The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2018-01-18T01:02:15Z Alternative options for back to school and back-to-work for busy mums 2018-01-18T01:02:15Z alternative-options-for-back-to-school-and-back-to-work-for-busy-mums If your maternity leave has finished and you are returning to work in 2018, a nanny/educator could solve a range of childcare issues. A nanny/educator can be employed full time or just one day a week on a permanent or casual basis and can even be shared with another family to halve the childcare costs. Some parents are eligible for childcare rebates when employing a nanny/educator, which also helps defray the cost. Louise Dunham, CEO of leading nanny agency, Placement Solutions, said nanny/educators are proactive carers who provide personalised care to children in their own home and can be live-in or live-out. "You can also opt for a combined nanny and household manager (HHM), who is able to help with things like meal preparation, washing and ironing, shopping, light cleaning, pet-walking and organising things that parents don't have time for or would rather not do," Ms Dunham said. "If one or more children are starting back at school, either a nanny/educator or combined nanny/household manager can be involved in the drop off and pick up if they are under 12, which can ease the stress for working mums and dads. If children are over 12, the HHM can perform this task." Using nanny sharing or multi-care for in-home childcare is simple but Ms Dunham recommends families find another family that shares the same values and ideally has the same aged children. "The way our agency operates nanny sharing is very simple," said Louise Dunham. "It involves one nanny/educator caring for the children of two families at once, up to four children in total." The children from two families come together in one home usually alternating between the two homes every week. Parents looking for quality in-home childcare service should investigate the options for a quality nanny/educator as they may actually be able to afford it. Families who employ a nanny/educator or household manager need to ensure it is done legally, which means the person has to have tax taken out, superannuation paid and they receive holiday pay and sick pay. An agency is usually preferred to organise this as they not only handle the nanny/HHM salary, but also find and vet suitable candidates. When selecting a nanny/educator, Placement Solutions' advises choosing one who has at least three years' childcare experience and demonstrable expertise. "In-home childcare is a profession not just a job. A nanny/educator's role involves being 100 per cent present and in the moment for the child/children they are looking after. "Children rely on this active presence and engagement; it's how young humans learn and develop. They rely on all their carers to be hyper-vigilant, enthusiastic and above all, kind," Ms Dunham said. Pioneer of the nanny industry, Louise Dunham, who is the author of State of the Nanny, a new book that provides a clear-eyed assessment of today’s nannying industry. If you would like a copy of the book State of the Nanny or would like to do a book giveaway, please contact Wendy McWilliams on 03 9803 2588 New Cosmetic and Jewellery Organisers 2018-01-17T22:37:48Z new-cosmetic-and-jewellery-organisers Compactor Home introduces their new Cosmetic and Jewellery Organisers designed to enhance home storage solutions. The assortment of jewellery and cosmetic organisers offers innovative and beautiful home storage solutions in strong, transparent polystyrene, which eases the task of protecting and sorting your favourite items. Nick Barnes, CEO of McGloins Supertex, the Australian distributors of Compactor Home says, “Compactor is the market leader in Europe and defines storage as being the first step in the interior decoration process. Compactor is set to make a great impact on the Australian market as their products are designed with an emphasis on functional details and quality materials.” The innovative range comes in 6 different designs to help ease your home organisation: Small Cosmetic Organiser RRP $10.99 Large Multi Purpose Organiser RRP $16.99 2 Drawer Cosmetic Organiser RRP $25.99 3 Drawer Cosmetic Organiser RRP $44.99 9 Piece Lipstick Holder RRP $6.49 Round Jewellery Organiser RRP $15.99 The Compactor Home Cosmetic and Jewellery Organisers are available now at Harris Scarfe stores and selected Howards Storage World. JURA Australia celebrates 10 years with Roger Federer 2018-01-10T06:49:25Z jura-australia-celebrates-10-years-with-roger-federer JURA Australia celebrates 10 years with global brand ambassador Roger Federer Today saw Roger Federer, current world number two tennis champion and JURA global brand ambassador, celebrate JURA Australia’s 10th anniversary and officially open the new headquarters in Melbourne. Roger has been the global brand ambassador for the Swiss fully automatic coffee machine brand since 2006. In 2018, he will feature in their new Australian TVC, print and digital campaign for the release of the highly anticipated JURA S8 machine, available from April 2018. When asked about JURA’s development in Australia, Roger Federer, JURA Global ambassador says, “In my opinion JURA has gained a lot of momentum in the past ten years. The team has done a great job in building awareness for automatic coffee machines and the brand. Today, JURA machines can be found in many premium stores. Australians seem to love freshly ground, freshly brewed specialty coffees. “I enjoy Cappuccino in the morning and an Espresso after a meal. And I also started drinking Flat White which originates from Australia and can be prepared with JURA machines at the touch of a button. So, JURA has not only brought automatic coffee machines to Australia, they also brought the Flat White from Australia to the rest of the world,” adds Roger. JURA’s products stand for innovation, ease of use and sustainability. JURA believe in the perfect cup of coffee, using fresh beans, freshly ground and extracted at the touch of a button. The product range includes both machines for domestic use and professional models for the office and food service industry. In recent years the long-established Swiss brand has grown to become a global player, operating in around 50 countries. Emanuel Probst, CEO of JURA Global says, “The progress in Australia over the past 10 years has been phenomenal. We’re predicting 2018 to be a big year for the Australian market. The combination of a holistic marketing campaign with our global ambassador Roger Federer and the launch of the new JURA S8 in March will be the platform to take the brand to the next level.” The new JURA S8 is all about big choice and compact design. This exciting new coffee machine combines the best of the compact class with elements of the premium segment, including a hint of the GIGA. Even the most demanding coffee connoisseurs should prepare themselves for this new release in March 2018, the most exciting JURA coffee machine launch to date. Australians are going to love the S8’s impressive range of specialties and the stunning result in a cup. For more information or hi-res imagery, please contact 360 PR: Lisa Solomons – 02 9571 4448 – 0416 175 518 – Rachel King – 02 9571 4448 – 0423 833 814 – dermaviduals Creator & Global Director Dr Hans Lautenschläger in Australia 2018-01-09T02:50:30Z dermaviduals-creator-global-director-dr-hans-lautenschlager-in-australia Dr Hans Lautenschläger, creator of dermaviduals, a unique, customised skin care range developed based on the principles of corneotherapy will be in Australia from Tuesday, 16 January. Presenting over the three day International dermaviduals Symposium, Dr Hans Lautenschläger will deliver the latest corneotherapy innovations and treatments. The science of restoring and maintaining healthy skin is the principle of corneotherapy and the underlying foundation of dermaviduals. The range was developed in Germany in 1994 by Dr Hans Lautenschläger – an international leader in pharmacology and chemistry. “We recognised that lifestyle factors such as indirect exposure to pollutants, chemicals, pesticides and surfactants impact negatively on our skin. Based on this, our team have developed a customised dermatological skin care solution designed to optimally maintain the natural skin barrier and prevent premature ageing,” said Dr Hans Lautenschläger. The full list of the speakers at the symposium include: Adam Downer, Costhetics – Importance of Social Media in Marketing & how to harness all things digital for your strongest marketing presence Simon Murray, Frog Coaching
– From owning a job to owning a business Rebecca Miller, The Skin Whisperer – How to build a dynamic team Robyn McAlpine, Expert Skin Therapist
– What’s behind the Expert Skin Therapist? Dr Hans Lautenschläger, KOKO dermaviduals – the dermaviduals difference and what’s new John Appleton, Your Health
– Why DNA is not your destiny Rene Serbon, Dermal Systems – Melanogenesis Jennifer Brodeur, JB Skin Guru – LED and entrepreneurship Morag Currin, Oncology Training International – Oncology Aesthetics & modifying your treatments to support cancer patients Skin Experts Panel Discussion - Dr Hans Lautenschläger, Morag Currin, Florence Barrett-Hill, Jennifer Brodeur, Rene Serbon & Simone Vescio dermaviduals is now available in over 115 clinics across Australia. The range now includes cleansers, serums, face and body moisturisers to mineral makeup. For more information go to: 5th International Corneotherapy Symposium Opens in NZ 2018-01-09T02:34:01Z 5th-international-corneotherapy-symposium-opens-in-nz This Friday will see the