The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-10-28T08:11:11Z Malaysia to host 2020 World Chinese Economic Summit – a significant post pandemic global event 2020-10-28T08:11:11Z malaysia-to-host-2020-world-chinese-economic-summit-a-significant-post-pandemic-global-event Tan Sri Dr Michael Yeoh, chairman of the World Chinese Economic Summit (WCES) and President, KSI Strategic Institute for Asia (KSI) has announced that the prestigious annual event will return to Kuala Lumpur for 2020.    The theme for this year’s Summit is Connecting Business, Promoting Shared Prosperity and Sustainability in the Post COVID New Economy.    The event will be held on November 26 in two formats – on site and via the virtual platform.  Furthermore, reflecting the internationality of the Summit, it has been held in Chongqing, China, Hong Kong, London, Melbourne, and last year in Macau.    “As the world begins its long journey towards recovery in the aftermath of the global CV19 pandemic, this year’s theme is indeed apt and timely”, said Tan Sri Dr Michael Yeoh.   “Leveraging this moment of crisis, when usual policies and social norms have been disrupted, bold steps can steer the world back on track towards an inclusive and sustainable economic growth”.   As well as promoting global and regional dialogue on China’s importance as the world’s second largest economy, the Summit program also acknowledges the important role of the worldwide Chinese diaspora in the promotion of B2B connectivity, entrepreneurship and innovation through networking and sharing of knowledge and best practices”.   Over 300 delegates from across the globe are expected to attend and participate online drawn by the Summit’s program that promotes entrepreneurship, smart partnerships, the digital economy, connectivity and green / sustainable growth.    Tan Sri Dr Michael Yeoh continued, “Now is the time for change, for a profound systemic shift to a more sustainable economy that works for both people and the planet.   “Wellbeing, sustainability and economic prosperity – we need to connect the dots and address issues collectively rather than pitting them against one another is key for creating a better future, a more prosperous and sustainable future”.   The WCES provides an opportunity to connect the global Chinese diaspora, to promote closer cooperation between China, ASEAN, Europe and countries of Asia Pacific. In addition, it provides a platform for global strategic thinkers, business leaders and future leaders to exchange views and ideas.    The highlight of this year’s main platform program and concurrent sessions will be –   - China and the world in the age of disruption & the post COVID new normal - Enhancing connectivity & business cooperation in the Belt and Road - The digital silk road – new opportunities from digitalization, AI and blockchain in the new economy - Start Ups – youth entrepreneurship and social enterprises: engaging with the global Chinese diaspora - Property development, smart cities and tourism development: what next? - Women in business and leadership: Enhancing the role of women and family business among the global Chinese diaspora - The Great Bay Area and ASEAN – maximizing opportunities and collaboration   The WCES also remains committed to the UN Sustainability Development Goals and aim to promote closer links between business, NGOs and other stakeholders to achieve the sustainable development goals for a more inclusive and sustainable world.   Tan Sri Dr Michael Yeoh concluded, “This year the WCES will celebrate its twelfth anniversary and is acknowledged as the flagship event on the economic benefits of doing business with China.  In addition to promoting bilateral trade and engagement with China, the Summit has facilitated the forging of friendships and connections with dynamic individuals and entrepreneurs”.   “I am confident the 2020 Summit and the new dual attendance / online participation format will attract a record number of delegates from across the globe to participate in a program of international speakers and China experts of the highest calibre providing visionary keynotes and insightful panel discussions”.      For registration and information about the 2020 World Chinese Economic Summit program, speakers, venue, sponsors and partners – please visit the Summit website   ENDS   Issued by: Kingsley Advisory & Strategic Initiatives Sdn Bhd                                           Media Enquiries:       Mr. Joe Perri, Joe Perri & Associates Pty Ltd                                     Mob:  +61 412 112 545     Email: Hostopia Australia drives momentum on AWS with 19% Q3 growth, joins AWS Service Delivery Program: Amazon EC2 for Windows 2020-10-23T03:16:43Z hostopia-australia-drives-momentum-on-aws-with-19-q3-growth-joins-aws-service-delivery-program-amazon-ec2-for-windows SYDNEY - OCTOBER 23, 2020 - Cloud services and hosting provider Hostopia Australia today announced it has recorded a 19% growth in Q3 for its AWS managed cloud customers, following investments made in nurturing and expanding its AWS certifications and capabilities.    The company’s managed cloud division Anchor has also become an Amazon EC2 for Windows Service Delivery Program partner reflecting the group’s experience and deep understanding of AWS, and as a trusted APN Consulting Partner with proven success delivering AWS services.    According to Hostopia Australia this growth has been driven by the COVID-19 pandemic  which is pushing many Australian organisations to transform. Businesses are looking to drive more efficiencies  and cost savings, as well as use this challenging, downtime time to rethink and modernise their infrastructure.    Darryn McCoskery, General Manager for Hostopia Australia commented: “COVID-19 has had a clear impact on our customers from an economic perspective, as well as customer experience expectations. As a result we see more organisations - in particular SMBs - rethinking their data centres and cloud technologies. Customers come to Hostopia to help them build more efficiencies within their environments, which is often critical to their resilience in the face of the pandemic”.   “In the past quarter we’ve seen a significant increase in our managed cloud customer base, and a growing demand  from Australian organisations looking to modernise their windows workloads with AWS as their preferred platform. This is why we are heavily investing in our AWS partnership and are, more than ever, committed to expanding our AWS capabilities and expertise in Q4 and beyond.”     Anchor helps aviation services expert Touchpoint Global optimise its AWS environment to build resilience in the face of COVID-19   Touchpoint Global provides logistics software to the aviation industry and took the challenge of the global pandemic as an opportunity to fine tune their operational efficiencies. It engaged Anchor to consolidate its AWS accounts in order to reduce the company's cost footprint across the AWS environment, particularly for its Windows workloads.   During this re-architecture, Anchor supported Touchpoint to maintain robust security capabilities and compliance with the global aviation's growing regulatory requirements, as the industry looks to return to business-as-usual. Specific features included an environment where Europe and APAC regions could remain separate for regulatory compliance purposes (i.e. GDPR), while facilitating secure communication between regions. A flow on benefit was the streamlining of Touchpoint’s AWS account management.   According to Angus Keech, Founder and CEO at Touchpoint Global: “As the pandemic hit the aviation industry, we worked with the team at Anchor to help improve efficiencies and significantly reduce costs, as well as create additional scalability to support our operations. Optimising and further securing our AWS environment continues to help us navigate those troubled times. It also means that we are well placed to seamlessly return to a 'new normal' and continue to comply with the tight regulatory landscape once the aviation industry rebounds."   Hostopia plans to continue investing in its AWS capabilities and expertise so it can support more organisations in the modernisation and optimisation of their AWS infrastructure. In 2020 alone, more than 35% of Hostopia Australia’s staff have gained AWS certifications.   “The growth we’ve seen in the past few months is expected to continue in Q4 and into 2021. This is why we will focus our efforts and investments into building an ecosystem of best-of-breed technology around our customers, and offer them agile solutions no matter their unique challenges”, said McCoskery.   “We see fantastic growth opportunities within the AWS ecosystem. Our Anchor managed cloud brand and AWS capabilities will be instrumental in supporting this growth next year and in helping more ANZ businesses navigate their unique cloud journeys and build resilience in the face of COVID-19.”   Relationships are the most important business asset – more so now & post covid19 2020-10-20T00:28:54Z relationships-are-the-most-important-business-asset-more-so-now-amp-post-covid19 As businesses emerge from covid19 shut downs and seek to reenergize their ventures, one asset above all others stands out as the most valuable resource that doesn’t appear on the balance sheet – quality long standing relationships!   For many businesses, it has been their established relationships that have been the source of sales and life blood that has kept them afloat during the worst days of the pandemic.    It’s relationships that will provide the much-needed momentum to propel these operations forward when restrictions are lifted and normality returns.   It’s in tough times such as those being experienced at present or in past economic downturns that the real value of relationships becomes understood and appreciated.   In fact, I would go so far as to say that the value of a business should not be measured by a numeric figure in the books of account but instead by the strength of the relationships.    These include everyone the owner or enterprise engages with i.e. staff, clients, alliance partners, suppliers, competitors, community groups, industry associations …and the list goes on and on.   Unlike many of a company’s assets, strong relationships are not a diminishing resource that depreciate over time.  When carefully nurtured and maintained they grow and the commercial benefit they provide the business multiplies.    The benefit for those businesses with strong relationships is that they are perceived positively.  A benefit of this is loyalty and is reflected in clients being the firm’s number one brand ambassador readily referring the organisation to friends, family and business associates.   There’s no argument that advances in technology and communication mediums assist and reinforce relationships.    Unfortunately, over time, and for a multitude of reasons, personal connectivity activities begin to wane.  Impersonal email broadcasts, video teleconferences, tweets and non-descript newsletters become the ‘go to’ communication mediums and those once valuable connections evaporate.   As humans we are hard-wired to build trust and loyalty to other people, not to objects, processes or gimmicky advertising or technological mediums.   Loyalty and trust come from experiences that are communicated in person with warmth and competence.   Unfortunately, when it comes to relationships – every business is unique and different, so there is no ‘secret sauce’ or off the shelf solution that a business owner can buy and then apply.      For relationships to be effective, it is important to see the world from the client’s perspective.    So, the business owner needs to step outside themselves and see things through the eyes of the client and build the relationship accordingly.   There are however, three essential components that underpin strong relationships – 1) genuineness 2) the personal touch and 3) the need to get out of your comfort zone.   This requires getting out of the office and connecting in person.  It is the ultimate MBA i.e. Managing By getting Around.    It’s for this reason that I view relationships as being no different to the foundations of a skyscraper.    They are not seen – are incredibly important – and the deeper / stronger they are – the higher and more structurally sound will be the building constructed on top.   In closing, those businesses that have nurtured those all-important connections and relationships are invariably rewarded with heightened business reputations and brands.  They are elevated by word of mouth and endorsed and promoted by appreciative and passionate clients.   Issued by Joe Perri & Associates      Media enquiries:     Mr Joe Perri, Joe Perri & Associates                                     Mobile: +61 412 112 545      Email:            Managing Director Mr. Joe Perri founded the company in 1995 after working for more than 22 years in the corporate sector.  Since then, Joe Perri & Associates has grown to provide PR and marketing focussed communication strategies / solutions for clients in the corporate, SME and non-profit sectors that help them achieve their strategic business aspirations.    Joe Perri’s goal is to help clients more clearly define their overall communication objectives and then implement the most appropriate strategy to reach their target audience more effectively. Every day, Joe Perri draws on his experience to enable clients to improve their business relationship, communication and brand / profile with customers, shareholders, distributors, the media and staff. Building Relationships with Clients is Essential at Element Plumbing & Gas 2020-10-19T06:34:35Z building-relationships-with-clients-is-essential-at-element-plumbing-amp-gas Businesses that have loyal customers are those that build trust with their clients. It’s a cornerstone of our philosophy at Element Plumbing & Gas and just one of the reasons we’re known as a premier provider of plumbing and gas services. Element Plumbing & Gas owner, Brad Deutscher, has been creating trust with every customer the business serves for more than 15 years. The company is licensed, insured, and backed by the Master Plumbers Association. Every client has peace of mind knowing that quality work is performed the first time, and every facet is tested extensively. Customers receive honest and competitive quotes for every project. Element Plumbing & Gas is a commercial plumbing companies Perth that believe in the adage “Measure twice, cut once” for a quality outcome on every project. The company provides installation, repair, and maintenance services on new and existing projects of any size and scope in residential and commercial venues. A comprehensive range of services are offered for water, sewer and gas problems. As plumbing contractors Perth, the company addresses problems with burst pipes, leaky faucets, clogged toilets, and rainwater systems. It also provides fit-outs, CCTV camera inspections to accurately identify problems, and performs appliance replacement and sewer conversions. Element Plumbing & Gas is also experienced with technology that includes gas-boosted solar systems, electric storage systems, and heat pumps. An increasing number of commercial endeavours assist to minimise carbon footprint, improve efficiency, and save money by transitioning to gas. The commercial plumbers Perth provide services for a comprehensive range of businesses encompassing industrial and office complexes, and shopping centres, along with eateries and the hospitality industry. Element Plumbing & Gas works with professionals in multiple fields to provide quality outcomes for hydraulic consultants, construction firms, and architects. Experience, expertise, and a commitment to the highest standards has made Element Plumbing & Gas the go-to professionals for commercial clients. About Element Plumbing & Gas Element Plumbing & Gas is focused on providing high-quality work, keeping prices down, building lifelong relationships, and creating trust among clients and tradesmen. The founder has 15 years of experience in the business, having traveled the world and worked abroad in different professional pursuits. Connect with the company on Facebook and LinkedIn. Media Contact Element Plumbing & Gas Website: Instant Windscreens & Tinting wows customers with new automation technology 2020-10-19T05:55:34Z instant-windscreens-amp-tinting-wows-customers-with-new-automation-technology 20 OCTOBER: Instant Windscreens & Tinting’s mobile workforce has taken to the road with brand new industry technology that transforms the way customer service is delivered. Australasia’s largest independent fitting business, Instant Windscreens and Tinting was determined to remove their reliance on paper-based processes and operate with the lightest possible administrative workload. Their technology shopping list included the requirement to automate client communications, manage warranties, simplify OSH compliance, and support their mobile fitters by finding the fastest routes to and between jobs. RIGA JourneyPRO, an automated job management and tracking platform from local managed services partner, Real Innovation Group AU (RIGA), ticked all Instant Windscreens’ boxes and was implemented in 2019. RIGA JourneyPRO immediately improved the Instant Windscreens’ customer experience with its automated real-time alerts. “Multiple customers say that they love getting the SMS, and being able to click on a link and see that their fitter is on the way. They think it’s an excellent experience,” says Jolene Blair, Call Centre and Communication Manager for Instant Windscreens. “People go ‘wow, that’s different, that’s something we have never had before’.” And customers aren’t the only ones being wowed. Ruan Honiball, Instant Windscreens’ General Manager, says, “JourneyPRO is a ‘first-in-our-industry’ technology that improves our customer service offering, and claims back approximately 2,000 hours monthly in route scheduling for our branch management teams.” RIGA JOURNEY manages all Instant Windscreens’ jobs in one place. Mobile unit call outs are allocated using a simple drag-and-drop action. Job, insurance, warranties, inspection photos and customer documentation are stored in one easy-to-access digital repository. Every Instant Windscreens’ fitter has a Samsung tablet linked to JourneyPRO’s built-in route and service grouping capabilities. JourneyPRO also helps clients to understand their warranty coverage, which has made a huge difference, Blair reports.  “Because the fitter now has those details at hand, they can make customers more aware of what they’re entitled to. We also take photos of the vehicle before we work on it, and often find that customers weren’t aware of existing damage on other parts of the car. It protects us and reinforces to the customer that we have thorough processes.” With the field service experience nailed, RIGA recently rolled out Instant Windscreens’ new instore module. “We are very excited,” says Blair. “It provides our customers with a seamless experience whether they come into one of our branches or use our mobile service, with features like automated SMS notifications when the vehicle is ready.” Blair acknowledges that other big players in their industry are adopting similar platforms, and says it’s essential Instant Windscreens stays ahead of the game and remains competitive. “JourneyPRO has been a great differentiator for us, particularly with our larger customers. We’ve had very positive feedback from customers when we step them through the capabilities we have now, thanks to JourneyPRO.”   “For a business like ours, where we want to stay at the forefront of technology, we are always looking at ways to do thing better. One of the best things about working with RIGA is they help us do just that.” About Instant Windscreens & Tinting: Established in 1983, Instant Windscreens is now the largest independent fitting business in Australasia. As well as replacing and repairing windscreens, they tint vehicle, domestic and commercial windows. The company has 43 branches throughout Australia and New Zealand, backed by an impressive fleet of mobile fitters.  About RIGA Real Innovation Group (RIGA) produces innovative technology solutions and services for businesses and organisations across the globe, including ERP, enterprise management suites, ICT, and 24×7 managed service support for retail systems. RIGA has service desk staff, senior technical engineers, project managers, software developers and field engineers across offices located in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Malaysia, Vietnam, and New Zealand. About JourneyPRO RIGA JourneyPRO is an automated job management and tracking platform providing: ·        End-to-end job management ·        Forecasted vs actual job costs ·        Automated reporting, fully customisable ·        Easy drag-and-drop job allocation ·        Job check-in and check-out ·        Optimised routing to save fuel and time ·        Ability to manage multiple scenarios on one job ·        Minimised paper handling with customer-linked document storage ·        OHS compliance, with onscreen equipment specific forms Custom-Made Curtains Online are a Reality with the Services at Wonderlux 2020-10-19T02:59:16Z custom-made-curtains-online-are-a-reality-with-the-services-at-wonderlux Wonderlux, understands the problems individuals encounter when purchasing curtains online. There are no guidelines or support and individuals must accept one-size-fits all options. Wonderlux is changing that dynamic with the company’s custom-made curtains ordered online from the comfort of home. Individuals can buy curtains online at Wonderlux that are custom made at costs that are up to 70 percent less expensive than traditional outlets. Another advantage is that that the tailor-made curtains arrive in a fraction of the time. There are no middle men to deal with, no extended wait times, and no inconvenient appointments required to look at samples. Everything customers need to know is on the company’s website. A wide range of luxurious fabrics, colors, and patterns can be perused online at Wonderlux and the company provides online tutorials and instructions on how to accurately measure windows for a custom fit. Window treatment experts are available to help should individuals have a question or concern. Curtains are typically delivered within two weeks or less and ready to hang. Individuals can also obtain a blinds online quote if they’d like to combine their curtains with vertical, horizontal, and roller blinds. It’s a popular choice for those that want the elegance of sheer curtains while maintaining control of their privacy, the amount of light that enters the room, or want to save on their energy costs. The range of blinds at Wonderlux is extensive and individuals can order custom blinds online to enhance the décor of homes, offices, and commercial endeavors. The blinds feature top quality materials and workmanship, are available in convenient motorized styles, and are safe for children. The curtains and blinds at Wonderlux are handmade in Australia and each purchase supports local businesses. The company takes pride in its products and offers a risk-free guarantee. Ordering online with Wonderlux means individuals are purchasing directly from the factory and the company passes those savings on to its customers. About Wonderlux Wonderlux has been a family-owned and operated business since it opened in 1968. After 50 years, the business has grown to almost 80 staff members and has fitted out over 67,000 homes in the Canberra region. Still the only window furnishing company with a local factory, the Watson family continues to strive for perfection and look for ways to better serve Canberra homeowners. Media Contact Wonderlux Phone: 02 6280 4443 73 Wollongong Street Fyshwick, ACT 2609 Website: Award-winning communications firm SenateSHJ selects SugarCRM 2020-10-18T21:06:47Z award-winning-communications-firm-senateshj-selects-sugarcrm SYDNEY, Australia – October 19, 2020 – SugarCRM, Inc.® today announced that award-winning communications firm SenateSHJ will leverage Sugar's customer experience (CX) solution to provide a superior service to its clients across Australia and New Zealand.    Based in Auckland, Wellington, Sydney and Melbourne, SenateSHJ works with public and private sector clients on reputation management, organisation change, and engagement and communications strategy. “We’ve been looking for a comprehensive CRM solution that will enable us to develop a deeper understanding of our clients’ needs and to build stronger relationships with them and Sugar Sell does this perfectly,” SenateSHJ Group Managing Director Brendon O’Connor says. SenateSHJ will use Sugar CX to capture important client information and deliver superior client service with its teams working with all critical market data on a single platform. “We are delighted to welcome SenateSHJ onboard and to help them achieve a comprehensive and clear view of their customers,” SugarCRM GM, Asia Pacific Jason du Preez says. “We’re impressed with SenateSHJ’s commitment to client satisfaction, but also their relentless pursuit in helping their clients to engage and communicate better in the current environment.” Auckland-based cloud technology solutions provider Cloudtech, a SugarCRM Elite Partner, helped spearhead the relationship and will provide implementation support. Sugar’s time-aware CX solutions enable marketing, sales, and service teams to gain a high-definition view of the customer and deliver a better experience across the customer journey. To learn more, visit   About SenateSHJ Founded in 2002, SenateSHJ has grown to become one of Australasia’s most successful independent communication consultancies. Its consultants come from diverse backgrounds including government, healthcare, journalism, media, marketing and business consulting, digital and social strategy management, and communications. SenateSHJ’s people are astute problem solvers, clear writers, strategic analysts and trusted advisers.   About SugarCRM SugarCRM’s time-aware sales, marketing and service software helps companies deliver a high-definition (HD-CX) customer experience. For mid-market companies and anyone that wants a CX-driven platform, Sugar gives teams the time-aware customer data they need to achieve a clear view of the customer and reach new levels of business performance and predictability and increase customer lifetime value. More than 4,500 companies in over 120 countries rely on SugarCRM. Based in Silicon Valley, SugarCRM is backed by Accel-KKR.  Sydney Electrical Service Offers Level 2 Services for Every Power Need 2020-10-14T04:30:26Z sydney-electrical-service-offers-level-2-services-for-every-power-need People rely on power for comfort, convenience, and access to the everyday amenities of life. Everyone takes electricity for granted until it’s not there. Sydney Electrical Service is a premier provider of Level 2 electrical services for every facet of multiple power requirements. A lack of electrical power can threaten the safety, security, and the well-being of those with in-home medical devices and equipment. Sydney Electrical Service provides a comprehensive array of fast, efficient, and affordable services. The company has created an entire division to help residential, business and commercial clients with 24/7 electrical emergencies. The electrician Bondi is certified to work on underground and overhead lines for connect and disconnect services and is accredited by the NSW Department of Planning. The company is also authorized to perform services on contestable works. Licensed and insured, Sydney Electrical Service has the advanced training and experience to deal with any electrical-related situation. Power problems run the gamut from the need for temporary electricity at construction sites to switchboard upgrades to remain code compliant. The electrician Inner West is able to accommodate all those needs, along with solar power installations and electrical vehicle charging stations for increased energy efficiency. The electrician Sutherland works with home and business owners and on construction projects of all sizes. The company installs high-tech alarm and security systems, along with building automation solutions. Regular maintenance is a key element in preventing problems. Sydney Electrical Service also provides audits, preventative, and strata management services to protect and preserve investments. Sydney Electrical Service provides free, no-obligation quotes, welcomes the Senior Card, and maintains a 24/7 emergency division to assist individuals with their electrical problems. The company provides upfront pricing for a no-surprise experience and guarantees all work that’s performed. It’s all part of the services and care for customers that has earned the company an exemplary reputation. Media Contact Sydney Electric Service Phone: 0433 462 902 Chifley Tower, Level 29/2 Chifley Square Sydney NSW 2000 Australia Website: Join Watson Blinds and Awnings Adds Dramatic Flair to any Décor 2020-10-13T05:52:10Z join-watson-blinds-and-awnings-adds-dramatic-flair-to-any-decor There’s good news for anyone that believes their window treatments should exude a superior sense of elegance and style. A full range of curtains, blinds and shutters are available at Watson Blinds and Awnings in an extensive range of  materials and fabrics that add dramatic flair to any interior. The company’s made-to-measure solutions are equally appropriate for residential and commercial needs. Watson Blinds and Awnings also provides windows and screen doors for one-of-a-kind custom solutions. Individuals can request an appointment online and download a brochure. The company also offers payment plans of up to 48 months interest free for qualifying clients. Sheer curtains are one of the most frequently sought types of window coverings for stylish luxury. They’re available in a wide range of materials, colors, and patterns to accentuate any décor. Sheer curtains can be combined with custom made blinds to help regulate the amount of light entering a room and aid in controlling cooling costs. Blinds have come a long way since the rope-and-slat design patented in 1769. All of the company’s vertical blinds are 100 ACCC compliant, safe for children, and can reduce energy costs by up to 49 percent. They can be customized to accommodate any window or door and can be rotated 180 degrees for precise control over light entry. Shutters provide a variety of functionalities. Watson Blinds and Awning’s roller blinds enhance value and the appearance of structures, block out unwanted light, and aid in reducing energy costs. Fire retardant roller blinds are effective against bush fires, available in a wealth of colors, and are offered in motorized styles. Watson Blinds and Awnings provides a custom fit for each client. With the unique line of products the company offers, no one must sacrifice style, security or aesthetics to achieve the elegant surroundings they desire. The company is well-known for its customer service and quality craftsmanship that has earned it a reputation as one of the most desirable companies with which to conduct business. About Watson Blinds and Awnings Watson Blinds and Awnings has been a family-owned and operated business since it opened in 1968. After 50 years, the business has grown to almost 80 staff members and has fitted out over 67,000 homes in the Canberra region. Still the only window furnishing company with a local factory, the Watson family continues to strive for perfection and look for ways to better serve Canberra homeowners. Connect with the company on Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo. Media Contact Watson Blinds and Awnings Phone: 02 6280 4443 73 Wollongong Street Fyshwick, ACT 2609 Website: CAN version of Senquip ORB 2020-10-13T04:01:16Z can-version-of-senquip-orb Senquip™ is pleased to announce a CAN bus enabled version of its popular ORB sensor gateway. The new CAN enabled ORB-C1 will allow connection to all kinds of machines, vehicles, and sensors.The CAN protocol eliminates the need for excessive wiring by allowing many electronic devices to communicate on the same two wires. The ORB-C1 takes advantage of this, enabling data from multiple sensors and systems to be measured and sent to the Senquip Portal, a company server, or SCADA system.In many cases, the protocol that is being used on the CAN bus is known, and so large volumes of understandable data can be extracted. Common CAN protocols supported by the ORB-C1 include: J1939 in trucks and busses, ISO11783 for agricultural tractors, ISO 11992 between trucks and trailers, NMEA 2000 for marine use, and CANopen for industrial sensors.Samples of the ORB-C1 are available now with production versions arriving in early November. For more information, please visit our website at or see our user guide at Senquip Releases ORB Battery Life Calculator 2020-10-13T03:52:23Z senquip-releases-orb-battery-life-calculator-1 Senquip™ has released a battery life calculator for its range of ORB Sensor Gateways.The ORB can be powered from 10V to 75V, solar or AA batteries. The calculator allows a user to specify what sensors are used, how often they are measured, the reporting interval and method, and from that, estimates battery life.The ORB takes 4 standard AA batteries, with Lithium being preferred due to high energy density, long shelf life, and leak resistance. All ORBs contain an internal rechargeable battery that, when pre-charged, will further extend battery life.As an example, an ORB is measuring a 4-20mA sensor, a voltage sensor, pitch, roll, temperature, pressure, and battery voltage every 10 minutes, with a GPS reading once a day. If the ORB transmits via GSM once a day, the estimated battery life is 2 years.The battery calculator can be downloaded at:™ ORBs connect to almost any industrial sensors or systems, and transmit the data measured to the Senquip Portal, a company server or SCADA system. PMM Group announces appointment of Murray Hills as Executive Chairman 2020-10-12T02:37:40Z pmm-group-announces-appointment-of-murray-hills-as-executive-chairman Perth headquartered financial services group PMM Group Pty Ltd (PMM) has announced the appointment of Murray Hills as the organisation’s Executive Chairman effective October 8th.      Murray Hills is acknowledged as a financial services industry stalwart.    He has an exceptional leadership track record, deep strategic expertise, a unique ability to forge long-standing adviser relationships and industry alliances, and proven experience of managing and growing national financial services advisory businesses.   Until recently, Murray had been Chairman (and founder, MD & CEO) of Perth based Sentry Group Pty Ltd.  He stepped down from the role in June on the 15th anniversary of the group.   Prior to Sentry, Murray was MD & CEO of the DKN Financial Group.  He was also an inaugural and past associate member of the FPA and a fellow, life member and past National President of the AFA.      Commenting on his appointment, Murray Hills said he was excited and looking forward to driving PMM’s strategic and growth objectives.    “PMM is about to embark on a new chapter and is positioned positively to seize opportunities in a changing and evolving financial services landscape”.   “I’m delighted to have this opportunity to head PMM at a time of exciting change and disruption in financial services”.   PMM has been operating for ten years and currently comprises four advisory practice subsidiaries.  It is a full service national financial advice business offering comprehensive and integrated solutions to individuals and business clients. The group is acknowledged for working in collaboration with accountants, finance brokers, GI brokers, real estate agents, lawyers and professional consulting businesses to provide comprehensive financial advice and solutions for clients.   PMM is self-licensed through its wholly owned subsidiary, Badge Financial, and has state offices in Perth and Melbourne with plans to open in Sydney in 2021.    “PMM has developed an innovative and unique marketplace offering for SMEs and HNW clients that will resonate with many advisers and clients in the new financial services era”, said Murray Hills.    ENDS   Issued by PMM Group Pty Ltd                    Media Enquiries:    Mr. Joe Perri, Joe Perri & Associates Pty Ltd                               Mob:  +61 412 112 545     Email:     Regional Victoria benefits from Providence’s plans to power a sustainable renewable energy future 2020-10-11T23:58:45Z interview-opportunity-regarding-new-solar-farms-ground-breaking-hydrogen-storage-technology-for-victoria Victoria is the latest state to benefit from an ambitious solar farm roll-out by Providence Asset Group and follows last month’s announcement of plans for 28 solar farms across NSW, incorporating ground-breaking hydrogen storage technology that will be a first for Australian solar projects. A leading Australian Environmental, Social and Governance investor in renewable and clean energy projects, Providence has announced it’s extending its footprint into regional Victoria with an initial five solar farms that are already operational and a further six farms now under construction.  The Providence-owned farms at Katamatite, Numurkah, Echuca West, Echuca and Stanhope are an exciting addition to Providence’s growing portfolio of regional, community-based solar projects, now the largest of any renewable energy investment company in Australia. Like the NSW solar farms, the game-changer for the Victorian sites will be the construction of innovative storage facilities based on hydrogen technology that’s being pioneered here in Australia. A total of 30MWh of advanced hybrid storage technology – including hydrogen storage and traditional Li-ion batteries - will be attached to each site. Providence is a leading investor in the area of hydrogen storage innovation, working with the University of NSW to develop the technology, which enables the storage of surplus electricity more cost-effectively than the lithium batteries currently in use. The hybrid battery storage system developed at UNSW is known as H2Store, a compact and transportable hydrogen storage solution that has proven highly effective in storing and generating renewable energy, reducing the fluctuation of renewable generation and increasing confidence in the security of energy supply. Under Providence’s plan for NSW, and now Victoria, the storage component could accommodate up to 1.2GWh of clean energy, or enough energy to power 40,000 homes for six hours during the peak demand period.  Providence Asset Group CEO Henry Sun said the development of low-cost hydrogen storage meant exciting opportunities for Australian residences and businesses. “It will help establish Australia as a leader in the evolution of renewable energy and Providence is proud to be at the forefront of this transition,” he said. Henry said for the Victorian communities hosting the solar farms there are potential opportunities for local investment in the projects, and the prospect of cheaper electricity under a future power purchase agreement. He said given the devastating impact of COVID-19 restrictions on Victoria, it was also positive news for the state’s ailing economy. “Providence recognises the enormous opportunities that exist in our regions and we’re excited to be partnering with regional communities and offering opportunities for more affordable energy and even local investment. It’s particularly gratifying for us to be making this investment in Victoria at this time, too, which has suffered so badly at the hands of this pandemic,” he said. “It’s also a partnership in furthering the potential of renewable energy, both in terms of its generation and also its storage, helping Australia towards a cheaper, greener and more reliable solar energy supply future.”   ENDS   For interview requests please contact Sonia Morris, Seftons, on 0421 672 162, or Kylie Galbraith, Seftons, on 0411 480 208.     About Providence Asset GroupProvidence Asset Group are an innovation led investment firm, financing and managing multiple assets in renewable energy generation, storage and technology. Providence invest by following a patient and disciplined investment approach. Our projects and funds are purposefully chosen to drive long-term societal value and attractive returns for our fund investors. Providence value collaboration as a key component of business transformation, growth and success. Providence have developed a wide range of strategic partners and capabilities across multiple sectors who are leaders in their fields of expertise, including a 10-year joint collaboration with UNSW founding the Hydrogen Energy Research Centre (HERC), and a five-year joint initiative with UTS to establish a co-branded AI, Data Science-based Smart Future Research Centre. Visit for more information.  JWA clinches innovation award from international erosion control group 2020-10-09T02:51:19Z jwa-clinches-innovation-award-from-international-erosion-control-group Australian-firm JWA has won an innovation award from the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) Australasia for its unique sediment control matting system. The FODS Trackout Control Mats on Thursday received the Highly Commended Award under the category of Excellence in Innovation, Contribution or Education to the Erosion and Sediment Control Industry in this year’s environmental excellence awards. Established in 1995, the IECA Australasia Awards celebrates innovation and recognises organisations that have made outstanding contributions to reduce erosion and improve sediment control in the civil engineering industry.  “Environmental sustainability and erosion control is a major issue in the construction and resource industries and our goal is to offer innovative solutions for companies to easily adopt the best practices,” says Hensley Wee, Business Development Manager at JWA.  “We will all benefit as the industry advances towards ownership in environmental protection as an integral part of their operations, especially as more projects move into greenfield land.” The patented pyramid design of the FODS Trackout mats, made of fully recyclable plastic, effectively removes mud and debris from equipment tires thus containing the sediment within a project site. The mat is reusable and can be easily transported, making it a more environmental and cost friendly solution to other methods, such as putting crushed rocks on sites.  Construction sites across the country face a common problem - building an effective sediment control method at the entry and exit points so the roads and paths beyond the site’s boundaries are clean and clear, reducing ongoing maintenance of these areas and to reduce cleanup costs. Current practices of either putting down crushed rocks, or installing steel rumble grids each have their own limitations. Rock pads cannot be used on sites with sticky clay soils. It requires constant monitoring for blockage and is also not reusable, while it also needs to be regularly replenished. Extra preparatory work needed for rumble grids also make them a less than ideal solution. The rumble grids require trenching at the area to create sediment deposit chambers, which needs to be cleaned out regularly. FODS matting is a solution to the shortfalls of the current products in the market. The highly robust and portable mats can be laid down directly on nearly all ground surfaces, which eliminates the need for any digging or trench work, and they can also be cleaned in situ thus minimising disruptions to work flow on sites. The mats are also environmentally friendly as they offer a protection layer to minimise ground disturbance, while being fully recyclable after an expected life-cycle of over 10 years. FODS mats were initially trialled at the Melbourne Metro Tunnel project, the West Gate Tunnel project as well as at Incitec Pivot’s fertiliser distribution centre in Townsville. All project managers were so impressed with the mats’ performance that they are now an integral part of their track out systems on site. ABOUT JWA: JWA is an Australian company committed to providing innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions to the resources and industrial sectors. Our company has supported major energy and infrastructure projects across the country, including the construction of LNG projects, road and rail programs and renewable developments.  M-Files honors Auckland based DocSmart Solutions with APAC Partner of the Year Award 2020 2020-10-08T22:31:15Z m-files-honors-auckland-based-docsmart-solutions-with-apac-partner-of-the-year-award-2020 AUCKLAND(NZ)/SYDNEY(AUS) – October 9th, 2020 – M-Files Corporation, the intelligent information management company, today announced that it has honoured five partners for top performance across the M-Files global partner ecosystem. The award winners, revealed at the third annual M-Files Global Partner Conference held virtually October 6-7, were cited for achievements in channel program excellence and sales and marketing innovation based on M-Files technology. Global and regional award winners included: • Br-iT Software, LATAM Partner of the Year • DocSmart Solutions, APAC Partner of the Year • GeOne B.V., Global Partner of the Year • Marco Technologies LLC, North America Partner of the Year • MechSoft, EMEA Partner of the Year The M-Files Global Partner Conference celebrates partner success milestones while providing an opportunity for the partner community to develop new competencies that further propel sales growth and performance. This year, more than 219 partner companies from 67 countries with specialized expertise in key use cases, vertical industries or systems integration gathered virtually to discover new product developments, share best practices and network across the M-Files community. “In an age of unprecedented disruption, our Global Partner Awards recognize those who enable customer success through digital transformation,” said Scott Erickson, senior vice president of worldwide channel sales at M-Files Corporation. “As companies face a new reality of providing flexible work environments, we celebrate the innovative ways our partners are utilizing the M-Files platform to help customers future-proof their businesses by ensuring seamless access to documents and information while mitigating risk." “We were very proud at DocSmart to be named APAC Partner of the Year for 2020. We have been an M-Files Partner since 2012 and we are constantly amazed at how powerful the software has become,” said Treve Clayton, Director of DocSmart Solutions Ltd in Auckland. “The recent enhancements in artificial intelligence, connectivity and embedded UI have turned M-Files from a highly rated enterprise content management system to a truly world class intelligent information management platform. It has been a fantastic first eight years of this partnership and we are excited about the next eight years and beyond!” The annual event kicked off with updates on M-Files strategy and market momentum. In the keynote address, Antti Nivala, M-Files founder and CEO, and Tom Brigiotta, M-Files chief revenue officer, joined Erickson to provide insight on M-Files go-to-market strategies, business trends and ecosystem updates. In a separate session, product leaders shared the latest innovations in the leading intelligent information management platform, including recent enhancements and new features, AI advancements and the future product roadmap and vision. Also, Maria Carballosa, M-Files chief marketing officer, offered viewpoints on market trends and M-Files leadership positioning.  Among the featured speakers, partner Strickland Solutions discussed how M-Files AI technologies, including Smart Metadata, Smart Classifier and Discovery, are driving customer interest.  Additionally, M-Files partners United Planet/Intrexx and Convergent demonstrated the brand-new M-Files/Intrexx Connector, which allows partners to provide customers with an individual and configurable modern web interface to any M-Files vault.  Conference participants gleaned best practices from specialized session tracks that focused on marketing, development, consulting and customer success.  Sponsors of the 2020 Virtual M-Files Global Partner Conference included gold sponsor United Planet/Intrexx and bronze sponsors Ezescan; Team; Adlib; Chronoscan; Strickland Solutions; Fujitsu and Hubshare.  For more information about becoming part of the M-Files Partner Program, please visit  For more information on M-Files Intelligent Information Management, please visit:  Tags DocSmart Solutions, M-Files APAC Partner of the Year 2020