The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-07-01T08:17:04Z 4 Dos & Don’ts for High-Quality Website Designs – Our Guide 2020-07-01T08:17:04Z 4-dos-amp-don-ts-for-high-quality-website-designs-our-guide When it comes to building a robust digital marketing strategy, one keyword that comes up time and time again is “high quality.” From social media marketing strategies to pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns, the need for impeccable quality and its relation to eventual success is evident. In the case of businesses all over Perth, only a few competitors recognise this greater need for utmost quality all over one’s digital marketing strategy. However, there’s one aspect that many still overlook: their web design. The importance of web design While it seems like a simple concept at first, the design of any website is interlinked with your digital marketing strategy because of the influence it holds on the potential for success. Whether it is at the top of the funnel or at the very bottom, this factor goes beyond merely being aesthetic. In fact, it’s the driving force for results-driven strategies in most cases. Fortunately, getting ahead of the competition by building a robust website design that’s guaranteed to see tremendous results isn’t as complex or complicated as you expect. If you’re looking to keep your web design on par with the baseline standards for success regardless of how tough the competition is, here are the dos and don’ts that you should not overlook. Read the full article 3 Web Design Trends to Watch Out for This 2020 2020-07-01T08:15:56Z 3-web-design-trends-to-watch-out-for-this-2020 With half of the year passing by quickly, you might still be looking for a crucial opportunity to take your operations up a notch and bounce back after the slowdown caused by COVID-19. As more businesses seek to revert back to their pre-lockdown workflows, it’s vital to ensure that you’re adapting as well. Between introducing more promos to bring your cash flow back to life and introducing safer ways to come back to your store, there is much to be done to get back on the path to continual growth and scaling. While there is an abundance of details that you’ll need to deal with in the coming months or weeks, there’s one question that you should ask yourself: “Is my web design up to par with the latest trends?” Why it’s important to have an updated website The field of web design is one that is continuously evolving as the matter of what constitutes an effective example changes along with shifting consumer preferences. In comparison with other business practices that don’t bear the same urgency, building a successful design that meets consumer expectations and gets the right results is a continuous process. Although it seems menial at first, brushing up on the latest trends in web design essentially equates to knowing what works and what won’t, which is an advantage for kickstarting your operations after the COVID-19 slump. Additionally, having an up-to-date web design is important because the Internet now has a greater grasp on what businesses need to succeed. This leaves the future of your firm’s growth and profit potential in the hands of your website! Click here to read the full article. Hitachi Australia strengthens partnership with data engineering firm BizCubed to deliver Smart Platforms-as-a-Service (PaaS) in support of Digital Innovation 2020-07-01T06:09:40Z hitachi-australia-strengthens-partnership-with-data-engineering-firm-bizcubed-to-deliver-smart-platforms-as-a-service-paas-in-support-of-digital-innovation FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sydney, July 1, 2020 --- Hitachi Australia Pty. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501; “Hitachi”), has solidified its relationship with BizCubed Pty. Ltd. (“BizCubed”) by establishing a strategic partnership to deliver initiatives that co- create socially innovative solutions for the Oceania region.  Hitachi has a stated goal to be a global leader of Social Innovation Business as per its 2021 Mid-term Management Plan. BizCubed is a leading company in industrial data engineering and has been a key delivery partner of Hitachi Australia since 2015. BizCubed was recently recognised by Hitachi for its work in advancing digital agriculture and smart farming, enabling Hitachi Australia to win the ‘Inspiration of the Year Global Award’ in 2019, which is Hitachi’s internal recognition program for initiatives showcasing Hitachi's core values.  Hitachi Australia and BizCubed will collaborate to develop digital solutions by bringing Hitachi’s world leading technology solutions to Australia and combining them with BizCubed’s Data Engineering and Enablement Platform (DEEP). Together, these technologies offer leading-edge capability in data engineering and social innovation to accelerate co-creation. These solutions will leverage Hitachi Lumada*1 and are initially targeted at Smart Agriculture and Smart Cities initiatives.  This partnership further affirms Hitachi’s commitment to developing world-class digital solution capability in Australia. In October 2019, Hitachi announced that it had entered into an agreement with the NSW government to establish a “Kyōsō Centre”*2 in Western Sydney to accelerate the growth of start-up companies and small to medium enterprises ("SMEs") through an open collaborative model to support economic development and job creation.  BizCubed is expected to play a significant role in delivering on the promise of the Kyōsō Centre, and this agreement is an important step along that journey.  On the Partnership:  “We are excited to bring our almost 15 years of experience in Australia to this partnership. BizCubed and Hitachi have already produced innovative outcomes for our shared customers, and we are excited to lean heavily into Hitachi’s forward-thinking initiatives of Smart Cities, Health, and Social Innovation. The size, scale, and expertise of Hitachi is a perfect complement to BizCubed’s engineering capability, and we look forward to the positive impact this will have on our community both locally and beyond - Zachary Zeus, CEO, BizCubed Pty. Ltd.  “I have great expectations for building a stronger relationship with BizCubed and to grow the Social Innovation Business in the Oceania region together. Hitachi intends to accelerate its efforts in the Social Innovation Business and to promote "human-centric" innovations to address challenges brought about by COVID-19. Even in Oceania, we are aiming to improve people's daily lives and build a “people-centric” smart society. To achieve this, BizCubed's data management technology is pivotal, and I am convinced this partnership is a sure step towards this goal” - Chie Mashima, Managing Director, Hitachi Australia Pty. Ltd.   -ENDS- About Hitachi, Ltd.  Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is focused on its Social Innovation Business that combines information technology (IT), operational technology (OT) and products. The company’s consolidated revenues for fiscal year 2019 (ended March 31, 2020) totaled 8,767.2 billion yen ($80.4 billion), and it employed approximately 301,000 people worldwide. Hitachi drives digital innovation across five sectors – Mobility, Smart Life, Industry, Energy and IT – through Lumada, Hitachi's advanced digital solutions, services, and technologies for turning data into insights to drive digital innovation. Its purpose is to deliver solutions that increase social, environmental and economic value for its customers. For more information on Hitachi, please visit the company's website at  About BizCubed Pty. Ltd.  BizCubed Pty. Ltd. is an Australian company that focuses on helping people make better decisions each day. We are a data engineering firm that helps businesses make sense of the complicated world of data. By applying engineering principles and approaches to data, we create an environment where repeatable data processes can be automated, streamlined and continuously improved, while the nuanced data processes that are specific to our customers’ business can be tailored and refined to meet their exact needs. This is all delivered via our Smart Data Engineering and Enablement Platform (DEEP) as a Service. To learn more visit our website:  *1  Hitachi's advanced digital solutions, services, and technologies for turning data into insights to drive digital innovation. *2  HitachiandNewSouthWalesStateGovernmentagreetoestablish“KyosoCentre(collaborativecreationcentre)”toaccelerate the creation of social innovation Marketix Announces SEO Services for Australian Businesses 2020-07-01T02:06:30Z marketix-announces-seo-services-for-australian-businesses Marketix, a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney, has announced SEO services for clients in Australia. The SEO services offered by Marketix comprise of industry leading SEO services that help clients grow their online presence and traffic. The first prerequisite of SEO is keyword research, which is the phrase searched by the users of client services, Marketix focuses on the online promotion of clients websites and businesses through popular search engines such as Google and Bing. The website is optimised with relevant titles, content and meta description, which are the major sources of ranking of your website. In addition to this, on-site and off-site link building are managed meticulously to build your authority on the web. For businesses which operate locally in Australia, such as tradies, real estate, trade services, dentists and any other local service business, Marketix offers the best local SEO services with an average of 10-12x return on investment. Our process starts from adding your business to the search engine directories like Google My Business and Bing Places, which help your clients in reaching you more conveniently.  Your business appears in the listing when someone searches for the services offered by you in the area on the search engines. Moreover, your location is added to Google Map and Bing Maps, which helps you get located for increasing mobile and voice search demand for customers in your local area. In addition to Australian SEO services, the company also provides other services like PPC and Google Ads advertising for your business growth. Visit to know more about Australian SEO Services by Marketix. POST COVID-19, AUSTRALIAN CEOs AND DIRECTORS OPTIMISTIC ON TECH AND SCIENCE - BUT CONCERNED ABOUT INVESTMENT AND GOVERNMENT PLANS 2020-06-29T20:47:20Z post-covid-19-australian-ceos-and-directors-optimistic-on-tech-and-science-but-concerned-about-investment-and-government-plans Sydney. 30 June 2020.   Futurologist & Author Rocky Scopelliti today released Australia 2030! Where the bloody hell are we?, a new Australian-first book on Australian professionals sentiment about the decade ahead, based on a major study conducted before and during the eye of the COVID-19 storm.   The study revealed that whilst 89 per cent of CEOs are positive about technological and scientific developments over the coming decade, 78 per cent were not confident that government has effective plans with industries for the economic, technological, social and cultural transformation over the coming decade. Additionally, during the COVID-19 period, 88 per cent became concerned that Australia is not investing enough in technological, scientific and skills development compared to other countries over the coming 10 years.   “One massive societal amygdala hijack” Scopelliti explains that people have hit pause on common sense.   “The speed, scale and impact of COVID-19 has left us knowing that not all decisions and choices made follow an orderly, predicable pathway”.     Australia 2030 explores ‘what’s on the other side’ and how do professionals feel about it. The research contrasts our views about the future and how they changed when the massive societal amygdala hijack set in. The insights centre on the collision of eight megatrends and predicts the future tipping points that collectively will define Australia politically, economically, environmentally, regionally, socially, trustworthily, knowledgably, scientifically and technologically over the coming decade.   “This programmatic decade will see major technological and scientific advances such as gene editing, artificial intelligence, nano technology and many more that will present us with many choices – perhaps some more profound than many decades before,” said Scopelliti. “But for many of those, going backwards or changing our minds will no longer be an option.”   Australia 2030 is a fascinating investigation of how Australian professionals are being affected by the 4th Industrial Revolution, how they're adapting to thrive within it and how companies can do the same. The research revealed that 31 per cent of CEOs don’t think their companies will be around in the next 10 years and that 53 per cent believe that leadership qualities such as values-led policy change, integrity, honesty, transparency, humility and accountability will be the most important for world leaders over the next 10 years.   In technology we trust, but not the systems and actors “With trust at its historical low, we have crossed the inflection point, upon which the question has changed from ‘who do we trust’ to ‘what do we trust’. The implications of this suggest that restoration of trust as it was bestowed, and to recipient actors in the past, is no longer a plausible pursuit, rather we will see the transition from placing our trust in governments, or other institutions to technology. The research found that 60 per cent of Australian professionals believe we will trust technology more than institutions such as government over the coming 10 years – even 31 per cent would trust decisions made by robot intelligence on their behalf,” said Scopelliti.   