The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-01-14T06:52:58Z Loukas Law is a Divorce Lawyer Perth for Every Aspect of Family Law Needs 2021-01-14T06:52:58Z loukas-law-is-a-divorce-lawyer-perth-for-every-aspect-of-family-law-needs Few family law disputes are resolved without extensive intervention by a lawyer. Maria Loukas, owner of Loukas Law, understands that a separation or divorce is extremely stressful. The wide range of services available through the divorce lawyers Perth are designed to help individuals cope with their situation financially and psychologically. Loukas Law provides clients with a multi-faceted approach during one of the most trying times of their life. The firm specialises in divorce and separation, family violence, dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration. The firm provides solutions for child custody arrangements, child support, and the fair division of property and financial assets. Counselling is available and steps are taken to ensure clients and children are safe from family violence. Parents have many responsibilities when it comes to their children. The child support lawyers Perth ensure that those obligations are met in whatever way is needed, such as financial support, to visitation with grandparents. Loukas Law can assist if there are questions about a child support parentages, or if support past the age of 18 is required, and can also assist in preparing various types of documentation. There’s a distinct difference between a divorce and a separation, but both have a significant impact on a person’s life. The divorce lawyers Perth help individuals navigate every step of the overall divorce process and meeting deadlines. Separation or divorce doesn’t have to be a contentious process and the law firm works closely with clients to resolve disputes and make the process as smooth as possible. Loukas Law is unique in that the firm works with family counselling Perth professionals to support the mental and emotional welfare of clients. Separations and divorces are traumatic for adults, children and even extended family members. Making well-informed decisions can be difficult when planning a new future or the risk of family violence is an issue. Loukas Law are experts in family law in its many facets. Loukas Law provide legal representation for separations and divorces, mediation and arbitration, and child support, and also the division of financial assets, estate planning and probate. About Loukas Law We care about seeing you come through your family law process in your best personal shape, so that you can build your best future. We are dedicated to looking after you from every perspective; legally, financially and personally. We are your support, counsel and advocate. Our strength will be your solution. Media Contact Loukas Law Maria Loukas 66 Ord St. West Perth, WA 6005 Australia Website: OPEN SESAME! SESAME STREET’S CIRCUS SPECTACULAR TOUR RETURNS TO VICTORIA AND SOUTH AUSTRALIA! 2020-12-19T23:53:00Z open-sesame-sesame-street-s-circus-spectacular-tour-returns-to-victoria-and-south-australia The enormously popular Sesame Street Circus Spectacular is back!  With new COVID-19 protocols in place, and in close coordination with government agency guidelines, live performances will return to thrill audiences in 2021! The tour will kick off in Mornington, Victoria from 6th January, before heading to South Australia from April!   This 90-minute spectacular features all your favourite Sesame Street characters under the big top, including Elmo, Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, Bert and Ernie, Super Grover and Big Bird, along with incredible performers from Argentina, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Brazil, Morocco and more!   In a spectacular circus performance, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Super Grover and the Sesame Street characters all work to find their place in the circus - from clowns to daredevils to picking the circus’ new Ring Master!   Almost every element within the show was newly developed for the tour, which was written and produced locally and includes the original Sesame Street voices that were recorded in New York especially for this production.   “We’re absolutely delighted to be bringing this incredible show back to Australian families in 2021, and can’t wait for the beloved Sesame Street characters to bring some much-needed smiles to little ones faces,” says Keith Brown, Managing Director of Showtime Attractions.   The shows dates are:   Mornington, Victoria: Wednesday 6th January 2021 – Sunday 24th January 2021 Waurn Ponds, Victoria: Thursday 28th January 2021 – Sunday 14th February 2021 Adelaide, South Australia: Thursday 1st April – Sunday 2nd May 2021 Elizabeth, South Australia: Thursday 6th May – Sunday 23rd May 2021   All current & future tour dates can be found at:    Tickets can be purchased via Ticketmaster at:   Press enquiries:Tamara Jenkins, Sesame Street PREsencia Communications Ph: 0400 525 996 / E: Name Ripley’s Larger-than-Life Octopus & Come See What’s New! 2020-12-17T03:48:12Z name-ripley-s-larger-than-life-octopus-amp-come-see-what-s-new Things are getting weirder at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! An all-new, interactive 7D Moving Theatre ride, fresh exhibits, new galleries, and ...  A nine-metre blue-ringed octopus atop the building that needs a name! Ripley’s is now accepting submissions for Soul Boardwalk’s newest resident at One winner will be chosen at random to win $1,000 and four Lifetime Passes to Ripley’s Attractions in Surfers Paradise! Learn More at We Invite You to Come See What’s New! The Believe It or Not! Odditoirum that the Gold Coast knows and loves now has four all-new galleries, dozens of never-before-seen exhibits, and a state-of-the-art motion simulator—Ripley’s 7D Moving Theatre. Give your audience a first look by setting up a V.I.P. media tour today or have us visit you in studio with one-of-a-kind exhibits. If interested, please contact Lisa Tucker to arrange your V.I.P. access: Lisa Tucker, General Manager P: 07 5592 0040 M: 0405 532 432 You’ve got to see it to believe it! ### About Ripley Entertainment Ripley’s Believe It or Not! is part of the Ripley Entertainment Inc. family of worldwide attractions, the global leader in location-based entertainment. More than 15 million people visit its 100-plus attractions in 11 countries each year. In addition to its 31 Believe It or Not! Odditoriums, the Orlando, Florida-based company has publishing, licensing and broadcast divisions that oversee projects including the syndicated Believe It or Not! television show, best-selling books, and the popular syndicated cartoon strip, Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, that still runs daily in countries around the world. Ripley Entertainment is a Jim Pattison Company, the second-largest privately held company in Canada. Learn more about Ripley’s Believe It or Not! by visiting and following them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Nothing dovetails personal and professional experience about birth trauma together in a way that’s hopeful, holistic and even humorous quite like Author, Dr Erin Bowe’s new book, More Than a Healthy Baby does. 2020-12-07T23:22:08Z nothing-dovetails-personal-and-professional-experience-about-birth-trauma-together-in-a-way-that-s-hopeful-holistic-and-even-humorous-quite-like-author-dr-erin-bowe-s-new-book-more-than-a-healthy-baby-does The Kind Press is proud to announce the release of More Than a Healthy Baby: Finding Strength and Growth After Birth Trauma by Dr Erin Bowe. Not only will the reader feel validated and supported but encouraged in this heartfelt call to action written by clinical and perinatal psychologist, Dr Erin Bowe, who seamlessly delivers her passion and advocacy for post traumatic growth through these pages. Often, how you felt during a birth can be so easily dismissed and the birthing parents gaslighted. A healthy baby is all that matters, right? Not so. There’s room for serious reconsideration to what health means, particularly when it comes to birth trauma. Experiencing and recovering from birth trauma is hard but it doesn’t have to be all darkness and shadow, as this book shows. A delightfully unexpected book, you’ll come away feeling lighter having being offered wisdom, coupled with a stack of practical coping strategies. This book will show you the way to really discover self-compassion and the confidence to celebrate your growth. Where you will feel acknowledged and understood and your trauma can be accounted for. Plus, it offers tips for breastfeeding trauma, sourcing holistic support, vicarious trauma in partners as well as strategies to help with overwhelm and difficult emotions and thoughts.  It’s also the inspiration for parents to become the guardians of change for the next generation. “So much love drips from these pages. It's hard to imagine that a book about trauma could contain so much compassion, coupled with holistic strategies. Dr Erin Bowe takes apart the oft repeated phrase, "All that matters is a healthy baby". She turns around the language that would blame the birthing parent for the trauma they suffer, and gently guides them to a place of peace and/or restoration. She gives no arbitrary timelines for when healing may come. This is a beautiful book, dealing with an 'ugly' subject, written by a woman who cares deeply for those who suffer trauma in the perinatal period.” — Mars Lord “Here is an important voice in the scope of birth trauma. Dr Erin Bowe is speaking to all mothers. An inspiring tool for mamas to help reclaim power that was unfairly taken from them in the birth space and beyond. The teachings in this book are revolutionary.” — Amberley Harris   -ENDS-   More Than a Healthy Baby by Dr Erin Bowe ISBN: 9780648870678 ISBN-10: 0648870677 Language: English Number Of Pages: 272 Published: 8th December 2020 Publisher: the kind press Country of Publication: AU To request a copy of the book or to arrange a giveaway, please get in touch. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dr Erin Bowe is a clinical and perinatal psychologist and coach in Victoria, Australia. Erin had two traumatic births which led her to follow her purpose and passion of encouraging people to find strength and growth after trauma. She is fervent about empowering women and their families through pregnancy and parenthood through birth debriefing, perinatal counselling, birth trauma training and clinical supervision and a former provider of Australia's leading childbirth education course with Hypnobirthing Australia. CREMATION IS MORE THAN SIMPLY A CHOICE OF DISPOSITION 2020-11-30T23:38:33Z cremation-is-more-than-simply-a-choice-of-disposition Cremation as a disposition process is increasingly embraced by consumers of nearly all religious, economic and regional groups, and the reasons for choosing this option are nearly as diverse as the individuals themselves. However, according to eziFunerals Owner & Founder, Peter Erceg, ‘far too many funeral directors make the mistake of focusing on the economics of cremation as the sole contributing factor of consumer decision making. They do it because their competitors down the road are charging less for a direct cremation than it does for its basic services fee. Don’t be that firm!’, says Erceg. eziFunerals is all about fair and affordable funerals. That’s why we exist, said Erceg. But, if a consumer calls a funeral home and asks for a price for cremation, how do you answer? If a funeral director simply gives them a price for a direct cremation, then they are doing their funeral home and the families they serve, a disservice’, he says. Cremation is more than simply a choice of disposition Cremation is more than simply a choice of disposition. It should be considered as just one part of the funeral process. The choices available to a family that chooses cremation are even more varied than that of a traditional burial disposition, and a family that expresses a desire for cremation should be given the opportunity to understand all those options. For example, a direct cremation should, at minimum, include fees for basic services, removal, care and preparation of un-embalmed remains and the cremation. Families only have one opportunity to have it done right. There are no re-runs and a decision based on price alone has the potential to leave a family bereft and unhappy with how the final disposition of their loved one has been handled. Cremation is not a race to the bottom It is very important to the financial health of a funeral home owner that cremation is not, economically speaking, a race to the bottom. Many cremation providers eziFunerals partner with, are more focussed on providing professional and caring services based on the individual needs of families, rather than by what it costs to provide these services. Our clients understand that premium funeral homes have significant costs/investments in professional facilities and staff. Those are two big reasons why families keep coming to our premium members in the first place, says Erceg. Our member funeral directors may not be the cheapest, but people see value in the services they provide, at one of the most difficult times in our lives. Click here to learn more about eziCremations About eziCremations eziCremations is part of eziFunerals Pty Ltd. We support individuals and families cope with end of life decisions, death and funerals. We are an independent, Australian-owned and operated company. We are not part of any other funeral company. For more information or to make contact with a trusted Independent Funeral Director, call eziFunerals on 1300 236 402 or visit At Centurion we are all about your security, safety, and providing value for money! 2020-11-26T23:47:59Z at-centurion-we-are-all-about-your-security-safety-and-providing-value-for-money Centurion Garage Doors provides real security at a fraction of competitor pricing with our tried and proven mechanical latch lock.The latch lock automatically locks your garage door when in the closed position, making it unable to be manually opened from the outside. COMPARED TO COMPETITOR SIDE BOLT LOCKS, OUR LATCH LOCK IS MORE SECURE AND A FRACTION OF THE COST WANT EVEN MORE ADDED SECURITY FOR YOUR GARAGE?Then the MY CGD Smartphone App with Camera Opener is the optional extra for you.View your garage at any time via a live camera feedDelete Lost or stolen handsets with the AppControl each handset’s full functions and accessibilityReceive notifications each time your garage door is opened or closed CONCERNED ABOUT THIEVES USING A HACKING APP TO GAIN ACCESS TO YOUR GARAGE?All Centurion Garage Doors Openers and remotes are encoded with modern code hopping technology so that the code to your door or remote can not be scanned or copied. Giving you no need to worry about hacking apps.Visit Our Website For More Information Today at New 3-in-1 non-contact thermometer with guidance light 2020-11-24T11:06:27Z new-3-in-1-non-contact-thermometer-with-guidance-light The MedSense TFE02 infrared thermometer is a clinically proven device that provides fast results of three temperature tests: forehead, ear and objects, such as milk bottles, bath water and even air.It’s the ideal non-invasive thermometer for families and especially those with newborns, babies and young children with the results delivered in one second. Available from Andatech, the MedSense TFE02 stores nine test results and has a handy LED positioning light to help ensure the user aims in the middle of the forehead for an accurate measurement.The precision instrument is also suitable for health professionals as it is a Class IIa Medical Device and is entered in the ARTG (TGA ARTG No 333214) and also has CE registration. Because it is so fast and easy to use, it is especially useful when testing multiple people.When used as an ear thermometer, the user simply removes the probe cover and presses the button to change modes.While an audio alert provides additional confirmation of the readings, this can be disabled for silent temperature screening, which is perfect to avoid waking a sleeping child.The MedSense TFE02 provides clear readings, both day and night, thanks to its clear colour-coded backlit display screen and large text and icons. It can show at a glance if the body temperature is normal (green), needs attention (orange) or if the person has a fever (red).Parents will appreciate the ability to measure the temperature of objects, liquids and ambient air. The thermometer can be used on feeding bottles, baby food, bath water and even the temperature of a child’s nursery to make sure it’s always optimal for the baby’s comfort.It operates with two 1.5V AAA batteries (provided) and to conserve battery life, it automatically switches off after 30 seconds of inactivity. The MedSense TFE02 comes with a two-year warranty and has an RRP of $139. It is available from Andatech:Andatech is a 100% Australian owned company that specialises in personal safety, medicaldevices and health & wellness products. enquiries:Issued on behalf of Andatech by WMC Public Relations Pty Ltd. Contact Wendy McWilliams on 03 9803 2588 / 0421 364 665. Email: of high res photos available: Breathe fresh, clean air even on high pollen days 2020-10-28T03:34:22Z breathe-fresh-clean-air-even-on-high-pollen-days With nearly one in five Australians experiencing hay fever or allergic rhinitis, a new, low-priced, portable HEPA air purifier could be the answer to 4.6 million people breathing more freely.The Ionmax Selah ION360 UV HEPA air purifier from Andatech has five levels of air purification and 360-degree air sterilisation. It is compact, sleek and stylish, and covers an area of up to 15 square metres.Even with its compact design, it has a pre-filter, a true HEPA filter, an activated carbon filter, UV-C light to kill 99 per cent of germs, viruses, fungi and bacteria, and an ioniser, which releases negative ions to freshen and balance the air, improving overall indoor air quality.Allergy sufferers can be reassured that the HEPA filter traps 95 per cent of allergens down to 0.3 microns in size. With a minimalist touch control panel and sophisticated matte black design, the Ionmax Selah air purifier adds a modern touch to any house, apartment and even the man cave, while efficiently cleaning the air. It weighs under three kilos and measures 20 cm (H) x 20 cm (D) x 33 cm (W) so is also perfect for a home office desk.VOCs a problem for manyMost people spend 90 per cent of their time indoors but what isn’t realised is that indoor air is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air.Pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are the cause of many respiratory problems, particularly in people with asthma or heightened sensitivity to chemicals. VOCs can be found in household furnishings, particularly when they are new, carpet, furniture, paint, plastics and electronic devices.The Ionmax Selah has four fan speeds, an eight-hour timer, a filter replacement indicator and operates at a low noise level of 35 to 55 decibels*, depending on the fan speed, which is low enough to use at night without disturbing anyone’s sleep.Available from Andatech Distribution, the Ionmax Selah ION360 UV HEPA air purifier comes with a one-year warranty and has an RRP of $249. Based on typical use, the filter life is approximately six* 30dB is whispering nearby; 40dB are quiet library sounds; 50dB is a refrigerator; and 60dB is an electric toothbrush. Andatech:Andatech is a 100% Australian owned company that specialises in personal safety, medical devices and health & wellness products. enquiries:Issued on behalf of Andatech by WMC Public Relations Pty Ltd. Contact Wendy McWilliams on 03 9803 2588 / 0421 364 665. Email: of high res photos available Hybrid solar battery wins 2020 New Product Innovation award 2020-10-21T00:46:03Z hybrid-solar-battery-wins-2020-new-product-innovation-award An innovative hybrid solar battery from SENEC, which combines the photovoltaic (PV) inverter with the battery inverter, has won an ABA100 award for New Product Innovation in The Australian Brand Awards 2020. The SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid battery offers home owners extensive benefits including 90 per cent solar power self-sufficiency, even in blackouts, while the combination inverter can deliver savings of $3,000 due to its simplified installation and design aggregation.The V3 comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and an optional extended 20-year warranty. This is expected to be a major impetus for millions* of homeowners with rooftop solar to take the next logical step and add a battery. SENEC is one of the world’s most popular brands for innovative energy and storage solutions with more than 40,000 systems installed worldwide. These have zero critical failures, which make them one of the safest batteries available. Following a decade of domestic success, the German manufacturer established in Australia three years ago. With scores of accolades and awards for previous models, the new SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid solar battery storage system has achieved an Australian first: the first hybrid solar battery to win an award.“This latest New Product Innovation award recognises innovative consumer products that offer a point of difference from their competitors,” said Patricia Cavalcanti, chief operating officer for SENEC Australia.“Over the past few years, we have established a qualified and certified network of retailers and installers across the nation so we are geared up for what we believe will be one of the fastest growing business segments.“There are huge incentives to install a solar battery,” she said. “While most PV systems generate energy during daylight hours, most people are at work during the day and need their energy at night and before the sun comes up. “A SENEC rechargeable solar battery stores excess energy from rooftop solar panels rather than sending it back to the grid for next to nothing. By using more of the energy produced, SENEC users can almost triple their solar independence and reduce power bills by up to 90 per cent. “This means homes can use free solar power 24 hours a day, including nights, cloudy days and even during blackouts,” she added.A smartphone app enables users to take control of the power supply, view the performance of their entire system including solar production, and allows them to track their savings as they* While there are 2.23 million or 20 per cent of homes with rooftop solar panels in Australia, only three per cent of these had batteries connected at the same time. In three years, the number of homes with solar is expected to be three million or 30 per cent of Australian homes.About SENEC:SENEC is one of the world's most popular brands for innovative energy and storage solutions. With its sophisticated memory-based energy solutions, SENEC gives people the freedom to generate, use and share their sustainable energy. SENEC is a wholly owned subsidiary of EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, one of the largest energy supply companies in Germany and Europe. EnBW is resolutely focused on the transition towards a renewable energy future. SENEC Australia was established in 2017. enquiries:Issued on behalf of SENEC Australia by WMC Public Relations Pty Limited. Contact Karan Nagrani, Marketing Manager, SENEC Australia on 0430 954 922 or contact Wendy McWilliams at WMC PR on (03) 9803 2588 / 0421 364 665. SENEC Australia’s Chief Operating Officer, Patricia Cavalcanti, is very happy that the SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid battery has won a New Product Innovation Award. Our Story – how it all started 2020-09-10T13:47:03Z our-story-how-it-all-started Education has always been part of my life. As a 5 years old child I dreamed of becoming first a teacher and then a school leader who would take care of her own creation. I wanted to make space for the wonder of learning and knowledge, for the beauty of each single individual – something that deeply inside me felt like being the most important purpose of life: finding her/his own potential and making it available to oneself and society as a whole. My life story took me on this journey. I became an expert in education, knowledge management and leadership. As a teacher, university lecturer, trainer, adult educator and executive in international educational institutions, I have always been and continue to be committed to helping each person realize their uniqueness and bring it to the world. I worked internationally and I see education and personal development as the vehicle for real change. After having worked and researched in the education field (Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor in Business Administration in Higher Education Management, Master in Giftedness) for over 30 years I used to write a number of articles and books – among others I wrote the book ‘Tacit knowledge sharing at Higher Education Institutions’ which became a source for academics in the field of knowledge transfer. Finally, after an additional move to a new place and in the mids of doing research on the topic ‘A comparison of diverse education systems’ I met Katharina Ferster, the co-founder of School Beyond Limitations. One day she called me (I was a participant of one of her marketing coaching courses), by asking me: ‘Martina, where does your heart belong to?’ Promptly I answered that it beats for education and giving young students the opportunity to live their full potential.Katharina, being a mother of two daughters, then said: ‘Wouldn’t it be possible to create an online school?’
That was the starting point for the creation and the design of School Beyond Limitations: A school that would see the student as a whole human being – a school that would go beyond limitations. I am proud for having designed this school concept and grateful to Katharina for having pushed me in this direction. We were meant to meet in order to bring School Beyond Limitations alive! And this is exactly what I was dreaming about when I was a 5 years old child. Katharina Ferster, Co-Founder School Beyond Limitations 2020-09-10T13:23:51Z katharina-ferster-co-founder-school-beyond-limitations It was always a fixed idea of mine to found a school. I don’t know where this came from and when I sensed this innate desire. I was always too fast and stubborn for school, for my teachers and my peers. That is why I always felt bored throughout my school years and throughout my studies in Mathematics at university – and still was one of the best students. “I know that I know” – I said over and over again. Only when my own two children were born and started to attend school I started to look for alternatives: for a school concept that would focus on the individual development of each child’s creativity and that would aim to guide the students to their own innate knowing: I know that I know. I was not successful. My children attended a Rudolf Steiner school. I trained myself in personal development, coaching and business creation. The more I developed in that direction and the more I built a successful business the less I could support the outdated traditional education concept. I was looking for freedom for my family. I wanted to take my children with me while traveling without being tied to school holidays. I wanted my children to spend their time with their father whenever they wanted as their father did not live with them anymore. I wanted my children to learn freely by being able to pursue their projects based on their interests and skills according to their pace without being pushed into a standardised system.During our world journey I tried out worldschooling and homeschooling. However, it was not enough. And then I met Martina Geromin, the co-founder of School Beyond Limitations. As our move to Cyprus was coming closer the idea was born to set up an online school. We wanted students to learn in a social steady environment that would never change, even if they were to move or travel again; with teacher-mentors who would take them by their hands until completion of their goals; an environment that is not based on judgement or grades, instead it was meant to be an environment with a strong emphasis on personal development in which each individual learns at her/his pace; an environment that acknowledges that children are in their knowing and as such they are allowed to think and act freely, beyond any limitations. That was the starting point for School Beyond Limitations. I wholeheartedly thank Martina and all parents who bravely undertook the first steps with us. Now, School Beyond Limitations is an internationally recognised school which increasingly captures interest and appreciation. It is a place that allows students to blossom as they understand that they are unique, that everything is possible and that they alone can choose responsibly about their life choices. Yes, I’d say that we are about to change the education system and, furthermore, we offer our students an unforgettable experience that will shape their adult lives considerably. Online Schooling - 2020-09-10T11:20:13Z online-schooling Although I have been working in the education field for over 30 years I used to be very sceptical regarding the quality and impact online learning may have on students. I was convinced that, in order to learn well, students have to be in a physical setting where they could mingle with both their peers and their teachers. I held the belief that online learning would not allow students nor teachers to form a community. At the age of 54 I decided to undertake an online course myself – after having gone through formal education in a traditional way (two doctoral degrees, one master degree). During this particular online course – that was not only based on lecturing, but also on valuable live sessions where participants got engaged in debates, discussions and collaborative learning – I realised that I established a strong bond with the participants that resulted in further gatherings online and offline.As, at that time, I was working towards becoming less location-dependent as a professional, I was looking into options that allowed me to live my mission differently in comparison to how I was doing it up until then. After many years of teaching, lecturing, coaching and leading international schools in different countries and experiencing the need to start from scratch again after each move (I moved due to family reasons), I was fascinated by creating something that would allow me and my job to work from anywhere.Synchronicity is often at play and, indeed, the mentor of the online course that I subscribed to one day phoned me and asked me whether it would be possible to create an online school? You can imagine that my former beliefs were at a deviation. We brainstormed on the basis of our common experience and knowledge in different fields (mine in education, giftedness and personal development and Katharina’s (my business partner) in Marketing and coaching) what would be the best way to bring a holistic education offering into reality: School Beyond Limitations was born.School Beyond Limitations is not only based on online schooling, but it also integrates the opportunity of experiential learning weeks in different countries in Europe. Students learn to see themselves as unique human beings who are invited to pursue their own interests through the lenses of academic, social, emotional, personal and entrepreneurial learning opportunities.The experience has now given us enough evidence that online learning has a number of huge advantages (although it may not be the right solution for everybody). Students who love to engage online and gain inspiration by connecting with people from different countries forget that they are not in the same physical room. Surprisingly, students say that they seem to bond more with their classmates in a contained online context (at School Beyond Limitations there are only maximum 8 students in each class) than they ever did before in traditional classes with over 20 students being present. They keep connected after lessons and communicate and collaborate beyond their school hours. As such, the online approach gives them the understanding how much value they gain through collaboration with one another and furthermore, they realise that they belong to a steady, friendly, caring and open learning community – an environment that promotes the notion that learning takes place at any time and anywhere.Online learning allows students to connect with their peers and teachers also in times of change, such as during the COVID 19 pandemic throughout which the majority of countries have closed their schools and were not ready to phase an efficient solution for their students’ learning. Often teachers just sent assignments out to their students by expecting the assignments to be handed in at the end of the week. Students, from one moment to the next, needed to learn everything independently whereas before there was never any focus on self-directed learning in school. There was no or very little interaction with the students. No wonder that students who experienced such an approach started to feel left alone and demotivated about their learning experience.The online lessons at School Beyond Limitations allowed students to continue their learning journey. It never interrupted. Students are involved in their learning. It allows them to see the purpose of their learning by being seen in their individual uniqueness. They learn out of curiosity based on their interests, talents, experiences and competencies. Their learning takes place through inquiry and projects based on a trans-disciplinary approach. That allows them to integrate their learning holistically as it is relevant to their own lives. On top of supporting students’ personal development, they are encouraged, through the exposure to experts in various fields, to develop their entrepreneurial mindset and their entrepreneurial ventures. Such powerful online classes allow them to learn how much value there is to connect with entrepreneurs and to be exposed to their expertise. Online classes offer infinite possibilities for such learning experiences. Students connect easily with relevant people who may have an impact on their own professional career. Another positive aspect of online learning is that students encounter less stress. There is no need to get up so early if school starts at 9 am from home. Students mention this aspect all the time: how much freer and more relaxed they feel about school by connecting from home. There is no need of commuting to school on a daily basis and that helps them to introduce a daily routine based on more freedom and choice. In addition, the peer pressure that usually makes students suffer so much in traditional settings is something that online students do encounter much less. First of all because their environment is so different. Nobody can hide in the classroom. Everyone is seen and also the interaction between the students is taking place openly. If their learning environment puts an emphasis on the whole human being – including their emotional and social wellbeing – then there is no space for such risks to take place. So, is online learning an alternative to traditional schooling? For sure it is (not for all); especially if the online learning is based on the uniqueness of the learning journey of each single student and takes them on an interactive journey that ignites their passion for learning and their interest in creating value for themselves and the world they live in. Author Dr Martina Geromin DBA, PhD Who is Your Funeral Director -Part 2 2020-09-05T21:18:09Z who-is-your-funeral-director-part-2-1 Who is your funeral director? Where do they come from? What is their expertise? What does the future hold for the industry and people who work in it?In previous blogs, I have written about my experience and what led me into the funeral industry. In this blog, I look at some of the changes in the industry in recent decades, giving you insight into who your funeral director might be and how they got into the industry.There wouldn't be a day go by someone tells me I'm working in a "bulletproof" industry. They think that because everyone dies, there will always be work for me. It's not surprising that other people want to be part of what they too believe is a 'future proof" industry. So, as the industry draws in new people, questions arise as to who these people are, their qualifications and what they contribute to the industry as it changes over time?The funeral industry has undergone a significant change in my lifetime. I grew up in a time when some funeral directors still manufactured coffins and caskets rather than purchased them from large manufacturers. Many staff came to the industry from the factory floors. Funerals were typically religious. The most significant difference between funerals was whether they were catholic or protestant. Burials were the main form of disposition.In the 1960s and 70s, with immigration beginning to shift from European countries to also include new arrivals from Asia, we began to see new religions appear. This diversity meant changes particularly in terms of ethnic customs and traditions. Funeral homes had to adapt quickly and most did so quite well.At this time, few of our new Australians had the desire or will to work within the funeral industry. Over the following few decades, not much changed. Sure there are more new arrivals from a wider range of countries having different traditions and cultures to those we had become accustomed to. This has meant funeral staff have had to acquire a better understanding of the needs of our changing Australian industry and above all else, flexibility.The funeral industry was changing behind the scenes. Larger family businesses were absorbing traditional family-owned business. The centralisation of mortuaries and garaging enabled significant cost efficiencies. Much smaller family-owned business did not have family members wanting to carry on in the family business. Something not unique to other industries, but with 24 hour 7 day a week commitment, the funeral industry does not have the appeal of many others.For those starting a career in the funeral industry, there was a hierarchal ascent. Similar to an apprenticeship but without the formality. Staff would begin as a hearse driver working alongside the most experienced member of the team, the conductor. Typically, conductors have years of experience and have undergone a similar "apprenticeship". Previously, there were very few women in these roles. Indeed there were few women in funeral service altogether.After a few years working alongside a conductor, the hearse driver would progress to the coach driver, the third person in a funeral crew. The coach driver has the job of collecting and looking after the family on the day of the funeral. The coach driver would then become a conductor, and the cycle would begin again.Funeral staff would be involved in the delivery of a diverse range of funerals, rosaries, viewing, and other services such as transfers of deceased or body collection from Nursing homes, hospitals or coroners, etc. All staff were required to be on rotational 24/7 after-hours standby for night work. When not doing funerals, staff were involved in coffin preparation, placing handles and writing names plates on coffins and sometimes lining them, there is always cleaning to be performed.Vehicles are the funeral directors' mobile shop front, and most companies spent a lot of time ensuring there showpieces were kept immaculate.Companies varied as to how these processes worked. Some would insist that all conductors were also funeral arrangers while others found that some staff were better at funeral delivery than others.The mortuary has always been a field on its own. Many funeral staff had no desire or will to work within the mortuary. Larger funeral homes typically had qualified mortuary personnel called embalmers. Smaller companies often had no qualified staff in the mortuary, and they may have had general funeral staff performing necessary mortuary procedures. Some of the larger funeral homes were big supporters of mortuary training and our family business at times had up to 12 or more qualified embalmers on staff. The training and encouragement to train staff have often been attributed to the principals or owners of the business. Those owners that had worked in mortuaries were more likely to encourage training than those that didn't. The early embalmers in Australia had either learnt overseas or were part of the early learning with the British Institute of Embalmers. Some funeral homes paid for embalming courses and tuition for their staff. Sadly today this is often not the case, and students are typically required to pay out the hefty course fees on their own. Television shows such as CSI have probably attributed the large numbers of young women now working within our mortuaries. The 1980s saw the introduction of the large foreign-owned companies become part of the Australian funeral industry, purchasing the larger family-owned groups. As a result, many companies that had often worked and helped each other out from time to time came to see themselves as competitors. The mutual assistance of the past died overnight. Corporatisation had arrived and quickly permeated the market changing the culture of funeral service forever. The traditional family names of the business often remained but the founding principles of many of these businesses didn't. The funeral industry, like many others, had moved into a financially driven market.In the past, the staff knew their employers as well as they knew their own families. Instead, with corporatisation, staff would either change industries or change allegiances based on money. For some, this also appeared to be a lucrative time to enter the industry. Subsequently, we have seen a proliferation of small independent funeral operators enter the market. Some have a laptop, and that's it.It is now possible to get trade services in mortuaries, deceased transfers, hire hearse and staff. While there are some excellent trade services around, there are also horror stories of sub-standard quality as the market is increasingly driven by price.An industry that had once moved to the introduction of nationwide infection control standards often now seems more concerned with the length of time that training might take rather than the benefits these skills may bring. Subsequently, few workers within the industry have ever undertaken any form of training in industry-based occupational health and safety.Many traditional operators have made calls for industry regulation and or licensing. This is not new, yet there never seems to be any consensus as to what needs to be regulated or how. Often these calls are based on minimum equipment and vehicle standards. It is difficult to find any evidence around the world that in the absence of any of these standards, any risk to public health exists. Often these calls are based on creating barriers to entry to increase start-up costs.Some say their unscrupulous operators out there. No doubt there is. Yet, in highly regulated professions these unscrupulous operators still exit. So regulation won't stamp them out.So who is your funeral director?Funeral operators are calling themselves many things these days, the latest is a funeral event organiser. Indeed a person may call themselves a funeral director but never handle a deceased. Some of these people may have spent years or even decades in the industry but never had to dress or prepare a deceased. Many of us have heard of instances, where new consultants are given a case and told to see a grieving family on their first day of employment, no experience, no training and no knowledge.A funeral is made of a broad range of services. Foremost the funeral director is engaged for the disposition of the deceased. For some funeral organisers, this is seen as a minor aspect of their services! Whilst there are many new services, such as catering, printed materials, audiovisual now on offer, we should not lose sight of the reasons a family would engage a funeral director in the first place.So maybe its time to recognise funeral directors who are skilled qualified and experienced in all aspects of the funeral industry. Not all funeral directors are the same. Many have spent their life perfecting their skills and craft.Maybe its time to recognise the "Master Undertaker" for their services.So when you engage a funeral service next time, maybe you should ask a few questions?Robert Nelson is a fifth-generation Funeral Director and Managing Director of Robert Nelson Funerals based in Melbourne, Australia, he is a member of the British Institute of Embalmers and has studied and worked in funeral service in both Australia and overseas. ABC CREMATIONS HEART 2020-09-05T21:06:16Z abc-cremations-heart Nobody loves funerals or cremations, but it is a fact of life that no one can live forever and sadly all of us will eventually be confronted with our own mortality. So what is the heart all about, it's about "CARE". ABC Cremations provides direct, unattended cremations across all Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula areas. Direct cremation doesn't mean families don't "care". We find many of our clients have spoken at length with their family about what they would prefer when the times comes. The lack of traditional funeral services doesn't mean families don't celebrate a life, it just means they do it in their own way. Many have unique highly personalised events, from lunches and gatherings, often in more casual settings some times with professional celebrants and sometimes without. Families see it as an opportunity where they can exercise their choice, often without the need for professional funeral staff. This allows them to structure events in individualistic ways, truly reflecting the nature and essence of the end of life of the individual. So the heart represents care and love, respect and honour associated with families choice and the special place that holds in each of us.Historically a funeral is a "ceremony connected with the final disposition of the deceased usually through burial or cremation with attendant observances. Funeral Customs typically comprise of beliefs and practices used by a culture to remember and respect the dead undertaken in their honour."(Wikipedia) However, it may be time to redefine what a funeral is in contemporary Australia. Many families choose to have a "Celebration of Life" or 'End of Life Celebration", often without the ceremony, we once took to be necessary. This has most probably come about as our culture evolves and values change and what we once saw as compulsory practices, we now recognise as a choice. This is evident in other major life events such as marriage and the choices available too couples. So it would seem hardly surprising to see similar changes in funeral service.Today, direct cremation is the fastest growing style of funeral service in Australia. With COVID 19 restrictions in place in Victoria, many families are choosing Direct Cremation and will have memorial service once the pandemic has eased and they can finally meet in large groups again.Is Direct Cremation cheaper? Yes, direct cremation is considerably cheaper than other forms of funeral services as they require fewer resources, such as people equipment and vehicles.Are their environmental choices with direct cremation? Yes, direct cremation uses repurposed timbers, previously meant for landfill to create cost effect simple coffins.ABC Cremation is Melbournes lowest cost direct cremation service. Three new inspirational story books aim to end the Coward Punch 2020-08-25T03:50:40Z three-new-inspirational-story-books-aim-to-end-the-coward-punch To view a video of the book launch with the Cronin's, Matthew Richardson, Ben Crowe and author Maureen Hyland, visit: legacy of Coward Punch victim, Pat Cronin, has taken another important step to help educate young people in feeling empowered to ‘Be Wise’ and never use violence.The Pat Cronin Foundation has launched three inspirational and touching story books written for primary school-aged children that it hopes will be shared with every young student in Australia. Each book includes teacher notes and classroom activities.Matt Cronin, Pat’s father and founding director of the Pat Cronin Foundation, said it is very important that from the earliest possible age, children are taught and learn to understand that physical aggression is never okay and that that they need to think carefully and act kindly.The three books are written by Maureen Hyland who taught at Pat’s primary school and was inspired by Pat in creating the characters, colours and commentary. They feature wonderfully expressive illustrations by educational illustrator, Bruce Rankin.All profit from sales of the books will go to the Pat Cronin Foundation, which honours Pat by providing an optimistic voice to awareness, education and research about the Coward Punch. Each book includes a story around Patch, a boy who goes to Searchers Road Primary School, starting with him in early primary, mid primary and upper primary. Teacher notes and activities that are age specific are included at the back of each book and via a website link.The first book called The New Playground revolves around children desperately wanting to get into the new school playground and how one child makes a wrong choice in pushing a playmate off the slide because he wanted to be first. The second book called The Four Square Challenge centres on children playing a ball game, which leads up to a challenge that takes an unexpected turn in the final practice game and leaves one girl learning an important lesson.The third book called Footy Fever covers an important Aussie Rules football match in which Patch is captain of the Rockets and Maya is captain of the Sharks, both players in year 6. While everyone on the ground was well behaved, one player wanted to make a name for himself at all costs and soon learnt a valuable lesson about teamwork.The story books form a critical part of the Foundation’s Be Wise Education program by introducing children to its important messages of ‘Be wise, think carefully and act kindly’.“The books were specifically written to help reinforce that we all need to Be Wise when interacting with others and we need to think carefully before we act,” said Matt Cronin.“The sooner children learn our Be Wise message then the sooner we will achieve our mission to ‘End the Coward Punch’. Cultural change starts at a young age.”General manager of the Foundation, Geoff Smith, applauded Matt and Robyn Cronin who are determined that Pat’s life be honoured and that no other family should face the devastation of losing their son in such a senseless way.“Pat was a normal kid brought up in a normal family living in a normal suburb. If this tragedy can happen to them, it can happen to anyone.“While we have an active secondary school program that informs students about Pat and his story, these story books are designed to reach out to primary school students to help them reflect on attitudes and behaviours around anger and aggression. The aim is for students to feel empowered to develop their own action plan to ‘Be Wise' and to never use violence.”The books can be purchased from and are priced at $20 each or $50 for the set of three. A 20 per cent discount applies for schools. endsBackground:On Saturday the 16th of April 2016, 19-year-old Pat Cronin went out for a quiet night. He was punched from behind whilst assisting a mate. Pat was later taken to hospital and two days later his family made the agonising decision to turn off his life support system.Quietly spoken and gentle natured but with a fierce determination, Pat was enormously popular and had a deep love for his family and friends. His death left a gaping hole in his family’s lives and caused devastation amongst not only family but also his friends and the broader communities in which the Cronin’s have been involved.Matt and Robyn Cronin are determined that Pat's life be honoured and that no other family should face the devastation we now face as a result of his senseless death.Since the Foundation was established in 2016, it has raised more than $1 million with funds directly being used to help people feel empowered to make change through wise decisions. Visit:’s Note: A boy with little spikes of blonde hair, eyes that sparkled with curiosity and the cheekiest of smiles—that’s the image of Pat that warms me; that breaks me; that inspires me. Pat was 5 years old when he started attending the school where I taught. I first met him in the playground, dressed in his blue and yellow uniform; this happy, caring, fun-filled little boy seemed ready to take every day of life in his stride—and he did. While this story is fictional, I have drawn on my knowledge of Pat, his personality and his life, and included some features that reflect the young man being honoured in these books. Throughout the series of books, I have used the name Patch for the main character as this was one of Pat’s nicknames. Another of Pat’s nicknames, bestowed upon him by his football coach, is Skipper. The owl in the story, a creation of Pat’s, has been honoured with the same nickname. The colours of the school and football uniforms were worn by Pat. Every word in these books is dedicated primarily to Pat, but also to his parents Matt and Robyn, his sister Emma and brother Lucas who have vowed to ensure Pat will always be remembered. Inspired by a beautiful image every day—what a privilege this has been for me. Maureen HylandMedia enquiries:WOULD YOU LIKE TO INTERVIEW MATT CRONIN? IF SO, PLEASE CONTACT WENDY.Issued on behalf of the Pat Cronin Foundation by WMC Public Relations Pty Ltd. Contact Wendy McWilliams on 03 9803 2588 / 0421 364 665. E: or Matt Cronin, Director, Pat Cronin Foundation. Tel: 0419 508 858. E: view a video of the launch visit: books and a selection of high-resolution images are available upon request-refer to media release.