised by 569 organisations worldwide, and compared these against the impact of actual disruptions over the past year. The findings highlight a significant gap between perceived business risks and actual issues. The researchers say that despite the frequency and cumulative cost of health and safety incidents, organisations continue to incorrectly perceive their impact as relatively low – ranking them twelfth on the list of top risks for 2019. In reality, surveyed organisations which suffered losses of more than 7 percent of annual turnover had cumulative health and safety incident costs of $1.186 billion in 2018. BSI Chief Executive, Howard Kerr, said true organisational resilience meant not overlooking the underrated, and easily missed, issues that can seem like “business as usual.” “It is easy for leaders to be kept awake at night by high-profile risks such as cyber-attacks, technology disruptions and IT outages. But they must not ignore the smaller, more frequent risks that steadily erode the bottom line.” “Organisations that do not take all threats they face seriously, or develop plans to manage them, are exposing themselves to not only reputational loss but what can become quite severe financial costs.” For 2019, organisations are most concerned about high-impact events, including cyber-attacks, IT outages and extreme weather events, despite the fact that other incidents recurred more often and have a cumulatively higher impact. Other key findings: Political change is predicted to be one of the top ten disruptions in the next 12 months but the financial aspect of political change seems to be neglected, as threats related to exchange rate volatility and higher cost of borrowing do not appear in the top ten. Organisations with business continuity plans in place for more than a year suffer fewer disruptions than their peers; they report lower losses (6%) than the average (7%) from disruptions in the last twelve months. Organisations direct a lot of time and attention towards risks that were previously considered ‘black swans’ – events that struck as a surprise, with a high impact on those affected. These events then become a key focus of attention. Risks such as critical infrastructure failure and natural disasters are among the most anticipated disruptions with high risk scores (5.47 and 5.43 respectively). Discover how work safety can impact performance, profit, and culture.  SAI Global Loses Monopoly On Australian Standards 2019-03-11T05:20:23Z sai-global-loses-monopoly-on-australian-standards Following a decision from an independent arbitrator, Standards Australia have announced that any extended distribution agreement with SAI Global would be “non-exclusive” – a win for Australian businesses. Currently, SAI Global own an exclusive 15-year license (with an additional 5-year option) to publish and distribute Australian Standards. The arbitrator’s decision means that Standards Australia can now take steps to move beyond the exclusive distribution arrangements that have been in place with SAI Global since 2003. Over the past year, the SIA, on behalf of the health and safety profession, has actively lobbied for an end to the 15-year monopoly distribution arrangements. Standards Australia’s Chairman, Richard Brooks, said the arbitration decision was an exciting step towards delivering greater value and improving access to Australian Standards, while building capability and external partnerships to deliver new methods of distribution to end users. “Improving every aspect of our work – from how we connect with contributors, to how we foster innovation and how we distribute our content has been a major part of our agenda.” “However, as the world of publishing changes, we must also change to continue our strong, positive contribution to the community and empower those who use our content.” SIA Chief Executive, David Clarke, congratulated Standards Australia on taking up the challenge of removing what has long been seen by the SIA as an unfair arrangement to Australian business. “Standards are an important tool for Australian businesses in many ways, they play a vital role in understanding health and safety responsibilities and implementing good health and safety practice. The price of standards has been increasingly prohibitive and one of the key reasons has been the distribution monopoly. This announcement is the first step in seeing those costs come down.” Mr Clarke said that the Institute would continue to take a strong interest in the development of the wider distribution market for Australian Standards, and that this announcement was only the first step. “This is not just about medium and large enterprises. A million small businesses in this country do not access standards because of their cost which directly affects their health and safety. This recent decision will reduce costs which is a positive step, but there is still a case to be made for the Commonwealth to look at subsidising access for some areas of Australian business, especially small business.” Standards Australia said exactly how the arbitrator’s decision would be implemented is still unclear, but that it is committed to starting the process sometime later this year. In the meantime, Australian Standards will continue to be distributed through SAI Global. As part of this transition process, Standards Australia will soon begin an open consultation with stakeholders to understand how the current and future distribution models can deliver easier access for those who use Standards Australia’s content. Standards Australia’s CEO, Bronwyn Evans, emphasised the importance of stakeholder engagement as part of the transition. “Operating an open and transparent process is our core business. This is an opportunity to design a Standards Australia of the future that relies on all interested stakeholders, whose support and contribution will be vital in the improvement and innovation in the distribution of Australian Standards.” Advisory Board Centre launches Industrial and Resources Industry Advisory Board to support key growth sector 2019-03-07T06:20:14Z advisory-board-centre-launches-industrial-and-resources-industry-advisory-board-to-support-key-growth-sector The Advisory Board Centre, the leading independent Industry Group for the business and advisory sector, is proud to announce the formation of the Industrial and Resources Industry Advisory Board.   The advisory board members are comprised of trusted leaders in the Industrial and Resources industry known for being leaders in their career and community.  The Industry Advisory Board supports the Advisory Board Centre’s research, engagement and education strategy to support businesses and advisors within the Industrial and Resources sector. Charter members of the Industrial and Resources Industry Advisory Board include: Mark Gell, Certified Chair Mark is the Chair of the Industrial and Resources Industry Advisory Board.  He has provided senior counsel to boards and executive teams for over 30 years having participated on both private, publicly listed, industry representative and not for profit boards. Mark’s former executive roles within the industry include GM Corporate Development & Sustainability at OneSteel, Global Head Strategic Marketing & Communications at Lend Lease Coporation, GM Corporate Affairs at Boral and Group Relations Executive at TNT.  Mark also served as Chairman for the Major Energy Users Group and Energy Markets Reform Forum. Mark’s corporate experience is complemented by his entrepreneurial and investor experience owning and supporting innovative and high growth businesses across a range of industries. Adrienne Rourke, Approved Advisor Adrienne has over 20 years’ experience in marketing, business development roles for the private and not for profits sectors, both nationally and internationally.  In her current role as General Manager at Resource Industry Network (RIN), Adrienne is heavily involved in regional economic development activities as a representative of the engineering and industrial sector.  Adrienne has been the driving force in re-establishing RIN as a peak industry association for the region’s engineering and industrial businesses and developing extensive industry, government and stakeholder connections.  Adrienne is also the Deputy Chair of Mackay Community Foundation and was the regions representative on the federal governments Bowen Basin Regional Jobs and Infrastructure – Bowen Basin Committee, and a member of the Federal governments Resource 2030 Taskforce in 2018. Anthony Short, Approved Advisor Anthony has been an entrepreneur advisor and capital raiser for 25 years growing businesses to sustainable profitability and Australian Stock Exchange quotation.  He has extensive experience at board level in the management and formation of public companies in gold mining, drilling and oil and gas.   Anthony has a strong track record of founding, advising and investing in companies in Australia, North America, Africa and Asia across resources, energy, technology, e-commerce, biotechnology and blockchain industries. Anthony is Director Capital Markets at Cabbel and Founding Director of GCP Capital Pty Ltd, a Perth based investment banking group. Members of the Advisory Board Centre Executive Team including Jan Easton, COO and Louise Broekman, CEO will also contribute to the Industry Advisory Board. “Australia has a long and proud history as a global leader in the resources, manufacturing and industrial sectors.  There are many opportunities and challenges within the sector that businesses must navigate to be internationally competitive,” said Jan Easton, COO, Advisory Board Centre.  “The experience and insights of the Industry Advisory Board helps us to deepen our understanding and connection within the Industrial and Resources sector.  This enables the Advisory community to be more prepared to deliver value and meet the needs of business owners and executives within the sector.” Property Development Trends 2019-03-07T04:52:17Z property-development-trends WHAT DEFINES PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT? Property development is a process operating in business terms that involves different stages of buying, renovating, re-leasing and sales of lands, regardless empty or developed, and even current buildings. Property development is also commonly known as real estate development in some parts of the world. This property development process is tedious yet can be quite fruitful if it is successfully accomplished and ready for building construction. THE DIFFERENT STAGES OF PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT PROCESS. So, how does a property development process start? There are several stages for a real estate company to successfully complete this process, namely the research stage, the negotiation, and purchasing stage, the approval stage, the documentation stage, the pre-construction stage, the construction stage and lastly the completion stage. During the research