The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-08-18T23:55:10Z Mothers and Daughters Who Girl Guide Together Stay Connected 2019-08-18T23:55:10Z mothers-and-daughters-who-girl-guide-together-stay-connected Girl Guides isn’t just for young girls, as mum and daughter duo discovered when Grace Jarvis now 17, enrolled in her local Girl Guides Unit 10 years ago. Instead of just drop-offs and pick-ups, mum Helen Jarvis became a Leader of the Unit and hasn’t looked back. The connection that Helen enjoys with her daughter Grace has a lot to do with the shared understanding and language they have developed through Guiding. Helen and Grace have navigated the distinction between their relationship as mother and daughter and guiding colleagues, by using the mentoring approaches taught at Girl Guides. “I don’t provide answers, just a thought process that encourages Grace to take the initiative and come up with a pathway for herself,” explains Helen. Helen says this shared language and approach has been one of the largest benefits of being a part of her daughter’s Guiding experience. “It's not the doing it together all the time that’s the lovely thing, it's the common language, shared experience and interest which is great. It is one thing to hear about the stories, and another to be there sharing them.” Their relationship and Guiding experience continue to strengthen with Grace now being a Leader alongside her mum. Grace has developed a new appreciation for the hard work her mum has put into leading their Unit over the years. Grace admits: “We make a pretty good team”. Grace has not only experienced great personal growth during her time at Guides she has also been able to see her mum from other people’s perspectives which she is grateful for. “She took on a female role-model position in my life where she was my teacher and my guide through this incredible journey. “So, when people ask me who is your biggest role model, it doesn’t feel weird to say, ‘my mum’ – because in all aspects she is.” The Jarvis family could not be prouder to be a part of the Guiding community appreciating the confidence and strength it has provided them as a family unit. Grace’s younger sister, Amy also joined Guides and has enjoyed building the same bond with her mum. Grace says it best when explaining why this dynamic works so well in the Guiding community: “At Guides, we are an absolute sisterhood and have an underlying acceptance of each other. So, no matter who you are, you're automatically going to be accepted whole-heartedly into this environment of pure joy, fun and learning.” -ENDS- For Media Enquiries please contact: Felicity Zadro I ZADRO Agency I 0404 009 384 Oakley Grioli I ZADRO Agency I 02 9212 7867 IMAGES Images are available for use. For high-resolution images, please contact: Image: Helen & Grace Jarvis. Image: A Place To Grow Campaign. Image: A Place To Grow Logo Construction of Fast Tour Boats Underway 2019-08-15T04:54:05Z construction-of-fast-tour-boats-underway Construction of the first new tour boat for River to Bay has commenced in Tingalpa, Brisbane. The boat is the first of four to be built over the next 12 months, with the support of the Queensland Government’s Growing Tourism Infrastructure Fund.  With a construction time of approximately 5 months, the first boat will be ready for action this summer. River to Bay CEO Anthony Stanton says ‘These fast tour boats will connect the people of Brisbane and our visitors to the magic of Moreton Bay, using the river as our express lane to adventure’. ‘Our business is connection – connection of people to places, the city to the bay, our history to our present, mythology to science’ said Mr Stanton. ‘But most of all its about connection of cultures.  Black and white, together Aussies and Queenslanders proud to show off our magnificent home to the world.’ The four new boats will offer a variety of day trips from Brisbane, incorporating scenic cruising with marine wildlife encounters, cultural and environmental education, bushwalks, snorkelling and swimming. ‘There will be itineraries to suit all tastes, each build around a key theme.  Some will be energetic and others more relaxing, but all will be an experience to remember.’ With hundreds of attractions within 1.5 hours cruising range of Brisbane CBD, the toughest challenge for this business is where to start.  Mr Stanton says ‘While the details are still under wraps, I can divulge that one of our first tours will cover the highlights of Moreton Bay, including visits to St Helena, North Stradbroke and Moreton Islands all in one day.  Pick up and drop off by the tour boat from Brisbane city pontoons – no transfers, just a fully inclusive day of adventure.’ The boats are designed to be fully independent during their day out, with solar powered food and drinks refrigeration, onboard toilet, safe and comfortable seating, long range fuel tanks, and  full protection from sun and rain.  ENDS ACS Delivers Brand New ‘LearnHowTo’ Micro-Learning Platform 2019-08-06T00:56:31Z acs-delivers-brand-new-learnhowto-micro-learning-platform Media Release - for Immediate Release 6 August 2019   ACS Distance Education has just launched a brand-new learning platform aimed at businesses, professionals, students and anyone interested in personal development. Called Learn How To, this online subscription-only training site provides hundreds of short courses in a range of disciplines. For just AU$32.95 per month, subscribers have access to ALL courses. They can also view numerous educational videos to support the learning process. Upon completion of the course, you will receive an electronic badge to promote your skills. Courses are designed to enhance skills, fill gaps in knowledge, or get an introduction to an area of interest.   Each course takes between 1 to 4 hours to complete, and high scores on the self-assessment test at the end are awarded with a digital achievement badge. There are a huge range of topics covered. But there are no time limits. Subscribers get to study in their own time, at their own pace. What’s more, course content may be saved as a pdf or printed, so it won’t ever be lost. It takes about 2 minutes to enrol, and subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.    Visit the site here:   Watch how Learn How To works here:   Be inspired... we love learning, and with us you can learn how to do all sorts of things.     For more information, or for business package subscriptions, please email us at: Life Legacy Love Book 2019-07-31T00:27:47Z life-legacy-love-book When Tania Howard began working in the funeral industry in her 20s, her healthy and vibrant mother suggested now was a good time for them to have a talk about life and death. There were many things her mum wanted to share about her life and arrangements for when one day in that very distant future that time came in her life. This conversation was the inspiration for a new book Tania has published to help other families prepare to meet their loved one’s final wishes. As they explored her life and legacy, gathering photos, sharing stories, experiences, wishes and ensuring all documents where in order and easy to find. Together they realised the power of having all this information in one place, removing any additional burdens when the time came. Little did Tania and her brother realise her end would be sooner rather than later, when just weeks after her 50th birthday, their healthy vibrant mum suddenly died. “It was out of the blue. One day I was talking to her and then the next she was gone. It was the worst feeling being told there was nothing that could be done, and we made the decision to turn off the machines,” Tania said. “But despite how horrible we felt, because mum and I had spent time talking about her wishes, I knew exactly what to do. I knew how to access her money to fund the beautiful memorial for her, what she wanted to be buried in, what stories to share at her funeral and little bits about her life that I would never had known about if we had not have those conversations.” Realising how hard it is for people to discuss death and the passing of a parent with their children, Tania and her mum, Ceridwen created Life, Legacy and Love – a record of my life and final wishes as  guide and tool to use to gather the important information such as personal details – tax file number, Medicare number, wedding date, occupation, assets list, where important documents are stored but also highlights from their life, bucket list items and the family tree. “So many think the moment you talk about death, you are being morbid or signing your life away, or all of a sudden if you make arrangements you will suddenly catch “death” but it is more about getting on with life and letting more people know about who you are. Not having these conversations leads to more stress at a time when it is not needed, legal disputes or family arguments over who is doing what,” Tania said. “By taking the time to have these conversations, it can save a lot of pain and confusion. “When my mum died, I knew she didn’t want to be dressed in her best. We have talked about it and she wanted to be buried in her favourite tracksuit and Ugg boots. I would never have known that if we hadn’t talked about it.” Stage one of Life, Legacy and Love is in print but Tania has plans to publish the book digitally. “My children never got a chance to meet my mum, but they can look at the book and see photos of her and read about what she loved doing, things she liked and disliked,” Tania said. “I know we all think are parents are invincible, but we are all going to go one day. Being able to help people make informed decisions is in power and this free book is my way of giving back and sharing my mum’s legacy.”  JB's Shirts... for Aussie education facilities. 2019-07-29T06:23:53Z jb-s-shirts-for-aussie-education-facilities JB’s Wear T-Shirts and JB’s Wear Polo shirts are among the many items distributed Australia-Wide through School Products Australia to schools, child care centres, kindergartens, preschools and other educational facilities. Providing a range of clothing such as t-shirts that are perfect for everyone from little children right through to adult carers and teachers. Everyday School Products Australia delivers JB’s shirts to educational facilities right across Australia to every state. We can deliver from as far north as Cape York in Queensland (QLD) to Southport in Tasmania (TAS), from Byron Bay in the east of New South Wales (NSW) to as far west as Carrarang in Western Australia (WA), the 2 states in between South Australia (SA), Victoria (VIC) and also to the 2 territories Northern Territory (NT) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). So wherever your educational facility is located School Products Australia makes getting JB's shirts for your organisation super easy. You may be after plain white t-shirts for a colour run, fun bright coloured t-shirts with a large screen printed logo printed on the front for your kindergarten class, your school emblem embroidered onto polo shirts or shirts printed for a special event whether it’s for school leavers or it’s the special birthday of your child care centre but whatever your requirements are and wherever your location in Australia you can have just the right shirts for your school or childrens centre delivered to your door. Metal Detecting World Championship $50,000 in Prizes Including a 10oz Gold Bar! 2019-07-24T06:21:13Z metal-detecting-world-championship-50-000-in-prizes-including-a-10oz-gold-bar Date: 23rd July 2019MEDIA RELEASE For Immediate Release  Over $50,000 in Prizes Including a 10 Ounce gold bar worth $20,000 will be given away In the World’s First ever Metal Detecting World Championship Event held in Gympie Queensland from September 27-30 2019 GYMPIE Qld Will be where we crown the first ever Metal Detecting World Champion. It is only fitting that one of Queensland's Oldest Gold towns is the scene for Not only a world first competition but the Biggest ever metal Detecting and prospecting event ever held in Australia. ALL The Major Detecting Brands are Involved with a 50K + prize pool we have detectorists (people that use metal detectors) coming from all over Australia and even from Overseas. Live bands, Trade stalls, markets and chances to dig up treasure will be on all weekend. Dig up some treasure, Pan some gold, Find some coins or even a Gold ring as we hold the BIGGEST Festival ever held in Australia to celebrate everything Prospecting and Detecting and acknowledge the Part that Gold has played in Building our Great nation. We have just been Informed that the WORLDS Biggest Detecting YouTube Star “Aquachigger” will be making an appearence over the entire weekend. With Over 1 MILLION subscribers Beau is by Far the Biggest Star in our community. What will surprise you is just how many people are searching for Gold and Buried items like coins and jewelry every weekend in Australia. There are Literally tens of thousands of Detectorists and Hobby prospectors all out trying to find that elusive buried treasure.  Whether it’s in the park, On The beach or out in one of the many goldfields. Most find small stuff like $2 coins and it’s not uncommon for people to pick up $1,000 or more a year metal detecting beaches and parks. Gold is worth $2,000 an ounce and again Thousands of people go in search every weekend. Some find enough to pay for fuel others find enough to pay for the house. The World Metal Detecting Championship is about community and bringing together the detectorists and prospectors of Australia for  a great weekend of Socialising, Story swapping and we will see who is best on their equipment by awarding the metal Detecting WORLD champion. Something that has never been done before anywhere on the Planet. By Putting Up a $20,000+ Gold bar and by having ALL the major brands represented at the event we hope to be able to introduce new people to our Hobby and to help those already Involved to meet new people, make new friends and hopefully walk away a little more knowledgeable as well. The Event is being organised by Clegy (Justin Cleghorn) as a way of giving back to a community that he derives a living from. The idea is to unite everyone for the weekend to celebrate the great history of Gold and crown a world Champion. It is also to Introduce metal detecting as a great way to get outside and rediscover their local areas by researching places to detect.  You’ll be amazed at what you can find out about your local community. It’s about getting the young ones outside and giving the older ones a reason to get away with the kids more. Contact information  Justin  Cleghorn (Clegy)Phone 0417 308 528 Email Available for telephone and Live Interviews, Justin is Blessed with a personality and you won’t find yourself having to pry info out. Justin has been Interviewed on ABC radio, Has a LIVE weekly show on facebook and is Often the one to MC these type of events.  END -  The Guitar Dojo relocation now complete 2019-07-23T04:50:21Z the-guitar-dojo-relocation-now-complete Melbourne, Australia, 23rd July 2019 -- Specialist guitar school The Guitar Dojo is pleased to announce that the relocation of its core kids program is complete and that lessons will now be held at the Plenty Valley Conference and Training Centre (Infinity Church) at 5/9 Danaher Drive in South Morang.  This partnership allows us to enjoy top quality facilities , waiting area , technology and music equipment which will allow us to bring members the best guitar lesson program in Melbourne. The Guitar Dojo program is centred around combining the best benefits of private instruction and small classes , while teaching a proven curriculum.  We value teamwork within our community and employ the latest in gamified learning both in class and at home.   Students are encouraged to ask questions between lessons via our dedicated online practice portal which means more productive learning in class! All ages 7 and over are welcome and we love to see beginners  - both young and not so young.  Membership of The Guitar Dojo is all inclusive and includes hard copy learning materials ,subscriptions to our music apps and after hours support. Media Contact The Guitar Dojo Phone: (03) 9404 2656 Email – The 3 Most Popular Bucks Party Activities Revealed 2019-06-26T03:12:51Z the-3-most-popular-bucks-party-activities-revealed The results are in, and it's official: blokes love a bit of action when they're at a bucks party. It can take a lot of convincing to get a guy down the aisle, but the idea of a wild night with his best mates to wave goodbye to bachelordom requires no such twisted arm. So how do Aussie blokes like to celebrate their final hours before throwing away the key to the old ball and chain?  Beer?  Certainly.  Babes and boobs?  No doubt. With over 1000 bucks parties under our belt we looked into what men really love to do for their bucks party and the results may surprise you. It turns out they love fresh air and the high seas.  A backhand draw and a weighted offset.  And 9 holes on the crispest of crisp fairways.  What on earth are we talking about? 1. The party boat Yarr, me hearties!  It turns out that guys don't want grog, grub, games and girls for their bucks night.  They want grog, grub, games and girls ... on a party boat! Big Boys Club's party boat cruise has turned out to be an absolute winner on the high seas, as big strong blokes lap up the sunshine and the most beautiful of views.  We're talking about 1/ beautiful Port Phillip Bay, and 2/ sexy sailor girls serving unlimited beers.  Now you're talking! The package includes inner city pick-up, exclusive three-hour usage of the party boat, a tasty 7:1 ratio of blokes to topless waitresses, and saucy parlour games like lingerie twister (ooh!) and strip beer pong (oooooh!).  Throw in a strip show, man-sized finger food and a bus to the strip club with VIP entry, and you've got one of the most winning bucks parties on planet earth. 2. Lawn bowls Beer and babes on the high seas may sound like fun, but do you know what soon-to-be former bachelors and their mates enjoy even more for a bucks party?  Beer, babes and a smooth-as-silk bowling green. Huh?  Big Boys Club calls it Barefoot Bowls - because all you need to do to enjoy this super-popular bucks party package is take your shoes off.  The blue-rinse mob will vacate their favourite green for two exclusive hours so that you, your mates, and several Bowling Beauties can play with funny-looking balls.  Ahem. As with all of these excellent packages, it includes pick up and drop off, topless waitresses with saucy party games in their rucksacks, a strip show, unlimited beers and finger food, and a VIP bus to the city strip club.  Perhaps the blue-rinse mob really do know how to have a great time. 3. Golf But if boats and bowls are man's third and second-best friends, then what grabs number 1 spot as THE most popular bucks party package?  One word: golf. Complete with clubs, caddies and collared shirts, golf is indeed the great Scottish export (with the possible exception of Glenmorangie Scotch).  It combines science, sport, and Zen mental exercise.  What on earth could possibly make man's perennially favourite weekend pastime even better? How about a Beer Cart following in the slipstream of the Golf Buggy?  Check.  How about a couple of extremely cute caddies in the driving seat?  Check again.  How about a 3 hour bucks party once your 9th hole at stunning Albert Park is sunk?  Triple check. Big Boys Club will take care of the club hire, the golf carts and the cute caddies, and if the weather turns foul, we'll switch you over to the state of the art X Golf simulator and you can try your luck on the world's best Links courses (without needing to bother about the 25 hour plane ride to Scotland). So there you have it.  It turns out that blokes want outdoor action to go with their beer and babes when they're celebrating a best mate's descent into married bliss.  Every one of these most popular of popular packages - and the dozen others offered up by Big Boys Club on a silver platter - ensures that an epic bucks party is easy, smooth-sailing and truly memorable.  So are your mates ready for Melbourne's best girls, and unlimited booze and fun that only those about to end their days of bachelor bliss should ever get to experience?  Visit for more great bucks party ideas in Melbourne. Australian Forex Trading Educator Launches New Training Courses 2019-06-24T01:27:15Z australian-forex-trading-educator-launches-new-training-courses SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 24 June, 2019 – The world-renowned forex trading education provider Learn to Trade is once again launching a new course for hopeful new students in Australia. The new training course, dubbed the Ultimate Forex Starter workshop, is a 5-hour event held in various cities across Australia. According to the company, trading in the foreign exchange market is becoming increasingly popular among ordinary people in Australia. Some graduates of the programs offered by Learn to Trade have even been able to turn trading into their full-time career, the company revealed. “We are extremely happy to once again open up spots for new students at our Ultimate Forex Starter workshop,” said Adam Truelove, Global Trading Director at Learn to Trade. “More than 250,000 people have already been through one of our training sessions globally, and we have learned that the demand for quality trading education is still huge out there,” he added. Although Learn to Trade is headquartered in London, the company also has a big presence in Australia, and recently opened its new state-of-the-art forex trading training centre in Sydney. The company was founded by the legendary British forex trader and former banker Greg Secker in 2003, and was later brought to Australia by a team of experienced Australian traders and trading coaches. In addition to its heavy presence Australia, Learn to Trade today has offices in the UK, the Philippines, Spain, and South Africa, with plans to continue the expansion in the coming years. The company also said it remains committed to investing in the future as it works towards its goal of educating more ordinary people about the opportunities that exist in the forex market. Learn to Trade’s Ultimate Forex Starter workshop is currently accepting applications from people of all backgrounds, and in particular encourages people with no prior experience from finance and trading to sign up. In the past, Learn to Trade has successfully trained people with diverse backgrounds, ranging from nurses to teachers, carpenters, and retirees. For a limited time only, seats at the Ultimate Forex Starter workshop are available for only $97. To learn more about what Learn to Trade can offer, and to sign up for the Ultimate Forex Starter workshop or any of their other training programs, visit Learn to Trade online or contact one of their staff members by phone at (02) 8412 6000 or via email at Entertainer, James Bustar, Shows Juggling is Good for the Brain and Heart 2019-06-21T01:18:04Z entertainer-james-bustar-shows-juggling-is-good-for-the-brain-and-heart Australian entertainer, James Bustar, is leading the crusade as Australia’s funniest juggler. Bustar began juggling at age 11, and was juggling almost 24 hours a day; he now takes his comedic and skilful routine to arenas and corporate events all over the country.  “It’s actually a surprisingly decent workout. Juggling burns roughly 280 calories per hour, and the average gym session burns about 300.” According to neuroscientists and physiologists, completing regular juggling exercises can improve both physical and mental health. In an Oxford University study published in Nature Neuroscience, participants who practiced a daily juggling routine were shown to gain a 5% increase in cerebral 'white matter' as seen on an MRI. That reinforced the findings of previous studies, which showed similar boosts in grey matter. The areas of the brain impacted by juggling include those dedicated to spatial calculation and awareness — in other words, the better you are at juggling, the better you will be at hand-eye coordination. In turn, hand-eye coordination has flow-on effects to social communication skills, reading, writing, and mathematics, according to research from Indiana University and the University of Leeds. In an era of tablet computers and virtual reality goggles, a juggling kit seems decidedly low-tech. “I believe juggling is something everyone should be able to do. Well, maybe not everyone. I don’t want to talk myself out of a job. But there are so many different benefits to it: in motor skills, physical health, focus, problem-solving ability.” Bustar believes that juggling should be encouraged in young people, and should even be taught at school. “It’s never too early or late to start learning. The important thing is to practice, practice, practice.” The world-renowned juggling-funny-man has also produced an in-depth instructional DVD titled “The Art of Throwing Up,” which teaches how to juggle up to five balls. The DVD is available from Media Release Ends Family villas a new haven for guests at White Grass Ocean Resort & Spa - Tanna Vanuatu 2019-06-19T04:42:11Z family-villas-a-new-haven-for-guests-at-white-grass-ocean-resort-amp-spa-tanna-vanuatu Family villas a new haven for guests at White Grass Ocean Resort & Spa   ‘A sanctuary of luxurious accommodation, first class service and idyllic surrounds to unwind in following a day hiking up a volcano or diving the Blue Cave.’   June 2019:  Grass Ocean Resort & Spa on Tanna Island, Vanuatu has recently introduced three new family villas to its range of guest accommodation. The two bedroom, two ensuite, plantation-style villas also include a kitchenette, dining area, lounge and large verandahs. Designed with every creature comfort for a family of up to four, the new villas feature furniture crafted from local hardwood, designer soft furnishings, ceiling fans, ceramic tile floors, laundry facilities, Wi-Fi and more.   White Grass Ocean Resort & Spa is home to the only PADI certified diving operation, Volcano Island Divers, on Tanna Island.  Local dive spots are renowned for their coral and lava formations, abundant marine life (including Caverns turtles, whales  and dugong) and exceptional water quality.    Tanna Island is one of the southernmost islands of the Vanuatu archipelago and is blessed with some of the South Pacific’s most beautiful beaches.  White Grass Ocean Resort & Spa has direct access to reef edge and inner reef pool snorkelling. Resort facilities also include a swimming pool, pitch ‘n putt golf course, petanque (bocce) field, bicycles, guest library, and the Nabisa Day Spa. Housed in an open bure with uninterrupted coastal views, the Nabisa Day Spa offers a range of indulgent treatments, including its signature Volcanic Hot Stone Massage, using natural products such as the local organic coconut oil.   Food at White Grass is fresh, seasonal and sustainable. The restaurant serves seafood, including lobster, wahu, yellow fin tuna, poulet, marlin and mahi mahi, pulled from the ocean in front of the resort. Fresh Locally farmed prawns and Vanuatu beef are flown in several times each week. Local markets and growers supply organic vegetables, fruit and nuts grown in the island’s rich volcanic soil. Whitegrass chefs are local Ni-Vanuatu people who are passionate about the local produce and use their skills and expertise to create memorable meals every day.   Once in a lifetime adventures are a wonderful way to work up an appetite. For example, the resort’s Blue Cave experience begins with a 20-minute coastal journey. Once at the Blue Cave, visitors are invited to duck dive through an opening where the cliff meets the sea and emerge into a magical cave, illuminated only by a shaft of light from a hole in the cave ceiling.      Guests can also experience the world’s most accessible active volcano. After a 1.5 hour 4WD journey through dense jungle, mountain villages and ash plains to the base of the volcano, guests walk up the face of Mount Yasur to the volcano rim while witnessing its frequent eruptions.     Euan Marsh, owner of White Grass Ocean Resort & Spa, says: ‘White Grass Ocean Resort & Spa provides our guests with rare access to Tanna Island’s unique village culture and raw, once in a life time, adventure experiences.  Our resort has been designed in response to this, and provides a sanctuary of luxurious accommodation, first class service and idyllic surrounds to unwind in following a day hiking up a volcano or diving the blue cave.’       White Grass Ocean Resort & Spa is located just 2km from Tanna Airport, which is a short flight from Port Vila. Resort staff welcome every guest at the airport before whisking them away to their holiday island home.   Accommodation (including tropical breakfast) in the new family villas starts from around $400 AUD per night (42000VUV per night for a villa)   For more information visit:     ENDS   Image Link:     For further information please contact: Tel 0415 290023   ARTISTS ANNOUNCED FOR 2019 HIDDEN ROOKWOOD SCULPTURES 2019-06-17T01:10:42Z artists-announced-for-2019-hidden-rookwood-sculptures e-scooter safety 2019-06-12T11:13:51Z e-scooter-safety FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, 12 June 2019                                                             Media Release Safety first -No reason for no insurance Personal accident insurance on Beam e-scooter rides. Beam Mobility says that it is deeply concerned about the way the e-scooter industry is being portrayed through the lense of one provider, owing to serious safety concerns in Brisbane. Following an increased number of reports about rider safety, Beam introduced an Australian-first rider accident insurance policy in May. In partnership with Marsh, a global insurance broker, and Allianz, one of Australia’s leading insurance providers, Beam is now offering personal accident insurance coverage for customers of its e-scooters.  The policy was developed specifically for Beam and was driven by its desire to make e-scooter use as safe as possible. The policy will automatically cover eligible riders using Beam e-scooters in Adelaide, where Beam is one of two providers operating in Australia’s only trial selected via a competitive process. The new personal accident policy will also extend to any new Australian cities where Beam becomes available. Chris Hilton, Beam’s Vice-President of Corporate Affairs says that Beam sees safety and the value of its relationships with cities as how it stands out amongst the growing pack of e-scooter contenders. Mr Hilton says Beam was concerned about the way the industry was being perceived because of injuries suffered by the customers of its competitors. ”We are concerned about how our industry is being framed through the lense of people’s experiences with one provider. We are promoting a race to the top when it comes to safety. We want to provide a safe and enjoyable ride and give a peace of mind to Beam riders that they are protected when they step on our e-scooters.” “if you do have the misfortune of having an accident you know you are covered and protected with Beam.  This is the highest level of coverage in Australia. We don't see safety as meeting the minimum requirements but as a way to show our users that we are committed to their well-being” Beam also says that industry competition and the way the new industry is regulated impacts the safety of consumers. Beam believes that competitive markets that allow a field of e-scooter providers to trial their services will create a safer and more consumer-friendly market in the long-term. “In places where there is no competition and where trials have been established without proper transparency the results speak for themselves.” Mr Hilton Concluded. For Beam media enquiries Brad Kitschke Head of Public Affairs (Australia and New Zealand) Beam Mobility Australia Pty Ltd. m - +61 401 809 630  w -  e - Why Beam? A safer ride Beam deploys a custom Segway Ninebot Sharing e-scooter that features a Dual Braking system - a front electric brake and a back foot-brake that provides increased reliability and control. This is a different scooter to that deployed by competitors in Brisbane and Adelaide. Speed control Some companies set the maximum speed at 25km/h and because their scooters do not have electric brakes, the scooters are able to exceed that speed limit. This can be a serious safety concern. The normal operating speed of Beam e-scooters will be 15 kmph and the electric brakes and speed limitations mean they don't exceed 15km/h even downhill. Councils  and Government can set speed reduction zones to reduce the speed in areas where there is a view that public safety warrants it. The speed reduces with gradual deceleration, with no jerky movements. We pioneered the establishment of speed reduction zones for the Adelaide City Council process Rider protection - accident insurance Beam leads the market as the only e-scooter provider in Australia to offer accident insurance for e-scooter riders. Injuries, subsequent loss of income and large medical bills that riders in Brisbane have faced when riding the scooters of another industry provider do not make for a good news story about our whole industry. The lack of rider protection or advocacy about safe use, coupled with faults from e-scooter competitors resulted in riders being injured and having to carry the costs, or the taxpayers footing the bill.   This wasn’t good enough for us. We were seriously concerned that the e-scooter industry brand was being tarnished. We worked with Marsh and Allianz to deliver a world-first and unmatched rider accident insurance policy on top of our existing third party property insurance. We believe that this should be industry standard but thus far no other provider can match us. Helmets Helmets will be deployed on every e-scooter. Beam also intends on having helmets available at Council offices and will partner with local business owners to make helmets available. In jurisdictions like New Zealand where the law does not require helmets we make them mandatory and provide them with every scooter.. Safety for us goes beyond the bare minimum and consistent in every market. Preferred parking Bays & Rider incentives Beam will introduce e-scooter parking bays and activate its preferred parking technology, a feature which was invented by the company. Beam will work with  Council to mark out specific areas it wants designated for e-scooter pick-up and drop-off to decrease clutter and keep the streets clear. Beam will also activate its preferred parking technology that will send reminder messages to users suggesting they use a designated parking bay if one is close to the area they wish to leave their e-scooter. When a user ends their beam trip within a certain radius of a designated preferred parking bay they will receive an sms suggesting they move the scooter a short distance (say 20m) to the designated parking bay. Beam will further incentivize this by adding 50 cents of credit to the accounts of users who stow the scooters in the designated bays, making subsequent rides cheaper. Contributing to the local economy Beam “Chargers” will be engaged to assist with collection, charging and repositioning of scooters creating flexible economic opportunities for locals. Paying our fair share Beam Mobility Australia Pty Ltd is a locally domiciled company. All revenue will be booked against the local entity and corporate tax will be paid on all revenue collected in Australia. How to maintain your vape. 2019-06-05T01:10:56Z how-to-maintain-your-vape A very common issue and the main reason why most vapes get sent back to us to have a look at is when users over tighten the 510 (connection between mod and tank). When attaching the tank to a mod you only need to tighten until it forms a snug fit. Over tightening can actually brake the 510 connection. This is a very common and avoidable mistake that e-cigarette users make. Another tip to help with maintaining your vape / e-cigarette products is when charging batteries. If your device takes external batteries it is recommended that an external charger is used rather than the mods usb port. The reasoning behind this is that most external battery charges have special features like automatic shut off and will also charger faster. By using an external battery charger it will prolong to longevity of your battery. If you were using the onboard charging system (usb connection) then you will notice that we will need to change the battery cells every 6-8 months. Make sure that you are turning the unit off when changing batteries, connecting or disconnecting tanks. By doing this easy little thing you will avoid any malfunctions on the motherboard and device itself. The final tip about what you can do to care for your device is making sure that you keep it up to date with the last firmware. By doing these updates you will notice that from bug fixes to added features will be available. We hope that this article will help you with any issues or questions you may have in regards to looking after your device. If you have any questions or would like further information on vaping please send us an email or follow our upcoming articles. TOYS“R”US® AND BABIES“R”US® ARE BACK! 2019-06-04T22:12:42Z toys-r-us-and-babies-r-us-are-back 5 June, 2019                                      Tru Kids Inc, the US-based parent company of Toys“R”Us and Babies“R”Us, and Hobby Warehouse Pty Ltd in Australia today announced an exclusive licensing agreement which will see the Toys“R”Us and Babies“R”Us brands return to Australia and make their debut in New Zealand.   The new license agreement, effective today, includes rights for Hobby Warehouse to sell through the and websites for Australia and New Zealand including:   ·      Top toy and baby products from LEGO®, Disney (Marvel, Star Wars, Disney Pixar, Disney Princess & more), Funko, Mattel (Barbie®, Hot Wheels®, Fisher-Price®, Uno® & more), L.O.L. Surprise!, Hasbro (MY LITTLE PONY, NERF, MONOPOLY & more), Bandai, Spin Master (Meccano®, Air Hogs®, PAW Patrol®, Hatchimals® & more), PLAY-DOH, Thomas & Friends®, Monster Jam®, Lamaze, John Deere, Bruder, Carrera, Wilson, Britax, InfaSecure, and so much more.   ·      Consumer brands owned by Tru Kids including toy products such as Journey Girls®, Fastlane®, True Heroes®, You & Me®, Imaginarium® and Just Like Home® as well as baby products like Koala Baby®, Koala Kids® and Koala Baby Boutique®.   Hobby Warehouse will initially launch Toys“R”Us and Babies“R”Us online in Australia and New Zealand in June this year, featuring a wide range of toys and baby products at competitive prices. Same day delivery will be available in metropolitan Melbourne in the short term, which will be expanded to other metropolitan areas in Australia and New Zealand in the medium term.   Hobby Warehouse aims to launch physical ‘experience centres’ for Toys“R”Us and Babies“R”Us beginning in 2020.   Hobby Warehouse Chief Executive, Louis Mittoni, said: “We are delighted to bring the much-loved brands of Toys“R”Us and Babies“R”Us back to Australia and to introduce them to New Zealand. We believe play is extremely important in the development and wellbeing of children and in their interaction with family and friends. Play enables children to develop their imagination, collaborate, problem solve, explore, create or simply express themselves spontaneously.   “Our mission is to encourage children to engage with as many forms of play as we possibly can. Hobby Warehouse is a digital native with a keen understanding of how to accelerate and match the requirements of the modern shopper.”   Hobby Warehouse’s management team together with commercial advisor, Kevin Moore, negotiated with Tru Kids’ executives and advisors for the Australian and New Zealand licensing rights.   Moore said: “Previously, the Toys“R”Us and Babies“R”Us business model in Australia was focused primarily on large, physical retail stores which had high fixed costs and extended periods of relatively low sales due to seasonal factors.  Going forward, the business model for Australia and New Zealand will be online focused, with smaller and fewer physical ‘experience centres’ that allow children and their families and friends to see and touch our products.”   Tru Kids Executive Vice President of Global Licensing & General Counsel, James Young, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Hobby Warehouse to bring Toys“R”Us and Babies“R”Us back to Australia and to launch in New Zealand.  Louis Mittoni and his team have a strong digital vision and understand both the heritage of our iconic brands and how to evolve the shopping experience for the modern consumer. This is an exciting milestone for our company as we continue to grow Toys“R”Us and Babies“R”Us around the world.”   Tru Kids’ license partners currently operate over 700 Toys“R”Us and Babies”R”Us branded stores and ecommerce sites in more than 25 countries across Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, with over US$3 billion of retail sales attributable to the brands in these regions in 2018.   Hobby Warehouse, which has a long and successful heritage selling online, will continue to market and sell hobby products to teenagers, younger adults and older adults.   ends   About Hobby Warehouse Hobby Warehouse is an independent, Australian-owned company established in 2011 with a mission to enrich the lives of people by encouraging exploration, creativity and living life more fully through the enjoyment of hobbies. It is headquartered in Dandenong in Australia.   For media enquiries in relation to Hobby Warehouse, please contact:   Rochelle Burbury                                         Jane O’Connell Third Avenue Consulting                            Third Avenue Consulting 0408 774 577                                                  0408 248 024         About Tru Kids Brands   Tru KidsTM is the parent of beloved brands, including Toys“R”Us®, Babies“R”Us® and Geoffrey the Giraffe®. Established in January 2019, Tru Kids is focused on growing its family of brands through innovative partnerships that deliver kid-and-parent-focused experiences that expand beyond traditional retails concepts in the physical and digital spaces.   The company delivers a wealth of services to its valued license partners around the world, in addition to design and development of over 20 additional established consumer brands. The company has offices in New Jersey, USA, Hong Kong & Shenzhen, China.   Tru Kids is a new company celebrating over 70 years of heritage with an expert team focused on families, kids, and play. Learn more at   For media enquiries in relation to Tru Kids, please contact Jaime Cassavechia by phone on (212) 518-4771 x108 or by email on     A range of images are available on request. Video links: Launch "Pirate" ad -   Company Overview -