The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2016-09-28T20:44:46Z Australian book industry welcomes the Marrakesh Treaty 2016-09-28T20:44:46Z australian-book-industry-welcomes-the-marrakesh-treaty The Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works to Visually Impaired Persons and Persons with Print Disabilities comes into effect today. It is an important step towards making the world of the written word accessible to those with vision and perceptual impairment. The Books Create Australia alliance supports the view that access to the written word is vital for all Australians. The Treaty establishes a copyright exception for visually impaired people and facilitates cross-border sharing of accessible versions of books in formats such as adapted electronic, braille, audio and large print. Cross-border sharing will increase the overall number of accessible versions of works in circulation worldwide by eliminating duplication and reducing friction in their delivery to print disabled people. Australian copyright legislation has had an exception for the vision impaired facilitating access for many years. “The Australian book industry has a long and proud tradition of making publications in accessible format and of making master files available to organisations working with the print-handicapped community. We look forward to working with all stakeholders to improve accessibility through practical solutions with real impact” said Michael Gordon-Smith, Chief Executive of the Australian Publishers Association. The Australian Publishers Association (APA), Australian Booksellers Association (ABA), the Australian Society of Authors (ASA) and the Print Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) support collaborative approaches to the implementation on the Marrakesh Treaty in Australia. As part of the book industry’s commitment to accessibility for the print disabled, the APA is a supporter of the Accessible Books Consortium (ABC). What is the Accessible Books Consortium? The Accessible Books Consortium (ABC) aims to increase the number of books worldwide in accessible formats - such as braille, audio and large print - and to make them available to people who are blind, have low vision or are otherwise print disabled. The ABC is a multi-stakeholder partnership, co-founded by the International Publishers Association, World Blind Union (WBU), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA). What is the Books Create Australia alliance? Publishers, bookshops, printers, authors, literary agents and readers have united in support of the #BooksCreate Australia campaign, voicing opposition to the proposed changes to copyright and PIRs by the Productivity Commission in their report on Intellectual Property Arrangements in Australia. Keep up with the latest news on the Australian book publishing industry’s advocacy campaign: #BooksCreate Twitter @bookscreateaus | Facebook Books Create Australia | Instagram @bookscreateaus For more information and/or interviews, please contact: Emma Rusher, House of Rusher T 0423 213 626 | E AIIA undertaking significant survey on analytics and data usage by Australian businesses, government and NGOs 2016-09-12T01:46:08Z aiia-undertaking-significant-survey-on-analytics-and-data-usage-by-australian-businesses-government-and-ngos FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 12 SEPTEMBER 2016 Encourages new and established organisations in all sectors to participate in order to develop the most comprehensive report possible The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), the peak member body for the ICT industry, today announced it is undertaking a major survey of Australian organisations on analytics and data usage. The purpose of the survey is to find out what differentiates those business, government and NGO organisations that effectively use data and analytics for senior decision making. The survey is open to individual respondents via the AIIA website until 31 September 2016. It is anticipated that a whitepaper will be published towards the end of the year incorporating an analysis of the results and providing a body of knowledge that will help guide business leaders on ways to incorporate data and analytics into their organisation in order to remain competitive. Rob Fitzpatrick, CEO of the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), says, "On a global scale, we see those organisations that know how to use data effectively are usually the strongest performers. If Australia is serious about driving an ideas boom and creating new employment opportunities, we need to ensure that we help local organisations better understand and then take advantage of data to be competitive. “This is not just a survey for tech companies. The information generated will benefit all industries and we encourage participants across all sectors whether they be in education, retail, finance, or others, as well as established and newer companies to participate,” added Fitzpatrick. This initiative is being led by the AIIA’s Data and Analytics Special Interest Group, which is chaired by Dr Roger Kermode, director of business consulting firm Alimua Pty Ltd and former practice principal for analytics and data management for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and Graeme Wood, general manager of marketing for Semantic Software Asia Pacific. “There is mounting evidence that data-driven organisations tend to require fewer assets, execute with greater insight and less risk, and ultimately generate higher returns. We believe incorporating these practices is an important part of creating a sustainable and growing economy in Australia and is crucial to seeing our standing in world innovation and growth rankings improve,” says Dr Kermode. The data collected will be analysed by data scientists at the University of Technology Sydney. Professor Michael Blumenstein of UTS Sydney says, “Much has been published on big data, automation and the use of analytics at an organizational level. However, despite the recognition of data increasing in importance, the use of data between and within organisations varies widely. The AIIA survey has been constructed to find out why. It’s designed to enable deep diagnostics and analysis of what actually take place inside organisations across different functions and different levels, not just what is visible externally.” Numerous leading Australian organisations are encouraging their members to complete the survey, including: Data61, The Knowledge Economy Institute; NSW State Government; Advance Australia; FINSIA; CPA Australia; StartupMuster; UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT; and, the UTS Business School. # # # About AIIA The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) is Australia’s peak representative body and advocacy group for those in the digital ecosystem. Since 1978 the AIIA has pursued activities to stimulate and grow the digital ecosystem, to create a favourable business environment for members and to contribute to Australia’s economic prosperity. We do this by delivering outstanding member value by providing a strong voice of influence; building a sense of community through events and education; enabling a network for collaboration and inspiration; and developing compelling content and relevant and interesting information. MEDIA CONTACT For more information, please contact Joanna Stevens Kramer at 0408 466 410 or email For more information about the AIIA please visit AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT RISKS LOCAL BOOK PRINTER INDUSTRY 2016-06-26T21:29:24Z australian-government-risks-local-book-printer-industry 27 June, ADELAIDE: The viability of Australian book printers is under threat as uncertainty mounts over the immediate and long-term impact of government proposals to lift international book publishing standards enjoyed by the US and the UK. “There is a very real possibility the whole local publishing and print industry could disintegrate, warned Ben Jolly, CEO of Australia’s largest trade book printer, Adelaide’s Griffin Press. With Australians choosing to read 80% of their books off the printed page rather than in digital versions, book printers are a vital part of the $2b local book industry ecosystem. Australian book printers have embraced digital disruption with significant investments in new technology to remain competitive and deliver fast turnarounds demanded by the local book market. “Innovations in Australian digital print technology and supply methods means we are looking to on-shore as much book production as possible,” said HarperCollins Australian Publishing Operations Director, Robyn Fritchley who is in Adelaide today to meet with Griffin Press. “The government’s plan to repeal parallel importation rules (PIRs) would reverse that trend because print runs would become smaller and less economical forcing us back to overseas supply,' she warned. Jolly said, “What is frustrating about the uncertainty that lies ahead is there is no real evidence consumers will pay lower prices for their books nor will availability improve if PIRs are removed. But there is a very real possibility the whole local publishing and print industry could disintegrate.” Griffin Press has 105 direct employees and engages with many other local companies that would also be impacted by changes to the publishing scene. “These include Adelaide’s carton (box) makers, cover embellishment and sheetfed printers, plus local digital and conventional printing support engineers. The changes would also impact on paper manufacturers in Tasmania,” said Jolly. MEDIA CALL: 11am – 12noon, Matilda Bookshop, 8 Mt. Barker Rd, Stirling BEN JOLLY and ROBYN FRITCHLEY join bestselling authors including PETER GOLDSWORTHY AM, FIONA MCINTOSH, FIONA MCCALLUM; children’s book illustrators including MANDY FOOT; JOEL BECKER, CEO Australian Booksellers Association; LOUIS ADLER, President, Australian Publishers Association and others at Nick Xenophon’s media call on the issues. For interviews, more information and images please contact: Emma Rusher, House of Rusher T 0423 213 626 / (07) 3036 2024 | E Konica Minolta Australia extends commitment to healthcare innovation by sponsoring Murdoch Children’s Research Institute’s Bytes4Health competition 2016-06-22T05:06:02Z konica-minolta-australia-extends-commitment-to-healthcare-innovation-by-sponsoring-murdoch-children-s-research-institute-s-bytes4health-competition Konica Minolta Australia has partnered with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute(MCRI) to support its Bytes4Health Program. The program offers health tech startups the unique opportunity to showcase their latest innovations to leading healthcare and medical research experts. By working directly with these experts, selected companies will develop their innovations with clinical end user input and scientific validation thereby distinguishing themselves from many competitors and increasing the value of their companies. As a Bytes4Health Foundation Partner, Konica Minolta will sit on the selection panel that reviews the program applicants and decides the finalists. Konica Minolta has also contributed $25,000 towards the program and will also provide business mentoring to finalists, nurturing the development of new healthcare technology in Australia. Vickie Edwards, Business Development Manager, Healthcare and Innovation, Konica Minolta, said, “Bytes4Health is an exciting program that speaks to Konica Minolta’s core values regarding creating new value for society. Konica Minolta is delighted to be involved and sees this as an important way to bridge the gap between those developing technology products and services for the healthcare industry, and their end users. Konica Minolta is committed to driving healthcare innovation and this partnership is an important way to demonstrate that.” The program selection panel includes commercial, clinical, technical, and industry professionals, including a representative from Konica Minolta. The panel will choose up to 10 finalists, two of whom will have the chance to co-locate to MCRI for four months. During this time, chosen finalists will develop their technologies alongside leading Australian healthcare experts. Successful companies will each receive $25,000 in funding plus research and clinical expertise to inform further development of their technology. Vickie Edwards said, “This program provides an outstanding opportunity for organisations to take their products or services to the next level, and to strengthen their professional networks in the healthcare industry. It’s an honour for Konica Minolta to help facilitate this initiative, and we look forward to seeing the results.”   - ENDS -   About Konica Minolta  Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia Pty Ltd is a market leading provider of integrated solutions and managed services with the power to transform business environments. Konica Minolta works with organisations large and small to provide integrated print and content management solutions and services to improve productivity, reduce costs, increase security and achieve sustainability outcomes. Optimised Print Services (OPS) combine consultancy with hardware and software implementation and operation. Headquartered in Sydney, Konica Minolta Australia delivers expert professional services with experienced and responsive client support, in addition to the world-class service provided through its extensive network of direct sales offices and authorised dealers. For more information: GOVERNMENT PUTS AUSTRALIA OUT OF STEP WITH INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS: INSPIRES TOP BOOK RETAILER ORGANISATION TO TAKE A STRONG STAND 2016-06-01T04:11:59Z government-puts-australia-out-of-step-with-international-standards-inspires-top-book-retailer-organisation-to-take-a-strong-stand Australia’s top national book retailer organisation, the Australian Booksellers Association (ABA) has united with national organisations that represent the people who write, manufacture, publish and read Australian books in a public awareness campaign. The Books Create Australia campaign (#bookscreate) condemns the Government’s radical plan to abolish international standards of the book publishing industry that threaten the future of Australian books. The government’s plan puts over 20,000 local jobs in printing, writing, book publishing and retail at risk by removing parallel importation rules and territorial copyright based on out-of-date price data referenced in the Productivity Commission’s Draft Report on Intellectual Property Arrangements. ‘These changes would not be good for Australian readers or retailers. Australian readers treasure Australian writing, and there would be less of it. The idea that there would be consumer benefits from removing territorial copyright is based on out-dated data and biased analysis,’ said Michael Gordon-Smith, CEO, APA. ‘The Americans and the Brits aren’t stupid,’ said bestselling author Tim Winton who joined many leading authors who spoke against government’s plan to remove territorial copyright in Australia at the Australian Book Industry Awards on May 19. ‘They’ll keep theirs because to give that up is to set fire to your own house … It’ll be only us doing that. We’ll be the ones putting ourselves at a self-destructive disadvantage. To no logical purpose whatsoever.’ Joel Becker, CEO of ABA today said, ‘The ABA is working collaboratively with the Australian Publishers Association (APA) to explore new options for further improving competitive pricing and the availability of stock for Australian consumers.’ ‘Both organisations are absolutely committed to the importance of Australian territorial copyright - in providing value, range and quality to Australian readers, and to the crucial long-term value of the industry and our customers.’ ‘The ABA will join the #bookscreate as an active partner,’ said Joel Becker, CEO of ABA at the top national booksellers’ conference held in Canberra on May 30. This is the first time that organisations that include the ABA, APA, Australian Society of Authors, Australian Literary Agents Association and the Print Industry Association of Australia are uniting in a public awareness campaign. The $2b Australian book industry has a strong track record in delivering innovative codes of practice that have seen Australian readers get the best book retail experience possible – timely access to a diverse array of books that are well priced. ‘This industry collaboration is unprecedented. It shows the strength of support for Australian writers and their writing, and it offers a chance to continue improving performance without putting that at risk,’ said Michael Gordon-Smith. AUSTRALIAN BOOK INDUSTRY CODES OF PRACTICE: HIGHLIGHTS + 14/14: At present, Australian publishers, under an agreed code of conduct with booksellers, have two short weeks to release an overseas title after it is released in the USA or UK. If they don't meet that date booksellers are free to parallel import that title. By law they only have 30 days. Consumers can freely import copies for themselves at any time. However, increasingly major international titles are released simultaneously. + Booksellers can buy locally on a sale or return basis. This means they can return books to the publisher that do not sell. + Booksellers don’t have exposure to exchange rate changes when buying from local publishers. ABOUT THE AUSTRALIAN BOOKSELLER ASSOCIATION The Australian Booksellers Association (ABA) promotes the interests of booksellers in Australia. In 1985 the Association was incorporated in Victoria and now acts as the national body representing Australian booksellers. Members range from independent bookshops to chain and franchise shops, as well as specialist, second hand, academic and educational booksellers. ABOUT THE BOOKS CREATE AUSTRALIA CAMPAIGN The Books Create Australia campaign has gained extraordinary momentum since launching at the Australian Book Industry Awards on Thursday, 19 May. Over 11,000 Australians have signed the petition to condemn the governments plan to abolish territorial copyright, PIRs and move towards a US-style Fair Use. Keep up with the latest news on the Australian book publishing industry’s advocacy campaign: BOOKS CREATE AUSTRALIA #BooksCreate Twitter @bookscreateaus Facebook Books Create Australia Instagram @bookscreateaus For more information and/or interviews, please contact: Emma Rusher, House of Rusher T 0423 213 626 / (07) 3036 2024 | E CALL FOR CLARITY ON TERRITORIAL COPYRIGHT IN AUSTRALIA 2016-05-24T18:30:00Z call-for-clarity-on-territorial-copyright-in-australia May 25, 2016: Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield stated that the Government believes, ‘Australian literature is vital to our cultural and intellectual life and the Coalition values the unique role that literature and books play in communicating Australian stories,’ in a media release of May 24. Authors and publishers call on the Government to make this claim meaningful by guaranteeing it will support Australian territorial copyright — the exclusive licence to publish or distribute a book in Australia — and not remove the 'equitable remuneration' that is a key part of Australia's fair dealing provisions. Senator Fifield’s outright rejection of radical recommendations in the Productivity Commission’s recent Draft Report on Australia’s Intellectual Property Arrangements puts the spotlight on the agenda and validity of the report. The recommendation to reduce the term of an author’s copyright to 15 to 25 years from creation, instead of 70 years after death contravenes free trade agreements and international standards. The Minister’s statement calls into question why the Draft Report strayed so far beyond Australian law and international trade agreements. It also calls into question other recommendations in the report about US-style fair use and territorial copyright – which together underpin the economic model of the Australian book publishing industry. He says ‘copyright protection is an essential mechanism for ensuring the viability and success of creative industries by incentivising and rewarding creators.’ It would be inconsistent with this to repeal territorial copyright (otherwise known as parallel importation rules) that guarantee those incentives and rewards. Currently publishers buy a ‘use-it-or-lose it’ exclusive licence from an author to sell a book in Australia. The book must be readily available to Australians or they lose this licence. Holding the Australian licence to publish a book is the basis on which publishers invest $120m per annum into our economy by partnering with and paying authors, employing staff, printing and marketing books and reading. On 24 November last year the Treasurer, Scott Morrison announced the Government's formal response to the Harper Review. The Government stated its support for Harper's recommendation to allow the parallel importation of books, circumventing licensed publishers or distributors. This would remove an author's ability to sell an exclusive licence to publish their work in Australia and reduce their income. The government risks seriously damaging an Australian book market that generates $2b in revenue per annum – a healthy, competitive and unsubsidised creative industry — with its unproven plan to abolish the right to buy a licence to publish and market a book in Australia. Australian writing is Australia’s greatest cultural and free trade success story, but Australian authors will be disadvantaged in international terms. We would give away intellectual property rights without gaining any reciprocal rights with the world’s biggest book-creating nations – the USA and the UK – that maintain their own home market rights. We have the 14th largest publishing industry in the world and the book industry employs over 20,000 people. Why risk a successful and healthy market for an unproven economic model? The Australian Publishers Association and Australian Society of Authors unite to call on the government to offer the economic certainty that authors and publishers need to keep investing in the ideas and Australian innovations that will provide growth and jobs in the future. The Australian Publishers Association has requested a meeting with the Minister to discuss these issues. Keep up with the latest news on the Australian book publishing industry’s advocacy campaign: BOOKS CREATE AUSTRALIA #BooksCreate Twitter @bookscreateaus Facebook Books Create Australia Instagram @bookscreateaus For more information and/or interviews, please contact: Emma Rusher, House of Rusher T 0423 213 626 / (07) 3036 2024 | E Ben Darling appointment boosts Konica Minolta Australia’s 3D printing expansion 2016-05-24T04:46:58Z ben-darling-appointment-boosts-konica-minolta-australia-s-3d-printing-expansion Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia has appointed 3D printing expert Ben Darling to the role of 3D Printing and Wide Format Sales Specialist for Australia’s southern region. His appointment will help drive the expansion of its rapidly-growing 3D printing business in the local market. With a background in 3D printing that spans half a decade, Ben brings a wealth of knowledge to Konica Minolta’s 3D printing business. In his new role, he will help meet the needs of Konica Minolta’s 3D printing customers in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania.  Ben Darling explained, “As the Additive Manufacturing industry continues to use 3D printing for production of end use parts, especially in the areas of medical and low volume high value manufacturing, 3D printers are increasingly becoming a mission critical part of organisations that have invested in the technology. This means that service response times have never been more important to the success of our customers. With a national footprint of service technicians Konica Minolta is able to maintain a minimum response to have a technician onsite. There is currently not another 3D Printer supplier in Australia that can match Konica Minolta service.”  “The second reason I have joined Konica Minolta was due to the partnership with 3D Systems – a world leader in 3D Printing technology.  Because Konica Minolta has six major technologies we are able to better fit our customers with the best solution for their 3D printing needs. We can provide the best fit for individual customer needs, not just another product off the shelf.” Ben’s appointment comes as Konica Minolta builds out its 3D printing footprint in Australia, with the company adding more staff and resources to meet growing demand in the local market. Matthew Hunter, national manager, 3D Printing, Konica Minolta, said, “Having Ben on board will help Konica Minolta in its goal to provide Australian businesses with unsurpassed levels of service and an unmatched range of 3D printing technology options. His experience will provide Konica Minolta with the additional know-how to help drive our continued growth in the region.” -Ends- About Konica Minolta Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia Pty Ltd is a market leading provider of integrated solutions and managed services with the power to transform business environments. Konica Minolta works with organisations large and small to provide integrated print and content management solutions and services to improve productivity, reduce costs, increase security and achieve sustainability outcomes. Optimised Print Services (OPS) combine consultancy with hardware and software implementation and operation.    Headquartered in Sydney, Konica Minolta Australia delivers expert professional services with experienced and responsive client support, in addition to the world-class service provided through its extensive network of direct sales offices and authorised dealers. For more information:   AST-100 Ink Viscosity Controls for the Printing Industry 2016-04-11T09:06:19Z ast-100-ink-viscosity-controls-for-the-printing-industry John Morris Scientific is proud to present the AST-100 viscometer. Popular with international printing press and large printer manufacturers, the AST-100 provides consistent and duplicable temperature with viscosity readings. Manufactured by Brookfield Ametek, a leader in viscosity measurement, the AST offers a design without moving parts, featuring a sensor that's vibration and flow resistant guaranteeing dependable readings in most extreme situations. Unlike other products, the AST requires no special insulation or preventative installation measures. What does this mean for printers? Great efficiencies and productivity that offers more up-time through less spare parts ordering and maintenance. Press operators are instantly able to measure from pump to press, providing precise and repeatable results. Plus the AST-100 is easy to use on such a compact footprint. This precision allows a user to optimise run time productivity by pinning down the correct settings to achieve premium quality. With consistency from roll to roll, printing operations will save on ink usage and reduce waste for a better ROI though an eco-friendly process. By controlling consistency, a more accurate film can be laid down thus lowering drying time and accelerating print speeds. Through increasing press runs from 300 meters a minute to even 330 meters a minute, the productivity gain can translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars in new annual revenue. Your return on investment with Brookfield Ametek’s AST-100 viscometer is anticipated to be nine months. With greater speed in press run productivity, printers may accept more projects and take on more clients each year. Using precise colour consistency, major corporations may protect their brand identity. The industry specify, touch-screen controls have built to suit the printing and coatings category. Additional features include real-time trending together with ink and job memory, giving operators the ability to save and recall automatic viscosity settings. the market -leading Brookfield Ametek AST-100 controls possess the closest correlation to efflux cups of any controller available. Learn more and Download our AST-100 Brochure Brookfield AMETEK has long been considered the World Standard in Viscosity Measurement and Control. From the original Synchro-Electric Viscometer to today's sophisticated RST Touch Rheometer, the Brookfield name is synonymous with quality, dependability and reliability. In recent years, we have added the addition of texture analysis equipment. This axial testing capability enhances Brookfield's existing product line by providing more flexibility in solving the rheological and texture measurement needs of John Morris Scientific customers. Read this article in full at: PackagePrinting Need to know more about the AST-100 from Brookfield?Talk to our John Morris Lab Core teamFree call AUS. 1800 251 799 and NZ. 0800 651 700Email: WEBSITE: 2016 Australian Book Industry Awards Longlist Announced 2016-03-23T01:00:00Z 2016-australian-book-industry-awards-longlist-announced The Australian Book Industry Awards Academy is delighted to announce the 2016 ABIA Book longlist that acknowledges the best books of the year, well published. “The significant increase in submissions this year from a diverse array of independent and multinational publishing houses is a heartening reflection of our dynamic and robust local industry,” said Michael Gordon-Smith (CEO Australian Publishers' Association). A panel of industry experts will deliver the highly anticipated shortlist on Monday 2 May. ABIA winners will be announced on Thursday 19 May at a glittering ceremony in Sydney at Art Gallery of NSW. Since 2000, the ABIAs has celebrated the connection between Australian readers and the 'book makers' ­­— authors, editors, publishing professionals and retailers — who unite to create the must-read books of the year. Keep up with all your ABIA news at: #ABIAwards2016 Twitter @ABIA_Awards Facebook ABIA Awards For interviews, more information and images, please contact House of Rusher T +61 07 3036 2024 | Emma Rusher, Campaign Director | T +61 0423 214 626 | E Don’t bank on a pay rise in 2016 new report warns 2016-03-16T22:13:38Z don-t-bank-on-a-pay-rise-in-2016-new-report-warns Sydney, 17 March 2016: Despite consumer and business confidence trending up, most employers (79 per cent) do not plan to offer wage increases in 2016 and of the 21 per cent who will, the majority (57 per cent) will offer modest increases between 2 and 5 per cent, the 2016 Adecco Employment and Talent Report has found. Performance, local economic conditions and competition for talent (86 per cent) are the major influencers for employers considering wage rises while aligning wage rises with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) has lost favour with just (14 per cent) using it as a reason for increases. Nor is it surprising that employee disengagement is costing the national economy $54.8 billion annually with the report showing 76 per cent of Australian workers are in two minds about their jobs or worse still, are completely disengaged. “It is well documented that disengaged workers are less profitable, less loyal, less safe, less innovative and less likely to stay,” Lindsey Monroe Ruth, Head of Marketing at the Adecco Group Australia & New Zealand said. “This report clearly shows that employers need to address common pitfalls like lack of direction, relying too heavily on pay as a motivator, not recognising achievements or ignoring career progression and consider ways to enhance employee engagement. These could include articulating the organisation’s values, fostering behaviours that align with these values, showing gratitude, emphasising the positives and understanding what inspires their employees,” she added. The report also found that better opportunity (46 per cent) is the major reason employees leave an organisation, followed by salary (20 per cent) and lack of career (progression) 14 per cent. Flexible hours (43 per cent), and education and training (34 per cent) continue to be the key benefits while bonuses remain popular (20 per cent). And if you are young and unemployed you probably need to lower your salary expectations as 21 per cent of employers attribute youth unemployment to high salary expectations and 15 per cent to lack of experience. Moreover, with new generation, come new expectations. Work life balance (65 per cent), salary (54 per cent) and the opportunity to grow (51 per cent) seem to be the key motivators for candidates seeking a new role. “Tomorrow’s workplace will be very different to the workplace today. It will evolve into a mixed environment where workers can relax and play. We are already seeing the seeds of this change. Organisations such as KPMG and IBM have adopted activity-based workplaces that are designed to heightened transparency and creativity. Employers are turning their minds as to how best manage a multigenerational workforce and employees will continue to strive for better work/live balance,” Lindsey Monroe Ruth concluded. Ends/ More information on Adecco Group: For further information, please contact: Lindsey Monroe Ruth, Head of Marketing Adecco Group Australia & New Zealand or +61 425 203 033 OR Louise Nealon, Callidus PR or + 61 2 9283 4114 About the Adecco Group The Adecco Group, based in Zurich, Switzerland, is the world’s leading provider of HR solutions. With more than 32,000 FTE employees and around 5,100 branches in over 60 countries and territories around the world, Adecco Group offers a wide variety of services, connecting around 700,000 associates with our clients every day. The services offered fall into the broad categories of temporary staffing, permanent placement, career transition and talent development, as well as outsourcing and consulting. The Adecco Group is a Fortune Global 500 company. Adecco S.A. is registered in Switzerland (ISIN: CH0012138605) and listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (ADEN). CanvasChamp has Earned a Google Trusted Store Program Badge 2016-03-15T06:34:41Z canvaschamp-has-earned-a-google-trusted-store-program-badge Thursday, March 10, 2016: CanvasChamp, a recognized home decor and canvas print company has become a part of Google Trusted Store program and earned a badge for their website. The company has been successful in winning-over many customers by offering on-time delivery and great customer service — the reason why it got a chance to participate in the program.  CanvasChamp is known for offering wholesale prices on all the items it sells including photo boards, acrylic prints, and anything related to home decor. Due to its exceptional customer service, it was chosen by Google to join its Trusted Stores program, which is an opportunity given to only those online businesses that reach a certain level of quality and have many satisfied customers.                            When asked about their Google Trusted Store badge, a spokesperson from the company said, “We are much honored to be a part of this prestigious program that digital businesses can only dream of. To many businesses it might seem as if we have been presented with this badge on a plate, but in reality we have worked day and night to get to this position as a company. The entire team at CanvasChamp has invested their time and energy into ensuring that every customer gets superior service.” He went on to say, “The badge means a lot to us as it helps establish our commitment to customer service, and hence brings more clients to us. Now when a new customer visits our website, they can simply hover over the badge and see the statistics of our customer service and shipping. So this is a great way to give every customer the sense of satisfaction and peace of mind that they are purchasing from a trusted store.” CanvasChamp has an outstanding record and scored 93% for on-time shipping and 100% for escalation-free orders. About Canvas Champ CanvasChamp is an online business that has been offering home decor items and canvas prints to its customers for more than 3 years. The company has gained immense support and earned itself a reputable place in the market for offering customisable canvas prints. The print-shop is also well-known for its affordable rates, high quality items, and superior printing technology for all kinds of printing works.  B&W Tek i-Raman EX portable Raman spectrometer 2016-03-13T09:47:50Z b-amp-w-tek-i-raman-ex-portable-raman-spectrometer B&W Tek i-Raman EX system John Morris Scientific is proud to offer the i-Raman® EX portable Raman spectrometer by B&W Tek advanced instrumentation company producing optical spectroscopy and laser systems.  The i-Raman EX is an extension of their award winning i-Raman portable Raman spectrometer featuring a 1064nm excitation laser, which allows for the measurement of biological substances and other highly fluorescent samples. The i-Raman EX is equipped  with a high sensitivity InGaAs array detector with deep TE cooling and high dynamic range making it unique in its ability to deliver a high signal to noise ratio.  The i-Raman EX provides spectral resolution as fine as 9.5cm-1 and a spectral coverage range from 175-2500cm-1, enabling the measurement of the entire fingerprint region.  The system's small footprint, lightweight design, and low power consumption provide research grade Raman capabilities in any location. "We developed the portable i-Raman EX system to meet the growing needs for high sensitivity Raman analysis of real world materials where the primary analyte of interest is mixed with other components," says Dr. Mike Kayat, VP of Business Development for B&W Tek.  "For complex materials like foods, biofuels, chemical warfare agents, explosives, large biological molecules, oil lubricants, paints, polymers and street drugs, auto-fluorescence can mask the much weaker Raman effect at excitation wavelengths below one micron.  We've created an integrated turn-key package to enable both qualitative and quantitative Raman spectroscopy of those materials." The i-Raman EX comes standard with a fibre optic probe, probe holder with XYZ positioning stage, cuvette adaptor for measuring liquid samples, and our proprietary BWIQ™ multivariate analysis software. With the i-Raman EX, a high precision qualitative and quantitative Raman solution is at your fingertips. For more information on the i-Raman EX, please Need to know more about the B&W Tek i-Raman EX ?Talk to our experts in the Laboratory team todayFreecall AUS. 1800 251 799 and NZ. 0800 651 700Email: WEBSITE: WATCH our video: B&W Tek i-Raman series portable Raman spectrometers   About B&W Tek, Inc. B&W Tek is an advanced instrumentation company producing optical spectroscopy, laser instrumentation and laboratory, portable and handheld Raman systems supplied by John Morris Scientific. B&W Tek provides solutions for the pharmaceutical, biomedical, physical, chemical, LED lighting and research communities. Their commitment to innovating solutions has made B&W Tek a leader in Raman spectroscopy solutions worldwide. Brookfield AMETEK Introduces New DVE Viscometer 2016-03-07T09:34:19Z brookfield-ametek-introduces-new-dve-viscometer Brookfield AMETEK, has introduced the DVE Viscometer featuring a brand new user interface and keypad from John Morris Scientific. The updated DVE now has a contemporary design, adopting the look and feel of the DV1, DV2T and DV3T family. The easily read light-up display features distinctive alpha-numeric characters, that can be viewed close up and at distance. The bubble level has been conveniently positioned on the front of the instrument below the display panel enabling users to easily adjust the instrument for true vertical position.   The updated DVE also offers a choice of scientific units for viscosity measurement including both cgs units: cP (centipoises) and P (Poise), and SI units: Pa-s (Pascal-seconds) and mPa-s (milliPascal-seconds). Viscosity test parameters including spindle identity and rotational speed can now be quickly selected from a table in the instrument’s memory. The new display also shows test control parameters (spindle, speed) and measured values (% torque, viscosity). Brookfield AMETEK has long been considered the World Standard in Viscosity Measurement and Control. From the original Synchro-Electric Viscometer to today's sophisticated RST Touch Rheometer, the Brookfield name is synonymous with quality, dependability and reliability. In recent years, we have added the addition of texture analysis equipment. This axial testing capability enhances Brookfield's existing product line by providing more flexibility in solving the rheological and texture measurement needs of John Morris Scientific customers. Need to know more about the DVE Viscometer?Talk to our John Morris Laboratory teamFree call AUS. 1800 251 799 and NZ. 0800 651 700Email: WEBSITE: High Precision Optical Coating Deposited by Cylindrical Magnetron Sputtering 2016-03-02T09:03:32Z high-precision-optical-coating-deposited-by-cylindrical-magnetron-sputtering Kurt J. Lesker Company is introducing a unique optical coating system incorporating the Isoflux Inverted Cylindrical Magnetron (ICM) with a unique substrate carrier configuration designed to provide features presently unavailable in any marketed coating system. The combination of the Isoflux ICM with the design of the KJLC precision optical coating system results in a deposition tool capable of providing high quality coatings with unprecedented flexibility of operation, all in a package with an unrivalled simplicity of design from John Morris Scientific. The Objective Optical coating is one of the largest segments of the coating industry and many effective tools are available for applying these coatings, including evaporation tools as well as sputtering tools. Regardless of the technology used, one of the greatest challenges for high precision coatings is the ability to coat substrates of different curvatures with high degrees of uniformity. Conventional techniques require the use of custom masks for each different geometry, which requires a system breakdown for each substrate geometry change as well as a complex trial-and-error development process to establish a new mask for a new geometry, even something as subtle as a slight change in curvature. The goal of the KJLC system was to build a tool capable of providing the highest quality optical coatings with unparalleled flexibility–a tool capable of simply and easily coating various substrate geometries with coating recipes that virtually eliminate changeover time between batches. In addition, the unique design of the Isoflux ICM enables the deposition of coatings of equivalent quality to ion assisted deposition but without the need for a separate ion source, simplifying the construction and operation of the system while reducing cost and complexity. The Heart of the System The heart of this novel coating system is the Isoflux Inverted Cylindrical Magnetron (ICM) cathode, which sputters from the inside of a cylinder to enable extremely high quality coatings with the adaptability of coating different substrate geometries from concave to flat to convex with no masking and zero changeover time. The key to the system is that the substrates to be coated are placed off-axis with respect to the target rings. The cathode employs a dual-target configuration, powered with mid-frequency AC power driving the cathode. The targets are 16-inch diameter cylinders and each target is four inches high, as shown below in Figure 1. Figure 1 The substrates to be coated are placed off-axis, as shown in Figure 2. The cathode employs a patented unbalanced magnetic field geometry, represented in Figure 2 by the red arrows in the image. The unbalanced magnetic field is a key in the function of the ICM in this off-axis configuration. As the sputtered atoms are accelerated and leave the end of the cathode to reach the substrate, electrons cut across the magnetic field lines and follow. As the electrons leave the end of the cathode, they draw positive ions along with them which bombard the substrate, providing a degree of ion bombardment without incorporating a separate ion source. Figure 2 In tests performed by Isoflux, direct measurement of the ion bombardment at the substrate surface was comparable to the ion flux generated by other ion-enhanced processes, but without a separate ion source. Indices for optical coatings prepared by this method are comparable to the indices measured by other ion-enhanced coating options, as shown below in Figure 3. The line on the plot shows the index of an optical coating prepared using the Isoflux ICM, whereas the individual data points represent literature values of coatings prepared by other ion enhanced methods, as labeled and indicated in the graph. The coating prepared with an ICM source, even without incorporating a separate ion source, was comparable to the coatings prepared by the other techniques. Figure 3 Unparalleled Substrate Flexibility The truly unique capability of the system comes from its ability to coat different geometries without incorporating any masking and to convert from one geometry to another with no changeover time whatsoever. That unique feature is enabled by the ICM’s geometry combined with the off-axis placement of the substrate. When coating off-axis in an ICM, uniformity is dependent upon the placement of the substrate with respect to the z-axis of the cylinder. That location is critical for good coating uniformity, and shifting the location of the substrate with respect to the cathode can provide good uniformity for different curvatures. As shown below in Figure 4, moving the substrate location up and down (as indicated by the green arrows) allows the user to dial in the ideal location for a particular substrate geometry. Flat surfaces are placed just outside the racetrack of the bottom target. Convex surfaces are placed further up into the cylinder, whereas concave surfaces are placed further out from the cylinder. Figure 4 This unique feature, combined with the moving platen system designed into the precision optical coater, allows for a simple adjustment by the control interface to handle flat, concave, and convex parts in the system without breaking vacuum. Overall System Configuration The overall design of the system incorporates two ICM cathodes–one for a high index material and one for a low index material, along with a three position material handling system. The two cathodes are shown on the overhead perspective of the body of the system seen in Figure 5. Figure 5 The basic configuration of the system is shown below in Figure 6, with the load lock labeled on the front of the system. The load lock may be flush mounted for access through a clean room wall, saving expensive clean area square footage and simplifying maintenance to the main system from common access areas of the facility. Figure 6 The material handling system is located within the domed portion of the vacuum system, and includes three positions–one for the load lock, and one for each cathode. Each platen of parts is approximately 12 inches in diameter and is designed to hold up to four 125mm parts or sixteen 50 mm parts in each of the three platens. At any given time, the system could contain up to twelve 125 mm parts or forty-eight 50 mm parts. In addition, the system is designed to sputter both cathodes simultaneously, so that at any given time, the system could be loading parts in the load lock in one position, while a high-index coating is being applied in one cathode and a low-index coating is being applied in the other cathode. Furthermore, since the software allows independent control of each cathode and each platen, the system is capable of coating a different substrate geometry on each platen as well as a different coating stack on each platen. It is possible to load one platen of flat parts, one platen of convex parts and one platen of concave parts in the system at the same time, and to apply a different coating recipe to each platen. The unique flexibility of the system is ideal for high mix product lines or for products where high degrees of uniformity are necessary on non-flat substrates. Uniformity The table below (Figure 7) demonstrates the theoretical uniformity achievable on different substrates with different degrees of curvature. The alpha build unit will be tested to provide comparative data to these models Figure 7 To find out more about Optical CoatingThrough Combinatorial Magnetron Sputtering,Please contact our team of Vacuum experts byEmail: call AUS. 1800 251 799 and NZ  0800 651 700NEW WEBSITE: New 4 Channel ICP Signal Conditioner with Expanded Features 2016-02-29T08:49:44Z -290 John Morris Industrial introduces the new 4 channel ICP Signal Conditioner Model 482C24 by PCB Piezotronics. When using ICP  force or pressure sensors, Model 482C24 provides: 4 Channel Signal Conditioner Model 482C24 DC coupling (specified on a per channel basis) allowing temporary measurements down to 0 Hz for capturing long pulse durations when using a sensor with a long discharge time constant. A clamped output feature (when AC coupled), used in repetitive force applications, provides a positive-only signal that electronically re-zeros each pulse before the next cycle. Measurements 0 Hz to 100 kHz with AC/DC coupling selection per channel Auto zero function to negate DC bias when DC coupling enabled Positive peak performance measurements with clamped output in  AC coupled mode  Incremental gain from x0.1 to x200 AC/DC coupling selectable per channel TEDS support Front panel display and keypad CE conformity  Typical applications include: Use with ICP force, and pressure sensors that have long discharge time constants Stamping and press monitoring  Machinery process monitoring Material fatigue testing Low frequency vibration testing The 482C series of signal conditioners are 4 channel bench top units. The 483C series of signal conditioners are 8 channel rack mounted units. The same signal conditioning electronics are used in comparable 4 and 8 channel models. Both series include basic stand-alone units as well as units with more powerful features such as a front panel keypad and display or an Ethernet port for computer control. Additional features include gain, filtering, LED fault indicators, and TEDS capability. MCSC Control SoftwareAll signal conditioners that have an RS-232 or Ethernet interface are supplied with PCB’s Multi-Channel Signal Conditioner control software. This easy to use software displays a table of the unit’s current settings for each channel. Users can change any setting by simply changing values in the table. Controllable settings include sensor input type, gain, filtering, and excitation current. Want to know more about PCB Model 482C24?Our Industrial team would love to hear from youPhone free call AUS 1800 251 799 and free call NZ 0800 651 700Email: WEBSITE: About PCB Piezotronics, Inc. PCB Piezotronics, Inc. is a global manufacturer of  microphones, vibration, pressure, force, torque, load, and strain sensors, as well as the pioneer of ICP® technology. This instrumentation is used for test, measurement, monitoring, and control requirements in automotive, aerospace, industrial, R&D, military, educational, commercial, OEM applications, and more.   John Morris Industrial proudly stands behind PCB products, a global distribution network, a best in class warranty and Total Customer Satisfaction.