The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-09-20T01:33:00Z Cryoskin: Breakthrough 30-Minute Treatment Making Fat Disappear 2019-09-20T01:33:00Z cryoskin-breakthrough-30-minute-treatment-making-fat-disappear-1 Burning fat is hard work. Yet, even if you exercise regularly and eat healthily, some fat is too stubborn to go away no matter how hard you try. Until now.A revolutionary new treatment perfected in Paris has made its way to Australia and is already making waves in the industry for its remarkable results. It’s called Cryoskin, a half-hour long, non-invasive procedure that painlessly contours the body to produce reductions of up to two inches in just one session. After a few appointments, patients report noticeable fat and cellulite reduction across their stomach, arms, thighs, and other typical problem areas.Sounds too good to be true? A new West End-based Cryoskin studio is turning skeptics into clients with personalised treatments in a body-positive atmosphere. Cryoskin Brisbane the sister company to The Float Space West End, was the first to bring the Cryoskin procedure to Brisbane and is rapidly growing since along with Cryoskin’s popularity.“The clients are loving the results, even after the first session,” says Cryoskin Brisbane studio owner Janina Hildebrand, who also is founder and owner of the popular float and wellness centre The Float Space.Due to its novelty, there is still a lot of misinformation and misconceptions out there about the Cryoskin procedure. To sort through it all, here are four of the most frequently asked questions about Cryoskin answered with cold, hard facts from a Cryoskin expert.How exactly does Cryoskin “freeze away fat?”While the tool used to contour the body in the Cryoskin procedure is called a wand, there’s no magic being done, but tried and true science. At Cryoskin Brisbane, clients lie flat on a massage table in a calming atmosphere as a trained technician soothingly massages the problem area with an ultrasound-like handpiece set to a freezing temperature (-8 degrees Celsius). For the first few minutes, the wand is set to a hotter temperature to bring fat cells to the surface of the skin. The extreme contrast when the wand switches from hot to cold then shocks and freezes the stubborn fat cells, which are then flushed out of the system in the following weeks.Hildebrand says the ease of Cryoskin is also ideal for clients with busy schedules where consistent trips to the gym aren’t possible. The entire procedure lasts just a half-hour, with a minimum of five slimming sessions — one every two weeks — recommended for optimal results of on average 38% fat loss.Is Cryoskin the same as Cool-sculpting?Though the treatments use similar science, Cryoskin is proven to be far faster and more effective at eliminating fat cells. Cryoskin is also customisable and focused on painlessly contouring your body to your desired shape while cool-sculpting painfully pinches and pulls your skin with cold clamps that can lead to numbness and fat collecting in other areas.“With cool-sculpting, it can take up to six months to see results,” adds Hildebrand. “With Cryoskin, you see them right away, and with much better results.”Cryoskin also won’t break the bank, Hildebrand says, with the recommended five sessions total;ing just $1,750, while one cool-sculpting treatment can run on average $6,000 to $2,000.What types of Cryoskin treatments are there?To remind clients that their bodies should be treated with compassion, not judgment, Cryoskin follows the motto of “Cryoskin is just the polish to an already perfect diamond. You are more than beautiful!” Sometimes adding that sparkle doesn’t come from removing body fat, but smoothing and tightening out areas of the body where stress and age are beginning to show. That’s why Cryoskin Brisbane offers Cryofacials and toning sessions in addition to slimming for those less focused on fat than fine lines and wrinkles.During a Cryofacial — a natural alternative to Botox — the wand gently massages the face to increase local tissue metabolism and blood circulation. The skin tightens as a result, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.“It tones and decreases fine lines and brings collagen back to your face so that you have a polished, clean look,” says Hildebrand, adding that treatments last about 20 minutes, with five recommended for best results.Do I qualify for Cryoskin?Cryoskin isn’t for everyone. Hildebrand recommends that the treatment be an addition to an already healthy lifestyle, so the slimming is just the extra little push you need to reach your goals.“Cryoskin shouldn’t be replacing eating healthy and going to the gym,” she says. “It’s a jumpstart motivation.”Pregnant women and people with diabetes, cancer, liver, or kidney disease also should not consider Cryoskin, she says, as it could lead to complications.Most importantly, Cryoskin is for all body shapes and sizes, with a goal of empowerment over judgment. “Cryoskin empowers someone to love themselves no matter what shape they are,” Hildebrand says. “If Cryoskin can help you to enhance the natural beauty you already have, that’s what we’re here for.”To book a consultation and learn more about if a Cryoskin treatment is right for you, visit Chelsie is shining with her custom-made ring from Larsen Jewellery! 2019-09-19T12:14:37Z chelsie-is-shining-with-her-custom-made-ring-from-larsen-jewellery-1 Larsen Jewellery is incredibly pleased to have been a part of The Bachelor Australia Series 7 as the Official Ring Partner, and to have been able to assist Matt Agnew in designing and creating this incredibly beautiful commitment ring that Matt has given to Chelsie. In preparation for the finale episode, Senior Larsen Jeweller, Kate Reid met with Matt for a one-on-one jewellery consultation. Together, Matt and the team at Larsen Jewellery designed the beautiful bespoke ring for his chosen Bachelorette, Chelsie. Matt was taken by the rarity of the colours and shapes of some truly unique gemstones, and his final selection was carefully considered and personal. “As a Senior Jeweller at Larsen Jewellery, I was fortunate enough to meet with Matt and discuss his ideas for a perfect gift for his chosen bachelorette. I showed him various gemstones and diamonds and we spoke about a number of different design options,” Kate notes of her appointment with Matt. “The custom-made ring is set with a striking 3.73ct rectangular cushion cut grey Spinel gemstone, accentuated by two dazzling shield cut diamonds. The unique ring was entirely handmade by one of our most talented Jewellers using Fairtrade™ 18ct rose gold,” Kate continues. Fairtrade certified gold is responsibly mined. This means that the miners have received a Fairtrade ‘Minimum Price and Premium’, which assists with social, environmental and economic development in their communities, and in turn creates better living and working conditions. Fairtrade gold helps miners and their communities to work their way out of poverty in South America and Africa. Co-Founder of Larsen Jewellery, Lars Larsen comments: “As always, we have really enjoyed the process of working with The Bachelor Australia team as the Official Ring Partner for Series 7. This is the third year in a row that we have partnered with The Bachelor Australia as the Official Ring Partner, and each year we are impressed by how engaged The Bachelors have been with the process. We are once again very excited to be able to showcase our work to both Matt and the shows’ viewers”. Creating exceptionally beautiful jewellery and using stunning, ethically sourced diamonds, coloured gemstones and metals, Larsen Jewellery represents the pinnacle in quality and design when it comes to beautiful fine jewellery. As one of the most respected jewellers in Australia, Larsen Jewellery specialises in custom made pieces of fine jewellery, which can be designed to meet the individual taste and requirements of each client. @larsenjewellery #TheBachelorAU #larsenjewellery #officialringpartner For further information on the Official Ring Partnership, to visit one of the Larsen Jewellery stores or to co-ordinate an interview with a Larsen Jewellery representative contact: Annabel Carroll from Polkadot Communications // // 0451 915 112 The Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE) presents a new YouTube Series: The Mum Drum. 2019-09-19T04:48:44Z the-centre-of-perinatal-excellence-cope-presents-a-new-youtube-series-the-mum-drum-2 Introducing The Mum Drum, a new YouTube series designed to help mums navigate the beautiful chaos of pregnancy and motherhood. Brought to you by the Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE), The Mum Drum is presented by Clinical Psychologist and podcaster Amy Felman and Dr Nicole Highet, Founder and Executive Director of COPE. COPE recently conducted a survey on over 1000 mums who had struggled with depression and anxiety in pregnancy and early parenthood. The study revealed that a staggering 84% feel there is a lot of pressure to be the perfect mum. The Mum Drum looks to normalise motherhood by including real-talk on infertility, body image, juggling work and motherhood, as well as coping with loneliness, breastfeeding and changes to your relationships. Through interviews with experts and mothers, including Rachel Watts of Seven’s Yummy Mummies, The Mum Drum aims to shine a light on the hidden and unexpected realities of becoming a parent, what mums and dads wish they’d known before embarking on their journeys - and the advice they’d give to others. Amy Felman says, "Chatting to these mum’s and mad’s was like being invited into a cosy living room late at night, where the level of comfort enables a willingness for intimate conversations. As a mum, hearing these stories was both normalising and at times inspiring!  As a psychologist - I have no doubt our viewers will find them therapeutic! Such a gift to mums and dads." There’s also a focus on the emotional and mental challenges of pregnancy and early motherhood – what’s normal, what’s not and how you can seek help if you’re concerned. Hear the stories of some incredible people who share their own experiences of depression and anxiety with courage, candour and humour. Dr Nicole Highet says, “The Mum provides a powerful platform to facilitate open, honest discussion between mums, dads and experts. By unveiling many hidden truths about becoming a parent, we endeavour to remind parents that they are not alone in their struggles, and, through reflection and supportive advice, the series will serve to be of great benefit to others.”  ENDS For more information, or to interview Dr Nicole Highet and Amy Felman, please contact: Megan Chambers |       About Nicole Highet Nicole is the Founder and Executive Director of the Centre of Perinatal Excellence: COPE. Following her extensive research and consultation with women, men and health professionals about their needs and experiences at this critical time of life, Nicole established COPE in 2013 to provide much needed information and support. Her work at COPE includes the development of Australia’s Clinical Practice Guideline and equipping health professionals with the knowledge and skills to support women at risk of or experiencing emotional and mental health problems. About Amy Felman Amy is a Clinical Psychologist, working with expectant and new parents across a range of settings. She is also the creator, producer and host of a podcast for early career psychologists called We All Wear it Differently (WAWID). Watch The Mum Drum trailer here: State-Of-The-Art World First Coffee Machine 2019-09-18T22:49:40Z state-of-the-art-world-first-coffee-machine International Coffee Day (1 October 2019) is just around the corner, and this year has been a significant one for innovation in coffee machines. The world’s first coffee machine made from solid aluminium hit the Australian market earlier this year and has already proven to be a popular machine due to its compact, one-cup design, combined with the traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art production technology. The new JURA ENA 8 Signature Line in Massive Aluminium was manufactured by a team of highly specialised engineers and production specialists to design this one of a kind coffee machine. George Liakatos, Managing Director of JURA Australia says, “It amazes me how a team of engineers and production specialists overcome major production and assembly-related challenges to make the world’s first coffee machine totally encased in solid aluminium.” “Not only is the machine aesthetically pleasing with integrated advanced technology, it appeals to all house-proud coffee connoisseurs who truly appreciate well-made things,” adds George. The Massive Aluminium JURA ENA 8 includes the following features and benefits: Small – Only 27.1 cm wide, 32.3 cm high and 44.5 cm deep – this one-cup machine will comfortably fit anywhere. Stunning – A cylindrical shaped water tank inspired by premium crystal carafes; a key highlight of the design. Simple – Easy to use 2.8” TFT display and clearly defined operating panels. Automatic filter type detection – RFID technology detects whether the new CLARIS Smart mini (30L capacity) or CLARIS Smart (50L capacity) is being used and adapts settings automatically. Freshly ground, not capsuled – Freshly extracted every time from coffee beans. The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) optimises the aroma of a short ristretto or espresso. Fine foam technology – Creates airy, feather-light milk foam. 10 specialties at the touch of a button – Providing the perfect cup every time. Solid 3mm thick aluminum housing in the Massive Aluminium ENA 8 – the world’s first coffee machine housing from solid aluminium. The aluminum panels adds 1.9kg to the overall weight of the machine. The JURA ENA 8 in Massive Aluminium is available now for RRP $2,699 online at How Herbal Ignite for Him & Herbal Ignite for Her Can Help Decrease Stress 2019-09-18T21:28:26Z how-herbal-ignite-for-him-amp-herbal-ignite-for-her-can-help-decrease-stress-1 These days it’s hard not to get overwhelmed once in a while. Between juggling work, family and other commitments you can become too stressed out and busy. However, you should  set time aside to unwind and perhaps  consider  a natural herbal supplement, such as Herbal Ignite, to help improve your mental and physical health Being able to recognise common symptoms of stress may help you find ways to decrease stress. Stress that's left unchecked can contribute to many health problems including higherblood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Increasing levels of stress hormones like cortisol, may cause our blood sugar levels to rise, alter our appetite, get in the way of normal digestion by changing our gut environment and affect the way our thyroid gland and hormones work.   There are a range of herbs that are recognised to help reduce stress and anxiety and reputable herbal supplements like Herbal Ignite contain some of these  stress supplements. Herbal Ignite for Him and Herbal Ignite for Her are  over-the-counter dietary supplements taken daily with food. Herbal Ignite  helps relieve stress and fatigue in both men and women. Herbal Ignite for Him  works to support  men’s health and libido, boost testosterone levels and improve  genital blood flow. Herbal Ignite for Her works to support pre-menstrual tension and menopause, help restore hormone levels to a healthy balance and improve libido. There are many potential benefits to using Herbal Ignite for Him  and Herbal Ignite for Her including reduced stress and anxiety levels, improved mood and emotions for Women, improved  energy levels improved libido and improved overall health. Herbal Ignite has a broad spectrum of efficacy, so for more information on Herbal Ignite, Herbal Ignite for Him, Herbal Ignite for Her and Herbal Ignite ingredients  please go to .   Adrian Wilson: How to navigate the Spring Selling Season in 2019 2019-09-17T21:17:00Z adrian-wilson-how-to-navigate-the-spring-selling-season-in-2019 The spring selling season is well underway and according to Adrian Wilson, luxury property specialist and founder of Sydney’s new apartment focused agency Ayre Real Estate, now is the time to get into the market. Due to a combination of economic factors and seasonality, the property scene is heating up as is the competition. Wilson shares his tips for buyers and vendors alike to take into consideration when navigating the current property market. Wilson said, “Spring is traditionally the busiest season for the property market, and this year is no different. Auction clearance rates are high, interest rates are low and stock levels are rising every week. For those who have been holding off purchasing their first home or looking to downsize, now is the time.” There are a few key considerations Wilson believes both buyers and sellers should take into consideration during this peak property period. These include: Auction clearance rates: I believe we will see a slight reduction due to the traditional increase in stock levels over the warmer months, however, they will still maintain a healthy level, likely to fall somewhere between 68-78%. At the moment the spring market is recording the highest preliminary clearance rate in two years, however, as vendor confidence increases over the spring season there will be more competition and choices on the market for buyers. A boost in vendor confidence: Off the back of an election year and a reduction in interest rates, combined with a new norm in the market now formed, vendor confidence will increase. Several factors have contributed to property prices rising, and since the federal election, there has been a lot more properties hitting the market and those on offer are selling well. Downsizing trend: With the market stabilising and owners of large homes now selling, expect to see more stock come to market. As confidence grows, downsizers will be listing to sell and seeking quality apartments that offer lifestyle benefits in prime locations, minus the maintenance. There is also a significant number of brand-new apartment developments which have recently been completed, are in planning or nearing settlement. These developments, alongside existing residential buildings, tend to offer an attractive lifestyle or investment, especially for downsizers wanting the convenience of inner-city living or a buzzing urban village. “Something to watch out for in the run to Christmas is an oversupply of properties creating under demand. So, if stock levels increase faster than the number of buyers, it will impact competition and therefore reduce prices. My advice would be for savvy sellers to enter the spring market sooner rather than later and benefit from the lower stock rates,” said Wilson. About Ayre Real Estate: Ayre Real Estate has been founded by multi-award winning Real Estate Agent, Adrian Wilson, a pioneer in the Sydney City apartment market with nearly 20 years’ experience and perhaps one of the most strategic thought leaders in the industry. The Sydney City apartment specialists, delivers apartment focused services that are smarter and simpler, yet deliver beyond expectations for both owners and landlords while elevating the lives of the clients and communities they work in. Australian Supermarket IGA Joins the Edible Bug Revolution 2019-09-16T11:17:24Z australian-supermarket-iga-joins-the-edible-bug-revolution Supermarket trailblazers IGA have announced they will be the first chain of Australian supermarkets to stock edible crickets. The addition of Grilo products to IGA shelves comes on the back of increasing demand from customers for more sustainable sources of protein. “We are passionate about bringing our customers new and exciting products that they wouldn’t usually be able to find,” says the HG Retail Group. For people looking to reduce their environmental impact while also meeting dietary needs edible crickets offer the perfect substitute. “Grilo Protein is one of these such products and we are proud to support this innovative and local company who is committed to supplying healthy, sustainable and future conscious food that tastes great!” – Rob Outridge, IGA Owner, Maleny. Eating crickets has previously been uncommon in the West, largely due to the ‘ick’ factor associated with eating bugs. However, consumers are now recognizing that not only are crickets mild in flavour, but their nutrient density, sustainability and versatility make them a more sustainable and delicious protein alternative. IGA’s move to add Grilo products to their shelves is incredibly exciting and demonstrates the growing understanding for the need to find food solutions that meet both planet and human needs. We believe the growing trend of consuming insects will result in a healthier planet and healthier bodies. Here are three reasons why Grilo products will now be on IGA shelves: Environmental Alternative Crickets are the most sustainable source of protein on earth. They require far less resources (water, land, feed and energy) than other popular sources of protein, such as chicken, beef or pork, and produce 80 times less methane than cows. Given that 18% of greenhouse gas emissions is a result of livestock production, cricket’s growing popularity should result in a significant lowering of emissions. Nutrient Dense Crickets are extremely nutrient dense, containing 69% protein, vitamin B12, Omega 3, iron, potassium and calcium. Their digestibility is higher than that of plant proteins, making it easier for the body to extract and absorb all those nutrients. Given the busy lives lead by most people and the impact of good nutrition on mental and physical health, the need for accessible, easily prepared nutrients is great. Versatile & Delicious Given their mild, nutty flavour, crickets are extremely easy to incorporate into meals and smoothies; sweet or savoury. Alternatively, Grilo energy bars are an extremely convenient and delicious means of meeting daily protein requirements. For more information or for an interview contact: Camila Meyer Co-founder at Grilo Protein Click here for images. Grilo organic cricket powder and smoothie protein blends available at IGA Energy Bars made with organic cricket powder: banana caramel, chocolate mint and cacao fudge “We are passionate about bringing our customers new and exciting products that they wouldn’t usually be able to find,” says the HG Retail Group. IGA: first Australian supermarket chain to stock edible bugs products Grilo roasted crunchy crickets Alpine Beach Celebrates Being the Only Central Coast Surf Shop to Stock Popular Misfit Shapes Surfboards 2019-09-16T00:00:11Z alpine-beach-celebrates-being-the-only-central-coast-australia-surf-shop-to-stock-popular-misfit-shapes-surfboards Central Coast, Australia (September 16, 2019) - A surfer’s choice in what surfboard to use can clearly impact their experience in the sport and lifestyle. This makes the decision of which to buy a very important one. Leading the way on Australia’s Central Coast in providing access to premium quality, attractively priced surf and snow products and accessories is the acclaimed local shop Alpine Beach. In exciting news, Alpine Beach is building on their reputation for stocking thoughtful choices difficult or impossible to find elsewhere locally, by being the only Central Coast store carrying Misfit Shapes Surfboards. Misfit Shapes Surfboards rise in popularity all the time and Aline Beach is the only shop within an hour’s drive to have them for sale. In addition to in-shop purchases, Alpine Beach also offers Australian sales on their website, where they will ship anywhere in the country. “We are surf and snow enthusiasts ourselves so we have a very good idea about what our customers are looking for,” commented a spokesperson from Alpine Beach. “We can see how much people love the Misfit Shapes line and we will continue to do our best to have their releases here as they become available.” Popular Misfit Shapes Surfboards at Alpine Beach currently include the Misfit Shapes Suspended Particle Surfboard, the Misfit Nu Wavr Surfboard, and the Misfit Sk8ey 2.0 Surfboard. Shoppers are encouraged to stop in or call with any questions they may have about the Misfit Shapes line or anything else the shop offers. The feedback regarding Alpine Beach’s service, products, and prices continue to be positive across the board. Daniel T., recently said in a five-star review, “I use Alpine Beach exclusively for my surfing needs. It’s a first-class shop in every way.” Alpine Beach is a Surf, Snow, Skate and Fashion Store located in Erina on the Central Coast of Australia. Alpine Beach offers top surf & snow brands, including Misfit Shapes, DVS, El Nino, Dynastar and more. Alpine Beach has been established in 2005 by enthusiasts with more than 40 years of experience in the snow & surf industry. For more information be sure to visit, or on Facebook and Instagram. If you would like more information about this topic, please call Lynne Waters at 02 4367 4944, or email Let's Talk Vape Etiquette 2019-09-15T18:04:34Z let-s-talk-vape-etiquette Let's Talk Vape Etiquette Just with about everything we do there is an etiquette that we all need to keep in mind. Let's have a look at the vaping etiquette and try to keep this in mind the next time we are using e-cigarettes. In public be mindful of people around you when blowing out clouds. People around you might not like having a blinding puff of cloud in their face. Always try to blow your clouds away from people and be respectful. Judgement of devices is something to avoid if you have been vaping for a long time. There will be others around you using different devices but this is no reason to judge. Instead share you knowledge about vaping and your device. Aggression towards smokers is also an area to steer away from. People always do what they like in their own time. Instead of being aggressive and trying to force others into vaping explain the benefits and do not push. Be polite and patient. Vaping in doors is another area to take into consideration. Just like when vaping in public we do not blow clouds into other peoples faces, it is important to recognise that other around us may not like the smell or it may not be allowed in certain closed environments. These are our recommendations at Vape Street Australia. If you have any questions or would like further information on vaping please send us an email or follow our upcoming articles The best spring-inspired skincare product this year: Samson & Charlie offers Insta-worthy luxe 2019-09-11T03:06:16Z the-best-spring-skincare-product-this-year Shake up your skincare regime this spring with the skin-saving antioxidant power of Watermelon and Kiwi seed oil with Famous: A blush pink fruity elixir infused with real gold. One sniff of Samson & Charlie’s lightweight FAMOUS 24k Glow Facial Elixir will transport you directly onto a bright yellow pool toy, floating around a resort pool with pina colada in hand. It’s a summer holiday in a bottle. Delicate watermelon, blueberry and kiwi fruits blend with Pink Lotus, Rose, Neroli and Champaca for a sweet, springtime medley of fruity, floral goodness. Now is the perfect time to ditch existing winter skincare regimes for lighter yet effective product and Famous is the answer. Vitamins C, B and E, as well as Omega 3 & 6 simultaneously provide an anti-inflammatory barrier to protect skin from free radicals inflicted on skin by the powerful Aussie sun. Pure gold works as a powerful anti-inflammatory too, enhancing Famous’ skin-loving effects. Springtime face oils need to be lightweight, and the Famous vegan and cruelty-free elixir is exactly that. Delicate like a serum, but deeply hydrating like an oil, Famous works perfectly under makeup and even under lipstick. Forget those heavy winter face oils, an elixir is the answer to spring and summer skincare dryness and irritation. Anti-ageing and deeply hydrating in a stunning glass bottle, Famous 24k Glow Facial Elixir is the most Insta-worthy product this spring. Famous 24K Glow Facial Oil 30ml RRP $89.95 Here’s to Sustainable Curbing with Calocurb 2019-09-10T23:17:53Z here-s-to-sustainable-curbing-with-calocurb Calocurb have recently removed their plastic courier bag packaging which go out for each order, in a bid to continue to become more sustainable and listen to their customer’s feedback about single use plastics. The email that went out to all their customers welcomed people with, “Here’s to sustainable curbing! At Calocurb, we are actively working to reduce our carbon footprint. Our sustainable goal is to reduce single-use plastics and increase the amount of bio-based content in all of our packaging materials. To kickstart this promise, we will no longer use single-use plastic courier bags! Instead, your little parcels of willpower will arrive in a protective (discreetly unbranded) box. We hope you agree it’s a step in the right direction.” Another area where Calocurb listens to their customers is on their social media channels, which gives them the chance to connect with you, to hear your thoughts and to share each other’s weight loss journeys.   Calocurb loves their Facebook fans because this platform has a knack for bringing about strong communities. Following their Calocurb Facebook page not only means that you’ll be kept up to date with all our latest news and updates, you’ll also be connected with a whole community of people who are on the same health journey as you. You can stay connected through open discussions and comment in an open forum. Along with the Calocurb page, you can also join the closed Happy Healthy Living Support Group which allows you to get community updates straight to your news feed. If you’re on a health journey and are looking for a like-minded support system, Facebook Groups are an amazing place to start. Calocurb are also on Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter, so for more information on intermittent fasting NZ, Calocurb side effects and diet pills NZ please go to . Enhance your sense of wellbeing with this solar-powered Buddha - he looks great by day and spectacular by night! 2019-09-10T06:30:10Z enhance-your-sense-of-wellbeing-with-this-solar-powered-buddha-he-looks-great-by-day-and-spectacular-by-night Dear xx We could all use a little peace and serenity in our busy lives. So let our Solar Buddha Statue be your inspiration. Ideal as either a decor piece indoors or for creating a sense of tranquility in the garden. If you place him outdoors during the day, the solar panel will charge the rechargeable Ni-MH battery so that, by night, the 5 LEDs around the Buddha illuminate automatically. The perfect reminder to stop, take a deep breath and enjoy your surroundings. Once installed, all that is left to do is sit back and enjoy the ambience. High-res images available to download here Automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn. Up to 8 hours of light each night when fully charged. Rechargeable, replaceable Ni-MH batteries 2x AA 1.2v 600mAh No wiring, simply install and enjoy. No operating costs. For more information visit: Vaping Is Ending The Cigarette Industry 2019-09-05T20:18:14Z vaping-is-ending-the-cigarette-industry E-cigarettes were invented by business, not medicine. But as more smokers make the switch, some health experts believe we’ve finally hit on something that could eliminate smoking for good. Electronic cigarettes have become a serious threat to traditional cigarette makers. Many of you reading this article have switched away from smoking traditional cigarettes thanks to vaping, or some of your are about to make the switch and cigarette manufacturers are feeling the pinch. As people are now switching over to vaping on a daily basis the result is. A 16 per cent drop in share prices for the Marlboro manufacturer, which Altria called their “worst day in a decade”. Early last year CNBC Mad Money host Jim Cramer stated that “we saw the market’s sudden recognition that the cigarette industry seems to be in serious trouble, disrupted by the rise of vaping”. The cigarette industry has been falling year-on-year in sales volume for some time now, but in a very predictable manner. Generally the volume sales of cigarettes fall between 3 to 4 per cent each year, which is offset by manufacturers with a price hike. Wells Fargo Securities estimated in 2013 that sales of electronic cigarettes would surpass traditional cigarettes in 2022, but from all the information we have it looks like this could happen a lot earlier. Talking regionally, Australia had the biggest drop at 18.3 per cent. Eastern Europe was down more than ten per cent, and the European Union was down 6.7 per cent. The only gain was made in South and Southeast Asia, up 6.1 per cent. When one-third of worldwide cigarette sales are made in China, that’s not difficult to understand. If you have any questions or would like further information on vaping please send us an email or follow our upcoming articles. Greening your home this spring 2019-09-03T01:23:41Z greening-your-home-this-spring Founder of The Greenwall Company and Australia’s pioneer in the development of sustainable and soilless greenwalls and greenroofs, Mark Paul, shares his insights and key considerations homeowners should be aware of when greening their homes this spring. Whether it’s indoors or out, the different greenwall and greenroof applications available today each have their own pros and cons, some are classified as living and others not, while a selection can actually be a fire hazard in the home. Mark Paul, Founder of The Greenwall Company says, “When it comes to selecting the best option for greening your home, the first thing you need to consider is what look and feel you are trying to achieve. Then you should engage an expert to assess the best planting options, irrigation set up, light access and the environment the wall or roof will be installed. Working with a horticulturist and an experienced designer, will ensure your installation lasts the lifetime of the home and in most cases can be moved with you.” Mark shares his pros and cons for the various options of greenwalls and greenroofs available today: Living Greenwalls and Greenroofs: These installations are soilless and actively growing all year round. They require consistent light, food and water, plus require an adequate surface area of the root zone exposed to air movement. If planted correctly and set up with an automated irrigation system, they should require minimal maintenance and will flourish all year round. In addition, by utilising The Greenwall Company’s patented soilless media made up of 94% of recycled materials, the wall is lighter in weight, even when wet, and therefore safer for applying to any structure. It is also not biodegradable so doesn’t require it to be replaced, saving on costs over the long-term. Potted Plant Walls: This is more of a DIY greenwall, which is essentially a large number of potted plants that are formed to make a design. These walls require constant maintenance with most experiencing ongoing water issues due to a dripper blocking, which results in that particular pot dying and needing replanting. Also, as soil is biodegradable it needs to be replaced frequently. These walls may by cheaper to install initially, but the costs really add up in maintenance, replanting and re-soiling each pot, not to mention the time. Moss Walls: Contrary to popular belief, these walls are actually not living! The moss is sourced from the arctic circle, coated, glued and sprayed with acrylic colours. As a result, moss walls do not provide any of the environmental, health and wellbeing benefits to having living plants in the home. On the pros, they are generally very cheap to install and are good collectors of dust and fibres. Artificial Walls: Made from plastics, these fake walls are a quick fix to provide the appearance of greenery in a space and only require some dusting on a regular basis. As they are made of plastics, unfortunately artificial walls actually do more harm to the environment than good due to the production. On another note, the artificial walls collect fibres and dust, which means artificial walls are a fire hazard in the home. The dust builds up and static electricity is generated from walking across synthetic carpet. This has resulted in a number of cases where the plastic walls become highly flammable. “The patented greenwall design, structure and media that I have developed over the past 30 years provides plants with an eco-system designed to promote a living, natural environment for plants to grow and thrive for the lifetime of the building they are applied to. Join our mission to reclaim the built environment one wall at a time,” adds Mark. About The Greenwall Company: 
 The Greenwall Company is the premier producer of modular and custom designed greenwalls in Australia. An unequalled product, Greenwall can be used like cladding to produce instant ‘greenspace’ both inside and out. The system developed by Mark Paul at The Greenwall Company over approximately 30 years, presents an innovative system based on inorganic media and adjustable substrate depth that retains moisture and simulates conditions resembling natural soil. In addition, by using plants adapted to impoverished environments and seasonal drought, The Greenwall Company achieves water efficient planting that is resilient to inevitable short-term human and mechanical failures. Announcing the Women in Leadership Summit 2019 – September 24-27 2019-09-02T21:43:17Z announcing-the-women-in-leadership-summit-2019-september-24-27 Announcing the Women in Leadership Summit 2019 – September 24-27 Keynote speakers – Carrie Bickmore & Alannah Hill Media Release - 3 September 2019 Back for its fourth year, the Women in Leadership Summit 2019 returns to Sydney’s Seymour Centre from the 24-27 September 2019. This educationally focused four-day event will see 35 inspiring leaders guide over 500 Australian women in business to ‘Take Action’ in their leadership journey and cultivate meaningful change for future generations. Dana Lightbody, Executive Director and Chair of The Leadership Institute, the minds behind the signature Women in Leadership Summit (WILS) says, “This year is set to be our best yet. Our theme ‘Take Action’ is focused on the need for women to lead the way by creating their own opportunities and helping others to have the confidence to do so, by sharing experiences and equipping them with the tools they need.” #WILSummit19 will feature: Inspiring keynotes by Carrie Bickmore OAM, Alannah Hill, Ann Sherry AO Career focused case-studies with Kendra Banks, Erica Berchtold, Suzanne Steele and Susan Martin Cutting panel discussions with Alison Rice, Chelsea Bonner and Susan Anderson Interactive workshops curated by Amanda MacLean, Nell Wilson and Noa Sheer Alannah Hill, Iconic Australian designer, author and stylist, who is speaking on perseverance, dedication and success, says, “Success only comes once you understand your mind, our thoughts are that powerful. So, stop procrastinating and go and create the life you deserve. There will be fear, there will be failure. But if you’re not committed it will not work.” Women in Leadership Summit 2019 - Event Details: Date: Tuesday 24 September – Friday 27 September 2019 Time: 9:00am – 5:30pm daily Location: Seymour Centre - City Rd & Cleveland Street, Chippendale NSW 2008 Tickets: Available now, full conference including pre and post workshop days – $3,199 Handles: #WILSummit19 “Each year, more and more companies say they are now committed to gender equality, however, we are still not seeing this translate into action. Our mission for the Women in Leadership Summit is to inspire more women to become authentic leaders, equip them with skills and strategies to add maximum value to their organisations and ‘Take Action’ to negotiate their worth and secure senior management and board positions in 2020,” concludes Dana. For further information, images or to request an interview with Dana Lightbody or the event speakers, please contact: Lisa Solomons – 360 PR – – 02 9571 4448 Rachel King – 360 PR – – 02 9571 4448