The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-05-10T04:55:48Z The Benefits of a Systemic Approach to Contract Management 2021-05-10T04:55:48Z the-benefits-of-a-systemic-approach-to-contract-management When organisations don't have dedicated contract managers, how do they achieve compliance to contract obligations? A contract management system is what's required.  You need a system that sends reminders on what needs to be done in the specified time frame; a system that a central governance team can actually evidence contracts being managed. This is important for any industry where regulation is a part of their working environment. Here are some additional benefits of a systematic approach to contract management:  Shorter Approval Times A contract management system is designed to make your life easier when it comes to processing and interacting with your contracts. That means that everything is automated, so you always know when there’s a step outstanding for you to do. This makes the review process a lot quicker compared to managing contracts manually. The workflow function of your contract management system will guide you through the logical steps that need to be taken to keep up to date with the contract in question. Everyone on your team as well as your supplier will have access to this level of guidance through the contract, so you can expect shorter approval times. Better Contract Visibility Paper-based contract management systems are always in danger of keeping contracts out of sight and out of mind. But when you use a digital contract management system, everything is stored in the one spot, and is easily retrieved, rather than being forgotten or, at worst, lost. A contract management system enables your employees to use the most up to date contract templates. The ability of a contract management system to be viewed anywhere anytime, allow remote workers to refer to the paperwork no matter what time zone they are working in. Be Prepared for Audits Keeping your contracts in paper form isn’t wise when it comes to audit time. Paperwork can easily become lost or incomplete. But this problem is easily fixed when you switch to a reputable contract management system that keeps everything in the one place, as well as keeping a copy of any changes made to the contract so there’s a simple audit trail. Auditing is central to the legal health of your business, so don’t take it lightly. Pinpoint Renewal Dates Notifications are so crucial when it comes to contract management systems, as they can even alert you as to when a renewal date is coming up. You can also program the software to archive contracts as soon as they expire. Contract renewal is an easy way to ensure business goes on as usual. After all, re-establishing contact with a business or client you have an existing relationship with is easier than attracting new customers or new suppliers. This is why it’s so important to manage your contracts well. Upgrade Your Document Management Filing cabinets are fast going out of favour when it comes to managing contracts. You need your documents at your fingertips, and shared with everyone who needs to be on board with them. Now you can scan in any paper documents that need to be added into the system using optimal character recognition (OCR). All your contracts are easy to find in a central location when you use a contract management system.  Know Why You Should Hire Removals in Melbourne to Move to a New Place 2021-05-10T04:36:55Z know-why-you-should-hire-removals-in-melbourne-to-move-to-a-new-place Professional Removals in Melbourne proffer a wide range of services that helps in reducing stress on owners and simplify the complete process. These service providers provide a wide range of services that cater to almost every need of the customer. Shifting to a new place, be it a residence or a commercial space, is always filled with anxiety and stress, and it is hard for them to handle the situation. They are not sure how they can complete the process without any significant hassle. Professional Removals in Melbourne could be of great help, as the teams of trained staff could pack, load and move the items to the destination safely. Service providers like us have immense experience in dealing with a wide range of services. We could handle all form of Office Removals in Hawthorn and other locations to simple pool table relocation. Every member of our staff is trained in every aspect of shifting. It allows them to handle every customer's need, for moving homes and commercial spaces, or just one item to another room. We are one of the few trusted Movers and Packers in Melbourne, providing services to suit the needs of different customers. If you need help to shift bulky furniture or the expensive piano from one room to the other or a house, we could be of great help down the loan. Our experience in the field allows us to make the complicated task look simple and help you shift such objects with ease. Every staff member undergoes rigorous training, which allows them to proffer best services, as part of House Moving Service or to move an item like the pool table. Their experience in the field ensures that the object reaches the destination safely. These professionals work with complete dedication, ensuring that all the objects are away from all forms of damages. We ensure that we provide insurance coverage to all the staff members and the goods we transfer. It has dual benefits. The insurance could help in restoring the damaged goods, in case an accident takes place. The other benefit is that it would encourage employees to give their best while moving precious belongings as part of Removals in Melbourne. If you are still not convinced about hiring us for moving your house or office, then here are few benefits that we bring with us. The most critical pros include: Anywhere across the country: As a Moving Company in Melbourne, we proffer services to anywhere across the country. Your destination could be next door or across the continent; our team ensures that all your belongings are safely packed and loaded in specially designed trucks. Our team unloads and sets up the new place at the destination, following your directions. Dedicated professionals: Our staff members go through the strict screening process, which guarantees that they are compassionate to your feelings and take extreme care of all your goods, even if they are taking the role of  Office Removalist in Hawthorn. Our team ensures that all the goods are packed perfectly to withstand rides through the bumpy roads. Quality packing materials: Our customers believe that we are the best Furniture Removals, as we use quality packing materials to secure the items. Our team uses specific materials like cling-films and thick sheets to provide maximum protection for the goods. Depending on the outside climate, the packing material would differ. Speed: As one of the proficient moving Services in Melbourne, our team can handle every aspect of packing and moving. They could finish packing in few hours, which an average individual would take a minimum of few days. It could help you finish the job early and focus on other essential tasks. If you are looking for an excellent professional house or office removalists or Furniture Movers in Melbourne, then you can get in touch with our customer support team. They would provide a quote, and if you are OK with the amount, we could agree upon a date to start moving to a new place. AcornLMS Experts present questions and strategies for finding the perfect LMS 2021-05-07T05:47:07Z acornlms-experts-present-questions-and-strategies-for-finding-the-perfect-lms Online learning has only been around for 20 years, but that hasn’t stopped more than a thousand learning management systems popping up worldwide. The Acorn experts have recognised that greater choices have led to a greater chance of choosing the wrong one. Unsurprisingly, it can be common that the wrong choice is made. With that in mind, they moved forward crafting an extensive guide on the questions and strategies to consider for an LMS software comparison. The full article is available now on their Acorn Labs blog:   The guide outlines four steps that frame the path to LMS procurement: identifying company needs, getting customer references, creating a shortlist and conducting due diligence. In addition to these steps, it highlights the questions to ask along the way, such as ‘is this LMS secure?’ and ‘what support will this vendor provide our organisation?’.   Not content with just providing some guidelines, the article is informative too. It delves into the types of LMS software, industry pricing plans and market trends. It details the advantages and disadvantages to each option in these areas. To sum it all up, it gives potential LMS buyers a very extensive overview of everything they should be thinking about when making that big decision to buy.     “Think of an LMS as the house for all your eLearning belongings. You want that house to be secure, easy to move around, and you certainly don’t want it to end up costing you more money than you thought,” said Blake Proberts (Co-Founder & Managing Director).   “That’s why it’s important to understand exactly what kind of ‘house’ will support your ‘belongings’. It’s why we created this guide to ensure buyers know everything they need to know, not only about the LMS but about their own goals too.”   Along with being a useful information resource, the article also provides a handy checklist where potential clients can simply tick the boxes to get a clear visual picture of which software stacks up best.       Pursuit Technology is a software development company which seeks to streamline systems through innovative ideas and solutions. Pursuit is all about putting the customer at the centre of everything we create. Since the inception of our Acorn LMS, we’ve worked with everyone from local businesses to federal government agencies. In that time, we’ve maintained a 100% retention rate. Our Acorn LMS contains all the tools needed to support workforces – from onboarding and inductions through to compliance and ongoing development.  US FOREIGN NATIONAL MORTGAGE PROGRAM 2021-05-07T04:57:00Z us-foreign-national-mortgage-program Borderless Mortgagor Group US Foreign National Mortgage Program is specially geared to cater for all Australian lending needs in the US, whilst offering competitive pricing and a full suite of award-winning home loan products. At Borderless Mortgagor, we specialise in helping people who don’t fit that ‘perfect’ template. We’ve helped hundreds of non-residents from Australia, China, Malaysia, Singapore, India, United Kingdom, United States, Japan & many more countries to secure loan approvals. The result? You can purchase properties in over 20 countries —even if you’re not a citizen. Invest In The US Through Borderless US Foreign National Mortgage Program Benefits ·       Cheaper entry point than Australia ·       Minimum 25% down payment ·       Loan Amount: $150,000 upto $10,000,000 ·       Interest Rates: 4.35% to 5.50% ·       Term: 30 years, 20 and 15 years fixed ·       First 3 years prepayment penalty ·       No Income or US credit verification required ·       Residential, Commercial, Refinancing, Cash-Out & Bridging ·       Cloing on average 30 days ·       Great way to diversify you SMSF Investment Portfolio ·       Applicant not required to be present in the US during closing ·       Offices in Melbourne, Florida, Tokyo & Kuala Lumpur ·       Additional services provided: Setting up US bank accounts, accounting,tax & legal consultations. Borderless Mortgagor Group has a team of mortgage specialists with diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Our team speaks various languages, including English, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Cantonese, Spanish, Greek, Albanian, Hebrew, and Russian. We have over 10 years of mortgage financing experience and have been the leader in helping non-U.S. residents achieve their real estate goals in the States. Borderless Mortgagor Group seeks to bridge this gap with end-to-end solutions for non resident mortgage lending. With a global network of over 350 lenders offering 1000 different custom mortgage products in over 20 countries worldwide. The process is streamlined, fast, and efficient-so clients can enter the property market quickly and find the property that best suits their needs.  For more information on overseas lending & international properties please visit   Australian Non-Resident Mortgage Program 2021-05-07T03:13:22Z australian-non-resident-mortgage-program Borderless Mortgagor Group Australian Mortgage Program is specially geared to cater for all your non-resident lending needs in Australia, whilst offering competitive pricing and a full suite of award-winning home loan products.  Getting a home loan as a non-resident in Australia can be challenging, as most lenders require the borrower to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident. Over the past few years, many of the banks in Australia have also reduced their risk appetite for non-resident lending. At Borderless Mortgagor, they specialise in helping people who don’t fit that ‘perfect’ template. They helped hundreds of non-residents from Australia, China, Malaysia, Singapore, India,United Kingdom, United States, Japan & many more countries to secure loan approvals. The result? You can purchase properties in over 20 countries —even if you’re not a citizen. Borderless Mortgagor Australian Non-Resident Mortgage Program requires a 25% to 30% down payment for foreigners and are able to finance from $150,000 upto AUD$5,000,000. Clients are not required to be present in Australia during loan settlement. AUSTRALIAN MORTGAGE PROGRAM FOR NON-RESIDENTS ·       Rates: From 4.48% ·       Loan Term: 30 years (Variable or Fixed) ·       Loan Types: Residential, Commercial, Cash Out, Refinancing & Bridging ·       Loan Settlement: Within 30 days Borderless Mortgagor Group seeks to bridge this gap with end-to-end solution for non resident mortgage lending. With a global network of over 350 lenders offering 1000 different custom mortgage products in over 20 different countries. The process is streamlined, fast, and efficient—so clients can enter the property market quickly and find the property that best suits their needs. For more information on overseas lending and international properties please visit Edmonds Conveyancing 2021-05-07T01:03:18Z edmonds-conveyancing Edmonds Conveyancing offers online conveyancing for properties, across NSW. A conveyancing lawyer is responsible for managing the transfer of property ownership, between the buyer and seller. At Edmonds, it our mission to provide an experienced and efficient service when buying or selling a property, ensuring all settlements are completed on time with no delays. A common question asked is how to choose a Coffs Harbour conveyancer? The answer is simple, you get what you pay for. Edmonds’s conveyancing is not the cheapest service, instead a high-quality service, offering 50 years of experience to ensure the job gets done on time. CWA of NSW supports call to end ‘zombie’ mining licences 2021-05-07T00:00:25Z cwa-of-nsw-supports-call-to-end-zombie-mining-licences Hi , The Country Women's Association (CWA) of NSW is supporting a legislative push to extinguish ‘zombie’ Petroleum Exploration Licences (PELS) covering valuable NSW, agreeing it’s time to end the uncertainty for affected communities. It comes as the NSW Upper House prepares to consider legislation introduced by Independent NSW MLC Justin Field to extinguish 'zombie' or expired PELs, in response to concerns of a return to widespread Coal Seam Gas exploration in the NSW North West region. “Communities in these affected areas have lived with the uncertainty of what these PELs will mean for their futures for too long, and it’s time for confidence to be restored for the people who call these regions home and who rely on the land for their livelihoods," said Stephanie Stanhope, President of the CWA of NSW. The importance of protecting valuable agricultural, water and environmental assets was also discussed at this week's CWA of NSW state conference in Bega. Attached and below is a media release on the issue and for further information or media inquiries, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Kind regards, Kylie Galbraith Seftons Tamworth NSW 2340 Ph. 0411 480 208 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MEDIA RELEASE CWA of NSW supports call to end ‘zombie’ mining licences The call to extinguish ‘zombie’ Petroleum Exploration Licences (PELS) covering valuable agricultural land has the full support of the Country Women’s Association of NSW, which says it’s time to end the uncertainty for affected communities. It comes as the NSW Upper House prepares to consider legislation introduced by Independent NSW MLC Justin Field to extinguish 'zombie' or expired PELs, in response to concerns of a return to widespread Coal Seam Gas exploration in the NSW North West region. CWA of NSW President Stephanie Stanhope said the association recognised the importance of mining and gas projects to the state’s economy and energy needs, but they needed to proceed in locations that didn’t unduly impact NSW communities and other industries, like agriculture. “In the case of the 11 PELs in question, we believe they aren’t in appropriate areas and now these licences have expired, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be extinguished,” Stephanie said. “Communities in these affected areas have lived with the uncertainty of what these PELs will mean for their futures for too long, and it’s time for confidence to be restored for the people who call these regions home and who rely on the land for their livelihoods. “It’s also time to secure the future of the valuable agricultural land covered by these expired PELs, as well as the irreplaceable water and environmental resources in these areas. They’re too valuable to be compromised by poor planning and questionable decision-making.” Stephanie said as well as the extinguishment of the expired PELs, there also needed to be a whole new process for considering and approving future mining exploration licences. “Just this week, members at our annual state conference endorsed a motion calling for the cessation of licences for ‘$2 companies’ that don’t have the financial capacity to undertake mineral exploration. This current process is failing communities and landholders, with a lack of regulatory oversight and the potential to inflict enormous emotional and financial stress on landholders,” she said. “It’s just another example of the urgent need to overhaul the entire process and replace it with one in which rural and regional communities can have trust and confidence. We’d like to see a bi-partisan approach to this review process as well, ensuring the protection of our agriculture industry now and into the future. “We only get one chance at this, because once our fragile and precious farming land, water resources and significant environmental assets are damaged, or even destroyed, there’s no coming back.” Business-consumer relationships from the legal perspective and the importance of consumer safety 2021-05-06T21:01:53Z business-consumer-relationships-from-the-legal-perspective-and-the-importance-of-consumer-safety As an entrepreneur, your skills in managing consumer relationships will be tested throughout your career. Consumers’ commitment to the brand parallelly increases with the quality of service provided to them. The consumer experience is usually mistaken and misunderstood. Along with the quality of product, the safety of service provided to them also matters and contributes greatly to the consumer satisfaction level. Hygiene standards are among the most obvious variables in the quality of service.Consumers have the tendency to avoid interaction with businesses in which numerous threats are posed to them. This is a fact that can directly reflect on the business’s success and interrupt the potential of the business.   A hazardous environment makes the business lose customers   Numerous objects can decrease the satisfaction level of the consumer. And there is a valid reason behind this fact. Consumer-business relationships are quite fragile as the consumers are prone to lose their interest after noticing risk factors in the service area. Most commonly, these are hygiene standards. During the coronavirus pandemic, many establishments disregarded the social distancing regulations. Sanitiser boxes were empty, the use of masks was incorrect and the staff were not obeying the dressing regulations. Health is a matter that is beyond anything else. Countless businesses lost their clients simply by disobeying the coronavirus regulations.   Other than the consumers’ valid reasons, from the point of laws, employees’ and visitors’ wellbeing shouldn’t be risked by the business. By disobeying coronavirus regulations, businesses put themselves and others at risk. As the conclusions of undervaluing these regulations are obvious, the business can be fined. Generally, negligent businesses damage their relationships both with the customers and the employees. Both effects the success and growth of the business. Most importantly, the corporation can be sued by the party that is suffering a loss.   The importance of workers compensation whilst establishing a business   To win in the market place, you must first win in the workplace. And the most impactful way to achieve this is by establishing good and strong relationships with your employees. Due to the nature of humankind, we cannot resist demanding conditions in places that we spend all our day. The same applies to employees. Whilst being threatened by risk factors, an employee cannot be in a good mood. Also, accidents can arise and the injured worker can sue the company for a valid reason. Contributing to an accident is the last thing a good business(wo)man and a good person would like. Unfortunately, an undeniable share of work-related accidents occurs from the negligent employer’s attitude towards his/her employees. Many businesses disregard safety precautions to cut expenses. Even if they do not, they fail to sustain safety by replacing the equipment upon worn off. Both cases are examples of negligence in the workplace. Business owners are in charge of safety in the workplace. Any equipment that is malfunctioning, any objects that can possibly fall and hit someone; replacement of protective equipment, hazardous dust and gas exposure, physically challenging workloads and coronavirus infection risks are under the responsibility of the business owner. Upon noticing a hazard factor, the work should be ceased and immediate action should be taken to prevent harm permanently. On the other hand, employers usually disregard the emotional pain factor that prohibits the workers from sustaining their careers. Stressors can be the source of a problem in the workplace. And sometimes, the employer himself/herself can be the stressor. Whilst appointing workers to tasks, planning the work schedules and organising a workplace, factors that may potentially stress the workers should be taken into consideration. TOA Global to provide free Moderna vaccine to its Philippine employees 2021-05-06T10:18:58Z toa-global-to-provide-free-moderna-vaccine-to-its-philippines-employees TOA Global, one of the largest employers in the outsourced accounting industry, announced it will cover the cost of vaccinating its entire Philippine workforce against COVID-19 in an effort to support employees’ health and contribute to the country’s vaccination efforts.    The company successfully purchased the Moderna vaccine via a tripartite agreement with the Philippine government. The vaccine will be administered for free and on a voluntary basis, as well as in full compliance with government guidelines on the vaccination rollout.     “Employee health and well being is one of our most important values and we are proud to provide this incredibly important employee benefit to not only our existing, but also our new employees in the Philippines,” said Craig Mansell, CEO of TOA Global.      TOA Global expects to start administering the vaccine in the middle of this year and continue through the second half of 2021. The goal is to get the employees fully vaccinated by the end of the year.     “Whilst we do not require all our employees across Clark, Cebu and Manila to get vaccinated, our research tells us that the majority of employees are delighted they will receive both doses of the Moderna vaccine courtesy of TOA Global’s employee benefits program,” Craig added.     Since the onset of the pandemic, TOA Global has been heavily invested in supporting its employees, from enhancing safety measures and offering a flexible work arrangement to ensuring they receive comprehensive health benefits starting on Day 1 of employment. Earlier this year, TOA Global also upgraded its health insurance premium by 65% for employees.   Acorn Experts flag key LMS features and functionalities to consider when looking to buy 2021-05-06T05:28:33Z acorn-experts-flag-key-lms-features-and-functionalities-to-consider-when-looking-to-buy For anyone looking to acquire a learning management system (LMS) for their organisation, two things are important to consider and compare: features and functionalities. That’s according to the Acorn internal subject matter experts who have been hard at work to explore these areas in detail. Each organisation will have different requirements, and suppliers usually work within defined industries. Without research, it’s easy to attain an ill-fitting system – wasting time and resources that might be needed elsewhere.   Blake Proberts (Co-Founder and Managing Director) says choosing features “that align with your organisational goals will reap you the most benefits”.   The most important features to consider in an LMS include administration, learning analytics, authoring tools, integrations and customisation. Functionalities are all about what a feature (or all features combined) can do for a user. The team go on to consider a huge raft of these including: SCORM compliance, gamification, accessibility, performance tracking, eCommerce, streamlined processes and many more. The full article is available now on their Acorn Labs blog:   Mr Proberts goes on to say, “As an example, consider the differing accessibility needs of your workforce. It might be something as simple as responsive screens or more complex like screen readers and bring-your-own-device compatibility.” “Ensuring that you’re selecting features that make the user experience seamless will in turn ensure your engagement rates are high.”   In addition to being a useful information resource, the article also provides a handy checklist where organisations can simply tick the boxes to get a clear picture of which software stacks up best.       Pursuit Technology is a software development company which seeks to streamline systems through innovative ideas and solutions. Pursuit is all about putting the customer at the centre of everything we create. Since the inception of our Acorn LMS, we’ve worked with everyone from local businesses to federal government agencies. In that time, we’ve maintained a 100% retention rate. Our Acorn LMS contains all the tools needed to support workforces – from onboarding and inductions through to compliance and ongoing development.  Worker optimism shaken during COVID-19 – but future outlook in Australia is positive: new data from ADP 2021-05-06T04:38:04Z worker-optimism-shaken-during-covid-19-but-future-outlook-in-australia-is-positive-new-data-from-adp More than half of working Australians were impacted professionally by COVID – with a quarter laid off, furloughed or on reduced hours. Despite concerns around financial or job security, four out of five feel optimistic about the future. Two in five feel hopeful that working conditions will improve in the wake of COVID, particularly around flexible working and improved pay. Optimism among workers in Australia has been shaken in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, but there is confidence that the ‘new normal’ will result in positive changes to the working environment, reveals the ADP® Research Institute’s People at Work 2021: A Global Workforce View. ADP’s report found that four out of five Australian workers feel optimistic about the next five years in the workplace. The global survey of more than 32,000 workers in 17 countries explores whether the effects of the pandemic have impacted employees’ attitudes towards the current world of work and what they expect and hope for from the workplace of the future. Australians also appear hopeful that COVID-19 will have a positive impact on key workplace factors. Two in five Australian workers surveyed were extremely or very confident that they could find another job offering the same job satisfaction (42 per cent), better pay (40 per cent) or increased flexibility (39 per cent). Peter Hadley, President - APAC at ADP, commented: “This new data from ADP tells us that Australians really felt the pressures falling out from the COVID-19 pandemic. “Although many people have been hard hit professionally, there’s a sense that what has been a dark cloud could have a silver lining in various ways when it comes to the world of work. Particularly in terms of accelerating the shift towards flexible working patterns, with two in five Australians saying they believe COVID-19 has had a positive impact here.” In the current landscape, the report indicates that while there is optimism for what the future holds, there remain high levels of unease, with almost three-quarters of workers (72 per cent) saying that during the pandemic they have had concerns over their financial or job security. These fears are understandable, given that more than half (56 per cent) report having been impacted professionally in some way due to COVID-19. Of these changes, a quarter of respondents (25 per cent) either lost a job, were furloughed or were temporarily laid off by their employer. One in six took a pay cut (15 per cent), while almost one in five (18 per cent) reduced their hours or responsibilities. “Understandably, job or financial security is front of mind for many, and these concerns unfortunately reflect reality. In a year when many businesses have had to shut temporarily or permanently, or significantly alter their operations, the effects of the disruption and uncertainty on the workforce have been profound,” said Hadley.  “The challenge now for employers and HR teams is to find ways to harness the positives while, as far as possible, alleviating the negatives to ensure that staff stay upbeat, motivated and empowered to do well moving forward.” Sonia McDonald’s New Book — ‘First Comes Courage’ Sets A Paradigm For Courage-based Leadership Driven By Bravery, Kindness, And Inclusion 2021-05-06T03:38:07Z sonia-mcdonald-s-new-book-first-comes-courage-sets-a-paradigm-for-courage-based-leadership-driven-by-bravery-kindness-and-inclusion A timely, actionable guide for leaders, teams, organisations, and anyone looking to take on a deep and abiding sense of courage — one that inspires a people-first leadership that drives meaningful impact and organisational success. A plethora of book releases serenades our online and brick-and-mortar bookstores regularly. Once in a very blue moon, there seems to be that one that ticks all the boxes for a resource of incalculable value — career advancement, personal development, and a ‘bull’s-eye’ timing given its high social relevance. “First Comes Courage”, written by Sonia McDonald, founder of LeadershipHQ and McDonald Inc. as well as one of the globe’s leading speakers on Leadership, Courage and Kindness, is just such a case.   In a world plagued with poor leadership fueled by power tussles, poor vision, a cling to popularity, and appallingly scarce levels of human empathy, and at a time where we face new realities that are bound to test leadership capabilities to its humanistic core, ‘First Comes Courage’ offers nothing but answers. In her book, Sonia chronicles inspirational stories of courage from her experience and others to empower readers with kind, courageous and inclusive leadership that helps them to win at their workplace and in life. Sonia’s watershed book is a valuable addition to her first book releases namely ‘Just Rock it!’ and ‘Leadership Attitude’, both of which are also centered around helping to build capacity for leadership in individuals, teams, and organisations. ”While researching and writing this book for many years before the COVID pandemic, I knew it would create the impactful change we need in the leadership space, and for everyone globally.” said author and founder of LeadershipHQ and McDonald Inc, Sonia McDonald, “I never anticipated the need and impact being so overwhelming. Now more than ever, we need that courage, impact, and kindness for 2021 and beyond. And that is all down to us now knowing that the secret sauce to ultimate leadership lies in courage.” From voyages of self-discovery to experiments of self-evaluation, practicable hacks for personal growth that help you find your inner courage, and everything in between, the book, featuring 15 chapters, sets out to demystify purposeful leadership using courage as an emotional conduit. Sonia also takes stock of the Courage Compass — an introspective intervention primed to help people struggling to find their inner courage by rendering insights into your belief, behaviour, and value system against the four pillars of Courage: Kindness, Purpose, Resilience, and Impact.   Whether a clarion call to a new-and-improved dimension to leadership that our global society is currently begging for or a carefully considered selection of contemporary, practicable solutions to grace you with some pep in your steps for your next courageous career move, this book is the ultimate blueprint.   Reader testimonials tell the story. Have a glimpse into what Daniel Maddison had to say “Sonia’s philosophy of leadership in her book is not just worth pondering, but also practicable. It’s remarkably easy to digest. ‘First Comes Courage’ is a wonderful blend of leadership savvy, relational insight, and a solid appreciation of a topic of global relevance in a new era. This one stays on my bookshelf as a worthy reference. Highly recommended!”   Another raving fan of Sonia’s book is Edward Bonel “Easy to read, insightful, and full of examples. Every chapter is well-crafted to provoke and inspire long-term action. It provides a stepwise approach to being a Courageous Leader. This book is very relevant in building the sort of leadership that assists in executing strategy into action. I highly recommend this book to individuals who want to become more effective in their leadership style.” An award-winning author, Sonia is renowned for a brand of inspirational leadership that beckons on leaders to set them on a path to emotional intelligence and purposeful leadership. She does this with courage, commitment, and candour. Her life and work are irrefutable proof of the impactful change leaders can drive within their communities, and globally.   To learn more about this novel-yet-inspiring take on leadership, ‘First Comes Courage’ is available on Sonia’s website, Amazon and Booktopia. To contact Sonia as a keynote speaker at your conference, workshop or event, visit:   Contact: For more information or to interview Sonia McDonald, contact: Sonia McDonald or Katie Watts 0424 447 616 | 1300 719 665   Related Links:     Medicinal cannabis for PBS, review of organ donation policies and greater protections for farmers endorsed by CWA of NSW 2021-05-06T01:07:16Z medicinal-cannabis-for-pbs-review-of-organ-donation-policies-and-greater-protections-for-farmers-endorsed-by-cwa-of-nsw Hi , The CWA of NSW 2021 state conference in Bega concludes this afternoon with members spending a busy week determining the future policy direction of the association, renewing friendships and enjoying all that the south coast of NSW has to offer. Attached is an update on the conference motions and the business discussed, along with an image of conference attendees at the historic Bega Showground. For further information or interview inquiries, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Kind regards, Kylie Galbraith Seftons Tamworth NSW 2340 Ph. 0411 480 208 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MEDIA RELEASE Medicinal cannabis for PBS, review of organ donation policies and greater protections for farmers endorsed by CWA of NSW The Country Women’s Association (CWA) of NSW is calling for prescribed medicinal cannabis to be added to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and is advocating for greater protection for agricultural land through more consideration around the location of solar farms and the abolition of mining exploration licences to ‘$2 companies’. The issues are among dozens of motions being discussed and debated at this year’s CWA of NSW state conference in Bega this week, with successful motions to spearhead the association’s advocacy efforts over the next 12 months. Mental health service failures, immediate improvements to the aged care sector and ways to boost organ donation rates were also on the agenda. Successful motions include: That the CWA of NSW be to take active steps to increase the information available to all members, branches and groups to enable them to seek and promote opportunities for increased and meaningful understanding of, and engagement with, First Nations communities across the state (Keiraville branch) A call for immediate action with regard to the failure of aged care service delivery in NSW (Jerilderie branch) Advocacy around a review of organ and tissue donation policies with consideration of a soft opt-out policy in preference to an opt-in policy to assist in increasing the rate of organ and tissue donations (Pambula-Merimbula branch) Lobbying the NSW Government to provide sufficient face-to-face acute psychiatric services to all local health areas, especially those in rural and remote locations (Hillston branch); calling for a single co-ordinated mental health service information and referral resource in towns as part of the overall measures for suicide prevention (Kiama branch); and an urgency motion on lobbying the state and federal governments to provide additional funding, opportunities and incentives to enable training of more psychiatrists to provide acute face-to-face services in all local health areas (Urgency motion) Advocacy for a ‘just transition’ from coal and gas to low carbon-intensive industries to minimise employment impacts (Tambar Springs branch) Opposing the construction of large-scale solar plants on prime agricultural land to protect food and fibre productivity (Jindera branch) Lobbying the NSW Government to cease assessing $2 companies as able to satisfy the ‘financial capacity to undertake mineral exploration’ in NSW under the Mining Act 1992 (White Cliffs branch) Advocacy for the placement of prescribed cannabis medication on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (Cobargo branch) “There’s always a lot of different issues covered by the motions that come from our branches, and this year is no different,” said CWA of NSW President Stephanie Stanhope. “This diversity in our membership and the concerns of their communities ensure our association’s advocacy efforts reflect a broad cross-section of the NSW population and our policy platform is inclusive of a range of issues. “Improvements to health service delivery in rural and regional NSW communities have remained a strong focus this year, particularly around mental health support and suicide prevention measures. And our members have taken further steps this year in advocating for sensible government regulation around mining exploration on our prime agricultural land and approvals for the location of renewable energy projects. “Energy generation is of the highest importance to our state and communities, but whether it’s fossil fuel-generated or produced by renewable technologies, the regulation around it must be well-considered and sustainable for all,” Stephanie said. There was also unanimous support for the donation of $20,000 to the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) in response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and $10,000 to ACWW South Pacific to fund training initiatives in the region. Members also voted for ovarian cancer to be the focus of the CWA of NSW’s Health Research Fund Annual Project for 2021/22. Ends Agency for the Next Economy 2021-05-05T08:22:06Z agency-for-the-next-economy Underpinned by a proprietary model for predicting future human behaviour, the founders have affectionately named “BE.AP.S.” – Behavioural Economics x Applied Psych. x Strategy.   BE.AP.S. provides sustainable and socially conscious brands with a cheat sheet for the next economy. By embracing conscious consumerism, it’s flipping the agency model on its head and partnering with brand clients to navigate this new way of consumer thinking. Says Todd Sotheren (left), co-founder and creative director at Agency: “Increasingly, consumers are voting with their wallets for the World they want to live in.” Agency promises to· Create clarity for brands in an uncertain future· Align mindful purchases with your bottom line· Enable brands to be a force for positive change Says Nicholas Mason (right), co-founder and strategy director at Agency: “It’s why at Agency, we say ‘Don’t be a Can’t’. Because consumers won’t cop it any more.” BE.AP.S. modelling is available now for inherently good brands turning over between $2 – $100M. For more information on Agency, please visit HCL to Build a New Digital Foundation for Hitachi ABB Power Grids 2021-05-05T03:43:53Z hcl-to-build-a-new-digital-foundation-for-hitachi-abb-power-grids Noida, India –May 04, 2021 – HCL Technologies (HCL), a leading global technology company, today announced a multi-year contract with Hitachi ABB Power Grids, the leader in sustainable, digital energy solutions, to build a new greenfield digital foundation as part of a global transformation program. Through this engagement, HCL will help Hitachi ABB Power Grids establish a new, efficient and modern independent IT organization. The engagement will support its continued business transformation by reducing dependency on the historic ABB IT services infrastructure.   Hitachi ABB Power Grids was formed in 2020 as a joint venture between Hitachi and ABB to create a new global leader in pioneering power and digital technologies. As part of the new digital foundation, HCL will provide Hybrid Cloud Services, Digital Workplace Services, Next-gen Network Services, Unified Service Management and Cybersecurity Services.  Leveraging HCL’s  “Cloud Smart” offerings, Hitachi ABB Power Grids will benefit from an adaptive portfolio with innovative cloud services driven by intelligent automation and a powerful partner ecosystem. These capabilities will enhance Hitachi ABB Power Grids’ operations in more than 90 countries and improve end-user experiences for its 36,000 employees worldwide. Hitachi ABB Power Grids identified that HCL was best placed to develop from scratch a new Digital Foundation that would meet its strategic objectives to drive simplicity, speed and scalability throughout its global operations. HCL will establish strategic digital platforms, global standardization of IT services and future-proof solutions to keep pace with changing business requirements and evolving technology capabilities.     “As a pioneering technology leader, we’re digitalizing the entire energy value chain to make the world’s power grids stronger, smarter and greener. It’s crucial that this transformation also includes our internal operations, as well as the solutions we create for our clients,” said Michael Loechle, CIO, Hitachi ABB Power Grids. “We knew we needed to break away from the historic IT organization we’d inherited, and HCL was the perfect strategic partner to help us create a next-generation operating model. We were particularly impressed by HCL’s ability to create high quality and end user-focused solutions for our employees and offer an end-to-end model to ensure seamless execution. HCL’s track record for bringing a culture of innovation to service delivery will ensure we are well placed to enjoy the long-term and sustainable benefits of digitalization.”   “We’re excited to work with Hitachi ABB Power Grids to build a new independent Digital IT environment. HCL will bring its well-developed expertise in executing complex carve-out programs for the new digital world,” said Pankaj Tagra, Corporate Vice President and Nordic and DACH Head, HCL Technologies. “The opportunity to build a new Digital Foundation for such a major global organization is testament to the trust that our clients have in HCL’s next-generation transformational expertise.”   About HCL Technologies HCL Technologies (HCL) empowers global enterprises with technology for the next decade, today. HCL’s Mode 1-2-3 strategy, based on its deep-domain industry expertise, customer-centricity and entrepreneurial culture of Ideapreneurship™, enables businesses to transform into next-gen enterprises. HCL offers its services and products through three business units: IT and Business Services (ITBS), Engineering and R&D Services (ERS) and Products & Platforms (P&P). ITBS enables global enterprises to transform their businesses through offerings in the areas of applications, infrastructure, digital process operations and next generational digital transformation solutions. ERS offers engineering services and solutions in all aspects of product development and platform engineering. P&P provides modernized software products to global clients for their technology and industry specific requirements. Through its cutting-edge co-innovation labs, global delivery capabilities and broad global network, HCL delivers holistic services in various industry verticals, categorized as Financial Services, Manufacturing, Technology & Services, Telecom & Media, Retail & CPG, Life Sciences & Healthcare and Public Services. As a leading global technology company, HCL takes pride in its diversity, social responsibility, sustainability, and education initiatives. For the 12 months ended March 31, 2021 HCL had consolidated revenue of US$ 10.17 B. Its 168,977 Ideapreneurs operate out of 50 countries. For more information, visit   Forward–looking Statement Certain statements in this release are forward-looking statements, which involve a number of risks, uncertainties, assumptions and other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in such forward-looking statements. All statements, other than statements of historical fact are statements that could be deemed forward-looking statements, including but not limited to the statements containing the words 'planned', 'expects', 'believes’,’ strategy', 'opportunity', 'anticipates', 'hopes' or other similar words. The risks and uncertainties relating to these statements include, but are not limited to, risks and uncertainties regarding impact of pending regulatory proceedings, fluctuations in earnings, our ability to manage growth, intense competition in IT services, business process outsourcing and consulting services including those factors which may affect our cost advantage, wage increases in India, customer acceptances of our services, products and fee structures, our ability to attract and retain highly skilled professionals, our ability to integrate acquired assets in a cost-effective and timely manner, time and cost overruns on fixed-price, fixed-timeframe contracts, client concentration, restrictions on immigration, our ability to manage our international operations, reduced demand for technology in our key focus areas, disruptions in telecommunication networks, our ability to successfully complete and integrate potential acquisitions, the success of our brand development efforts, liability for damages on our service contracts, the success of the companies /entities in which we have made strategic investments, withdrawal of governmental fiscal incentives, political instability, legal restrictions on raising capital or acquiring companies outside India, and unauthorized use of our intellectual property, other risks, uncertainties and general economic conditions affecting our industry. There can be no assurance that the forward-looking statements made herein will prove to be accurate, and issuance of such forward-looking statements should not be regarded as a representation by the Company, or any other person, that the objective and plans of the Company will be achieved. All forward-looking statements made herein are based on information presently available to the Management of the Company and the Company does not undertake to update any forward-looking statement that may be made from time to time by or on behalf of the Company.     For further details, please contact: HCL Technologies   Meenakshi Benjwal   Elka Ghudial, Europe   Devneeta Pahuja, India and APAC