The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-01-23T03:03:35Z Sports Podiatrist from Footwork Podiatry in North Shore Sydney CBD Clinic Explains Lower Limb, Ankle Care, Foot Pain and Falls in Older Adults 2019-01-23T03:03:35Z sports-podiatrist-from-footwork-podiatry-in-north-shore-sydney-cbd-clinic-explains-lower-limb-ankle-care-foot-pain-and-falls-in-older-adults It’s no secret that we’re living longer these days. But a larger population of older adults is bringing elder’s issues under the spotlight, and injury through falls is among the concerns. Mark Lin, a leading sports podiatrist in Sydney recently highlighted research that shows taking care of our feet could make a difference. A Firm Foundation Poor balance and weaknesses in feet and ankles can severely limit mobility. Lin points to a literature review indicating that over 80 percent of older adults who worked with podiatrists felt that the intervention was beneficial. “It’s not just the physical improvements,” he says. “Confidence also has a role to play. Fear is a big factor. When we don’t feel confident about our physical performance, it’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy.” Falls and Foot Treatments Although most people undergoing podiatry treatments feel confident that it’s working, researchers are more cautious in drawing conclusions: “The burden of proof for researchers is a heavy one. For example, if a study deals with foot exercises and falls, there must be no doubt that foot exercises rather than individual physical differences between subjects are responsible for any differences.” Lin explains. “But even those who can’t produce evidence that podiatry works to reduce falls can’t produce evidence that it doesn’t. They’re calling for further research.” However, the British Medical Journal has published a study indicating a “significant” reduction in the incidence of falls in older adults following intervention by podiatrists. The lead author, an NHS researcher, concludes that podiatry is a cost-effective intervention that can reduce the number of NHS patients requiring treatment for falls. The study involved a multi-faceted approach which included advice on footwear choices, orthotics, foot and ankle exercises, and fall prevention education. “People may find this confusing,” says Lin, “One researcher says that further study is needed while another says there’s a significant difference – but study design has a lot to do with the conclusions drawn.” Foot Anomalies and Foot Pain Foot problems affect one in three people over the age of 65, and once again, Lin has the third-party evidence to prove it. “Foot pain has long been considered a contributing factor when it comes to falls in older people. When your feet hurt, you will favour them, and that means you develop a less steady gait. That, in turn, affects balance – and the logical consequence is that you’re more likely to fall.” Although Lin is best known for his work as a sports podiatrist, he works with people of all ages and from all walks of life. Foot pain, it seems, is not limited to any specific segment of the population. “I work with kids too,” he explains. “They can have postural and gait problems that need to be corrected before they cause further problems. No matter who you are, if your feet hurt, you have a problem. Sore feet aren’t normal.” About Mark Lin Mark Lin is a leading Sydney sports podiatrist. Footwork Podiatry has two convenient locations Roseville on Sydney’s North Shore and Sydney CBD. Both offer the full spectrum of podiatry treatments. For further information, visit the Sports and Podiatrist Clinic website, or call the clinic on +61 2 9416 7889. The information contained in this guide is provided in good faith and is not intended to be nor is it to be used as a substitute for any sort of professional, medical or podiatric advice. An accurate diagnosis can only be made following a personal consultation with a podiatrist. Any users should always seek the advice of their podiatrist, or other qualified healthcare providers before commencing any treatment. Syndicated by Baxton Media. Newly Released Procular 2019 Guide to Choosing Binoculars now Available 2019-01-11T07:09:17Z newly-released-procular-2019-guide-to-choosing-binoculars-now-available As technology has improved, the range of binoculars has also expanded to include a range of devices for very specific uses. Procular is a leading information source for binoculars and telescopes and has released its highly anticipated 2019 Guide to Choosing Binoculars. Procular provides a comprehensive guide to purchasing binoculars, spotting scopes and telescopes that are equally advantageous for novices and experienced users. Individuals will discover which brands and magnifications are optimal for a wide range of viewing requirements, explore the benefits of compact binoculars, and locate best-selling brands at affordable prices. Choosing the right binoculars for a particular task can be a daunting endeavor. The pair of binoculars that are best for astronomy won’t be equally effective for whale watching, viewing wildlife, or in marine environments. Procular provides individuals with in-depth guides to the best binoculars for a wealth of activities ranging from bird watching to the fast and frenetic action of high-speed sports. Visitors to Procular will find the hottest deals on binoculars Australia, spotting scopes and telescopes. Individuals can peruse HD binoculars for professional level viewing and pocket models for busy people on the go. Consumers can discover cost effective telescope and tripod combinations, binoculars that provide superior results even in low light environments, and versatile binoculars that are equally applicable for terrestrial viewing or observing the heavens. Waterproof monoculars are featured that provide excellent viewing with a single compact and convenient eyepiece that can be used with or without eyeglasses. Mini and full-size HD binoculars are available, along with binocular harnesses and angled spotting scopes. Procular is known for highlighting the best telescope, along with reviews and buyer guides. There are telescopes available for daytime viewing, but those for scanning the cosmos utilize unique optics. The popular Procular guides provide individuals with everything they need to know before making a purchase. Consumers will learn which telescope, spotting scope and binoculars are best suited for viewing during daylight, nighttime or a combination of both. Procular’s 2019 Guide to Choosing Binoculars makes it easy for amateurs and professionals to choose the best device to meet highly specific air, land and marine needs. The company’s guide also includes an easy to understand a section on the best binoculars for children in terms of weight, fit, price and durability. About Procular We are fascinated with nature. We love the excitement of observing a spectacular moment, crystal clear and in perfect detail. Whether your passion is traveling, bird watching, hunting, star-gazing, sailing or exploring your environment, our expert guides will help you choose the best tool to enjoy it. As the Australia’s leading optics retailer, we also offer the largest selection of binoculars, monoculars, spotting scopes and telescopes. Media Contact Procular 3 Osborne Rd Manly NSW 2095 Australia Website:  RACING QUEENSLAND AND MIRUNNERS ANNOUNCE PARTNERSHIP TO BOOST PREMIUM THOROUGHBRED RACEHORSE OWNERSHIP 2019-01-10T22:16:50Z racing-queensland-and-mirunners-announce-partnership-to-boost-premium-thoroughbred-racehorse-ownership Gold Coast, 11 January, 2018: A groundbreaking partnership between Racing Queensland and miRunners is set to revolutionise racehorse ownership for Queenslanders by offering premium and affordable thoroughbred ownership with some of the state’s top trainers.MiRunners plans to buy a number of high-quality yearlings at this week’s  2019 Magic Millions Yearling Sale and, for the first time, also at the QTIS March Yearling Sale.Racing Queensland CEO Brendan Parnell said, "There's nothing like the thrill of owning a share in a racehorse, especially when it's bought in Queensland and trained in Queensland.“This innovative partnership with miRunners is an important step in Racing Queensland’s plans to increase the ownership and participation pool, introducing a new generation of Queenslanders to the excitement of thoroughbred ownership, which is critical to the future sustainability of Queensland racing.” MiRunners co-founder Steve Brown said the new partnership continues the success and track-record the company has had in making premium thoroughbred racehorse ownership available to every Australian, and in building partnerships with organisations inside and outside the industry. "Like all Australians, Queenslanders are looking for affordable and premium thoroughbred ownership and this partnership will ensure Queenslanders can experience the thrill of owning a regally-bred colt or filly from their home state, with leading local trainers. “Having partnerships like this gives Australians another great reason to become racehorse owners because they can buy into horses closely aligned with their states. “We know from our experience with Tony Gollan and Lyrical Girl that Queenslanders are looking for affordable and premium thoroughbreds to own, we also know that previously Queenslanders haven’t been afraid to look interstate to achieve this. “Now they can participate in their own territory. Queenslanders will be able to be part of their own ownership community with some of the best Queensland trainers and take on the southern competition with a premium product! “These industry initiatives allow miRunners to accelerate our vision for thoroughbred ownership for everyone, and give the industry bodies access to our proven technology, processes, relationships and access to thousands of potential owners.” MiRunners is at Magic Millions this week to grow its stable of yearling thoroughbred colts and fillies. MiRunners purchased Highgrove Stud’s filly Written Tycoon x Sponsored for $176,000 on the first day, and has confirmed that the yearling will be trained by leading Queensland horseman Rob Heathcote at the historic Eagle Farm racecourse. As with every miRunners thoroughbred, each new horse will be offered for sale to the public as 1,000. Units in the Written Tycoon x Sponsored yearling will cost just $176 each - one-thousandth the auction purchase price, with monthly fees of just $15 per month to cover, training, insurance and all other costs including veterinary care. If more than one unit is bought in any horse, the monthly costs of each subsequent unit is just $5 per month. Owners will receive weekly updates direct from their leading trainer, enjoy many additional benefits of ownership,  and join the bigger miRunners owners’ community for race days and social days. Early interest in owning units in Written Tycoon x Sponsored can be lodged at MiRunners has a total of seven premium thoroughbreds with over 2,200 owners from every walk of life. Units are also available in three other yearlings: Lyrical Girl, trained by Tony Gollan in Brisbane; Rubick X Slainte, trained by Bjorn Baker in Sydney (and nearly sold out); and Not A Single Doubt x Countess Dehere, trained by Troy Corsten and offered in partnership with Geelong Racing Club in Geelong. Go to for details. Ends. MiRunners is at: For more information, contact: Alan Smith, Digivizer, 0404 432 700 KOBE BRYANT - THE MAMBA IS COMING TO MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA 2018-12-20T21:41:18Z kobe-bryant-the-mamba-is-coming-to-melbourne-australia KOBE BRYANT - THE MAMBA IS COMING TO MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA   One of the greatest basketball players of all time, global icon, Kobe Bryant is making his first ever visit to Australia to present “THE MAMBA MENTALITY EXPERIENCE” in Melbourne on Wednesday 6th March, The Palladium Ballroom at the Crown Entertainment Complex, 8 Whitman St. Southbank Melbourne. Book tickets at The Mamba Mentality Experience will include Kobe unplugged, uncensored in an open conversation about his life, his tips for success, the amazing career he has had on and off the court, as well as the stories of the people he has played with and met throughout his journey. Kobe will also take part in an audience Q&A session with attendees on the night. TO INTERVIEW KOBE BRYANT, for partnership & sponsorship enquiries and ticket promotions email or call Max Markson 0412 501 601 ABOUT KOBE BRYANT Kobe Bryant is a five-time NBA Champion, two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, NBA MVP, two-time NBA Finals MVP, 15-time All-NBA player, 18-time NBA All-Star and the NBA’s 3rd all-time leading scorer. In his new role as producer, storyteller and writer, Bryant created Granity Studios, a multi-media content creation company focused on helping athletes learn the process of excellence and maximizing potential. Granity Studios has launched several content projects including Kobe Bryant’s Muse documentary film, Detail on ESPN+ and the Dear Basketball animated short film, which won the 2018 Academy Award, and the 2017 Annie Award in the Animated Short category. Bryant served as creator and executive producer for all projects. Bryant’s investment platform, Bryant Stibel, provides strategic, financial and operational support to entrepreneurs and their companies, with a focus on the convergence of technology, media and data (TMD), as well as in industries such as sports and wellness, where TMD has the potential to create massive opportunities.         New format of CS:GO Pro League introduces live studio matches in Europe and America for 2019 2018-12-18T19:11:25Z new-format-of-cs-go-pro-league-introduces-live-studio-matches-in-europe-and-america-for-2019 ESL and WESA are proud to reveal details of next years Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Pro League, the longest running professional CS:GO league in history. The CS:GO Pro League will return with a brand new format featuring live studio matches, groups system and an increase to 16 teams in the regions Europe, Americas and Asia-Pacific. The new format will not only allow the league to become even more competitive but also emphasizes the importance of every match for the qualification leading to the season finals. Kicking off on April 12th 2019 with the 9th season of the CS:GO Pro League, the three regions will each compete in four groups consisting of four teams, which are pre-seeded based on ESL’s CS:GO World Ranking. The group matches in Europe and America will be hosted at an offline LAN at the ESL studio in Leicester, United Kingdom and an additional studio in the United States which will be announced at a later date.  The Asia-Pacific group matches will remain unchanged for now, being played out online. The confirmed slots per region are as follows: - Europe: 4 groups from Europe- Americas: 3 groups from North America, 1 group from Latin America- Asia-Pacific: 2 groups from Australia/New Zealand, 1 group from Greater China, 1 group from Southeast Asia Only the winners of the European and American groups will receive a direct spot in the season finals that are played in front of a live audience. Teams that finished second and third in their groups will proceed to the second round of group stage. Within the Asia-Pacific region, winners and runner-ups will be able to secure one of the second group stage slots. During the second group stage European teams must score first or second to play at the season finals whereas only the winners of the America and Asia-Pacific regions get the chance to proceed further in the tournament. The new format will conclude after a maximum of four weeks full of gripping esports, allowing players and teams to focus on the CS:GO Pro League for a shorter time frame within the vivid CS:GO ecosystem. “The CS:GO Pro League will return with a brand new format featuring live studio matches in Europe and North America, offering more teams the chance to earn one of the coveted spots in the toughest CS:GO league to date,” said Ulrich Schulze, Senior Vice President at ESL. “We want to provide players, teams and the passionate CS:GO fans all around the world with the best possible experience - esports at its purest.” “WESA’s goal was to bring Pro League to the next level. With the great commercial and competitive success of recent years we are grateful to be in the position to invest into improving Pro League even further. We want to make it more attractive for users and players who expressed their interest in improving the schedule, in order to have more time to prepare for matches,” said Pietro Fringuelli, Commissioner of WESA. “With the new high-quality production in offline locations as well as the new league format, we are confident that the games will become even more attractive and more competitive than ever.” In 2019 the CS:GO Pro League season finals will feature the best 16 international teams (8 from Europe, 6 from America, 2 from Asia-Pacific) that fought their way up through the season. Since its inception in 2015, the CS:GO Pro League has grown season-over-season with some record breaking numbers in online viewership and live event attendance. For more information about the CS:GO Pro League, please visit the official website. Be sure to follow ESL CS on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates. ### About ESL ESL, a part of the international digital entertainment group MTG, is the world's largest independent esports company, leading the industry across the most popular video games with numerous online and offline competitions. It operates high profile, branded international and national leagues and tournaments such as the Intel® Extreme Masters, ESL One, ESL National Championships and other top tier stadium-size events, as well as grassroots amateur cups, leagues and matchmaking systems. ESL covers a broad field of services in gaming technology, event management, advertising and television production, fully catering to the needs of the esports ecosystem. With offices in North America, Germany, Russia, France, Poland, Spain, China, and partners in many other countries, it has a truly global footprint ( Astralis Wins the First $1 Million Intel® Grand Slam Following Victory on home ground at the CS:GO Pro League Finals in Denmark 2018-12-11T03:44:21Z astralis-wins-the-first-1-million-intel-grand-slam-following-victory-on-home-ground-at-the-cs-go-pro-league-finals-in-denmark-2 At the CS:GO Pro League Finals, which took place on December 7-9 in Odense, the Danish team Astralis became the first to capture the Intel® Grand Slam with a 3-1 win over Team Liquid. Astralis was awarded with the $1 million prize for completing the Intel Grand Slam, an accomplishment that required winning four Counter-Strike: Global Offensive trophies inside a period of ten consecutive ESL and DreamHack Masters competitions.   Astralis clinched the Intel Grand Slam with decisive wins, along with a few close calls, mixed in with its four victories: ·       Win No. 1: DreamHack Masters Marseille (April 2018), beating NaVi 2-0 in the final. ·       Win No. 2: CS:GO Pro League Season 7 Dallas (May 2018), beating Team Liquid 3-1 in the final. ·       Win No. 3: Intel Extreme Masters Chicago (November 2018), beating Team Liquid 3-0 in the final. ·       Win No. 4: CS:GO Pro League Season 8 Odense (December 2018), beating Team Liquid 3-1 in the final.   The CS:GO Pro League Season Eight Finals win not only marks Astralis’ 9th victory out of the sixteen events in 2018, but also clinches the first Intel Grand Slam series which firmly solidifies Astralis as one of the best CS:GO teams to date. Their prize money from the four Intel Grand Slam-eligible events and the massive bonus prize amount to $1,700,000 – almost half of all the prize money the Danish team has earned in tournaments this year.   “Congratulations to Astralis, who have thrilled the world with a dominant run to become the first team to complete the Intel Grand Slam. The Intel Grand Slam is the toughest win in all of CS:GO, and we look forward to many more triumphs in the future,” said John Bonini, vice president and general manager of VR, Gaming and Esports Group at Intel.   “Completing the Intel Grand Slam is one of the most difficult feats in all of esports because of how insanely competitive CS:GO is,” said Michal Blicharz, vice president of Pro Gaming at ESL. ”What Astralis have done is nothing short of historic. This was truly the era of Astralis.”   ESL and Intel revealed the Intel Grand Slam during E3 in 2017, delivering a fresh format that will fuel engagement with fans and players and raise the stakes of competition. The Intel Grand Slam brings together tournaments hosted by ESL and DreamHack, with a $1 million prize up for grabs. Qualifying events include Intel® Extreme Masters, ESL One powered by Intel, CS:GO Pro League and DreamHack Masters series.   With Astralis’ victory, the chase for the next Intel Grand Slam begins with a clean slate for all teams at the upcoming Intel Extreme Masters Katowice, an official CS:GO Valve Major, in February 2019.   ###   About ESL ESL, a part of the international digital entertainment group MTG, is the world's largest independent esports company, leading the industry across the most popular video games with numerous online and offline competitions. It operates high profile, branded international and national leagues and tournaments such as the Intel® Extreme Masters, ESL One, ESL National Championships and other top tier stadium-size events, as well as grassroots amateur cups, leagues and matchmaking systems. ESL covers a broad field of services in gaming technology, event management, advertising and television production, fully catering to the needs of the esports ecosystem. With offices in North America, Germany, Russia, France, Poland, Spain, China, and partners in many other countries, it has a truly global footprint (   World renowned franchise OsteoStrong has arrived in Australia. 2018-12-09T22:04:14Z world-renowned-franchise-osteostrong-has-arrived-in-australia With rapid growth plans OsteoStrong plans to open 30 sites in Australia and New Zealand,  with Adelaide, Sydney, and Canberra all locked in for post Christmas opening, Master franchise owner and Managing Director Perry Eckert stated. In Australia, convenience is highly valued!   We are all so busy and time poor and as a result of this and other dietary and lifestyle factors, most of us are becoming physically deconditioned! Did you know that more than 50% of Australians live with chronic disease and pain!  And more than one third of these conditions could be eliminated with very simple diet and lifestyle changes. We now have a greater risk of dying from chronic conditions including obesity, diabetes and musculoskeletal disease than heart disease, cigarettes or cancer. Today more than 1 in 20 deaths are directly or indirectly due to musculoskeletal diseases and osteoporosis is the leading cause. 20% of women over 60 years old will suffer from a hip fracture and up to 50% of these will die due to complications within 2 years, half of those that survive will require institutional care in the first year.   The brittle bones of Australians over 50 cost $3.1 billion in 2017 and the total cost over 10 years will climb to nearly $22 billion by 2022. Unfortunately, the chronic deconditioning of our population is happening at an alarmingly faster rate and at a younger age and will soon start to affect our whole economy, as effective working life is reduced due to illness. We are conditioned to believe that as we age, we slow down, we get weaker and everything starts to hurt!! Our phone contact lists gets smaller and everyone’s name starts with "D" for Doctor! So, it goes without saying that the health of our skeleton, which is the foundation that all our organs, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia are attached, is extremely important and that the responsibility for its HEALTH rests squarely with us. We only have one body and only one skeleton! Our Balance, Posture, Strength, Power, Agility & Energy....our freedom to perform everyday tasks without pain and restriction is affected by our skeleton. And as we age, our mobility, our dignity and ultimately our longevity, all depend on our skeletal health. The really exciting news is that at OsteoStrong we engage in skeletal strength conditioning, something that no other business in Australia can claim or achieve in a fast, convenient service. And amazingly at OsteoStrong centres, almost everyone between 12 and 96 years old can become stronger, have better posture, better balance, better agility and many people can reduce or eliminate joint, muscle and back pain.   In the US, Sweden, UK and Spain we’ve seen amazing results with OsteoStrong members improving their bone and muscle strength plus reduce or eliminate joint, muscle and back pain. At OsteoStrong "YOU" can DIY bio-hack your central nervous system to workout smarter, not harder. In less than 10 minutes once a week we can build bones, make you stronger and provide significantly better balance. Sessions are sweat free, no pain, all gain! So as famous US entrepreneur, blogger and biohacker Dave Asprey from Bulletproof has repeatedly said, “OsteoStrong IS the ultimate bio-hack”. OsteoStrong is highly recommended for children, who up to age 20 are still building bone density. It’s like investing in their bone health, plus it helps make them fracture proof for sports and daily activities.   Building your child’s “bone-bank” is like investing in their education - the more they put away when they’re young, the longer it should last as they get older. Getting this message out to all parents is critical, as we don’t want the next generation being called “Generation B” for breakage! For serious athletes, OsteoStrong helps strengthen tendons, ligaments, joints and bones so they can recruit more muscles safely. They can build a stronger foundation based on super bone density for high performance explosive action fuelling their performance on the track or field and helping make them fracture and injury proof. At OsteoStrong we also work in co-operation with medical and allied health professionals. We fill in the blanks relating to exercise dosage for people with low bone density, poor balance and muscle tone, which we know indicate high fall and fracture risks. Doctors know the dosage protocols for medications, supplements and diets, however until now, they have not known the correct dosage requirements for exercises required to build healthy new bone.   Now thanks to Dr John Jaquish and more than 25,000 peer reviewed studies from all around the World, we know that by using osteogenic loading at OsteoStrong Centres, we can provide a very controlled and safe environment for high impact emulation, which we know grows strong healthy new bone, makes your muscles stronger and improves your balance, which all help reduce your fall and fracture risk. We know the exercise dosage requirements, OsteoStrong results are measurable and we can provide technical reports to monitor members progress. For more information visit Perfectstroke Golf Training Centre Offers Intensive Golf Development Programs 2018-12-07T05:29:40Z perfectstroke-golf-training-centre-offers-intensive-golf-development-programs The Perfectstroke Golf Training Centre on the Gold Coast in Australia has recently announced that it is now offering intensive golf training packages for golfers who want to accelerate their golf playing abilities. The Perfectstroke Golf Studio in Molendinar has two full swing training bays and a dedicated putting studio with some of the best technologies currently available. Owned and operated by long time PGA member and former touring professional Mark Officer the centre has available the best launch monitors and simulator systems in Foresight GC Quad and Trackman as well as the worlds leading putting analysis technology the SAM Puttlab.  The putting studio is recognised as the best in  Australia and arguably one of the best in the world and is outfitted with a four camera video system using V1 software as well as an electrically controlled tilting putting platform. This enables analysis of not only straight putts but also breaking left to right and right to left putts.  Mark Officer stated "There is no question that the ability to be able to putt successfully on course relates to being able to deal with all lengths of putts as well different breaks. Fact is that less than 20% of putts on the course are going to be straight so players need to be able to read greens correctly and then aim and produce the same stroke mechanics consistently."  "At the Perfectstroke Putting Studio we can do a comprehensive analysis of a players putting stroke and set up, gain an understanding of their concepts and abilities and then make changes where necessary to improve outcomes." Officer said. The main full swing studio also has an electrically controlled hitting platform to simulate sloping lie shots and to improve swing plane and weight transfer. The use of these technologies and other feedback tools such as Blast Motion, BodiTrack, The Perfectstroke Putting Aid and laser training aids means that players can have their problems quickly identified and remedied. For information on access to the Perfectstroke Golf Training Centre for one on one lessons or the accelerated intensive packages go the website or send an email to GolfBowls in Australia 2018-12-07T05:06:36Z golfbowls-in-australia-1 GolfBowls is a game that uses coloured golf balls being hit with a putter to a standard bowls jack on a bowls rink. PGA Australia members Mark Officer and Garth Cusick as well as golf enthusiast Mark Bengtson have developed the game born out of Officer’s indoor golf studio on the Gold Coast. “We needed to be able to occupy some of the people coming to the Perfectstroke Golf Training Centre with training when the full swing and putting studios were already being used.”  Officer stated.  “So we set up an area where up to six people could play a putting game using coloured balls with a white ball substituting as the jack. What we found that participants quickly improved their distance control and direction without thinking too much about technique. It wasn’t until a year later that we actually tried out the game on an actual bowls green.” Bengtson and Officer took the game to Club Robina on the Gold Coast where there was an immediate positive response from those involved at the bowls club. They have played three competitive tournaments at the facility since including the Queensland Open Singles title which was won by PGA member Clint Sailes. Others to compete in the Queensland Open GolfBowls title included Jeff White, former AFL player, Aaron Nye, ex Queensland Bulls cricketer, Dylan Campbell, two time winner of the Australian Junior Golf Championship.  The event was open to any age above 12, male or female and all abilities with five golf professionals taking part. The competitive events usually played in GolfBowls are scored basically in the same manner as the same way as in lawn bowls with players scoring points for every ball that finishes closer than the opponents nearest ball. The standard game of GolfBowls also includes the use of a PowerBall which can be used once only in any one game which adds to the overall strategy of the game. After a soft introduction of the game at bowls clubs all around the country it is hoped that local clubs will start their own GolfBowls Leagues competing against neighbouring teams. There are over fifteen different games that can be played under the brand GolfBowls which include games that are more suitable for kids, corporate and party groups, as well as in teams of two, three or four. There are plans for a series of state and national level tournaments in 2019 culminating in the World GolfBowls Championship with all events offering prizemoney to the leading place getters. For more information on GolfBowls go to the website or email UFC SUPERSTAR KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV COMING TO MELBOURNE 2018-12-04T23:46:27Z ufc-superstar-khabib-nurmagomedov-coming-to-melbourne UFC SUPERSTAR KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV COMING TO MELBOURNE MOVE OVER CONOR MCGREGOR HERE COMES KHABIB! Khabib Nurmagomedov is the reigning undisputed UFC lightweight champion after beating Conor Mcgregor in Las Vegas on October 6 2018 and he is coming on his first ever trip to Australia for A SPECIAL EVENING WITH KHABIB "THE EAGLE" NURMAGOMEDOV at the Palais Theatre in Melbourne on Friday 11th January 2019. Khabib currently holds the longest undefeated streak in MMA history with 27 wins and remains undefeated in professional MMA. He is 30 years old, hails from Dagestan in Russia, is married with two young children under 4, is a devout Sunni Muslim and speaks several languages including Russian, English, Turkish, Arabic and Avar. Tickets are available through For media and tour sponsorship enquiries email or call Max Markson +61 0412501601 Invast Global continues partnership with Qantas Australian Women’s Rugby Sevens team 2018-11-29T05:26:24Z invast-global-continues-partnership-with-qantas-australian-women-s-rugby-sevens-team-1 Images (free to use): Invast’s logo will be adorned upon the shorts of the Aussie Sevens Women’s side as they make their charge in an Olympic Qualification year for HSBC Sevens World Series. Rugby Australia Chief Commercial Officer, Cameron Murray said: “We’re very proud to be continuing the partnership between Invast Global and our Qantas Australian Women’s Sevens squad. “The partnership comes in a crucial year for Rugby Sevens and it is a credit to Invast Global that they are excited to partner with one of the flagship Rugby Sevens sides globally, our Aussie Women’s Sevens team. “The HSBC Sevens World Series continues to grow as a spectacle across the world, allowing Invast to further take their brand to a global audience.”  Invast Global CEO, Gavin White said: “We’re honoured to be an official partner of the Australian Women’s Sevens Rugby team for 2019. “The team is succeeding at an elite global level – and at Invast Global we aspire to do the same. Importantly, the team represents the values of equality, integrity and dedication to excellence that Invast Global also epitomises. “Like Rugby Australia, Invast Global is a champion of diversity with 40 staff, comprising 16 different nationalities, serving clients in over 50 countries. “We wish the team the very best of luck for the 2019 season. Our staff – and our clients from all over the world – will be cheering loudly from the sidelines at each tournament.”   The Qantas Australian Women’s Sevens squad will play in the round two of the series at the HSBC Dubai Sevens, kicking off tonight.   Australia will face England, China and the USA in the battle for Pool B with all matches to be broadcast LIVE through World Rugby’s Digital Channels. The Finals on Friday will be broadcast LIVE on FOX SPORTS. Head Coach John Manenti has named two debutants in the squad in Lily Dick and Sariah Paki, following on from Australia’s victory at the Oceania Sevens in Fiji earlier this month. Qantas Australian Women’s Sevens Fixtures, Dubai Thursday November 29 Australia v England, 7.44pm AEDT Australia v China, 10.40pm AEDT Friday 30 November Australia v USA, 1.59am AEDT     Techtel helps Brightside Live cut the cord for Delivery of West Coast’s Largest Sport and Corporate Events 2018-11-27T05:52:08Z techtel-helps-brightside-live-cut-the-cord-for-delivery-of-west-coast-s-largest-sport-and-corporate-events (Sydney, Australia, 27 November 2018) Techtel, Australia’s leading broadcast systems integrator has deployed an industry-leading, robust wireless broadcast system from AbonAir for Brightside Live, the live production company of choice for a number of Australia’s West Coast flagship sporting and corporate events. This comes as Brightside Live continues to expand into larger arenas and more complex projects requiring longer wireless range and uncompromised stability and robustness of a wireless system in a live environment. With Brightside’s over 200 live production projects per year and almost 30 years’ experience, organisations with broadcasting needs such as Perth Wildcats, Western Force, West Coast Fever, Chevron, BHP and Bankwest are relying on them to deliver their critical events - be it production for a nightly live stadium sporting event or regular real-time streaming services for corporate stakeholders. As their projects expanded into more complex events and larger arenas, Brightside Live required a new robust wireless broadcast camera system with a larger area coverage, more reliable transmission and minimal latency. In response to Brightside’s distinctive specifications, Techtel supplied, and tested ABonAir’s Wireless Broadcast system, consisting of a transmitter, receiver and an antenna system based on Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) design to enhance performance and ensure coverage even in extreme radio signal environments. The ABonAir AB507 enables video transmission of up to 1,000 meters, making it suitable for use at any stadium in Australia, and has an unprecedented delay of 7 milliseconds between shooting the content from Brightside’s roving camera and having it available at their control room ready for broadcasting. Today, Brightside Live is actively using the AbonAir system for both corporate and sporting events including the Western Force, Perth Wildcats and Westcoast Fever games, BHP, CBH and Chevron Town Hall Meetings, various high profile gala dinners and many others, often multiple events at a time. David Salt, Managing Director at Brightside Live said: “Our customers want a high-quality, broadcast-like experience for their streaming & live viewers. Second to human expertise is the technology that drives this experience, and it is the wireless broadcast camera system provided to us by Techtel that enables us to deliver a robust and reliable service for an event of any scale, shape or size”. “After the rigorous selection process conducted by Brightside Live we were thrilled to be selected to provide them with the ABonAir wireless camera system. The reliability and coverage range of the AbonAir AB507 wireless camera system is exceptional, which I am sure will translate into more brilliant productions and projects for Brightside live in the future”, commented Mal Chandler, CEO at Techtel. Homestar Finance partners up with Sydney Thunder 2018-11-20T23:35:15Z homestar-finance-partners-up-with-sydney-thunder Homestar Finance is partnering up as an Official Sponsor of the Sydney Thunder for the next 2 Years of the Big Bash League. “We are looking forward to supporting the Sydney Thunder and being part of the Thunder Nation this season”, says Ilias Pavlopoulos a representative from Homestar Finance. We are excited being part of an energetic, fun and family oriented version of the game of cricket. “The Thunder Nation’s work behind the game in the local community is a big part of what we will be focusing our support on.” says Ilias Pavlopoulos. Homestar Finance’s sponsorship of the Sydney Thunder Indigenous Team in the T20 Cup is a great start to the partnership.   “We have been delivering affordable home loans to all families across Australia since 2004.” National Rifle Association of Australia Congratulate Shooting Australia award winners Rod Davies and Isabelle Cameron 2018-11-15T02:28:42Z national-rifle-association-of-australia-congratulate-shooting-australia-award-winners-rod-davies-and-isabelle-cameron On 3 November 2018, Shooting Australia held its annual awards dinner to celebrate the achievements of the top Australian shooters during the previous twelve months. The High-Performance Athlete of Year Award - Senior Male was awarded to Rod Davies from Cessnock Rifle Club and the Target Sport Athlete of Year Award – Junior Female was awarded to Isabelle Cameron from the Holsworthy Rifle Club. During the 2017 F-Class World Championships, held at Connaught Rifle Range in Canada, Rod beat more than 400 competitors from 12 countries and was crowned the World Champion for F-Class Open winning with a score of 485.38, three points clear of the nearest competitor. Rod also played a pivotal role in the 10-person team event where the Australian F-Class Open team won the F-Class World Championships. This is the second time that the Australian F-Class Open team has won the World Championships, having previously won in 2013 at Raton, New Mexico, making it two in a row. In addition to Rod’s international success, he continued his high performance domestically, winning the J G McIntosh at the NSW State Championships, the Hunt series in South Australia, placed second in the SA State Championship and second in the Grand Aggregate and in Victoria, won the State Championship and placed second in the Grand Aggregate. Isabelle, only 20 years old, has progressed through the NSW Schools Shooting Program. During this time, Isabelle was the top scoring female in the Fiona Reynolds Match in 2015 and 2016. In 2018, Isabelle participated in the National Ladies Teams Championships, winning the President’s Match and has been selected in the Australian Under 21 Rifle Team that will be competing in the World Long Range Championships in Trentham New Zealand. “The NRAA wishes to congratulate both Isabelle and Rod for their remarkable efforts. They are both true ambassadors of our sport and it is wonderful to see their success rewarded through these awards from Shooting Australia.” – Gordon Duncan, NRAA Chairman About the NRAA: The NRAA is the peak body for Full-Bore Long-Range Target Shooting in Australia. It is a full member of ICFRA (International Confederation of Full-Bore Rifle Associations) and participates in ICFRA World Championships – Commonwealth Games – as well as other significant International and National events. The NRAA governs the safety standards and rules of shooting in all nine States and Territories for full-bore shooting, with more than 281 clubs and over 6,000 members across 9 shooting disciplines. Intel® Extreme Masters Sydney, Australia's Award Winning Esports Event, Returns for the Third Consecutive Year in 2019 2018-11-13T00:15:06Z intel-extreme-masters-sydney-australia-s-award-winning-esports-event-returns-for-the-third-consecutive-year-in-2019 (Sydney, Australia) - November 13, 2018 - Intel® Extreme Masters (IEM), the longest running global pro gaming circuit in the world, is returning to Sydney on May 3-5, 2019.  The professional gaming competition at Qudos Bank Arena will see sixteen of the world’s best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) teams play live for a lion’s share of the $US 250,000 prize pool. IEM Sydney 2019 will be one of a dozen major arena pro gaming competitions planned globally by ESL in 2019 and the second CSGO Intel Grand Slam event next year. The event’s winners will get another notch towards completing the Intel Grand Slam, a $US 1,000,000 prize for the first team to win four of the previous ESL and DreamHack IGS-level events.  IEM Sydney title holders FaZe Clan currently hold two eligible championships, with last year’s runners up Astralis holding three after their win at IEM Chicago 2018. “What we have managed to build in just two years with ESL Australia and the ANZ gaming community is absolutely incredible,” said Michał Blicharz, VP of Pro Gaming at ESL.  “IEM Sydney is quickly becoming a staple esports event not just in Australia but globally and it’s something we’re incredibly proud of.” “For us to be able to announce our third consecutive stadium-scale esports event in Australia with IEM Sydney 2019 is something we never dreamt of happening 10 years ago” said Nick Vanzetti, Senior Vice President of ESL Asia-Pacific Japan. “It’s a true testament to the strength of esports in our country, and we’ll be working hard to ensure it’s another unforgettable experience for every person who attends.” “As the global technology leader for esports and gaming, we are excited to be back in Sydney to showcase the latest gaming technologies from the desktop to the cloud. We look forward to delivering the world-class gaming experience which CS:GO fans in Australia and the region have come to expect from Intel Extreme Masters Sydney,” Santhosh Viswanathan, managing director, Sales and Marketing Group, Asia Pacific and Japan, Intel. In 2018, over 7,500 esports fans attended IEM Sydney on each event day, and with 13.5 million unique viewers online, it recorded the highest ever viewership for an esports competition held in Australia. Next year’s event will mark the 75th stop since the inception of Intel Extreme Masters since the start of the series in 2006. As well as being able to view the world’s best CS:GO players live in an arena setting, attendees of IEM Sydney 2019 will have the chance to meet their esports idols face-to-face at signing sessions, and participate in giveaways from partners and sponsors at the IEM Expo.  A must-see showcase at all IEM events is the Intel Experience Area featuring the latest 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 and Intel® Core™ i9 processors.  The immersive gaming and esports experience features the latest PC and VR games, all powered by Intel’s leading gaming technology. Ticketing information Tickets for IEM Sydney 2019 will go on sales on Friday, November 16, 2018 at 2pm AEDT via The general public will have the opportunity to choose between Day (starting at $39 AUD), Weekend ($139 AUD), Weekend Premium ($239 AUD) and Global Elite tickets ($1,199 AUD). In addition, all ticket types will offer an Early Entrance option which will allow fans to enter the venue one hour prior to the official doors open time.  For more information, follow IEM on Twitter and Facebook and visit the official IEM Sydney website at Be sure to watch the announcement trailer for a first look at what IEM Sydney 2019 is all about.  ASSETS: IEM Sydney 2019 Press Kit Media contacts Interview requests For media requests, press passes and further information about Intel Extreme Masters Sydney, please contact: Alex Blaikie, Communications, ESL Australia About Intel® Extreme Masters Intel® Extreme Masters Sydney 2019 will once again be presented by ESL in collaboration with TEG Live and at TEG’s flagship venue, Qudos Bank Arena.  ESL, a part of the international digital entertainment group MTG, is the world's largest esports company, leading the industry across the most popular video games with numerous online and offline competitions. It operates high profile, branded international and national leagues and tournaments such as the Intel® Extreme Masters, ESL One, ESL National Championships and other top tier stadium-size events, as well as grassroots amateur cups, leagues and matchmaking systems. ESL covers a broad field of services in gaming technology, event management, advertising and television production, fully catering to the needs of the esports ecosystem. With offices in North America, Germany, Russia, France, Poland, Spain, China, and partners in many other countries, it has a truly global footprint ( TEG Live is wholly owned by TEG, Asia Pacific’s leading ticketing, live entertainment and data analytics company. TEG Live is a dynamic and diverse promoter of live content in music, sport, family entertainment, eSports and exhibitions. TEG Live connects millions of fans every year with unique live experiences and adds value to events with hospitality and sponsorship services.  For more information: TEG Live Website: