The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-06-03T02:25:21Z Post pandemic challenges and opportunities ahead for planners & accountants 2020-06-03T02:25:21Z post-pandemic-challenges-and-opportunities-ahead-for-planners-amp-accountants The stresses and challenges of the preceding months dealing with the fallout from the coronavirus literally tested to breaking point the businesses of accountants and financial planners – but it also demonstrated the resilience, expertise and entrepreneurship of these professional advice practitioners.   However, as calm continues to return and health restrictions eased, accountants and planners should be harnessing the momentum of the pandemic to position their businesses to capitalise on post coronavirus opportunities – of which there will be plenty – but it won’t be easy!   First of all, the clock is ticking to a looming deluge of enquiries from concerned clients when the various government stimulus packages and goodwill of financial institutions, utilities, etc end in September.   Not only do accountants and planners need to prepare for this eventuality, they must do so while simultaneously future proofing their businesses to stay relevant beyond the aftereffects of the virus.    This requires re-evaluating what’s important, where value lies and how this value and the highest standards of compliant client advisory services can be delivered more efficiently and effectively.   Time should be used to shape advisory practices by cementing the client at the centre of the universe and then integrating the appropriate technology and workflows; including upskilling key personnel and staff.   Establishing or reaffirming strategic alliances and partnerships will also be crucial with benefits for clients via more comprehensive service offerings.  For the advice business the benefits of alliances include fast tracking growth objectives and capitalising on marketing opportunities.   Reflecting on the lessons of the coronavirus so far, first of all it reaffirmed the need and value of accountants and planners as ‘trusted advisers’ when clients turned to them in unprecedented numbers for solace during the onset of the pandemic as share and property markets collapsed, jobs lost and once viable businesses forced to close.   Not only were accountants and planners required to respond to an avalanche of enquiries from fear-stricken clients; they had to also interpret and articulate government economic stimulus programs while simultaneously restructuring their businesses to operate remotely under strict health and safety guidelines.   This served to affirm that technology is an enabler and advisory businesses can still deliver professional advisory services – and that staff have the capacity to be flexible and manage workflows and administrative tasks both onsite and remotely.   But by far the greatest attributes were the past experiences of practice principals and staying positive and focussed on providing comfort and reassurance to clients and staff.    2020 was not the first economic downturn for the majority of accountants and planners.  In the past two decades alone, they guided clients through the Dot Com crash of 2000, September 11, 2002-03 market downturn, GFC, 2015-16 decline and now the pandemic.   Furthermore, history has repeatedly shown that every downturn is followed by growth and new opportunities.  The coronavirus pandemic demonstrated once again that accountants and planners have a unique marketplace advantage as the trusted advisers that clients turn to in times of stress.   Hence the urgent need for advice practitioners to act now and ensure their houses are in order and ready for the future by building on this position in the hearts and minds of their clients.   In closing, although the future will a positive environment for established businesses, unfortunately it will be a difficult one for new accountant and planner industry entrants that will struggle to open a practice and establish a foot hold.    Issued by Australian Wealth Solutions             Media enquiries:     Mr. Joe Perri, Joe Perri & Associates Pty Ltd Mob: +61 412 112 545       Email: Bitglass adds Australian local edge data centres 2020-06-02T23:31:47Z bitglass-adds-australian-local-edge-data-centres MELBOURNE, June 3, 2020. Bitglass, the next-gen cloud security company, has announced the introduction of local edge data centres in Melbourne and Perth. Edge data centres are smaller facilities located close to the populations they serve that deliver cloud computing resources and cached content to end users. By processing data and services as close to the end user as possible, edge computing allows organisations to reduce latency and improve the customer experience. Bitglass users in Australia and New Zealand will experience faster performance, benefiting from unique four tier SASE architecture on the public cloud, delivering performance, uptime and scalability. While competing SASE offerings are built on inelastic appliances, Bitglass leverages the public cloud to deliver security and performance via our PolyScale architecture. Tests show significant performance boosts via Bitglass local edge data centres, compared to direct access to SaaS apps such as Office 365. "Our SASE fabric is built on the public cloud and comprises four tiers - Global Core Data Centres, Local Edge Data Centres, CDN caches, and SmartEdge endpoint agents. Combined with our PolyScale technology for automated scaling, users enjoy security and performance across the globe," said Santosh D'Souza, Director Operations at Bitglass. About Bitglass Bitglass, the Next-Gen Cloud Security company, is based in Silicon Valley with offices worldwide. The company's cloud security solutions deliver zero-day, agentless, data and threat protection for any app, any device, anywhere. Bitglass is backed by Tier 1 investors and was founded in 2013 by a team of industry veterans with a proven track record of innovation and execution. Contact Jonathan Andreson Bitglass Senior Director, Marketing & Products, Asia-Pacific & Japan Endace Integrates with Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR to Deliver Forensics for Accelerated Response to Cyberthreats 2020-06-02T11:02:46Z endace-integrates-with-palo-alto-networks-cortex-xsoar-to-deliver-forensics-for-accelerated-response-to-cyberthreats Austin, TX and Auckland NZ, June 2, 2020 – Endace, a world leader in high-speed network recording, playback and analytics hosting, today announced that the EndaceProbe Analytics Platform, is now integrated with Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR (previously Demisto), the industry’s first extended security, orchestration, automation and response platform with native threat intel management that empowers security leaders with instant capabilities against threats across their entire enterprise. Through this integration, Endace and Cortex XSOAR provide customers with network packet capture from within Cortex XSOAR playbooks to enable accelerated, evidence-led, forensic investigation of cyberthreats. The integration leverages Endace’s rapid-search and data-mining APIs to integrate network history into Cortex XSOAR. Using Cortex XSOAR’s powerful automation capabilities, the full packet history relating to specific security incidents is automatically retrieved from one or more EndaceProbes and provided back to analysts as definitive forensic evidence. Analysts can leverage Cortex XSOAR’s integration with Endace’s InvestigationManager™ and EndaceVision™ for detailed packet level investigations across global EndaceProbe estates. This lets them pivot from an investigation in Cortex XSOAR directly to the global packet history related to that incident to extend their investigation and drilldown to investigate associated network activity such as lateral movement, data exfiltration or command-and-control (C2) traffic. “Endace’s scalable, network-wide full packet capture is a powerful addition to the Cortex XSOAR ecosystem,” said Rishi Bhargava, vice president of product strategy, Cortex XSOAR at Palo Alto Networks. “It provides customers with rapid access to rich forensic evidence for investigating security incidents and the ability to include packet history into Cortex XSOAR use cases and playbooks to put definitive evidence at analysts’ fingertips.” “Security teams are desperate to combat alert fatigue, streamline workflows and accelerate investigations to provide certainty when responding to network threats,” says Cary Wright, VP of Product Management at Endace. “The combination of Cortex XSOAR’s powerful orchestration and automation capabilities with the rich network history recorded by the EndaceProbe Analytics Platform gives security operations access to the conclusive forensic evidence they need to respond quickly and accurately to threats.” Cortex XSOAR is an extended security orchestration, automation and response platform that unifies case management, automation, real-time collaboration and threat intel management to transform every stage of the incident lifecycle. Teams can manage alerts across all sources, standardize processes with playbooks, take action on threat intel and automate response for any security use case - resulting in significantly faster responses that require less manual review. The EndaceProbe Analytics Platform combines 100% accurate, network-wide packet capture with the ability to host and integrate with a wide range of commercial and open source network security and performance solutions to deliver definitive evidence for troubleshooting network and application performance issues and responding to cyberthreats. Wordpress Hosting Australia 2020-06-02T05:58:53Z wordpress-hosting-australia-1 One thing that COVID19 has taught us is how much we need the internet. Your need could be a google search to find a product or service or to keep the lights on to successful e-commerce business. However, what’s important is having your website live and secure at all times - that's where Wordpress Hosting Australia comes in.  For wordpress websites; you'll want to ensure; - Your website is hosted in an Australian datacentre.   - You have the help and support if you need it.  - You should be able to call or email and get a response, not be flicked from department to department.  pepperit. has been hosting Australian websites for 10 years.   Need help to migrate your website, for our Wordpress Hosting Australia client this is usually on the house (unless you have a very large or complex website like 1000 plus pages).  Plus we are also offering discounted Wordpress Hosting for the next 1 year to help out small business owners. Head to Wordpress Hosting Australia for the pricing. Then contact us directly for your discount. No catch just from one good Australian to another.      For more information please contact: Nicole Shelley Head of Marketing Pepperit. t. 02 9327 7775 w. Justice is served! wins a significant UDRP case challenging their Aussie Domain 2020-06-01T05:37:44Z justice-is-served-threebestrated-com-au-wins-a-significant-udrp-case-challenging-their-aussie-domain WIPO's Landmark judgment in a UDRP case gives Three Best Rated® the authority to secure its Aussie domain (, which came under dispute a couple of months ago. Three Best Vs Three Best Rated Pty Ltd, Australia Since the Names of the companies is itself under dispute and both sound similar, to avoid further confusion, let's call Three Best Rated Pty Ltd, Australia as the complainant, and as the respondent. The complainant, a new Australian company, which came into existence on October 3, 2019, in a notorious motive, tried to snatch the trade and goodwill of the respondent ("") by incorporating their phrase "Three Best Rated" and its Australian domain “”. The complainant has also lodged a complaint to WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center challenging Three Best Australian domain on March 23, 2020. For the respondent, an authentic multinational ranking site, the complaint came as a combination of surprise and shock. It is not a mere dispute on the domain name but a grave infringement of their intellectual property rights and reputation., registered with, LLC, is the domain that has come under the dispute. The respondent had been rendering its services in Australia as a reputed independent rating site that lists the top 3 local businesses, professionals, restaurants, and health care providers in any given location since 2017 through the same domain. The respondent has decided to fight back to claim its domain status. In a heartwarming move, the respondent is represented by Baxter Patent Attorneys Pty. Ltd. The Baxter Patent Attorney is one of the three best rated® patent attorneys in Sydney, Australia, listed on the respondent’s site. The WIPO's Arbitration and Mediation Center has appointed an Administrative panel to look into this dispute. As arguments from the complainant and the respondent came into the foray, the respondent has successfully testified with the concrete evidence to prove their domain ownership and seniority in holding the domain name. Eventually, further arguments verifying the legitimacy of the respondent have significantly destroyed the odds. Apparently, the sole panelist declared judgment in favor of the respondent (Three Best The complainant is declared guilty of involvement in Reverse Domain Name Hijacking and Bad faith. Truth and Justice are Immutable. Truth triumphed in the battle fought by the respondent in claiming their domain ownership. The judgment pronounced by the WIPO's Administrative panel is a testament to the respondent's invincibility in terms of their business legitimacy and indigenous domain sovereignty. Three Best expresses its gratitude to Baxter Patent Attorneys Pty. Ltd and its clientele for their support during this ordeal. Amidst the vicious companies such as the complainant, who are trying to steal the identity and trade of a reputed business, The respondent,, unflinchingly functions with honesty to provide its authentic service to help the citizens of Australia on a day to day basis. MCBI Learning and Development Releases New Series of Live Short workshops to upskill the emerging workforce. 2020-06-01T04:28:55Z mcbi-learning-and-development-releases-new-series-of-live-short-workshops-to-upskill-the-emerging-workforce June 1st 2020 (Adelaide, South Australia) — MCBI Learning and Development, a local provider of innovative global learning and development solutions for high-performing organizations, announces a new series of live short-format live digital workshops to teach the crucial skills that individuals need to compete in today’s competitive workforce. As a result of COVID the organisation has rapidly transformed the learning solutions and now offers live online workshops with skilled facilitators.  This format has proven to be a huge hit with ASEAN corporates and individuals alike. The sessions are conducted at a time so as to allow the Asian market to join in and learn from Australian businesses and vice versa. Ideal for individual learners or for organizations seeking new innovative learning and development courses for its employees, MCBI Learning and Development’s live two-hour workshops are now open for registration on a variety of topics suitable for English-language learners worldwide.   “At MCBI Learning and Development, we are proud to be the first-ever block-chain enabled learning provider to offer live, micro-format workshops at such a high caliber of quality and engagement level, and at a price that is accessible for so many people from around the world to experience,” said Marina Pullin, Managing Director of MCBI Learning and Development.   These new micro-workshops are specifically designed to meet the current skill needs of the global workforce who seek immediate and rapid opportunities to acquire in-demand skills. Following each micro-workshop, learners receive a validated record of their skill development rather than a simple record of attendance. This independent certification allows learners to effectively showcase their skill-sets among global employers and set themselves apart from the competition. For businesses interested in their staff's well being and resiliency, the online sessions are proving to be the antidote for isolation and focus.  The live workshop topics include a vast array of business building topics including How to have challenging communication, Adaptive Leadership, Developing a Growth Mindset, Process Mapping, Negotiation 101, Digital Architecture, Communication Skills for the Virtual Team and much more. Pricing per workshop begins at $59.95 AUD.   For more information and to register to improve your professional performance, visit African Bank Limited adopts award-winning RegTech Arctic Intelligence’s solution, AML Accelerate 2020-06-01T04:03:06Z african-bank-limited-adopts-award-winning-regtech-arctic-intelligence-s-solution-aml-accelerate African Bank Limited invests in Arctic Intelligence’s software, AML Accelerate, to enable seamless completion of Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) enterprise risk assessments. AML Accelerate is a guided anti-money laundering and counter terrorism solution that digitises the enterprise risk assessment process. The output enables African Bank to measure overall financial crime risks and ensure their AML program is proportionate to the level of risk. The solution also ensures the risk assessment and program is in line with the latest guidance from regulators with explainable and defendable results. The software is designed and developed by Arctic Intelligence, global RegTech firm headquartered in Australia. African Bank recognised that the risk-based principle is at the heart of AML legislation worldwide and after significantly researching AML software and solutions globally, decided to procure Arctic Intelligence’s AML Accelerate technology. ‘The solution met our predefined requirements to align with industry best practice, international standards and enable conducting of end-to-end AML risk assessment, capturing of data, electronic record keeping, version control and visualisation of outcomes or reports’ says Lawrence Muravha, Group Head of Financial Crime Department.   Arctic Intelligence’s AML risk assessment technology solution will guide African Bank through a risk-based approach that provides a regulator-ready repository of necessary enterprise risk assessment evidence.   Roy Melnick, MD of Financial Crime Risk Management Consultants and Arctic Intelligence Africa Business Partner says, ‘I would like to congratulate African Bank in taking this important step as the inaugural Africa client for Arctic Intelligence and the AML Accelerate solution. The solution will not only assist them to address financial crime risk and compliance requirements, but also sends a firm message to those involved in illegal activities that Africa Bank is not sparing any effort in safeguarding their organisation’.   Lawrence Muravha, Group Head of Financial Crime Department says, ‘African Bank is very excited with this partnership and we look forward to a long-lasting relationship’.   UFAA calls for boycott of the FASEA Exam 2020-06-01T03:36:07Z ufaa-calls-for-boycott-of-the-fasea-exam While the Australian Prime Minister calls for urgently needed post pandemic nation building that includes reforms to taxation, housing construction, deregulation and an end to ‘mindless tribalism’ he has overlooked financial services.  In particular, the need to remedy two decades of failure that has impacted advisers and consumers alike said United Financial Advisers Association (UFAA) Chairman and spokesperson Mr Alex Vagliviello.  Commenting further Alex Vagliviello took particular aim at FASEA and the federal government’s education and ongoing professionalism reforms for being draconian, harsh and impractical.  “Whilst there’s no denying that the reform that commenced in 2001 was needed, the entire blame for the industry’s failures has been directed at the advisory sector and financial advisers burdened with an unending avalanche of compliance and administrative requirements”.   “The findings of the Hayne Royal Commission into the deplorable behaviour (primarily by the major institutions) towards consumers was yet another example of the government remedying the situation by making advisers the scapegoats.   “Enough is enough” affirmed Alex Vagliviello.   Industry reform has been nothing short of regulatory overreach and its legacy – - Unnecessarily complex and in large parts unclear - Forced advice businesses to close and practitioners to exit with an estimated 25,000 admin / support staff and paraplanner job losses - Put an end to affordable advice  - Legislated and enshrined an unlevel playing field - Estimated $700m to implement and a further $350m in annual compliance costs   “Advisers are in favour of a strong respected sector comprised of highly skilled and appreciated practitioners that attracts a steady stream of graduate entrants seeking career and self-employment opportunities”, added Alex Vagliviello.   “But over the past 20 years the actions of government from both persuasions has resulted in tribalistic outcomes that have benefitted the few i.e. large banks, fund managers, insurers and industry funds.    “All to the detriment of advisers, their businesses and staff.   “But worst of all, it has been the consumer that has been treated with utter contempt and disregard regardless of whichever government was in power at the time”.   Alex Vagliviello cites the FASEA exam as the reform that UFAA members have called out as the much-needed line in the sand.   While on the surface, FASEA’s values, purpose and need for the exam may appear noble – however the reality is far different.  This is because the FASEA exam is completely opaque non-transparent in application and meaningless as an academic industry entry requirement.   Further, it does not bestow an industry accreditation on passing or as a reference to assist consumers understand or appreciate an individual adviser’s competency.   Insultingly, it doesn’t even count towards an adviser’s annual Continual Professional Development requirement despite the amount of time this exercise entails.  Yet failure to pass the exam will end an adviser’s business putting an end to their livelihood regardless of years of practice and experience.   It is for this reason that the UFAA being sympathetic and supportive of its adviser members is now calling for a boycott of the exam and seeking a practical alternative that is both honest, transparent and filled with integrity said Alex Vagliviello.   “Regardless of the narrative put forward by the LNP or Labor, FASEA and the industry is confused and in disarray while over-regulated to the point where it is on the verge of collapse”, said Alex Vagliviello.     “Overcome by reform fatigue, advisers are leaving the industry in record numbers with those remaining under severe strain as their businesses cope with a never-ending deluge of administrative and compliance demands.   “In this sense, the sector finds itself unique in that these confusing compliance demands, when compared to other similar industries, is dissuading new entrants considering a career in financial services.   Alex Vagliviello concluded referencing the PM’s call to end ‘mindless tribalism’ and said “There is an epic financial calamity on the horizon for the nation not seen since the Great Depression.    “More than ever before Australians need access to the services of financial advisers to guide them on their journeys back to financial well-being.  However, financial advice must be affordable and accessible – hence the UFAA call to the PM for vision and leadership to address the industry’s severe failings and ensure the long-term viability of advisory businesses and the vital services they provide”.     ENDS      Issued by United Financial Advisers Association                             Media enquiries:      Mr Joe Perri, Joe Perri & Associates Mobile: +61 412 112 545    Email: Keep them closed 2020-05-30T04:50:22Z keep-them-closed The Editor Dear Editor, Frigid temperatures and cramped conditions have made meat-processing plants COVID-19 hotspots. Cedar Meats in Melbourne was recently closed down for a month after it recorded 111 cases of the disease. Meanwhile, Queensland’s Dinmore beef processing plant has closed for a week, citing market volatility and a shortage of victims to kill. The slaughterhouse normally kills about 13,700 cows per week. Isn't it time now to shut down each and every one of these facilities – and filthy, rotten factory farms too? As long as they remain open, tens of thousands of animals will be killed and workers, their families and the whole community will be put at increased risk of contracting the coronavirus. No one needs meat. In fact, the consumption of animal flesh is linked to a host of health problems that are among the leading causes of death, including heart disease, cancer, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. For the sake of animals, workers, and the public, let's close these dangerous facilities. And then let's keep them closed after lockdown by choosing vegan meals, for which no one had to die. Sincerely, Mimi Bekhechi Campaigns Adviser PETA Australia PO Box 20308, World Square Sydney NSW 2002 (08) 8556 5828 Shelley Beeston joins Groworx as the new Associate Director for Customer Experience 2020-05-29T05:00:08Z shelley-beeston-joins-groworx-as-the-new-associate-director-for-customer-experience     Groworx, an exciting global consulting and outsourcing firm, is taking its Customer Experience capabilities to the next level with the addition of Shelley Beeston, their new Associate Director for Customer Experience. Shelley will lead client engagement teams to further enhance the strategic and delivery leadership capability in the region.   Shelley Beeston is a strategic and innovative thought leader in customer experience, digital transformation and digital product service design and delivery. She has over 19 years experience across a number of industries & countries within senior management and principal consulting roles.   Shelley will be spearheading Groworx’s newly launched “CX in Action”. This new service aims to help organisations design and connect their organisational CX and Digital strategies and then drive them into action.    Groworx Co-Founder & CEO, Dan Sandiford said:  “I’ve worked with Shelley for many years and admire her values-driven approach and passion for linking strategic creativity to operational execution. Shelley’s thought leadership and experience will combine our enhanced CX in Action capability with Groworx’s broader Technology and Contact Centre solutions. Together, these capabilities provide a single place for businesses to think and deliver the entire customer experience. For me, it’s putting the entire customer at the centre of our mission to help organisations and communities achieve their potential.” “I’ve worked with Shelley for many years and admire her values-driven approach and passion for linking strategic creativity to operational execution. Shelley’s thought leadership and experience will combine our enhanced CX in Action capability with Groworx’s broader Technology and Contact Centre solutions. Together, these capabilities provide a single place for businesses to think and deliver the entire customer experience. For me, it’s putting the entire customer at the centre of our mission to help organisations and communities achieve their potential.”   According to Shelley, with the current crisis, organisations are rapidly adapting how they service their customers. For many retail businesses, this could mean investing much more into digital channels to support the surge of demand as customers have been forced from retail channels to online-only channels. While for essential services, this could mean designing the physical environment to ensure the safety of staff and customers, as well as relating to each other in a more empathetic and engaging way.    Under Shelley’s lead, Groworx CX in Action helps these businesses quickly and effectively design and implement these changes in a measured way for lasting impact.     In regards to Shelley’s decision to join Groworx, she said: “I wanted to join a company that wasn’t just modern. It had to be a business with a conscience that cared about its people and worked to make a difference in society. GroWorx is one of those companies and I am excited to be part of the team.”   Her passion has always been about the human experience and why we do what we do. What she loves most is helping people and organisations see what great looks like and helping them work towards that.   With Shelley taking the lead on Customer Experience Strategy, Groworx is enhancing its world-class solutions for clients that will enable them to increase revenue, improve both customer and employee experience, while enjoying the cost advantages of offshore delivery centres.   About Groworx Launched in 2018, Groworx builds and operates modern technology platforms and outsourced customer engagement centres for Australian organisations. Groworx leverages its strong presence in Australia and the Philippines to operate multidisciplinary customer engagement centres across a range of customer sales, support and technology operations as well as general back-office administration. To learn more, send an email to or visit the Groworx website.Groworx helps organisations thrive in the modern world using its unique blend of consulting and global outsourcing solutions. We connect the digital and the human in all of our technology and business solutions. We combine advanced technologies with the latest ways of working approaches and offshore teams to cut down costs. Whether it's co-creating the next digital product sensation, transforming your Customer Experience capability, or wanting to grow your business with our digital marketing solutions, we build, operate and grow businesses that co-create innovation, create customers for life and help scale the truly modern business.   Bartercard Explain How Trade Dollars Can Benefit Your Business 2020-05-29T02:48:03Z bartercard-explain-how-trade-dollars-can-benefit-your-business Given the current situation, Bartercard feel it is important to explain the huge benefits to your business of maximising cash flow, by buying and selling using Trade Dollars, and want to remind you of the different ways to use your Trade Dollars to maximise the benefits and grow your business. They also wish to point out the interest-free line of credit that is offered to all members which could be a real win for many businesses.    Maximising cash flow, retaining customers and keeping stock moving are important elements of all businesses. That’s where Bartercard comes in. Buying and selling using Trade Dollars offers advantages to business owners, across several key areas, treating Trade Dollars as a supplement to a cash-paying business. Bartercard gives members complete control over which products and services they sell through the network. When you add Bartercard to your business, you essentially allow other members to utilise your goods and services with Trade Dollars, which can help create new business, customer loyalty and increase profits.  You can use Trade Dollars to convert downtime (such as during the COVID-19 lockdown) and spare capacity into new revenue by utilising inventory, equipment, and employees. Businesses also have the ability to sell excess stock or slow-moving inventory, without the need to discount heavily. Members receive Trade Dollars as payment, which they can then spend on other goods and services within the Bartercard community.  Again, keeping good staff members during this time is very important, so use your Trade Dollars as employee bonuses, incentive schemes or gifts. Similarly, through referrals and word-of-mouth marketing, members have an advantage over their competitors, as every time a Trade Dollar member spends, it will come back to them in the form of new business from another member’s business.  As we are all experiencing reduced cash flow during the COVID-19 lockdown, use your  Trade Dollars like a credit card or bank account, using electronic currency instead of cash so you can continue to make purchases even when cash flow has slowed. Trade Dollars can be transacted via EFTPOS, online over the phone, using an app like the Bartercard App, or by transaction vouchers.  Bartercard can open up your business to new customer markets, improve cash flow, reduce business expenses and clear idle and excess stock without having to discount. It’s easy to use and acts no differently to a normal bank account or line of credit.  You can find out more about how Bartercard can work for your business by downloading their free eBook, ‘How to Use Bartercard to Grow Your Business’, and for  more information on Bartercard business benefits, Bartercard mobile apps, increasing customer retention and Bartercard marketplace please go to . Bitglass reports 84% of organisations will go on supporting work from home, but most aren’t secure 2020-05-28T00:22:44Z bitglass-reports-84-of-organisations-will-go-on-supporting-work-from-home-but-most-arent-secure SYDNEY, May 28. Bitglass, the next-gen cloud security company, has released its 2020 Remote Work Report, which analyses how organisations have adjusted to support remote workers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Bitglass partnered with a leading cyber security community and surveyed IT professionals to understand how prepared their businesses are for the sudden shift, what actions they are taking in cyber security, and what their top security concerns are now. Currently organisations are struggling to adjust to the new normal. 41% have not taken any steps to expand secure access for the remote workforce, while 50% are citing proper equipment as the biggest impediment to doing so. Consequently, 65% of organisations now enable personal devices to access managed applications. Asked what their organisations are primarily concerned with securing while employees work remotely, 65% of respondents said securing network access. This was followed by securing access to SaaS apps like Slack (55%) and bring your own device/personal devices (55%). For the most concerning threat vectors for remote work, respondents cited malware (72%) and unauthorised user access (59%). “This research indicates that many organisations are not implementing the security measures necessary to protect their data in the current business environment,” said Anurag Kahol, CTO of Bitglass. “For example, while respondents said the pandemic has accelerated the migration of user workflows and applications to the cloud, most are not employing cloud security solutions like single sign-on (SSO), data loss prevention, zero trust network access, or cloud access security brokers. “On top of that, 84% of organisations reported that they are likely to continue to support remote work capabilities even after stay at home orders are lifted. To do this safely, they must prioritise securing data in any app, any device, anywhere in the world.” Key findings include: Malware is the most concerning threat vector, with 72% of respondents citing it as their top concern. From a remote work perspective, the application types that organisations are most concerned about securing include file sharing (68%), web applications (47%), and video conferencing (45%). At 77%, anti-malware is the most-used tool to secure remote work. However, this and other tools like single sign-on (45%), data loss prevention (18%), and user and entity behaviour analytics (11%) are still not deployed widely enough. 63% of respondents said that remote work was likely to impact their compliance with regulatory mandates; 50% named GDPR, specifically. To see all of the findings, download the full report here: About Bitglass Bitglass, the Next-Gen Cloud Security company, is based in Silicon Valley with offices worldwide. The company's cloud security solutions deliver zero-day, agentless, data and threat protection for any app, any device, anywhere. Bitglass is backed by Tier 1 investors and was founded in 2013 by a team of industry veterans with a proven track record of innovation and execution. Contact David Shephard Bitglass ANZ Manage Pandemic Risks with The Covid-19 Risk Assessment Module 2020-05-27T04:09:10Z manage-pandemic-risks-with-the-covid-19-risk-assessment-module The purpose of the COVID-19 Reporting Module is to allow people to report either a suspicion of or actual COVID-19 illness. It is designed to facilitate effective communications to HR and provide advice to affected individuals based on government guidelines. How does it work? Risks can be assessed by category eg health, financial, legal, and reputational. Once identified, risks are evaluated through risk rating. Control strategies are then evaluated and corrective actions assigned. Viking Analytics provides a visual guide to your overall Covid-19 Risk Assessment Compare initial and residual risk ratings by category View risk assessments by status, assigned persons, and category. View actions assigned, completed and outstanding risk assessments by status, category and assigned persons. Join a Webinar on June 2nd, watch a short video or request a quote Radware helps HT Media protect its news and photographic archives from attacks 2020-05-27T00:30:37Z radware-helps-ht-media-protect-its-news-and-photographic-archives-from-attacks SYDNEY, May 27, 2020 —Radware® (NASDAQ: RDWR), a leading provider of cyber security and application delivery solutions, today announced that HT Media selected Radware’s Attack Mitigation Solution to protect the data centres that house its archive of news and photographs, and added cloud DDoS protection to its on premise DDoS protection. Founded in 1924 with its flagship newspaper inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi, HT Media (BSE, NSE) has more than 3.7 million readers across India. It’s flagship property, Hindusian Times reaches around 950,000 readers. The company also owns other successful properties like,, and It depended on a combination of on-prem and ISP based Cloud Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection for its data centres, where it housed many of its legacy systems as well as its archived content. The media company began to see a steady increase in the frequency and volume of attacks and turned to Radware for help. It needed a hybrid DDoS solution that combined on-prem and cloud DDoS protection more effectively than its existing set up. Radware’s hybrid DDoS solution integrates always-on detection and mitigation (on-premise and cloud) with cloud-based volumetric DDoS attack prevention, scrubbing, and 24-7 emergency support. Combining on-premise with cloud solutions, takes advantage of the low latency and advanced functionality of Radware’s appliances with the scalability and multi-terabit capacity of its cloud-scrubbing service. Once Radware put a proof-of-concept in place for HT Media, the solution began immediately and efficiently blocking the attacks. “Radware’s automatic policy adjustments made the system easy to deploy compared to other systems,” said Rajiv Mishra. Group CIO for HT Media. “The Radware solution was incredibly fast at mitigation. It was able to instantly block zero-day attacks as they occurred.” “We are proud to protect HT Media’s history and legacy,” said Anna Convery-Pelletier, Radware’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Our market-leading data centre security allows companies like HT Media to automatically detect and mitigate even the most complex DDoS attacks.”About RadwareRadware® (NASDAQ: RDWR), is a global leader of cyber security and application delivery solutions for physical, cloud, and software defined data centres. Its award-winning solutions portfolio secures the digital experience by providing infrastructure, application, and corporate IT protection and availability services to enterprises globally. Radware’s solutions empower more than 12,500 enterprise and carrier customers worldwide to adapt to market challenges quickly, maintain business continuity and achieve maximum productivity while keeping costs down. For more information, please visit encourages you to join our community and follow us on: Facebook, LinkedIn, Radware Blog, Twitter, YouTube, Radware Mobile for iOS and Android, and our security centre that provides a comprehensive analysis on DDoS attack tools, trends and threats.Media ContactDeborah RiseXperience - A New Digital Contact Centre Solution 2020-05-26T02:36:48Z risexperience-a-new-digital-contact-centre-solution [Melbourne, 26th May 2020]: In an Australian market-first release, Rise.CX is today announcing the launch of RiseXperience, a new Digital Contact Centre Solution integrated directly with Amazon Connect. RiseXperience is a feature-rich, omni-channel CX platform natively built on AWS, and offers a new way for organisations to connect with their customers. ‘We’re the first movers launching this technology in Australia – a digital contact centre solution living on Amazon Connect and AWS, and completely integration-ready with any tech ecosystem, out-of-the- box. With powerful omni-channel and analytics capabilities inbuilt, it’s the fastest way for organisations to adapt their business,’ says Guy Elliott, industry veteran and co-founder of Rise.CX. Josie Willis, Managing Director and fellow co-founder of Rise.CX, agrees. ‘As an Australian startup, we really wanted to create something different in the industry, that was focused on people. Any change – no matter how brilliant – generates anxiety. What’s special about RiseXperience is we not only have a robust technology solution that’s unique in the market, but also a proprietary delivery approach that focuses on readying people and culture for this adoption.’ Features and benefits of the RiseXperience platform include: A full-featured on-demand Digital Contact Centre, with powerful omni-channel and analytics capabilities Native built on Amazon Connect and AWS Cloud infrastructure A robust and highly usable inbound IVR and CTI Solution Per-minute, consumptive billing model with no minimum commitments A proprietary change and implementation methodology that up-skills teams and supports adoption. For further information, please visit to find out more about RiseXperience. About Rise.CX: Founded in 2018, Rise.CX is one of Australia’s largest customer experience professional service providers. Rise.CX seeks to change the way organisations in Australia connect and engage with their customers and teams – and provides the tools, technology and support needed to do so.