The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-06-03T06:48:45Z Media release: The Merindas' debut album release date 2020-06-03T06:48:45Z media-release-the-merindas-debut-album-release-date As their third single, ‘I Feel It’ is sparking some radio love around the country, Melbourne-based, trailblazing electro R&B pop duo, The Merindas will release their debut album, ‘We Sing Until Sunrise (Ngaangk Nookertiny Ngala Warangka)’ this Friday, June 5.Comprising eight tracks of pop gems – full of delicious harmonies, youthful electro vibes and meaningful lyrics, the album was initially intended for release in late April, at the end of The Merindas’ first national headline tour, which came to an abrupt halt due to COVID-19.After a well-received at home performance last month as part of Isol-Aid Festival, there is strong desire to hear more from these Indigenous warrior queens, and the wait will soon be over.The Merindas are the collective force of Candice Lorrae of Jawoyn and Thursday Island heritage (born in Darwin) and Ballardong Whadjuk and Nyoongar woman Kristel Kickett (from Tammin, Western Australia), bringing an on-trend style of rhythmic, expressive and beautiful music dedicated to their cultural heritage. They describe their unique sound as “electronic pop with a dancehall feel, alongside hip hop and R&B influences.”With three singles under their belt (We Sing Until Sunrise, I Feel It and Before Daylight), their hotly anticipated debut album We Sing Until Sunrise (“‘Ngaangk Nookertiny Ngala Warangka’- which simply means that we are forever singing, forever dancing and forever celebrating our culture”). Says Candice Lorrae, ‘Our debut album release is more exciting and meaningful than ever! With all delays on the live circuit, it's a time to sit back and appreciate all the hard work and creativity poured into this album. It's been three years in the making, not even a pandemic can kill this vibe.’ Says Kristel Kickett, ‘This album feels like a rewarding gift during this time. Even though our national tour and album release were postponed due to COVID-19, I'm so excited to share and give out some positive vibes to everyone through our music. We’ve waited so long for this moment, so I think it's a perfect time to release, despite what’s going down.’ Collectively, The Merindas emphasise that ‘there is no better time to be releasing music in such an historical year when the world needs it most. For us, this album is electrifying and the production is top notch! When listening to the album you can hear our voices singing out to the spirits and the depth in the music grounding us to the earth. Our sound empowers us and we hope that it does the same to everyone else. The Merindas’ messaging has always been about believing in yourself and never giving up, now is a perfect time to be sending this message.’ ABOUT THE MERINDASThe Merindas began in 2012 when Candice assembled a vocal outfit to cover Motown-era classics at the Perth premiere of the hit film The Sapphires, chronicling an iconic '60s Indigenous Australian girl group. They savoured a standing ovation – and were booked for another (sold-out) show. The Motown Girls became The Merindas, meaning ‘beautiful woman’ in the Eora language (spoken in New South Wales). Candice formed the final incarnation of The Merindas with her soul sister Kristel, the pair meeting at Western Australia's renowned Abmusic College.The Merindas' Motown phase would be transitory. Perhaps inevitably, Candice and Kristel gravitated back to their high school love of pop, R&B and hip-hop, adorning themselves as glamourous slaying queens and immersing themselves in music from the likes of Spice Girls, Salt ‘N Pepa and TLC. Both singer/songwriters, The Merindas were determined to shape an original R&B/pop. They'd embrace modish electronic and club genres, too: future bass, dancehall and Afrobeat. As such, The Merindas developed a unique sonic aesthetic with soulful harmonies, energetic rhythms and something intangible. For their live shows, The Merindas are regally DIY – assuming full creative control of their music, costumes, styling and visuals. At the heart of The Merindas is their complex cultural identity as First Nations women. Kristel is a proud Ballardong Whadjuk and Nyoongar woman from Tammin in WA. Meanwhile, Candice, born in the Northern Territory, has Jawoyn and Thursday Islander (or Torres Strait Islander) heritage. She moved to Perth in childhood, being raised on Nyoongar country. The Merindas were inspired to sing in the Nyoongar language, telling traditional stories through music, following WA folk legend Gina Williams. The duo have already achieved much. They received an early Deadly Award nomination as 'Most Promising New Talent' on the basis of their live charisma alone. Then, in 2015, The Merindas won 'Indigenous WAM Song Of The Year' for their cult fave 'Ready To Love'. The next year, The Merindas officially launched with the stirring single 'We Sing Until Sunrise' – which they performed in Singapore at The Aussie BBQ as part of Music Matters Live, SLUMBERJACK headlining. The Merindas even featured on Downsyde's hip-hop opus ClassicILL. They showcased at 2018's BIGSOUND. And have been billed alongside everyone from Brandy to Jessica Mauboy to Mojo Juju to Craig David. The Merindas eventually relocated to Melbourne, the city offering new associations, opportunities and perspectives. Here, Candice and Kristel were soon exposed to fresh influences, prompting them to rework album material they'd cut back in their Perth home studio. Crucially, The Merindas were introduced to an exciting collaborator in New Zealand producer Frank Eliesa, keyboardist in the band Yoko-Zuna, at APRA AMCOS' inaugural First Nations SongHubs (curated by Briggs) and who impressed them with his ability to shape and blend their voices into perfect harmonies. In late 2019, They aired their second banger, 'Before Daylight', narrating a Nyoongar Dreaming story about the thwarted love between a man and a woman who transform into entwined trees – and accompanied by their first video.The Merindas hope to get back into touring as soon as possible, so that not only may they continue to share their music and grow their audiences, but they wish to continue to run workshops in Indigenous communities for girls, their creative leadership program encompassing fashion, modelling and dance. The Merindas are also members of Jimblah's First Sounds collective, advocating for greater Indigenous Australian representation in the music industry.CONNECT WITH THE MERINDAS ONLINE:Official website: www.themerindas.comFacebook: MEDIA CONTACT:Erin Jameson – erin(at)jamesonandco(dot)com / 0419 323 663 WE SING UNTIL SUNRISE ALBUM SONG MEANINGS We Sing Until Sunrise This track strongly reflects that we are forever singing, dancing and celebrating our culture. I Feel It I Feel It talks about the good spirit of the land and about allowing yourselves to feel joy. We feel this spirit when we connect ourselves with the earth, this spirit stirs inside all of us if we let it be free. Noongar words, ​Kwabba Wirran Boodjah waa​, translates to 'Good Spirit of the Land'. Splinter This song is about breaking free from a stand still position where we have constantly been fighting with ourselves about standards. This is about building the courage to lift our roots and discover the world and our potential. The visual being, a lone tree in the middle of the desert that has been standing for such a long time, unrecognised. The purpose of the song is to remind us that it is 'just the beginning to something big' - no matter how far you are in life there is always room to grow and discover new things about yourself. It’s a song about moving forward. Drumfire Drumfire is a reminder for people to stand up for what they believe in. We all have a fire burning inside when we feel empowered by each other. Our most powerful leaders carried unbelievable courage and never gave up the fight against injustices. This song is a tribute to our ancestors, elders and First Nations people that bring communities together and continue the fight for land rights, justice and continue practices of our rich culture. Noongar words Ngang Karla Noonook Karla ​translates to ‘my fire your fire’. Wait For Me This is more of a fun track for us. When you see someone in a club you’re attracted to and you keep an eye on them all night and not having the courage to make a move before it’s too late and they have already left the room … then you spend the rest of the evening looking for them. Make a move quickly. Don’t wait for love. Before Daylight It's about a man and woman who were forbidden to be together. The Lyrics 'Before Daylight, give me one last kiss goodbye' describes the couple’s last moments embraced in each other’s arms. Their love was so strong it grew in harmony with the land through two trees. These trees grew side by side with their branches touching, symbolising their last kiss. Do You See Me This is about our stolen generations reconnecting with family. It’s about that significant moment when two people re-connect and they recognise similar features. Same eyes, same hands, same smile. It’s also open to being about strong connections people have with one another. Young Love Was To Blame Being young in a toxic relationship that leads to abuse and early pregnancy. Being so young, you’re blind to this and it’s basically about looking back to say ‘Young Love Was To Blame’. We talk about looking after our young people. Album credits (We Sing Until Sunrise - The Merindas)We Sing Until Sunrise Written by and Vocals by: Candice Lorrae and Kristel Kickett Chorus into Noongar Translated by: Kylie Bracknell Produced by: DazastahVocals Recorded by: Candice Lorrae Bass Guitar: Roy MartinezMixed by: Rob Agostini (Soundbaker Studios) Re-mastered by: David Walker (Stepford Audio Mastering) I Feel It Written by and Vocals by: Candice Lorrae and Kristel Kickett Chorus into Noongar Translated by: Denice Kickett Co-Produced by: Candice Lorrae and Jake SteeleMusic and Vocals Produced by: Frank Keys Vocals Recorded by: Fraser Montgomery (Aviary Studios) Bass Guitar: Roy MartinezMixed by: Tony Espie (TuffTonesMusic)Mastered by: David Walker (Stepford Audio Mastering) Splinter Written by and Vocals by: Candice Lorrae and Kristel Kickett Music and Vocals Produced by: Frank KeysVocals Recorded by: Fraser Montgomery (Aviary Studios) Mixed by: Tony Espie (TuffTonesMusic)Mastered by: David Walker (Stepford Audio Mastering) Drumfire Written by and Vocals by: Candice Lorrae and Kristel Kickett Co- Produced by: DazastahMusic and Vocals Produced by: Frank KeysVocals Recorded by: Aldie Nusa PutraMixed by: Tony Espie (TuffTonesMusic)Mastered by: David Walker (Stepford Audio Mastering) Wait For Me Written by and Vocals by: Candice Lorrae and Kristel Kickett Music and Vocals Produced by: Frank KeysVocals Recorded by: Fraser Montgomery (Aviary Studios) Mixed by: Tony Espie (TuffTonesMusic)Mastered by: David Walker (Stepford Audio Mastering) Before Daylight Written by and Vocals by: Candice Lorrae and Kristel Kickett Music and Vocals Produced by: Frank KeysVocals Recorded by: Fraser Montgomery (Aviary Studios) Mixed by: Tony Espie (TuffTonesMusic)Mastered by: David Walker (Stepford Audio Mastering) Do You See Me Written by and Vocals by: Candice Lorrae and Kristel Kickett Co- Produced by: DazastahMusic and Vocals Produced by: Frank KeysVocals Recorded by: Fraser Montgomery (Aviary Studios) Mixed by: Tony Espie (TuffTonesMusic)Mastered by: David Walker (Stepford Audio Mastering) Young Love Was To Blame Written by and Vocals by: Candice Lorrae and Kristel Kickett Music and Vocals Produced by: Frank KeysVocals Recorded by: Fraser Montgomery (Aviary Studios) Mixed by: Tony Espie (TuffTonesMusic)Mastered by: David Walker (Stepford Audio Mastering) AMERICAN BLUES GREATS JOIN BANDWIDTH LINE-UP 2020-05-11T23:01:36Z american-blues-greats-join-bandwidth-line-up Fans of the blues are in for a super tasty treat this Friday night with the announcement that US blues legends Robert Cray and Don Bryant have been added to the Bandwidth presented by Blues on Broadbeach already awesome line-up. Both incredible artist’s performances will be showcased in this 90 minute premiere online event which promises to be a house party like no other.   Joining the Bandwidth line-up from the comfort of their own homes are other top blues acts including TOMMY EMMANUEL, THE BLACK SORROWS, and KARISE EDEN. To celebrate our continued partnership with Memphis Tourism we are thrilled to announce that iconic international music legend DON BRYANT (above) will be beaming in from his home in the blues capital of the world, Memphis. Bryant is the man behind countless iconic records including his evergreen hit I Can’t Stand the Rain, which he wrote for his wife, Ann Peebles and which John Lennon declared as the “best song ever”. This sensational online showcase will also feature THE ROBERT CRAY BAND’S (above) mesmerising 2018 Blues on Broadbeach performance.  The five-time Grammy Award winner and Blues Hall of Famer seamlessly bridges the gap between blues, soul, and R&B with his soulful voice, smooth style, and incredible guitar skills. Watch 30 second teaser here International master of the acoustic guitar, TOMMY EMMANUEL, cannot wait for fans to see his Bandwidth performance. “It was such a disappointment when my chance to play Blues on Broadbeach was cancelled due to the Virus, but Bandwidth presented by Blues on Broadbeach has really stepped up and got a lot of the great talent to contribute to the live stream and given us artists a chance to perform for you over the internet,” said Tommy Emmanuel. Now that your southern house party has its sound, lets pump it up with some authentic Memphis flavour.  With thanks to our friends at Memphis Tourism, here are the Top 5 finger-licking meals direct from the Mississipi Delta. Fans can show their support by visiting the virtual Blues on Broadbeach merch tent and purchasing some of their fave artists CDs, t-shirts and other memorabilia. Visit the virtual Blues on Broadbeach merch tent. Bandwidth is a 90-minute music event premiering Live on Facebook this Friday, May 15 at 7 pm AEST.  Northern hemisphere-based fans can also join in on this experience with a special encore screening on Saturday, May 16 at 7pm Los Angeles time PDT.  Blues on Broadbeach’s social media: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. For more information, please contacts SueMacMedia: Sue McAullay / M: 0418 172 602 / E: Click here to access all Bandwidth media assets. Donesafe Supports Hospitals and Frontline Workers During COVID-19 2020-05-04T00:42:12Z donesafe-supports-hospitals-and-frontline-workers-during-covid-19 Donesafe Supports Hospitals and Frontline Workers During COVID-19 The stream of heartwarming stories about people and organizations working together in the face of this crisis reveals our willingness and ability to help one another. Thursday, April 23rd, 2020 – Donesafe and Bespoke Boulevard came together in an inspirational example of what can be achieved with a bit of creative thinking, time, and energy for those that are in need. Together, duo Donesafe and Bespoke Boulevard helped those that put their lives at risk every day – our frontline medical workers. These workers across the globe have been working tirelessly around the clock in order to regain a level of control around this pandemic. Donesafe continues its commitment to helping the community by supplying hundreds of frontline workers with a healthy lunch Bespoke Boulevard has food trucks normally used for festivals and other events; Donesafe is committed to health and safety. Together, they repurposed the food truck to help frontline workers. Bespoke Boulevard reached out to the team at St Vincent’s Hospital to secure a date and hundreds of workers to feed through this community initiative. Donesafe sponsored the initiative to provide healthy nutritious lunch meals to those completing another busy day at the hospital. The busiest departments across the hospital were handpicked to ensure staff received that much-needed break and healthy meal to go with. It was our way of saying, thank-you. Over 200 fresh and healthy ready-to-eat meals were prepared and delivered to medical workers. “We like to give back when and where we can. Safety is a huge priority at Donesafe and that should be the case across all organizations. Every worker needs a safe place to work and deserves to go home safely every day. This initiative spoke to the heart of everything we look to achieve through our business and our technology. A great partnership and thanks for the opportunity to give back.” Matthew Browne, Donesafe Cofounder “In these unprecedented times, the true ethos of a company can really shine through. As a workplace health and safety management software, it is obvious that Donesafe not only cares about the health and safety of employees through their software but is willing to go above and beyond for employees within the community. Thank you.” Gabrielle Keaton, Bespoke Boulevard In order to share the feel-good story with you all, here’s the journey captured on the day; the preparation and delivery to the frontline workers. See the video here. How else is Donesafe helping during COVID-19? Today, many workforces have shifted to contactless working or remote working entirely. Donesafe designed and created a solution to assist organizations through the changes faced by COVID-19; Infectious Disease and Work from Home apps. Donesafe is offering an app bundle as a commitment to helping create safer and more fulfilling workplaces. Donesafe is offering significant discounts to remove the barriers for businesses in need of our online apps. We have created a ready-to-deploy solution helping safety managers deal with infectious disease control, displaced workforces, and return to work health checks, just to list a few offerings. Encouraging a culture where safety is discussed and kept top of mind throughout an organization is at Donsafe’s core.  Who is Bespoke Boulevard? Bespoke Boulevard, a boutique brand management and activation company usually known within the events space has perfectly timed the decision to focus on innovation and the creation of a number of new exciting projects. Bespoke Boulevard pivoted its core business to supply the infrastructure to feed frontline workers. Despite all that is going on during these unpredictable times, a humble community initiative urges organizations to unite together to provide support and a well-deserved thank you to our frontline health professionals. It’s times like this that allows organizations to shift accordingly, leveraging contacts and divisional entities around the Bespoke Boulevard platform to support communities.  After the cancellation of events in 2020, the focus changed and energy around giving back to the community became paramount. The community initiative, Care for the Masses was born, creating a platform for brands, companies, organizations, and individuals to provide immediate support directly to those in need. If you want to get involved in this community initiative as an individual or want to know how to get your business involved, contact the team at Bespoke Boulevard here.  Australia and New Zealand will be represented in the 10 YEARS of the International Surrealism Now 2020-04-28T17:01:50Z australia-and-new-zealand-will-be-represented-in-the-10-years-of-the-international-surrealism-now 10 YEARS of the International Surrealism Now Exhibition  at CAE Portugal, Coimbra, Figueira da Foz - The International Surrealism Now Exhibition will open on (COVID? after) to (COVID?) 2020 at the Center of Arts and Spectacle (CAE) in the city of Figueira da Foz in Portugal, and in the ambit of celebrating its 10th anniversary, the 14th edition of the International Surrealism Now exhibition. Australia and New Zealand to be present in the next edition of Surrealism Now, the largest World Surrealism exhibition of the 21st century which gathers artwork from 52 countries until now. Andrew Baines, Cristian Townsend and Sarah Zambiasi   from Australia and Rudolf Boelee from New Zealand are the artists whose work will be present in the International Surrealism Now. The exhibition is a project created by Santiago Ribeiro, Portuguese surrealist artist, and started in 2010 at the Bissaya Barreto Foundation of Coimbra. In these 10 years, has been touring various parts of the country from Lisbon to Porto as well as satellite exhibitions in the United States such as Dallas, Los Angeles, University of Mississippi and New York, also in Europe in Berlin, Paris, and Madrid among others always promoted and organized by Santiago. This exhibition has become the largest exhibition of surrealism of the 21st century in the world, consisting of works of painting, drawing, digital art, sculpture, and photography. 125 participant artists from 52 countries: Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cuba, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Ukraine, Venezuela, Vietnam, India. About Santiago, the mentor, and promoter of the largest exhibition of surrealism in the 21st century in the world, the International Surrealism Now, already has numerous presences around the planet as well as Berlin, Moscow, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Mississippi, Indiana, Denver, Warsaw, St. Petersburg, Nantes, Paris, London, Vienna, Beijing, Florence, Madrid, Granada, Barcelona, Lisbon, Belgrade, Monte Negro, Romania, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, Minsk, New Delhi, Jihlava (Czech Republic) and Caltagirone in Sicily and many cities in Portugal. The  Arts and Entertainment Center (CAE) was opened in 2002. Large cultural structure (2 200 and 800 seat auditoriums - outdoor amphitheater, foyer, breakout rooms, studios, 4 exhibition halls) was thought of as a centrality with European Community funds and its programming tends to go through major national and international shows and this structure is also linked to other programming centers and events, in an anchor logic that disperses without losing continuity. Below are the names of the artists: Achraf Baznani, Morocco / Agim Meta, Albania-Spain / Aissa Mammasse, Algeria / Alessio Serpetti, Italy / Alvaro Mejias, Venezuela / Ana Neamu, Romania / Ana Pilar Morales, Spain / Andrew Baines, Australia / Asier Guerrero Rico (Dio), Spain / Axel Blotevogel, Germany / Brigid Marlin, UK / Bien Banez, Philippines / Can Emed, Turkey / Carlos Sablón, Cuba / Cătălin Precup, Romania / Chuang Chih Hui, Taiwan / Cristian Townsend, Australia / Conor Walton, Ireland / Cynthia Tom, China / USA / Dag Samsund, Denmark / Daila Lupo, Italy / Dan Neamu, Romania / Daniel Chiriac, Romania / Daniel Hanequand, France / Canada / Daniele Gori, Italy / Delphine Cencig, France / Dean Fleming, USA / Domen Lo, Slovenia / Edgar Invoker, Russia / Efrat Cybulkiewicz, Venezuela / Egill Eibsen, Iceland / Erik Heyninck, Belgium / Ettore Aldo Del Vigo, Italy / Fabrizio Riccardi, Italy / Farhad Jafari, Iran / France Garrido, USA / Francisco Urbano, Portugal / Gabriele Esau, Germany / Genesis Cabrera, USA / Graça Bordalo Pinheiro, Portugal / Graszka Paulska, Poland / Gromyko Semper, Philippines / Gyuri Lohmuller, Romania / Hector Pineda, Mexico / Hector Toro, Colombia / Henrietta Kozica, Sweden / Hugues Gillet, France / Isabel Meyrelles, Portugal / Iwasaki Nagi, Japan / James Skelton, UK / Jay Garfinkle, USA / Jay Paul Vonkoffler, American / Argentine / Jimah St, Nigeria / Joanna Budzyńska-Sycz, Poland / João Duarte, Portugal / Keith Wigdor, USA / Leo Wijnhoven, Netherlands / Leo Plaw, Germany / Liba WS, France / Lubomír Štícha, Republic Czech / Ludgero Rolo, Portugal / Lv Shang, China / Maarten Vet, Netherlands / Maciej Hoffman, Poland / Magi Calhoun, USA / Marnie Pitts, UK / Maria Aristova, Russia / Mario Devcic, Croatia / Martina Hoffman, Germany / Mathias Böhm, Germany / Mehriban Efendi, Azerbaijan / Naiker Roman, Cuba / Spain / Nazareno Stanislau, Brazil / Nikolina Petolas, Croatia / Octavian Florescu, Canada / Ofelia Hutul, Romania / Oleg Korolev, Russia / Olesya Novik, Russia / Olga Spiegel, USA / Otto Rapp, Austria / Paula Rosa, Portugal / Paulo Cunha, Canada / Pavlina Boroshova, Switzerland-Germany / Pedro Diaz Cartes, Chile / Penny Golledge, UK / Peter MC LANE, France / Philippe Pelletier, France / Radhika Menon, India / Richard Shannon, USA / Roch Fautch, USA / Rodica Miller, USA / Ruben Cukier, Argentine / Israeli / Rudolf Boelee, New Zealand / Russbelt Guerra, Peru / Sabina Nore, Austria / Sampo Kaikkonen, Finland / Santiago Ribeiro, Portugal / Sarah Zambiasi, Australia / Serge Sunne, Latvia / Sergey Tyukanov, Russia / Shahla Rosa, USA / Shoji Tanaka, Japan / Shan Zhulan, China / Shia Weltenmenge, Germany / Sio Shisio, Indonesia / Slavko Krunic, Serbia / Sônia Menna Barreto, Brazil / Steve Smith, USA / Stuart Griggs, UK / Svetlana Kislyachenko, Ukraine / Svetlana Ratova, Russia / Tatomir Pitariu, USA / Tersanszki Cornelia, Romania / Tim Roosen, Belgium / Ton Haring, Netherlands / Victor Lages, Portugal / Vu Huyen Thuong, Vietnam / Yamal Din, Morocco / Spain / Yang Sumin, Taiwan / Yuliya Patotskaya, Belarus / Yuri Tsvetaev, Russia / Zoltan Ducsai, Hungary / Zoran Velimanovic, Serbia. Contacts:Centro de Artes e EspectáculosRua Abade Pedro3080-084 Figueira da FozTel: 233 407 200 Fax: 233 407 209E-mail: Hours:Monday to Thursday: 9 am to 11 pm;Friday: 9 am to midnight;Saturdays; 10 am to midnight;Sundays and holidays: 10h00 to 19h00;Show days: until the end of the show HOTA TAKES THEIR RAGE ONLINE 2020-04-24T03:12:16Z hota-takes-their-rage-online Over the next six weeks, HOTA has big plans to bring the community everything they love about the Home of the Arts, direct to living rooms through their RAGE ON(line) program. Criena Gehrke, HOTA CEO, said the venue’s temporary closure is not going to stop them delivering the Arts. “We know people will be missing HOTA, and we’re not going to let being closed stop us from delivering great creative content. So we’ve been collaborating with brilliant artists to bring you great art from the comfort of your armchair,” she said. “You might not be quite sure what to expect, we’re turning this stuff around fast, but get ready to sing with us, laugh with us and craft with us.” HOTA’s RAGE ON(line) program will begin rolling out soon on their website and social media channels. Meanwhile, the art is rolling in as HOTA’s Rage Against the V(irus) fund for local artists takes off. So far, HOTA has received more than 195 applications from local Gold Coast artists for funding of up to $1000, to create projects with an online outcome. Criena Gehrke praised the creativity and inventiveness of the artists. “This rapid-response grant was established for our local arts community during a time when they need it most,” she said. “Artists are the lifeblood of HOTA, without them there is no home of the arts. We’ve been awed by their creative brilliance and we celebrate their creativity, inventiveness and courageous nature.” Project outcomes so far have included: short films, a web series, photo exhibitions, concerts, colouring books, animations, an interview series and more. As RAGE ON(line) prepares to launch, applications for HOTA’s Rage Against the V(irus) artist fund remain open until May 15. For more information visit: **For a full list of the funded projects to date, see media release attached. ALL MEDIA ENQUIRIES: Amy Stalinescu | M10 Collective E: M: 0411 789 195 How we’re spreading good vibes while everyone’s working from home 2020-04-09T01:21:53Z how-we-re-spreading-good-vibes-while-everyone-s-working-from-home Read the full article here: Canva’s humble journey started in our CEO and cofounder’s mother’s lounge room in Western Australia. Eight years later, a now global business with offices in Sydney, Manila and China, our 800+ strong team is testament to our ability to maintain a happy, engaged and productive workforce. In December 2019/January 2020 Australia overcame one of its worst national disasters with fire storms ravaging our lands, during which we witnessed the great Aussie spirit, pure grit and bravery, hope and overwhelming stories of kindness, generosity and charity. Meanwhile the eruption of Taal Volcano in Batangas, Philippines also in January meant our team members in Manila had to adapt to new work schedules, while our colleagues in China were starting to feel the first waves of the coronavirus outbreak hit home. Now the pandemic is spreading. We’re witnessing unprecedented times, with many people in panic mode - ranging from pensioners, business owners, parents and their school children, in limbo wondering what the next few months will look like. We’ve seen people battling each other for the last roll of TP, stockpiling goods, abusing retail staff for nation-wide enforced rations, mass organisation-wide layoffs - it could be said this pandemic is bringing out the worst in everyone. Being located in Sydney myself, I’ve personally witnessed polar opposite ‘vibes’, only months apart. With governments around the globe urgently trying to contain the spread of the new coronavirus, Australia has imposed a number of strict regulations to slow down infection rates: Shutdown of principal places of social gathering - including registered and licensed clubs, entertainment venues, cinemas, casinos, nightclubs, indoor sports venues and places of worship; No international travel to any country; Some states closing their borders for domestic travel; Restaurants and cafes are restricted to takeaway only; Cancellation of events like the ANZAC Day Memorial Services; Postponement of national sporting events including the NRL and AFL tournaments; and Encouraging all people to stay at home, practice physical distancing of at least 1.5m if it’s absolutely necessary to enter into the public domain and good hand hygiene. What does this mean for our people? Our extended communities? Our users? Our priorities are to, above all else: keep our team, and their families safe by introducing work from home measures; do our part to slow community spread of the virus to help protect the most vulnerable; and ensure we continue to serve our design community with the highest standards. But what happens to team morale, and the culture Canva is so lovingly known for, when all face-to-face contact, in-person meetings, international and domestic travel, and other events are put on hold to work from home? I’ll share how the Canva Vibe team is taking our mission further by lifting morale and engagement across our remote workforce. The Virtual Canva Vibe Now more than ever, the need for good vibes and a strong company culture is intensifying. So much so, our ‘Vibe Team’ has been working tirelessly over the past couple of weeks to ensure that when the time came for the entire 800+ Canva workforce to work remotely, the same culture could be felt across the world wide web, straight to everyone’s home office/couch/dining room table - wherever their best work is done! Our Vibe Team is a dedicated group of individuals (roughly 1 to every 25 employees) whose primary purpose is ensure there is a strong internal culture, and therefore a wonderful work environment that inspires everyone to do their best work - to have that fire in their belly to continuously learn and improve, as well as feel supported and truly love what they do each day. To that end, with our now completely remote workplace, the Vibe Team has developed a dedicated internal website as a one-stop-shop key resource to help bolster our team’s strong sense of belonging and camaraderie. An ever-evolving platform, currently the site includes: Daily Updates A dedicated space where super top line updates (also known as TL:DR content) are shared for the global team; they will be updated on a ‘as they happen’ basis. More social channels Additional Slack channels have been created with working from home (WFH) tips and tricks, how-tos and a bit of fun; these include #wfh-fashion-challenges, #wfh-food-and-bev-challenge where teams can spice up and share their working from home outfits, join the daily cook-along and ‘rate your mates’ plates and #best-of-zoom-meetings where our team can show off their best Zoom backgrounds and calls. Sydney Dashboard Content that is normally played across our digital screens within Canva’s Sydney offices, are now being broadcast virtually through our new ‘intranet’. Updated daily, the purpose of this dashboard is to inspire lunch options, recommend good books, recognise ‘Canvaversaries’ and birthdays, and welcome our newest recruits (known as ‘Canvanauts’). It’s important we continue to implement as many BAU activities as possible - for it is these quirky little internal communication pieces that add up to make Canva’s well-loved culture and vibe. Covid-homebase A central area containing all the key information relating to COVID-19 and WFH policies. Includes country-specific government updates and mandates, new company-wide announcements, as well as toolkits for BAU activity to proceed remotely, ensuring we’re working as a collective as seamlessly and cohesively as possible. Lunch Stipend In this current climate, we are extremely lucky to be able to keep up our livelihood and work from home, especially as there are other industries that don’t have this opportunity. One area that has been impacted massively are our local cafes, restaurants and commercial fruit and vegetable suppliers; and closer to home, our very own suppliers to Canva. We see this as a great opportunity to embrace our values and offer support to these communities in need. All our team members receive a daily lunch stipend whilst we’re a 100% remote workforce - and during this time we’re encouraging everyone to think about the communities that have been greatly affected by the current situation when it comes how and where to spend the allowance. To that end, our people can: Receive the stipend in their fortnightly paycheck to spend within their local communities, supporting their local providers. OR Help local suppliers and provide food to local charities 🙏 Rather than receiving the stipend in one’s paycheck, it’ll be donated to either Wayside Chapel or OzHarvest. We have chosen these charities as they reflect the values that we ourselves embody and echo our philosophy of being able to bring people together through good nutritious food. OR Help local suppliers and receive a home delivery hamper 🥖 Most of Canva’s food and beverage suppliers have lost up to 80%-90% of their weekly clients and are facing uncertain futures. To ensure they are able to keep operating we have pulled together a weekly mixed hamper that showcases their amazing seasonal produce and smallgoods. The hamper will be delivered every Tuesday and contain the following: Fresh bread from Bread & Butter Project; Half doz. free range eggs; Fresh fruit and vegetables from Rami (who supplements our Canva veg supply); Farm veg, Hebron Farm (Canva’s Farm); Freshly Ground Coffee from Kua Coffee; and Flowers from our florist Selena Murray Cooking@Home Our resident chefs have developed weekly menus, shopping lists and how-to videos to inspire. The video series showcases how easy, and cost-effective, it is to pull together a healthy breakfast and lunch using limited resources. Updated weekly, the videos include step-by-step instructions on how to make pesto linguine through to the ultimate in 2 minute noodles recipes. Health and Wellbeing Our resident Health and Wellbeing Coach has transformed a whole raft of wellness plans into virtual ones via Zoom - including fitness programs like chair yoga, how to deal with 3:30itis and a series of stretches and functional movements to get the blood flow moving. Here’s an example of one of the many exercises shared with our teams, to keep our bodies moving and help us all be less sedentary. Clubs from Home From #wine-club and #music-club, through to #pasta-club-official and #mindfulness-club, the virtual club scene is strong at Canva. Keeping our employees engaged and active in the company - beyond their remit as per their job description - is an integral part of our culture. We have over 360 active clubs currently at Canva, with many more by the day moving to a virtual format; their value is enormous to building strong long-lasting relationships with other members of our team, the cross-pollination of ideas and information and knowledge sharing. WFH Tips Moving 800+ people completely online is unchartered territory for many, so the development of our WFH (working from home) tips resource offers insight into some of the best ways to work with remote teams, as well as how to stay productive while watching Netflix plus much more. We’ve also developed a comprehensive ‘Remote Working Toolkit’ which includes resources for individuals, teams and leads; such as guidelines for remote work, WFH productivity reimbursements, list of tools available for remote collaboration such as Slack, Zoom, Trello, Jira, Coda and the like. Canva University has also launched a ‘How do you remotely do it?’ series, including a number of panels, sessions and deep dives on working remotely. Podcasts Currently featuring four shows - hosted by some of Canva’s most charismatic team members - these dedicated podcasts are critical to boosting engagement across our entirely remote organisation. Over 42 million people listen to podcasts weekly, that’s more than people go to the movies! A statistic that will sure rise given the current #coronavirus climate. This form of communication: allows us to reach our employees with a format they’re used to; is easy to digest; has the ability to engage a global team - podcasts allow us to make important information available on demand immediately to others in different timezones; and enhances peer-to-peer connection. Mental Health It’s extra important to look after your headspace when working remotely for extended periods and during times of uncertainty. To effectively support the mental health of all our people, Canva is providing every employee with: 13 free video consultations with a psychologist via the company’s EAP providers; Access to a comprehensive resources library on managing one’s mental health during times of isolation Mindfulness and meditation app subsidies - these practices can be incredibly effective in times like these. There are plenty of really great apps out there (Headspace, Calm, Smiling Mind etc) and Canva will help cover the subscription fees Access to a number of virtual webinar series covering key mental health topics, as well as strategies for copying and building resilience. Sharing Economy Whether you’re looking for soap or kids panadol, this dedicated area includes an interactive map where team members can upload ‘shopping hotspots’. It also allows you to ‘pin drop’ companies that have had to close their doors, but are still alive and kicking online - so we can continue to ‘shop local’. Finally there’s an area to ‘Hitch a Ride’ - where if you have a car, you can list your availability to help out other Canvanauts if needed. Virtual Friday Night Drinks We’ve developed a virtual ‘Friday Night Drinks’ Zoom meeting which features live performances to support the local entertainment industry that has been so disadvantaged by the outbreak of COVID-19. Team Innings An initiative to help keep the internal wins and celebrations alive, and continue building connections with each of our teams - while we’re all remote. From virtual games of Pictionary and Bingo as an ice breaker, through to dedicated dress up meetings (Canva is big on dress ups - especially at our Season Openers - we’ve had Under the Sea, Game of Thrones, Hawaiian just to name a few), exercises with our resident Health and Wellness Coach and specialised cooking tutorials with our group of chefs. Why keeping the vibe alive is important I am a firm believer that ‘keeping the vibe alive’ (or culture) is absolutely paramount for any organisation, especially during times of crisis and uncertainty. For us, we know our culture and vibe is the backbone to our success; our great people develop our great products. It takes a village to constantly lead the charge and work to become one of the world’s most loved brands. We hope these initiatives will help us ride this wave of uncertainty, by providing an environment for our people to be the best they can be, deliver their best work and ensure we continue to deliver a service that is exceptional. We’re not professing to have all the answers, we’re learning as we go - this is unchartered territory, and we are well aware there are organisations that do not have the luxury or flexibility to implement the measures we have - but every little effort can add up to something more impactful. If our methods mean less people commuting to and from work, with less touchpoints running the risk of infection, it’s just one small step to help keep our communities safer. Secondly, if our initiatives inspire other organisations to implement little changes to make their respective teams and communities safer, more cohesive, then that too is a win. Thirdly, our people come first, second and third - during this time of crisis each and everyone’s well being is of the utmost importance - it takes a village to build and maintain a business like ours - and if we can do our bit to ensure our global teams have what they need to be good humans and to excel in their work and home life, then we’re ensuring we’re doing our bit to be a force for good. What else are our people doing to support the broader community? We, as an organisation, are offering all public health organisations (PHO) around the world with free lifetime licences for Canva Pro. This initiative comes in response to the surge of misinformation surrounding the virus, as PHO’s struggle to fight back against myths and rumours gaining traction in the public domain. Canva’s in-house design team is volunteering its services to PHO’s in need of further assistance with delivering effective visual communications. We have also launched a collection of new health-related templates including flyers, posters and social media posts designed with pre-populated content based on the information supplied by the World Health Organisation (WHO). All of our farm produce is being donated to Wayside Chapel, local communities and OzHarvest. We’re also producing finished meals for our nearby charity organisations, to continue to help those in need during this global crisis. Regardless of where you are in the world, 2020 will be one of the toughest years yet. We all need to rally together to build resilience and courage, help each other out, share information/resources and learn from each other so that together we can come out the other side of this global crisis stronger and more empowered than ever before. Event organisers reveal how Australian events can bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic 2020-03-22T07:39:37Z event-organisers-reveal-how-australian-events-can-bounce-back-from-the-covid-19-pandemic Summary  - A survey of regional event organisers reveals the financial impact of the ban on public gatherings  - Half of event organisers (57%) believe a Government support package for the sector would be the most realistic solution to assist their event to bounce back after the COVID-19 crisis  - While only 5% of event organisers predict their event will go bankrupt and be lost forever, a further 30% are unsure if their event will survive or not.     A survey of Australian event managers is revealing the kind of support Australian events and festivals believe they will need to survive the cancellation or postponement of their events as required by the COVID-19 ban on public gatherings.     The survey is being run jointly by regional tourism consultancy TIlma Group and event management trainer rEVENTS Academy. The majority of respondents are event organisers who host events of fewer than 5,000 attendees in a regional or rural community. As of 5pm Sunday March 22, 95 Australian event managers had completed the survey.    36% of respondents have cancelled their 2020 event or postponed until 2021. 20% will postpone their event to later in 2020. 28% are waiting for further information before deciding their course of action.     Only half of respondents (55%) predict their event will find a way to survive and bounce back in 2021. One third are still unsure of their event’s future, while 5% predict their event will go broke and never be held again.     70% will lose up to $100,000 by cancelling or postponing their event. 22% will lose up to $500,000, and 5% will lose up to $1 million, with a couple of events losing several million dollars.     There are many sunk costs prior to the event being held. Depending on what stage event planning is up to, events could have spent the majority of their budget without yet earning any revenue. Events who purchased event cancellation insurance will not receive any compensation because the cause of the cancellation was a pandemic.     Further to the loss to events directly is the economic loss to the regional host communities on top of the impact of bushfires and severe drought when they particularly need the economic and social stimulus that events provide. 63% of survey respondents estimate their community will lose up to $1 million in economic benefit from the loss of their event, while 29% estimate up to $5 million. One event manager estimates up to $13 million will be lost by communities across the Outback region their attendees travel through.      39% of respondents will refund pre-purchased tickets in order to look after their customers and protect their reputation, despite the lack of clarity around refund legalities.     Half of event organisers (57%) believe a Government support package for the sector would be the most realistic solution to assist their event to bounce back after the COVID-19 crisis, while 28% believe a combination of Government support and widespread support from ticketholders such as ticketholders holding onto their tickets until the event is next held would allow them to bounce back in 2021.   --END—    About Tilma Group   Tilma Group provides strategic tourism development planning support to local governments across regional Australia.     About rEVENTS Academy   rEVENTS Academy provides event management training to support the long-term viability of regional Australian events and festivals.    Media release: The Merindas postpone national album tour 2020-03-17T03:52:48Z media-release-the-merindas-postpone-national-album-tour With heavy hearts, acclaimed Melbourne-based Indigenous electro-pop duo, The Merindas, have announced the postponement of their national tour, effective immediately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In a statement made today, The Merindas said, ‘The safety of our members, crew and punters is of the utmost importance, and after some of the other events we were booked for had to be postponed or cancelled, we felt this was the right decision.’ The pop warrior queens have completed two shows of their eight-city tour, and were looking forward to performing in their home-town this Thursday, as part of the Brunswick Music Festival, followed by dates in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Broome and Darwin. The tour was supported by the Australian Council of the Arts, as a crucial element of the promotional campaign for their debut album, ‘We Sing Until Sunrise’, making the CDs available exclusively at these shows, before releasing on digital platforms worldwide in April. They will now make the CDs available to purchase through their website, with the digital release date to be announced soon. Ticket refunds can be arranged through the points of purchase. The Merindas are the collective force of Candice Lorrae of Jawoyn and Thursday Island heritage (born in Darwin) and Nyoongar Ballardong Whadjuk woman Kristel Kickett (from Tammin, Western Australia), bringing an on-trend style of rhythmic, expressive and beautiful music dedicated to their cultural heritage. They describe their unique sound as “electronic pop with a dancehall feel, alongside hip hop and R&B influences.” With two singles under their belt (We Sing Until Sunrise and Before Daylight), this is their hotly anticipated debut album titled ‘We Sing Until Sunrise’ (‘or, “Ngaangk Nookertiny Ngala Warangka”- which simply means that we are forever singing, forever dancing and forever celebrating our culture’). MEDIA CONTACT: Jameson & Co Erin Jameson - 0419 323 663 / erin(at)jamesonandco(dot)com CONNECT WITH THE MERINDAS ONLINE: Official website: Facebook: Instagram: Soundcloud: Twitter: MindBodySpirit Festival returns to Brisbane 2020-02-12T04:03:03Z mindbodyspirit-festival-returns-to-brisbane Australia’s largest health, wellbeing, spiritual and natural therapy event returns to Brisbane in February and March for three amazing days! The first MindBodySpirit Festival of 2020 is set to welcome over 14,000 Brisbanites. From Friday February 28 to Sunday March 1, the local community can discover, educate and stimulate their senses in search of a more holistic lifestyle for free! The Festival will bring together the very best of speakers and performers, holistic products, shopping, health and skincare, therapies, meditation, psychic readers, personal growth, workshops, seminars and more. The Seminar series, interactive Workshops and Speaker’s Lounge will feature an inspiring line-up of more than 50 guest speakers and presenters who will share their International and Australian expertise on self-development, spiritual connections, health, nutrition and more. Special guest speakers include Olympic star and owner of Happy Health You; Lisa Curry, renowned psychic mediums Jason McDonald and Scott Alexander King, nutritionist Katherine Maslen and VIP Wildlife’s Lester Trenkamp! On the Performance Stage, visitors will be treated to musical journeys, interactive bellydancing, psychic mediumship and more. Headlined by Sound Healing meditation with Katie Underwood, Steps Dance Academy, Lou Van Stone’s Sound Healing Journey and more are sure to leave a lasting impression. For those looking to relax, unwind and take a break, the Meditation Room will feature free guided sessions. For those looking to delve into their future or reflect on the past, nationally renowned psychics can be found in the Psychic Reading Room, featuring over 50 of Australia’s most talented readers. If that wasn’t enough, the Soul Kitchen will also satisfy the health conscious with a range of demonstrations from experts, covering a range of raw, vegan, nutritious and intolerance conscious discussions and recipes. Find founders of Wellness In Real Life, Alicia and Bree with their passion for healthy food and good nutrition, plus nutritional medicine practitioner Kathy Ashton with foods that prevent inflammation and boost gut health. It’s a fun day out, filled with new experiences, entertainment, learning and expert advice. We all want to live a healthy, holistic and wholesome life and the Brisbane MindBodySpirit Festival is the best place to find it! Held annually since 1989, the MindBodySpirit Festivals are Australia’s longest running and most respected wellbeing events, attracting over 90,000 visitors nationwide. The 2020 Festival will be held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. Doors open 9am daily. - ENDS - Girl Guides calls for volunteers to support the next generation of Australian women 2020-01-31T00:45:57Z girl-guides-calls-for-volunteers-to-support-the-next-generation-of-australian-women-1 Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT, one of the largest organisations in Australia dedicated to supporting girls and young women, are calling for more volunteers to play a vital role in the organisation by sharing their experiences and wisdom with the Girl Guide Community. After the success of the A Place To Grow campaign in May 2019, memberships significantly increased creating a need to recruit volunteers. State Commissioner, Sarah Neill said that volunteering is not only about helping others, studies have shown volunteering helps increase your health, happiness and sense of fulfilment. “From our own research – Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT Insights Research 2018 – we know that our volunteers are making lifelong friends, gaining personal fulfilment, develop a sense of belonging and learn new skills,” Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT, offer a range of flexible volunteering positions available to suit different schedules and needs. “When considering becoming a volunteer, we encourage people to choose a position that reflects one of their passions and/or experience; to add greater value to the team, the girls and gain personal satisfaction,” said Mrs Neill. NT Region Manager, Letitia Baldwin, who has been involved in Girl Guides for 16 years said, “We are constantly looking for volunteers with unique passions to share them with our community. It is incredibly important for volunteers to love what they are doing as this provides the greatest benefit to our girls.” District Manager, Tegan McAnulty, has been a member of the Guiding community for 22 years both as a Guide and a Leader. When asked why she has been a part of Guiding for so long, her answer is simple. “The biggest opportunity – at the heart of the Girl Guiding movement, is the girls we work with; it’s the greatest privilege,” said Ms McAnulty. Tegan has participated in the recruitment campaign with other Leaders sharing their experiences as a volunteer. View the recruitment video series here: With all these amazing benefits and the start of a new year, why not become a volunteer? -ends- Notes to editor: Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT are devoted to the growth and development of girls. They provide a place where girls can learn, build their skills and connect with like-minded peers. The benefits also extend to the volunteers who play a vital role in supporting the girls. Guides work to serve their community and support those in need by offering to help where they can. They participate in many local activities and initiatives aimed at giving back to the community. Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT offers girls, women and volunteers A Place To Grow. For Media Enquiries please contact: Simone Gur | ZADRO Agency | | 0417 778 511 Oakley Grioli I ZADRO Agency I | 02 9212 7867 IMAGES Images are available for use. For high-resolution images, please contact: Image: Girl Guides at Lark in the Park, Sydney, 2019. Image: Volunteers at Lord Mayor’s Picnic. Image: Recruitment Campaign Artwork. Media release: The Merindas announce national headline tour 2020-01-30T23:00:58Z media-release-the-merindas-announce-national-headline-tour-1 Hot on the heels of news about their forthcoming support slot with Craig David, Melbourne based warrior queens, The Merindas, have announced national tour dates to launch their debut album, ‘We Sing Until Sunrise’, which will see them sharing their songs, language, dance, stories and powerful messaging through major cities including Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Darwin and Broome throughout March and April, 2020. The Merindas are the collective force of Candice Lorrae of Jawoyn and Thursday Island heritage (born in Darwin) and Nyoongar Ballardong Whadjuk woman Kristel Kickett (from Tammin, Western Australia), bringing an on-trend style of rhythmic, expressive and beautiful music dedicated to their cultural heritage. They describe their unique sound as “electronic pop with a dancehall feel, alongside hip hop and R&B influences.” With two singles under their belt (We Sing Until Sunrise and Before Daylight), their hotly anticipated debut album We Sing Until Sunrise (“‘Ngangk Ngoorndiny Ngala Warangka’ - strongly reflects that we are forever singing, forever dancing and forever celebrating our culture”). This is the essence of who The Merindas are and the ethos they bring to each of their performances. During their 75-minute performance, audiences can expect a night of extraordinary choreographed dance moves, soaring vocals and visual projections that weave into the fabric of their music and stories. Garnering rave reviews on the live circuit, playing festivals and major events across Australia, The Merindas present a world-class, fresh and energetic show and their first headline tour will see them backed by the mastery of DJ Jake Steele and joined by ‘Wala Connections’ - the fierce dance duo of Thara Brown and Natarsha Bamblett. Together with the The Merindas, they add strength and beauty to celebrate the continuation of culture through music and dance. Special guests will also soon be announced. The Merindas - We Sing Until Sunrise Album Tour is supported by Australian Council of the Arts. For more info/tickets head to or check the Facebook events tab on The Merindas page. - ends - MEDIA CONTACT: Jameson & Co Erin Jameson - 0419 323 663 / erin(at)jamesonandco(dot)com LISTINGS INFO: Sydney The Merindas + special guests Thursday, March 5 Oxford Art Factory (Gallery Bar), 38-46 Oxford St, Darlinghurst 18+ Event Entry: $10+bf ($15 on the door) Bookings: Moshtix Ph: 02 9332 3711 Doors open: 8.00pm Show time: 8.30pm Adelaide The Merindas + special guests (Adelaide Fringe Festival) Thursday, March 12 Ngunyawayiti Space (Tandanya Theatre) at Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, 253 Grenfell St, Adelaide 18+ Event Entry: $25+bf ($20 concession) Bookings: Ph: 08 8224 3200 Doors open: 8.00pm Show time: 8.30pm Melbourne The Merindas + special guests (Brunswick Music Festival) Thursday, March 19 Mechanica, Brunswick Mechanics Institute, 270 Sydney Road, Brunswick 18+ Event Entry: $15+bf ($20 on the door) Bookings: Ph: 03 9387 3376 Doors open: 7.30pm Show time: 8.00pm Brisbane The Merindas + special guests Friday, March 20 The Zoo, 711 Ann St, Fortitude Valley 18+ Event Entry: $15+bf ($20 on the door) Bookings: Oztix Ph: 07 3854 1381 Doors open: 7.00pm Show time: 7.30pm Perth The Merindas + special guests Friday, March 27 Jack Rabbit Slim’s, 133 Aberdeen St, Northbridge 18+ Event Entry: $15+bf ($25 on the door) Bookings: Ph: 08 9325 6677 Doors open: 8.00pm Show time: 8.30pm Broome The Merindas + special guests Saturday, March 28 The Roebuck Bay Hotel, 33 Carnarvon St, Broome 18+ Event Entry: TBA Bookings: Ph: 08 9192 1221 Doors open: TBA Show time: TBA Darwin The Merindas + special guests Saturday, April 4 Darwin Railway Club, 17 Somerville Gardens, Parap 18+ Event Entry: TBA Bookings: Ph: 088981 4171 Doors open: TBA Show time: TBA CONNECT WITH THE MERINDAS ONLINE: Official website: Facebook: Instagram: Soundcloud: Twitter: WA Freemasons tour Israel in Historic Event 2020-01-24T01:16:35Z wa-freemasons-tour-israel-in-historic-event MEDIA RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   21/1/2020 WA Freemasons tour Israel in Historic Event On the 28th of January, for the first time in history a delegation of over 22 senior ranking Freemasons will be representing Western Australia at the installing of the ceremonial head of Freemasons in Israel. Occurring once every five years, the Installation is the most important Freemasonry event in the Israeli calendar and will be held north of Tel Aviv.  WA Freemasons will also take part in a rare ritual of the Mark Master Mason degree held in the Tzedakya Caves, Jerusalem the following day. This is a first for any Australian Freemason to be invited to undertake. Importantly this reflects the truly respectful relationship that has developed between these two countries through a common association in Freemasonry.  “This event is extremely significant to Freemasons, as our ceremonies are based around the construction of King Solomon’s temple also known as the First Temple, and was the Holy Temple in ancient Jerusalem before its destruction by Nebuchadnezzar” Western Australian Grand Master Peter Kirwan said. “We will be visiting the same places mentioned in centuries-old Masonic and Biblical scholarly tomes.” He said, “that in addition to the official ceremonies, we will be visiting a number of historical sites across Israel including the underground tunnels of Serona, Bahai Gardens, Crusader Fortress in Akko and Mt Zion” Peter also states that the group intends to use the opportunity to raise our Western Australian profile abroad and encourage people to travel here to enjoy our wonderful tourist sites and activities. ### What Women Want in 2020 2019-12-20T03:01:36Z what-women-want-in-2020 Flexible working opportunities, diverse senior leadership teams, clear policies, company purpose beyond the dollars and leadership trumped networks, social activities and free lunches when it came to what women want in the workplace, according to The Leadership Institute’s 2019 study of over 800 working women. Dana Lightbody, CEO of The Leadership Institute and creator of the annual Women In Leadership Summit says, “It’s really no surprise to me that flexible working opportunities came out as the number one issue facing women at work today. “As a single mother by choice of young twin toddlers, I know how difficult it is to find flexibility and balance in my work and home life, and I own the business! 2020 has a lot of high expectations for us all, including me,” said Dana. Dana Lightbody share her top five tips to get what you want in 2020: Reassess your priorities, are you where you want to be? If not, how are you going to get there. Any goal needs a plan of action; Don’t leave anyone wondering where you want to go – make your intentions and desires clear to everyone around you; Ambition is not a dirty word; Flexibility is not career suicide – great companies recognise that work productivity rather than hours at a desk is what matters. You can work from anywhere that’s the point of technology; Education is not something that stops when you graduate, make professional development your 2020 goal. The Leadership Institute has confirmed that the Women In Leadership Summit will return on 20th - 23rd of October 2020 with keynote speakers confirmed to date including Gail Kelly, Former Group CEO and First Female CEO of a Big 4 Bank, Westpac, Colleen Callander, CEO, Sportsgirl, Judy Slatyer, CEO, Australian Red Cross and Justine Troy, Founder, 42 Below. About Konnect Learning and The Leadership Institute: Known as Australia’s one-stop shop for corporate training and development needs, Konnect Learning are the minds behind The Leadership Institute and the highly anticipated Women In Leadership Summit, with new programs to be announced in 2020. No matter the industry or level of experience, their breadth of products ensures there is a course for everyone. Media release: New indie summer family film - A Boy Called Sailboat 2019-11-25T03:25:55Z media-release-new-indie-summer-family-film-a-boy-called-sailboat “… a delightfully original film … “ – Rod Yates, Sydney Morning Herald “Adorable, nearly-perfect modern folktale …” – Roger Moore, Movie Nation “An astonishingly assured debut narrative film …” – Debora Krieger, MovieJawn “…surely, the most impressive calling-card film in recent memory.” – Simon Foster, Screen Space Summer cinema goers looking for an alternative to the holiday blockbusters need look no further than the delightfully offbeat family offering, “A Boy Called Sailboat”, which is set for release in select cinemas around Australia from December 5, with additional locations screening the film throughout January, 2020. From Melbourne-based production team, Cameron Nugent (writer/director) and Andrew Curry (producer) – who will conduct Q&A sessions around the country throughout its theatrical season, “A Boy Called Sailboat” has received accolades during its international festival run and has since been released in cinemas throughout the US, Europe and Asia. Filmed entirely in Silver City, New Mexico, it stars Academy Award ® winner J.K. Simmons, Noel Gugliemi, Elizabeth De Razzo, Jake Busey and astonishing new talent, Julian Atoconi Sanchez as the boy called Sailboat. A heart-warming, whimsical comedy-drama, A Boy Called Sailboat is set in the deep South of America, where, in a slanted home beyond the reaches of a drought-ridden town, a loving Hispanic family accept an impossible blessing and name their only son “Sailboat”. Sailboat brings love and hope to a family who have forged a simple but proud life in the deep South, but one afternoon he brings home something more: a “little guitar”. From this moment, Sailboat and his ukulele are inseparable, and when his ill grandmother requests he write a song for her, Sailboat meanders through adversity to deliver the unimaginable – the greatest song ever written. Will the mysterious song breathe one last miracle, or reveal a hapless twist of fate that will return his family to a house held up by a “stick”; a car without doors; an unchanging wardrobe; and a friend who can’t blink? The charming story of A Boy Called Sailboat is enhanced by the stunning cinematography by John Garrett and the captivating score, composed and performed by ARIA Award winning guitar duo, Slava and Leonard Grigoryan. Along with writer/director Cameron Nugent and producer Andrew Curry, production credits include producer Richard Gray, Executive Producer and Co-Producer Sullivan Stapleton, and Costume Designer Stacey O’Connor. MEDIA CONTACT: Erin Jameson – erin)(at)jamesonandco(dot)com / +61 419 323 663 CONFIRMED CINEMAS: VIC Lorne Theatre (Dec 5) Peninsula Cinemas Rosebud (Dec 19) Peninsula Cinemas Sorrento (Dec 5) Peninsula Cinemas Warragul (Dec 5) Star Cinema Eaglehawk (Dec 19) OLMC Heidelberg (Nov 29 – one screening) NSW Montreal Community Theatre, Tumut (Dec 29) Wallis Cinemas, Wagga Wagga (Dec 5) QLD BIGSCREEN Cinemas Hervey Bay (Dec 5?) @Cinemas Maryborough (Dec 5) SOUTH AUSTRALIA Wallis Cinemas, Mitcham (Dec 5) Wallis Cinemas, Mt Barker (Dec 5) TAS State Cinema, Hobart (Dec 5) NORTHERN TERRITORY Deckchair Cinema, Darwin (Jan 26 and Feb 16) WATCH THE TRAILER Aussie medicinal cannabis company, Greenfield MC Global, launches crowd funding campaign offering investment opportunities for under $250 2019-11-18T04:48:45Z aussie-medicinal-cannabis-company-greenfield-mc-global-launches-crowd-funding-campaign-offering-investment-opportunities-for-under-250 Greenfield MC Global, an Australian-owned medicinal cannabis company, has launched an equity crowd-sourced funding (CSF) campaign offering an opportunity for small Australian investors – and first-time investors – to become shareholders in and part-owners of the rapidly growing company. With a minimum investment amount set at just $242, Greenfield MC Global’s CSF has been positioned to make it accessible to people who may not ordinarily consider investing. “In the weeks before launching our CSF, we achieved phenomenal success with our Series B investment round, securing $1.75 million from a wide range of experienced investors, including medical experts, lawyers, high profile business leaders and even celebrities,” explained Nicholas Hanna, CEO of Greenfield MC Global. “With this latest crowd-sourced funding campaign we wanted to open up the opportunity to invest in Greenfield MC Global to the hundreds of smaller investors who reached out to us during our last funding round.” As the number of patients being approved to access medicinal cannabis in Australia continues to soar – with the latest figures showing a 985% increase in approvals from October 2018 to October 2019[1] – Greenfield MC Global will maintain its primary focus on the cultivation, manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical-grade medicinal cannabis, while also commencing research projects in both New Zealand and the Philippines, and continuing to import high-quality medicinal cannabis for distribution within Australia, from a range of trusted international sources. “We are passionate about the potential of medicinal cannabis to positively impact patients’ lives and we want to ensure that every Australian who needs it, can get it,” said Greenfield MC Global’s Chair and President, Arjun Chhabra. “If the worldwide opioid epidemic has shown us anything, it’s that the status quo approach to patient healthcare, treatment and management needs to change, and we want to be a part of that change. We’re excited to invite Australians who also believe in the power of medicinal cannabis to join us on our mission to revolutionise healthcare in this country.” Greenfield MC Global also welcomed the new Parliamentary Inquiry into the accessibility and regulation of medicinal cannabis in Australia announced last week, with Chief Operations Officer Katy Williams Day adding, “We look forward to the findings of the Senate’s Community Affairs Committee from the Parliamentary Inquiry next February with great anticipation. Improving the accessibility and affordability of medicinal cannabis for Australians is a key priority for Greenfield MC Global and we hope that this Inquiry accurately identifies the existing barriers and outlines ways to effectively reform the system.” Greenfield MC Global’s CSF is offered via Capital Labs, the equity CSF platform of The iQ Group Global, and one of the first equity CSF platforms to be approved by ASIC. The CSF is open now and will close on 12 December 2019 Medicinal Cannabis – Key Facts The global medicinal cannabis industry is predicted to be worth US$150bn by 2025[2] The medicinal cannabis market in APAC is expected to tip USD$5.8bn by 2024[3]. More than 3,500 approvals for medicinal cannabis were issued in Australia via the Special Access Scheme in October 2019, an increase of 985% in 12 months[4] Up to 20,000 new patients are expected to enter the medicinal cannabis market in Australia over the next 12 months[5] A new Federal Parliamentary Inquiry into the accessibility and regulation of medicinal cannabis in Australia was announced on 14 November 2019, with the report due in February 2020 Legislation was amended to allow research into and cultivation of cannabis for medicinal use in Australia in 2016 Medicinal cannabis is currently approved for use in 42 different health conditions in Australia, including some forms of epilepsy, some cancers and side-effects of cancer, chronic pain, inflammatory conditions, neurological conditions and more. – ENDS – Distributed by Uproar Marketing on behalf of Greenfield MC Global Media contact: Rachel McDougall | | 0401 694 301 NOTES FOR EDITORS Images and Video Resources A collection of high-resolution images, including photographs of Greenfield MC Global CEO Nicholas Hanna visiting Canadian cannabis producer EPHS Holdings’ cultivation site 43 second promo video – featuring Dr Ben Barresi and Arjun Chhabra About Greenfield MC Global Greenfield MC Global is a licenced medicinal cannabis importer and distributor in Australia, with expanding operations in cultivation, research and distribution in the Asia-Pacific region. Independent and privately owned, Greenfield MC Global focuses on medicine, science and results. Formed in 2018, Greenfield MC has a vision to be Asia-Pacific’s leading wholesaler and patient-retailer of medicinal cannabis products. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Greenfield MC Global is also represented across Melbourne and Brisbane in Australia, as well as New Zealand, South Korea and the Philippines. For further information visit: About Capital Labs Capital Labs is an equity crowd-funding platform dedicated to launching innovations with impact. Partnering only with companies launching technology and innovations that have a positive influence on the world, Capital Labs enables early stage companies and start-ups to raise capital from investors in exchange for shares in their business. Capital Labs is powered by The iQ Group Global, a group of companies that find, fund and develop bioscience discoveries to create life-changing medical innovations. For further information visit: and [1] Fresh Leaf Analytics Oct 2019 [2] Grandview Research 2018 [3] Prohibition Partners, The Asian Cannabis Report, May 2019 [4] Fresh Leaf Analytics Oct 2019 [5] Fresh Leaf Analytics: Patient, Product and Pricing Analysis Q1 2019