The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-09-16T08:00:58Z Hickory’s Heroes Press Release 2019-09-16T08:00:58Z hickory-s-heroes-press-release The Hickory Group will donate $75,000 per year over the next three years to a Complex Colorectal Service (CCS) in the Royal Children’s Hospital. The CCS has been established to support families and patients with complex gastrointestinal and colorectal conditions.   The Complex Colorectal Service (CCS) is a program that connects families with dedicated gastrointestinal and colorectal specialists. This care hub coordinates families with relevant services and professionals, around the clock.   The CCS will allow parents to call a dedicated specialist who is familiar with their child’s condition at any time of the day or night. This specialist will then be able to coordinate and connect the caller with the appropriate services and care.      The Hickory Group hopes that the establishment of the CCS will help to remove the stigma attached to colorectal conditions and connect families with the vital resources they need. The program will provide extensive care and research for patients and will strive to give parents a sense of normality and control.   The Hickory Group is a company based on innovation and empowerment. We are constantly looking for ways to give back to the community. The Hickory Group was founded on strong family values that continue to inform and form the basis of our community contributions. We have a rich history of community engagement and continue to sponsor a range of educational and social causes throughout the country.   The Hickory’s Heroes program champions programs and services that align with our innovation and empowerment principles. The Hickory Group is committed to facilitating innovative medical practices that improve the outcome of patients suffering from gastrointestinal and colorectal conditions.   We believe the CCS service will provide invaluable support and empowerment to the families and patients battling gastrointestinal conditions. As a family business, Hickory Group is honoured to support families at the Royal Children’s Hospital.   Colorectal Surgeon, Associate Professor Sebastian King believes Hickory’s contribution will help shine a light on the impact of colorectal conditions. He says that although “there is a lot of stigma” associated with colorectal conditions, “backing from a highly respected and established organisation, like Hickory Group will help families and patients and give community support in a way that hasn’t been felt before.   Hickory representatives recently visited the Royal Children’s Hospital and were introduced to the families and patients the CCS would assist. This gave them the opportunity to see, first hand, the positive impact a 24-hour nurse and specialised facilities would have on the quality of life for both patients and their families.   The Hickory Group is proud to continue to facilitate innovation and empowerment throughout the community. We remain dedicated to supporting the Royal Children’s Hospital in providing transformative patient and family services and care. We will continue to honour our social responsibility to make a lasting difference in the community.   We look forward to witnessing the positive long-term impact the CCS has on patients and families dealing with gastrointestinal and colorectal conditions.  Please constct us on: What do you get on the platform of custom home builders? 2019-09-14T06:02:11Z what-do-you-get-on-the-platform-of-custom-home-builders Next to building new and fully furnished homes performed by custom home builders in Adelaide; and have created a platform of a home renovation or home remodelling and general contractors. A custom home is a kind of place that is specifically designed for a special customer. Even the home builders Adelaide; used to crated professional home designer with certain instruction about their desire. Production has home builders is in contrast to custom home builders who use stock plans but offer numerous choices for plans. They also offer services for upgrades. Specification structure construction Many facts about constructing a custom house will see the builders assemble the building on the clients own land. It is easier for the builders to construct a building on lands because they are previously prepared for the plan to be started. Custom home builders Adelaide can help to build a house for you that suit blueprints and will live up to high standards. Create a unique set of plan A new house is designed for a particular custom and a specific land. An architect, a team in a firm or a licensed house designer, draw up the plans for the house. Acquiring a new place to live, customers are presented with the possibility to change and control accessibility issues, size of the lot and the design. A unique set of the plan will be created with the specification of the consumer in mind. The platform of architects does their part for the building business to give the customer the product they are paying for. Thus many companies offer service that involves designing as well as building. Proper communication is required Make sure custom home builder automatically clans away this debris before waterproofing foundation walls. Even they can assist their home builders’ contractors by proving them with a group of photographs from different causes like magazines or newspapers. Besides, a promote decision can be made if proper communication is maintained between a custom home builder and their client. Even custom constructors aloe to pick the favourable size and preferable design of the rooms along with the layout of the room and other facilities. Having a customer builders home will mean that the owner should have control over the style, layout, materials and appliances of the house. With proper communication between a custom home builder and their client, the deadline can be maintained quite easily. Closure of the buzz Environmental specialist; through this knowledge, the custom builders Adelaide has all the qualities that help to fetch a home which is customized. The work they provide innovatively and top-class. The home builders Adelaide have the experience and knowledge surrounding home construction- knows high-quality materials for a valuable construction. On another platform, custom home is designed for specific customers and on a specific location. Get on the platform of expert home designers and architects. Even association offer effective home plans for the customers. DBOS Brings the Joy of Clean Water to Beton 2019-09-12T01:51:56Z dbos-brings-the-joy-of-clean-water-to-beton DBOS believes in the value of exercising our corporate shared responsibility. We understand the impact it could make to our people, the company, and everyone outside of it. Giving back to the communities and encouraging our staff to do the same has been a regular practise since the company started. Not only it gives our employees a sense of meaning, but also the feeling that they are contributing, not just to their organisation but also to the communities outside of it. It also makes them better colleagues with a more attuned sense of empathy and understanding toward others. Our CEO and Founder, Jacqui Miller always make sure that the company’s anniversary celebration includes a charity event or any form of giving back to the people. She empowers and encourages her people to practise giving back — it is a vital part of how she operates a business. To celebrate the 4 fruitful years of DBOS in the business, we aim to pursue our corporate shared responsibility with a bigger range. Just when we were looking for the right moment to do so, WWF-Philippines reached out to us and presented the “Let’s Bring Water to Beton” project which aims to build two rainwater collecting tanks to suffice the resident’s need for clean water. After careful deliberation and planning, finally, on May 6, 2019, Dynamic Business Outsourcing Solutions and WWF-Philippines officially launched the “Let’s Bring Water to Beton” fundraising project. The Fundraising Raising the funds for the two (2) rainwater tanks amounting to PHP100,000 was not easy. With 3 months on our hands, numerous ideas came to mind to fulfil the total cost. Together with our think tanks, we came up with a fundraising competition for the staff by selling WWF notebooks and raffle tickets – that comes with a chance to win a 32″-inch smart TV. Extending our efforts, we also set up a gofundme campaign to reach the international audience, which in the end, we raised a total of $935. It is caused by the endless support and cooperation of all staff, their families, friends, and the clients, that we raised a huge amount of donations, with DBOS filling up the remaining balance. And after 3 months of a collective effort from everyone, the official fundraising activity successfully concluded on August 17. The Awarding of Donation/Top Fundraisers On the same day, after the DBOS annual sports fest, a simple handing over ceremony was held. The full amount of PHP100,000 for building the two rainwater tanks was handed over to the representatives of WWF-Philippines. Representatives of WWF-Philippines receiving the PHP100,000 cheque from DBOS.Still, with high spirits from the recent sports activities, the staff of DBOS gathered around to hear the message of appreciation from WWF-Philippines. To further express their gratitude for making the project possible, they brought special gift sets for the top 3 fundraisers. The top 3 fundraisers from DBOS with the representatives of WWF-Philippines.On the same event, the lucky winner of a 32″-inch smart TV was drawn and announced. (3rd from left) Maris Stella Miguel, the winner of the 32″-inch Smart TV with her family.Jean Geraldine Gatus, the top DBOS fundraiser gathered a total of PHP11,760 by selling the notebooks and raffle tickets also won the all-expenses-paid special trip to Beton for 3 days and 2 nights. She was set to experience the life of the locals, as well as take part in the construction of the rainwater tanks. The DBOS Team Goes to Beton Less than a month after the fundraising event, the DBOS team, together with a WWF representative, was set to visit the island of Beton. On the morning of September 6, their 1-hour flight was bound to Puerto Princesa. From the airport, they travelled 4 hours by land to mainland Taytay. After that, another 5-minute tricycle ride to the port. From there, a final 40-minute boat ride to the island of Icadambanaua sailed to where Barangay Beton is located. From afar, the first thing that you’ll notice is the vibrant-coloured fishing boats that were carefully lined up on the coast of the island. Those are owned by the residents of Beton as they rely on fishing alone to feed their families and also as a source of income. But, some of them farm sea cucumbers and sell it on the mainland for additional profit. Living in Beton appears to be quite simple when you look on the outside. However, diving deeper in the community will give you a better insight into how the people get by every single day. As we live with the locals for 3 days and 2 nights, we learned that the electricity only reached their island just before Christmas last year. But, it is not a 24-hour supply yet. They only have at least 8 hours of electric consumption every day that lasts from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm. But it is a good thing that they were given solar lamps to light up their houses from the wee of the night until the morning comes. Electricity is one thing, but their major problem is the stable and cleaner source of potable water. Households in Beton has no faucets. On this modern day and age, the lack of a stable water source is a battle that they continue to face every day. Fetching water from the well on the mountain is a routine for most of the residents. However, the water on the well is still undrinkable. They only use it for cleaning their toilets, the school, and watering the plants. As for the clean water for bathing, drinking, and toothbrushing, they have no other choice but to get it from the mainland which requires an hour and 20 minutes to go back and forth. The Rainwater Collecting Tanks To provide the community with easier and cleaner access to drinking water, the DBOS fundraising project in partnership with WWF-Philippines made it possible to build two rainwater collecting tanks for people of Beton. Each water tank costs around PHP50,000 including the labour and materials needed. One rainwater collecting tank is expected to store 3,000 litres or 15 drums of water which when multiplied twice is just enough supply for the community to use during the dry season. The construction of the rainwater tanks started on September 2 and was completed on September 9, under the supervision of Geoffrey Aidula, WWF’s community coordinator for the “Let’s Bring Water to Beton” project. With his help, some of the residents of Beton skillfully learned how to build, clean, and maintain the rainwater tanks. The skillset that they’ve earned could also be another source of income for them. According to him, the rainwater tanks will last for at least a decade, guaranteed that it is well taken care of. He also mentioned how these rainwater tanks would hugely impact the community’s shortage of clean water. The Beton Elementary School Aside from the households as major beneficiaries of clean water from the tanks are the children of Beton Elementary School. Before the rainwater tanks, the students are required to bring at least one litre of water every day to school for flushing their toilets. To comply, the kids went as far as daily going up the mountains to fetch water on the well. And although they are used to this routine, the risk of an accident is still unforeseen. Now, one of the rainwater tanks is strategically placed at the back of the school and is connected to the faucets for the school’s handwashing program. The school’s headteacher, Mr Ricknel Herman is planning to implement better hygiene programs for the students. One of those is to teach the kids how to properly wash their hands. Also, on behalf of their school, he did not forget to extend his grateful heart to DBOS and WWF for helping their community. Beton Elementary School adorns their small community as it occupies the centre of the island. The colourfully painted tires which were used as decorations and the clean school grounds bring life to the remote island. Also surrounded by luscious greenery, the students get to enjoy the serenity of their environment and focus on learning. When the current is strong, some of them needs to walk through the mountains to reach the school and attend their classes. However, when it rains, most parents don’t allow their kids to go to school because the mountain becomes slippery which is risky for them. Nonetheless, the students of Beton Elementary School appreciate the opportunity of getting a good education. Their lack of proper school uniforms and shoes does not affect their willingness to learn. Takeaway Witnessing and experiencing the life of the residents is a lesson learned a motivation to continue the meaningful practice of the corporate shared responsibility. Not only it is fulfilling to do so, but just imagine how many lives you’ll get to touch by being a part of a collective effort like such. So in behalf of the whole DBOS family, we would like to send our utmost gratitude to Barangay Beton for the warm welcome to our team and we are very much happy to be of service to the community. And even if the project has already been concluded, Barangay Beton is surely a place we’ll never forget. Keith Hay Homes offer house and land packages across NZ 2019-09-12T01:46:32Z keith-hay-homes-offer-house-and-land-packages-across-nz Keith Hay Homes have house and land packages across the country. We’re a New Zealand owned and operated business and support communities throughout New Zealand. We use locally sourced products - no cheap imported imitations. Our motto is success through satisfied customers and to date we have more than 22,000 happy customers to our credit. Our team are friendly, knowledgeable and happy to help.  We put our customers first. With branches in Christchurch, Bulls, Te Puke, Hamilton, Drury, Henderson, Warkworth and Whangarei, we can put together packages for those looking to sell sections throughout the country. View our current listings HERE Contact your local branch to arrange a house and land package today! Enhance your sense of wellbeing with this solar-powered Buddha - he looks great by day and spectacular by night! 2019-09-10T06:30:10Z enhance-your-sense-of-wellbeing-with-this-solar-powered-buddha-he-looks-great-by-day-and-spectacular-by-night Dear xx We could all use a little peace and serenity in our busy lives. So let our Solar Buddha Statue be your inspiration. Ideal as either a decor piece indoors or for creating a sense of tranquility in the garden. If you place him outdoors during the day, the solar panel will charge the rechargeable Ni-MH battery so that, by night, the 5 LEDs around the Buddha illuminate automatically. The perfect reminder to stop, take a deep breath and enjoy your surroundings. Once installed, all that is left to do is sit back and enjoy the ambience. High-res images available to download here Automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn. Up to 8 hours of light each night when fully charged. Rechargeable, replaceable Ni-MH batteries 2x AA 1.2v 600mAh No wiring, simply install and enjoy. No operating costs. For more information visit: E-tailer Klika Group Triples Its Warehouse Space As Online Retail Booms 2019-09-09T22:29:17Z e-tailer-klika-group-triples-its-warehouse-space-as-online-retail-booms Melbourne, VIC, Release :  September 10, 2019. For Immediate Release Australian e-tailer Klika Group, has leased the largest existing industrial facility in south east Melbourne this year in another sign of strong growth in online retail.  The property at 41-51 Mills Road, Braeside is owned by ARA Australia and comprises circa 17,000 square metres of warehousing and 1,000 square metres of office and showroom space. Klika has announced that it will serve as its global headquarters complemented by its satellite offices in China and Philippines.  Leo Zaitsev, Klika’s Director of Operations, said “we have experienced strong year on year growth, albeit it has been constrained by the space we have been operating in and consequently we had to restrain our expansion plans. The move to these new premises means that we can really put our growth strategies into action and further expand our product categories and offering. We have spent a considerable time locating a suitable facility which would accommodate our expansion and be easily accessible to our staff, customers and pool of carriers”. The move is one of many success stories for Klika Group following its recent announcement of the launch of its fourth online platform,, targeting the fitness enthusiasts. In a deal negotiated by CBRE on behalf of ARA Australia, the property offers modern, open plan design facility with high clearance and provides strong transport links to major arterial roads which provide access to major freeways, including Eastlink, Monash Freeway and Springvale Road.  “We’re very pleased to welcome Klika onboard as a new tenant – their long term commitment to the Braeside warehouse reflects the quality and attractive location of this particular property, which is a key strategic asset within our broader $420-million industrial portfolio,” said Rohan Neville, Head of Asset Management.  “The property is well located, set to benefit from the Mordialloc Bypass, enabling even better service capabilities to Greater Melbourne and, in particular, Melbourne’s most-populous South East.  We look forward to supporting Klika’s ongoing growth.”  David Aiello, Senior Director, Industrial and Logistics, South East Melbourne, CBRE, said “this is a significant transaction for the south east in what has otherwise been a softer leasing market in 2019. The 17,922sqm deal is the largest lease on an existing facility this year - at a time when current vacancy for buildings greater than 4,000sqm is just 1.5% in the south east. The Klika commitment also reaffirms the impact e-commerce is having on Melbourne’s industrial sector more generally - which together with our strong population growth - are the two most influential factors underpinning its robust performance”.  The Klika e-commerce group operates a hybrid business model with significant online market share across household product categories, selling its private label brands through its own platforms (,, and and across most major Australian and New Zealand online marketplaces.   “We are continuously growing our private label offering and with the 30% growth in sales we have been experiencing over the preceding years and now with the added benefit of these larger premises, we are well positioned to take advantage of the forecasted growth in the e-commerce sector”, Zaitsev said.  About Klika Group ( Founded in 2005, Australian owned and operated, Klika Group has a unique hybrid online retail and e-wholesale business model, offering for sale directly to consumers more than 19,000 products via platform and supplying products from its 20 private labels such as Kahuna Trampolines, PowerTrain Fitness, Sarantino Furniture, Wallaroo outdoor equipment, Kolner,  Yukon Trade, to name a few. Klika’s wide product range is also available across all the main online marketplaces in Australia. Awarded as Top 20 Online Retailers in the country, in addition to Power Retail Top 100 Retailers list, Klika differentiates itself in the online retail space by supplying a diverse range of products with a focus on bulky profile categories and a true omni-channel presence with phone sales and a physical store operating 7 days a week at its new 17,922sqm sqm central facility in Braeside Melbourne. The group is supported by two satellite offices in China and the Philippines. About CBRE( ) CBRE Group, Inc. (NYSE:CBRE), a Fortune 500 and S&P 500 company headquartered in Los Angeles, is the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm (based on 2018 revenue). The company has more than 90,000 employees (excluding affiliates), and serves real estate investors and occupiers through approximately 480 offices (excluding affiliates) worldwide. CBRE offers a broad range of integrated services, including facilities, transaction and project management; property management; investment management; appraisal and valuation; property leasing; strategic consulting; property sales; mortgage services and development services. Please visit our website at About ARA Australia ( ) ARA Asset Management Limited is a premier global integrated real assets fund manager. As at 31 December 2018, the Gross Assets Managed by ARA Group and its Associates is approximately S$80.1 billion across over 100 cities in 23 countries. Driven by a vision to be the best-in-class real assets fund management company, ARA Group and its Associates’ businesses include REITs, Private real estate funds, Country desks, Infrastructure and Real estate management services. For more information, please visit   -ENDS- Unitec launches environmental research centre with ground-breaking asbestos project 2019-09-09T20:18:02Z unitec-launches-environmental-research-centre-with-ground-breaking-asbestos-project A ground-breaking research project focused on protecting people and other living species from the dangers of asbestos has been announced as the inaugural project for Unitec’s newly-launched Environmental Solutions Research Centre (ESRC). The research project, which will examine the treatment of asbestos-contaminated waste, will be overseen by ESRC Director Dr Terri-Ann Berry, an environmental scientist and senior lecturer at Unitec’s School of Engineering and Applied Technology.  Her team, in collaboration with universities in Australia and the US, will evaluate the effectiveness of using natural micro-organisms (including fungi) to degrade asbestos fibres and potentially remove their cancer-causing elements.    Dr Berry will be working with a transdisciplinary group of staff from across Unitec at the ESRC – the first of its kind in New Zealand -- as well as groups of industry and tertiary institute partners, many of whom are investing resources in the centre.   “Sustainability challenges in New Zealand and throughout the rest of the world require new ways of research and innovation,” said Dr Berry.  “By working on such complex and multi-generational challenges as asbestos-contaminated soil, the Research Centre will foster transdisciplinary industry- engaged research to tackle waste and pollution challenges and, as a result, impact how businesses can work together to resolve critical, shared challenges.”  The ESRC will partner chemists, biologists, engineers, epidemiologists, geographers and building and construction experts with industry experts from various fields such as waste management and minimisation, air quality, wastewater treatment and civil engineering.   “The partnerships are testimony to Unitec’s commitment to developing industry and community-connected staff and enhancing our student’s learning experience,” added Dr Berry. Chemcare, a New Zealand company licensed to safely remove and dispose of asbestos materials, is the first private sector company to partner on the asbestos project.  The Ministry for the Environment's Waste Minimisation Fund has contributed a grant of $394,000 towards the project. Funding was approved by Associate Minister for the Environment Eugenie Sage. Asbestos-related conditions remain the greatest workplace killer in New Zealand, estimated to be around 170 deaths a year.  For decades, asbestos (a fibrous mineral) was valued for its ability to strengthen building materials, provide insulation and fire resistance.  But since 2000, following deeper understanding of the dangers of inhaling microscopic asbestos fibres, further inclusion of asbestos in any construction materials has been banned. Nevertheless, many millions of tonnes of materials containing asbestos still exist in building and civil construction sites throughout the country. Establishing how the cancer-causing elements of asbestos can be removed will enable areas of contaminated land where fibres have been released and mixed in with ground matter, to be made safe once again. David Serville, managing director of Chemcare, says the Unitec research will have global significance. “Every nation is starting to address how it can remove and safely dispose of asbestos materials. Unitec’s research has the potential to clean vast areas of contaminated ground by natural means and we understand how significant this work is for the world,” he said. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Receives the 2019 Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customer Award 2019-09-02T07:17:07Z mitsubishi-heavy-industries-receives-the-2019-canstar-blue-most-satisfied-customer-award Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia, PTY. LTD. (MHIAA) have done it again! As one of the country’s most trusted brands by consumers, MHIAA has scooped up the 2019 Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customer Award in the 2019 Air Conditioners category. This accolade follows the announcement of MHIAA winning CHOICE’s Best Brand award in late 2018 as well as their AvantiPLUS® split system receiving the Gold Good Design Award in July this year. As Australia’s most trusted comparison website, Canstar Blue was born out of the prominent Canstar brand in 2010 and is focused on consumer goods across 150-plus categories. The findings are based on independent, professional customer satisfaction research and ratings as well as in-house expert research and ratings. Receiving 5-stars for overall satisfaction, functionality, reliability, quietness and 4-stars for ease of use and value for money, MHIAA was the only brand in the Air Conditioners category to receive five stars for four out of the six categories. Scoring was based on wall mounted split system AC units as well as ducted AC units. This latest award, in conjunction with previous honours, both nationally and internally, reflects the brands continued commitment to delivering, quiet yet high performing air-conditioning solutions for Aussie homes and strengthens the brand’s image as a reliable supplier of heating and cooling solutions within the Australian market. Managing Director for MHIAA, Mr. Yuji Ito says that receiving this accolade cements its commitment to quality, technology and customer service. “As a customer-centric organisation, we are honoured to have received this Canstar Blue award. At MHIAA, we pride ourselves on delivering on our promises to deliver premium products to the market and giving consumers exactly what they need.” As a brand built to outlast and outperform, Mr Ito says that beyond quality, MHIAA is dedicated to ensuring our service stands out. “At MHIAA, we believe in creating long-lasting relationships with our customers. From finding the perfect AC unit, to installation and services throughout its lifetime, by investing in our service support, we ensure that our superior products are backed by service excellence.” “At Mitsubishi Heavy Industries we are committed to ensuring that our products are designed and developed in-line with both international standards and the Australian consumers as top-of-mind. We’d like to thank Canstar Blue and Australian consumers for their recognition and belief in our brand as it demonstrates our ongoing commitment to delivering the best products to the Australian Market.” concludes Mr Ito. Adrian Ramsay Design House studio named National Finalists in the Building Designer Association Australia national awards 2019-09-02T01:14:54Z adrian-ramsay-design-house-studio-named-national-finalists-in-the-building-designer-association-australia-national-awards Adrian Ramsay Design House studio can announce with pride that they have been named National Finalists in the Building Designer Association Australia national awards. At the urging of clients seeking recognition for the homes they love, which the firm designed, the Adrian Ramsay Design House Studio has this year entered the awards for the first time. Since opening 19 years ago, the company has not put themselves forward for consideration for such an honour.   With more than 20 years’ background in house design, the Studio’s philosophy has always been that it is a humbling experience to be chosen to design a home.  “The weight of responsibility of delivering a dream to a client that they will live in is always present,” said studio founder and namesake Adrian Ramsay.  Adrian has worked across many design styles, from Georgian to tropical lightweight homes; and in as far-flung locations as the United Kingdom, to India, New Zealand and Australia. Adrian has developed through such diversity a deep understanding of design and how it forms an emotional connection between its occupants and the world around them.  “No two projects are alike,” says Adrian, “as are no two clients.”   The homes entered into the BDAA Awards are both on the Sunshine Coast, where Adrian’s Studio is situated. One is nestled on the top of Buderim, while the other is situated on the side of the hill at Sunrise Beach. At Buderim, the brief was to create an ample studio space for exercise, wellness and games, including an indoor flow pool. The building had to fit into the site in front of the home and reflect the architectural style of the existing structures on the property. This was achieved with a unique structure that delivers high function and aesthetics while blending in the environment and delivering on the brief. In Sunrise Beach the brief was to take an ‘ugly duckling’ of a home from the 70s and bring it into the future, while maximising the effect of the open-pitched ceilings, increase the size of the home to accommodate for the growing family, plus the addition of a new entry, games room and outdoor living over a new garage, plus a granny flat.  This all had to be achieved on a realistic budget and be staged in construction so that the family could stay in the home while building took place. Needless to say, it was met with a blissfully happy client and proudly satisfied Adrian Ramsay.  The awards will be announced on 7 September 2019; the firm is crossing its collective fingers for everyone involved. Visit for more information. Network Pacific Strata Management achieves an important award nomination for Industry Excellence 2019-08-30T08:31:50Z network-pacific-strata-management-achieves-an-important-award-nomination-for-industry-excellence-2 The Australian based owners corporation management company, Network Pacific Strata Management, has been nominated for The Urban Developer’s Awards for Industry Excellence in the Excellence in Commercial Innovation category. This Award recognises the best of urban development from across Australia and New Zealand. The Urban Developer is Australia’s largest community of property professionals.   According to Stephen Briffa, Managing Director of Network Pacific, “Innovation is one of our core values and we are always going above and beyond to meet our client’s needs and the challenges of the industry”.Network Pacific Group achieved over twelve nominations for excellence awards in the first half of 2019 and won an important national award early this year.  Tina Di Camillo, General Legal Counsel of the Group, says “industry recognition is very important. It means our team's efforts are recognised. This motivates our staff, and as we know, motivation is a key element for creativity, and creativity leads to further innovation". The winners of The Urban Developer's Awards for Industry Excellence will be announced at a Gala Dinner at Howard Smith Wharves in Brisbane on 23 October 2019. New Premium Affordable Carports Available from Trueline 2019-08-29T23:51:31Z new-premium-affordable-carports-available-from-trueline Outdoor spaces designers Trueline have launched a new high quality carport range.  With the new range customers can enjoy the peace of mind that only comes with an industry leading carport builder, for a fraction of the price. The new range of high-quality affordable carports is now ready to be designed and built to meet customised needs.  These carports will transform the way you live outdoors with a unique approach to outdoor space design. Trueline apply architectural thinking and technique to go beyond ordinary in crafting patio, pergola and carport structures of exceptional quality made only of the best Australian materials. The new carports are available in a range of designs, sizes and formats and there has never been a better time to build a quality Trueline carport for less. The Trueline team has been reviewing their product range, delivering exceptional customer service and crafting beautifully designed and functional living spaces to meet customer's needs. They have also been looking at ways to deliver more value to every single person who contacts us with a dream of adding a Trueline living space to their home. After listening to feedback and tirelessly working with their partners, they developed the new range of exceptionally high-quality carports at a pocket-friendly price. The new range is available in both Coolskin Aluminium and SunCool Insulated Roofing options, with a range of sizes from 18msq and options around freestanding or attached fixtures. The Premium Affordable Carports will provide clients valuable peace of mind without adding stress to their budget. Trueline has progressively evolved into a modern outdoor living company designing and building patio and carport projects for residential homes and multi-unit developments throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.  They use only the best Australian made materials built by their own skilled professionals with each stage of the process supervised by onsite project managers and a dedicated support team. Their patios and carports are engineered to the highest possible standards of quality and durability backed with genuine long life guarantees. For more information on outdoor roofing, carports, trueline patios and extensions and more, visit Allan Van Planning: Solutions for Traditional and Eco-Friendly Projects 2019-08-28T10:55:08Z allan-van-planning-solutions-for-traditional-and-eco-friendly-projects City councils and planning commissions are charged with purchasing properties and creating developments for commercial and community uses to housing projects and industrial development. Even though the projects may be desirable, city councils often encounter difficulties getting their projects approved and that’s where the services of Allen Van Planning can ensure the best outcomes for traditional and eco-friendly developments. Allan Van Planning has earned a reputation for accurate and honest consultations and advice that minimizes the risks on any type of project. The planning process is complicated, complex, and any project can encounter difficulties. The town planner Brisbane has more than 50 years of experience in navigating the rules, regulations and requirements of any project. Many communities are considering eco-friendly solutions in their urban developments and efforts to address the needs of burgeoning populations where people work, play and live. Allan Van Planning has extensive experience with traditional projects, along with green developments. The firm had developed exceptional working relationships with professionals throughout the industry and works closely with decision making authorities to achieve the best outcomes. The agency can assist with surveys, sub-dividing, show cause notices, changes to approvals, and pre-lodgement meetings. The key to successful planning is anticipating a wide variety of factors and variables, an area in which Allan Van Planning excels. As cities grow, planning becomes more complex. There are dozens of considerations involved with a new project from prevailing zoning and usage to the positioning of parking and street access for the finished development. The agency can help with feasibility studies, property purchases and planning reports. The many services provided by the boutique firm of Allan Van Planning have assisted dozens of city councils move forward on projects ranging from high-rises and subdivisions to commercial enterprises and industrial complexes to attain the best outcomes. The town planner Gold Coast is always available to answer questions, respond promptly to any issue that may arise, and smooth the way for new projects. Media Contact Allan Van Phone: 0418 312 724 Email: Daniel Ebert Phone: 0434 812 386 Email: 38 Park Road, Milton QLD 4064 Website: Construct the home of your dream on the platform of custom home builders Adelaide 2019-08-27T04:40:01Z construct-the-home-of-your-dream-on-the-platform-of-custom-home-builders-adelaide A stressful process is to build a house; they need to deal with complicated home builders, but as with everything, there is a process to it that can make things easier. One living new home, a custom home builders Adelaide will pose the first obstacle in the building project. Everyone needs to decide which type of house you will have to have constructed. The production builder and the custom builder. Most of the people look to add these items individually, which can drive the price up higher than the market value. Need to move with time as choosing best production for builders Adelaide, a home as a package with all of the application and upgrades included. Safety measurement should be performed while at the time of construction, a physical structure that genuinely works on the platform of professional in their field of building a home and different buildings. Get classic house design open to new home design On the platform of professional will counsel on with the different type of woods, countertop, or floors, would best compliment your place. Highest quality materials are used as the least for years to come; under the guidance of professionals. To construction models of the house, the builder required much different type of sizes, shapes. Builders Adelaide is trustful that the designer will get skilled workers that can make home best use of extra space. While look for a builder that is both knowledgeable in classic house design and open to new home designs. Home builders Adelaide will give a wide variety of tasty options, as they know the different classical style; best form is to choose a home builder that is updated with the latest top trends on home designs. Built on a specific plan Newly a trend is earth-friendly home designs, is able to understand that depending on need and want from the house. Adding full tips and suggestions without overriding client preferences.  A builder will build on the land that own and very few custom builders own the property they build on, but they are the minority. The most significant advantage for a builder they build custom and unique houses that are built to a specific plan that helps create. Build tend to be high- end home that cost more; lager building like an apartment. To get the best house built, have to look for a home builder Adelaide; which is able to make a house that may spend the rest of the life. The modes are often changed up with the time as the demand for customizations and upgrades to the home. Builders Adelaide help to updates offered as a part of a package adds onto the best model home for the customer to live happily. While custom home builder will be able to adjust the plans to specification before the final project for the home is set in stone. Market reports predict that the Chicago real estate property prices will continue to rise through 2019 2019-08-16T20:18:04Z market-reports-predict-that-the-chicago-real-estate-property-prices-will-continue-to-rise-through-2019 Chicago Real Estate Landscape 2019 has been an exciting year for growing market trends in Chicago and the surrounding areas.  Market reports predict that the Chicago real estate property prices will continue to rise through 2019. If you’re considering purchasing property in this growing market, you may want to purchase sooner rather than later to avoid increasing property prices and to secure the best available interest rate for you. Notably, we have experienced historically low interest rates in the last year.  Statistics have reported sales peaks in the Chicago real estate market in 2019 for monthly home sales (single family homes plus condos) showing a full recovery – already started in 2012 after the big bubble of 2006 - in the market. Sales activity seems to lead price changes by about one year. Also, by looking at that employment graph for the same period, it is notable that employment continued to improve after the peak in both home prices and sales activity. Now, employment is starting to approach the 2007/ 2008 peak.   However, When you purchase real estate, it’s critical to have a supportive and diligent legal team behind you to make sure every step of the way is properly addressed.       To better understand the legal aspects of  purchasing properties in Chicago and the metropolitan areas, Shawn Bolger Limited law firm has provided a general FAQ to address how the real estate purchase is structured:       Is It Necessary To Hire A Real Estate Attorney?   As a purchaser, you are not required to have an attorney represent you. However, it’s in your best interest to hire a real estate attorney. Purchasing a home or commercial property can have a tremendous impact on your finances and future goals. As a purchaser, you want to be certain that the contract that you’re signing is fair and represents your interests. An experienced real estate attorney will be able to guide you through the transaction process and ensure that your interests are represented.      When Do I Hire Your Firm?   When you begin looking at property, you can contact our firm to explain that you have begun your property search. Once there is an executed contract, meaning that the real estate contract has been signed by both the buyer and the seller, you can formally hire our firm.      What Needs to Be Done To Start The Legal Process?   The legal process begins with an executed contract. It’s very important that you or your real estate agent send us the real estate contract as soon as it’s signed by both parties. From there, our attorneys will begin the legal review of the contract. This process is called Attorney Review.      What Is Attorney Review?   Attorney Review is a contractual period that allows the attorneys to make modifications and or clarifications to the contract after we counsel you through any material revisions that need to be addressed. This period allows either the purchaser or seller  to cancel for any other reason other than the purchase price. So, it’s crucial that this review period is closed efficiently and timely. If you are completing an inspection on the subject property, and you are seeking material repairs to be rectified by the seller, then we will include your inspection repair requests in the attorney modification letter.      What Is the Earnest Money Deposit?   The earnest money is a deposit to the seller which supports the buyer’s good faith in preforming the executed contract. The real estate contract will specify when the earnest money needs to be delivered and whether the brokerage, law firm, or title company will hold the earnest money deposit. The earnest money deposit will be credited towards the purchase price.      What If I Cannot Get Approved For Lender Financing?   There are very specific financing contingencies that protect you from being liable on the contract if you are not able to obtain lender financing. Our firm can help ensure that you fall within these contingencies. If you cannot obtain lender financing under normal circumstances, then an attorney will follow through with all the required steps to ensure that the contract is canceled, and your earnest money deposit is released back to you. Do you want to have more details about this topic? Please visit The Blog of Shawn Bolger Ltd Keith Hay Homes 2019-08-16T02:49:34Z keith-hay-homes Keith Hay Homes is the leading specialist of prefabricated,transportable homes in New Zealand. Founded in 1938 by the late Keith Hay at the age of 21, and built on a solid foundation of hard work, integrity, honesty and innovation. After 80 years, Keith Hay Homes is still going strong and aims to continue shaping the future of New Zealand’s transportable home building industry. When you build with Keith Hay Homes, you can be sure that your investment is safe. Keith Hay Homes is a 100% New Zealand family owned and operated nationwide company, and all prefabricated homes are backed by a Managing Directors Personal Guarantee. With more than 80 years of experience and over 22,000 satisfied customers you can trust Keith Hay Homes to deliver. At Keith Hay Homes there is a house plan suited to your needs; whether you are looking for a family home, investment property, holiday home or farm accommodation. Our friendly and experienced Home Consultants will work with you to bring your ideas to life and make the process of building your home easy, hassle-free and within your agreed budget and time frame. We even have pre-built homes at our nationwide branches ready for delivery right now.