The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-07-25T00:18:14Z Dell Boomi Announces the Launch of Australian-based Atom Cloud and MDM Cloud 2017-07-25T00:18:14Z dell-boomi-announces-the-launch-of-australian-based-atom-cloud-and-mdm-cloud Sydney, Australia – July 25, 2017 – Dell Boomi® (Boomi) has announced the availability of an Australian-based Boomi Atom Cloud and Boomi MDM Cloud, adding to the available deployment options for customers using Boomi to connect applications, manage data, and orchestrate critical business processes – between cloud platforms, software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, and on-premises systems. “Personalisation of the student, researcher and alumni experience is critical for Flinders University’s strategic success, and having a reliable and timely view of each constituent is essential to make that happen,” said Kelvin McCarthy, Acting Associate Director – Information and Digital Services, Flinders University. “We’re increasingly using consumer-styled cloud services to provide a contemporary user experience but the risk of creating siloed environments in a cloud-based world is greater than ever. By taking an MDM approach to data integration, we will be able to offer better functionality backed by a consistent view of the constituent.” The Boomi Integration Cloud platform underpins ‘The Connected Business’ where enterprises leverage key information and insights to be better, faster and smarter. It supports all of an organisation’s application integration processes. It features a powerful range of integration, data management and workflow automation capabilities that can be realised in a fraction of the time of legacy middleware technologies. The Boomi Atom is a light-weight runtime engine that handles all the connectivity between applications and data sources. The Australian-based Boomi Atom Cloud gives businesses the option of running processes closer to their data. Boomi MDM Cloud Now Available Boomi Master Data Management (MDM) is the solution to represent data consistently across an organisation, enabling data governance to synchronise, cleanse and enrich data across domains. It scales to accommodate growth as data volume, applications and business user demands continue to increase. With the Australian-based Boomi MDM Cloud, the “golden records” used to enforce data integrity across applications are stored in a local cloud repository. “In the 18 months since our launch into Asia Pacific and Japan, we’ve seen considerable demand for integration as organisations look to modernise their existing business environments, and invest in best-of-breed solutions better suited to modern hybrid application ecosystems or cloud transformation initiatives,” said Michael Evans, Managing Director APJ at Dell Boomi. “Master Data Management is a critical piece of that puzzle – it gives organisations a very powerful and yet simple way to ensure the quality and accuracy of its valuable data assets.” Chris McNabb, Chief Executive Officer at Dell Boomi, said, “The influx of data generated in the digital era has transformed MDM from a luxury to a necessity. The Boomi MDM Cloud ensures companies in the region can remove disparity and seamlessly collect, analyse and use business-critical data to make more informed strategic decisions. This allows them to beat the competition by better understanding customer and stakeholder demand and delivering to those expectations.” The reality of hybrid IT means that enterprises are now faced with numerous new challenges, and opportunities, to proactively manage data across their business – a critical factor to success in a fast-moving and increasingly-competitive global marketplace. While integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) offerings have traditionally focused only on the movement of data between applications, there is an increasing need for one that can help organisations create simple workflows as well as govern, enrich and control data in real time as it moves between complex networks of cloud, mobile and on-premises applications. The local launch of the Boomi MDM and Boomi Atom Clouds forms part of Boomi’s regional expansion plans, with the company currently extending its presence beyond A/NZ into South-East Asia through the 2018 financial year. This comes on the back of significant demand from medium-sized and large enterprises since it opened its Australian office in April 2016. About Dell Boomi Dell Boomi (Boomi), an independent business unit of Dell, accelerates business agility by integrating the information organizations need whenever and however they need it. The Boomi integration platform drastically transforms the way organizations connect, create, manage and govern all their applications and data. As a result, more than 6,000 organizations of all sizes use the Boomi platform to run smarter, faster, and better. Boomi also helps customers drastically reduce implementation times over traditional integration, API management, MDM and workflow automation solutions. Visit for more information. © 2017 Boomi Inc. Dell and Dell Boomi are trademarks of Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. Dell disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. Siemens Launches Digitalize 2017 to Advance Australia’s Digital Future 2017-07-18T22:00:09Z siemens-launches-digitalize-2017-to-advance-australia-s-digital-future To be held on 30 August in Sydney, the full day conference will showcase the real-world applications of digitalization in energy, infrastructure, industry and the workforce Keynote address by technology thought-leader Steve Vamos, former Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Australia and Managing Director of Apple Computer Asia Pacific, will explore the behaviours that contribute to a high performing board in an era of constant change. Forum will feature a number of prominent guest speakers including Kumar Parakala, Global Digital Leader, GHD, Stefan Bungart, Head of Digitalization, Siemens Power Generation Services, and others. Siemens today announced that its annual digitalization conference, ‘Digitalize 2017’, will be held at the Sheraton on the Park, Sydney on Wednesday, 30 August 2017. The conference will discuss and debate how digitalization is revolutionising the workforce, industry and the energy and infrastructure sectors. The theme of the conference comes at a critical time, following reports by the Digitisation Index for Australia concluding that despite significant strides made with technology, Australia lacks the digital maturity to compete in an increasingly connected and globalised economy. It also points to a growing gap in the economy between digitally mature firms and less digitally mature firms, with the latter running the risk of being left behind. Providing the keynote address at this year’s forum is renowned technology thought-leader Steve Vamos, former Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Australia and Managing Director of Apple Computer Asia Pacific. Mr Vamos, currently in the process of writing his first book, has twice been listed by the Australian Financial Review as one of the most influential members of the Australian technology industry. At Digitalize 2017, Mr Vamos will explore the behaviours that contribute to a high performing board in an era of constant change. Mr Vamos is an advocate for Conscious Capitalism and was the founder and President of the Society for Knowledge Economics (SKE), a not for profit think-tank that aimed to encourage and promote new and better leadership and management practices. Mr Vamos will be joined by a number of high-profile speakers including: Kumar Parakala, Global Digital Leader, GHD, the recipient of SEARCC & ACS Digital Disruptors' International Professional of the Year 2016 Award and the Queensland Government Leadership Excellence Award. Mr Parakala will discuss how the efficient use of skills relating to location intelligence, virtual reality, visualisation, and data analytics can optimise processes, resolve challenges, predict future scenarios and make the right business decisions. Stefan Bungart, Head of Digitalization, Siemens Power Generation Services, a passionate entrepreneur and thought leader creating a vision and strategy for the future of digital services, influencing effectively across organisations to drive strategy execution and adoption. Jeff Connolly, Chief Executive Officer, Siemens Australia and New Zealand, the first Australian to hold this position since 1984. Mr Connolly is a member of 11 boards including serving as Chairman of the Prime Minister’s Industry 4.0 Task Force. In addition, he is the Vice President of Australian Industry Group and the founding member of the Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council and member of the Victorian Government Future Industries Ministerial Advisory Council. Speaking about the forum, Mr Connolly said: “Digitalization is the key to success in ‘future-proofing’ Australia’s investments in critical infrastructures and getting the most out of the country’s resources. As the world enters into a fourth industrial revolution driven largely by the merging of automation and digitalization, organisations face a growing challenge of turning data into valuable information that can increase speed and impact of innovation. As a result, Siemens is creating a bridge between real and virtual worlds that will open doors to new opportunities, new ways to compete and for Australia to use its renowned ingenuity. “With operations in 190 countries, Siemens is ideally placed to share knowledge and insights on how companies and industries can realise the full potential of embracing digital technologies to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, increase flexibility and productivity – ultimately becoming more competitive. Digitalize 2017 is a timely reflection of how Australian companies can embrace ingenuity and intelligent technology to expand their local footprint.” This year’s conference, Digitalize 2017 – the second such event Siemens has held in Sydney, Australia – will include discussions across four key themes: Workforce Attracting talent in the digital age The workforce of the future Disruption of education, and implications for the workforce Infrastructure Smart resilient cities Planning and financing for infrastructure investments Intelligent transport systems Energy Australia’s energy transformation Digital services Distributed energy systems Industry The Digital Enterprise Jumping the innovation “Valley of Death” Driving innovation in Food & Beverage ​ For registration and more details see Event details: Date: Wednesday 30 August 2017 Time: 8:30am – 5:00pm, followed by networking drinks Location: Sheraton on the Park, Sydney Registration fees: Early Bird Registration - $150.00 (*Please note that the early bird registration expires on 31st July at midnight) Standard Registration - $250.00 ​ You can also join the discussion on Twitter using #digitalize2017. * Further sessions will be confirmed later. Media contact for journalists Ms. Krupa Uthappa p: +61 3 9721 7681 Siemens AG (Berlin and Munich) is a global technology powerhouse that has stood for engineering excellence, innovation, quality, reliability and internationality for more than 165 years. The company is active in more than 200 countries, focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization. One of the world's largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies, Siemens is a leading supplier of efficient power generation and power transmission solutions and a pioneer in infrastructure solutions as well as automation, drive and software solutions for industry. The company is also a leading provider of medical imaging equipment – such as computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging systems – and a leader in laboratory diagnostics as well as clinical IT. In fiscal 2016, which ended on September 30, 2016, Siemens generated revenue of €79.6 billion and net income of €5.6 billion. At the end of September 2016, the company had around 351,000 employees worldwide. Further information is available on the Internet at A Client’s Story: Our Family Tore Apart When My Dad Passed Away 2017-07-17T01:17:53Z a-client-s-story-our-family-tore-apart-when-my-dad-passed-away It was the year 2014 when our dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It struck us all as a shock. Our dad had been healthy most of his life. He was active even in his later years and never catered any unhealthy habits. Just before he was diagnosed with brain tumor, he started experiencing chronic headaches along with mild short term memory loss. It was a painful sight for all of us and my mother was affected the most. They told us that Dad had around 4 months to live. His doctors also warned us about how his health will be deteriorating day by day. These last 4 months that we had left with Dad, we were going to make the most of it. When our dad was healthy, he was the head of the household. He handled all financial and family matters, mostly by himself, and our mother liked it that way. He always made sure that everything was fairly being divided between me and my other two brothers. In his last few months, we had no time to talk about any of it. Instead, we made sure he was cared for. We talked to him about the good times we had spent together. Recalled memories of our family being together which always brought a smile to his face. But with his health going down, we never got the time to discuss his wishes about what he wanted to do with things to his name that will be left after he’d leave us. Just with a month left, the lawyer sent me a copy of dad’s Will. It was a poorly drafted will which named only my mother and me as his beneficiaries. My siblings did not like the idea of that, but I told them I would talk to dad about it. The next time I visited dad, I tried bringing it up but his health didn’t allow me to bring up such stuff and frankly he wasn’t in a state to address to the matter. It made me feel very guilty that I never thought about asking Dad about his wishes with what he want to do with what he will leave behind. He was a family man and would have appreciated discussing it, but by now it was too late. After dad passed away, his old Will caused a major argument in the family. My siblings were not okay with the fact that nothing was given to them, as our dad would have done if he was healthy. While my mother later distributed everything fairly, because it wasn’t given to them by Dad’s Will, they always assumed she was hiding some assets from them. It tore our family apart and we are barely in contact with each other anymore. It was sad to see what happened to our family. Having such a traumatic experience with this, I decided to create my own Will even though I’m only 34. Who knows when it’s your time to go… If you care about your parent’s wishes (or your own), I suggest you try to talk to them about this matter and get it over with while they are healthy. Talk to your family today and get their final wishes in order. If you need assistance in drafting a Will, there are expert family lawyers that can help you.   Please Call Platinum Lawyers on (02) 8084 2764 or visit for more info for legal matters V Pennisi & Associates Improves Access to Justice 2017-07-07T03:27:19Z v-pennisi-amp-associates-improves-access-to-justice V Pennisi & Associates, one of the most trusted legal service providers in Brisbane today announced the launch of the V Pennisi & Associates free consultation,  an exciting new service aimed at improving access to justice in North Brisbane. The law firm practicing in most requested areas of law has agreed to provide free legal consultation services – giving clients the services they want, when they want them, at a price they can afford.Lawyers are normally hired to handle a case from start to finish, which can quickly become unaffordable. The high cost of lawyers’ consultation is a factor in most people’s decisions to go to court on their own, and that even middle-income citizens are often unable to consult a lawyer on their legal problems.Vincent Pennisi, the founder of V Pennisi & Associates said “At V Pennisi & Associates we understand it is important to engage a suitable legal professional in solving your unique legal problem. Often this takes a considerable amount of time and cost. Therefore, we provide a FREE lawyer consultation in Brisbane on all matters, including Family Law, Criminal Law, Estates and Administration, Business and Commercial as well as all Litigation matters.”With the free legal consultation, people will be able to navigate complicated court system, increase the chances that justice will be done and improve people’s capacity to respond to legal problemsAbout V Pennisi & AssociatesV Pennisi & Associates is an experienced and skilled provider of high-quality legal services in Brisbane with Head office at Chermside, North Brisbane. V Pennisi & Associates has more than 40 years of practical experience within the legal profession. The law firm offers help with all manner of legal issues in relation to all matters in wills and estates, child support lawyer North Brisbane, criminal defence lawyer Brisbane, property and commercial law. ###For more information, please contact:1/818 Gympie Road,Chermside QLD 4032Call Us: 07 3350 2655Email: Media Alert: 21st Annual GRC Conference 2017 2017-07-06T05:10:31Z media-alert-21st-annual-grc-conference-2017 Media Alert: 21st Annual GRC Conference 2017 MELBOURNE, Australia — 6 July 2017 — The 21st Annual GRC Conference 2017 will be held from 12 October to 13 October 2017 at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne. The Conference brings together governance, risk and compliance professionals, as well as suppliers, in an environment dedicated to the networking and sharing of ideas under one roof. The theme of this year’s two-day Conference is audacity. This is taken from the Winston Churchill quote “The first quality that is needed is audacity”.   “With increasingly sophisticated demands on regulations and emerging technologies, boards are confused about who their best-trusted advisers are, and where they can get trusted information so they can do their jobs properly,” says Naomi Burley, Managing Director of the GRC Institute. “We feel that our members—risk and compliance professionals—are not recognised for their organisational knowledge or depth of understanding. “However, we feel now it is time for them to be audacious and insist on recognition for their valued contribution and to stake their claim as trusted advisors. That is what this Conference is about—equipping and inspiring them to do so. Our members are those people to whom organisations need listen to tackle the big issues and advancing risks more effectively.” Day one of the two-day Conference will focus on external perspectives and industry updates; day two will look at developing those interpersonal skills necessary to help attendees stake their claim. This Conference will also be an opportunity for GRC professionals to receive industry updates, hear from regulators, measure different perspectives in the GRC space, assess the impact of emerging technologies—such as Fintech and RegTech—network with like-minded professionals, and be inspired to take their place at the leadership table.    Confirmed speakers for the 21st Annual GRC 2017 Conference so far include:   Regulators ·         Delia Rickard, Deputy Chair, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and (ACCC) ·         Peter Kell, Deputy Chair, Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) ·         Andrew Mills, Second Commissioner, Australian Tax Office (ATO)   Keynote Speakers and Workshop Facilitators ·         Holly Ransom, CEO, Emergent ·         Sally Freeman, National Partner In Charge , KPMG ·         Dr Alicia Fortinberry, Principal and Co-Founder, Fortinberry Murray ·         Peter Kenny, Adviser & Regulatory Compliance Manager, AMP NZ ·         Alison Telfer, General Counsel & Head of Compliance, BlackRock ·         Susan Cretan, Director, Integrity, Governance & Risk, Flinders University ·         Carolyn Hanson, Head of FCC & Specialist Advisory Services, Wealth Management, CBA ·         Deborah Latimer, Director, Sector Seven ·         Paul Fitton, Senior Security Consultant, Aurecon ·         Paul Hodge, Guest Lecturer and Corporate Adviser on Data Visualisation   For more information on the 21st Annual GRC2017 Conference, visit the registration page. Information on the Gala Dinner, graduation ceremony and annual awards to follow.   About the GRC Institute The GRC Institute (GRCI)—formerly known as ACI—is the pre-eminent member association, servicing compliance and risk management professionals since 1996. We aim to unify and strengthen the GRC profession to provide a community in which individuals can come together to share knowledge, challenges and ideas on solutions to mould their vision for the future. For more information, visit:   Proudly supported by our Principal Members: Westpac, NAB, ANZ, AMP, Commonwealth Bank, AIA, KPMG, and Thomson Reuters.   ### For more information, please contact: The GRC Institute Naomi Burley +61 2 9290 1788 Kwame Slusher +61 2 9290 1788 Kelsey Clark  +61 2 9290 1788 Dell Boomi’s Latest Release Builds on Cloud Integration Platform to Drive Digitally Connected Experiences with Customers, Partners and Suppliers 2017-06-21T04:31:56Z dell-boomi-s-latest-release-builds-on-cloud-integration-platform-to-drive-digitally-connected-experiences-with-customers-partners-and-suppliers ROUND ROCK, Texas, June 20, 2017 – Dell Boomi™ (Boomi) announced the availability of the Spring 2017 release of the industry’s most robust and comprehensive cloud-native, enterprise integration platform to move, manage, govern and orchestrate data across hybrid IT architectures. The latest release enables Boomi customers to more efficiently connect everything and enable everywhere, with new, no code application integration accelerators, new features to fortify DevOps at enterprise scale, and improve data governance and security. “Today’s enterprise organization needs to create digitally connected experiences with customers, partners, and suppliers in order to stay ahead of the competition and remain relevant,” said Chris McNabb, CEO of Boomi. “Integration teams are under ever increasing pressure to make this happen at an accelerated pace. With this release, our platform provides organizations with the industry’s most comprehensive and robust integration foundation for rapidly building a digital business that’s smarter, better and faster.” Boomi’s Spring 2017 release includes more than 150 features that have been added to the market-leading Boomi integration platform as a service (iPaaS) over several months and are now generally available. Highlights include the following. Low and No Code Integration Accelerators Boomi accelerates implementations by providing a drag-and-drop data integration and application development environment, pre-built tools and reusable components, including: Workflow Automation - In March 2017, Boomi acquired ManyWho, a low-code development platform for building and deploying workflow applications, making Boomi the most comprehensive cloud-native integration and application development platform to accelerate digital transformation. The latest release allows an application developer to easily invoke a Boomi integration process within a workflow. No Code, Pre-built Integration Templates - Boomi offers citizen integrator support with 12 additional processes for the Boomi Process Library. The Boomi Process Library provides proven examples created by Boomi experts that any Boomi user can choose as a starting point to build their integration. Support for PaaS Integration - Boomi easily integrates with leading PaaS vendors and provides comprehensive support for PaaS solution integration. This release offers new connectors for Azure, AWS and Google. B2B Trading Partner Common Components - Three new types of EDI components provide increased reusability of common data among Trading Partners. Re-using common components increases flexibility, reduces duplication and simplifies updates. This saves time and development effort, especially for organizations with varied businesses, organizations growing through acquisition, as well as conglomerates and organizations with semi-autonomous business units. Fortified DevOps Features DevOps teams are looking for the ability to simplify and automate the delivery and deployment of applications and integrations, allowing organizations to focus more of their resources on innovation. Boomi’s fortified DevOps features provide new, robust enterprise capabilities, while reducing the complexity associated with IT operations, including: Docker Container Deployment - Easily create pre-configured containers. Docker containers simplify and provide flexibility to spin up and down instances of Boomi with pre-defined configurations to increase developer productivity and speed up application integration. Programmatic Onboarding for Trading Partners - Simplifies and speeds up onboarding, dramatically reducing the time required from weeks and days to hours and making the setup error-free. Data Stewardship Independence - Four new platform Quarantine API endpoints enable resolution actions outside of Boomi Master Data Management (MDM). This means data stewards can work in other applications, including cloud applications like Slack, to streamline governance tasks and approvals. Dynamic Integration Processes - With Boomi’s Process Route Shape feature, users can break down multi-step processes into smaller, independent functional groups and dynamically execute sub-processes. This independence between the main process, sub-process, and routing rules enables reusability of repeated logic and actions, and facilitates seamlessly updating and testing integrations. Data Governance and Security Organizations need technologies that provide ease of use to accelerate digital initiatives, while offering appropriate controls for the business units they support. Customers need to enforce the right data governance and security models that ensure compliance with business policies, contracts and regulations. Boomi’s latest release includes: Automated Data Governance - Data source rankings ensure that each Boomi MDM golden record is from the most trusted source system and propagated across all systems. Data stewards can easily enforce governance policies with automatic updates to all golden records when the data model and associated business rules are changed. Identity Management - With Boomi API Management developers can now leverage third party Authentication Sources to support OAuth 2.0 and SAML authentication use cases. API Policy Management - With an unlimited number of API calls, an organization can be vulnerable to Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and potentially overwhelm or tax the infrastructure. Boomi API Management allows for the configuration of policies to define a Contract. These Contracts can be coupled with entitlement tiers (i.e. Gold, Silver, or Bronze) as a mechanism for API providers to define expected service levels across their customer base. Additionally, with Quota, Rate Limit and Throttling functionality, the API Provider can limit the number of API calls for a specific time period. To learn more about the Boomi Spring release or see a demonstration, please visit: About Dell Boomi Dell Boomi (Boomi), an independent business unit of Dell, accelerates business agility by integrating the information organizations need whenever and however they need it. The Boomi integration platform dramatically transforms the way organizations connect, create, manage and govern all their applications and data. As a result, more than 5,800 organizations of all sizes use the Boomi platform to run smarter, faster, and better. Boomi also helps customers drastically reduce implementation times over traditional integration, MDM, API management and workflow automation solutions. Visit for more information. © 2017 Boomi Inc. Dell, Dell Boomi, ManyWho, and Boomi iPaaS are trademarks of Dell Inc. Dell disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. # # # Data Governance Australia launches Code to promote culture of best practice and drive innovative use of data 2017-06-20T23:29:04Z data-governance-australia-launches-code-to-promote-culture-of-best-practice-and-drive-innovative-use-of-data SYDNEY, 21 May, 2017 – Data Governance Australia (DGA) has today announced the launch of a draft Code of Practice (the Code) as part of its ongoing effort to set leading industry standards and benchmarks for the responsible collection, use, management and disclosure of data. The Code aims to promote a culture of best practice as well as to drive innovation by increasing consumer confidence and trust in the data-practices of organisations. The draft Code will be released for public consultation on 21 June until 21 July 2017. During this period, DGA will take feedback and submissions on the Code from interested stakeholders, including government, business and consumer groups. All submissions and feedback can be sent to or alternatively through the DGA website at The launch of the Code is timely, as keeping pace with the data economy is a global challenge that’s affecting every industry. The Code presents Australia with an opportunity to lead the charge in self-regulation and assert itself as a forward-thinking country for the rest of the world to follow suit. “Data is one of the most valuable assets in our digital economy and there are currently many untapped opportunities for innovation using data,” said Jodie Sangster, CEO of DGA. “The ways in which organisations collect, use, manage and disclose data will continue to change rapidly with technological advancements.The Code is an initiative to increase consumer trust and drive transparency in data-handling practices. Organisations that meet the standards outlined in the Code will be able to demonstrate that consumer trust is front and centre of their business.” “Self-regulation is the right approach in the era of rapid transformation,” she continued. “Introducing laws and regulations run the risk of stifling innovation and creating a regime that is not flexible enough to respond to the rate of change.” Chair of DGA Board, Graeme Samuel added, “Data is held in staggering volumes across multiple platforms and consumers are demanding transparency, proving that the time is right for Data Governance Australia to introduce its Code of Practice. This body exists to assist businesses to thrive through innovation and to promote greater productivity while enhancing consumer trust and greater regulatory compliance. Ensuring that businesses gain the trust of consumers is vital, as is the empowerement of the business user through the collective establishment and enforcement of responsible data-practices.” About The DGA Code of Practice The Code will contain ten core principles and extends beyond the Privacy Act in several respects by setting highter standards and most importanty does not only apply to ‘personal information’ (as defined by the Privacy Act), but may also apply to ‘data’ about consumers more broadly. These core principles are: No-harm rule Honesty & Transparency Fairness Choice Accuracy and Access Accountability Stewardship Security Enforcement DGA is also consulting with relevant government bodies and industry stakeholders about data portability issues. Some other important aspects of the Code are as follows: ‘No-harm rule’ - Organisations that sign up to the Code must ensure that they do not cause harm to consumers as a result of the collection, use or disclosure of the consumer’s personal information. This goes beyond the Privacy Act as it requires organisations to consider the potential impact of their data-practices on the consumer and use best endeavours to ensure that its data-practices do not result in harm to consumers. Community expectations – Organisations that sign up to the Code are required to consider whether, and ensure that their data- practices, are consistent with community expectations. This aspect of the Code will promote consumer trust and the ethical use of data. Fairness – Organisations that sign up to the Code must also consider the ‘fairness’ to the consumers in the collection, use and disclosure of personal information. In considering the ‘fairness’ of a particular data-practice, organisations will be required to take a range of factors into account, including for example, the circumsntances in which the personal infortmation was collected, the reasonable community expectations with respect to the use of personal information, and the risk of harm a particular data-practice may pose to consumers. Enforcement – The Code will be enforced by the Code Authority, which consists of three members from consumer groups, three members from the industry and an independent chair. A draft copy of the Code is now available for download at: About DGA Data Governance Australia (DGA) is a not-for-profit association founded in 2016 in order to establish industry standards and bench marks around the collection, use and management of data in Australia. DGA provides education, thought leadership and advocacy services to its members to promote and foster an understanding of how data can be used responsibly to drive innovation and competitive advantage while increasing consumer trust and complying with regulatory requirements. The members of DGA come from a cross section of Australian industry and include major financial institutions, leading retailers, law firms, real estate corporations, aviation, and specialist data suppliers including technology, software and consulting service providers. Media contacts: Progressiva Jo Balfour M: +61 405 542 018 Shuba Paheerathan M: +61 438 606 424 Global KYC experts to promote and advise Kyckr 2017-06-14T00:11:10Z global-kyc-experts-to-promote-and-advise-kyckr ·        Global regulatory and compliance industry experts, Mr Peter Oakes and Mr Bruce Quick have been appointed as Advisors to Kyckr ·     Peter Oakes is a leading governance, regulatory and compliance expert who is actively involved in discussions on the regulatory and compliance landscape with global regulatory bodies, financial services, fintechs and regtechs ·     Bruce Quick has been instrumental in the success of global companies such as Norkom and Pegasystems, considered to be significant success stories in the same space as Kyckr ·        Provides strong validation of Kyckr’s business and the value of its offering to the regulatory compliance space from internationally recognised industry experts ·       The Advisors are financially incentivised to promote Kyckr and its offering, and leverage existing relationships to drive positive commercial outcomes for the Company  Kyckr Limited (ASX:KYK) (Kyckr or the Company), a regulatory technology company, is pleased to announce it has contracted globally recognised regulatory and compliance industry leaders, Mr Peter Oakes and Mr Bruce Quick as advisors to the Company. Peter Oakes Peter is an internationally recognised expert on fintech, central banking, regulatory supervision, enforcement, law and financial crime. A qualified lawyer, he has held numerous executive and non-executive directorships including currently at Susquehanna International Securities Limited and TransferMate Global Payments, and was previously an Executive Director and Chief Risk Officer at Bank of America Merchant Services Europe.  Peter is a Risk Advisor to a number of UK FCA regulated firms. Peter was appointed the first Director of Enforcement and Financial Crime at the Central Bank of Ireland (2010-2013). In this role Peter was instrumental in establishing the Bank’s enforcement and anti-money laundering strategies and played a key senior management role in reforming the Irish central banking and regulatory authority in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. While at the Central Bank, Peter delivered successful outcomes on over 30 complex enforcement cases including numerous high-profile cases relating to Ireland’s financial crisis and successfully concluded Ireland’s first regulatory enforcement cases for money laundering and terrorist financing failures. An advisor on strategy and governance issues to international institutions, including previously the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, Peter is an active participant in the global regulatory industry.  He has presented on regtech and fintech at regulator forums and is in regular discussions with central banks and regulators around the world. An Australian currently based in Ireland, Peter is also the founder of FinTech Ireland, Fintech UK and Regtech UK. Bruce Quick Bruce has over 25 years of professional IT experience across Australia, Asia and Europe. An advisor on risk and compliance to the financial services sector, Bruce has strong experience in business development, risk management and finance and compliance. Previous roles have included Director of Sales, APAC at Norkom Technologies, a leader in anti-financial crime solutions globally, which was acquired by LSE-listed BAE Systems plc and merged into the Detica business unit, of which Bruce later became GM and Sales Director. At Norkom, Bruce established Norkom’s Australian market presence and built on the existing regional customer base in Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand. He successfully sold Norkom’s anti-money laundering solutions into three of the ‘Big Four’ Australian banks and three smaller state based banks, bringing in sales revenue of $7.2m in his first year, which he grew to $14.9m of annual sales in his third year. Bruce was also Managing Director, APAC for NASDAQ listed Pegasystems Inc., a leader in the provision of business process management systems, where he established Pegasystem’s presence in Australia, winning blue-chip customers including NAB, GE Capital, CORVIS, Suncorp, HCF, AOL, Telstra, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and QBE. Kyckr to leverage strong existing relationships Kyckr will benefit from Peter and Bruce’s broad and established relationships with global regulators, C-suite and board level executives and senior risk and compliance personnel across a range of local and international organisations. Tasked with establishing Kyckr’s Advisory Committee, Peter and Bruce will actively leverage their existing relationships to engage with external parties to promote Kyckr’s offering and objectives and leverage their knowledge and expertise to provide advice and assistance to the Company. Both advisors will be financially incentivised to generate positive commercial outcomes for Kyckr. Peter Oakes, Advisor to Kyckr said: “I am excited by my appointment as an Advisor to Kyckr, a global leader in anti-financial crime technology solutions.  I am impressed by the talent of the team, their achievements to date and Kyckr’s unique regtech offering at a time when institutions face increased scrutiny from regulatory authorities. I am delighted to be participating in Kyckr’s continuing success and I am looking forward to utilising my experience and relationships to help drive accelerated growth.” Bruce Quick, Advisor to Kyckr comments: “I have had the pleasure of being involved with some of the most successful global companies in the KYC domain. I believe Kyckr’s capabilities help to address some of the biggest challenges facing companies with anti-money laundering obligations today. I am looking forward to playing a role in helping Kyckr engage with global prospects and partners”. David Cassidy, Kyckr’s Managing Director stated: “With their global reputations preceding them, the experience, networks and influence that Peter and Bruce bring will be highly valuable to Kyckr. We are looking forward to their assistance in converting our global pipeline and with establishing new channels into the US market. Their support provides further validation with our customers, prospects and partners”. Ends.                                                 About Kyckr Limited A global regulatory technology (RegTech) business, Kyckr provides technology solutions to help protect against money laundering, fraud and tax evasion. Kyckr’s solutions are connected to over 186 regulated primary sources, in 124 countries, providing real-time company registry information on over an estimated 80 million businesses globally. Kyckr provides an automated technology solution to maintain up to date critical company identity information, in place of the traditional error and fraud prone manual people based processes. Globally, the legal requirement to meet compliance obligations continues to increase as does the need to validate against business registers. The annual spend by financial institutions on compliance is forecast to be $120 billion by 2020, thereby providing a very large opportunity for Kyckr. To learn more about Kyckr, visit SKIP GIVES SYDNEY HALF PRICE COFFEE 2017-05-31T05:16:16Z skip-gives-sydney-half-price-coffee From now until Sunday 11th June, Skip is offering Sydneysiders 50% off all coffee orders – with zero waiting time – at participating cafés.      According to the latest data from online coffee and food ordering app Skip, Sydneysiders are paying on average $3.91 for a medium coffee, which is over $1,000 a year per coffee drinking Australian for a 5-day working week.   Skip General Manager, Bill Bizos, says: “We are looking to revolutionise the way Sydneysiders order their morning coffee by offering you half price coffees for the next two weeks, plus no more waiting in queues! All you need to do is download the Skip app via the App store of Google store, pre-order and pay, enter promo code SYDNEY at the check-out, then once it’s ready you can skip the queue to pick it up – it’s that easy!”   Skip is a smartphone app that helps customers ‘skip the queue’ by ordering and pre-paying for coffee and food. People can order in advance and pick up at a pre-arranged time at a Skip café in Sydney. Skip was developed in response to the trend for on-demand services for time-poor consumers and the growing cashless society Sydney is becoming.  Bill Bizos is available for interview and can discuss the following: How Australia is becoming a cashless society, and apps like Skip support this this shift in the way we transact in 2017 A step by step guide on how Australians can use Skip to increase productivity (from a consumer and small business perspective) How Sydneysiders can get in on the action How else Skip is making Australians’ lives easier  ENDS                For more information on Skip, interviews with Bill Bizos or images, please contact:  Olivia Meena (02) 8353 5746 or 0403 646 259     About Skip Skip is an online ordering and payment app for smartphones that helps customers ‘skip the queue’ by ordering and prepaying for coffee and food at hundreds of venues nationally. Visit – Finding the Legal Answers about Divorce Online 2017-05-31T03:08:14Z divorce-com-finding-the-legal-answers-about-divorce-online Family law experts Watts McCray have relaunched their website Redesigned and optimised for tablet and hand-held devices, the website has a new look and feel. Easier to navigate and filled with regularly updated information, the online resource promises to keep prospective and existing clients up to speed on a range of information about divorce. is the focused website managed by Watts McCray, the legal experts with special expertise in Family Law. The online resource serves as a platform with the latest information on divorce. The website menu breaks down the topic of divorce into three main sections – The Divorce Process, Legal Basics and Settling a Dispute. Using graphics, simple fonts and pleasing colours, the process of divorce has been very clearly explained. The FAQs cover the process, costs and other questions related to children and property. Any additional queries can be addressed by using the Contact Us section. All these features make it easy for clients to know more about the process, apply for a divorce and contact a lawyer at an office close to them. The new website is an intuitive, responsive platform to bridge the gap between Watts McCray's outstanding team of lawyers and any potential client seeking expert advice on divorce. Amongst various new features, the new site makes relevant information easier to find, showcases the lawyers' areas of expertise more clearly and it streamlines the process to get in touch. Those considering a divorce and seeking information on how to apply for a divorce without any stress and those wishing to contact a divorce lawyer in Australia to help them resolve their situation will find this website very useful. Clients will find the new website easier to use with its user-friendly interface. The objective of the change in the website is to make it easier and faster for people with queries on legal matters to search for information. When the most important relationship in a person’s life breaks down there are a many fallouts and issues that the couple undergoing separation must think about. These include matters concerning children, their upbringing and future, property and financial settlements. Many issues can be dealt with immediately after the separation, without waiting for the divorce. Watts McCray lawyers have all the answers to these concerns. Watts McCray has over 40 years of experience in the field of family law, with expertise in relationship property matters and care of children. For all cases including complex divorce cases – ones that involve trusts, businesses or properties – Watts McCray are skilled negotiators who can resolve issues in and out of court. The team has sound knowledge and experience in collaborative law and other alternative dispute resolution methods. The firm also specialises in commercial, corporate, property and estate law. Their large team of family law experts is available nationally and internationally. For online resources on divorce managed by Watts McCray: Watts McCray Specialist Family Lawyers Unveils Brand New Website 2017-05-31T02:51:35Z watts-mccray-specialist-family-lawyers-unveils-brand-new-website Watts McCray, the specialist and leading provider of Family Law services in Australia, has unveiled their new website recently. Redesigned and optimised for tablet and hand-held devices, the website has a new look and feel. Easier to navigate and filled with regularly updated information, the website promises to keep prospective and existing clients up to speed with topics in the field of Family and Commercial law. The new website is an intuitive, responsive platform to bridge the gap between Watts McCray's outstanding team of lawyers and any potential client seeking expert advice on family law and other legal matters. Amongst various new features, the new site makes relevant information easier to find, showcases the lawyers' areas of expertise more clearly and streamlines the process to get in touch. “We see this new website as a gateway into our practices and a living platform to share legal insights via our blog 'Latest'. The new site offers a completely renovated careers portal to reinforce our effort to recruit the brightest legal minds in Australia,” said a spokesperson for the firm. The website has already started getting rave reviews from visitors. Sue-Ella Prodonovich from Prodonovich Advisory which handles Strategy and Business Development for professionals said, "The site is much easier to scroll through and navigate. And it makes the brand look ‘slick’ (in a good way). ‘Your accreditation’ and ‘legal powerhouse’ sections help it stand out.”  Watts McCray Lawyers, with offices located in Sydney, Canberra, Central Coast, Parramatta, Norwest, Brookvale and Frenchs Forest, have been helping thousands of Australians positively move forward with their lives. Watts McCray Lawyers has over 40 years of experience in the field of family law, with expertise in relationship property matters and care of children. The team has sound knowledge and experience in collaborative law and other alternative dispute resolution methods. The firm also specialises in commercial, corporate, property and estate law. For more information on the services offered: To leave a query online: Maveriq Technology Leverages Dell Boomi to Simplify Data Integration 2017-05-30T22:50:34Z maveriq-technology-leverages-dell-boomi-to-simplify-data-integration Sydney, Australia – May 30, 2017 – Cloud integration specialist, Maveriq Technology, and leading cloud-based integration platform provider, Dell Boomi® (Boomi), today announced a partnership to simplify integration for enterprises amid the increase in hybrid landscape roll-outs. The agreement sees Maveriq integrate the Boomi™ AtomSphere™ integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) into its data integration, migration, workflow automation, MDM, EDI, and API management services portfolio. This provides organisations with a powerful integration strategy without the complex software agreements and convoluted implementation methodologies associated with legacy on-premises deployments. “Globally many organisations face a major integration gap that legacy on-premises solutions could not serve well. With the increased adoption of Hybrid IT – especially in the enterprise space – we saw a significant opportunity to partner with Boomi to provide iPaaS that can effectively consolidate data from best-of-breed applications in a true cloud environment,” said Vipin Verma, President at Maveriq. Maveriq is already engaged in more than 12 Boomi-based integration projects – both directly and through systems integrator partners – in various verticals including financial services, manufacturing, healthcare and public services. “The combination of Maveriq’s expertise in data integration, migration and quality with our iPaaS solution will give our joint customers a comprehensive means of centralising critical systems and apps in a package that feels “quick and easy,” said Michael Evans, Managing Director Asia-Pacific and Japan, Dell Boomi. “This means that companies and individual departments can use the best-of-breed technologies that cater for their unique needs while also ensuring the wider business is properly aligned. This is particularly important for large and diverse organisations which don’t want to be held hostage by inflexible and rigid environments.” About Maveriq Established in 2012, Maveriq LLC has grown from a single office site in Illinois, USA to a multinational company with several locations in North America, Latin America, and multiple Center of Excellence’s (COE’s) in the APJ region. As a Dell Boomi, SAP, SuccessFactors strategic partner, Maveriq is regarded as a thought leader, true systems integrator of hybrid landscapes, and enabler of the new digital economy. Maveriq supports global businesses with cloud services, products, and Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS), enabling those organizations to gain greater visibility into global business processes. Visit for more information. About Dell Boomi Dell Boomi (Boomi), an independent business unit of Dell, accelerates business agility by integrating the information organizations need whenever and however they need it. The Boomi integration platform dramatically transforms the way organizations connect, create, manage and govern all their applications and data. As a result, more than 5,400 organizations of all sizes use the Boomi platform to run smarter, faster, and better. Boomi also helps customers drastically reduce implementation times over traditional integration, MDM, API management and workflow automation solutions. Visit for more information. © 2017. Dell, Dell Boomi are trademarks of Dell Inc. Boomi and AtomSphere are trademarks fo Boomi, Inc. Other marks may be the trademarks of their respective owners. Simplifying complexity and reducing risk: SAI Global’s Property Enquiry Report makes life easier for conveyancing professionals 2017-05-22T05:23:06Z simplifying-complexity-and-reducing-risk-sai-global-s-property-enquiry-report-makes-life-easier-for-conveyancing-professionals To date, technological advances have only focused on improving the settlement component of the property transaction with little consideration to simplifying the complex due diligence phase.  Seeking to improve the outcome for both conveyancers as well as the property buyers and sellers, SAI Global’s new Property Enquiry Report leverages new technology to streamline the due diligence process, helping conveyancing professionals enhance their ability to advocate on behalf of customers. The Property Enquiry Report, generates a short, easily digestible summary from the vast number of searches conveyancing professionals must obtain on behalf of a customer.  Potential risks are highlighted and rated using a simple red light system to enable more productive conversations with customers about potential risks attached to a property. “Most home buyers and sellers don’t understand the intricacies of the due diligence process and we believe the Property Enquiry Report will go a long way to help conveyancing professionals showcase the value they deliver as customer advocates,” said Amanda Baker, SAI Global’s Head of Property Industry Development. In addition to the benefit the Property Enquiry Report provides from a customer advocacy perspective, it delivers significant time savings for conveyancing professionals.   An average conveyancing matter takes around five hours to complete and we estimate that the Property Enquiry Report will reduce this by one hour.  For a small conveyancing business with two conveyancers completing 28 matters per month, our estimates indicate the Property Enquiry Report would save the firm up to 9.2 billable weeks per annum. To strengthen the Property Enquiry Report’s usability and authority, the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (AIC) assisted with establishment of due diligence minimums before it can be generated.  This represents the first step towards standardising the due diligence process to help conveyancing businesses reduce their business risk and provide an additional layer of security to their customers. Aiming to add greater clarity and consistency for conveyancing industry reporting, the Property Enquiry Report is consistent and the number of searches covers the key minimum standard required taking into account any state regulations. With economic pressures contributing in some cases to buyers cutting corners on the level of due diligence undertaken, the Property Enquiry Report is also expected to strengthen the authority of conveyancing professionals by providing expert support to justify the number of searches required. “The standardisation of reporting delivered by the Property Enquiry Report will assist in managing operational risk for conveyancing practices seeking to scale up operation by ensuring minimum standards are met, no matter which practitioner is completing the due diligence and no matter how many corners their customer may be trying to cut,” said Ms Baker. The Property Enquiry Report will be available to conveyancing professionals in Victoria from Monday 22 May and progressive roll out is planned across New South Wales and Queensland over the coming months.  Conveyancing professionals wanting to find out more about the Property Enquiry Report can find out more about it here: Australian Entrepreneur Selects Dell Boomi Platform to Optimise eCommerce Start-Up’s Expansion Plans 2017-05-08T23:01:54Z australian-entrepreneur-selects-dell-boomi-platform-to-optimise-ecommerce-start-up-s-expansion-plans Sydney, Australia – May 9, 2017 – Dell Boomi™ (Boomi) has announced that international direct-to-consumer eCommerce start-up, GRANA, is using its integration platform to support rapid business expansion and optimise its omnichannel strategy, as the brand continues to extend its market presence into key markets and seek investment from venture capitalists in 2017. GRANA is a Hong Kong-based online apparel retailer founded by Australian entrepreneur, Luke Grana. Luke, in partnership with Pieter-Paul Wittgen, launched in late 2014 with ambitions to take on Japanese giants Uniqlo and the United States’ Theory with high-quality clothing at affordable prices. The company currently ships to 12 countries from a centralised warehouse in Hong Kong. The start-up has implemented Boomi’s integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) to underpin and connect critical applications the business relies on for all internal and online customer-facing operations. This includes the start-up’s enterprise resource planning, product lifecycle management and warehouse management platforms which its 75 staff use daily. “The retail sector is undergoing a transition and the challenge is catering products and services towards digital consumers with increasing expectations from brands,” said Luke Grana, Chief Executive Officer and Founder at GRANA. “This means connecting the disjointed pools of important data dispersed across the organisation to make informed decisions and create meaningful online experiences for customers. “Boomi helps to integrate everything that goes on behind the scenes at GRANA - all the apps to help run the business – so we have full visibility into the data coming in and can make sense of it to add value across our omnichannel.” Importantly, the integration platform accurately and securely centralises data generated within these systems for analysis to inform business decisions and further optimise operational efficiencies and online-to-offline customer experiences. “This capability is critical to our business as we are rolling out aggressive expansion plans and two-day express shipping into mainland China, Japan and Korea,” said Grana. “Boomi gives us a better understanding of customers across the globe, equipping us to execute a strategy that meets their constantly evolving purchasing habits and expectations.” During its evaluation, GRANA considered other vendor solutions, however selected Boomi based on its ability to deliver the best functionality and performance. Additionally, a key factor was the ability to operate its cloud-based iPaaS with minimal training, removing the need for specialist IT resources. “Grana is shaking up the hotly-contested and highly-globalised retail sector with an intentionally unconventional expansion strategy that capitalises on the potential of technology to make better-informed decisions,” said Michael Evans, Managing Director Asia-Pacific and Japan at Dell Boomi. “By using iPaaS as the linking mechanism for its operation, it is not only boosting its ecommerce business, but preparing for a physical presence by analysing customer data to determine the best place to open stores, and determine what those shops will look like. This differentiator will allow it to create experiences on its customers’ terms.” About Dell Boomi Dell Boomi (Boomi), an independent business unit of Dell, accelerates business agility by integrating the information organisations need whenever and however they need it. The Boomi integration platform dramatically transforms the way organisations connect, create, manage and govern all their applications and data. As a result, more than 5,300 organisations of all sizes use the Boomi platform to run smarter, faster, and better. Boomi also helps customers drastically reduce implementation times over traditional integration, MDM, API management and workflow automation solutions. Visit for more information. © 2017 Boomi Inc. Dell, Dell Boomi are trademarks of Dell Inc. Dell disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. About GRANA GRANA is a direct-to-consumer eCommerce apparel brand designing wardrobe essentials in-house, using the finest fabrics from around the world, available at low and honest prices. GRANA ships directly to 12 countries within 1-2 days. Strategically headquartered in Hong Kong, GRANA was founded by Luke Grana and co-founded with Pieter Paul Wittgen, officially launching in October 2014. To date, the start-up has raised US$16 million in funding from 500 Startups, Alibaba’s Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund, Golden Gate Ventures and MindWorks Ventures. NetDocuments Partners with Xakia Technologies to Further Accelerate In-House Legal Team Market Momentum 2017-05-07T22:47:57Z netdocuments-partners-with-xakia-technologies-to-further-accelerate-in-house-legal-team-market-momentum NetDocuments, the leading cloud-based document and email management (DMS) provider for law firms and corporate legal departments, is continuing its market momentum in Australia with the appointment of Xakia Technologies as the latest company to join its growing partner network.   The new appointment will enable both NetDocuments and Xakia Technologies to satisfy in-house legal team demand for secure, compliant, cloud-based solutions.     Xakia Technologies has integrated NetDocuments into its own Xakia Matters platform which replaces manual processes and spreadsheets with an automated dashboard and reporting platform to track matters, resourcing and legal costss.  Xakia hosts its software on the Microsoft Azure platform.   Xakia Matters was developed in response to a widespread research project targeted at understanding the daily demands on in-house legal team management. Today, the company offers solutions to a wide range of Australian-based organisations with a pure focus on legal in-house needs, including a number of integrated NetDocuments and Xakia Matters users.   Jodie Baker, Managing Director, Xakia Technologies, said, ”We were particularly attracted to the NetDocuments cloud-based solution, its feature-rich functionality, and ability to scale for teams of any size. We have been  able to provide added value by creating front-end interface functionality which supports customers with their overall reporting and analysis requirements.  All up, this is a very attractive offering to Australian legal teams.”   NetDocuments provides the most secure, trusted, and proven cloud computing platform for legal content management.  In-house legal teams enjoy the power and simplicity of built-in disaster recovery, matter centricity, enterprise search, mobility, records management, collaboration, and compliance for documents and email.   Paul Wyatt, APAC Sales Director, NetDocuments, said, “We’re pleased not only to be working with Xakia Technologies’ highly skilled team but also to have the opportunity to work with a partner with strong credentials in having previously been consumers of legal technology.  Today, they have a refreshing and dynamic approach in delivering solutions which drive market differentiation.  We welcome Xakia Technologies to the NetDocuments partner family and look forward to the success that they will deliver both technically and commercially.  They are an ideal partner and we look forward to driving a long-term, mutually successful partnership.”  About NetDocuments  Founded in 1999, and with offices in the US, UK, and Australia, NetDocuments is the leader in cloud-based document and email management. With hundreds of thousands of users across 140 countries, organisations enjoy the power and simplicity of built-in disaster recovery, matter centricity, enterprise search, mobility, records management, collaboration, and compliance for documents and email.  About Xakia Technologies: Founded in 2016, Xakia Technologies is providing corporate legal departments with the ability to capture key information about their team’s matters for improved visibility, reporting and the ability to identify efficiency opportunities.