The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-09-23T10:22:29Z DESIGN INFERNO: GLASS SPLASHBACKS TO HELP IMPROVE KITCHEN DESIGNS 2020-09-23T10:22:29Z design-inferno-glass-splashbacks-to-help-improve-kitchen-designs Design Inferno is an Australian based textile retail where you can get some of the best designs splashbacks for your kitchen so that your home will look amazing and elegant. Here, at design inferno we help our clients to get custom design glass splashbacks for their home or even a project they are working on, using a team of specialists who will guarantee the best designs for your kitchen walls. Apart from glass splashbacks, we also offer pool fences, glass balustrades which will help you keep your home safe and sound especially if you have toddlers and children running around all day. Glass splashbacks have become an important aspect in the home as it gives a look of class and elegance. Not to mention that when you choose the right splashback you will get an easy to clean surface. Below is a given statement by Nadine a client from Design inferno who was thrilled by the service that the team at Design inferno provided. “They were absolutely fabulous!!!! What a great team Design Inferno has with these 2!! Very well presented, lovely, pleasant, and most of all very professional. Also, the pride they took in their work was above and beyond. They just didn’t want to install it any old way, they wanted to install it perfectly. And that is exactly what they did. They cleaned up and ensured that everything was perfect. WOW!! And our job was a tad trickier given the matching to the older previous splash back and having an older house where things aren’t square or flush. They were very meticulous and the care taken was great. Full credit to them and if you could pass the feedback onto them that would be appreciated.”  As you can see, there are plenty of different options in terms of glass splashbacks and this has given us a helpful way to help our clients with all their home/kitchen renovation needs. Post-COVID: All Eyes on Manufacturing to Boost Local Economy 2020-09-23T02:10:26Z post-covid-all-eyes-on-manufacturing-to-boost-local-economy No-one can deny that the pandemic caught us all by surprise.  Our economy, along with the rest of the world, is still riding the shockwaves. But the manufacturing industry was languishing in the doldrums way before COVID. So is this the shakeup needed that will, at last, re-ignite the sector? Following much-needed government intervention, manufacturing industry leaders certainly hope so… National Recovery Begins at Local Level Despite being a country rich in natural resources, with a diverse population and some of the brightest minds on the planet, we’ve allowed our manufacturing industry to atrophy to a point where the disruption of COVID caused chaos: Not quite a disaster, but the impact has left the industry reeling. The newly established government taskforce set up in response to an industry-led recommendation plan is definitely a step in the right direction. Yet it’s important to realise that success relies on a strategic shift in the sector’s way of thinking, and it’s only by thinking locally that the building blocks are created from which expansion can occur. Manufacturing is set to play a crucial role in our nation’s economic recovery, and it’s essential that the sector gets the necessary recognition and resources to do so. The Role of the SMEs Small and medium manufacturers make up the majority of the industry – and for too long they’ve failed to receive the investment and focus they need to grow. The new (long-overdue) government drive will be a critical boost to fast-tracking growth and innovation. The world of manufacturing needs to further embrace the ever-advancing technologies that can streamline production. We need to encourage effective collaboration, as well as targeted research into science and technology.  Manufacturing SMEs need to become attractive to investors and the brightest minds and graduates seeking to pursue a career in the sector. We need to provide opportunities that keep these rising stars on home soil, rather than leaving our shores for opportunities in other countries. Rebuilding needs to focus on the end-game: for too long the mind-set has been that of short-term reward. Now, more than ever, there needs to be a shift to working on a long-term strategy. That way local economies will be re-built, the industry will prosper, and Australia can move back to being the global powerhouse of manufacturing that it has the potential to become. A Wealthy Nation Stumbles The failure to invest in the manufacturing sector has led to our output being on a par with some of the poorest nations on the planet. This, from a country whose GDP per capita is one of the highest in the world, shows the impact of a failure to recognise and put an effective strategy in place. When COVID hit, the serious flaws in our economic model became glaringly apparent. This led to what manufacturing leaders have long-been begging for – the attention and investment from our government that the sector so badly needs. At last it seems that this might be the case. The recently announced government plans to stimulate manufacturing will, hopefully, bring about the changes necessary to make Australian manufacturing great again. Our economy can recover – it will recover. But at its core we must have a strong local manufacturing industry. This provides the basis upon which all other industries can benefit. Establishing from the ground upwards is what our nation was built on, and with the right dedicated focus we can do the same again. SixDe: Precision Machine Components Produced in WA This shift to a local model means companies need to source in their own back yard. SixDe is a leading provider of precision machine components based in Perth, WA. With decades of expertise, their reputation of delivering the ultimate in manufacturing, tooling and engineering solutions to a wide variety of Australian industries is second-to-none.  Discover more at or give them a call on 08 9434 1112.     ARDEX Australia Training Webinars For Formal Continual Professional Development (CPD) 2020-09-22T15:04:23Z ardex-australia-training-webinars-for-formal-continual-professional-development-cpd As a member of the Refuel CPD Provider Network, ARDEX Australia offers a convenient and cost-effective way for industry professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest construction material innovations and acquire formal CPD points. As a part of the ARDEXacademy and its series of ARDEX Australia’s Training Webinars for Continual Professional Development, you can increase vital know-how about ARDEX Australia’s products. ( The training webinars for Continual Professional Development cover crucial topics within the construction industry, including:  – The four key components of successful waterproofing – Floor preparation for resilient and textile floor finishes – Understanding grout These one-hour online webinars offer 1 formal Continual Professional Development Point each and are offered online by ARDEX Australia. Upon completion of the training webinars, you will have comprehensive knowledge on the topics mentioned above, with the ability to identify both issues that can arise with their application and the critical components of a successful application. The ARDEX Australia series of training webinars for continual professional development are available three times a month on Friday from 10.00 to 11.00 am. What You’ll Learn During ARDEX Australia Training Webinars for Continual Professional Development The 4 key components of successful waterproofing The one-hour training webinar will cover the steps necessary to successfully apply a waterproofing solution to your project. It includes choosing the right product, applying it correctly, supervising its application and the design, and detailing process. Upon completion of the webinar, you will not only learn what is necessary for successful waterproofing but also assess and solve potential problems that may arise during their application. Floor preparation for resilient and textile floor finishes A one-hour webinar covering how to prepare floors for resilient or textile-based floor finishes. The webinar will cover the importance of slab flatness, screed performance and slab moisture levels when applying these types of flooring solutions. When you complete the training webinar, you will be able to assess and deliver solutions for slab moisture, the components necessary to prepare a floor to accept textile or resilient floor finishes, and alternatives to traditional cement and sand screed. Understanding grout This one-hour webinar will introduce you to the various options available to you when choosing grout for tiling applications. Our experienced instructor will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each specific type of grout. The webinar will also cover common issues, such as efflorescence, when applying grout and how to resolve them. Why do you need ARDEX Australia’s Training Webinars for Continual Professional Development? ARDEX Australia’s Training Webinars for Continual Professional Development gives you the knowledge necessary to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest industry innovations, materials and applications. Depending on the profession and the regulators or professional bodies that regulate it, Continual Professional Development might be a requirement to continue practicing your specialty. As a member of the Refuel CPD Provider network, ARDEX Australia’s training webinars cover formal CPD point requirements for designers, architects and specifiers. DNA Connects to Chainkit 2020-09-21T02:19:05Z dna-connects-to-chainkit DNA Connect is one of Australia's leading specialist distributors with over 25 years of experience distributing security, analytics and infrastructure technologies to the IT and OT markets. Chainkit is a Software-as-a-Service company that builds foundational new Cyber Security solutions. Independent customer surveys (via Ponemon Institute 2019 & CrowdStrike) report that 39% of cyber-attacks remain undetected. Chainkit is a breakthrough cyber security solution focused exclusively on the 39% of attacks that remain undetected by other cyber defenses. Insider threats are on the rise, given bad actors’ increased ability to abuse compromised user identities. Dwell times for average cyber-attacks are over 200 days, giving attackers more than 6 months to explore, wreak damage, steal IP and ransomware an organization. “Chainkit is first to market with the ability to detect invisible attacks lurking inside victim networks. Chainkit detects anti-forensic, counter-incident response and other recently discovered stealthy techniques, within minutes not months, avoiding catastrophic damage”, said Munsoor Khan, Executive Director at DNA Connect. Khan continued, “Chainkit allows our Splunk partners to convert data from any source into objectively provable audit trails, providing invisible tamper-detection, attestation and regulatory compliance, with real-time risk management. Incident responders and Law Enforcement organizations can also complement their physical chains of custody with as many digital ones as necessary. This lets them collect more legally-admissible evidence, faster, while avoiding unnecessary on-site visits during the COVID-19 era.” Chainkit for Splunk is non-disruptive, provides an App Store user experience and enables organizations to create their first digital Chain-of-Custody within minutes. “The services DNA provide to their Splunk Partners and customers is impressive and made partnering with DNA a no-brainer”, said Jesse Locke, Director Strategy and Go To Market ANZ for Chainkit. “DNA’s unique ability to drive demand and provide a suite of programs to support partners in monetizing this demand is impressive and supports our accelerated growth”. Chainkit is available as a free trial for Splunk by registering at About Chainkit Chainkit is a Software-as-a-Service company building ground-breaking cyber security solutions, on a mission to eliminate the many blind spots in cyber security and data privacy. About DNA Connect DNA Connect is one of Australia's leading specialist distributors with over 25 years of experience distributing security, analytics and infrastructure technologies for IT and OT markets. Our expansive, agile customer-first culture and outstanding technical expertise not only makes us a great company to work in, but also to work with. Fruit & Seeded Crackers for Three! 2020-09-14T04:26:48Z fruit-amp-seeded-crackers-for-three Fruit & Seeded Crackers for Three Australian family owned and run business, Tucker’s Natural has recently launched a range of premium dark rye flour Fruit and Seeded Crackers into Woolworths stores nationally. The newly released Fruit & Seeded Range consists of 3 fruit and seed combinations.   F       Apricot, Linseed & Sunflower F       Mixed Berry, Poppy & Pepita F       Blueberry, Chia & Sunflower   Filled with the goodness of real fruit and seeds, these crackers will both stimulate and satisfy the taste buds with a combination of savoury and sweet tones. They are a healthier alternative to the run of the mill sweet biscuits available on grocery shelves.   All varieties are Vegan, non-GMO, yeast free, palm oil free and provide a source of fibre.   Healthy and gourmet snack foods are projected to account for a larger proportion of the Snack Food Manufacturing industry's revenue over the next five years.   Healthier snack foods are expected to make up a greater share of consumer snacking habits. and are more likely to take share off products that are viewed by consumers as “less healthy”, like conventional potato chips, according to IBIS World on Snack Food Manufacturing in Australia outlook   “The leading supermarket chains have recognized these changing consumer trends. We worked with Woolworths to develop and deliver a healthier sweet/savoury cracker more in tune with current consumer needs”, said Managing Director Sam Tucker.   With consumers looking for “better for you” snacking options, this new range fits the bill. It also works as an accompaniment to cheese, so it is very versatile for both snacking and entertaining.” said Sam   The range will also be rolled out to Independent retailers nationally.   Tucker’s Natural Fruit & Seeded Crackers 100g have an RRP of $4.00     ABOUT TUCKER’S NATURAL “Tucker’s Natural vision is simple- Better, naturally!” said owner, Sam Tucker. “We produce all-natural snacks that complement our customers healthy lifestyles. Always delivering on exceptional taste and with the aim of contributing positively to our customer’s lives.   Our brand is aligned with the changing demands of consumer snacking- all-natural, healthier, gourmet, functionality, premium, provenance, Australian owned and made, non-GMO, environmental responsibility, and food safe practices.   This is reflected in our brand packaging, with a personal message from me on the back of most of our packaging plus a picture of my beautiful family- Cindy, my very supportive partner and wife and our three boys, Zak, Axel and Jordan. Cindy and I believe in what we do, encouraged by what we want for our children which is a better and healthier world,” said Sam.   13 years ago, Sam Tucker with his wife Cindy, started the Tucker’s Natural Gourmet Cracker brand based on their personal philosophy of healthier quality eating. Sam is a qualified chef and a graduate of the ICHM (International College of Hotel Management) enabling him to develop a product that supported this philosophy. From the first range of Gourmet Crackers it has expanded to include Gluten Free Bites, Gourmet Bites, Fibre Packed Snack Crackers, Fruit Bites, Cheese & Cracker Snacks, Cracker & Dips Snacks and Fruit Pastes. Today it has added Artisan Crackers, Fruit and Seeded Crackers and the Australian Deli Lavosh ranges.   Based in Seaton, South Australia, this family owned business is a staunch supporter of other Australian businesses, sourcing where at all possible from local suppliers.   Any queries please contact Sam Tucker on 0417 736 522 or Diana Swanson on 0418 712 320   END Pictures of Fruit & Seeded Crackers click on this link   Samples available on request to S-5! Doubles Its Distribution Network in Australian and New Zealand Markets 2020-09-07T15:41:08Z s-5-doubles-its-distribution-network-in-australian-and-new-zealand-markets (MELBOURNE – Sept. 7, 2020) S-5!, the world’s leading authority on metal roof attachment solutions, today announced it has doubled its distribution channel in Australia and New Zealand, driven by regional market growth in both solar and HVAC markets. A proven technology, S-5! has a global portfolio of more than 2 gigawatts of metal-roof solar arrays and can be found on some of the world’s largest buildings, such as the corporate headquarters for Apple, Google, IBM and NATO and NREL. S-5!’s Australian installations include five Costco stores in Australia. With inventory now conveniently held in-region through its Melbourne and New Zealand based warehouse, S-5! has established distribution partnerships with Solar Partners NZ, Tradezone and RFI Technology Solutions, in addition to existing wholesalers MAK Fastener Specialists, Pty Ltd and Rapid Systems Solutions (RSS), owned by No. 1 Roofing and Building Supplies. S-5! identified a gap in the market and the opportunity to scale within the Australia and New Zealand metal roofing, solar and HVAC industries. Commercial and residential owners are realising the benefits of metal roofing (long-term service life and low maintenance) and understand the ease and cost benefits of metal roofing as a platform to mount solar PV, as well as other essential rooftop equipment and ancillary mechanicals – HVAC equipment, screens to hide it, piping to fuel it, scuttles to access it and walkways to service it. With S-5!’s attachment technology, nearly anything can be mounted penetration-free directly to the seams or ribs of the roof, eliminating the need for a traditional rail or racking system. Australia and New Zealand's harsh weather conditions, ranging from strong winds, extreme temperatures, snow and salt air, compound the need for such attachment solutions. Earlier this year, S-5! introduced its PVKIT 2.0 solar rooftop solutions to the region. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the PVKIT 2.0’s pre-assembled components enable solar installers to “direct-attach” PV modules to a metal roof. The system cuts labour costs by 30+ percent by eliminating the assembly and installation required by traditional rail methods and by lowering the number of components. In addition, the S-5! mountings weigh roughly 1.4kg/kWp compared with 8-10 kg/kWp for a railed mounting structure (an 85 percent reduction), with a 25 percent improvement in the uniformity of load distribution on the roof and structure. Packaged, S-5! takes up a fraction of the space required for rails. These factors drastically cut freight, logistics, hoisting equipment and labour associated with long sections of rail. S-5! also introduced its GripperFix mounting solution to the region, used to attach roof-mounted utilities, such as split system condensing units, duct supports, communication equipment and service walkways, ensuring a secure and dependable attachment solution that preserves the integrity of the roof and avoids destructive algae, corrosion and rust.  “In addition to the competitive material costs, installers benefit from lower overhead expenditure on freight, warehousing, onsite labor and the brand association that comes with offering high-quality rooftop mounting solutions for metal roofs,” said Bernie Dombroski, managing director of Solar PartnersNZ. “Rail-less systems are the way of the future and will revolutionise the way in which rooftop ancillaries are installed in APAC. Railed systems will always have their place and will not disappear; the S-5! rail-less revolution is simply a changing of the guard.” "Our products are on the shelves, our distributors are trained, and we are ready to serve the Australian and New Zealand marketplace,” said S-5! CEO & Founder Rob Haddock. “We are excited to welcome these new partners to our S-5! family of distributors as we continue to expand our presence throughout APAC.”  S-5! products are available now through authorised distribution and come with a limited lifetime warranty.   Solar PartnersNZ, or 0800 7769776 Tradezone, or 1800 092 778 RFI Technology Solutions, or call 1300 000 734 Rapid Systems Solutions (RSS), or 0421 559 464 MAK Fastener Specialists, Pty Ltd, or +61 (0)3 9078 9119 S-5! at the Smart Energy Conference: 5.30pm AEST on Thursday, Sept. 10 - Featured alongside 5B, Jinko and LONGi and as one of the rising innovations disrupting the solar industry, S-5! Vice President of Research & Development, Dustin Haddock will present Rail-less Revolution – Unleash the Potential of any Metal Roof Visit the S-5! booth here for the chance to WIN an S-5 54L can-shaped esky, complete with beer and S-5! merchandise! Chat with Dustin Haddock and the team at our booth or have a Zoom meeting to discover how S-5! can help you grow your business. Solar Installer Training  S-5! is launching its complete Metal Roof Mastery Webinar Series in September/October, specifically tailored to the Australia/New Zealand market. Installers who are looking to grow their businesses by becoming S-5! specialists can sign up to for our quarterly newsletter here to ensure they are notified when dates are announced. Installer Resources Sales materials and training videos can be obtained by contacting About S-5!  Since 1992, S-5! has been the leading authority on metal roof attachment solutions. S-5!’s zero-penetration clamps attach ancillary items to standing seam and conceal-fix metal roofs without violating roof integrity or warranties. Clamps, RibBrackets™ and CorruBrackets™ are engineered for a variety of applications: fall protection and wind performance systems, satellite dishes, solar arrays, signs/banners, light fixtures, stack/flue bracing, walkways, air con, lightning protection, equipment screens, conduit, condensate lines and more. Made in the U.S.A., S-5!’s products have revolutionized the metal roofing industry and are now installed on more than 2 million metal roofs worldwide, providing strength and longevity never before seen. For more information, visit ### GECA’s new Green Star recognised standards can help Australia to build back better 2020-09-04T05:53:16Z geca-s-new-green-star-recognised-standards-can-help-australia-to-build-back-better Buildings and the construction industry in Australia have a significant environmental footprint, including waste generation, water consumption, energy usage and greenhouse emissions. Building and construction are responsible for 39% of all carbon emissions in the world. GECA is thrilled to announce Green Star recognition for six new standards, which make it easier for architects and other building professionals to select products and materials that are better for people and planet.  Launched by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) in 2003, Green Star is Australia’s only national, voluntary rating system for buildings and communities. A Green Star rating provides independent verification that a building or community project is sustainable across all stages of the built environment lifecycle.   The newly recognised GECA standards include:   Building Insulation Materials  Cement, Concrete and Concrete Products  Steel and Steel Products  Recycled Products  Waste Collection Services  Sustainable Products and Services (Lifecycle Assessment Based)  GECA licensees certified under these standards will be rewarded for demonstrating their ongoing commitment to having a lower environmental, health and social impact!   “We congratulate GECA on achieving Green Star recognition for six new standards, as well as approval of revisions to existing furniture standards. GECA now has 22 standards that contribute towards buildings and fitouts achieving Green Star credits – this is a remarkable achievement,” said Nicole Sullivan, Senior Manager – Green Star Solutions.  The recent bush fires and the current pandemic have further highlighted the need for a new era that celebrates the benefits of building with sustainability in mind. Green Star-certified buildings and communities can lower operating costs and increase asset value, use less electricity, produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions, consume less water, boost productivity, improve the health and wellbeing of occupants and much more.    GECA's standards provide the building industry with an independent, reliable and credible way to source products and materials for their Green Star projects. We’ve developed our rigorous standards, following ISO 14024 principles and ISEAL frameworks for global best practice in ecolabelling, which are then independently assessed by our Assurance Providers.  “Our newly recognised standards promote best practice in areas that we know are of great impact on the environment,” said Michelle Thomas, GECA CEO. “For example, the production of a tonne of steel generates almost two tonnes of carbon emissions, accounting for as much as 5 per cent of the world’s total greenhouse-gas emissions. Cement is the source of about 8 per cent of the world's emissions. Our standards place clear restrictions on carbon emissions, helping the industry to reduce its impact.”  GECA will continue to develop standards that are rigorous, scientific and relevant to key Australian industries as part of its commitment to offering sustainable solutions for consumption and production.   “We look forward to continuing to work with GECA toward a more sustainable future,” said Sullivan.   --ENDS --  GECA is a purpose-driven not for profit helping individuals and organisations to make, buy and do better for people and the planet. We offer a suite of services designed for anyone committed to continuous improvement in their sustainability, including our multi-sector ecolabelling program. Our team are highly skilled and approach sustainability with a holistic outlook that encompasses – environment, human health, social impacts, and fit-for-purpose -  Oil Condition Monitoring Extends Equipment Life 2020-09-04T02:13:50Z oil-condition-monitoring-extends-equipment-life Oil condition monitoring enables equipment operators to reduce operating costs, extend service intervals, minimise breakdowns, extend equipment life, and increase equipment productivity.Vehicle Technologies and Senquip have worked together to bring a remote oil condition monitoring solution to market. Any type of oil can now be monitored real-time, in-line, in any application, across all temperature and pressure ranges.The patented oil-sensor technology delivers exceptional sensitivity to any change in oil condition from machine wear, additive depletion, or contamination due to water, acid, soot, and dust. The Senquip ORB interfaces to the oil contamination sensor, allowing real-time monitoring, and generation of warnings and alarms. Other vehicle data such as position, speed, pitch, roll and engine temperature can also be monitored.For more information, contact vehicle technologies at or see the technical tip at Farm Machinery Manufacturer McIntosh Selects SYSPRO to Help it Expand its Highly Personalised Product Range 2020-09-03T23:54:19Z farm-machinery-manufacturer-mcintosh-selects-syspro-to-help-it-expand-its-highly-personalised-product-range McIntosh Farm Machinery has selected Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) specialist, SYSPRO, to help the company expand its highly customisable range of agricultural machines that it supplies in New Zealand and Australia. The company specialises in supplying quality forage and feed out wagons, tip trailers, manure spreaders and bale feeders to farms and vineyards and wanted to replace its existing ERP system to significantly improve its production and scheduling capabilities.   McIntosh Farm Machinery has been designing and manufacturing reliable farm and agricultural machinery for over 60 years from its Palmerston North production facility on New Zealand's North Island, after being established by the McIntosh brothers as a farm equipment maintenance business. The company provides its farming equipment through over 200 trusted dealers across New Zealand, Australia and Chile. The firm had concerns over its ability to plan for future customer orders, ensuring it had the right stock on hand to meet production needs. The management team also felt that as a family run business with a loyal longstanding workforce, much of the knowledge and expertise is in people’s heads. Many processes are paper based, and the company has over 6000 production drawings featuring around 20,000 parts. “We found our former system to be incredibly inflexible and the technology was too complex for our current workforce to grasp. What we really needed was a more flexible ERP system that was built around simplifying the manufacturing process and would improve our ability to plan ahead. We selected SYSPRO ERP for its ease of use and strong scheduling and planning capabilities,” said Brett McIntosh, Managing Director, McIntosh Farm Machinery. McIntosh has fully embraced automation at its high-tech manufacturing plant, with a Yaskawa robot welder and Hypotherm plasma cutter being some of its smart factory investments to date. The next part of the company’s Industry 4.0 strategy was to replace its existing ERP system. Implementing SYSPRO will enable the equipment manufacturer to manage its end-to-end supply chain, from inventory management, production and bill of materials (BOM), part traceability, quality control and financials, which is being implemented first and will go live in November.  Additionally, the company requires the new ERP system to integrate with CADTalk and other software such as payroll. “We are excited to be working with SYSPRO and its channel partner, MNM Business Solutions to implement our new ERP system. The SYSPRO platform will help us to continue developing innovative new products and will enable us to maintain our reputation as a quality provider of robust farm machinery that is delivered on schedule,” Brett continued. The rolling implementation will be completed during 2021 and its workforce will receive practical training as each major phase goes live. “Implementing SYSPRO will enable McIntosh Farm Machinery to improve its production scheduling, streamline and simplify its manufacturing operations and automate its new equipment design processes, whilst providing end to end supply chain management and part traceability. Together with our partner MNM Business Solutions, we are excited to be working with this highly innovative and trusted farm equipment developer that is positively impacting the production of food and wine across New Zealand and Australia to ensure it remains competitive in the future,” said Rob Stummer, Asia Pacific CEO at SYSPRO. Viotel - monitoring Auckland's heritage buildings 2020-09-01T05:33:07Z viotel-monitoring-auckland-s-heritage-buildings The structural health of the Leys Institute, some of Auckland's important heritage buildings, is being monitored in real-time by Viotel using our SMART IoT technology. The historic building has experienced some structural cracking due to ground movement over its 115-year life. The twin buildings are home to the Leys Institute Library and Gymnasium. A recently completed seismic assessment has found structural issues that make the buildings unsafe to occupy in the unlikely event of an earthquake. Consulting engineers GHD were engaged to undertake structural assessment of the building and utilised Viotel's IoT technology to provide continuous real-time monitoring of movements across several the more critical cracks in the structure. Viotel's real-time monitoring system provides a web interface dashboard that provides crack meter response in terms of absolutes values, trend rate of movement and a heat map type indicator plot of criticality of movement. Earthquake-prone buildings In 2017, new earthquake-prone legislation was introduced by the New Zealand government. Auckland is categorised as a low seismic risk area meaning Auckland Council is only required to identify buildings as potentially earthquake- prone that are unreinforced masonry buildings or built before 1976. The law requires building owners, including Auckland Council, to make identified earthquake-prone buildings compliant within a 35-year time period. For heritage buildings, this stretches to 45 years. Auckland Council has been undertaking detailed seismic risk assessments of council's portfolio of around 2500 buildings and structures across the region. To date it has completed around 350 assessments and expects to have the remainder completed by 2021. The Leys Institute was closed to public access in December 2019. Auckland Council will be considering options to restore Leys Institute and make it safe and fit for purpose. For more information about our SMART structural health monitoring solutions contact: NEW ZEALANDHYLTON 279 277 296 AUSTRALIARICHARD (0) 498 800 784 About Viotel Our mission is to empower businesses with better data for better decisions. At Viotel we believe knowledge is power, and understand the critical role data plays in managing risks, identifying opportunities and protecting business assets. Using 'plug and play' Smart Box technology, coupled with the power of Amazon Web Services, Viotel has created a data ecosystem. We believe in making smart technology smarter.By continually investing in new technology and collecting and analysing data in real time, our cutting- edge solutions empower businesses to identify cost savings, increase productivity, streamline maintenance, increase OHS, monitor assets from any location and respond faster to emergencies.Viotel currently has operations support in Australia and New Zealand. Viotel progresses to commercial production 2020-09-01T05:25:05Z viotel-progresses-to-commercial-production This week Viotel took delivery of the first batch of printed circuit boards for commercial production of our Smart Box IoT devices in partnership with Definium Technologies Pty Ltd.Since commencing our development partnership with Definium in April 2020, together we have optimised designs and sourced key components to facilitate full scale commercial manufacture of Viotel's suite of 'Internet of Things (IoT)' devices at Definium's factory in Tasmania."We are very pleased with the progress achieved under development partnership with Definium. Fulfilling our commitment for realising the potential of 'Internet of Things' technology to empower infrastructure owners to mitigate risks, identify opportunities and make better decisions," said Viotel Chairman Dan O'Toole.The cost effectiveness and robust nature of Viotel's technology has been well received and strong growth in demand for IoT devices is anticipated, supporting the company's progress to commercial manufacture. Applications for Viotel's Smart Box technology are already being explored in the mining, transport infrastructure, built environment and energy sectors. For more information contact: AUSTRALIADan O' (0) 407 206 550 NEW ZEALANDRalf 21 250 4494 About Viotel Our mission is to empower businesses with better data for better decisions. At Viotel we believe knowledge is power, and understand the critical role data plays in managing risks, identifying opportunities and protecting business assets. Using 'plug and play' Smart Box technology, coupled with the power of Amazon Web Services, Viotel has created a data ecosystem. We believe in making smart technology smarter. By continually investing in new technology and collecting and analysing data in real time, our cutting- edge solutions empower businesses to identify cost savings, increase productivity, streamline maintenance, increase OHS, monitor assets from any location and respond faster to emergencies. Viotel currently has operations support in Australia and New Zealand. ICE Engineering Launches New Website 2020-09-01T01:43:27Z ice-engineering-launches-new-website September 1st 2020 ·        ICE Engineering in Delacombe, VIC launches a new responsive website for structural steel and fabrication solutions. ·        Open now for business as usual, servicing the construction, industrial, and mining industries. ·        Website designed and developed by SEOcycle – a top Australian web design and search engine optimization company targeted to small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. Top Ballarat-based structural steel fabrication company ICE Engineering recently launched its brand new and improved website online. ICE engineering, until recently, had an outdated website. Not only was it dated in appearance, but it was also unresponsive; not optimized for mobile customers, and it was not consumer-targeted, nor was it designed to rank highly in search engine results pages. Designed and developed by Sydney-based company SEOcycle, ICE Engineering’s new website has been developed with a fresh, modern look and optimized for its industry and client base. It showcases the products and services the company offers, with a clear and concise yet comprehensive website which facilitates the customer journey. It is specifically targeted to the customer, highly responsive, and operates seamlessly across a vast array of devices from desktop to tablet to smartphone (both Android and iOS).   About ICE Engineering Established in 2003, ICE engineering is a leading, privately-owned company situated in Ballarat, VIC. Operating from its own large purpose-built, fully equipped Delacombe factory, it offers a one-stop-shop service and solutions for the fabrication and supply of structural steel for clients in public and private construction, mining, and other associated industries. It’s superior reputation within the industry is well-earned. Just a few examples of major projects ICE Engineering has previously completed include the New Student Precinct at the University of Melbourne, Sunshine Hospital Multi-Deck Carpark, and the Boral Refurbish Conveyor Structure. See the new website here. About SEOcycle SEOcycle is a visionary Australian SEO and web design company based in Sydney’s northwest. They offer superior economical SEO services, affordable web design and development, as well as associated high-quality copy- and content-writing, ghost-blogging, and social media management for SEO. Premium web design enables a business to present online in a professional, brand-specific way to engage and attract new customers and clients. SEOcycle differs from other web design companies in that it executes all services under one roof. SEOcycle has the expertise and insight to develop a website that is not only responsive but is also optimized for SEO so that it can rank highly on Google. Sites may be as simple or complex as required. Discover more about SEOcycle here. Silver Trak and MPS launch direct cinema content distribution in NZ 2020-09-01T00:54:10Z silver-trak-and-mps-launch-direct-cinema-content-distribution-in-nz-1 Silver Trak Digital and Motion Picture Solutions (MPS) have launched a new local distribution office in Auckland, extending their “Better Connected Together” content delivery services to distributors and exhibitors in the New Zealand market. The launch means the strategic partnership can now directly service the needs of distributors and exhibitors throughout the North and South island with the same electronic and physical content delivery services the partnership debuted last year in Australia, ensuring features, trailers, advertising and marketing materials reach sites via the fastest, most modern and direct means possible. The new Auckland operation replicates the proven distribution facility MPS and Silver Trak Digital established last year in Sydney, making MPS and Silver Trak Digital the only provider to offer a single point of service to customers across both Australia and New Zealand. “As exhibitors and distributors know only too well, our industry is seeing rapid change in the content distribution arena,” comments Christian Christiansen, COO at Silver Trak Digital, “We’re excited to be in the vanguard of this change with MPS and pleased to be bringing truly dynamic content delivery of feature films, trailers and advertising to customers in New Zealand. The highly collaborative approach we adopted in Australia has already proved itself on a number of major territory-wide releases, so we are confident our customers in New Zealand will now benefit considerably from the same transparent, efficient network.” “The launch of our new Auckland office is hugely significant for our customers in the territory,” explains Jason Harrod, MPS’s head of distribution services in the APAC region, “Local distribution allows us to support the territory and clients far more efficiently and allows for more streamlined deliveries via one single integrated distribution platform. We successfully rolled out these same services to customers in Australia, working with major studios and smaller independent distributors alike as well as exhibitors throughout the country, supporting them directly from our Sydney hub. The local knowledge provided by our partners Silver Trak Digital has been central to this success, so we’re confident our new Auckland set-up is going to transform the distribution landscape in New Zealand in the same way.” Silver Trak Digital’s NZ GM is David Elder and he can be contacted their by visiting their offices at 3D Delta Avenue, New Lynn, Auckland, 0600, New Zealand, emailing and by calling +64 21 025 00969. Epson launches new Full HD home theatre projector with built-in Chromecast™ and Smart Media Player 2020-08-26T01:37:14Z epson-launches-new-full-hd-home-theatre-projector-with-built-in-chromecast-and-smart-media-player Epson Australia has launched its new EH-TW5700 projector featuring an in-built Chromecast™ for easy viewing of your favourite entertainment from an iPhone™, iPad™, Android™ smartphone or tablet. The EH-TW5700 also comes with a voice-controlled, in-built Epson Smart Media Player for wireless streaming of over 4,000 apps without the need for an external smart device. The EH-TW5700 offers an excellent image and overall viewing experience as a result of a number of clever, high quality features. First off there’s 1080p resolution so viewers can enjoy Full HD movies and more up to 330 inches on virtually any wall or screen. It also pumps out 2,700 Lumens colour brightness and 2,700 Lumens white brightness and enjoys a contrast ratio up to 35,000:1. Then there’s clever Detail Enhancement that makes DVDs and standard definition content come alive via its mixed colour separation techniques and imaging simulation delivering crisp, clear images. It also further sharpens blurry images that have been enlarged by a general upscaling process and uses frame interpolation for an overall more seamless image - especially handy when watching sport and fast motion footage.  For the gamers amongst us you can even heighten your gaming experience with advanced features such as 21:9 ultra-wide mode and dark gamma uplift. The projector also features a convenient in-built 10W speaker for standalone entertainment and the ability to output audio by cable or Bluetooth for big cinema sound.  On top of all of that, the vertical auto keystone correction and a 1-1.2x zoom ratio allows for quick and easy installation in a variety of spaces and you can connect to the EH-TW5700 from virtually any device.  It also comes with a two-year warranty and it boasts a lamp life of 7,500 hours in ECO mode.Finally there’s a new, intuitive and customisable home screen that puts all the most commonly used functions at your fingertips, making it simple and straightforward to quickly find all the functions you need. All of these smart, convenient, quality features make it easier and more economical than ever to install, run and enjoy this clever little home theatre projector.KEY FEATURES: ·           Smart TV – a Smart Media Player (SMP) is included so you can watch your favourite content from apps with a simple-to-use remote that features voice search·           Advanced 3LCD Projector Design - a true 3-Chip design, 3LCD technology·           Amazing Colour Brightness - 2,700 Lumens colour brightness and 2,700 Lumens white brightness·           1080p High Definition – for Full HD movies, games and more - up to 330" on virtually any wall or screen.·           High Contrast - contrast ratio up to 35,000:1 delivers a high range of colour and detail in both bright and dark scenes·           Wide Ranging Connectivity – connect to virtually any device, making your entertainment more accessible·           Captivating Sound – enjoy a built-in 10W stereo speaker for life-like sound·           Easy to Use - simple and easy to use Home screen with quick access to menus·           2 Year Projector warranty - enjoy peace of mind Epson’s new EH-TW5700 will be available in September 2020 via and from all authorised Epson retailers and resellers across Australia with an RRP of $1,599 including GST. Follow Epson on social media:Facebook: @EpsonAustraliaTwitter: @EpsonAustInstagram: @EpsonAust Viotel awarded contract for monitoring critical water infrastructure 2020-08-25T22:50:01Z viotel-awarded-contract-for-monitoring-critical-water-infrastructure Viotel is pleased to announce the award of a contract with Watercare for provision of seismic monitoring services for dams, reservoirs and critical infrastructure. Watercare is New Zealand's largest company in the water and wastewater industry. Each day Watercare supplies around 379 million litres of water to Auckland and collects, treats and disposes around 396 million litres of wastewater. Viotel will undertake evaluations of the Watercare sites and collaborate with Watercare to provide earthquake ground motion monitoring solutions based on our Smart Box 'Internet of Things (IoT)' technology coupled with Amazon Web Services. The contract is for an initial term of 3 years with an option for an additional 2-year extension. Viotel's success in being awarded this project came through participation in Watercare's agile procurement process: an industry leading innovation that Watercare has adopted to improve procurement outcomes, slash procurement time, remove unnecessary work, and promote transparency. The Viotel team worked with Watercare stakeholders in the procurement workshop, developing a solution canvas that demonstrated our friendly collaborative culture, leading technical capability and a cost effective IoT solution. "The award of this contract reinforces our commitment for realising the potential of 'Internet of Things' technology to empower infrastructure owners to mitigate risks, identify opportunities and make better decisions," said Viotel Chairman, Dan O'Toole.  Viotel is looking forward to working together with Watercare to roll out our Smart Box IoT monitoring solution for the structural health of Auckland's critical water infrastructure.