The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-01-24T04:15:53Z Design High Impact Campaigns with Brand Representatives from Promo People 2020-01-24T04:15:53Z design-high-impact-campaigns-with-brand-representatives-from-promo-people Businesses that need a brand ambassador at their next event will find marketing company Promo People has a large pool of qualified staff that can spread brand awareness to create a customer database, generate leads, and build relationships with potential customers. These brand representatives are outgoing, approachable, organised and detail-driven and are trained marketing professionals. Promo People has been working alongside brands and agencies in Australia providing promotional and event staffing, event support as well as a range of brand activation services.  Brand representatives are the ideal medium to communicate the message in a personal and timely manner while creating an emotional connection between the brand and the consumer. Businesses that sell products will need representatives that are knowledgeable about them. Promo People has brand ambassadors that work in teams alternating at different places and events, ensuring they get the experience and become knowledgeable about the product, pricing, and benefits. With their training these brand ambassadors are able to quickly learn what needs to be known about the product making them the perfect candidate if the product requires a demonstration or significant customer education for a sale. These brand representatives are effective in generating word-of-mouth opportunities. To maximise opportunities it is essential that the potential audience learns quickly about the brand. In order to achieve exposure these brand representatives provide the perfect opportunities for face-to-face interaction. To gain consumer confidence, these representatives can explain what the business does best, exhibit these product’s features through a demonstration or sample, and effectively embody the brand’s image.   Brand representatives from Promo People can manifest the businesses’ values and image by wearing company uniforms and costumes. Brand ambassadors are perfect for product launches and for new marketing campaigns. They can generate new leads, distribute marketing materials, and interact directly with people in busy outdoor environments. Approaching potential customers in high-traffic areas such as shopping malls or train stations can be intimidating. However, brand ambassadors from Promo People are highly experienced in working in busy outdoor environments, making them perfect for material distribution and lead generation. For more information: Quadrant Partners with LiveRamp To Expand APAC Audience Data 2020-01-23T04:11:48Z quadrant-partners-with-liveramp-to-expand-apac-audience-data Expanded availability of Quadrant Audiences data in Asia Pacific. Currently available in Australia and New Zealand, with plans to roll out to the rest of APAC in early 2020 Quadrant’s mission to be a globally recognised audience data provider shares synergies with LiveRamp’s reputation for quality and transparency More of the world’s leading adtech and advertising platforms will enjoy easy access to Quadrant’s data in 2020 SYDNEY, 22 JANUARY 2020 –, the leading data and technology provider specialising in high-quality mobile location-based data, has partnered with LiveRamp, the leading identity platform powering exceptional customer experiences, to bring its best-in-class audience data to the LiveRamp platform and its marketplace of data buyers across Asia Pacific. LiveRamp IdentityLink connects people, data, and devices across the digital and physical worlds, powers the people-based marketing revolution and allows consumers to safely connect with the brands and products they love. Quadrant, meanwhile, provides purpose-built mobile location-based audience data that helps advertisers and marketers understand and meet their unique campaign needs. Quadrant’s primary focus on location data caters to an essential need of this group to understand real-world behaviour, movement, and intent. Julien Escande, Commercial Director at, said: “We’re delighted to partner with LiveRamp as we continue to expand the availability of our high-quality audience data to advertisers and marketers across Asia Pacific. This partnership will be invaluable to Quadrant in opening up new channels where our data can be found and purchased based on customers’ needs. We look forward to seeing more of our audience data making its way onto some of the world’s leading advertising and adtech platforms, through LiveRamp.” Natalya Pollard, Country Manager for ANZ at LiveRamp, said: “LiveRamp prides itself on enabling customers to access only the highest quality audience data and empowering customers to innovate by making data accessible and meaningful. This partnership with Quadrant sees us continuing to deliver on that commitment. Starting today, Quadrant’s audience data will be available through hundreds of integrations we have in  Australia and New Zealand, with plans to include the wider APAC region. As we expand the range of data available on our platform, our customers continue to enjoy more choice and selection while not compromising on quality.” LiveRamp has distinguished itself as the world’s leading identity-resolution platform. A key part of this is around resolving various identities and identifiers across the omnichannel spectrum of mobile, cookies, and real-world assets. Quadrant’s real-world location and audience data, meanwhile, makes it a perfect fit for the LiveRamp platform and customer needs. Together, Quadrant and LiveRamp share the mission of providing advertisers and marketers with actionable real-world insights aligned to digital signals. -END- About Quadrant is a data and technology organisation specialised in high quality mobile location-based data. Quadrant provides purpose-built mobile location data feeds that help you understand and meet your customers’ needs. Quadrant’s primary focus is on location data, which is an essential tool in understanding the behaviour of potential customers. About LiveRamp LiveRamp provides the identity platform leveraged by brands and their partners to deliver innovative products and exceptional experiences. LiveRamp IdentityLink connects people, data, and devices across the digital and physical worlds, powering the people-based marketing revolution and allowing consumers to safely connect with the brands and products they love. For more information, visit Practifi Completes A$24M Series B Funding Round with US-Based Updata Partners to Accelerate Growth 2020-01-21T04:27:17Z practifi-completes-a-24m-series-b-funding-round-with-us-based-updata-partners-to-accelerate-growth “I’m tremendously proud of how much we’ve accomplished in revolutionising the technology available to Australian advisers, superannuation funds and trustees, but this is only the beginning. Our continued partnership with EVP and our new partnership with Updata will help us drive even more growth. Our vision is to create the most efficient business management platform possible for financial advice firms and the most comprehensive trustee office platform for superannuation funds,” stated Glenn Elliott, co-founder and chief executive officer of Practifi. Adrian Johnstone, co-founder and chief commercial officer, added, “With so much pressure across both advice and super, we are deeply committed to extending our platform to add even more value. Whether our clients are looking to improve client, member or employer relationships or they’re wanting to reduce the burden of compliance, we’re right there.” Driven by a passion for the client experience, Practifi’s collaborative platform connects the tools needed to drive efficient operations so our clients can concentrate on building trust and positive relationships with their clients. Carter Griffin, general partner of Updata, added, “In a competitive market, Practifi has created a tool that enables growth, compliance, and efficiency for financial advice firms and superannuation funds. We invested in Practifi because they have a genuine vision for an industry that needs revolutionising. We‘re excited to be partnering with them as they build exciting new features and create a more innovative financial services solution.” About Updata Partners Updata Partners is a leading technology growth equity firm based in Washington, DC. Led by an investment team averaging more than 25 years of technology experience, Updata invests in high-growth software and software- driven businesses where the combination of its capital and operating experience will help accelerate success. To learn more, visit About Practifi More than a CRM, Practifi is a business management platform designed for growing financial advice businesses around the world. Practifi allows financial advisors, family offices and broker dealers to effortlessly manage their client relationships, monitor compliance and automate workflows, all through an easy-to-use interface. To learn more, WildJar Ranked in Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ Asia Pacific 2020-01-20T15:39:08Z wildjar-ranked-in-deloitte-technology-fast-500-asia-pacific-1 WildJar is delighted to announce that it has been named as one of the fastest growing technology companies in the Asia Pacific region by the Deloitte Technology Fast 500™.‍ Now in its eighteenth year, the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific ranks the fastest growing technology companies across nine Asia Pacific locations: Australia; China (including Hong Kong); India; Japan; South Korea; Malaysia; New Zealand; Singapore and Taiwan. It covers companies in the hardware, software, communications, media, life sciences and clean technology industries.‍ ‍Since launching 3 years ago, WildJar has experienced tremendous growth and is truly a global player in the call tracking and call attribution space. CEO and Founder James O'Neill commented on the award, “We are honoured to be named one of the fastest growing tech businesses in the Asia Pacific region. From our humble beginnings 3 years ago, we are now providing cutting edge Voice and SMS solutions to our valued clients ranging from large corporates to SMEs. We love what we do for our clients - it is our clients that have pushed us outside of our comfort zone to provide the best Voice and SMS tech solution in the market.” “Meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations of technology over three years is proof of strong and talented leadership,” said Mike Horne, Asia Pacific Deloitte Private Leader. “It is a pleasure to celebrate the people and teams responsible for such high quality success.”‍‍‍ View the full list of winners hereTo learn more about the WildJar integration with Microsoft Search Advertising, visit or call 1300 317 533 About WildJar   WildJar helps businesses become wildly successful by providing cutting edge voice and SMS solutions. Founded in 2016, WildJar has helped more than 4,000 companies worldwide drive revenue and connect their customer’s journey online to their purchasing behaviour offline. Finally, businesses and marketers have complete attribution and analytics to measure call outcomes and ROI. With WildJar’s Voice Platform, businesses get granular campaign attribution to understand why customers are calling, real-time intelligence about who’s calling and analyse what’s being said during conversations to improve outcomes. Eyeota Announces an Exclusive Partnership with Scroll Media, Reaching Nearly Half of the Population of New Zealand 2020-01-19T23:41:13Z eyeota-announces-an-exclusive-partnership-with-scroll-media-reaching-nearly-half-of-the-population-of-new-zealand  Eyeota, the leading audience technology platform enabling the intelligent use of data, today announced an exclusive partnership with Scroll Media, a key digital ad network in New Zealand.   “We are thrilled to provide marketers and agencies with exclusive access to Scroll Media’s data,” said Jimmy Aoun, ANZ Business Development Director at Eyeota. “This collaboration will give local brands the ability to reach their most relevant customers particularly in finance, fashion and sports based on their current media consumption habits. We are in the best position to expand our audience solutions in New Zealand with quality audiences at scale.”   Scroll Media manages 2.2 million unique users across a network of New Zealand publishers including Otago Daily Times,BusinessDesk, Rugbypass,, NRL and Tennis NZ. Their audience segments are made up of users who have read articles or visited pages related to automotive, fashion, finance, lifestyle, sports and more. These audiences are verified on a monthly basis, giving marketers access to the most current data available and enabling them to reach their customers at the ideal time in their decision journey.   Jane Ormsby, Founder and Managing Director at Scroll Media, said, “We made the decision to provide Eyeota with exclusive access to our audiences as they are a trusted audience technology platform in the local market with a global distribution network. As data privacy increasingly becomes a concern for consumers, we want to make sure our data has been ingested in a privacy-compliant and accurate manner, while ensuring that the legal rights of customers are respected and protected.”   This partnership builds upon Eyeota’s strong APAC presence. In 2019 Eyeota increased data supply in New Zealand by introducing eight new local and global branded data partners to the Eyeota Audience Marketplace.     Scroll Media’s audience segments are available today exclusively in the Eyeota Audience Marketplace and can be activated through the Eyeota Data Desk.  “CRM Is Not Enough,” Say Leading Independent Software Companies 2020-01-19T22:32:20Z crm-is-not-enough-say-leading-independent-software-companies SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Jan. 16, 2020 -- In a declaration ( published in The Wall Street Journal, over 200 companies united to declare that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are no longer enough for the digital era. The Platform of Independents ( is led by Segment and a group of nine other independent software companies, united to set a new standard for marketing and business technology. The Platform is comprised of Segment, Airship, Amplitude, Drift, Iterable, Mixpanel, Outreach, Pendo, Radar, and as well as over 190 co-signatory companies. Together, they believe that companies should never be locked into CRM suites, and that building better products, respecting customer privacy, and making smarter business decisions requires more than a one-size-fits-all approach to their technology stacks. New Demands in the Digital Era In the digital economy, companies are now expected to have a consistent understanding of their customers so they can provide seamless, contextualised experiences across every channel. Businesses have to deal with potentially hundreds of customer touchpoints, yet in companies anchored to CRM, sales teams still have to manually enter customer information, resulting in human error, wasted working hours, and a fragmented or incomplete customer view. CRM software is also inflexible, forcing IT to choose between purchasing a one-size-fits-all cloud suite or building dozens of costly, time-consuming integrations. To try and fix this problem, legacy CRM vendors have spent more than $30 billion in the last two years acquiring new applications and technologies. But in an open letter published alongside today’s declaration, Segment CEO and co-founder Peter Reinhardt says “these acquisitions won’t change much - the truth of the matter is that CRM suites are no longer the best way to deliver a great customer experience.” A recent Gartner report ( found that 75% of CRM software is built to serve specific departments rather than the business as a whole, meaning that data can become siloed and inconsistent across departments. In the same report,.Gartner found that no single CRM vendor is capable of providing the full functionality a business now needs to support a complete customer data stack. The Platform of Independents believes that, in the face of these complex needs, a CRM-centric approach is no longer the best way to deliver a great customer experience. As they write in today’s open letter: “CRMs were perfect for the Rolodex era. They are not equipped for today’s digital age, where massive volumes of data about customer interactions flow directly from your websites, mobile apps, emails, kiosks, and call centres every single second of every day. Companies need to use the best technology available for each of these channels. Instead, they are often locked in to the tools and capabilities (or lack thereof) which their CRM suites provide.” The Platform of Independents The ten software companies that lead The Platform of Independents have built their products in the belief that businesses should never be forced into a one-size-fits-all approach or locked into a single cloud suite. Today, they and more than 190 other companies, have come together to formalise their shared ideals. As an alternative to CRM, the Independents pledge to build software that gives businesses: A world of choice, where businesses are free to build a technology stack with the tools that they need, not just the one their CRM suite has chosen for them. A world of flexibility, where data can be used across every department to exceed customer expectations, not just in sales and marketing. A world of opportunity, where every business can have the technology and ability to be customer-first. “The time has come for businesses to realize that there’s a whole new world outside the legacy CRM suite,” said Peter Reinhardt, CEO and co-founder at Segment. “Together with our partners, we’re proud to stand up for what’s best for customer-first businesses in the digital age: choice, flexibility, and the freedom to build data stacks using any combination of best-in-class technology. In short, CRM just isn’t enough anymore.” More Information To learn more, please visit: Readers can view the letter here: The ideas of The Platform of Independents will be explored in a live event and webinar hosted by Forrester Principal Analyst, Brandon Purcell, on February 5, 2020. Registration is now open for the in-person event here ( and the webinar here: Further Quotes “Today’s consumers demand consistent, personalized, in-the-moment experiences across touchpoints. Removing CRM silos is critical to grow brand advocates and champions.” - Brett Caine, CEO, Airship “Understanding how users interact with your business is the first step towards personalising experiences at scale. It’s time to move to a world beyond suites and vendor lock-in, where companies can use the tools that they need to achieve their goals.” - Spenser Skates, CEO and co-founder, Amplitude "Customers today expect personalised, frictionless experiences—but the unfortunate reality is that most companies aren’t delivering. This isn’t a people problem; it’s a technology problem, and it’s solved by moving beyond CRM to a world where companies can use the best technology available to them, on every channel." - David Cancel, CEO & founder, Drift “Companies deserve the freedom to deliver consistent and relevant messages to their customers across all of their touchpoints. It’s no longer a nice-to-have—customers expect it. The tools of the past like legacy clouds and suites aren’t enough anymore for true growth marketing.” - Justin Zhu, CEO & co-founder, Iterable “In today’s world, customer’s needs are always changing. What works one day may not work the next. Gone are the days of generic customer engagement; today, growing businesses need flexible data that can analyse ever-changing KPIs.” - Amir Movafaghi, CEO, Mixpanel “Our interactions with customers are creating more data than ever before—and we need to push beyond just recording the data, to putting it into action. There’s an incredible opportunity to create a better customer experience and deeper connection with your customers, but you have to be able to get to those actionable insights.” - Manny Medina, CEO and co-founder, Outreach “The purest source of customer data comes from the actions people take while using your software. That, combined with the offerings of so many fellow independents, gives the most complete picture of a customer’s journey, with or without CRM as the system of record." - Todd Olson, CEO and co-founder, Pendo “Deeply understanding customers isn't just about who or what, but also where. Radar is building flexible, privacy-first location data infrastructure to power the next generation of contextual digital experiences.” - Nick Patrick, CEO and co-founder, Radar “Businesses need to have a best-in-class, integrated technology stack, and they need the ability to easily automate data between applications. This is the secret sauce to being customer-first, which is why companies need the deep insights of customer data and the power of automation to scale.” - Rich Waldron, CEO and co-founder, About The Partners Segment - Customer Data Infrastructure Segment provides the customer data infrastructure that businesses use to put their customers first. With Segment, companies can collect, unify, and connect their first-party data to over 300 marketing, analytics, and data warehousing tools. Airship - Customer Engagement Platform for the Enterprise Create amazing customer experiences — across any mobile or digital channel — in the moments that matter most with Airship's powerful customer engagement platform. Amplitude - The Product Intelligence Platform In today's product-led era, intuition is not enough. We help teams understand user behaviour to build engaging product experiences that grow their business. Drift - The Conversational Marketing Platform Drift is the conversational marketing platform that combines chat, email, video and automation to remove the friction from business buying. Iterable - Customer Engagement for the Modern Marketer Iterable is the growth marketing platform that enables brands to create, execute and optimize cross-channel campaigns with unparalleled data flexibility. Leading brands, like Zillow, SeatGeek, and Box, choose Iterable to power world-class customer engagement throughout the entire lifecycle. Mixpanel - The Analytics and Engagement Platform Mixpanel helps companies understand why users convert, engage, and retain. See why over 26K brands–including Twitter, Skyscanner, and Samsung–trust Mixpanel to grow their business. Outreach - The Sales Engagement Platform Outreach is the sales engagement platform that helps companies increase productivity and drive smarter engagement with their customers. More than 3,500 companies such as Adobe, Tableau, Okta, Splunk, DocuSign, and SAP depend on Outreach's enterprise-scale, unparalleled customer adoption, and robust AI-powered innovation. Pendo - The Product Cloud Company Pendo combines powerful product usage analytics with user guidance, communication, feedback, and planning tools to offer the most complete solution for digital product teams. Radar - Location Data Infrastructure for the Modern Stack Radar’s developer-friendly, privacy-first SDKs and APIs make it easy for product and growth teams to build amazing location-aware app experiences. - General Automation Platform for the Enterprise At, we believe that any organisation can and should automate. With the Tray platform, citizen automators throughout organisations can easily automate complex processes through a powerful, flexible platform, and can connect their entire cloud stack thanks to APIs. ENDS Business Game Changer Magazine awarding the top ten Australia-based women in business in 2020 2020-01-16T08:56:36Z business-game-changer-magazine-awarding-the-top-ten-australia-based-women-in-business-in-2020 Emphasis on change leadership Because the awards want to showcase the most effective entrepreneurs in Australia, part of the interview is focusing on the concept of ‘impacting change’. The nominations will be asked to include examples of how they creatively and through strong leadership lead organisational change. This will be overseen by says change management thought leader Josephine Otimi from Evolve Management, a business growth and change agency, who says “Designing and implementing change means that you are often anticipating what an organisation and its employees need before they realise it themselves. This takes skill, courage and a whole lot of creativity.” Josephine will also be creating a feature article analysing the ten winners and reviewing how they influence change in their organisations. “I am looking forward to seeing how the ten women selected in these awards approach this challenge and how they lead change. I will then be analysing their responses into a thought piece that I hope benefits all entrepreneurs Australia-wide, who can gain insights from these learnings and evolve into the best entrepreneurs they can possibly be.” The winners of Australia’s Top Ten Women in Business will receive the following: - Australia’s Top Ten Women in Business will be featured in Business Game Changer in May 2020 and The Big Top Ten in June 2020. - All top ten winners will be featured on Business Game Changer Magazine’s Game Changer Wall of Fame. - All top ten winners will have a page dedicated to them in the paperback book Successful Women in Business, to be published in August 2020. - Australia’s Top Ten Women in Business will receive an official certificate that can be framed and displayed on a wall and a badge for their website. Winners of last year’s awards include:  Sharon Williams, Founder & CEO of Taurus Marketing, Fleur Brown of Launch Group, Judith Treanor, founder of Temples and Markets, Kylie Travers of The Thrifty Issue, Dr Vesna Grubacevic, founder of Qt, Miriam Sandkuhler, CEO and founder of Property Mavens, Monica Meldrum, founder of Whole Kids, Tanya Lacy of Intercept Group Australia Pty Ltd, Sandy Forster, founder of and Renata Bernard of Opal Minded. About Business Game Changer Magazine Business Game Changer Magazine is a progressive online publication, with a distinct editorial focus on start-up finance, law, operations and strategy whilst providing novel insights into the entrepreneur ecosystem and the people in it. Written by, and for, the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs, Business Game Changer Magazine aims to use quality content to empower our readers with the information they need to fulfil their potential, whilst facilitating meaningful connections across the globe. For information about how to nominate yourself, a colleague or a client for inclusion in Australia’s Top Ten Women in Business, email 7 Steps To Creating Your Kick Ass Fitness eBook 2020-01-16T08:14:22Z 7-steps-to-creating-your-kick-ass-fitness-ebook An eBook for your personal training business has a number of benefits; they aid in building a relationship of trust between you and your potential clients, they help to create website visits, they are easy to create and can be sent out countless times to many people. Once it is ready, you have a career asset that is entirely free to distribute! Part of having an eBook in your marketing arsenal, is that all important task of being able to generate quality leads. If you haven’t already, check out our guide to creating effective lead magnets for your business. 1. Choose your topic First and foremost, determine what your eBook will be about. Look at who you want to target and consider topics they will most likely find interesting. ‘Booty Building’ guides are all the rage at the moment, or perhaps your clientele would be more interested in ‘IIFYM’ (If It Fits Your Macros)? Once you’ve decided on a topic, research, research and research some more. At this stage, an idea for a title should be forming. Think of something that neatly sums up your content, yet is catchy enough to entice a reader. Read the other 6 tips on our website: Click Here How to use content marketing to grow your Shopify eCommerce website 2020-01-16T08:12:45Z how-to-use-content-marketing-to-grow-your-shopify-ecommerce-website Why do you want this connection? Because customers who are ‘fully connected’ are over 50% more valuable than just highly satisfied customers. How do you make this connection with your customers? Through creating strong, engaging, content, putting it out there, then closing the sale. Read on for some tips and tricks on how you can use content marketing to turn your ‘maybe’s’  into ‘sales.’ The sales funnel and why your content should be stage-specific. Two-thirds of traffic to your ecommerce website are new visitors who will never visit again. This means the remaining third are returning visitors, trying to learn more and decide whether to buy or not. These consumers can visit up to five times before actually buying. Content creation to compliment your eCommerce website can boost sales and traffic, as 70% of your customers would rather learn about your business from an article than an advertisement. It is a top-of-funnel strategy that will grab your visitors from the moment they come to your online store. People will discover your website, think about the product, think some more, forget completely, see your retargeting ad, and they may finally choose to buy. By understanding the way people buy, you can create specific content tailored to their needs, guiding them further down the sales funnel. The sales funnel has three basic stages: Awareness Consideration Decision Tailored content for each stage is crucial; people still in the awareness stage are not ready to buy, therefore content revolving around a hard-sell strategy will likely fall on deaf ears. Instead, this is the perfect time to inform, educate and build brand awareness. Read the full article: Click Here New Startup App Simplifies Multicamera Event Recording 2020-01-16T04:08:11Z new-startup-app-simplifies-multicamera-event-recording 16 January 2020, Melbourne, Australia – Leading web and mobile app development company Appetiser and digital Sydney startup CrowdFilm launch a groundbreaking mobile solution that enables multiview capture, syncing, and editing for videographers. CrowdFilm's vision is to give video makers from all walks of life easy and affordable access to multicamera filming and editing, capabilities that are currently primarily used by professional videographers. The new app attempts to solve the problem of missing significant moments where you are at the right place at the wrong time. With CrowdFilm, users can now synchronise up to four cameras and capture event footage from different angles. CrowdFilm users can also create a session and invite friends and family to participate as either a spectator of the live recording or a recorder themselves. After a session ends, the app collects and merges all the recorded footage, which can now be edited by the host (this feature is currently in development). Users and session hosts will be able to use multiple features and create stunning videos seamlessly, even if they lack filmmaking training or skills. Produced videos can be saved or shared on social media. CrowdFilm founder Mike Whiting says: “With the rise of high-quality phone video cameras, we want to empower everyday social videographers with the opportunity to create high calibre multi-angle videos minus the price tag of professional companies.” “When 5G becomes the norm, CrowdFilm will be at the cutting edge of multicamera and streaming services,” says Whiting. As a reflection of the company’s strong roots in Australia, Mike was drawn to Appetiser, a fellow homegrown business. “While a few things were tweaked during the development journey, we are very happy with Appetiser’s professional, accommodating and transparent service,” says Whiting. Appetiser, in its third year of operation, has recently been recognised by Deloitte as a Rising Star in the Tech Fast 50 awards as among the top ten fastest-growing startups in Australia. The Melbourne-based mobile and web app company has worked with a diverse range of clients, including Youfoodz, Sushi Train, and AmberTiles. More recently, Appetiser has secured to work with the hamburger chain Grill’d and eCommerce store MyDeal. CrowdFilm, available on both iOS and Android devices, is a freemium app with in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 - $99.99. For more information, visit Crowdfilm is also seeking partnership and funding interests. Contact Mike Whiting on 0428 592 000 for more information.   About Appetiser App Development Appetiser is Australia’s fastest mobile and web app development company. Headquartered in Melbourne and with offices across three continents, Appetiser creates apps with award-winning designs and over 8 million users. Founded in 2016, Appetiser has hit many milestones, including achieving $269 million in start-up valuations and being awarded Deloitte 2019 Fast Starter, Young Entrepreneur of the Year and SmartCompany 30 Under 30. Find out more here, About CrowdFilm CrowdFilm is a Sydney-based digital start-up founded by Mike Whiting. With past experience in film-making and video production, Mike is driven by a passion to reduce the time and costs it takes to produce multimerged videos captured at events. Find our more here, Sustainability driving the subscription trend, predicted to increase by 70% in 2020 2020-01-14T22:16:23Z sustainability-driving-the-subscription-trend-predicted-to-increase-by-70-in-2020 With Australians living busier lifestyles than ever, the rise in subscription options is a warmly welcomed and long-loved concept across all areas from meals and household goods and beauty products. Convenience, variety, and affordability have traditionally been the three main reasons why everyone loves a good, trusty subscription. However, there is a new trend in subscriptions that you need to know about for 2020 – sustainability. Christina Kjaergaard, Commercial Manager at Pure Planet Club says, “In 2019, we saw an increase in subscribers by over 54% which is our largest increase yet. The end of this decade signified a noteworthy shift in attitudes towards sustainability, foreseen to be a key factor in the increase of our subscription club members. We predict a larger increase of up to 70% in 2020, with the exponential trend of Australians being more eco-conscious and actively choosing products and life actions based on sustainability – and the ability to reduce the environmental footprint as a result of their actions.” So, you’re passionate about making positive steps towards living a more sustainable lifestyle? Here are Christina’s top 5 benefits of a toilet paper subscription and why it’s the way to go in 2020: Yes, you can actually get eco-friendly, plastic-free toilet paper on subscription. Plastic pollution is causing irreversible damage to our planet at an alarming rate; go plastic-free today to protect the Earth’s future! All Pure Planet Club toilet tissue is 100% plastic-free, tree-free, septic-safe, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, BPA-free and biodegradable. You’re more likely to stay sustainable and be green all year round. You won’t need to stray and contemplate other options! If you order on a subscription basis, you don’t need to think about it. Out of sight, out of mind. You know your toilet paper will be on the way soon, the one you researched and chose because you want to be more sustainable in 2020. So, it’ll be easier to stick to it, stay green and stay passionate about saving the world! Convenience is king. Imagine that, you never need to carry a big bundle of toilet paper back to your home or car again after a trip to the shops! Or if you always opt for the small packs, surely you’re tired of going up to get another 6-pack every week. Another trip to the toilet paper aisle – no longer! You can have it all delivered to your door and made from renewable and recycled materials. Just like a king, you’ll get the royal throne service on a subscription. No more impulse buying or excessive shopping. Say goodbye to temptation! When you’re on a subscription, you won’t need to put yourself in the situation of standing in the supermarket aisle, considering whether you should just buy a big bundle of toilet paper (likely to be made from our precious trees and non-sustainable materials) while you’re there. There will be no need, making it easier to sticking to the most sustainable choice. Reduce the need for excess storage space. On a toilet paper subscription, you will receive a delivery at the right time, calculated based on usage and number of household members. Your regular delivery will arrive with perfect timing before your supply runs out. This means you don’t receive crazy amounts of toilet paper rolls and end up stumped on where to store all these rolls, without creating your own toilet paper roll castle. You have one job – your toilet paper choice could save the world. 15% of the world’s deforestation is from the creation of toilet paper, yet trees are vital to combat Global Warming as they lower the air temperature from evaporating water in their leaves. Using Pure Planet Club toilet paper saves wiping out 27,000 trees per day as it is tree-free and made from 100% plant-based materials, bamboo and sugarcane waste. Pure Planet Club’s new Marine Collection toilet paper is available now online for RRP $48.00 per 36 pack carton, or $43.20 per carton on subscription. For more information, product samples, hi-res imagery or to interview Christina Kjaergaard please contact: 360 PR – Rachel King – (02) 9571 4448 – Eventify Announces Customised Price Packages For 2020 2020-01-13T08:24:23Z eventify-announces-customised-price-packages-for-2020 Eventify - the end-to-end event management platform that partnered with a series of high-profile conferences and business expo-s last year - has started 2020 with a bang. The Sydney-based team announced a set of personalised price plans earlier this month, which are expected to become effective within the next few days. The new pricing packages have been designed to match the precise requirements and budgetary specifications of different event organisers, according to a Eventify spokesperson. The team gained valuable insights by interacting with clients from across the globe over the last couple of quarters - and this knowhow has helped the Eventify marketing department customise the packages in the best possible manner. WeAreTechWomen, UXDX Conference and Gastro Expert Meeting (GEM) 2019 were some of the biggest B2B conferences Eventify partnered with last year. In 2020, the list is expected to grow significantly. Moving on from its two-tier pricing model that was in place till now, Eventify has announced the 3 separate categories in its new fee structure. The company will continue to offer a free package - which will include all the key features of the platform, including Eventify-branded event app, event website, and event networking. For small business events that are likely to bring in around 50 participants, Eventify recommends this free plan. For test purposes too, the free plan can be used by event planners. The paid plans from Eventify have also been created to deliver the maximum value to clients. First up is the Eventify Business plan, priced at $249 per event (per venue). This one also includes the creation of Eventify-branded event applications and other associated services. However, the Business plan is ideal for B2B conferences that are expected to bring in upto 2000 users. A member of the Eventify referred to this plan as the “mid-tier” package - best-suited for events that will have a fairly large number of attendees, but is working on a relatively limited budget. The premium plan of Eventify, called the Enterprise Pro, is priced at an extremely competitive $599 per event (per venue). Along with all the features of the Business plan are included in this package, along with the creation of white-labeled, fully custom-branded event applications and event websites. Explaining this feature further, the head spokesperson of Eventify said that, under this plan, the app will be published with the name of the conference (i.e., Conference XYZ will have an app called XYZ) - either from the client’s developer account, or from the Teksmobile account. This model will be best suited for organisers who have big events, with 2000+ attendees, coming up - and are looking for personalised, dynamic event apps. While the new price plans are very reasonably priced and seem primed to offer excellent value to clients, the surprises do not end here. For the first time ever, Eventify has launched annual subscription plans. In a brief chat, the head developer of Eventify explained that there are a lot of professional event companies that organise multiple B2B conferences in a year. For them, opting for the per-event pricing plans might be too expensive. For these planners in particular, the new subscription plans will be really effective. Just like the per-event packages, the monthly subscription plans also have provisions for Eventify-branded and white-labeled B2B event apps. For an effective price of $99/month (payable annually), agencies can get Eventify-branded event apps, along with all the other services, for unlimited number of events in a year. If an agency pays a further $50/month (payable annually), it can get fully white-labeled mobile applications for all the events that it organises annually. There would also be attractive discounts/loyalty rewards for bulk events and repeat clients. Apart from the per-event and annual subscription event app pricing models, Eventify also offers dynamic event ticketing/event registration services. These services are available on an à-la-carte basis, and will follow a flat-rate model ($1/ticket). In an industry where most leading players charge percentage-based fees, the flat-rate event ticketing structure marks an important point of difference. As a well-placed source from within the company pointed out, conference organisers would stand to save a lot from signing up on Eventify. Over the last year, the Eventify team regularly delivered live demos to potential customers around the world - and were very successful with this strategy. Going forward, the company will continue to give these demos, and come up with more 360° plans to reach out to more and more event planners. The team is very confident about the product, and with the new pricing packages in place, the tool is set to become more popular than ever before. To know more about Eventify’s price plans, visit If you have a query and/or would like to have a free live demo of the platform, send an email to Since its launch in 2017, Eventify has focused on providing best-in-class event management services at the most competitive rates. The new packages are a step towards ensuring that. La Trobe Financial donates $1 million to support bushfire relief and recovery 2020-01-09T01:06:16Z la-trobe-financial-donates-1-million-to-support-bushfire-relief-and-recovery 9 January 2020 – La Trobe Financial has announced it will make a $1 million donation, split between The Salvation Army Disaster Appeal and The Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief Recovery Fund, to help people affected by the bushfires across Australia. La Trobe Financial President & CEO Greg O’Neill OAM says: “We express our deepest sympathies to people who have suffered tremendous loss as a result of these devastating fires. We also express our gratitude to the tireless volunteers and emergency workers who are supporting our communities.” For La Trobe Financial customers impacted by the bushfires, please call our Mortgage Help Team on 1800 620 639. About La Trobe Financial La Trobe Financial is an Australian diversified wealth manager with $9.6 billion of assets under management. Since 1952, it has been providing funding and investment solutions to more than 140,000 customers. A proven and trusted investment partner, La Trobe Financial operates Australia’s largest retail Credit Fund and is 80 per cent owned by Blackstone, the world’s largest alternative asset manager. La Trobe Financial is regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission and holds the requisite regulatory AFSL and ACL licences. Media enquires: Bridget Crowe, Head of Corporate Affairs 2020 B2B Marketing Trends & Predictions 2020-01-08T06:31:57Z 2020-b2b-marketing-trends-amp-predictions The business of marketing is becoming increasingly complex. Lines across business units are being progressively blurred – including crossovers in customer service, service delivery, supply chains, and technology. In this article we explore this increasing complexity of marketing and delve into trends and predictions across technology, social media, branding, content, and customer experiences. We also look into who we predict to be the winners and the losers of 2020 and beyond.   Modern marketers face many disadvantages compared to their predecessors. There has never been more competition within the market and as such there has never been a greater need to differentiate. While digital marketing initially offered an advantage to early adopters, like the market itself, it is now saturated with brands shouting for attention. Where automation was on trend in 2017-2019, differentiation through customer focus and personalisation will dominate for 2020.   Technology   Technology continues to be a key driver of marketing innovation in 2020. With very few martech and advertising platforms having yet reached maturity, this continues to be an area ripe with potential to improve marketing outcomes. Account-based marketing analytics, data organisation and marketing orchestration platforms such as Marketo entered the Trough of Disillusionment on Gartner’s Marketing & Advertising Hype Cycle in 2019, and are expected to reach the Plateau of Productivity within the next 2 – 5 years. Meanwhile, native advertising, influencer and advocacy marketing and social analytics which have been wallowing in the Through of Disillusionment throughout 2019 are expected to reach their Plateau of Productivity through 2020-21. Multichannel marketing hubs such as the HubSpot Partner ecosystem are expected to move into the Slope of Enlightenment in 2020 but are still 2 – 5 years away from hitting the straps.    While there is real potential in a range of recent marketing innovations, Gartner identifies AI for marketing, real-time marketing, customer journey analytics and personification as reaching their Peak of Inflated Expectations throughout 2019, with the steep drop off into disillusionment expected over the next year or two. It’s important to note that this doesn’t diminish the potential and importance of such technologies but acknowledges that the hype around these technologies – driven by product vendors – has failed to materialise into productive outcomes just yet. A more measured consideration of these technologies throughout 2020 will see value delivery over the 4 – 5 years. A large part of these inflated expectations in relation to the utility of Artificial Intelligence is the perception that AI and Machine Learning is a silver bullet for marketers. The adage of rubbish in, rubbish out is as true as ever, and we expected to see increasing emphasis in 2020 on capturing effective data and developing representative training data sets. Marketing Master Data Management (MDM) and Implementation services emerges in 2020 as a critical – if rather boring – factor. We expect to see an increase in the number of technology service provides that focus on planning, implementation and integration services for marketing-specific technologies.   In fact, we see data as a key theme for 2020. Early adopters that start to focus on unifying X-data (lagging experiential indicators) with O-data (operating data) will be able to identify key satisfaction drivers and will start to leverage this to outperform their late-adopting and laggard competitors. As marketing professionals, we understand well that the Customer Experience is king, and those that can quantify their CX will take the advantage out of the next 12 months.   Finally, on the technology front, while taking a mobile-first approach is nothing new to the industry, changes in 2019 to Google’s website performance scoring (and subsequently to SEO algorithms) refocusses this point. Websites that fail to perform effectively in the mobile domain are already starting to slip down the search result rankings, reducing organic traffic and entering into the SEO performance death spiral. Being aware of and arresting this trend in 2020 could be the difference between life and death for businesses under these increasingly gloomy economic conditions.    Social Media   While digital marketing – including social media – initially offered an advantage to early adopters, like the market itself, it quickly became saturated with brands shouting for attention to consumers tired of being advertised to. As demand for online advertising “space” has increased, so too has the cost of advertising despite a reduction in its effectiveness. It’s unlikely that there will be a slowdown in demand for advertising and it’s also unlikely that advertising platforms – including Facebook (and Insta), Twitter, and LinkedIn – will prioritise organic posts from company pages over paid ones. While digital platforms remain a critical channel, this means that unless businesses are willing to increase their advertising budget for lower returns, they will need to start focussing on fewer, higher quality, authentic, and compelling posts to boost and rely more on individuals – especially those with influence – to share company posts.   That being said, the paid influencer market has given itself a pretty bad rap considering how easy and cheap it is to buy followers and engagement these days – especially through Instagram – and how much more demanding said influencers have become. For that reason, we predict that – especially for B2B brands – there will be a shift in focus from finding external influencers to investing in turning internal stakeholders into industry relevant micro-influencers.   From a platform perspective, TikTok is the new kid on the block and currently the fastest growing social platform. It’s highly consumer focussed though and most likely simply the flavour of the month so it’s not something our B2B audience should look in to at this stage.   While Facebook continues to come under fire around the issue of censorship, we don’t predict fundamental changes for advertisers or users of existing popular platforms in 2020 however the industry is likely set for a shakeup in 2021. From a content behaviour perspective, LinkedIn has increasingly irrelevant and sales heavy messaging from users to prospective customers. This presents a significant opportunity to brands who can introduce authenticity into their direct selling approach and refocus the sales approach from simply selling to an exchange of value.   One fundamental constant in the success or failure of brands on social media is having a strategic plan for the year. If you don’t already have one, download your editable social media calendar now.   Brand   Market growth within a given customer base threatens incumbent sales growth, and as many markets are becoming increasingly saturated, their customer bases are becoming increasing despondent towards both advertising and brands. Brand differentiation and creativity therefore has never been more critical to business performance.   A strong brand helps consumers (including B2B buyers) make decisions. It informs them subconsciously – triggered by visual or auditory cues - of the quality, price and service they can expect if they make a purchase. Having a clear and actionable brand strategy will be of utmost importance in 2020.   Taking a stand to connect better with customers is one strategic approach that many brands have taken which has measured positive returns. As society becomes more polarised on important social, environmental and political issues, choosing the side your consumers lean to is a sure-fire way to become more relatable to them. Forrester predicts that 1 in 4 brands who don’t take a stand on social issues in 2020 will lose more than 1% of revenue.   Revenue and tactics aside, corporate social responsibility is an important and ethical part of commerce and its contribution to society. Businesses who choose more ethical commercial practises and who can successfully communicate this authentically to their audience will undoubtably stand out ahead of their competitors in 2020 and beyond.     Content   Trends in content for 2020 will be determined predominantly around their objectives – for example ranking in search engines versus using content to generate leads.   One recent change in Google algorithms prioritises long-form content with an average of around 2,000 words per page or per article. The intention of the change is to make researched and well-informed pieces of information more easily discoverable. Search engines are becoming much better at processing natural language and understanding content though, so while length is important for SEO, relevancy is arguably the key determining factor in performance.   From a formatting and delivery perspective – that is the type of content including eBooks, videos, infographics, etc. and the medium across which they are distributed – is unlikely to change significantly in 2020. Saturation will most likely have the biggest impact as these forms of content become much easier to create and therefore less valuable. This means that as demonstrated with the Google algorithm, relevancy to the audience will affect performance more so than ever.   Customer Experience   Customers are increasingly adopting the attitude that they’re not buying products, they’re buying solutions. In this environment, the Customer Experience – or CX – is more important than product quality. Woolworths recently found that for home delivery customers, a positive delivery driver interaction was the single more important driver of an overall positive Net Promoter Score. They found that customers were even willing to overlook small faults in packaging or product quality if the delivery driver experience was excellent. If 2019 was the warmup year, then 2020 is certainly the Year of the CX.   While there’s been a bit of hype around CX throughout 2019 via a number of professional services firms that would make us think it’s impossible to achieve without their proprietary methodology and technology, getting the basics rights is relatively simple. Using convergent & divergent Design Thinking to understand what the customer needs and then make it not just easy – but an absolute delight – to transact with.   Gartner has provided a list of the CX trends for 2020. While these should be taken with something of a grain of salt in the context of the martech hype curve, they do bear some consideration in the CX space.   The top five CX trends for 2020 can be summarised as:   1.    Artificial Intelligence. Using X- and O-data to gain deep CX insights; 2.   Virtual Customer Assistants and Chatbots. While these are typically more applicable in the B2C space, this doesn’t preclude them from having use-cases in the B2B CX. 3.   Omnichannel Customer Engagement – engaging with the customer wherever they are and providing consistent and personalised messaging. 4.   Real-Time Event-Driven Application Architecture. This is a complicated way of saying organisations should aim to implement a software environment which enables a range of different actions depending upon specific customer inputs. From an architecture perspective in 2020, cloud services utilising RESTful API’s are the way forward. 5.   Internet of Things. At risk of IoT becoming a generic buzzword, this alludes to a requirement to be tapped into every device customers interface with. This provides some of the O-data that goes into generating customer insights.   The most important thing about CX in 2020 is to get it on to the agenda. You don’t have to nail it this year, but if you’re not considering it, you’re putting yourself at danger of not meeting customer expectations and losing market share.   The Winners and The Losers of 2020   In summary, the winners of 2020 will be those businesses who take a customer-first approach in every aspect of their marketing – from the technology they use, the architecture of said technology, data management and reporting, brand differentiation, corporate social responsibility, and content.   The losers of 2020 will be those businesses who use gimmicks, smokescreens, and irrelevant messaging and who show inauthenticity in their marketing-mix. They will also be those who lack creativity and vision and who focus too much on short-term P&L reports.   A new year and a new decade, particularly at a time of such tense geopolitical, social, economic and environmental circumstances, provides the perfect opportunity to reset, do things differently and disrupt the status quo.   We at LimeHub wish you the absolute best of luck in 2020 and beyond.     Microba founder next VP of international Society 2020-01-08T00:51:09Z microba-founder-next-vp-of-international-society Prof Hugenholtz is widely known in the microbiology field as a leading researcher and was recently announced in the Clarivate Analytics 2019 Highly Cited Researchers List in two fields; Microbiology and Biology & Biochemistry. Prof Hugenholtz said it was an honour to have been voted in for the role and he looked forward to contributing from 2020 onwards. “Having worked in microbial ecology for many years now, I am excited to have been chosen by my peers for this important role, which will give me a chance to help shape the field in the coming years” he said. “Microbiology and microbial ecology in particular have really gained momentum in the last decades due to incredible technological advances, most conspicuously in the area of the human microbiome,  leading to a greater awareness of gut health in the public domain.” The research that launched the world-leading microbiome analysis technology of Microba was formed from Prof Hugenholtz and Professor Gene Tyson’s work at The University of Queensland. Both are co-founders of Microba and lend their high level of knowledge and expertise to ongoing research and discoveries. Prof Hugenholtz will start his term in August 2020, following ISME18 – the Society’s 2020 conference in Cape Town. ISME is a non-profit, membership organisation which promotes microbial ecology and connects those working in the field. Microba CEO Blake Wills said he was very pleased to see Prof Hugenholtz acknowledged as a leader in his field. “At Microba, we appreciate the exceptional skill and knowledge of both our co-founders, and we congratulate Phil on his appointment and look forward to supporting his endeavours as he continues his work with Microba here in Brisbane,” he said. ENDS.