The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-06-10T22:00:09Z Sports Podiatry Roseville Sydney CBD On Feet Injury Foot Pain Ankle Sprains Toes 2019-06-10T22:00:09Z sports-podiatry-roseville-sydney-cbd-on-feet-injury-foot-pain-ankle-sprains-toes Who should you consult first for an ankle sprain - a GP, Physiotherapist or Podiatrist? A sprained ankle is a common injury that many people will suffer from at some time in their lives. An unexpected movement can cause the foot to suddenly twist, forcing the ankle joint out of its normal position, and stretching or even tearing the ligaments around the ankle. People will often consult their GP or a physiotherapist as their first point of contact when they suffer an ankle sprain or injury. But a GP or physiotherapist may not always have enough experience and the specialised knowledge to effectively determine the extent of the injury and prescribe appropriate treatment to help you get relief from pain and provide a long-term rehabilitation plan to restore the ankle strength and movement. RELATED ARTICLE: Leading Sydney CBD and North Shore Sports Podiatrist New Toe Nail Bracing Treatment for Ingrown Toenails Eliminates Need for Surgery A delay in the correct treatment often means prolonging the recovery time, with the added risk of long term damage to the ankle. This can negatively impact daily physical activity, lead to an inability to take part in sports activities and result in lingering or recurring pain that can last for years. An incorrectly treated ankle sprain can even lead to the early onset of arthritis in the ankle. Mark Lin, the Principal Sports Podiatrist and Director for Footwork Podiatry, comments, “It’s really important to get the right diagnosis from the start in order to avoid long term damage. Seeing a sports podiatrist will ensure that you get the best rehabilitative treatment, to eliminate pain, restore full movement and function, and reactivate the muscles to support the ankle. Our specialised techniques will address any joint displacement and realign the ankle joint, facilitating a full and speedy recovery and prevent a recurrence. With timely treatment, our patients are usually able to get back to their usual level of daily movement including sports activity in the shortest possible time. In many cases, our treatment will not only restore optimal function but actually make the ankle stronger and more stable than before the injury. This is because we also address any pre-existing biomechanical issues during the treatment of the injury.” RELATED ARTICLE: North Shore Sydney CBD Foot Podiatrist Says Kinesiology Sports Tape Might Help Prevent Injuries and Reduce Inflammation Pain Footwork Podiatry will not only assess and treat your symptoms, but they will also perform a measurable and functional assessment to determine whether you are at risk of other pain and injuries. Their latest evidence-based assessment system allows them to collect meaningful data that converts to an accurate treatment plan as well as determine when you can get back to playing sports safely. “We believe the body has an incredible capacity to heal itself from injuries. Our range of revolutionary, evidence-based treatment modalities, advanced manual therapies, alternative solutions and unique hands-on treatment techniques work to stimulate the body’s own healing response. Using Foot mobilisation, Trigenics, low-level laser therapy, and corrective exercises, we offer the most effective treatment to treat a sprained ankle,” says Lin. The team at Footwork Podiatry undertake regular in-house training and ongoing professional development in order to stay at the forefront of musculoskeletal skills. This ensures that their customers receive the most up-to-date and evidence-based clinical assessment and treatment. Footwork Podiatry is situated in Roseville on Sydney’s North Shore and Sydney CBD. They are dedicated to improving the quality of life and achieving people's optimal well-being. Visit the Sports and Podiatrist Clinic to book online, or call Mark Lin or Wei Lee and their friendly team on +61 2 9416 7889 to get the best treatment advice for a sprained ankle and any other foot and leg injuries or conditions. The information contained in this guide is provided in good faith and is not intended to be nor is it to be used as a substitute for any sort of professional, medical or podiatric advice. An accurate diagnosis can only be made following personal consultation with a podiatrist. Any users should always seek the advice of their podiatrist, or other qualified healthcare providers before commencing any treatment. Syndicated by Baxton Media, the Market Influencers. Chief Happiness Officer Corporate Health and Wellness program is set to help Aussie's happier at work. 2019-06-10T05:01:22Z chief-happiness-officer-corporate-health-and-wellness-program-is-set-to-help-aussie-s-happier-at-work With 50% of the Aussie workforce unhappy at work, Australia’s first event Chief Happiness Officer Corporate Health and Wellness program is set to change the face of workplaces across the country. Program creator, Clariti Consulting, whose goal it is to impact the lives of one million and one people globally, developed the two-day science backed program to reduce the current level of unhappiness in the workplace. CEO Belinda Dolan said happiness is not a given in our culture. “We talk about it, we write books about it, but no one really shows us how to navigate through all life throws at us to be truly happy,” she said. “Then we go off to work, often places filled with stress, frantic deadlines, disconnected from the decision makers and working with people we would not normally associate with.  The modern workplace is a melting pot of mental health challenges and disconnected staff. “Over the past six years, we have reviewed data from over 438 studies and researched almost 100 companies, as part of a larger PhD study into Happiness in the Workplace, to find old workplace models of motivating don’t work. Over 70% fail. That is a lot of people being impacted.” The Chief Happiness Officer Program recently won a Gold Stevie Asia Pacific Award for its innovation in workplace programs. The judges were full of praise for this innovation, with comments such as “after many hours standing at my computer reviewing applications - I wanted to be inspired. Your application has left me inspired. I can only think now about the impact that you would have not only in your own business but others. Your application is pinnacle. I LOVE this innovation.” “The program provides people with proven strategies and tools that will directly increase the levels of happiness, motivation, overall mental wellbeing and economic impact for companies across the globe,” Belinda said. “While Australia is the 10th happiest country in the world, 50% of the workforce are not happy in their jobs. That is a lot of people who are not getting the most out of life and the ripple effects impact an organisation on so many levels.” Research by Gallup indicated 4 out of 5 respondents stated they would be happier at work if they were better connected with leaders and colleagues. The Chief Happiness Officer program has been designed to increase the levels of connectedness to the organisation, colleagues and customers. Creating strong bonds in workplaces means leaders are 90% more likely to retain their staff. Clariti Consulting’s own Chief Happiness Officer Anahita Tonkin said now more than ever Australia needs engaged workforces. “We need brave leaders willing to lead and create engaged happy workplaces. For many of our organisations, large and small, its an economic imperative,” she said. “Research indicates happy engaged workforces are amongst the highest performing in the world – happy people are happy to be at work; they do not get as sick as often and they are engaged in their roles and the organisational culture. “Change is inevitable – organisational change can go either way. The growth and transformation of an organisation is optional. By building teams, creating high performing through innovative transformation you can create organisations that are peak performing, adaptable and resilient; helping business flourish and grow.” Perth Family Lawyers with a Personal, Professional Approach 2019-06-07T03:55:27Z perth-family-lawyers-with-a-personal-professional-approach Thomson Family Lawyers are Perth based family law firm, providing services across the full range of family law matters. Led by Director Serina Thomson, the team at Thomson Family Lawyers are committed to combining our wealth of knowledge and experience in matters of divorce, separation, child support and custody matters, property settlements and more, with an understanding client focused approach to your situation. From our offices, North of the River, in Stirling - conveniently located just off the freeway, the team at Thomson Family Lawyers will provide you with the right advice and representation for your family law matter. Why you should rely on Thomson Family Lawyers Perth: - FREE 15-minute initial consultation - We specialise in all areas of family law - Professional dispute resolution - Client-focused approach - Speak and work with a team that cares Contact us today and discover how we can assist you! Visit us at or call us on 08 6444 9911 Sports Podiatry Roseville Sydney CBD On Foot And Leg Injuries In Active Children 2019-06-05T22:00:58Z sports-podiatry-roseville-sydney-cbd-on-foot-and-leg-injuries-in-active-children Foot and leg injuries in active children Most people will agree that living an active lifestyle is a big part of keeping fit and healthy, for children as much as adults. For children, this often means taking part in sports programs at school or at independent sports clubs. But all sports come with a risk of injury at some point, be it rugby, football, tennis or athletics, and the feet and legs are often first in the firing line. Active children and adolescents are increasingly susceptible to foot and leg pain, deriving from a number of causes: Sever’s disease is an inflammation of the growth plate in the heel of growing children, caused by repetitive stress to the heel. A tight calf is often the biggest contributing cause! A condition known as Osgood-Schlatter disease is an inflammation of the area below the knee, where the tendon from the kneecap attaches to the shinbone and is a common cause of knee pain in growing adolescents. RELATED ARTICLE: Roseville Sydney CBD Sports Podiatry Cures Runners Of Achilles Tendinitis, Runners Knee Shin splints, or medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS), is another common injury that active children or adolescents can suffer from. Repetitive stress on the shinbone and the fascia that connect the muscles to the bones can cause inflammation and pain. This is especially true when sports are undertaken without warm-up or cool down exercise, or where there are underlying biomechanical factors such as flat feet, weak ankles, hips or core muscles. Mark Lin, the Principal Sports Podiatrist and Director for Footwork Podiatry, played representative basketball during his childhood in Auckland and sustained numerous foot and ankle injuries during this time. Now as a father who is still active in social basketball and running, he understands the impact that such injuries can have on an active lifestyle, and the importance of managing and preventing such condition. Says Lin, “Chronic or recurring symptoms occur when there is an interference to the healing process such as scar tissues, biomechanical stress, structural misalignment, or repetitive strain. Our hands-on treatment techniques help to eliminate these obstacles to healing and to promote the body’s natural healing response. Footwork Podiatry offers a range of non-invasive rehabilitative techniques that they believe are the first line of treatment for foot and leg injuries in children. Their specialised techniques include foot mobilisation, Trigenics, and ART (Active Release Techniques). RELATED ARTICLE: Foot Podiatrist from Footwork Podiatry in North Shore Sydney CBD Sports Clinic Explains Sore Ankle Flexibility, Growing Pain and Flatfeet Footwear Foot Mobilisation Techniques (FMT) is a manual therapeutic method that aims to naturally improve the position of the joints. The joints are taken through their natural motions to break up adhesions and restrictions, thereby allowing the body to naturally restore optimal biomechanics. TRIGENICS® is a neurological muscle assessment, treatment and training system which reprograms the way the brain communicates with the body. Principal Sports Podiatrist and Director for Footwork Podiatry, Mark Lin is the first Podiatrist in Australia to be trained and specialised in this unique neuro-muscular treatment system. Active Release Techniques® (ART) is an effective hands-on technique that reduces pain and improves movement and is globally recognised as a leading treatment for soft-tissue injury. “Our treatment modalities are safe, eliminate pain without medication or surgery and address the underlying biomechanical causes of foot and leg pain. Our specialised techniques are designed to ensure long term improvements, helping children to stay pain and injury free, achieve optimal function, and improve their overall sports performance.” Footwork Podiatry is situated in Roseville on Sydney’s North Shore and Sydney CBD. For further information, visit the Sports and Podiatrist Clinic to book online, or call Mark Lin or Wei Lee and their friendly team on +61 2 9416 7889. The information contained in this guide is provided in good faith and is not intended to be nor is it to be used as a substitute for any sort of professional, medical or podiatric advice. An accurate diagnosis can only be made following personal consultation with a podiatrist. Any users should always seek the advice of their podiatrist, or other qualified healthcare providers before commencing any treatment. Syndicated by Baxton Media, the Market Influencers. World class education opportunities for talented and disadvantaged children the focus for Campion Education’s partnership with the Skyline Education Foundation. 2019-05-30T23:42:41Z orld-class-education-opportunities-for-talented-and-disadvantaged-children-the-focus-for-campion-education-s-partnership-with-the-skyline-education-foundation Skyline Education Foundation Australia provides intensive support for talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds, for the last two years of their secondary education. The Skyline Program is the first of its kind in Australia, providing financial, educational, emotional and practical support for bursary recipients. Campion Education, Australia’s largest supplier of education resources to primary and secondary schools partnered with Skyline in 2017, and each year facilitates picking and packing donations of vital education supplies from partners including publishers; Oxford, Pearson, Jacaranda, Nelson Cengage Learning, Cambridge University Press, Macmillan Education, Oxford University Press, as well as stationery suppliers such as ACCO.  “At Campion Education, we are passionate about providing the best learning outcomes for students.” says James Cathro, Campion Education’s Managing Director, “not all students with the potential to achieve high academic results have the same opportunities, so we believe it is vital to work with foundations like Skyline, who are doing great work in supporting disadvantaged students to achieve their very best.” The 2019 Skyline Annual Reception was held on 28 May 2019, with an address from The Hon Julia Gillard AC, 27th Prime Minister of Australia, who spoke about the importance of children's education in breaking the cycle of disadvantaged families. The Foundation’s supporters heard inspiring and emotional stories from students whose futures have been positively changed by becoming Skyline recipients and graduates, allowing some of them to become the first member of their family to graduate from higher education.   “We are so thankful to partners like Campion Education for their ongoing support in ensuring these talented children, who need education resources, can have equal opportunities to thrive”, said Skyline Chair, Katrina Reynen. Campion Education also supports many other charitable organisations including the Indigenous Literacy Foundation to support the education of all children across Australia. Campion Education An Australian family-owned business, Campion Education is the largest supplier of education resources to primary and secondary schools in Australia.  We continuously seek to provide innovative educational resources, solutions and services which enable schools to focus on providing the best learning outcomes for their students. Drawing on over 20 years of experience, Campion Education supplies nearly 3,000 schools and 600,000 students with printed and digital resources from Australia’s widest range of publishers, as well as all forms of stationery and art supplies. Second-Chance School Warakirri College Opens its Doors in Campbelltown for Disadvantaged Students 2019-05-28T23:33:41Z second-chance-school-warakirri-college-opens-its-doors-in-campbelltown-for-disadvantaged-students An MTC initiative, Warakirri College is an independent high school catering to disadvantaged young people aged 15 to 22.  The school offers an alternative form of learning to students who have disconnected from mainstream education or did not quite fit into a traditional school environment. With no school uniforms, no school fees and free food for those who haven’t eaten, the college hopes to help students build confidence, manage other challenges in their life and work towards their own life and career goals. “I believe the new Warakirri College campus will be a valuable addition to the Campbelltown community, helping disconnected young people achieve a better future” says Warakirri College Principal, Carolyn Blanden. With campuses already in Blacktown and Fairfield, Ms Blanden goes on to explain how Warakirri College will make a difference to the young people in the Campbelltown region, “These students struggle in mainstream schools, due to their long absences as a result of numerous social issues or because they have mental health challenges or come from complex family backgrounds. We break down the barriers that prevents students from going to school so that they can  complete the Year10 RoSA or a HSC and ATAR.” “Although our students are street-wise,” Ms Blanden goes on to say, “they haven’t had the opportunities that most kids have had. We are a family here at Warakirri so we take the students on excursions or go on bushwalks and camps to inspire and engage them. I feel very privileged to be able to help these young people get their lives back on track and enjoy the opportunities that come from completing their schooling”. Former Warakirri graduate Adriana spoke of what sets Warakirri College apart, “Warakirri College is different to mainstream school as the environment is more relaxed and students are treated like adults.” “Everyone is very supportive and interactive. It’s a great place to learn,” adds Adriana For more information about Warakirri College please contact 02 9914 3250 or visit our website About Warakirri College Warakirri College is an independent high school for young people aged 15–22 completing their Year 10 and Higher School Certificate. Students have disconnected from mainstream schools due to peer relations difficulties like bullying or gender issues, mental health challenges such as anxiety or depression, complex family backgrounds, refugee experience or parenthood.  Warakirri is an independent high school with campuses at Fairfield and Blacktown. As a social impact initiative of MTC Australia, students do not pay fees and are provided with textbooks, food and other resources. Graduates typically progress to University, TAFE, private colleges and employment.  About MTC Australia MTC is the social enterprise that gives people the inspiration, capability and opportunity to create a fulfilling life. We deliver high impact employment, training and youth programs that help more than 15,000 people every year to gain skills for employment and entrepreneurship, build self-worth, and enable possibilities for transformative change. THE AUSTRALIAN SOCIAL VALUE BANK AND THE SOCIAL VALUE PRINCIPLES 2019-05-27T04:00:23Z the-australian-social-value-bank-and-the-social-value-principles This week the Australian Social Value Bank (ASVB) launches an important linkage paper in collaboration with Social Value International (SVI).  The paper outlines in detail how the ASVB delivers on SVI’s seven Social Impact Principles which are the globally recognised standards for impact measurement. The ASVB is a collection of social values and a Value Calculator that can be used by any group, organisation or professional to demonstrate their social impact, in a way never seen in Australia before. The methodology behind the tool is based on cost-benefit analysis focusing on changes in individual’s wellbeing. The ASVB is currently used by a diverse range of organisations here in Australia from the not-for-profit sector to large corporates with a for-purpose focus. In New Zealand, through a multi-user licence agreement NZ Treasury has subscribed to the ASVB and it is being used across approximately ten government departments.   There is a lack of impact measurement approaches which can consistently be applied across a diverse range of social outcomes and be easily adopted, by any organisation who wants or needs to demonstrate their impact. The Australian Social Value Bank was established as a social enterprise to provide a cost-effective solution for measuring social impact. We worked with Social Value International (SVI) to develop a linkage paper to evidence how the ASVB applies their seven Social Value Principles. We believe their strong endorsement of the approach will unlock our huge potential to support for-purpose organisations. Why this linkage paper is important Two of the driving principles behind the creation of the Australian Social Value Bank (ASVB) is comparability and transparency. We want organisations, funders and government to be able to easily compare different interventions to understand the social value they are creating and for it to be completely transparent on how they calculated the social value. Comparability and transparency come with consistent principles and assumptions in the calculation of social value. Social Value International (SVI) has been a pioneer globally in creating a consensus between academics, practitioners and governments on the principles which should be applied when measuring social impact. Read more about the Linkage Paper and download it here: ASVB Social Value Principles Linkage Paper Roseville Sydney CBD Sports Podiatry Recommends Heat And Ice For Foot And Leg Injuries 2019-05-20T22:00:56Z roseville-sydney-cbd-sports-podiatry-recommends-heat-and-ice-for-foot-and-leg-injuries Should You Use Heat, Ice, or Both for Foot and Leg Injuries? The use of heat, ice or both can be an effective first treatment for foot and leg injuries. But many people are unsure about which to use when, and the topic has generated a fair amount of debate. Using the wrong treatment at the wrong time, however, can do more harm than good, and further, prolong recovery time. It’s important therefore to clarify the conditions under which you should apply heat or ice. We spoke to Mark Lin and Wei Lee Sports Podiatrists at Footwork Podiatry in Sydney to find out the facts. RELATED ARTICLE: Roseville Sydney Sports Podiatry Foot Fungal Nail Infections Laser Therapy Solutions Heat increases blood flow "For muscle spasms, heat is your go-to application," says Lin, "Heat increases blood flow to the affected area, relaxes tight muscles and provides pain relief. Heat application can be a very effective strategy for managing chronic injuries." Lee says, "Athletes will often apply heat combined with massage prior to training or a match. This increases blood circulation and allows the muscles to stretch to optimal length. By increasing the muscles’ range of movement, heat and massage prepare the body for the rigorous exercise ahead." "Applying ice to muscle spasms will only further tighten the muscles, compounding the spasm and increasing the risk of further injury," Lin concludes. So when should you use ice? Lin says ice application is very effective for alleviating inflammation and soothing injured tissue. "Inflammation is seen as swelling, redness and tenderness to the touch in the affected area. This is an indication that the capillaries that run through the tissue have been damaged and are leaking blood and other fluids into the area." This damage is what causes inflammation and the use of ice is strongly recommended as a treatment. "It’s important to note that ice should always be wrapped in a cloth or towel before application and not be applied directly onto the skin," says Lee Methods for applying ice and the time intervals for application vary depending on the type of injury sustained. You should, therefore, consult with your practitioner before using ice treatment, to ensure that the injury is treated correctly. Using heat to treat inflammation or an acute injury can increase tissue bleeding and swelling, as heat causes the blood vessels to dilate. When heat is incorrectly used in a situation like this, it will exacerbate the condition and lengthen recovery time. When should a heat and ice combination be used? Lin says a combination of both heat and ice application is only recommended under certain conditions. "In the event of a torn or ruptured muscle, it should first be treated with ice to ease inflammation. Only once the inflammation has subsided can heat be used to relieve pain and speed up healing, by increasing blood flow to the area." "A technique utilising alternate hot and cold baths can be used to resolve inflammation and swelling, but once again it’s recommended that you seek professional advice before attempting this. If done incorrectly, you will run the risk of causing further damage," warns Lin. RELATED ARTICLE: Leading Sydney CBD and North Shore Sports Podiatrist Says Feet Problems Cause Low Back Pain, Footwork Podiatry Footwork Podiatry, situated in Roseville on Sydney’s North Shore and Sydney CBD, is there to help should you have an injury or condition that you think would benefit from heat or ice treatment. They offer advanced manual therapies and a holistic and corrective care approach, with a proven track record of success in resolving acute and chronic conditions, and they will gladly offer advice to get you on the road to recovery as soon as possible. For further information, visit the Sports and Podiatrist Clinic to book online, or call Mark Lin or Wei Lee and their friendly team on +61 2 9416 7889. The information contained in this guide is provided in good faith and is not intended to be nor is it to be used as a substitute for any sort of professional, medical or podiatric advice. An accurate diagnosis can only be made following personal consultation with a podiatrist. Any users should always seek the advice of their podiatrist, or other qualified healthcare providers before commencing any treatment. Syndicated by Baxton Media, the Market Influencers. AASW supports International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) 2019-05-17T00:07:39Z aasw-supports-international-day-against-homophobia-biphobia-intersexism-and-transphobia-idahobit On 17 May, the Australian Association of Social Workers recognises the importance of this date and issues raised by IDAHOBIT, as we continue to take a stand against discrimination of the LGBTIQ community. It marks the day the World Health Organization made the decision in 1990 to remove homosexuality as a mental disorder. AASW National President Christine Craik said, “Today is the day before a Federal election. We call on the next government to ban so-called ‘conversion therapy’ across the nation. “As social workers, we have noticed that the use of these discredited therapies has actually been on the rise in Australia. It is a situation we have been monitoring. As a profession, it can sometimes be our job to help un-do the damage that these so-called ‘therapies’ can cause to families and individuals.” Ms Craik said much action is still needed to counter discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in Australia. “We are saddened and disappointed that homophobic, biphobic, intersexist and transphobic views continue to be broadcast, and that they are given air time in our media and community,” she said. “We only have to look at highly influential but misinformed media commentary which led to the ultimate disbandment of the Safe Schools program nationally. We want to see the Safe Schools program reinstated in its full scope and we urge the next government to do so. These programs save lives.” Ms Craik urged Australia to promote human rights and counter homophobia, biphobia, intersexism and transphobia internationally. “There is much influence that Australia has abroad, particularly in our part of the world. It would be great to see our political leaders taking a diplomatic stance on Brunei, which recently introduced and then retracted the death penalty for homosexuality. It is still illegal though. It is good to see the recent boycotts have gone some way to working. Brunei is a fellow Commonwealth country and one in our region. Now is the time for political leaders to flex diplomatic muscle and use it to promote human rights.” Christine Craik is available for interview. National Families Week 2019: The AASW renews its call for urgent action to address family violence 2019-05-16T23:33:51Z national-families-week-2019-the-aasw-renews-its-call-for-urgent-action-to-address-family-violence During National Families Week 2019 (15-21 May), the AASW celebrates families as the central building block of our society. This year’s theme, Stronger Families, Stronger Communities, highlights their protective and nurturing capacity, while also recognising the threats to families from gender-based violence. AASW National President Christine Craik said, “As social workers, we see the pivotal role that families play in building healthy and supportive communities. In working together to improve wellbeing, we see the great diversity and resilience of families in the face of significant challenges. “However, we also see far too often that the very place that women and children should feel safe, within a family unit, is the very place where they are most at risk.” Family violence is still far too prevalent in Australia, with those who perpetrate family violence destroying the safety and caring that the family unit should provide to all its members. Data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare shows that family violence is a leading cause of homelessness in children under 10. The high rate of child protection notifications correlate with the family violence that is perpetrated against women and children. At least one woman per week is killed by a current or former partner in Australia. Ms Craik said, “These devastating instances of family violence need to stop. It begins with cultural change and government policies, including funding of early intervention as well as support at the crisis and recovery level, especially housing and income support for those escaping violence. “We are now in the last throes of a Federal election campaign. In our Election Platform 2019, we have asked for the next government to commit to using the recommendations of the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence as a blueprint for national systemic reforms. “If Australia is to build Stronger Families and Stronger Communities, this must begin with addressing the national emergency that is occurring within the family home across Australia.” Christine Craik is available for interview. Roseville Sydney CBD Sports Podiatry Cures Runners Of Achilles Tendinitis, Runners Knee 2019-05-16T22:00:08Z roseville-sydney-cbd-sports-podiatry-cures-runners-of-achilles-tendinitis-runners-knee How to stay free of pain and injuries as a runner Running continues to gain popularity as a form of exercise, and for good reason - it’s an effective antidote to the modern sedentary lifestyle, it doesn’t require any special equipment and it delivers a dopamine boost. But on a far less happy note, statistics show that nearly 80% of all runners are injured every year. The repetitive force involved in running can put immense strain on the feet and legs, causing a number of common injuries. Mark Lin, the Principal Sports Podiatrist and Director for Footwork Podiatry, comments, “We see a lot of runners at our clinics, located in Sydney's CBD and Roseville, with various injuries - these are often due to not warming up properly and too rigorous a training schedule. Yes, fitness is important, but the joints of the feet and legs absorb a lot of impact during running and it’s vital to give them a rest. Conditions like Achilles tendinitis are very common, this occurs when the tendons connecting the heel to the lower leg muscles become inflamed. This can be caused by improper footwear, tight calf muscles or having naturally flat feet and can be avoided to some extent by a proper stretching and strengthening programme of the calf muscles. Runners knee, or Patellofemoral pain syndrome, refers to pain in the front of the knee and around the kneecap, and is generally caused either by maltracking of the kneecap and/or overuse from vigorous exercise.” Other conditions that runners can suffer from are Morton's neuroma, Metatarsalgia, Metatarsal stress fractures, Shin splints, plantar fasciitis, calf muscle strain or tear and ankle sprain. Morton's neuroma -a painful condition that occurs as a result of the thickening of the tissue surrounding one of the nerves leading to the toes. Shin splints -amongst the most common of running injuries, this occurs when the muscles, tendons, or the fascia covering the shinbone become inflamed and sore. Metatarsalgia -characterised by painful inflammation in the forefoot (ball of the foot) as a result of increased pressure in this area. Metatarsal stress fractures - tiny cracks in the bone, these are a sure sign of too much repetitive force on the leg bones. An occurrence of any of these conditions is an indicator that there are some biomechanical issues going on that have put the feet and legs under too much strain, and seeing a sports podiatrist is recommended. Footwork Podiatryoffers a range of alternative, non-invasive, and safe treatment techniques to treat the above conditions, along with specifically prescribed exercises to relieve symptoms as well as retraining the feet and legs to run in a more efficient pattern Foot mobilisation is a ‘hands-on’ treatment technique that diagnoses and corrects misalignment of the foot and ankle. It increases the range of joint mobility, improves proprioceptive feedback from the feet and reduces ‘pain messages’ sent to the brain by stimulating the joint mechanoreceptors. Active Release Techniques removes the build-up of scar tissue that occurs when the body tries to heal itself from an injury. Accumulation of scar tissue restricts the muscle from movement, causing it to becomes both shorter and weaker. The increased tension on tendons causes tendonitis, and nerves can become trapped. ART® provides lasting relief for repetitive strain or overuse injuries and the technique is suitable for anyone, including from children, athletes and the elderly. Low-Level Laser therapy (LLLT) is another effective treatment for a soft-tissue injury. Laser treatment penetrates deep into the tissue causing a photochemical reaction at a cellular level. This metabolic change is highly effective in stimulating tissue repair and relieving pain, and the treatment dramatically shortens recovery time and rapidly reduces swelling and inflammation. “At Footwork Podiatry, we incorporate laser therapy into our treatment protocols to promote and accelerate tissue healing of a wide range of acute and chronic lower limb conditions. Combined with other corrective care treatments, such as Foot Mobilisation Techniques and Trigenics®, we address the underlying cause of the problem for long-term results. LLLTis non-invasive, eye-safe, totally painless and often immediately analgesic,” says Lin. Footwork Podiatry takes top-quality care seriously and is your go-to source for any running related injuries. Find them in two convenient locations, in Roseville on Sydney’s North Shore and Sydney CBD. For further information, visit the Sports and Podiatrist Clinic to book online, or call Mark Lin or Wei Lee and their friendly team on +61 2 9416 7889. The information contained in this guide is provided in good faith and is not intended to be nor is it to be used as a substitute for any sort of professional, medical or podiatric advice. An accurate diagnosis can only be made following personal consultation with a podiatrist. Any users should always seek the advice of their podiatrist, or other qualified healthcare providers before commencing any treatment. Syndicated by Baxton Media, the Market Influencers. Hawks Jump on Board with Afford for An Inclusive Melbourne 2019-05-10T02:10:10Z hawks-jump-on-board-with-afford-for-an-inclusive-melbourne MELBOURNE, 8 MAY 2019 - This year, the spotlight will shine brightly on disability in Melbourne with partnerships between Afford, Hawthorn and Yarra Trams established to encourage an inclusive Melbourne that supports people of all abilities. Afford (The Australian Foundation for Disability) is a not-for-profit disability service organisation that provides whole-of-life disability supports for people across Australia under the NDIS. The disability service provider has been operating in Australia for over 65 years and is committed to creating opportunities for people with disability to live the life they want and create greater public awareness of the valuable community contributions made by people with disability. This year, Afford has partnered with the Hawthorn Football Club, to establish the MCG's first Sensory Friendly Space to allow footy fans with sensory sensitivities, and their families, to enjoy cheering on their favourite team while having a space for respite if and when they need it. In addition to the Sensory Friendly Space, Afford is working with the Hawks to support their Wheelchair and All Abilities Players in the 2019 season, facilitating AFL experiences for Afford participants and offering work experience opportunities at Hawks HQ for people with disability. Afford was also named 2019 Yarra Trams Community Partner which involves an entire tram being wrapped with images of people of all abilities.  Tram 3008 can be seen passing the MCG on Route 48 (North Balwyn to Victoria Harbour Docklands) and can also be seen on Route 109 (Box Hill to Port Melbourne) from April until July. The Afford Community Partner Tram will increase public awareness of diversity, inclusivity and encourage the celebration of everyone's unique abilities. Afford CEO, Steven Herald, says that the partnerships with the Hawks and Yarra Trams are strong steps towards creating an inclusive Melbourne. "We are thrilled to have established these partnerships with the Hawks and Yarra Trams. Both the Hawks and Yarra Trams are well established in Melbourne's culture and such iconic organisations that share our vision to encourage inclusiveness and acceptance." "Through these partnerships we are sure that our message of an inclusive Melbourne will shine on the streets and on the footy fields of Melbourne and foster inclusivity for Australians of all abilities."  "We encourage everyone to jump on board with Afford to support us in creating an inclusive Melbourne and tag @Afford in your social posts to show your support for people of all abilities." Hawthorn CEO Justin Reeves said the partnership supports the club’s vision to be inclusive and welcoming for people of all backgrounds.   Afford is a registered charity and has been operating in Australia for over 65 years, providing a range of disability supports to thousands of people across Australia every day. For more information about Afford, visit or call 1300 233 673. ENDS Editor's Note: Footage/imagery of the Afford Community Partner tram can be obtained, please contact Maria on 0402 239 929. Media Contact: Maria Crema: Crema PR m 0402 239 929 e About the Australian Foundation for Disability (Afford) - The Australian Foundation for Disability (Afford) is a registered charity providing disability services to thousands of people across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The supports provided by Afford include: Shared Living; Overnight Respite; Social and Community Programs; Transition to Work Programs; Transition to Retirement Programs; Carer Support; Disability Employment Services; Supported Employment; Allied Health Support and Support Coordination.   Concerns from CWA of NSW that looming election stalling drought assistance commitments 2019-05-07T21:30:16Z concerns-from-cwa-of-nsw-that-looming-election-stalling-drought-assistance-commitments Hi The Country Women's Association (CWA) of NSW's State Conference continues in Albury today after delegates yesterday overwhelmingly endorsed a motion that calls for a firm and ongoing commitment to drought assistance from the country's major political parties. The association is also concerned the looming Federal Election is stalling the release of more information on initiatives announced in the Federal Budget, and announced by the Federal Government last week. "Major issues, such as drought, should be treated with a bipartisan approach and all major parties should have a firm position for action on drought so money and support gets to where it’s needed without delay," CWA of NSW State President Annette Turner said. “It’s too important to play politics with and must be treated with the urgency it deserves. The fact the government is in ‘caretaker mode’ should make no difference. In drought-stricken areas, every single day bites. Unlike politicians, we can’t ask our farmers to wait a few weeks, while there is a potential changing of the guard.” Attached and below is a media release on the urgency motion. For further information or interview requests please let me know. Kind regards, Kylie Galbraith Seftons Tamworth NSW 2340 Ph. 0411 480 208 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MEDIA RELEASE Concerns that looming election stalling drought assistance commitments The Country Women’s Association of NSW is urgently seeking assurances from both sides of politics on an ongoing commitment to drought assistance following concerns the upcoming Federal Election has thrown a shadow of uncertainty over future aid schemes for drought-stricken areas of the state. It follows an announcement last week by Prime Minister Scott Morrison on new re-stocking and re-planting loans of up to $200,000 for farm businesses, part of a $500 million package that includes the establishment of a specific “Regional Investment Corporation” for the loans, once conditions improve. The package also includes funding for more rural financial counsellors. The Country Women’s Association (CWA) of NSW at its State Conference in Albury yesterday, prior to a visit to the conference by Mr Morrison, expressed concerns that now the Government is in ‘caretaker mode’ pending the federal election, there is no further information available around the announcement and that the federal Opposition has not yet indicated its intention to support the scheme should it win the May 18 ballot. “As it stands the Opposition has even expressed some hesitation at the issuing of concessional loans, which means if we have a change of government, we may not see the program get off the ground at all,” said Annette Turner, CWA of NSW State President. “We are calling for all major political parties to state their support for this scheme. Major issues, such as drought, should be treated with a bipartisan approach and all major parties should have a firm position for action on drought so money and support gets to where it’s needed without delay. “It’s too important to play politics with and must be treated with the urgency it deserves. The fact the government is in ‘caretaker mode’ should make no difference. In drought-stricken areas, every single day bites. Unlike politicians, we can’t ask our farmers to wait a few weeks, while there is a potential changing of the guard.” The motion of urgency, which was unanimously carried by delegates, included a call for consideration of grants for farmers, as well as loans, Mrs Turner saying that while they welcomed concessional loans, they wanted the major parties to look further into grants, where appropriate. The motion encompassed the need for more information on the budget announcement of $5 million for the Country Women’s Association of Australia to assist with the ongoing allocation of drought assistance grants, along with a call for the streamlining and simplification of the Farm Household Allowance scheme, in the wake of ongoing complaints from applicants about the excessive ‘red tape’ around the scheme. “We have publicly applauded the Government for the funding for the CWA of Australia. And as we have proven, drought funding is in very good hands with the CWA, with the state associations efficiently, and at no cost, getting every dollar to where it is needed. However, we need all parties to confirm ongoing support for this. If there is a change of Government we need to know that all parties support this important work,” Mrs Turner said. Several other urgency motions around water security for regional communities are also due to be discussed by delegates today, including one relating to the inadequate quality of town water in many regional areas and the need for greater transparency on decision-making under the Murray Darling Basin Plan, particularly relating to the allocation of water and the balance between social, economic and environmental factors in water management. New Zealanders would happily catch a driverless car home from the pub, but wouldn’t splash as much cash to buy one 2019-05-06T22:22:06Z new-zealanders-would-happily-catch-a-driverless-car-home-from-the-pub-but-wouldn-t-splash-as-much-cash-to-buy-one New Zealanders would happily catch a driverless ride home after a big night out but are slightly more tight-fisted than their Australian counterparts when it comes to how much they would spend on buying their own. The latest survey commissioned by leading industry group – the Australia and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative - is arguably the most comprehensive of its type ever undertaken in New Zealand, with the results to be showcased tomorrow on the second day of the T-Tech19 conference in Christchurch. Ms Rita Excell, ADVI Executive Director says it is more important than ever to keep a pulse-check on community views and expectations of driverless vehicles because the industry is on the commercialisation cusp, and NZ has opportunity to grab its share of the estimated $7 trillion to be created in the global economy and to prevent road deaths and injuries. “Nearly 400 lives were lost on New Zealand roads in 2018, making it the country's worst annual road toll in a decade – so it is great to learn that New Zealanders are more open to accepting driverless technology as part of their daily lives than Australians and are less concerned about having their vehicle connected to and communicating automatically with other vehicles and road infrastructure (5.7% more Australians),” she said. “Different car ownership models and greater connectivity with the network means less congestion – which is sure to be great news for the Aucklanders who were identified in the 2018 AA Congestion Report as wasting an average 78.6 hours sitting in motorway traffic each year. In Auckland alone congestion is estimated to cost the city around $2 billion in lost productivity each year.” One area where New Zealanders did fall below par to Australians was whether they would be willing to pay more for the privilege, with Australians showing a greater median amount extra ($AUD 5,000 extra) for a fully-automated vehicle than their current car compared to New Zealand respondents ($AUD 4650 extra). New Zealanders emerged as more prepared to use driverless public transport or ride sharing if it helped to reduce congestion (7.1% more respondents from New Zealand). More said they would use a driverless vehicle when physically or mentally unable to drive manually (10.3% more New Zealanders), after consuming alcohol, drugs or taking medication (9.1% more new Zealanders) and (c) when they are tired or fatigued (6.2% more New Zealanders). The Gen-Y’s came into a league of their own, with younger respondents saying they were more likely to do personal grooming (such as apply make-up), eat or drink, work or be on their mobile phone or iPad when travelling in a driverless vehicle. Overall, however, most people said that while they were happy to look out the window and chat with others, going to sleep wasn’t a popular option. “Most New Zealanders have now heard about driverless vehicles, but a lack of direct experience saw high levels of concern on people’s legal and financial responsibility if a vehicle has a crash when in full driverless mode. Most respondents are comfortable with a driverless vehicle doing most normal driving functions, but flagged concern about letting the technology change lanes or follow too closely to the vehicle in front,” Ms Excell said. “People understand the very significant congestion, health and safety benefits on offer, but also recognise that the technology could provide greater mobility for people with driving impairments or restrictions, reduced insurance premiums and less overall repair costs,” she said. The ADVI-commissioned survey – which involved 5,102 Australians and 1,049 New Zealander answering 93-questions – provides an intriguing insight into the trust levels of driverless vehicle technology, what people would be prepared to pay to own one and what types of activities they are most likely to do when travelling. T-Tech19, presented by Intelligent Transport Systems New Zealand, is being held in Christchurch for the first time as home to some of New Zealand's most innovative transport solutions. T-Tech aims to inform on the future of transport and mobility, debating the value and applicability of solutions. The 2-day event is an opportunity for delegates to learn more about government policy, major projects and initiatives, and provides industry and academia with crucial insight into how New Zealand is approaching transport now and towards 2050. An overview of T-Tech19 keynote speakers, including Rita Excell can be found at the T-Tech19 website. Media are to note that the dedicated hashtag #ttech19 can be used for social media activity. ### About the Australia and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI) ADVI is the peak body that spans the wide ecosystem of driverless vehicles in Australia and New Zealand. With a membership of more than 120 leading organisations across a wide range of sectors, ADVI offers a unique opportunity for partners to collaborate with Governments, Industry and researchers, to position Australia and New Zealand amongst the world leaders in the development and deployment of driverless technology. ADVI’s education, advocacy and demonstration efforts help to inform and raise awareness, encourage community acceptance, and ensure understanding of the economic, environmental and lifestyle benefits of driverless vehicles. Malaysia’s housing construction & affordable housing benefits from 3 C’s says Tan Sri Michael Yeoh 2019-05-05T22:53:52Z malaysia-s-housing-construction-amp-affordable-housing-benefits-from-3-c-s-says-tan-sri-michael-yeoh Malaysia’s housing, property and affordable housing sectors (including the business community) are benefiting from a government led environment that is focussing on the three Cs…Certainty, Consistency and Clarity in its macro-economic policies and endeavours said Tan Sri Dr Michael Yeoh in his opening address at the recent Kingsley Strategic Institute (KSI) National Housing & Property Summit in Kuala Lumpur. YBM Senator Dato’ Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah, Deputy Minister of Housing and Local Government was the keynote speaker at KSI’s Summit that brought together high-ranking senior government officers, business leaders, captains of industry, academia and stakeholders to discuss The New Property Landscape in a Changing Business Environment – Where do we go from here?    “With respect to the housing and property industry, affordable housing remains a challenge with greater need for Public Private Partnership (PPP) between government and the private sector.  This is needed to deliver the outcome of more affordable housing in line with the nation’s aspirations”, affirmed Tan Sri Dr Michael Yeoh.   The escalating home ownership and overhang in the country has become a top agenda for the government to resolve.  Various housing policies and measures are being implemented to stimulate buying and boost the current property market said Senator Dato’ Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah in his opening remarks.   “The recently launched National Housing Policy 2.0 outlines five focuses 16 strategies and 57 action plans, of which 15 will be carried out in the first two years.  The five focuses include improving accessibility and affordability, quality housing for all, cohesive neighbouring and neighbourhoods, improving coordination between housing development and transportation and strengthening the institutional capability”, said the Senator and Deputy Minister.   The Housing Policy aims to build 1 million affordable units in the next 10 years with the target broken down to 100,000 homes annually.   The latest economy indicators point to a positive Malaysian property market next year driven by strong fundamentals including solid economy growth, increased loan applications and approval, stable currency, private consumption, investment, as well as the Government's infrastructure investments.   Both the Senator and Tan Sri Dr Michael Yeoh addressed the need for appreciation of technology and its impact and growing importance in the buying, selling, and renting process of property.    It is going to be the game changer with Big Data and technology impacting property and construction, as well as every aspect of living and commercial endeavour.   Senator Dato’ Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah continued, “The property industry needs to look at other ways of overcoming the demands for housing with renting an option to overcome supply issues.  A strong tenancy market will support the investment market and improve property market issues”.   “The Rent-To-Own (RTO) scheme is a positive Government initiative that offers buyers the option to rent their homes for five years and apply for financing to participants in the sixth year”.   Senator Dato’ Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah concluded his presentation affirming there is no single solution for improving urbanisation and achieving sustainable urban development.  The Government’s agenda provides the principles and practices to bring the vision to life and into reality.   There is much that needs to be done in the property and housing sector.  But by working together with the private sector, the goal to energise the industry and find ways to improve and sustain Malaysia's property market can be achieved.   Tan Sri Dr Michael Yeoh confirmed that the Summit had been a success and KSI was in the process of producing a report of the discussions for presentation to the Ministry.   Issued by Connect Malaysia              Media enquiries       Mr. Joe Perri, Connect Malaysia Tel:       +61 3 9662 2550   Mob:  +61 412 112 545  Email: