The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-01-19T23:17:05Z Matching Valentine’s gifts for partners 2021-01-19T23:17:05Z matching-valentines-gifts-for-partners Can’t think what to buy your loved one this Valentine’s Day?Why not buy each other a gift that will help keep everyone safe on the roads and help prevent your partner from losing their licence: a personal breathalyser. A perfect gift for couples who like to socialise is an AlcoSense personal breathalyser from Andatech, a leader in personal safety products. Using fuel cell technology, AlcoSense breathalysers provide accurate blood alcohol concentration (BAC) readings and are easy to use, compact and affordable.The AlcoSense Verity comes in three different colours (blue, navy and white), while two new models, the Elite BT and Nexus, come with a Bluetooth enabled mobile app that allows users to check their testing history and results via an iSober application. It’s available on both iOS and Android devices.The app connects to the camera, allowing users to capture themselves blowing into the device as a form of record-keeping.Andatech offers the largest range of Australian Standards Certified personal breathalysers with prices starting from $119 for the AlcoSense Novo. Andatech:Andatech is a 100% Australian owned company that specialises in personal safety, medical devices and health & wellness products. BUSINESS LIFELINE TO END NYE – DISTRESSED BUSINESSES SHOULD SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP ASAP 2020-12-18T03:09:38Z business-lifeline-to-end-nye-distressed-businesses-should-seek-professional-help-asap   MEDIA RELEASE  18 December, 2020 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   BUSINESS LIFELINE TO END NYE – BUSINESSES SHOULD SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP ASAP   -Insolvency Advisor urges businesses to address insolvency issues this year before Safe Harbour moratorium ends, to avoid trading insolvent on or after 1 January 2021 -    Leading Corporate Insolvency advisory MacKay Goodwin has warned struggling businesses have just days to seek professional help before The Federal Government's temporary safe harbour ends on New Year's Eve. Directors of companies trading whilst insolvent will no longer have protection from 1 January 2021, which could leave them open for involuntary liquidation proceedings.   During the pandemic, the Corporations Act suspended provisions that would otherwise hold directors personally liable for trading while insolvent.    "It is critical to get the message out that from New Years’ Day, company directors could face penalties if their business is found to continue trading while insolvent," says Mackay Goodwin CEO Domenic Calabretta.   "Originally the Safe Harbour provisions were due to end in September but were extended when it became clear the economic effects of the pandemic weren't going to be rectified sufficiently by then.”   Under the current economic conditions, it is up to directors to get their accounts and records in order before the deadline passes. If companies have been trading insolvent during 2020, they are strongly encouraged to seek professional financial help. Companies in serious trouble should have a professional financial adviser, specialising in restructures or insolvency, appointed ahead of the 31 December 2020 deadline.   Says Calabretta: "Safe harbour laws state that an external administrator must be appointed to your company before the moratorium's expiry on 31 December 2020, if the debts incurred during COVID are to be excluded from a liquidator's claim for insolvent trading."   He continues: "I really encourage companies to take the time now to examine their businesses and identify if it is still viable, or suffering from temporary liquidity challenges. Those companies could undertake a restructure, which could see them continuing to trade, but in a stronger financial position. With the right advice, they may come out of COVID stronger than they went in."   "Where a company is placed into formal insolvency, directors will need professional advice on compliance with regulatory obligations, such as the provision of books and information and assistance to a liquidator, administrator or controller," he says.   Mackay Goodwin also strongly encourages companies to undertake a general health check to ensure they have viable plans for recovery and subsequent growth.   "Directors may need advice on lending, cash flow, restructuring, forensics, and improving efficiencies to avoid financial trouble. A professional adviser is best placed to help," says Calabretta. "Sound planning is best achieved through a collaborative process between you and an advisory expert."   "While I recognise the holiday season is a terrible time of year to factor in major business health checks, I can't stress enough how important it is for struggling businesses to get on top of it before the moratorium ends. From 2021, Directors can be liable if they have not sought help or taken appropriate action to mitigate claims, and the last thing we want is for the new year to be as miserable as 2020.”   ends     About Mackay Goodwin: Founded by CEO Domenic Calabretta, Mackay Goodwin is one of Australia’s leading insolvency and restructure businesses and has carved a niche successfully working with stakeholders in distressed businesses. The company handles everything from complex restructures and recoveries for listed companies and on behalf of various financial institutions to advising SMEs and finding the most appropriate business solution that works for all parties.   Mackay Goodwin is offering several free advisory activities for businesses who find themselves in trouble. Aside from free webinars, it has also released a downloadable business survival pack. It is also providing an initial free consultation with businesses, and to assist the business community its staff have committed to providing two hours of their day free of charge to affected businesses for the next six months.   Aspera Mobile launches new, low-cost AS6 4G dual-SIM smartphone and new F42 4G flip phone 2020-12-01T22:46:37Z aspera-mobile-launches-new-low-cost-as6-4g-dual-sim-smartphone-and-new-f42-4g-flip-phone Aspera Mobile has launched the latest in its range of full featured and cost effective mobiles - the feature-packed, 5.99” large screen AS6 smartphone which features face recognition, a fingerprint sensor, dual-SIM and 4G for just $149 and the F42, 4G flip phone with pre-loaded social media apps and easy to use large buttons at only $99. Aspera Mobile MD Allan Robertson explained, “In the AS6 Aspera has kept its brand promise to bring a great value, budget-priced smartphone to consumers and we have specifically designed it to suit anyone looking for a large screen, full Android phone that won’t break the bank. Also, to get face recognition and a fingerprint sensor in a full-featured smartphone for $149 is exceptional value and very rare indeed.” Robertson takes his and Aspera Mobile’s commitment to Australian consumers very seriously and the company has continued to forge ahead in a very competitive market for close to a decade with local Australian-based customer service backing up its range of high quality, unlocked, reliable, and budget conscience phones. He continued, “In an age where the price of some mobile phones is running into thousands of dollars despite them being locked to a network, our success over the last ten years has proven that there is an increasing demand for high quality, low-cost alternatives. The AS6 gives you that in a smartphone and the F42 is ideal for the young or elderly, budget-conscious user wanting a simple phone with easy-to-read large buttons and the most commonly used social media apps – including WhatsApp™ and Facebook™ - already installed.” As all Australian telcos continue to wind down their 3G networks, having a new 4G phone is not only critical but makes good and practical sense. At just $149 the Aspera AS6 offers consumers a surprising number of features including the fact that its large 5.99” screen is also an 18:9 IPS 550 cd/m² extra bright display that is FWVGA+ with 2.5D glass. It also has a fast Mediatek Quad core 1.5GHz MT6739WW processor that easily runs Android 10 and despite the phone already having 2GB RAM plus 32GB ROM, you can also expand the memory using an SD card up to a maximum of 64GB. There’s two good 8MP and 0.8MP rear cameras and a 5MP front camera, a large 3000mAh battery, plenty of connectivity via USB, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspot and VOLTE, support for 1/3/5/7/8/28a+b 4G bands and 850/900/2100Mhz 3G bands and even a free bonus gel protective case. All of this in a phone which measures just 159.5 x 78.5 x 9.3mm. The Aspera Mobile F42 flip phone again perfectly embodies the company’s ethos of providing high quality phones with as many features as possible and it is ideal for anyone who wants a simple and easy to use phone. First off, as a flip phone, the F42 is compact at just 105 x 56 x 19mm when closed and enjoys a satisfying “flip” action as well as large, soft touch keys. It’s also a fully unlocked 4G phone that connects via Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi hotspot or VoLTE. Also, as a flip phone it has two screens, a 2.8” main display and a 1.8” external screen for notifications and messages. Then the F42 has GPS built in and features social media apps including WhatsApp and Facebook already installed. The 1350mAh Li-ion battery gives F42 users good usage time as it powers its 512MB RAM plus 4GB ROM memory (expandable via SD card to 64GB) via its fast Mediatek 6731 quad core 1.1GHz processor. The F42 also features a 2MP rear and 0.3MP front camera, High Definition (HD) voice, programmable speed dials, a USB charge port and a 3.5mm earphone jack. You can find both the new $149 AS6 smartphone and $99 F42 flip phone in Australia Post, Harvey Norman and Big W stores and in petrol stations, service stations and convenience stores all across Australia. For more information on the new Aspera AS6 smartphone go to: For more information on the new Aspera F42 flip phone go to: CREMATION IS MORE THAN SIMPLY A CHOICE OF DISPOSITION 2020-11-30T23:38:33Z cremation-is-more-than-simply-a-choice-of-disposition Cremation as a disposition process is increasingly embraced by consumers of nearly all religious, economic and regional groups, and the reasons for choosing this option are nearly as diverse as the individuals themselves. However, according to eziFunerals Owner & Founder, Peter Erceg, ‘far too many funeral directors make the mistake of focusing on the economics of cremation as the sole contributing factor of consumer decision making. They do it because their competitors down the road are charging less for a direct cremation than it does for its basic services fee. Don’t be that firm!’, says Erceg. eziFunerals is all about fair and affordable funerals. That’s why we exist, said Erceg. But, if a consumer calls a funeral home and asks for a price for cremation, how do you answer? If a funeral director simply gives them a price for a direct cremation, then they are doing their funeral home and the families they serve, a disservice’, he says. Cremation is more than simply a choice of disposition Cremation is more than simply a choice of disposition. It should be considered as just one part of the funeral process. The choices available to a family that chooses cremation are even more varied than that of a traditional burial disposition, and a family that expresses a desire for cremation should be given the opportunity to understand all those options. For example, a direct cremation should, at minimum, include fees for basic services, removal, care and preparation of un-embalmed remains and the cremation. Families only have one opportunity to have it done right. There are no re-runs and a decision based on price alone has the potential to leave a family bereft and unhappy with how the final disposition of their loved one has been handled. Cremation is not a race to the bottom It is very important to the financial health of a funeral home owner that cremation is not, economically speaking, a race to the bottom. Many cremation providers eziFunerals partner with, are more focussed on providing professional and caring services based on the individual needs of families, rather than by what it costs to provide these services. Our clients understand that premium funeral homes have significant costs/investments in professional facilities and staff. Those are two big reasons why families keep coming to our premium members in the first place, says Erceg. Our member funeral directors may not be the cheapest, but people see value in the services they provide, at one of the most difficult times in our lives. Click here to learn more about eziCremations About eziCremations eziCremations is part of eziFunerals Pty Ltd. We support individuals and families cope with end of life decisions, death and funerals. We are an independent, Australian-owned and operated company. We are not part of any other funeral company. For more information or to make contact with a trusted Independent Funeral Director, call eziFunerals on 1300 236 402 or visit At Centurion we are all about your security, safety, and providing value for money! 2020-11-26T23:47:59Z at-centurion-we-are-all-about-your-security-safety-and-providing-value-for-money Centurion Garage Doors provides real security at a fraction of competitor pricing with our tried and proven mechanical latch lock.The latch lock automatically locks your garage door when in the closed position, making it unable to be manually opened from the outside. COMPARED TO COMPETITOR SIDE BOLT LOCKS, OUR LATCH LOCK IS MORE SECURE AND A FRACTION OF THE COST WANT EVEN MORE ADDED SECURITY FOR YOUR GARAGE?Then the MY CGD Smartphone App with Camera Opener is the optional extra for you.View your garage at any time via a live camera feedDelete Lost or stolen handsets with the AppControl each handset’s full functions and accessibilityReceive notifications each time your garage door is opened or closed CONCERNED ABOUT THIEVES USING A HACKING APP TO GAIN ACCESS TO YOUR GARAGE?All Centurion Garage Doors Openers and remotes are encoded with modern code hopping technology so that the code to your door or remote can not be scanned or copied. Giving you no need to worry about hacking apps.Visit Our Website For More Information Today at JESI poised for accelerated global growth 2020-11-11T05:48:38Z jesi-poised-for-accelerated-global-growth Brisbane, 11th November 2020: Innovative remote worker and journey management company JESI, has received a multi-million-dollar funds injection from Microsoft aligned VC firm, Future Now Capital Management. The investment will serve to fast-track JESI’s global growth rollout and underpin its ‘customer first’ value add strategy. With the recent appointment of Chairperson Brad Seymour, who has an established reputation for scaling global business’, the JESI company is geared and supported to take on the exciting next phase of its customer-centric expansion.Queensland headquartered, JESI has developed market leading SaaS solutions that significantly improve the protection, monitoring and management of remote and mobile workforces. With origins and a strong presence in the global resources sector, JESI counts Rio Tinto, Orica, BHP, Sandvik among its clients. Other target industry verticals include NGO’s, linear infrastructure and AEC.Already on a growth trajectory, JESI has seen a strong up curve in business and interest through the COVID months with scalable functionality in the solution able to provide a connected eco-system for ‘work from home’ employees. Clearly though, the Future Now investment will turbocharge staff growth, service capabilities and development projects. “Technology integrations will be a key development focus in achieving the company projected growth outcomes” said Kathy Wilson General Manager of Customer Success. “our existing customers are looking to evolve with interoperability solutions and connected technology. JESI software enables them with a compelling value proposition”.JESI CEO Joe Hoolahan said, “The pandemic has bought to the fore the need for enterprises to protect their workers as they work remotely while at the same time ensuring they remain connected. We are also acutely aware that reliable activity data is increasingly becoming a key business metric and we already witnessing how our customers are using the data to drive workforce movement efficiencies,” Joe Hoolahan added.JESI is the first investment for newly founded, Future Now Capital Management, a Sydney based venture capital firm. In 2019 Future Now Capital Management executed a world first partnership with Microsoft that will see investors in the Fund gain direct exposure to companies selected for Microsoft’s accelerated growth programs. Future Now Capital Management will oversee the Fund’s investments into, and the growth strategies of, the portfolio companiesBrad Seymour, JESI Chairperson said, “I am incredibly excited about firstly, the product excellence and relevance of JESI in today’s new world, and secondly, the opportunity for JESI to grow exponentially with Future Now’s backing. I look forward to working with the team through this scale-up stage and beyond.”JESI Management Solutions are now actively recruiting talent to join their team. To explore what roles are on offer refer to the page. BlueAnt’s X3: Bringing Bass in Time for Summer 2020-10-11T22:29:48Z blueants-x3-bringing-bass-in-time-for-summer Melbourne – October 12, 2020 – Australia’s audio pioneer, BlueAnt, is bringing the bass back to the home and the beach in time for summer and eased restrictions with the launch of its next-generation portable speaker, the X3. With powerful audio output and booming bass you can feel, the portable BlueAnt X3 Bluetooth speaker delivers deep rich lows paired with a highly dynamic and room-filling soundstage. The X3 is the next in line of the successful X-Series portable speakers BlueAnt has launched into the local market. “The X-series is designed by our team of music lovers and sound engineers,” said Taisen Maddern, CEO and founder of BlueAnt. “It’s why our customers expect to get exceptional quality at the most accessible price. “The X3 stands above its competition and it’s ready to bring the sounds of summer back to Aussie homes, barbeques and beaches when it’s safe to do so.” With unsurpassed audio performance, the X3 is the loudest and best value speaker for those who don’t compromise on output volume, with a Bass Boost Button enabling music lovers the option to ramp the bass up. Its sleek and lightweight form factor makes it ideal for any location or occasion. Its “Duo Mode” capability allows one X3 to be connected to another X3, ensuring an immersive sound experience regardless of the event or location – inside or outside, the X3 is sure to pack a punch as a solo speaker or as a duet. Its IP67 waterproof rating ensures the pool and beach won’t offer any hurdles to performance. At $239.95, the X3 offers the best bang and bass in its class of premium speakers. It is available nationally in Telstra stores and JB HiFi. Key Features:Portable 30-Watt Bluetooth Speaker offers 15 hours playtime with built-in power bank2 x 57mm drivers, 2 passive radiators and Boost button blasts out the bassBluetooth 5.0 and Aux playback optionsDuo mode can connect two X3 speakers for an immersive experienceIP67 rating will keep the sound up at the beach, pool and everywhere betweenFeatures one-touch controls with Siri/Google Integration and built-in microphoneWATCH THIS SPACE: FORTHCOMING X5 “THE BEST PIECE OF AUDIO KIT WE’VE EVER PRODUCED” BlueAnt’s X-series of speakers has been wildly successfully, with its X1 and X2, launched last year, becoming a popular device for its loyal customers and helping bump BlueAnt’s total device sales to nearly 10 million. The X3 is the next stage in the evolution of BlueAnt’s speaker suite, but Maddern says what is next will blow the competition away: the X5, set to launch later this year. “Simply put, the X5 is the best piece of audio kit we’ve ever produced,” he said. “Watch this space.” Maddern says there has been an incredible demand for home speakers due to the pandemic. “People are now working from home more than ever, and subsequently not travelling on public transport nearly as often,” he said. “Many of our customers are now looking for ways to upgrade their home audio equipment but maintain a level of portability, particularly heading into summer. “Our customers are aching to entertain others, whether it’s barbeques or the beach, or gatherings at home once restrictions are eased. “We’re catering to all occasions with the launch of the X3 and, soon the X5.” ABOUT BLUEANT WIRELESSBlueAnt is a respected Australian consumer electronics and audio lifestyle brand with nearly 10 million devices sold to date. The company has a track record of innovative product design and exponential growth, with products currently retailing in over 20 countries. BlueAnt has supplied many of the world’s top consumer electronics retailers. BlueAnt was founded by Taisen Maddern in 2003 and pioneered hands-free Bluetooth products in Australia, developing the first dual microphone Bluetooth headset, before entering the US market. Australia’s agricultural future: growing with technology 2020-09-28T20:09:47Z australias-agricultural-future-growing-with-technology Drought, climate variability, biosecurity, global competition and consumer preferences are some of the greatest challenges facing Australian farmers, their impacts threatening our position amongthe most efficient primary producers in the world. However, Australia’s primary producers have a long history of embracing innovation and adopting technology to improve productivity and adapt to harsh conditions.The Future of Agricultural Technologies report released today by the Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA) identifies and discusses the technologies that could address these challenges and bring about both incremental and transformational changes to increase the profitability, sustainability and productivity of our agriculture industry.The report was commissioned by Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel AO on behalf of the National Science and Technology Council, with support from the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. It is the fifth report in ACOLA’s Horizon Scanning series, which draws on the expertise of Australia’s Learned Academies and the Royal Society of Te Apārangi.“Australia’s diverse agriculture, fisheries and forestry sector is a $69 billion industry, delivering significant benefits for our nation—particularly at a time where our economy is facing unprecedented challenges. However, reaching the Government’s goal of $100 billion by 2030 will likely require more than just incremental technological advancements,” Dr Finkel said.“Historically, Australian producers have been rapid adopters of innovation, and these emerging technologies will help our agriculture sector to transform and tackle current and future challenges.”Professor Stewart Lockie, one of the Chairs for the ACOLA Expert Working Group, said, “Innovation in our agriculture sector is critical for our economy, our food security and so much more. With a supportive policy environment, workforce and investment, we are confident that the future of agriculture in Australia will be one in which data analytics and artificial intelligence are as at-home on the farm as they are in any other high-tech industry”.The digitisation of farms through the ‘Internet of Things’ and data gathering and use will likely play a central role in future farm management strategies, allowing farms to track resources, monitor animal and plant health, support farm labour activities and enable precision agriculture.Other technologies could help us develop new products to meet climatic conditions and respond to consumer preferences, such as authenticating a product’s origins and quality assurance.ACOLA Chair, Professor Joy Damousi said that increasing technology uptake in our agriculture sector can also help Australia to maximise opportunities for regional employment, business development and Indigenous landholders. She also noted that there are clear roles for all stakeholders in supporting the sector to realise the potential of these new technologies, including to stimulate the agricultural technology and innovation ecosystemand build consumer confidence.The report examines the opportunities presented by nine technologies to improve the efficiency and profitability of agricultural production, develop novel agricultural industries and markets, and to contribute to a range of social and environmental values. The report explores technologies such as sensors, the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, machine learning, large scale optimisation and data fusion, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and distributed ledger technology. Importantly, the report highlightsthe range of challenges and considerations for governments, industry and the wider sector to further develop and enable the adoption of these technologies. A copy of the report and summary paper is attached (and will be available at Horizon Scanning Series is commissioned by Australia’s Chief Scientist, on behalf of the National Science and Technology Council. Previous reports have focused on artificial intelligence, precision medicine, synthetic biology and the role of energy storage in Australia. Reports can be accessed at Expert Working GroupProfessor Stewart Lockie FASSA (Chair: from Sept 2019)Dr Kate Fairley-Grenot FAICD FTSE (Chair: Dec 2018 – Sept 2019)Professor Rachel AnkenyProfessor Linda Botterill FASSAProfessor Barbara Howlett FAAProfessor Alex McBratney FAAProfessor Elspeth Probyn FAHA FASSAProfessor Tania Sorrell AM FAHMSProfessor Salah Sukkarieh FTSEProfessor Ian Woodhead Media contactFor more information or to arrange interviews, contact: Ryan WinnChief Executive, ACOLA0484 814 040 About ACOLAACOLA is the forum whereby Australia’s Learned Academies and our Associate members come together to contribute expert advice to inform national policy; and to develop innovative solutions to complex global problems and emerging national needs. Through the learned academies, ACOLA has access to more than 3,000 of Australia’s greatest minds to bring together critical thinking and evidence to inform robust policy decisions. Disposable facemasks are uncovering a harsh reality for the future of our planet, but there is a sustainable solution from CREAM Collection 2020-09-21T22:37:14Z disposable-facemasks-are-uncovering-a-harsh-reality-for-the-future-of-our-planet-but-there-is-a-sustainable-solution-from-cream-collection With demands for disposable masks, gloves and other protective equipment increasing at exponential levels around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the fight against plastic pollution has become a more significant battle than ever before. CREAM Collection, manufacturers of sustainable aprons, chef jackets and workwear, is working to reduce the alarming number of disposable masks ending up in landfill, and ultimately our oceans, together with the rest of plastic waste that already threatens marine life; by encouraging consumers to wear reusable masks. With September’s Zero Waste Week highlighting the increasing issue of environmental waste and pollution, Pam Burnett, founder of CREAM Collection is encouraging people to purchase an alternative cost-effective solution in the form of sustainable 100% organic cotton reusable facemasks. Pam comments: “Wearing a mask has become so important, and mandatory for some, throughout this pandemic, but after already seeing the negative impact on the environment of disposable masks, choosing what to cover your face with has become a much greater issue.” Since the significant effects of COVID-19 unravelled in March, CREAM Collection has been designing and making sustainable facemasks to enable the wider community to safely interact outside of their home and has already sold thousands to environmentally conscious Aussies. CREAM Collection’s facemasks are ethically made from 100% organic cotton and purposefully designed to biodegrade beyond its use. The masks feature adjustable elastic head straps for a comfortable fit, and a removable aluminium strip allowing the mask to sit snugly across the nose and can also be recycled afterwards. Pam adds: “When we throw something ‘away’, we don’t always think about where it goes and what impact it has on our environment. It is our role to think about what we can do to reduce the waste we dispose of every day, which at the moment includes an increasing number of single-use facemasks – and mask wearing is something that will continue for the foreseeable future.” Dedicated to providing sustainable aprons and jackets to some of the most well-known chefs and restaurants in Australia and overseas, including Rockpool, Jackalope Hotels, Cumulus Inc, Muse Dining, Tetsuya’s and Josh Niland from Saint Peter in Paddington, CREAM Collection has always been committed to ensuring practical, long-lasting solutions exist in an industry that currently relies on so many pollutive materials. With 8 million tonnes of plastics entering the ocean every year, it is estimated around 75 per cent of single-use masks, as well as other pandemic-related waste, will end up in landfills, or floating in the seas spanning a life of 450 years. CREAM Collection’s facemasks can be washed (at a temperature of 60 degrees or using a hot steam iron) and sanitised and re-used to provide an easy solution for people who want to protect themselves and each other during these uncertain times. It’s not just the chefs that love CREAM’s masks, Louise Etchell, owner of HairFreaks2 in Newcastle is prioritising their customers’ safety and commented: “Not only are they incredibly soft and breathable, they hold up like new with daily laundering so we can wear them with confidence. Our clients love that we are prioritising hygiene and their safety but what’s important to us is that we are leaving less of an environmental footprint at the same time.” CREAM’s facemasks are available to order at $19.95 each, with the option to personalise and embroider with a name or initials. For more information or to purchase CREAM Collection face masks, please visit For more information, please contact: Amy Cox @ CRE8IVE on T: 0431 223 105 or Katharina Ferster, Co-Founder School Beyond Limitations 2020-09-10T13:23:51Z katharina-ferster-co-founder-school-beyond-limitations It was always a fixed idea of mine to found a school. I don’t know where this came from and when I sensed this innate desire. I was always too fast and stubborn for school, for my teachers and my peers. That is why I always felt bored throughout my school years and throughout my studies in Mathematics at university – and still was one of the best students. “I know that I know” – I said over and over again. Only when my own two children were born and started to attend school I started to look for alternatives: for a school concept that would focus on the individual development of each child’s creativity and that would aim to guide the students to their own innate knowing: I know that I know. I was not successful. My children attended a Rudolf Steiner school. I trained myself in personal development, coaching and business creation. The more I developed in that direction and the more I built a successful business the less I could support the outdated traditional education concept. I was looking for freedom for my family. I wanted to take my children with me while traveling without being tied to school holidays. I wanted my children to spend their time with their father whenever they wanted as their father did not live with them anymore. I wanted my children to learn freely by being able to pursue their projects based on their interests and skills according to their pace without being pushed into a standardised system.During our world journey I tried out worldschooling and homeschooling. However, it was not enough. And then I met Martina Geromin, the co-founder of School Beyond Limitations. As our move to Cyprus was coming closer the idea was born to set up an online school. We wanted students to learn in a social steady environment that would never change, even if they were to move or travel again; with teacher-mentors who would take them by their hands until completion of their goals; an environment that is not based on judgement or grades, instead it was meant to be an environment with a strong emphasis on personal development in which each individual learns at her/his pace; an environment that acknowledges that children are in their knowing and as such they are allowed to think and act freely, beyond any limitations. That was the starting point for School Beyond Limitations. I wholeheartedly thank Martina and all parents who bravely undertook the first steps with us. Now, School Beyond Limitations is an internationally recognised school which increasingly captures interest and appreciation. It is a place that allows students to blossom as they understand that they are unique, that everything is possible and that they alone can choose responsibly about their life choices. Yes, I’d say that we are about to change the education system and, furthermore, we offer our students an unforgettable experience that will shape their adult lives considerably. ABC Cremations Opens in Melbourne 2020-08-21T22:40:37Z abc-cremations-opens-in-melbourne ABC Cremations has opened in Melbourne. Founder and 5th generation funeral director Robert Nelson, says experience, "knowledge and caring are essential attributes in this business" and with more than 3 decades of personal experience Robert should know. Robert says "ABC Cremation was formed just to assist the increasing number of families wanting, simple, no fuss, affordable, low cost or cheap direct cremation services across Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.WHAT ARE DIRECT OR UNATTENDED CREMATIONSUnattended or Direct cremation is the simplest and most affordable form of disposition. We collect you're loved from the place of death and bring them into our care, no viewing or family services are held. Some families choose to have a memorial service or gathering at a later time. Once all documentation is completed your loved one is conveyed to the crematorium for Direct cremation.After the cremation, you can choose to have the cremated remains returned to you or scattered by the crematorium.All arrangements are made via telephone and internet.ABC Cremations only provides for Direct Cremations throughout Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.We keep it simple in order that you can have a simple affordable direct cremation.To keep things simple there is one low fee of $1,499 inc GSTFind out more call (03) 8640 0944 Social workers urge government to lead economic recovery by investing in social housing 2020-08-04T05:23:42Z social-workers-urge-government-to-lead-economic-recovery-by-investing-in-social-housing During National Homelessness Week, 2-8 August this year, Australian social workers are calling for more investment in social housing to help end homelessness.Last month, the AASW submission to the Inquiry into Homelessness in Australia, called on the federal government to build or acquire additional social housing. AASW National President Christine Craik said the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that we can respond to homelessness quickly as a response when there is a threat to public health, and this quick response has protected some of the most vulnerable people in our society. “During this pandemic, the Victorian government has housed many who were homeless as part of a public health response until April next year. We welcome this move, and would argue that this initiative needs to happen on a more permanent basis, not just during a pandemic and needs to be implemented across the country. “We are supporting the Everybody’s Home campaign this week. Building social housing and repairing empty or substandard public housing needs to be prioritised in all neighbourhoods across Australia. This kind of initiative will result in local jobs, economic stimulus and work towards social cohesion across the country. This pandemic has wreaked havoc with our most vulnerable communities and if there is to be one positive thing to come out of this, let that legacy be that this was the time we took a different path around social housing and committed ourselves to eradicating homelessness forever. “For anyone, becoming homeless can feel like a personal failure and many of our cultural myths and negative stereotypes around homelessness and poverty feed into this. You can tell a lot about the health of a community by the way it treats its most vulnerable citizens. We need to challenge these myths and those negative stereotypes about homelessness and mobilise politically to end homelessness for good. We urge everyone to use this week to engage with the Everybody’s Home campaign.”Social workers know the effects of housing insecurity on vulnerable people. We know the ways in which this intersects and complicates other systemic disadvantage, including family violence, child protection and mental health. See the Scope of Social Work Practice areas in Homelessness, Family Violence, Child Protection and Mental Health. Scope of Social Work Practice – HomelessnessScope of Social Work Practice – Family ViolenceScope of Social Work Practice – Child ProtectionScope of Social Work Practice – Mental HealthENDS MULTI BEST-SELLING AUTHOR LAUNCHES ‘GLOBAL GOOD NEWS CHALLENGE' 2020-08-03T03:51:08Z multi-best-selling-author-launches-global-good-news-challenge A former journalist turned media master is on a mission to spread good news to the masses and says digital currency has the capacity to bring communities together in the face of the global pandemic. The bestselling author and journalist of 36 years who established her own media agency in 2002 in Southport on the Gold Coast, is launching the 8-day ‘Global Good News Challenge’ on 3 August in an effort to help combat suicide, depression and anxiety rates. Aldwyn Altuney, of AA Xpose Media, who recently joined Qoin (Eds; pronounced ‘coin’), Australia’s newest digital currency, is inspired to share positive stories and is using the Qoin platform to spread her message further. “Globally, around one million people commit suicide each year and that has increased since Covid-19. I personally had four close friends take their own lives before the age of 45 and, throughout my own life, I’ve also battled with depression and suicidal tendencies,” Ms Altuney said. “Next Monday, I’m launching an 8-day ‘Global Good News Challenge’, which will run from 3-10 August. Since COVID-19 hit, the public has been inundated by negative news and this challenge will promote positivity.” An advocate for empowerment, Ms Altuney believes alternative currencies to cash are “no longer a luxury, but an essential” and she acquired $10,000 in Qoin when she first joined as part of her own wealth strategy. She intends to both accept payment in Qoin and engage businesses through the Qoin network, as well as promote her message of positivity. “Qoin is a brilliant idea. I think it’s really important to have alternative currencies. Qoin not only brings communities together, but it empowers people to be able to do business and do life without relying on the traditional banking system. “People need to get smarter at having alternative ways of trading and dealing with their money. Silver, gold and barter used to be the way and now it’s digital currencies. “As a business owner, what I love most about Qoin is there are no fees.” Over six months, more than 7000 small business merchants, including many in Southport, are now accepting Qoin, the newest digital currency, built on blockchain, that offers cashless transactions. And now Southport is being specifically approached following research undertaken by Qoin that shows Southport businesses and merchants are keen to get involved in digital currencies. Qoin Australia Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Barker says: “We have done our homework in Southport and we have a dedicated sales team of independent agents that are in contact with Southport businesses. “The current economic climate off the back of COVID-19 has encouraged many business people to open their eyes to new ways of doing business and that includes digital currency.” Mr Barker says the time is ripe for digital currencies, like Qoin, as ‘coronavirus has paved the way for small businesses to consider digital currencies to attract new customers and facilitate in-store transactions’. Eliminate heating bill shock with infrared ray heaters 2020-07-21T00:35:11Z eliminate-heating-bill-shock-with-infrared-ray-heaters With heating bills skyrocketing while people are working from home through additional usage, there is a way to bring the cost down but still keep cosy and warm. Data from one energy company shows households are using 16 per cent more electricity during the pandemic than at the same time last year. Heaters that use Far Infrared (FIR) thermal waves as the heat source cost a fraction of the price to run conventional heating and they are also a lot healthier. Infrared ray heaters emit a very high ratio of heat as radiant heat, which heats objects directly, like the sun, rather than warming the air. This means that anyone in the heater’s direction is warm as soon as the heater is turned on.Andatech’s Ionmax Ray Heater is extremely economical to operate, being almost half the cost of reverse cycle air conditioners and almost one third of the operating cost of space heaters.“When working at a table or desk in one room or part of a room, it’s the people who need to keep warm, not the whole air mass,” said Jaka Exstrada, product specialist at Andatech.“In addition, because it’s a portable heater, the Ionmax Ray Heater is ideal for people who rent as it can move homes with the occupants.”The many problems associated with traditional heaters are eliminated with an Ionmax Ray heater. For example: Humidity levels are maintained because the FIR radiation doesn’t dry out the room’s atmosphere, providing a healthier and more comfortable environment.Dust and pollen that cause allergies aren’t blown around rooms because the heat is delivered more efficiently.Heating a large room with high ceilings or drafts can take an age whereas the Ionmax Ray delivers heat instantly, even at a distance and without any glare.Patented designAllowing heat to be delivered where it’s wanted, the Ionmax Ray has a patented design relating to a versatile tilt mechanism, which allows a balanced and smooth 10 degree downward and 30-degree upward movement. It also has an auto swing of 70 degrees and manual rotation of 60 degrees.Extensive safety features are in-built including a child lock, overheat cut-off, tilt-off protection and 10-hour auto switch off.The heater’s easy-to-use control panel allows users to set the timer at one hour increments up to nine hours and determine the level of comfortable heat desired with nine heat settings from 200W to 1200W.Andatech’s Ionmax Ray heater is suitable for the home, study, office, shed or garage and has whisper quiet operation. The bedroom is a perfect location as it doesn’t dry out the air, leaving occupants with a much more refreshing sleep.Priced at $489, it comes with a one-year warranty that can be extended for a further two* Check the website for a comparison between standard heaters showing the approximate operating costs per year.About Andatech:Andatech is a 100% Australian owned company that designs, supplies, supports and services safety and wellness products including high quality alcohol and drug testing equipment, and air quality products. The company has the widest range of Australian Standard-certified breathalysers in Australia, which are designed for personal use, in workplaces, at hospitality venues (wall mounted) and as car interlock devices. Drug testing kits cover saliva and urine testing of 7 drug groups providing error-free results. Air quality products include dehumidifiers, air purifiers, humidifiers and aroma diffusers. Other safety products include dash cams and vehicle jump starter power banks. and enquiries:Wendy McWilliams, WMC PR, T: 03 9803 2588 E: RES IMAGES AVAILABLE (refer to media release for thumbnails) Clinically-proven, slimline ‘pocket-sized’ infrared thermometer 2020-07-16T05:39:09Z clinically-proven-slimline-pocket-sized-infrared-thermometer The first thing you notice about the new MedSense TF01 Infrared Thermometer is its size. Unlike conventional thermometer guns that are bulky and heavy, the MedSense weighs less than 70 grams and it fits neatly into the palm of your hand.This clinically-proven, non-invasive forehead thermometer has been approved for use in Australia* and is perfect for families, medical professionals, workplaces and public testing.The second thing you notice is how fast it is to give a temperature. To operate, the user holds the unit 3-5 cm away from the skin and aims at the middle of the forehead, using the LED positioning light. After pressing the button to take a measurement, the thermometer will show an accurate temperature reading in one second. To provide confirmation of whether the temperature is normal or not, an LCD backlit display screen shows green (normal), amber (attention!) and red (fever).Simple to use, the device’s measurement range is 34.0 to 43.0°C (body temperature) and 0 to 93.2°C (object temperature) and temperatures can be shown in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.In addition to people, the MedSense TF01 from Andatech can be used on objects and surfaces such as baby feeding bottles, bath water, the air temperature and other applications.Providing further confirmation for users, the device can also issue an audio alert when the detected body temperature is high. A feature that is ideal for home use, the device will keep track of body temperature fluctuations with the ability to recall the last nine temperature readings with just the click of a button. It uses two 1.5V AAA batteries, with power usage saved by way of the auto shut-off after 30 seconds.With dimensions of 34x160x50mm, the MedSense TF01 comes with a 2-year warranty and has an RRP of $149. It is available from* The MedSense Non-Contact Thermometer is a Class IIa Medical Device and is entered in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). Reference CE. ARTG No.: 333214.About Andatech:Andatech is a 100% Australian owned company that designs, supplies, supports and services safety and wellness products including high quality alcohol and drug testing equipment, and air quality products. The company has the widest range of Australian Standard-certified breathalysers in Australia, which are designed for personal use, in workplaces, at hospitality venues (wall mounted) and as car interlock devices. Drug testing kits cover saliva and urine testing of 7 drug groups providing error-free results. Air quality products include dehumidifiers, air purifiers, humidifiers and aroma diffusers. enquiries:Wendy McWilliams, WMC PR, T: 03 9803 2588 / 0421 364 665 E: of high res photos available. Check for suitable images here: