The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2018-12-18T07:05:47Z Glider Yachts named in the top 20 fastest growing businesses in the UK 2018-12-18T07:05:47Z glider-yachts-named-in-the-top-20-fastest-growing-businesses-in-the-uk Glider Yachts Limited, the British luxury yacht designer and manufacturer, has been revealed by independent research agency Beauhurst and SyndicateRoom in the top 20 of the 100 fastest-growing private companies in the UK. The report, entitled "Top 100: Britain's Fastest-Growing Businesses of 2018" identified the companies that have increased in value the most since 2015. Glider Yachts features in this year's league table at number 17. London headquartered Glider Yachts has a clear mission to become the world’s leading supplier of high-performance luxury yachts and to deliver a more cost-effective and ultimately more comfortable, efficient and sustainable way of navigating our oceans. One of the most revolutionary high-performance craft available in the world today, Glider launched its first model, the 18-metre SuperSports 18 (SS18) in 2016, followed by its SL24 24 metre Limousine, which was launched at Monaco Yacht Show in September 2017.  The initial two models will be complemented by Glider’s stunning range of luxury superyachts, the GT and SX-E range will that are available from 35 to 80 metres, once the firm secures a major investor for these builds. Robert McCall, Managing Director of Glider Yachts, said: “We’re thrilled to be recognised in this way for the extraordinary rise in the value of Glider Yachts in the last three years. As an innovative British luxury yacht manufacturer, we are a dying breed as many of the big British brands are now owned by foreign entities.” The Glider superyacht range has been under development for a decade, with meticulous planning, design and world-class British engineering, using best practice and expertise from Formula One and the aerospace industry, including a proprietary Stability Control System (SCS). This will enable the ultimate comfort whilst at anchor, cruising or at speed without the bumpiness associated with traditional sports-boats and limousines, even in the roughest seas conditions. Glider’s unique hull form, propulsion and Stability Control System (SCS) tune to the sea conditions allowing its passengers to “glide” over the waves in unprecedented comfort. “Gliders are unlike any other yacht seen in the market to date, with unparalleled design and technological capabilities, we are now seeing extraordinary demand and are in the process of securing a number of major sales,” concluded Robert McCall. Download a free copy of the full report here: Potential investors should contact or call +44 (0)20 8133 0654. ### About Glider Glider is a new British luxury yacht manufacturer, headquartered in London with build partners in Southampton, England. The company has a clear mission to become the world’s leading supplier of high performance, luxury sports yachts, and to deliver a more cost-effective and ultimately more comfortable, efficient and sustainable way of navigating the world’s oceans. See See our image and video library on Dropbox here. New Tourism Venture For The Kimberley And Horizontal Falls 2018-11-30T21:48:04Z new-tourism-venture-for-the-kimberley-and-horizontal-falls A new tourism operator in Western Australia aims to showcase the spectacular Kimberley region and the iconic Horizontal Falls in a novel way that delves deep into the living history of this ancient land. Paradise Point Adventures -partners with established operator, Horizontal Falls Seaplane Adventures and Jilinya Cultural Adventures and gives visitors greater flexibility in accessing the Horizontal Falls as well as creating opportunities for them to gain a unique cultural perspective from the land’s original custodians. “Storytelling runs deep into Australia’s earliest history,” said Kristy Bailey, co-owner of Paradise Point Adventures, “and visitors now have an opportunity to learn the fascinating story of the ancient, yet still living, culture of this magnificent landscape as well as witness its incredible natural beauty and iconic attractions.  “Our two new full-day tours to Horizontal Falls (or Garranngaddim as it is known in the Aboriginal language) give visitors the flexibility of departing from either Cape Leveque or Broome, plus they include a cultural tour hosted by members of the Dambimangari people who tell the deeply personal story of their ancestral country,” Bailey added.   Both Horizontal Falls tours include a scenic seaplane flight from Paradise Point to Talbot Bay with water landings.  The seaplanes are owned and operated by Horizontal Falls Seaplane Adventures, one of the region’s most experienced tourism operators with a string of national awards to its name.   The company also offers a full-day Thousand Island Adventure cruise and cultural tour which takes guests on a luxury boat trip from Cape Leveque through the spectacular bays and islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago.   A cultural tour with Jilinya Adventures is also included. “These new tours will be a welcome addition to Kimberley tourism as they give people different and more flexible options for getting to the iconic Horizontal Falls, plus they open up fresh perspectives on the story behind the story.  We’re very excited about the future of tourism in Western Australia and are looking forward to showing off this magnificent region to a wider market,” Bailey said. For more information on Paradise Point Adventures Horizontal Falls tours or their Thousand Island Adventure cruise, please get in touch on 08 9192 1172 or visit Businesses Are Investing in Technology to Improve Customer Experience, but Many Are Still Falling Short of Giving Customers What They Want 2018-06-06T22:06:57Z businesses-are-investing-in-technology-to-improve-customer-experience-but-many-are-still-falling-short-of-giving-customers-what-they-want Nearly two-thirds (60%) of respondents in Australia say more work is needed by companies to improve their online experience Customer experience (CX) ratings vary by vertical with hospitality leading the way globally More than half of all respondents think machine-to-people interactions will improve CX Australian consumers still believe they will have the better customer experience in a physical location than an online store A new Mitel® (Nasdaq:MITL) (TSX:MNW) survey of 5,000 adults from Australia, the United States, UK, France and Germany indicates a measurable disconnect between the advancements organisations think they are making to deliver exceptional customer experience and how customers actually view their commercial interactions. Specifically, less than half of respondents believe the technology needed to deliver the perfect online buying experience is available. This stands in stark contrast to findings of a previous Mitel survey in which 90 percent of IT decision-makers optimistically reported progress in improving customer experience through the use of technology. While a clear sign of the growing pains associated with digital transformation initiatives underway globally, the new survey also uncovers an opportunity for technology to play a key role in defining and keeping pace with changing buyer behaviour and preferences. In fact, over half of those surveyed believe machine-to-people interactions will positively transform the customer experience (51% in Australia). Vertical Visionaries, Leaders and Followers As customer experience becomes increasingly critical for businesses to remain relevant and compete, Mitel’s survey shows differences in customer satisfaction across vertical industries. Growing use of cloud communications and applications, combined with emerging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, chatbots, and natural language processing (NLP), are creating new ways for companies to nurture and build customer relationships. Winning companies will be those that are able to differentiate their brands by delivering seamless experiences across physical and digital environments, devices and channels. Currently, some segments are doing better than others. Hospitality leads the charge: Hospitality management knows the first stop on the itinerary for today’s travellers are online review sites. Before booking a trip, consumers want to hear what others have to say. In fact, it’s a near-universal activity. Given the impact reviews can have on average daily room rates, it’s no surprise this industry takes customer satisfaction seriously, receiving top marks among those surveyed. Australians also responded with high satisfaction rates (41%) with regards to their online experience with hospitality providers. Physical retail isn’t dead, but the customer experience is: More than 60 percent of shopping done by respondents still takes place in a physical store, though that number is shifting. When asked about the challenges faced by today’s brick-and-mortar retail outlets, three out of five respondents say the fact retail stores are struggling has more to do with the customer experience they provide, not products. While Australians are currently shopping in physical stores at much higher levels (74%) they agree with their global counterparts that customer service just doesn’t exist anymore. A seamless omnichannel approach is critical for this market, where more than one-third (36%) of Australian respondents note they make purchasing decisions based on the experiences brands provide versus the products and services offered. Chatbots can be used to manage simple tasks, while IoT and team collaboration tools open up new avenues for communications across media, whether it’s voice, email, SMS, web chat, social media or a website. Speed is the game in sports and entertainment: In the fast-paced world of sports and entertainment, immediate and clear communication is a necessity. Forty-nine percent of Australian respondents point to simplicity and speed as the most important factor in a good customer service experience, slightly higher than the global average (45%). Availability vital in healthcare: Healthcare organisations receive the lowest marks from respondents in all countries when it comes to customer service. Australian respondents, in particular, say availability and 24/7 service (40%) is the most important feature they look for from healthcare services, followed by simplicity and speed (36%). Additional insights from the data indicate: Bots, AI and machines can fill the customer service gap: Consumers appear to be increasingly comfortable with machine-to-people interactions when shopping online, with over 78 percent of Australian respondents saying they are satisfied dealing with automated processes. Most do not want to interact with a person while shopping online unless the service is very complicated, or they are having trouble finding the product or service they need. Half of Australian consumers and over 60 percent of U.S. respondents say if they could shop without speaking to a person, it would be a good thing. Even so, physical retailers need to balance the use of technology. Consumers do expect people to efficiently help them when shopping in a physical storefront. Mobile reigns supreme in the United States; Australia favours in-store: Of all respondents, U.S. and Australian consumers shop most frequently during a typical week. There are also notable differences by country regarding how and where consumers shop. U.S. respondents reach for their smartphone and use apps; Britons like shopping online via their tablets; French shoppers most often use their laptops; Germans are more likely to use a desktop computer; and Australians prefer a physical store location (74%). In Australia, brands can’t be complacent about improving their online presence. While more Australians still prefer buying goods and services in physical stores, more than two in five (42%) say they want to shop even more online, and just one in ten Australians (9%) say they don’t like shopping online at all. Seven in ten Australians (71%) say overall, shopping online is more convenient than shopping in a store. To meet this growing demand for online services, and the change taking place in consumer behaviours and expectations, brands need to consider a greater level of consistency across both the online and physical experience for their customers. Mitel’s study is the latest in its Business Insights Survey Series, which builds on previous research from August 2017 where more than 75 percent of IT decision-makers said they planned to tie together devices, emerging technologies, and communications and collaboration capabilities within two years to enable machine-to-people interactions to improve customer experience. This body of work expands on the concept established by Mitel in 2016 of “Giving Machines a Voice” to enable IoT and other machine triggers to launch real-time communications workflows that can improve how companies work and collaborate. Exploring a different angle, this survey examines how consumers view customer experience in shopping for goods and services across market segments, including retail, hospitality, sports and entertainment, health care, financial services and utilities. For more results and a closer look at regional or country-specific data, download the white paper. Quotes “As physical and digital worlds begin to seamlessly intersect, how effectively a company serves its customers across both domains determines tomorrow’s winners and losers,” said Jon Brinton, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience Solutions at Mitel. “By supplementing existing applications and investments with new technologies such as AI, team collaboration and IoT, companies can better communicate and collaborate internally and externally and begin to proactively deliver the level of customer experience buyers expect.” “The data shows no matter where you are in the world, customer experience matters—bottom line,” said survey administrator Regina Corso of Regina Corso Consulting. “In order to truly connect with customers on their own terms, organisations must look for new ways to balance technology investments with personalised customer service. Those that are able to navigate this balance will go on to build strong brand loyalty with their customers, helping them succeed in today’s highly competitive purchasing environment.” Additional Facts Mitel has been recognised as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications for four consecutive years. Synergy Research Group has confirmed Mitel’s position as the #2 unified communications as a service (UCaaS) vendor worldwide. Mitel hosted cloud solutions are trusted by more than one million global subscribers. Related Materials Download the “Giving Machines a Voice” white paper Download the "Customer Experience for Dummies" e-book. Read the guide on "5 Steps to Increase Revenue Through Customer Experience." Download the "Digital Transformation for Dummies" e-book. About Mitel A global market leader in business communications powering more than two billion business connections, Mitel (Nasdaq:MITL) (TSX:MNW) helps businesses and service providers connect, collaborate and provide innovative services to their customers. Our innovation and communications experts serve more than 70 million business users in more than 100 countries. For more information, go to and follow us on Twitter @Mitel_AU. Contact Information PR agency contact Martin Aungle Explore Communications +61 (0)415 917 381 Media – EMEA & APAC Sandrine Quinton +33 (0)130-964-301 Glider Partners with Icebridge Estates global real estate brokerage 2018-02-01T20:21:22Z glider-partners-with-icebridge-estates-global-real-estate-brokerage-firm Glider Yachts Limited, the British luxury yacht designer and manufacturer, is thrilled to announce that IceBridge Estates International, a full service global real estate brokerage and advisory firm, has joined forces with Glider to provide its globally based discerning clients with priority access to its range of luxury yachts.  Designed to meet and exceed the increasing demands of superyacht owners and guests, Glider’s new SL24 limousine provides for a multitude of tasks provides privileged owners with options way beyond the capabilities of conventional tenders, chase-boats and limousine tenders, all in one beautiful package. It complements Glider’s first model, the 18-metre SuperSports 18 (SS18). They will be followed by a series of luxury superyachts, ranging from 18 to 80 metres.  Robert McCall, CEO of Glider Yachts, said: “We are very excited to join forces with IceBridge Estates. Working with this global, high-end real estate firm will provide our clients with concierge-style services, as well as preferred and unparalleled access to the best global waterfront properties buying experience.”  Anatoly Iofe, CEO of IceBridge Estates, said: "When we saw Glider's superyachts and limousines, we knew right away that our global clients will be very interested in such cool and superior yachts. Being based in South Florida, The Yachting Capital of the World, would clearly provide synergy to both companies and enrich the waterfront property buying experience for our clients.” ###  About IceBridge Estates International IceBridge Estates International is a full service, global real estate brokerage and marketing boutique, with salesforce based in eight countries, across three continents. We offer our services in English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, French, Greek and Ukrainian. IceBridge Team has over 150 years of combined experience and proven track record across all major asset classes, including real estate and other illiquid assets, with over $15 Bln in successfully closed transactions, globally. As part of Keller Williams family, we offer concierge-style brokerage services across all real estate asset classes and a single point of entry into Keller Williams Global Network.  About Glider Glider is a new British luxury yacht manufacturer, headquartered in London with build partners in Southampton, England. The company has a clear mission to become the world’s leading supplier of high performance, luxury sports yachts, and to deliver a more cost-effective and ultimately more comfortable, efficient and sustainable way of navigating the world’s oceans. See Please see our image and video library on Dropbox here. Introduction of MOB+ Wireless Kill Switch to Australia 2016-09-15T01:08:42Z introduction-of-mob-wireless-kill-switch-to-australia The Maritime Safety Store, Sydney Australia, is pleased to announce the introduction of MOB+ Wireless Kill Switch and Man Overboard system to Australia. The MOB+ is a revolutionary and award winning marine safety product created by Fell Marine of Norway. The MOB+ Wireless Cut-Off Switch consists of only a few items. A xHUB, a xFOB which can be worn inside the wristband, lanyard or on your lifejacket or in your pocket. The xFOB is placed in the wristband, the xHUB is installed in the boat. The principle which the MOB+ function is based on, relies on a wireless connection between the xFOB and the xHUB. If the connection is broken, either because the user falls into the water, or distanced him/herself 50 feet from the boat unit, the engine will stop instantly. An extra safety feature is that the engine can be restarted after six seconds, allowing the others onboard to quickly rescue the person in the water.Stuart McDonald at The Maritime Safety Store: “We are extremely happy to bring Fell Marine products to Australia making their lifesaving and hi-tech safety products available to the Australian boating community”Make contact with The Maritime Safety Store for information about buying the MOB+ in Australia! Makes Further Strides Into Marine Space With BoatAdvice Expansion 2016-06-05T22:15:17Z caradvice-com-makes-further-strides-into-marine-space-with-boatadvice-expansion Sydney, June 6 2016 – BoatAdvice, part of Limited, has signed two partnerships with Club Marine and Boatsonline to advance its goal of becoming the go-to online destination for all things marine. BoatAdvice, which launched in May 2015, has joined forces with Club Marine, Australia’s largest marine insurer and marine lifestyle publisher, with media assets regularly reaching over 100,000 boat-owners. Via its newly launched initiative, Club Marine TV, Club Marine is strengthening its digital relationship with its loyal audience by publishing engaging and educational boating videos. BoatAdvice is assisting Club Marine to film and produce a number of the videos and, in return, select BoatAdvice content, including boat reviews and lifestyle pieces, will be published in Club Marine Magazine, Australia’s most widely read boating magazine. It is envisaged that this new relationship with Club Marine will help BoatAdvice increase brand awareness and distribute its content to a new audience, underpinned by Club Marine’s heritage in boating. Club Marine CEO and magazine publisher, Simon McLean said: “Consumers and the marine industry are hungry for engaging boat-related content. Via Club Marine TV, we are bringing educational video content to the boating public in an effort to make boating safer and more attractive for the current, and next generation of boaties. We value our relationship with BoatAdvice and we see this partnership as a great way to expand our content offering into the digital space." Additionally, BoatAdvice will now also manage and re-sell display advertising for Boatsonline, Australia’s second largest marine classified site. This relationship allows the highly resourced and experienced team at BoatAdvice and CarAdvice to develop its display business in a commercial relationship beneficial to both parties. Specifically, it gives BoatAdvice more ad inventory and the opportunity to introduce its lifestyle, destination, technology and know-how marine content to a new audience. Boatsonline owner Graeme Monkhouse said: “Over the past 16 years we have built a very popular classified site that consistently ranks in the top three domestic marine sites according to Nielsen. We have existing advertisers within the marine industry, but the partnership with CarAdvice allows us to access a larger pool of advertisers and offer premium advertising solutions across our combined audience of highly qualified boat and car shoppers. “Establishing partnerships with two strong industry brands in Club Marine and BoatsOnline within just twelve months is testament to our business and the demand for industry collaboration to get the best content to our mutual audiences. It also now gives us the second largest marine audience in Australia,” said Andrew Dalton, General Manager at BoatAdvice. “Boaties and the boating industry are a close-knit highly active and engaged community and we want to be where they are. Combine Club Marine, Boatsonline and BoatAdvice and that’s a pretty complementary team.” “These announcements replicate our highly successful automotive model in the marine space, to give marine enthusiasts access to the best and most relevant content, and so really bring the industry together online,” said Andrew Beecher, CEO of CarAdvice. Taking the lead from the well-established manufacturer-friendly model, BoatAdvice is aimed at connecting boat manufacturers, brokers and dealers with in-market boat buyers...and the occasional dreamer. For more information please visit, or Pepper joins forces with St Kilda Football Club 2015-11-26T22:17:47Z pepper-joins-forces-with-st-kilda-football-club MEDIA RELEASE  27 November 2015 St Kilda Football Club has spiced up its corporate partnerships by announcing financial services provider Pepper Group Limited (‘Pepper’) as its new principal partner.     As one of Australia’s leading non-bank lenders, with a growing global presence, Pepper offers a range of consumer finance products and services, including home and car loans, and complements St Kilda Football Club’s existing line-up of exciting brand partners. Pepper’s relationship with ‘The Saints’ is in place for the next three years.   Patrick Tuttle, Co-Group CEO of Pepper, said: “As a founding club of the Victorian Football League, St Kilda has a strong heritage in the AFL and Pepper is excited by the opportunity to be associated with such an iconic Australian sporting organisation.    “As a club, The Saints proudly supports ambition, celebrates achievements and encourages all who are connected with it to aspire to its philosophy of ‘How I Want To Be’. These values are mirrored in Pepper’s culture, where we believe that everyone deserves the help and guidance necessary to realise their personal and financial goals.”    St Kilda Football Club CEO, Matt Finnis, welcomed Pepper Group to The Saints: “There is so much positivity surrounding our club and having an international business like Pepper join us and commit to being part of the journey we are taking is fantastic.” Pepper is seeking to boost awareness of its brand in key AFL states nationally and in particular, Victoria. The loyal St Kilda fan base represents the type of customers Pepper typically works with to help them get ahead in life, whatever their circumstances.    As part of the partnership announcement, Pepper will also unveil its new consumer-facing brand ‘Pepper Money’, which will be introduced over the course of 2016.     Commenting on the new brand, Pepper’s Co Group CEO, Mike Culhane said: “Following an extensive, and ongoing, period of acquisition, growth, and an ever-expanding suite of lending products, Pepper is embarking on a comprehensive rebranding exercise to better explain what products we offer to consumers.”   “To be named principal sponsor of St Kilda is a defining moment in Pepper’s story, bringing our brand to a wider audience of sporting fans in Victoria and across Australia, as well as expanding on our existing sporting relationships with the Western Sydney Wanderers and as naming rights sponsor of Pepper Stadium.”   Pepper is the only financial services brand to be associated with St Kilda and shares the principal partnership role with Dare Iced Coffee.    Ends    For more information, please contact DEC PR on behalf of Pepper Group: Joanne McIntosh or Sarah Bullen  02 8014 5036 |    About Pepper Group Pepper Group (“Pepper”) is Australia’s largest non-bank residential mortgage lender (as measured by total assets under management), is a leading provider of specialty residential mortgage and consumer financing, and a highly experienced third-party loan servicer and asset manager. Pepper is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:PEP) Worldwide, the Group currently has approximately A$36.8 billion of loan and lease assets under management (comprising prime and specialist residential mortgages, commercial mortgages, equipment leases, small business loans, consumer loans and car loans).  Pepper Group now comprises approximately 1,400 employees worldwide and has offices in Sydney, Parramatta, London, Dublin, Shannon, Madrid, Singapore and Seoul. Since establishing itself as a specialist residential mortgage lender in the Australian market in March 2001, Pepper has originated more than A$5.7 billion of specialist residential mortgages in Australia. It also commenced originating commercial auto & equipment finance in April 2013. In August 2011 Pepper acquired GE Capital’s Australian and New Zealand mortgage lending businesses, which comprised a portfolio of approximately A$5.0 billion of Australian and New Zealand residential mortgages. This transaction was one of the largest whole loan transactions in Australian history. Pepper’s current wholesale funding partners in Australia include Commonwealth Bank of Australia, National Australia Bank and Westpac Banking Corporation. In addition to lending and servicing its own residential mortgage and consumer finance portfolio, Pepper provides third party primary and special servicing across various types of mortgages, leases and unsecured loan products. Pepper is jointly led by Co-Group Chief Executive Officers, Mike Culhane and Patrick Tuttle. Mike and Patrick are focused on ensuring Pepper continues to leverage its core credit underwriting and loan servicing expertise both in its home market of Australia and other underserved markets in Europe and Asia. Pepper is regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (“ASIC”) in Australia. Pepper Finance Corporation (Ireland) is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) in Ireland. Pepper Savings Bank is regulated in South Korea by the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS). Pepper is ranked by S&P as a “STRONG” Residential Loan Servicer and is included on S&P’s Global Select Servicer List. 5 tips on using a solar charger for your mobile phone 2015-10-23T02:24:51Z 5-tips-on-using-a-solar-charger-for-your-mobile-phone Having a solar charger for your mobile phone or tablet means you can recharge your gear anywhere the sun shines. Perfect for travel, camping and most of all emergencies. Remember summer power failures, anyone? Imagine a holiday with no flat battery moments but instead the convenience of your camera and mobile phone fully usable anywhere. Solar power for your mobile devices also means you are taking less power from the grid – saving the planet one recharge at a time AND saving money. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your solar charger, whether this is for camping or everyday. 1. To increase the efficiency of your solar charger, make sure the panels directly face the sun at all times. As the sun moves across the sky throughout the day, adjust your solar charger accordingly. Pop it onto the car console or dashboard while driving to catch some rays. Leave it on the window sill at home through the day so you can recharge off the grid at night. 2. If you are charging through a window, windscreen, etc, be aware that the charging times will be increased especially if your windows are tinted. 3. A great way to use a solar charger for your mobile phone or tablet while camping or bushwalking is to WEAR IT! Strap it to your backpack and recharge your portable battery anywhere you go. Then its on hand to charge up your phone, camera, GPS or the kid’s iPod (so you can enjoy the serenity a bit longer). 4. The power of the sun’s rays depend on the season, as during summer the earth faces more directly towards the sun. So charge times can vary depending on the season where you are. The time of day is also an important factor to consider when using your solar charger. You will get the best performance when the sun is at the highest point in the sky, usually at noon. In fact, an hour charging at Noon will give better charge than a few hours later on the same day. 5. Extreme weather can affect your solar charger’s efficiency, so if its baking hot, protect your charger from until its a little cooler, ideally less than 45deg C. Powered Life has solar chargers from leading brands including Powertraveller. From the waterproof Powermonkey Expedition or to the family sized pairing of Powergorilla + Solargorilla, from waterproof Powermonkey Extreme 12V to the all-in-one Solarmonkey Adventurer, we have a solar charger to suit your lifestyle and mobile devices. Christmas Gift Ideas for people who love technology 2015-10-23T01:43:49Z christmas-gift-ideas-for-people-who-love-technology Picking the right gift for family and friends who love technology just got easier, with the release of new ideas to help them take their favourite device away camping, to school or even to work. Mophie H2Pro case for iPhone 6/6S and Lifeproof Fre Power Case have it all: military-grade tough, waterproof and dropproof tough case, with inbuilt rechargeable battery pack, so you get 100% extra battery life built into your case wherever you go. Powertraveller Powermonkey Expedition solar charger is a revolution in portable charging technology, bringing together multiple ways in which to naturally, yet efficiently generate power - all housed in strong, aluminium, waterproof casing. The waterproof (IP65 rated) powermonkey expedition houses a 10,500mAh lithium polymer battery which can be charged in three ways; via hand-powered crank, solar or via the international AC mains charger. Does your home or office have multiple devices to recharge every day? A charging station can charge up to 5 devices from one powerpoint. Griffin PowerDock 5 and BlueFlame 4 Device Charging Station can save space, time and sanity. Educational technology toys mean the kids won’t realise they are learning while they have fun. Osmo Game System brings iPad into the physical play, with interactive games for creative thinking and problem solving. LittleBits Electronics, including kits on space and Arduino, teaches them about circuitry, leading them to robotics, coding and much more. Working with iPad is so much easier with an inbuilt keyboard in a protective case. Zagg Slim Book case for iPad Air 2 has backlit keyboard to make working that bit easier, even in low light. Powered Life helps you maximise your mobile technology – whether you are a school with iPad and laptop fleets to manage, or a family that needs to kidproof its iPads, as well as businesses large and small. Protect your devices with the choice of best brand protective tough cases while recharging anywhere with solar and portable power. Reduce admin cost and time of managing multiple devices in your school or business with charge-sync solutions. Find out more at or call 1300 POWER 4 (1300 76937 4), email Live a powered life! Power up your Dad this Father's Day 2015-08-21T03:15:16Z power-up-your-dad-this-father-s-day Dads come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and spend their time doing different types of things. Here are some great gift ideas for YOUR kind of Dad. Sporty Dad If Dad likes to bike or hike, he might like to take his mobile phone with him. MAMILs (middle aged men in lycra) often like to record their hard-earned kms so waterproof phone kit with a mount to keep it safe while he works the pedals is a great gift. Lifeproof has waterproof, drop proof, dust proof cases for mobile phones – so they are also Dad proof – including iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6. iPod users get protected too. Add on an optional mount kit so Dad has his phone on his bike, car, boat - anywhere.   Business Dad Mophie’s range of powered cases for mobile phones is legendary. Yes, you read right: built-in back-up battery in a protective case. Flick a switch and recharge anywhere. Stock available right now for iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus as well as Samsung Galaxy S5. Lifeproof makes Dad even more powerful (get it??) with a waterproof PLUS powered case. Perfect for the endlessly busy Dad, the clumsy Dad; the travelling or tradie Dad. If Dad likes to recharge more than just his phone, check out the Mophie Powerstation XL which can recharge 2 devices at once, from its 12,000mAh rechargeable battery pack. Or a ruggedised powerstation with the Mophie Powerstation Pro, with a 6000mAh power bank that is drop proof and water resistant.   Adventure Dad Does Dad like to get out there in the wilds? Powertraveller portable power gear means Dad can venture far, while keeping in contact with his world, with solar and rechargeable power packs. Powermonkey Explorer 2 is crushproof, waterproof while Powermonkey Solarmonkey Adventurer has endless power for mobile devices. For the hardened explorer, the brand new Powermonkey Expedition power pack includes solar and hand crank recharge options. For the Dad who ventures overseas, the BlueFlame World Charger plus Portable Battery Pack can make simple work of recharging devices, with a single AC adaptor with international pins, plus a detachable portable pack to keep him recharged anywhere. Powered Life helps you choose where to work or play. Use your mobile phone, tablet or notebook - anywhere, any time - with top brand portable power and tough cases for mobile devices including Lifeproof, Mophie, Powertraveller and much more. Solar chargers, waterproof mobile phone cases, kid-proof iPad/tablet cases. Glider Yachts Receives Expert Accreditation for Exceeding Yacht Design & Build Standards 2015-08-20T01:59:49Z glider-yachts-receives-expert-accreditation-for-exceeding-yacht-design-amp-build-standards Glider Yachts Limited, the quintessentially British luxury yacht manufacturer, has received the highest level of boating industry accreditation, having been assessed by both HPi Verification Services and the Wolfson