The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-07-24T02:56:00Z ABRI calls on the Federal Government to implement industry recommendations for the introduction of a national battery stewardship program 2017-07-24T02:56:00Z abri-calls-on-the-federal-government-to-implement-industry-recommendations-for-the-introduction-of-a-national-battery-stewardship-program On July 28th, Environment Ministers will consider recommendations from the Industry Working Group on a pathway forward to establish a national recycling program for rechargeable batteries under 5 kgs.   Industry has invested much time and resources to evaluate options and prepare a workable and realistic path forward.  Without government support of these recommendations, industry will pull out of the process and action will be delayed many years, resulting in environmental and community health impacts and leading to greater cost to government.   ABRI fully supports the Industry Working Group recommendations and encourages others in industry to ensure government understand the need for responsible battery stewardship by contacting the Environment Ministers directly.  We have also called on the government to expand the scope of the recommended scheme to include a phased approach to cover ALL batteries.  Why? We are looking at an increasing avalanche in the volume of waste batteries over the coming years If not managed correctly, batteries will end up in landfill, leading to increased incidences of landfill fires with significant increases in releases of dioxins into the atmosphere causing serious ongoing community health impacts and costs to health services Research indicates the community has a strong desire to recycle batteries safely and will see this approach as a success Some battery chemistries have the potential to catch fire if they overheat, are crushed, or make contact – whether in the home, during transport or while in storage if not managed correctly Button cell batteries present a significant risk to children if swallowed (ACCC reports that 20 children present to hospital emergency rooms each week) However, government are in a prime position to facilitate an industry lead solution.  Contributing resources to establish the program and committing to introducing light regulation to ensure the inclusion of all batteries by 2020 and for ensuring equitable industry participation.  This is needed to avoid free riders taking advantage of responsible industry partners. By doing so, we can expect to see a big jump in safe and responsible recovery of batteries - much beyond the current very low level of recycling (less than 3%).  This will lead to significant industry development and investment in local battery recycling in Australia, adopting new technologies and establishing new jobs. Now is the time for action!  Contact your Environment Ministers this week to show your support for battery stewardship in Australia Contact About the Australian Battery Recycling Initiative (ABRI) Libby Chaplin AUSTRALIAN BATTERY RECYCLING INITIATIVE PH: 0467 515 260 ABRI has been formed by a group of battery manufacturers, distributors, collectors, recyclers, government bodies and environment groups to promote the collection, recycling and safe disposal of all batteries. ABRI supports the principle of product stewardship: that responsibility for environmental management of products, including their recovery at end of life, is shared by organisations at every stage of the product life cycle.  Airbnb of electric cars leads the charge in Australia 2017-07-18T01:03:20Z airbnb-of-electric-cars-leads-the-charge-in-australia Sydney, 18/07/2017, You can only drive an electric car as far as its battery will take you, and ‘range anxiety’ and the lack of electric charging stations have been holding Australians back from taking up the technology. But not for much longer. Sydney start-up Everty is breaking down this barrier with a peer-to-peer electric vehicle charging network that lets you top up your electric car when you need it. Industry publication InsideEVs reported that Germany has a network of about 7,400 public electric car charging stations, one charger per 11,000 people. The USA has 16,000, one per 20,000 people. Yet a recent report, ‘The state of electric vehicles in Australia’, shows that Australia has just 470 public chargers, one per 50,000 people. That’s why the team behind Everty is opening up existing private chargers and parking spaces to other electric car drivers. “Most owners of electric vehicles have already installed a charger in their garage or driveway. With more than 4,000 electric cars on our roads, we can increase the amount of available charging stations dramatically and help electric car drivers who have on-street parking, or garages without power supply, to access charging stations in locations that are convenient for them,” says Carola Jonas, CEO of Everty. According to the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association, in 2016 29% of all cars registered in Norway were electric. In Australia, sales of electric and hybrid vehicles were just 0.1% of all car sales in 2016, offering huge growth potential over the next few years. “‘The state of electric vehicles in Australia’ report found that 50% of survey participants are ‘aware of and would buy an electric car if they were in the market for a car’,” added Jonas. “That number gives us the confidence that people will buy more electric cars, especially when there is more choice in the market and as charging infrastructure becomes more accessible”. “Until then, we’ll help electric car owners with home chargers to rent out their parking space to others. This will be especially attractive to homeowners with rooftop solar who are not at home during the day and can’t use the energy from their panels themselves.” Electric cars make cities cleaner and improve the air quality for our future generations. John, who has listed his charger in Randwick, says: "I listed my electric car charger on the Everty network and got a booking soon after. The process was really easy and I look forward to more chargers becoming available soon." Images are available for download here: Timber Suppliers in Brisbane: “Timber is Good for Your Health.” 2017-07-14T06:21:34Z timber-suppliers-in-brisbane-timber-is-good-for-your-health 14 July 2017, Brisbane, QLD - Most timber industry “lifers” seem to enjoy everything about their work. They love the smell, feel and appearance of timber. Their homes are usually testaments to their work, with timber decks, timber floors and timber fences. Some of them may suspect that timber is good for their health, but they don’t know why other than the fact that they like it.Recently, some timber suppliers in Brisbane used their company blog to publish some news that didn’t surprise those who love the industry, but may surprise some people: timber actually is good for one’s health. Recently, a worldwide group called Planet Ark released a report about how timber affects health when it is used in interior design. This kind of design, which integrates natural timber into interior design, is called “nature connected” or “biophilic” design. They cite different studies showing some surprising effects that timber can have when used for homes, schools, workplaces, doctor’s offices, aged care facilities and schools.When timber is incorporated into the interior design of aged care facilities, the residents of the facilities interact with each other more. When timber is incorporated into schools, the cognitive abilities of the students are increased. When patients recovering from surgery are placed in rooms that incorporate timber, they heal faster. In all applications where timber is incorporated into interior design, those who use the buildings benefit from reduced heart rate and less stress hormones. Timber also helps raise self esteem. Timber Flooring is the Most CommonThe most common and easiest way to incorporate timber into interior design is to install timber flooring. Solid timber doors can also be incorporated into a building that otherwise appears to not have room to add timber. Laminates are often used for desks and other furniture, but they do not produce the same effect as solid natural Timber. Timber Suppliers Weigh InJack Kyle is the owner of Narangba Timbers, a third generation family business of timber suppliers in the Brisbane area. According to Mr Kyle:“We have always made it quite well-known that we love timber and we love the timber business. We love the smells the texture and the site of freshly cut timber.  We also enjoy helping our customers turn timber into decks, fences, buildings and floors.”Mr Kyle continued: “We have always suspected the timber is good for us just because it helps take the stress away. There's nothing more relaxing than sitting on a timber deck and enjoying a few beverages at the end of a long day or having a few friends over to share them with.”Mr Kyle concluded: “We are not surprised to learn of the many health benefits of incorporating timber into interior design. As far as we are concerned, all the scientists may as well be preaching to the choir. And we’re good with that.”Narangba Timbers are timber suppliers serving Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the surrounding areas. They specialise in high quality, low prices and what they call the best customer service in the timber industry. They carry a wide selection of timber species for structural building, timber cladding, timber decking, timber flooring, timber fencing and more. To learn more, call (07) 3888 1293 or visit their website: New Citygreen product Stratavault 45 delivers 50% strength improvement 2017-07-13T05:37:04Z new-citygreen-product-stratavault-45-delivers-50-strength-improvement Release: July 13, 2017 Citygreen’s structural soil system, Stratavault, set the bar on two fronts: strength and sustainability. 100% stronger than other brand soil cells, it is also constructed of 100% recycled plastic polymers – ensuring maximum environmental benefit and ‘Green Building’ contribution. Today, Citygreen is taking this product to the next level – announcing the launch of Stratavault 45. An exciting evolution of the existing Stratavault product, Stratavault 45 is 50% stronger again – making it suitable for use in more demanding, highly-trafficked locations. Stratavault 45 offers the same benefits as the existing product, providing adequate vault space and uncompacted soil for urban trees to thrive under pavements. Stratavault 45’s increased strength performance has been achieved by using a different resin – ABS. A stiffer resin, ABS has less give and offers a higher strength load. In line with Citygreen’s commitment to sustainability, it is still 100% recycled and therefore offers the same environmental benefits as the original Stratavault product. With comprehensive testing completed in registered laboratories, Stratavault 45 is as strong as it claims to be. Citygreen’s stringent Quality Assurance process also ensures the structural integrity of the product, with one part out of every two batches pulled apart and tested in the factory using a hydraulic press. Impressively, a single 600mm x 600mm module can withstand 14 tonnes of down force. A full-scale trial is about to commence in Lynwood Avenue in the City of Sterling, Perth. A collaborative trial with the council, Citygreen is sponsoring this research and development project. Citygreen’s range of different structural systems will be placed under a road pavement, with scientific load cells under the matrix connected to cables that will come up through the pavement and give accurate readings of strength performance. Whilst thorough testing has been completed in the lab and factory, nothing compares to real-life testing in situ, so Citygreen looks forward to seeing how its innovative new technology performs. Stay tuned for the results. See the Stratavault 45 specifications here . Or, contact Citygreen to find out more. CA Technologies announces a new goal to reduce GHG emissions 40 per cent by 2030 2017-07-12T01:35:23Z ca-technologies-announces-a-new-goal-to-reduce-ghg-emissions-40-per-cent-by-2030 SYDNEY, July 12, 2017 – CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) announced its commitment to reduce absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 40 per cent by 2030, from a 2015 baseline, in its 8th annual Sustainability Report. The report highlights the company’s continued evolution of corporate social impact, from environmental stewardship to broader societal change. The report also demonstrates how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts are linked to CA’s business and positively benefits customers, employees and communities around the world. “We are exceptionally proud of the progress we’ve made over the past several years towards our sustainability goals, and this expanded commitment to reduce absolute GHG emissions is further evidence of how important these global issues are to CA Technologies,” said Erica Christensen, vice president, Corporate Social Responsibility, CA Technologies. “Just like our customers, CA must continue to embrace change and adapt to the environmental and social challenges in the marketplace, and we are committed to making the strategic investments that will advance sustainability for our employees, our customers and the communities we serve. Report highlights include: GHG emission reduction and target. Since 2006, CA has reduced its GHG footprint by approximately 37 per cent, an amount equivalent to powering 5,218 homes for one year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. After achieving its first GHG reduction target in 2015, CA set a second absolute reduction target of 40 per cent by 2030, based off a 2015 baseline. STEM education. CA is committed to building the STEM pipeline and increasing educational and professional participation by underrepresented groups, particularly women and students of color. This includes the Tech Girls Rock initiative CA created with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, our partnerships with nonprofits like 100Kin10, the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology, Code for America,, Girls Who Code, NPower, and PENCIL, and CA’s support of the European Commission’s Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs. UN Sustainable Development Goals. We carefully consider the relationship between our business and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Among the SDGs, Quality Education and Gender Equality (SDG 4 and 5) are core to CA’s commitments around diversity and STEM education. CA is also strongly committed to Affordable and Clean Energy and Climate Action (SDG 7 and 13). We have historically sought out Partnerships for the Goals (SDG 17)—with nonprofits, nongovernmental organisations, government agencies and other companies—to amplify our impact within our primary areas of concern. Water and waste management. CA data centers utilise closed-loop water systems for cooling, minimising water use. In addition, CA reclaims 100 per cent of rainwater from surfaces at its Hyderabad, India facility. The company also reclaims water from parking rooftops at its Islandia, New York facility for landscaping needs. Green buildings and green leases. CA incorporates sustainability elements into new leases, including provisions requiring the use of cleaning materials that are Green Seal-certified, inclusion of building-recycling programs, use of lighting sensors in common areas, and landscape irrigation systems that utilise rain sensor devices to minimise water use. Beyond traditional efficiency projects, CA combines telemetry with process automation to create bots that monitor demand and usage patterns to shut off and turn on servers. Employee generosity. For the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017, CA matched more than $1.6 million in employee donations to more than 1,700 nonprofit organisations. The company's worldwide employee volunteer initiative, CA Together in Action, takes place during the week of Earth Day in April. CA employees take time out of their workday to give back by participating in environmentally-focused volunteer projects and supporting the advancement of STEM learning. Inclusion and diversity. CA's THRIVE program helps create an inclusive and flexible workplace by attracting, nurturing and retaining a diverse workforce. In the United States, CA utilises a diversity candidate slate program to ensure all open requisitions have at least one diverse candidate for consideration in the interview process. The company always hires the best candidate for the job, and the program has strengthened its ability to do that. CA Technologies believes that today’s world needs products that are sustainable by design, with the inherent agility to take advantage of the application economy. Agile development contributes to sustainability by maximising resource utilisation and minimising unnecessary expenses. At the same time, a world driven by software must put people at the center. That’s why CA Technologies CSR efforts combine environmental benefits with societal programs that transform lives. This report, which covers the 2016 calendar year, was drafted in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Standards at the Core level and incorporates the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact. For the sixth consecutive year, the report includes independent external assurance of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. About CA Technologies CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) creates software that fuels transformation for companies and enables them to seize the opportunities of the application economy. Software is at the heart of every business in every industry. From planning, to development, to management and security, CA is working with companies worldwide to change the way we live, transact, and communicate – across mobile, private and public cloud, distributed and mainframe environments. Learn more at Follow CA Technologies Twitter Social Media Page Press Releases Blogs Legal notices Copyright © 2017 CA, Inc. All Rights Reserved. All trademarks, trade names, service marks, and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies. Women – the new face of forest management 2017-07-10T00:09:44Z women-the-new-face-of-forest-management Today’s face of a professional forest manager is unlikely to be a rugged bearded bush-man type but is much more likely to be a very technologically savvy female who is a skilled communicator, business analyst and people manager. Since the 1970’s when university graduating classes in forestry contained 1 or 2 women (< 5% of the total class) the number of women studying forestry has gradually increased to today where about two-thirds of all students enrolled in Forestry education undergraduate and post-graduate degree courses are women. Three of the key-note speakers at the IFA conference on Tropical Forestry: Innovation and Change in the Asia Pacific Region are women and nearly a quarter of the 84 papers being presented at the conference are from professional women. Chair of the Conference organising committee Dr Kevin Harding said; ‘It is very pleasing to see the very large contribution of women to this IFA conference; from active roles in planning and delivering the conference to presenting papers covering the spectrum of the diverse range of topics being covered. ‘Although the history of the male-dominated forestry profession still means that many of our current senior leaders and very experienced speakers are male I expect that this will change rapidly over the coming decade as more and more highly skilled women emerge from the professional ranks of forestry and will dominate both the Institute organisation and the conference program at future conferences. ‘Our female speakers range from world recognised University, CSIRO and Australian Institute of Marine Science researchers to international trade and investment managers, forestry consultants, bush fire and carbon sequestration management experts, to community and small-scale forestry project managers from many parts of the world. The contribution that women are making to the Forestry profession reflects a huge diversity in skills and experience and brings new perspectives’, said Kevin.   Greenpeace study finds RE will be cheapest electricity in G20 countries by 2030 2017-07-05T22:43:36Z greenpeace-study-finds-re-will-be-cheapest-electricity-in-g20-countries-by-2030 Hamburg, 5 July 2017 – Wind energy and solar power will be the cheapest form of power generation in every G20 country by the year 2030 at the latest, a new Greenpeace Germany report has found. Ahead of the G20 Summit in Hamburg, the Greenpeace Germany-commissioned study also found that in about half of the G20 countries, renewable energy has been cheaper or equal in price to electricity generated from dirty coal or hazardous nuclear power plants since 2015. "There can be no excuses anymore. Climate protection increasingly makes economic sense across the G20 as renewable energy becomes cheaper than dirty coal and nuclear,” Greenpeace Germany energy expert Tobias Austrup said. “Any G20 country that is still investing in coal and nuclear power plants is wasting their money on technology that will not be competitive in coming years. The G20 now has a responsibility to send a clear signal that accelerating the clean energy transition is not only the right thing to do for the climate, but also for the economy.” The Finnish Lappeenranta University of Technology study, commissioned by Greenpeace, calculates the electricity generation costs in all G20 countries for the years 2015 and 2030. The study found that wind farms already generate the cheapest form of electricity in 2015 in large parts of Europe, South America, the US, China and Australia. Due to rapid technical progress and falling price, in 2030 solar energy will be so cheap that it will be even cheaper than wind power in many G20 countries. Global investments mirror the results of the Greenpeace study. UN figures reveal that in 2016 investments in renewables were double that of investments in conventional power stations. About 55 percent of the added electricity capacities were based on renewable energies last year - a record figure. US President Trump, however, is mistakenly promoting coal and nuclear power. "Trump’s energy policy is simply a bad deal," Austrup added. "The US has excellent conditions for expanding its wind and solar energy capabilities and states like California, Texas or Iowa will not miss this chance." Notes: Greenpeace Germany study comparing electricity production costs: UN study on global trends in renewable energy investment: Media contacts: Gregor Kessler, Greenpeace Germany, Communications: +49 151 7270 2918 Greenpeace International Press Desk: +31 (0)20 718 2470 (available 24 hours) Because dogs need trees! 2017-06-28T05:02:06Z because-dogs-need-trees Gourmet Pawprints and our Doggy Winery Tours takes climate change action with Green Fleet. At Gourmet Pawprints, we take to environmental responsibility seriously. This is why we’ve partnered with Greenfleet, an environment non-profit and Australia’s most trusted source of biodiverse carbon offsets, to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment. Gourmet Pawprints and Bella the dog welcoming bus is donating one tree for every tour/event conducted, because dogs need trees and so do we. By partnering with Greenfleet, we are confident that our climate action provides genuine and lasting environmental benefits. By offsetting our emissions with Greenfleet, not only do we take practical action against climate change, we also help to restore Australian landscapes by providing valuable habitat for native wildlife and transforming degraded land back to its natural state. Ushering in a new era after 10 years long service 2017-06-27T07:15:45Z ushering-in-a-new-era-after-10-years-long-service To mark 10 years of Making Enviro News (formerly Making Environmental News), Planning Results would like to salute all the journalist and writers who try to make sense of what constitutes environmental news. ‘During this time, we have observed many changing trends’ reflects Izabella Kobylanski Managing Editor of Making Enviro News.  ‘We have seen firsthand how more and more people have come to understand the need to sustainability manage our planet and ecosystem’. ‘We have come to appreciate that today environmental matters influence all human activities from the way we behave, the way we conduct business to our impact on the future of the space that we currently inhabit.’ With so much demand on our time, a major issue we face is the volume of information and knowledge that is imparted daily and how to stay on top of it. Keeping the finger on the pulse of the latest news in this area is a time consuming and a never-ending challenge. That is why Planning Results via Making Enviro News have dedicated the past 10 years to find ways to bring this information in an easily digestible format.  Our service is now available via the web so it is easier to view on various devices. Access to back issues are also now available. Specialist and sustainability reports are now accessible to everyone. Most importantly, this invaluable service is free. Since launch, Making Enviro News has remained the only news portal in Australia that delivers access to ‘envirobility’ (i.e. environmental + sustainability) news items every day. Articles that have appeared in the Australian media in the previous 24 hours are collated in an easy to access location. It contains the Headline and first paragraph to give the reader an idea of the content. The portal provides a link to the original article for further reading. Making Enviro News is available at To see today’s issue - -ends- Completion of Sale of EnviroSuite’s Consulting Practice 2017-06-26T04:31:19Z completion-of-sale-of-envirosuite-s-consulting-practice EnviroSuite Limited (ASX: EVS) (EnviroSuite or the Company) today announced the completion of the sale of its entire Pacific Environment Consulting practice, including DLA, (together PEC) to the world’s leading environmental and sustainability consulting group, Environmental Resources Management (ERM).  Details of the sale are set out in the Company’s announcement of 27 April 2017.   Robin Ormerod, Managing Director and Founder of EnviroSuite, said “This is a transformational transaction for EnviroSuite as it becomes a focused, well-funded, global SaaS technology business. I would like to thank the staff of EnviroSuite, our legal advisers Addisons, and corporate advisers TMT Partners, for their assistance in the transaction.  We look forward to working with ERM as one of our partners in the globalisation of the EnviroSuite platform.” - - -About ERM Environmental Resources Management (ERM) is a leading global provider of environmental, health, safety, risk, social consulting services and sustainability related services. Through more than 160 offices in over 40 countries and territories employing more than 4,500 people, ERM is committed to providing a service that is consistent, professional and of the highest quality to create value for its clients. Over the past three years, ERM has worked for more than 50 per cent of the Global Fortune 500 companies, delivering innovative solutions for business and selected government clients, helping them understand and manage the sustainability challenges that the world is increasingly facing.  About EnviroSuite EnviroSuite Limited (ASX:EVS), is a global provider of monitoring and operational management services through its leading software-as-a-service platform. The EnviroSuite platform provides a range of monitoring, management and reporting capabilities that are incorporated into a diverse array of operations from water treatment to large scale construction, open cut mines, food processing, port operations, environmental regulators and other industry uses. The leading edge software platform complements and facilitates the pace of technology adoption by industry and the growing expectations of communities the world over that hold environmental quality as key pillars to human health and wellbeing. EnviroSuite offers a stand-alone software service through to a comprehensive platform to assist companies with their environmental monitoring, management and reporting requirements. The EnviroSuite technology was developed, and continues to be driven and supported by some of the world’s best minds in environmental science and engineering.  EnviroSuite is receiving increasing global recognition for its innovative platform that is quickly working its way into the everyday operations of industry. ENDS SLR Appoints New Air Quality Technical Lead 2017-06-23T03:36:09Z slr-appoints-new-air-quality-technical-lead Leading environmental and advisory consultancy SLR Consulting has this week announced the appointment of Graeme Starke to lead the firm’s Air Quality team.    Graeme brings more than seventeen years’ experience and has a particular focus in the assessment of the environmental effects of air discharges, emission inventories, atmospheric dispersion modelling, management plans and air monitoring.    Graeme joins SLR with a background in managing environmental projects for coal seam gas fields, power stations, oil refineries, mines, and aluminium smelters and other various industries.  He was also involved in the preparation of a national dioxin air emission inventory for Department of Environment and Heritage.    Regarding his move to SLR, Graeme commented: "I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to work with both the local and international teams to provide our clients with a full range of Air Quality services and continuing the expansion of the great team of professional staff that SLR has built .” SLR has experience in providing expert advice across a wide range of services, covering all aspects of air quality assessment, and the sustainable management of operations.  “It’s a very exciting time for SLR’s technical growth and we are thrilled to have Graeme leading our Air Quality team”, commented Operations Manager, Shane Elkin. Graeme’s appointment at SLR follows the recent expansion of engineering and advisory services in the Asia Pacific region. Public backlash highlights CommBank’s toxic fossil fuel problem 2017-06-23T00:39:16Z public-backlash-highlights-commbank-s-toxic-fossil-fuel-problem Sydney, 23 June 2017: Community backlash against the Commonwealth Bank’s support of fossil fuels is now so severe that the bank has been forced to set up a special taskforce to handle customers threatening to close their accounts.   The revelation comes after continued pressure by customers and concerned community members who have staged numerous protests outside CommBank branches across the country and peppered the bank’s Facebook page with messages pleading for the bank to “dump coal” and “stop supporting the fossil fuel industry”.   “Despite clear proof that fossil fuel investments are toxic, the Commonwealth Bank would rather create a PR team than deal with their customers’ concerns,” Greenpeace Climate and Energy Campaigner, Nikola Casule, said.   “Customers started out angry that the bank they trusted with their money is investing in fossil fuels that are damaging the environment and killing the Great Barrier Reef and now they are furious that those concerns are being ignored.   “The only substantial thing CommBank have done since their customers started telling them they wanted action on climate change has been to set up a team of people to try to convince people not to take their business elsewhere,” Dr Casule said.   The Commonwealth Bank made a public commitment to take action to limit global warming to no more than two degrees in late 2015, but last year lent a massive $3.886 billion to coal, gas and oil mining and infrastructure projects, making it the biggest funder of dirty fossil fuels in Australia in 2016.   Under questioning at a parliamentary inquiry in March, CEO Ian Narev was unable to provide a single example of the bank’s climate policy affecting lending decisions and last month it was revealed that CommBank had been secretly working with Adani to facilitate the construction of the Carmichael megamine. It has still not ruled out providing finance to the proposed mine.     A new international study into 37 banks’ fossil fuel lending policies by BankTrack yesterday put the Commonwealth Bank at the bottom of the pile because of its failure to evidence any policies to restrict coal, gas or extreme oil projects.   “I have been a CommBank customer for over 20 years. I have several mortgages and a business account,” Cabarita resident and business owner, Michael Rahme, said.   “Investing in new coal mines  and coal fired power stations has clearly and undoubtedly become an investment risk, a social risk, and an environmental risk that can no longer be ignored. The individuals on the Board of CommBank would be morally and ethically bankrupt to continue to do so.   “If Commbank do not publicly declare that they will no longer fund or lend or invest in new coal fired power stations, I will be leaving the bank and never coming back.”   Close to 85,000 people have signed a petition calling on CommBank to stop funding new coal, and over 4,500 CommBank customers have indicated they are considering changing banks over their support of dirty coal, oil and gas projects.   “Instead of action to address the concerns of their customers all we have seen is more empty repetition of the same PR rhetoric and spin in direct letters and emails to customers,” Dr Casule said.   “The Commonwealth Bank talks up the need to address climate change, invest in renewables and help us transition to a low-carbon economy, but they are not living up to their word.”   For interviews contact: Rachael Vincent, Media Campaigner 02 9263 0354 | 0413 993 316   Notes Market Forces’ research shows CommBank is Australia’s dirtiest bank, lending $3,886 million to fossil fuels in 2016 and a total of $20.5 billion between 2008 and the first half of 2016 (including $4.523 billion to coal mines, coal fired power plants and coal ports). Security One 2 One Now Offers Pest Control Solutions To All Its Clients In Australia 2017-06-19T00:15:09Z security-one-2-one-now-offers-pest-control-solutions-to-all-its-clients-in-australia Security One 2 One is a physical security service provider in Sydney - one of the few security service providers that are fully compliant with the Security Industry Legislation and Standards. Expanding its services, the One Group is now also offering several other services, including the pest control services and solutions. Having a pest problem can cause a multitude of issues, not to forget the health problems it brings with itself as a gift. Security One 2 One Group in Australia is now offering exclusive pest control services that can help you get rid of the issue in almost an instant! Our experienced and dedicated Pest Control Team will be able to identify the different species that have decided to attack your beautiful home or commercial or industrial property. "One 2 One Group Pest Control Team" will then provide the most appropriate solution depending on its preliminary analysis. With the safe use of controlled pesticides, this will send your unwanted critters on their way to their own homes. But what’s most important is the face that we will prevent any damage to your property and health issues to your family, neighbours, employees, or even the general public. At One 2 One Group we are offering the following pest control programs in Australia. Residential pest control Sydney: Houses, units, villas, townhouses, strata properties Commercial pest control Australia: We treat all commercial premises regardless of their size of type of business. Industrial pest control issues: We treat any industrial site – call us and see miracles happening! Office equipment: We provide efficient treatments for computer safety, document storage, along with any other similar causes of concerns. Food Processing: Security One 2 One Group offers a full range of Pest Control Services as defined in the Food Act, ISO 9000 and HACCP required treatments for food manufacturing or processing areas, warehouses, etc. We also provide pest control solutions to SCHOOLS, PRE-SCHOOLS, and CHILD CARE FACILITIES using only the non-toxic approved treatments. Our professional pest control solution includes: ·         Bait boxes ·         Flea and mite spray ·         Infestation control ·         Pigeon and bird control ·         Rodent control ·         Fly unit installation ·         Pest prevention Have had enough of the pest issue? Call at 1300 732 121 or visit us at today and talk to us to get rid of the problem in the most convenient and non-toxic way. Australians continue to get behind War on Waste with huge spikes in reusable cups sales and usage. 2017-06-15T10:11:53Z australians-continue-to-get-behind-war-on-waste-with-huge-spikes-in-reusable-cups-sales-and-usage Three part abcTV series War on Waste that aired a month ago highlighted that our waste is growing at double the rate of our population with 52 mega tonnes generated a year. Australia is ranked 5th highest for generating the most municipal waste in the world.   News for many from this series was the knowledge that most disposable coffee cups (i.e. 98%) are NOT recyclable due to a coating of polyethylene plastic and therefore ending up in landfill even when well meaning consumers recycle them. So with 1.2 of the 3 million coffees sold daily from cafes around Australia being poured into disposable cups, this is equal to close to half a billion disposable cups in landfill every year, in Australia alone.   What is encouraging to see, however, is the speed of action Australians appear to have taken in light of this new information with reuse manufacturers such as frank green in Melbourne noticing huge spikes in purchase of their SmartCupTM and SmartBottleTM directly following the airing of this series.   “The positive momentum this program has created is fantastic” says Ben Young, Founder and CEO at frank green. “We have seen sales for our frank green SmartCupTM increase more than ten fold in the last 2 weeks alone”.   “Furthermore, we are hearing from our café partners that reuse at the point of purchase in café’s is also on the rise as Australians get behind this “war on waste”. Mr Young estimates that typically only around 1.5-2% of all coffees sold are poured into reusable cups v 40% into disposable. Most recent estimates, however, show that reusable figures have risen to anywhere between 5% and 6% of all coffee sales.   Mr Darren Tiang, owner at Tom Thumb café in Melbourne’s CBD says “The impact this tv show has had on our customers behaviours is incredible. We sold out of our stock of frank green SmartCupTM within a week and we are filling all kinds of reusable cups in much higher numbers on a daily basis. It’s great to see our customers react with such positive change”.   When entrepreneur and reuse campaigner Ben Young couldn’t find a reusable coffee cup that had everything he needed – he made one. The frank green brand of reusable products began in 2014 with a desire to drive greater reuse among Australians with better product design, style and functionality. The multi-award winning frank green SmartCupTM and SmartBottleTM are both 100% Australian designed and made with a unique push button spill resistant lid.   “Our key challenge now” Mr Young states, ‘is to ensure this momentum continues through product innovation, by keeping the conversation going, and development of systems (such as CaféPay) that encourage and reward regular usage of reusable cups”   CaféPay, developed in partnership with frank green, is a payment system moving fast into cafes all around Australia.  In partnership with the leading café POS system Kounta, CaféPay reads the chip embedded in the frank green SmartCupTM, SmartBottleTM or SmartBandTM to take your order, make secure cash payments, store value on your cup and reward your loyalty with free coffees and special offers.   “The intention of CaféPay is to keep the need to reuse top of mind, everyday and why not reward reusers for their behaviour.”  Mr Young says.  “And given the rates of growth we are having with CaféPay, our café partners couldn’t agree more”.   The abc’s war on waste 3 part tv series is still available to watch on iview. frank green products are available from and selected cafes and retail outlets nationally. Follow them at (insta) @frankgreen_official (fb) frank green (twitter) @_FrankGreen.   Find out more at #waronwasteau #byocoffeecup  #reuserevolution #responsiblecafes Timber Firm Puts Customer Service Over Sales 2017-06-15T06:04:38Z timber-firm-puts-customer-service-over-sales Brisbane, QLD, 15 June 2017 - To many Australians, it seems like people don’t do business like they used to. It can seem like today’s world is is a never-ending maze of sales outlets where nobody remembers their customers’ names anymore and everyone is viewed as a revenue resource to be maximised when they walk in the door. It can seem like too many businesses are so focused on money that they forget to provide customer service. At Narangba Timbers, a timber sales outlet in Brisbane, this kind of behaviour is unacceptable. According to Jack Kyle, Owner of Narangba Timbers:  “As a third generation business that has been around since 1972, we have long-standing relationships with many of our customers. Some of our employees are third generation employees and some of our customers are third generation customers. Over time, many of our customers have become one large, extended family. We remember that every day when we open our doors.” Knowledge is the KeyAt Narangba Timbers, they pride themselves upon having what they see as the “most knowledgeable customer service crew in the business.” Their employees are “lifers” in the timber business and have dedicated themselves to providing the best customer service in the business. Younger employees always have older employees who have amassed decades of knowledge to rely on until they become the older employees and another generation of younger employees are asking them questions. This cycle has gone on for three generations at Narangba Timbers and Mr Kyle doesn’t see the cycle being broken anytime soon. According to Mr Kyle: “We make sure everyone here knows their timber and does their best for every customer who walks through our doors. We feel everyone deserves our best so we treat everyone like we would treat our own family. So many of the people who walk through our doors are family, friends and neighbours that treating everyone like family just becomes second nature to everyone here.” Case in Point: Timber DeckingAt Narangba Timbers, they have employees they call “decks-perts” who pride themselves in knowing all there is to know about timber decking. They also have a display deck at their facility that contains many different varieties of timbers and finishes so customers can experience for themselves how they would look in their backyards. They make it easy for the DIY builder by providing a decking calculator on their website, but most of their customers take full advantage of the knowledge and service provided onsite by their “decks-perts.” Mr Kyle concludes: “We have made it a priority to provide our customers with the best service in the business. When we combine literal lifetimes of knowledge with the professionalism and the motivation to help everyone who walks in our doors complete their projects successfully, the results are amazing. You really have to experience it for yourself.” Narangba Timbers are a timber sales outlet serving the Brisbane area. They have developed a reputation for providing world class customer service along with low prices and high quality timber. They provide a wide selection of timber and hardware for timber decking, timber flooring and timber fencing for their customers in the Brisbane area. To learn more, call (07) 3888 1293 or visit their website: