The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-06-12T03:31:03Z Case Study: Quickly Create An Online Booking System For Complex Events 2019-06-12T03:31:03Z case-study-quickly-create-an-online-booking-system-for-complex-events Case Study: Quickly create an online booking system for complex events My experience using the system was excellent. It saved me countless hours. Lach Falvey, Development Convenor, Swimming Metro North East Summary Over $50,000 of event bookings and memberships have been successfully processed with this fast and simple online solution using WordPress, PayPal, Gravity Forms, Gravity View and GFChart. Client Situation The club knew it was a mess. Every year application forms were emailed to members. They would then print, complete, attach a cheque, put in an envelope and snail mail them back – sometime over the following days, weeks or months; if at all. The cheques were banked, except for the odd one that was rejected. The forms were collated, and information transposed onto a spreadsheet. This was all shared with the organisers. Everything was slow, nothing was up to date, it took a lot of effort to manage. And it was a huge chore. Despite steaming through 2019, this is still a typical scenario for many clubs and community groups. A lot of businesses too. The problem with existing online solutions There are some fantastic online event booking systems (Eventbrite, TryBooking, etc) but none of them was entirely satisfactory. Club events require a lot of additional information and selection choices, and these solutions were poor at collecting and collating through a friendly user interface. They all appear to be designed for seat bookings at venues on specified dates, maybe with tiered pricing, and some optional extras. Club events are different in that they run over several weeks, with competitors scheduling events, not seating, and whilst the difference seemed subtle, it wasn’t. Next, we looked at WooCommerce, the leading eCommerce solution for WordPress. It offers a near perfect customer front end solution, but where it fell down was on the back end. We couldn’t find a way to get a simple clean download of all the booking information. Maybe there is a solution out there somewhere, but we just couldn’t find one. The Solution Gravity Forms came to the rescue. It’s ability to collect complex information through forms and make it available for download via a simple csv file for spreadsheet viewing was key. It’s payment gateway add-ons gave us a way to collect money. So, we hired some cheap hosting, installed WordPress and a Genesis theme, and built a really basic website containing photos of previous club events, and information about future events. We opened a standard PayPal account, loaded Gravity Forms and the PayPal add-on, and our new booking system went live. We used the free ‘members’ plugin to provide basic access control and the free ‘Gravity Forms Directories and add-ons’ plugin to display a simple list of bookings to selected people with access. The system worked a treat for customers, and the administrators loved the speed and ease of downloading all booking details into a spreadsheet. What was missing was a simple dashboard giving an overview of bookings. GFChart to the rescue. GFChart provided the missing dashboard capability. Available as a plugin which extends Gravity Forms to display live data in charts, it is used to display a dashboard that tells administrators which events are selling well and where there is an opportunity to invest extra sales effort. Continued System Enhancements Since this Case Study, the core event booking capability has been rolled out with other clients, and modified for taking club membership payments. Examples and New Features Bookings form which fronts the dashboard shown above. Squad booking form. Dashboard for an online training system built using GFChart. Significant additional enhancements of GFChart have taken place that will provide an even better solution for your bookings needs. Gravity Forms booking overview. Survey Customiser Display Charts in Emails and PDF’s Buy GFChart Now Sports Podiatry Roseville Sydney CBD On Feet Injury Foot Pain Ankle Sprains Toes 2019-06-10T22:00:09Z sports-podiatry-roseville-sydney-cbd-on-feet-injury-foot-pain-ankle-sprains-toes Who should you consult first for an ankle sprain - a GP, Physiotherapist or Podiatrist? A sprained ankle is a common injury that many people will suffer from at some time in their lives. An unexpected movement can cause the foot to suddenly twist, forcing the ankle joint out of its normal position, and stretching or even tearing the ligaments around the ankle. People will often consult their GP or a physiotherapist as their first point of contact when they suffer an ankle sprain or injury. But a GP or physiotherapist may not always have enough experience and the specialised knowledge to effectively determine the extent of the injury and prescribe appropriate treatment to help you get relief from pain and provide a long-term rehabilitation plan to restore the ankle strength and movement. RELATED ARTICLE: Leading Sydney CBD and North Shore Sports Podiatrist New Toe Nail Bracing Treatment for Ingrown Toenails Eliminates Need for Surgery A delay in the correct treatment often means prolonging the recovery time, with the added risk of long term damage to the ankle. This can negatively impact daily physical activity, lead to an inability to take part in sports activities and result in lingering or recurring pain that can last for years. An incorrectly treated ankle sprain can even lead to the early onset of arthritis in the ankle. Mark Lin, the Principal Sports Podiatrist and Director for Footwork Podiatry, comments, “It’s really important to get the right diagnosis from the start in order to avoid long term damage. Seeing a sports podiatrist will ensure that you get the best rehabilitative treatment, to eliminate pain, restore full movement and function, and reactivate the muscles to support the ankle. Our specialised techniques will address any joint displacement and realign the ankle joint, facilitating a full and speedy recovery and prevent a recurrence. With timely treatment, our patients are usually able to get back to their usual level of daily movement including sports activity in the shortest possible time. In many cases, our treatment will not only restore optimal function but actually make the ankle stronger and more stable than before the injury. This is because we also address any pre-existing biomechanical issues during the treatment of the injury.” RELATED ARTICLE: North Shore Sydney CBD Foot Podiatrist Says Kinesiology Sports Tape Might Help Prevent Injuries and Reduce Inflammation Pain Footwork Podiatry will not only assess and treat your symptoms, but they will also perform a measurable and functional assessment to determine whether you are at risk of other pain and injuries. Their latest evidence-based assessment system allows them to collect meaningful data that converts to an accurate treatment plan as well as determine when you can get back to playing sports safely. “We believe the body has an incredible capacity to heal itself from injuries. Our range of revolutionary, evidence-based treatment modalities, advanced manual therapies, alternative solutions and unique hands-on treatment techniques work to stimulate the body’s own healing response. Using Foot mobilisation, Trigenics, low-level laser therapy, and corrective exercises, we offer the most effective treatment to treat a sprained ankle,” says Lin. The team at Footwork Podiatry undertake regular in-house training and ongoing professional development in order to stay at the forefront of musculoskeletal skills. This ensures that their customers receive the most up-to-date and evidence-based clinical assessment and treatment. Footwork Podiatry is situated in Roseville on Sydney’s North Shore and Sydney CBD. They are dedicated to improving the quality of life and achieving people's optimal well-being. Visit the Sports and Podiatrist Clinic to book online, or call Mark Lin or Wei Lee and their friendly team on +61 2 9416 7889 to get the best treatment advice for a sprained ankle and any other foot and leg injuries or conditions. The information contained in this guide is provided in good faith and is not intended to be nor is it to be used as a substitute for any sort of professional, medical or podiatric advice. An accurate diagnosis can only be made following personal consultation with a podiatrist. Any users should always seek the advice of their podiatrist, or other qualified healthcare providers before commencing any treatment. Syndicated by Baxton Media, the Market Influencers. 2019 Korfball World Korfball Championships Team Selected 2019-06-09T03:37:58Z 2019-korfball-world-korfball-championships-team-selected Korfball Australia is pleased to announce the team for the upcoming 2019 World Korfball Championships has been selected. The tournament, to be played in Durban, South Africa, kicks off on the 1st of August, and runs until the the 10th of August. As has been previously announced, Tim Miller will lead the team as Head Coach, with Sharyn Bungey and Krissy Marshall supporting in Team Management roles. 2019 World Korfball Championships Team Females Amy Kubank (Flinders, SA)Bethan Channing  (Boomers, SA)Emily Hutchesson (Glenelg, SA)Georgia Bungey (Arista, SA)Lauren Charlton (Newcastle, NSW)Lauren Bungey (Arista, SA)Tamika Zilm (Nomads, UK) Males Andrew Hutchesson (Flinders, SA)Ben Wallace (Newcastle, NSW)Cameron McLean (Arista, SA)Greg Perry (Boomers, Vic)Jazz Zulfic (Flinders, SA)Jeffrey Vlietstra (KV Viko, Ned)Nik Bungey (Arista, SA)Zac Marshall (Arista, SA) The team takes a new look and feel to South Africa, with a new coach, seven players returning from last year’s Asia-Oceania Korfball Championships team and eight players making their Open Team or International debut. The full team, and all National Team updates, can be found on the National Team page. The team is a truly representative one, with players based in 2 continents, 3 countries, 3 Australian states, and representing 7 different clubs. Whilst this presents its challenges, this is a great sign for the ongoing development of Australian Korfball, and we look forward to more widespread representation as our newer regions and clubs continue to grow. As a smaller sport, Korfball in Australia doesn't receive any Government or other funding, and as such all training and tournament costs are borne by the players. Despite this, and with many opposing nations being funded, or even fully professional, Australia still ranks 10th in the world. In order to assist our players, and try and close the gap on the front running nations, Korfball Australia has launched a crowdfunding campaign. On this campaign, donors can donate to individual players, or the team as a whole. As an added bonus, any donations made by Australian tax-payers over $2 are tax deductible, thanks to our partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation. The team is already training together at regular training camps, which will continue until they depart for South Africa. Sports Podiatry Roseville Sydney CBD On Foot And Leg Injuries In Active Children 2019-06-05T22:00:58Z sports-podiatry-roseville-sydney-cbd-on-foot-and-leg-injuries-in-active-children Foot and leg injuries in active children Most people will agree that living an active lifestyle is a big part of keeping fit and healthy, for children as much as adults. For children, this often means taking part in sports programs at school or at independent sports clubs. But all sports come with a risk of injury at some point, be it rugby, football, tennis or athletics, and the feet and legs are often first in the firing line. Active children and adolescents are increasingly susceptible to foot and leg pain, deriving from a number of causes: Sever’s disease is an inflammation of the growth plate in the heel of growing children, caused by repetitive stress to the heel. A tight calf is often the biggest contributing cause! A condition known as Osgood-Schlatter disease is an inflammation of the area below the knee, where the tendon from the kneecap attaches to the shinbone and is a common cause of knee pain in growing adolescents. RELATED ARTICLE: Roseville Sydney CBD Sports Podiatry Cures Runners Of Achilles Tendinitis, Runners Knee Shin splints, or medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS), is another common injury that active children or adolescents can suffer from. Repetitive stress on the shinbone and the fascia that connect the muscles to the bones can cause inflammation and pain. This is especially true when sports are undertaken without warm-up or cool down exercise, or where there are underlying biomechanical factors such as flat feet, weak ankles, hips or core muscles. Mark Lin, the Principal Sports Podiatrist and Director for Footwork Podiatry, played representative basketball during his childhood in Auckland and sustained numerous foot and ankle injuries during this time. Now as a father who is still active in social basketball and running, he understands the impact that such injuries can have on an active lifestyle, and the importance of managing and preventing such condition. Says Lin, “Chronic or recurring symptoms occur when there is an interference to the healing process such as scar tissues, biomechanical stress, structural misalignment, or repetitive strain. Our hands-on treatment techniques help to eliminate these obstacles to healing and to promote the body’s natural healing response. Footwork Podiatry offers a range of non-invasive rehabilitative techniques that they believe are the first line of treatment for foot and leg injuries in children. Their specialised techniques include foot mobilisation, Trigenics, and ART (Active Release Techniques). RELATED ARTICLE: Foot Podiatrist from Footwork Podiatry in North Shore Sydney CBD Sports Clinic Explains Sore Ankle Flexibility, Growing Pain and Flatfeet Footwear Foot Mobilisation Techniques (FMT) is a manual therapeutic method that aims to naturally improve the position of the joints. The joints are taken through their natural motions to break up adhesions and restrictions, thereby allowing the body to naturally restore optimal biomechanics. TRIGENICS® is a neurological muscle assessment, treatment and training system which reprograms the way the brain communicates with the body. Principal Sports Podiatrist and Director for Footwork Podiatry, Mark Lin is the first Podiatrist in Australia to be trained and specialised in this unique neuro-muscular treatment system. Active Release Techniques® (ART) is an effective hands-on technique that reduces pain and improves movement and is globally recognised as a leading treatment for soft-tissue injury. “Our treatment modalities are safe, eliminate pain without medication or surgery and address the underlying biomechanical causes of foot and leg pain. Our specialised techniques are designed to ensure long term improvements, helping children to stay pain and injury free, achieve optimal function, and improve their overall sports performance.” Footwork Podiatry is situated in Roseville on Sydney’s North Shore and Sydney CBD. For further information, visit the Sports and Podiatrist Clinic to book online, or call Mark Lin or Wei Lee and their friendly team on +61 2 9416 7889. The information contained in this guide is provided in good faith and is not intended to be nor is it to be used as a substitute for any sort of professional, medical or podiatric advice. An accurate diagnosis can only be made following personal consultation with a podiatrist. Any users should always seek the advice of their podiatrist, or other qualified healthcare providers before commencing any treatment. Syndicated by Baxton Media, the Market Influencers. FOOTY MEETS ARTS: A colourful, creative approach to State of Origin rivalry 2019-06-05T05:03:46Z footy-meets-arts-a-colourful-creative-approach-to-state-of-origin-rivalry On the eve of this year's State or Origin clash, local artist Susan Hando has featured two colours – a vibrant maroon and a delicate blue – in her latest sport-inspired works on paper. While 2019 marks the 39th year that State of Origin battles have been played in modern jerseys, State based teams, dating back to 1908, played in a more refined style. Susan displays and sells her distinctive Torn & Drawn original artworks at VEND Marketplace, an eclectic small business collective on Brisbane's Northside offering everything from organic dog wash and bespoke jewellery through to antique furniture and house plants. Alongside her hand-drawn images and hand-torn gift cards are her new Origin artworks – reflecting the jerseys, boots and balls of rugby league in the 1920s. Her Origin series captures the simplicity of the single colour jerseys. In the 1920s, the maroon jerseys were laced while the blue jerseys were buttoned, so linen thread and real buttons feature on some works for added texture. “As a proud Queenslander, I’ve had this idea to capture and transfer the colours and the history of State of Origin into works on paper”, said Susan, who’s heavy graphite/pastel style captures the simple yet distinctive “kangaroo” design that was embroidered on the vintage jerseys of the 1920s - a design that continued into the 70s.  “I was inspired by stories of my great uncle, W. R. (Billar) Smith,’ said Susan.  “Billar represented Toowoomba, Queensland and Australia, and the Toowoomba Rugby League awarded him a life membership.  It is likely he wore a similar styled maroon jersey.”   Susan has always drawn – starting with landscapes as a small child as she accompanied her stock and station agent father on trips into the bush. When she moved to Sydney, she developed a passion for drawing botanical subjects.  Yet it was creating a special drawing for her father that led to her new small business venture. “I was not sure what I could give my father for his 80th birthday. He taught me how to fish and has always encouraged me to draw.  So, I drew his very first Alvey fishing reel in graphite on watercolour paper. Capturing this battered, Bakelite reel - with a missing handle – was the perfect gift.”  That was ten months ago – since then Susan has been drawing a diverse mix of subjects that capture everyday objects to appeal to a range of interests – random pieces of Lego, garden gnomes, choirboys, cats, dogs, flowers and, of course, Alvey reels. “Many of my works on paper, especially those with a fishing theme, are bought as gifts for dads and grandfathers. I rather like the idea of my artworks being hung in man caves!” So, which of the new Origin artworks are her favourite? “The maroon jersey with the linen laces of course”, said Susan, who noted that she probably chose the 1924 jersey as her “model”, as from 1922 to 1925 Queensland defeated New South Wales 11 times in 12 matches.  Susan currently lives in Sydney with her Victorian-born husband and Sydney-born son and travels to Brisbane frequently to see family, friends and of course, to draw! Torn & Drawn artworks, each a signed original by Susan Hando, can be discovered at: “Practical Tactical” Shop 96 VEND Marketplace and Greenhouse 1768 Sandgate Road, Virginia Shop Open 7 days: 8am – 4pm Free parking on site plus licenced café (café open 8am-3pm) Instagram: Facebook:       WHY RUGBY LEAGUE LEGEND MATT COOPER GIVES A SHIT ABOUT HIS COLON ! 2019-06-02T23:59:28Z why-rugby-league-legend-matt-cooper-gives-a-shit-about-his-colon WHY MATT COOPER GIVES A SHIT ABOUT HIS COLON ! # JUNE IS BOWEL CANCER AWARENESS MONTH# RUGBY LEAGUE LEGEND MATT COOPER GETS BEHIND IT!# KEEP YOUR ENVIRONMENT CLEAN WITH COLONIC HYDRATION Rugby League legend Matt Cooper is getting behind Bowel Cancer Awareness Month in June and Red Apple Day on Wednesday June 19 and encourages everyone to have a colonic irrigation.  Colon Care Centres at Surry Hills, Bondi, Randwick and Kogarah are giving away Red Apples every day in June to all visitors at all their 4 clinics. Matt, who played his entire 267 game career with the Dragons including 13 State of Origins and 7  for Australia, plus starred on TV shows The Full Monty, Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing With The Stars, says “ You have to give a shit about your colon! It’s important to have a colonic irrigation, in fact I’m having 3 this month! It makes you feel healthy and good, and it’s good for you and your colon.” Colon Care Centre owner Anna Paredes has been keeping colons hydrated and healthy for 25 years. Anna says “ After having your bowel checks, avoid gastrointestinal diseases by keeping  your environment clean and live a long life. Don’t let Hereditary Bowel Cancer get you down. Stay clean and avoid bowel cancer today with colonic hydration. I also invite all Doctors to support Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and if they call me I’ll give them each a basket of red apples for their surgery”.  Anna who is also the President of the Australian Colonic Hydrotherapy Association has been keeping colons healthy for 25 years and invites anyone with any questions to call her on 02 9211 1174. TO INTERVIEW MATT COOPER OR ANNA PAREDES email or call Max Markson 0412 501 601 ( Photos of Matt having a colonic irrigation are available!)   INTEL® EXTREME MASTERS SYDNEY SETS NEW RECORD FOR AUSTRALIAN ESPORTS VIEWERSHIP 2019-05-30T02:26:27Z intel-extreme-masters-sydney-sets-new-record-for-australian-esports-viewership Sydney, Australia - 27 May 2019 - Intel® Extreme Masters (IEM) Sydney, Australia's biggest esports tournament, is now in the history books, with Team Liquid winning the tournament and taking home the lion’s share of US$250,000 in front of a packed Qudos Bank Arena. In an intense final lasting five maps, Team Liquid took the win over Fnatic to secure themselves a spot in esports history as champions at the tournament’s third stop in Sydney, and 75th stop globally since its inception in 2006. This year’s event, held across May 3-5, surpassed all previous viewership records for an esports tournament held in Australia, with over 20 million viewers tuning in across the duration of the event. Counter-Strike fans across the world watched almost 10 million hours of content over the course of the event, up 16% vs. 2018. On social media, users made over 36,000 tweets related to IEM Sydney 2019, while content surrounding the tournament was viewed over 55 million times across all platforms. “IEM Sydney is a truly world-class event, and seeing our broadcast reach over 20 million people around the world is a testament to the quality of the tournament.” said Nick Vanzetti, MD & Senior Vice President of ESL APJ. “Between those who watched online and the 7,500 fans who attended each day of the main event, there is a growing appetite in Australia for the highest level of Counter-Strike.” “We owe the continued success of Intel Extreme Masters Sydney to the esports community in Australia and around the world, which continues to grow at an incredible pace,” said John Bonini, Vice President and General Manager of VR, Gaming and Esports at Intel. “This community is why Intel keeps fueling this growth with more esports, more great content for PC gamers and more innovation when it comes to performance and power.” IEM Expo Attendees at the event were able to immerse themselves in the latest PC gaming technology and titles. The Intel® Showcase featured the latest 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 and Intel® Core™ i9 processors for gaming and VR. Attendees also had the chance to purchase the latest pc gaming products from Intel partners and engage in competitive gaming on Intel’s leading gaming technology, including the Intel® Hades Canyon NUC at the Intel® Channel Pavilion. ### Media contact detailsAlex Blaikie - PR, ESL Australia - Press photos: IEM Sydney Press Kit: Intel® Extreme Masters Sydney 2019 is presented by ESL in collaboration with TEG Live and held at TEG’s flagship venue, Qudos Bank Arena. ESL is the world’s largest esports company. Founded in 2000, ESL has been shaping the industry across the most popular video games with numerous online and offline competitions. It operates high profile, branded international leagues and tournaments such as ESL One, Intel® Extreme Masters, ESL Pro League and other top tier stadium-size events, as well as ESL National Championships, grassroots amateur cups and matchmaking systems, defining the path from zero to hero as short as possible. With offices all over the world, ESL is leading esports forward on a global scale. ESL is a part of MTG, the leading international digital entertainment group. TEG Live is wholly owned by TEG, Asia Pacific’s leading ticketing, live entertainment and data analytics company. TEG Live is a dynamic and diverse promoter of live content in music, sport, family entertainment, esports and exhibitions. TEG Live connects millions of fans every year with unique live experiences and adds value to events with hospitality and sponsorship services. For more information: TEG Live Website: The Top 10 Apps For Your Personal Training Business 2019-05-26T23:56:45Z the-top-10-apps-for-your-personal-training-business With the amount exceptional fitness apps on the market, it’s never been a better time to use technology to benefit your Personal Training business. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite ‘Top 10 Personal Training Apps’ that help you communicate directly with clients, keeping them accountable and on track, all while managing your business and market growth. This means you can spend less time on the clerical stuff and more time actually training your clients. Plus, people LOVE using apps! Click here to read the full article. Roseville Sydney CBD Sports Podiatry Recommends Heat And Ice For Foot And Leg Injuries 2019-05-20T22:00:56Z roseville-sydney-cbd-sports-podiatry-recommends-heat-and-ice-for-foot-and-leg-injuries Should You Use Heat, Ice, or Both for Foot and Leg Injuries? The use of heat, ice or both can be an effective first treatment for foot and leg injuries. But many people are unsure about which to use when, and the topic has generated a fair amount of debate. Using the wrong treatment at the wrong time, however, can do more harm than good, and further, prolong recovery time. It’s important therefore to clarify the conditions under which you should apply heat or ice. We spoke to Mark Lin and Wei Lee Sports Podiatrists at Footwork Podiatry in Sydney to find out the facts. RELATED ARTICLE: Roseville Sydney Sports Podiatry Foot Fungal Nail Infections Laser Therapy Solutions Heat increases blood flow "For muscle spasms, heat is your go-to application," says Lin, "Heat increases blood flow to the affected area, relaxes tight muscles and provides pain relief. Heat application can be a very effective strategy for managing chronic injuries." Lee says, "Athletes will often apply heat combined with massage prior to training or a match. This increases blood circulation and allows the muscles to stretch to optimal length. By increasing the muscles’ range of movement, heat and massage prepare the body for the rigorous exercise ahead." "Applying ice to muscle spasms will only further tighten the muscles, compounding the spasm and increasing the risk of further injury," Lin concludes. So when should you use ice? Lin says ice application is very effective for alleviating inflammation and soothing injured tissue. "Inflammation is seen as swelling, redness and tenderness to the touch in the affected area. This is an indication that the capillaries that run through the tissue have been damaged and are leaking blood and other fluids into the area." This damage is what causes inflammation and the use of ice is strongly recommended as a treatment. "It’s important to note that ice should always be wrapped in a cloth or towel before application and not be applied directly onto the skin," says Lee Methods for applying ice and the time intervals for application vary depending on the type of injury sustained. You should, therefore, consult with your practitioner before using ice treatment, to ensure that the injury is treated correctly. Using heat to treat inflammation or an acute injury can increase tissue bleeding and swelling, as heat causes the blood vessels to dilate. When heat is incorrectly used in a situation like this, it will exacerbate the condition and lengthen recovery time. When should a heat and ice combination be used? Lin says a combination of both heat and ice application is only recommended under certain conditions. "In the event of a torn or ruptured muscle, it should first be treated with ice to ease inflammation. Only once the inflammation has subsided can heat be used to relieve pain and speed up healing, by increasing blood flow to the area." "A technique utilising alternate hot and cold baths can be used to resolve inflammation and swelling, but once again it’s recommended that you seek professional advice before attempting this. If done incorrectly, you will run the risk of causing further damage," warns Lin. RELATED ARTICLE: Leading Sydney CBD and North Shore Sports Podiatrist Says Feet Problems Cause Low Back Pain, Footwork Podiatry Footwork Podiatry, situated in Roseville on Sydney’s North Shore and Sydney CBD, is there to help should you have an injury or condition that you think would benefit from heat or ice treatment. They offer advanced manual therapies and a holistic and corrective care approach, with a proven track record of success in resolving acute and chronic conditions, and they will gladly offer advice to get you on the road to recovery as soon as possible. For further information, visit the Sports and Podiatrist Clinic to book online, or call Mark Lin or Wei Lee and their friendly team on +61 2 9416 7889. The information contained in this guide is provided in good faith and is not intended to be nor is it to be used as a substitute for any sort of professional, medical or podiatric advice. An accurate diagnosis can only be made following personal consultation with a podiatrist. Any users should always seek the advice of their podiatrist, or other qualified healthcare providers before commencing any treatment. Syndicated by Baxton Media, the Market Influencers. Roseville Sydney CBD Sports Podiatry Cures Runners Of Achilles Tendinitis, Runners Knee 2019-05-16T22:00:08Z roseville-sydney-cbd-sports-podiatry-cures-runners-of-achilles-tendinitis-runners-knee How to stay free of pain and injuries as a runner Running continues to gain popularity as a form of exercise, and for good reason - it’s an effective antidote to the modern sedentary lifestyle, it doesn’t require any special equipment and it delivers a dopamine boost. But on a far less happy note, statistics show that nearly 80% of all runners are injured every year. The repetitive force involved in running can put immense strain on the feet and legs, causing a number of common injuries. Mark Lin, the Principal Sports Podiatrist and Director for Footwork Podiatry, comments, “We see a lot of runners at our clinics, located in Sydney's CBD and Roseville, with various injuries - these are often due to not warming up properly and too rigorous a training schedule. Yes, fitness is important, but the joints of the feet and legs absorb a lot of impact during running and it’s vital to give them a rest. Conditions like Achilles tendinitis are very common, this occurs when the tendons connecting the heel to the lower leg muscles become inflamed. This can be caused by improper footwear, tight calf muscles or having naturally flat feet and can be avoided to some extent by a proper stretching and strengthening programme of the calf muscles. Runners knee, or Patellofemoral pain syndrome, refers to pain in the front of the knee and around the kneecap, and is generally caused either by maltracking of the kneecap and/or overuse from vigorous exercise.” Other conditions that runners can suffer from are Morton's neuroma, Metatarsalgia, Metatarsal stress fractures, Shin splints, plantar fasciitis, calf muscle strain or tear and ankle sprain. Morton's neuroma -a painful condition that occurs as a result of the thickening of the tissue surrounding one of the nerves leading to the toes. Shin splints -amongst the most common of running injuries, this occurs when the muscles, tendons, or the fascia covering the shinbone become inflamed and sore. Metatarsalgia -characterised by painful inflammation in the forefoot (ball of the foot) as a result of increased pressure in this area. Metatarsal stress fractures - tiny cracks in the bone, these are a sure sign of too much repetitive force on the leg bones. An occurrence of any of these conditions is an indicator that there are some biomechanical issues going on that have put the feet and legs under too much strain, and seeing a sports podiatrist is recommended. Footwork Podiatryoffers a range of alternative, non-invasive, and safe treatment techniques to treat the above conditions, along with specifically prescribed exercises to relieve symptoms as well as retraining the feet and legs to run in a more efficient pattern Foot mobilisation is a ‘hands-on’ treatment technique that diagnoses and corrects misalignment of the foot and ankle. It increases the range of joint mobility, improves proprioceptive feedback from the feet and reduces ‘pain messages’ sent to the brain by stimulating the joint mechanoreceptors. Active Release Techniques removes the build-up of scar tissue that occurs when the body tries to heal itself from an injury. Accumulation of scar tissue restricts the muscle from movement, causing it to becomes both shorter and weaker. The increased tension on tendons causes tendonitis, and nerves can become trapped. ART® provides lasting relief for repetitive strain or overuse injuries and the technique is suitable for anyone, including from children, athletes and the elderly. Low-Level Laser therapy (LLLT) is another effective treatment for a soft-tissue injury. Laser treatment penetrates deep into the tissue causing a photochemical reaction at a cellular level. This metabolic change is highly effective in stimulating tissue repair and relieving pain, and the treatment dramatically shortens recovery time and rapidly reduces swelling and inflammation. “At Footwork Podiatry, we incorporate laser therapy into our treatment protocols to promote and accelerate tissue healing of a wide range of acute and chronic lower limb conditions. Combined with other corrective care treatments, such as Foot Mobilisation Techniques and Trigenics®, we address the underlying cause of the problem for long-term results. LLLTis non-invasive, eye-safe, totally painless and often immediately analgesic,” says Lin. Footwork Podiatry takes top-quality care seriously and is your go-to source for any running related injuries. Find them in two convenient locations, in Roseville on Sydney’s North Shore and Sydney CBD. For further information, visit the Sports and Podiatrist Clinic to book online, or call Mark Lin or Wei Lee and their friendly team on +61 2 9416 7889. The information contained in this guide is provided in good faith and is not intended to be nor is it to be used as a substitute for any sort of professional, medical or podiatric advice. An accurate diagnosis can only be made following personal consultation with a podiatrist. Any users should always seek the advice of their podiatrist, or other qualified healthcare providers before commencing any treatment. Syndicated by Baxton Media, the Market Influencers. The Good Dentist Kicking Goals As Newcastle Jets Club Dentist 2019-05-15T04:50:47Z the-good-dentist-kicking-goals-as-newcastle-jets-club-dentist Garreth McBride of The Good Dentist in Newcastle has dreamt of becoming the Club Dentist at the Newcastle Jets since he arrived in Australia in 2012. We suspect it might have had something to do with following his Liverpool FC hero Emile Heskey to Newcastle when Heskey joined the Jets, although Garreth refuses to confirm or deny this. The soccer die-hard (or ‘football’ as he prefers) is now having his dreams realised after he signed a partnership with the Newcastle Jets in April 2019 to become their official Club Dentist. The partnership means that Garreth is the emergency dentist for any players in the A League, W League and Juniors squads as well as their preferred dentist off the field. Some of the players and families of the corporate team were already patients at The Good Dentist so Garreth was thrilled when the Newcastle Jets approached him with the offer. “I’m a fairly passionate member of the Jets community,” says Garreth. Football was my first love and I’ve always dreamt of being involved in the Newcastle Jets in whatever capacity I could. I want the best for the players and members so its great that I can offer them assistance in the best way I know how.” The Good Dentist is offering Newcastle Jets 2018/19 Members who want to get their teeth done in the off-season 15% off check-ups and any subsequent treatments if required. Members with private dental cover will pay no gap on the check-up and 15% off subsequent treatments, if required.  Just mention you are a Jets member upon booking and remember to bring in your Newcastle Jets 2018/19 Membership Card to get the discount. View Terms & Conditions Hawks Jump on Board with Afford for An Inclusive Melbourne 2019-05-10T02:10:10Z hawks-jump-on-board-with-afford-for-an-inclusive-melbourne MELBOURNE, 8 MAY 2019 - This year, the spotlight will shine brightly on disability in Melbourne with partnerships between Afford, Hawthorn and Yarra Trams established to encourage an inclusive Melbourne that supports people of all abilities. Afford (The Australian Foundation for Disability) is a not-for-profit disability service organisation that provides whole-of-life disability supports for people across Australia under the NDIS. The disability service provider has been operating in Australia for over 65 years and is committed to creating opportunities for people with disability to live the life they want and create greater public awareness of the valuable community contributions made by people with disability. This year, Afford has partnered with the Hawthorn Football Club, to establish the MCG's first Sensory Friendly Space to allow footy fans with sensory sensitivities, and their families, to enjoy cheering on their favourite team while having a space for respite if and when they need it. In addition to the Sensory Friendly Space, Afford is working with the Hawks to support their Wheelchair and All Abilities Players in the 2019 season, facilitating AFL experiences for Afford participants and offering work experience opportunities at Hawks HQ for people with disability. Afford was also named 2019 Yarra Trams Community Partner which involves an entire tram being wrapped with images of people of all abilities.  Tram 3008 can be seen passing the MCG on Route 48 (North Balwyn to Victoria Harbour Docklands) and can also be seen on Route 109 (Box Hill to Port Melbourne) from April until July. The Afford Community Partner Tram will increase public awareness of diversity, inclusivity and encourage the celebration of everyone's unique abilities. Afford CEO, Steven Herald, says that the partnerships with the Hawks and Yarra Trams are strong steps towards creating an inclusive Melbourne. "We are thrilled to have established these partnerships with the Hawks and Yarra Trams. Both the Hawks and Yarra Trams are well established in Melbourne's culture and such iconic organisations that share our vision to encourage inclusiveness and acceptance." "Through these partnerships we are sure that our message of an inclusive Melbourne will shine on the streets and on the footy fields of Melbourne and foster inclusivity for Australians of all abilities."  "We encourage everyone to jump on board with Afford to support us in creating an inclusive Melbourne and tag @Afford in your social posts to show your support for people of all abilities." Hawthorn CEO Justin Reeves said the partnership supports the club’s vision to be inclusive and welcoming for people of all backgrounds.   Afford is a registered charity and has been operating in Australia for over 65 years, providing a range of disability supports to thousands of people across Australia every day. For more information about Afford, visit or call 1300 233 673. ENDS Editor's Note: Footage/imagery of the Afford Community Partner tram can be obtained, please contact Maria on 0402 239 929. Media Contact: Maria Crema: Crema PR m 0402 239 929 e About the Australian Foundation for Disability (Afford) - The Australian Foundation for Disability (Afford) is a registered charity providing disability services to thousands of people across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The supports provided by Afford include: Shared Living; Overnight Respite; Social and Community Programs; Transition to Work Programs; Transition to Retirement Programs; Carer Support; Disability Employment Services; Supported Employment; Allied Health Support and Support Coordination.   e-Tailer Klika Group’s sales soar as it launches its latest fitness offering 2019-05-06T21:54:37Z e-tailer-klika-group-s-sales-soar-as-it-launches-its-latest-fitness-offering Melbourne, VIC, Release:  May 7, 2019.  For Immediate Release Klika Group buckled the general weakened consumer sentiment as it announced a 30% growth in its annual sales and the launch of its latest website, The e-commerce group operates a hybrid business model with significant online market share across household product categories, selling its private label brands through its own platforms (,, and now and across most major Australian and New Zealand online marketplaces. Director of Operations Leo Zaitsev said, “We have had annual 30% growth in our website sales and successfully reverse engineered the traditional wholesale business model, creating what we refer to as an “e-wholesale business”. We supply products and brands which we have created to other e-tailers with the additional service of delivering the products directly to their customers. This has allowed us to bridge the gap with quality and affordable products in a price sensitive environment, without the need for costly and intangible above the line marketing, and overheads.” The PowerTrain brand which recently celebrated its 6th birthday has enjoyed a significant customer following in the online retail space, delivering close to a million products to households in Australia and New Zealand since launch. “I don’t believe there is another Australian brand like PowerTrain which offers the depth of products, and local customer support that we do. Also unlike our competitors, we focus on the quality of the product and growing the brand, rather than discounting and ultimately cutting corners on the quality and durability of the product.  We have the range, local customer support as well as the local showroom for customers to play around with the products before they commit to buying them. The next logical step for the brand is expansion into activewear, which we aim to launch before the end of the year”, the proud co-owner continued. The current PowerTrain product line up consists of cardio, weights, home gyms, treadmills, gymnastic equipment, accessories and trending functional fitness essentials such as battle ropes, kettlebells, bosu balls to name a few. “I wouldn’t say I’m a gym fanatic, but I do enjoy working out and keeping fit in my own time and space. PowerTrain offers this freedom and motivation to anyone who wants to better their overall wellbeing and lifestyle by giving them the flexibility to choose how they want to exercise in the privacy of their own home. It allows you to have your home gym as basic as you want it or as sophisticated as a mini fitness centre can be. The setup is entirely up to the customer. We’re simply providing the vehicle to get them going.” As a show of confidence, Zaitsev concludes “we know the online market inside out. We understand the fitness industry well, and we represent a solid business with exceptional growth prospects going forward”. To learn more about Klika Group, visit About Klika Group ( Founded in 2005, Australian owned and operated, Klika Group has a unique hybrid online retail and e-wholesale business model, offering for sale directly to consumers more than 15,000 products via " platform and supplying products from its 18 private labels such as Kahuna Trampolines, PowerTrain Fitness, Wallaroo outdoor equipment, Yukon Trade, to name a few. Klika’s wide product range is also available across all the main online marketplaces in Australia. Awarded as Top 20 Online Retailers in the country, in addition to Power Retail Top 100 Retailers list, Klika differentiates itself in the online retail space by supplying a diverse range of products with a focus on bulky profile categories and a true omni-channel presence with phone sales and a physical store operating 7 days a week at its 15,000sqm central facility in Melbourne. The group is supported by two satellite offices in China and Philippines. New Media App Launches To Kill Off The Press Release 2019-04-30T04:15:39Z new-media-app-launches-to-kill-off-the-press-release A new technology platform has launches tomorrow made just for you. This tech platform called Story Match® will change the way that you receive your story pitches. No more emails, no more press releases and no more hassling PRs (I promise not to be one of those…) First, watch this! In 1.5 minutes it will explain it all to you… Story Match® is a two sided market place App and Desktop platform that allows brands to pitch story ideas to journalists, at the same time allowing journalists to select only what topics of stories they want to receive. Journalists, like you, set up their profile using 6 simple steps. You can select from up to 50 industry tags (food, finance, lifestyle, tech, etc etc) and can localise by State and Territories. If there’s a match on industry tags then you see the pitch. Using swiping technology you can scroll through stories, swipe left if you don’t like the story or right if you do. If you swipe right, it will open an immediate and private chat between you and the person who posted the pitch. The best bit…. The pitches have limitations – so brands can only upload selected images, a headline and up to 500 characters to bring their pitch to life. They then select which industry tag their story is relevant to, and localise it. So now you don’t need to read any more press releases or receive any more pitches that you’re not interested in. Story Match® was developed to improve efficiencies in the media industry, and allow all brands, no matter how big or small the opportunity to get their brand noticed. The tech platform has been developed by Founder and Director of Polkadot Communications Dionne Taylor – who has worked both as a journalist and a PR for the last 15 years. Dionne is available for an interview to chat about this new and exciting platform, built just for YOU! If interested in speaking with Dionne, please get in touch. CBH Group appoints ORIX Australia as outsourced Fleet Management and Leasing provider in Western Australia 2019-04-30T00:54:41Z cbh-group-appoints-orix-australia-as-outsourced-fleet-management-and-leasing-provider-in-western-australia Sydney, Australia – April 30, 2019 – ORIX Australia Corporation Limited (ORIX) today announced that, following a competitive process, CBH Group has appointed ORIX as its outsourced Fleet Management and Leasing provider. The CBH Group is Australia’s largest co-operative organisation and a leader in the Australian grain industry, with operations extending along the value chain from grain storage, handling, transport, marketing and processing. Owned and controlled by more than 4,000 Western Australian grain growing businesses, the core purpose of the CBH Group is to sustainably create and return value to growers*. ORIX is a trans-Tasman Fleet Management and Leasing Organisation, currently employing over 300 people and managing assets valued in excess of A$1 billion. ORIX’s offer to CBH Group includes traditional fleet management and leasing services to support CBH’s fleet of vehicles. The offer was complemented by enhanced Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) capabilities tailored for CBH Group and designed to optimise the cost of managing mobility within the Group. Further, by accessing ORIX’s innovative technology package, CBH Group and ORIX were able to develop a support package that allows CBH Group to extend industry best practice fleet management and leasing capabilities to its substantial network of growers and suppliers. ORIX will engage CBH Group in the near future to further extend its offer to include Novated Leasing and a Vehicle Buying Service to its members and employees. * <ENDS> About ORIX Australia Corporation Limited ORIX Australia Corporation Limited (ORIX) is one of the world’s leading fleet management companies. In Australia and New Zealand, we’ve provided fleet management, commercial vehicle rentals and leasing and novated leasing for more than 30 years. Through our innovative solutions, including the award-winning OneView platform, ORIX Share and ORIXi, we help our clients get more value from their vehicles and manage the evolving risks of a mobile workforce.