Unit for Marine Technology and Industrial Aerodynamics during the design and build of its debut luxury yacht. The SS18 will be unveiled at Monaco Yacht Show in September. Alasdair Reay, Managing Director, HPi Verification Services said: “Craft as innovative as Gliders were not in the minds of the various committees when they wrote the technical standards for the boat-building industry. HPi Verification Services has, therefore, worked closely with Glider Yachts to ensure their boats not only meet the regulatory requirements but exceed industry standards.” HPi Verification Services is a Notified Body, which means it issues certificates on behalf of the European Commission according to the Recreational Craft Directive. All recreational craft, which need a ‘CE mark’ in order to access the European market must comply with this legislation. To earn Notified Body status, HPi Verification Services operates according to a code of conduct and quality system approved by the British Government, on behalf of the European Commission. Alasdair Reay said: “Specifically, care has been given to ensure the continuity of the various structural elements to share and dissipate the loads and to provide subdivision. The craft’s systems have also been designed to provide a level of redundancy that goes beyond the highest levels of excellence in the yachting industry.” British marine engineering company, Burgess Marine, was selected to be the build partner for Glider Yachts, and its debut Super Sports 18 luxury yacht is in the final stages of build at Burgess Marine’s Portchester facility in the UK. The build commenced in April after a £100 million deal was agreed between the two British firms and private funding was secured. Mr Reay continued: “In selecting Burgess as its build team, Glider Yachts has ensured that the workmanship matches the company’s design ambitions. The quality of materials and the welding, in particular, show that Glider Yachts will be of the highest quality. As the leading verification company for the yachting sector, HPi Verification Services has no hesitation in commending Glider Yachts for its efforts in pushing back the boundaries in the boating industry.” Prior to commencing its first build, Glider Yachts conducted extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with Next Limit Technologies’ X-Flow. Rigorous model testing, detailed simulation and analysis of Gliders’ performance in sea-way was conducted using Maxsurf and several other industry leading products. Structural analysis was conducted using Dassault Systemes’ Abaqus and cross checked with Ansys. Gliders’ unique hull form design was also verified as being able to achieve a higher level of comfort and stability at speed, by the Wolfson Unit for Marine Technology and Industrial Aerodynamics. Dickon Buckland, Principal Research Engineer at Wolfson Unit for Marine Technology and Industrial Aerodynamics said: “The concept of travelling at speed in a sea way with a reasonable degree of comfort is best addressed with this kind of hull-form.” “The research, design, development and testing of Gliders has been a significant challenge and a very expensive process spanning over seven years until build commenced in April. I am delighted that our unique design and high standards in building our yachts have been approved by the leading industry experts,” said Robert McCall, Managing Director of Glider Yachts. About Glider Yachts Glider Yachts is a new British luxury yacht manufacturer, headquartered in London with build partners in Southampton, England. The company has a clear mission to become the world’s leading supplier of high performance, luxury sports yachts, and to deliver a more cost-effective and ultimately more comfortable, efficient and sustainable way of navigating the world’s oceans. Please see for more information. To download high resolution images please see here: About HPi Verification Services HPi Verification Services is a Notified Body, which means it may issue certificates for products that need a CE mark. To earn this status, it operates to a code of conduct and quality system that is reviewed by the British Government. As part of this process, HPiVS is formally accredited as an Inspection Body by the UK Accreditation Service to ISO 17020. The result is that HPiVS has been issued with a Notified Body license by the EU Commission: number 1521. About The Wolfson Unit For the last 48 years the Wolfson Unit has offered model testing, consultancy and software services to a worldwide customer base in the fields of Naval Architecture, Industrial Aerodynamics and Marine Engineering. It conducts tests in model basins, towing tanks and wind tunnels as well as full scale trials. It also offers CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and Marine Design Software. The Marine Technology and Industrial Aerodynamics department reviewed Glider Yachts’ design prior to build. MEDIA CONTACTS Glider Yachts Europe – E:| Tel: UK on +44 (0)208 133 0654  Middle East – E: | Tel: UAE on +971 (0)4 428 0939 Asia Pacific – E: | Tel: Australia on +61 (0)2 8006 2960 USA/Americas – | Tel: USA on +1 786 374 2429 Glider Yachts Selects BlueFin as its Partner for Ultimate Yacht Finishing 2015-08-11T05:48:05Z glider-yachts-selects-bluefin-as-its-partner-for-ultimate-yacht-finishing Glider Yachts Limited, the quintessentially British luxury yacht manufacturer, has selected a world leader in customised finishes for the superyacht industry, BlueFin Yachts Limited as its exclusive surface finishing partner for its new range of luxury yachts.  British firm, BlueFin Yachts’ first project is to finish and perfect the exterior surface of Glider Yachts’ new SS18 sports yacht, ensuring its extraordinary beautifully stunning lines are clear for everyone to see on its debut. “Glider Yachts’ mission is to become the world’s leading supplier of high-performance, luxury superyachts.  To ensure that the sublime beauty of our luxury yachts will shine through, we have chosen BlueFin as our finishing partner because of the firm’s renowned reputation for excellence in the superyacht industry.  This key partnership will ensure our luxury yachts are finished to absolute perfection and we are convinced all who see her will be astounded,” said Robert McCall, Managing Director, Glider Yachts. BlueFin is currently working preparing the Glider SS18, ready for the debut at the Monaco Yacht Show this September, where exclusively invited visitors and media will be able to experience the sublime beauty, ride comfort and performance of this daringly different luxury sports yacht. Nick Barber, Managing Director of BlueFin Yachts said: “We have an enviable reputation for our innovation, design and customised finishes for yachts and are thrilled to be working with Glider Yachts on its debut vessel.” Using traditional processes and hand-finished coatings, coupled with the latest technologies, BlueFin guarantees that it will achieve the ultimate yacht finish for Glider Yachts.  Glider Yachts’ design, build and assembly methods are based on techniques from the fields of Formula One and aerospace manufacture, using precision engineering methods utilising the very best materials to produce yachts of exceptional performance and beauty. “Our unique superstructure design means that each Glider Yacht can be built to meet the needs of her owner’s lifestyle, with flexibility for exterior and interior aesthetics with our team of designers who will work with clients to develop a look that is as unique as their fingerprint,” said Robert McCall. About BlueFin Yachts BlueFin Yachts Ltd has an enviable reputation as a world leader in innovation, design and customised finishes for every vessel; steel; aluminium; GRP/carbon composite or wooden. It excels in fairing, shaping, polishing and resurfacing, custom finishes, troubleshooting and project management. With over 25 years of experience supplying specialist coatings to the super yacht and marine industry, it guarantees professional craftsmanship delivered within budget and on time, at a competitive and realistic price. Its bespoke, traditional processes and hand-finished coatings, coupled with the latest technology guarantee the ultimate yacht finish. For more information see: About Glider Yachts Glider Yachts is a new British luxury yacht manufacturer, headquartered in London with build partners in Southampton, England. The company has a clear mission to become the world’s leading supplier of high performance, luxury sports yachts, and to deliver a more cost-effective and ultimately more comfortable, efficient and sustainable way of navigating the world’s oceans. Please see for more information. To download high resolution images please see here: MEDIA CONTACTS Glider Yachts Europe – E: | Tel: UK on +44 (0)208 133 0654  Middle East – E: | Tel: UAE on +971 (0)4 428 0939 Asia Pacific – E: | Tel: Australia on +61 (0)2 8006 2960 USA/Americas – | Tel: USA on +1 786 374 2429   BlueFin Yachts Ailsa Griffiths – Marketing Manager BlueFin Yachts Tel – +44 (0)7847 764779 Email – JL Audio Designs Ultimate Sound System for Glider Yachts 2015-07-09T11:08:26Z jl-audio-designs-ultimate-sound-system-for-glider-yachts Glider Yachts Limited, a new British luxury yacht manufacturer, has announced today that JL Audio UK will be its exclusive audio partner. In its first project JL Audio has designed the ultimate sound system for Glider Yachts’ SS18 sports yacht, enabling its passengers and crew to enjoy premium quality audio as they glide over the waves in supreme luxury. Glider Yachts’ pre-production model is currently in build at Burgess Marine, Trafalgar Wharf, Portchester UK and will be launched at the Monaco Yacht Show this September, where exclusively invited visitors will be able to experience the amazing quality of its JL Audio sound system first hand. “Glider Yachts’ mission is to become the world’s leading supplier of high-performance, luxury superyachts. We are totally committed to providing our clients with superior quality and high-performance audio systems, incorporating innovative technologies designed and manufactured to the highest standard possible for our luxury yachts, by the best in the business,” said Robert McCall, Managing Director, Glider Yachts. The SS18 will incorporate JL Audio’s Premium System as standard, but for music aficionados who really want to party and “rock the boat”, an upgrade to the Ultimate System will provide even greater power and performance. SS18 owners who want the Captain and crew of their sports yacht to enjoy their music simultaneously, a Helm Upgrade will provide the same supreme quality audio for them. “We are thrilled to be working with such an innovative and exciting luxury yacht manufacturer that reflects our standards of high quality in design, manufacture and performance. We have taken the unique cockpit layout of the SS18 and designed a system which provides pilot and crew with maximum enjoyment of their chosen music.  JL Audio’s marine speakers, sub woofers and amplifiers are designed and manufactured specifically for the marine environment and are unaffected by whatever the tough environment of the sea will throw at them.  Locating the speakers in strategic positions on-board  ensures sublime depth and clarity of sound which is the equivalent of quality home hi-fi.” said Paul Baker, CEO at JL Audio UK. The Premium System includes four classic white grill JL Audio 7.7” coaxial speakers as well as two 8” sub woofers.  For those who want to party, the upgrade to the Ultimate System adds another 700 watts of power through 5 channels, while the speakers are increased to 8.8” coaxial speakers supported by two of JL Audio’s highly acclaimed 8” Infinite Baffle sub woofers. “Our clients can work with the Glider Yachts team and our exclusive audio partner, JL Audio to design their own bespoke sound system, so they can enjoy their music however they please,” said Robert McCall. Ends About JL Audio JL Audio is an independent, privately-held U.S. company active in the Home, Mobile, Powersports and Marine Audio markets. It focuses on delivering unique engineering, superior quality and high-performance audio to its customers around the world. Behind all its efforts is a strong belief that great audio has real value, and that its customers can tell the difference. Supporting its engineering efforts is an outstanding group of dedicated production and logistics professionals who make sure that JL Audio's factories around the world maintain its high quality standards. Today, all of its premium subwoofer drivers and all of its marine speakers are built in-house, as are most of its Enclosed Subwoofer Systems and all of its Stealthbox® products. JL Audio UK is the European distributor for JL Audio. More information can be found at   JL Audio digital images: JL Audio UK – Paul Baker - E: Tel: +44(0)1202 664 390 or +44(0)779 306 1017   About Glider Yachts Glider Yachts is a new British luxury yacht manufacturer, headquartered in London with build partners in Southampton, England. The company has a clear mission to become the world’s leading supplier of high performance, luxury sports yachts, and to deliver a more cost-effective and ultimately more comfortable, efficient and sustainable way of navigating the world’s oceans. Please see for more information. To download high resolution images to go with this story please see here: or for additional images of Glider Yachts see here: MEDIA CONTACTS Glider Yachts Europe – E: | Tel: UK on +44 (0)161 923 4994 Middle East – E: | Tel: UAE on +971 (0)4 428 0939 Asia Pacific – E: | Tel: Australia on +61 (0)2 8006 2960 USA/Americas – E: | Tel: USA on +1 786 374 2429   JL Audio European PR: Saltwater Communications – Tel: +44 (0)1202 669244 Global PR - Lucette Nicoll, Nicoll Public Relations – E:  – Tel: USA on +1 781-762-9300 Glider Yachts Partners with Aalco Metals 2015-07-06T10:07:58Z glider-yachts-partners-with-aalco-metals Glider Yachts Limited, a new British luxury yacht manufacturer, has announced today that it has partnered with Aalco Metals to supply all of the major aluminium components for its SD18 sports yacht, which is currently being built by Burgess Marine and is to be publicly launched at Monaco boat show this September. "Glider Yachts’ mission is to become the world’s leading supplier of high-performance, luxury superyachts and to this end we have assembled a team of highly innovative partners and suppliers, who are devoted to excellence and are regarded and accredited as being the best in their particular field," said Robert McCall, Managing Director, Glider Yachts. Aalco supplies metals to the marine industry of the world’s highest marine standards and has provided specialist services to customers in this sector and allied industries, for many years. The metals for the debut Glider Yacht is being supplied from Aalco’s dedicated marine kit fabrication facility in Southampton, UK. "Aalco was selected as our metals supply partner due to the firm’s impressive track record in the marine industry and we are thrilled to be working with such an innovative leader in its field," continued Robert McCall. A particularly important and unique part of the Aalco offer is the company’s expertise in supplying marine ‘kits’, supplied shaped to size and ready for immediate assembly at the point of delivery, essential for this type of marine build. Simon Barron, General Manager, Aalco said: "Aalco is delighted to have been selected as the metals supplier to Glider Yachts, which is a very unique and exciting design that we are proud to be involved with." "Our unique approach means that the boat designer provides drawings that Aalco imports into our sophisticated cutting equipment. This produces precise cut pieces that are individually numbered and ready for welding. Our capability means that we can nest the component parts for the most efficient yield from the plates. Aalco supplies rider bars, bulb bars, keel sections, standard angles, channels and tees - indeed everything needed so that an entire hull, deck and superstructure can be built from a kit all sourced from the same supplier," continued Simon Barron. Aalco supplies ‘kits’ for many leading yacht manufacturers and recent interest from far eastern markets will continue its growth. Ends Notes for editors: There are a selection of accompanying images: Aalco  & Glider Yachts partnership celebration at Glider Yachts’ HQ – from left to right, Clive Bush – Aalco Metals, Southampton, Simon Barron, General Manager, Aalco Metals Southampton & Jeremy Chase, Aalco Metals, Southampton. About Aalco Metals Aalco is one of Europe’s largest independent stockholders, processors and distributors of Aluminium, aluminium extrusion, transition joints (Triplate®), stainless steels and copper alloys. It specialises in the supply of semi-finished metal products including bar, sheet, plate, tube, custom die extrusions and forgings to the marine, oil and gas and high tech industries. Aalco offers a complete processing service including plate and bar sawing, guillotining, waterjet, router and laser profiling. Its inventory covers a wide range of grades/alloys, shapes and sizes – both industry standards and special or bespoke items for particular applications or customer requirements. With offices in 18 locations around the UK including Southampton, Norwich, Hull and Aberdeen, all of which currently service the marine industry, Aalco is able to utilise its extensive distribution network to deliver guaranteed delivery on time and to customer specification. Please see for more information. About Glider Yachts Glider Yachts is a new British luxury yacht manufacturer, headquartered in London with build partners in Southampton, England. The company has a clear mission to become the world’s leading supplier of high performance, luxury sports yachts, and to deliver a more cost-effective and ultimately more comfortable, efficient and sustainable way of navigating the world’s oceans. Please see for more information. To download high resolution images please see here: MEDIA CONTACTS Glider Yachts Europe – E: | UK: +44 (0)161 923 4994 Middle East – E: | Tel: UAE on +971 (0)4 428 0939 Asia Pacific – E: | Tel: Australia on +61 (0)2 8006 2960 USA/Americas – | Tel: USA on +1 (786) 374 2429 Aalco - UK Simon Trott, Shaw & Underwood PR E:  - Tel: +44 (0)121 454 5584 Glider Yachts Celebrates Securing Funding to Commence the Build of its First Luxury Yacht in Britain 2015-04-21T06:05:49Z daring-different-amp-quintessentially-british Glider Yachts Limited, a new British luxury yacht manufacturer, is delighted to announce that it has secured its first major round of funding, enabling the innovative British start-up to commence the build of the first of its fleet of luxury high performance yachts in Britain this week. A consortium of private investors and the Glider Yachts team and Advisory Board are behind this first major round of funding. Being built at a top secret location in Britain, the prototype of the SS18 (Super Sports 18) is being specifically built as a demonstrator of the unique capabilities delivered through the revolutionary technologies and innovations that underpin Glider Yachts’ three ranges. The SS18 will be the most luxurious high performance sports boat in the world.   Its unique hull form, propulsion and proprietary Stability Control System (SCS) actually tune to the sea conditions allowing passengers to “glide” over the waves in unprecedented comfort and style at speeds of up to 70mph.   Glider Yachts is excited to publically debut the British designed and built SD18 at the Monaco Yacht Show in late September, but selected media will be invited to experience the new Glider first hand at an invitation only media launch event in the South of England in the late summer, followed by a media preview event during the Cannes Boat Show in early September, just prior to the Monaco show.   Robert McCall, Chief Designer and Managing Director of Glider Yachts, commented: “We are absolutely thrilled to be starting the build of the first of our exciting Glider Yachts range. The very essence of Glider Yachts is something you’ll feel each time you see one of our yachts and it will sweep over you every time you experience a voyage on one.   “Powerful, exhilarating and precise, yet timelessly elegant and sophisticated, our luxury yachts blend outstanding design, exceptional engineering and unrivalled British craftsmanship to create an absolutely unforgettable experience. Every one of our unique yachts will be the quintessential British combination of power, beauty and soul.”   London headquartered Glider Yachts signed a £100 Million deal with globally renowned marine engineering company, Burgess Marine and newly ordered Gliders will be built by this British company, creating a number of jobs in Britain.   Nick Buckland – OBE, Chairman of Glider Yachts said: “Glider Yachts is set to become the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance, luxury yachts. We are very proud to be able to debut the most revolutionary sports boat seen in decades and the first of our unbelievably unique range at Monaco later this year. We have spent seven years designing and developing the Glider Yachts fleet, so we’re incredibly excited that she is now in production.”   Ends   About Glider Yachts Glider Yachts is a new British luxury yacht manufacturer, headquartered in London with build partners in Southampton, England. The company has a clear mission to become the world’s leading supplier of high performance, luxury sports yachts, and to deliver a more cost-effective and ultimately more comfortable, efficient and sustainable way of navigating the world’s oceans. Please see for more information. Media Contacts Europe – E: | Tel: UK on +44 (0)161 923 4994 USA/Americas – | Tel: USA on +1 (786) 374 2429 Middle East – E: | Tel: UAE on +971 (0)4 428 0939 Asia/AU/NZ – E: | Tel: Australia on +61 (0)2 8006 2960