stage, the respective real estate company will usually gather their elite team, which consists of finance managers, risk evaluators, surveyors, civil engineers, and project managers, so to gather information and understand better on the land or building on sale. This team will have to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of plan proceeding, securing the financing and development site, and evaluating the risks while coming up with several plans to mitigate these risks. Once all the details are affirmed and the team is given the green light to proceed from their management, the team members will then proceed to find property agents to negotiate the land or building prices, draft contract and buy. After purchase, the real estate company will be able to hire a civil engineer or civil planer who understands the law, regulations, and guidelines, so that the government grants a designing or planning license and followed by approval from them. The fourth stage is to get an experienced civil engineer to work along with the other engineers in the team on the current layout of development design and get approval. After which, a project manager will then be involved in the fifth stage so that the project manager will be able to select the best-fit team of construction contractors to work on the actual building layout and endorse a contract with the contractor During the construction stages, the team and project manager will need to understand and plan ahead for unforeseen circumstances, due to climate changes, and try to complete the construction within the stipulated timeline, so to reach the certain construction milestones at different stages. Once the construction is completed, the property company will then discuss and make a decision on how they should proceed with this completed construction and how they are to be able to earn profits from it. WHAT IS THE CURRENT TREND IN THE PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT INDUSTRY? For investors who are interested in the property development industry, it will be ideal for them to check on the current trend, before making decisions for their investment plans. There are different types of trends currently in the property development industry, like the build-to-rent or to invest due to capital flows. The build-to-rent trend is appealing to most investors in planning to have a stable passive income monthly after investing a huge sum of money into a building or an apartment unit. Capital flows are usually more for foreign investors, who are not residing in Australia, but at the same time helping to boost Australia’s economy in a positive way. Property development trends are constantly fluctuating and changing over the years. However, the country’s economy also largely depends on such property development for boost and growth, so as to maintain their current standard of living. The Downsides Of Ignoring Underfloor Insulation Explained 2019-03-07T04:45:01Z the-downsides-of-ignoring-underfloor-insulation-explained As a whole, heat in your home is 100%, and percentages from this total value can escape from elements of your home. For example, about 35% of the heat can leak through the walls, and 15% can flow through windows and doors. And, this is why experts in the insulation industry have introduced thermal barrier options for each of these elements, and Underfloor Insulation is the product for your floors. In this article, we explain the downsides of not investing money in insulation. Also, we discuss a few other helpful topics too. Let’s get started! Underfloor Insulation can be rigid panels or batt thermal barriers, and depending on the floor type; choose the right type wisely. Usually, we don’t install spray-foam and blown-in insulation on floors. Like all other areas, the R-value is the measure that you should focus on when choosing insulation for your floors. For example, if you live in a colder or hotter part in Australia; make sure you buy a product that comes with a higher R-value. What are the downsides of choosing the wrong R-value? Well, nothing will happen if you buy Underfloor Insulation that comes with a higher R-value than the required value. Anyway, the prices of high-R-Value thermal barriers are a bit high. Hence, you will spend extra money for no reason. Anyway, if you choose a lower R-value; you will have to go through a series of downsides such as high energy bills and frequent temperature fluctuations. You can imagine the downsides of frequent temperature fluctuations, don’t you? For a comfortable life, the temperature in your home should stay at a constant level, and Underfloor Insulation helps you a lot with it. Most homeowners in Australia install thermal barriers on the roof/ceiling, walls, and doors as well, but they sometimes forget the floor. As mentioned, when 20% of the heat leaks through the floor; you can’t achieve optimal temperatures in your home. To balance it, you will either turn on the heaters air conditioners that are home appliances consume electricity in high amounts. High energy bills and energy wastes are the downsides of it. This money waste on energy bills will affect you in the long run. For example, if you keep on spending too much money on energy bills for 40 years; calculate and see how much you would waste! What if you save that money by installing Underfloor Insulation and use the money for something productive for your family? Remember, it’s not only about saving your money but about saving energy as a responsible citizen. An uncomfortable home is a happiness killer: When your kids always complain about frequent temperature fluctuations, which can stress you out; everybody will get disappointed, right? Anyway, you can create a better life for your family with Underfloor Insulation and other types. A quick tip: you can’t even ignore a single crucial element of your home that contributes to heat loss. Even a damaged garage door can cause an uncomfortable environment in your home. Can I insulate the garage door? Of course yes. Since the garage door covers a large area; insulating it with a reliable thermal barrier is highly advisable. Try your best to keep 100% of heat in your home; hence you can minimize or stop using heaters and air conditioners forever. Looking for a reliable thermal barrier supplier in the Melbourne region? We are the best; call us today! When And Why Should You Hire TV Antenna Melbourne Services? 2019-03-07T04:40:20Z when-and-why-should-you-hire-tv-antenna-melbourne-services As the device that directs television broadcasting signals to your television, TV Antenna Melbourne is an essential device for all homes across the world now. While homeowners got this device installed themselves in the 90s, as the technology develops; these devices also have become high-tech gadgets; hence the installation of these elements is not a piece of cake today. What do you understand by this fact? Yes, rather than messing up the whole process by doing it yourself; hiring a professional TV Antenna Melbourne company is highly advisable today. When and why should you hire these service providers – let’s discuss this topic in detail today! At a glance, the antenna installation is a pretty straightforward task, but it is not. Many things can go wrong if you do it without a proper understanding of it. For example, you could fall from the roof and end up on a hospital bed, or your TV or the antenna can get ruined in no time as you make a critical mistake during the installation process. So, if we come to the question now — hire professional TV Antenna Melbourne installers whenever you consider antenna replacement. Of course, these professional companies provide many other services as well today. Why is replacing the TV antenna vital? Old antennas won’t go with new TVs, and new antennas won’t go with old TVs. And, this means if you buy a new television; you will have to buy a new antenna as well. But, if your current antenna is a product after 2013; mostly, it will go with your new TV. What is the year 2013? Well, television broadcasting signals in the Melbourne region got upgraded to digital signals this in this year; hence almost all the old days’ antennas became obsolete ones after this prime change. During that time, most homeowners didn’t prefer that change, but now we can enjoy crystal clear pictures on our TVs thanks to that change. Let’s say your current antenna is old, and you buy a new TV; hence you consider an antenna replacement. So, this is the right time to consider hiring a full-service TV Antenna Melbourne company. Here, we didn’t mention an antenna installer; we said a “full-service” one. Yes, a valid reason for is there for saying it that way. A full-service provider is a company that provides more than one service for customers in the Melbourne region. For example, you may come across sudden system failures in the TV system; hence only a full-service company can help you in all those cases. Ordinary TV Antenna Melbourne installers may only provide day-to-day antenna installation services, but a full-service company does other useful things such as troubleshooting, emergency response services, and many more. Also, choosing an antenna installer that you can keep as your long-term service provider is highly advisable today; this will save your time and money in the long run, and service providers give discounts for their loyal customers. Metro TV is a reputable TV Antenna Melbourne installation company, and we provide a broad service range at affordable rates. Our previous articles have explained the times that you will benefit from hiring us; read those articles as well. Remember, DIY antenna installation always comes with downsides such as accidents, damages to both the components and time/money wastes. MiniMovers Clears Assertions of Being the Movers Behind the Recent Deebing Heights Situation 2019-03-07T04:10:38Z minimovers-clears-assertions-of-being-the-movers-behind-the-recent-deebing-heights-situation There has been some commotion online, especially in Facebook, with people campaigning to boycott MiniMovers, Australia’s Most Recommended Removalist after a situation in Deebing Heights last Wednesday, 6th of March 2019.   Weeks of protest at the known Aboriginal site has broken into an unpeaceful situation between the police and the demonstrators fighting to protect the land. While some news videos and images are spreading like wildfire in social media showing MiniMovers’ trucks in the background, the company wishes to clarify the real story behind those pictures and videos.   “On the afternoon of Wednesday 6th of March, we received a phone call from a client wishing to book two trucks to come to an address in Deebing Heights. At no stage was MiniMovers made aware of the situation. Our drivers proceeded to the site to be met with understandable emotion.   Our drivers were then directed to the site. At that stage it became apparent that the situation was one which MiniMovers could not morally support. At that stage our drivers called the office to explain the situation.   On being informed of the situation it was immediately decided that this was an action which we did not support, and our drivers were told to reject the job and leave the site immediately,” said Stephen Herbert, spokesperson of MiniMovers. “The images in the press have portrayed our company as being the one who removed the Traditional Owners belongings. Again, this is not the case. We rejected the job and left the property. We have been receiving messages from people who would like their belongings returned to them. However, as much as we would like to help, we do not have their things as we weren’t the ones who did the move.”   The 35-year-old company has been a strong Australian brand in the local moving industry and is saddened by what’s currently going on in Deebing Heights. “As a company, we do not condone or support the development of this site or the removal of the traditional owners from this land. The History of this such need protection,” Stephen Herbert continued. “We would like to offer our deepest apologies to the Yuggera Ugarapul Tribal Elders and offer them support for their cause.”   BBX Australia now open in Canberra ACT region 2019-03-06T23:12:17Z bbx-australia-now-open-in-canberra-act-region BBX Australia now has a Master Licensee and State Manager for Canberra/ACT. Introducing Camtu Pham News Release 7th March 2019: BBX Australia now has a Master Licensee and State Manager for Canberra/ACT. Introducing Camtu Pham! “I started my career with the Department of Defence in 1994 and worked in Canberra for 2 years. In 2010, while leading my digital marketing business, CleverLINK, we won a contract with AusIndustry which was aimed at helping SMEs in Canberra to embrace technology, so the capital city has always been a special place to me. It will be a pleasure to serve BBX’s existing members as well as new members in Canberra and the surrounding areas in the years to come”. said Camtu Pham. “I am excited about the opportunity with BBX because it offers what the market needed. What I have now started is business matchmaking - helping to connect buyers to sellers. What it means is, any business that need more trade – BBX guarantee to supply them more customers.” added Camtu.   There will be a formal launch on 19th Feb 2019 at EQ Café to celebrate the special occasion and to create an opportunity for business owners to network and listen to a presentation on the topic “7 Clever Ways to Accelerate Your Business Growth”. Small business owners are invited to join this special launch breakfast.  Camtu is a business leader and has been a small business operator for over two decades. She has been a member of a trading platform for over 6 years and knows how this platform can assist businesses going through tough times such as through providing the interest-free lines of credit. Such access eases the financial burden for most businesses immediately.  Regardless of its size or number of years in business, every company has some form of "unsold time", "slow-moving stock" or "unsold hotel rooms" or "empty seats at restaurants.” BBX can help to change this and help business to turn zero income into BBX credits. These trade credits can be used to improve the cash flow of the business or improve the lifestyle of the proprietors. BBX digital currency is registered with the ATO and corporations are required to treat it as cash for GST and accounting purposes. Click More Here To View Full Story Connect with Us to chat further: VISIT OUR WEBSITE if you include this email in your proportion email, most recent content will be posted directly into the group. More information on our next upcoming event or For more information please see: 02 9499 1100 - or email us at listed above. Free Gutter Cleaning Quotes Now Available From Brisbane Gutters 2019-03-06T01:53:14Z free-gutter-cleaning-quotes-now-available-from-brisbane-gutters With a commitment to providing quality gutter cleaning services you would be happy to recommend to your friends and family, Brisbane Gutters is now providing free gutter cleaning quotes for commercial, strata and residential clients in the Brisbane region. Visit the company website or call Dan to discover the competitive rates and friendly service of the Brisbane Gutters team. - Servicing all suburbs in the Brisbane region - Quality results - Free roof condition reports - Free quotes Come and visit the company website today to explore the complete range of gutter maintenance services the team provides. Brisbane Gutters Address: 109/283 Logan Road, Greenslopes QLD 4120 Phone: 0490 549 257 Website: March marks 10 years of operation for Expo Centric! 2019-03-04T06:30:04Z march-marks-10-years-of-operation-for-expo-centric Expo Centric started its journey back in 2009 with the aim of changing the face of exhibition design and build. With just a laptop and phone Expo Centric has grown to now be one of the largest and most experienced players in the exhibition space with a state of the art manufacturing 30,000 cubic meter industrial facility in Rydalmere.    “It’s been a truly humbling and incredible journey from starting a business from the spare room to changing the way a whole industry operates in just 10 years.”  Stan Kruss.   During the growth stage of Expo Centric Stan Kruss, founder and owner of Expo Centric, ventured on to the television show Shark Tank. Armed with enthusiasm and his usual forceful spirit, he braced himself to ask for an investment of $2million to finance a quantum expansion of Expo Centric throughout Australia.    One shark tank investor, Steve Baxter (the self-made millionaire of IT background) stepped up, offering the $2million if Stan would float Expo Centric on the Australian Stock Exchange. It was the largest offer made by an Australian Shark to date. A public float wasn’t in Stan’s plans for Expo Centric, so he rejected the offer causing a media frenzy. The hype surrounding Stan’s bold decision on Shark Tank helped promote the company’s name and made many new potential clients aware of the benefits of working with Expo Centric. Expo Centric has now grown to be far more than an exhibition company, they build retail stores and displays, manage events and create digital content.   Over the last decade Expo Centric has revolutionised the exhibition landscape by moving from building stands out of MDF to eco-friendly solution. Now Expo Centric’s trail blazing path has been adopted by most competitors as gold stand in exhibitions.    The introduction of modular designs and eco-friendliness into exhibition builds allowed Expo Centric to grow exponentially in an already saturated market, winning them major brands and big projects.    Over the last decade Expo Centric has worked with over a 100 blue chip companies including: Samsung, Panasonic, Volvo, Laminex, Mercedes, GE, Simplot GWF, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis & Tab Corp. Major brands are choosing Expocentric as their stand designer and builder of choice.   Key facts in figures: ·       Expo Centric’s  trucks have crossed the Nullarbor = +120 times ·       Number of countries Expo Centric have worked in = 13 ·       Best stand design award won = 35+ ·       Number of staff employed in the last 10 years = 263 ·       SQM of exhibition stands built =  80,000 sqm ·       BRW Fast 100 award = 2014   Early adaptation of technology has allowed Expo Centric to stay ahead of the game. Expo Centric was the first company to use Hologram technology in the Australian Exhibition space first with Holo Cube and then with Hypervsn.   “Expo Centric has become an event partner of choice by the NSW, NT & Tasmanian Governments. These stands have always been close to my heart as they provide the opportunity to show off their latest inventions and ideas with the support of their respective state governments.   What is special to me is the long term partnerships we have with some clients who have put faith we were just finding our feet, Paccar Australia is one that comes to mind. When we won the first contract in 2013 their stand was 5 times bigger than anything we had built at that point and bigger than our factory at the time.    It’s amazing just to think about the amazing opportunities and clients we have had over the last decade. It’s a real privilege and honor to be trusted by so many companies to create and execute their experiential market requirements. We have been involved in thousands of product launches over the last decade but what is really special is when you get to be involved in a launch of a whole company in the Australian market, we have been incredibly lucky to do this with Tesla, Infinity and Victoria’s Secret.”  Stan Kruss.   These astonishing achievements over the past 10 years did not come easy, but were a result of Expo Centric’s team commitment, hard work and the successful business relationships with clients and suppliers.    “Our success has been our staff. Without our incredibly talented 3D and 2D designers, project managers, cabinet maker, carpenters and installers none of our success would have been possible.”  Stan Kruss.   Stan Kruss’s achievements during the last 10 years: ·       Anthill 30 under 30 Winner / for innovation in Australia ·       SmartCompany Smart 30 Under 30 / for young Australian entrepreneurs    The next decade is multifaceted for Expo Centric, inwardly they are focused continuing on their goal to be the most eco-friendly company in the industry, lean manufacturing and staff ownership. Outwardly, they are focused on increasing their market share in the exhibition space, retail & events, while expanding their manufacturing facilities to other cities in Australia; potentially globally.   About Expo Centric: Expo Centric design and build integrated communication structures for trade shows, interiors, specialty retail spaces and museums. Their goal is to create high-impact experiences that break through the clutter of everything competing for your visitor's attention. As a full-service exhibit house, they offer design consultation, custom design and construction, total graphics production, multimedia, all animations, and storage facilities.  Happy Times for Happy Hair Brush – Sweeping up Bloggers Choice Awards 2019-03-03T22:35:53Z happy-times-for-happy-hair-brush-sweeping-up-bloggers-choice-awards Winners from the Bloggers BBQ: Bloggers Choice Awards have been announced. To mark the start of 2019, this awards program launched off the back of the biggest influencer marketing event of the year, the Bloggers BBQ.   Organised by Kids Business, Australia’s leading agency exclusively representing brands that market and sell to Mums – this event connected 14 stellar brands to 74 influential guests (with an enormous audience size of almost 3 Million Mums) to ignite the beginning of long term relationships. Brands came from a diverse range of sectors including, education, FMCG, maternity, baby, beauty, home, pet care and more and included: ABC Reading Eggs, Bakers Delight, Belly Bandit, Eonion Care, Goblies, Happy Hair Brush, Heinz Baby Basics, Little Innoscents, Marathon Foods, No Added, Protect-a-bed, KONG, Smash and Spotlight. With the support of the influencer community, the event also raised awareness for the Clown Doctors. The platform featured immersive brand experiences, 2-way interactions, and in-depth educational sessions to fast track the process of word of mouth and mum to mum recommendations. The Bloggers Choice Awards rolled out on the day, gives influencers the opportunity to then share their renewed brand sentiment, measure their advocacy levels, purchasing intent and likelihood to tell others about these brands.    The series of awards include; Favourite Overall Brand, Best Brand Experience, Most Likely to Purchase and Best Community Initiative.  The winners of the Bloggers BBQ Blogger Choice Award are as follows:  Favourite Product and/ or Service Winner: Happy Hair Brush Runner Up: Little Innoscents Best Brand Experience Winner: Happy Hair Brush Runner Up: Spotlight Most Likely to Purchase Product and/ or Service Winner: Bakers Delight Runners Up: Smash Best Community Initiative Winner: ABC Reading Eggs Runner Up: Bakers Delight Happy Hair Brush founder and CEO Jen Harwood said “We are overwhelmed and humbled with just how popular Happy Hair Brush is with influencers. Influencers even came from other states to learn more about our mission to make One Million Women Happy with our superior brushes that go above and beyond detangling hair for kids and adults alike. The women we met influence nearly 3 million people. That’s incredible! The amount of promotion they have already generously given our brushes, even moments after meeting us and posting stories and posts about our products sets us up to be well on our way to reaching our targets! We are thrilled with both these awards and grateful for the support of the influencers who are getting behind our movement to transform the world of how women brush their hair forever!" Blogger and Influencer, Elise from What's on 4 was equally impressed saying "it is a great way to connect with brands face to face". Christie Nicholas, Managing Director, Kids Business Communications adds “Nothing compares with the power of a face to face meeting. It is more emotive than an email or DM and the easiest way to discover if there is a genuine fit between you and your promotional partners.  In just 4 hours, these 14 brands were able to set up their influencer marketing campaign for the next 6 months and know with certainty that influencers open to being on the journey with these brands share the same values. As a result, the partnerships are genuine, the content is more authentic and valuable to the readers keen to learn more. “   Kids Business Communications is Australia’s leading agency exclusively focused on helping brands market and sell to more mums. For more information contact  P: 03 9598 9128.      Property ‘match-making’ platform, Property Whispers, expands its offering to further help buyers and sellers in a tough market 2019-02-26T03:27:19Z property-match-making-platform-property-whispers-expands-its-offering-to-further-help-buyers-and-sellers-in-a-tough-market-2 Property Whispers, Australia’s first and only dedicated residential property matching and instant connecting platform has evolved to cover the whole residential sales marketplace; both properties that are advertised for sale and those for sale off-market.  Property Whispers launched in May 2017, matching buyers with properties for sale ‘off-market’ ie. those not being publicly advertised. After creating over 20,000 off-market matches and following prompting from our agent user community, Property Whispers is delighted to announce that it has expanded its ‘match-making’ to cover the whole marketplace, adding properties that are being publicly advertised for sale to its off-market offering. Buyers can now benefit from a single source – delivered daily to their email inboxes – of all matching properties, those that are being advertised and those that are off-market and whether for sale by private treaty or at auction - just like a buyer’s agent would do - except that this service is absolutely free for buyers to use. No more endless searching or registering purchase requirements with multiple agents.  For agents and their vendors it is an even bigger win as they instantly receive the contact details of all matched buyers; and whereas traditional advertised campaigns cost thousands of dollars, Property Whispers charges agents just $99+GST per listing (after an initial free trial) and private vendors pay just $139 +GST to list their property. Liane Fletcher, Co-Founder of Property Whispers says, “In a really tough market, where prices have fallen and vendors are nervous, agents now have a cheap alternative and complementary platform for their listings. Further, many properties offered last year did not sell and vendors who are considering their alternatives, with their agents or directly, can do so on Property Whispers.”  Real estate agent Jonathan Reid, LJ Hooker Green Square/Waterloo successfully sold an apartment using Property Whispers and says, “So pleased to have sold an apartment in Waterloo using Property Whispers. The instant matching process helped me get in touch with a buyer immediately and arranged an inspection without the crowds. She loved it and bought it!" Property Whispers will continue to drive value for buyers, agents and sellers by saving them time and money and creating a way for more property transactions to take place through: ·       ‘Match-making’ - buyers no longer waste time browsing websites and agents now have direct access to matched buyers, no longer relying on who comes to property inspections ·       Instant & direct connection - both parties receive each other’s contact details ·       No digital footprint - properties do not become ‘stale’ as they are not left online from unsuccessful marketing campaigns; and ·       Cheaper cost – far cheaper than traditional advertising    -ENDS- For further information or interviews, please contact:Liane Fletcher, mobile: 0402 333 012 email: Property Whispers is Australia’s first and only dedicated residential property matching and instant connecting platform, matching buyers and their property requirements with suitable properties for sale.  Website: MediaPRO’s Security Awareness and Privacy Training programs added to CAUDIT Cybersecurity Panel through Enosys Solutions 2019-02-25T06:25:42Z mediapro-s-security-awareness-and-privacy-training-programs-added-to-caudit-cybersecurity-panel-through-enosys-solutions SYDNEY, Australia, Monday, 25 February 2019– MediaPro, recognised as a Leader in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness Computer-Based Training, announced today they have officially been appointed to the Council of Australasian University Directors of Information Technology (CAUDIT) Cybersecurity Panel in partnership with Enosys Solutions. MediaPRO offers a complete learning solution with an industry-leading adaptive awareness framework that allows you to grow employee knowledge, change employee behaviour and build a risk-aware culture. “Our team has made significant strives to ensure we are delivering a top-notch training experience that is effective, and able to fit into the culture and work flow of any company”, MediaPro CEO Tyler Winkler said. “We believe that our position as a Leader in this year’s Magic Quadrant is a recognition of our commitment to deliver dynamic training to businesses and organizations of any size.” “Enosys has been working with MediaPro for several years to deliver and enable our customers to easily manage their security awareness training and employee assessments with the most comprehensive and flexible solution available in the market” said George Soumilas, Director of Managed Services at Enosys Solutions.  “We also have long standing and deep relationships with many Australian higher education institutions. We are delighted to be appointed to the CAUDIT Cybersecurity Panel, allowing us to assist these institutions across Australasia to easily manage their security awareness training and employee assessments including specific content for Australia’s Notifiable Data Breach laws,” said Soumilas. "Our partnership with both MediaPRO and Enosys has gone from strength to strength over the past few years and being appointed to the first ever Cybersecurity Panel for CAUDIT is a great example.  It all comes down to MediaPRO’s award-winning, interactive courseware to videos, posters, articles and hundreds of individual educational pieces of content that is the very best to help clients of all sizes and needs to tailor their awareness programs” said Jason Burn, COO for Cloud Distribution. MediaPRO is distributed across the Asia Pacific region by Cloud Distribution, a value-added distributor driving new innovative cloud-based solutions into the market to help organisations reduce their total cost of ownership and receive a better return on their investment.         For further information, please contact Enosys Solutions: Enosys Solutions 1300 760 799 Leonie Han     About MediaPro MediaPRO is nationally recognized for producing award-winning online training that reduces risk and improves employee behaviours. World class training combined with phishing, reinforcement, and assessment tools, provide an awareness program that meets your compliance requirements and safeguards business assets. MediaPRO’s products are used by the most risk-aware companies in the world, have won more than 100 e-Learning awards, and have earned us a place as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness Computer-Based Training.     CAUDIT The Council of Australasian University Directors of Information Technology (CAUDIT) is an incorporated Not For Profit Association with membership drawn from all higher education and research institutions in Australia and New Zealand, plus those in the South Pacific, Timor-Leste and Papua New Guinea, as well as a number of major research organisations, UTS:Insearch and The College of Law.  Members are represented by the most senior IT person in their organisation - generally their Chief Information Officer, Chief Digital Officer or Director, IT.   CAUDIT's purpose is to support each other in leading the application of digital capabilities to transform education and research.     Enosys Solutions Enosys is a cyber security solutions specialist that provides full lifecycle services for next generation security technologies to corporate and public sector businesses across Australia. Enosys improves their customers’ information security risk posture by championing industry leading technologies, frameworks and a risk-based approach to critical security controls. In an ever-evolving threat landscape, Enosys’ deep expertise, continuous innovation and 24x7 onshore Security Operation Centre deliver measurable security outcomes that protect business critical assets.