The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-05-28T00:22:44Z Bitglass reports 84% of organisations will go on supporting work from home, but most aren’t secure 2020-05-28T00:22:44Z bitglass-reports-84-of-organisations-will-go-on-supporting-work-from-home-but-most-arent-secure SYDNEY, May 28. Bitglass, the next-gen cloud security company, has released its 2020 Remote Work Report, which analyses how organisations have adjusted to support remote workers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Bitglass partnered with a leading cyber security community and surveyed IT professionals to understand how prepared their businesses are for the sudden shift, what actions they are taking in cyber security, and what their top security concerns are now. Currently organisations are struggling to adjust to the new normal. 41% have not taken any steps to expand secure access for the remote workforce, while 50% are citing proper equipment as the biggest impediment to doing so. Consequently, 65% of organisations now enable personal devices to access managed applications. Asked what their organisations are primarily concerned with securing while employees work remotely, 65% of respondents said securing network access. This was followed by securing access to SaaS apps like Slack (55%) and bring your own device/personal devices (55%). For the most concerning threat vectors for remote work, respondents cited malware (72%) and unauthorised user access (59%). “This research indicates that many organisations are not implementing the security measures necessary to protect their data in the current business environment,” said Anurag Kahol, CTO of Bitglass. “For example, while respondents said the pandemic has accelerated the migration of user workflows and applications to the cloud, most are not employing cloud security solutions like single sign-on (SSO), data loss prevention, zero trust network access, or cloud access security brokers. “On top of that, 84% of organisations reported that they are likely to continue to support remote work capabilities even after stay at home orders are lifted. To do this safely, they must prioritise securing data in any app, any device, anywhere in the world.” Key findings include: Malware is the most concerning threat vector, with 72% of respondents citing it as their top concern. From a remote work perspective, the application types that organisations are most concerned about securing include file sharing (68%), web applications (47%), and video conferencing (45%). At 77%, anti-malware is the most-used tool to secure remote work. However, this and other tools like single sign-on (45%), data loss prevention (18%), and user and entity behaviour analytics (11%) are still not deployed widely enough. 63% of respondents said that remote work was likely to impact their compliance with regulatory mandates; 50% named GDPR, specifically. To see all of the findings, download the full report here: About Bitglass Bitglass, the Next-Gen Cloud Security company, is based in Silicon Valley with offices worldwide. The company's cloud security solutions deliver zero-day, agentless, data and threat protection for any app, any device, anywhere. Bitglass is backed by Tier 1 investors and was founded in 2013 by a team of industry veterans with a proven track record of innovation and execution. Contact David Shephard Bitglass ANZ M-Files for Esri ArcGIS Integrates Global Mapping Technology and Intelligent Information Management Systems to Provide a Unified User Experience 2020-05-19T09:28:29Z m-files-for-esri-arcgis-integrates-global-mapping-technology-and-intelligent-information-management-systems-to-provide-a-unified-user-experience M-Files Corporation, the intelligent information management company, today announced the general availability of M-Files for Esri ArcGIS. The solution integrates the M-Files intelligent information management platform with Esri's world-leading geographic information system (GIS) for mapping and analytics, offering a new way to manage documents and other information by integrating and using maps and geodata to browse and access information. The integration provides seamless, in-context access to important documents and information residing in other systems directly from the ArcGIS and M-Files user interfaces. "M-Files for Esri ArcGIS connects map item data with information in M-Files, making content retrievable in both systems for a more unified user experience," said Eija Paajanen, director of product marketing at M-Files. "Bridging information gaps and eliminating information silos, M-Files helps users increase visibility, boost process efficiencies and better ensure compliance.” "There is tremendous synergy between M-Files and Esri as partners as we both have a global reach, support diverse government and private industry user communities and have very complementary information management offerings," said Paul Hartwell, Partner Executive for Esri’s Natural Resources sector.             “M-Files has carefully engineered the integration and there has been a lot of early interest including city governments in Australia, mapping agencies in Europe, utility companies in Scandinavia and oil and gas operators in North America.” Whether it is a contract for a piece of land or a maintenance request on a certain asset in a huge industrial plant, most of the data in maps or other GIS applications relates to documents from other systems. Users are all too familiar with the pressures of figuring out where that information is – rummaging through network folders, email inboxes or shared network drives. Different versions and the unclear status of documents found add to the problem. M-Files intelligent information management eliminates these burdens and ensures that the information users need is instantly accessible and controlled, no matter where the user is or where those documents are stored. M-Files provides instant access to documents and other information from repositories like the file system, ECM/DMS, SharePoint, and other business applications such as ERP or CRM systems. Any item on a map can be connected with information in M-Files for instant access to the latest data and documentation, no matter which system the information is stored in - resulting in a new intuitive and productive way of accessing information. Companies can manage and control company assets from the familiar location-based navigation of ArcGIS and gain unprecedented visibility over business-critical information. Using M-Files workflow and permission capabilities, customers can drive processes and projects related to map items to gain visibility and speed. The M-Files for Esri ArcGIS integration connects map item data with information and documentation in M-Files, making content accessible and manageable in both systems. M-Files for Esri ArcGIS functions on two levels. From the user perspective, the M-Files for Esri ArcGIS integration offers a seamless way of working, accessing, and managing content. The M-Files interface is embedded into your ArcGIS web applications allowing users to access and interact with related content from M-Files. Likewise, ArcGIS maps are embedded into the M-Files desktop application, allowing users to access related map(s) and assets. On the server level, M-Files brings in data from ArcGIS and uses that data to connect and organize your documents and non-GIS controlled content. This removes the need for manually inputting data from ArcGIS into M-Files to connect information between the two systems. One typical application area for the combined solution is land acquisition and development projects. Land acquisition requires many document-intensive steps, like surveying sites, gathering permits, and making agreements with multiple landowners. M-Files for Esri ArcGIS provides full visibility on the entire acquisition process, including all documentation in a single application. Automated workflows, targeted notifications, and less manual processing result in fewer errors and delays. Another use case is asset maintenance, where visibility and process efficiency are important aspects. Rather than gathering data from various systems, M-Files for Esri ArcGIS provides instant access to the complete maintenance history in a single view. Furthermore, managers and technicians can report on maintenance tasks and track the status of various projects in a single application. All of this results in saved time and costs for maintenance as well as fewer operation disruptions, health and environmental incidents, and repair and recovery costs. More information on the integration of Esri’s ArcGIS and M-Files: About Esri Esri, the global market leader in geographic information system (GIS) software, location intelligence, and mapping, offers the most powerful geospatial cloud available, to help customers unlock the full potential of data to improve operational and business results. Founded in 1969, Esri software is deployed in more than 350,000 organizations including 90 of the Fortune 100 companies, all 50 state governments, more than half of all counties (large and small), and 87 of the Forbes Top 100 Colleges in the US, as well as all 15 Executive Departments of the US Government and dozens of independent agencies. With its pioneering commitment to geospatial information technology, Esri engineers the most advanced solutions for digital transformation, the Internet of Things (IoT), and advanced analytics. For more information, visit   About M-Files Corporation M-Files provides a next-generation intelligent information management platform that improves business performance by helping people find and use information more effectively. Unlike traditional enterprise content management (ECM) systems or content services platforms, M-Files unifies systems, data and content across the organization without disturbing existing systems and processes or requiring data migration. Using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in its unique Intelligent Metadata Layer, M-Files breaks down silos by delivering an in-context experience for accessing and leveraging information that resides in any system and repository, including network folders, SharePoint, file-sharing services, ECM systems, CRM, ERP and other business systems and repositories. Thousands of organizations in more than 100 countries use M-Files for managing their business information and processes, including NBC Universal, OMV, Rovio, SAS Institute and ThyssenKrupp. For more information, visit   M-Files is a registered trademark of M-Files Corporation. All other registered trademarks belong to their respective owners. Eaton expands Moeller® range with new easyE4 control relay 2020-05-19T07:27:05Z eaton-expands-moeller-r-range-with-new-easye4-control-relay SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. Power management company Eaton today announced an expansion to its Moeller® range, with the launch of the new easyE4 control relay in Australia and New Zealand. Designed for installers who want to easily integrate control tasks for business and industrial applications, the easyE4 is more compact than previous models, and has flexible options that can connect up to 11 modules and a maximum of 188 inputs/outputs. Mark Anning, Eaton General Manager ANZ said the powerful hardware, flexible expansion and comprehensive communication options of the easyE4 range, makes it one of the most versatile control relay options in the market. “The easyE4 has a large voltage range (DC, AC and UC) with mixed operation flexibility to suit a wide range of applications and markets – from plumbers in building installations, right through to automation engineers in machine building applications. “Backed by Eaton’s intuitive easySoft programming software, the easyE4 can handle simple control tasks, right through to comprehensive configurations with high process efficiency. New function blocks include email notification and an interrupt function which enables fast event recognition and rapid response times. “When used in combination with other products from the Eaton portfolio, the easyE4 can also be integrated into IIoT system architectures via the integrated ethernet interface – a critical feature in the era of advanced manufacturing and automation.” The easyE4 comes with optional DCF77 radio signal analysis and ethernet services which enable highly precise data and time indication. While the integrated micro SD card facilitates data logging and customised starter programs. The software includes four programming languages including structured text (ST) and function block diagram (FBD). With a variety of unique display and visualisation options available for users on mobile devices, tablets or laptops. The easyE4 is available in various supply voltages: AC version for 85 V to 264 V DC version for 24 V UC version for 12 V DC, 24 V DC or 24 V AC Available today through leading electrical wholesalers across Australia. For more information visit - ENDS - Eaton is a power management company with 2018 sales of $21.6 billion. We provide energy-efficient solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more efficiently, safely and sustainably. Eaton is dedicated to improving the quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technologies and services. Eaton has approximately 101,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 175 countries. For more information, visit ### Stalling of FASEA exam bill yet another Govt failure with industry & consumers the biggest losers says UFAA 2020-05-18T02:48:02Z stalling-of-fasea-exam-bill-yet-another-govt-failure-with-industry-amp-consumers-the-biggest-losers-says-ufaa Once again, federal politicians have displayed their inability to put the interests of the nation’s consumers and the wellbeing of the financial services advisory sector ahead of political gamesmanship with the stalling of the Financial Adviser Standards & Ethics Authority (FASEA) exam extension in the Senate said United Financial Advisers Association (UFAA) Chairman and spokesperson Mr Alex Vagliviello.   Commenting further Alex Vagliviello said politicians continue to reinforce the long-held perception that they lack any understanding and appreciation for the role of the adviser and importance of financial advice in supporting Australians achieve their individual retirement, business and lifestyle protection objectives.   The dire results of two decades of financial services industry reform failure and mismanagement with Australian consumers being the greatest losers can attest to this.    “At a time when the nation is facing its greatest economic challenge, access to quality professional advice and service is so crucially needed by Australian consumers, business owners and individuals that have lost jobs, the government has chosen to extend the relief Bill to August”, added Alex Vagliviello.   “Furthermore, politicians continue to ignore the fact that financial advisers are SMEs and are leaving the industry in unprecedent numbers.  This latest fiasco will not only accelerate the exodus, but in doing so, condemn their administrative staff and paraplanners to be added to the ranks of unemployed”.   “It simply defies comprehension!”   The rapidly mounting list of dire economic consequences in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and folly of decisions past are being exposed.  Among these are: - House prices predicted to fall by as much as 30 percent according to CBA - Unemployment, to exceed 15 percent predicts the Grattan Institute with the underemployment rate to take the number well over 20 percent. - Higher rates of bankruptcy as both business and households collapse from lack of income - Mental health issues predicted to increase across the board as individuals, families and business owners grapple with bleak financial circumstances - Household debt at an eye-popping 200 percent of income, according to the OECD   So, dramatic are these circumstances that they are being compared to figures not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930’s affirmed Alex Vagliviello.   “From the outset of the resultant collapse in share and property markets brought about by the pandemic, financial advisers have literally been inundated by business owners forced to close their enterprises and individuals made unemployed or required to take leave without pay”.    “All reaching out to advisers needing professional qualified advice in relation to pensions, superannuation, share values, personal and household debt, how to manage cashflow, life insurances, mortgages, etc”.   Hampering access to these much-needed services has been the massive compliance and regulatory burden imposed on the adviser that has made advice unaffordable to the mums, dads, tradies and SMEs that need it most.   Overwhelmed by escalating operational expenses from ASIC fees to professional indemnity costs and their businesses and livelihoods under threat at every turn – is it any wonder many advisers are also facing mental health distress.   Alex Vagliviello concluded, “The failure to pass the FASEA extension bill was not an issue of a simple exam extension but a reaffirmation of the gulf between politicians (and their consultants) and real world of advisers and the benefit they provide to consumers – many of whom now are on Struggle Street as a result of the pandemic”.   “At a time when Australia needs bold and decisive action and a vision charting a return to economic well-being for the good of the people, federal parliamentarians are once again found wanting.  They simply don’t care”.   ENDS      Issued by United Financial Advisers Association                     Media enquiries:       Mr Joe Perri, Joe Perri & Associates Mobile: +61 412 112 545      Email:                  COVID-19: ‘Flicking to remote’ is no simple task 2020-05-12T00:45:01Z covid-19-flicking-to-remote-is-no-simple-task As the COVID-19 pandemic spread in February 2020, essential services and critical industries across Australia and New Zealand had to change the way they operated in just a few days.    For many of even the best prepared organisations, this was a change for which there was no precedent.    A Justice Department, running a court system with all jury trails suspended, a state prison system with all visits suspended, and a Sheriff’s office with all buildings in isolation, had to somehow keep functioning while observing social distancing rules.   An ambulance service serving over seven million people suddenly had to rely on distance employees rather than a traditional central command.   Construction companies working on critical projects had to keep going, but in a working model that had never been done before, relying heavily on mobile communications.   With offices and bases closed or restricted, continued operations depended on getting new mobile connections and devices directly connected and in the hands of key staff in their homes or remote locations in just hours or days.   Telestar stood up a 24/7 virtual team for the COVID-19 emergency within the first day of the new rules, actioning requests for up to multiple thousands of new connections at a time.    Telestar’s staging, kitting and logistics group shipped fully configured SIMs and devices with personalised delivery to the homes of work-from-home employees. Each employee was called directly first to check shipping addresses, so that nothing would slow down the deliveries.   Communications needs were quite different to normal times, so Telestar deployed a set of quick bundles to make ordering easier, with special focus on Work From Home tools like dongles, Cradlepoints and Nighthawks, all delivered for immediate setup and use.   Nothing was allowed to slow down connections and deliveries, so Telestar used its backorder monitoring capability to immediately suggest alternate equipment where requested items involved a wait time.   While ‘flicking to remote’ was the urgent priority, it was also important to essential agencies to maintain business controls. Telestar was able to help here too, with a special Data Buffer analysis service to monitor a mobile fleet’s holistic usage and avoid data blowouts.   “Telestar was honoured to be able to help many essential services and critical industries ‘flick to remote’ so quickly” said Julie Atwal, Telestar CEO. “Telestar supports dozens of government agencies and major industries across Australia and New Zealand to ensure their staff have the communications they need when they need them to stay productive.” Modius Partners with Oper8 and Oper8 Global to Improve Data Centre & Edge Visibility 2020-05-07T02:20:41Z modius-partners-with-oper8-and-oper8-global-to-improve-data-centre-amp-edge-visibility Brisbane, Australia, 7 May 2020 – Modius announced today that it has formed solution reseller partnerships with Oper8 Pty Ltd (Oper8) and Oper8 Global Ltd (Oper8 Global) to deploy and support customer data centre management solutions.  The relationship will see the Modius OpenData platform integrated into Oper8’s Data Centre Operations and Maintenance solutions and services, with Oper8 and Oper8 Global supporting Modius Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) customers across their respective regions. Oper8 supports customers across the Asia Pacific, Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands region, with Oper8 Global covering EMEA and Latin America. The relationship increases the ability to source fully integrated and supported multi-protocol DCIM solutions with enhanced web enabled visibility of customer data centres across global time zones. Data centres deliver the key underpinning infrastructure enabling business critical cloud services, data centre colocation facilities, corporate IT systems, and local compute, data storage and analytics. As currently being observed under the social restrictions resulting from COVID-19, the world economy is reliant on cloud and other data centre delivered platforms, while core connection points for the internet are delivered through data centres. Knowing how data centres are operating and seeing potential issues before they occur helps to ensure unexpected service impacting downtime events do not occur. As emerging technologies centred on IoT, AI and enhanced video analytics require local processing at the edge of the cloud, reliance on consistent visibility of the data centre stack becomes even more critical for business. “Modius offers a highly scalable, reliable and secure solution which can be deployed at 1, 10, or 10,000 locations with equivalent performance to manage the availability, capacity and efficiency of mission critical facilities. We are thrilled to team with Oper8 and Oper8 Global in providing their customers with enhanced visibility, streamlined product support and great customer service,” said Craig Compiano, President of Modius. The Modius OpenData platform aligns with Oper8’s solution methodology with options including perpetual licensing with maintenance, or annual subscription models. Modius OpenData integrates with Oper8’s existing IoT Gateways and Oper8 EMS appliances to enable new and existing customers enhanced data centre management options.  “The challenges in delivering visibility of the full range of data centre infrastructure systems across multiple locations, whether colocation or edge and remote sites, has been solved with the integration of Modius OpenData into Oper8’s solutions. Customers can now deploy real-time multi-protocol monitoring in any sized data centre through a centralized web enabled portal, providing visibility to global operations, all in a single pain of glass.” noted Mike Andrea, Managing Director, Oper8.  Importantly the Modius solution complements and integrates with Oper8’s technology partner solutions from RFCode, CPI, Socomec and enlogic, while offering enhanced low bandwidth data aggregation for multiprotocol system monitoring at remote sites. Tom Gardner, Business Development Manager, Oper8 Global added “Combining Modius OpenData with Oper8 Global’s EMS and RFCode solutions gives customers the best of both worlds – both wired sensors and device monitoring and wireless asset and environmental monitoring. The module options in OpenData present the customer with information at their fingertips, regardless of data centre location. Modius provides all the tools we need to manage the performance of our mission critical infrastructure, from  integration of disparate devices, to analytics, to integrated dashboards and importantly, all for the benefit of our customers.”   About Oper8 Oper8 Pty Ltd, headquartered in Queensland, Australia, is a Solution Integrator focused on Data – Data Centres, Data Storage, Data Protection and Data Communications. Oper8 helps customers align and right-size turnkey Data solutions with their business and technology requirements across their chosen operating locations. Oper8 supports customers throughout Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and the Asia Pacific. Visit    About Oper8 Global Oper8 Global Ltd, headquartered in Oxford, United Kingdom, enables custom data centre solutions with a key expertise in Edge, Modular and HPC solutions. Services include turnkey data centre design and build including commissioning, product supply, environmental audits and operational maintenance services. Oper8 Global supports customers throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Visit   About Modius Modius Inc. is a world leading end-to-end solution provider for managing the availability, capacity and efficiency in the critical facilities of data centers, smart buildings, telecommunications and other IoT environments.  Founded in 2004 with headquarters in San Francisco, California, Modius has customer deployments around the globe. Modius’ flagship offering, OpenData, provides all the tools needed to manage the performance of mission critical infrastructure, from  integration of disparate devices, to analytics, to integrated dashboards,  all in a “single pane of glass.” Visit     Inquiry into Newmarch House needed 2020-05-06T08:23:11Z inquiry-into-newmarch-house-needed An inquiry into the COVID-19 tragedy at Newmarch House is urgently needed as the situation has tragically highlighted the desperate need for reform in the sector, says the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA). “A purposeful inquiry is needed. The investigation will get lost if it is incorporated as part of the very large Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, as has been proposed,” said ALA spokesperson, lawyer and aged care advocate, Ms Catherine Henry. “The residents of Newmarch House and their families have legal rights and, as a community, we need to understand what went wrong in the management of the outbreak at this facility. “One of the significant and ongoing issues in aged care is the lack of transparency and accountability. Holding an inquiry into this disaster will provide the opportunity for open review of the situation and will draw the Federal Government’s attention to the urgent underlying issues. “It seems that what we are seeing unfold at Newmarch House is a failure to meet accepted standards with undertrained, inexperienced staff being forced to handle the outbreak and the facility neglecting to provide adequate resources for its residents. “Residents with COVID-19 don’t appear to be receiving treatment from doctors for days and sometimes are not even receiving treatment from registered nurses.  “We cannot understand why sick residents were not transferred to hospital and those not infected with COVID-19 moved elsewhere when the illness was first detected in the facility. It is inexplicable, and has resulted in a very distressing and tragic situation for the residents and their families.” The ALA says failures in governance, accountability, policy and the regulatory framework are all evident in the current residential aged care system and have contributed to the tragic situation at Newmarch House. “An underlying cause of the systemic problems in aged care is the Aged Care Act 1997 itself. It is weighted in favour of providers and has promoted the privatisation of services and competition, allowing profits to prevail over quality of care,” said Ms Henry. “We need a new Aged Care Act – one that ensures transparency and accountability and includes an independent tribunal to hear complaints of substandard care. “The current system places undue focus on internal complaint mechanisms. We believe the sector needs an independent, external tribunal like the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission.” The ALA recommends that the tribunal’s function should include the capacity to: hear complaints with powers to issue fines; cancel accreditation; publicly reprimand providers; and order monetary compensation. The ALA is a national association of lawyers, academics and other professionals dedicated to protecting and promoting justice, freedom and the rights of the individual. Australia's Leading Traffic Lawyers, MK LAW wins 2020 Three Best Rated Award 2020-05-06T06:59:37Z australia-s-leading-traffic-lawyers-mk-law-wins-2020-three-best-rated-award Melbourne 06/05/2020 - Mr. Michael Kuzilny, the director of MK Law firm, has been selected to the 2020 list of the Top 3 Traffic Lawyers in Melbourne by ThreeBestRated®. This remarkable achievement comes after a rigorous 50-point inspection conducted by ThreeBestRated® on Michael and his law firm. The 50-point inspection includes everything from checking reviews, ratings, reputation, history, complaints, satisfaction, trust, and cost to the general excellence. Since the inception of MK Law, they have progressed to be one of the leading legal firms for representing people in court for traffic and criminal charges. Three Best rated® had the honor of talking to Michael Kuzilny, the man himself, to hear about his remarkable journey of becoming one of the best traffic lawyers in Melbourne. "My passion in life has always been to help good people through the tough times.", says Michael. Michael helps people with court representations to defend them during their tough times, making the process stressless for his clients, and ending it with positive outcomes. He says, "I must say that I do get a great feeling of satisfaction to take away the suffering in my clients and their families lives daily." Michael is the lawyer most celebrities turn up to when they need a court representation. He has represented a list of celebrities and hugely successful people in the community who have chosen to come and see him to be their lawyer. "I am always grateful and honored when the high achievers in any industry come to me for my advice.", said Michael proudly. Notably, Michael was the Legal Affairs Correspondent for Australia's number one morning show, Sunrise (Channel 7). And now he has a dedicated TV show for himself on Foxtel called The Michael Kuzilny Show Tough Times. Traffic lawyers deal with any person who has been charged by the police for any traffic offense. They may range from a simple drink driving offense or a drive disqualified matter to more serious county court cases. Being a life coach, Michael believes he could help a lot of clients who are stressed, confused, and depressed about their upcoming court case. As well as Michael encourages people to consult a traffic lawyer immediately if the police intercept them for a traffic matter that will be going to court. He says, "I strongly believe that a good legal practitioner can make a world of difference and do a lot of damage control, even before they summons the accused." Apart from traffic offenses, MK Law firm handles other areas of the law, and work in conjunction with many other legal partners. On winning the Three Best Rated Award for Best Traffic Lawyers, Michael says, "It is a great honor to be recognized for outstanding achievement. I really do believe that our rewards in life will match our service." He concludes by saying, "I commit that all of us here at MK LAW, will continue to strive for excellence in our court representation, our client service and commitment to community service in years to come." CONTACT INFORMATION Level 1/284 Bay Street Brighton VIC 3186 Phone: 0415 557 011 E-mail: Website: Euclideon help 'Visualise the Future' with new 3D software release 2020-05-05T06:59:31Z euclideon-help-visualise-the-future-with-new-3d-software-release Euclideon has released the latest version of it’s cutting-edge Vault Client software for Windows, a major new release that incorporates ground-breaking tools for visualising massive 3D datasets and associated information. The release comes as the Australian-based company responds to increasing demand from its customers to find new ways of handling the massive file sizes generated by scanning and capture processes such as LiDAR, photogrammetry, BIM, CAD and IoT live data feeds.The release incorporates – among many other new features – a completely reworked user interface which both simplifies the experience for the first-time user, and adds powerful new tools for geospatial experts, including new ways interpret 3D data, even down to the miniscule detail of an ocean floor or cracks on a roadway. Euclideon Vault allows customers seamless software navigation and deeper access to Euclideon’s best-in-class massive planet-sized Point Cloud global rendering tools, speeding up workflow and enhancing the overall user-experience.The refined UI gives way to a simplified, vertical toolbar that runs down the left hand side of the screen, and save for a few other tiny icons, the remainder of the default viewing frame remains conspicuously minimalist and open for the core purpose that the software exists: to view 3D data. While at first impression, this may seem like a less-is-more approach, users can be assured the new features and user interface alone are well worth the discovery time.For several years, Euclideon’s patented Unlimited Detail rendering ability has revolutionised the way customers view, convert and stream planet-sized 3D data across a huge spectrum of industries, fromtransportation to military, mining to universities, aerospace to underwater. In recent months, a shift in focus to the ambitious project of creating a digital twin of the entire globe has captivated the team of Euclideon developers, and already the breathtaking results are starting to materialise much sooner than anyone expected.The immediate impression upon launching into the latest version is that this new release takes the already industry-leading Vault Client into new visual territory. Recently added support for aerial satellite map tiles underneath a geolocated 3D dataset anywhere in the world has given rise to a striking, fully-interactive composite globe, which now greets the user immediately upon login – a daring canvas upon which to begin the journey of exploring and combining 3D datasets in totally new ways.Further proof that the new release has enhanced the eye-candy available for users is found in the new atmospheric scattering feature, a display mode that enables the user to create aesthetically beautiful time of day effects behind their massive 3D datasets – a sunset over the horizon, sunrise over a mountain range or noon over a cityscape.Even more impressive is that while the latest version provides many visual improvements and capabilities, Vault Client has not lost it’s unrelenting focus on accuracy, continuing to provide a whole host of powerful GIS features and survey-grade measurement tools for geospatially-referenced point cloud datasets, as well as breakneck speeds of conversion, streaming and model comparison. Euclideon Vault empowers an immersive experiences, providing new ways to visualise assets, check status, perform analysis, generate insights and make better decisions. It’s never been a more satisfying time to interact, discover and share a digital twin model for streamlined integration, deep collaboration and comprehensive understanding of highly detailed unlimited 3D projects. Gartner Identifies Five Areas Where AI Can Improve Decision Making for Government and Healthcare CIOs During the Coronavirus Pandemic 2020-05-05T03:37:16Z gartner-identifies-five-areas-where-ai-can-improve-decision-making-for-government-and-healthcare-cios-during-the-coronavirus-pandemic 5 May 2020 — Executives responsible for artificial intelligence (AI) strategy, particularly CIOs and CDOs in governmental and healthcare organisations, should leverage AI in five core areas to improve decision making during the coronavirus pandemic, according to Gartner, Inc. “In the fight against COVID-19, AI offers an important arsenal of weapons,” said Erick Brethenoux, research vice president at Gartner. “It allows predictions to be made about the spread of the virus, helps diagnose cases more quickly and accurately, measures the effectiveness of countermeasures to slow the spread, and optimises emergency resources, to name a few. The power of AI should not be ignored or only partially leveraged, so long as it is applied in ethically responsible ways.” The five areas where using AI to combat COVID-19 will have the most impact are: Early Detection and Epidemic Analysis AI techniques are used to understand, analyse and predict how and where the virus is spreading or slowing down Automated contact tracing, for example, is used to build detailed social interaction graphs by analysing a myriad of citizen data such as mobile phone locations and public facial recognition and backtracking the movement of people to identify the likely virus source. Individuals who encountered the source can then be notified, tested or quarantined. “Other AI applications that fall within this area include epidemic forecasting and monitoring the development of herd immunity. Such capabilities are obviously highly relevant in the short term as society tries to ‘flatten the curve’ and minimise the burden on our healthcare systems, but they are also important in the long term if new, hopefully smaller, outbreaks reoccur,” said Mr. Brethenoux. Containment                                                                                                                  Considering the huge societal and economic impact of ‘one-size-fits-all’ measures such as lockdowns, collaboration with non-IT experts is paramount when applying AI to containment efforts. “Behaviour analytics derives new insights by accounting for the dynamics of human behaviour, culture and individual thinking to answer questions around social distancing compliance or the emergence of unwanted group behaviors,” said Pieter den Hamer, senior research director at Gartner. “Law enforcement can predict where and when people may not adhere to stay-at-home orders or social distancing through predictive enforcement and dispatch enforcement units accordingly.”   Triage and Diagnosis The use of AI-enabled self-triage has already gained popularity as telehealth practices, including virtual health assistants, were made available to help people identify if they are possibly infected and what the appropriate next steps are. Augmented medical diagnosis and triage are also key AI capabilities that help in this area. “AI is known to improve the accuracy of certain diagnoses if augmented with human judgment, especially in more complex cases,” said Mr. den Hamer. “Prognostic modelling, or predicting how the disease will likely develop in patients, can also be used to improve treatment recommendations. The fact that AI has a role to play in assessing patient risk and prognosis is not something to overlook, especially when there is a possible shortage of medical professionals.”  Healthcare Operations AI plays an important role in streamlining healthcare operations and optimising scarce hospital resources during a pandemic. Healthcare CIOs and CDOs can use predictive staffing to improve personnel allocation by analysing anticipated patient numbers and their individual prognosis, and cross referencing them with the availability of qualified medical staff, materials and equipment. “Remote patient monitoring and alerting with the use of AI also allows patients to stay at home, lowers the burden on hospitals, and enables a better understanding of how symptoms develop over time,” said Mr. den Hamer. Vaccine Research & Development (R&D) AI graphs and natural-language processing (NLP) can enable medical researchers to scour through many thousands of relevant reports to draw connections between data at an unprecedented pace. Augmented vaccine R&D also identifies coronavirus countermeasures including those that have already been tested on humans. “Healthcare CIOs and CDOs should explore every avenue of AI to fight COVID-19 using an ongoing and systematic process of AI application identification and prioritisation. Technologists should not overestimate their ability to understand what makes sense from a public health and medical perspective and then work with healthcare professionals to create and actively advertise an open marketplace that shares AI applications, models and data transparently,” said Mr. den Hamer. Gartner clients can read more in the report “How to Use AI to Fight COVID-19 and Beyond.” Learn more about how to lead organisations through the disruption of coronavirus in the Gartner coronavirus resource center, a collection of complimentary Gartner research and webinars to help organisations respond, manage and prepare for the rapid spread and global impact of COVID-19. About Gartner Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT) is the world’s leading research and advisory company and a member of the S&P 500. We equip business leaders with indispensable insights, advice and tools to achieve their mission-critical priorities today and build the successful organisations of tomorrow.  Our unmatched combination of expert-led, practitioner-sourced and data-driven research steers clients toward the right decisions on the issues that matter most. We are a trusted advisor and an objective resource for more than 15,000 enterprises in more than 100 countries — across all major functions, in every industry and enterprise size. To learn more about how we help decision makers fuel the future of business, visit Health Defence: Flick Disinfecting Queensland Rail Trains 2020-05-01T03:12:02Z health-defence-flick-disinfecting-queensland-rail-trains 1st May Flick Disinfectant Misting Kills 99.9% of Bacteria and Viruses   Flick is one of Australia’s leading pest control and disinfection companies. The disinfectant they use is trusted around the world to:   ●      Safely Kills viruses, bacteria, fungi ●      Disinfect all surfaces (walls, knobs, doors, walls) and inaccessible areas (ventilation) ●      Non-corrosive, Non- toxic and Eco Friendly ●      Require minimal downtime   Regular Disinfectant Spraying is an Essential Health Defence   “Regular disinfection services should be part of your action plan to be on the front foot against the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses,” said Jussi Ylinen President Pacific Region, from Flick.   “We recommend regular application and vigilance for high traffic areas”“Remember that any application with disinfectants and sanitisers reduces risk.”   Safe & Environmentally-Friendly   The disinfectant mist’s strong germicidal properties kills bacteria and viruses in minutes.However it is also a safe product for the community, with ingredients that degrade naturally. It can be used to sanitise large areas quickly, with minimal downtime for people to re-enter homes, businesses, and public spaces.   Flick on Standby with Disinfection Services Across Australia   Flick are currently disinfecting homes, workplaces and public areas across the country using their high-grade disinfection misting service. All Flick staff are practising social distancing measures and adhering to a rigorous hygiene routine.To find out more about your first line of defence, contact:   Valerie Petersen National Marketing Manager Ph: 0429 615 856 Email: Web:   ------------------------ End of Media Release Improving Corporate and Home Office Acoustics 2020-04-30T22:06:41Z improving-corporate-and-home-office-acoustics Toowoomba, QLD: Avenue Interior Systems today announced the release of the Calando Booth, an addition to their ever-growing list of commercial acoustic products. The Calando Booth provides a new way for office employees and people working and studying from home to communicate with their colleagues with fewer distractions and more clarity.   "We have had the Calando Booth concept in the pipeline for some time," says Katelyn Evenden, Project Consultant at Avenue Interior Systems. "We thought it reasonable to bring the development of the Calando Booth forward with the increase in remote work."   "The Calando Booth design is for people using telephone calls and video conferencing platforms," says Ronnie Evenden, General Manager, The Flexshield Group. "We initially began designing the product for office workers and call centre operatives who needed to dull background noise for more clarity for their customers. We saw potential for this product to be so much more, it eliminates distractions, separates working spaces and improves audio clarity when on digital calls."   Features and benefits of Calando Booth include:   ·       Easy to assemble/disassemble ·       Premium acoustic performance ·       Variety of colour options   Calando Booth is available now. For more information on Calando Booth, visit   About Avenue Interior Systems: Avenue Interior Systems is a subsidiary of the Flexshield Group. Avenue IS specialise in aesthetically appealing commercial acoustic solutions.   Ends. Protecting Medical Professionals from COVID-19 2020-04-28T04:47:04Z protecting-medical-professionals-from-covid-19 Toowoomba, QLD: Flexshield announced the release of the ISOBOOTH, a new Isolation Booth for the medical industry. The ISOBOOTH isolates medical staff to protect them from catching COVID-19 while still testing the patient. The ISOBOOTH offers a new way for medical personnel to diagnose patients without the risk of becoming ill themselves or the need for scarce PPE. “The design ensures medical professionals are kept safe while assessing patients,” says Ronnie Evenden General Manager of Flexshield. "With these products made and designed from approved materials for all industries, and parts sourced locally, this set up ensures the continuation of manufacturing to support our local economy, as well as reducing risks to major organisations of delays if a positive virus result was detected," says Lance MacManus, General Manager, TSBE Energy and Infrastructure. Features and benefits of ISOBOOTH include: Protecting frontline medical staff Easy to disinfect Made and designed from approved material When final sign off is available, the ISOBOOTH will be available for purchase. The ISOBOOTH is a custom-designed product for each medical facility. For more information on ISOBOOTH, visit the Flexshield website. About Flexshield:  Flexshield specialises in Industrial Noise Control and PVC Screening. Flexshield has a nationwide sales and installation team who are always on the lookout for new opportunities to help our clients. Flexshield products are accredited. Ends  Registrations Skyrocket for Free NDIS Provider Growth Program 2020-04-28T00:43:16Z registrations-skyrocket-for-free-ndis-provider-growth-program Three Months to Thrive is an accelerator program geared specifically towards NDIS Providers and their unique needs. Run at their own cost by PROVIDERplus, the 12-week program will kick off on May 12th, hosted by experienced co-founders Will Flesher and Tania Gomez. The program currently has over 700 registrations, with several hundred NDIS Providers registering during the first two days after program release.  “Three Months to Thrive was originally designed exclusively for our members,” says Will Flesher of PROVIDERplus. “However, given the current climate, we decided to make it free for NDIS Providers across Australia to attend. It’s up to all of us to make sure the sector thrives.” It underscores PROVIDERplus’ commitment to the industry, as well as the hunger among NDIS Providers for strategic advice on what is not only a complex regulatory environment, but a competitive one.  Oxygen to Survive; Nutrients to ThrivePROVIDERplus is Australia’s leading platform for NDIS Providers; an essential toolbox for those serious about achieving business success. The team possesses unrivalled knowledge of the NDIS regulatory framework. Key services include efficient and seamless NDIS registration and crucial updates on compliance.  However, their expertise goes far beyond the regulatory. PROVIDERplus members are mentored on how to create meaningful growth in a crowded field. The free Three Month to Thrive program is an opportunity for the wider NDIS Provider community to tap into that knowledge, during what for many is a period of uncertainty.“Rather than spend the next three months worrying about the future, this is the time to be strategic,” says Flesher. “There are no hidden costs. It’s 12 weeks of jam-packed content designed to help NDIS Providers create a more successful and sustainable business - right now.”  A ‘Ready, Set, GO’ Approach The first month of the program will Strengthen Business Foundations, focusing on areas such as leveraging your strengths for the NDIS sector, improving cash flow and getting service bookings right.  Month Two will Optimise Business Operations, delving into accounts and taxation, digital platforms and compliance checks. Plus there’ll be advice on leadership during uncertain times.The third month will Accelerate Business Growth. Will and Tania will give tips on traditional and digital marketing strategy, plus identify NDIS-specific trends and opportunities.  The dynamic online course will be livestreamed, with plenty of room for questions and interaction. Sessions will also be available to watch later.  Discover the full program and register here. For more information and insights into the current state of the NDIS Provider sector, please contact:  Will Flesher PROVIDERplus Please direct all enquiries to: Angel Taylor 02 9052 6500 | 1300 852 790 Press Release Ends Australian Pet Services rally to support Covid-19 Frontline Workers 2020-04-23T18:55:49Z australian-pet-services-rally-to-support-covid-19-frontline-workers-1 Australia’s leading pet sitting platform PetCloud has today announced a program available for Australia’s frontline workers to look after their pets, while they are caring for our community. PetCloud’s ‘Pets of Crisis Support Workers Program’ has discounted down their rates to bare costs in a bid to make the services more accessible for our frontline workers. With our emergency service workers working tirelessly across Australia, first with the bushfires, now with the COVID-19 pandemic, the program was put together by PetCloud to try and offset the extra pressures that arise in petcare during times of crisis. The program aims to ensure that throughout any crisis, there is a system in place to quickly mobilise support to our people on the frontline by making care for their pets more accessible. During this pandemic medical professionals, emergency services personnel including police, fire and ambulance along with defence, and mental health and counselling professionals are all eligible to access the at-cost rates of daytime and overnight pet sitting through PetCloud. CEO of PetCloud Deb Morrison says “During the bushfires we experienced the anxiety that was felt by many frontline firefighters and relief workers about the stress that they felt about making sure that their pets were being cared for when they were not there. This pandemic has seen a new set of challenges with isolation and quarantine leaving some people without access to the normal family and friends support they would ordinarily have available to help look after their fur babies, which is adding another level of stress that we could see we can help with. We have already seen extended family members booking dog walks for their loved ones as a way to support them during this which has been really heartwarming.” The program has offered the rates for cost with daytime and overnight pet accommodation for dogs $21 per day and cats $15 per day. Pet Taxi Services for home pick up and drop off (within 15 kilometres of bookings) is $20 per service. To book through the program you just need to register. RSPCA Queensland CEO Darren Maier says “It is a challenging time for everyone. We are proud to be working alongside PetCloud to make this program available and try to provide some relief in petcare for our community. RSPCA QLD provides National Customer Support for PetCloud’s services, and already we have had people who have used this program feeling a level of relief. Being able to book a Pet Taxi to take pets to Vet appointments or a Dog Walker from PetCloud safely collect a much loved dog from a residence and take them for a walk while their shift working Owner can get some sleep is proving to take some pressure off.” PetCloud is dedicated to supporting our communities across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, Newcastle, Adelaide, Perth, and Darwin in difficult times. For more information go to   -ENDS- About PetCloud: PetCloud, is Australia’s largest and most trusted Pet Care Services network, with over 30,000 Pet Sitters, Dog Walkers, Pet Taxis and more. Customer support is run by RSPCA Qld’s National Call Centre.   YouTube: PetCloud’s Contactless Services