The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-06-03T06:48:45Z Media release: The Merindas' debut album release date 2020-06-03T06:48:45Z media-release-the-merindas-debut-album-release-date As their third single, ‘I Feel It’ is sparking some radio love around the country, Melbourne-based, trailblazing electro R&B pop duo, The Merindas will release their debut album, ‘We Sing Until Sunrise (Ngaangk Nookertiny Ngala Warangka)’ this Friday, June 5.Comprising eight tracks of pop gems – full of delicious harmonies, youthful electro vibes and meaningful lyrics, the album was initially intended for release in late April, at the end of The Merindas’ first national headline tour, which came to an abrupt halt due to COVID-19.After a well-received at home performance last month as part of Isol-Aid Festival, there is strong desire to hear more from these Indigenous warrior queens, and the wait will soon be over.The Merindas are the collective force of Candice Lorrae of Jawoyn and Thursday Island heritage (born in Darwin) and Ballardong Whadjuk and Nyoongar woman Kristel Kickett (from Tammin, Western Australia), bringing an on-trend style of rhythmic, expressive and beautiful music dedicated to their cultural heritage. They describe their unique sound as “electronic pop with a dancehall feel, alongside hip hop and R&B influences.”With three singles under their belt (We Sing Until Sunrise, I Feel It and Before Daylight), their hotly anticipated debut album We Sing Until Sunrise (“‘Ngaangk Nookertiny Ngala Warangka’- which simply means that we are forever singing, forever dancing and forever celebrating our culture”). Says Candice Lorrae, ‘Our debut album release is more exciting and meaningful than ever! With all delays on the live circuit, it's a time to sit back and appreciate all the hard work and creativity poured into this album. It's been three years in the making, not even a pandemic can kill this vibe.’ Says Kristel Kickett, ‘This album feels like a rewarding gift during this time. Even though our national tour and album release were postponed due to COVID-19, I'm so excited to share and give out some positive vibes to everyone through our music. We’ve waited so long for this moment, so I think it's a perfect time to release, despite what’s going down.’ Collectively, The Merindas emphasise that ‘there is no better time to be releasing music in such an historical year when the world needs it most. For us, this album is electrifying and the production is top notch! When listening to the album you can hear our voices singing out to the spirits and the depth in the music grounding us to the earth. Our sound empowers us and we hope that it does the same to everyone else. The Merindas’ messaging has always been about believing in yourself and never giving up, now is a perfect time to be sending this message.’ ABOUT THE MERINDASThe Merindas began in 2012 when Candice assembled a vocal outfit to cover Motown-era classics at the Perth premiere of the hit film The Sapphires, chronicling an iconic '60s Indigenous Australian girl group. They savoured a standing ovation – and were booked for another (sold-out) show. The Motown Girls became The Merindas, meaning ‘beautiful woman’ in the Eora language (spoken in New South Wales). Candice formed the final incarnation of The Merindas with her soul sister Kristel, the pair meeting at Western Australia's renowned Abmusic College.The Merindas' Motown phase would be transitory. Perhaps inevitably, Candice and Kristel gravitated back to their high school love of pop, R&B and hip-hop, adorning themselves as glamourous slaying queens and immersing themselves in music from the likes of Spice Girls, Salt ‘N Pepa and TLC. Both singer/songwriters, The Merindas were determined to shape an original R&B/pop. They'd embrace modish electronic and club genres, too: future bass, dancehall and Afrobeat. As such, The Merindas developed a unique sonic aesthetic with soulful harmonies, energetic rhythms and something intangible. For their live shows, The Merindas are regally DIY – assuming full creative control of their music, costumes, styling and visuals. At the heart of The Merindas is their complex cultural identity as First Nations women. Kristel is a proud Ballardong Whadjuk and Nyoongar woman from Tammin in WA. Meanwhile, Candice, born in the Northern Territory, has Jawoyn and Thursday Islander (or Torres Strait Islander) heritage. She moved to Perth in childhood, being raised on Nyoongar country. The Merindas were inspired to sing in the Nyoongar language, telling traditional stories through music, following WA folk legend Gina Williams. The duo have already achieved much. They received an early Deadly Award nomination as 'Most Promising New Talent' on the basis of their live charisma alone. Then, in 2015, The Merindas won 'Indigenous WAM Song Of The Year' for their cult fave 'Ready To Love'. The next year, The Merindas officially launched with the stirring single 'We Sing Until Sunrise' – which they performed in Singapore at The Aussie BBQ as part of Music Matters Live, SLUMBERJACK headlining. The Merindas even featured on Downsyde's hip-hop opus ClassicILL. They showcased at 2018's BIGSOUND. And have been billed alongside everyone from Brandy to Jessica Mauboy to Mojo Juju to Craig David. The Merindas eventually relocated to Melbourne, the city offering new associations, opportunities and perspectives. Here, Candice and Kristel were soon exposed to fresh influences, prompting them to rework album material they'd cut back in their Perth home studio. Crucially, The Merindas were introduced to an exciting collaborator in New Zealand producer Frank Eliesa, keyboardist in the band Yoko-Zuna, at APRA AMCOS' inaugural First Nations SongHubs (curated by Briggs) and who impressed them with his ability to shape and blend their voices into perfect harmonies. In late 2019, They aired their second banger, 'Before Daylight', narrating a Nyoongar Dreaming story about the thwarted love between a man and a woman who transform into entwined trees – and accompanied by their first video.The Merindas hope to get back into touring as soon as possible, so that not only may they continue to share their music and grow their audiences, but they wish to continue to run workshops in Indigenous communities for girls, their creative leadership program encompassing fashion, modelling and dance. The Merindas are also members of Jimblah's First Sounds collective, advocating for greater Indigenous Australian representation in the music industry.CONNECT WITH THE MERINDAS ONLINE:Official website: www.themerindas.comFacebook: MEDIA CONTACT:Erin Jameson – erin(at)jamesonandco(dot)com / 0419 323 663 WE SING UNTIL SUNRISE ALBUM SONG MEANINGS We Sing Until Sunrise This track strongly reflects that we are forever singing, dancing and celebrating our culture. I Feel It I Feel It talks about the good spirit of the land and about allowing yourselves to feel joy. We feel this spirit when we connect ourselves with the earth, this spirit stirs inside all of us if we let it be free. Noongar words, ​Kwabba Wirran Boodjah waa​, translates to 'Good Spirit of the Land'. Splinter This song is about breaking free from a stand still position where we have constantly been fighting with ourselves about standards. This is about building the courage to lift our roots and discover the world and our potential. The visual being, a lone tree in the middle of the desert that has been standing for such a long time, unrecognised. The purpose of the song is to remind us that it is 'just the beginning to something big' - no matter how far you are in life there is always room to grow and discover new things about yourself. It’s a song about moving forward. Drumfire Drumfire is a reminder for people to stand up for what they believe in. We all have a fire burning inside when we feel empowered by each other. Our most powerful leaders carried unbelievable courage and never gave up the fight against injustices. This song is a tribute to our ancestors, elders and First Nations people that bring communities together and continue the fight for land rights, justice and continue practices of our rich culture. Noongar words Ngang Karla Noonook Karla ​translates to ‘my fire your fire’. Wait For Me This is more of a fun track for us. When you see someone in a club you’re attracted to and you keep an eye on them all night and not having the courage to make a move before it’s too late and they have already left the room … then you spend the rest of the evening looking for them. Make a move quickly. Don’t wait for love. Before Daylight It's about a man and woman who were forbidden to be together. The Lyrics 'Before Daylight, give me one last kiss goodbye' describes the couple’s last moments embraced in each other’s arms. Their love was so strong it grew in harmony with the land through two trees. These trees grew side by side with their branches touching, symbolising their last kiss. Do You See Me This is about our stolen generations reconnecting with family. It’s about that significant moment when two people re-connect and they recognise similar features. Same eyes, same hands, same smile. It’s also open to being about strong connections people have with one another. Young Love Was To Blame Being young in a toxic relationship that leads to abuse and early pregnancy. Being so young, you’re blind to this and it’s basically about looking back to say ‘Young Love Was To Blame’. We talk about looking after our young people. Album credits (We Sing Until Sunrise - The Merindas)We Sing Until Sunrise Written by and Vocals by: Candice Lorrae and Kristel Kickett Chorus into Noongar Translated by: Kylie Bracknell Produced by: DazastahVocals Recorded by: Candice Lorrae Bass Guitar: Roy MartinezMixed by: Rob Agostini (Soundbaker Studios) Re-mastered by: David Walker (Stepford Audio Mastering) I Feel It Written by and Vocals by: Candice Lorrae and Kristel Kickett Chorus into Noongar Translated by: Denice Kickett Co-Produced by: Candice Lorrae and Jake SteeleMusic and Vocals Produced by: Frank Keys Vocals Recorded by: Fraser Montgomery (Aviary Studios) Bass Guitar: Roy MartinezMixed by: Tony Espie (TuffTonesMusic)Mastered by: David Walker (Stepford Audio Mastering) Splinter Written by and Vocals by: Candice Lorrae and Kristel Kickett Music and Vocals Produced by: Frank KeysVocals Recorded by: Fraser Montgomery (Aviary Studios) Mixed by: Tony Espie (TuffTonesMusic)Mastered by: David Walker (Stepford Audio Mastering) Drumfire Written by and Vocals by: Candice Lorrae and Kristel Kickett Co- Produced by: DazastahMusic and Vocals Produced by: Frank KeysVocals Recorded by: Aldie Nusa PutraMixed by: Tony Espie (TuffTonesMusic)Mastered by: David Walker (Stepford Audio Mastering) Wait For Me Written by and Vocals by: Candice Lorrae and Kristel Kickett Music and Vocals Produced by: Frank KeysVocals Recorded by: Fraser Montgomery (Aviary Studios) Mixed by: Tony Espie (TuffTonesMusic)Mastered by: David Walker (Stepford Audio Mastering) Before Daylight Written by and Vocals by: Candice Lorrae and Kristel Kickett Music and Vocals Produced by: Frank KeysVocals Recorded by: Fraser Montgomery (Aviary Studios) Mixed by: Tony Espie (TuffTonesMusic)Mastered by: David Walker (Stepford Audio Mastering) Do You See Me Written by and Vocals by: Candice Lorrae and Kristel Kickett Co- Produced by: DazastahMusic and Vocals Produced by: Frank KeysVocals Recorded by: Fraser Montgomery (Aviary Studios) Mixed by: Tony Espie (TuffTonesMusic)Mastered by: David Walker (Stepford Audio Mastering) Young Love Was To Blame Written by and Vocals by: Candice Lorrae and Kristel Kickett Music and Vocals Produced by: Frank KeysVocals Recorded by: Fraser Montgomery (Aviary Studios) Mixed by: Tony Espie (TuffTonesMusic)Mastered by: David Walker (Stepford Audio Mastering) LUXE LOVE Collection by WRAPDRIVE 2020-06-03T06:34:02Z luxe-love-collection-by-wrapdrive-1 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 3rd June 2020 Melbourne, Australia: We are currently living through a period of time that is unlike any other. Since the onset of COVID-19 many fashion houses have cancelled orders, reduced production, laid off staff, and sadly; many have closed. The lockdown means that more people are spending more time at home and obviously wearing casual clothing, but the virus also means that people are more focused on their health, and the demand for active wear continues to rise. As trends shift toward comfort driven styles, Luxe Love active wear is more popular than ever – even for non-athletes gravitating to athletic wear which is naturally more comfortable than suits, buttoned shirts, and even jeans. WRAPDRIVE’s Luxe Love founders have combine a common interest of health and wellbeing to bring their customers a fusion of durable fitness clothing for all body shapes. From the drawing board to your wardrobe, Luxe Love sources the finest active wear fabrics and manufactures from scratch; in order to make your workout session comfortable, reduce perspiration, and enable to you move effortlessly, whatever your level of fitness. Founded in 2019, their range has rapidly expanded to include performance wear which is tailored to suit all categories of fitness and healthy living. Luxe Love creates functional, stylish, high performance leisurewear that inspires women of all shapes and sizes to move with confidence and comfort. Their feminine designs focus on flattering cuts and superior support so you can enjoy wearing Luxe Love creations during and after workout sessions. Taking you from the gym to the school drop off, the grocery store, or coffee with a friend, and why not the office? The Aussie lifestyle is amazing… beaches, parks, mountains… and naturally we want to get out there and enjoy them. With this vision in mind, Luxe Love has created the perfect blend of premium active wear and ultra-comfort. At last, affordable, high-end Australian made active wear is now available in all shapes and sizes. About WRAPDRIVE ( Our vision is to create versatile performance apparel, with great attention to detail and eye for good quality, that helps one to reach their peak in the gym, on the running track, or any endeavour life throws. Being driven by fitness, we are, or now it is safe to say we were, working professionals having over a decade of experience in Accounting, public relations, retail. We spend a lot of time in the gym, out running, and climbing mountains during vacations. Stepping into this world of fitness, we are excited and motivated to help each one of us to be the best version of ourselves. We are wrapped with dedication towards creating a culture of fitness with style. So, to all those who are looking for an answer or excuse to be in the gym or outdoor running, lifting, climbing we are here for you and wants to be the part which will propel you into the world of fitness and new milestones. For any media enquiries please contact WRAPDRIVE: Vipin KC Head of Communications, WRAPDRIVE 0410 089 363 The Future of Meetings & Events - Accelerating your comeback after COVID 2020-06-03T05:26:54Z the-future-of-meetings-amp-events-accelerating-your-comeback-after-covid As the hospitality industry prepares for the post-COVID comeback, iVvy is staging a live webinar with leading industry panelists offering venue operators strategies, tactics and forecasts for recovery. To be held 10am GMT+1 and 7pm AEST Thursday 11 June, the event is free for industry professionals. Hospitality consultant Heather Hart, Twickenham Experience Ltd Managing Director Nils Braude, Mathew Jayne of Unique Venues of Manchester and Jonathan Lui, Director of Revenue Strategy and Marketing Operations of glh Hotels join iVvy’s Rachael Grimsey in an exclusive digital event to chart the ‘new normal’ as venues across the UK and Europe re-open. “Gain first-hand advice from hospitality leaders on best practices to accelerate your venue’s recovery,” says Grimsey, iVvy’s Senior Vice President - Global Sales & Partnerships.  From technology and automation to revenue management and profitability amid reduced capacity, The Future of Meetings & Events promises actionable insights to get ahead of the curve. “The appetite for meetings and events has altered,” says Lauren Hall, CEO and Founder of iVvy. “Organisers and attendees will undoubtedly be cautious about attending events again. Health and safety is a prime concern, and the onus is squarely on venues to ensure best practice in hygiene, social distancing, catering and communications to bolster consumer confidence in booking and attending future events. “In addition to social distancing, we’ll also see more automation as the meetings industry searches for cost savings to compensate for potential profit impacts, with reduced capacities and increased delivery costs,” Hall says. “For many venues, the operational requirements of upholding government regulations coupled with their reduced workforce resulting from significant budget cuts may make hosting events seem impossible. We’ve partnered industry leaders to offer guidance for venue operators on post-COVID compliance, maximising revenue even with diminished demand, and identifying where the opportunity lies ahead.” The FREE webinar will cover key issues for operators including: Key strategies for success as venues prepare to re-open in the coming weeks Tactics to maximise efficiency and revenue, even with a diminished workforce Technology and automation to achieve more with less Opportunities for venues - big and small The ‘new normal’ - forecasts for the future of meetings and events This exclusive event is tailored for venue operators and strictly limited to 100 attendees. Register at ENDS FOR INTERVIEW REQUESTS AND FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT COURTNEY ROBINSON, CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER ON 0423 936 943 ABOUT IVVY iVvy’s sales & catering solution is revolutionising the meetings and events industry by powering real-time transactions between event organisers, hotels, restaurants and suppliers. Through the iVvy technology, venues are able to yield their meetings and events offering by showcasing live inventory data for function space, group accommodation and F&B, ultimately maximising revenue. With more than 12,000 users in 13 countries, iVvy’s mission is to bring together a highly fragmented industry by generating real-time connectivity.  OUR PANELISTS Heather Hart builds on her 35 years of experience across the hospitality segment to bridge the divide between rooms revenue and other hotel sales and marketing functions, helping companies improve the yield from their Meetings & Event space through higher conversion and better space utilisation. Heather previously operated a successful revenue management consultancy, RevExcel for 8 years, and has held senior management positions at hotel chains/groups across the U.K. Europe and USA.   As the founder and creator of Smart Space, a cloud-based tool that provides comprehensive demand profiles, performance measurement and selling strategy models,  Heather was responsible for helping hotels and conference venues see the power behind a dynamic pricing strategy for meetings and events. The application of these, in Smart Space, helps enhance strategic decisions and increases revenue growth.  Smart Space was acquired in 2017 by IDeaS, and having continued to work for the company for the following 2 years Heather is once again providing specialist support to Hotels and Event Venues on all aspects of improving commercial performance.   Nils Braude, is the Managing Director of Twickenham Experience, the conferencing and hospitality business set within Twickenham Stadium, the Home of England Rugby and one of the most iconic and historic stadiums on the planet. Nils joined Twickenham in 2019, after running some of the biggest and most successful stadiums in the country and retail operations within some of the UK ‘s key airports. Sport has always been his passion though, and his career has seen him work across stadia, including Reading Football Club, Liberty Stadium, Leicester City Football Club, Cardiff CIty Stadium, The Rose Bowl Cricket Club, and the Millenium Stadium. As well as a passionate advocate for the UK hospitality industry, Nils is also an innovative leader and a highly strategic operations manager, leading Twickenham to increase its hospitality business both on match day and non-match day and launching the stadium’s impressive East Stand in 2018. Mathew Jayne, Founder and Managing Director for Unique Venues of Manchester, a web based marketing company and consultancy, dedicated to promoting alternative, unusual and unique venues in Manchester. With over twenty-five years working in the hospitality sector, Mathew has a wealth of knowledge and experience in sales, marketing, operations and finance within the sector. Throughout his career, he’s been involved in the management of hotels, conference centres, property and serviced offices, university commercial facilities and unique venues. In 2015, Mathew set up Unique Venues of Manchester with a clear vision to offer venues a digital platform, an inclusive community and networking events to help connect with event agents, planners and organisers from across the UK. Mathew has since expanded the brand to Leeds and Liverpool, as well as further roll-out planned for later this year. Jonathan Lui, Director of Revenue Strategy & Marketing Operations, glh Hotels. Prior to joining glh Hotels, Jonathan worked with Accor Hotels for over 10 years overseeing Sales & Distribution in Greater China, then Pricing & Revenue Management across the UK  and Ireland, and most recently leading the integration of Fairmont & Swissotel hotel in Singapore into Accor following the acquisition of FRHI. With a background starting in hotel operations, then moving through into commercial strategy, Jonathon has an holistic approach to revenue strategy, championing customer centricity across the entire customer journey. Event enquiries on the rise as hotels prepare for the COVID comeback 2020-06-02T02:15:53Z event-enquiries-on-the-rise-as-hotels-prepare-for-the-covid-comeback As Australian hotels and restaurants embrace Stage 2 of the Australian Government’s COVID recovery roadmap, event enquiries are on the rise. Lauren Hall, Founder and CEO of iVvy, says event enquiries on the iVvy Marketplace have increased 200% over the past fortnight, as relaxed social distancing restrictions were announced. “The coronavirus put the brakes on the meetings and events industry globally,” says Hall, “and we experienced this first-hand in reduced enquiries through our Marketplace.  “However, meeting and event enquiries are up 200%, and we’re continuing to attract interest from both event planners and venues keen to accelerate their MICE business as market conditions continue to improve. To help our clients take advantage of this increased demand, we are waiving our fee on all Marketplace bookings until August 31,” she says. “Event cancellations and postponements hit hotels and restaurants hard, and the road to recovery from COVID-19 will be slow-going. While restrictions have eased this week, many venues have opted out of reopening just yet as the reduced capacity makes it impractical from a profitability and logistics perspective.” But for those venues continuing to trade through the crisis, opportunity exists, says Hall.  “Although weddings, conferences and group accommodation were some of the hardest sectors hit, the upside is that events that were set to be held internationally may now seek domestic venues as conditions improve. We’ll see greater demand for local venues and vendors as public gathering restrictions continue to lift, as consumers remain cautious about future overseas travel.” To assist hotels and restaurants accelerate their post-COVID comeback, iVvy is waiving its commission and offering free resources for clients, says Hall. “Our Marketplace is a direct traffic source for our clients, generating leads and bookings, and our world-first cloud based software enables venues and event planners to manage the entire event, from enquiry to catering and group accommodation to post-event reporting.   “We are already seeing event enquiries increase, and we’re helping our clients to prepare for recovery by waiving our commission on any Marketplace bookings. It’s a small gesture to show our solidarity with our industry - we stand by our clients and help support them through these challenging times.” Hall said other measures iVvy has taken to assist clients include free webinars, increased online training resources, video onboarding, and tailored service to help clients best leverage the iVvy software during downtimes to prepare for increased bookings when the market improves. “Venues are dealing not only with reduced bookings, revenue and profitability, but the reality of trying to ramp-up trade with reduced staff,” says Hall. “iVvy’s software streamlines much of the event management process, so venues can qualify, quote and convert leads in minutes. We’re helping our clients capture and manage event enquiries, as our industry navigates the road to recovery.” *Terms and conditions apply. Commission-free event bookings valid for iVvy Venues customers. ENDS FOR INTERVIEW REQUESTS AND FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT COURTNEY ROBINSON, CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER ON 0423 936 943 About iVvy iVvy’s cloud-based platform is a world first booking engine for the Meetings & Events industry, providing venue owners, conference centres, hotels, restaurants and cruise lines with an integrated revenue management and distribution system; whereby meeting and event planners can search, compare, book and pay for function space and group accommodation in real-time. With its groundbreaking technology,  iVvy enables venue operators to yield their event spaces by sharing live inventory data to maximise profitability. iVvy has worked with over 1000 clients on 5 continents, including Telstra, Rio Tinto, Fairfax Media, Woolworths, The Queensland Government and Accor. The company has also rolled out centralised booking systems for leading hospitality groups including TFE Hotels, Wyndham and Mantra Group. With a firm foothold in the US, UK and Australasian markets, iVvy’s mission is to disrupt the global Meetings & Events industry by bringing together a highly fragmented market, and providing innovative solutions that generate real-time connectivity between the buyer and supplier. Research Identifies a Concerning Rise in Anti-Asian Racism in Australia since the Coronavirus Pandemic 2020-06-01T23:37:05Z research-identifies-a-concerning-rise-in-anti-asian-racism-in-australia-since-the-coronavirus-pandemic-1 Since January 2020, there has been an increase in incidents of anti-Chinese and Asian racism as the COVID-19 pandemic has taken hold in Australia. Some of these incidents have been reported to the police or featured on Australian news, but a large proportion are going unreported. Online data provider, SEMrush conducted research to look into this concerning trend and how Australians are reacting, and identified where victims are going for the support they need online and what the reaction is on social media.   Reporting Anti-Asian Racism Due to anti-Asian racial incidents going unreported, Erin Chew, an activist and writer for set up a reporting mechanism via SurveyMonkey for Asian Australians to report racism towards them since COVID-19 started. SEMrush identified that there have been over 15,300 visits to this research site in April alone. Erin is involved with the advocacy network the to stamp out anti-Asian racism.   "We launched the survey on April 2nd of this year, and we are at around 380 reports of COVID-19 related racism in Australia. Some of the key results include: 65% of respondents identified themselves as female, 40% of incidents occurred on a public street or pavement, and 60% of the incidents were in the form of racial slurs or name-calling. We encourage all Asians/Asian Australians to record their experience on our incident report because reporting is one of the ways that we can bring more awareness to this issue," said reporter at Being Asian Australian, Ms Chew.   Google Searches Relating to Asian Racism SEMrush analysed the Google searches relating to anti-Asian racism from February to April 2020 and found that there had been significant increases in people looking online for answers regarding racism towards people of Asian appearance.    Keyword searches Feb to Mar growth Mar to April growth Chinese racism 60% 81% racism against Chinese 50% 0% racism against Asians 191% -19% hate crime Australia 27% 50% what is a hate crime 91% -33% racism towards Asians 240% -18% racism towards Chinese 22% 27% Asian hate crime 800% 56% anti-Chinese racism 0% 120% report racism 40% 29% Asian abused 75% 0% Australia racism Asian 800% -22% Abuse of Chinese 250% 0% Chinese racism in Australia 0% 133% racism against Chinese in Australia -33% 100% Chinese hate crime NA 250% Racism Chinese Australia -67% 300% Asian teen abused 100% -50% racism against Asians in Australia 100% 100% how to report racism 100% 50% report racism NSW 100% 0%    Comparing the States It seems the anti-Asian racism situation may be worse in both New South Wales and Victoria, which saw higher Google search volumes than other states and territories.   1.    In Victoria, Chinese racism saw a rise in Google searches by 600% from February to March. 2.    In Victoria, Asian hate crime Google searches rose by 200% from February to March. 3.    In New South Wales, anti-Chinese racism saw a rise in Google searches of 600% from March to April. 4.    In Queensland, Chinese racism saw a rise in searches of 129% from March to April. 5.    In South Australia, Chinese racism saw a rise in searches of 200% from March to April.   Examples of racism On just the second day of lockdown in Australia, Peter Vo and his elderly mother went to Coles in Broadmeadow, Victoria to buy essential supplies, but they were bullied and forced to leave because of their Asian heritage. Despite being of Philippino origin, they were still targeted and were told not to come back. Now they are living in fear.   “It doesn’t matter about your skin colour or how you look - at the end of the day humans should all be treated with equality,” said Mr Vo.   Peter relies on the National Disability Scheme and is disgusted with the levels of racism in Australia - a place he calls home. He left the Philippines when he was just six years of age for a better education but feels it has gone backwards. Peter said his only way to report the incident was by turning to the internet.   Chief Strategy Officer at SEMrush, Eugene Levin says the data insights highlight how people’s first point of action is to turn to Google online searches.   “The recent rise in anti-Chinese sentiment is driving a marked escalation in racial abuse against Asian Australians, but rather than report incidents to the police many are searching online for support and posting their experiences to social media,” said Mr Levin.   COVID Anti-Asian Racism Tone on Twitter Many victims of COVID anti-Asian racism haven’t reported these incidents to the police, but have used their experiences to speak out by posting about their experiences on social media. SEMrush looked at the Twitter sentiment from 19 Apr 2020 to 19 May 2020.   1.    Negative = 97.22% 2.    Positive = 2.78% 3.    Neutral = 0.00%   Methodology: SEMrush analysed Google Search trends and Twitter sentiment from February to April 2020. About SEMrush: SEMrush is a trusted data provider whose data on search volume, correlations, web traffic and digital trends is used by the biggest media outlets around the world. Comprised of over 30 tools and collecting search data for 140 countries, SEMrush provides statistics that can enhance any data-driven piece with more up-to-date information and accurate data. Media clients recognise SEMrush for excellence in execution, global outreach and a thorough understanding of their needs. Our analytics and research capabilities are crucial when it comes to the ability to react to hot topics. Our ability to transform the data into valuable insights enables us to work with media outlets on a continuing basis. Mirage Haven Debuts Luxury Collection of Designer Cushions 2020-06-01T04:31:49Z mirage-haven-debuts-luxury-collection-of-designer-cushions GOLD COAST | Breathing new life into the Australian aesthetic in coastal interiors, Mirage Haven launches its very first series of beautifully designed and crafted luxe cushions.  Plush velluto, crisp cotton, and silver-woven jute make for fresh combinations. Block patterns in soothing naturals, bold indigo, and neutral whites create arresting visuals but calm the overall mood. The collection’s easy-to-mix- and-layer-on patterns and colours augment the series’ sensible balance of classic style, high-end quality, and reasonable pricing, all emblematic of Mirage Haven’s approach to practical luxury. The debut line is an inspired result of valuable experience in the creative process by designer Junie Lin, Mirage Haven’s Founder and Creative Director. She notes, “Cushion styling should be effortless and mood-invoking. I created this collection in quintessential classic style in pairing with Australia's iconic, casual approach to home décor. Designing this line is a fresh representation of my personal style. I want my creations not only to be accessible but to also present beautifully in any home."   The joy of living in beautiful homes suffused with its own individualistic style is a need Junie Lin wishes to share.  She takes pride in designs that stand the test of trends and reflect sterling quality by prime craftsmanship. The debut collection echoes this artistic ethos and so merits consideration as sound investment in soft furnishings.  The Mirage Haven brand marks the second introduction to Junie's home furnishings brand and the first in the wholesale retail category. It is all about premium home accessories designed to blend harmoniously with most spatial arrangements and home environments. Of the debut collection, Junie says, “We’ve infused classic patterns and styles throughout the collection, merging urban and coastal looks to create a covetable collection that works across all design influences." This coming-out collection launches with five distinct patterns, each in different colourways, all designed to mix or make a statement on their own: AGERY –Richly textured plain velutto cohesively pulls your range of prints and patterns together toward a lovely, cohesive style. BADEN – Clean lines and stunning two-tone blocking contrasts packs a contemporary punch. CALDER –Slubbed cotton, smooth velvet, and natural linen mix to achieve a laid-back modern appeal. DARLEY – Embossed stitched patterns on plush velvet provides dimension and visual texture to cushion arrangements. EASTWOOD – Geometric lines and silver-threaded natural fabric combine to imbue a handsome take on the modern-casual look. FLYNN – Plus velvets and natural khaki in soft velvets and crisp linens provide a gorgeous visual and tactile mix. Take a look at the 60-piece debut collection at Mirage Haven’s website. New colours and designs are on the drawing board.  To learn more about the collection, visit Mirage Haven's website at  Join the conversation on social media with @miragehaven.  Browse the lookbook at: ABOUT MIRAGE HAVEN Mirage Haven is a premier specialty retailer and wholesaler of soft furnishings. Stellar fabrics, versatile designs, and exceptional sewing techniques provide function and comfort with a profound sense of grace and glamour. Mirage Haven’s mix-and-match collection transcends trends and styles beautifully. Bold and nuanced colour stories, hushed or vibrant patterns, and traditional compositions marry superlatively well across collections to allow arrangements to speak of new concepts. Their time-honored vision: to create classic, upscale and memorable soft furnishings of exceptional value. ABOUT JUNIE LIN Junie, founder and creative director Mirage Haven, is owner of a popular online shopping destination, Hamptons Home on the Gold Coast, Australia. Her long experience of owning one of Australia’s premiere online retail stores has given her a unique perspective on the type of home furnishings people actually want in their homes. Bringing the same aesthetic to her product designs for Mirage Haven, Junie’s line of cushions epitomizes crisp, pared down, and sophisticated edges integrated with timeless design elements such as quatrefoils, clean lines, and circular motifs. Junie was nominated as one of the finalists for the 2019 Ausmumprenuer Awards in the retail category. CONTACT  Junie Lin Email: How to identify best online apps for furniture and household items 2020-05-30T19:31:14Z how-to-identify-best-online-apps-for-furniture-and-household-items Technological advancements across the world today have changed how everything is done. Unlike previously where people had to go queue or visit showrooms to get furniture and other household items that best suits their needs, today, people can access all these by just a click of a button, thanks to online apps. These apps have made things easy for shoppers, as they bring convenience and saves time, apart from making the whole experience cheap. But how do you know if the online app is best for you needs? We look at some of the things that can help you identify the best online apps for furniture and household items. Cost of what you want to buy Each of the online apps that allow people to sell furniture and other household items has their own prices, and in most cases, the prices differ from one app to another. This means that before selecting the one to buy from, you have to shop around to find one that offers value for money. This can be regarding how much the items are sold on the particular platform you want to buy from.  You can find real cheap products on sites such as the, and yet these products are of good quality. Quality of the products Don’t let the low prices displayed on some of the apps dupe you. You should never sacrifice the quality of your furniture or any other household items simply because it is quite cheap. Before you settle on any online shopping app, you need to be sure that the products sold on it are of high quality, and that they can serve you in the way you really want. Note that online apps can help you save money, but if chosen wrongly, you might end up losing much more regarding quality. Features of the app Whether you intend to buy bedsheets and pillows for your bed or kitchenware, you need to get an app that makes it easy for you to place the order. The app should also make it easy for the buyer to navigate through the various items, reading the product descriptions of each one of them. There are times when individuals buy items using some of the apps, only to be disappointed later. Does the app have annoying ads? Perhaps this is another critical consideration when selecting an online app to buy your stuff. Many app developers have the intention to make money. And to make their dreams a reality, they tend to stuff the app with ads, where advertisers pay the developer to reach a large audience. But as a buyer, how will you benefit from the ads if they are not customized to suit your needs? Some of the ads are so inappropriate that one would rather avoid the app altogether. Choose a mobile app for your online shopping that is both simple to use as well as cheap to maintain. Apps can take a lot of memory space on your smartphone, and this can slow down the operation speed of the phone. For this reason, it is always prudent to be keen on the type of app you want to install on your phone.   Melbourne buyers advocate, Buyer Marketing, sees a surge in listings as public auction ban is lifted 2020-05-29T03:58:18Z melbourne-buyers-advocate-buyer-marketing-sees-a-surge-in-listings-as-public-auction-ban-is-lifted Friday, May, 29; 2020, Melbourne - Buyer Marketing, Melbourne's most experienced buyer advocates, are thrilled to report a surge in listings as a result of the recent lift on restrictions to public auctions.   As of Wednesday, the 13th of May 2020, public auction bans were lifted in Melbourne, following a seven-week freeze that was enforced by the state to reduce public contact and minimise the spread of COVID-19.   Following a drop in cases, real estate activities have been able to recommence seeing public auctions now open once more and positive signs suggesting that citizens are ready to go back to normal and proceed with real estate purchase plans that had been halted as a result of the restrictions.   While the public auction ban has been lifted, there are still restrictions in place that property buyers must be aware of. Most impactful of the restrictions is the attendee limit. At all public auctions, for the time being, only ten potential buyers are allowed to attend. Then, in addition, agents and vendors can be present.    Open For Inspections have also recommenced in Melbourne with the same ten-person limit of potential buyers allowed on-site at one time.   Melbourne buyers advocates can help property buyers by acting on their behalf in cases where attendee limits may be reached.   Following the ban lift on the 13th of May, there was an immediate surge in vendor activity, with roughly 1500 properties listed on immediately after the announcement in Victoria.   Reviewing results of public auctions reported by the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV), buyer advocates, Buyer Marketing, found that the first three weekends in May saw more than 287 auctions.   Of those auctions, 106 properties were sold, 51 of those were passed in, 17 were sold on a vendor bid, and 82 properties were sold before the auction took place.   Considering the first two weekends were still under the public auction ban, there is a strong indicator that these numbers should surge high come June.   In more great news, buyers advocate, Buyer Marketing, has seen competition stay strong throughout Melbourne. Good properties remain in high demand, with great buyer competition. Meaning, this pandemic should see very little impact to home values.   About Buyer Marketing Buyer Marketing is Melbourne's most experienced buyer advocates, working with property buyers, offering buyer advocate services that assist property buyers in finding, negotiating and securing the right property at the right price.   The property sector is ever-moving and ever-evolving. Understanding the ebbs and flows of this market requires a continual finger on the pulse, a learned ability to spot great deals, understand the challenges of the market and know what concessions to ask for.   Most property buyers simply want to buy a new home or an investment property, and they don't have the time to become experts on the property market. For that reason, buyer advocates are critical in getting the best information, advice and support, filling the gaps in knowledge so that property buyers waste no time, energy and money.   For buyer advocates in Melbourne, property buyers need Buyer Marketing. The Greenwall Company introduce new greening options 2020-05-28T01:12:31Z the-greenwall-company-introduce-new-greening-options The Greenwall Company have been reclaiming the built environment by clothing building facades and indoor spaces for over 30 years. Their signature and patented soilless modular installations can be seen across Australia, with locations including the award-winning Origin Energy head office in Melbourne and the famous Qantas First Class Lounge at Sydney’s International Airport. Following testing and successful installation, The Greenwall Company is releasing their new checkerboard walls, cacti/tree planters and bespoke pot-free outdoor planters. Mark Paul, Horticulturist and founder of The Greenwall Company says, “We’re excited to officially launch the new design options as I feel they will provide real solutions for those looking to green their homes or commercial space. These new designs are really for people or businesses who don’t have the standard blank concrete wall to work with, are looking for something standout or simply have an awkward space or lack of it. “All of our installations, big or small, are planted with our patented soilless media which is made from 94% recycled expanded plastics that would otherwise be destined for Australian landfill. The formulation is so much lighter than soil, even when wet, greatly reducing the structural load and need to reinforce the surface they are being applied to is removed, making life easier, cheaper and environmentally friendly for the client,” said Mark. The Greenwall Company now offer the following designs for residential or commercial installation. All designs are bespoke and created by The Greenwall Company team: Standard Greenwalls: A soil-less vertical garden grown on the surface of a built structure designed to replicate the growing conditions found in nature. Pre-planted modular panels are installed to create a living skin with unlimited design opportunities. Standard size is 2m x 1m, however they can also be custom built to any size. Pseudo Greenwalls: The pseudo greenwall system works on the basic principles of a true greenwall, but with cost advantages. Pockets of inorganic media are used to grow individual plants, as opposed to full panels that support a mass of individual plants. In time, these pockets grow to form a full canopy across the space they are on. Checkerboard Greenwalls: A pattern of greenwall panels arranged in a checkerboard layout, nominal panel size is 620mm x 600mm. This greenwall panel can halve the amount of greenwall surface area. Thus, the cost is also proportionately reduced. This style of greenwall is a creative/colourful adaption of a greenwall. Blade Greenwalls: This is a small slice of greenwall nominally, 200mm x 200mm x 2000mm. This size of greenwall is malleable enough to incorporate green strips within the facade of an existing building. A blade instantly greens a small area adding colour and life to the smallest of spaces EcoPillow Planters: Pre-planted lightweight gabions in bespoke sizes and shapes depending on the area available. Sizes range from the “Coffin” which is 2m x 0.5m x 0.5m, or a cube which is 1m x 0.5m x 0.5m or 1m x 1m x 1m. Perfect for use on balconies, outdoor entertaining spaces and can be easily moved if needed, as they are significantly lighter than a pot full of soil. Greenroofs: Modular in design, the EcoPillow is a pre-grown living roof that offers all the proven benefits of a greenroof while radically reducing risk and cost of the roofing structure. As a pre-grown and fully encased product, the EcoPillow is lightweight, has built-in irritation which reduces the risks from extreme weather conditions, wind scour or rain erosion. These can be planted across the full area, or only planted initially with 50% coverage, again reducing costs but allowing growth to cover the entire space. All of The Greenwall Company’s greening options provide benefits beyond their aesthetic appeal, including reducing the urban heat island effect, improving air quality and general wellbeing of those around them. In Australia, there are over 6,000 species that can be colonised on both rocks (lithophytes) and on trees (epiphytes). TRAVEL INFLUENCER REWRITES INSTAGRAM CAPTIONS WITH THE TRUTH 2020-05-26T09:01:18Z travel-influencer-rewrites-instagram-captions-with-the-truth SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — May, 2020 — After nearly a decade of inspiring intrepid souls across the globe, World of Wanderlust — founded in 2012 by Australian travel influencer and self-proclaimed "gypsy," Brooke Saward — has embarked on a unique trip down memory lane. For years, Saward's otherworldly photographs have reflected a charmed life; now, the 28-year- old globetrotter is sharing what really happened behind the mesmerizing pictures, eager to share with her audience of 584k followers that Instagram is not a reflection of real life. The response? Tens of thousands of likes and comments per post."The experience of traveling encompasses so much more than just visiting new places. It's an opportunity for connection; for storytelling — with the people you meet along the way, and the people who are following along online," says Saward.The World of Wanderlust Instagram page currently showcases over 1,100 dazzling photos of some of the most beautiful, foreign, exotic, and ethereal places on Earth — from the cultural gem of Kyoto to the idyllic canals of Amsterdam, and beyond. To date, Saward has traveled to over 80 countries and has explored hundreds of breathtaking destinations, all while sharing her expert solo travel tips on her blog.Saward's latest project — unearthing her innermost thoughts, feelings, and impressions as a collection of autobiographical stories from each destination — is completely different from any existing World of Wanderlust content. Each narrative reads like an excerpt from a poignant novel beneath a slew of enchanting, corresponding photographs.In her refreshingly raw narratives, the female solo traveler recalls the vulnerability of heartbreak ("When I got home that night, I consulted my therapist. 'How long should you wait to start dating again?' I typed into Google"), the crushing weight of loneliness ("...a small and slow tear rolled down my face. What am I doing here? What am I trying to prove?"), and the exhilaration of wild nights of freedom ("...we'd break into basketball courts at midnight until we were both yelled at to leave"). The result is a captivating mini-series of reflections — a delectably scandalous version of Eat, Pray, Love for Saward's generation.You can find Brooke's travel narratives in the Instagram captions of her most recently-posted photos, which she began developing and posting on March 24, 2020. To learn more about World of Wanderlust, visit the official World of Wanderlust website, and be sure to follow the adventures on Instagram and Facebook! Melbourne's leading Family Lawyer, Marc Testart, wins the 2020 Three Best Rated Award 2020-05-26T06:22:54Z melbourne-s-leading-family-lawyer-marc-testart-wins-the-2020-three-best-rated-award Melbourne 26/05/2020 - Marc Testart, one of the most preferred and top-rated family lawyers in Melbourne, has recently won the prestigious 2020 Three Best Rated® Award. As a barrister and Solicitor of family law, Marc is a strong advocate of alternative dispute resolution and an expert in finding solutions that bring peace to the clients. He is one of the go-to family lawyers for many people in Melbourne. All aspects of his practice are put to analysis and evaluation using a 50-point inspection by Three Best Rated and recognized him as one of the best family lawyers. Following his experience as a barrister in trial advocacy, Marc established Testart Family Lawyers in 2013. Marc started the family lawyers firm after seeing most of his clients ending up at court, which is stressful, expensive, and time-consuming. He knew there must be a better way to deal with the familial disputes. He says, being able to help his clients resolve their disputes without having to go to court, as his best achievement in the field. And when his clients do have to go to court, he and his team have a wealth of experience to guide them through the process. Marc points out that family lawyers deal with complex and powerful human emotions. It is an inherently stressful experience to be in dispute over your children and your financial future. Family law is a high-stakes area of the law, and every case is important. Family lawyers need to be compassionate, able to think laterally and be able to improvise when under pressure. He further says, "The earlier you engage a family lawyer in the separation process, the better the outcome is likely to be." Marc feels honoured to be listed on Three Best Rated®. He considers being able to help his clients and to earn their trust is highly rewarding. Marc is the principal family lawyer at his firm. He continues to offer his legal support to the people of Melbourne through Testart Family Lawyers. Travel Companies: Want to get in front of Thousands of Australian Travellers? 2020-05-25T01:13:59Z travel-companies-want-to-get-in-front-of-thousands-of-australian-travellers Racking your brain figuring out how to get in front of a fresh audience post Covid19?  This is for you. The Australian economy has taken a hit over the last few months with Covid19, and Australian national services company, PetCloud, want to support Australia's Tourism Industry and see thousands of operators get back on their feet with bookings. So whether you run a chain of hotels, an airline, a farm stay, a cruise ship, a glamping or wellness retreat - they want to hear from you.  PetCloud has thousands of frequent travelling Pet Owners who want to be enticed to travel domestically over the next few months.   Previous travel collaborations have landed on national breakfast tv, showcased at expos, national news sites, and have included Flights, Hotel Gift Cards, Luxury 5 Star Ocean View Rooms. Due to previous demand, expressions of interest from travel companies are open for the next 5 days only. __________________________________________________________________________ About PetCloud:  PetCloud is headed up by former travel industry executives and is Australia's most trusted national Pet Care Services Network part-owned by RSPCA Qld with over 100,000+ users.   PetCloud helps travel companies in the following ways:  1. Increase Booking Frequency PetCloud encourages EXISTING customers to book more frequently due to national availability of Pet Carers, increasing travel companies' annual revenue. 2. Access Fresh Segment of Customers PetCloud helps travel companies access NEW customers who previously experienced a barrier to travel, increasing companies' annual revenue + increase customer base. Experts warn: don’t forget your pet as lockdown lifts 2020-05-22T03:53:06Z experts-warn-don-t-forget-your-pet-as-lockdown-lifts Pet owners are being urged to plan ahead for their pets as they return to the office after the lifting of lockdown restrictions. Cats and dogs around Australia are likely to face a stressful adjustment period as pet owners venture back to work and school over the next few months.  Pet adoption numbers have skyrocketed since the coronavirus pandemic resulted in Australia-wide lockdown restrictions. This adds concerns that new pet owners may not know how to include their adopted furry friend into a post-lockdown lifestyle. Pawshake, often described as the Airbnb for pet sitting, is encouraging Aussie pet owners to factor their pet into their post-lockdown plans.  ‘Our pets have loved having us at home and the additional time we have been spending with them,’ says Tanguy Peers, co-founder of Pawshake, ‘but we will need to ease them back into our regular routines properly or else they could develop behavioural issues. This can lead to undesirable behaviours like chewing and barking or separation anxiety.’ ‘It’s important that pet owners set aside some extra time to continue to exercise, play and bond with their pets.’ To encourage pet owners to continue to spend time with their pets, Pawshake has launched a free 7-Day Challenge to help pet owners ease their cat or dog into the next phase with a fun and healthy routine. The 7-Day Challenge includes games, training lessons and handy tips to help humans and pets adjust to post-lockdown life and keep them physically and mentally challenged.  Each day’s challenge arrives straight in your inbox and can be done from the comfort of home, using everyday items from around the house. Most of the challenges take less than ten minutes to complete. The 7-Day Challenge has been created by Pawshake dog and cat experts, and is designed to be fun and healthy for pets. Highlights include building giant box castles and slow feeders for your cat, to homemade treats and teaching your dog to help around the house by closing drawers. Humans will benefit, too, with each challenge designed to celebrate the daily joy that can be found from spending quality time with your pet. The Pawshake 7-Day Challenge can be joined for free here. For further information or quotes, please contact  Pawshake Marketing Manager: Australian Community Manager: 7-Day Challenge: Afford Supports Inclusivity on Global Accessibility Awareness Day (21 May) 2020-05-21T04:05:07Z afford-supports-inclusivity-on-global-accessibility-awareness-day-21-may Inclusive technology helps Courtney reach her study goal with support from AffordAfford TeleCare is a virtual, contact-free solution to connect people living with disability with allied health professionals for essential wellbeing supportAfford champions inclusive communities across its disability services Global Accessibility Awareness Day (Thursday, 21st May 2020) calls the wider community to consider inclusive digital access for people with disability. Afford (The Australian Foundation for Disability) is a leading not-for-profit disability provider that champions inclusivity in the delivery of all its services – on-site and online. Sixteen-year-old Courtney lives with her mum in Biggera Waters in Queensland’s south. For Courtney, her dual diagnosis of cerebral palsy and intellectual disability makes reading and understanding written words difficult. Breaking down words into syllables and decoding the sounds of letters can cause daily frustration. Despite this, Courtney is determined to achieve her goal of studying childcare education at TAFE. In August 2019, Afford’s Allied Health team connected Courtney with a Queensland speech pathologist. Over the months, speech pathology has supported Courtney to develop her literacy skills. She now has the confidence to write letters to her mum and read her driver learners manual with some support. Working towards her goal of completing her childcare studies, speech pathology supports Courtney for spelling, reading and comprehension. With speech pathology support, a trial of assistive technology, known as the Orcam, was organised to help Courtney understand printed and online texts. Orcam is a micro-computer that reads text aloud. Courtney can attach the Orcam to the side of her glasses. To use the device, Courtney looks at the page and runs her finger under words she wants read. Orcam recognises her fingernail, takes a photo of the text above and reads it aloud. In support of inclusiveness for people with disability across the country, Afford has established Afford TeleCare. The initiative delivers disability supports to individuals across Australia via an innovative, contact-free and virtual solution. Via Afford TeleCare, individuals benefit from continued access to essential care from allied health professionals for overall health and mental wellbeing. Afford TeleCare connects individuals to professionals across a range of services including, but not limited to, psychology, occupational therapy, emotional regulations, and speech pathology on a virtual platform to develop routines and explore meaningful activities during isolation. “Afford TeleCare changes the way disability supports are delivered. The virtual platform gives people access to regular allied health supports from the comfort of their home. Afford uses various forms of technology to provide remote, contact-free care so that individuals receive continued health management throughout the current isolation and social distancing measures,” said Afford CEO, Steven Herald. Afford TeleCare is available for existing and new clients who wish to access these services. Afford is committed to developing new methods of delivering disability supports so that every person living with disability can achieve their goals and feel assisted during COVID-19 under the NDIS. Watch this video to find out more about Afford TeleCare: Afford is a registered charity and has been operating in Australia for 68 years, providing a range of disability supports to thousands of people every day. As one of Australia’s longest-serving not-for-profit disability organisations, Afford supports individuals to achieve their goals for work, home and life under the NDIS. More information:Afford TeleCare - email or call1300 379 308. Afford - visit or call 1300 233 673. END Media Contact: Maria Crema: Crema PR m 0402 239 929 e About Afford - Australian Foundation for Disability is a registered charity providing disability services to thousands of people across Australia. The supports provided by Afford include Shared Living; Overnight Respite; Social and Community Programs; Transition to Work Programs; Transition to Retirement Programs; Carer Support; Disability Employment Services; Supported Employment; Allied Health Support, Support Coordination and Supported Holidays. Australia’s Leading Experience Company, Hidden Door Experiences, Releases We Clue, a Game-Changing Race-Style App 2020-05-21T03:03:18Z australia-s-leading-experience-company-hidden-door-experiences-releases-we-clue-a-game-changing-race-style-app Sydney, Australia - Australia’s leading group experience company, Hidden Door Experiences, is pleased to announce the release of We Clue, a new app developed for people to play Amazing Race-style city adventures with their friends, families and work colleagues.   All Sydney races on We Clue will be free until the end of August to coincide with the easing of COVID restrictions.   Designed to help users explore their city and compete in a fun and friendly competition, We Clue users can create teams, choose from existing races or design their own race, solve clues as a team, and solve clues and puzzles while on the move.   As the COVID-19 restrictions start to lift, finding exciting and fun-filled activities for the whole family can be a challenge, thereby making We Clue an ideal way out to balancing fitness, fun and adventure.   The simplicity of We Clue make it the perfect weekend adventure for anyone looking to inject some fun, clue-solving and laughter into their weekend.   “We Clue is designed so you can download the app and either design your own race or play one of the races we’ve crafted.  As a gift to Sydney-siders, all races are free until the end of August so it’s the perfect way to explore the city with your family or friends as we ease out of COVID restrictions.”   “We’ve built over 40 ready-to-go races in Sydney with the rest of Australia and New Zealand to be online by Spring.” Says Will Gray, Founder of Hidden Door Experiences   He says further, “No matter what your definition of a game is, We Clue has got you covered. From quirky photo challenges to cracking complex codes like a guru, answering trivia questions as you comb the city immersed in speedy adventures around the city. All you need to do is choose a race, choose your team, and you’re racing!”    We Clue has a list of curated races to get started, and users can design their competition from the app’s pick ‘n’ mix of We Clue Challenges.     Some of the thrilling features on We Clue include:   – Selection of curated races to choose from – Create your custom race from scratch from our pick ‘n’ mix challenges – Races vary in difficulty and duration to suit all ages – Play as a solo team or against friends – Automatic live race scoring – Step-by-step and live GPS tracking to help your team navigate between challenges – Share your experience across your social media accounts – Get outdoors, have fun, be healthy and explore hidden areas of your city We Clue is available now on iOS in the app store: About The Company   Hidden Door Experiences provides group activities to over 20,000 people each year throughout Australia, Asia and the USA. Founded in 2008 with a few simple principles scribbled on the back of a beer coaster that remain the core purpose of the business today; create unforgettable moments to connect people with purpose.   Media DetailsCompany name: Hidden Door ExperiencesContact person: Will GrayEmail:    Phone: 1300 390 082Website: We Clue: