The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-04-12T03:51:28Z Live 1-day building event: see Scandinavian 2 bed house built fast 2021-04-12T03:51:28Z live-1-day-building-event-see-scandinavian-2-bed-house-built-fast Architects, owner-builders, licensed builders and anyone looking for a new and speedy ways to build are invited to YZY Kit Homes Ourimbah Display Village on Friday 23 April 2021 between 9am–4pm to watch a live build of the two-bedroom Madeira. During this free all-day building event, attendees will see the latest addition to the display village built before their eyes. The stylish and flexible Madeira design will be built onto a prepared base by the team from Custom Creations. The build will take 4 days in total, with the framing including the walls, windows and doors completed during the live event. The roof will be installed on day 2, and during days 3 and 4 the cabin will be finished to lock up stage, ready for internal fit-outs. Building details: Madeira 2 bedroom The live build is an exciting opportunity to discover the steps involved in the speedy prefab building system that allows a quality backyard cabin to be built in a matter of days, not months. Attendees can also learn more about the materials used and how they play a vital role in minimising waste on site. As a result of the pandemic, over the past 12 months there has been a rapid increase in demand for backyard cabins as families adapt to a different way of living. As founder and director of YZY Kit Homes Lina Urbona explains, there is a huge opportunity for builders around Australia to join the network.  “Families are looking to add flexible spaces where they can work and study, but the wait lists are getting longer. Builders who join our network can tap into these enquiries instantly. And the live build demonstrates how fast and easy our kit homes are to build.” The new Madeira cabin will join 7 other display cabins at the large Ourimbah Display Village. Each is fully furnished showcasing the many design possibilities and uses for these versatile cabins. The YZY team and their builders will also be on hand to answer any questions on the day. Ms Urbona hopes the live event will help spread the word about this fast, innovative and cost-effective way to build. “With YZY Kit Homes you can complete your project in fraction of the time, at a lower cost, with the highest quality materials.”  The event will take place on Friday 23 April, 2021 at Ourimbah Display Village, 4 James Graham lane (corner of the Pacific highway), Ourimbah, NSW, between 9am and 4pm. All welcome. Leave your details in the form below to get notified of any changes. We will email or text you the updates. You can also add the event to your calendar and also follow us on Facebook. More information on the event: New moving guide released to help make moving easier during these uncertain times. 2021-04-07T00:35:28Z new-moving-guide-released-to-help-make-moving-easier-during-these-uncertain-times Had enough of your location, or do you just need to move to get that prized job?  No matter the reason, moving can be a painstaking endeavour. But not to worry, Austate Removals has released a moving guide that will make it that much easier on you, not to mention your back pocket.  The new free guide is titled: The Ultimate Moving Preparation Checklist, so feel free to access this now>> Chris Cornish (Owner) said: “No matter the distance you are moving or whether or not you use a removalist company to move, this detailed guide is designed to make people's lives easier on their next move.”  “With over 30 years of moving experience, we realised there are eight critical dates to moving a house or office, and in the Ultimate Moving Preparation Checklist, we break these dates down and give a checklist for each one”, said Chris.   Overall, if you are moving during the COVID period, this will help make things a little easier, ensuring you do not miss anything important. If you follow the checklist in our guide, you will not only have peace of mind, but it could save you money.  Other key things that this guide will help you with:  Lessening the possibility of breakages.  Missing a bill because you forgot to redirect your mail to the new destination. The important pre-packing tips to ensure your valuables are stored correctly. Ensuring any pets are appropriately prepared and taken care of. How to manage your stress levels as the big day gets closer. At Austate Removals, we are happy to help anyone moving around Australia, and this guide is our way of giving back to anyone moving. Even if you choose not to relocate with us, please still use this guide, and most importantly, stay safe during these difficult times.  For further media information contact:  Chirs Cornish 1800 681 434  Austate Removals has been an Australian owned family business since 1990, and we pride ourselves on our customer service. We know that there are many more moving companies out there in Australia that have been around longer. But to us, this does not mean they are better. Because what matters to us is the service you receive, be it just so tips and guides to help you move yourself to a complete corporate move from Melbourne to Brisbane, we are there to help. Mouse Plague: How Rural Residents Are Using Data to Outsmart Swarms of Rodents 2021-03-26T01:19:43Z mouse-plague-how-rural-residents-are-using-data-to-outsmart-swarms-of-rodents Rural areas on the East Coast of Australia are being ravaged by a mouse plague, the scale of which feels almost biblical. “They’re everywhere,” says Jackie Coe from Dunedoo in the beautiful Warrumbungle shire of NSW. “We’ve never seen anything like this.” With mice invading properties in epic numbers, some residents are forsaking traditional methods like poisonous baits and steel traps for SMART Digital Pest Control - an intelligent system which uses data and non-toxic methods to trap rodents. Monitoring the premises 24/7, it’s catching mice in huge numbers. Mice Cause Havoc for Grocers, Residents and Farmers   Jackie runs a coffee shop out of the converted dining room of the picturesque heritage pub in Dunedoo, as well as a B & B cottage. “My biggest frustration is losing stock. The other day they got into our vege garden and ruined all the corn. I can only imagine what the big supermarkets and farmers are experiencing.” The mice have been swarming for the past couple of months, triggered by a confluence of unique conditions. The switch from last year’s drought to a season of regular rain - plus an unusually large grain harvest - has provided rodents with ideal breeding grounds. They mice are causing havoc for grocers and residents, plus farmers who are losing hundreds of thousands dollars’ worth of harvest. Alan Brown, a farmer in Wagga Wagga told The Guardian that “rats are at a nuisance level, but the mice are in plague proportions, particularly in the north and west and south-west of the state. They are causing serious problems now with people getting bitten.” Jackie says she’s heard similar stories; particularly of one woman with a disability in Dunedoo suffering distress as mice have bitten her feet. They’re being found floating en masse in swimming pools or in skimmer boxes. SMART Solutions Remove the Risk of Secondary Poisoning People have been using traditional methods to try and catch the mice, such as steel traps and poisonous baits. Unfortunately, both methods can be problematic thanks to the secondary risks they pose to children and pets. “We once had a cocker spaniel that died after eating several dead mice that had been poisoned by rodent baits,” says Jackie. “We’ve got lots of pets, including chickens, so we don’t want to take risks. I also saw someone had put down sachets of Ratsak in the park, which is dangerous.” The risk of secondary poisoning is particularly acute for farms and food businesses. Jackie has taken another method, installing Flick Pest Control’s SMART boxes in her home, B & B cottage and the coffee shop.   SMART is an intelligent system which uses data instead of poison to monitor for rodents, before trapping them with a non-toxic attractant. Flick monitors the system remotely, providing reports and adjusting the solution accordingly. It’s a method that’s particularly effective for large-scale areas or commercial warehouses and farms. “It’s very effective, fantastic really,” says Jackie. “The boxes are easy to relocate and empty - although that’s not pleasant! We’ve caught 250 in the last month.” As Australia’s leading pest control business, Flick has a nationwide presence. For more information on SMART and how we’re helping to fight the mouse plague, visit the website or contact:   Kevin Saul Branch Manager, Flick Dubbo 0417 231 067   Understated Sea Haven Nuances For Mirage Haven’s New Cushion Line 2021-03-25T07:32:33Z understated-sea-haven-nuances-for-mirage-haven-s-new-cushion-line GOLD COAST | Pandemic-stricken 2020 saw a rise in the cocooning phenomenon where a vast majority were forced to stay home and work from there. Overnight, the focus shifted to the home environment.  As such, this emergent trend is presently seeing an increasing market share for furniture, furnishings and home accessories.  Against the tide of gloomy economic outlooks and naysaying, Mirage Haven astutely launched their first 60-piece collection of deluxe cushions with much success in May 2020.  Barely a year into the launch, the brand keeps garnering a rising reputation, a stellar one resting on high-quality, beautifully designed luxury cushion collections that give more bang for their buck.  As an online opening success encourages a next launch, a new summer line in 2021 is on hand, here to greet the sunny season. This latest collection draws on the easy, languid mood of the tropics. Natural fibers, such as linen, cotton, and hemp are the omnipresent fabrics of note, speaking to organic nature, sustainable materials, and breezy, summer vibes.  But true to its penchant for elevated looks, Mirage Haven advances this tropical boho feel to a more sophisticated plantation mañana vibe with mixed compositions of gold embroidery and fine hemp rope stripes. This charming new collection also experiments with new techniques and materials, a conscious move from the lush velvets we’ve seen in their debut line.  Interestingly, this season collation has cropped an exciting side note. An outdoor cushion collection grew from the drawing board to become a last-minute addition. Designer Junie Lin had been contemplating crafting a cushion line to withstand outdoor weather, wear and tear for quite some time but never found the right fabric. Until now. Better than the ubiquitous olefin, Spuncrylic™, the brand’s outdoor fabric of choice mimics the look of luxury indoor fabrics but has the added assets of easy cleanability, years of durability, and 1000-1500 hours of colour fastness.  The outdoor cushion luxe line is a handsome assortment of captain blue stripes and blocks on off-white. The whole look is nuanced by seacoast and maritime elements, so convivial to both indoor and outdoor ambiences.   On sharing her source of inspiration for this collection, founder and Creative Director Junie Lin reveals, “The pandemic for the most part of 2020 forced us to stay home, and surprisingly we found that the place most people, including we, missed is the you will see heavy nautical influences in our collections, from navy blues to crisp whites and soft linens, plenty of horizontal stripes…but the collection still continues our Mirage Haven’s hallmark/signature style of timeless style and longevity.”   Staying true to their commitment of affordable luxury, their cushions across their store start at a surprisingly reasonable $39. The new collection is now available at Let All Weather Shelters Build Your New Pergola 2021-03-24T23:12:12Z let-all-weather-shelters-build-your-new-pergola All Weather Shelters say that having a beautiful new pergola area is like having a vacation spot just outside your door. They can help you design a pergola that will suit your needs, and which will make your outdoor space feel like a stylish, comfortable escape, without changing your entire home aesthetic.     All Weather Shelters are skilled and experienced craftsmen and their work is always of the highest quality, and have served the Melbourne area since 1973. They have 45 years of experience constructing patios, verandahs, carports and pergolas, and have the experience necessary to get the job done quickly and to your satisfaction. As they say, “You can rely on us to use quality materials and provide excellent service”.    Patios and verandahs let you see the outdoors around you, but these structures aren’t usually ventilated by the fresh outside air. Pergolas are distinguished by a simple framework with vertical or angled slats that function as a roof. This structure is ideal if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to enhance your home and landscaping. It will add appeal to your home and variety to your garden, especially if you choose to encourage vines to grow over the roof slats. The end result will be a comfortable, attractive shaded area that’s cosy all year round.    Allweather Shelters can also help you obtain the necessary permits from your local authority, and they make sure your project is completed according to local laws and statutes. You can put your mind at ease knowing that their materials follow Australian standards of strength and safety.    Their pergola builders will work with you to come up with a design that complements your home and suits your lifestyle, and can help you choose from a number of different styles and materials. You will be able to choose the option that works best for you, and Allweather Shelters will deliver a result that matches your vision, and for more information on insulated roof panels Melbourne, pergola builders Melbourne and patio builders please go to .  Renovate, Convert or Update Water Systems with Element Plumbing & Gas 2021-03-24T07:26:38Z renovate-convert-or-update-water-systems-with-element-plumbing-amp-gas The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home or business and it’s essential that all systems are working correctly 24/7. Brad Deutscher, owner of Element Plumbing & Gas, has a team of highly-skilled professionals that provide bathroom renovations, hot water systems, and general plumbing needs. Element Plumbing & Gas provides a full roster of services for water, gas, sewer and drainage needs for residential and commercial customers. Individuals can schedule preventative maintenance, have taps and fixtures upgraded, burst pipes repaired, and appliances replaced. The company also performs gas pipe work and installations for gas operated appliances and systems. The company specialises in creating simple solutions to complicated problems that makes clients’ lives easier. Hot water isn’t just a convenience, it plays a critical role in everyday activities, from cleansing the body to washing dishes. Element Plumbing & Gas provides electric, gas, solar, and hybrid hot water installation Perth for any lifestyle. The company’s professionals can help individuals determine which type of hot water system best fits their needs. Traditional and instantaneous hot water systems are options that the company can install and repair. People spend more time in a bathroom than they think and it’s no fun trying to style hair or apply makeup in a cramped space. When a plumber for bathroom renovation, conversion or new construction project is required, Element Plumbing & Gas has earned a reputation for quality work. The company works with existing and new construction projects. Renovating or enlarging bathroom spaces is an undertaking that everyone will appreciate. Plumbing services Perth encompasses multiple types of maintenance, repair and installation tasks that require the professionalism, promptness, care, and reliability for which Element Plumbing & Gas is well-known. Residential and commercial customers can also sign up for free membership, which entitles those who register to savings and priority service. About Element Plumbing & Gas Element Plumbing & Gas is focused on providing high-quality work, keeping prices down, building lifelong relationships, and creating trust among clients and tradesmen. The founder has 15 years of experience in the business, having traveled the world and worked abroad in different professional pursuits. Connect with the company on Facebook and LinkedIn. Media Contact Element Plumbing & Gas 3 Moira Lane, Scarborough Perth, Western Australia 6019 Website: High Point Trees Offers Free Stump Grinding with Tree Removal During March 2021-03-23T05:02:29Z high-point-trees-offers-free-stump-grinding-with-tree-removal-during-march Pruning, lopping and trimming – trees can require a wide range of professional services to maintain their health, shape and beauty. There are also times when a tree must be removed. HighPoint Trees is offering free stump grinding with tree removals during March to save customers money and eliminate unsightly tree stumps. HighPoint Trees provides multiple types of services to accommodate clients ranging from homeowners, businesses, commercial endeavors, and governmental agencies. The full-service arborist company performs emergency tree removal and insurance work, stump grinding, and provides mulching, gutter cleaning and palm cleaning, along with land clearing and vegetation management. Tree removal Sydney is performed for multiple reasons. Trees can be struck by lightning or fall prey to insects and disease. Sometimes they simply overgrow their allotted space or may have been planted too close to structures and foundations. In other situations, the tops or roots may be interfering with utility services. Tree removal is also beneficial when preparing land for construction projects, parks and recreational trails. The highly-trained professionals at HighPoint Trees provide tree lopping Sydney to control and modify a tree’s growth habit or size. It’s a type of pruning technique that removes large side limbs and branches. The method utilizes strategic cuts that can be employed to save a tree and extend its longevity rather than having it removed if it becomes damaged or poses a risk to people and property. Tree pruning Sydney is a gentler process and typically involves smaller branches. It’s a maintenance method that promotes better, stronger growth. It also encompasses the removal of branches that detract from the tree’s aesthetics, are weak or diseased, or is blocking the flow of vehicle or foot traffic. Pruning is an effective way to prevent the spread of insect pests and diseases to surrounding trees, plantings and soils. The company’s free stump grinding with the removal of a tree during March offers an ideal time to address tree removal needs that individuals have been putting off – and save money in the process. The tree professionals have the ability to play an active role in every facet of tree growth, whether it’s a prized shade tree, palm or fruit tree. Free, no obligation quotes and 24/7 emergency services are available. About HighPoint Trees We specialise in tree removals and maintenance, tree lopping, tree pruning, land clearing, palm tree removal, gutter cleaning, and stump grinding. We have over 10 years of experience and we’re a member of the National Arbour Society. Follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Media Contact HighPoint Trees 11 Valda St. Merrylands West, NSW 2160 Website: Alarms and Security Systems are a Specialty at Sydney Electrical Service 2021-03-22T05:02:40Z alarm-and-security-systems-are-a-specialty-at-sydney-electrical-service-1 The installation of safety and security systems is increasing. They provide peace of mind for home and business owners and increase the value of properties. Sydney Electrical Service is a preferred provider and installer of the complex systems, along with IoT and building automation technology. Safety and security systems encompass a wide range of options and the electrical professionals can craft custom security systems for every need. The company installs globally recognized brands known for quality and reliability. Sydney Electrical Service experts are trained in the installation, testing and maintenance of traditional, wireless, and high-tech security systems in multiple environments. The electrician Bondi is skilled with security and burglar alarm systems that utilize remote controls, keypad access, and infrared detectors. The security experts are experienced in working with wired systems, those that connect to phone lines and wireless sensors, along with monitored and unmonitored security systems. Businesses and commercial enterprises often utilize CCTV systems that provide high-resolution images, night vision capabilities, and real-time monitoring. The electrician Inner West installs indoor and outdoor systems that aid businesses in protecting their equipment and inventories, and provide ongoing service and recommissions. Entry can be accessed via fingerprint and card reader technology, numeric pads, and set for multiple users. Sydney Electrical Service is a Level 2 authorized ASP providing a comprehensive range of electrical-related installations, repairs and 24/7 emergency services. The company provides preventative maintenance, strata management, and installs safety switches and fire safety systems. The professionals work on overhead and underground lines, provide reconnect and disconnect services, and perform upgrades and metering. The electrical experts are skilled in the installation of car charging systems and highly efficient solar systems. The electrician Sutherland offers free, no obligation quotes and upfront pricing for residential, business and commercial clients. Fully licensed and insured, Sydney Electrical Service can work on contestable works and is accredited by the NSW Department of Planning. Media Contact Sydney Electric Service Chifley Tower, Level 29/2 Chifley Square Sydney  NSW 2000  Australia Website: Starting a renovation or home improvement project? The Perth Autumn Home Show is the place for you! 2021-03-18T06:30:52Z starting-a-renovation-or-home-improvement-project-the-perth-autumn-home-show-is-the-place-for-you With events resuming across Australia, thousands of Perth and Western Australian homeowners and renovators are set to flock to Perth next week as the Perth Autumn Home Show returns in 2021. Located at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th March, expect the latest and greatest in home-improvement and renovation products and services.  The Eco Town feature will be returning at The Perth Autumn Home Show. Visitors can learn about living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. There will be a broad range of industry experts from sustainable living to renewables and water/wastewater management to beekeeping. Eco Town Ambassador Wombat (Clint Price) from The Block 2017 will be available to assist visitors in making choices to live a more sustainable lifestyle.  Be inspired in the kitchen at the NEFF Cooking Stage! Watch daily demonstrations with a range of tantalising recipes while highlighting the benefits of cooking with NEFF appliances, and tips on how to care for and maintain your kitchen appliances.  Blockheads get excited, we’re bringing Luke and Jasmin to our Colour Your World Seminar Stage! The WA contestants on The Block 2020 will be appearing Sunday 28 March from 12:45pm, presenting their 5 ways to create your dream coastal home and answering audience questions! For the eco-conscious, presenter on ABC’S Gardening Australia and sustainability expert Josh Byrne will be appearing Saturday 27 February from 12:45pm, presenting his tips on designing and building a sustainable home and answering audience questions!  The Perth Autumn Home Show offers the opportunity to discover new brands and products, with exclusive specials and door prizes only available at The Show. A few exhibitor highlights include Skylights WA, Hart & Co. Appliances, Coast2Coast Bathrooms, Factory Pools Perth, Bee Educated and many more!  The Perth Autumn Home Show is Perth’s favourite building and home improvement event - don’t miss this chance to see everything for your home under one roof in one weekend. Tickets are FREE, register online at The Perth Autumn Home Show thanks the Western Australian State Government, through Business Events Perth for their support of this event.  Oceans Décor Accommodates Resurgence in Demand for Macramé Creations 2021-03-08T06:03:57Z oceans-decor-accommodates-resurgence-in-demand-for-macrame-creations From home décor to swimwear, macramé creations were trendy and fashionable accessories for homes and businesses around the world in the 1970s. The art form is experiencing a resurgence in popularity due to artistic Millennials and Oceans Décor is a leader in decorative macramé featuring different materials, sizes, colors and themes. Individuals can select from a wide range of macramé décor ranging from tapestries and dreamcatchers to hanging shelves. Customers can also choose from pillow covers, wall pocket hangers, and macramé wall hanging plant holders at Oceans Décor. Some of the most striking and innovative creations available include handmade macramé curtains that add an air of bohemian style to living rooms and bedrooms. The boutique can also accommodate custom-made hammocks. Each is made-to-order and able to hold 120kg (265 lbs.). Cat owners can order a macramé bed for their feline in which to recline in regal repose. The one-of-a-kind cat cradle is safe, sturdy and a stylish addition for any home. Consumers can select from multiple types of macrame wall hangings that are beautiful and functional. One of those is wall pocket hangers that provide an ideal space for magazines and can also act as an organizer. For those with a love of books, Oceans Décor offers a three-tiered macramé shelf for plants, spices, knick-knacks, nurseries, or keeping favorite books. Large macrame wall hangings, tapestries and dreamcatchers are a popular focus and there are multiple styles from which to choose at Oceans Décor. Shoppers can select dreamcatchers with floral patterns, shooting stars, and the moon. The large wall hangings are offered in an array of styles to accommodate a myriad of preferences. Macramé products are again in the spotlight due to artistic Millennials and an increased interest in raising plants and redecorating while under pandemic lockdowns. Oceans Décor is meeting the demand for unique, innovative and distinctive macramé creations to beautify any environment and accommodate any desire. Media Contact Oceans Décor 15/120 Burns Bay Road Linley Point Sydney New South Wales 2066 Australia Website: STOP PRESS: Brisbane Home Show achieves record breaking results! 2021-03-04T02:35:46Z stop-press-brisbane-home-show-achieves-record-breaking-results Good news for events in Australia! We're excited to be sharing a good news story that gives all our exhibitors faith that exhibitions are well and truly attended by qualified visitors. This weekend, 17,717 visitors flooded to the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre for our COVID safe Brisbane Home Show. Every exhibitor had a great show, with many reporting record sales. That’s saying something for an event that’s been running for 40 years! This strong quality attendance confirms that Australians are keener than ever to attend events. As people have more freedom to move about with restrictions easing, consumer confidence and spending is on the uprise. (Read more) The attendance to our Brisbane Home Show last weekend confirms all of this. It’s time for us to get back to business! Audiences are ready to buy.Businesses that are not already exhibiting in one of our events this year should enquire about booking a stand.We look forward to welcoming Australian businesses back to our popular events to be part of the success story! 2021 HOME SHOWS 26 - 28 March @ Perth21 - 23 May @ Sydney6 - 8 August @ Perth13 - 15 August @ Melbourne10 - 12 September @ Brisbane  2021 MINDBODYSPIRIT FESTIVALS 20 - 23 May @ Sydney11 - 14 June @ Melbourne9 - 11 July @ Brisbane14 - 17 October @ Sydney12 - 14 November @ Melbourne  If you're interested in finding out more about the Home Shows or MindBodySpirit Festivals, please get in touch with us at See full release here. Award-Winning Removalists Gold Coast Local Moves Relieves Relocation Related Stress 2021-03-02T09:54:12Z award-winning-removalists-gold-coast-local-moves-relieves-relocation-related-stress Removalists Gold Coast Local Moves understands how precious each client’s possessions are to them. The premiere removal specialists handle each item with care and take every precaution to ensure they arrive at their destination safely. The company has 15 years of experience, provides packing services and furniture removals, piano moving, and individuals can request a quote online for convenience. The award-winning company has received the Word of Mouth Service Award for six consecutive years. The experts provide local, intra- and interstate moves, and business moves. The highly-trained professionals at Removalists Gold Coast Local Moves understand how stressful moving can be whether it’s a single item from a home or an entire corporate office complex. The company adheres to all the Australian Removal Quality System guidelines. The removalists Gold Coast can pack client possessions for them and the company provides a wide range of packing materials to accommodate any need if clients prefer to do the packing themselves. Having the right boxes and packing materials makes any move infinitely easier. The company offers boxes, packing paper and bubble wrap, tape and packing knives, along with covers for mattresses and a wide variety of furnishings. Individuals can purchase their boxes and other materials from the Gold Coast removalists. In many instances the company will even buy back the boxes if individuals don’t need them after the relocation. Free delivery of packing boxes within the central portion of the Gold Coast is provided for convenience. Relocating is a hectic time full of deadlines that must be met and details that must be attended to. There will be utilities to turn off at the old residence or office and services to begin at the new location. The last thing individuals need to worry about is the condition in which their possessions and delicate equipment will arrive. The removalists Gold Coast are the only moving specialists that offer a no-damage guarantee. About Removalists Gold Coast Local Moves Removalists Gold Coast Local Moves is the company you want to do your local furniture removals because we provide high-quality, low-cost furniture removal services for the Gold Coast and surrounding areas. We perform removals for units, duplexes, houses, high-rises and corporate offices. We have six depots across the Gold Coast including Southport, Labrador, Coomera, Nerang, Robina, and Tweed Heads. Media Contact Removalists Gold Coast Local Moves 5 Ordino Ct. Reedy Creek QLD 4227 Website: WiFi Home Automation, Fad or Favoured? 2021-03-01T05:20:00Z wifi-home-automation-fad-or-favoured With the sheer rising number of WiFi enabled devices appearing on retail shelves, do they help, are they here to stay or fade away like the cronut !?! Comstel, a business telephony and data solution provider has taken this challenge to task. To best address this, they first had to study the challenges most people reported with their WiFi installation and devices.The findings were such that despite the new higher speed internet links offered by NBN providers or the likes, most households and small businesses were still challenged with coverage, consistency of speed and the number of simultaneously connected devices. This was exasperated by the growing #work@home culture. Whilst most service provider’s WiFi installations support 5 - 6 concurrent devices within a confined space, an average working family of 4(with teens), are found to have more than 18 devices across several spaces( phones, computers, gaming devices, TVs, printers, etc… ). Now, with all that going on, how can it be expected that the camera-doorbell is going to work stably, all the way out the front of the house… let alone your WiFi porch light ? We all adore talking to our ‘lights’n’things’ through our Google Nest speaker, changing ambiance of an evening, especially between dinner preparations and relaxing in front of our favourite nightly shows. Moreso, managing parental controls to cut the internet off for the kids at bedtime is priceless!!! But, we mostly enjoy the ‘peace of mind’ we get with our doorbell and outdoor cameras, for safety and security. To have made this all work seamlessly may have proven a challenge and costly in the past. “But, not any more!!!” says one of Comstel’s founders, Luis Gonzalez, “between constantly hearing of these challenges, whilst more tech savvy people enjoyed the benefits of that ease and productivity, compelled me to devise a solution accessible to all.” He added; “An ‘all in one’ working solution, that not only addresses the issues of speed, coverage and connectivity, but offered some affordable ‘plug-n-play’ automation devices to immediately try out and experience, before going out and spending hard earned money on devices which which may not work over conventional WiFi.” Resultantly, Comstel released two(2) accessible Value Packages that address the ‘beauty and the beast’ of internet@home. The value packs include a Whole Home Mesh WiFi Backbone System to alleviate all those WiFi challenges and bug-bears. It also provides a whole host of included bonus devices like LED light, smart power switch, gigabit network switch, camera and a Google Nest Speaker along with some great Apps and useful bonus vouchers. Overall, a value for money, comprehensive whole home WiFi solution with a host of bonus devices for everyone to try and enjoy planning what can be automated for ease, security and productivity. OTHER TYPES OF DEVICES YOU CAN CONNECT YOUR WHOLE HOME MESH NETWORK TO: Front Video Door Bell & Door Locks, Gate and Garage Video Door Bell & Door Locks, Alarms Outdoor Security Cameras, Garden Lights & Sprinklers, Garage Doors(s), Light Globes & SwitchesAir Purifiers & Humidifiers, Air conditioners, Wifi enabled White/Brown Goods & Appliances,Window Shades & Coverings, Curtains & Blinds, TVs & Sound Systems, Audio & Video Streaming Devices, Night lights & Motion Sensors, and Much More....!!!| END | ComstelRetail Solutions: Solution: © | 2021 | Comstel Corporation Pty Ltd | All rights reserved.Authored by Patrick Le Gentil Approved by Luis Gonzalez Comstel Corporation Pty has been providing business telephony and data solutions for several years, including their self branded mobile and NBN services powered by Telstra. Since the commencement of the covid pandemic their business subscribers have been requesting work@home enablement for their staff. Whist basic telephony probability is quite fundamental nowadays, but making it all work on a conventional home network proved challenging. Hence, the emergence of these Whole Home Wifi Mesh Packages as a ‘go to’ work@home enablement solution. Now, Comstel prides itself on making these packages available as a retail point of sale offering. Additional information can be obtained by email: Save your relationship with DIPAC; counselling, therapy, and mediation services online and in-person 2021-02-24T06:17:40Z save-your-relationship-with-dipac-counselling-therapy-and-mediation-services-online-and-in-person-1 For face-to-face appointments, our offices are open at Level 1 - 18 National Circuit, Barton ACT.   No matter how much we desire, life cannot be a piece of cake. It’s like a bumpy road, uneven most of the time. Especially, in the days we are living in, it is hard to keep yourself safe from emotional distress. Therefore, we should take any opportunity to help ourselves. Psychological distress can root from anything, trivial or great. According to a recent study, around 13% of Australians over the age of 18 suffer from higher levels of psychological distress. That makes 2.4 Million people. Young people are more likely to suffer from emotional strain than older people. However, that does not mean older people cannot be a victim to it. This could result from anything, trouble at work, problems in your relationship, struggling with your studies, or even an issue from your childhood. Struggling is not a sign of weakness. All of us struggle one way or the other. However, you should try to overcome your distress through different means. Counselling, therapy, and mediation prove effective in most cases. If you are having relationship problems, it is better to give yourselves a chance. Counselling can help bridge the communication gap that often becomes a lethal factor in relationships. DIPAC offers you a chance to face your problems so that your relationship can recover from them. DIPAC offers counselling services all across Australia, especially relationship counselling. These services are offered both for face-to-face appointments as well as online sessions. For appointments in person, you can contact our offices at Level 1 - 18 National Circuit, Barton ACT. For online sessions, we offer services via Zoom, Skype, and Telehealth. Our Canberra therapists can help you out with a wide range of issues, from individual problems to strengthening your couple. Our services are fair and affordable. DIPAC stands for discipline, innovation, persistence, attitude, and courage, and we stay true to our name when we offer our services. Here at DIPAC, we treat everyone equally. So, any issue in your life that has been troubling you, you can reach out to us on 02 6198 3423 or our contact form and we will get back to you. Reach out to us for any issue that is troubling you. Remember, you don’t have to fight your battles alone!   Element Plumbing & Gas Experts are Preferred Gas Plumbers and Fitters Perth 2021-02-23T04:43:24Z element-plumbing-amp-gas-experts-are-preferred-gas-plumbers-and-fitters-perth Safety is a No. 1 consideration for Brad Deutscher, owner of Element Plumbing & Gas. The installation, repair and maintenance of gas appliances and systems requires specialised training to ensure safety and adherence to all pertinent regulations. In addition to gas-related services, the company also provides plumbing services for residential and commercial customers. The company has a highly-skilled team of professionals that can install, repair and maintain gas appliances and outdoor grills, lines, meters, and associated equipment. The gas plumber Perth can perform testing and equipment checks, and install systems for regulation and detection for any size project. Gas is most often used for cooking, heating and hot water, offering a highly affordable alternative to electric. The highly-qualified and expert  gas fitter Perth performs appliance swap outs, gas leak repair, gas fitting and installation tasks, and makes connections to maintain existing systems and newer energy efficient operations. The services available at Element Plumbing & Gas also encompass a full range of water-related problems and emergencies. Drainage issues with sewers and stormwater drains are quickly attended to for the health and safety of every customer. The company is experienced in providing sewer conversions, home extensions and additions for every requirement. Element Plumbing & Gas utilises CCTV inspections to diagnose problems and as part of a regular maintenance schedule to identify and detect areas of potential issues in the future. The company provides solutions for hot water needs that includes gas storage to instantaneous electric systems that eliminates bulky, old-fashioned water heaters. No call out fees are charged and a free membership is available. Membership provides preferred customer status, priority on projects, and discounts on work. Individuals can sign up for a free health and safety plumbing report and Senior Card holders receive a 10 percent discount. Blocked drains Perth and gas problems are no match for Element Plumbing & Gas professionals. The company specialises in providing high-quality services, while keeping costs down. The company is committed to keeping wait times down to an absolute minimum and quotes for small jobs are available over the phone. About Element Plumbing & Gas Element Plumbing & Gas is focused on providing high-quality work, keeping prices down, building lifelong relationships, and creating trust among clients and tradesmen. The founder has 15 years of experience in the business, having traveled the world and worked abroad in different professional pursuits. Connect with the company on Facebook and LinkedIn. Media Contact Element Plumbing & Gas 3 Moira Lane, Scarborough Perth, Western Australia 6019 Website: