The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-03-26T00:26:31Z Newly Designed Smart Climate Control for Australian Homes 2019-03-26T00:26:31Z newly-designed-smart-climate-control-for-australian-homes There is something new in Air Conditioning for Australia. A new smart controller for central control of the entire home climate from one amazing looking touch screen interface, smartphone app, or even voice control with smart assistants like Google or Amazon. Air Conditioning, what we want to give us efficient comfort at home, can be enhanced with the new AirTouch 4.   What does it do and how does it work? First thing you’d notice about AirTouch 4 is the amazing design. The interface looks like it belongs in a modern home and you feel confident that it will provide you with the control, comfort and efficiency that you want from your air conditioning. The screen is crisp, bright, and features a curved slider to adjust the temperature which is presented to you clearly in the middle of the screen.    Featuring Australian landscapes in its design, AirTouch 4 is just as much a work of art celebrating the Australian climate, while also letting you enjoy whatever climate you want in your own home.   On the left is a list of rooms in your home or “air conditioning zones” where you can adjust their conditioned air flow or temperature or turn them off completely.   The goal for the user interface is for it to make sense straight away with familiar controls while also being something fresh and new. You wouldn’t have just one light switch for the entire house, and so AirTouch means you can control the air conditioning in individual rooms rather than just for the whole building. This can help save energy and money on the resulting power bills as you won’t be paying to cool or heat rooms in your home that you are not using.   The technical aspects ·      One device to control 4 different ducted air conditioners ·      Adjust the amount of conditioned air going into or turn on/off the conditioned air in up to 16 air con zones ·      You can position 1 or 2 of the Air Touch panels anywhere ·      Smartphone app control either at home or away ·      Integrates with Google Home and Amazon Alexa smart assistants ·      Android 8” based tablet   Extended with a Smartphone App The additional smartphone app for remote control makes sense. It is designed to be easy and works on Android or iOS. There is a mini slider down the side of the app for adjusting the temperature and a fresh page to change the airflow in each zone or turn it off completely just like on the panel. But it does more. If you are out and home gets a bit warm or cold because of the weather, it can give you a little nudge with the AirTouch home temperature alerts inviting you to turn on the air conditioning remotely. That is actually really great because it means you can avoid coming home to a hot or cold house. Also, it gives you peace of mind in that you can double check to make sure that the system is turned off when no one is home and you won’t be back for a while.   Why the open smart assistant platform is great There are a lot of home automation systems out there, but a lot of them are closed off systems and you can end up getting locked in to their way of doing things. Adding new devices or functions can be difficult. The rise of smart assistants has enhanced our lives in many ways: it is easy to say things like “Hey Google turn on the lights” or “Alexa order my favourite pizza”. AirTouch 4 works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa so just say the word and your wish is their command. This is the beauty of AirTouch being open to work with these open systems – you choose to control it how you want. Just ask Google for example to warm up the living room, cool down the family room, or turn the AC on or off completely.   Comfort & Efficiency with Individual Temperature control (ITC) Everyone’s different with individual choices. When it comes to home air conditioning, it is no different as some like it warmer, some like it cooler. Some like a lot of conditioned air where they are, others like less. Everyone is an individual. Hence the name for the Individual Temperature Control technology. It lets you specify a different temperature set point beyond just air volume in individual rooms around the home.   But also, it lets AirTouch monitor temperatures at a far greater level. Normally, with most AC systems, the temperature sensor used to monitor the home is in just 1 location. AirTouch 4 with ITC on the other hand can monitor temperatures in more locations. So if the sun rises and warms up rooms on 1 side of the house, AirTouch can adjust their air flow and not waste air on rooms that are actually ok.   Do More Without Doing Anything with IFTTT IFTTT air conditioning control. Imagine a very busy day and you’re scrambling to get out of the house, drop your kids off at school and rush for an early meeting. And midway across town, you realize that you’ve forgotten to shut off your home air conditioning. What do you do? Nothing. With AirTouch 4, your air conditioning system will shut off on its own using a unique sensor with the help of Geofencing by IFTTT.   Works your way AirTouch runs on a wall mounted Android tablet. It is constantly powered. For homeowners, this is useful. You can install your other lifestyle apps to it to enjoy. Order a meal, book a car, play Spotify, or install your own lighting or other smart home control system directly to it.   All Smart, All New AirTouch 4 is a smart home climate controller that looks and works smart. Better yet, it was designed in Australia for Australian conditions and lifestyles. Learn more at  Reymond Opens Sydney Office 2019-03-25T04:51:46Z reymond-opens-sydney-office Lifestyle PR agency Reymond Communications has expanded into Sydney with a Darlinghurst office. The Melbourne based firm manages local, national and international clients and is pleased to be able to support them further with the addition of the new location, while attracting new business. Managing Director Joanna Reymond-Burns says the expansion is a natural progression following six wonderful years in operation with strong growth. “As a business it is important to continue to evolve and strive, so as well as the Sydney move, we have refreshed our branding and launched a new website. “The team and I are excited by this new challenge and hope to see it benefit our existing business, while creating new opportunities.” Reymond-Burns will share her time between the Melbourne and Sydney offices, while Account Manager Isabella Donato has moved to Sydney to manage the new location on a day-to-day basis. Exciting growth within the agency has encouraged internal promotions as well as the appointment of Angeline Lewis as a Senior Account Manager. - Ends - Notes to editors About Reymond Communications Reymond Communications is a lifestyle PR agency passionate about sharing the dynamic stories aligned with the design, hospitality and travel industries. Melbourne: 131A Chapel Street, Windsor VIC 3181 Sydney: L2/223-225 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst | @reymondcomms For media enquiry please contact: Joanna Reymond-Burns | Director | Reymond Communications E: | T: +61 (0)3 9510 4124 | M: +61 (0)431 540 640 Getting Out of the Ordinary in Berry 2019-03-25T04:09:08Z getting-out-of-the-ordinary-in-berry From the moment you drive through the gate you are aware that Bundara Farm is something special, with accommodation for 30 people in three beautiful residences on 14 acres of totally accessible land. The Homestead is grand in presence and proportions making it the focal point for gatherings, Waverley Cottage has a coastal feel while Bellevue Cottage has a country theme, each with individual character and style.   Whether it’s The Stables for a rustic gathering, The Long Table for dinner under the stars, The Verandah for canapés and cocktails overlooking the property, an elegant dinner in The Dining Room, a picnic in The Grounds, a party in The Games Room or sports on The Arena, the property has multiple spaces to gather, retreat, relax or play in any season or weather, and is meticulously equipped to cater for a memorable gathering.   The Homestead and Cottages are well positioned throughout beautiful lawns and lovingly maintained gardens, nestled against a wooded paddock ideal for strolls any time of the day to visit the adorable miniature cattle.   The property can be configured to accommodate a variety of events such as family gatherings, small weddings, corporate off-sites, special interest workshops and retreats. Dogs are welcome at Bundara Farm and there is also the option to rent just one of the cottages for a quiet getaway.    Bundara Farm sits halfway between Berry township and the stunning Seven Mile Beach, less than a 5 minute drive to either, making it the ideal location to experience all that this special destination has to offer. Berry's famous town centre boasts boutique shopping and is a foodies’ haven with truly authentic paddock to plate experiences.  Local wineries and boutique distilleries are within easy reach, as are some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia.    Bundara Farm, 18 Wire Lane, Berry NSW 2535 Bookings: Instagram: @bundarafarm Facebook: Bundara Farm  Melbournia Development’s Couture Armadale likely to shake up Melbourne’s apartment market with Deco styling that hits new personalised highs. 2019-03-20T01:27:44Z melbournia-development-s-couture-armadale-likely-to-shake-up-melbourne-s-apartment-market-with-deco-styling-that-hits-new-personalised-highs Melbourne property developer, Melbournia Developments, has announced that its new project Couture Armadale, will be launching in the city’s prestigious suburb of Armadale next month.    The 19 apartment low-rise build is set to shift entrenched perceptions of apartment living - away from the mainstream cookie-cutter strategy by offering a development that elevates each apartment’s design to its own unique experience. No two are the same.     This design approach, which rightfully places buyers at the forefront of the experience by building quality, value and individuality directly into each apartment, is anticipated to surprise the industry and excite the market.    Inspired by Art Deco, Couture Armadale takes authenticity to a new level. Critiquing the design from the perspective of all disciplines - architectural, interior and environmental - the development presents as a highly considered residential experience. Its curation and tailor-made strategy is built around a highly targeted audience group, rather than being commercially driven with the audience as an after-thought.    Melbournia Group, Director and Founder, Zoe Zhu commented, “Couture Armadale is an honest statement of exceptional quality which demands attention. It’s uniqueness and extravagance are tastefully executed. This is true sophistication. We’re expecting interest from a mature and cultured market who have a honed appreciation for beauty and are ready to indulge in life a little.”    “We were drawn to the Deco theme for its sumptuousness and character and you really see this in the detail we’ve applied. Each apartment is a real celebration of individual style, right down to garden beds. No one apartment is the same,” Zhu said.   The Art Deco period (c.1908-1935) became its own movement as the decorative arts spilled over into every part of modern life from fashion, to furniture, art, textiles and music. It became a way of being. Couture Armadale brings this to the apartment living experience in a genuinely enticing way.   The development is the brain child of Kevin Phuong, Director, Melbournia Group. Even before the site was acquired, the concept and theme were developed. “I had a very clear vision for a specific demographic. There was an underlying gut feel and desire to create a residential experience that would engage this market emotionally,” Phuong said.   “It was important for me that it could express a level of detail not usually offered in an apartment setting, and that there was a real sense of thoughtful living integrated throughout.”     Armadale attracts a multi-cultural, educated and high-earning community that appreciates its adjoining suburbs’ offers of high-end shopping, restaurants and boutiques.   “People are clear about why they want to live in the area and expect that the advantages and prestige the area affords them will be directly experienced in their own living environments,” added Zhu.     “Couture Armadale respects this in a way that most apartment developments gloss over. The fact is the market is astute and apartment living shouldn’t feel like a compromise.”   Melbournia Developments collaborated with multi-disciplinary architecture, and interior design company Peddle Thorpe. Peter Brook, Director, Peddle Thorpe, Melbourne agreed that the collaborative process was not only enjoyable but that the project itself will offer a different level of interest from the market.    “We’ve seen decades of much of the same from state to state, city to city. Couture Armadale most definitely has been approached with a level of integrity that is rare in the industry,” Brooke said.   The development comprises 1, 2, 3 and penthouse apartments starting from $660,000. The project will be released to the market with an accompanying display suite in April 2019. Interest can be registered on or sales concierge on 1300 813 098. -ENDS- Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne Offers a New Professional Service – Mattress Cleaning 2019-03-18T16:27:47Z fantastic-cleaners-melbourne-offers-a-new-professional-service-mattress-cleaning Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne is a certified provider for cleaning services. They started their work around a decade ago and for this short period of time they have proven they are true professionals, and nothing can stop them on their way to perfection. This company offers a wide range of comprehensive cleaning services, targeted for home owners and landlords all over the city. They hire only professional and trained cleaners, who have years of experience in many difficult and hard to solve situations. The cleaners of Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne go through detailed company trainings once a year, to ensure they are up to date with the latest tendencies in the business. The company operates all throughout Melbourne and the nearby suburbs. To ensure the safety of the customer and the environment, they use only eco-friendly and approved cleaning products. For their client's best convenience, their customer service employees work seven days a week to answer questions and help with booking services. The latest professional service launched by Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne is expert mattress cleaning. Many people don't realise, that changing only the sheets doesn't make the bed a clean and safe place to sleep in. What many people don't know, is that we all sweat during our sleep and our skin sheds all the time. This sweat very often gets through the sheets and into our mattresses. And once we take off the sheets in order to clean them, the small skin particles get on the mattress, and dangerous bacteria starts growing inside it after some time. And all this can cause serious respiratory problems and even attract some very dangerous pests, like bed bugs, for instance. This is why Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne decided to start providing mattress cleaning – to ensure people's safety and good health. The professional mattress cleaning is a very useful service for every home owner, who knows about the danger their mattresses can represent to their well-being. Many people admit they have no idea how to clean their mattresses on their own and without ruining them. This service starts with a thorough examination of the mattress itself and the level of contamination. The specialists examine the material the mattress is made from, and they choose the most appropriate way to clean it without endangering the fabric. There are two general ways to deal with the mattress cleaning – dry cleaning and deep steam cleaning. Depending on the condition of the mattress, the professionals from the company will tell you which is the best solution for your problem. The most important focus is to make sure your mattress is a safe space again. Statistics show that people, who have their mattresses cleaned on a regular basis, get sick a lot less than people, who never clean theirs. They are also more immune to different allergies, skin conditions and respiratory problems. These results show that there are many positive sides of this service. This is why many hospitals, hotels and nursing facilities have started using the service, provided by Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne. This way the risks for people's lives are a lot less. There are many advantages and promotions when you book a service with Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne. The biggest one is the sense of comfort and safety in your own home. For more information about the company or the services, you can always call their customer service team on 03 9988 4141. They work seven days a week to insure your comfort. You can also check the various deals we offer on our website or apply to our Fantastic Club membership, to get access to up to 40% discounts on all our services. Window Fly Screens Is Crucial For Your Home. Learn Why 2019-03-18T11:49:19Z window-fly-screens-is-crucial-for-your-home-learn-why Homes are places where people relax and feel ease. They need to feel safe from intruders and insects. Home owners always seek best possible solutions in every situation. Jayee Screens master in providing solutions to all type of problems for homes. One specialization of this company is Sliding Glass Doors in Melbourne.  These glass doors are either made of toughened or 6.38 mm glass, depending up on your choice and fitted with security locks and handles. Jayee Screens provides Sliding Glass Doors in Melbourne with a wide range of powder coat and anodized aluminum finishes which give them a unique colour. These glass doors can be matched to any décor in your home. Doors’ frames are made from strong, non-corrosive aluminum which provides good support to the glass.    Jayee Screens specializes in installing Sliding Glass Doors in Melbourne to an existing opening or their experts can create space for fitting their amazing glass doors at your desired location. In most cases these doors are custom made to fit your house opening, but they also house a wide range of doors which vary in sizes.  Another specialization of Jayee Screens is Window Fly Screens. They are generally fitted to windows for stopping mosquitoes, insects and other pests from entering the house. These aluminum meshes are powder coated to give them a long life and variation of colours. Window Fly Screens at this centre are designed to suit your window application and are fitted with fiberglass as standard. Few other options available in this regard are: > Aluminum mesh > Light stainless steel mesh > Bronze mesh > Mini mesh The Window Fly Screens are very useful for home owners, especially in summers, you can enjoy nice breeze in your house and also keep insect away from your homes. The cool air flowing in the house would keep the house cool and you can save money on energy bills. These screens allow natural light to flow into a room or a house, which is important for natural healing of people.  Window Fly Screens also give some privacy as it becomes difficult for someone from outside to see inside. People inside the house can see what is happening outside with ease. These doors also help to keep a check on children while they are playing outside and parents attending their work inside.  About Company: Jayee Screens is family owned company. We have been serving our customers since 45 years. Our products are of high quality, which are made by our professionals to show their craftsmanship and expertise in making of items like Window Fly Screens.  Our extremely talented professionals visit your place at your convenient time to know all your requirements. They would then suggest all possible solutions. You can decide your choice and let our experts know about it. They would take measurements to make perfect pieces like Sliding Glass Doors in Melbourne that not only provide security to your homes but also increase aesthetics. Meet Wombat, the Ambassador for the Eco Town feature at the Perth HIA Home Show! 2019-03-13T02:22:30Z meet-wombat-the-ambassador-for-the-eco-town-feature-at-the-perth-hia-home-show The Perth Home Show will be returning to the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre from Friday 29 - Sunday 31 March 2019. Proudly supported by the HIA, the Home Show continues to be the premier destination for West Australian homeowners and trade who are looking for the latest in building and renovation products, with exciting exhibitors showcasing the latest products and trends for kitchens, bathrooms, interiors and sustainable living.  The 2019 Perth HIA Home Show is excited to present Eco Town, an interactive and educational feature focusing on sustainability and making homes more eco-friendly! Eco Town will be solar powered with thanks to OneTide. Residents within Eco Town will include Tiny Homes Perth (who will be bringing in a fully functional Tiny Home), Strawbale Housing Strawtegic Concepts, New Earth Living and Perth Aquaponics. The City of Gosnells will be showcasing their Switch Your Thinking initiative and the Tesla Owners Club of WA will be bringing in some privately owned Teslas! Visitors can walk through this feature as our residents share their expert tips on how you can make your home more eco-friendly. They can even stop by the Solar Tree Charging Stations from Specialised Solutions and charge their phone! The brand ambassador for Eco Town will be Clint Price, who is more famously known as Wombat from The Block. Whether you’re building, renovating or redecorating, you can visit the Colour Your World Seminar Series for inspiration and ideas. Transform your home with tips, trends and advice including landscape design for the WA climate, where to start with your interior design project and moving to a more sustainable lifestyle. The popular NEFF Cooking Stage will inspire clever cooking with MasterChef contestant Josh Catalano demonstrating a range of tantalising recipes, focusing on simple, yet creative meal preparations.  For the renovation rookie or design novice, the HIA Ask an Expert feature will offer FREE 20-minute consultations with a HIA professional. Visitors can bring their plans and design ideas for a free consultation with an expert.  Find new products, great savings and the biggest names in renovating and building including NEFF, Escea, CurtainWorld, Flexi Home Offices & Wardrobes and many more! The HIA Home Show is Perth’s longest running and most trusted building and home improvement event, and a great day out for the whole family.  Register for FREE tickets online at  KEY EVENT FACTSDates: Friday 29 - Sunday 31 March 2019 Times: Open 10am - 5pm daily Tickets: FREE online registrations *Kids under 14 do not need a ticket. For all media enquiries, interviews, images, media passes and promotions, please contact: Samantha Todd - Marketing Manager Exhibitions and Events Australia  03 9276 5539 | Pristine Water Systems Launches in Perth 2019-03-12T00:06:27Z pristine-water-systems-launches-in-perth AS a passionate Western Australian, Craig Kerns was looking for a business opportunity that was unique yet provided a much needed service to his local community. In his search, he came across the Pristine Water Systems Franchise business on the east coast, and realised this was exactly what he was looking for.   Mr Kerns is Pristine Water Systems Australia's latest catch. He services the Western Australian regions surrounding Perth. From Lancelin in the north to Pickering Brook in the South, and west to Toodyay and the Perth Hills. And as the first Pristine Water Systems operator in WA, Craigs' goal is to provide services as far south as Bunbury.   Pristine Water Systems Australia provides water tank cleaning services and offers a wide range of water purification products and replacement filters and cartridges for homes, boats, caravans and restaurants.   We use a revolutionary water tank cleaning process called QuadClean™ for cleaning and sanitising stored water supplies in a wide range of domestic, rural and commercial situations. Our specialised cleaning process not only removes debris from the bottom of the tank, such as leaf mould, mud, animal faeces and carcasses, but we do so with minimal water loss and without the need to empty the entire tank. The water is then sanitised/disinfected, filtered and aerated to be pristine clear!   The self-professed down-to-earth operator, Craig loves a chat and is committed to his customers’ needs. But Mr Kerns stressed the often over-looked importance of clean tank water. "Our body relies heavily on clean, pure water for general good health and well-being," he said. "Tank cleaning is hugely important, the stuff I have pulled out of tanks you just wouldn't believe! Frogs, Snakes, Possums, even the family Cat! Roofs pick up anything and when you're in country areas there's also crop spraying and pesticides washed into tanks, then there're flying foxes, birds, rats, faeces - the list goes on."   "It's not high on people's priority list but (tank cleaning) is a necessity and inexpensive. People should probably be getting their tanks checked annually, and cleaned at least every 2 to 3 years"   Mr Kerns enjoys a relaxed lifestyle that involves spending time with his family and therefore urges everyone to live life to their fullest with clean, healthy water. He said water conservation was one of the most important topics for the region.   This has led to more water storage tanks being installed and a demand for pure drinking water that Mr Kerns is committed to being at the forefront for home, rural and commercial water purification in the region.   If a customer drinks rainwater, Pristine Water Systems Australia also offers a range of rainwater filtration and disinfection systems tailor-made to suit their needs.   Mr Kerns has worked for Pristine Water Systems Australia for few months now but said the franchise had been around since 2003.   To get in contact phone Craig Kerns on 0437 666 151.   For more information visit     Make a ‘Perfect Pair’ With an Electronic Adjustable Bed & Your Latex Mattress 2019-03-11T02:33:25Z make-a-perfect-pair-with-an-electronic-adjustable-bed-amp-your-latex-mattress The electronic adjustable beds of today are nothing like the hospital style beds of the past, and in fact, can help you completely take control of your night’s sleep. They are designed as a functional piece of contemporary furniture, combining aesthetic style with modern technology to improve your life by putting you in push button control of your personalised comfort for sleep, rest and relaxation. You can now make a perfect pair, as an adjustable bed is a perfect companion for your latex mattress. It enhances the natural contouring and bodyline support of latex ensuring both adjustable bed and mattress are working in unison to give you a pain free life of exceptional comfort. Back pain is now a common complaint across all ages with many of us feeling anxious at bedtime as it can often heighten the intensity of pain. Not so with an electronic adjustable bed giving you pinpoint settings to control the exact position you are in reducing pressure on your back by distributing weight more evenly. For some a slight elevation of their feet reduces lower back strain by allowing the lumbar area to fully relax and decompress. Similarly, with your latex mattress with its seven zone latex core which conforms to allow correct posture and lumbar support, eliminating any pressure points, which may reduce the user’s back and hip pain. The latex mattresses contour to the body, providing firm support for the back, and soft comfort for the shoulders and hips for correct spinal alignment For many couples, snoring can be a serious problem causing regular disruption to sleep affecting people’s health and forcing some to sleep apart for the sake of rescuing their rest. The good news is that an adjustable bed can help to reduce snoring allowing couples to enjoy being together for peaceful nights of deep relaxing sleep. All you need to do is use the adjustable bed to elevate the head enabling air to flow more freely reducing the vibrations that we know as snoring. Similarly, with your latex matress’ minimal partner disturbance, movement on any side of the mattress does not result in any movement on the other side, so no one is disturbed by any unwanted motion. Latex prevents ‘roll together’, a common complaint when one sleeper weighs more than the other. For more information on latex toppers, natural latex mattresses and latex mattress Australia please go to . Outdoor Living Direct End of Season Clearance Sale – Ends Today! 2019-03-11T02:16:42Z outdoor-living-direct-end-of-season-clearance-sale-ends-today Outdoor Living Direct is one of Australia’s largest online outdoor furniture stores. The company is currently running its end of season sale and that sale ENDS TODAY! If you are someone who is loves being a bargain buyer then this is just the time to buy outdoor furniture for this year and the coming season. With up to 70% OFF on outdoor furniture items store wide you are sure to find some exclusive yet reasonably priced for your home.  The company is also offering customers the choice of shopping for products and paying back in easy installments. For example, Liam 4 piece timber lounge setting originally costs $1199 and is currently account for a price of $599 which is a 50% discount on the original price. Customers can pay in 4 monthly installments of $149.50. Similarly the very attractive Sahara 3 piece modular lounge setting in kobo grey/dark grey also for $1199 and selling at a 40% discount can be paid for in 4 easy monthly installments of $174.75. Regarding the easy installment offer John Strahan, owner of Outdoor Living Direct says, “We understand that customers cannot always have the budget to shop for outdoor furniture during a holiday season as most homes may have already spent money on other goods during the holiday season. So we decided to offer our customers a payment plan that works for them and allows them to make the most of the huge discounts we are currently offering on our website.” About Outdoor Living Direct Outdoor Living Direct is a wholly owned and operated Australian business. As a team, we are passionate about outdoor living and entertaining. We understand that furnishing an outdoor area is about more than just acquiring objects; it’s about enjoying the good life outdoors. It’s about making the most of great weather and the best of company. We do our best to make this experience all that it can be by specializing in high quality items that offer the finest in comfort, style, durability and convenience. Media Contact Outdoor Living Direct Phone: (03) 9583 3060 Website: The price of Genuine Ink and Toner is now officially obscene 2019-03-07T22:50:27Z the-price-of-genuine-ink-and-toner-is-now-officially-obscene Melbourne, VIC 8th March 2019 CEO of Ink and Toner Retailer Inkspot, believes that the genuine Ink and Toner manufacturers, have successfully pushed the prices of genuine (OEM) Inks and Toners to "simply outright obscene" pricing levels and out of many home and business users reach. Vincent Teubler is CEO of Inkspot, a major online retailer of Ink and Toner in Australia with additional retail stores in every state. Operating since 2007, they have seen the price of Genuine Ink and Toner from companies like HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, OKI, Samsung and Fuji Xerox , continue to increase year on year, to their current levels. It is a real concern not just for home users but every cost conscious business too. We asked Teubler if there are cheaper alternatives. "Reliable high quality aftermarket (home brand if you will) cartridges are available for practically every printer model nowadays and the home brand or ‘aftermarket’ cartridges can be up to 80% cheaper than their Genuine counterparts." According to Teubler, "Officeworks and Inkspot both sell these ‘aftermarket’ Inks and Toners. Customers are demanding more cost effective printer consumables because the price of Genuine cartridges is simply too high. Aftermarkets are the answer and clearly neither Officeworks nor Inkspot would sell these aftermarkets if we weren’t able to source the very highest quality products to meet customers’ expectations" But is the quality the same for aftermarket? According to Teubler "Go back 10+ years and it was often touch and go if a manufacturer (and practically all cartridges are manufactured in China) could produce consistent quality output and at the volumes we needed. But now there are literally hundreds of quality manufacturers. The trick for us is securing the production line time of the leading manufacturers. They literally manufacture millions of units a month for the US and European markets alone, markets that, like Australia, demand the highest quality products." Yet Teubler says that of the nearly 25 Million Ink and Toner cartridges sold in Australia each year, nearly 75% are still Genuine, with aftermarkets making up only the minority. We ask why that is. "A lot of people had quality issues when they first tried aftermarkets years ago. When buying from a reputable retailer, quality is no longer a concern." Teubler also believes that many people are fooled into believing that their printers warranty will be voided if they use aftermarket products. "Manufacturers put a line like…’using non genuine cartridges may void the printer warranty.’ Imagine buying a car and being told the warranty on the car will be voided unless you use their brand of petrol. They don’t ask you to because they can’t, and the same is true with printer consumables." But then again Teubler says consumers shouldn’t be worried by that anyway. "The price difference between the Genuine and aftermarket alternatives, means you could often times buy yourself a whole new printer for the price difference which in some cases exceeds 4 figures on a single set of cartridges.…let me give you just two quick examples The Brother HL3170CDW printer can be found online for $218.94 One set of Genuine Cartridges from a leading Office superstore $622.00 Identical aftermarket Cartridges from Inkspot undiscounted $278.00 For the $344 saved you could buy another identical printer plus have $125 left over!!! The HP Laserjet Enterprise Colour SFP M553N printer can be found online for $864.00 One set of Genuine Cartridges from a leading Office superstore $2025.00 (yep that’s not a misprint) Identical aftermarket Cartridges from Inkspot undiscounted $625.00 That’s a $1400.00 saving on a single set of toners and enough to get a return flight to Europe!!! Teubler says it is the same story with practically every common printer given that genuine cartridges are now so insanely priced (his words but hard to argue). "There simply is no valid argument for businesses, or indeed home users, to be spending so much on their printer cartridges in 2019." Teubler adds that they have even added a comparison site on their web page with the most common inks and toners being sold in Australia and adds, with a wry smile, that they might add a link to a mortgage broker for those still intent on buying Genuine Inks and Toners. ### If you would like more information on this topic contact: Vincent Teubler CEO Inkspot Franchising Pty Ltd 34 Percy Street Mordialloc Phone 03 9583 9966  Commission Factory Affiliate Free Gutter Cleaning Quotes Now Available From Brisbane Gutters 2019-03-06T01:53:14Z free-gutter-cleaning-quotes-now-available-from-brisbane-gutters With a commitment to providing quality gutter cleaning services you would be happy to recommend to your friends and family, Brisbane Gutters is now providing free gutter cleaning quotes for commercial, strata and residential clients in the Brisbane region. Visit the company website or call Dan to discover the competitive rates and friendly service of the Brisbane Gutters team. - Servicing all suburbs in the Brisbane region - Quality results - Free roof condition reports - Free quotes Come and visit the company website today to explore the complete range of gutter maintenance services the team provides. Brisbane Gutters Address: 109/283 Logan Road, Greenslopes QLD 4120 Phone: 0490 549 257 Website: Discounted Building Inspections in March 2019-03-06T01:31:45Z discounted-building-inspections-in-march Master Building Inspectors, Perth's premier building inspection company is offering discounted building inspection packages for the month of March.Follow this link to our blog for more information: building inspections perth Coordinate Your Project Team Before You Begin Renovations Warns Gold Coast Electrical Contractor EJ Electrical Works In Burleigh Heads 2019-03-01T22:00:10Z coordinate-your-project-team-before-you-begin-renovations-warns-gold-coast-electrical-contractor-ej-electrical-works-in-burleigh-heads The proliferation of fast home renovation shows on TV have led some homeowners to think that renos are easily cobbled together. But, warns EJ Barnes, aGold Coast electrical contractor, good planning and coordination is as important in home renovation projects as it is in any construction project. Project management is a complex business, and communication is key to a well-coordinated project. It’s when homeowners start calling in contractors piecemeal that the trouble begins, says Barnes. For the best results, he suggests calling in contractors simultaneously before the works begin so that they can discuss the places where their tasks interface. “For example,” he says, “our work comes after the builders’ and the success of some of it depends on what the builders do. I find it best to approach the project as a team rather than as two individual contractors with separate agendas.” Electricity is Not an Add-On Electricity is something people are inclined to take for granted, says EJ Barnes. But remembering that even small changes in home layout will affect the places where we want access to power, lighting, and so on helps homeowners to stay on budget. “DIY renos often reach a point where someone remembers they’re going to want a power point to move, and then it’s time for us to save the day again!” While experienced electricians like EJ are expert at rescuing the uninitiated from the consequences of a poorly-planned renovation, EJ likes his customers to enjoy plain sailing. “If you’re planning to change the layout of kitchen counters – even switch your lounge or bedroom furniture around, you might need electrical work done. The good news is it might cost less than you expected. The bad news is that things are going to be pretty inconvenient for you for a while if electrical work came as afterthought to a home improvement project.” Big or Small, There’s Always a Project Team Whether you’ve chosen to use professional construction and electrical contractors for renovations or need help with a few tweaks you’re taking on as a DIY project, EJ Barnes says there’s always a project team. “With a reno, there’s less pressure than there is with a big construction project, but the same principles apply. All the people who are involved must coordinate and cooperate to get the project completed to specification. That means starting a dialogue before we begin works.” Working With Construction Companies and Homeowners: It’s What They Do For EJ Barnes and his team, working with construction companies is part of the regular routine. EJ Electrical works understands the need to keep renovation projects on track, on schedule, and to specification, and that makes the company a favourite with Gold Coast construction companies. But homeowners are still very much a part of EJ’s customer base – and the reasons why they like dealing with EJ Electrical Works are similar to those of the construction companies. “We don’t believe in dual standards,” says EJ. “That’s what professionalism’s about.” The message is clear. If you’re considering a home renovation project, and you need a Gold Coast electrician on your project team, EJ Electrical Works is ready to see it through with you from planning to completion. Reach businesses like EJ Electrical Works and Coastline Local Electricians via their websites giving them a call on 1300-DIAL-EJ,that’s 1300 342 535. Written & Syndicated by Baxton Media. K Collect Launches 2018 Christmas Gift Guide 2019-03-01T03:41:52Z k-collect-launches-2018-christmas-gift-guide November 16, 2018, Newcastle, NSW, Australia: K Collect's 2018 Christmas Gift Guide was created to help K Collect’s customers complete their Christmas shopping as easily and hassle free as possible. It features some excellent discounts on gift ideas for the home, babies, kids, for her and for him.  News about the gift guide was shared by the businesses involved on their Instagram accounts and was spread quickly. “The aim of the gift guide was to support other small Australian businesses.” “The Instagram posts were met with a wonderful response. We’ve had an overwhelming amount of support. People have liked, commented and reposted the gift guide to their feed and stories.” The businesses involved in the K Collect Christmas Gift Guide include: Home: Louise M Studio, K Collect, lily+ted designs, Emily O’Brien, Burbia Prints Kids: Everbloom Kids, K Collect, Lavish Aromas, Smiley Organics, Advancing All Children Babies: Bae Hay, K Collect, Mimi and the Bear, Sawyer Bear Blends, Rudie Nudie Designs For Her: K Collect, Pear & Co. Designs, Secret Book Stuff, Archon Designs, Raw Wix Candles For Him: Jaemsco Clothing, Choose Your Animal, The Mister Brand, Nowhere to Hide, K Collect The Christmas gift guide will be active until Christmas day and will be followed by K Collect’s 2019 Mother’s Day Gift Guide. The Mother’s day guide will be modelled closely on the previous gift guide and will launch 13 April 2019. To learn more about the upcoming Mother’s day gift guide, to be included in the guide, or to book an interview, contact Angela via email,, or visit K Collect's 2018 Christmas Gift Guide at WEBSITE: Facebook: @K Collect Instagram: @k_collect Pinterest: K Collect Twitter: @KCollect_AUS ###