The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-08-05T08:37:20Z 1,000 Victorian Families Need To Organise a Funeral During This Weeks Lockdown 2021-08-05T08:37:20Z 1-000-victorian-families-need-to-organise-a-funeral-during-this-weeks-lockdown For Immediate Release: Thursday 5th August 2021 As the Victorian lockdown is announced for a 6th time, one of the hardest hit groups are those with the already burdensome task of organising a funeral with the 10 guest restriction in place. Most people organising a funeral are doing so for their first time, so the added challenge of indefinite guest restrictions creates more stress during an already difficult situation. In an industry that's notoriously difficult to navigate, getting support on what to do if you’re currently stuck in this predicament is another unwanted obstacle. Some religious processes dictate that the person's body must be present at the funeral with the burial or cremation to follow the service. But if a person chooses to be cremated and they have no religious customs to follow, then there is no reason why this process must be the standard. They can consider holding an increasingly popular memorial style funeral, which is where the ceremony is held after the cremation. By separating the memorial service from the cremation, families are able to organise the event without the typical time pressure of a quick turnaround funeral. When lockdowns & guest restrictions are impacting the ability to host a fitting event, this process can be a major blessing. This means that families can perform a dignified cremation in the next few days, then hold a funeral event in the future with their loved ones' ashes present instead of a coffin. That might be next week, next month, or even next year if they wish.  This modern alternative is the model adopted by the recently launched Tomorrow Cremations & Memorials, which is challenging the idea of what it means to have a funeral - no funeral parlour, traditional chapel ceremony, hearse, expensive coffin or difficult to understand packages. The Tomorrow tagline is “simple cremations, remarkable memorials”, offering a dignified cremation with a celebrant-led memorial service in one fixed price package. They keep the funeral parts simple and focus on creating a personal memorial event that truly tells a story. In the midst of the current lockdown, having an alternate solution like this becomes ever more valuable. An added benefit of hosting the event later on is that it doesn’t have to follow the same traditions as typical funeral services, nor does it need to be hosted at a funeral parlour or chapel. Luke McInnes, CEO at Tomorrow, notes that “Services might be simple, or they might be sensational and there’s no reason a funeral needs to follow any set process. Beautiful memorial events can be held at peoples homes, places of significance like a beach, park or their favourite venues. They’re limited only by their imagination and our expert celebrants help to design and plan this process to create remarkable memorials.”.  Kate Morgan, Tomorrow’s Head of Memorials, has discussed memorial events with families recently that include a hot air balloon ride, a gathering at The Astor Theatre and a big family party at a beautiful event space by the beach. Kate says “I truly believe that taking time to create a fitting memorial event can be so beneficial for families going through grief.” To find out more, head to Instagram: Launch Aims To Help Retirees Avoid Losing Money When They Trade Forex 2021-08-05T06:30:23Z launch-aims-to-help-retirees-avoid-losing-money-when-they-trade-forex Immediate Release Perth, Australia – 5th August 2021- Forex4Retirees is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, which is specifically aimed at helping retirees to navigate the intricacies and dangers involved in foreign exchange (Forex) trading. In these uncertain times, an increasing number of retirees are searching for ways to make extra money in their retirement and are turning to potential income sources, such as Forex trading, to do so. Retirement may be great for high earning Baby Boomer retirees who have put together big investments to see them through their retirement.  But what about those retirees who have not had high earning careers or have not built up significant retirement nest eggs?  Those retirees can find themselves retiring without enough money to maintain their current lifestyle, or, worse still, ending up in retirement poverty.  Studies, such as that conducted by the Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis, reveal that a significant percentage of retiring Baby Boomers are destined to find themselves downwardly mobile as they grow older and retire. This is why more and more retirees are looking for ways to earn additional income to support themselves in their retirement. One way for retirees to do this is by learning how to trade the Forex market.  The huge Forex industry aggressively markets Forex trading as a great way for anybody to make money, often assuring traders that only limited capital and minimal effort is required to become wealthy.  As a result of this marketing, an increasing number of retirees are now being lured into trading Forex.  What many retirees do not understand is that the Forex market is not a centralized market, like the stock market.  The Forex market is what is known as an Over the Counter market (OTC). OTC markets are unregulated and prices are negotiated between traders for each individual transaction, which means the market is subject to manipulation.    Regulations, which retirees take as a matter of course in the stock market, simply do not exist in Forex trading, because it is an OTC market.   Forex is one of the largest markets in the world and not only is it a difficult market to trade but it, also, attracts many financial scammers and predators.  There is, therefore, a greater potential for financial abuse and scams in the Forex market than with most other markets.  This can result in serious financial risks for retirees who are thinking about trading Forex. Unfortunately, the desire or need to make extra money in retirement makes retirees vulnerable to scammers and fraudsters.  Studies show that older adults seem to be, particularly, susceptible to financial abuse and scams.  Even if they are not scammed, the reality is that up to 90% of all retiree traders are likely to lose most, if not all, of their hard earned investment capital within 6 months of starting trading Forex. “We created to guide retirees through the intricacies of trading Forex and to educate them about the Forex market, the risks and rewards of trading Forex and to teach retirees what it takes to become a successful Forex trader. We want to show retirees how to avoid losing their hard earned capital due to poor trading strategies or scams associated with the Forex market. Trading is not for everyone.  However, we do believe that retirees can, with the right training, discipline and mind set, learn how to successfully trade the Forex market in their retirement.  The caveat is that not everyone is cut out to be a trader.  Novice traders need to find out early in their trading career whether or not they have the temperament for trading before they lose substantial amounts of money to the market,” said Shane Henderson, Forex4Retirees’ founder. ENDS Detecting Cobalt Strike: Cybercrime Attacks 2021-08-05T06:08:56Z detecting-cobalt-strike-cybercrime-attacks-1 Many cybercriminals that operate malware use the ubiquitous Cobalt Strike tool to drop multiple payloads after profiling a compromised network. Cobalt Strike is a commercially available and popular command and control (C2) framework used by the security community as well as a wide range of threat actors. The robust use of Cobalt Strike lets threat actors perform intrusions with precision. Secureworks® Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU) researchers conducted a focused investigation into malicious use of Cobalt Strike to gain insights about when and how the tool has been used. This knowledge can help to secure organizations that may be targeted by threat actors with diverse motives. Understanding a threat actor's end goal is important. For example, the financially motivated GOLD LAGOON threat group leverages the Qakbot botnet to deploy Cobalt Strike. CTU™ researchers frequently observe GOLD LAGOON deploying Cobalt Strike to Qakbot-infected hosts that are identified as members of an Active Directory domain. The threat actors then use Cobalt Strike to move laterally throughout the network, establish persistence, and ultimately facilitate damaging post-intrusion ransomware attacks. GOLD LAGOON provides access to other threat groups that deploy various ransomware families in compromised environments. The value of early detection is highlighted by two similar incidents. In the first incident, Secureworks incident responders helped the victim recover from a REvil ransomware attack. The organization did not have an endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution that identified the preceding Qakbot and Cobalt Strike activity, which enabled the threat actors to achieve their objectives. In the second incident, Secureworks Taegis™ XDR countermeasures detected and alerted on the malicious Qakbot and Cobalt Strike activity in the environment, enabling network defenders to respond quickly to contain and mitigate the intrusion before ransomware was deployed. In this second incident, a user opened an Excel 4.0 macro worksheet attached to a phishing email. The attachment downloaded and installed Qakbot. Qakbot profiled the infected host, sent the profiled data to its C2 servers, and then downloaded and executed Cobalt Strike Beacon. The threat actor used Cobalt Strike Beacon's remote code execution capability to execute the ping utility. Ping identified additional accessible servers within the network. The threat actor deployed Cobalt Strike Beacon on those targets and then executed arbitrary commands on those systems via the Rundll32 execution utility. One of these commands attempted to discover domain administrator accounts. This process of deploying Cobalt Strike Beacon to additional servers from a compromised host lets network defenders detect the service established on the remote host, the admin share launching content, and the resulting command execution: By default, Cobalt Strike always leverages the Rundll32 utility for command execution. Cobalt Strike always launches Rundll32 as a service via the 'ADMIN share on the remote host. The binary that Cobalt Strike uses to launch Rundll32 via the 'ADMIN share always has a filename that is exactly seven alphanumeric characters. The threat actor also installed Cobalt Strike PowerShell stagers on servers accessed when moving laterally through the compromised network. These stagers allowed the Cobalt Strike Beacon payload to execute in memory. Cobalt Strike PowerShell stager's default execution pattern is always configured to launch as a service and is invoked from the command line with the parameters "/b /c start /b /min powershell -nop -w hidden". The stager executes and decodes a byte sequence in memory to launch Cobalt Strike via a reflected loaded library. Table 1 maps the observed GOLD LAGOON techniques to the MITRE ATT&CK® framework. Observed activity MITRE ATT&CK mapping Phishing campaigns Phishing: Spearphishing Attachment Remote code execution Command and Scripting Interpreter: Windows Command ShellSigned Binary Proxy Execution: Rundll32Command and Scripting Interpreter: PowerShell Network reconnaissance Remote System DiscoveryAccount Discovery: Domain Account Lateral movement Remote Services: SMB/Windows Admin Shares Defense evasion Process Injection: Proc MemoryDeobfuscate/Decode Files or Information Establishing persistence Create or Modify System Process: Windows Service Table 1. MITRE ATT&CK techniques used by GOLD LAGOON. The availability of unauthorized Cobalt Strike versions on the dark web means that threat actors can abuse it. Network defenders must attempt to answer the "friend or foe" question when they detect Cobalt Strike in their environment, as the tool can be used for both legitimate and malicious purposes. Taegis XDR, which is continually updated with intelligence gained through CTU research, helps organizations differentiate noise, legitimate use, and actionable alerts. Preview Taegis XDR to explore more coverage for MITRE ATT&CK techniques. Australian launch company, Gilmour Space, joins Remote Operations for Space and Earth consortium, AROSE 2021-08-05T06:04:18Z australian-launch-company-gilmour-space-joins-remote-operations-for-space-and-earth-consortium-arose PERTH, AUSTRALIA: The Australian Remote Operations for Space and Earth (AROSE) consortium welcomes Australian launch services company Gilmour Space Technologies as its latest member.  Since starting its rocket program in 2015, Gilmour Space has been on a mission to build and launch lower cost rockets and satellites to orbit.  The Queensland-based company is addressing a major bottleneck facing businesses that are developing, testing and deploying new Space technologies – Access to Space.  Today with over 85 employees, Gilmour Space is the largest sovereign manufacturer of orbital launch vehicles in Australia, and a world-leader in hybrid propulsion technologies which use safer and lower cost fuels than traditional chemical propulsion.   On the back of these milestone achievements, in June this year, Gilmour Space secured $61 million from global investors in what was the largest private equity investment raised by a Space company in Australia.     This investment will give Gilmour Space runway to launch their first orbital rocket, Eris, into Low Earth Orbit in 2022, build their space manufacturing capability for rockets and satellites, and facilitate the development of a new commercial spaceport at Abbott Point in north Queensland.  On joining AROSE, Gilmour Space CEO, Adam Gilmour, said:  “We are proud to be joining AROSE and expanding the ways we can contribute to the growth of Australia’s new Space industry.”  “We look forward to launching many of the exciting technologies being developed by our partners at AROSE. There’s no doubt that Remote Operations will be necessary for Space exploration, and the ability to communicate with and control systems over vast distances could also have some very interesting applications on Earth.”   AROSE CEO Leanne Cunnold welcomed Gilmour Space Technologies to AROSE saying:  “We are thrilled that Gilmour Space has joined AROSE, bringing crucial launch services to the consortium that round out our Space sector supply chain capabilities.”  “Companies will now have the option of an affordable, reliable and Australian service provider to launch their satellites, rockets and payloads into orbit and Space.”   ENDS.    About AROSE  AROSE is an industry-led consortium at the forefront of knowledge and technology transfer between Australia’s traditional industry sectors and the burgeoning international Space sector.  With a pioneering spirit, AROSE is unifying Australia’s world leading remote operations capabilities for applications locally, around the world and into Space.  AROSE is forging a path for Australia to play a major role in the Space sector and continue its leadership in Remote Operations by developing high-end, niche expertise and technology to deliver benefits for our economy, workforce and planet.   AROSE was founded in February 2020, borne from the vision of former Woodside Head of Intelligent and Autonomous Systems, Russell Potapinski and former astronaut Col. Pamela Melroy (now Deputy Administrator of NASA).  AROSE is headquartered in Perth thanks to the generous support of the Western Australian government through the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation.  Niccolo Chengdu achieves internationally recognised EarthCheck Gold Certification 2021-08-05T03:32:40Z niccolo-chengdu-achieves-internationally-recognised-earthcheck-gold-certification Chengdu, Sichuan. 5th August 2021: Niccolo Chengdu has enhanced its reputation as one of China’s foremost hospitality providers and a leader in environmental protection after being awarded Gold Certification by EarthCheck, a scientific and ecological benchmarking, certification and advisory group for the travel and tourism industry. To achieve Gold Certification, Niccolo Chengdu met EarthCheck’s rigorous environmental standards across ten key performance areas spanning greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency, conservation and management, land use planning, social and cultural engagement, and waste management. “Niccolo Chengdu has confirmed its position as a true worldwide leader in responsible tourism and a genuine source of inspiration to the international tourism community,” said Stewart Moore, CEO and Founder of EarthCheck. “We believe what’s good for the planet can also be good for business, and we are thrilled to celebrate this important milestone. I would like to congratulate the whole team at Niccolo Chengdu on their Gold achievement, which recognises five continuous years of independent accreditation. Wharf Hotels is a leading operator in the Asia Pacific and a valued member of a global group of tourism operators who dare to make a difference,” he said. “We’re excited Niccolo Chengdu has been recognised by EarthCheck as a top performer alongside other global sustainability leaders,” said Wharf Hotels’ President, Dr. Jennifer Cronin.  “EarthCheck’s scientific principles and technical expertise is an invaluable international benchmark we use in assessing the group’s long-term sustainability journey and duty of stewardship – a course that we remain committed to in the 14 cities in which we operate as part of our guiding ESG principles.” Adding his comments Michael Ganster, General Manager of Niccolo Chengdu said, “On behalf of my colleagues, we are honoured by this certification that acknowledges our many efforts and the choice we have made to live a sustainable life.  At the hotel and to date, we effectively manage our energy resources by using energy-efficient LED lights; organise energy saving trainings and regular system maintainance to reduce energy consumption.  In the guestrooms, we have replaced single-use plastic amenities with biodegradable amenities, changed paper shopping bags to canvas bags, and converted the in-room service directory into a digital version to practice sustainable development.” With this achievement, Niccolo Chengdu is now placed in an exclusive group of tourism leaders worldwide with innovative practices in environmental protection, social and economic development and cultural preservation. A leader in sustainability in the province of Sichuan, Niccolo Chengdu is a member of the Niccolo Hotels portfolio under Wharf Hotels, a Hong Kong SAR of China-based hotel company.  BRISBANE BATHROOM RENOVATIONS 2021-08-05T01:00:03Z brisbane-bathroom-renovations Hardly anyone has the time or willingness to bear with the pressures and difficulties that come with handling a complicated home remodelling. However, at OSARC, we think that it shouldn't be at the expense of making your dream new bathroom a reality. We realise how important your bathroom is to you, which is why we take great pleasure in the high standards we hold for all parts of our service, from choosing the highest quality items to constructing your bath with unmatched accuracy and compassion. Broken tiles, rusty windows, and defective plumbing are all indications that your bathroom requires restoration and maintenance. OSARC can supply you with expert bathroom fitters and installers in Brisbane for both major and minor bathroom renovations. OSARC can operate within the constraints of your budget, fixed to a bathroom remodelling cost, and complete a bathroom installation in the projected time for the task. This is a quick and inexpensive approach to handle this sort of home repair. And the professional construction workers will ensure that you are completely satisfied with the outcomes. For every bathroom remodelling and renovation, OSARC provides the best mix of quality and price. With years of expertise and the top bathroom fitters in Brisbane on our team, you can rely on us to do any work you require quickly and efficiently. Our professionally managed Brisbane bathroom remodelling service at OSARC guarantees that your bathroom journey is entirely stress-free. We take pleasure in the high quality of our service. From start to end, our trustworthy and skilled staff will handle all parts of your project, leaving you with a magnificent bathroom that you can cherish for decades to come.For More Details Checkout This Page on our Website or Call us at 1300 788 905About Us: OSARC are Queensland's trusted NDIS Service Providers and building specialists. We hold QBCC License # 15213211. We undertake home modifications for the disabled, renovations for residential and commercial properties, and undertake new build projects of all kinds. Fast-Growing Augmentt Opens Sales Office in Sydney, Aus., And Appoints Jamie Deveaux As Regional Sales Leader Of APAC. 2021-08-04T02:57:42Z fast-growing-augmentt-opens-sales-office-in-sydney-aus-and-appoints-jamie-deveaux-as-regional-sales-leader-of-apac The Canadian-based SaaS management leader Augmentt Technology® is meeting market demand and stepping up its international expansion by opening a sales office is Sydney, Australia and Jamie Deveaux as Director of Asia Pacific sales. The joint announcements will help solidify the company’s standing as an emerging global leader in multi-tenant SaaS management solutions for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Augmentt helps MSPs understand SaaS usage, enforce security policies, and reduce technician error with least privileged access. With core offerings Discover, Engage, and Backup that provide end-to-end SaaS management, Augmentt has seen incredible growth in recent months, doubling its customer and partner base. The Sydney office and new additions to the sales leadership team answer a clear need for global expansion.  “This strategic sales expansion is a direct result of market momentum and our commitment to having a local presence,” said Augmentt CEO Derik Belair. “Along with a physical office in Australia, we’re bringing in the best sales talent to grow the business.” The Sydney office will be headed up by seasoned Regional Leader Jamie Deveaux, as Augmentt makes a major strategic investment in the ANZ & APAC region. Deveaux noted that while Augmentt is already doing business in ANZ & APAC, the addition of a sales office will create an important local presence. “We’ve planted a flag here to ensure that as we work with a maturing MSP market to scale our business, we do that locally,” said Deveaux, who has been a mainstay in the MSP space in Australia since 2010. “It also ensures our partners have the best experience as we look to additional regions to dominate the SAAS management space globally.” The local presence means that Augmentt customers in ANZ / APAC will now benefit from 24/7 support, greater traction for buying groups, as well as local events and outreach. “MSPs can deal directly with customer service and sales right here in Australia, and can reach out for support around the clock. That level of local presence is a clear indication of the company’s commitment in developing the region.” said Deveaux. The Augmentt office in Sydney will be located at 100 Mount Street in North Sydney.  “Our goal is to give MSPs anywhere in the world complete visibility and total SaaS control of their customers’ solution ecosystems, from a single platform,” said Belair “We are the only channel-enabled SaaS management solution on the market today, and we’re innovating at a rapid clip to serve as a single source of truth for MSPs when it comes to delivering secure SaaS management.”  Augmentt’s international clients are beginning to see the clear value, including Bill Lunam, Chief Technology Officer at Kinetics Group, a successful IT and solutions provider based in New Zealand. “Historically, managing SaaS solutions at scale was a task too hard to execute without spending a tremendous amount of time and money,” said Lunam. “Augmentt is the only solution we found that allows us to identify and manage SaaS applications that are being used both in-office and on the road,” Lunam continued. “With more than 5,500 devices under our management, being able to quickly and easily deploy Augmentt across all devices anywhere in the world was a real kicker for us.” About Augmentt Founded in 2020, Augmentt’s mission is to provide managed service providers (MSPs) a smart solution to address the complexities driven by the unprecedented adoption of SaaS. Augmentt’s platform and solutions are designed to make SaaS management easy and profitable while delivering the framework for Augmentt partners to become world-class MSPs. For more information, visit   Press contact: 888-670-8444 An Aussie first: Swoop Aero is coming to the USA for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with their newly unveiled aircraft Kite™ 2021-08-03T02:24:39Z an-aussie-first-swoop-aero-is-coming-to-the-usa-for-federal-aviation-administration-faa-with-their-newly-unveiled-aircraft-kite Swoop Aero was founded to transform how the world moves by making access to the skies seamless. We provide the world’s leading technology platform for sustainable, reliable, and scalable drone logistics, which we’ve used extensively in DR Congo, Malawi, and Scotland during the pandemic to support the COVID response, including transporting COVID tests and COVID vaccines. We are launching our most advanced aircraft Kite ™, and we’re bringing it to the USA for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification, which will propel drone logistics into new heights, continuing to make access to the skies seamless. Kite ™ is Swoop Aero’s most advanced aircraft. But it is only one cog that makes the wheel turn in the advanced technology platform, which provides the full technology stack, including hardware, software, and supporting infrastructure. Real-time tracking, supply chain data, capture, and analytics are provided within an integrated technology platform. Bringing together the best learnings of unparalleled operational and real-world experience from Swoop Aero’s ‘Kookaburra’— the existing aircraft that has clocked up 10,000 flights and counting— the Kite™ is built to unlock the skies above cities. Emerging from an Australian start-up, we believe the Kite™ will be the most advanced aircraft of its type being progressed through the  FAA certification program. This means that the Kite is capable of true airspace integration bringing a step change to breadth and scope of RPAS operations, and positioning Swoop Aero as the Qantas of drone logistics. This is supported by reciprocal Type Certification activities in Europe and Asia-Pacific to ensure that Swoop Aero can mobilise operations anywhere, anytime. The Kite has been developed by Swoop Aero’s highly skilled and experienced team of Australian-based engineers to accommodate swift and sustainable manufacture and production requirements to scale effectively with the unique needs of impact-driven organisations across the world. The Kite can travel up to 200km per hour and can operate across geographical ranges of more than 180 kilometres on a single battery charge with an increased payload capacity of up to 5 kgs. The driving force behind the Kite is Swoop Aero’s technology platform, which provides the full technology stack including hardware, software, and supporting infrastructure to customers. Real-time tracking, supply chain data, capture, and analytics are provided within an integrated technology platform. Back at Swoop Aero’s Melbourne-based HQ, a Digital Twin drives insights into system reliability and performance to deliver world-leading airworthiness outcomes through the use of AI. Swoop Aero’s new aircraft is a powerhouse that brings together Swoop Aero’s lessons in over four years of operations across seven countries. With Swoop Aero’s operational capacity fully finessed for versatility, the Kite is designed with precision to suit the needs of communities in a range of markets, unlocking the skies for critical tasks such as: Delivering pharmaceuticals, blood for urgent transfusion, automatic external defibrillators (AED) or personal protective equipment (PPE) into emergencies, and assisting with disaster response; Minimising human interactions in the supply chain when isolation or social distancing is required; Providing fast, safe and efficient transport between hospitals, including protecting organs; Capturing aerial data for coastal, forestry, or terrain monitoring, as well as climate science and/or extreme weather management teams, and; Contributing to search and rescue operations, including in wilderness and coastline areas and during extreme weather events. “Our vision is for a world where seamless supply chains bring emotional and economic prosperity to all they serve. We have developed a sophisticated, agile, and robust technology platform that is the complete infrastructure needed for drone logistics at scale and proven it in the real world. That platform, alongside the Kite, will support delivering our company’s vision as we strive to provide a service to 100 million people in 2025.” said Swoop Aero’s Chief Executive Officer, Eric Peck. “The release and unveiling of the Kite is the sum of listening to our partners’ needs’ and learning from our extensive experience across six countries and three continents to develop a pioneering solution that makes access to the skies seamless to address critical gaps in access to essential healthcare, emergency response, and search and rescue”. The next generation of aircraft will spur the rapid expansion of the Swoop Aero air logistics platform globally, including across Swoop Aero’s existing network operations in Malawi, DR Congo, Mozambique, and Australia. It will enable Swoop Aero’s expansion into the American, European, and Asian markets. With the successful acquisition of FAA type certification for the Kite aircraft expected to occur through 2022, Kite will advance Swoop Aero’s plans to scale the production of Kite™ into new and emerging growth markets, including medical commodity delivery, search and rescue operations, emergency management activities, and mapping and monitoring activities. “The technology and long-term vision alignment we see in private capital are what has continued to drive us down this path,” says Eric. “We’re not focused on short-term returns. We are looking beyond the next 5 years, to how Swoop Aero will become a leader not only in the growing medical logistics market, which is already growing exponentially, and a one-stop air logistics company in a market set to exceed $90 billion by 2030. For further information on Swoop Aero, including how you can get involved in Swoop Aero operations, please reach out to Swoop Aero’s Marketing team Referoo partners with Vincere to integrate online reference checking 2021-08-03T00:06:55Z referoo-partners-with-vincere-to-integrate-online-reference-checking Referoo, Australia’s leading provider of online reference checks, has today announced its integration with Vincere, a leading provider of ATS/CRM solutions for recruiters.  The technology partnership enables Vincere clients to use Referoo’s award-winning online reference checking services to automate sending reference checks directly from Vincere’s ATS.  Referoo Co-Founder Neil Rose, said of the partnership, “The entire team at Referoo have long been fans of the Vincere platform. By integrating reference checking, Vincere clients can save both time and money while adding an additional layer of compliance to the recruitment process. We are excited about this partnership and the capabilities it brings to our clients across the globe.”Eloise Sutton-Kirby, Director of Growth at Vincere commented, "This is one integration that Vincere ANZ customers have been eagerly anticipating. Referoo’s award-winning reference checking solution integrated with our platform provides our clients with market-leading functionality." “Automating reference checking provides major benefits in saving time, cost, and improving compliance. Our clients can now run reference checks directly from Vincere, automating the entire process from one location. We love working with the team at Referoo: they're a great team, with great tech, which makes for a great partnership between our two businesses. We are excited at the prospect of working together to revolutionise the recruitment process.”  Vincere clients can trial Referoo for free for 21 days. For more information, visit the Referoo partner page. ENDS About ReferooReferoo is the leading Australian-owned complete online reference checking tool for recruiters and HR teams. Designed to make it easy for you to generate fast and secure reference checks, our suite of tools is customisable to any business, of any size. Trial it free at About VincereVincere is the Recruitment Operating System, a modern OS purpose-built for recruitment firms in ANZ. They provide a single streamlined tech platform to enable seamless operational continuity between the front, middle, and back-office of Exec Search/Perm/Contract/Temp businesses. Vincere have a team of 130 across 5 offices globally. ANZ-based customers are supported by our Sydney office with all data hosted locally in Australia. Vincere currently equip 20,000+ Recruiters worldwide. To learn more, visit Australian women’s activewear brand Emamaco promotes World Breastfeeding Week with donations to Australian Breastfeeding Association from each Maternity order made until August 8 2021 2021-08-03T00:00:53Z australian-women-s-activewear-brand-emamaco-promotes-world-breastfeeding-week-with-donations-to-australian-breastfeeding-association-from-each-maternity-order-made-until-august-8-2021 To help raise awareness of the objectives of World Breastfeeding Week 2021 the brand is running a promotion for 50% off their entire maternity range with use of the code ‘WBW2021’.   This year's World Breastfeeding Week theme is ‘Protect breastfeeding: a shared responsibility is about how breastfeeding contributes to the survival, health and wellbeing of all’.    The theme acknowledges that although support at the individual level is very important, breastfeeding must be considered a public health issue that requires investment at all levels.    The concept of ‘building back better’ after the COVID-19 pandemic will provide an opportunity to create a warm chain of support for breastfeeding that includes health systems, workplaces and communities at all levels of society.    For Emamaco’s founder Emma Sango, breastfeeding is a topic close to her heart as she is personally aware of the network of support needed around breastfeeding, especially for first time mothers.   “Breastfeeding was the hardest, most demanding and challenging thing I’ve ever had to do. It was help from other mothers who told me it would get easier as time goes on, and with the support of my husband, friends and family I was able to remind myself that was true,” Emma said.   For the Australian Breastfeeding Association, World Breastfeeding Week is a valuable opportunity to highlight how essential a village of support – especially fathers, partners and other carers – is to achieve breastfeeding success.   It is also a welcome opportunity to raise awareness among decision-makers, workplaces and the wider community that it is the responsibility of all to help increase breastfeeding rates and ensure more mothers have breastfeeding success. DASH Symons Systems Provides Premium Protection for Property and Data 2021-08-02T10:26:26Z dash-symons-systems-provides-premium-protection-for-property-and-data Maintaining security for homes and businesses to government-operated resources is essential in today’s world. DASH Symons Systems is a premier provider of services encompassing intercoms and CCTVs to data, access control and custom designed audio/video installations. The company provides security for an extensive range of needs that includes homes, businesses and commercial enterprises. The experts have experience in multiple types of systems ranging from gate automation and high-tech systems for protecting valuables at home or high-value assets at marinas. Professional installation, maintenance and repair services are available. CCTV camera systems Brisbane can include a single type of security measure or a custom combination, depending on the specific needs of the client. Alarm systems are an effective deterrent to intruders. DASH Symons System are experts in different types of self and automated monitoring systems, those controlled by apps, and pet-friendly options utilizing infrared sensors. Controlling access is an essential function for security systems whether it’s a physical property or digital assets. DASH Symons Systems installs cctv camera systems Gold Coast that can monitor multiple buildings and provide detailed histories. Access can be controlled via keypads and remotes, mobile phone or fingerprint, wristbands and fobs, and name plate recognition making keys obsolete. The systems can also be programmed to activate lighting, intercoms and other measures. CCTV camera systems Gold Coast are increasingly popular since individuals can monitor properties from any location and view footage over Wi-Fi, internet or on a local network with a wide variety of apps. CCTVs provide footage that can be used as evidence to enhance the potential of prosecution, support best behaviors by employees, and discourage antisocial actions. The cameras can tilt, pan and zoom as a tracking mechanism and provide night vision. DASH Symons Systems offer one of the widest ranges of alarm and security systems available, along with a staff of highly-trained and qualified technicians. Free no-obligation quotes are provided for client convenience and the professionals are always available to talk with individuals about their projects and specific requirements. About DASH Symons Systems Based on the Gold Coast since 2008, DASH Symons Systems is an Australian owned and operated business that specialises in a wide range of security systems, including CCTV and alarm systems, as well as intercoms, gate automation and access control systems to residential and business customers in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.   Media Contact DASH Symons Systems Phone: 1300 00 3274 Email: Unit 1/14-16 Kohl St. Upper Commera QLD 4209 Website: VetSupply to Celebrate Pet Dental Health Month with a Huge Sale 2021-08-02T09:16:32Z vetsupply-to-celebrate-pet-dental-health-month-with-a-huge-sale According to a high official at VetSupply, the sale will be live all-August-long with the main focus on spreading awareness about the importance of maintaining dental health in pets.Beginning on 1st August 2021, the Pet Dental Health Month Sale will be an incredible opportunity to start looking after your pet’s oral health seriously. The main aim of this sale is to reach out to maximum pet parents to raise awareness because a healthy mouth means a healthy pet! With the remarkable discounts on every product, especially on the dental care products, there will be an extra 5% off on each and every order placed. Moreover, it should also be noted that there will be no additional shipping costs, regardless of the size of your order. The perks of shopping throughout August don’t end here; there is one more reason to smile!  To make Dental Health Month even more remarkable, a free toothbrush for your pet will be given on all orders above the order value of $149. In this mega sale, discounts will be aplenty, as our regular customers already know that when it is celebration time at VetSupply, all you have to do is shop as much as possible and save in cash by the truckloads. This Dental Health Month Sale by VetSupply is to remind you that a healthy mouth can add years to your pet’s life. Don’t forget to take all the necessary steps to maintain your pet’s oral hygiene, starting today. And, make sure to reap the benefits of this sale as much as you can. See you all at the grand Dental Month Sale on!   Please Note: VetSupply’s Dental Month Sale is applicable for citizens and people residing in Australia only. About VetSupply VetSupply is a global leader in offering high-quality and branded pet care supplies for dogs, cats, horses, birds, small animal supplies and more. These quality supplies are sold at the most effective and reasonable rates so that pet parents can take really good care of their beloved pets without any compromises.  Melbourne Business Owners Ready for Recovery after Lockdown 2021-08-02T04:50:40Z melbourne-business-owners-ready-for-recovery-after-lockdown With the Delta strain entering Australia, states are scrambling to stay afloat. When there's a hard lockdown, it affects almost every single industry and sector of the market. Although there are a few stand-out performers, most businesses and states suffer under the restrictions. Melbourne has experienced strict and frequent lockdowns during COVID, which has seen limited sectors remaining open. A new economic analysis conducted by Deloitte Access found that the virus had impacted Victoria the hardest of all the states in Australia. After a total of five lockdowns, the Melbourne CBD had seen a reduction in city GDP of 53% ($39.8 billion) in 2020. In addition, the Deloitte report noted, "The city's high share of professional office-based workers has made Melbourne–CBD more susceptible to longer-lasting economic impacts of COVID-19 through a larger uplift in remote working". This loss of CBD activity then flows to retail and hospitality venues throughout the city and further depresses economic activity. Simon Ingleson, CEO of RosterElf, an Online Rostering Software provider, has seen the challenges businesses face under lockdowns. "We have a clear view into the internal workings and staffing numbers of businesses across Australia and the world. We've seen rapid changes to future rosters as lockdowns were announced with some businesses cutting back by 50% and others wiping weeks of staff rostering out altogether". When asked about the concerns businesses have during lockdowns, Simon explained, "It's uncertainty; they're rostering staff and planning stock purchases not knowing if tomorrow the situation will change." Government support and clear directives throughout this period have been critical in helping businesses survive. Clear directions and firm policy have given companies certainty and allowed business owners to forecast the coming conditions better. For example, Simon noted, "Lockdowns occurring in Western Australia and South Australia that were fast and hard had shown less devastation on clients using RosterElf. They went through the lockdowns with higher levels of staff retention and lower levels of business closures." Businesses in the hospitality and entertainment industries have seen decreases of 50% to 100% of their revenue, and staffing numbers through lockdowns. However, proactive enterprises have shifted to home delivery, take away, and online models to remain viable. Simon noted, "Businesses on RosterElf that adapted during lockdowns were able to bounce back faster, increase staffing numbers earlier, and regain market traction." Logistics companies, the medical industry, customers with substantial exposure to online retailing, and home improvement businesses have all performed well in a post COVID world. As a result, RosterElf has seen increases in staff numbers on Rosters across these sectors and has also seen significant increases in enquiries from companies looking to manage the rapid growth in staffing numbers. Despite the economic shocks, the City of Melbourne has been able to act swiftly to accelerate the city's recovery. The analysis found the Melbourne's CBD is forecast to return to being one of the nation's fastest-growing economies in the coming years. Before COVID-19, Melbourne's gross regional product (GRP) was $74 billion. After a drop to $32.9 billion in 2020, the Melbourne CBD is projected to grow 16.9% in 2021 and 32.9% in 2022, returning to a pre-COVID $74 billion in 2024. While the lockdowns have been hard, Businesses across Melbourne have weathered the storm. Backed by a responsive government and a desire to improve operations during the lockdowns, they are ready for rapid recovery. AROSE appoints Program Director, Michelle Keegan, as projects for Space and Earth consortium increase 2021-08-02T02:21:04Z arose-appoints-program-director-michelle-keegan-as-projects-for-space-and-earth-consortium-increase PERTH, AUSTRALIA: The Australian Remote Operations for Space and Earth consortium (AROSE) has appointed Michelle Keegan to the role of Program Director, as project delivery for the organisation is set to increase. Ms Keegan has over 20 years of mining industry experience, and joins AROSE from her previous position as Program Director Technology Development, and leader of the Next Generation Mine Innovation Program, at South 32. On joining AROSE, Ms Keegan said she looked forward to bringing her strong strategic and mining experience to the wide range of projects AROSE has in the pipeline. “It’s very exciting to be joining AROSE and have the opportunity to work across both Earth and Space-based projects - all from Perth,” she said. AROSE CEO, Leanne Cunnold welcomed Ms Keegan saying: “I am delighted to welcome Michelle to the AROSE team at this critical point in our growth, as we embark on programs ranging from Remote Operations and Space tech solutions for mining and health companies in Western Australia, to a pilot concept for a Lunar construction rover to support NASA’s missions to the Moon and Mars.” Ms Cunnold also thanked Goldrick Executive for their generous support in recruiting for this role, and the WA state government for their funding support in establishing the Perth Head Office of AROSE, through the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation. Ms Keegan is a collaborative leader, who regularly gives time in mentoring and providing opportunities to those early in their careers.  This includes predominantly at Women in Mining WA, Curtin University, and remaining involved with alumni and advisory group activities at the WA School of Mines (WASM).  She graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Mining (Hons) and a Master of Science (Mineral Economics) from Curtin University and is active in the WASM Alumni as Vice President on the Council.   She is also on the MRIWA College Panel and Industry Advisory Board for the Curtin School of Electrical Engineering, Computing and Mathematical Sciences. ENDS. About AROSE AROSE is an industry-led consortium at the forefront of knowledge and technology transfer between Australia’s traditional industry sectors and the burgeoning international Space sector.  With a pioneering spirit, AROSE is unifying Australia’s world leading remote operations capabilities for applications locally, around the world and into Space.  AROSE is forging a path for Australia to play a major role in the Space sector and continue its leadership in Remote Operations by developing high-end, niche expertise and technology to deliver benefits for our economy, workforce and planet. AROSE was founded in February 2020, borne from the vision of former Woodside Head of Intelligent and Autonomous Systems, Russell Potapinski and former astronaut Col. Pamela Melroy (now Deputy Administrator of NASA).  AROSE is headquartered in Perth thanks to the generous support of the Western Australian government through the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation. HCL TECHNOLOGIES WINS 2020 GOOGLE CLOUD SPECIALIZATION PARTNER OF THE YEAR FOR INFRASTRUCTURE AWARD 2021-08-02T01:58:06Z hcl-technologies-wins-2020-google-cloud-specialization-partner-of-the-year-for-infrastructure-award Noida, India, July 21, 2021 — HCL Technologies (HCL), a leading global technology company, today announced that it has received the 2020 Google Cloud “Specialization Partner of the Year” for Infrastructure award. This award honours partners with the Infrastructure Specialization who helped their customers succeed in 2020 by building strong customer infrastructure and workflows on Google Cloud. HCL was recognized for demonstrating success in assisting customers architect and build their Google Cloud infrastructure and workflows, and migrate to Google Cloud. With industry-aligned solutions and development of significant IPs and accelerators, HCL has enabled clients to architect the right cloud strategy, thereby helping them achieve business agility, innovation and cost efficiencies using next-generation technologies. HCL’s Google Cloud specific Cloud Native Labs in the United States (Dallas), the UK (London), and India (NCR) have helped customers by providing a landscape to innovate and engage in business-focused design workshops to rapidly create MVPs/pilots on Google Cloud. “Google Cloud Specializations recognize partner excellence and proven customer success in a particular product area or industry,” said Kevin Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President, Global Partner Ecosystem at Google Cloud. “Based on proven, repeatable customer success throughout a unique and challenging year, and strong technical capabilities, we’re delighted to recognize HCL Technologies as the Infrastructure Specialization Partner of the Year” We’re delighted and honored to receive this award! This one is for my entire team at the HCL Google Cloud Ecosystem which I am very proud of,” said Kalyan Kumar, Chief Technology Officer and Head Ecosystems, HCL Technologies. “The past year was certainly a challenging one in multiple ways and we’re fortunate to have worked with customers globally as partners to accelerate their digital transformation journey. The HCLCloudSmart Industry and Business down approach has enabled our customers to gain rapid benefits from HCL’s Google Cloud specific repeatable industry solution frameworks and cloud acceleration IP’s. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Google Cloud to help customers innovate and succeed at scale.” About HCL Technologies HCL Technologies (HCL) empowers global enterprises with technology for the next decade, today. HCL’s Mode 1- 2-3 strategy, based on its deep-domain industry expertise, customer-centricity and entrepreneurial culture of Ideapreneurship™, enables businesses to transform into next-gen enterprises. HCL offers its services and products through three business units: IT and Business Services (ITBS), Engineering and R&D Services (ERS) and Products & Platforms (P&P). ITBS enables global enterprises to transform their businesses through offerings in the areas of applications, infrastructure, digital process operations and next generational digital transformation solutions. ERS offers engineering services and solutions in all aspects of product development and platform engineering. P&P provides modernized software products to global clients for their technology and industry specific requirements. Through its cutting-edge co-innovation labs, global delivery capabilities and broad global network, HCL delivers holistic services in various industry verticals, categorized as Financial Services, Manufacturing, Technology & Services, Telecom & Media, Retail & CPG, Life Sciences & Healthcare and Public Services. As a leading global technology company, HCL takes pride in its diversity, social responsibility, sustainability and education initiatives. For the 12 months ended June 30, 2021 HCL had consolidated revenue of US$ 10.54 B. Its 176,499 Ideapreneurs operate out of 50 countries. For more information, visit Forward–looking Statement Certain statements in this release are forward-looking statements, which involve a number of risks, uncertainties, assumptions and other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in such forward-looking statements. All statements, other than statements of historical fact are statements that could be deemed forward-looking statements, including but not limited to the statements containing the words 'planned', 'expects', 'believes’,’ strategy', 'opportunity', 'anticipates', 'hopes' or other similar words. The risks and uncertainties relating to these statements include, but are not limited to, risks and uncertainties regarding impact of pending regulatory proceedings, fluctuations in earnings, our ability to manage growth, intense competition in IT services, business process outsourcing and consulting services including those factors which may affect our cost advantage, wage increases in India, customer acceptances of our services, products and fee structures, our ability to attract and retain highly skilled professionals, our ability to integrate acquired assets in a cost-effective and timely manner, time and cost overruns on fixed-price, fixed-timeframe contracts, client concentration, restrictions on immigration, our ability to manage our international operations, reduced demand for technology in our key focus areas, disruptions in telecommunication networks, our ability to successfully complete and integrate potential acquisitions, the success of our brand development efforts, liability for damages on our service contracts, the success of the companies /entities in which we have made strategic investments, withdrawal of governmental fiscal incentives, political instability, legal restrictions on raising capital or acquiring companies outside India, and unauthorized use of our intellectual property, other risks, uncertainties and general economic conditions affecting our industry. There can be no assurance that the forward-looking statements made herein will prove to be accurate, and issuance of such forward-looking statements should not be regarded as a representation by the Company, or any other person, that the objective and plans of the Company will be achieved. All forward-looking statements made herein are based on information presently available to the Management of the Company and the Company does not undertake to update any forward-looking statement that may be made from time to time by or on behalf of the Company. For further details, please contact: HCL Technologies Meenakshi Benjwal Elka Ghudial, Europe Devneeta Pahuja, India and APAC