The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-08-18T23:55:10Z Mothers and Daughters Who Girl Guide Together Stay Connected 2019-08-18T23:55:10Z mothers-and-daughters-who-girl-guide-together-stay-connected Girl Guides isn’t just for young girls, as mum and daughter duo discovered when Grace Jarvis now 17, enrolled in her local Girl Guides Unit 10 years ago. Instead of just drop-offs and pick-ups, mum Helen Jarvis became a Leader of the Unit and hasn’t looked back. The connection that Helen enjoys with her daughter Grace has a lot to do with the shared understanding and language they have developed through Guiding. Helen and Grace have navigated the distinction between their relationship as mother and daughter and guiding colleagues, by using the mentoring approaches taught at Girl Guides. “I don’t provide answers, just a thought process that encourages Grace to take the initiative and come up with a pathway for herself,” explains Helen. Helen says this shared language and approach has been one of the largest benefits of being a part of her daughter’s Guiding experience. “It's not the doing it together all the time that’s the lovely thing, it's the common language, shared experience and interest which is great. It is one thing to hear about the stories, and another to be there sharing them.” Their relationship and Guiding experience continue to strengthen with Grace now being a Leader alongside her mum. Grace has developed a new appreciation for the hard work her mum has put into leading their Unit over the years. Grace admits: “We make a pretty good team”. Grace has not only experienced great personal growth during her time at Guides she has also been able to see her mum from other people’s perspectives which she is grateful for. “She took on a female role-model position in my life where she was my teacher and my guide through this incredible journey. “So, when people ask me who is your biggest role model, it doesn’t feel weird to say, ‘my mum’ – because in all aspects she is.” The Jarvis family could not be prouder to be a part of the Guiding community appreciating the confidence and strength it has provided them as a family unit. Grace’s younger sister, Amy also joined Guides and has enjoyed building the same bond with her mum. Grace says it best when explaining why this dynamic works so well in the Guiding community: “At Guides, we are an absolute sisterhood and have an underlying acceptance of each other. So, no matter who you are, you're automatically going to be accepted whole-heartedly into this environment of pure joy, fun and learning.” -ENDS- For Media Enquiries please contact: Felicity Zadro I ZADRO Agency I 0404 009 384 Oakley Grioli I ZADRO Agency I 02 9212 7867 IMAGES Images are available for use. For high-resolution images, please contact: Image: Helen & Grace Jarvis. Image: A Place To Grow Campaign. Image: A Place To Grow Logo AUTHOR CHERYL DUFFY OPENS AUSTRALIA'S FIRST DIVORCE CENTRE ! 2019-08-15T03:43:27Z author-chery-duffy-opens-australia-s-first-divorce-centre AUSTRALIA'S FIRST DIVORCE CENTRE OPENS!  Certified divorce coach and author of the Divorce Tango, Cheryl Duffy has opened Australia’s first DIVORCE CENTRE to help individuals and couples navigate one of life’s most stressful experiences. The Divorce Centre will provide advice and help through an experienced national and local team of divorce coaches, lawyers, mediators, financial planners, and psychologists.    Cheryl Duffy says “My divorce was horrendous. That’s what inspired me to help others on their divorce journey by becoming a divorce coach and opening Australia’s first Divorce Centre. Over 30% of marriages finish up in divorce and for some it’s the most stressful experience they will have in their entire life. There is an easier way for men and women to get through what is undoubtedly and unfortunately a really difficult time of one’s life. “ The Divorce Centre will help provide clarity for people embarking on their divorce journey while giving emotional, legal and financial advice. It’s available across Australia with face to face consultations provided remotely via technology in the comfort of their own homes and making it convenient for single parents who won’t need to find childcare to go to appointments. TO INTERVIEW CHERYL DUFFY email or call Max Markson 0412 501 601 ABOUT CHERYLCheryl Duffy is a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® and Author of the bestseller “The Divorce Tango”. Cheryl’s career evolved from leading key programs for successful change and betterment in a large, multinational company however, the most difficult change she has ever had to manage was her divorce, which affected every facet of her life. After nineteen years, Cheryl’s marriage came to an end, and her life completely changed. Being the first among her family and friends to experience divorce, she was left to blindly navigate her way out of the tumultuous times, into a better post-marriage life. The journey continued in the pursuit to help others impacted by Divorce whereby Cheryl became a Certified Divorce Coach to help others accelerate their divorce recovery so they can let go, move on and create the life they deserve so they don’t have to waste years being emotionally paralysed like she did. Through one on one coaching sessions or unique programs depending on whether you are pre/post divorce can empower you to take charge and accelerate your divorce recovery so you can rebuild your life faster.   Tree Removal Stump Removal And Pruning South East Melbourne Arborist Vegetation Management 2019-08-07T22:00:48Z tree-removal-stump-removal-and-pruning-south-east-melbourne-arborist-vegetation-management Inspecting trees for pests and diseases Regular inspection of the trees will go a long way to ensure they are healthy. Trees are susceptible to a number of infections by micro-organisms, and environmental factors like wind, rain and extreme heat and cold can affect the health of a tree. Trees need to be inspected twice a year for any early symptoms of ill health - once during the winter and once in summer, as well as after severe storms. Melbourne arborist James O’Brien of OB Trees has a decade of experience in vegetation management, and advocates for regular inspection of garden trees, “An assessment of a tree’s general health should start from the ground up. At the roots, severed roots or signs of decay or fungi could indicate an infection. At the tree’s root collar (the area of the trunk just above the soil) peeling or loose bark, cracks or deep slits are indicators to look out for. Any signs of swelling, cavities, decaying wood or holes in the trunk are signs of possible ill-health. Dead or dying branches, odd-coloured or deformed leaves, cankers, dead sections of bark and leaning limbs or branches are all a cause for concern.” RELATED ARTICLE: Southeast Melbourne Tree Services Trimming Removal Stump Vegetation Management Expert OBTrees Specialist James O'Brien One of these common tree pests and diseases could be responsible if trees are in decline: Emerald ash borer - a beetle that affects all species of ash trees and bores into the bark, building tunnels throughout. The leaves of the tree turn yellow out of season and the branches die. If the infestation is detected early enough, the tree can be treated with insecticide but this is not always effective and the tree may need to be removed. Cypress canker - there is no cure or prevention for this infection, which can be spread by rain, birds, insects, wind or pruning materials. The cankers present as sunken, red-tinged patches on the branches, the leaves turn yellow and the branches die quickly, sometimes overnight. Spores are released from circular black sporing structures, which appear alongside the canker. The infection can spread to the entire tree and kill it if not caught quickly. If the tree is removed, it should not be replaced with another Cyprus as the new tree will be equally prone to infection. Oak wilt - a fungus from the soil which is spread by beetles, this is a very fast acting infection that can kill a tree in as short a time as one growing season. Oak wilt most commonly spreads from one tree to another by root-to-root contact, making it a little easier to contain and control than other diseases. The leaves of an affected tree will wilt and turn rust-coloured in the growing season when they should be green, with ensuing defoliation. Treatment for oak wilt is by trenching to sever root connections between live oaks, appropriate pruning and fungicide. Root rot- another fungal infection that affects the roots through the soil. The fungus is present in pockets of soil but does not necessarily extend widely. Hence one tree may have root rot, and another one close by might not get infected. The first symptoms are wilted leaves in the growing season. Pruning of the damaged roots is prescribed to prevent the spread of the infection, and treatment needs to be done by a professional. Anthracnose - this is a common fungal disease of shade trees, those most commonly and severely affected include ash, maple, white oak, sycamore, and walnut. Anthracnose also affects fruit trees. The fungus first appears on leaves as small irregular yellow, brown, or black spots, which can expand and merge to cover the whole leaf. Leaves may also become curled, distorted and fall off. If caught in time, the tree can be saved by cutting off and burning branches with infected foliage. “Trees may even have green leaves and appear healthy but other symptoms could be indicators of underlying health issues. Assessing tree disease is the arborist’s area of expertise and it’s best to get a professional diagnosis if you suspect something is amiss. A diseased tree can infect other trees and surrounding plants, so it’s important to take action as soon as possible. An arborist will be able to assist in identifying the cause of the disease,” says James. RELATED ARTICLE: Melbourne Arborist Vegetation Management Expert Specialist James O'Brien Tree Removal OBTrees Stump Removal Pruning Victoria OB Trees have extensive hands-on experience in a wide range of high-quality tree services at residential and commercial properties across south-east Melbourne. Their highly trained, professional arborists have the qualifications, knowledge and background to assist with all of your vegetation and landscaping needs. OB TREES Arborist and Vegetation Management Specialists service southeast Melbourne suburbs. And specialise in professional tree care, providing fast, simple solutions for all your pruning, horticultural and landscaping needs. The team are fully qualified, insured arborists with years of hands-on experience in everything from tree pruning, removal and preservation to hedge trimming, stump removal, risk management, vegetation management and tree obstruction resolution. For further information visit OB TREES Tree Removal, Arborist and Vegetation Management Specialists or call their friendly team on +61 435 912 457 Syndicated by Baxton Media, the Market Influencers. How you can prepare your backyard for spring 2019-08-07T03:08:54Z how-you-can-prepare-your-backyard-for-spring It’s imperative to prepare your lawns and gardens for spring, not only to make sure that they look pleasant throughout the year, but also to ensure that you’re not going to pay for related concerns that could randomly crop up in your property and cost you money. Spring lawn care can be beneficial in helping you gain a fresh, healthy, and growing backyard. You can even get professionals like Crewcut to work with you to ensure that you’re doing things right when it comes to the timing and requirements involved with every season. Raking will be a major task when it comes to lawn and garden care in spring. It is more than just removing leaves, it’s also for removing thatch. Raking in spring will also remove dead grass leaves that are stuck together from the wintertime – these are leaves that are just waiting to transform into thatch. If your lawn is showing signs of decline due to high foot or vehicle traffic, your lawn is probably having a bout with compacted soil, especially if it has a lot of moss. To remedy this issue, you probably need to do some lawn aeration. If you don’t know what it is, then that’s another sign to get in touch with Crewcut this spring. Another thing you can do to prepare your lawn for spring is through liming your soil. While its effects can be slow to manifest, neutralising your soil’s acidity through applying lime via a fertiliser spreader could benefit you in the long haul. Try not to overdo it, though, because excessively alkaline soil can be a problem, too. Weeding is also a must for spring. Keep a close eye on the emergence of dandelions, a perennial weed, unless, of course, you like how these yellow flowers look. Otherwise, apply post-emergent herbicides via spraying to get rid of this. You can also opt for chemical-free methods if you have access to them. Tuning up your lawnmower could also be key to prettifying your backyard this spring. Don’t waste your hours on a machine that refuses to start up or becomes too stubborn. Don’t wait until the next season to get a tune-up. Worst case scenario, you need to buy a new one that will last you long enough, and one that will best suit whatever your landscaping needs are. Remember that there’s more to lawn mowing and gardening than pushing your lawnmower and weeding out the grass. It shouldn’t be a mindless chore done to prevent your neighbours from assuming that they’re right next to an abandoned house. A healthy, well-maintained backyard is a blessing; some people wouldn’t even get to enjoy the outdoor space that you take for granted every day! If you’re thinking about preparing your backyard for spring and couldn’t find the time to do it yourself, then get in touch with your nearest Crewcut operator to have it ready just in time for the incoming season. Visit our website at or contact 0800 800 286 to get started. New technology redefines Australia's age-old removals industry 2019-08-06T01:57:18Z new-technology-redefines-australia-s-age-old-removals-industry In a mature industry that started on the back of horse and cart transportation almost 130 years ago, growth is now going to be driven by smarter, more nimble and efficient solutions, says Dawson Moving and Storage, a family owned company spanning three generations. The latest 2019 Ibis World market research reports that the removalist industry's contribution to the overall Australian economy, is forecast to grow at an annualised 1.2% over the 10 years through 2023-24. However, Dawson Moving and Storage is enjoying growth of more than triple that Year on Year, now having ventured into Commercial Services, Hotel Fit Outs (FF&E) and International Moving. The report also identified optimum capacity utilisation, having a good reputation and degree of globalisation as three of the most important key success factors for the industry moving forward. As General Manager, Chris Brimble explains, big business models with little local knowledge and low technology to deliver flexible and personalised services are starting to crumble. “A combination of having high overheads such as large properties and staff across Australia with a lack of deep understanding of the local community, can be a recipe for disaster – resulting in an expensive but poor service,” he said. “We’re already starting to see this happen with national companies either significantly consolidating their removal services, shutting them down altogether, and, in some cases going into liquidation.”  “New technology is helping us recognise inefficiencies that were unrecognisable in the past. The resulting savings in many areas can be as high as 20%. For example, purpose-designed mobile applications that not only calculate volume to provide an accurate quote, but also integrates item by item insurance values and allows on road team members to document all inventory onsite during a move,” said Mr Brimble. “The systems we are working on, and with, seamlessly integrate data to deliver a superior one-stop service. This allows us to easily collaborate with reputable companies that have strong local relationships within the exclusive Australian Mover’s Group (AMG).” In the pipeline, the company is already testing more on-site and back-end automation and personalised services such as home search and utilities. Dawson Moving and Storage is Australian owned and operated, with its head office in Melbourne, a branch in Canberra and a nation-wide network of AFRA accredited agents. In their capacity as removalists in Melbourne and Canberra they offer packing, Local,Interstate & International removal and self-storage services across Australia and internationally.    Tree Stump Removal And Pruning South East Melbourne Arborist Vegetation Management 2019-08-04T22:00:54Z tree-stump-removal-and-pruning-south-east-melbourne-arborist-vegetation-management Tree Stump Removal Melbourne Removing a tree from the garden is a big enough job, but even after the tree is gone, the stump still needs to be dealt with. Removing a tree stump can be more laborious than the cutting of the tree itself, and many home owners choose to forgo removal of the stump for this reason. Depending on the size and location of the stump, it may be best to simply leave it where it is. But there are several good reasons to consider rather removing it entirely. Melbourne arborist James O’Brienof OB Trees explains why getting rid of old tree stumps is a good idea, “The roots of a tree stump can sometimes continue growing and cause damage to pipes, sidewalks, and other parts of a home. Stumps can also divert nutrients from surrounding plants and when they decay, can harbour fungi that infect nearby trees. RELATED ARTICLE: Qualified Arborist Vegetation Management Expert OB TREES Specialist James O'Brien Tree Removal Stump Removal Pruning South East Melbourne Victoria The process of decay can take a long time, and during this process, the stump may also attract beetles, termites, ants and other wood-boring pests which can eventually spread to the home. Having several old tree stumps in a yard can be unsightly, take up valuable space and even drive down the value of a property. Once camouflaged by grass, weeds and other plants, tree stumps can become tripping hazards and get in the way of lawnmowers, potentially damaging them.” Once a decision has been made to remove a tree stump from the yard, there are several ways to go about this. Some stumps are easier to remove than others - the roots of deciduous tree stumps tend to be long and deep. Manual removal- removing a stump manually involves digging around the trunk to reveal the roots, which are then cut away with an axe. The stump must be manoeuvred backward and forward to loosen it until the stump can be pushed over entirely. If pushing and pulling the trunk doesn’t dislodge the stump, it may need to be pulled out with a four-wheel drive, tractor or truck. Grinding- this is more efficient than manual removal but it does leave the tree's roots behind. First, as much of the stump as possible must be cut away with a chainsaw, and the remaining ground down with a stump grinder until the entire stump is at least 10 cms below the ground. The cost of hiring a stump grinder for a day is usually feasible enough to do the job yourself, especially if there is more than one stump to remove. Bear in mind though that a stump grinder is a heavy and dangerous piece of equipment and experience and protective gear is recommended. If the stump is large, a large pile of wood chips may be the result, but these can be used as mulch for other plants in the garden. Chemical removal - holes are drilled in the stump and filled with potassium nitrate and water. The stump will become spongy within four to six weeks and can then be broken up with an axe. Burning - once again holes are drilled in the stump and filled with potassium nitrate and hot water. Scrap wood is placed on top of the stump and lit. When there are several stumps to dispose of, it might be worth renting a wood chipper, as wood chips can be used for various projects around the yard. Or, if it's permissible in the area, you may be able to burn old stumps, but be sure to cover them with scrap wood first. A large stump may take a long time to burn away completely. Removing a tree stump is a job which could be done yourself, but weigh up the time, cost and effort involved, as it likely has to be hired or the tools bought to get the job done properly. Having several stumps to remove, is probably a job best left to the professionals. The advantage of hiring professional services is that they will usually take the stump away too. RELATED ARTICLE: Melbourne Arborist Vegetation Management Expert Specialist James O'Brien Tree Removal OBTrees Stump Removal Pruning Victoria OB TREES Arborist and Vegetation Management Specialists service southeast Melbourne suburbs. And specialise in professional tree care, providing fast, simple solutions for all your pruning, horticultural and landscaping needs. The team are fully qualified, insured arborists with years of hands-on experience in everything from tree pruning, removal and preservation to hedge trimming, stump removal, risk management, vegetation management and tree obstruction resolution. For further information visit OB TREES Tree Removal, Arborist and Vegetation Management Specialistsor call their friendly team on +61 435 912 457 Syndicated by Baxton Media, the Market Influencers. Tree Removal Chipping Lopping And Pruning South East Melbourne Arborist Vegetation Management 2019-08-02T22:00:25Z tree-removal-chipping-lopping-and-pruning-south-east-melbourne-arborist-vegetation-management The Role of a consulting arborist in developments When building development is to be carried out on either private or commercial property, landowners often wish to preserve at least some of the existing trees. Established trees provide shade and natural beauty to any property and it makes sense to preserve healthy and desirable mature trees, as new trees may take several years to grow to maturity. Melbourne arborist James O’Brien of OB Trees has over a decade of experience and expertise in consulting, risk management and landscaping and stresses the importance of involving a consulting arborist early in the process, “Trees can be easily damaged during the building process, which is why it’s important to consult with an arborist throughout the building process. The consulting arborist should visit the site during the initial planning stages before the design is finalised to assess trees for health and hazard potential, and to research which trees may be protected. The arborist will also be able to advise which trees, if any, are diseased or hazardous, thereby eliminating effort spent on preserving them. RELATED ARTICLE: Tree Stump Branch Removal Chipping Lopping Pruning South East Melbourne Victoria Qualified Arborist Vegetation Management Expert OB TREES Specialist James O'Brien Having the arborist visit the site regularly throughout the building process will avoid unintended negative impacts on trees that are to be preserved. If for example, excavation is started and the structural roots of a tree are damaged, the tree is rendered hazardous and can’t be preserved.” Unforeseen issues are bound to crop up during the building process - large roots may be discovered in unexpected locations, and site conditions may dictate a change in the design. A tree that incurs damage during development may not show symptoms of decline for several years. Even a skilful arborist isn’t able to mitigate severe impacts such as these once they have already occurred. Since the most damage actually occurs underground in the form of soil compaction or root losses, soil needs to be protected. A Tree Protection Zone radius (TPZ) is calculated at 30 centimetres for every 2.5 cms of trunk diameter. RELATED ARTICLE: Qualified Arborist Vegetation Management Expert OB TREES Specialist James O'Brien Tree Removal Stump Removal Pruning South East Melbourne Victoria Fine roots that allow the tree to absorb water and nutrients can extend well beyond the width of the canopy. Therefore even a shallow excavation or cut within the TPZ can negatively impact the tree’s ability to nourish itself. A building project requires more space than the footprint the completed building will occupy. Hence strategies need to put in place to utilise the space efficiently while still protecting the soil and roots. The following measures are advised to protect trees from being damaged: TPZ fencing- this should be substantial and chain link fencing is recommended. Trunk protection- the trunk should be properly wrapped to a height of 1.8 m from the ground to prevent injury. Root buffer- this will protect the soil from compaction and should be put in place to cover TPZs prior to beginning the project and removed as soon as possible after the development is completed. The root buffer should comprise a base course of wood chips to a minimum depth of 15 cms, capped by 12 cms quarry gravel. Wheels of equipment and vehicles- these need to remain on existing pavement or on the root buffer at all times. Existing pavement is very effective as a root buffer and hence should be retained as long as possible. Since the soil under the pavement is already compacted, any mature trees in the vicinity will already have adapted to the conditions over time. ”Tree protection measures should be specified by a consulting arborist in a comprehensive tree protection plan to ensure that they are adhered to. An ongoing collaboration between the designers, contractors, owners and consultants before, during and after the project is completed will ensure that existing mature trees remain healthy and stable," says James. OB TREES Arborist and Vegetation Management Specialists service southeast Melbourne suburbs. And specialise in professional tree care, providing fast, simple solutions for all your pruning, horticultural and landscaping needs. The team are fully qualified, insured arborists with years of hands-on experience in everything from tree pruning, removal and preservation to hedge trimming, stump removal, risk management, vegetation management and tree obstruction resolution. For further information visit OB TREES Tree Removal, Arborist and Vegetation Management Specialists or call their friendly team on +61 435 912 457 Syndicated by Baxton Media, the Market Influencers. Jenny Jordan is 1 of 6 female finalist and the only finalist in Canberra for the National award night judged next week. 2019-08-01T04:31:04Z jenny-jordan-is-1-of-6-female-finalist-and-the-only-finalist-in-canberra-for-the-national-award-night-judged-next-week Jenny Jordan is 1 of 6 female finalist and the only finalist in Canberra for the National award night judged next week. Jenny is no stranger to Struggle and Success. Getting into the Online Marketing Space 13 years ago after her Husband suffered a near Fatal Motorbike accident that left her responsible for providing for the family. She desperately sought ways to make a living. As Fate would have it, her brother who was in the Pest Control Industry suggested she try her hand at the Industry. At first, she thought he was crazy. What did she know about Pest Control? Besides, wasn’t this a male dominated Industry? But necessity is the mother of invention. The Rest as they say is History. Forced to turn Lemons into Lemonade; Jenny took her Online Marketing experience and previous Management experience to learn all she could about the new role and built it into a Service Business with over $1 Million in revenue per year, servicing Canberra and 5 surrounding areas. Today, she has expanded her business to include speaking to and training other start-up companies with the lessons that she has learned along the way.  Spreading her message of empowerment through Social Media Channels Everywhere. Jenny Jordan Is the Owner Operator of A1 Pest Control Canberra. Ways To Go, Royal, Luxurious And Modern Kitchen With The Kitchen Renovation 2019-07-30T12:39:43Z ways-to-go-royal-luxurious-and-modern-kitchen-with-the-kitchen-renovation It is very sad, that the majority of the kitchen renovation Adelaide companies charge more… But no worries, there is a lot of Kitchens Adelaide renovation company come with standard kitchens and an affordable price. The reality is if you do the kitchen renovation with the idea of a well-planned standard kitchen you don’t have to dig too deep in your pocket. Did You Recognize That There Are Many Ways To Get The Standard Or Luxurious Home To Retain The Revitalising Of Aesthetics? In most homes, the kitchen is typically a hub of every women activity; serving to your children with their meal to comes, taking note of your partner’s hunger, exchanging the newest gossip together with your best friend…So, it would be possible when you have a good kitchen in your room. These are presumably one thing you’re quite acquainted with. Considering this, you must go for the good kitchen renovation by the good kitchen designs Adelaide company and with the concepts and benefits and standard kitchen as well. This is not the limit, neither only interior matters nor only exterior style! Interior style for kitchen has seen an enormous rise in quality within the last decade. Considering these facilities,  Free Standing Cupboards In Kitchen, Designer Room Cupboards, Formed Standard Kitchen Styles, Different Types Of The Table Top, High Potency Combined With Beautiful Aesthetics, Modular Kitchen Designs, Etc. If you are with the tight budget and the renovation of the kitchen with the pricy rates intimidate and scare most of the people. Though it's a task that needs plenty a lot of coming up with, it's not one you can consider. So, with the value of the kitchen isn’t as usurious jointly may think whereas the benefits of modular kitchen and many other amenities are several. Here Are Straightforward Tips To Make Your Kitchen Renovation Well-Versed… A kitchen is one that's created for the good purpose, and in that, if the great component is merged then it makes a unique style as well as useful. The interior consists of modules of cupboards fabricated from varied materials, so it can hold accessories that facilitate effective usage in the different areas of the kitchen. Modern Preparation: Folks are currently more leisurely with a kitchen-cum-dining house and this is considerably known as a “Modern Kitchen”. This can be wherever the construct of open kitchens, also consider the bar with the kitchen and many more. Economical Storage: The kitchen Adelaide renovators permit you glorious storage capacity for your ever-increasing kitchen stock. And so with the different sized cupboard and other corners you can increase your storage economically. Exhaust Fan Requirement: With the arrival of the chimney, it's comparatively simple to confirm exhaust fan, if you have the low budget. Though it has low, a standard setup is really thoughtful to complete the look and functionality. Love Of Colour: If your home is designed in some theme then the colour is also your aspect and don’t hesitate to feature your kitchen with the enticing colour choices. You may make a choice from simple glass to high-gloss laminates,  from simple material to texture finishes with the best kitchen renovation Adelaide companies. The choices are depended on you so make the budget and plan first of all, and contact the renovator as soon as possible. Build Affordable Carports with Trueline 2019-07-30T06:43:17Z build-affordable-carports-with-trueline With new changes made to the Dual Occupancy and Dwelling House Code in May 2019, carports can now be built to the front boundary without needing a BWAP (Building Works Assessable by Planning) Application.  While there are a few conditions around this new change - namely size, height and design elements - this announcement is great news for Logan City Council residents looking to add value to their property or upgrade their existing space in preparation for the unpredictable Queensland weather.   Trueline can transform the way clients live outdoors with a unique approach to outdoor space design. They apply architectural thinking and technique to go beyond ordinary in crafting patio, pergola and carport structures of exceptional quality made only of the best Australian materials.  With custom designs crafted to match the architectural style of the home and options to suit any budget, now is a great time to discover Trueline’s range of carports. Their new affordable high-quality carport range are ready to be designed and built to meet various style needs. They are available in a range of designs, sizes and formats. The Kudos Luxe Carports  are for those looking to bring an element of architectural style to the front of their home. Trueline carports can be created to make a dramatic statement at the front of a property or as a refined structure to harmonise the connection between home and streetscape. The Heritage Carports range features the Iconic Queenslander & Classic Hamptons. Clients who admire the stylish simplicity and chic aesthetic of the Heritage Hamptons design or prefer the more locally inspired Heritage Queenslander design, their unique ability to meet specific lifestyle and architectural requirements is what sets a Trueline Heritage Carport apart. For more information on PERGOLAIRE Louvered Patios, carport design, louvered patio roof, patio designs Brisbane and more, call 1300 502020 or visit Rental Promotion on Big Wet Free Standing Coolers 2019-07-29T01:26:50Z rental-promotion-on-big-wet-free-standing-coolers Big Wet has a promotion on their free standing coolers. Customers who rent a free-standing hot and cold water cooler will get a bundle of additional items. This package for $49 plus GST for one year comes with four 15 litre spring water bottles, cup holder and a sleeve of cups. The rental promotion reverts to $90 plus GST after the first year. In another promotion customers can rent a free-standing water filter and chiller for just $49 per month including installation, filters and servicing. The package includes installation and plumbing parts; twin system filtration, six monthly servicing, six monthly replacement of filter cartridges and full warranties on all parts and equipment. Big Wet products are delivered to the door in the greater Melbourne and Geelong regions free of charge.  Big Wet’s spring water range is sourced from the Daylesford and Hepburn Springs region of Victoria, Australia. It has a volcanic history three million years old, and the granite and basalt nature of the spring gives the water lots of incredibly important minerals as it makes its way through the fine pores of volcanic stone. Spring water has many advantages for health and for the environment. It contains elements like calcium, important for our teeth and bones, chromium, an important mineral to help prevent diabetes, and potassium, which is a vital electrolyte our bodies need. Spring water is naturally the purest form of water on earth; it has a more neutral ph than any other unfiltered water, which is excellent for health, as this means there are less chemicals in it to adjust its natural balance. Big Wet’s water is naturally very low in minerals and has the added benefit of being filtered at both the source and bottling plant. This means there are no hidden impurities and it has a clean, refreshing taste. There are no added chemicals or preservatives; it is simply clean, natural water. For more information on water cooler Melbourne, spring water delivery Melbourne, office water filter, freestanding water filter rental and more, visit City Dwellers by Day; Country Folk by Day’s End 2019-07-28T23:21:57Z city-dwellers-by-day-country-folk-by-day-s-end By day, they’re city dwellers. Anna and Greg both have corporate jobs. They’re just like everyone else - they live the Sydney lifestyle with their family. So you would never guess their big secret… …that on weekends, they live the slow life. They spend time with their cows. The hustle, the traffic lights and the corporate life is the furthest thing from their minds. This is the reality that Anna and Greg have created in Berry. And now they’re offering it to other seekers of a double life, too. It started as a pipedream for Anna in 2014, and was stumbled upon by chance. Now it has become an Instagram sensation. The transformation of Bundara Farm over the last four years has been nothing short of amazing: it has moved from a gaudy 1980’s bachelor pad to a stylish country oasis that provides a sense of peace, ‘slowness’ and serenity for Anna and Greg. But it wasn’t easy. It took hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars and a dedication to the dream for this double life to be realised. The family would be separated and Anna’s workplace flexibility took on a whole new meaning for it all to be completed. And it was oh so worth it. Now, Bundara Farm is a destination in itself. The cows are Insta-famous, celebrities such as Masterchef’s Colin Fassnidge have visited and many a celebration has taken place there. There’s the outdoor vine-covered dining area, the newly renovated stables and the main homestead plus two separate cottages to inhabit. It’s as if Anna and Greg have tapped in to a collective consciousness – that the country life is good for your soul, even if it means you need to lead a double life. Readers of your magazine are invited to lead their own double life at Bundara Farm. Escape to Anna and Greg’s secret place – swap the pinstripes for the pastures, the commute for the cows and the hustle for the halcyon. It’s only 2 hours from Sydney, but it’s a place that rejuvenates and inspires like you’ve wandered into a new life. Stay at Bundara Farm and enjoy a 20% discount - exclusively for readers of your magazine. Online sauce shop Sauce Mania launches in Australia 2019-07-24T06:10:36Z online-sauce-shop-sauce-mania-launches-in-australia Australians will now be able to find a larger variety of sauces from around the world in the one place, saving them both time and money and giving them more choice.Sauce Mania founder Anna Vasilevskaya explained the appeal of a dedicated online sauce shop serving the Australian market, "Australians love their sauces, especially hot sauces, gourmet sauces and regional sauces that they are unable to find at the larger supermarkets which don't have the range of products that discerning sauce lovers are looking for. Sauce Mania is Australia's first online shop that is dedicated to sauces and we believe that we are providing a much needed service in a long overlooked niche market. We look forward to serving Australia's sauce lovers by providing them with both the range of sauces and the service they are looking for."The popularity of First We Feast's YouTube series Hot Ones has put the focus firmly on hot sauces in recent times with interest in them exploding since the series first debuted in 2015. "Sales of sauces featured on Hot Ones such as Da Bomb Beyond Insanity, Dave's Gourmet Original Insanity Sauce and Mad Dog 357, just to name a few, has increased dramatically as people rush to try the sauces that make celebrities sweat" Anna explained, "We have been running out of stock of the most popular Hot Ones hot sauces but have re-ordered more to keep up with demand. If the sauce you are looking for is currently out of stock, please register for notifications so we can let you know via email once it is back in stock."Sauce Mania is here to stay with Anna explaining that they hoped to cement their position in the market by offering the largest range of sauces in Australia at unbeatable prices with superior service."Our focus is firmly on the customer and their total satisfaction. We believe that happy customers are loyal customers and we look forward to providing all Australians with a huge variety of local and imported sauces at great prices."Australian sauce lovers can browse Sauce Mania's extensive range of sauces at their website: Renovate with confidence at the 2019 Perth Home Show! 2019-07-23T01:17:04Z renovate-with-confidence-at-the-2019-perth-home-show Over ten thousand Perth home owners, renovators and local trade are set to flock to the Perth Home Show when it opens for inspection this August at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. Now FREE to attend, the Perth Home Show will be held over three days from Friday 9 - Sunday 11 August.  Visitors will be spoilt for choice with over 120 exhibitors, showcasing the latest products for kitchens, bathrooms, interiors, outdoor living and smart home automation. Quality brands will fill the Show floor including, Siemens, Stratco, Granite Transformations, Australian Outdoor Living and Carpet Call to name a few! Homeowners can clarify their renovation direction at the Colour Your World Stage. Industry experts will showcase the latest ideas in interior design, bathrooms, planning, outdoors and much more. “The Perth Home Show makes updating the home easy,” Exhibition Director, Shane Kenealy says. “It’s a unique opportunity for homeowners and trade to source the latest products and services for their   project, all under the one roof”, Kenealy explains. For visitors looking to make a splash in their kitchen or bathroom, the KBDi Kitchen and Bathroom Advice Centre will feature free 20-minute consultations with leading kitchen and bathroom designers. Make an appointment online or at the Show. The 2019 Show also sees the inclusion of the SIEMENS Cooking Stage hosted by MasterChef contestant Josh Catalano, who will be preparing a range of fresh meals including quality seafood dishes. Getting to the Show couldn’t be easier. The Perth Home Show is located at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, in the heart of Perth’s central business district, conveniently within walking distance of public transport. Tickets are FREE, register online at  Helping thousands of Victorians with their home building and renovation projects. 2019-07-16T06:31:28Z helping-thousands-of-victorians-with-their-home-building-and-renovation-projects Australia’s longest running building and renovation event, The Melbourne Home Show, is set to inspire and assist thousands of Victorian homeowners, builders, renovators and local trade over three days from 16 - 18 August at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, South Wharf. With over 250 leading brands under one roof, The Melbourne Home Show will be packed to the rafters with the latest building products, kitchens and cabinetry, bathroom fixtures and fittings, heating and cooling, interior and outdoor solutions, free seminars and expert advice! Visitors will be inspired to ‘live a little’ as they take a walk down the inaugural Tiny Houses Expo, where the latest compact and tiny homes will be on display. Whether you’re on the hunt for a cost-effective new home, looking to reduce your carbon footprint, tight on space or simply on the search for a simpler life, a stroll through the Tiny House Expo is sure to inspire. For those looking for outdoor inspiration, a visit to the Open Garden designed by Full Potential Landscapes and FormBoss, is a must. With a theme of Australian Made and Built to Last, the garden display is energy efficient, water conscious, spacious and smart. With flowing lines, this practical and functional design adheres to Australian climates and conditions and will showcase just how you can utilise Australia’s best in your backyard. Visitors can also learn to bring their bathroom to life or create their dream cooks kitchen with a FREE 20-minute design consultation with one of the Kitchen & Bathroom Designers Institute’s very best designers at the KBDi Ask an Expert hub. Visitors are encouraged to bring their plans and design ideas for a personalised consultation with the experts. Pre-bookings can be made online and walk-ups are welcome. Find new products, great savings and the biggest names in renovating and building including Australian Outdoor Living, Bora, BlockOut Blinds, Clover Kitchens, European Kitchen Group, Melbourne Polytechnic, Mondella, NextGEN Decking, Spa World, Stratco, Tesla, Vergola, Victoria Government and more. Discount tickets are available to purchase online at Kids under 14 are free. - ENDS - For all media enquiries, interviews, images, media passes and promotions, please contact: Alana Hawthorne - Marketing Manager 03 9276 5539 |