The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-08-05T13:33:53Z Inspire PR Media welcomes a ‘Dream’ of a new Client 2020-08-05T13:33:53Z inspire-pr-media-welcomes-a-dream-of-a-new-client-1 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: [4/08/20][Sarah Andrew] [Inspire PR Media][][Miami, Florida]: Inspire PR Media today announced it has signed with Miami based Chase Your Dreams Productions to act as their Public Relations and Publicist team, assisting with increasing brand awareness worldwide. Inspire PR Media is excited to partner with Chase Your Dreams Productions to provide a platform to spread their filmmaking vision of hope and inspiration during a post-pandemic cinematic landscape. About Inspire PR Media: Inspire PR Media is a truly international public relations company with a team, and clients hailing from all over the globe. Whether with new, or long-standing clients, they love the thrill of finding fresh angles, projects, and media to energize and engage with the public. Their objective is to impart a genuine narrative conveying inspirations that bring hope that change is truly possible through the media. About Chase Your Dreams Production: Founded in 2005 by the inspirational husband and wife team, Rick and Elaine Kercheff-Roberts, Chase Your Dreams productions remains true to their filmmaking vision of providing original content to their film audience. Their first feature film O2 Negative won the 22nd Season of the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival. It was officially selected in the 2018 Prince of Prestige Academy Awards and 2018 Auckland International Film Festival. It also received an Honorable Mention at the prestigious Silver Scream Film & Comic Festival. The 2015 short film One Last Breath was selected as part of the Paterson Falls Film Festival and Flathead Lake International Cinemafest. Moreover, it was officially invited by the HollyShorts Film Festival and received a screening invitation by Miami Indie Film Festival. They are currently in post-production with an assortment of feature films, short films and television series. These cover a range of genres, including, action-adventure, science fiction and family adventure.“This is an exciting time to be involved with an ambitious film-making company of this magnitude and seeking to make a genuine and meaningful impact on the silver screen,” says Sarah Andrew, Managing Director at Inspire PR Media. ESL Australia And Psyonix Partner For New $225,000 USD Rocket League Tournament 2020-07-29T06:58:56Z esl-australia-and-psyonix-partner-for-new-225-000-usd-rocket-league-tournament Sydney, Australia – Wednesday, July 29 -  Today ESL Australia and Psyonix announced the ESL Rocket League Oceanic Championship, a new online tournament series that will offer players across the Oceanic1 region the chance to compete for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Set to run until April 2021, each match of the tournament will be broadcast live from the ESL Studios, Sydney, to Rocket League fans across the world.  The tournament will be broken up into three ‘splits’ (‘stages’) played across August 2020 - April 2021, with each split offering up a prize pool of $75,000 USD between the top 8 teams of each event. The top teams from each split will also earn qualification points towards the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) X Majors and the Rocket League World Championship, the pinnacle of Rocket League competition involving the world’s best Rocket League teams. “Rocket League has always been a leader in the esports space, so the opportunity for us at ESL to partner with Psyonix here in the Oceanic region was something we jumped on.” said Ben Green, Publisher Development Manager at ESL Australia. “As the future of sport turns towards online platforms, we will look to deliver the evolution of digital competition, starting with the ESL Rocket League Oceanic Championship.”Players will be able to sign up to the ESL Rocket League Oceanic Championship from early next week, on ESL Play. 1. ‘Oceanic’ Countries include: Australia, Fiji, Indonesia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna, Norfolk Island, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Micronesia, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Palau, Samoa, Tonga, and Tuvalu. Media Contact:  Alex Blaikie, PR & Social Manager, ESL Australia ESL is the world’s largest esports company. Founded in 2000, ESL has been shaping the industry across the most popular video games with numerous online and offline esports competitions. The company operates high profile, branded international leagues and tournaments under the ESL Pro Tour including ESL One, Intel® Extreme Masters, ESL Pro League, and other premier stadium-size tournaments, to more clearly define the path from zero to hero. ESL also produces the ESL National Championships, grassroots amateur cups, and matchmaking systems, creating a world where everybody can be somebody. With offices all over the world, ESL is leading esports innovation on a global scale through the combination of global ESL competitions, amateur leagues, publisher activations, and more. ESL is a part of MTG, the leading international digital entertainment group Press assets: Butterflies and Demons Book: Exploring Racial Discrimination and the Need to Confront our Racism 2020-07-27T23:45:40Z butterflies-and-demons-book-exploring-racial-discrimination-and-the-need-to-confront-our-racism ABOUT THE BOOK Eva Chapman’s Butterflies and Demons is a historic fiction novel about the racial discrimination and trauma of the Adelaide Aboriginal (Kaurna) people during the 1830s. Their land was invaded by British settlers who failed to understand Kaurna values and culture, almost wiping out Adelaide’s true custodians for good. Juxtaposed with events from Eva Chapman’s traumatic childhood from Czechoslovakia to Adelaide in the 1950s, racial discrimination is highlighted, explored, and confronted with gentle but emphatic impact.  