The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-05-23T05:08:23Z Is Your Sales Data Visually Boring 2019-05-23T05:08:23Z is-your-sales-data-visually-boring Today’s business managers are dealing with an overload of data. How do they cope with all those stats and figures? Data needs to tell a story. Like any story, you need to engage the reader. It’s hard to engage a manager by showing them a page of facts and figures. If you could visualise the story you are telling, the manager will be far more engaged. The reality is that unless your sales data is visually engaging, it won’t be retained. Do you know why? 65% of us are visual learners, or spatial learners, and unsurprisingly they best learn and remember content, facts and figures through visual communication. That could mean that 65% of you are losing focus of what I have to say so I’ll keep it brief. Present your data in nice pretty visuals. How do you do that? The good news for WordPress Developers and website builders is that the GFChart Plugin for Gravity  Forms makes the whole process easy. The GFChart Plugin is easy to install and turns captured data, simple or complex, into easy to interpret visuals that anyone can understand and action. If you’re not already turning your data into engaging visual, and you are using Gravity Forms on your WordPress website, go to to install a plugin to produce visually appealing sales reports, surveys, booking forms, and much more. Air Conditioning Online 2019-05-21T04:23:40Z air-conditioning-online Polyaire, an air conditioning wholesaler and components manufacturer with over 20 warehouses now has an online store for customers who are looking to purchase air conditioning products from the comfort of their homes or job site. This saves a lot of time and customers will be able to review and compare items online, with just a few clicks. The website stocks a full range of air conditioning parts and components including spilt and ducted systems by major brands such as Samsung, Carrier, and Toshiba. You will also be able to find high quality air conditioning accessories such as ducting and outlets to complement any installation as well as helpful hints and demo videos. Fast Delivery: Anything can be delivered direct to site, or just click and collect from Polyaire’s warehouses. The website also offers fast delivery and genuine savings for air conditioning trade professionals. The era of online shopping is here to stay. And why not? From being able to have a seamless experience browsing and purchasing from anywhere, any time of the day, customers can peruse through the myriad of products online, review the competitive pricing and make a sound decision. If you’re curious, hop on to the Polyaire Store on and experience how seamless it is to make a for your next installation. Melbourne start-up hayylo recognised as global leaders after winning at the 7th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards. 2019-05-20T02:55:56Z melbourne-start-up-hayylo-recognised-as-global-leaders-after-winning-at-the-7th-asia-pacific-eldercare-innovation-awards The 7th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards saw Melbourne based start-up hayylo take out the award for Best Smart Care Technology in the Solution Category. This win comes with another strong nod in the form of a nomination for Innovation of the Year in the Care Model Category in conjunction with integratedliving Australia.   This award sees hayylo building on the recognition they attained within Australia at last year's ITAC2018 Awards, at which hayylo secured wins in the categories of Best Solution Providing Customer Independence and Joint Overall Winner.    The international standing of the Eldercare Innovation Awards marks an important step for hayylo. The company now preparing to take their platform into the international market, with immanent expansions into New Zealand, South East Asia and beyond.    “It’s a great moment for the team at hayylo to be recognized for all of the focus and dedication to helping create a sustainable future in ageing”said Greg Satur –CEO of hayylo.    Taking place as part of the 10th Annual Ageing Asia Innovation Forum in Singapore, the awards and forum theme of ‘Changing the Future of Ageingin Asia Pacific’permitted an encouraging look at the future of aged care.   “Aged care providers have complex processes. However, through the use of the hayylo platform, they can automate and track them, making it easy to manage customer interactions.  It’s really about never forgetting to miss a step and maintain customer promises”       As the industry as a whole move to address the challenges posed by an ageing population, and the Australian community services industry seeks to take action on the findings of the recent Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, the demand for innovative technological solutions will continue to grow.   By providing a means of streamlining the provision of care, hayylo have made swift advancements for their customers as they seek to service the growingly complex demands of the market. Continuing to build their reputation as a global leader in technological solutions, hayylo understands the importance of teamwork, and through their innovative platform can ensure that all the building blocks are there to ensure that a team never misses a step in their provision of an exceptional customer experience.  Significant challenges to confront construction sector in 2019 and beyond 2019-05-20T02:06:19Z significant-challenges-to-confront-construction-sector-in-2019-and-beyond Obtaining insurance cover in the coming year and beyond will be a very costly undertaking and a significant challenge for businesses within the construction and associated industries.    This is as a result of recent commercial driven decisions by reinsurers combined with the fallout from building disasters such as the Grenfell Tower fire in London and the LU Simon Lacrosse tower fire in Docklands Melbourne and subsequent court ruling by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) said Adam Richardson, Honan Insurance Group (Honan) Construction Industry Lead.   This spate of similar losses affecting the construction industries have come together at a time when the building sector is in a very delicate position with a slowdown in approvals / commencements, tighter lending conditions and heightened media and government scrutiny.   “Looking back over the past decade the Professional Indemnity and also Design & Construct Insurance was a relatively soft market with an abundance of capacity, and insurance companies were competing for top line growth or market share”, continued Adam Richardson.    “From our observations we have noticed this change in insurers appetite and overall approach shifted around end of financial year in 2018 and has continued into 2019 with a shift away from top-line growth strategies with a view of insurers only looking to support profitable business.”     “In the case of ‘distressed accounts’ where contractors have had multiple professional indemnity losses or notifications we are finding the local market has become unsupportive and having to resort to Lloyds of London options with strict mandates”.   “What’s more, if insurers are not achieving their premium/revenue objectives, they are prepared to walk away!  Bill shock will be a significant issue for many organisations when they receive their Professional Indemnity renewals this year with premiums and loadings in some sectors increasing threefold”.   The fallout from the Grenfell Tower fire in London and the Lacrosse apartment tower in Melbourne has seen an immense emphasis on cladding.  It has been estimated by planning and fire experts that there may be more than 5,000 buildings in Victoria alone that contain non-compliant cladding, similar to that used on the Grenfell Tower.   As a result, non-compliant cladding is well and truly on the radar of insurers – as well as planning authorities and government throughout Australia.   Adam Richardson continued, “The spotlight has been put on building surveyors, architects, engineers following the VCAT decision earlier this year that ordered LU Simon to pay more than $5.7 million to the Lacrosse apartment owners”.    “However, VCAT ruled that the money would be paid to LU Simon by the architect, fire engineer and building surveyor who worked on the project as they had breached their contractual obligations.”   In the ruling, it was found the architects had failed to remedy ‘defects in its design’, which allowed the ‘extensive use’ of aluminum composite paneling (ACPs).  The building surveyor failed to exercise due care, whilst the fire engineer failed to recognise and warn the builder that the ACPs did not comply with the building code.   Compounding marketplace concern was the flammable cladding fire that spread over several storeys of the Neo200 apartment complex in Melbourne earlier this year further heightening alarm over the use of combustible materials as cladding on high rise buildings.   As a result of this litany of disasters, it is becoming increasingly difficult for building surveyors, architects and engineers to be able to obtain Professional Indemnity cover without strict endorsements and/or exclusions for uncompliant cladding.   A further issue and concern for businesses will be an inability to obtain cover for cladding exposure and as a result they will not be compliant with their license.   The days of just providing a proposal form and renewing insurance and rolling over are gone.  Hence Honan are working proactively with its building and construction sector clients to assist them to acquire cover.    Adam Richardson concluded, “We have been emphasizing the importance of early engagement with our clients as it’s an imperative in the current environment.  Underwriters will not positively receive risks which are presented late or close to expiry date and it is vital that proposal forms are submitted well in advance to ensure sufficient time to negotiate the most favorable renewal outcomes”.   “At Honan we take immense pride in our professional and proactive client-broker relationship that is underpinned by a holistic and creative approach to assisting clients with their insurance needs”.   Issued by Honan Insurance Group   Media Enquiries:                 Mr. Joe Perri, Joe Perri & Associates Pty Ltd Tel:  +61 3 9324 0362          Mob:  +61 412 112 545       Email:     National Group’s Port-to-Pit Approach 2019-05-15T04:12:31Z national-group-s-port-to-pit-approach The National Group comprises of leading companies servicing the mining, resource, logistics and personnel supply industries. The National Group takes a port-to-pit approach to their operations, with national and international transport an integral part of their business. “Our port-to-pit approach is pivotal to our success” suggests Mark Ackroyd, National Group Managing Director. “With mining often being undertaken in remote locations which are difficult to access, we regularly face the challenge of transporting from their source to their final destination, cost-effectively, timely and safely. The complexities of transport logistics are often miss-understood and cannot be underestimated.” Taking this port-to-pit approach, the National Group regularly delivers equipment nationally and internationally through in-house subsidiaries such as National Heavy Haulage (NHH) and International Global Logistics (IGL). National Heavy Haulage (NHH), part of the National Group transports large and heavy equipment of any size to the remotest locations throughout Australia. NHH regularly conducts route surveys in order to adequately assess the risk and identify the scope of the project. Along with basic necessities such as measuring and securing loads with restraints, considerable planning and transport logistics goes into every haul. There is a standard restriction of 15 tonnes per axle with permit approvals often required from Government authorities such as Main Road Engineers, Inter-State Police and Rail. “We regularly conduct route surveys to ensure the safe passage of large and heavy machines with unusual dimensions” explains Ian Scott, NHH General Manager. “Route planning can help identify and map out potential hazards such as low bridges, low hanging electrical wiring or river crossings that carry weight restrictions.” For example, in late 2018 NHH delivered five Ultra-Class Liebherr T 282 C Dump Trucks to BHP’s Peak Downs mine site in Central Queensland. These ‘mammoth’ mining trucks required police escort and road closures to accommodate for the immense size of vehicle components, with hauls taking place over five separate trips throughout the months of September and October 2018. Due to immense size and weight of these vehicles, additional prime movers were attached to ensure load safety, with two truck chassis pulling and one truck pushing the load up the Eton range, with road closures and QLD Police escorts leading the way. “The trucks are some of the largest in the world and have an empty vehicle weight of more than 260 tonnes so when you put that into perspective, they each weigh more than 130 standard cars” added Mark Ackroyd. “This is not your every-day type of haul, so to manage and deliver a haul of this size is a testament to the professionalism of our team.” NHH regularly liaises with third parties such as Ergon Energy in order to avoid high voltage, low hanging electricity wires during hauls. Due to the intense heat in the Australian summer, power lines can expand, sag and stretch, resulting in low hanging wires that pose a safety hazard. NHH therefore engages the use of a high wire escort that involves raising low hanging wires in order to ensure safe passage of the load. “We are always on tight schedules, with delivery often required in order to meet its next port of call” notes Ian Scott. “We regularly liaise with our sister company International Global Logistics (IGL) as equipment is often en-route to and from international locations. If we experience any type of delays, this has a knock on effect that incurs significant additional costs. We have extensive experience in the heavy haulage of equipment of any size and due to the high stakes involved with heavy haulage, it’s in everyone’s best interest to leave it to the professionals.” International Global Logistics (IGL) is part of the National Group and provides worldwide transportation service for heavy equipment and larger cargo. “IGL is a key link in the transport and logistics chain, we rely heavily on our suppliers and in turn, they rely heavily on us” suggests Dean Sterling, IGL General Manager. “There is a chain of responsibility and any weak link could sabotage the whole operation, pose a significant safety risk or cause expensive and timely delays. Therefore measures must be put into place to manage this inherent risk.” Along with adhering to International Shipping laws, IGL also follows general standard safety procedures that are ‘controllable’, with shipment specific strategic planning also undertaken. IGL also has to take into account natural forces that are ‘uncontrollable’ such as rising and falling tides, large and dangerous swells and extreme weather conditions such as cyclones. “When loading large, heavy and expensive equipment onto a vessel, having a strong relationship with cargo owners, vessel captains and vessel planners is important” notes Dean Sterling. For example, during the recent vessel loading operations of six Komatsu 830E Dump Trucks, IGL had to work with vessel owners and planners in order to lift large heavy equipment in a safe and efficient manner. Exhaustive risk management plans were set in place that involved tandem crane lifts for trucks weighing as much as 140 tonnes, with two cranes required to lift trucks in up to 90km/hour gusting winds. Precision is key and timing is critical in the field of international logistics, with fines for vessel detention upwards of USD $20,000 per day when vessel delays occur. During the development of a vessel charter plan, stages are developed in order to plan for load weights along with lifting diagrams to plan load distribution throughout the vessel. Ballast water is pumped into certain areas of the vessel. This water within the vessels water tanks is used to improve the stability and balancing of the vessel during loading and unloading operations. Uneven weight distribution could cause a vessel to list and sink, which would be catastrophic. This could have a dramatic impact on the wider community or cause disruptions to eco-systems and marine life in extreme cases such as hazardous chemical or oil spills. “Having the timing and planning right from the get go for our port-to-pit approach is essential and this is what we strive to exceed. We make every effort to ensure things run as precise and as smooth as possible, however there are always contingency plans in place to manage and adequately respond to forces that occur beyond our control. Operations are carried out in a proactive and not a reactive manner, with a safety first and a zero harm approach paramount” concludes Dean Sterling. Click here to view the haul from port-to-pit. Click here for more news from the National Group and 'Subscribe' to receive news and updates to your email inbox. Komatsu 830E Haul Liebherr T282C Haul Auslectrical – Electricians in Joondalup for All Your Home Electrical Needs 2019-05-14T06:45:59Z auslectrical-electricians-in-joondalup-for-all-your-home-electrical-needs Its common for people to not think about electrical repairs or services until it hits you that there is an emergency and you need an electrician to fix or installation something. Auslectrical thinks about electricity all the time and understands that it isn’t a luxury – it’s an absolute necessity. Since Auslectrical is a full service electric company they offer residential, commercial and even industrial electrical works. Auslectrical services are available in Joondalup mainly but these Joondalup electricians will travel to surrounding suburbs in and around Perth. So if you are looking for electrical contractors near joondalup then do not forget get in touch with them. The company can help with wiring for renovations, the installation of outlets and energy efficient LED lighting, power outages, fault finding, and is IECEx qualified for working in hazardous areas. The company also performs electrical inspections, contracting for new construction projects, and offers free quotes. The construction industry is always hiring electrical contractors near Joondalup or where they are for things like electrical installations. The contractors work with architects, developers and builders to design and install high-quality electrical systems. There are several areas electricians can work in, domestic meaning in homes and apartment buildings, commercial meaning where there are places of work and industrial meaning in warehouses, factories, and industrial complexes. Depending on what kind of construction you are working on depends on the kind of skill and experience you need in your Joondalup electrical contractors. Auslectrical is a team of certified and experienced electricians and offer services 24 by 7. When you have a project you should have local electrical contractors bid on it. Electrical contractors near Joondalup can give you estimates on what it would cost you to hire them, and it is a chance to find out things like experience, qualifications and so on. Contractors that are good at giving estimates that are close to accurate tend to be more popular, more than it just being about who is cheapest. About Auslectrical Auslectrical offers electrical service, installations, repairs and maintenance in Perth. Auslectrical is an electrical company with industry experts in all aspects of electrical works including residential, commercial, industrial and hazardous areas. Our well-trained and licensed electricians have a strong knowledge in the field and focus on customer service with same day service. Media Contact Auslectrical 0421 847 552 Email: Website: Don’t walk like an Aussie in Kuala Lumpur 2019-05-13T22:49:13Z don-t-walk-like-an-aussie-in-kuala-lumpur Walking to an appointment in Kuala Lumpur I was quite literally stunned and stopped dead in my tracks when my business associate asked ‘if anyone had ever pointed out to me that I walked like an Aussie’.   I had just started going to Malaysia and after a few trips thought I had a pretty good understanding and appreciation of business etiquette, local customs and culture such as formal greetings, how to present my business card, etc.   So, what the heck did my friend mean about walking like an Aussie?  As far as I was concerned both Aussies and Malaysians walked exactly the same.   “It’s hot and humid in KL”, my friend said to me.  He then went onto say “You and I will get to the appointment in better shape and not covered in so much perspiration by walking at a slower pace; just like the locals!”   With those few words of wisdom and explanation came a profound insight and understanding about doing business in Malaysia.   While action and getting down to business are regarded as priorities in Western cultures – that’s not the case in Malaysia and other Asian countries.  Business relationships evolve slowly over time once an appropriate level of familiarity and comfort has been established.   If you rush and expect to close a deal or start talking money on the first encounter – the likelihood of a second meeting will be negligible.   Australians also need to be prepared to travel to Malaysia up to three or four times getting to know the prospective business partner before genuine connectivity and a solid meeting of the minds is established.   Everyone seems to think business in Malaysia (and Asia in general) is about price.  Yes, eventually it will, but initially it’s about the relationship and deciding if they trust and like you enough to do business.   As a result, establishing trust takes time and therein is the problem for Western cultures like Australia that tend to be more transactional.   It’s not to say that relationships aren’t important to Australian businesses, they most certainly are.  It’s just that the emphasis moves at a much faster pace from initial connection, relationship establishment to then closing the deal.    It’s also imperative not to use hard sell tactics when negotiating with Malaysian executives and business owners.   The low-key approach that lets the facts speak for themselves about the product or service is always preferable.   Australians are renowned for their directness in communicating, humour and informality.  Whilst these may be admirable traits in Australia they can often have unintended consequences for the unwary in overseas marketplaces.   Take for example the Australian nuance of being informal.  This might not sit well with many Asian cultures where respect for hierarchy is taken very seriously.   Then there’s Australian tendency to jump in if there’s a lapse in discussions and silence ensues during a conversation.  Understanding when to speak and when to stay silent are both equally important in order to avoid being perceived as disrespectful for not allowing the Malaysian counterpart sufficient time to ponder a response or communicate.   In closing, the advantages of not walking like an Aussie in Malaysia are many.  The payoff will be enormous for those that understand this by taking things slowly and investing time and energy into relationship building for the long term.   Issued by Connect Malaysia              Media enquiries       Mr. Joe Perri, Connect Malaysia Tel:       +61 3 9662 2550     Mob:  +61 412 112 545  Email:     About Connect Malaysia             Connect Malaysia was established to assist Australian and Malaysian SMEs to connect and engage in international commercial and bilateral trade activities.   International trade between Australia and Malaysia achieved a significant milestone with the implementation of the Malaysia Australia Free Trade Agreement (MAFTA) in January 2013.  Since MAFTA, Australia-Malaysia economic and cultural links have deepened and come together in a closer relationship and now Malaysia is Australia’s 8th largest trading partner.   Today the FTA is a beacon for Australian and Malaysian SMEs encouraging them to connect on a P2P and B2B level and expand their operations in JV and commercial operations of mutual benefit.   As well as a rapidly growing and affluent middle class, Malaysia’s strategic geographical position within Asia Pacific makes it the ideal destination for a regional hub into the markets of ASEAN and beyond. A further incentive attracting Australian businesses is Malaysia’s pro-business infrastructure that welcomes those operations that can fit into and support the nation’s economic aspirations.   Since its inception, Connect Malaysia has quickly established itself as the ‘go to organisation’ for SMEs seeking to find a JV partner or explore export / commercial opportunities in Malaysia.   DR. EINSTEIN SAYS INSTALLING OXAIR’S PSA SYSTEM WAS A BRAINWAVE 2019-05-13T11:03:43Z dr-einstein-says-installing-oxair-s-psa-system-was-a-brainwave At the mercy of extreme weather conditions and haphazard transport links, failing supplies are a potential nightmare for hospitals, not to mention the problems associated with storage, handling and removal of traditional oxygen cylinders.  Oxair Gas Systems is helping many hospitals in India to overcome these challenges by installing automatic oxygen delivery equipment that offers a cost-effective alternative to the inconvenience of ordering in traditional cylinders. Australia-based company Oxair, through its India agent Agastya, has been successfully targeting the subcontinent medical market with Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) systems, which generate oxygen on tap directly to where it’s needed with constant purity of up to 93-94%. PSA is a unique process that separates oxygen from compressed air. The gas is then conditioned and filtered before being stored in a buffer tank to be piped directly to the end user on demand or to refill bottles already in circulation. Chellam Hospital, based on the outskirts of Chennai, is one of India’s growing number of healthcare facilities that has installed Oxair’s cost-effective PSA oxygen system and is reaping the benefits, according to the hospital’s founder and Endocrinologist Dr. Einstein. He said: “I was impressed with Agastya’s very professional approach in assessing our requirements and the installation of the Oxair equipment was to our exact specification. It now means that we have a sustainable supply of oxygen and no longer have to rely on shipping in replacement cylinders.” Like many hospitals floor space was at a premium at Chelllam. Following guidance from Agastya, it was decided to site the versatile PSA system on the rooftop from where the equipment is providing oxygen through ventilators that are supporting patients with their breathing. Chellam is following in the footsteps of other hospitals in the Indian medical fraternity that have realised the benefits of having their own source of oxygen rather than relying on outsourcing supplies and the resultant handling of cylinders. A global manufacturer of advanced gas process systems, Oxair’s PSA units are quality medical devices designed to last and deliver consistent, high purity oxygen to hospitals and healthcare facilities in even the remotest locations around the world. As well as India, hospital patients worldwide are benefitting from Oxair’s units which have also been installed in Africa, the Philippines, Tonga, and Indonesia to provide a reliable and sustainable supply of oxygen. Bite Me! The modern guide to working with people you just don’t get! 2019-05-13T01:04:24Z bite-me-the-modern-guide-to-working-with-people-you-just-don-t-get Whether it’s conflict with co-workers or dealing with difficult customers or even suppliers, working with people you just don't get can be extremely stressful and performance-sapping.   Written by renowned behaviour and communications trainer, Lynne Schinella, new book Bite Me! and Other Do’s and Don’ts of Dealing with our Differences is a refreshing, practical and fun guide that helps readers navigate the challenges of working with various personalities and behaviours.    “Drawing on the classic four personality types, the book forces readers to take a reluctant look at themselves and learn why they connect with some people and not others and what they can do about it. It is packed full of practical ideas, advice, tips and strategies – that readers can apply straight away.” Says Lynne.   While there are many personality/behaviour books that offer a wealth of in-depth research and detailed behaviour traits, Lynne's relaxed style of storytelling, based on real-life scenarios is what sets this book apart from the rest.  Bite Me!addresses the needs of the reader in 2019: fast, simple, easy to digest and full of practical and actionable outcomes.    Another unique feature of Bite Me! is Lynne’s Fruit Personality Profiling System, which is central to the book and which she created as a contemporary alternative to existing personality profiling systems.  It draws on the work of many leaders in the field but is designed for today’s fast-paced workplace.   “I use Fruit to reflect behaviour preferences…. Apples are hardcore and don’t break easily. Mangoes are luscious, messy and larger than life. Limes are concentrated and intense, but not in your face. Bananas are sweet and pliable with many uses!  People really engage with our Fruit profiling because it’s fun and blameless, and makes the complex simple and memorable.” Says Lynne.   Readers can complete Lynne’s personality profile in less than 15 minutes and discover if their preference is for Apple, Mango, Lime or Banana behaviours, and what that means for them and people around them.   Bite Me!is designed to be used as a reference book and can be read from beginning to end or just picked up when you need it. Although it is written for anyone in the workplace – employees, contractors, managers, business executives and owners, because of its broad nature the book has a natural spillover into personal life too.   The book has already been highly praised:   Refreshingly honest. Highly effective. Practical and fun. Tourism Australia has been using Lynne for over 5 years now to motivate and inspire confidence in our teams as well as our industry. For any executive or business trying to build a high performing culture, Lynne’s book is a must read!  JOHN O’SULLIVAN, MANAGING DIRECTOR, TOURISM AUSTRALIA   In Bite Me!Lynne has formulated a practical and personal approach for helping us all navigate the difficult world of people's various personalities and behaviours. A must-read for anyone who deals with others, getting straight to the point in a wonderfully fun way. TODD HALLIDAY, PRINCIPAL, NORTHROP CONSULTING ENGINEERS   As a business professional who works with lots of teams, I need to quickly understand people’s preferences and how they behave under pressure. Bite Me!and Lynne’s style is refreshing, fun and easy to read. I loved the lightbulb moments, particularly when recognising my own fruity preferences.  KAREN CLARKE, CHIEF EXECUTIVE, TREGASKIS BROWN   About the author   Lynne is a highly regarded behaviour and communications expert who works with individuals and organisations to help them connect with influence and respect. Lynne’s audiences get real value from her practical down to earth approach, her honest, engaging and entertaining delivery and her talent for making the complex simple and relevant. Lynne is the creator of the RIPE Personality Profiling System and lives and breathes Fruit, from mentoring to training teams to deliver her message of respect, connect and thrive.    Lynne is also the creator of the video training programme: Working With People You Just Don’t Get! This programme helps small teams to better understand each other, as well as customers and suppliers and how to leverage their differences to work more effectively, with less stress and greater productivity.  For more information     What Fruit are you? Find out by undertaking this short quiz:      For a copy of the book (for review), or to request an interview, please contact Sarika Shah, Publicity and Marketing, SShah PR & Communications  email or call 0414 291 440 Commercial Furniture Direct: Durable Options for the Hospitality Industry 2019-05-09T01:39:38Z commercial-furniture-direct-durable-options-for-the-hospitality-industry The furnishings in restaurants of any type represent a major expenditure and owners want to keep the items long as possible. Hospitality furniture doesn’t have to be worn out to be replaced and Commercial Furniture Direct makes it easy and cost effective. The type of furniture in a restaurant tells customers a variety of information. People form opinions about the food, prices, service, cleanliness, culture and typical clientele based on appearances. Even if the furniture is fairly new, it could be sending an unintentional message to potential customers that reflect negatively on the type of consumers that the owner wants to attract. The hospitality furniture at Commercial Furniture Direct is designed for durability. The company offers tables, chairs and stools, and complete dining sets. Accessories encompassing scatter cushions, fire pits, beanbag chairs and pod chairs are also available to create an inviting atmosphere. Styles are available in classic and retro to sleekly modern and take their cues from the most coveted designs from around the world. The commercial furniture is constructed of wood, metal, offered in multiple colors, and in upholstered selections. The hospitality furniture can be mixed and matched in any combination to create ambiance that’s unique to the individual establishment. Commercial Furniture Direct also offers outdoor hospitality furniture for eateries that offer outdoor dining options from decks and patios to balconies. Selections include umbrellas and hanging chairs, lounges, hammocks, umbrellas, benches, and fire pits that enable establishments to offer more services and stay open later. There are many reasons to change out restaurant furniture. The existing furnishings may be getting old, showing signs of wear, or need to be updated for the times. Those in the hospitality business may want to reflect a different ambiance, new ownership, or a new business direction and dynamic. No matter what the need, Commercial Furniture Direct has options to meet the demands of professionals operating cafes, restaurants and ice cream shops to pop-up eateries, bars and cafeterias. With the company’s hospitality furniture, business owners can change out, update or completely alter their look with quality furnishings at affordable prices. About Commercial Furniture Direct Commercial Furniture Direct is a 100 percent family owned Australian business. We are passionate about living and entertaining. We believe in our products. We understand that furnishing a café or restaurant is about more than acquiring objects – it’s about enjoying the good life with food, wine and friends. It’s about making the most of the best company. We do our bit to make this experience all that it can be by specializing in high quality items that offer the finest in comfort, style, durability and convenience. Connect with the company on Instagram. Media Contact Commercial Furniture Direct Phone: 03 8742 2931 Address: Shop 4,283 Old Geelong Road Hoppers Crossing VIC 3029 Website: Rebranding and Major Acquisitions Force Change 2019-05-08T23:30:26Z rebranding-and-major-acquisitions-force-change Australian IoT tech provider for the industrial sector announces acquisition and rebrand from Fleet Effect to Kynection. In 2018 the business undertook its first merger by acquiring a 44% share of Kontrol4 into their business which resulted in tripling their employee headcount and diversification of their software portfolio with new Quality Management System offerings. The figureheads of the new entity are two bots called Ky and Kim who are helping bring the company into a new world of chat and voice led technology innovation. Courtney Smith (Managing Director) said, “The company has been planning an identity change for months to signify a brand new and exciting direction. Following the integration of Kontrol4 customers, an announcement of our new software and service offerings will be presented for the first time at the Brisbane Truck Show on May 16th, 2019". He also stated, “We need to show a stronger presence to ensure current and future clients understand we are on the path to provide software and hardware products the market has been dreaming about for years. Kynection will remain true to our focus on customer service, custom development and face to face training which goes against the tide of “off the shelf” applications out there which generally don't meet customer needs". Within the last 6 months, this entity has made large investments in staff, training and R&D, by focusing on a “One System” approach to help their customers grow and comply to industry rigours set by clients and government. When asked to clarify this vision Courtney responded, “We have undertaken significant investment over the last 2 years to develop an application that can be rapidly customised to customer needs. Unlike our competitors we use the same technology in our business and it has allowed us to achieve ISO9001, AS4801 and ISO14001 in less than 3 months using 100% digital platforms. We can confidently perform software miracles for a range of vertically integrated industries like: Transport, Building Services, Manufacturing and Agriculture where people and assets are critical to operational success." Courtney shared, “Our rebranding solidifies our commitment to expand our client and industry based solutions deeper than our traditional Fleet focus. We chose the new name to signify how we are able to connect business systems, people and assets on a much broader scale for a much wider audience.” The company aims to become the benchmark for quality, safety and environmental management and drive remarkable results for our customers into the future. Synology Host Solutions Exhibition alongside Computex, 2019 2019-05-08T22:30:00Z synology-host-solutions-exhibition-alongside-computex-2019 Data lies at the core of every industry transformation. Synology provides a wide array of solutions to ensure business continuity. Join us to explore the data life cycle and discover infinite possibilities of file access, storage, and backup. Synology will be hosting its own Solution Exhibition alongside Computex 2019 and you're invited! Join Synology at their new HQ in Taiwan! Date: 29th May 2019 - 31st May 2019 Time: 10am - 6pm Venue: Synology HQ - TPKA in Taipei Far Eastern Telecom Park (1F, No.1, Yuandong Rd., Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City 220) 8-minute walk from the Far Eastern Hospital MRT station (Exit 3) For more information: If of interest and for RSVP, please contact: Shazana Roseli at, John Wanna at or Stacey Toskas at +61 029415 4528 DXT Boosts Freight Capacity in the New England Region with New Tamworth Facility 2019-05-08T07:15:02Z dxt-boosts-freight-capacity-in-the-new-england-region-with-new-tamworth-facility Tamworth – May 2019 – NSW’s premier freight company, DXT has opened an impressive new 4,500m2 facility to better service the existing freight customers and allow for growth for the entire New England region. The new secure site is double the size of the existing facility and includes wide drive-through access for B-Double vehicles, which means more capacity for the movement of goods within the region. Matt Collier, General Manager at DXT, opened the site and welcomed the opportunity this brings to the local community of Tamworth. He said, “Moving to the new site strategically positions us closer to our customers for greater network coverage and enables us to better support our customers as they grow in regional NSW. “It’s been a tough time for the region with the prolonged drought and we’re committed to supporting the local community and businesses recover through a difficult period. Our investment will hopefully ensure a better outcome for the region. “With the shift in more consumers supporting local companies and the growth in online shopping, more people are moving more goods than ever before. Our new site, combined with our extensive network reach ensures our customers continue to receive a first class delivery experience. “It’s an exciting time in the NSW freight landscape at the moment.” He said. Located close to the Tamworth regional airport, the new site builds on DXT’s extensive network reach across NSW providing customers with greater access to the New England Region from Sydney and Brisbane. The DXT facility will be able to support the industry demand and drive growth for the region supporting customers in the retail, agribusiness, and food and beverage industries. The new site features a secure yard and an awning for loading and unloading, offering maximum protection from weather for all freight. Glass 360 names Paul Nipperess as General Manager 2019-05-08T06:19:19Z glass-360-names-paul-nipperess-as-general-manager Nipperess brings almost 20 years experience in the Australian and overseas glass industries, with emphasis on growing and improving glass fabrication businesses. “Having started in the industry at trade level, Paul has moved through all facets of the industry including operations, sales, technical and procurement with both hands on experience and gaining the associated technical and tertiary qualifications”, says Philip Norman, Managing Director.  “We believe with his recent experience in successfully managing sizeable glass industry businesses and product development, Paul is an excellent appointment for Glass 360 and our customers.” Previously Nipperess has served as Australian Sales and Marketing Manager for Architectural Glass & Cladding and General Manager for Solar Seal Company in the United States. He holds a Bachelor of Business Management from Griffith University. About Glass 360 Established in 2017, Glass 360 has quickly become known for our exceptional service, product knowledge, great quality and fast lead times. Our fundamentals of service  and our customer first mentality is our highest priority and the main ethos that Glass 360 has been built upon. We at Glass 360 not only pride ourselves on having high service and product quality standards, we also practice leading industry safety standards to keep all staff and visitors safe while setting an example in the industry. Using modern machinery we can deliver exceptional processed laminate and float glass products including silver and high performance energy efficient glass. With our dedicated and highly trained staff combined with our exceptional technical advice and large procurement and architectural offerings, it gives Glass 360 a place in an already competitive market. Concerns from CWA of NSW that looming election stalling drought assistance commitments 2019-05-07T21:30:16Z concerns-from-cwa-of-nsw-that-looming-election-stalling-drought-assistance-commitments Hi The Country Women's Association (CWA) of NSW's State Conference continues in Albury today after delegates yesterday overwhelmingly endorsed a motion that calls for a firm and ongoing commitment to drought assistance from the country's major political parties. The association is also concerned the looming Federal Election is stalling the release of more information on initiatives announced in the Federal Budget, and announced by the Federal Government last week. "Major issues, such as drought, should be treated with a bipartisan approach and all major parties should have a firm position for action on drought so money and support gets to where it’s needed without delay," CWA of NSW State President Annette Turner said. “It’s too important to play politics with and must be treated with the urgency it deserves. The fact the government is in ‘caretaker mode’ should make no difference. In drought-stricken areas, every single day bites. Unlike politicians, we can’t ask our farmers to wait a few weeks, while there is a potential changing of the guard.” Attached and below is a media release on the urgency motion. For further information or interview requests please let me know. Kind regards, Kylie Galbraith Seftons Tamworth NSW 2340 Ph. 0411 480 208 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MEDIA RELEASE Concerns that looming election stalling drought assistance commitments The Country Women’s Association of NSW is urgently seeking assurances from both sides of politics on an ongoing commitment to drought assistance following concerns the upcoming Federal Election has thrown a shadow of uncertainty over future aid schemes for drought-stricken areas of the state. It follows an announcement last week by Prime Minister Scott Morrison on new re-stocking and re-planting loans of up to $200,000 for farm businesses, part of a $500 million package that includes the establishment of a specific “Regional Investment Corporation” for the loans, once conditions improve. The package also includes funding for more rural financial counsellors. The Country Women’s Association (CWA) of NSW at its State Conference in Albury yesterday, prior to a visit to the conference by Mr Morrison, expressed concerns that now the Government is in ‘caretaker mode’ pending the federal election, there is no further information available around the announcement and that the federal Opposition has not yet indicated its intention to support the scheme should it win the May 18 ballot. “As it stands the Opposition has even expressed some hesitation at the issuing of concessional loans, which means if we have a change of government, we may not see the program get off the ground at all,” said Annette Turner, CWA of NSW State President. “We are calling for all major political parties to state their support for this scheme. Major issues, such as drought, should be treated with a bipartisan approach and all major parties should have a firm position for action on drought so money and support gets to where it’s needed without delay. “It’s too important to play politics with and must be treated with the urgency it deserves. The fact the government is in ‘caretaker mode’ should make no difference. In drought-stricken areas, every single day bites. Unlike politicians, we can’t ask our farmers to wait a few weeks, while there is a potential changing of the guard.” The motion of urgency, which was unanimously carried by delegates, included a call for consideration of grants for farmers, as well as loans, Mrs Turner saying that while they welcomed concessional loans, they wanted the major parties to look further into grants, where appropriate. The motion encompassed the need for more information on the budget announcement of $5 million for the Country Women’s Association of Australia to assist with the ongoing allocation of drought assistance grants, along with a call for the streamlining and simplification of the Farm Household Allowance scheme, in the wake of ongoing complaints from applicants about the excessive ‘red tape’ around the scheme. “We have publicly applauded the Government for the funding for the CWA of Australia. And as we have proven, drought funding is in very good hands with the CWA, with the state associations efficiently, and at no cost, getting every dollar to where it is needed. However, we need all parties to confirm ongoing support for this. If there is a change of Government we need to know that all parties support this important work,” Mrs Turner said. Several other urgency motions around water security for regional communities are also due to be discussed by delegates today, including one relating to the inadequate quality of town water in many regional areas and the need for greater transparency on decision-making under the Murray Darling Basin Plan, particularly relating to the allocation of water and the balance between social, economic and environmental factors in water management.