The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-05-14T07:45:46Z Graphic Design Services that make your business memorable! 2021-05-14T07:45:46Z graphic-design-services-that-make-your-business-memorable At Pepperit. we understand the importance of creating a strong brand identity. We listen to your needs, creating a graphic design project that makes your business’s personality shine. We can handle any task you throw at us. Whether it is providing eye-catching logos, stunning magazine layouts and beautiful website designs. We have got you covered. Our graphic design services are an investment for your business, ensured to drive your sales and attract customers. With Pepperit, we use our years of experience and up-to-date technology, to bring fresh ideas and inspired designs that form meaningful connections between your brand’s story and customer base. We are branching out - expect to see our unique services in the Central Coast. Our graphic design Central Coast service helps businesses located in the central coast area, increase customer conversion rates and sales. Delivering results that go up and above expectations is our goal. We want to produce intelligent designs and strategies, to help your graphic design materials stand out in the central coast. Whatever graphic design Central Coast project you need, our team will deliver. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now and get your free quote! Nicole Shelley Head of Marketing pepperit. t. 02 9327 7775 A Social media agency with experts. 2021-05-14T06:46:43Z a-social-media-agency-with-experts Social Media. It has become integral in our daily lives, our conversations and how we connect with our community. A Social Media Agency could be just what you need. The popularity of social media services has skyrocketed. Platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin have a collective 3.8 billion active users. And these platforms only keep growing worldwide. The worldwide population of users on Facebook is 2.89 billion. Almost half of the Australian population uses the popular social media platform. Businesses use social media to find their customers and make meaningful connections with them. Social media allows for two way conversations about the products and services you have on offer, and the industry as a whole. Social media experts can help you to drive this engagement with people including your customers, staff, suppliers, and even family and friends. Why not get social with pepper? At pepper we value authentic social media services. We strive to create real connections between you and your customers and this is best done through social media.  As Social Media Experts, the team here at pepper understand the importance of this and have built strong relationships with various long standing clients. To meet the needs of our clients we offer bespoke social media services.  Need some more help? We’ve got you covered with our 10 questions to ask when appointing a social media marketing agency.  For more information, please contact: Nicole Shelley Head of Marketing pepperit. t. 02 9327 7775 AUSTRALIA'S NUMBER ONE DIGITAL AGENCY, KING KONG, GOES GLOBAL 2021-05-14T04:57:51Z australias-number-one-digital-agency-king-kong-goes-global May 2021 marks a milestone month for Australia’s fastest growing digital marketing agency, King Kong, as the business officially launches internationally into New Zealand, the UK, the US and Canada.Sabry Suby says, “To caveat, this won’t be your average run-of-the-mill international rollout,” “So many agencies make the mistake of slapping a couple of U.S.-based email addresses on the website, sticking one poor guy in a backroom to deal with enquiries and calling it ‘global’. This is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.” Off the back of another year of strong growth, King Kong founder and head of growth, Sabri Suby, vows to take their digital marketing expertise to ‘the next level’, offering the agency’s services: SEO, CRO, PPC, web design, landing pages, paid social and much more to a potential 100 million+ small business ventures and entrepreneurs. “We have reached a stage where work coming in from overseas is tipping the scales with the overflow of clients we have here in Australia. We already have clients in each of these continents, and so an official, global status update for King Kong is overdue, and we are ready to hit the ground running,” said Sabri Suby, founder of King Kong. King Kong’s annual revenue growth trajectory has already surpassed the $20m target this year, and continues to climb, continuing their 2019 success on exceeding their annual target, despite the pandemic. “I refuse to prolong this ‘tough year’ pandemic narrative,” said Suby. “We can all accept that 2020 has served challenges like no other, but instead of wallowing we have looked for solutions and identified areas of the business that have seen exponential growth. Through adopting a solution-first mentality, King Kong has had consistent wins this year, including being voted one of the best places to work in Australia and New Zealand by the AFR. “I act with the same small business mentality as all of my clients. Sink or swim. Every business, large or small, will face this decision at some point, but it is up to the leaders to decide on which way they navigate it.” King Kong started as a $50 venture from Sabri Suby’s bedroom seven years ago, but has since been valued at $50 million ahead of international rollout. The US alone is home to an estimated 60 million small businesses, a number which dwarfs the estimated 2 million here in Australia. The US has already proven to be a rich growth opportunity for King Kong. Earlier in his career, and after establishing proven methods of customer acquisition, Sabri recognised the growth opportunities available to every business or entrepreneur within the digital marketing landscape, but he also recognised that not all of these enterprises can afford agency fees. In a bid to combat this and make success accessible to all, he penned his first ‘how to’ book, Sell Like Crazy, in 2019. Coined a ‘hand-held agency’ by industry leaders, the book went viral and became an Amazon bestseller on the first day of launch and has continued to be a hit to anyone obsessed with business growth. The King Kong roster currently includes customers in 135 countries across the globe, an impressive number that continues to climb. Between the agency's roster of clients and students, King Kong has an impressive 100k+ customer database, but the company's founder insists they’re “only just getting started”. COVID-19 has accelerated Australia’s digital marketing ability and interest, creating a petri-dish of opportunity for businesses to generate awareness of their products and services on a much larger scale, thus contributing to the success of the business and accelerating it forward to expand on a global scale. Sabri Suby says, “Social distancing and lockdowns across the country have further advanced Australians’ consumption of digital products, allowing the online advertising market to increase its share of advertising revenues. “COVID-19 has accelerated the evolution of media consumption, pulling forward digital disruption that would have occurred in future years. The benefit of this accelerated adoption has provided armour for the industry in a soft advertising market. King Kong has confirmed plans to significantly invest in ‘aggressively marketing’ to each country, using the same proven techniques that have resulted in the agency’s rapid growth to date. “Digital advertising has already surpassed TV as the number one advertising channel. And now, 2020’s Lockdowns, social distancing and increased digital consumption has poured gasoline on an already blazing fire. It’s very exciting times ahead.” Sabri Suby, founder and head of growth, King Kong Outside of the digital marketing world, Australians are renowned for their no-frills honesty and direct approach, an attribute that Sabri has embedded into King Kong’s brand values via his bold guarantees. Since launching his business, Sabri has fought to combat fake metrics, otherwise known as ‘vanity metrics’, and has encouraged his clients to look beyond clicks and likes as quantifiable measures of success. Instead, he decided to shake-up the industry to become the first agency to offer ROI and a guaranteed results ‘or don’t pay us’ offering. He says, “With a service like digital marketing being so measurable, I just couldn’t understand why agencies were hiding behind vanity metrics like impressions and click-through rates. I decided it was time to shake the trees and call out the digital cowboys by starting the first full-service digital agency in Australia that focused on guaranteed results - which was naturally popular with clients.” Sabri said he will be adopting the same method overseas and that he plans to “send digital marketing agencies that hide behind ad fraud and vanity metrics running scared” as he brings this guaranteed results and ROI focus to the rest of the world. It appears that Australian businesses are not the only fan of King Kong’s ROI business model. As news of guaranteed results has organically spread overseas, businesses in the US, the UK, NZ and Canada also appear ready to ‘Sell Like Crazy’, and ready to jump on King Kong’s bandwagon of guaranteed results and growth. Media contact: Lucy Clark Sydney Electrical Services Offers Affordable, Energy-Saving Strata Management 2021-05-13T11:32:43Z sydney-electrical-services-offers-affordable-energy-saving-strata-management Experience and expertise, combined with an elevated level of professionalism, are the hallmarks of Sydney Electrical Service. When selecting an electrical contractor for strata management, it’s essential that the company is familiar and experienced with advanced systems to ensure superior quality whether they’re required to upgrade a security system or install a charging system for environmentally friendly electric cars. The electrician Bondi is a full-service strata management provider with Level 2 expertise and 24/7 emergency services. The company provides lighting installation and repairs of interior and exterior lighting for the illumination individuals need for safety. Energy-efficient LED lighting is used for every installation to save clients’ money. As a strata management contractor, the electrician Inner West provides testing, installation and repair of a wide range of electrical appliances, along with smoke detectors, alarms and security systems. The company performs preventative maintenance to avoid problems before they arise. Switchbox upgrades and safety switch installation are an integral part of the services offered, as more electrical devices enter into use and the demand for power is greater. Electrical safety standards continue to evolve and change. Upgrading of structural wiring is essential to accommodate the increased demands that are placed on electrical systems in the modern world. An electrician near me is cognizant of all safety regulations and industry standards. Sydney Electrical Service performs energy audits and reports to help clients improve electrical performance and efficiency for overall savings. The experts at Sydney Electrical Service are premiere providers of strata management with extensive experience in acting as a liaison with landlords and tenants. The company provides 24/7 emergency services, is fully licensed and insured, and guarantees workmanship on all services. Clients have peace of mind knowing that the Level 2 electrical specialist are qualified to work on contestable projects and is accredited by the NSW Department of Planning. Media Contact Sydney Electric Service Phone: 0433 462 902 Chifley Tower, Level 29/2 Chifley Square Sydney NSW 2000 Australia Website: Blocked Drains Perth are no Problem for the Team at Element Plumbing & Gas 2021-05-13T11:22:03Z blocked-drains-perth-are-no-problem-for-the-team-at-element-plumbing-amp-gas Blocked drains are one of the most common problems addressed by the team at Element Plumbing & Gas. Owned by Brad Deutscher, the company’s team is experienced in alleviating and repairing blocked drains due to a wide range of causes. Some plumbing problems can be fixed by replacing a broken pipe, fitting, or faucet. Other plumbing situations require unique or innovative solutions, particularly for renovations or new construction projects. Element Plumbing & Gas always remedies plumbing problems in the most non-invasive manner possible. The plumbing contractors Perth provides services for drainage in all its many forms. The company’s highly-trained team works on sewers and stormwater systems, blocked drains, sewer conversions, and performs maintenance services to prevent problems before they occur. The company’s clientele includes residential, commercial, industrial and governmental entities. A blocked sewer drain represents a health hazard. As a drain plumber Perth, the company utilises a CCTV camera to inspect the drain, thereby eliminating unnecessary and invasive techniques. The exact location of a problem is ascertained with pinpoint accuracy so it can be quickly repaired. Blocked drains Perth often demonstrate symptoms long before they become a critical problem. Impediments to drainage typically happen slowly and subtly over time so they go unnoticed. They also have the potential to cause considerable damage to structures and make people ill if situations aren’t attended to promptly. The drain maintenance services offered by Element Plumbing & Gas is a cost-effective way to identify areas of potential problems and put solutions in place before a critical need arises. The company charges no call-out fees, offers competitive pricing on all work, and provides free no-obligation quotes. Small jobs can usually be quoted over the phone. Backed by the Master Plumbers Association, Element Plumbing & Gas is fully licensed and insured. The company’s highly-qualified team provides solutions for situations ranging from pipe leaks and breakages and hot water systems to sewer system installations and overflows. The company offers discounts for Senior Card holders and concierge services are available.   About Element Plumbing & Gas Element Plumbing & Gas is focused on providing high-quality work, keeping prices down, building lifelong relationships, and creating trust among clients and tradesmen. The founder has 15 years of experience in the business, having traveled the world and worked abroad in different professional pursuits. Connect with the company on Facebook and LinkedIn.   Media Contact Element Plumbing & Gas Brad Deutscher – Owner Phone: +61439 099 048 Email: 3 Moira Lane, Scarborough Perth, Western Australia 6019 Website: Locally Owned Telco Booms Through Pandemic 2021-05-13T04:54:46Z locally-owned-telco-booms-through-pandemic Central Telecoms, a locally owned & operated business-only Telco, has defied the challenges that the Global Pandemic has presented by doubling the size of their business and customer-base in 2020. Despite many regional businesses shutting the doors, Central Telecoms managed to open up more job opportunities across regional NSW and Victoria, with plans of opening up 40 more locations in 2021 and 2022. This momentum is a major move for not only Central Telecoms, but also for supporting the economic growth and employment rates of small townships, while embarking on their mission to shake up the Telecommunications Industry.   “Like many, we have been immensely frustrated by the major telecommunication providers out there, their false promises and lack of communication and integrity. Our objective is to stand up for everyday business customers who are being badly treated by the major telcos, and finally give them the quality of service and support they deserve.” says Graeme Johnston, Director at Central Telecoms. “We’re your local provider, we do not have customer service reps overseas. We are real people, providing real service over the phone, or face to face.”   This news comes in the wake of many recent accomplishments of the company, including:   ·      Being recognised as the fastest growing regional Telco in the 2020 CRN Fast50 Awards, ·      Awarded as the 36th fastest growing Tech company in all of Australia in the 2020 CRN Fast50 Awards, ·      Being the highest rated Australian Telco on Trustpilot, and ·      Earning a Premier Partnership with Yealink – the global dominators of desktop SIP and communication technology   "Our vision is to become the telco of choice for regionally based businesses," says Graeme.   About Central Telecoms: Central Telecoms is a regional business-only Telco, founded on the principle of putting the customer first. JESI is achieving huge growth since Series A funding of $4.5 million. 2021-05-13T04:32:07Z jesi-is-achieving-huge-growth-since-series-a-funding-of-4-5-million In October 2020, JESI received a multi-million-dollar fund injection from Microsoft aligned VC firm, Future Now Capital Management. This investment has allowed JESI’s team to grow from 8 to 23 and will continue to grow over the next 6 months. This growth has enabled JESI to develop maturity in the product with their recent release of single sign-on (SSO) and In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) integrations. They have engaged in a strategic partnership with GEOTAB, a leading global IVMS provider to offer JESI User's a full picture of their workers and the vehicles they are travelling in. JESI enables organisations to keep track of remote workers who travel frequently or work in environments with heightened risks. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, JESI has also built additional features into the platform to help employers manage workers who are isolated at home. The shift to remote work as the norm has led to a stronger focus on employee mental health and wellbeing. It is essential that organisations provide a ‘duty-of-care’ of their workforce whether they are working remote, on-site or at home. JESI CEO Joe Hoolahan said, “The pandemic has brought to the fore the need for enterprises to protect their workers as they work remotely while ensuring they remain connected. We are also acutely aware that reliable activity data is increasingly becoming a key business metric and are already witnessing how our customers are using the data to drive workforce movement efficiencies.”JESI has hired a team of specialists and is being guided by Chairperson Brad Seymour and Non-Executive Director Darc Rasmussen, both of which have decades of experience in scaling global businesses. With this injection of talent and guidance, the sky is the limit for the Brisbane based scale up. Brad Seymour, JESI Chairperson said, “I am incredibly excited about firstly, the product excellence and relevance of JESI in today’s new world, and secondly, the opportunity for JESI to grow exponentially with Future Now’s backing. I look forward to working with the team through this scale-up stage and beyond.”JESI Management Solutions are holding a webinar on Wednesday the 19th of May 2021 to present in further detail the product updates and growth trajectory of JESI. You can register for the free event here - CWA of NSW welcomes government support for mice plague but warns crisis far from over 2021-05-13T04:14:15Z cwa-of-nsw-welcomes-government-support-for-mice-plague-but-warns-crisis-far-from-over Hi , The Country Women's Association (CWA) of NSW has welcomed the acknowledgement by the NSW Government of the mice plague in western NSW with a $50 million support package for affected farmers and communities. “We were hopeful after our meeting with the Agriculture Minister on Monday that they would respond to our calls, and those of the NSW Farmers’ Association, for urgent action on this crisis, and the measures they have announced today do address some of the issues around the high costs to farmers in trying to control the mice in and around their properties, and to small businesses and households in affected towns,” said CWA of NSW CEO Danica Leys. She said the financial and health implications for rural and regional communities was enormous and they were now hopeful the Government would continue to monitor the crisis and introduce further measures as the need arose, with the association and NSW Farmers continuing their advocacy on behalf of these communities. A media release on the issue is attached and below, along with an image of Danica Leys. For further information or interview requests, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Kind regards, Kylie Galbraith Seftons Tamworth NSW 2340 Ph. 0411 480 208 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MEDIA RELEASE CWA of NSW welcomes government support for mice plague but warns crisis far from over As the devastating mice plague continues to ravage large areas of western NSW, the Country Women’s Association (CWA) of NSW has welcomed the assistance package announced by the NSW Government this morning. The NSW Government has announced a $50 million support package, which includes free of charge grain treatment for farmers and rebates for small businesses and households. CWA of NSW CEO Danica Leys said it was good news for affected farmers and communities, who have been dealing with the financial and health impacts of the catastrophe for more than six months, and hoped the NSW Government would continue to monitor what was an evolving situation. “We were hopeful after our meeting with the Agriculture Minister on Monday that they would respond to our calls, and those of the NSW Farmers’ Association, for urgent action on this crisis, and the measures they have announced today do address some of the issues around the high costs to farmers in trying to control the mice in and around their properties, and to small businesses and households in affected towns,” she said. “After enduring drought, fires and COVID-19, these areas now have a plague to contend with and they’ve been doing it on their own for months. Along with crop, fodder and machinery losses, town businesses have had suffered stock losses and damage, and then they have to deal with the mice invading their homes and impacting their health, both physical and mental. “This assistance package will provide some relief, and lets these communities know that the NSW Government have acknowledged their plight. We are now hopeful the Government will continue to monitor the crisis and be able to act with further measures as the need arises, and our association and NSW Farmers will continue our advocacy on behalf of these communities for as long as it takes.” NSW Farmers’ Association President James Jackson said the acknowledgement by the NSW Government of the enormous impact of the plague on rural and regional NSW communities was welcome, with costs of baiting running into the millions of dollars. “A recent survey we did on this issue emphasised just how much stress this has been placing on farmers and other small businesses as they try to control the mice and the damage they’re doing, so the assistance announced by the NSW Government today is welcome,” he said. “We look forward to further discussions with the Agriculture Minister on these measures and how they’re going to be implemented, but a timely and efficient rollout is essential, especially with winter planting now underway.” Rethinking Risk Management: Innovative Strategies for Navigating the Post-COVID New Normal 2021-05-13T03:12:14Z rethinking-risk-management-innovative-strategies-for-navigating-the-post-covid-new-normal Gregory M. Carroll’s newly released “Mastering 21st Century Enterprise Risk Management – 2nd Edition” calls for the ditching of existing risk practices which have led to major C-Level disillusionment with Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). The book looks at past failures of risk management citing case studies including Volkswagen, Qantas, and Ford Australia. Citing events like Brexit, Trump and the COVID pandemic, it firmly points the finger at a “box-ticking” approach to corporate governance as the cause of their poor handling. Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technologies will affect nearly all facets of business. It is critical that businesses put in place good monitoring and change management systems to navigate this post-COVID new normal. Carroll believes ERM is the best tool to handle market volatility and disruption, if done correctly. He contends “risk management is not about predicting the future but understanding how events will affect your plans and objectives.” The book then moves on to propose ways to: •                  Avoid the traps and pitfalls common in ERM. •                  Capitalize on ESG risks as market differentiator. •                  Make executives the drivers of GRC projects, not victims. •                  Link risk to strategy to manage the uncertainty in strategic objectives. •                  Combine the best of ISO 31000 and COSO ERM revisions. •                  Transform ERM from an overhead to a driver of growth. •                  Learn risk best practices of Bayesian modelling, strategic vs risk-based thinking, horizon scanning for threat management and effectively aggregating risk. •                  And prepare for the future of ERM – AI-based risk management. The Table of Contents and book extract can be downloaded from Gregory M. Carroll has a graduate degree in Operations Research from Swinburne University, a certificate in Machine Learning from Stanford University and in Data Science from the University of Michigan. He has over thirty years’ experience in Enterprise Risk Management, IT and Artificial Intelligence systems in mission critical environments like the Dept of Defence and Victorian Infectious Disease Reference Laboratories. He was the founder and Technical Director of Fast Track (Australia) working with multinational companies like Motorola, Fosters and Serco.   Book Cover Image: Author Image: Electrician in the Sutherland Shire now give a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty 2021-05-13T00:29:28Z electrician-in-the-sutherland-shire-now-give-a-lifetime-workmanship-warranty True Local Electricians, the only electrical company that provides all organizations and ventures of different sizes with the highest rated electrical service. They have a Master Electrician to carry all of your electrical needs, whether you are a shop owner, contractor or homeowner. If you are constructing a new home, operating property construction or requiring electrical repairs, their master electricians are trained with aplomb to perform every single job flawlessly. If you are searching for simple electrical fittings, such as bulbs or full house electrical fittings, doesn't matter at all. Not only would you be surprised to hear that they are available for anything and everything, but also that their prices are very, very fair. Top it all, on all their designs, they even give a terrific Lifetime Workmanship Warranty  Guarantee. "We are pleased with how people have reacted to our bid. Because we have always been the most favored company for all electrical needs and solutions, our phones have not stopped ringing now with the new guarantee. People deserve the best. More than that, they deserve the best 5 Year Guaranteed Workmanship. Send us a call for your electrical needs. We and our master at True Local Electricians. About True Local Electricians: True Local Electricians is an Sutherland Shire electrical company that provides private homeowners and contractors with electrical needs for commercial properties. Please visit us here for more information. Offer us a call today by calling 0423 562 257. Media Contact True Local Electricians Phone: 0423 562 257 Address: 1/14-16 Giddings Ave, Cronulla NSW 2230 Email: Caringbah Electrician Set to Expand Their Services into Surrounding Areas 2021-05-13T00:29:03Z caringbah-electrician-set-to-expand-their-services-into-surrounding-areas Caringbah, NSW 2229 – March , 2021 – True Local Electricians, a top-rated electrician near Caringbah, is set to expand its quality services into Caringbah’s surrounding areas.  As part of their expansions, the leading electrician aims to open a new office and recruit skilled personnel to serve their customer’s needs better.  Over the few years, True Local Electricians has seen an increased demand for electrical technician Cringbah services and surrounding areas. With this high demand, there has been a need for them to expand to other places to serve their customers better. Having acquired years of experience in the industry, True Local Electricians has been capable of attending to their customers’ electrical problems and requirements on time. The company suggests that their licensed electrician in Caringbah is dedicated to offer high quality and cost-effective solutions that exceed expectations. Additionally, the company's founder said, “We are hoping this new expansion will allow us to provide exceptional services to customers in Caringbah NSW who are in need of hiring electrical contractors. We are fully trained and prepared to supply your home with reliable electrical services. Also, as Caringbah's top-rated Electricians, we are well prepared to use high-quality materials and equipment always to meet your needs. You can be assured that your home will receive the best treatment and that the job will be as per your standards by using our services. We know your time is precious, so we aim to deliver on-time and reliable services with excellent customer service. Due to total protection, electrical problems must be resolved as soon as possible, and that is why you should rely on prompt electrical services like ours. A fast response to your call secures that our electrician will be on time, so you don't have to think about when we will arrive. It not is usual for the electrical contractors in Caringbah to be hired for residential, industrial, and real estate properties. The company offers a variety of services, including the installation of switches, indoor and outdoor lighting controls, power points, TV points, data points, intercom, fans, and smoke detectors, as well as fault detection and troubleshooting, updating and fixing switchboards, blown fuses, and electrical work. About True Local Electricians True Local Electricians is a well-known electrician in the Sutherland Shire. The electrician excels in commercial and residential electric repairs, circuit breakers, lighting installation, lighting design, site maps, and generators. The staff has the skills and experience needed to offer unmatched services. For more information, contact this electrician today. Please visit us here for more information. Call today 0423 562 257. Media Contact True Local Electricians Phone: 0423 562 257 Email: Progress Releases MOVEit 2021 with Advanced Security, Usability and Integration Capabilities 2021-05-12T23:51:59Z progress-releases-moveit-2021-with-advanced-security-usability-and-integration-capabilities Sydney, Australia —May 13, 2021—Progress (NASDAQ: PRGS), the leading provider of products to develop, deploy, and manage high-impact business applications, today announced the release of Progress® MOVEit® 2021, the secure, automated Managed File Transfer (MFT) software that can be deployed both on-premises and in the cloud. With enhancements such as data encryption key rotation, MOVEit Transfer notification branding, REST API improvements and more, MOVEit 2021 managed file transfer directly addresses the most critical market developments and top customer concerns in security, usability and integration.   “In 2020 over 40% of the global population turned to remote work models. With the ebb and flow of the global pandemic in 2021, hybrid work models are enabling some people to return to on-site work while others continue to work remotely or move between remote and on-site work,” said Stewart Bond, research director, Data Integration and Intelligence software research at IDC. “Businesses must adjust their strategies to manage this new hybrid workforce and maintain secure and trusted remote file transfers to safeguard the sharing of data.” Today’s file transfer environment demands the ability to quickly and easily share critical information without risking the security of this information. A secure and reliable data transfer platform ensures visibility across core business processes and provides compliant transfer of sensitive data between partners, customers, users and systems.   Progress MOVEit 2021 makes it easy for users to safely transfer data and collaborate with each other—all while improving business scalability and minimising IT burden. New security enhancements in MOVEit 2021 include: - Data Encryption Key Rotation – MOVEit 2021 enables security administrators to automatically rotate data encryption keys, as well as schedule, pause, restart and report upon data encryption key status.   - IP/Username Lockout Mechanism -- MOVEit Automation administrators can now set automatic lockouts for users or IP addresses that fail login attempts too many times, providing an additional layer of security often required by larger organisations and enterprises.   - Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Support for the Desktop MOVEit Client – New MFA support for the MOVEit desktop client means better security at every access point of an organisation’s network.  MOVEit 2021 also gives customers new features for easier implementation and enhanced integrations, including: - S3 Compatible Host Support – MOVEit Automation administrators can now create hosts for third-party storage solutions that use Amazon’s S3 protocol. This expands the variety of storage locations available for hybrid cloud workflows.  - HTML Email Notifications – MOVEit Automation automatically generated emails can now be formatted in HTML as well as plain text. This includes support for links, fonts, bullets, tables, macros and more. These changes make it easier for users to customise and validate email notifications. - Branded Emails – Email notifications generated by MOVEit Transfer can now include the branding or logo associated with a user interface, helping recipients recognise email notifications as being trustworthy.   - Updated User Interface for Advanced Task Configuration – UI improvements to the Advanced Task Configuration Interface make the web-based tool easier to use and improve productivity when creating workflows—all without needing to download and install a client application.  - REST API Enhancements – A wide variety of REST API enhancements have been added to MOVEit, giving users far more options for integrating with third party systems and automating workflows.   “As the economy becomes increasingly digital, the growing cyber threat is outpacing most companies’ ability to manage it effectively,” said John Ainsworth, SVP, Core Products, Progress. “With more than half of the new security, usability, and integration enhancements in MOVEit 2021 developed in response to changing market dynamics, we are committed to helping our customers keep their critical information safe.” Progress MOVEit 2021 is available today. For more information, click here or attend the MOVEit 2021 release webinar on May 25 at 2:00 p.m. ET. Register for the event here.     Additional Resources ·         Follow Progress on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn ·         Read the Progress blog   About Progress Progress (NASDAQ: PRGS) provides the best products to develop, deploy and manage high-impact business applications. Our comprehensive product stack is designed to make technology teams more productive, and we have a deep commitment to the developer community, both open source and commercial alike. With Progress, organiaations can accelerate the creation and delivery of strategic business applications, automate the process by which apps are configured, deployed and scaled, and make critical data and content more accessible and secure - leading to competitive differentiation and business success. Over 1,700 independent software vendors, 100,000+ enterprise customers, and a three-million-strong developer community rely on Progress to power their applications. Learn about Progress at or +1-800-477-6473.   ###   Progress and MOVEit are trademarks or registered trademarks of Progress Software Corporation and/or one of its subsidiaries or affiliates in the US and other countries. Any other trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.     MOORE AUSTRALIA WELCOMES RED-TAPE REDUCTIONS IN 2021-2022 BUDGET 2021-05-12T08:27:14Z moore-australia-welcomes-red-tape-reductions-in-2021-2022-budget Moore Australia, today published its summary and evaluation report of the federal budget, handed down on 11 May 2021. The report discusses the key points of the new federal budget, and what it means for consumers and businesses in Australia. SMEs and consumers are clear winners in this new budget, which focusses heavily on simplifying deductions and supporting industries hit hardest by COVID. Davide Costanzo, Chairman of the Moore Australia Tax Committee commented: “It is great to see the simplification and extension of a number of measures. We look forward to these being implemented in due course. Many businesses and people don’t make the most of the grants and deductions available to them. We feel this budget is geared to supporting those people, taking a step forward to simplifying tax time.” CONSUMERS: Consumers come out strong with this budget, due to a myriad of changes to Super and Personal Taxation. These are all documented in our report. Moore Australia is pleased to see a modernisation of tax residency rules, which often causes confusion for investors, citizens and residents who are “globally mobile”. Although it was not mentioned when the changes will come into effect, it will greatly simplify the previously detailed analysis required to determine whether an individual is resident for tax purposes. BUSINESSES: (A full list of changes and opinions is available in our report)The budget lists a number of changes to businesses, a key change being amendments to the way in which tax payers assess the effective life of certain intangible assets and the extension of the temporary full expensing provisions. Although Moore Australia welcomes these changes, we feel they could have gone further. Davide Costanzo comments: “Currently, most taxpayers are afforded a choice to opt-in and opt-out of the full expensing provisions on an asset by asset basis. However, many small business taxpayers who use the simplified depreciation rules (i.e. small business pool) do not have access to the choice and may be disadvantaged by these provisions. It seems the Government has not “fixed” this issue for affected small business taxpayers who will be required to claim a full deduction on their eligible assets including the full value of their small business pool balance at the end of each year whilst these provisions are in place.”The budget further offers reprieve for certain SMEs and entrepreneurs. Davide Costanzo commented: “The ATO has significant powers in relation to debt collection, including issuing garnishee notices to taxpayers, which can have a crippling impact on businesses. These changes are a positive step to address the imbalance and give businesses momentary respite whilst dealing with the ATO dispute as the AAT will be able to pause the debt recovery actions until the dispute has been resolved by the AAT. By dealing with these matters within the AAT, small businesses will have a more economical option to dispute ATO debts.”Following the insecurities of the past year, the budget offers support to individuals and businesses who will need it the most, driving consumer and investor confidence, whilst supporting economic growth. -- Ends--Notes to Editors:Moore Australia has expert spokes people available, across the country to support members of the media with any questions regarding the budget. Please direct your questions to our media contact below. McDonald Inc. Launches To Push Boundaries Of Women Leadership Globally — Through Sustainable Change 2021-05-12T08:03:37Z mcdonald-inc-launches-to-push-boundaries-of-women-leadership-globally-through-sustainable-change An emerging organisation with a purposeful mission to ambitiously set about the business of getting women back into work, leadership positions, and entrepreneurship. Leading 1 million women with the courage to step in, step up, and start up.     Barriers to entry in male-dominated fields have reached unprecedented high levels to the detriment of women in the past. At present, the positive movement for female representation in leadership positions, entrepreneurship, and in the workplace gathering momentum comes as a welcome relief. But while this cultural progress may signal a paradigm shift, it is of little or no significance without societal frameworks to give expression to this progressive wave that is catching up with modern societies.    McDonald Inc. is one of such societal frameworks innovated to champion the cause for women by paving ways for women inclusion in male-dominated spaces, through empowerment and education. Women who find themselves in these positions in their careers and would love to transition seamlessly into entrepreneurship and become business owners and founders are given all the enlightenment they need.  This is made possible through the Executive Pivot program under the auspices of McDonald Inc.   “The inception of this organisation could not have come sooner given the purposeful and meaningful impact that our operations are bound to foster for potential women leaders,” said CEO and Founder of McDonald Inc., Sonia McDonald. “By harnessing the power of innovative thinking and approaches driven by entrepreneurial insight, savvy and altruistic concern for women’s welfare, all major stakeholders including us, the people we work with, and young and emerging leaders are unto a seismic shift in the world of women globally.”   Unwaveringly devoted to helping women achieve that good-to-great transformation they desire, McDonald Inc. boasts a membership platform that fosters camaraderie with flexible membership options. From extensive tools to resources, hacks, courses, programs, and information, McDonald Inc. demonstrates savvy and rock-solid dedication in empowering women to become courageous, authentic, and kind leaders in their careers, and lives.   In a recent interview with Sonia, she enthused: “These are exciting times for us. There has never been a more critical need and urgency for a company such as McDonald Inc. to provide strategies and programs that help women, communities and companies with end-to-end solutions helping women back into the workforce, get that seat at the leadership table, and become owners and founders of fantastic businesses.”   A renowned speaker, Sonia evidently ‘walks the talk’ as far as her oft-referenced lectures on inclusionary leadership go with McDonald Inc. allowing for strategic tie-ups and collaborations with corporates to provide them with impactful leadership programs.   These collaborations set the tone for an increased focus on women’s development and recruitment in the corporate space, the result of which yields high representation in leadership positions and on boards, improved women participation, and retention rates. 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