opening of the 5th International Corneotherapy Symposium, held at the Sky City Hotel, Auckland, New Zealand. Held over three days, attendees will take part in presentations and discussions with leading corneotherapy experts from around the world. Dr Hans Lautenschläger, creator of dermaviduals, a unique, customised skin care range developed based on the principles of corneotherapy will be a key guest speaker. Simone Vescio, Co-Managing Director of dermaviduals New Zealand says, “The annual Corneotherapy Symposium is always a highly anticipated event on our calendar. Being able to learn the latest innovations and new treatments from the best around the world, including our founder, ensures we are at the forefront of skincare technology for the year ahead.” The science of restoring and maintaining healthy skin is the principle of corneotherapy and the underlying foundation of dermaviduals. The range was developed in Germany in 1994 by Dr Hans Lautenschläger – an international leader in pharmacology and chemistry. “We Recognised that lifestyle factors such as indirect exposure to pollutants, chemicals, pesticides and surfactants impact negatively on our skin. Based on this, our team have developed a customised dermatological skin care solution designed to optimally maintain the natural skin barrier and prevent premature ageing,” said Dr Hans Lautenschläger. The full list of the speakers at the symposium include: Dr Hans Lautenschläger, Ph.D. Organic Chemist, Cologne, Germany. Florence Barrett-Hill: Independent educator, Madame Chair I.A.C, New Zealand. Dr. Ben Roediger: Department head, Centenary Institute, NSW, Australia Dr. Siouxsie Wiles: Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland, New Zealand. Professor David Cameron-Smith: Associate Director, Liggins Institute, University of Auckland, New Zealand. Professor Chu Chia-Yu, MD, PhD. National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan. Craig Rodger; The Chef. Founder of NZ's first LCHF restaurant, Author of ‘What The Fat’ Auckland, New Zealand. Rachel Robertson: NZARBP Vice President & Entrepreneur, Wellington, New Zealand. Trudy Fleming: ASLMS fellow, Light based hair reduction expert, Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Ghita Lanzendörfer-Yu, PhD: Freelance Online editor, Germany. Rene Serbon: Independent consultant and educator, Penticton, Canada. dermaviduals is now available in over 47 clinics across New Zealand. The range now includes cleansers, serums, face and body moisturisers to mineral makeup. For further information go to: Justine Wilson on incorporating Ultra Violet in the home 2018-01-08T21:41:18Z justine-wilson-on-incorporating-ultra-violet-in-the-home PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet has been announced as the PANTONE Colour of the year, it’s clear that it is on trend with the moody, rich and deep colour accents that are set to take over 2018. As a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, complimentary deep pinks, plum, purple and violet go hand in hand with the already growing interior trend of Regency Glam. Justine Wilson, Director and Principal Stylist at Vault Interiors says, “PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet has a rich design history in that it was used to signify luxury, indulgence and wealth. Purple is an extremely dominant colour and it will fast become a must have colour in every home as it appeals to both men and women.” Justine shares her top four tips on how to incorporate PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet into your own interior scheme: Crystals make amazing decorative tools, and as a nod to the colour of the year amethyst is the perfect addition to your home. They look beautiful on sideboards, coffee tables or bookshelves; predicting 2018 will be a big year for both crystals and PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet, so it’s a great way to combine both trends. Flowers add a natural decorative touch to your home, to help incorporate the colour of the year Justine suggests using some stunning orchids in a deep purple that will make a wonderful addition to your entry console. They are delicate, pretty and luxurious, orchids are the perfect flower to decorate your home with. Bedroom Decor: Injecting a pop of purple into your bedroom is as simple as adding a few scatter cushions and a throw in variations of the deep purple. If you wish to liven up your walls try to select an artwork that has the same hint of purple and you will have an on trend and beautifully styled haven. Feature Wall: It’s a bold move to paint a deep colour feature wall but if you’re brave enough you will have a dramatic talking point and it will set the tone for a space of luxury. Pair the wall with some metallic accents in either cushions or furniture pieces; add in some faux fur and you will have a vibrant and rich looking space. For further information, images or to speak with Justine, please contact 360 PR: Rachel King – 02 9571 4448 – 0423 833 814 – 2018 Greening Predictions by Mark Paul 2017-12-13T22:54:32Z 2018-greening-predictions-by-mark-paul Mark Paul, Horticulturist and Founder of The Greenwall Company predicts that 2018 will be all about lightweight planters and maximising greenspace. Thanks to their new lightweight gabion design set to launch in the new year, Mark Paul and The Greenwall Company now have a greening solution for any space. Mark says, “I’ve been testing and trialling new ways of greening spaces keeping in mind they need to be cost-efficient, space saving and last the lifetime of the building or surface they are applied to. “I believe our new lightweight gabions, which can be created into any shape or size are the solution architects, builders and designers have been looking for. Designed using 96% recycled materials, they are not only adaptable but also sustainable.” Key facts about the next generation lightweight gabions include: A replacement option for concrete planters with traditional heavy media Fraction of the weight and associated costs of old fashioned planter boxes All plants and plantings and hidden structure Perfect for drainage and storm water run off Made from local recycled inorganic media and fabrics “We are currently doing a 17M3 lightweight gabion structure for a new kindergarten to take a mature Ficus platypoda. The storm-loaded weight should now be around 7,000kg as opposed to 60,000kg for conventional containment and media. The installation cost is a fraction of the cost saved in concrete and steel,” says Mark. About The Greenwall Company: The Greenwall Company are the pioneers of greenwalls and green roofs in Australia. Founded by Mark Paul, a horticulturist, designer and advocate for greening cities, The Greenwall Company use award winning design techniques across both residential and commercial projects, bringing greenwalls to a new level of integration within the urban environment. Their vision is to reclaim the urban environment, wrapping facades of buildings with epiphytic and lithophytic plants creating living, breathing architectural function. For further information, images or to speak with Mark Paul from The Greenwall Company please contact: Rachel King – 360 PR: P- 02 9571 4448/0423 833 814 or New Aqua de Soi Candle Range 2017-12-12T22:28:32Z new-aqua-de-soi-candle-range Scented candles can set the mood of a room, lift your spirits, send you into a state of relaxation and increase your overall wellness. The SOi Company have created a beautiful range of soy candles now available in Australia – introducing Aqua de Soi. Exotic and refreshing, these candles will remind you of sweet summer holiday memories, or send the travel bug into overdrive! The Aqua de Soi collection was inspired by a passion for fragrance, love of exotic travel and a strive for clean living and all their scents reflect that. The luxurious candles are hand poured using 100% soy oil for a longer, cleaner burn. Each candle comes with decorative tin that is designed to match the essence of the fragrance. The candles are currently available in the following scents: Agave Blossom: This fresh scent is a combination of saguaro cactus blossom, blue agave and desert lily. The floral scent is light and will remind you of summer days in the garden. Sea Glass: With the perfect blend of white lilac, drift wood and a touch of sea spray, this scent is sunshine and the seaside in a tin. Perfect for relaxing on a sunny afternoon. Apricot Sandalwood: For something a bit more dynamic, this candle combines earthen woods, rich tobacco and golden apricots. Accents of wood violets and Persian rose are added to compliment this exotic fragrance. Features of Aqua de Soi candles: Approx. 60 hour burn time – 40% longer than wax candles Hand poured 100% kosher soy oil Reusable tin once the candle has burned out Each candle is triple scented with a variety of aromas One candle can fragrance a large room The SOi Company is a North California based company that creates all natural soy candles that are richly scented and designed to enhance your overall wellness. They use their passions to create their products, using the highest quality ingredients. Their collections of candles aromas aim to complement the décor and ambiance of your home. The new Aqua de Soi collection is now available at selected gift stores and pharmacies nationwide at an RRP of $39.95 each. Website: Social Media: or @mcgloins.supertex JURA's Espresso Martini Party Season Tips 2017-12-12T21:49:24Z juras-espresso-martini-party-season-tips A national study by Swiss engineered and designed coffee machine brand JURA Australia has revealed that one in four Australians cannot survive the day without a coffee*. However, this holiday season, getting your daily caffeine hit is set to be as important as the cocktail mixer for your Espresso Martini that night! Thanks to JURA’s innovative Z8, you can ensure the best quality coffee for your guests, whether it’s in a coffee cup or martini glass. The intuitive operation of JURA’s latest machine and across their entire range ensures consistency all at the touch of a button. George Liakatos, Head of Sales JURA Australia says, “You’d be amazed by how many JURA coffee machine owners have contacted our customer service team to ask which is the best setting for an Espresso Martini. Day or night coffee has such a great culture in Australia, some would say on par with Italy and we’re confident that our machines deliver a world-class result every time.” JURA Australia’s Espresso Martini recipe: Jura Z8 30ml Kahlua 30ml vodka 30ml espresso Coffee beans to garnish Simply prepare an Espresso by touching the 4.3inch touch screen display on your JURA Z8 then mix with the Kahlua and vodka in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well, and then strain into a chilled martini glass. Top with a few coffee beans and serve! The Z8 from JURA boasts an unbeatable standard of coffee. The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) facilitates the superb development of flavour for Espresso or Ristretto, ensuring the perfect flavour you desire – a key factor to making or breaking the true quality of an Espresso Martini. For short coffees, perfect for the cocktail mixer, the world’s first automatic speciality coffee machine for the home features a one-touch lungo function. This uses a special preparation method to additionally combine the coffee with hot water during the extraction process, resulting in full-bodied, deliciously light specialities. The JURA Z8 is available now from major retailers including David Jones, Myer & Harvey Norman at an RRP of $4,490.00. About JURA Australia: JURA’s products stand for innovation, ease of use and sustainability. JURA believe in the perfect cup of coffee, using fresh beans, freshly ground and extracted at the touch of a button. The product range includes both machines for domestic use and professional models for the office and food service industry. In recent years the long-established Swiss brand has grown to become a global player, operating in around 50 countries. Roger Federer is JURA’s global brand ambassador – a natural fit with the brand by sharing their common values of Swiss origins, performance, precision, prestige and a passion for excellence. *JURA Brand Awareness Report by McCrindle – June 2017 Melbourne Airport launches new playspace in time for Christmas 2017-12-12T04:40:47Z melbourne-airport-launches-new-playspace-in-time-for-christmas 12 December 2017, Melbourne – Today Innovative Retail and Melbourne Airport officially unveil a new children’s playground as part of the new look retail and dining precinct in the T2 International Terminal. Chief of Retail at Melbourne Airport, Andrew Gardiner, said: “We are committed to continually improving traveller experience at the Airport. With more families travelling with children at Christmas time, than any other time of the year, it’s great to be able to provide an innovative playspace to keep youngsters entertained while their parents relax in our brand new retail and dining precinct at Terminal 2.” The playspace consists of an innovative rope climbing structure to help children develop their hand eye coordination. It also features a line of sculptural connected cubes made from PLAYTIME SoftPlay systems that are designed for children to create their own fun through non-prescriptive play. CEO of Innovative Retail, Dale Smorgon said: “We’ve worked closely with Melbourne Airport to deliver a colourful and engaging playspace that seamlessly fits within the Terminal, as well as catering to the needs of families and children travelling at Christmas time and throughout the year. “We wanted to create a fun experience for the whole family, for kids to get active and be creative in the playspace, while parents relax before their flight and enjoy food from favourites such as Brunetti, Two Johns and the newly announced BaXa.” Innovative Retail drew on their 25 years of experience to design the playground to suit children aged two to 10 years old to help encourage kids development through play. “This is the second playground we’ve created for an airport in Australia, and the first to include a rope climbing structure. We are seeing a growing trend for airports and shopping centres alike looking for solutions to support families. Our recent research found that [1]90 per cent of shoppers agreed that having play facilities to entertain children at shopping centres enhanced the overall experience in the centre.” The new playground is located at Gate 11 in the food and beverage precinct of the brand new T2 International Terminal at Melbourne Airport. Families can be assured that health, safety and hygiene is a number one priority for Innovative Retail as all play areas have been manufactured and maintained to the highest quality. The play solutions are also fully compliant to the relevant Australian Safety Standards and are certified by an accredited third party safety auditor. Innovative Retail provides a premium children’s entertainment service across more than 700 retail environments worldwide. For more information about Innovative Retail please visit the website For further information or to arrange an interview, please contact: DEC PR on behalf of Innovative Retail Rebecca Parry 02 8014 5033 About Innovative Retail For over 25 years, Innovative Retail has provided a premium family entertainment service for a variety of retail environments, predominately in Australia. The company delivers bespoke, customised play offerings that encourage creative thinking and interaction while incorporating all major play activities of jumping, running, climbing and sliding. Their passion lies in understanding what makes children happy, integrating character brands, toys and digital media into play and socialising. [1] Innovative Retail recently partnered with Starbust Insights to conduct research across its play facilities in NSW and Victoria. Two New Epsom Salts - Pink Himalayan and Coconut Oil 2017-12-10T23:51:26Z two-new-epsom-salts-pink-himalayan-and-coconut-oil Just in time for Christmas and the busiest months of year, the much-loved Dr Teal’s therapeutic bath and body products are now available in two new Epsom salt variants – Coconut Oil & Pink Himalayan. Erica Galea, Marketing Manager at Chemcorp International says, “These two new variants include trending ingredients in the beauty world. Coconut Oil and Pink Himalayan beauty products are set to grow exponentially with popularity in 2018, so we’re excited to bring these two new Dr Teal’s Epsom salts to the Australian market.” Each product is formulated with essential oils to soothe the senses, relax tense muscles and promote overall wellbeing, as well as the purest Epsom salts for efficient absorption by the body. The combination is pH neutral and alkaline- free to leave skin soft, smooth and moisturised. The two new Dr Teal’s variants include: Dr Teal’s Nourish & Protect with Coconut Oil – RRP $19.99 This nourishing soaking solution works to ease aches and soreness from muscle pain whilst moisturising and softening the skin. Dr Teal’s Restore & Replenish with Pink Himalayan – RRP $19.99 As well as eases aches and soreness from muscle pains this mineral soak uses rich Pink Himalayan Salt to help you replenish and recharge while the Bergamot and Sweet Orange essential oils help provide relief from stress. New variants of the Dr Teal’s therapeutic bath range are available at selected pharmacies and For further information, images or product samples, please contact 360 PR: 02 9571 4448 New dermaviduals Anti Wrinkle Serum 2017-12-10T23:20:04Z new-dermaviduals-anti-wrinkle-serum Considering botox? Stop and try dermaviduals’ Anti-Wrinkle Serum before you go under the needle. This miracle in a bottle, based on the principles of corneotherapy, contains para cress extract with amino acids to create an instantaneous and visible smoothing effect. Managing Director of dermaviduals, Simone Vescio, says, “The summer elements, increased exposure to air-conditioning and late-night Christmas parties can all play havoc on our skin cells. “When our skin barrier, also known as the stratum corneum, has been compromised, fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone become more prevalent. But, there’s no need to run out and get botox. Our Anti-Wrinkle Serum contains the active ingredient para cress containing spilanthol. Coupled with dermaviduals’ delivery system, cells are repaired from the inside out for long term results, not just a quick fix.” Key benefits and ingredients of dermaviduals Anti-Wrinkle Serum: Para cress containing spilanthol (N-2-Isobutyl-2,6,8- decatrienamide). Spilanthol reduces the muscle contractions of the mimic facial lines, and its relaxing influence causes a visible smoothing effect. Amino acids contained support the smoothing process by effectively retaining the skin moisture. dermaviduals uses only the highest quality ingredients. Fragrance free and won’t irritate or cause breakouts. This festive season skin saviour is best used in conjunction with a complete dermaviduals prescription from cleasner, moisturizer, eye cream and now incorporating their deco cosmetics collection. It can be used as an additive to the dermaviduals DMS®-base creams or by applying to serum sparingly to target areas. dermaviduals is now available in over 115 clinics across Australia. The range now includes cleansers, serums, face and body moisturisers, bespoke mineral makeup. dermaviduals Anti-Wrinkle Serum RRP $120.00 – Prep Your Health This Party Season 2017-12-10T22:50:04Z prep-your-health-this-party-season As we approach end of year festivities and summer holidays, the party season has also well and truly begun. It is a known truth that we all like to indulge at this time of year which can take a real toll on health and result in inevitable weight gain. Bounce Nutritionist Susie Burrell provides her best tips on how to spoil yourself while keeping fit and healthy. Susie says, “With all the eating, drinking and being merry, the party season will often result in leaving our health goals behind. To counteract this, don’t cut all the fun out completely, just strike a healthy balance with your food choices, exercise and of course, opt for protein rich snacks like the Coconut Macadamia Bounce ball that keeps you fuller for longer. “ Bounce Nutritionist Susie Burrell’s top tips for keeping healthy during the party season include: Don’t arrive hungry Skipping meals is a common side effect when going out for drinks and canapés. This means that you often arrive at events starving, and ready to eat everything in sight. The key is to have a protein rich snack such as cheese and crackers or a Bounce ball before heading out – Coconut Macadamia is my current favourite. Slow down, baby! When socialising, it’s easy to become distracted and mindlessly eat a number of calories need or even want. Ask yourself if you really want to eat something is often enough to control the types and how much food you’re eating. Lighten up While at some point during this season you will likely overeat, the key to weight control is to compensate these heavier days with lighter ones. When you have a night in, opt for salads, vegetables and light proteins – this will help balance the extra calories consumed on event days! Keep moving and grooving With all the longer days and warmer nights, there’s no excuse not to exercise! It can be as simple as walking to and from work or events. Priorities exercise and the gym to help balance out all the extra alcohol and party food. Bounce Coconut Macadamia: This crowd favourite is the perfect snack to keep with you wherever you go. The quality whey powder adds to the creamy texture, with the added macadamia and cashews packing in the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The Bounce Coconut Macadamia is available now at Woolworths, Coles, and major petrol stations for RRP $3.29 per ball. For more information, images or to interview Nutritionist Susie Burrell, please contact 360 PR: (02) 9571 4448. 3P Learning responds to Australia’s “significant decline” in mathematics 2017-12-07T03:29:05Z 3p-learning-responds-to-australias-significant-decline-in-mathematics 3P Learning responds to the reasons for Australia’s “significant decline” in mathematics, as revealed by UNSW Paper Media Release - 7 December 2017 In response to the release of a research paper published in the International Journal of Education Development by University of New South Wales, 3P Learning – a global leader in education technology and the creators of Mathletics – have commented on Australia’s ‘significant decline’ in mathematics, according to the most recent PISA results and the changing world of learning as we approach 2018. Allan Dougan, Global Head of Mathematics at 3P Learning says, “As a passionate advocate for mathematics education, it is disheartening to see ‘significant decline’ in the OECD’s PISA results, particularly in the area of mathematics. The release of the paper from UNSW exploring the ‘unsolved mystery’ of worsening test scores proffers a number of reasons for this decline.” “Learning Mathematics and becoming a competent user of the subject is a critical skill if young people are to become successful contributors in the world of tomorrow. Whilst the subject itself hasn’t changed over the years, the advent of technology – particularly mobile technology – has changed the way in which we interact with mathematics on a day-to-day basis.” “As such, the approach to teaching, learning, consolidating and using mathematics must also change.” The Mathletics program is unique in the fact that it has specifically been designed to involve and accommodate the three essential partners in learning: the student, teacher and parent or carer. Today, close to 4 million children across the globe learn with Mathletics. “At Mathletics, we believe that an engaging, but rigorous and relevant, approach to skill development and understanding of mathematics is vital. Our approach builds basic skills and allows students to collaboratively approach more challenging and demanding problems. In doing so, we are partnering with teachers, schools and parents to help the young people of today become effective citizens of tomorrow,” said Allan. About 3P Learning: 3P Learning is a global online education provider, focusing on mathematics and literacy. Their global team of passionate education and technology gurus are trusted by over 5.5 million students in over 17,000 schools across the world. 3P Learning’s resources are designed by educators and educational technologists – in partnership with schools and families. 3P Learning’s flagship product Mathletics, has been recognized with BETT Awards in the categories of Best Whole Course Curriculum Content and Best International Digital Resource. BOC celebrates 20-year partnership anniversary with Redkite 2017-12-06T00:04:06Z boc-celebrates-20-year-partnership-anniversary-with-redkite Sydney, 6 December 2017: Leading gases and engineering company BOC, a Member of the Linde Group and Redkite, a charity that supports children and young people throughout the entire cancer journey, are today celebrating their long-term partnership which has spanned two decades and raised almost $2 million. Since becoming Redkite’s first corporate sponsor, BOC has helped the organisation grow into a leading provider of essential support services for young people with cancer and their families – from the moment of diagnosis until after treatment finishes. Jenni Seton, Chief Executive Officer at Redkite said BOC and its staff have shown unwavering support and generosity which has helped thousands of families facing cancer. “BOC was Redkite’s very first corporate partner, and over twenty generous years, they have had a huge impact on generations of families facing childhood cancer. “BOC has been a pioneer in staff engagement and fundraising activities through their innovative KiteTime program. As an organisation, their enthusiasm for building community and looking after families who are really doing it tough has been infectious. “It was BOC who helped Redkite set up a presence in Queensland in 2001. Before this, we didn’t have the resources to help Queensland families. They have also supported many of our flagship fundraising activities including our annual corporate quizzes and education programs. “BOC’s unstinting support and generosity has helped Redkite become the organisation we are today, and we can’t thank them enough.” John Evans, BOC South Pacific Managing Director, said BOC is proud to have supported Redkite for the past 20 years through many different volunteering and company fundraising activities. “The success of this partnership has been driven by the passion of the Redkite team who provide critical support to children and families every day – as well as the commitment shown by BOC employees across Australia to support this very important cause. “There have been many highlights, however as the Principal Sponsor of the Redkite Corporate Quiz, it has been incredibly rewarding to be a part of this annual activity that has raised over $10 million. “We are also very grateful to our many BOC employees who have participated in Kitetime, a workplace initiative that encourages them to take annual leave and donate the pay from these hours to Redkite – as well as the many fun runs, competitions and fundraising efforts.” -ENDS- About BOC: BOC is a member of The Linde Group which supplies compressed and bulk gases, chemicals and equipment around the globe. The company develops safe, sustainable and innovative solutions for customers in many specialty sectors, heavy industry and medical environments. For more than a century the company's gases and expertise have contributed to advances in industry and everyday life, including steelmaking, refining, chemical processing, environmental protection, wastewater treatment, welding and cutting, food processing and distribution, glass production, electronics and health care. For further information, see About Linde: In the 2016 financial year, The Linde Group generated revenue of EUR 16.948 bn, making it one of the leading gases and engineering companies in the world, with approximately 60,000 employees working in more than 100 countries worldwide. The strategy of The Linde Group is geared towards long-term profitable growth and focuses on the expansion of its international business, with forward-looking products and services. Linde acts responsibly towards its shareholders, business partners, employees, society and the environment in every one of its business areas, regions and locations across the globe. The company is committed to technologies and products that unite the goals of customer value and sustainable development. For more information, see The Linde Group online at About Redkite: Redkite is an Australian cancer charity supporting the emotional, financial and education needs of children and young people with cancer and their families from diagnosis to treatment and beyond.