The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-07-16T06:31:28Z Helping thousands of Victorians with their home building and renovation projects. 2019-07-16T06:31:28Z helping-thousands-of-victorians-with-their-home-building-and-renovation-projects Australia’s longest running building and renovation event, The Melbourne Home Show, is set to inspire and assist thousands of Victorian homeowners, builders, renovators and local trade over three days from 16 - 18 August at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, South Wharf. With over 250 leading brands under one roof, The Melbourne Home Show will be packed to the rafters with the latest building products, kitchens and cabinetry, bathroom fixtures and fittings, heating and cooling, interior and outdoor solutions, free seminars and expert advice! Visitors will be inspired to ‘live a little’ as they take a walk down the inaugural Tiny Houses Expo, where the latest compact and tiny homes will be on display. Whether you’re on the hunt for a cost-effective new home, looking to reduce your carbon footprint, tight on space or simply on the search for a simpler life, a stroll through the Tiny House Expo is sure to inspire. For those looking for outdoor inspiration, a visit to the Open Garden designed by Full Potential Landscapes and FormBoss, is a must. With a theme of Australian Made and Built to Last, the garden display is energy efficient, water conscious, spacious and smart. With flowing lines, this practical and functional design adheres to Australian climates and conditions and will showcase just how you can utilise Australia’s best in your backyard. Visitors can also learn to bring their bathroom to life or create their dream cooks kitchen with a FREE 20-minute design consultation with one of the Kitchen & Bathroom Designers Institute’s very best designers at the KBDi Ask an Expert hub. Visitors are encouraged to bring their plans and design ideas for a personalised consultation with the experts. Pre-bookings can be made online and walk-ups are welcome. Find new products, great savings and the biggest names in renovating and building including Australian Outdoor Living, Bora, BlockOut Blinds, Clover Kitchens, European Kitchen Group, Melbourne Polytechnic, Mondella, NextGEN Decking, Spa World, Stratco, Tesla, Vergola, Victoria Government and more. Discount tickets are available to purchase online at Kids under 14 are free. - ENDS - For all media enquiries, interviews, images, media passes and promotions, please contact: Alana Hawthorne - Marketing Manager 03 9276 5539 | Council approval of development that deliberately excludes disabled sets new housing low in Moreland 2019-07-16T04:37:31Z council-approval-of-development-that-deliberately-excludes-disabled-sets-new-housing-low-in-moreland Last week’s decision by Moreland Council to approve the construction of five triple storey townhouses on a single suburban block on Jukes Road that deliberately excludes the disabled and mobility challenged has set a new housing low for Moreland said Fawkner Residents Association (FRA) spokesperson Mr Joe Perri.    Commenting further Joe Perri said, “There are many factors that angered me by the latest of these triple-storey squeezed together developments on Jukes Road – but by far seeking to maximise profit by ensuring not a single dwelling can accommodate the disabled and even the elderly is the most reprehensible”.   In voicing his objection at the Council meeting on behalf of FRA Joe Perri said it’s easy to say that in isolation, what’s the harm, it’s only one development?    “But that’s just it, it’s not. This is the third such similar development within 50 metres of each other that share the same design attribute of deliberately excluding the disabled, aged and mobility challenged”, affirmed Joe Perri.   “As a result of Council’s approval, there will be 15 multi-level townhouses spread over three sites along Jukes Road within metres of each other – and not a single one able to accommodate the elderly, disabled and mobility challenged”.   In fairness, Moreland Council did object to the first of these three developments only to have VCAT give the project the green light – and in doing so, VCAT’s decision emboldened subsequent developers to follow suit condemning Jukes Road to become a ‘non-inclusive disabled free zone’.   During the protracted deliberation by Councillors, they regarded the cost and prospects of failure should the developer mount a VCAT challenge as a contributing factor for approving the development.   It was immensely disappointing to hear this said Joe Perri.  That contesting a multi-dwelling housing project that purposely excludes the disabled and mobility challenged wasn’t worth Council’s effort or cost.   Since the decision, Council has reached out to FRA and offered to work with the group to address their issues.  An offer that has been accepted by the group.    In addition, the residents are going to mount a community VCAT challenge to the development in order to highlight the dual impact of non-inclusiveness and social harm of multiple dwelling projects in Fawkner.   The Residents Association will be meeting with Federal MP Mr Peter Khalil in early August to discuss the matter.  State MP Mr Frank McGuire has also been contacted for a meeting on this issue.   Meetings will be sought with the Ministers for Planning, Equality, Ageing and Disability to highlight this immense inequality in the State Government’s housing framework that disregards the principles of resilient and inclusive communities concluded Joe Perri.   ENDS   Issued by the Fawkner Residents Association   Media enquiries:                 Mr. Joe Perri Mobile:  +61 412 112 545   Email:     Check for asbestos before renovating your home 2019-07-10T20:01:04Z check-for-asbestos-before-renovating-your-home A New Zealand regulation for asbestos came into effect in April 2018, which affected a lot of homeowners who wanted to renovate their properties. The new regulation required building owners, managers, and occupiers to have an asbestos management plan, which should be accessed by workers who will carry related work in the property. An asbestos management plan must contain written information about the identification of asbestos and other asbestos-containing material (ACM), a definitive plan or approach, and comprehensive procedures on how it will be managed. It should include details on training, the roles and responsibilities of each worker, health monitoring, and the like. Decontamination companies doing the work will need to have the proper Certificate of Competence before carrying out a job.  This regulation also requires all properties undergoing renovations to be assessed for asbestos. Anyone in charge of renovation becomes the designated PCBU, meaning a Person Conducting Business or Undertaking, and this person also holds responsibility for any other person who comes to the work site. He or she needs to ensure that none of the workers are exposed to asbestos while doing the renovation work. Asbestos is a combination of naturally occurring minerals that became popular building materials decades ago due to its resistance to fire, water and chemicals aside from its strength. It isn’t harmful unless it is broken up or exposed, and when they do, the fibres can enter the air, and subsequently, the lungs. These fibres are extremely small and they can’t be removed, which can lead to serious health issues like lung cancer, among other respiratory ailments that won’t manifest right away. Many older buildings still have asbestos-containing exteriors. When undisturbed, these claddings can still safely serve the building. Extreme care must be taken, however, when replacement with new cladding is planned. If a structure was built after the year 2000, however, it is probably free of ACM and will not need any special procedures and precautions if any demolition or renovations take place. Older structures, however, can have asbestos in a range of locations. There are sources available on the internet that show common locations of where asbestos can be found, from top to bottom, interior and exterior of certain structures. In some places, asbestos can be found in the insulation, roofing, ceilings, vinyl flooring, window putty, heating ducts, water heaters, pipe insulation, and boilers. If you are planning to do some renovations, make sure that you know these regulations surrounding asbestos. Chemcare provides asbestos removal services to ensure the safety of residential and commercial buildings in New Zealand. Don't begin your renovations yet unless you're 100% sure that there are no harmful and hidden asbestos particles present in your property. Rockend announces a twenty percent real estate agency commission increase for Movinghub referrals via Property Tree 2019-07-04T06:22:56Z rockend-announces-a-twenty-percent-real-estate-agency-commission-increase-for-movinghub-referrals-via-property-tree Rockend is delighted to announce a 20% increase on the commission that agencies receive from utilities connections provider Movinghub under their Property Tree subscription. This increase comes at a good time for real estate agencies. According to Macquarie Bank residential commissions are down to as little as 1.5 per cent, while residential property management fees are also declining to 5 per cent.  The Movinghub service is a complimentary utilities connection service that Rockend made available to Property Tree users in 2018. It helps agencies deliver more value to tenants as they move to their new home, and at the same time generates effortless new revenue. Revenue generated from property services represents great opportunities for agencies to grow their bottom line. Macquarie Bank's annual real estate benchmark report estimates the utilities service market represents a $15 billion opportunity for property management companies, the second largest after rental payment solutions. "As a company, our aim is to help real estate agencies deliver more personalised experiences to their clients. Offering a utilities connection service to new tenants can be a point of difference for many agencies" says Alister Maple-Brow, Rockend CEO.  "The best part is that this service is both free and revenue-generating for real estate businesses. With margins currently under pressure in many agencies, this price increase is a positive move that will have an immediate impact on agencies' profit line.  "Moving forward, as we continue to grow our partner ecosystem, we expect to create more equally rewarding experiences for our customers", concludes Maple-Brown. The agency commission increase applies to electricity and gas connections and became effective on July 2, 2019: - Electricity referral commission increased from $58 to $70 per connection - Gas referral commission increased from $42 to $50 per connection Agencies can also run their utilities connections service on auto-pilot and opt to refer automatically all their new tenants created in Property Tree to a Movinghub "movologist". They can do so by enabling the automatic referral option in Property Tree.  What to do: Property Tree users using Movinghub  Property Tree users already using Movinghub don't need to do anything. The price increase will be reflected automatically in the commission fees paid by Movinghub. If a user wants to enable auto-referral, this knowledge base article explains how to activate this feature in Property Tree.  What to do: For agencies not using Movinghub Property Tree users who aren't yet using the Movinghub utilities connections service can simply activate the free service under the Property Tree configuration panel (go to Configuration>Integrations>Utilities Integrations). Real estate businesses that want to learn more about Property Tree and how it integrates with utilities connections services like Movinghub, contact a Rockend specialist today. Price increase table See the table below for an overview of the price increase changes: UTILITY TYPE FROM  TO GAS $42 $50 ELECTRICITY $58 $70 Media inquiries Catherine Vissiere, Head of Marketing, Rockend Bost Group Proudly Supports Mining Community Charities with Donation 2019-07-03T23:44:02Z bost-group-proudly-supports-mining-community-charities-with-donation Bost Group has proudly donated the R2900 Bucket to the Mining Legends Project. The project aims to completely rebuild a R2900G Loader through the donation of money, parts and labour. The rebuilt R2900G Loader will ultimately be sold outright to an end-buyer, with all proceeds going to Mining Community Charities, Miners Promise and Goldfields Esperance Community Trust. The Machine Rebuild will be undertaken by Worthy Parts – Industry Link Service Providers - across Australia, who aim to have all rebuild costs covered by donation. It is estimated that the project will potentially contribute up to $1,000,000 to charities and organizations related to the welfare of mining communities and workers. Bost Group holds a passionate commitment to community causes and was quick to donate to this cause. ‘It is a cause that is close to our hearts at Bost Group’ explains Darren Newman, National Sales & Marketing Manager at Bost Group. “Part of our core values, working closely with the mining and construction industry, is a sense of responsibility and community service – not only to those who work in the industry - but their families as well.” Darren continues, “Bost Group is committed to supporting organizations and charities to help those in need, and to support mining communities in any way is an honour.” About Miners Promise Miners Promise is an independent, not-for-profit organization and charity established in 2010 to support resource sector employees and their immediate families impacted by workplace or non-workplace crisis event or death. They offer support in many ways, from emotional, financial and practical help for as long as they need it. About Goldfields Esperance Community Trust The Goldfields Esperance Community Trust is a charitable trust which provides small grants funding for not-for profit voluntary organizations, community groups and individuals in the Goldfields-Esperance region. They were established in 2012 and have been providing ongoing support for the Goldfields-Esperance not-for profit community ever since. About Bost Group Bost Group incorporates 6 divisions: Crush & Screen / Mining / Rental / Attach / Used / Support – to effectively service the mining, quarrying, earthmoving, infrastructure & construction, demolition, recycling & waste management industries. We provide Crush and Screen equipment, excavator equipment, underground buckets, refuge chambers and more both for sale and for hire. Beginning as a locally owned family business, Bost Group has continued to grow and retain strong relationships with clients through their loyal workforce. Their passionate industry specialists are committed to providing clients with safe, high-quality products, solutions and support. For more information, visit: Research collaboration lays foundations for Speedpanel® 2.0 : the next generation 2019-07-03T02:49:22Z research-collaboration-lays-foundations-for-speedpanel-r-2-0-the-next-generation As a leading manufacturer and supplier of fire and acoustic-rated wall systems, Speedpanel has recently partnered with Swinburne to research and develop new materials and manufacturing technology to further enhance their modular wall panel system. Recognising the changing nature of Australia’s construction sector – particularly in light of technological advances and environmental pressures – Speedpanel is investing in the next generation of its proven lightweight, fire and acoustic rated wall systems that are easy to install and widely used in the building and construction industry. Under the leadership of Professor Jay Sanjayan, Director of Swinburne’s Centre for Sustainable Infrastructure, researchers will apply advanced manufacturing principles to develop and test the structural, acoustic and fire performance of new, low-carbon materials, and incorporate them into Speedpanel’s existing production environments. “Swinburne is proud to work alongside an industry leader like Speedpanel and other collaborators, with the help of the IMCRC. This project provides a great opportunity for our team to go beyond the laboratories and use our ground-breaking research to develop new materials and technologies that have the potential to revolutionise the construction industry,” said Professor Sanjayan. Peter Bernhardt, Innovation & Technology Manager at Speedpanel, which is Australian-owned and operated, described the ground breaking/world first research project as a major shift in how fire and acoustic rated wall systems are designed, manufactured and supplied. The three-year project is worth more than $4.4 million in research effort. “Speedpanel 2.0 will be a game changer for the building and construction market. New methods of manufacturing, combined with exciting, new, innovative and sustainable materials, are set to enhance our versatile range and further reduce our carbon footprint,” said Mr Bernhardt. The project will be a collaboration with industry partners such as Independent Cement Limited, Redox and Speedfoam to leverage synergies and adopt new approaches to delivering affordable, high-quality products and services that benefit the wider building and construction industry. David Chuter, CEO and Managing Director of IMCRC, says that Australia’s building and construction sector presents a widespread opportunity for change and greater potential for the adoption of advanced manufacturing technology. “As part of its commitment to business transformation and continuous improvement, Speedpanel has recognised the need to further develop and evolve production processes, components and systems used to increase efficiency, productivity and respond to market demands. “Aligning its manufacturing capabilities, and investing in the development of new materials and technologies, will create a breadth of opportunity across the entire supply chain as it develops the next generation of Speedpanel products,” Mr Chuter said. High res accompanying images: Download Link: Caption for Image 1 (above) Speedpanel 2.0 coming soon to a building site near you. Caption for Image 2 (below and attached) Speedpanel Innovation & Technology Manager, Peter Bernhardt, and Researcher Sayanthan Ramakrishnan, conduct tests on new materials as part of the Speedpanel 2.0 project. About Speedpanel Speedpanel manufactures cutting-edge fire and acoustic rated non-load bearing wall systems. Speedpanel's lightweight composition, ease of installation and its superior structural properties has seen its broad acceptance throughout the building industry. Speedpanel products have undergone continuous development including testing and certification for a wide range of fire and acoustic applications. Currently, Speedpanel is one of the most certified products in these markets within Australia. Speedpanel continues to drive excellence throughout all aspects of manufacturing and product development with a focus on innovation and environmentally sustainable practices. This drive ensures Speedpanel plays an important role in enriching the built environment throughout Australia and the rest of the world. For more information visit About Swinburne Swinburne University of Technology is an internationally recognised research-intensive university focused on delivering research that creates economic and social impact. Swinburne is committed to delivering world-leading research outcomes in select areas of science, engineering and technology. Its researchers are producing innovative research solutions to real-world problems across a range of disciplines and sectors. Swinburne is ranked among the world’s top 450 universities by the 2019 Times Higher Education World University Rankings. About IMCRC The IMCRC has a vision for Australian manufacturing to be thriving, relevant and globally integrated. As a not-for-profit, independent cooperative research centre, the IMCRC helps Australian companies increase their relevance through collaborative, market-driven research in manufacturing business models, products, processes, and services. More at For further information, please contact: Swinburne Katherine Moody Senior Advisor 0423 784 834 Speedpanel Peter Lorenc Marketing Manager 0409 942 702 Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (IMCRC) Jana Kuthe Communications, Marketing and Events Manager 0416 735 666 Trade Associates is Connecting Contractors, Builders and Tradespeople 2019-07-02T04:32:15Z trade-associates-is-connecting-contractors-builders-and-tradespeople-1 Professional contacts are essential in business. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an individual searching for employment or a business seeking project leads. Trade Associates was created to meet those needs, help tradespeople keep abreast of legislation changes, and assist with company management and scheduling through the company’s ERP portal. Trade Associates is a one-stop resource for those in all aspects of the construction trade. Individuals can upload their resume, locate training opportunities, and learn about new developments and legislation pertaining to the building trades. The online platform also provides a social forum for tradies and enables individuals to participate in group activities. The construction forum is particularly beneficial for small to medium-size businesses. Trade Associates business owner members can post positions they have to fill, have access to QBCC contracts, and the company’s ERP portal that encompasses HR resources, CRM and accounting, and an HR Project Management system that aids business owners control their companies and jobs. The construction industry is thriving and will be responsible for building the homes and structures that keep an economy growing. To accomplish that, small and medium-sized businesses must be able to compete and gain access to highly-qualified tradespeople. Trade Associates is helping to meet those goals. Free and paid memberships are available to accommodate a wide variety of needs. Trade Associates has multiple membership options for individuals that have completed their apprenticeship and business owners. Individuals can network and socialize, have access to a private and public social wall, a news feed, and question and answer forum. Individuals can also post their resume and search construction trade jobs.  Building contracts Australia are becoming more complex and Trade Associates provides an easy to use platform that offers solutions for many of the inequities and problems facing small construction business owners. The company is equally beneficial for tradespeople looking for contractors, builders seeking contractors, and contractors searching for paying contracts. About Trade Associates It’s our mission to strengthen the building industry through connecting with the right clients and builders and working hard at understanding standards and expectations. We create connections of reliability between builders/agents and contractors. Media Contact Trade Associates Phone: 9432 799 628 - Ben Phone: 07 5561 7888 – Office 8/18 Blanck Street Ormeau 4208, Queensland Website: Perforated Key-Nirvana Platinum Ceiling Panels Used in Adelaide School Project 2019-07-01T00:03:15Z perforated-key-nirvana-platinum-ceiling-panels-used-in-adelaide-school-project Perforated Key-Nirvana Platinum ceiling panels from Designcor were specified by architects Thomson Rossi for The Heights School project. The ceiling panels were installed by Commercial Fitouts Australia.Designcor supply architects, interior designers and builders with linings and acoustic solutions for interior walls and ceilings and exterior facades and soffits. Their selection of realistic timber grain and coloured finishes in the Key-Nirvana range allows designers to achieve a creative and aesthetically pleasing space. Key-Nirvana is an ideal choice for a cost effective quality product. These panels can be perforated, patterned, slotted or shaped to provide maximum noise reduction. The Key-Nirvana range will not peel away from its substrate or mark easy from tapes. The selection offers realistic timber grain and coloured finishes allowing the designer to achieve a creative and aesthetically pleasing space. A selection of realistic timber grains and coloured finishes give total control over creativity while ensuring excellent acoustic properties. The pre-finished panels can be manufactured to suit site requirements and are easy to install.  The Key-Nirvana concept range is the best choice in quality for vinyl decorative panels and acoustic ceiling tiles.  They can also be used for feature panels for walls and ceiling and partitions. Thomson Rossi were commissioned by the Department for Education to complete the STEMWORKS refurbishment at The Heights School in Modbury Heights, South Australia.The design incorporated STEM hubs that are located in both the Middle and Senior School. Within these hubs particular attention was given to creating small gathering and ‘entrepreneurial’ spaces within the open floor plan areas.The concept was further developed through a connection between internal STEM spaces which spill outside into covered outdoor desks for continuation of experiment and testing activities. This connection provides integration between the spaces and their associated activities to support STEM learnings.  For more information on hoop pine plywood, plywood wall panels, Key-Ply panels and more, visit Driven by Design – Trueline’s Carports Are Made to Last 2019-06-30T23:29:31Z driven-by-design-trueline-s-carports-are-made-to-last With designs crafted to match the architectural style of the home and options to suit all budgets, Trueline’s range of carports transform outdoor space design. They apply architectural thinking and technique to go beyond ordinary in crafting patio, pergola and carport structures of exceptional quality made only of the best Australian materials.  Trueline has introduced a new affordable high-quality carport range. The new range of carports is available in a range of designs, sizes and formats. The Kudos Luxe Carports from Trueline are for those looking to bring an element of architectural style to the front of their home. Trueline carports can be created to make a dramatic statement at the front of a property or as a refined structure to harmonise the connection between home and streetscape. Kudos carports are available with either aluminium or insulated roofing systems in a range of profiles using premium grade Australian made materials built by our own skilled professionals. The carport structure is customised for each project and can be designed for flat, gable and elevated roof forms with a wide choice of colour options. The Heritage Carports  are for those who admire the stylish simplicity and chic aesthetic of the Heritage Hamptons design or prefer the more locally inspired Heritage Queenslander design.  The decision to add a carport usually occurs because there is a practical need to provide protective space for one or more vehicles and in many instances comes as a consequence that your garage is now being used for a purpose other than storing cars. However, the functionality of the cover usually overrides equally important considerations around aesthetics and durability. Trueline believes the most important consideration while choosing a carport is matching the functional need of protecting vehicles with the home’s aesthetic style. Trueline carports are designed with the same exacting standards of quality and design applied to their patio projects.   Trueline only use premium grade Australian materials built by their own skilled professionals with each project engineered to provide lifelong performance in Australian conditions and backed by genuine peace of mind guarantees. For more information on pergola, carports Brisbane, carports Sunshine Coast, Trueline patios and more, visit   Allan Van Planning Offers Clarity and Insight for Development Projects 2019-06-26T04:05:46Z allan-van-planning-offers-clarity-and-insight-for-development-projects From amusement parks and gourmet dining to residential housing projects and community uses, town councils have their hands full ensuring that communities are balanced and account for the common good. Allan Van Planning specializes in assisting city councils in purchasing property, building projects, and making improvements that are beneficial for all. The company is town planner Gold Coast experts that offer a wide variety of services that include preparing planning reports on a specific site, planning advice when purchasing properties for potential development, or considering improvements on an existing site. Rules and regulations concerning land usage change more quickly than most people realize and Allan Van Planning provides accurate intelligence and advice on the likelihood of a project being approved. Specialists at Allan Van Planning meet with town planners to fully understand the type and scope of a project. The firm can offer clear insight for any town planner Brisbane, providing feasibility studies to demonstrate due diligence, along with the highest and best usage for properties. The agency also provides level of assessment determinations and aid in ascertaining if a property purchase will be appropriate for the desired usage. A knowledgeable representative from Allan Van Planning will attend a pre-lodgement meeting to ensure all the contents of a development application being submitted meets the pertinent standards, regulations and requirements. Town planning Gold Coast is highly complex. Allan Van Planning has expertise and experience in expediting project approval in the most economical way possible. It’s essential that companies have accurate information before launching any project. The boutique planning agency has experience with projects encompassing high-rise developments and subdivisions to cafes, children’s centres, and animal clinics, along with car washes, wrecking yards, and transportation hubs. A town planning committee requires the most accurate and up-to-date information available and Allan Van Planning provides that data. The firm is highly-experienced and provides consultations, can negotiate on clients’ behalf, and help with all aspects of permits, applications and compliance. Media Contact Allan Van Phone: 0418 312 724 Email: Daniel Ebert Phone: 0434 812 386 Email: 38 Park Road, Milton QLD 4064 Website: Carboncor's Cold Asphalt Endorsed for Use on South Australia's Roads 2019-06-24T10:51:13Z carboncor-s-cold-asphalt-endorsed-for-use-on-south-australia-s-roads   Adelaide, AUS, June 17, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - South Australia's Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) has approved Carboncor, an environmentally friendly cold asphalt premix, for use on roads in the State.The DPTI trialed Carboncor Cold Asphalt on Owen Road at the Templers Road junction MM43.6, north of Roseworthy, Gawler, South Australia, in December last year. A total of 31 metric tons was installed into an area of 210 square meters (m2) at a nominal thickness of 30 millimeters (mm), including a 12 m2 area which required a thickness of 50mm. The road was initially constructed in 1937 and was resealed in 1992. Patch work and repair had constantly been required. Following installation, Carboncor Cold Asphalt proved capable of withstanding light and heavy-duty traffic types, and even though the original road base was severely compromised, it showed little signs of rutting, cracking, lateral movement or delamination from the adjacent asphalt after 3 months.The trial led DPTI to conclude that Carboncor Cold Asphalt is suitable for routine road maintenance and permanent pothole repairs as well as a replacement for standard hot asphalt in remote locations. "I can recommend this cold mix product for a range of road maintenance and repair applications," says Hugo van Loon, DPTI's Senior Asphalt Engineer.Before the trial, samples of both imported and locally produced material were sent to a National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA)-accredited independent asphalt laboratory in Perth for analysis. The tests showed that both materials complied with the specification requirements for:- Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) Specification 504 Wearing Coarse AC10 (Freeways and Highways) - The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) / Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA) Asphalt Specification - Dense graded: Highways, Arterial, Industrial and Distributor Roads AC10 Carboncor Cold Asphalt is a water-based and environmentally-friendly product. Its IP protected technology incorporates an enhanced penetration-based carbon bonding system that results in elevated binder strength and mix endurance. The asphalt was also tested on gravel roads, proving that the cold-mix is an economical option."We see our products as an innovative, environmental, and economical solution for a world that is seeking to reduce its carbon footprint," said Carboncor Products CEO Jim Layard. "Our current agreement and accreditation with the DPTI will offer the South Australian market a viable and cost-effective alternative cold-mix product."Chief Engineer Andre Van Zyl emphasised that Carboncor's products are continuously tested worldwide in both in-house and third-party laboratories. The tests ensure its continued compliance to American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) standards for all duty road types as a permanent wearing course installation, and long-term maintenance and repair solution.About Carboncor and Carboncor Products Pte LtdCarboncor was established in 1999 in South Africa with a focus on cold asphalt and its development. Since 2004, Carboncor's Cold Asphalt has been installed in countries including Cambodia, Cameroon, Chad, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mali, Mauritius, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Nepal, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, Yemen and Zambia. Singapore-based Caboncor Products Pte Ltd was set up in 2017 to commercialise Carboncor Cold Asphalt globally. Carboncor's manufacturing plant in Australia was set up in mid-2018. For further information, visit Indo-Pacific design shines on the global stage as INDE.Awards 2019 winners announced 2019-06-21T16:12:23Z indo-pacific-design-shines-on-the-global-stage-as-inde-awards-2019-winners-announced Architecture and design that embraces the human experience has won big at the INDE.Awards in 2019. Winners of the INDE.Awards 2019 were announced on Friday 21 June at a grand gala event in Melbourne, Australia.  Designers from right across the Indo-Pacific attended the gala, which saw the coming together of a vast region of creatives in a melting pot of celebration and activity. Thirteen category winners were announced alongside 11 honourable mentions, a Best of the Best award, and the Editors’ Gold Mark – an accolade awarded by Indesign Media’s Regional Editorial Board for progressiveness in design.  Among this year’s winners is Singapore design studio Produce, which received The Design Studio and Best of the Best for successfully pioneering a new approach to practice and process. Also impressing the Jury with its altruistic architectural vision was The Building winner, Maitland Riverlink, in Australia, by CHROFI with McGregor Coxall.  A fiercely contested category, The Living Space saw STUDIO WILLS + Architects take out the top gong for PROJECT #13 in Singapore. Meanwhile Melbourne firm, Russell & George, continued its dream run of award wins for Space & Time, in Australia, taking home INDEs gold for The Work Space. The Jury was both inspired and challenged by the incredible task of judging over 430 entries, following a 43 per cent increase on entry registrations (year-on-year, 2017-2019). “Design continues to play an important role in bringing different communities and people together in the IndoPacific region,” said Juror Sue Carr of Carr (Australia). “The entries this year provided a deeper insight behind the promising work being delivered across the [entire] region.”  Jurors also acknowledged the Indo-Pacific’s many emerging design scenes, which proved both diverse and innovative in their remit. “Although all these emerging design scenes are growing closer in a globalised world, local tradition, culture and environment contributes to very diverse design solutions and languages,” said Juror Judy Cheung of Cheungvogl (Hong Kong). “This is what we find in the INDE.Awards – architecture of equally local and international contribution and meaning,” she said. Indesign Media Asia Pacific CEO and Juror, Raj Nandan, commended this year’s INDE.Awards winners on the progressive approach and superior quality of their winning submissions. “Our Jury has outdone itself in adjudicating a record-breaking number of entries, while our Partners’ incredible support has enabled us to truly celebrate progressive architecture and design on the global stage,” said Mr Nandan. Celebrating 20 years in design in 2020, Indesign Media is excited to announce a special, commemorative INDE.Awards for 2020. “For two decades we have proudly and whole-heartedly supported and celebrated the region’s outstanding design community through our many media channels, dedicated industry initiatives and commercial design events,” said Mr Nandan. “In 2020 the INDE.Awards will celebrate the best of the decade with a special program that pays homage to the Indo-Pacific’s top architecture and design of the 21st Century,” he said. The winners of the INDE.Awards 2019 were announced at the INDE.Awards Gala in Melbourne, Friday 21 June. INDE.Awards 2020 will officially launch in September 2019, with entries open from November 2019. DOWNLOAD WINNERS IMAGES For more information, quotes and images please contact: Kobe Johns  Phone: +61 2 9368 0150  Email: INDE.Awards 2019 Jury Chan Ee Mun, WOHA (Singapore)  Eleena Jamil, Eleena Jamil Architect (Malaysia)  James Calder, Calder Consultants (Australia)  Jan Utzon, Utzon Architects (Denmark)  Joshua Comaroff, Lekker Architects (Singapore)  Joyce Wang, Joyce Wang Studio (Hong Kong, UK)  Judy Cheung, Cheungvogl (Hong Kong)  Leone Lorrimer, Lorrimer Consulting (Australia)  Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd, PearsonLloyd (UK)  Luke Yeung, Architectkidd (Thailand)  Paul McGillick, McGillick Consulting (Australia)  Raj Nandan, Indesign Media Asia Pacific (Australia/Singapore)  Shashi Caan, SC COLLECTIVE(USA/UK)  Stephen Burks, Stephen Burks Man Made (USA)  Sue Carr, Carr (Australia) Best of the Best, proudly presented by Zenith Winner | Produce, Singapore “Look no further for the perfectly integrated design practice” INDE.Awards 2019 Jury  Photography: Edward Hendricks Editors' Gold Mark, Proudly presented by Indesign Media Asia Pacific Winner | Arc, Koichi Takada Architects, Australia “Amenity, quality and gentle refinement” Indesign Media Regional Editorial Board  Photography: Martin Siegner  The Building, Proudly presented bu Cult Winner | Maitland Riverlink, CHROFI with McGregor Coxall, Australia “Simple, tactile and immediately part of the landscape” INDE.Awards 2019 Jury  Photography: Brett Boardman  Honourable Mention | Freycinet Lodge Coastal Pavilions, Liminal Architecture, Australia The Multi-Residential Building, Proudly presented by Bosch Winner | Short Lane - Woods Bagot, Australia “Garden living and café life meet in Sydney’s inner burbs” INDE.Awards 2019 Jury  Photography: Trevor Mein Honourable Mention | Arc, Koichi Takada Architects, Australia The Living Space, Proudly presented by Gaggenau Winner | PROJECT #13, STUDIO WILLS + Architects, Singapore “Space, privacy and communal living – a smart reinvention” INDE.Awards 2019 Jury Photography: Khoo Guo Jie  Honourable Mention | Family Holiday Structure, Imaduwa, Palinda Kannangara Architects, Sri Lanka The Social Space, Proudly presented by Woven Image Winner | S Space | H&P Architects, Vietnam “A tranquil open space with natural materiality” INDE.Awards 2019 Jury Photography: Nguyen Tien Thanh  Honourable Mention | Tingtai Teahouse, Linehouse , Hong Kong The Shopping Space, Proudly presented by PGH Bricks & Pavers Winner | Usfin Atelier | George Livissianis, Australia “Futuristic salon meets infinitely flexible exhibition and event space” INDE.Awards 2019 Jury Photography: Tom Ferguson  Honourable Mention | Caroma on Collins, Archier, Australia  The Learning Space, Proudly presented by Living Edge Winner | Green Square Library and Plaza | Studio Hollenstein with Stewart Architecture, Australia “A learning urbanscape that celebrates transparent knowledge exchange” INDE.Awards 2019 Jury Photography: Tom Roe  Honourable Mention | Western Sydney University Liverpool Campus, Woods Bagot, Australia The Wellness Space, Proudly presented by Zip Winner | Punmu & Parnngurr Aboriginal Health Clinics | Kaunitz Yeung Architecture, Australia “Welcoming, comforting and eminently practical spaces tackling a critical issue” INDE.Awards 2019 Jury Photography: Brett Boardman  Honourable Mention | Perth Children’s Hospital, JCY, Cox Architecture and Billard Leece Partnership with HKS, Australia The Work Space, Proudly presented by Colebrook Bosson Saunders Winner | Space & Time | Russell & George, Australia “An experimental workplace that evolves and intrigues” INDE.Awards 2019 Jury Photography: Paul Martin  Honourable Mention | Piazza Dell’Ufficio, Branch Studio Architects, Australia The Object, Proudly Presented by Haworth Winner | OMNI | Tom Fereday for Earp Bros, Australia “Breeze blocks become space invaders to transform your inner sanctum” INDE.Awards 2019 Jury Photography: Jason Busch  Honourable Mention | UOVO, SUPERSTRUCTURE SG, Singapore The Design Studio, Proudly presented by Herman Miller Winner | Produce | Singapore “Redefining practice by bridging the gap between idea and construction” INDE.Awards 2019 Jury Photography: Derrick Lim  Honourable Mention | Edition Office, Australia The Influencer, Proudly presented by Careers Indesign Winner | Hawker Reload | Groundwork, Architects and Associates, Hong Kong “An unprecedented intervention that saved Hong Kong’s street markets” INDE.Awards 2019 Jury Photography: Manfred Yuen  Honourable Mention | GRID Education, Carter Williamson Architects, Australia The Luminary - People's Choice, Proudly presented by Wilkhan Winner | Budiman Hendropurnomo | Denton Corker Marshall, Indonesia “Driving a long-term vision for Indonesian architecture” INDE.Awards 2019 Jury Photography: Andre Wiredja The Prodigy - People's Choice, Proudly presented by Cosentino Winner | Felicity Slattery & Sarah Cosentino | Studio Esteta, Australia “Advocates of the emotional potential of design” INDE.Awards 2019 Jury Photography: Gemmola IFS and Acumatica to form global cloud ERP powerhouse under EQT ownership 2019-06-20T01:39:06Z ifs-and-acumatica-to-form-global-cloud-erp-powerhouse-under-eqt-ownership Melbourne, Australia, June 20, 2019 – EQT Partners, a leading investment firm with US$45B (€40B) of assets under management, has announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire cloud-native enterprise software provider Acumatica through an investment vehicle owned by the same holding company that holds IFS AB (Industrial and Financial Systems). To further reinforce this coalition, following the closing of the transaction Jonas Persson will serve as chairman for both companies. IFS, the global enterprise applications company, and Acumatica, the world’s fastest-growing Cloud ERP provider, will serve growth industries such as manufacturing, distribution, construction, service, energy and A&D, while competing directly with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Infor and Sage among others. “I closely evaluated IFS and Acumatica for The IDC MarketScape: Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Operational ERP Applications 2019 Vendor Assessment,” said Mickey North Rizza, Program Vice President Enterprise Applications, IDC. “Each company was identified as a Major Player in the study, but for different reasons, and together they will truly complement one another. IFS can bolster Acumatica’s ability to globalise and expand in key industries, while Acumatica can support IFS with increased functionality in business intelligence, analytics and extensive experience of providing a true born-in-the-cloud ERP software-as-a-service offering.” “This collaboration is great news for both organisations, our customers, partners and employees,” said IFS CEO Darren Roos, who will assume a position on Acumatica’s board of directors. “EQT has brought together two businesses that will enjoy the key benefits of a partnership in the growing cloud enterprise applications market. IFS and Acumatica can benefit from one another’s resources, capabilities and strategies, but still enjoy full autonomy and rapid growth trajectories while avoiding disruptions to business operations or brand equity. Acumatica’s cloud-native architecture and operations are absolutely cutting edge, as is its commitment to partners and customers. I ultimately see this as two allies to cover the market from end to end, with combined strength to take market share.” “IFS is an admirable company in the ERP market who shares our belief in customer satisfaction,” said Jon Roskill, CEO, Acumatica. “We could not have asked for a better match of technologies, strategies and cultures. IFS and Acumatica both stand for customer satisfaction and choice, providing public, private and hybrid cloud options as well as modern licensing and rich independent software vendor (ISV) ecosystems. Acumatica’s customer-friendly licensing and industry-leading partner programs will not change, and our award-winning support will only get better. Combined with the proficiencies of IFS, Acumatica is positioned to expand into new markets and offer true global support for our rapidly expanding international customers.” The closing of the transaction is subject to the satisfaction of customary closing conditions, including the receipt of regulatory approvals. The transaction is expected to close in the third quarter. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The new global entity is ultimately designed to meet a growing range of customer requirements. Both IFS and Acumatica understand that businesses are becoming increasingly global, regardless of size or industry. To scale and compete, customers need a network of resources that will support business operations wherever they, their business partners and customers may be. To address these needs the two companies will tap into one another’s ISV, reseller and systems integrator communities, cross-pollinate technical resources and roadmaps, and implement best practices across services and support to enable efficiencies of scale and rapid growth that are mutually beneficial. Both companies are currently adopting artificial intelligence and machine learning features into their respective products and expect to achieve early success in that area. About Acumatica Acumatica Cloud ERP provides the best business management solution for transforming your company to thrive in the new digital economy. Built on a future-proof platform with open architecture for rapid integrations, scalability, and ease of use, Acumatica delivers unparalleled value to more than 5,000 small and midmarket organizations through our team of 275 worldwide employees and 300 channel partners. For more information, visit About IFS IFS™ develops and delivers enterprise software for customers around the world who manufacture and distribute goods, maintain assets and manage service-focused operations. The industry expertise of our people and solutions, together with commitment to our customers, has made us a recognised leader and the most recommended supplier in our sector. Our team of 3,500 employees supports more than 10,000 customers worldwide from a network of local offices and through our growing ecosystem of partners. For more information, visit: Follow us on Twitter: @ifsworld About EQT EQT is a leading investment firm with more than EUR 61 billion in raised capital across 29 funds and around EUR 40 billion in assets under management. EQT funds have portfolio companies in Europe, Asia and the US with total sales of more than EUR 19 billion and approximately 127,000 employees. EQT works with portfolio companies to achieve sustainable growth, operational excellence and market leadership. More info: Call for nominations in Architecture & Design’s 13th Annual Sustainability Awards 2019-06-20T00:23:35Z call-for-nominations-in-architecture-amp-design-s-13th-annual-sustainability-awards Architecture & Design, which has hosted Australia’s longest running sustainable building awards, has announced that nominations for the 2019 program are now open. Branko Miletic, Editor of Architecture and Design magazine commented “After twelve accomplished Sustainability Award programs, the 2019 program has naturally advanced to focus firmly on three core drivers of sustainability: People, Projects and Innovation.” “This is an opportunity for the individual to participate. These awards largely focus on the project – which is a direct result of the people behind it. So this year it made sense to pay homage to the people behind the projects,” Miletic continued. Nominations received are shortlisted and then finalists in 17 categories are announced at a five-star gala evening hosted at the Star, Sydney on 7th November 2019. The 2019 program is divided into three segments: Projects: Consisting of 11 categories in total, two new categories – Pre-fabrication & Modular and Best Adaptive Reuse have been included to highlight the important work happening in these areas. People: Now hosting three prestigious award categories, this year the program aims to shine a light on individuals dedicating their career to building a more sustainable future. Two new categories – Women in Sustainability and Future Sustainability Leader compliment the Emerging Architect/Designer award category. Innovation: This segment celebrates innovation within three emerging areas of Sustainability and celebrates everything that sustainability should be remembered for. This final segment will celebrate three award categories for Intelligent buildings, Green Building Material and Waste Elimination.  In 2018, The Sustainability Awards program attracted almost 200 entries. 37 projects were shortlisted by our jury. 15 winners and 3 highly commended prizes were awarded at the Gala Dinner. For the third year running, the Awards ceremony will also be preceded by a day-long CPD-endorsed panel event, that has quickly gained popularity in the industry. For more information about the 13th Annual Architecture & Design Sustainability Awards, visit or call Branko Miletic, Editor at Architecture & Design (details below).   About Sustainability Awards & Sustainability Awards 2019 The Sustainability Awards is the nation’s most respected and longest running awards program for sustainable building and design. We reward those who share our desire to curtail and reverse the ecological footprint of our built environment, bringing together those who design, manufacture and construct green buildings and products of all sizes and purposes. The awards program is supported by Sustainability Live – a daytime education series of live panel discussions and Q&A with highly regarded industry experts, endorsed by the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) Refuel Program. The Sustainability Awards is run by Architecture and Design - Australia’s largest commercial architecture, building, construction and design media network providing expert commentary and news updates on people, projects and product though daily e-newsletters, quarterly magazine and website Published by Indesign Media, holds the industry’s highest ranking for monthly unique visitors, and Architecture and Design is the longest running and largest circulating ABC trade magazine within Australia’s professional architecture, building and design space. AIQS identifies core solution to prevent construction defects 2019-06-19T22:28:54Z aiqs-identifies-core-solution-to-prevent-construction-defects The anticipated investigative report on the defects at Mascot Towers to be released by the New South Wales Department of Fair Trading will reside in the seemingly growing dossier containing the Shergold and Weir Report, Murray Report, Lambert Report, VCAT decision on Lacrosse Tower Fire, and the Opal Tower Report which highlight the necessity for immediate change in the procurement model for Australia’s built environment. The outcomes of these reports and investigations have resulted in measures to rectify some shortcomings. However, the underlying reasons why the construction industry across Australia is facing these issues have not been adequately addressed. Deficiencies arising from incomplete design, non-compliance, payment of contractors and sub-contractors, apportionment of risk, and cost blowouts have only been partially addressed. Outside of requiring the appointment of a clerk or works on all construction projects, the most practical solution is the appointment of an independent audit consultant by the client. This consultant would ensure the project design reflects the clients’ requirements, is within budget, appropriate contracts are in place, fully costed design specifications are provided along with a BIM (where project scale warrants), contractor and sub-contractor suitability is identified, risk is apportioned according to responsibility, compliance with design and contract specifications, adherence to the BCA, with the end product having minimal or no variations and defects. A Certified Quantity Surveyor is the only truly independent professional consultant with the requisite skills and experience to ensure all pre-and during construction risks are appropriately identified and addressed. Currently, Certified Quantity Surveyor’s provide the Independent Certifier / Reviewer role for Public Private Partnership projects and have the expertise to ensure construction projects are completed with improved delivery and minimal risk to developers, contractors, financiers, and end users. MEDIA CONTACT Anthony Lieberman Communications and Marketing Manager Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors Direct Phone: +61 2 8234 4009 Email: To organise an interview with Grant Warner, CEO, Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) contact Anthony.