The 4th Industrial Revolution can be overwhelming. It is characterised by emerging technology breakthroughs, which have potentially highly disruptive effects in the areas of artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, biotechnology, nanotechnology, materials science, energy storage, blockchain and quantum computing.   In 2030, 68 per cent of Australian professionals anticipate there will be treatments for illnesses such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, ageing-longevity, physical disability and mental health and 74 per cent expect to reflect back on that technological and scientific advancements improved our future. However, geopolitically, we find ourselves socially, culturally, economically, technologically and scientifically divided and unclear on the impact of the Asian century with 76 per cent of CEOs either unsure or disagreeing that the world would be better led by Asia, than the past decade when it was led by Europe and the US.   Interpreting the surveys’ findings, Scopelliti advises:   With 86 per cent of Australian professionals feeling positive about the role of technological and scientific development over the coming decade, we need to get our ‘juvenescence’ on to keep pace with a world of accelerated change. We must learn to adapt just as quickly, again and again at the pace set by Asia.     “Transformation is not a one-time event, nor an end state. Those who understand the principle of adaptation, leverage their capacity to learn, evolve and thrive in a continuous state of youthfulness. Even corporates and institutions must embrace this juvenescence if they want to survive, remain relevant and achieve exponential growth,” said Scopelliti.   Scopelliti’s expertise and pioneering research into the confluence of demographic change with emerging digital technology has influenced the way we think about our social, cultural, economic and technological future. More than 150 boards and leadership teams – including Fortune 100 companies – seek his strategic advice annually.   About the Australia 2030 research:   It’s often said that hindsight is 2020. So, as the third decade of the new millennium kicks off, I put that wisdom to the test. With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight (in 2020), and with ground-breaking new research, Australia 2030, investigates Australian professionals’ attitudes towards the coming decade. These attitudes were formed the decade before and during a time when the nation’s and the world’s worst crisis since the last world war is unfolding.   The question of how to increase our capacity to adapt to a world of accelerated change, has been thrust upon all of us by COVID-19, and it will be the test of that wisdom that will define the society we will become in 2030. The central questions we are all searching for answers to are what to believe – who, what, how and where the bloody hell are we? which road do we take? and what is on the other side anyway?   By invitation, 673 Australian professionals (170 classified as CEOs, Chairman, Board Directors) participated in the quantitative and qualitative study conducted during January–April 2020 that is referred to as the Australia 2030 research. It considered our attitudes towards the decade ahead, including the following questions:   ·       How confident are we in the government’s plans for our future? ·       What issues do we predict will affect Australia and the world? ·       What qualities do we expect from our leaders? ·       What contribution do we want organisations to make in our society? ·       What are the priorities in their organisations today? ·       What is our place in the world and region? ·       How do they feel about demographic changes with the aging population and the rise of Millennials? ·       Who do they believe has the greatest role to play in making the world a better place? ·       What contribution do they believe businesses should be making to society? ·       What are our concerns about our jobs and the workplace? ·       Who do we trust to control our best interests? ·       How do we feel about the impact of technological & scientific developments on our personal, professional and family lives? ·       Are we optimistic or pessimistic about technological & scientific developments? ·       What parts of their life they expect will change the most in 2030 due to technological and scientific developments? ·       What do they think they will be experiencing in 2030? BALLARAT BOOKS, WARRNAMBOOL BOOKS AND LINK EDUCATIONAL REBRAND AS CAMPION EDUCATION 2020-06-29T04:30:10Z ballarat-books-warrnambool-books-and-link-educational-rebrand-as-campion-education The Campion Group continues to focus its strategy on growth, increasing its presence across Australia significantly over the last 5 years. Campion Education continues to focus on its core purpose of partnering with schools to help simplify the back-to-school process for their teachers, parents, and students each year, with substantial growth in digital and eBook services over time. It will be business as usual with Campion Education continuing to serve Ballarat Books, Warrnambool Books and Link Educational customers from four retail locations across Victoria including; Sebastopol, Federation University Ballarat, Warrnambool and Glen Waverley. The store in Armstrong St, Ballarat will be relocated to the Sebastopol location. Managing Director James Cathro said Campion Education was “excited to join forces with these three Victorian businesses and work towards uniting our strengths, learning from their successes and incorporating some of Campion Education’s market leading technology and 23 years’ experience in the education industry”. “We are pleased to have such a large number of excellent people joining us from these businesses who will provide a wealth of knowledge and experience in these markets, and assist us to merge our businesses, while continuing to support and serve our customers in the best way we can,” he said. Business changes will include the introduction of Campion Education’s market leading suite of digital services, assisting schools and students in determining and fulfilling their educational needs each year, combined seamlessly with their required physical books and stationery.   Campion Education An Australian family-owned business, Campion Education is the largest supplier of education resources to secondary schools in Australia.  We continuously seek to provide innovative educational resources, solutions and services which enable schools to focus on providing the best learning outcomes for their students. Drawing on 23 years of experience, Campion Education supplies nearly 3,000 schools and 800,000 students with printed and digital resources from Australia’s widest range of publishers, as well as all forms of stationery and art supplies. ### ISACA’s Risk IT Framework Offers a Structured Methodology for Enterprises to Manage Information and Technology Risk 2020-06-29T03:10:41Z isacas-risk-it-framework-offers-a-structured-methodology-for-enterprises-to-manage-information-and-technology-risk SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA 29 June 2020 – Managing risk and opportunity, including information and technology (I&T) risk, is a key strategic activity for enterprise success—which is even more relevant today during this time of disruption. ISACA has released new editions of risk IT resources to help guide enterprises – Risk IT Framework, 2nd Edition and Risk IT Practitioner Guide, 2nd Edition. The updated Risk IT Framework offers guidelines and practices that optimise risk, opportunity, security and business value, and helps practitioners build consensus regarding risk IT decisions at all enterprise levels. Its companion guide, the Risk IT Practitioner Guide, 2nd Edition, gives practical guidance on how to accomplish the activities described in the Risk IT Framework, 2nd Edition. Both publications were updated to reflect new regulations, methods, and technology that have been introduced since the original editions were published. The second editions include a stronger focus on cybersecurity and align with the latest version of COBIT. Risk IT offers a structured, systematic methodology that helps enterprises:Identify current and emerging risk throughout the extended enterpriseDevelop appropriate operational capabilities to ensure that business processes continue operating through adverse eventsLeverage investments in compliance or internal control systems already in place to optimise I&T-related riskFrame I&T-related risk within a business context to understand aggregate exposure in terms of enterprise valueBoth Risk IT Framework, 2nd Edition and Risk IT Practitioner Guide, 2nd Edition were created to assist in developing, implementing or enhancing the practice of risk management by:Connecting the business context with I&T assets.Shifting the focus to activities over which the enterprise has significant control, such as actively directing and managing risk, while minimising the focus on the conditions over which an enterprise has little control (threat actors).Increasing the focus on using a common risk language that correctly labels the items that must be managed well to create value. “Risk management works best when integrated with the regular workflow of the staff and management rather than as an add-on activity,” says Lisa Young, CISA, CISM, VP of Cyber Risk Engineering at Axio, and the lead developer for both publications. “As Risk IT shows, effective I&T risk management provides many benefits, including reduced or minimised losses, better oversight of organisational assets and increased ability (or capability) to manage risk in alignment with enterprise strategy.” The Risk IT Framework, 2nd Edition is offered in the digital format for free to members and costs US$75 for non-members. The Risk IT Practitioner Guide, 2nd Edition costs US$75 for members and $100 for non-members. To download the framework, visit To download the practitioner guide, visit Find additional ISACA resources at ###About ISACAFor more than 50 years, ISACA® ( has advanced the best talent, expertise and learning in technology. ISACA equips individuals with knowledge, credentials, education and community to progress their careers and transform their organisations, and enables enterprises to train and build quality teams. ISACA is a global professional association and learning organisation that leverages the expertise of its 145,000 members who work in information security, governance, assurance, risk and privacy to drive innovation through technology. It has a presence in 188 countries, including 223 chapters worldwide. Twitter: Instagram: Contact:Julie Fenwick,, 0468 901 655Karen Keech,, 0411 052 408 Digital etiquette proves a major source of anxiety for Millennial workers in the ‘New Normal’ 2020-06-25T19:00:00Z digital-etiquette-proves-a-major-source-of-anxiety-for-millennial-workers-in-the-new-normal Sydney, AUSTRALIA – Friday, 26 June 2020 – Adaptavist, a consulting and technology provider, helping businesses improve productivity and embrace change, revealed the findings of its Digital Etiquette study. The study, which examines attitudes on digital communication channels and the transition to remote work, revealed that although over 82% of workers are keen to work remotely in future, they face a number of challenges in doing so – and the younger generation is particularly adversely affected.The shift to new channelsLove it or loathe it, we are accustomed to email, which was the main communication channel for the vast majority of organisations prior to COVID-19, but lockdown and the accelerated shift to remote working has driven a shift towards video conferencing as the primary communication channel. According to the study, which covered over 2800 workers across the UK, USA, Canada and Australia, now more than one in three workers say their organisations are using this as their primary means of communication. Digital communication angst amongst the youngAlong with the shift in the channels and tools we use comes a new challenge in how we communicate - two in five (38%) of us now worry daily about how we communicate on digital platforms. Millennials and those who have spent most of their professional life using video conferencing and messaging platforms have more relaxed attitudes to acceptable behaviour on video conferences. One in ten under 35 year olds considers it utterly unacceptable for pets or children to appear on a video conference vs one in four over 45 year olds. In fact, across all age groups the appearance of pets on a video conference is considered slightly more acceptable than children (on average 19% disapprove of children appearing vs just 16% for pets). However, it's actually this younger generation that are most anxious about how they communicate online. 46% of Millennial workers worry daily about how they communicate virtually (vs an average of 38% and just 22% of over 45s)27% of under 35s have had to apologise to someone for something that may have been misinterpreted vs just 17% amongst over 45 year olds.Millennials are also more likely to have misinterpreted the tone of a digital communication (40% of under 35s have done so vs just 23% of over 45s)Twice as many under 35 year olds had been seriously offended by the tone of a digital communication than over 45s (19% vs 9%).The research highlighted that, although 41% of us are actively engaged on over 4 platforms a day, 44% of us have never had any training on how to use them. Differing attitudes to the formality of digital communications contributes to the overall challenge of communication. Only 17% of under 35 year olds saw the formality of communications on digital platforms as about the same as in person communications vs 30% of over 45 year olds. Threats to confidentiality and departmental differencesA further concern is the lack of consensus on behaviours such as discussing confidential company information: only one in five (21%) under 35 year olds feels this is unacceptable vs a third (35%) of over 45 year olds. Different departments also vary in their views on what’s acceptable. Engineers feel that making critical comments on work based messaging platforms is broadly acceptable (only 16% felt this was unacceptable), but 33% of those in sales or marketing find this unacceptable.Even within age-groups there is a lack of consensus in what is acceptable as around 22% of under 35 year olds feel speculating on management decisions on a company messaging platform is acceptable even in a wider group channel, yet a further 21% believe that this is never acceptable. Making remote work, work betterSimon Haighton-Williams, CEO of Adaptavist commented:“The transition to remote work requires not just a technological shift, but more importantly an evolution in culture. So often organisations focus on implementing the tools without the proper frameworks in place for how to use them, let alone guidance on expected behaviours in this new “working space”. A company’s culture is its lifeblood, and transitioning that online requires a shift in the way we approach leadership and collaboration. Communication channels are changing so fast that training on digital etiquette is often ignored, but being conscious of the behavioural shift your teams are undergoing in this transition and providing guiding principles and parameters can help.”Prof Cary Cooper, Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at the ALLIANCE Manchester Business School, University of Manchester commented:“Being able to glance across and see someone looks worried enables us to quickly address concerns and allay fears. This level of support is particularly important for those who are less experienced in the commercial world. Unchecked, concerns can escalate causing unnecessary stress and anxiety and this is one of the risks with an increase in remote working long-term and something that companies should prioritise.”According to the study, understanding the mood of our direct reports was seen as one of the greatest challenges in working remotely and what people missed most was working side by side with colleagues.In order to help organisations to better manage this transition to remote working, Adaptavist have set up a remote working and digital etiquette resource centre on their site with tips and advice at along with further information on the Adaptavist Digital Etiquette Study.ENDS Notes to editorsAustralian highlightsThe key differences for Australians are in what they consider acceptable in terms of digital communication etiquetteAustralians are more comfortable with drinking alcohol on a video conference than other nationalities with only 50% feeling this is never acceptable vs 65% in Canada, 62% in USA and 60% in the UKThey are also more likely to accept someone eating on a video conference with less than ⅓ (28%) finding this unacceptable vs 41% in the USA and 38% in the UK and 34% in CanadaMoving around the house is also more acceptable in Australia - only 19% found this unacceptable vs 30% in the USA and 28% in the UK and Canada.Australians are generally happier to be in sportswear / non professional attire on a video conference. Less than 12% found this unacceptable vs 16% of Americans, 21% of Brits and 20% of CanadiansIn terms of “other” responses bullying and swearing were frequently mentioned by Australians, vs Canada, USA and UK, where this was rarely mentioned. In these countries the key concern was swearing/cursing/bad language.Despite having a generally more relaxed attitude towards etiquette on both video conferences and messaging platforms, a greater proportion of Australians have seen something unacceptable on a messaging platform 61% vs under 50% of Brits, Canadians and Americans. In most cases they have seen something they considered unacceptable, but are not sure that others would feel the same Additional data45% of managers say they are now communicating more via video calls and 28% are communicating more via messaging platforms to manage their direct reports.1 in 3 (33%) have misinterpreted the tone of a communication on a digital platform and 1 in 4 (24%) of us have had to apologise for or received an apology from someone for communication on a digital platform.Half of us (50%) have seen something they believed to be unacceptable on a chat / messaging platform.Whilst 1 in 5 (20%) consider it always acceptable to have children appearing on a video conference, but almost as many (19%) felt this is never acceptable - even in lockdownDrinking (tea, coffee etc) is generally acceptable with only just over 1 in 10 (15%) objecting to this, but eating is far less acceptable with nearly 2 in 5 (37%) believing this is never acceptable.A caution to anyone who’s done a video conference from their bed: ⅗ (58%) feel this is never acceptableWomen are also far less comfortable with partners or flatmates appearing than men (41% of women found this was never acceptable, vs just 29% of men!)Around half of respondents (45%) felt it is generally acceptable to discuss confidential / internal company information in a 1:1 chat, but 1 in 4 (26%) felt this is never acceptable - even in a 1:1 chat.Workers also divided on the use of emojis and memes in the workplace with 1 in 3 Millennials (under 35s) advocating the general use of them in the workplace, whilst 1 in 4 believe they should only be used with close colleagues. A further 27% of under 35s are happy for others to use them, but hesitant to use them themselves. Whilst only 6% of under 35s think emojis and memes should never be used in the workplace 1 in 5 (19%) over 45s would keep them out of the workplace. However, the over 45s are equally split in what’s acceptable as the same proportion (19%) would actively encourage others to use them at work.‘Millennials’ in this context has been broadly defined as under 35 year olds.About the Adaptavist Digital Etiquette study:Over 2800 workers from a mix of office-based industry sectors and departments across the USA (c. 1000), UK (c. 1000), Canada (c. 400) and Australia (c. 400) were surveyed for Adaptavist’s Digital Etiquette study. The research was conducted in May 2020 by Propeller Insights. The age breakdown was: 13% of respondents were 18-24 years old; 27% 25-34; 26% between 35-44; 20%, 45-54; 11% 55-64; and 3% over 65 years old.About AdaptavistAdaptavist is a global consulting and technology provider, enabling organisations to digitally transform how they collaborate, become more agile, and get work done. Founded in 2005, its 13,000+ customer base spans 60 countries and includes more than half the Fortune 500.Adaptavist is a Platinum Atlassian Solutions Partner and Marketplace Vendor, and one of the first trusted Slack partners. It offers expert consultancy, apps, training, manager services, and licensing solutions. Adaptavist has also been the recipient of the Queen's Awards for Enterprise, Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50, and The Sunday Times Tech Track Award 2019. Aussie Tech Start-Up Promises to Support Stronger Workforces Post COVID-19 2020-06-24T03:45:16Z tech-start-up-promises-to-support-stronger-workforces-post-covid-19 New Workforce Management Tool Promises to Support Stronger Teams Post COVID-19 Seeks to prevent closure of business units through proactive monitoring and immediate notification Assists in boosting mental wellness and the safety of employees with discreet disclosure and one-on-one action Is an ongoing solution to a supported and engaged workforce whether on-site or working remotely Keeping staff retention high and workers happy in a Covid-19 world is surely an interesting feat? CoHealth is a sophisticated and bespoke Workforce Management tool that is set to revolutionise how companies will safeguard not only their staff, client, and stakeholders wellbeing – but fundamentally mitigate the very real threat of losing entire teams to illness through careful proactive monitoring.As we see the working world change, conducting and managing staff in how they undertake their job is of utmost importance. This software will allow management to monitor individuals, groups and teams with uncompromised and sophisticated detail. Engagement factors taken into consideration include mental well-being, physical health, remote working, interpersonal relationships, even environmental factors such as home life, and in extreme cases domestic violence.  Being designed and created by the successful talent acquisition group, Black Wolf Group has meant that this software is relevant and at the very cusp of what future staff welfare will look like in Australia and overseas. “From my 12 years within the recruitment space, mental well-being and the type of work culture staff are exposed to, are crucial to performance and also how likely they are to remain in a role”. General Manager of the group, Tanya Abbey said. “CoHealth presents a holistic approach to engaging with staff and ensuring they are not only safe and well, but ultimately happy in their work”. Opening up real tangible channels of communication is a unique facet of CoHealth - trials have shown managers who shared their own personal struggles during Covid-19 and who were accessible had great success in alleviating anxiety and boosting morale across their staff.  “This software will make the management of your workforce more personable rather than just transactional” said Abbey. The system also promises to work alongside existing HR processes, complimenting an organisation’s already existing efforts without making these systems instantly redundant. Meaning information and policy prior to introducing CoHealth can be efficiently incorporated with the new, forward-thinking system.  No Servers or Infrastructure is necessary for the delivery of this application – it is completely hosted with strict data safe guidelines, underpinned by onshore sovereignty laws. Inbuilt Logic and Decision Matrix technology mean this multi-levelled technology is at the very forefront of staff welfare software. Discreet Contact tracing and an extensive array of checks and surveys mean the application is completely customisable – organisations can also purchase the right to rebrand application. “We see this software as the future of monitoring staff safety and well-being, enabling businesses to gain ultimate clarity around the welfare of their staff” said Abbey. ENDS MEDIA KIT Media Contact: Amanda Williams 0414 605 850 Teksmobile Emerges As A Leading APIGEE Consultant Agency 2020-06-23T08:47:52Z teksmobile-emerges-as-a-leading-apigee-consultant-agency Teksmobile, the multiple award-winning mobile app and custom software development company, is making its presence felt in yet another key business domain. The company has already gained significant recognition as one of the best APIGEE consulting firms globally - and CEO Hussain Fakhruddin expects to make further inroads in this field. In an exclusive interview, Hussain talked about the detailed research studies and technical training sessions that the API developers had undertaken, to provide best-in-class APIGEE services to clients. Apart from creating powerful and fully scalable RESTful APIs, the company also offers digital asset procurement, maintenance and security, developing custom solutions on the APIGEE platform, and provides cutting-edge API lifecycle management solutions. As Hussain correctly pointed out, the focus is on helping customers in the digital transformation of businesses. As an expert APIGEE engineering company, Teksmobile brings its in-depth expertise and relevant experience on enterprise API ecosystems to the fore. For many of its international clients, Team Teks has already developed robust API-powered solutions - in order to refine their overall digital strategies and keep them ahead of the competition. The demand for fully connected experiences is at an all-time high among enterprises worldwide - and Teksmobile is an APIGEE partner company that helps in creating just that. In a digital business environment, the importance of reliability, security and scalability cannot be overemphasised. With that in consideration, the APIGEE consultants and software developers at Teksmobile put prime importance to building state-of-the-art developer portals for its clients. Professional assistance is provided for selecting the correct API architecture as per business nature and requirements. The focus of this company has always been on understanding client requirements first and then designing custom solutions - and when it comes to APIGEE consultancy - there is no exception. Teksmobile recently completed 15 years of industry presence - and right through the course of its existence, it has always maintained a strong adherence to quality and performance standards. As an enterprise APIGEE company, Teks is fully focused on coming up with API gateways that are robust and offer round-the-clock availability. The world-class continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) of APIs delivered by Teks has gone a long way in establishing the company’s position as an excellent APIGEE consulting company. Digital risk management is yet another subdomain that Teksmobile excels in. The API developers at the company specialise in advanced microservice development services - and together with the API proxies and related tools, these help in adding security layers to the clients’ data ecosystem and digital resources. With Teks as a partner, enterprises can successfully adopt, implement and maintain API-first strategies that deliver value.  With the help of full-blown digital transformation services, Teksmobile is on a mission to open up many new business and revenue streams for clients. The company helps in seamless collaboration of different software - in a bid to enhance productivity and efficiency levels. Hussain highlighted that his team places equal importance on custom APIGEE Edge services and API designing & management solutions. The API-related service bouquet also includes API Exchange and API monetisation tools.  The in-house team of APIGEE engineers and developers are highly experienced, and they strive to use their expertise to build internal and external efficiencies for clients. Another good thing about Teks’ services is the uniformly competitive rates at which the API services are made available. Companies of all sizes can hire APIGEE engineers from the company, without having to go beyond their budgets. In keeping with its reputation as a driver of digital innovation, Teksmobile has made a strong start in the field of APIGEE consulting and development. Over the next few quarters, the company is sure to consolidate further in this domain.  To know more about Teksmobile, visit If you have any particular query about the APIGEE services offered by Teks, drop an email to It has always been a policy of Teksmobile to work with the latest tools and technologies, and APIGEE is the latest addition to that. COVID-19 Update: Metro Car Removal Sydney Is Open for Business 2020-06-23T02:12:32Z covid-19-update-metro-car-removal-sydney-is-open-for-business Looking to sell your car during this Corona virus pandemic? It can be quite a challenge to find a buyer in these times of social distancing. Metro Car Removal is a Cash for Vehicles company in Sydney that buys cars of all makes and conditions. We are open and available during these trying times. Our business model enables us to buy cars for cash with little physical contact necessary, making it safe and secure for car sellers to sell their vehicles to us. To know more about our business and how we operate, read on. Sell Your Car for Cash While Practising Social Distancing At Metro Car Removal, we make it possible for you to sell your car while practising social distancing. Your safety is our priority and so we’ve taken all the necessary precautions following the COVID-19 guidelines. Moreover, our business model is designed in such a way that physical contact is minimal at best. Here’s how our Car Removal process works: ·         Just give us a call to have your car valuated and get a free quote for it. Yes, we valuate cars over the phone. There is no need for you to bring the car over to us for an inspection. Simply give us a call and provide a detailed description of the vehicle to be sold. ·         Based on the condition of the vehicle, we will provide you with an accurate and honest quote for it. It only takes us minutes to valuate and provide a quote. Once that’s done, you can then choose a time and date for the Car Removal. ·         Our team will come to your location to pick up the vehicle and tow it over to our yard. The payment will be made via EFTS at the time of collection. As you can see from the above step-by-step process, there is very minimal contact involved when you sell your car to us. Most of the process is handled over the phone, so you have nothing to worry about. You can sit in the comfort of your home and have your car sold for top cash today! Top Benefits of Selling Your Car to Metro Car Removal ·         We offer Free Car Removals Sydney wide ·         We pay up to $7,000 Cash for Cars ·         We will buy your car whether it’s old, damaged, wrecked or unwanted ·         We offer Free paperwork Ready to turn your old car into hot cash? Contact Metro Car Removal on 0422 600 833. It’s Business as Usual for Paul Car Removal During COVID-19 2020-06-23T01:58:37Z it-s-business-as-usual-for-paul-car-removal-during-covid-19 Many businesses are finding it hard to stay open due to the COVID-19 situation. For some others like Paul Car Removal, a Cash for Cars Company in Sydney, it’s business as usual. This is because Paul Car Removal’s unique business model makes it possible for car sellers in Sydney to sell their cars for cash right from their homes. So, they can abide by the COVID-19 guidelines and still manage to get their car sold for top cash! Sounds like a win-win situation. Paul Car Removal’s Business Model Aligns With COVID-19 Restrictions The reason our business has been doing well even during such trying times is because our business model is perfect to ensure social distancing while selling your car. The last thing car sellers want to do during the COVID-19 pandemic is to meet with potential buyers to negotiate price on their vehicles. It’s not safe to do so. But what if we told you there was an alternative way to get your car sold? One that can be done over the phone? Yes, it’s true. Paul Car Removal allows car sellers to get instant free quotes for their cars over the phone itself. You don’t have to even step out of your home to get your car valuated. Simply call us on 0466 879 131 and we’ll give you a quick quote for your car. Once you have a quote from us, we let you pick the date and time for the Car Removal. Since we service Sydney wide, we’ll come to you to collect the car no matter where you’re located. Paul Car Removal also offers free paperwork for your convenience and to speed up the sales process. When you sell your car to us, you are assured of a safe and secure sale with minimal contact that pays top dollar. Strapped for Cash Because of the Corona Virus Pandemic? Sell Your Car for Cash to Us Today If you’re in a tight spot financially and are looking for ways to make some quick cash, one smart way to do it is to Sell Your Unwanted Car For Cash. Do you have an old or damaged car collecting dust in your garage? Now’s the time to sell it for cash to Paul Car Removal, a Cash for Cars Company. We provide honest and accurate cash offers for cars of all makes and conditions. So, don’t hesitate to pick up your phone and give us a call at 0466 879 131. Covid-19 impact on the Australian accounting and legal industry 2020-06-22T21:00:53Z covid-19-impact-on-the-australian-accounting-and-legal-industry “How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the accounting and legal professions in Australia? Are accounting and law firms seeing an increased or decreased demand for their services? How are they fairing when it comes to workloads, cash-flow, salaries, and even partner drawings? What is their general prognosis on the future? These were the type of questions we wanted to be answered," says Andreas Diwing, QuickFee Sr. Director of Marketing. “We surveyed our member firms in the accounting and legal space not just once, but twice in a 7-week period, asking the exact same questions. Our goal was to see what, if anything, changed.” 73.5% of leading accounting and law firms in the Australia have seen an increase in demand for their services during the Covid-19 pandemic, and while most are describing their outlook of the future as “cautiously optimistic” firms have also seen a significant decrease in firm cash flow due to firm clients being reluctant or incapable of paying their fees. Highlights In May 73.5% of firms have seen an increase in demand for their services (down 8.4% since March 2020) The most common response to increased demand is partners working longer hours In May 2020 roughly a third of firms are saying that 25% or more of their clients are showing signs of financial distress 23% of firms believe that some practices won’t survive   Lion Car Rentals to introduce new and improved Double and Single cab Ute! 2020-06-22T11:49:26Z lion-car-rentals-to-introduce-new-and-improved-double-and-single-cab-ute  Melbourne, AUS – Melbourne, AUS – June 11, 2020 – Lion Car rentals are coming back up better than ever! They are your No.1 best car rental service in Melbourne who introduced two new models for the commercial fleet. This will help more customers to do all things possible. So, if you are looking to hire a cab in Melbourne you are most welcome to call us at 9303 7447 or book your vehicle online now for all your rental needs” We will be making a comeback with some additional tweaks with the website and some cars now have more in-depth descriptions for all of you to get an idea of what each vehicle can be used for. And better yet, it will give you many benefits of renting the right vehicle of your choice. So gather up and logon to to get more information. The Double and single cab Ute hire Melbourne are for the customers who live in and around the Melbourne suburbs which makes it the perfect location for their office destination.  Also, if you cannot pick up your vehicle from us, always tell us where to drop it off and we can bring it to you hassle-free. Lion Car Rentals is one of the leading rental companies in Melbourne with a wide range of vehicles from economy cars to SUVs, minibuses, moving trucks and even delivery van hire in different sizes for you to rent. We also have two more branches down in Somerton and Footscray. Each vehicle has its own special feature which can give you the comfort and space you need for all your needs. Now you can hire your own double cab Ute in Melbourne or single cab Ute rental which is not only on an affordable price range but also you can drive using your own license. Now you, don’t need to spend all that money on expensive vehicles. Simply hire our cars from Lion Car Rentals and we will give you discounts and reasonable rates which you will enjoy with your family. “This new and improved website allows our customers to know more about our services and that we care for all their daily needs” That’s right, because here at Lion Car rentals we care about our customer’s needs, and we are specially trained in letting you know what is best for every occasion. We have friendly staff in all of our office locations and would love for all of you to come and visit our showroom. We also, offer: Rent to buy option which give our customers to rent it and buy it after renting it. Long term rentals For all those commercial and business needs Airport drop off/pick up If you are coming from another country for a vacation, you may want to try using this option Vehicle drop off to your doorstep We understand how busy a person can be and that is why our team can drop off the vehicle to your home Please follow us on our social media: Facebook - Instagram - For more details and stay tuned for our upcoming promotions and deals MEDIA ALERT: AUSTRALIAN BUSINESSES ILL PREPARED FOR CYBER ATTACKS 2020-06-22T00:27:17Z media-alert-australian-businesses-ill-prepared-for-cyber-attacks Sydney, Australia (22 June 2020) – Following Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s address on 19 June regarding the state-based cyber attack, please find the following cybersecurity research results from global, IT professional association, ISACA. Only 40% of technology professionals and leaders in Australia were highly confident that their cybersecurity teams were ready to detect and respond to the rising cybersecurity attacks occurring during COVID-19.89% of respondents say the rapid transition to remote work has increased data protection and privacy risk.Prior to COVID-19, 64% of respondents in Australia believe their organisation’s cybersecurity teams are understaffed and 58% say they currently have unfilled cybersecurity positions on their team.26% of respondents reported an increase in the number of attacks relative to a year ago69% of professionals believe that enterprises are failing to report cybercrimes, even in situations where they have a legal or contractual obligation to do so. “In the wake of what is probably Australia’s biggest cyber attack, ISACA’s research has found the risk has never been higher for a cyber attack, given the recent economic crises our country has endured,” states Jo Stewart-Rattray, former ISACA Board Director and Director of Information Security & IT Assurance, BRM Advisory. “As businesses and the Government prepares for the new normal, they must understand the risks and their cybermaturity in order to protect their data, assets and personal information.”-ENDS- For commentary from cybersecurity expert, Jo Stewart-Rattray, please contact:Julie Fenwick,, +61 468 901 655Karen Keech,, +61 411 052 408 A regular on TV and radio interviews, Jo can discuss:the benefits of strong multi-factor authentication and patchingwhat can be done to protect Australians and organisations from cyber attacksthe issues organisations face, including the cyber skills gap in Australia, budget constraints and more awareness among the C-Suite About ISACA’s COVID-19 Research:ISACA surveyed more than 3,700 IT audit, risk, governance and cybersecurity professionals from 123 countries in mid-April to assess the impact of COVID-19 on their organisations and their own jobs. Over 100 professionals from Australia participated. For more information on ISACA’s COVID-19 study, visit About the State of Cybersecurity StudyMore than 2,000 cybersecurity professionals in 17 industries who hold ISACA’s Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) credential or have information security job titles participated in the online survey, of which just over 100 were from Australia. For a free download of the reports and resources, visit: About ISACAISACA® ( is a global professional association and learning organisation that leverages the expertise of its 145,000 members who work in information security, governance, assurance, risk and privacy to drive innovation through technology. It was formed over 50 years ago and has a presence in 188 countries, including chapters throughout Australia.