QUOTES “It is appalling to realise what little has been achieved despite real and symbolic attempts to right wrongs. And yet there is a groundswell of opinion that is rising on the awareness, not of the harried and helpless guilt of original and protracted sins, but of what we, the white populations of Australia, have lost in erasing aboriginal culture, the local knowledges that could have created a truly Australian cuisine, not to mention land-management programmes, the local languages that could have, if taught and allowed to flourish in both communities, contributed to a sense of local identity and purpose throughout the nation, and the spirituality from the earth to the stars of which we could all today be proud partisans,” says Dr. Peter Bruce. “After a vision in Peru, I knew I had to tell the story of the Adelaide Aborigines. I loved doing the research and found that these people were so gentle, so clever, so mindful of the piece of earth they lived on. They suffered terribly at the hands of the British Empire, as did I, an unwelcome refugee in 1950s Adelaide,” says Author Eva Chapman. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Eva Chapman has had a successful career as writer, academic researcher, secondary school teacher, psychotherapist, and Enlighten Master. Her many successful books include Sasha & Olga, Russian Roulette, From Russia to Love and Sexy at 70. Pub Date: May 11, 2020 RRP: $2.99 (ebk) -$29.99 (pbk) ISBN: 9780648710769 Genre: Non-fiction, historical, memoir Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing Format: eBook, Paperback Extent: 373 pages   CONTACT DETAILS DoctorZed Publishing Marketing & Promotions A: 10 Vista Ave, Skye SA 5072 T: +61 (0)8 8431 4965 M: +61 (04)10 981 263 E: W:  Goodness, Truth & Beauty…all in a book For more information: From Prehistoric Times To Cartier, Cufflinks’ Appeal Never Seems To Fade - Historical Perspective By Sam & Qualis 2020-07-27T10:52:48Z from-prehistoric-times-to-cartier-cufflinks-appeal-never-seems-to-fade-historical-perspective-by-sam-qualis Long before fancy dressing and modern haberdashery came into men’s fashion, the way esteemed nobles and fashionistas put their outfits together was nothing short of barbaric. From leaving symmetry dead in the ditch to using ties, ribbons, and strings to hold cuffs and points together, dressing up in the past was tedious, until cufflinks came into the picture. The history of cufflinks With its roots dating back to the 17th century, the humble cufflink's first iterations were introduced as a sleeker, more appealing, and effective solution to keeping cuffs in order. These ornamental pieces were created and further refined by French tailors alongside the development of the stitched buttonhole to seamlessly combine style and functionality. Over time, the boutons de manchettes started to gain traction amongst aristocrats, socialites, and style-conscious men because of how they provided a solution that equally looked great. A few years after its introduction, sleeve buttons—as they were called at the time—became even more popular with upper-echelon dressers in a short amount of time. During this time, the buttons themselves became even more luxurious and appealing as jewelers began to show their takes on the accessories. These refined takes were best defined by gold and silver castings that were adorned with semi-precious gemstones and stamped designs, eventually leading to the modern cufflink of today. Later developments At the turn of the 18th century, the usage of cufflinks and their popularity both exploded as they became even more commonplace in the fashion during that period. Aside from being donned by monarchs and aristocrats (which essentially acted as the catalyst for popularity), they were also used to commemorate special events and royal occasions – not too far from the purposes that they’re being used for today. Despite the already-apparent growth of cufflinks and their rise to prominence, an even higher amount of success came about by the time the industrial revolution and the Victorian era came to be. Thanks to the advent of machinery and its widespread availability, manufacturers, tailor shops, and stores were able to boost their production volumes and make cufflinks even readily available. Beyond production capacities, however, this period also saw the rise in fancy designs that slowly incorporated gold and silver bases, which were adorned with intricate designs that were extravagant and captivating. This era saw the birth of the “Victorian Serpents” design, which is also a design staple among modern cufflink options today! Post-world war resurgence After the first and second world wars, the cufflink rebounded and made its resurgence in production, prominence, and overall importance in the turn of a modern fashion revolution. With the Boyer fastener system's introduction and a production drive undertaken by the factories, consumers had a sleeker, better, and more convenient way to keep its double cuffs together. This would later go on to be the cufflinks that are widely known today. Conclusion Cufflinks bear a storied past that carries its own history which adds even more to their overall importance and value. The next time you put on a suit and look at your cufflinks, feel proud that you’re wearing a time-honed accessory that was also worn by royalty and other prominent members of society in the past.   About Sam & Qualis Sam & Qualis was founded with a rebellious spirit and an ambitious goal of making high-quality, beautiful luxury goods at down-to-earth prices. Sam & Qualis consider cufflinks as one of the most defining style signature, containing within itself the power of identity and sophistication of an effortless elegance. The name Sam & Qualis has a meaningful thematic story. ‘Sam’ is the name of the founder and ‘Qualis’ is Latin for quality. The crown-shaped logo draws inspiration from the headgear worn by the Achaemenid Persian emperors. Sam & Qualis is an Australia based inspirational luxury cufflinks company that is dedicated to providing customers with meaningful pieces of cufflinks that will touch the heart at an affordable price. The company believes in producing smaller quantities of high-quality cufflinks that will last, rather than pumping out large numbers of less than perfect pieces. Each order is packed in an exclusive hand-wrapped signature gift box with great care. More information is available at the website at Sam & Qualis provides exquisite and unconventional designs, the materials used are of the highest quality which include exquisite materials like Stingray Leather, Sterling Silver, Onyx, Lapis Lazuli, Tiger Eye, Opal, Mother-Of-Pearl among others. Sam & Qualis uses CNC machining technology for making some masterpieces like Dalton, Geovanni and others.  Each Sam & Qualis cufflink is a special ornament, evoking class, character, and individuality in each and every detail. Some of Sam & Qualis best-seller cufflinks include: Sebastian - Revolutionary spirit and ingenious craftsmanship: a manifesto of Sam & Qualis' vision of contemporary cufflinks, where diabolo is introduced in an unconventional style (featured in Vogue). Lorenzo - The very soul of this pair is encapsulated in the visionary design and unbridled imagination. Enchanting deer cufflink in an antique finish like no other. Comes with a matching complimentary lapel pin. Gabriel - Wearing a cufflink was never that easy. Magnetic cufflink…the innovation you desire. Dalton - Iconic stingray inlay makes Dalton the most spectacular cufflink of modern times. Every element is designed to bring stingray’s profound soul to life (as seen in GQ Australia). Elias - A symbol of classic self-expression set in a masculine bezel with such distinguished craftsmanship, substance, and elegance. No matter what the personal style preferences of any man, there are fine cufflinks to suit anyone and any occasion. Not to be saved only for the most formal events, cufflinks are expressive and add an air of subtle sophistication to an ensemble. Born from Alexander Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo, cufflinks have now become a hallmark of men’s fashion – what a journey indeed.   # # #   War baby releases the biography of his father’s journey to be the first Australian airman to fly a Lancaster bomber in WWII and make it safely home. 2020-07-23T01:11:25Z war-baby-releases-the-biography-of-his-father-s-journey-to-be-the-first-australian-airman-to-fly-a-lancaster-bomber-in-wwii-and-make-it-safely-home As a fifteen-year-old boy growing up in Sydney, Francis Norman ‘Norm’ Crouch knew he wanted to be a pilot after he saw his first airplane-a low-flying Tiger Moth Biplane. He was so transfixed he crashed his bike into a nearby thicket. It was a fascination which led him to become a trainee pilot in the RAAF where he became notorious for his low-flying antics. Part of an early group of Australian airmen who went to Canada with the Empire Air Training Scheme, Norm survived the perilous Atlantic crossing to Scotland. He was then sent to Coningsby, England in 1941 to join Squadron 97-one of the many RAF squadrons in the legendary ‘Bomber Command’-where he became the first Australian to fly a Lancaster bomber in air raids over Germany. ‘It was the air force that incurred the highest casualty rate of all Allied forces in WWII. Of the 50,000 killed in action 3,480 were Australians.’ Norm also survived the war and was one of the lucky few to return home. ‘Of those Australians who left in early 1941 and completed a full tour, 30 missions or more and then spent the rest of the war flying and training others in Operational Training Command, only 8% returned.’ When the family home burned down in 1957, Norm lost all his war records including his personal logbook. He wrote his memoir to ensure his story would not be lost. His son, James Crouch, used his father’s handwritten notes and other sources to produce this, his first book, Norm – Bomber Command. James Crouch is available for interviews and informal chats on all media outlets. To schedule, please contact: Norm – Bomber Command is available in paperback and eBook formats from all major online retailers, priced $19.95 and $7.95 respectively. Tradie hires Inspired Unemployed to launch new Body Spray range via The Incubator 2020-07-10T03:25:12Z tradie-hires-inspired-unemployed-to-launch-new-body-spray-range-via-the-incubator Tradie’s series of 15 second Body Spray TVCs show these best mates deeply enjoying each other’s scent in a locker room. “Having these two front our new Tradie Body Spray is perfect,'' says Ben Goodfellow, Tradie founder. “They’re such naturals; within 5 minutes the scripts were out the window. I’ve always our brand ambassadors should be people any Aussie would want to have a beer with, and I certainly want to have a beer with these guys!” Rising stars of The Inspired Unemployed, 25 year olds Matt Ford and Jack Steel are besties from Sydney, with a passion for surfing, snowboarding and generally goofing around. Their scruffy good looks and self-deprecating humour have seen them grow an impressive following of more than 435k on Tik Tok and 370k on Instagram in the past 18 months. Thanks to their unique style of whacky physical humour, collaborations with brands such as Fendi, GQ and the Aria Awards have seen the boys become hotly pursued talent, who are these days far from unemployed. “Working on this project with Tradie turned out to be one of the better collaborations we have done so far” the pair said of the shoot. “The guys gave us a tonne of freedom and let us push the boundaries a lot with ideas and acting, which we find creates a much more authentic result and is how we normally like to work. It definitely helped that everyone on set were bloody legends to work with too, which always makes for a better result.” Kyran Docker, Creative Director at The Incubator was quick to sing their praises too. “Funny is in their DNA. We barely needed to give them any direction, they just instantly got what we were trying to do and ran with it.”  The new 15 second spots will air on National TV from this weekend. Sniff them out here:   Date Night: Four 7: Credits Client - Tradie  Tradie Founder - Ben Goodfellow Tradie Brand Manager - Simone Hyde Creative Agency - The Incubator Account Director - Jeremy Walsh Creative Director - Kyran Docker Writer - Alison Rentoul Production Company - Plot Media Producer - Virginia Kay Director - Nicholas Clifford DP - Max Walter Editor - Luke Dickinson Colour Grade & Online - Manimal Post Sound Design - Dead On Sound WILLIAM SHATNER ‘TO BOLDLY GO’ TO COSPENDIUM 2021 2020-07-06T00:18:09Z william-shatner-to-boldly-go-to-cospendium-2020 WILLIAM SHATNER ‘TO BOLDLY GO’ TO COSPENDIUM 2021 Legendary Star Trek actor heading to Australia for brand new cosplay event   ICONIC STAR TREK, BOSTON LEGAL AND TJ HOOKER ACTOR TO FEATURE AT NEW AUSTRALIAN COSPLAY AND ESPORTS CONVENTION INTERVIEW, MEET & GREET, PHOTO OPPS & AUDIENCE Q&A AT COSPENDIUM 2021   Actor, author, singer, producer, director, businessman & philanthropist William Shatner will attend the new two-day pop culture, cosplay and gaming convention Cospendium on Saturday 30th January AND Sunday 31st January 2021at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne.   Register interest for tickets at:   As well as a stellar career in Star Trek, the Emmy and two-time Golden Globe winning actor has also starred in globally successful TV series Boston Legal and TJ Hooker as well as over 50 movies across eight decades including the Miss Congeniality films and cult classic Dodgeball.   Shatner will take part in a Q&A session on the Cospendium main stage as well as meet ‘n greets and one-on-one photos & autograph signings with fans over both days of the debut convention.   “When you’ve been around as long as I have and worked in this business for so long, there’s a heck of a lot to share. I’m very excited to be bringing the spirit of the Starship Enterprise, Boston Legal and more down under,” says William Shatner.   “One of the surprising things I discovered years ago about conventions is that they’re filled with love. It’s very special to be up on that stage and share a unique moment with thousands of people at once – I can’t wait to feel the love when we usher in the first-ever Cospendium!”   Fans can also expect gaming tournaments, artist & cosplay stalls, cosplay competitions, prize giveaways and plenty more, from the brand-new event striving to become the ultimate cosplay convention.   “I’ve been a William Shatner and Star Trek fan since I saw the first episode in 1966 and just thought ‘WOW!’” says Cospendium founder Philip Rainford.   “I went to Star Trek conventions with my teenage daughter in the ‘90s in full costume and now my grandkids have the chance to attend our new convention with Captain Kirk himself. It’s just amazing.”   To purchase tickets or a full experience package with William Shatner, visit: ABOUT COSPENDIUM 2021 Running for an entire weekend at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens, Melbourne.   The convention commences on Saturday 30th January 2021, with celebrity meet ‘n greets, gaming tournaments, artist & cosplay stalls, cosplay competitions, prize giveaways, and plenty more!   The debut convention aims to restore a sense of intimacy and community to the culture that the founders believe has been lacking for too long.   ABOUT WILLIAM SHATNER Since he was in his early 20’s, William Shatner has maintained his status as a star of both TV and the silver screen. He achieved the status of a pop culture icon thanks to his portrayal of Captain Kirk in the original Star Trek series and film adaptations. He is also well known as the eponymous TJ Hooker and Boston Legal’s Denny Crane.   Shatner has maintained an impressive side career in music and spoken-word recordings, having released eight albums since the ‘60s. He is also routinely involved in a range of charity work and raises American Saddlebred horses.   WHAT IS COSPLAY? Cosplay, or costume roleplay, is a global phenomenon where fans of franchises from all forms of media dress up as their favourite pop culture icons. At conventions such as Cospendium 2020 , You’ll be sure to run into everyone from Game of Thrones’ Ned Stark and Star Trek’s Spock to Princess Zelda and One-Punch Man.   According to trading platform Liquid, the global cosplay industry is estimated at a value of more than $45 billion and is growing at a rate of 15 per cent each year.   To register interest for ticket sales and for more information, visit: Facebook Instagram MEL GIBSON TO STAR AT COSPENDIUM 2021 IN MELBOURNE 2020-07-06T00:14:57Z mel-gibson-to-star-at-cospendium-2020-in-melbourne MEL GIBSON TO STAR AT COSPENDIUM 2021 Legendary actor to kick off convention debut at brand new cosplay event # WORLD FIRST APPEARANCE BY MEL GIBSON AT A POP-CULTURE CONVENTION # MAD MAX, LETHAL WEAPON & BRAVEHEART STAR TO SPEAK AT NEW AUSTRALIAN COSPLAY EVENT # INTERVIEW, MEET & GREET, PHOTO OPPS & AUDIENCE Q&A AT COSPENDIUM 2021Actor, producer, director, businessman & philanthropist Mel Gibson (Mad Max, Braveheart & Lethal Weapon)will attend the new two-day pop culture, cosplay and gaming convention Cospendium on Saturday 30th January 2021 at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne. TO INTERVIEW MEL GIBSON email or call “ Mad Max” Markson 0412 501 601 Buy or register interest for tickets at: Featuring celebrity meet ‘n greets, gaming tournaments, artist & cosplay stalls, cosplay competitions, prize giveaways and plenty more, Cospendium aims to become the ultimate cosplay convention. This debut convention marks Mel Gibson’s very first appearance at a Comic Con-style event anywhere in the world. He will be available for meet ‘n greets, one-on-one photos with fans and a panel discussion including audience Q&A’s about his iconic movie career.  “I look forward to meeting all my fans in Melbourne and sharing all the thrilling, funny and sometimes very weird stories from my life and career. I’ll see you all at Cospendium soon.” Says Mel Gibson. “It’s an enormous honour to have Mel Gibson, one of Australia’s favourite sons, as a special guest at our first-ever Cospendium,” says Cospendium founder Philip Rainford.“It’s even better that it’s Mel’s first ever convention too! I can already see the Mad Max and Braveheart fans in their cosplay outfits.” To register interest in one-on-one meet ‘n greets &photos with Mel Gibson, visit Mel Gibson is the second featured guest to be announced for Cospendium 2021, following the reveal of William Shatner, star of Star Trek and Boston Legal, as the convention’s debut special guest.  ABOUT COSPENDIUM 2021Running for an entire weekend at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens, Melbourne, Cospendium will launch on Saturday January 30, 2021 and run until the evening of Sunday January 31 2021. The convention will feature celebrity meet ‘n greets, gaming tournaments, artist & cosplay stalls, cosplay competitions, prize giveaways, an immersive viking banquet and plenty more! Featured guests include Mel Gibson and William Shatner, with more to be revealed soon.The debut convention aims to restore a sense of intimacy and community to the culture that the founders believe has been lacking for too long. ABOUT MEL GIBSONMel Gibson’s incredible body of work has spanned over 40 years and includes over 50 movies, grossing in excess of $5 billion. These include his role as Max Rockatansky in the Mad Max trilogy, Martin Riggs in the four-movie Lethal Weapon franchise, William Wallace in Braveheart as well as classics such as What Women Want and Bird on a Wire. As a director, he earned his stripes directing The Passion of the Christ (grossing over $1 billion), Apocalypto and Hacksaw Ridge (winner of two Academy Awards). Of course, he was also the first person ever named ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ by People Magazine! In 1995 Gibson produced, directed and starred in Braveheart which was nominated for 10 Oscars and won 5 Academy Awards including Best Director and Best Picture. Mel also won the Golden Globe for Best Director for Braveheart.  WHAT IS COSPLAY? Cosplay, or costume roleplay, is a global phenomenon where fans of franchises from all forms of media dress up as their favourite pop culture icons. At conventions such as Cospendium 2020 , You’ll be sure to run into everyone from Game of Thrones’ Ned Stark and Star Trek’s Spock to Princess Zelda and One-Punch Man. According to trading platform Liquid, the global cosplay industry is estimated at a value of more than $45 billion and is growing at a rate of 15 per cent each year. To register interest for ticket sales and for more information, visit: Facebook Instagram PNY launches ultra-high performance XLR8 Gaming RGB Desktop Memory in A/NZ 2020-07-01T05:12:07Z pny-launches-ultra-high-performance-xlr8-gaming-rgb-desktop-memory-in-a-nz-1 PNY Technologies, the leading memory manufacturer now making an even bigger push into the A/NZ markets with their highly-acclaimed extreme performance memory, NAND flash products and professional gaming graphic cards, has launched its new XLR8 Gaming RGBTM DDR4 Desktop Memory range. PNY Director – Sales, ANZ & Oceania Richard Clarke explained, “PNY have made a serious commitment to Australia and New Zealand in terms of launching new and exciting products in 2020 and beyond. XLR8 Gaming RGB DDR4 modules are the first of these as they provide a dynamic, ultra-high performance experience for gamers, modders and enthusiasts alike by combining RGB customisation with overclocking capability. XRL8 RGB DRAM also uses a selected aluminum alloy heat spreader with a state of the art surface finish technique and design to create an extraordinary look and feel.” XLR8 Gaming RGB is compatible with major motherboards and is ready-to-sync with Asus AURA SYNCTM, Gigabyte RGB FUSION 2.0, MSi Mystic Light Sync and ASRock Polychrome SYNC1 for an ultra-high quality RGB experience. The overclocked modules provide ultra-high performance and a superior computing experience thanks to the aggressive overclocking, heat spreader and XMP 2.01 support, delivering PNY’s fastest speeds, highest bandwidth and lowest latencies These in turn maximise PC stability and responsiveness during memory-intensive gaming and application use. Backed by PNY’s Limited Lifetime Warranty and supported by live tech support, the XLR8 Gaming RGB boasts 3200MHz frequency and is backwards compatible with 3000MHz, 2933MHz, 2800MHz, 2666MHz, 2400MHz, 2133MHz. Product Features: • Faceted, 3D geometric design and aluminum alloy construction with state-of-the-art surface finish create an extraordinary look and feel while providing heat dissipation to keep the modules cool under pressure. • Brilliant LEDs and frosted light guide lens provide a wave of continuous colour eliminating shadows and dark spots by utilising a dual-sided 5x2 LED configuration. • RGB sync allows for total control of colour and patterns creating an endless array of different combinations resulting in the ultimate lighting experience.  Product Specifications: • DDR4 RGB enabled Desktop Memory • Built-in heat spreader • Frequency: 3200MHz (PC4-25600) • Timing: 16-18-18, CAS 16, tRas36 • Voltage: 1.35V  AvailabilityThe PNY XLR8 Gaming RGBTM range is available now in Australia from mWave ( and in NZ from PB Tech ( in the following configurations: • 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3200MHz Desktop Kit • 16GB DDR4 3200MHz Desktop Single Channel • 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz Desktop Kit • 8GB DDR4 3200MHz Desktop Single Channel  Follow @PNYasia and @XLR8Gam1ng on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and join the PNY community on LinkedIn 1. The PNY logo is a registered trademark of PNY Technologies, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2020 PNY Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved. Viral Records Announces New Darrell Kelley Album Release 2020-06-25T14:47:44Z viral-records-announces-new-darrell-kelley-album-release Darrell Kelley's label, Viral Records, announced the release of his latest album, "The Audacity". It is currently being distributed globally by his record company to all major entertainment publications, news platforms, radio stations and digital retailers. As with many of Kelley's prior releases the artist utilizes his music as a contemporary commentary tool to bring attention to the plights and pitfalls that many of the less fortunate within our population sadly face on a regular basis. This socially conscious singer/songwriter chose to produce his latest album the day after hundreds of people came to the Glynn County courthouse demanding accountability for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, an unarmed 25-year-old African American male fatally shot after being pursued and confronted by two white men in Satilla Shores, Georgia. Charges weren't filed against the local perpetrators until a video leaked to the media sparked national outrage and state officials were forced to step in. Those demanding justice weren't just talking about prison time for Arbery's killers, but changes in a justice system that failed for months to bring the murder suspects to account for any crime.  Kelley said, "Ahmaud's murder prompted me to do some research, and I came upon the story of George Meadows, a young black man lynched in Alabama in 1889. It made me wonder if we're still living in those days. Will racism ever end? So I wrote a song about Ahmaud and dedicated it to all the innocents who got killed because of the color of their skin. But before I had even finished recording it I heard the news of the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and more and more who died as a result of police brutality. I wrote more songs relating to these events and the idea of putting them together as an album called The Audacity, a titled inspired by a book written by former President Barack Obama called The Audacity of Hope, came to me like a message from God." Viral Records, a small independent label based in the state of Georgia that was founded by Kelley and associates, has promised to use all means available to raise awareness of these travesties with their collective efforts. Their mutual goal is to illuminate the fears, frustrations and often fatal end of the many that society deems as unequal and unworthy of the justice promised to all in the American Constitution. In other words, to have the audacity to take a stand and call out the social crimes being committed in our country and that has sadly become the new norm.  News and other updates about this artist may be found at To learn more you may also go to Darrell Kelley's press kit will be provided upon request to any and all members of the media by contacting the representative listed below.           Media Contact: Stevie B Mia Mind Music Phone: 800-843-8575 Email:  Wake Up! Music Announces AFTR Record Release 2020-06-24T18:35:19Z wake-up-music-announces-aftr-record-release Chicago Nuhouse music techno artist AFTR's record company, Wake Up! Music, announced this week the release of his debut single on their label. Preceding the retail drop on June 29, 2020, of "Humboldt Swagger (Wanna Go Down)", a music video for the single appeared on the Wake Up Music's YouTube channel on June 19. This is all being done in preparation for his multi-track compilation titled "May" that is slated for a street date on July 15. Humboldt Park, a neighborhood known for its dynamic ethnic and social demographic change over the years on the West Side of, Chicago, Illinois, is the inspiration for AFTR's "Humboldt Swagger (Wanna Go Down)". His goal was to musically depict the various sights and sounds coming out of this great community, and to achieve this he enlisted Pepper Gomez, the Chicago house music artist as the featured vocalist on the cut. Pepper also provided the song's lyrics, which were derived from one of her self-penned poems and is intended to function as a double entendre that urges people to take a deeper look into themselves and others. AFTR and Gomez's concept with the YouTube music video for "Humboldt Swagger (Wanna Go Down)", created by the visual artist, director, dancer and model who calls herself ACRONYM, is an in your face creation of beauty that zooms in on the newest additions to the groundbreaking Wake Up! Music Models aptly named The Voluptuous Vixens. Dancing to the sounds of the techno-house track they demonstrate that all sizes are beautiful and move us through the lyrics to remind us that we all must take a deeper look of that which is within. Something that is so needed in this world where the lines between real and illusion often blur. Pepper Gomez explained, "Don't wait even one more day to love every bit of you. When you love yourself, it is easy to love others!"   "Humboldt Swagger (Wanna Go Down)" is currently being serviced to Rhythmic & Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop radio stations around the world. A full-scale press campaign has also been launched for this new Wake Up! Music record release. News and other updates about the artist may be found at You may view the aforementioned video for "Humboldt Swagger (Wanna Go Down)" at AFTR's press kit will be provided upon request to any and all members of the media by contacting the representative listed below. He is also available for appearances and interview.      Media Contact:   Stevie B Mia Mind Music Phone: 800-843-8575 Email: Iconic outdoor agency Rock Posters appoints seasoned entertainment marketer Marcus Seal as General Manager 2020-06-22T22:07:32Z iconic-outdoor-agency-rock-posters-appoints-seasoned-entertainment-marketer-marcus-seal-as-general-manager Since 1986 Rock Posters has been at the forefront of the street poster/outdoor advertising industry.  An independently-held Australian company, Rock Posters has increasingly grown through innovation to become the largest national street poster network in Australia.   To sustain this growth and maintain their leadership position, the company has appointed Marcus Seal as General Manager.  Marcus is a veteran in the world of entertainment having held senior management and marketing positions in some of Australia’s most highly-regarded companies in Sydney and Melbourne.  Most recently he was Head of Marketing at The M Agency, a specialist agency in the music, entertainment and lifestyle domain.  Prior to this he was Head of Commercial Marketing with the world’s largest live entertainment company, Live Nation. He has worked at Sony Music as Director of International Marketing and CEO of independent, Shock Entertainment. His number of board positions throughout his career include ARIA, Australian Home Entertainment Distributors Association, international digital rights agency MERLIN and the Australian Independent Record Labels Association.  He also gained experience at the City of Melbourne heading up the Communications team, which gave him invaluable insights in to what makes the most liveable city in the world tick.   John D’Aquino, Founder & CEO of Rock Posters, said of Marcus’ appointment: “I am thrilled to have Marcus on board as our new General Manager after working with him over many of the company’s 34 years.  I love the fact he has experienced the world of rock and roll and has also worked extensively with big, international brand partnerships in entertainment as well as government, specifically his tenure at the City of Melbourne.  Having a few agency years under his belt made him a great fit for Rock Posters. I am confident Marcus and the Rock Posters team Australia-wide will be doing great things together in years to come.”   Marcus added, “Quite simply I’ve always used Rock Posters because they make a big impact and start a conversation quickly.  They are the only media I have consistently consumed throughout my working life and I love that they can be cost-effectively used creatively by brands, events, festivals, concerts etc.  While Rock Posters has a strong history as leaders in music, comedy and the arts, they also have a strong grounding in fashion (wearables/tech), automotive, alcohol brands, political party messaging at all tiers of government, musical theatre, skateboarding/ action sports, gaming – and that’s just what I’ve seen in a week”, Marcus added.    MediaHub Australia transitions seamlessly to remote Broadcast Operations 2020-06-22T02:03:20Z mediahub-australia-transitions-seamlessly-to-remote-broadcast-operations For an organisation with the sheer size, scope and number of channels under control that MediaHub Australia (MediaHub) has, the prospect of moving the majority of their operations offsite is no mean feat. That said, not only did MediaHub achieve this incredible feat during these recent and most challenging of times, but they did so without any interruption of service to their many clients.   Head of broadcast operations, Scott Jolly explained, “As part of the mitigation of COVID-19 impacting MediaHub operations, the MediaHub Senior Management Team made the decision early to move to remote working wherever possible. The consequence of a COVID-19 outbreak within the facility would have been very serious for all concerned. MediaHub, as an essential service business, is responsible for providing critical news programming from the prime minister, federal and state government officials as well as the chief medical officer across both metro and regional television and radio services both nationally and internationally for our clients, so we simply could not allow this to happen.”   MediaHub’s requirements for a Work From Home (WFH) solution were to quickly and effectively move to remote operations, in the first instance for all administration staff, quickly followed by operational divisions.    Jolly continued, “It was essential for frontline operations staff to have a remote working solution as closely aligned to being at MediaHub. This meant investing in additional devices including laptops, Chromecasts®, tablets and monitors for each of the team, allowing each operator to recreate their workspace at home in a familiar set up.”   MediaHub’s smart investment and the fact many of their platforms are cloud based enabled them to move ingest, playout, network operations centre (NOC), IT and engineering support teams to remote operations quickly and seamlessly.   MediaHub head of technology, Simon Scott added, “We collaborated with a number of vendor partners such as Magna Systems, Grass Valley, Akamai and RTS to set up our users with a fully-functioning WFH solution. This included GV for remote control platform software, Akamai for CDN and security services and RTS VLink Virtual Comms to extend our talkback system over the internet. This integrated solution meant that not only had we achieved a level of sophistication that enabled our staff to completely operate the system from home, but there were significant savings in terms of operations space and equipment as we didn’t need to build a remote Disaster Recovery suite.”   This smart solution also meant MediaHub could operate under any possible broadcast scenario quite easily, without restrictions, quickly and efficiently without any negative impact in Service Level Agreements (SLA) for any of MediaHub’s clients.   The smarts didn’t stop there as MediaHub also provided low latency live streams of their monitoring multi-viewer outputs delivered using Akamai CDN and via standard streaming players to their users in their homes. This meant the MediaHub team could now see their monitoring screens on their standard home TV – a major part of the WFH solution.    One of the early challenges MediaHub did face however, was how to deliver a full featured ‘at home’ experience for their operations team when clearly they had no control over their team members’ ISP at home and no choice in their users’ connectivity which varied between 4G, 5G, FTTN, FTTP and HFC. All of which in turn affected the home user’s ISP network congestion during their most active periods.    Scott added, “Operators on shift changeover, or in certain scenarios for live sports or news programming have overlapping access to live video feeds and systems, meaning more than one operator may require access to the same multi-viewer generated screen. So we made a call early into the process to adopt a live OTT approach to the WFH solution. We partnered with Akamai to deliver this consistent delivery to our users across their CDN platform regardless of their ISP access. This allowed ease of access to the streams by any of the devices our staff were using and flexibility to scale out the number of people monitoring the streams.” Security was a key issue within the MediaHub WFH solution and one they solved by again partnering with Akamai to provide distributed and encrypted remote access service to their systems. This allowed staff to access MediaHub’s platforms’ remote control surfaces via any internet connected device with the Akamai service also providing additional levels of security and monitoring far beyond a traditional VPN solution.   According to MediaHub CEO Alan Sweeney, the key to the amazing success of their unique WFH solution was the total buy-in from the entire MediaHub team – something he is very proud of.   Sweeney said, “The acceptance and approach from all of the staff was exemplary and they were incredibly supportive in testing the solutions remotely and then embracing the challenges of working from home. Our gratitude also extends to the families of our team particularly over the past few challenging months. As a result of our teams’ efforts and the WFH solution we have implemented, I’m delighted to say that our client base were not only very impressed we got on the front foot early and planned accordingly to protect their outputs, but also that their services have not been disrupted in any way and it has been 100% business as usual from their point of view.”   About MediaHub MediaHub Australia is a constantly expanding, 'new technology'-driven company at the forefront of the Broadcast Services industry. MediaHub currently provides over 400 broadcast and live streaming services for both television and radio to audiences locally, nationally and internationally. Among the current service offerings are Media Asset Management, Managed Archive Storage, VOD & Transcoding Services, Audio Description & Closed Caption Insertion, Connectivity, Pass-Through Channel capabilities, 24/7 Master Control & NOC facilities, live Television and Radio Streaming, in-house coding solutions and more.   Through our suite of 'Hub' products, MediaHub provides Terrestrial Broadcast, Live Streaming, Archive Storage, Connectivity, Media Asset Management and Content delivery for our growing roster of clients. Magna Systems provides VLink Virtual Communications for Fox Sports 2020-06-18T08:01:17Z magna-systems-provides-vlink-virtual-communications-for-fox-sports Tough times have called for innovative measures as Fox Sports found when they had a requirement for remote intercom and talkback. For the solution they turned to Magna Systems & Engineering and the RTS VLink Virtual Communications system. Fox Sports Broadcast Projects Engineer Mick Gergos explained, “We wanted a secure, simple-to-use and integrated solution facilitating access to our existing RTS matrix over standard internet connections. Our requirements included remote TB communications for key personnel in production, engineering and operations and we wanted to expand this in the future. So, we discussed our requirements with Lucas Bohm and Brett Campbell at Magna and they suggested the RTS VLink Virtual Communications system.” VLink™ is an IP-software multi-channel, multi-access communications solution that intelligently connects to RTS intercoms, creating the optimal fusion of hardware and software capabilities. VLink is highly scalable to thousands of soft keypanel users, supports virtually an unlimited number of point-to-points and PLs, boasts LDAP integration, SNMP traps, AES encryption, and SIPREC recording.Gergos continued, “V-Link’s  licencing model allowed us to prove the solution with very little outlay, whilst providing generous future scalability. The user interface is extremely intuitive providing traditional talk and listen keys on a variety of platforms including Windows®, Mac®, Android® and iOS®. Best of all, V-Link’s tight integration with RTS Trunkmaster ties both talkback systems into one unified platform.”According to Gergos VLink has not only proven to work but proven to be very useful to the COVID-19 work from home generation. He added, “VLink’s security is excellent as there’s no exposure of our core RTS Matrix to the internet. The V-Link server provides the gateway and security. Baseband audio trunks between the two systems provide the necessary network isolation to satisfy our most paranoid IT geeks. Our Head of Audio absolutely loves the system as not only is it so efficient but it’s easy to setup too.”With other virtual comms solutions in the market according to Mick Gergos VLink stands apart for a number of reasons. He concluded, “There’s many IP audio platforms out there with PTT. For us however, the integration with RTS Trunkmaster was mandatory. VLink also gives Fox Sports the convenience of a TB in your pocket, on a desktop or on a laptop anywhere in the world and it also gives us more options to deal with mobile blackspots. Finally I have to mention Lucas Bohm, Brett Campbell and the Magna Systems team. It is every customer’s right to harass their supplier for anything, anytime and for no good reason, but Lucas and Brett handle the attention with the upmost professionalism and for that they much be acknowledged and thanked. They really make all the difference.” Tuned Global Appoints Key Music Industry Executive to Drive its Expansion into Europe 2020-06-11T08:28:36Z tuned-global-appoints-key-music-industry-executive-to-drive-its-expansion-into-europe Tuned Global, an Australian 360º music technology provider has announced today that it has appointed Mario Forsyth, previously with 7digital, as head of business development for Europe. Mario will be based in London and will support the company’s expansion into European markets. Having worked with many leading brands across a range of industries within the in-flight entertainment, social media and fitness sectors through the region, Mario will help drive Tuned Global in achieving its ambitious growth targets in Europe. Tuned Global has been actively building its European client base over the past year and is working with leading brands across Europe and Africa. “Enquiries from the European market have been significant and continue to grow. The current pandemic has greatly impacted enquiries as people’s behaviours have changed and brought digital services into a sharp focus,” says Con Raso, managing director at Tuned Global. “It was a natural next step to have someone on the ground to be able to meet our clients in person, in their timezone,” he continued. In his past roles, Mario has led strategic planning initiatives, marketing programme development, execution and performance analysis for top tier clients, including Fender and Global Eagle Entertainment. He also worked on negotiating global licenses between record labels, publishers and clients. “Mario has spent more than 25 years in the music and technology industries, growing revenues, inspiring teams and boosting business performance and we are thrilled that he will be joining our team to drive our business in Europe through visionary leadership, effective management and industry knowledge,” said Con Raso. Prior to 7digital, Mario was a mentor and key partner at Living Indie, which live-streamed gigs, working with artists such as John Grant, Nile Rodgers and the Wombats. His first venture into music was in marketing and distribution and he founded Amato Distribution, which was a global leader in dance music working with Tiesto, Underworld and the Chemical Brothers. “I’m excited to be leading Tuned Global's expansion into Europe and beyond, where I will get to utilise the skills built up over my career, working closely with music services, labels and brands. Having the ability to deliver a full suite of services, including a ready to go white labelled music streaming application, will further establish Tuned Global's reputation in taking compelling digital campaigns to market,” said Mario Forsyth, head of business development for Europe, Tuned Global. Tuned Global develops highly disruptive music apps that provide extraordinary value to brands and consumers alike. The company uses the #PowerOfMusic to deliver engaging content delivering immediacy and personality to consumers while providing valuable data analytics and business insights to brands.  “Music is now being accessed across a range of applications where it forms part of all of an offering to consumers, the expansion into online fitness and social media are great recent examples of that. Our aim at Tuned Global is to support clients' entry into the music space and we are now open for business in Europe,” continued Con Raso. Tuned Global has worked with major blue-chip brands to deliver digital music solutions, including McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Samsung, Virgin Mobile, Pizza Hut, Line Music, L’Oreal and Ed Sheeran. About Tuned Global: Tuned Global is a 360º B2B music streaming technology partner that helps to quickly launch and grow music streaming services around the world. The company develops simple, fast and enticing music streaming solutions. Its full turnkey solutions incorporate music content expertise, cloud-based technology, licensor reporting, branded app, marketing capabilities, billing and licensing consulting. Tuned Global has already delivered wide consumer engagement using the power of music in countries across the globe, working with Telcos, enterprises and start-ups. Companies such as Coca Cola, Warner Music Group, Virgin Mobile, Universal Music Group, Line Music, Pizza Hut, Samsung and many others have already trusted what they do. For more details, please visit:  Please find Mario's photo in Google Drive to download in high resolution or we can send it to you on request.