The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-07-08T03:26:07Z One Point Electrical and Communications: Experts in Solar Power Systems 2020-07-08T03:26:07Z one-point-electrical-and-communications-experts-in-solar-power-systems While many people are installing solar panels to take advantage of the free electric generation available with the sun, they often don’t understand that there’s a strong electrical wiring component involved. One Point Electrical and Communications has extensive experience with the wiring required for solar installations. Solar power requires more than simply installing the collection panels. They must be wired in sequence and different grades of wiring are required, depending upon the voltage of the system. The system will also need to be wired to feed into rechargeable storage batteries or the grid. The electrician Burrum Heads has expertise with low and high voltage solar power installations. The company’s capabilities extend to a wide variety of electrically related jobs, both large and small. One Point Electrical and Communications is also skilled in phone and data transmission services. The company can accommodate networking needs, additional phone outlets, and provide fault-finding services for existing systems. The electrician Howard is highly-trained and knowledgeable in all phases of modern communications. Electricity makes it possible for people to work, live comfortably, and conduct business. To keep clients safe and ensure they can communicate, and access modern conveniences, the company also provides an array of electrical services ranging from complete rewiring and switchboard replacement to the installation of air conditioning and antenna/TV points. The electrician Maryborough provides general electrical work for an extensive array of needs involved with updating, remodeling, or new construction of structures. The company can install and replace fans, fixtures, outlets, and switches. Timers, dimmers, and motion detectors for safety and security are also within the company’s purview. One Point Electrical and Communications provides free no-obligation quotes to help individuals plan their projects. The company’s professionals are highly-trained, licensed, and responsive to clients’ needs and concerns. The professional electricians work with individuals to accommodate their time frame and budget requirements in a convenient and timely manner. About One Point Electrical and Communications Raising the bar when it comes to our work is key to improving our services to your satisfaction. We take your feedback very seriously. We’ve worked with a diverse array of systems ranging from direct power sources and waste management to telemetry systems and solar designs. Connect with us on Facebook. Media Contact One Point Electrical and Communications Phone: 0435 950 723 Epson takes Premium Partner Program to new levels 2020-07-07T01:00:49Z epson-takes-premium-partner-program-to-new-levels Under new MD Craig Heckenberg’s stewardship during these recent challenging times, Epson has made serious moves to strengthen and expand its business in Australia. The latest of these is the launch of Epson Australia’s new Premium Partner Program, designed specifically to offer significant benefits to current partners, attract new partners and critically, to create business and growth opportunities for all members.   Heckenberg explained, “Australia, along with the rest of the world, has recently experienced challenges and tragedies the likes of which have rarely been seen before. For us, locally, it was first the bushfires and now COVID-19. Despite these challenges Epson remains as committed as ever to its customers and the communities in which it operates. Right now our focus is getting business back on track and our new Premium Partner Program is very much part of that.”    Heckenberg is a progressive MD and business leader. He believes in positive action that stimulates growth.   He added, “Our new Premium Partner Program is something we see that will be at the core of our business moving forward. The principles that underpin the program are simple – we are building serious, long-term relationships with all of our partners. As a result, each partner will achieve a status tier within the program and the appropriate rewards that come with that status. At the end of the day our Premium Partner Program creates opportunities for Epson and our partners to mutually grow our businesses.”   As a business-building exercise, special attention has been given to the structure and rewards that come with being a part of the new Premium Partner Program.   Most notably are the sales, marketing and financial benefits which include marketing support that is commensurate with their status tier and invitations to Epson events both locally and overseas.   Heckenberg continued, “At Epson we believe in nurturing our key partnerships with the ethos being, if our partners’ businesses grow, we grow with them. That’s the true essence of a partnership and indeed of our partner program. The benefit of the new Premium Partner Program is that the opportunity to join and be part of it is now open to all partners and potential partners across all areas of our business, including in our ultra-growth area of B2B enterprise solutions.”   As a member of Epson’s new Premium Partner Program the tangible benefits are many and varied.   There are financial incentives including special project support that enable partners to win more business.   The further sales benefits include access to dedicated Epson sales and pre-sales support, access to exclusive promotions, access to and generous discounts on demonstration equipment and premium sales lead referrals.   Marketing benefits include shared marketing funds, access to in-depth product and sales training material, complimentary Epson merchandise, access to the comprehensive Channel Epson website, being highlighted on the where-to-buy listing on Epson’s main website and eligibility to participate in key Epson events.   Then there’s service and support. As a member of the new Premium Partner Program companies have direct access to a dedicated technical support team with bespoke service and support training programs, service manuals, spare parts and service tools.   The Premium Partner Program is an initiative that Craig Heckenberg is not only proud of but one he truly believes will work to significantly grow Epson Australia’s business and the businesses of its valued partners.   He concluded, “We now have a Premium Partner Program that truly has something to offer to all of our partners. Epson is expanding. Our product portfolio is growing. We now have more products and more solutions in more market areas and segments than ever before. The Premium Partner Program is our way of sharing the investment we make in our business every day with our partners so they can grow their business with us in the very best way possible – as a partnership.”   Epson’s new Premium Partner Program has three status tiers, Epson Premium Partner, Premium Partner Program Gold and Premium Partner Program Platinum.   To sign up for or get more information on Epson Australia’s new Premium Partner Program go to:   Follow Epson on social media:Facebook: @EpsonAustraliaTwitter: @EpsonAustInstagram: @EpsonAust Adam Robinson Castlemaine: Experience and Excellence in Industrial Electrical Needs 2020-07-06T06:16:15Z adam-robinson-castlemaine-experience-and-excellence-in-industrial-electrical-needs Electrical systems are highly complicated and are dangerous to those without specialized knowledge. Adam Robinson Castlemaine is a highly trained and experienced electrician specializing in industrial industries, with expertise in food processing, maintenance, electrical wiring, and troubleshooting multiple types of problems. Robinson is skilled in the electrical functions of the high-speed machines and equipment used in the food processing industry encompassing timers, thermometers, scales, and precision controls. He’s also experienced in working on systems that include heat exchangers, cookers, depalletizers, and all types of conveyors. Robinson understands the sanitary nature of food processing equipment and agricultural machinery, working cleanly and efficiently. Industries of all sizes and scope in the consumer industry rely on the electrician in Castlemaine to keep their production lines running. The consumer goods industry utilizes a variety of machines that process fabric and plastics that require exacting measurements, temperatures, and have specialized electrical needs. Robinson is cognizant of the electrical components involved in the machinery. He understands that time is money and will quickly have equipment up and running. Regular maintenance is essential for industrial enterprises to operate smoothly and as expected. The electrician in Bendigo provides troubleshooting services and regular maintenance to improve uptimes, efficiency, and reduce costs for every phase of supply chains. All work performed by the company conforms to established codes for safety. Companies have a myriad of needs that require the services of a skilled electrician and not just when things go wrong. Robinson is skilled in the installation, replacement and repair of electrical components in all segments of the industrial arena.  An electrician experienced in the needs of the industrial sector is essential for all types of wiring projects. Robinson’s expertise encompasses new and established installations to ensure they’re properly wired and functioning properly for the highest level of safety. Individuals can obtain a free no-obligation quote online for complete convenience. About Adam Robinson Electrical Contracting Adam Robinson is an experienced industrial electrician with a demonstrated history of working in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, is skilled in food processing, maintenance, electrical troubleshooting, and electrical wiring. Media Contact Adam Robinson Phone: 431147314 Email: 6 Lushington Rise McKenzie Hill 3451 Website: Impact of COVID-19 on Tradies in Australia 2020-07-01T02:15:13Z impact-of-covid-19-on-tradies-in-australia Marketix, a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney has published research on the impact of COVID-19 on the Construction and Tradies Industries. The data demonstrates that consumer demand has increased for many tradies, at least by looking at the Google Search data – and this is a good thing. Top 3 search data growth compared to last year is: 52% growth in Fencing, 27% growth in Handyman, and 17% growth in search trends for Roofing Contractors. The research and full details can be accessed here: Marketix Announces SEO Services for Australian Businesses 2020-07-01T02:06:30Z marketix-announces-seo-services-for-australian-businesses Marketix, a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney, has announced SEO services for clients in Australia. The SEO services offered by Marketix comprise of industry leading SEO services that help clients grow their online presence and traffic. The first prerequisite of SEO is keyword research, which is the phrase searched by the users of client services, Marketix focuses on the online promotion of clients websites and businesses through popular search engines such as Google and Bing. The website is optimised with relevant titles, content and meta description, which are the major sources of ranking of your website. In addition to this, on-site and off-site link building are managed meticulously to build your authority on the web. For businesses which operate locally in Australia, such as tradies, real estate, trade services, dentists and any other local service business, Marketix offers the best local SEO services with an average of 10-12x return on investment. Our process starts from adding your business to the search engine directories like Google My Business and Bing Places, which help your clients in reaching you more conveniently.  Your business appears in the listing when someone searches for the services offered by you in the area on the search engines. Moreover, your location is added to Google Map and Bing Maps, which helps you get located for increasing mobile and voice search demand for customers in your local area. In addition to Australian SEO services, the company also provides other services like PPC and Google Ads advertising for your business growth. Visit to know more about Australian SEO Services by Marketix. Eaton announces new 9SX UPS model for improved efficiency 2020-07-01T00:25:06Z eaton-announces-new-9sx-ups-model-for-improved-efficiency SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA.Power management company Eaton has announced the new 9SX 15KVA/20KVA Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) in Australia and New Zealand. The Eaton 9SX 15KVA/20KVA UPS provides stable power for critical IT infrastructure in all layers of the modern IT architecture, as well as industrial, manufacturing and medical devices. The new model offers double conversion efficiency of up to 96 per centand reduces energy usage to support IT managers with savings in the form of electricity, cooling and power costs. The new model doubles as a space saver, and its compact form with flexible wiring allows it to accommodate a wide range of deployment possibilities. The robust internal circuitry design enables it to withstand a range of environments with ambient temperatures of up to 50 degrees celsius. “We’re excited to offer our customers a product that caters not only to the changing needs of modern-day IT infrastructure, but also supports a range of industries across the medical, industrial and manufacturing landscapes,” said John Atherton, General Manager of Power Quality ANZ, Eaton. “Part of our mission at Eaton is to support our customers through our power management solutions, enabling them to achieve maximum efficiency with their operations. The 9SX 15KVA/20KVA UPS model does just that and is compatible with Eaton’s Gigabit Network M2 card which protects data center’s against cyberthreats, so customers don’t have to compromise convenience for data safety,” Atherton continued. In light of recent cybersecurity threats on Australia, the need to ensure the highest level of defence against emerging cybersecurity threats is paramount. The 9SX 15KVA/20KVA UPS power model offers compatibility with Eaton’s UL2900-1 and IEC62443-4-2 certified network card - the Gigabit Network M2, to ensure the highest level of defence against emerging cybersecurity threats. When paired with virtualisation-ready Intelligent Power Manager software, monitoring and management of the 9SX 15KVA/20KVA can be done in virtual-management platforms, such as VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V. This enables IT professionals to easily configure policy-based automation for power events, such as automated disaster recovery policies, controlled shut down, load shedding and cloud orchestrator integration. The 9SX 15KVA/20KVA power model is available for purchase in Australia and New Zealand now. To learn more about the new Eaton 9SX UPS, visit the Eaton website. For all of the latest news follow Eaton on Eaton LinkedIn company page. - ENDS - About Eaton Eaton is a power management company with 2018 sales of $21.6 billion. Its energy-efficient solutions help customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more reliably, safely and sustainably. The company is dedicated to improving the quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technologies and services. Eaton employs 99,000 people worldwide and sells products to customers in more than 175 countries. For more information, Epson Begins Production of Controller ICs for Head-Up Displays 2020-06-30T08:23:48Z epson-begins-production-of-controller-ics-for-head-up-displays Epson has developed and begun volume production of the S2D13V40, Epson's first controller IC designed specifically for head-up displays. Epson plans to produce 100,000 of the new controllers per month.  Aiming to enhance safety and lessen fatigue, vehicle manufacturers have increasingly sought to install head-up displays that can be read with minimal eye movement. Although demand is expected to expand, manufacturers have faced issues such as system cost and development time.  Epson's new controller enables rapid head-up display system development by offering the ability to correct the distortion of images streamed from an SoC1 according to the curvature of a vehicle's windshield, without external memory. The controller is equipped with display safety functions and supports the building of more reliable display systems. This controller IC satisfies the strict quality requirements of the automotive industry. It is compliant with AEC-Q1002 and operates at temperatures up to 105°C. Epson seeks to advance the frontiers of industry and create a circular economy by applying the efficient, compact, and precision technologies that it has developed over many years to solve challenges. These technologies, which save energy, enable smaller products, and increase accuracy and precision, enable Epson to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which will bring about a better and more sustainable future for all.  Epson also seeks to leverage its device technologies to realise a smart society. Toward this end, the company will continue to develop a variety of controllers and drivers for vehicle display systems that require high resolution and safety functions and that enhance the performance of its customers' products. Product features- The S2D13V40 is a controller IC for automotive standards-compliant head-up displays- In addition to distortion correction, the controller can flexibly correct images through rotation and scaling- Display safety functions Product specificationsModel Number: S2D13V40Supply voltage: 3.3 V (I/O), 1.8 V (internal core)Input interface: Open LDI / dRGB (selectable)Output interface: Open LDI / dRGB (selectable)Supported resolutions: Up to 800 x 600 (24-bit)Safety functions - Display safety functionsAutomotive standard conformance: AEC-Q100Operating temperature range: -40 to +105ºCOther: Built-in PLL, Built-in SSCGPackage: P-LQFP100-1414-0.50 (14 mm x 14 mm x 1.7 mm, 0.5 mm pitch) For more information go to: Follow Epson on social media:Facebook: @EpsonAustraliaTwitter: @EpsonAustInstagram: @EpsonAust 1                A system on a chip (SoC) integrates most or all the functions required for the operation of a system on a single chip.  The configuration differs depending on the system, but SoC generally integrate a CPU, memory, and I/O functions.2                AEC-Q100: The Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) is an industry group that creates standards for the reliability and qualification of automotive electronics. It was formed by the “Big Three” U.S. automobile manufacturers in partnership with major electronic component manufacturers. The AEC standard is a de facto global standard that has been widely adopted as a standard for automotive electronic components. A Detailed and Informative Guide to Selecting a Two Way Radio System 2020-06-29T13:22:20Z a-detailed-and-informative-guide-to-selecting-a-two-way-radio-system What are the First Steps You need to Take when Deciding a Radio Communications System? Where can you turn for expert advice?  How do you decide whether to upgrade or replace? Who are your stakeholders? How do you conduct a needs analysis? Where can you go to seek funding? These questions are covered in detail in the MiningTelecoms Best Practice Guide from research to implementation and training. To review the guide in more detail, click here... M. A. Cross Plumbing Outlines the Benefits of Using a Master Plumber 2020-06-29T04:51:22Z m-a-cross-plumbing-outlines-the-benefits-of-using-a-master-plumber Michael Cross, owner of M.A. Cross Plumbing, is committed to helping clients that want money-saving, sustainable, and eco-friendly solutions for their plumbing needs. One way he’s accomplishing that is by using eco-friendly materials in works like drain cleaning and leak fixing solutions. Michael Cross has been in the plumbing service industry for over 37 years now and is a member of the Master Plumbers Association for more than 30 years. You become a Master Plumber only when you pass certain examinations; you learn the best plumbing techniques and are able to demonstrate that you follow all guidelines while performing your duties. Michael Cross, Owner of Cross Plumbing says, “We are licensed plumbers and drainers, we can supply environmentally sustainable plumbing and drainage solutions from the household to commercial properties. Our business has undertaken Green Plumbers training in water audit assessments for residential and commercial properties, waste water management and solar hot water systems. We are also experts in new homes and renovations.” M. A. Crossing Plumbing is located in Tanah Merah a suburb close to Brisbane city and they are able to travel all locations in the nearby vicinity. While Brisbane is of course the main location service point for the Logan plumber he also covers areas like Loganholme, Bethania, Riverdale Park, Kingston, Meadowbrook, Springwood and Park Ridge among other areas as well.    The plumber in Logan conducts installation, repair and maintenance of all water and drainage systems. Clogged drains are one of the most common problems that the company addresses. The situation has the potential to interrupt commercial endeavors. It’s equally disruptive for residential clients that need to prepare for school and work. Thus it is highly important that when you have any sort of plumbing issue you use the services of a qualified master plumber. A master plumber is able to understand the root cause of the issue and fix the issue in a way that is the best method. The master plumber will be able to gauge whether the problem can be fixed well or the problem is something that requires complete overhaul.   M.A. Cross Plumbing offers free, no obligation quotes for plumbing-related needs to get drains and toilets flowing freely. The company is a one-stop resource for eco-friendly and cost effective solar hot water systems, along with roofing and gutters that aid in preventing damage to basements and foundations. About M.A. Cross Plumbing Michael Cross is able to assist you with products and solutions that best fit your needs. We are fully qualified trades people and we are here to offer you sustainable solutions while delivering quality workmanship and expert advice. We’ve been a member of the Master Plumbers Association for more than 30 years. We were sponsors of the first Sustainable House Brisbane built at Seventeen Mile Rocks in 2007. Helping Qantas and ABC Staff Impacted by Job Losses 2020-06-26T00:21:13Z helping-qantas-and-abc-staff-impacted-by-job-losses Sydney, 26 June 2020: As thousands of Qantas and ABC employees learned they would soon lose their jobs in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, one resourceful former Qantas employee has taken direct action by offering all of these workers free access to Project Displaced, a volunteer run online community offering confidential job seeker support and mental health first aid, 7 days a week. Sydney-based Anthony Cohen worked for Qantas for more than 16 years, his partner is an orchestral musician, and both have had their work contracts put on hold or cancelled. The COVID-19 crisis hit them and their extended network very personally, and this inspired Anthony to take direct action. “We set up Project Displaced in March to help our community through this terrible and very sudden crisis,” explains Anthony. “After both my partner and I lost our jobs, I couldn’t just sit there and do nothing, so I came up with the idea of Project Displaced.” Since March, Project Displaced has helped hundreds of job seekers from all across Australia and from every industry.  “Although we started this to specifically help employees in the airline, arts, tourism and hospitality industries we were flooded with requests from people who’ve lost their jobs in all sorts of industries. We don’t say no – we want to help as many people as we can”. Project Displaced is run entirely by volunteers and is not connected to any Government support program. There are now more than twenty qualified Career Coaches, Recruiters, HR Managers, Mindset Coaches and qualified Mental Health specialists who all volunteer their time for free to help job seekers in need. All consultations are private and conducted virtually via Zoom, Skype or phone call. Job seekers can choose from a confidential discussion about their current situation, goals, challenges, and skills. There are specialist services to help them write a resume and cover letter, or how to navigate leveraging their networks. And importantly there is also qualified mindset and mental health first aid. “This week’s news about my former colleagues from Qantas brings back all of the emotion I felt when I started this initiative. The heartbreak in the Qantas staff community right now is palpable. But they are an amazing and resilient group of people and I know that those who are impacted by this devastating news offer an amazing set of skills, training and dedication that any new employer will reap rewards from”. Project Displaced’ services are available 7 days a week. They’re open from 7:30am to 10pm every week day, and from 9am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday”  The team of volunteers who dedicate their time and expertise to helping job seekers in need are incredible. They give of themselves for no other benefit than seeing the renewed sense of self-confidence and optimism that job seekers walk away feeling after the session. All volunteers are qualified and leaders in their professions, and come from all over Australia. Project Displaced continually receives 5 star reviews from the job seekers that use their services and Anthony is determined to keep the free service going as long as he can. “Right now what we need are good news stories. These are incredibly uncertain times and people are facing unprecedented challenges. Although this costs me money personally to run, it’s absolutely the right thing to do! I’ve been through redundancy twice in my career so far so I know what everyone is feeling - and I wish I had access to the services we’re offering at Project Displaced” said Anthony. Job seekers who have been stood down or are facing losing their jobs can book a free support session instantly. Support via GoFundMe:   ENDS – For further information or to arrange an interview please contact: New partnership accelerates innovative Australian manufacturing 2020-06-25T07:53:32Z new-partnership-accelerates-innovative-australian-manufacturing-1 Micro-factories and 3D-printed prototypes to speed up new product development are just two of the game-changing opportunities that a new partnership between Impact Innovation Group and Arc Hardware Incubator will open up for Australia’s small and medium enterprise (SME) manufacturers. The new partnership aims to combine the expertise, facilities and networks of two of the largest innovation and commercialisation players in Australia to help the local manufacturing sector in a post-COVID 19 economy. This will plug a significant service gap for SMEs, which contribute 20 percent to the nation’s manufacturing industry value. Impact Innovation Group managing director, Brian Ruddle, said the collaboration responded to an increasing drive and demand for enterprises to reboot and reposition manufacturing in Australia. “Access to know-how and fast turn-key prototypes is what a local hi-tech manufacturing sector needs first,” Mr Ruddle said. “Getting the go-to-market strategy right and customer testing the execution of ideas before investing in buildings and plant equipment will help businesses save both time and money. “With Impact Innovation’s solid track record for commercialising next-generation technologies, Arc’s cutting-edge equipment, and our common commitment to practical upskilling programs, we can offer a whole new value proposition for accelerated product development across many industries,” Mr Ruddle said. Arc Hardware Incubator has worked with more than 100 startups and SME ventures since 2017, helping them fast track the development and commercialisation of their products by leveraging its advanced prototyping equipment and skilled staff in engineering, business and design. “Arc’s services and programs remove some of the biggest barriers to developing innovative hardware products: access to and affordability of prototyping equipment to test and manufacture prototypes; access to commercialisation, engineering and design experts in one location; and access to national and international industry, manufacturing and investment networks,” said Arc CEO, Victor Vicario. “This new partnership with Impact Innovation Group means we can reach even more businesses with innovation-driven growth strategies and connect them with the services and startups in our network that have the capability to help them determine which ideas are most likely to succeed as new products.” As well as boosting practical opportunities for SMEs to accelerate product development, the collaboration aims to bridge the silos of research, large industry, smaller enterprise and government stakeholders. The subsequent improved understanding of their common and different agendas will enrich manufacturing solutions for domestic and global problems as well as inform future manufacturing and procurement policies. Details of the opportunities the new partnership plans to offer will be announced over the coming months. Syncdocs adds essential security to keep your cloud secure against hacking 2020-06-22T22:18:08Z syncdocs-adds-essential-security-to-keep-your-cloud-secure-against-hacking Defence Minister Linda Reynolds said as she stood next to Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Friday: "It's vital that all Australian organisations are alert to this threat and take steps to protect their own networks." And "can I remind all Australians that cyber security is a shared responsibility of us all". Hacks and phishing attacks against data stored in the Google cloud systems have also highlighted the need for security in depth. When data are protected by a single access password, anyone gaining permissions can access everything. This can be prevented by encrypting the data at-rest. While some methods already exist to encrypt data at-rest for on-premises IT, Syncdocs is the first solution to provide fully automatic end-to-end encryption for Google Drive. Google currently only encrypts the Google Drive data while in transit, not at rest. That means anybody who can hack the Google account, or a Google G-Suite administrator can access your Google Drive files. It is also all too easy to mistakenly share a file. Syncdocs is different: it encrypts Google Drive files locally, before they ever leave your PC, Mac or phone. This makes accessing data much harder for hackers. Fully encrypt Google Drive "Google holds the keys to their encryption solution, so it does not provide true protection, as they still have full access to your data. Any hacker compromising a Google account has full access." says customer Simon Fuller, CIO of Oxito Cloud Solutions, "With Syncdocs we own the keys, and no one else can access or spy on our data. This is essential for compliance." Files and folders are securely protected in the cloud with military-strength AES256 encryption. This is important for protecting corporate or customer data stored in the computing cloud. Regulations now demanding encryption The European Union General Data Protection Regulation enforces end-to-end encryption to protect EU citizens’ privacy rights. At the opening of the UK parliament yesterday, the Queen confirmed plans for a similar data protection law in the UK. For healthcare and legal professionals, the at-rest encryption provided by Syncdocs is needed when complying with government regulations like HIPAA for storing patient records. In Australia, businesses will be required to comply with minimum standards of cyber security under a federal government plan to harden the nation's defences of vulnerable computer networks against foreign adversaries and cyber criminals. Those wanting better online security, or simply wishing to improve Google Drive, can grab a free evaluation copy of Syncdocs from Covid-19 impact on the Australian accounting and legal industry 2020-06-22T21:00:53Z covid-19-impact-on-the-australian-accounting-and-legal-industry “How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the accounting and legal professions in Australia? Are accounting and law firms seeing an increased or decreased demand for their services? How are they fairing when it comes to workloads, cash-flow, salaries, and even partner drawings? What is their general prognosis on the future? These were the type of questions we wanted to be answered," says Andreas Diwing, QuickFee Sr. Director of Marketing. “We surveyed our member firms in the accounting and legal space not just once, but twice in a 7-week period, asking the exact same questions. Our goal was to see what, if anything, changed.” 73.5% of leading accounting and law firms in the Australia have seen an increase in demand for their services during the Covid-19 pandemic, and while most are describing their outlook of the future as “cautiously optimistic” firms have also seen a significant decrease in firm cash flow due to firm clients being reluctant or incapable of paying their fees. Highlights In May 73.5% of firms have seen an increase in demand for their services (down 8.4% since March 2020) The most common response to increased demand is partners working longer hours In May 2020 roughly a third of firms are saying that 25% or more of their clients are showing signs of financial distress 23% of firms believe that some practices won’t survive   M.A. Cross Plumbing: Specialists in Rainwater Management Solutions 2020-06-15T03:07:12Z m-a-cross-plumbing-specialists-in-rainwater-management-solutions Michael Cross, owner of M.A. Cross Plumbing, is committed to helping clients that want money-saving, sustainable, and eco-friendly solutions for their plumbing needs. One way he’s accomplishing that is through storm water systems. A storm water system is an effective and efficient means of managing runoff from rain that can also aid in preventing flooding in low lying or coastal regions and help protect aquatic ecosystems. They’re a sustainable way to conserve water resources and one of the greatest benefits is that the collected water can be utilized to extinguish fires and even water plants. The rainwater systems installed by the plumber Logan also provide an effective tool for urban centers to manage water that reduces damage to infrastructure ranging from underground pipes to sidewalks and highways. Depending upon the type of system that’s installed, they can also be focal points of interest in parks and similar public spaces. Cross Plumbing offers a wide range of sustainable options encompassing solar hot water systems and greywater systems in residential and commercial environments. The company provides installation, repair and maintenance of all water and drainage systems. The plumber in Logan team has undergone extensive Green Plumbers training, enabling the company to provide audit assessments and economical solutions for any type of water system.  The company provides services for all plumbing, drainage and roofing needs and provides free, no-obligation quotes for all services, including general maintenance, water pumps, and hot water systems. Repair and installation of toilets, taps, broken pipes, and blocked drains are attended to with alacrity to rescue clients from inconvenient circumstances and toxic emergencies. The plumber in Brisbane has solutions for any type of water-related problem. The company specializes in rainwater systems and other forms of water conservation to reduce costs to clients and manage water resources effectively for new construction and renovation projects, including leaf free gutter guards. About M.A. Cross Plumbing Michael Cross is able to assist you with products and solutions that best fit your needs. We are fully qualified trades people and we are here to offer you sustainable solutions while delivering quality workmanship and expert advice. We’ve been a member of the Master Plumbers Association for more than 30 years. We were sponsors of the first Sustainable House Brisbane built at Seventeen Mile Rocks in 2007. Media Contact Michael Cross Phone: 427749786 7 Jambi Court Tanah Merah QLD Website: Award winning investment firm Eliseo Partners (Asia) Limited acquired by Hong Kong financial Group 2020-06-12T11:32:56Z award-winning-investment-firm-eliseo-partners-asia-limited-acquired-by-hong-kong-financial-group Award winning investment firm Eliseo Partners (Asia) Limited named best institutional debt trading firm in Australia & New Zealand at the Global Banking and Finance Awards in 2017 is acquired by QMIS Financial Group.Eliseo Partners managed over $1.7 billion of transactions from 2016 to 2020 and some of its landmark transactions included the advisory for a Formula 1 motorsport team, warrant linked financing of a US publicly traded Californian medical software company, an equity agreement with a Canadian publicly traded disruptive high profile sports apparel brand and was instrumental in the largest IPO on the National stock exchange of Australia.Larry Woghiren, co-founder of the Eliseo Partners Group, said, “we aim to allow real estate owners to securitize institutional grade real estate portfolios to raise project finance whilst minimising debt levels and retain effective control.”In September 2018, Eliseo Partners launched an ambitious strategy to grow its fixed income and credit portfolio value to $100 Million USD.QMIS Financial Group has valued Eliseo’s convertible bond portfolio at $150 Million.As part of the agreement Eliseo Partners will consolidate and wind up its businesses into a QMIS sponsored private equity fund and expand as one of Hong Kong’s leading and most progressive private equity platforms.About QMIS Financial GroupQMIS Financial Group is a global financial services conglomerate headquartered in Hong Kong with a strong presence in Asia and key regional centers in New York, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen &