The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-08-16T04:31:14Z MHIAA brings style and innovation into the home with Avanti™ Air Conditioners 2017-08-16T04:31:14Z mhiaa-brings-style-and-innovation-into-the-home-with-avanti-air-conditioners Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia (MHIAA) launched the new Avanti™ range bringing an award winning Italian design to Australian and New Zealand consumers. Based on MHIAA’s world class air conditioning technology, the Avanti™ air conditioning range beautifully complements any household interior and was recently awarded the A’ Design Silver Design Award from Italy, a global indicator of quality and perfection in design. “Air conditioning units are moving away from that standard shape we have known. The Avanti™ range has been designed and developed for the modern home. It is the perfect accessory for all new homes and those wishing to bring elegance and luxury to their living spaces” says interior design expert and MHIAA ambassador, Tara Dennis. The Avanti™ range of air conditioners boast elegant smooth curves and rounded corners to suit any home. As one of the quietest models on the market, it is altogether less intrusive and the perfect addition to any home “Home owners are continually looking for ways to bring style and comfort to their homes. They want high end products that are built to last. With the Avanti™ range, MHIAA is once again pushing the boundaries to bring quality designed products to consumers, a feat now recognised internationally” -Tara Dennis. MHIAA continues to invest in extensive research and development and this has ensured that the Avanti™ range guarantees high values of energy efficiency and low consumptions. Using the R32 refrigerant, Avanti™ requires less energy to achieve the desired temperature and less refrigerant volume to operate. As a reverse cycle unit, the Avanti™ range provides heating and cooling and comes with both a dry and fan mode. The Avanti™ range will continue to provide powerful cooling even when the outside temperature is as high as 46 degrees. MHIAA’s 130 year history of engineering innovation is seen with the Avanti™ range using the same blade technology as jet engines. This enables a large volume of air to be blown with the minimum amount of energy generating an airflow that is uniform and quiet. “With warmer months just around the corner, now is the time for every home owner to take advantage of this technology,” says Tara Dennis. Further to this, the Avanti™ range utilises both the allergen clear and photocatalytic filter to neutralise and purify the air flow. Through these filters any bacteria, mould, pollen or lice that has built up in the unit is quickly eliminated and deodorised to provide consumers with a cleaner air flow. The Avanti™ range also features a silent night function with a dimmable light providing the perfect temperature and ambiance, night and day. This means that even as the evening approaches the unit can remain on for those warmer nights without a bright light in the corner of the room. Users have the option, through this feature, to dim the LED light or turn the light off without having to switch the air conditioner off. MHIAA understands what consumers want and this has influenced the features of the Avanti™ range.  By harnessing Wi-Fi technology, the Avanti™ range allows users to set up and program the air conditioner through their smartphone or tablet outside a normal daily schedule. This option allows consumers to set the desired temperature of the unit before returning home and allows them to check if the unit has been left running should they not be home. MHIAA is bringing consumers a holistic and stylish range that has been internationally recognised for its quality design. The Avanti™ air conditioners are available from August in leading retailers, and air conditioning dealers, and come with a five-year parts and labour warranty. The Avanti range model and capacity (kW): SRK20ZSA-W 2.0kW SRK25ZSA-W 2.5kW SRK35ZSA-W 3.5kW SRK50ZSA-W 5.0kW DXK06ZSA-W 2.0kW DXK09ZSA-W DXK12ZSA-W DXK18ZSA-W 2.5kW 3.5kW 5.0kW Prices start from $999. About Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia offers a complete range of premium air-conditioners to create perfect temperature conditions and air flow in every residential and commercial space. Innovation is central to the organisation and underpins every aspect of MHIAA’s appliances. Fostering Japan’s technological leadership and in combination with the organisation’s heritage in engineering, aviation and spacecraft leadership, the company continues to achieve unrivalled success in Australia and New Zealand. Led by world-class engineers, intricate detailing features in every phase of product design and development. For further information and to see the full range visit or call 1300 138 007. Crestron innovative technology honoured at the Australian Business Awards 2017 2017-08-16T03:59:00Z crestron-innovative-technology-honoured-at-the-australian-business-awards-2017 Sydney, Australia, 16th August 2017 – Crestron, the global leader in advanced control and automation systems, has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner in The Australian Business Awards 2017 for Technology Innovation. As an enterprise management platform, Crestron Fusion Cloud revolutionizes the way organization’s control their building technology. It goes above and beyond to streamline the everyday operations of businesses, becoming an integrated necessity in the lives of users, working to progress routine processes while enhancing key decision-making and learning. Stuart Craig, Chief Executive Office, Crestron, Asia Pacific, says: “We are very pleased that Crestron Fusion Cloud has been selected as the 2017 ABA100 Winner for Technology Innovation. Crestron Fusion represents our passion for optimising a business’s most important investments spanning people, spaces and technology. This networkable, scalable, manageable and reportable solution ensures use of workplace technology is seamless, stress-free and incredibly intuitive for every user. “Australian C-level executives have driven the demand for Fusion as a Cloud offering, as organisations continue to seek cost-effective, fully managed end-to-end solutions with fast deployment timelines." Australian Business Awards Program Director, Ms Tara Johnston, said: “Today, companies are facing a competitive and continuously changing business landscape. In this context, the performance of companies depends more than ever on their flexibility, adaptability and responsiveness. New technological possibilities have the potential to transform the way companies operate within their respective industries with long-term gains in efficiency, productivity and customer loyalty,” “Each year the ABA100 Winners are recognised for their commitment to business and product innovation and for their achievements in transforming business practices and end user experiences. “The Australian Business Awards are proud to acknowledge the role of these leading corporate, government and non-government organisations for implementing innovative, well-managed high-performing business initiatives and for the research and development of their innovative products and services,” Ms Johnston added. The Australian Business Awards program provides notable opportunities for high-performing organisations which implement world-class business initiatives and develop innovative products and services to be acknowledged and honoured for their achievements both nationally and internationally. The World Business Awards Framework (WBA Framework) is utilised as a structured model of assessment that enables the participating organisations to be benchmarked against world class performance standards. Organisational participation includes private companies, publicly listed companies, multi-national subsidiaries, non-government organisations, educational institutions, franchise systems, partnerships, government departments, government agencies, local government and statutory bodies operating in Australia. For more information on The Australian Business Awards and the 2017 ABA100 Winners go to About Crestron Crestron is the world's leading manufacturer of advanced control and automation systems, innovating technology and reinventing the way people live and work. Our solutions are built on a validated architecture, using best-in-class technology that integrates unified communications, AV presentation, IT, lighting, audio and environmental systems. Crestron streamlines technology, improving the quality of life for people in Education, Corporate, Government and Defense, Hospitality, Retail and their homes. Crestron's leadership stems from its dedicated people who are committed to providing the best product solutions, programs and services in the industry. This culmination of loyalty, devotion and innovation is what our dealers refer to as "The Crestron Experience." Our product solutions are backed by over 90 fully-staffed offices that provide 24 x 7 x 365 sales, technical, and training support around the globe. In addition to its World Headquarters in New Jersey, Crestron has sales and support offices throughout Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin, New Zealand and United States. Discover the world of Crestron by visiting Contact Information DEC PR Ruth Fletcher, Duyen Nguyen or Ashleigh Manion / (02) 8014 5033 FLOWERS ON TEDDER AMONGST THE BEST BUNCH IN FIRST YEAR 2017-08-15T05:10:55Z flowers-on-tedder-amongst-the-best-bunch-in-first-year In less than a year, Flowers on Tedder has become a local business success story being nominated as a finalist in the search for the Best of the Gold Coast Florists 2017. This comes after Gold Coast Bulletin readers nominated the Main Beach florist, alongside another 20 well-established florists over the past weekend. Owner Margot de Groot said she was both thrilled and surprised to have been nominated within her first year of business.  The store is an exciting new endeavour for Margot, the founder of a national law firm, a published author with many philanthropic achievements to her credit. Finally, she has found time to indulge one of her great passions. “I’ve reached a point in my life where I have the opportunity to pursue a dream,” she said. “With a career in wills and estate planning, flowers have always featured in our business life - they make people happy and I like being part of that.” Flowers on Tedder specialises in finely crafted floral arrangements for weddings and corporate events. They play to the skills of its key staff, florists Nicole Jordan and Hannah Grigg and Margot’s daughter Alice, a professional prop maker recently graduated from NIDA who, with stylist Emma Goody, provides artistic input.  “We wanted to stay true to the original version of a florist’s shop, where every arrangement is handcrafted to suit the people and the occasion, so we take time to listen to our customers and understand the message they are wanting to convey,“ said Margot. “Starting my own floristry boutique was a dream at the time but gradually my ideas have evolved. I believe you never stop learning and growing and this is my next adventure. My mother loved fashion and flowers so the store is a tribute to her sense of style.” The shop captures an elegant European look thanks to the efforts of top Brisbane interior designer Mary Durack - and Mary's daughter, Kate, who did the graphic design work for the shop. Click Here To Vote for Flowers on Tedder To interview Margot de Groot, contact Deanna Nott of Wings Public Relations on 0422 504540  Is Sir Walter Buffalo Grass a good choice for lawns in Brisbane? 2017-08-15T03:01:37Z is-sir-walter-buffalo-grass-a-good-choice-for-lawns-in-brisbane Is Sir Walter Buffalo Grass a good choice for lawns in Brisbane? Well the answer is simple. It could quite possibly be the best lawn for Brisbane for many reasons. Sir Walter’s Beautiful Green Colour Firstly, it looks beautiful in that is has a deep lush green colour. The real beauty of this grass variety is that it can maintain this colour all year round. How? i hear you scream. Well, Sir Walter Buffalo Grass has a broad leaf compared to other grass types. Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is Very Shade and Drought Tolerant It’s broad leaf enables it to capture lots of sunlight in a shorter space of time. This means it grows strongly even when it only gets 2-3 hours of direct sunlight a day! This makes it one of the most shade tolerant grass types available. Due to its deep thick root structure Sir Walter is able to withstand the extreme heat that we often get here in Brisbane Summertime. Now that’s impressive and you can see why it is the best selling grass in Brisbane and Australia. A Great Grass for Kids and Pets to Play On It is a very hardy grass which means it can take some stick! And even if it does get damaged it can repair itself quickly. Great for the kids to play their soccer, footy or cricket on and also for the family pets to be running around! Australian Lawn Concepts is Based Between Brisbane and Gold Coast We are Queensland’s Premier Turf Farm based in Boyland with 15 years of turf growing and lawn laying. We are roughly half way between Brisbane and Gold Coast. This is great because we are able to cover the majority of South East Queensland! We are a certified licensed grower of Sir Walter Buffalo Grass with AusGAP and Turf Queensland accreditations. Call us today on 1800 767 644 or visit Rent a Cooler With Big Wet’s Winter Warmer Deal 2017-08-14T01:47:20Z rent-a-cooler-with-big-wet-s-winter-warmer-deal Big Wet, the company with a passion to quench the thirst of Australians through one of the best spring water and filtered water, has announced a special Winter Warmer Deal. Through this offer they will deliver natural spring water to customers in Melbourne. They will provide a water cooler on rent for just $49 for one year. Those who take this offer will receive a special bundle of benefits absolutely free.   To claim this offer the customer has to rent a free-standing hot and cold water cooler for one year at just $49. They will receive Natural Spring Water delivered to them regularly. The benefits provided with the The Winter Warmer Deal offer include 4 x 15L Spring Water bottles, a cup holder and sleeve of cups.   The rental will revert to $90+ GST after the first year. The quoted price of $49.00 excludes GST. Including GST the total deal is for $53.90. A contract is not necessary to take up this offer. The company will provide free delivery within their delivery zones. They also have a 60-day money-back guarantee.    The Winter Warmer Deal gives customers the joy of keeping warm while it is cold outside. They can enjoy spring water either boiling hot or refreshing cold without even using a kettle.   The Big Wet service team is always geared to ensure that customers receive their cooler delivery, filtration installation and ongoing water bottle deliveries quickly and efficiently. Pick-ups are scheduled approximately every four weeks on an agreed day. The service team is quick to service any need for extra bottles and often make courtesy calls to check if customers need more water.   Big Wet is committed and dedicated to provide safe drinking water for use in the home and office at a very reasonable cost. Their water solutions consist of both spring water and filtered water. The spring water they supply is sourced from two deep underground springs in picturesque hills of Daylesford Victoria. They ensure complete quality control of the natural spring water from source till it reaches the customers. This water is among the purest in the world and has the lowest dissolved solids.    To enquire or place an order customers may call 1300 699 965 or leave a query on their website at this link   To know more about the Winter Warmer Deal:     Sydney Seniors Shift Gears By Downsizing Homes 2017-08-10T23:08:49Z sydney-seniors-shift-gears-by-downsizing-homes Mayfield Property Buyers know there is a time in a senior’s life when selling the family home becomes a priority. New tax incentives announced recently by the Australian Government, which come into effect July 1, 2018, are encouraging many seniors to make this change. With these impending changes and an ever-changing real estate landscape, using the services of a Property Buyer is a popular choice especially for seniors that are wishing to downsize. John Carew, Director of Mayfield Property Buyers states, “older couples have a lot of wealth and equity tied up in their homes and by selling the family home, they will be able to unlock that value so it can be used in other ways during retirement.” Carew adds that by using a Sydney Buyer’s Agent, these Baby Boomers are assured of receiving the necessary support and property intelligence they need to make an informed decision. “Working with a specialist means there is someone negotiating on their behalf; this can dramatically reduce the time involved to find the right property as well as reducing the risk of overpaying on their new property.” There are several other reasons to downsize from a large home, Carew says, but news of the upcoming government tax incentives have brought a lot of activity to the market. As a Buyer’s Agent specialising in the North Shore Sydney, he says the standard reasons for moving out of a large home into a smaller dwelling still hold true. They include: - Easier to maintain, requiring less time on upkeep leaving more time to enjoy life - Children have moved away leaving behind a partially-empty home - Extra funds for a changing lifestyle with travel and holiday plans  - Moving forward into a new chapter without a large debt load - Health care conditions forcing a move into a more friendly home - Releasing equity tied up in the family home to work harder for them in retirement  With the assistance of Mayfield Property Buyers, downsizing into a smaller, more comfortable home could not be easier. As the go-to Property Buyer for Sydney’s North Shore, Mayfield understands the needs of downsizing seniors, and has a vast network of stock from which they have access to, including privately listed off market properties. No matter how competitive the Sydney property market is, seniors can be sure to get the assistance they need to secure the right home when downsizing for the next chapter of life. Carew says the rules of property buying have changed considerably since many Baby Boomers were last involved in the real estate market. It is for this reason that he says anyone 50+ looking to downsize into a smaller home needs the assistance of a Buyer’s Agent. Mayfield Property Buyers is a dedicated buyer’s advocacy service which is there to help property buyers make the best possible decision specific to their needs. Learn more by visiting About Mayfield Property Buyers: Mayfield Property Buyers are a property buyers agent that serves the needs of investors and home buyers alike. Mayfield takes the stress and confusion away from buying properties. With a dedicated buyers advocacy service, Mayfield helps families and executives alike in making the best property investment decision possible. Contact Mayfield Property Buyers at - John Carew (Director) e: w: a: Level 10, 17-19 Bridge St, Sydney, NSW 2000 p: 0410 545 721 LIFE-CHANGING FRANCHISE EXPO SOON TO HIT MELBOURNE 2017-08-09T05:49:25Z life-changing-franchise-expo-soon-to-hit-melbourne There aren’t many events that you can walk away from with a new career and change of lifestyle – yet the Melbourne Franchising & Business Expo will have people from all across Victoria doing exactly that. James’ Home Services CEO and owner Mike Dowling is one of many master franchisors who is gearing up for the Expo, being held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre on 26 and 27 August. “I encourage everyone to come along and learn what it means to be a small business owner,” said Mike. “Participating in the Franchising Expo is providing our team a great opportunity to meet with people who are really interested in changing their lives and working within a business that wants to help them succeed.  “Since I have taken over James’ you could say we’ve hit refresh, and we are eager to talk to potential franchisees about what we have been doing within the business over the past 18 months. “We are particularly keen to meet with enthusiastic, dedicated people who are eager to move forward with their lives and make a good living. I always say that a good franchisee needs passion and energy and to be able to communicate with their customers.  “It’s a two-way street – we’ll set you up and you can reap the results by putting in the hard work. Sue and Elias Khattar are amongst the latest to join the James’ Home Services family in Victoria. The couple, who burnt themselves out after almost two decades running a fish and chip shop, now proudly own the James' Lawn and Gardening Maintenance Greenvale franchise. “Eighteen years in the fish and chip shop was enough for us. We worked 12 hours a day six days a week,” Sue said. “This time around it was important for us to be doing something we enjoyed and Elias always loved gardening. He would spend the only day he had away from the shop each week gardening. We looked at quite a few franchise groups before making our decision.” “Some of the franchises we looked at were just too expensive and after doing all our homework we decided to go with James Home Services. “We picked up one of the first franchises in Greenvale and within the first three months we are feeling very settled thanks to all of the training and support. “I had never mowed a lawn in my life, or pulled out a weed, but I was keen to help in the new business. Now, I can’t see a weed without pulling it out. “I just love being able to work with my husband and to spend time together outside in the fresh air.” Mike Dowling knows what is required to get a business up and running – and says “the James’ team wants to work with people at the Expo and beyond to help them choose the right service for them”. “Every franchisee has one-on-one business coaching and this encompasses everything from practical service skills, business analysis, administration and marketing,” said Mike. “The beauty of our organisation is that we have what is called protected and privileged areas.  “When you invest in your franchise you have your protected area that is exclusively for you in the James’ network. But in addition, should you wish to expand your area, we allow you to work within what we call privileged areas.  “For example, if you are an interior cleaner and there isn’t a similar franchisee in an adjacent location, we offer that area to you under a privileged arrangement until another franchisee comes on board or you may choose to take on that area as a protected area. Mike said there were eight different services within the James’ Home Services organisation. “We sit down with you to make sure you are choosing the right service for you. “Then we look at what is needed in your local area to help you make the right decision.” He said Melbourne was massive market where more franchisees were needed to meet the strong demand for services. “It’s hard to believe that more than 4.7 million people live here now and the place just continues to grow,” he said. Potential franchisees can view one of the James’ trailer and equipment packages during the event and will have the opportunity to win a prize on the day. James’ Home Services has been established for more than 24 years and is part of the Franchise Council of Australia. MEDIA NOTE: To interview Mike Dowling, please contact Wings Public Relations Director Deanna Nott on 0422 504 540   Whollygrail is welcome hub of conscious choice 2017-07-31T06:43:09Z whollygrail-is-welcome-hub-of-conscious-choice   Working as a health coach and advocate for clients looking to improve their health has been both rewarding and enlightening for nutritionist, Danielle Butler.   ‘Our own personal family journey back to health was where it all started. I knew exactly how people felt, the pressures on family life, and frustrations to find answers. It’s a gift to share that journey for a little while, and very gratifying when people begin thinking beyond the initial issue and looking to the future’.   But, alongside this improvement, there were common beliefs held about the foods they were eating, the products they were using and the lifestyle choices they were making.   ‘With many years working in the food industry and the health sector, I had developed a unique knowledge of how products are manufactured and marketed, and I could see the faith people would place in these same products – expecting they must be fine otherwise they wouldn’t have made it.’   Unsurprisingly, we connected that the choices that supported better health and lifestyle outcomes, were also the best choices we could make to support the environment.   As we’ve seen a world develop where few multinationals hold a range of brands within a product category, there is a distinct lack of real choice for consumers who want the best for their families, and for the environment their families will be raising their families in.     And so Whollygrail is born.   That beautiful sweet spot of conscious choice, where benefit to ourselves, our families, our communities and our planet are aligned.   We developed a range of products that meet our design principles and SOURCE criteria to reach the Whollygrail Store – shopping with integrity.     We designed a range of seminars and workshops for health coaches to deliver within their local communities, as a key learning opportunity for families and an opportunity for the community to improve resources.   Whollygrail launched Tees 4 Change, an initiative where key charities and organisations are supported via dedicated t shirt designs.   Our evolving library concentrates on inquiries we receive, so people can feel confident in the integrity of the information they are receiving in a world that confuses us with varying and often conflicting opinions.   Whollygrail is here.            Outdoor Living Direct Furniture Company Announces Winter Flash Sale 2017-07-28T08:00:02Z outdoor-living-direct-furniture-company-announces-winter-flash-sale With a nod to the increasing popularity of outdoor living, Australia-based Outdoor Living Direct furniture company announces winter flash sale by giving a %60 discount on all its outdoor furniture, this offer will end on Sunday 6th of August. Outdoor living today is about more than furnishings, however. It is about creating settings that work for homeowners and their families. Good outdoor design can transform spaces and change lives. “More homes are being built with covered outdoor areas and outdoor heating. Outdoor living is really becoming a year-round thing for a lot of people in Australia” said the spokesperson of outdoor living direct.” with our commitment to style and our unparalleled logistics we think we’re uniquely qualified to expand the definition of outdoor furniture collection.”The assortment includes deep seating upholstered in high-quality fabrics; high and standard outdoor furniture. Materials include All Weather Weave, Aluminum, Teak, and Timber.An outdoor living direct design meets the challenge of clean lines, easy on the eye and is truly functional in both commercial and residential settings maintaining the comfort and easy living concept of the great outdoor room.###About Outdoor living direct:Outdoor Living Direct  is a Major company that designs and manufactures outdoor furniture Melbourne. Outdoor Living Direct  is positioned as the entry to the upper-end segment of the outdoor furnishings industry and is best known for the quality of construction and its ability to craft artisan finishes.For more information about Outdoor Living Direct  visit Address: Cheltenham 337 Warrigal RoadCheltenham VIC 3192.Tell: (03) 9583 3060Hoppers Crossing - Shop 4, 283 Old Geelong Road Hoppers Crossing VIC 3029 Tell: (03) 8742 2931 EMILYA COLLIVER NAMED CONTRIBUTING EDITOR TO MILRAY PARK 2017-07-24T04:00:38Z emilya-colliver-named-contributing-editor-to-milray-park SYDNEY, July 24, 2017 – Sally Bevan, Founder of Milray Park, today announced that Emilya Colliver has joined Milray Park Magazine as a contributing editor. Colliver is the Founder of Art Pharmacy, an online gallery that aims to make art accessible to everyone. The online gallery sells art by both emerging and established Australian-based artists. Colliver will be an ambassador for the Milray Park brand where she will consult on story ideas, provide insight on trends and design themes, and write for the magazine. “Art and interior design go hand-in-hand. Milray Park has made interior design simple and affordable, while Art Pharmacy has made art accessible to everyone. It was only a matter of time before we realised the great fit between our two initiatives. We couldn’t be more proud to have Colliver join the Milray Park team and contribute to our Magazine,” Bevan said.   Milray Park gives all Australians access to affordable interior design online for one simple flat-fee $299 price. The Milray Park Magazine is a playful exploration in design, culture and modern life. -- About Emilya Colliver Sydney-based, Emilya Colliver is the Founder of Art Pharmacy. Art Pharmacy is an online gallery that sells artworks by Australian-based, emerging and established artists. Emilya also runs Culture Scouts, a cultural walking tour company that gives people the chance to see Sydney differently, with carefully curated tours that blend art, food and conversation.   Emilya has an extensive background in visual arts, working for some of the top art galleries and institutions in the world and with private art collector, James Birch. This experience has given Emilya the ability to identify and nurture emerging art talents. -- About Milray Park Milray Park gives all Australians access to affordable interior design online for one simple flat-fee price.  Whether looking to pull together the look for a space with just a few finishing touches, or for a full-on transformation, Milray Park provides a tailor-made interior design service that works. The personal service starts with the client’s choice of interior design professional, who they then will collaborate with to create their dream space.    It finishes with exclusive access to the Milray Park Concierge™, who will take care of any post-design related assistance required, from product ordering to coordinating the timely delivery of purchases.  The Milray Park Concierge can also negotiate retail discounts so clients are able to shop like industry insiders and save up to 20% off tag prices.  Design packages start from $299 per room for a Designer, and $599 per room for a Senior Designer. Keystone Contributes to Aldinga Library’s Interiors with Designer Dowel Ceiling 2017-07-21T06:36:03Z keystone-contributes-to-aldinga-library-s-interiors-with-designer-dowel-ceiling Keystone, a leader in architectural linings and acoustic solutions, lived up to their reputation for precision and product consistency through their contribution to the Aldinga library’s designer dowel ceiling. Their products Key-Lena Palette Series Ebony MDF with 19mmx195mm dowels and perimeter panels Perforated Key-Lena Palette Series Ebony MDF featured in this project.   Brown Falconer Architects were commissioned by the library, situated in Aldinga Beach, to redesign the interiors. Their head of interior design, Kristi Cook, wanted to highlight natural materials of timber, coral and the nearby beach into a modern design. Inspired by dowels used to make peg boards, Kristi wanted the design to create a ‘beachy feel’. This led to the round timber dowel for the feature ceiling component of the library.   Keystone supplied the backing board of coloured MDF to which the dowels were attached. 169 dowels were attached to each of 250 panels. 42,450 dowels were used to create the ceiling which measures to 8.5km. The main plan of the architects was to create a reflective feature ceiling that would incorporate many services such as CCTV, lights, smoke detectors, coupled with easy access and maintenance. The dowels were perfectly placed to hide these services in the design.   Keystone’s products that were used in this project included Keystone Linings and Acoustics Key-Lena Palette Series Ebony with 195mm pine dowels and Key-Lena Palette Series Ebony MDF with 19mmx195mm dowels. The perimeter panels were Perforated Key-Lena Palette Series Ebony MDF.   Keystone products include their extensive list of eco-friendly and fully customisable fire rated options that are excellent for the construction of beautiful, functional and totally unique spaces. The company has 40 years of service in providing the best quality ceiling, lining and wall panels.   Keystone offers custom-designed panels that fits every requirement. Fixing apertures, slotting and radius corners are undertaken directly at their production facility, thus ensuring accuracy when a panel is fitted to be a part of a larger fabrication or structure.   The company can be contacted for information on their products and meeting specific acoustic requirements by calling (02) 9604 8813. To know about Keystone products, visit their website: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia introduces Tara Dennis as Brand Ambassador 2017-07-19T03:02:47Z mitsubishi-heavy-industries-air-conditioners-australia-introduces-tara-dennis-as-brand-ambassador Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia (MHIAA) is proud to announce that home improvement expert and presenter Tara Dennis has been appointed as the brand’s first ambassador in Australia and New Zealand. “I’m very pleased and excited to be joining a brand with such a rich history and passion for innovation and comfort within the home,’’ says Tara. “As someone who has a passion for styling and renovating homes you want to push the boundaries and create a space that people love being in. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia is the perfect extension of this and a brand that I am proud to be supporting,” continues Tara. For MHIAA, Tara Dennis is an undeniable choice as she represents all that the brand stands for. She brings with her a level of trust and an influential voice in the minds of consumers. Together MHIAA and Tara have the opportunity to generate and extend the brand’s image to reach consumers in Australia and New Zealand.   “Tara represents the home renovator who wants to improve their home. It is great to have her on the team at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia. Her extensive experience in home decorating and design has ensured she is a credible face of home improvement, design and decoration in Australia,” says Jenny Perello, Marketing Executive, MHIAA. Further to this, Tara similarly represents a shift in brand ambassadors within the air conditioning space. “Currently, major air conditioning brands generally use males as their brand ambassadors. Bringing in Tara means MHIAA creates a point of difference for our brand and expands the field to include females who often represent the key decision makers in the family home,” says Jenny. MHIAA and Tara are leading the charge in both innovation and branding as they step outside the current thinking and move towards an environment all about the consumer, male or female. With a key focus on innovation, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia offers a complete range of premium air conditioners to create the ideal temperature conditions and air flow at home or in the office. “Tara complements MHIAA’s brand values and we look forward to working with her,” concludes Jenny. About Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia (MHIAA) offers a complete range of premium air conditioners to create perfect temperature conditions and air flow in every residential and commercial space. Innovation is central to the organisation and underpins every aspect of MHIAA’s appliances. Fostering Japan’s technological leadership and in combination with the organisation’s heritage in engineering, aviation and spacecraft leadership, the company continues to achieve unrivalled success in Australia and New Zealand. For further information and to see the full range visit or call 1300 138 007 in Australia, and in New Zealand visit or call 0800 138 007. Sir Walter Buffalo Grass 2017-07-10T05:09:57Z sir-walter-buffalo-grass Sir Walter Turf, also known as Sir Walter Buffalo Grass, is the most successful lawn grass in Australia. In fact there has been over 70,000,000 metres sold since 1997! The reason for Sir Walter’s amazing success is its ground breaking characteristics. It has a broad leaf, deep green in colour which is soft to the touch and simply beautiful all year round. It has incredible shade tolerance only requiring 2 to 3 hours full sun per day. Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is also drought tolerant which is great for our South East Queensland climate. We grow Sir Walter Turf here on our farm in Boyland and you can order it direct from us. That means that it is cut to order which keeps it super fresh for when it gets delivered to you. We can also prepare your site and lay the turf if required. Lawn Block - Turf Made Easy 2017-07-10T04:57:02Z lawn-block-turf-made-easy Lawn Block – Turf Made Easy Laying Turf has never been traditionally classed as an “Easy” job. It’s dirty work – It’s heavy work and you either need to pay someone to do it or get some family or friends round to help as you swear that you’ll never do it again. “Lawn Block” from ALC Turf changes all that forever. Erin Quinlan – General Manager for ALC Turf explains – “Traditionally when turf is delivered to a home or a site it’s either in long slabs or it’s in heavy and hard to manage rolls which makes it all quite awkward to manage for the client looking to lay the turf at home themselves”. “Because Lawn Block is cut and delivered in an easy to manage block it becomes effectively like laying carpet squares but on a bigger scale”       Traditional Size                                             Lawn Block Size   Lawn Block because of its size and nature is also ideal in either smaller yards or in larger areas such as rear yards where access to the block is limited and simply getting the turf to the required area is an issue in the first place. Ease of use was also a large factor in the birth of Lawn Block as ALC owner and Chief Agronomist John Keleher explains – “Because of the amount of new development and smaller block refurbishment going on we were seeing an increase in the number of people who were looking for a DIY solution to a small area problem”. “Lawn Block means that they can pick it up – get it home easily in a mates ute or even a station wagon depending on the size of the job and have it layed and done without all the fuss that’s normally associated with laying turf” Lawn Block comes in an easy to manage size and can easily be stacked around the area to be turfed in neat piles for ease of management. ALC supply “Clean-Green” Lawn Block in Platinum Zoysia, Sir Walter DNA Certified and Nullarbor Couch and their friendly team can advise you on not only the right type of clean green turf for your site but also how the “Clean Green Growth Management Program” can work at your home to deliver a healthy garden and a healthy animal. For more details simply visit – or Clean Green Turf Lawn 2017-07-10T04:40:17Z clean-green-turf-lawn Pets are family too “I’d love to have a really nice garden but I have pets and I’m always worried that fertilising my lawn and my plants could hurt my animals” This is one of the most common statements that people make when it comes to selecting lawn maintenance products and lawn varieties according to Erin Quinlan General Manager of Queensland based producers Australian Lawn Concepts (ALC). “What started off five years ago as the occasional enquiry has turned into one of the most common questions we get from clients looking to balance a healthy garden with safety and peace of mind for their pets”. Stories abound of dog and cat lovers who have tried to balance both garden and pet only to be confused with what may harm their beloved pets, so they do nothing. The gradual increase in enquiry, together with a long standing love of the family pet and the traditional family playground prompted business owner, and chief agronomist for ALC, John Keleher to set out in search of a cleaner more pet friendly way to produce turf. The task not only to produce a more environmentally friendly turf, but also to develop a system that would allow his clients to effectively transfer the “Clean Green Growing Program” from the farm to their home. “What started out as a simple quest to reduce our chemical use on-farm and reduce our environmental footprint has turned out to be an absolute winner both for the farm and our soil but more importantly for our clients who are the real winners in this”. The “Clean Green Growth Management Program” from ALC allows not only new turf owners but also existing turf owners and gardeners in general to feed their yard and their plants on a regular basis without concern for their animals or the environment.   The program consists of 4 all-natural elements which when used in unison provides a strong growing matrix for the plant or garden plus a constant supply of chemical free nutrients. “The program produces perfect results on the farm so being able to recreate the farm growing conditions at the client’s home has made establishment, maintenance and up-keep both safe and easy for our clients who are pet lovers” says Peter De Pasquale, Customer Service manager for ALC. “I’m a pet owner myself and use the program at home in my garden so I love the peace of mind that the program brings – but the real winner has been in finally being able to help our clients who want both a beautiful garden and a care free environment for their pets”. ALC supply “Clean-Green” Turf in Platinum Zoysia, Sir Walter DNA Certified and Nullarbor Couch and their friendly team can advise you on not only the right type of clean green turf for you site but also how the “Clean Green Growth Management Program” can work at your home to deliver a healthy garden and a happy pet. For more details simply visit –