The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-03-01T05:13:11Z Sydney's Leading Mechanic Shop, Kismet Mechanical, Wins the 2021 Three Best Rated Award 2021-03-01T05:13:11Z sydney-s-leading-mechanic-shop-kismet-mechanical-wins-the-2021-three-best-rated-award Kismet Mechanical, one of the top-rated Mechanic shops in Sydney, has been bestowed with the 2021 ThreeBestRated® award, And its CEO Sanjay Sethi is thrilled to receive the award. "We feel very honoured, humbled, and privileged to be recognised by The Three Best Rated.", says Sanjay Sethi. The Kismet Mechanical has been a recipient of this prestigious award two times in a row. Various aspects of Kismet Mechanical are reviewed based on ThreeBestRated's 50-point inspection data, before listing it on ThreeBestRated® website. About Kismet Mechanical - Sydney Sanjay Sethi moved to Australia in 1989 and worked odd jobs for almost six months. Later he got into driving taxis. In the next 15 years, Sanjay ended up building a fleet of over 165 Taxis at its peak with over 400 drivers working part/full time. In fact, Sanjay got the idea of launching a mechanic shop while he was in the taxi business. He realised that with 165 taxis, they did not have any breakdowns in 450000 shifts, which gave him the confidence to start a mechanic shop. He founded Kismet Mechanical in 2012 to help the general public with vehicle maintenance and repair. Achievements and Accolades: Over the years, Kismet Mechanical has earned many accolades and recognition for their service. They are the recipient of ThreeBestRated award for best mechanic shops and several other local business awards. Out of all their achievements, Sanjay points out their ability to get three kids from underprivileged backgrounds through University in Sydney as their best achievement. Sanjay is proud of his crew. He says, "Having all staff being with us from day one when they started their career with us till today is one big achievement. They have been provided with shares in the company based on their tenure with the company. " Sanjay is also proud of their clientele. They have over 29000 and retention rate of over 98.9875%. They have also earned over 2044 Google reviews at 4.8 ratings. It stands as proof of their excellent customer service. What sets them apart? The Kismet Mechanical mechanic shop is open 24/7 on all days for service. The shop opens its doors even on public holidays. Sanjay feels that it is what sets them apart from their competitors. They also take pride in offering free complimentary cars to customers while their vehicle is being fixed at Kismet Mechanical. At Kismet Mechanical, they ensure that every vehicle that comes fo repair leaves the garage without any issues. Sanjay says, "We go through a three-person endorsement on the checklist. The mechanic who fixes the car hands over the car with a job card to another mechanic to check the work carried out and vice versa. After the test drive, the papers are finally signed by a senior mechanic and by me if possible." Kismet Mechanical continues to provide top-class and environmentally friendly vehicle maintenance and services to the people in Sydney. Visit their website to get in touch with them. Long-term dry hire of machinery here to stay 2021-03-01T02:19:43Z long-term-dry-hire-of-machinery-here-to-stay The growth of Australia’s mining industry has positioned long-term dry hire as a highly attractive option versus purchasing equipment over the past five years. This change in the mining industry has been driven by strategies to increase production, export volumes and bottom-line profitability. As mining fleets expand, companies that are constrained by capital availability are regularly choosing to opt for long-term dry hire over purchasing. National Group managing director, chief executive and founder, Mark Ackroyd, has witnessed this shift as his company has grown over the past 24 years. Dry hire now represents 90 per cent of National Group’s business. “Dry hire gives mining companies an option to free up capital expenditure without recording big-ticket purchases on their balance sheet,” Ackroyd tells Australian Mining. “They can continue using the equipment and give it back after 12 months, one year, two years or even more, without any ownership responsibility. “All they’re responsible for is fuel, the supply of operators and minor repairs. They can use the machine for as long as it’s required to get the job done and increase production.” It is no surprise that long-term dry hire has emerged as an appealing alternative for mining companies, given its benefits in current market conditions. National Group provides greater flexibility by offering two types of dry hire, with maintenance being an option that mining companies can choose to take onboard themselves. In this scenario, a mining company will carry out all the minor repairs and equipment services, with only the obligation of major repairs assumed by National Group. Alternatively, National Group also offers fully-maintained maintenance in which they are responsible for managing the machines onsite and conducting all equipment repairs, major or minor. This removes maintenance and safety hazards that mine site personnel may be exposed to, thereby minimising the risk for the mining company. This is also an attractive option for mine sites who do not have the resources. In both scenarios of dry hire, mining companies stand to gain from more accurate budgeting forecasts, greater flexibility and customisation of the equipment needed for their mining activities. National Group offers an extensive fleet, which includes a variety of large bulldozers, excavators and ultra-class dump trucks for dry hire. It has a fleet-wide availability of over 90 per cent, with each unit of equipment delivering up to 700 operating hours per month. “Our fleet comprises of around 300 plus units of heavy earthmoving equipment, with this number being added to weekly on average,” Ackroyd says. “We have regular interest from several Tier 1 Australian mining companies looking to hire equipment, with dozens of large and extra-large pieces of heavy mining equipment arriving soon.” Equipment such as Caterpillar 6040 excavators, Caterpillar 24 motor graders, and Caterpillar 793F trucks, are all machines being added to National Group’s line up. Ackroyd says the demand for equipment hire has increased as mining companies transition to an owner-miner approach, with commodity cycles continuing to advance. His confidence in this approach stands on the strength of the mining sector, which is the top contributor to Australia’s gross domestic product. When global uncertainty shook economies last year, Australia delivered record revenues for iron ore, gold and copper. Australian Bureau of Statistics data reveals that the resources sector provided $270 billion into the economy in 2020. This represents 62 per cent of the country’s total export revenue, with iron ore exports soaring from $96 billion in 2019 to $116 billion in 2020. BHP and Rio Tinto, the world’s two largest miners, believe the strength of the iron ore market will be sustained. The companies foresee a persistent shortage in global iron ore supply, while a soaring demand for the commodity is expected to continue due to Chinese steelmaker activity. According to BHP, a National Group customer, this puts Australia in an advantageous position for its high-quality seaborne iron ore – an essential ingredient to blast-furnace steelmaking. BHP chief executive Mike Henry says that while the world is a more volatile and uncertain place today, the global economy is rebounding strongly despite the ongoing effects of COVID-19. “In steel, for example, we expect continuing strong end-use demand to underpin production of more than one billion tonnes in China for a third consecutive year,” Henry, speaking during BHP’s half-year results presentation, says. “Add population growth and further rises in living standards to this equation, and the conditions are very promising.” Ackroyd agrees that the mining sector is in a strong place and will continue to be in the next five years. “I don’t see any impending challenges in the mining industry over the next five years. It’s the number one driver of the Australian economy and a leader in the country’s COVID-19 economic recovery,” Ackroyd says. “But regardless of the positive landscape ahead, mining always comes with a certain degree of uncertainty. Dry hire allows mining companies to operate more effectively, and with greater flexibility in both good and more uncertain times.” Click here for more news from the National Group. Conserve It and STULZ S.p.A announce Strategic Partnership 2021-03-01T00:58:03Z conserve-it-and-stulz-s-p-a-announce-strategic-partnership Conserve It, an international leader in Smart IoT & Smart Building Solutions, building automation and HVAC solutions today announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with STULZ S.p.A to develop an innovative range of intelligent building automation and optimisation solutions called CyberHub Plant.OPT.  Based on PlantPRO® technologies and algorithms, the objective of this solution is to ensure that facilities achieve the highest efficiency and reliability of a water-based cooling system throughout its life. Based near Verona, Italy, and a subsidiary of STULZ GmbH, STULZ S.p.A is one of the world's leading solution providers of energy efficient systems for temperature management, specifically for mission critical applications like data centers and, under COSMOTEC brand, industrial process and automation. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Conserve It is the developer of central cooling and heating plant control and optimisation solutions PlantPRO® & PlantPRO® CORE already deployed all over the world since 2007 with remarkable results in terms of reliability and efficiency. Conserve It also partners with international leaders in building automation & controls, analytics & visualisation, sensors & metering, cybersecurity and is one of the leading distributors in the Smart Buildings products and solutions industry. “STULZ S.p.A is a proven international leader in the research, design and development of ITC, Data Center and industrial HVAC systems. They are a company with a strong focus on customised, design-driven technology and share many values to Conserve It . We are excited to form this strategic partnership, one which will provide mutual benefit to our respective customer base,” said Filippo Bernardello, EMEA Product Manager at Conserve It. “Conserve It, with extensive, specialised global experience in designing and deploying award-winning smart IoT building solutions, makes an excellent strategic partner with whom to develop these range of solutions,” said Alessandro Polce, Sales and Marketing Director at STULZ S.p.A. “We are proud to partner with Conserve It to provide a bespoke, highly efficient, reliable solution that will hugely benefit the market.”  More information about Conserve It is available at Contact:Chirayu Shah General Manager, Conserve It Sudo Roux unveils thought leadership film - 'Digital transformation in education: challenges and opportunities' 2021-02-28T22:07:24Z digital-transformation-in-education-short-film Film: Sudo Roux has been a key technical partner in The University of Technology Sydney’s (UTS) transformation journey since 2019, alongside leading digital experience platform partner, Optimizely (formerly Episerver). Using UTS’ story in a short film case study, Sudo Roux and Optimizely present a credible and measured approach to achieving enterprise resilience through transformation for the benefit of the education sectors administrators, academics, and revolutionaries. Background Globally, education sector revenues have plummeted in the wake of COVID19. The inability to quickly switch from traditional face-to-face modalities to an online and/or multichannel approach has exposed weaknesses in the sector. Many countries are looking to consolidate tertiary institutions to solidify their position. In Australia, universities face projected losses of $16bn by the end of 2023, as well as up to 21,000 job losses, with reliance on revenue derived from the physical presence of overseas students exacerbating the issue.  Challenges and opportunities The COVID19 pandemic has heightened the need for education organisations to embrace, engineer, and execute a transformation plan as a pathway to business resilience, in the face of these retreating enrolments and physical interactions.  The short film looks at the process of reinvention and rebirth through the lens of learning, IT, digital and marketing teams. How they plan, execute, monitor, and support the organisational and learner shift from a traditional view of degree-based education, toward a lifelong learning approach, delivered in a blended learning model with multiple entry/exit points and participation models. A future geared toward outcomes where free teaser courses, short courses, micro-credentials, and stacked degrees are the norm. Key Talent Matt Sayer Chief Technology Officer and Partner, Sudo Roux Dean McDonald  Head of IT - New Business, Enterprise & Community, UTS Fiona Anson Enterprise Learning Lead, UTS Kriti Colless Head, Online Program Management, UTS Emma van Blommestein Marketing and Communications Manager, UTS Film: Web: Carat dials up Aussie partnerships for Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Summer campaign 2021-02-28T21:06:15Z carat-dials-up-aussie-partnerships-for-bundaberg-brewed-drinks-summer-campaign :   Being part of a cluttered soft drink category, Carat’s client, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, were looking to stand out across their key Summer sales period by defending not only their traditional Qld market, but also growing the southern markets of NSW and Victoria.   With domestic travel the only holiday opportunity, the campaign dialled up the Aussie heritage by moving into Australian platforms and content.   The approach by Carat was centred around TV, defined as a COVID-proof environment that grew during lockdowns and provided flexibility.    The two platforms that would achieve this included Seven’s Summer of Cricket, where it aligned with the BBD moments of sharing, family and Australian.  Also, for the first time, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks sponsored the Best and Fairest Segment where throughout the season, the commentary team voted and crowned a player of the match.     Secondly, Carat worked with Network 10 on a truly unique activation in The Amazing Race Australia which has been filmed 100% domestically in Australia for the first time.  This platform provided an opportunity for deeper and meaningful integration.   In tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race Australia (1st March), the founder of Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, Cliff Fleming, will be involved in a bespoke, in-program challenge.  This challenge, filmed in Queensland and home to the world-famous ginger beer manufacturing HQ, will see contestants take part in a ginger harvesting challenge to receive their next clue. “The Bundaberg brand is steeped in tradition and an iconic Aussie staple for family get togethers. Changes in consumer habits during COVID have allowed us to follow a more intuitive way of building our media strategy. The storytelling creative alongside the more humanising media channels such as TV were the obvious combination for our Brand. We’ve seen more Aussies drink our product than ever in our history which is a defining moment for this family business,” said Penny Glasson, Head of Marketing at Bundaberg Brewed Drinks.  “Data driven approaches to our media strategy didn’t work during COVID because no one knew what was happening from day to day, let alone months in advance. The world was changing so quickly, and no report could give us the silver bullet on how to best plan ahead. We focused on trying to get a read on how consumers behaviours were shifting and building our strategy around our intuition. We leant on the team to build a media plan that provided us flexibility but also gave us authentic storytelling opportunities,” she added. “The business has outperformed the category during COVID which is one of the most competitive in the country. Australians are supporting Australian brands and for this we are so grateful. We’ve seen our business shift to 24/7 production capability to meet the increase in demand.” Craig Cooper, Chief Investment Officer at Carat, added: “Overall TV has seen inflation in this past Summer, but clients like Bundaberg have strengthened partnerships and integration to provide them with effective media reach.”   “Partnerships are not only an important vehicle for brands to align authentically within high calibre content, but also allow a brand to transcend a more traditional spots and dots strategy,” he added.     Team:   Media Agency – Carat Brisbane Craig Cooper - Chief Investment Officer Carat Australia Anthea Gaffney – Head of Investment Carat Brisbane Lauren Sayer – Client Director Mark Pearson – Investment Manager Kirsten Bucceri – Client Executive   Leontine De Sutter – Head of Content Partnerships – The Story Lab   Client – Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Penny Glasson – Head of Marketing Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Julia McMurray – Brand Manager AU/NZ  Ioanna Vlachos – Marketing Specialist    Creative Agency - Alike     JG Vertical: Problem solvers at heart 2021-02-25T23:05:10Z jg-vertical-problem-solvers-at-heart JG Vertical are rope access specialists with a passion for problem solving and getting jobs done in a high quality fashion. All services JG Vertical provides are executed with this problem solving mentality in mind, from doing specialist rigging and lifting, to our commercial window cleaning  It's for this reason that JG Vertical are constantly chosen to undertake high rise window cleaning on some of Australia's most iconic and architecturally challenging buildings, such as the Sydney Opera House. JG Vertical uses Rope Access to be flexible and effective, along with roof anchor points to ensure safety. Oper8 Pty Ltd Rebrands to Oper8 Global following successful International Expansion 2021-02-25T22:58:39Z oper8-pty-ltd-rebrands-to-oper8-global-following-successful-international-expansion-1 Brisbane, Australia, 26 February 2021 – Oper8 has today announced the next phase in the growth of Oper8 by effecting a name change that reflects our successful expansion into the global data centre, security, edge and IoT marketplace. Oper8 Pty Ltd was launched in Australia in early 2012 to focus on the delivery of operational IT services, including managed services, data centre, data storage and data communications solutions. Over the years Oper8 was able to grow and expand our business through our customer's ongoing commitment to Oper8 and our carefully chosen Key Partner products and solutions. In late 2019 we launched Oper8 Global Ltd in the United Kingdom as the first phase of expanding our services into new international regions. While timing coincided with BREXIT and the oncoming COVID-19 pandemic, the support of tireless and highly skilled teams in the Oper8 Global UK and the Oper8 (Australia) offices, and continued commitment by an enviable list of customers and key global partners to our products and solutions, drives our decision to align our business name and branding globally. Effective today, Oper8 Pty Ltd has been rebranded Oper8 Global to present a single Oper8 Global team across the APAC, EMEA and Latin America marketplace. "We are exceedingly pleased with the way the global marketplace and our Key Partners have accepted and supported Oper8's expansion into EMEA and Latin America with Oper8 Global", notes Mike Andrea, CEO, Oper8 Global, "the decision to bring the Oper8 business in Australia under the one Oper8 Global brand ensures our 'global team' delivers great customer service and solutions where our customers need them - anywhere". Our combined global team across the Australia and UK offices highlights the expanded wealth of knowledge, industry expertise and certifications to benefit our customers and their business. The rebranding of Oper8 in Australia also reflects the focus and success of Oper8 in the region with many Oper8 customer solutions being deployed across the Asia Pacific region. Oper8 Global's new office in Seventeen Mile Rocks (a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) becomes Oper8 Global's APAC Office, complementing our EMEA Office in Oxford, UK. Since inception Oper8 has built and maintains key global technology partnerships to help us deliver solutions that align with your business, technology and data security needs. The global breadth of our Key Partners has been instrumental in enabling Oper8 deliver exceptional services to our customers: Thales Security Gold Partner Winner: Thales Accelerate APAC Rising Star Award 2021 RFCode Premiere Solution Partner (Global) Joint R&D and Product Development for New Edge solutions Dell Technologies OEM Partner HPE OEM Integration Partner Equinix Silver Solution Partner Socomec Solution Partner nCipher Gold Partner Chatsworth (CPI) Solution Integration Partner   Oper8 Global’s growth also supports our partners with consistent service delivery and customer service for our mutually expanding customer base. Oper8 Global is lead through our multinational leadership team including: Mike Andrea CEO (based in Australia) Andrew Caiger Technical Director (based in UK) Nick Lovell Sales Director (based in Australia) Katrina Mallet Finance and Shared Services Manager (based in Australia) Tom Gardner Business Development Manager (based in UK)   Mike Andrea further noted “the continued market demand for data centre, security, edge and IoT capabilities that span countries, regions, and international boundaries requires global partners and solution providers like Oper8 Global to align cost effective, right-sized solutions.”   About Oper8 Global Oper8 Global Ltd, with offices in Oxford, United Kingdom (serving EMEA and Latin America), and Brisbane, Australia (serving APAC), enables custom data centre solutions with a key expertise in Edge, Modular, Security and HPC solutions. Services include Edge and IoT solutions, data protection and security, and turnkey data centre design and build including commissioning, product supply, environmental audits and operational maintenance services. Oper8 Global supports customers throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, and the Asia Pacific.  Visit How to use call tracking numbers in Google My Business 2021-02-25T11:29:18Z how-to-use-call-tracking-numbers-in-google-my-business Setting up Google My Business is a good first step, but did you know you can take your marketing efforts even further? By adding call tracking numbers, you can learn valuable information about your customers to provide the best level of service at all times. Let's start with the basics. What is Google My Business? Google My Business is a free, online tool that lets you create a profile for your company. It’s more than just a listing, however, as it can be used for a range of promotional activities to expand reach. For example, businesses can connect with new customers via Google Search, Maps and more. You can even post images to help spruik your goods or service. And the best part? Anyone can interact with you by leaving an online review. Overall, it’s a great tool, and something everyone should be using, especially when it comes to call tracking.    What is call tracking? Call tracking software is used by businesses to source and record information about incoming phone calls. It works by assigning unique trackable numbers to each of your prospects, which provides all sorts of useful data about the person calling on the other end. Once set up, you can determine basic demographic information, which can go a long way towards closing a sale.  Putting it all together: how to set up call tracking for Google My Business  The good news is that setting up call tracking for Google My Business isn’t a complicated process. In fact, it’s actually really easy. Get a tracking number Start by choosing a call tracking provider and get your block of tracking numbers. Head to the info section of your GMB listing Log in at and find your location. Navigate to your dashboard, and then click the “info” link on the left side to display the information for your business. Add your call tracking number Select the pencil next to your phone number and input your tracking number in the field labeled ‘primary phone’. Add your actual local phone number Enter your actual local phone number in the next field labeled “additional phone”. The algorithm will see that this local number matches your other citations and your website, so there won’t be any problems with NAP consistency. Once complete, you’re ready to start tracking calls from Google My Business. Note: when your listing appears in brand searches, in the map pack or via Google Maps, the phone number that’s displayed will be your tracking number.  End-to-end call tracking software and specialist support  Want to take your marketing to a new level? WildJar call tracking software is designed to make life easy for businesses of all sizes. As a leading name in the industry, we provide tailored product solutions that always deliver impressive results. Contact our friendly team and book a demo today. New Food Allergen Labelling Laws approved by FSANZ today 2021-02-25T05:52:59Z new-food-allergen-labelling-laws-approved-by-fsanz-today New legislation regarding allergen labelling of food and beverage products sold in Australia has been approved by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) today, 25th February 2021. The Plain English Allergen Labelling (PEAL) regulations have been introduced to ensure allergen labelling is more transparent and consistent on Australian food packaging, making it easier for allergen affected consumers to understand the label. According to the World Allergy Organisation (WAO), food allergy is a disease that has been increasing over time across the world, and countries such as Australia and the UK are experiencing some of the highest incidence rates.  In Australia, food allergy is currently estimated to affect 1-2% of adults and 4-8% of children under 5 years of age.  That is a significant amount of Australians and their families affected by food allergens, which, in the most dire of circumstances, has on multiple occasions lead to death by unintentional exposure to an allergen, but more often leads to significant health affects.  These have been estimated to cost the Australian economy around $7 billion each year. “Undeclared allergens has been the leading cause of a product recall in Australia for the past 10 years” Kevin Goddaer, Managing Director of Mérieux NutriSciences Australia said earlier today.  “Product recalls are a very costly exercise, not only directly, but indirectly in the way of brand damage, not to mention the impact on the allergy affected consumer.  Here at Mérieux NutriSciences Australia, we have been working with clients for decades to ensure their product labels are compliant with the Food Standards Code and other relevant legislation.  We take the guess work out of interpreting the Code, and advise manufacturers and retailers how to construct their food labels in a lawful and accurate way” Kevin said.   “The new allergen labelling laws will affect a significant number of products for sale in Australia, as did the Country of Origin law change back in 2016.  Whilst there will be a three year transition period to comply with the new legislation, we saw many companies leave their Country of Origin packaging changes to the last minute, which caused bottlenecks with printers, packaging designers and other related service providers, and ultimately caused stock write-off costs to the business.  We urge manufacturers and retailers to learn from that experience and start working with relevant companies to make the transition process as seamless and cost effective as possible.“    “Our company mission has always been to protect consumers’ health by preventing health risks related to food and more generally to the use of everyday consumer products.  With our allergen laboratory testing capabilities, auditing services and label compliance team, we can provide manufacturers and retailers a full service approach when it comes to their Allergen Management Plan.    We want to do our part to support retailers and manufacturers to meet timelines, and therefore will be prioritising allergen related requests to ensure all affected products are reviewed accordingly, well within the transition period. I’m sure there will also be many companies based outside of Australia who import their food products into our country, unaware of the details of this law change, and therefore we are also here to support them to understand Australian regulations and what they need to comply with before selling products. ” Kevin and his staff are committed to supporting the food industry to ensure the health and safety of their consumers.  ___________________________________________________________________________ For more information or a quotation on services we can assist you with, contact our friendly sales team at, or 1300 000 990.     Press contact: Melissa Makris, +61 408 071 068.   About Mérieux NutriSciences: As part of Institut Mérieux, Mérieux NutriSciences is dedicated to protecting consumers’ health throughout the world, by delivering a wide range of testing and consulting services to the food & nutrition, agrochemicals, environmental, pharma and cosmetics industries.             ENDS Access Corporate Group Accelerates Global Expansion with VTN’s ANZ Website Launch 2021-02-25T00:56:32Z access-corporate-group-accelerates-global-expansion-with-vtn-s-anz-website-launch Today VTN, Access Corporate Group’s global retail community for mass premium brands, has officially launched its e-commerce website,, in Australia and New Zealand. With dedicated websites for US and Europe in the pipeline, the launch of the ANZ website marks an exciting milestone of Access’ global reach. With this launch, customers in this region can now shop online for more than 100 individual SKU’s (Stock Keeping Units), curated from 11 international beauty, wellness and lifestyle brands, including Amilera, Bean Body, Bee+, Beeotic, eimele, Invisible Zinc, Lovekins, Minenssey, Napoleon Perdis, Savar and Vida Glow. The VTN website has been designed to deliver customers a sophisticated online shopping experience with clear design and intuitive navigation throughout, and user-friendly checkout process and secure payment gateway that includes PayPal and Google Pay, the purchasing journey has been thoughtfully designed from end to end. Products are easily identified through a sitewide search functionality, with detailed descriptions of each SKU to enable customers to find information on their benefits, ingredients and usage. Working directly with each brand and manufacturer, a dedicated chat and email support team is well informed to advise and answer any customer enquiries. Traffic to the VTN website is also bolstered from accompanying brand Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest communities, with regular email newsletters for product updates, offers and announcements. The launch of the website further cements Access’ ambition to make VTN the leading marketplace for premium beauty, wellness, and lifestyle products. The e-commerce website comes just months after the launch of the VTN app on Android and Apple app stores in China. At last year’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, Access achieved a total GMV of A$210 million through VTN app alone.  “We are so thrilled to launch VTN’s website in ANZ region,” commented Livia Wang, Chief Brand Officer of Access Corporate Group. “It is exciting to be able to offer a wide range of products online for our Australian and New Zealand consumers. With a physical Sydney CBD store to come, we will continue to strengthen VTN’s presence both online and offline. In the year of 2021, expansion to the North America and Europe markets is set to capture a wider audience globally, while also adding to an already impressive catalogue of brands to our ever-growing portfolio.” Standing for veritas, tempus, naturae in Latin or ‘truth, time and nature’, VTN combines app, website, and boutique stores for a unique, direct brand-to-consumer experience. A sophisticated, members-only retail community of global brands, VTN instantly connects brands to a community of consumers that hold a shared appreciation for life-enhancing products. Access Corporate Group continues to grow and expand its footprint worldwide. 2020 saw the opening of its New Zealand office in Auckland, and this year will see offices opening in both the United States and Europe. The company currently serves more than 10 million consumers across the world. About Access Corporate Group Innovative brand management company Access Corporate Group (Access) was established in 2017 and has continued to grow rapidly since then. Originating in Sydney, the company now has offices in Melbourne, Auckland and Hangzhou, China, with more than 2,000 employees across its four international locations. With ‘Everyday Better Life’ as its vision, Access brings the best premium beauty, wellness, and lifestyle brands to millions of customers around the globe.  Geelong citizens against floating gas terminal 2021-02-24T23:45:01Z geelong-citizens-against-floating-gas-terminal The community group Geelong Sustainability has called on Geelong residents to petition the state planning minister Richard Wynne to reject the gas import terminal proposed by Viva Energy for Corio Bay. Viva’s proposal was the subject of a community briefing last night which was attended by more than 100 people. Event organiser Sally Fisher said the number of people who attended the briefing “exceeded our expectations and indicates significant community concern about the gas import terminal.”  The briefing covered what this proposal might mean for Geelong and Victoria’s energy, business, economic, recreation, environment and climate future. Given the implications of the proposal, a key aspect of the briefing was an outline of the Environmental Effects Statement process, how it runs and opportunities to participate in this. Ms Fisher said “Viva’s proposal takes our community in the wrong direction. Fossil fuels like gas and coal are on the way out. Viva should focus on 100 percent clean energy instead. “Viva says it supports the transition to cleaner sources of power but so far the only detailed proposal is to import gas, a dirty, polluting fuel that can be as damaging to our climate as coal.” “Geelong can be a renewable energy hub. We have the infrastructure, skilled workforce, and proud manufacturing heritage to position our city as the place for a rapidly growing clean energy industry, especially given our proximity to the big battery planned for Moorabool. The petition to the Minister can be found here About Geelong Sustainability Geelong Sustainability is a dynamic and passionate community group focused on sharing information, building community resilience, advocating for the environment and supporting effective action for a low carbon future. For more information visit The Cyber Canary Is Announcing How It’s Anti-Malware Helps You Fight The Three Biggest Online Threats To Your Computer In 2021. 2021-02-24T23:40:00Z the-cyber-canary-is-announcing-how-it-s-anti-malware-helps-you-fight-the-three-biggest-online-threats-to-your-computer-in-2021 The Cyber Canary has announced an Anti-Malware solution that is due to disrupt the antivirus industry. The Cyber Canary prides itself on the fact that its anti-malware protects users against online threats that free & other big-name competitors often overlook.    The number of cyber-attacks have increased by 300% in 2020 (FBI report). Exemplifying to all internet users that there has never been a more critical time to get protected. Here are the top three cyber threats that The Cyber Canary protects you against that you need to look out for in 2021.    Phishing Attacks Phishing attacks consist of a message sent to trick people into clicking on a link that can then expose them to malware and compromise their data. This message can take different forms such as emails, site downloads, or even email attachments from trusted sources.   With time these phishing attacks get more and more sophisticated. Hackers are getting even more creative in the ways that attack and compromise a user’s computer. Therefore, it is vital to have a forward-thinking cybersecurity solution to protect your online information.   It is difficult to differentiate a phishing attack from regular emails. Suppose the user inadvertently runs the malware. Often, there is nothing to draw a user's attention to the malware executing, and the first time they realise there is an issue, it is too late. In that case, The Cyber Canary anti-malware feature detects and prevents any infection or suspicious activity by alerting the user and terminating the offending process.     Ransomware Ransomware consists of blackmailing the victim by hijacking information and holding it for ransom. Hackers use this method by encrypting users' files and then only releasing them if the ransom is paid. Often, even if the ransom is paid, the keys required to decrypt the user's files are never recovered.   In 2020, ransomware attacks cost victims 200 billion dollars. Many people who fall into ransomware traps are helpless with no choice but to pay the ransom. Otherwise, they risk losing personal files that the attacker has encrypted.    Ransomware is a severe issue ruining millions of people's lives around the world. Everyone should take it seriously and protect their sensitive and personal information.    Protect yourself from ransomware by starting The Cyber Canary limited time:  30 Day Free Trial.   Advanced persistent threats Advanced persistent threats (APT's) are malicious actors that gain unauthorised access to a system network or server and remain undetected for an extended period. During this time, important and often sensitive information is copied from the target back to a location controlled by this attacker. These types of attacks are targeted towards particular businesses & their employees.    Knowing that someone is roaming on your system can be challenging to detect, and many times are not noticed for many months, and in some rare instances, years.   Catching ransomware in action The art of detecting and protecting a user from ransomware can be quite tricky. A typical Windows 10 system has many hundreds of processes running at a given time, and each of these can be doing many things to files on your system. In a clean system, these are “friendly” processes and pose no threat. However, on a compromised machine, a lonely process can cause havoc and can destroy files in seconds. Determining the good from the bad is more complicated than it may appear. Typically, antivirus software tries to catch these destructive processes using signatures-based detection and heuristics. The result is that rogue applications can go unchecked and infect your device.   A more robust way of catching ransomware in action is to monitor the very files the ransomware is going to attack. That said, this is also tricky because it may not be possible to determine if the file was intended to be modified or not. The Cyber Canary unique approach takes aspects of file monitoring but mixes in our proprietary “canary” file technology. A canary file is a virtual file that only exists while The Cyber Canary is active. These files are used to monitor read and write operations by individual processes and determine if a malicious process is at work.   In addition to monitoring ransomware, The Cyber Canary can use these canary files to monitor system intrusion events by watching the read operations on canary files.   GET PROTECTED   Fortunately, we are not helpless in the fight against cyberattacks. Though, by using big-name anti-malware, you may not be entirely protected. 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Out of sight, out of mind 2021-02-24T01:29:35Z out-of-sight-out-of-mind Perhaps one of the greatest myths is, if you cannot see pests in your home or office, then you simply do not have any pest problems. While, no traces of pests are a good sign, it is still important to carry out a regular pest inspection and treatment. Why, you may ask, well most pests are nocturnal creatures (meaning they usually come out at night) while there is less human traffic or activity. How often have you flicked on a light and noticed little critters running away behind appliances or furniture? Or after a regular pest treatment you retune from a getaway to simply find several dead pests. When one thinks of regular property maintenance and upkeep, often it is home repairs or routine checks that come to mind, such as housekeeping. However, how often is regular pest treatment on the top of the list. Pests are cleaver creatures and will often find a way to entre your home or office. The main issue that often occurs, is that if we cannot see pests, we being to consider they are not there. Well, often the sign of a single pest could be a high probability that they have already nested or infested your property. For example, a single ant, cockroach, spider, or rodent you may see there are likely several more living hidden away between the cavity of your walls, under appliances, whitegoods, or furniture. That is why, it is important to carry out regular pest inspections and employ a professional to have a look and determine if you have any pest problems. These days many companies are only too happy to give free quotes and consultation over the phone and discuss your pest problems or solutions. Our takeaway message from this edition of regular helpful readings is, just because you may not see pests in your home or office it does not mean they are not there. Moreover, it pays to have regular pest control and as the great quote goes “if in doubt ask for help”. 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