The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-08-04T10:08:36Z That’ll be the phone, Reg 2020-08-04T10:08:36Z that-ll-be-the-phone-reg-1 PHONES ringing out, phone lines busy, transferred calls abandoned and active sales calls hitting the dreaded ‘dial this for service and that for sales’ is costing dealers tens of thousands of dollars a month in lost sales, according to James O’Neill, the CEO of WildJar, one of Australia’s leading call tracking and phone management systems. Speaking with GoAutoNews Premium, as part of our Dealer Talks podcast series with Gumtree Cars, Mr O’Neill said dealers spend vast sums of money driving buyers to their businesses but are still missing many of the phone calls they are generating with ‘hot’ buyers on the other end. The worst ‘sins’ are buyers met with engaged signals meaning there are not enough lines and phones ringing out suggesting there are not enough people manning phones. “Across the board, we find dealers are still missing 15 percent of phone calls and another 10 percent of calls are being abandoned during the call transfer process,” Mr O’Neill said. “There is a huge hole when a call is transferred from reception to a salesperson and that salesperson is not at their desk and the customer is on hold for one minute or two minutes and they hang up. That is 10 percent abandoned. “So in total that means 25 percent of calls into a business are being missed.” He said that WildJar calculates that missed calls  and abandoned calls cost a dealership $260 a time. “We looked at Deloitte’s $2,600 gross profit per car and we know 1 in 10 calls into a dealership results in a sale. Lets keep it really simple and we know that every call you miss is $260. “We know a metro dealer who received 2,100 phone calls in one month and missed 390 which is 18.4 per cent. So the monthly revenue impact was about $100,000 based on the Deloitte number.” Mr O’Neill said that, when a customer calls, dealers need to be ready to help them buy because they are ready to buy. “There are so many improvements and efficiencies dealers can do internally just on getting the call flow and call handling correct and by answering the call at the right time. “Dealers spend so much money at the front end to drive lead enquires and, when the customers pick up the phone and call, we know that callers convert at around a 15 percent higher rate than the online lead enquiry ‘form fills’. “A dealer salesperson might send a video out to a customer via SMS; they have done a video walkaround of the car, and that creates direct engagement with the customer. “But that connection is broken when the customer calls the main dealership landline and is greeted with the usual Press 1 for Service, 2 for parts, 3 for sales and the experience around that is not good. The dealership needs to know at that point that the customer has just watched a video and treat them as such. “How our business works is that we have unique phone numbers within advertising. So we know the customer is calling from a particular medium; in this case calling from a video they have just watched. “Rather than sending the customer to a phone queue, we send them to the sales person or we set up a hunt group where we set up a multi-call to call all your sales people at the one time so they know that this is a sales engagement. “When they pick up the phone we ‘whisper’ to the salesperson that this customer/lead is from your YouTube video ad or this is a lead from a video the dealer has sent out to them. So the salesperson knows how to respond to the phone call before they speak to that customer. “When dealers are getting these calls buyers are ready to purchase. They have done their research and, by not answering correctly, you interrupt their progress. “Dealers, on an aggregate level, are still quite poor at handling calls. ‘You know this customer is looking at your inventory page so send them to the right people at the right time and improve that customer process – and invest more in the people that are answering the calls because we found that even if they are just polite on a call it is improving conversion levels. “Customers like to interact. They do all their research online, go to classified sites, choose brands on local dealer websites, when they are ready to purchase, they are picking up the phone and calling. “When they do call, the customer is highly engaged.” Mr O’Neill said that WildJar’s experience across 600 dealerships of all brands and locations shows there is a remarkably small number of people who call more than one dealership. “We only see two percent  of cross calling – which is a customer calling two or more dealerships. James O’Neill “Two percent is very low. So if a customer is calling your dealership, they want that dealership. They do not want to go to the next dealership a few suburbs away. “That is why giving each customer a fantastic and memorable first impression over the phone is now more important than ever, as these consumers who are calling you are ready to buy,” he said. “So the data that we are seeing is that once they have chosen a brand and chosen a dealership location, they are willing to give that dealer the opportunity to speak to them. “Once they call you they are ready to talk to you, they are ready to purchase, they are as hot as a lead could be. So you need to treat them that way. “But first of all you need to answer the call.” To learn more about the WildJar visit or call 1300 317 533 About WildJar   WildJar helps businesses become wildly successful by providing cutting edge voice and SMS solutions. Founded in 2016, WildJar has helped more than 4,000 companies worldwide drive revenue and connect their customer’s journey online to their purchasing behaviour offline. Finally, businesses and marketers have complete attribution and analytics to measure call outcomes and ROI. With WildJar’s Voice Platform, businesses get granular campaign attribution to understand why customers are calling, real-time intelligence about who’s calling and analyse what’s being said during conversations to improve outcomes. ECAL on the rise, and joins HyperKu group of companies. 2020-08-04T04:53:16Z ecal-on-the-rise-supports-global-live-sport-and-events-industries-throughout-covid FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRESS RELEASE AUGUST 2020 ECAL on the rise, and joins HyperKu group of companies.  HyperKu acquires ECAL and fuels global growth At a time that is proving difficult for most Australian businesses, ECAL’s global calendar communications and marketing platform is thriving, having been acquired by Singapore start-up HyperKu, and securing $1M in additional capital to fuel growth. ECAL’s calendar communications and marketing platform enables any event-based organisation to deliver rich, dynamic content, straight to their audience, via their personal digital calendar. With the onset of COVID, their clients were quick to develop new and interesting ways to keep fans engaged using ECAL’s adaptive technology. The National Basketball Association (NBA) and English Premier League (EPL) both launched highly successful eSports tournaments, whilst Formula E organised a 9-week ‘Race at Home Challenge’ simulator series, featuring professional drivers up against the best Sim racers and celebrities. Closer to home, the Australian Football League (AFL) and National Rugby League (NRL) season restarts have faced huge challenges, with constant interruptions and continual rescheduling due to the unpredictable nature of the COVID outbreak. Performing Arts organisations are also turning to ECAL for solutions, such as The Australian Ballet with the launch of their ‘Digital Season’. The importance of the ECAL platform in engaging and activating fans is what made them attractive to co- founders, Patrick Barrett and Remon Gazal at HyperKu. “The ECAL acquisition makes perfect sense for us at this time. Some of the biggest event brands in the world are turning to ECAL to manage customer communications through this period of great disruption”, said Remon Gazal, former APAC President at Brightstar. HyperKu’s capital partners for the ECAL acquisition include a Singapore-based Family Office who invest in high- growth technology platforms, some of which have already signed partnership agreements with ECAL. “We have entered a new era of digital engagement and entertainment, with a blending of exciting new digital events, and traditional live events. Uncertainty and change are the main constants, and the power of ECAL’s smart, dynamic communications for events is proving to be critically valuable - in sports, entertainment, media and beyond,”, says Patrick Barrett, who is also the CEO of ECAL. During this COVID period, ECAL has won new business in eSports, virtual conferencing, and streaming services. Payments are also a major focus, with the recent announcement of a partnership with payments orchestration company PayDock, and impending announcements with two other key strategic partners in the marketing and events space. “The new ownership structure for ECAL will provide the capacity for continued growth into new industries and territories, as well as a support network of people, portfolio business and capital to help make it all happen”, says Barrett. “This is an exciting time for us. Already, we have announced the appointment of sports media executive, Alex Peebles as Chief Revenue Officer, who will lead our Asia expansion and help us go deeper into media. We expect to share more exciting news in the coming weeks.” For further information, please visit About ECAL: ECAL is world-leading calendar communications, marketing and data platform, used by 300+ major brands globally across sports, entertainment, media, ticketing and payments. Headquartered in Melbourne, with a presence in London, Los Angeles, Manila, Delhi and Singapore, ECAL’s smart ‘sync to calendar’ technology enables rich, dynamic, event-based communications straight to calendar, for better business outcomes. About HyperKu: HyperKu is a Singapore based start-up, co-founded by Patrick Barrett and Remon Gazal, and the owner of ECAL. They are currently seeking similar post-revenue enterprise platform businesses that have proven use cases, clear product differentiation and robust technology, and are ready to scale. ENDS STACK SPORTS LANUCH GAMEDAY EVENTS 2020-08-02T22:29:29Z stack-sports-lanuch-gameday-events Stack Sports (SportsTG), the leading provider of digital solutions to Event Providers, international, national, grassroots and professional sporting organisations across the globe has today announced the launch of GameDay Events. GameDay Events is a completely new event registration, ticketing and admin solution for managing every event, from the smallest digital seminar to one-off club nights to the largest mass participation fun-run or city marathon. GameDay puts the event organiser in control and able to manage everything from branding and theming custom websites, the look and feel of online registration, through ticketing and running the event itself. General Manager of Stack Sports said “We really love this new product and are excited to get it into the hands of our events partners and customers. GameDay Events complement perfectly our existing GameDay club and association membership and GameDay website solutions and we expect Events to be a great support, and cost saver, for event organisers as they re-establish the events programs in the coming year.” GameDay Events is free to use for free events, and comes with the lowest cost and most secure payments technology in the industry. With a clear range of price options, there are no hidden costs for organisers that choose to Events for their next big occasion, event businesses and sport associations just need to visit our website to access GameDay Events. Stack Sports (SportsTG) has been providing next generation technology solutions to sports since 2001 across Australia, New Zealand APAC and EMEA. We support secure affordable and full featured membership, competition, event and ticketing solutions and related website, engagement, e-commerce and fundraising solutions to sports communities worldwide. ESL Australia And Psyonix Partner For New $225,000 USD Rocket League Tournament 2020-07-29T06:58:56Z esl-australia-and-psyonix-partner-for-new-225-000-usd-rocket-league-tournament Sydney, Australia – Wednesday, July 29 -  Today ESL Australia and Psyonix announced the ESL Rocket League Oceanic Championship, a new online tournament series that will offer players across the Oceanic1 region the chance to compete for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Set to run until April 2021, each match of the tournament will be broadcast live from the ESL Studios, Sydney, to Rocket League fans across the world.  The tournament will be broken up into three ‘splits’ (‘stages’) played across August 2020 - April 2021, with each split offering up a prize pool of $75,000 USD between the top 8 teams of each event. The top teams from each split will also earn qualification points towards the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) X Majors and the Rocket League World Championship, the pinnacle of Rocket League competition involving the world’s best Rocket League teams. “Rocket League has always been a leader in the esports space, so the opportunity for us at ESL to partner with Psyonix here in the Oceanic region was something we jumped on.” said Ben Green, Publisher Development Manager at ESL Australia. “As the future of sport turns towards online platforms, we will look to deliver the evolution of digital competition, starting with the ESL Rocket League Oceanic Championship.”Players will be able to sign up to the ESL Rocket League Oceanic Championship from early next week, on ESL Play. 1. ‘Oceanic’ Countries include: Australia, Fiji, Indonesia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna, Norfolk Island, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Micronesia, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Palau, Samoa, Tonga, and Tuvalu. Media Contact:  Alex Blaikie, PR & Social Manager, ESL Australia ESL is the world’s largest esports company. Founded in 2000, ESL has been shaping the industry across the most popular video games with numerous online and offline esports competitions. The company operates high profile, branded international leagues and tournaments under the ESL Pro Tour including ESL One, Intel® Extreme Masters, ESL Pro League, and other premier stadium-size tournaments, to more clearly define the path from zero to hero. ESL also produces the ESL National Championships, grassroots amateur cups, and matchmaking systems, creating a world where everybody can be somebody. With offices all over the world, ESL is leading esports innovation on a global scale through the combination of global ESL competitions, amateur leagues, publisher activations, and more. ESL is a part of MTG, the leading international digital entertainment group Press assets: ECAL Appoints Alex Peebles as Chief Revenue Officer 2020-07-22T05:00:18Z ecal-appoints-alex-peebles-as-chief-revenue-officer Melbourne, Australia / Singapore: ECAL, the leading provider of smart calendar communications and marketing, has announced the appointment of Alex Peebles as its Chief Revenue Officer. Based at ECAL’s new Singapore office, Peebles is a key pillar in the company’s global expansion strategy.   Before joining ECAL, Peebles was SVP Southeast Asia at sports streaming service DAZN, and prior to this held various senior executive roles at Perform Group in Australia and the UK, including Managing Director of the Perform NFL Partnership.   “At this time of unprecedented change and unpredictability, the power of ECAL’s smart, dynamic communications solution for events-based content is proving to be critically valuable - in sports, entertainment, media and beyond,” says ECAL CEO, Patrick Barrett. “It has also fast-tracked growth in relatively fresh areas such as streaming, conferencing and payments. So we are thrilled to have someone of Alex’s experience and talent join us, to support our global expansion.”   At ECAL, Peebles will be responsible for all revenue generating operations, with a focus on scoring transformative strategic partnerships, growing enterprise licensing, and productising ECAL’s data and insights business.   “ECAL is already a fantastic business and I'm delighted to come on board” says Peebles. “There is now a significant opportunity to both develop the solutions we offer and develop the breadth of our partner set. Further announcements will soon follow!”   Peebles has a proven track record of new product and territory growth, together with a strong commercial acumen, invaluable industry experience and a welcome, partner-based approach to business relations.   Peebles joins ECAL following recent announcements of strategic partnerships with SportsTG (Stack Sports) and fast-growing payments orchestration platform PayDock. The opening of the Singapore office further highlights the company’s global ambitions.    ECAL is a world-leading calendar communications, marketing and data platform, used by 300+ major brands globally across sports, entertainment, media, ticketing and payments. Headquartered in Melbourne, with a presence in London, Los Angeles, Manila, Delhi and Singapore, ECAL’s smart ‘sync to calendar’ technology enables rich, dynamic, event-based communications straight to calendar, for better business outcomes. Stack Sports partner with World Bowling for Next Generation Platform 2020-07-20T11:01:31Z stack-sports-partner-with-world-bowling-for-next-generation-platform Stack Sports (SportsTG), the leading digital provider of sports organisations in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, today signed an agreement with World Bowling the international governing body for the sport of Tenpin, Ninepin and ParaBowling. The agreement affirms that Stack Sports will provide GameDayTM, its next-generation membership and events platform, to service World Bowling’s many sanctioned events throughout the world. Stack’s system will simplify and digitise the registration and administration process for all members and competitors, across World Bowling’s portfolio of events starting from October 2020. As part of the partnership and in line with World Bowling's post COVID-19 strategic Initiatives, GameDay will be made available to all five continental zones and the current 114 member federations. The partnership allows one of the world’s biggest infrastructure and participation sports to capitalise on the global connectivity of over 200,000 bowling lanes and 160 million bowlers annually. With the launch of QubicaAMF partnership, ParaBowling World Cup and IBX Tour in 2021, GameDay offers the functionality to World Bowling to optimise the tournament data from individual athletes and their member federations with defined ranking and career tracking throughout each event and year. Andy Graham, General Manager for Stack Sports – APAC/EMEA, said: “We are very pleased to be partnering with World Bowling at such a key time for the sport. Our aim every day is to simplify sporting administration and management; to let communities communicate, engage and come together to enjoy sport. With World Bowling one of our first major customers to join us on the new platform, we are excited for the opportunity to show-off all of GameDay’s potential and build with World Bowling something very unique.” Andrew Oram, World Bowling’s Chief Executive Officer, welcomed the partnership by saying "Stack Sports provides us with the catalyst to start a new era of how we represent our member federations and athletes. Bowling is a digitally versatile sport due to the level of technology that exists already in the sports centres. Our elite events are a showcase for the sport and Stack Sports starts the process of how we will evolve our engagement with federations, our athletes and our fans." About Stack Sports - Stack Sports have been providing next generation technology solutions in the Australian market since 2001 and have extended the key markets they work in to include Europe, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Other Stack Sports partners in the European region include Basketball England, The Rugby Football League, Run for All, Basketball Ireland, GB Snowsports and the Toronto Wolfpack Foundation. Stack Sports provides membership, competition and event management platforms and various digital website, e-commerce and fundraising solutions to the sports community. About World Bowling - World Bowling is the International governing body for the sport of Tenpin, Ninepin and the newly formed ParaBowling representing five continental zones and 114 member federations. World Bowling was recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1979 as the world governing body for the sport of Bowling and by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) in 2019 for ParaBowling. 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Website: Phone No: 0402 655 444 E-mail: DORON POZNIAK JOINS SILVER TRAK DIGITAL 2020-07-08T22:21:05Z doron-pozniak-joins-silver-trak-digital As part of the company’s continued expansion into new markets Doron Pozniak, one of the sports and event marketing industry’s best-known and respected professionals, has joined Silver Trak Digital as corporate sales executive.   Pozniak is known as a highly accomplished and performance-focused sales manager with over thirteen years of proven successes in delivering a wide range of live distribution, archive and production services for high profile media organisations.    Most recently Pozniak enjoyed considerable success as sales manager with IMG Media where he was solely responsible for managing sales of IMG Media live broadcasts and their programming catalogue for events and organisations including Wimbledon, The English Premier League, English FA Cup, Italian Serie A soccer, The Open Championship, Rugby World Cup and the Olympic Archive.   He also played a major role in negotiating and concluding the Football Federation Australia six year live rights agreement and set up Silver Trak’s own Media Room asset management system within IMG in order to deliver critical broadcast files to clients around the globe.   Silver Trak COO Christian Christiansen said, “Doron has a proven track record of marketing and selling sports archives, driving business growth and forging strategic alliances with key sporting federations throughout the world. He is widely recognised for his commitment, integrity and focus on achieving consistently outstanding results. He is a great asset and addition to the Silver Trak team.”   Having launched Media Room version 3, a great tool for sporting organisations, events and codes wanting to take increased control of their own content so they can monetise it and engage with their audience in new and exciting ways, Pozniak’s appointment comes at a key time within the sports industry.   As a result Pozniak’s new role at Silver Trak sees him working alongside Chiristiansen to nurture relationships, develop new opportunities and promote Silver Trak Digital solutions - in particular the highly-acclaimed Media Room 3 - through his global sporting club and association network.   On his new appointment Doron Pozniak said, “Silver Trak Digital are game-changing trailblazers in the world of digital content management and distribution and Media Room 3 is a simply brilliant asset management solution. Joining Silver Trak now at this time when the sports media technology landscape is changing at a rapid pace is not just exciting but an incredible opportunity.” Grandad Inspires Aussies to Bounce Back to Freedom on 3-month road trip 2020-07-06T12:26:39Z grandad-inspires-aussies-to-bounce-back-to-freedom-on-3-month-road-trip A BUNDABERG grandad has come out of retirement after 11 years to inspire Aussies to Bounce Back to Freedom after Covid-19 with a road trip from Bundaberg to Darwin from July 13 to October 25, 2020. Author of 7 books, Hans Jakobi, 66, has gone from being suicidal and surviving multiple tragedies, including three serious bushfire threats to his home and an eight-year drought, to being a successful businessman and funding his own retirement at 55. Known as The Lifestyle Entrepreneur, he and his wife of 41 years, Colette, have travelled to more than 70 countries since then and now will hit the road on a Bounce Back To Freedom Tour. On the tour, he will interview and film Australians who have lost their jobs or businesses to find out what they are doing to recover from the crisis and what strategies they have worked out to prosper from the turmoil. “The way people have panicked in this crisis has had a deep impact on me and I feel compelled to spread a message of hope, opportunity and support to replace the narrative of fear,” Mr Jakobi said. He said the best and most secure way to prosper from this crisis was to start an online home-based business. “I want to inspire ordinary, everyday people, encourage them and give them hope to embrace this crisis as their opportunity to start their own online business and profit despite the crisis,” he said. “I’m sure there will be some people who will have benefited from the crisis because they’ve adapted to the opportunities created and will be loving it, while others will have a lot of stress and anxiety.” Mr Jakobi will hit the road with his latest book, Why You Need to Start Your Own Online Business Now! “My mantra is that you can build and run a business from anywhere in the world with just a laptop computer, a mobile phone and an internet connection,” he said. To walk his talk and also inspire his 3 children and 5 grandchildren, he and his wife will make the 12,000km return trip in a 2008 Sunland 24 foot caravan to Darwin and document his journey as he inspires locals, films their stories and builds a new online business from scratch. “People learn more from what they see than what you say so I want to inspire people. In the next 10 years, I will give it my best, keep traveling, support my children, mentor my grandchildren and others about business,” Mr Jakobi said. “I want to be around positive, aspirational people and then I will retire again.” For more details, visit Breast Cancer goes from 0-150mph in under 9 seconds 2020-07-05T23:59:58Z breast-cancer-goes-from-0-150mph-in-under-9-seconds Breast Cancer goes from 0-150mph in under 9 seconds ‘Don’t Wait for the Green Light’ is Andy’s sometimes humorous but highly emotional new book about her fight to get back on the race track. Perth, Western Australia, July 2020: Andy Kahle turned her blog - written to keep her family up to date while she was undergoing cancer treatment - into her new book, “Don’t Wait for the Green Light”. Instead of being your standard Breast Cancer survival story, this book is a collection of emotional and often humorous situations that Andy found herself in while she put her motor racing on hold to fight a disease that affects 1 in 8 women. “Everyone needs something to inspire them to keep fighting, and mine was the knowledge that I would get back in my race car. ” While superstition says that back luck comes in 3’s, Andy didn’t allow this to sway her “need” to race down the quarter mile in Australia’s first compact car - the Holden Torana. First she blew up the transmission the day before she was supposed to get her racing licence, then her husband - Mick - slipped in the shower and impaled himself on the tap, that very same evening. And if you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop … just as the racing season was coming to a close, and hubby was on the mend, Andy was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer, forcing her dream on hold. There is a saying in drag racing, that if you wait until you see the green light before you leave the start line, you will miss out. So is the case in real life. Sometimes it’s better to put your foot flat to the floor and accelerate to where you want to be. While Andy’s book “Don’t Wait for the Green Light” starts with the uncertainty of a life changing diagnosis, Andy takes this as an opportunity to look at everything with her trademark wry humour. Situations such as the mood lighting and 70s style attire while getting a mammogram, or the nervous foot jiggling, plastic chair wobbling of her husband while she read outdated magazines in the doctors waiting room, Andy has managed to maintain the gravity of her journey while still demonstrating the importance of enjoying every moment and focussing on her ultimate goal of racing again. Available in paperback or e-book, via Amazon, Andy has also provided the option to purchase a signed copy of “Don’t Wait for the Green Light” direct from her charity race car website - Therapy on Wheels. (   Despite being told she had a high risk of recurrence, at the age of 51 Andy Kahle has now been cancer free for over 10 years. Andy has also continued to race since the completion of her cancer treatment and now has a new race car on the way. This one has been custom built to allow Andy and her team to raise funds and awareness for the fight against breast cancer by offering passenger rides down the drag strip … but that’s a whole other story.  Contact Details:  Andy KahlePhone: 0437 312 394LinkedIn: Email: andy@TherapyOnWheels.asn.auWeb: Facebook: Cars Removal Sydney With Top Cash For Cars 2020-07-05T01:18:29Z cars-removal-sydney-with-top-cash-for-cars If you are thinking of selling your unwanted cars, then you have to keep some important points in mind. selling your car can be very easy and sometimes very messy. It all depends on your selling strategy. Some important points are as followings Make sure you can prove your ownership of the vehicle, having registration title with you. It is very important as no proper car removalist can buy your unwanted cars, without proof of your ownership. So if you want to avoid a tough time to sell your car, make your registration paper ready. 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For further help in regard to selling your car for cash you can visit our website :    Technology enabled care - physiotherapy association recruiting for patient data pilot 2020-06-30T00:40:19Z technology-enabled-care-physiotherapy-association-recruiting-for-patient-data-pilot The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), are commencing a Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) data pilot funded by the Physiotherapy Research Foundation (PRF) with support from Macquarie University, to demonstrate the feasibility of data collection to guide better and more effective clinical decisions. A PROM is a scientifically validated questionnaire used to measure and quantify a patient’s condition from their own perspective. PROMs provide valuable data that help complete the feedback loop between treatments and outcomes, assist practitioners with the monitoring of conditions and help to inform treatment decisions. With current practice to collect PROMs data on an ad hoc basis, the PROMs data pilot is an innovative project that will collect PROMs data electronically and in real-time from patients with knee conditions who are receiving physiotherapy treatment.  Pilot study participants are able to subscribe to the latest dedicated technology for PROMs data collection, myscoreit™. myscoreit is a web-based PROMs collection platform that collects PROMs data digitally from patients whilst at home through a quick and simple questionnaire between appointments. Patients receive immediate feedback, are able to follow their own progress and engage in their own management. APA’s Vice President and Physiotherapy Research Foundation Chair, Jenny Aiken commented on the pilot “We are delighted to partner with the myscoreit platform to enable the APA to investigate the feasibility of digitally collecting PROMs in the private practice setting. myscoreit not only collects PROM data which can be used by the APA to gain insights into the effectiveness of physiotherapy intervention, it also guides the user to choose the right PROM to allow the practitioner to track patient progress and make informed clinical decisions.” Jenny added.  Unlike existing PROMs collection solutions, myscoreit has been designed and developed by sports physicians to focus solely on PROMs data collection. Not only does it assist practitioners with choosing the correct PROM for their patient, it also facilitates easy interpretation to help use clinical data with patients to inform treatment decisions. “Our aim was to design a platform that integrated seamlessly into existing clinical practice and was simple for both you and your patient to use.”myscoreit founder and Sport and Exercise Physician, Dr Louise Tulloh said. “The myscoreit platform has the ability to capture and compare data over time enabling you to track patient progress and treatment effectiveness from a dashboard in real time and bridge the gap between appointments. Collection of outcome measures can support remote monitoring, add value to telehealth consultations, and help to improve communication with referrers. This pilot will demonstrate the importance of value-based decision making and the role that technology can play in futureproofing the physiotherapy profession.” Expressions of interest for the pilot are now open, and through the support of the Physiotherapy Research Foundation, all physiotherapists have been given the opportunity to participate in this research. For more information about the pilot and to sign up to the myscoreit platform please go to or contact Shelley Crowther or Louise Tulloh via the contact details below. Australian Physiotherapy Association Shelley Crowther Deputy General Manager, Policy and Government Relations myscoreit Dr Louise Tulloh Founder, myscoreit Launch of Sustainable Design Wetsuit Startup 2020-06-30T00:38:56Z launch-of-sustainable-design-wetsuit-startup Press Release Friday, 3rd July 2020 Launch of Sustainable Design Wetsuit Startup This is to announce that BlackGoat Wetsuits is launching a new style for surfers with a sustainable edge soon. The brand offers fashionable design surfwear using Limestone Neoprene, an eco-friendly alternative to the conventional Petroleum-based Neoprene.   The performance material and avant-garde designs make BlackGoat Wetsuits a new premium surf brand that stands out from the monotone surf crowd. The concept underlying this business is to develop practical, trendy, and durable wetsuits. Though, without a compromise on the environment.   Each wetsuit under the label offers improved performance over petroleum-based neoprene including super stretchiness for elasticity, flexibility, weight, and insulation. The brand is specifically eager to change the surfing landscape from all-black wetsuits to fashionable and cool styles.   BlackGoat Wetsuits is determined to enable fluid and liberated movement for the users. The business welcomes all surfing enthusiasts to join in this new wave by launching a Kickstarter very soon.   Founder, Marc Bohmann Mentions:   I am a sports enthusiast and surfer. I started my journey in Santa Barbara and South Africa and since fell in love with surfing. But, something about the conventional wetsuits was not right. And, that had to change.   About BlackGoat Wetsuits: Founder Marc is a traveler and surfer himself. Hence, the designs match the needs of travelers and surfers. As of now, the brand offers ten patterns created by designers from across the globe. Each pattern is bold and eye-catching. The number of options is bound to increase over time. After all, the brand is geared towards making waves all over the international waters.   For press inquiries: Media Contact: COVID-19 Update: Metro Car Removal Sydney Is Open for Business 2020-06-23T02:12:32Z covid-19-update-metro-car-removal-sydney-is-open-for-business Looking to sell your car during this Corona virus pandemic? It can be quite a challenge to find a buyer in these times of social distancing. 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