The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-08-21T23:59:58Z Reckon Reinvents Accounting Experience for Small Businesses 2017-08-21T23:59:58Z reckon-reinvents-accounting-experience-for-small-businesses SYDNEY, Australia – August 22, 2017 – Australian cloud accounting provider Reckon (ASX:RKN) has unveiled a major update to its flagship software Reckon One, aimed at delivering a faster, smarter and simpler online accounting experience for small businesses. The latest redesign will accelerate workflows and efficiencies for customers by simplifying the overall user experience and enhancing usability.  Fuelled by feedback from customers and partners, Reckon has revamped the login portal on Reckon One to create a more intuitive, accessible and cleaner system. The move brings improved navigation and simplified access to frequently used functions, as well as better reach to third party advisors. In addition, Reckon has also added new features to billing, sharing and notifications that will make managing Reckon One even easier.  “At Reckon, we are 100 per cent committed to supporting small businesses as they look to sustain and further scale their operations in this increasingly competitive global economy,” said Sam Allert, Managing Director for ANZ at Reckon. “The continuous innovation and development of our products lie at the heart of this promise.”  “We know our customers want simple, intuitive and tailored experience across any application, and our latest redesign is very much driven by this fact. We’re excited to release this major update, which we believe will provide a much better user experience for small businesses, by making it easier for them to manage their books, profile and settings,” he added.  Key Highlights:  1. Updated design – Access all settings quickly in the vertical navigation menu rather than via the control panel.  2. Billing – Easily modify the modules in your book, edit billing information and download your invoices straight from the portal.  3. Notifications – Get notifications inside the portal for product releases, when you share a book or when someone shares a book with you.  4. Link a book – Link your book to your Reckon advisor straight from the portal via the settings icon on your book. Simply enter their partner ID, select their name and you're ready to go!  5. Adding users – You can now easily add users and give them access to your Reckon One book.  6. Get professional help – Search for a certified Reckon Advisor straight from the portal with a direct link to the advisor directory page.  The latest update is now live on Reckon One and available for the more than 600,000 users on the platform.    For further information, please contact:  Daphne Chuah  Red Agency or +61 (2) 9963 7840  About Reckon  Reckon is an ASX listed and Australian owned company with over 25 years experience delivering market leading solutions to accountants and bookkeepers, legal professionals and small to medium sized businesses. Reckon’s software services are designed to make accounting faster, easier and more productive. Find out more at  Secrets to Success: From Elite Removalists Brisbane 2017-08-21T23:30:08Z secrets-to-success-from-elite-removalists-brisbane Paul Enright has been successfully running his company Elites Removalists Brisbane for over 15 years. The business itself has over 25 years experience - and Paul therefore has an outstanding amount of wisdom and knowledge. Success hasn’t been easy - but it’s the relationships he forms with his clients that has kept the business successful for so long. Maintaining an honest and kind relationship with his clients is key - and has gotten him to where he is today. Prior to starting his own business Paul worked as a removalist for many years and found that he enjoyed the stability of the job. He now runs a tight ship, making sure that he can attend most of the removalist jobs himself. His staff are experienced and have been part of his company for many years. Paul oversees the running of the whole business - and it’s this extra care, hardwork and passion that keeps the work flowing in. “Ethically our business stands out from others. We always try to work to the best of our abilities and make sure we are honest and do the best we can.” The Elite Removalists Brisbane business model is a unique selling point, too. Boasting no sub-contractors, and only permanent employed staff with a high level of training, Paul knows that there’s no dodgy work, and every item is 100% cared for. The success of Elite Removalists Brisbane can be seen on with a rating of 4.9 stars and highly positive reviews. And there’s no shortage of satisfied customers. “Paul and his team rang me back and after a quick discussion I had a secure and reliable booking. They're friendly, professional, and hardworking,” said Anthony. Paul offers some advice for people seeking a removalist company to always ask questions and check for reviews on the business. “If you do good work and are good to your customers you will always have a successful business.” Elite Removalists Brisbane's website can be found here, and profile here. MHIAA brings style and innovation into the home with Avanti™ Air Conditioners 2017-08-16T04:31:14Z mhiaa-brings-style-and-innovation-into-the-home-with-avanti-air-conditioners Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia (MHIAA) launched the new Avanti™ range bringing an award winning Italian design to Australian and New Zealand consumers. Based on MHIAA’s world class air conditioning technology, the Avanti™ air conditioning range beautifully complements any household interior and was recently awarded the A’ Design Silver Design Award from Italy, a global indicator of quality and perfection in design. “Air conditioning units are moving away from that standard shape we have known. The Avanti™ range has been designed and developed for the modern home. It is the perfect accessory for all new homes and those wishing to bring elegance and luxury to their living spaces” says interior design expert and MHIAA ambassador, Tara Dennis. The Avanti™ range of air conditioners boast elegant smooth curves and rounded corners to suit any home. As one of the quietest models on the market, it is altogether less intrusive and the perfect addition to any home “Home owners are continually looking for ways to bring style and comfort to their homes. They want high end products that are built to last. With the Avanti™ range, MHIAA is once again pushing the boundaries to bring quality designed products to consumers, a feat now recognised internationally” -Tara Dennis. MHIAA continues to invest in extensive research and development and this has ensured that the Avanti™ range guarantees high values of energy efficiency and low consumptions. Using the R32 refrigerant, Avanti™ requires less energy to achieve the desired temperature and less refrigerant volume to operate. As a reverse cycle unit, the Avanti™ range provides heating and cooling and comes with both a dry and fan mode. The Avanti™ range will continue to provide powerful cooling even when the outside temperature is as high as 46 degrees. MHIAA’s 130 year history of engineering innovation is seen with the Avanti™ range using the same blade technology as jet engines. This enables a large volume of air to be blown with the minimum amount of energy generating an airflow that is uniform and quiet. “With warmer months just around the corner, now is the time for every home owner to take advantage of this technology,” says Tara Dennis. Further to this, the Avanti™ range utilises both the allergen clear and photocatalytic filter to neutralise and purify the air flow. Through these filters any bacteria, mould, pollen or lice that has built up in the unit is quickly eliminated and deodorised to provide consumers with a cleaner air flow. The Avanti™ range also features a silent night function with a dimmable light providing the perfect temperature and ambiance, night and day. This means that even as the evening approaches the unit can remain on for those warmer nights without a bright light in the corner of the room. Users have the option, through this feature, to dim the LED light or turn the light off without having to switch the air conditioner off. MHIAA understands what consumers want and this has influenced the features of the Avanti™ range.  By harnessing Wi-Fi technology, the Avanti™ range allows users to set up and program the air conditioner through their smartphone or tablet outside a normal daily schedule. This option allows consumers to set the desired temperature of the unit before returning home and allows them to check if the unit has been left running should they not be home. MHIAA is bringing consumers a holistic and stylish range that has been internationally recognised for its quality design. The Avanti™ air conditioners are available from August in leading retailers, and air conditioning dealers, and come with a five-year parts and labour warranty. The Avanti range model and capacity (kW): SRK20ZSA-W 2.0kW SRK25ZSA-W 2.5kW SRK35ZSA-W 3.5kW SRK50ZSA-W 5.0kW DXK06ZSA-W 2.0kW DXK09ZSA-W DXK12ZSA-W DXK18ZSA-W 2.5kW 3.5kW 5.0kW Prices start from $999. About Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia offers a complete range of premium air-conditioners to create perfect temperature conditions and air flow in every residential and commercial space. Innovation is central to the organisation and underpins every aspect of MHIAA’s appliances. Fostering Japan’s technological leadership and in combination with the organisation’s heritage in engineering, aviation and spacecraft leadership, the company continues to achieve unrivalled success in Australia and New Zealand. Led by world-class engineers, intricate detailing features in every phase of product design and development. For further information and to see the full range visit or call 1300 138 007. Is Sir Walter Buffalo Grass a good choice for lawns in Brisbane? 2017-08-15T03:01:37Z is-sir-walter-buffalo-grass-a-good-choice-for-lawns-in-brisbane Is Sir Walter Buffalo Grass a good choice for lawns in Brisbane? Well the answer is simple. It could quite possibly be the best lawn for Brisbane for many reasons. Sir Walter’s Beautiful Green Colour Firstly, it looks beautiful in that is has a deep lush green colour. The real beauty of this grass variety is that it can maintain this colour all year round. How? i hear you scream. Well, Sir Walter Buffalo Grass has a broad leaf compared to other grass types. Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is Very Shade and Drought Tolerant It’s broad leaf enables it to capture lots of sunlight in a shorter space of time. This means it grows strongly even when it only gets 2-3 hours of direct sunlight a day! This makes it one of the most shade tolerant grass types available. Due to its deep thick root structure Sir Walter is able to withstand the extreme heat that we often get here in Brisbane Summertime. Now that’s impressive and you can see why it is the best selling grass in Brisbane and Australia. A Great Grass for Kids and Pets to Play On It is a very hardy grass which means it can take some stick! And even if it does get damaged it can repair itself quickly. Great for the kids to play their soccer, footy or cricket on and also for the family pets to be running around! Australian Lawn Concepts is Based Between Brisbane and Gold Coast We are Queensland’s Premier Turf Farm based in Boyland with 15 years of turf growing and lawn laying. We are roughly half way between Brisbane and Gold Coast. This is great because we are able to cover the majority of South East Queensland! We are a certified licensed grower of Sir Walter Buffalo Grass with AusGAP and Turf Queensland accreditations. Call us today on 1800 767 644 or visit Why Change from a Perfectly Good Analogue Two Way Radio? 2017-08-14T13:44:09Z why-change-from-a-perfectly-good-analogue-two-way-radio Analog has been around for a long time, during which time innovation has reached its peak with this form of technology. When there was nothing left to add to analog, digital radio systems were invented in order to allow for the feature-rich options today’s advancing society demands. Digital two-way communications started revolutionizing the way mobile professionals communicate back around 2008. Digital radio offers many advantages over analog, including improved voice quality with greater coverage, better privacy, better battery life and more. That’s why it’s important to consider migrating to digital communications every time you review your two-way fleet – so when you’re ready to upgrade, you’ll choose a system with the greatest benefits for the long term. Here are a few of the “pros” in a bit more detail: Better Voice Quality – Because a digital radio has automatic error correction, it rebuilds voice sounds and maintains the clarity of the voice, even if a signal is badly corrupted. And since speech is digitally-encoded, you benefit from smarter capabilities, such as advanced software algorithms that can deliver clear voice in the most extreme conditions. Machine clatter, the crowd noise around you, or radio interference have little or no impact on your transmission, so your message gets through. Better Capacity – Digital technology has much greater spectrum efficiency so that it can, for example, accommodate two completely separate “channels” in one 12.5 kHz channel. As well as making more efficient use of radio spectrum, this also minimizes your licensing costs. With digital two-way radio communications, you can immediately double the capacity of your existing 12.5 kHz channel and enable many more people to communicate without worrying about privacy or interference. Better Coverage – Digital radios have built-in error correction to eliminate static and make sure voice calls are heard clearly over a greater range. That’s why at the far edge of coverage, even with similar signal strength, digital radio will be clear while analog voice will be garbled and masked by static. There’s no interference, background noise or distortion. Better Battery Life Shift-long battery life is a challenge for mobile devices. Digital technology is much more energy-efficient than analog, though, which means it reduces battery drain and improves talk time. A two-way radio battery will last up to 40% longer when you use a digital radio. While both analog and digital radios consume about the same power in standby mode, once you start transmitting, digital radios are much more efficient. This is critical for frequent and heavy users who depend on their radios to last the entire shift and can’t stop to replace batteries or recharge radios. Misconceptions about the migration include: Making the Switch is Costly. Not so. Systems like MotoTRBO is a cost-effective way to reduce your expenses, while providing more features to your employees, making them more effective. Additionally, digital radios double the capacity of your existing 12.5 kHz channel which minimizes license costs and increases the flexibility of your currently licensed spectrum. Two-Way radios are a Fading Technology. Not so. Digital technology  brings interoperability to two-way radios, with instant unified communications across locations, networks and devices including smartphones, landlines, and PCs. Combine that with better voice quality, capacity, coverage, and battery life, and you realize you’re not talking about a fading technology. Transitioning to Digital is Complex. Not so. Moving from analog to digital is easy. Once you decide to make the switch, you don’t have to rip and replace. Make the move in stages and use your analog and digital radios simultaneously. It’s your choice whether and when you move one person, a business unit, or your entire organization. For Australia wide sales goto ( With over 14 years of experience, with all the leading manufacturers, you’ll get the information you need to help make a great choice for your organization. Full Garbage & Waste Collection for Eastern Suburbs Region 2017-08-12T13:43:04Z full-garbage-amp-waste-collection-for-eastern-suburbs-region Mr Cheap Rubbish Removal now covers all suburbs within the Eastern Suburbs region of Sydney and expanding services to e-waste collection. Mr Cheap Rubbish Removal is a rubbish removal company that started in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, and slowly expanded into other regions of Sydney. Today Mr Cheap Rubbish Removal is focused on offering a faster services and picking up what the councils will not.  There are three popular council areas for free pickup in the Eastern Suburbs: Waverly, Woollaha and Randwick. All councils list a range of items they do and do not pickup. There is a common misconception within the general public that the council will, and must, pick up any overflow of garbage, which is not the case. It is your responsibility to dispose of items legally, or it may be considered dumping where you’re issued a fine. Mr Cheap Rubbish Removal has recognised there is an overflow of items to be removed, especially around suburbs with a fast turnover in population such as Bondi Beach, Coogee and Randwick. "We've studied the Eastern Suburbs and identified where services will be required. We're really looking forward to seeing the transformation Sydney's Eastern Suburbs is going through."  To find out more about Mr Cheap Rubbish Removal for the Eastern Suburbs region, please visit  fresh look at the differences between 2 stroke & 4 stroke outboards on boats 2017-08-07T00:29:48Z fresh-look-at-the-differences-between-2-stroke-amp-4-stroke-outboards-on-boats If you own a boat or have ever looked at buying one, the engine on it will have been described as either a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke.  In this post we’ll have a quick look at the mechanical differences for those that are interested or just skip down to the characteristics if that’s all you’re looking for. Mechanical differences of 2 stroke vs 4 stroke outboards There are 4 basic stages of how an engine makes power – Sucks air & fuel in Squeezes that mix until its nice and hot Ignites that hot mix Blows the gas out of the exhaust The above image is how a 4 stroke outboard works, it has a stroke (up or down movement) for each stage of the process. A 2 stroke outboard still has to have the 4 stages but combines them into just 2 strokes (As the name would suggest…) which are. Sucks the air in and Ignites the previous mix Squeezes the fuel mix to make it hot and blows the previous mix’s gas out. Characteristics of 2 stroke outboards Lightweight One of the reasons for their lighter weight is that the flywheel can be made lighter.  The flywheel is the part that effectively stores energy and delivers it much smoother instead of a big jolt followed by nothing.  4 stroke outboards have to have a heavier flywheel in order to balance out the fact that it only gets 1 kick every 4 strokes whereas the 2 stroke gets powered every 2 strokes instead. Imagine having to throw a ball 100m.  A 2 stroke can throw 2 x fairly easy 50m throws but a 4 stroke has to throw one MASSIVE 100m throw. This is why 2 strokes are used in handheld, portable things like chainsaws, lawn mowers and on smaller boats.  The 4 stroke also has a lot more extra parts & complexity that adds to the weight of it. Power/responsiveness Obviously a 2 stroke 60HP has the same power as a 4 stroke 60HP but it is how that power is delivered that changes.  As the 2 stroke is firing (Igniting the fuel mix) a lot more often, it becomes a lot more responsive and generally a bit more ‘zippy.’ Cheaper to buy The 4 stroke outboard is more complex with intake & exhaust valves, a heavier flywheel and a few other considerations.  This means that the 2 stroke engine is simpler to build & simple to build means cheaper to buy. Characteristics of 4 stroke outboards Fuel efficiency & emissions You can see in the images above of the 2 stroke engine that the fuel is being transferred into the chamber at the same time that the exhaust port is open.  This inevitably means that some fuel will be escaping before it gets burnt. Not only does this lead to wasting fuel but that’s also why 2 strokes tend to be smokier with the smell that everyone knows is a 2 stroke smell!  If you’re planning on taking kids or family out then this is definitely a biggy as if you’re downwind of the motor then you will almost be able to taste the fumes. The 4 stroke on the other hand is more complex and advanced in its technology to minimise any fuel loss, giving it a much more efficient burn rate despite the added weight.  So a trip to across to Straddie will use a lot less fuel with a 4 stroke than with a 2 stroke engine. Quieter & less vibrations As the 4 stroke is not firing as much as the 2 stroke, you don’t get that annoying high pitched noise that you hear on 2 stroke engines.  That noise that is familiar to anyone who has used a chainsaw or mower before. So you’ll find that 4 stroke engines are very quiet and also produce a lot less vibration when idling.  Customers often don’t even realise that the 4 stroke 150HP we’ve got on the back of our performance pontoon hire boat is running when it’s idling! No extra oil in the fuel 2 stroke engines need you to add a bit of oil in with the fuel at every fill up.  This is because the fuel & air mix surrounds the crankshaft and a few other moving parts which need lubrication.  May not seem like much hassle but it can only take 1 run without oil to destroy your engine if you’re unlucky. Conclusion 2 stroke engines still have a place, their lightweight, zippiness and budget friendly nature mean that they are great for small boats and portability so if you’re looking at an engine for a tender or car topper then grab a 2 stroke. But for most of the other things that we love boats for, tubing, trawling whilst fishing, getting away from the crowds, then 4 strokes are definitely going to be worth the extra investment.  This is why we run all of our performance hire boats on 4 stroke engines, their extra reliability can also give us peace of mind that our guys are safe out on the water, especially when they’re up fishing at jumpinpin or when there’s a couple of families relying on us to make their day awesome! Tsurumi Pumps Revolutionises the Mining Industry 2017-08-04T07:19:22Z tsurumi-pumps-revolutionises-the-mining-industry Perth, WA, 03 August 2017 - When submersible pumps are mentioned, Tsurumi is a name that often comes to mind. They are one of the leading manufacturers of pumps in the world and their submersible pumps are known as some of the best in the industry.Tsurumi Pumps and the Mining IndustryTsurumi pumps are often used in the mining industry for drainage operations. Drainage operations require submersible pumps with increasingly large heads. One of the more prevalent problems in the industry up to now has been a necessity for installing increasingly larger pumps as the head requirements increase.This has proven to be expensive and time-consuming. In addition, space is often at a premium in mining operations. Because of this, it is necessary to use pumps that are compact and don't require large amounts of space. Up until now, this has been problematic. However, tsurumi pumps have developed what they feel is a game-changing solution for the problem of producing heads that are high enough for the demand of the job: the Tsurumi Tandem Kit.The Tsurumi Tandem Kit Increases Head by Connecting Pumps in SeriesThe Tsurumi Tandem Kit allows users to connect two identical pumps in series. The principal is the same principle that is used in multistage pumps. Running two pumps in tandem can double the amount of head that can be produced by the pumps. When two pumps with a head capacity of 127m are connected in series, they can produce 254m of head. Tsurumi even offers a configuration whereby two pumps that are connected with some optional features can produce 400m of head.Tsurumi Pumps: the ResumeThe Tsurumi Manufacturing Company LTD was established in Osaka in 1924. Their reputation for manufacturing submersible pumps with high power, high head capacity, high quality and high durability has elevated them to the top of their industry. They produce a wide variety of submersible pumps, from simple residential pumps to giant pumps used for mining and construction drainage operations. Mike Hurlbatt is the owner of Pump Solutions Australasia, the Western Australia distributor of Tsurumi Pumps. According to Mr Hurlbatt:“We import the finest pumps from around the world because we know that our customers need high-quality and cannot afford downtime. We have found Tsurumi pumps to be among the best pumps in the world, especially in the category of submersible pumps. We are excited about the Tsurumi Tandem Kit because it allows mining operations to have double the head without using clunky, expensive replacements and trying to cram them into spaces that are too small.”Mr Hurlbatt concluded: “Tsurumi pumps were already one of the most popular Solutions for mining drainage operations. With the addition of the Tsurumi Tandem Kit, one of the best brands in the world has just become even better.” Pump Solutions Australasia imports high quality pumps from around the world into Australia. Tsurumi Pumps are the most trusted and prolific manufacturer of submersible pumps in the world. Pump Solutions Australasia are proud to be the Western Australia distributors of Tsurumi Pumps. To learn more or to enquire about any of their pumps, call 1300 793 418 or visit their website today: 4 Benefits of Selling Your Scrap Car to Cash for Cars in Adelaide 2017-08-04T01:43:12Z the-reasons-most-people-avoid-cash-for-car-services-in-adelaide If you have an old car or one which has become too expensive to keep on the road, there are 2 main things you can do with it. One, let it rot and collect dirt and dust in your driveway. Two, sell it for top dollars in Adelaide. Of the two, the latter seems like a better plan compared to the former and Ezy Car Wreckers has come with some sure benefits you will reap by selling your scrap Car for Cash in Adelaide: You will sell the car very fast When selling your scrap car for cash in Adelaide, you don’t have to worry about searching for buyers, conducting an appraisal or pleading with the dealerships to accept the car. This makes the process of selling the car to be hassle free and if you wanted everything done in the same day, you could have the car removed and be paid in cash in just a matter of hours. You can sell any type of scrap car in Adelaide It doesn’t matter whether the car has hit the road in decades or whether it got involved in an accident a few weeks ago. Irrespective of the type, make or the actual condition of the car, you are assured to sell it anyway at Ezy Car Wreckers. All cars are accepted and the company is always eager to give you top dollars commensurate to the actual value of your car. So don’t hesitate to make the call, thinking that your car will be rejected. You don’t have to worry about the paperwork If it is going to be your first time selling a car, you may be overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork required. If you were to sell your car using the traditional approaches, then you have to deal with the paperwork on your own. But when you sell to Ezy Car wreckers, you will get free paperwork done for you by our staff which means, you won’t have any challenges with the paperwork at all. Free Removal services throughout Adelaide Suppose your car is not in operable condition and you wanted to sell to scrap metal yards in Adelaide, it will be upon you to transport the car to the dealer’s yard. The cost will be upon you and this reduce the amount of dollars you can get from the sale. But with cash for scrap cars services in Adelaide, the removal is completely free, thus, ensuring that you get more money from the sale. Contact Cash for Cars at 0431 346 388 for reliable car removal services in Adelaide.  Forward-Thinking Companies are Outsourcing Pump Maintenance to Keep Up with New Technology 2017-08-01T01:22:19Z forward-thinking-companies-are-outsourcing-pump-maintenance-to-keep-up-with-new-technology Perth, WA, 31 July 2017 - Mining operations, wastewater treatment plants and other enterprises with large pumping systems usually have in-house maintenance personnel who maintain the pumps in addition to their other duties. Years ago, before technology began to advance on an exponential level, performing maintenance in house was seen as good business. For many older pumps, a good maintenance man or mechanic with a standard set of tools could keep them operational according to their company standards. However, in today's era of advanced technology, it takes specialised knowledge and specialised tools to properly maintain pumping systems.As with any technological advance, there is a trade-off. Modern machinery is more efficient and can run for longer with less down time than older equipment. However, the days of a mechanic with a set of wrenches being able to keep everything operating smoothly are in the rearview mirror for most companies.Maintenance has gone through three phases: reactive, preventative and predictive. In the beginning, most maintenance was reactive. When equipment broke down, the maintenance people would scramble to fix it. If they couldn't fix it themselves, they would call someone who could or they would replace the equipment.The next phase was preventative maintenance, where equipment was maintained on a regular basis until it broke down when it was then repaired or replaced. Today however, most maintenance is predictive maintenance. Not only is machinery maintained on a regular basis, it is also repaired or replaced before it breaks down. In addition, the maintenance is more specialised and can keep equipment running longer than it used to.The problem with predictive maintenance on modern pumping systems is that it can no longer be performed by the average maintenance crew in any given operation. Similar to Automotive Maintenance, pump system maintenance now requires an extremely specialised skill set and specialised tools. This is beyond the reach of most in-house maintenance crews.Mike Hurlbatt is the owner of Pump Solutions Australasia, an importer and maintenance provider for pumps and pumping systems in Australia. According to Mr Hurlbatt:“Modern technology has made it almost impossible for most operations to keep their pump maintenance in-house. The technology has changed so much that it now takes people who specialise in pumps, motors, seals, and valves to properly maintain and repair any modern pumping system. The knowledge is highly specialised and the tools are highly specialised. Many of the pumps have become computerised as well. This provides the utmost in efficiency and safety, but it tends to take an old school maintenance person out of the game.”Mr Hurlbatt concluded: “The pumping system breakdown can cost thousands or even millions of dollars in the wrong situation. It simply isn't worth the risk any more to handle pump maintenance in-house. Call pump specialists and let them take care of your pumping systems. It can save you a lot of money, effort and time.”Pump Solutions Australia is an importer of pumps in Australia. They offer a full menu of maintenance and repair services for pumps and pumping systems of all sizes. They pride themselves on providing solutions instead of just selling pumps. They were pioneers in the vacuum pump engineering field, creating the system that transports fish at the Geraldton Fish Market from the ships to the docks. To learn more, call 1300 793 418 or visit their website: iFly Global Now Flying High with Wings Privilege Cards 2017-07-26T08:23:22Z ifly-global-now-flying-high-with-wings-privilege-cards Manila, Philippines (July 25, 2017) – iFly Global – Aviation Careers Network and Flyhigh Manila have signed a cooperation deal to promote FlyHigh Manila’s Wings Privilege Cards across iFly Global’s vast network.   This deal will help bring a greater awareness and accessibility of Rewards Card Program to a wider audience and assist in attracting more members into the exclusive program for existing and past Airline Cabin Crew members.    iFly Global – Aviation Careers Network is a new member of the Shijie Aviation Group and is well known in the aviation industry for its online aviation jobs network and recruitment portal for Pilots, Cabin Crew, engineers, and other aviation industry positions as listed on its website   “We are very excited to work with Flyhigh Manila,” said Mr. Aaron McDonald, CEO, iFly Global – Aviation Careers Network. “Teaming up with Flyhigh Manila to offer the custom branded Wings Privilege Cards to our existing and past Cabin Crew members is an exciting development for our company.”   “iFly Global is a great partner and this partnership reflects our desire to collaborate with companies that share our vision of supporting those in the aviation industry”, said Mr. Raymond Oritz, CEO, Flyhigh Manila. Flyhigh Manila is known for providing lifestyle products and events solely for the airline cabin crew and has similar agreements with several other tourism industry and airline companies.     About iFly Global – Aviation Careers Network Founded in 2016, is the arguably one of the fastest growing Aviation Careers Network online. Its free job ad placement service for recruiters, and online CV portal is known for being dedicated to bringing airline employers together with new and suitable candidates looking for careers in the industry. The company’s mission is to continue to grow its online presence and become a truly one-stop-shop for airline recruiters and jobseekers to connect, and to help streamline the recruitment process to assist all involved. The website is currently being frequented by over 100,000 online visitors per month, and currently serves clients in an increasing number of countries. For more information about iFly Global – Aviation Careers Network visit its website at      About Flyhigh Manila Founded in 2013, Flyhigh Manila is a cabin crew lifestyle company and the largest Filipino cabin crew social network worldwide. Their products and services cater solely to the airline cabin crew market like “WINGS”, a special privilege card, entertainment like “FLITE”, an annual Halloween cabin crew costume party and “LAYOVER”, a monthly cabin crew night aimed to gather cabin crew members to unwind. They also have a social media blog called “ITSACREWLIFE.COM” wherein all contributors or writers are cabin crew members. For more information about Flyhigh Manila, visit its website at    For more information please contact:   Marketing Manager iFly Global – Aviation Careers Network Email:   Do you know what is the Best Thing to do With an Old Car 2017-07-18T04:36:46Z do-you-know-what-is-the-best-thing-to-do-with-an-old-car For most of the people out there, their cars are part of their lives and of their families. Many people do not change their cars for decades and not necessarily because they cannot afford a new one, but simply because they are very much attached to their old one. And even so, there is a time when an old car will become simply too old to be functional and a mechanical part breaks without the option of fixing at a reasonable price. What happens with the old car, then? Keeping it in the garage just for the sake of the good times gone is not an option (and even much less of an option if you want to buy a new car and accommodate it in your garage). Giving it away is not an option simply because nobody wants cars that cannot be used. As for selling it, there is almost no chance at all that someone will want to buy a very old car that needs serious replacements and repairs. Nevertheless, there is yet another option: Selling the old car to a company dealing with scrap cars. There are numerous advantages associated with using a scrap car company: ·         You will get to remove the car from your garage ·         You will get rid of the car within a very short amount of time ·         You will hardly have to invest work at all ·         You will receive a nice sum of money for your old car ·         You will be interacting with professionals ·         You will be helping the recycling process in your area The number of advantages is overwhelming and clearly, outweighs the downsides of the transaction. However, do make sure that you are truly ready to let go of the car that has served you well for so many years. Having to call off the pick up shortly before, is annoying and may cause you to miss out on a great deal. Buy Subaru Used Car Parts in Melbourne to Repair Your Car 2017-07-18T04:14:55Z buy-subaru-used-car-parts-in-melbourne-to-repair-your-car Getting your car fixed up can be relatively cheap if you undertake the task yourself. Don’t spend your money on brand new parts when there is quality used parts available. The team at Atlas Car Removals salvage parts and re-condition them to sell at affordable prices. Here’s how to determine where to buy Subaru parts to repair your car.   Try Your Dealership If you’ve got a Subaru you can get in contact with your dealership and they will be happy to assist. If they haven’t got the part they will order it in for you. When you buy through them they will provide a warranty if you experience any problems. Whilst this is somewhat convenient and guarantees you’ll have a part in excellent condition, it’s a really expensive option. You don’t have to compromise on quality when looking at used Subaru parts in Melbourne. Sparing yourself the extra expense of purchasing new is unnecessary when you can get a second hand part in great condition.  Head Online Internet shopping is very popular and is another option when looking at purchasing a particular car part. You can search for it and find thousands of sellers to ensure you get the cheapest price. Whilst you can save big bucks on parts using this way you can’t be 100% sure about what you have bought. There’s no guarantee the part will do what it should. It could be damaged or in poor condition. Saving money on second-hand Subaru parts is a good idea; however, this should be done by compromising on quality.  Find a Reputable Used Parts Dealer If you want a reasonably priced and quality part for your car without the headaches that can come with online shopping try your local second-hand parts dealer. An experienced used parts dealer will have a large inventory that has a large range of parts. Having a record of all of their parts makes it easy for you to chase particular used Subaru parts in Melbourne. Unlike internet shopping, you know you are getting a great product as their knowledgeable technicians recondition the part before selling. Ring around to find the part you are after and pick up the part on the same day.  Buying brand new parts is expensive and when you can get a used part that does the same job it makes sense to opt for second hand. The internet can assist with your search for second-hand parts but doesn’t assure you of the state it’s in. Phone or visit your local auto parts dealer to check if they have the part. If you are looking for Second Hand Parts for Cars Total Car Removals will be able to assist you. Browse us online at New Used Cars Parts Yard In Melbourne 2017-07-18T02:20:06Z aus-auto-parts-new-used-cars-parts-yard-in-melbourne 4 Easy Ways to Get Your Vehicle Looking and Feeling New  With dents and dings, and wear and tear, the attraction and performance of a used vehicle can begin to diminish.  While you might not be ready to upgrade to a new car, there is a way to bring back the polish, shine and performance of your vehicle.  Consider the following tips to bring your used vehicle back to the sharp image that gives it the lift it needs.  And, you the pride you once shared.  Recondition Your Headlights  When the headlights are dim, not only does the vehicle's appearance fade, safety is also jeopardised.  By simply reconditioning the headlights you can make your car look and feel years younger.  Headlights can be restored a number of ways.  Likely the quickest and easiest way for DIY auto owners to restore their vehicle is to purchase a DIY headlight restoration kit.  There are many on the market, and with a little effort and elbow grease, you will restore your headlights to a bright and brilliant renewal.  You can also replace the headlights, which is a little costlier.  Either way, reconditioning your headlights will add years to your vehicle and enhance your safety while driving.  Install Seat Covers  Car seats can take a great amount of abuse over the years, and if yours show the signs of wear and tear, replacing them will give the interior of the vehicle a new look.  When it comes to seat covers, you’ll have many choices, choosing the color, type of fabric and style that best suits your tastes and matches your vehicle.  Seat covers are something that is also easy to install.  Upgrade the Radio  There is nothing more enjoyable than listening to clear music while in your auto.  Upgrading the radio system in your vehicle is something that adds value and enjoyment, and not a high dollar upgrade. Swap out your system for a new one.  Used auto parts Victoria outlets are a great place to find a quality system at an affordable price.  Revamping Performance Having a vehicle that loses power is discouraging and can be dangerous at times.  Revamping your vehicle's performance by replacing old components with used car parts Victoria is a great way to improve its performance.  Recycled parts are affordable, and one that allows you to replace things that will enhance the performance of your vehicle.  Do a check up on your vehicle and consider if replacing components like the alternator, air flow sensor, fuel filter and other easy to replace components will make a difference in its performance.   With a few upgrades to your vehicle that aren’t necessarily costly, you can improve the look, feel and performance of your vehicle. Costly ways to replace components are with second-hand car parts Victoria.   For more information on a second hand Used Car buyers, contact the AUS Auto Parts, the experts in used auto parts Victoria.  Just give us a call at the number below. ACS Releases New 2017 Course Handbook 2017-07-18T01:49:11Z acs-releases-new-2017-course-handbook ACS Distance Education have recently released a new digital course handbook for 2017. Download the 2017 course handbook to learn about all the courses that ACS Distance Education has on offer. The handbook introduces our huge range of courses. With over 600 distance education courses covering such a wide array of topics, this handbook is an essential compendium for anyone interested in further studying on a personal or professional level. Some of the areas that ACS Distance Education courses include are gardening, horticulture, self-sufficiency, environmental studies, agriculture, psychology, health, leisure and fitness, hospitality animal care, science and business studies. Our distance courses are flexible to suit our students’ busy lifestyles, and our courses can be taken online, via correspondence or e-learning. Our courses are the result of continuous input from academic officers, students and industry over a period of more than 35 years. The input has come from formal channels (e.g. advisory committees, industry reports, student and employer surveys, etc), and informally, by alterations/improvements being made to course notes whenever an improvement is required. To download your free electronic copy of the course handbook, please visit our website: