The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-11-23T23:43:29Z Hemp Smoothie which is actually good for you launches in Australia. 2017-11-23T23:43:29Z hemp-smoothie-which-is-actually-good-for-you-launches-in-australia Melbourne, Australia, 24th November 2017, Smoothie Bombs are proud to announce that they have launched a new, limited addition ‘healing’ flavour! Say hello to Smoothie Bombs: The Healer- Vanilla Hemp! Smoothie Bombs recently won the Australian Organic 2017 Product Innovation Award. Edible hemp has recently been approved by the Australian Government. It has been available internationally for many years. Cinzia Cozzolino, Founder of Smoothie Bombs and nutritionist states: “I've always loved vanilla in food and I loved vanilla milk shakes growing up! When I was coming up with the flavour, I knew I wanted to use hemp, which is nutty and creamy and so vanilla just seemed to be a great fit. It also contains Butterfly Pea powder which is full of antioxidants.” “Hemp is my favourite source of plant-based protein. Hemp comes from a strain of the cannabis plant (i.e Sativa L) but it is different to marijuana. Like the difference between two different breeds of dogs. It is such a good source of vital nutrients for growing bodies which is why Hemp is a good option for kids especially fussy eaters. It can be added to their favourite meals without much effort and it taste great in smoothies making it easier to consume. I recommend getting certified organic hemp seeds for kids as they will also be without pesticides. “ Cinzia is a nutritionist and expert on edible hemp. Do you know? Hemp has a great source of all three essential fatty acids, Omega 3, 6 and 9! Hemp has 11g of protein in 3 Tablespoons making it a great plant protein. Organic Hemp can be eaten by kids. Hemp has been approved in many countries for years. Australia only recently approved edible Hemp. Buy your limited edition The Healer- Vanilla Hemp Smoothie Bombs from from the 24th of November. 5 ways to keep your eyes healthy! 2017-11-08T23:54:32Z 5-ways-to-keep-your-eyes-healthy Victoria, Australia, 8th November 2017, Kevin Paisley has been providing local Victorian communities with premium eye care and eyewear for nearly 40 years. The new Kevin Paisley Watergardens store is an addition to the existing 12 that span across Wester Victoria. To celebrate the opening of Kevin Paisley in Watergardens, Kevin Paisley would like to share 5 tips to keep your eyes healthy. Book to have your eyes examined. It is bulk billed. Have your eyes examined by an Optometrist every two years and every year if over 65. Wear your Sunglasses when outdoors. UV protection all year around is vital to lower the risk of Cataracts and Macular Degeneration. Eat for Eye Health A Healthy Diet is key for continued eye health. Include plenty of vitamin C, vitamin E, Zinc and Beta-carotene, many of which are found in dark green, leafy vegetables, nuts or fish sources. These foods can help lower risk of some eye diseases. If your vision changes, seek help. Know your eyes, understand potential warning signs and look for changes in your vision. Seek help from your local friendly Optometrist immediately if you have any concerns. Protect your eyes. Use appropriate eye protection when required in the workplace, school and at home. Georgina Preece, optometrist and the Professional Services Manager for Kevin Paisley states: “I am proud to open Kevin Paisley Watergardens and bring our excellent optometry and product showcasing new releases across ranges such as Ray-Ban, Prada, Oakley and a selection of Kevin Paisley exclusives such as and Lars Ostern.” Book your bulk billed eye care appointment online: About Kevin Paisley Fashion Eyewear: Drawing from a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise, we pride ourselves in providing you with superior optical care and the latest designer frames and sunglasses to match, all whilst in a vibrant and relaxing environment. Come into one of our stores to discover a trendy selection of shapes, sizes and colours, guided by professionals from the optometry room to frame and lens selection.We look forward to meeting you all and we are certain you will leave Kevin Paisley Fashion Eyewear happy, with clear vision and a fresh look. Australians can now employ theatre and event producer, Jac Bowie, as their very own wedding planner. 2017-09-20T03:58:38Z australians-can-now-employ-theatre-and-event-producer-jac-bowie-as-their-very-own-wedding-planner PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Geelong, Victoria, 20th September 2017, Jac Bowie proudly announces the purchase of wedding styling and planning business ‘Oh Perfect Day’. The business has been rebranded to ‘Darling Don’t Panic’ “After 10 years as a theatre producer, developing, producing and bringing shows into Australia, I had a short hiatus in 2011, trying to figure out what I wanted to do next. I had a wealth of experience in events, and was juggling a few short-term contracts at the time with Cirque Du Soleil, Mardi Gras, and by this time had held a few small networking events for women (which later would go on to become Business in Heels). I’d even worked as the tour manager for the controversial “Wolf of Wall Street”, Jordan Belfort. In the middle of all this, I found myself thinking about becoming a wedding planner. I toyed with the name One Perfect Day, and went about creating a Facebook page and the beginnings of a website. Unexpectedly, Business in Heels took off, and within 3 weeks of this idea, I was processing 15 branches of franchises for BIH.” Jac sold BIH to a franchisee in December 2014, and went on to embark on a few years in radio. Jac adds: “A year on air in Darwin, and then another year in digital management in Geelong. But I really struggled not working for myself. I was missing it.” In 2017, a small Geelong wedding planning business, Oh Perfect Day, came on the market, Jac grabbed the chance and purchased the business. She has rebranded it as Darling Don’t Panic. Jac says: “Darling Don’t Panic is the reincarnation of Oh Perfect Day. We took the beautiful aesthetics that previous owner Jane Lovejoy had worked so hard to create, but we’ve grown the business into something truly unique. I’m bringing my (rather eccentric) experience producing burlesque, cabaret, corporate events, entertainment, and applying this outlook to weddings.” The whole point of the business is to create something unique to the bride. Jac understands that no one wants a cookie cutter wedding. Jac concludes: “Along with the new outlook, we are now partnered with state-of-the-art planning software, Aisle Planner, so regardless of which package our clients book, they have access to an online tool that helps them with all aspects of the event planning process such as budgets, contacts, guest lists, seating plans and a fully collaborative Design Studio where our clients can not only upload their inspiration, but search and add more by type, theme or colour.” “Whatever it is that you need for your big day we will be there. To us, it does not matter who you are or what your background is. Rather it is how we can make two people happy on their special day. Our greatest wish is that you can spend the rest of your lives united. That is why Darling Don’t Panic fully supports marriage equality.” There’s also a FREE GUIDE, 12 Steps to Discover (& Get!) The Wedding You Want. Based out of both Melbourne & Geelong, Darling Don’t Panic is now servicing clients all over Victoria, and around Australia by request. Franchises are also available for talented event stylists and planners. DARLING DON’T PANIC Email: Web: Instagram: Pinterest: Facebook: JAC BOWIE Email: Web: "Formal assessment processes end up labelling instead of enabling our children. 2017-09-19T03:03:35Z formal-assessment-processes-end-up-labelling-instead-of-enabling-our-children Lara Jennings is a teacher, founder of Offspring Education and an education expert and consultant. She runs workshops and consultations with educators with the outcomes of children at the forefront of her mind. She strongly believes that all levels of education should be as child-centred, flexible and developmentally appropriate as early childhood. She founded Offspring Education which provides professional workshops for educators and teachers, supplies quality educational resources and provides advice and workshops to parents. Melbourne, Australia, 19th September 2017, Yesterday, a Government-appointed panel put forward an idea that we need to give Year One students a reading and maths test. As a former teacher, this idea scares Lara. It scares her because she has seen first- hand just how useless testing children actually is. "Jimmy was a 12 year old student of mine who had the label of the naughty boy who couldn’t read or write and therefore couldn’t learn. In our Science class, we were beginning a topic on pulleys and gears. The equipment was sitting on the table in front of the children as I was discussing the upcoming topic. Jimmy, grabbed the kit and took it to the back of the room." "Other teachers may have asked him to stop and listen but I knew he had had a difficult morning, he had fought with his father before coming to school, then he had spent his lunchtime in detention for misbehaving in class with another teacher earlier that morning. I could see that he wasn’t hurting anyone with what he was doing so I let him be." "After I’d set the task for the lesson, I went over to Jimmy to see what he had done. The structure he had made was incredibly intricate and showed a deep knowledge about pulleys and gears and how they work. At the end of the topic, the children were required to do a written test. His test results showed limited understanding of the topic, but his creation that day showed me the that Jimmy had the potential to be a brilliant engineer! He knew how these things worked better than any other kid in the class!" "How would a reading and maths test in Year One have helped Jimmy? It wouldn’t have. As it was, Jimmy had spent most of his school life being tested. And these tests always told Jimmy that he was a failure. That he was ‘behind’. Which, to Jimmy and all the other children who are not meeting National Standards, is basically a polite way of saying that these children are dumb." "Formal assessment is schools such as NAPLAN and this ‘light touch skills check’ (as per Simon Birmingham’s words on his interview with ABC News) is often justified by the idea that it helps teachers to understand what children know and what they need to be teaching. However, when formal assessment processes are relied on, they end up labelling instead of enabling our children." Lara adds: "Children already have skills tested before they get to school in an interview. This additional testing would simply be a waste of time for teachers and a waste of tax payers money. Teachers need resources and training to be able to support children in developmentally appropriate educational practices for the early years of formal education. They don’t need another test." Lara also questions why are we looking to the UK for a solution when they are currently sitting below Australia on the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) tables for Reading, Science and Maths ( Lara believes that we should be looking at the countries that are in the top 10 for PISA results and taking ideas from them. Finland is one of these countries that have maintained a healthy spot in the top 10 for Maths, Science and Reading in recent years. One of the key factors in this scenario is that teachers spend time engaging children in deep learning and observing them in action, rather than relying on testing to find out what children know and understand. ( Lara believes that a test or skills check is just one piece of information from one point in time. It does not give the full picture of a child’s capabilities and strengths. When children are engaged in a developmentally appropriate, research proven education, teachers get to know the children they work with on a deeper, holistic level. They know where they need to steer these children for them to learn in a way that enables each to child to reach their full potential. What teachers need to know about children, don’t come from a test. They come from the relationships that are built in an educational setting where teachers and learners are working together. Not out of an environment that is reliant on testing.. Lara Jennings is Primary Teacher by Trade, a Secondary Teacher by experience and an Early Childhood Educator out of Love. She is a self-confessed education nerd. She is also the founder of Lara Jennings is available for media interviews. Media Contact: Candice Meisels 0481 369 494 ​About Offspring Education: We proudly supply quality, educational resources that are environmentally sustainable, fun & engaging for early education settings, schools, parents & therapists. We provide professional workshops for educators & teachers. Our workshops are child-centred & draw on the best practices in the industry. Each workshop provides teachers and educators with a well stocked tool kit full of practical strategies to engage young minds as well as a chance to reflect on their own practices to support each child to reach their full potential. We also provide advice & workshops for parents so that they can have the confidence to be advocates for their child’s education as well as the skills they need to support their child along the way. - ENDS - “Millennial Mums are shaking up the future of travel across the globe!” 2017-09-15T04:34:39Z millennial-mums-are-shaking-up-the-future-of-travel-across-the-globe Press Release For Immediate Release Australia, 14th September 2017, Katrina McCarter, Founder and CEO, Marketing to Mums states: "Millennial Mums are shaking up the future of travel across the globe. They want to discover new places, they are more adventurous and seek a high degree of personalisation in their travel experience. This represents significant challenges and opportunities for travel marketers.” “If Jetstar and Afterpay extend their offering to international fares, I would expect to see a significant lift in the frequency Millennial Mums and their families will travel. “They will be attracted to the opportunity to travel to places such as Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar as they seek diverse cultural experiences to enrich their family’s lives.” Katrina McCarter is a Marketing Strategist specialising in the most powerful global consumer, Mums. Katrina is also the author of bestseller Marketing to Mums, which went #1 on Booktopia's Business Bestseller list. Katrina will be speaking and sponsoring the world’s leading event for marketing professionals who market to mums, M2Moms® – The Marketing to Moms Conference. The conference takes place on the 3rd and 4th of October at The Roosevelt Hotel in New York City. Other sponsors include Google and WebMD.M2Moms® is attended by a comprehensive and diverse list of brands including Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Evenflo, IKEA, Abbott Nutritionals, GM, Allstate, Heinz, Symantec, Hasbro, BBC, NBA, Procter & Gamble, Wyeth and Coca-Cola. Katrina concludes: “In my presentation I will be revealing new research to show how Mums influence the $8 trillion travel industry. I will be offering practical tips for travel marketers to cut through the clutter and make genuine connections by understanding what motivates a mother who is trying to make a travel decision. I’ll show marketers how to maximise the effect of storytelling, the importance of reviews and testimonials and show why a customer experience focus is critical to success.” -ENDS- Media Contact: Candice Meisels Candice Meisels PR About M2Moms® : M2Moms® is the world’s leading event for marketing professionals who market to mums. M2Moms® is attended by a comprehensive and diverse list of brands including Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Evenflo, IKEA, Abbott Nutritionals, GM, Allstate, Heinz, Symantec, Hasbro, BBC, NBA, Procter & Gamble, Wyeth and Coca-Cola. About Katrina McCarter and Marketing to Mums: Katrina McCarter is a Marketing Strategist who specialises in driving sales and profit amongst the world's most powerful consumer, Mums. Katrina is the author of Marketing to Mums, which went #1 on Booktopia's Business Bestseller list outselling the likes of Simon Sinek, Timothy Ferriss and Sophia Amoruso. Katrina is a mum of three and is a sought-after speaker at world class events. Katrina has a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and an MBA (International Business) and over 18 years of Marketing and Sales experience targeting Mums as the purchaser. She is an experienced speaker and workshop facilitator. Go Ahead and Relax - Spring Specials at Thai Massage Spa Healing House 2017-09-12T03:09:32Z go-ahead-and-relax-spring-specials-at-thai-massage-spa-healing-house Healing House, the premium wellness destination for Thai Massage and Day Spa, is inviting customers to unwind and enjoy Thai body treatments with their special deals. Located in Teneriffe Healing House is famous for its qualified therapists who provide luxurious Thai aromatherapy treatments using natural products. Book yourself a treatment with these irresistible specials that are designed to give customers a taste of their range of treatments at extremely economical prices. The hands-on massage (early bird special) is a 60-minute treatment and costs $75.  This deep tissue massage is relaxing and energising. It caters to total body wellness and addresses each client’s specific needs.  Relax tense muscles; improve circulation at this special price available between Monday and Friday up to 10 am. Healing House offers a diverse range of massages and spa treatments. The Thai Massage and Day spa focuses on natural, holistic approach to health by adopting elements of traditional Thai and aromatherapy. Derived from essential oils Tuesday and Wednesday this special massage is available from 11 am to 3 pm at $79 for 60 minutes. If you are short on time a relaxing 15-minute head, neck and shoulder massage is available from Monday to Friday. Priced at $25 this deep relaxing massage relieves muscle tightness and releases tension. Your feet would never have felt so good. The foot reflexology treatment focuses on a system of zones in the foot that when manipulated, correspond with specific areas in the body. Priced at $79 this is available from Monday to Friday. The treatment includes exfoliation and masks in hot towels and massage with a blend of extracts that will leave you feeling rejuvenated. Customers can also choose a polish of their choice to add that finishing touch. Bookings are essential and these specials are not valid with any other promotion and HICAPS payment.  A selection of signature treatments such as Sunflower House, Jasmine House, Orchid House, Frangipani House, Glow House and Relax House packages will help you recover from winter blues and provide an extra pampering before the turn of the season. Other massage packages include the Healing House Signature Massage, Traditional Thai Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Remedial Massage, Sports Massages, Foot Reflexology and Pregnancy Massages.    The body spa services provided by Healing House include manicures, pedicures, body scrubs and facials.   For treatments and bookings call 1300 979 555 or email Nominate a deserving AusMumpreneur and show your support for Australian mums in business 2017-06-22T01:00:12Z nominate-a-deserving-ausmumpreneur-and-show-your-support-for-australian-mums-in-business The AusMumpreneur Conference and AusMumpreneur Awards are all about supporting Australian mums in business. This event provides a unique opportunity for women from all over Australia to come together to gain new skills, promote their business, connect with fellow mums in business, learn from leading business experts and celebrate the success of the best and brightest in the industry. Proudly presented by AusMumpreneur and The Women’s Business School, the AusMumpreneur Awards recognise the best and brightest in the Australian mumpreneur industry. The categories that will be judged are: AusMumpreneur of the Year Rising Star AusMumpreneur of the Year Emerging AusMumpreneur of the Year Regional Business Award Product Innovation Award Digital Innovation Award Sustainability Award Business Excellence Award AusMumpreneur Network Excellence Award Women’s Business School Excellence Award Global Brand Award Big Idea Award Making A Difference Award Retail Business Award Service Business Award Handmade Business Award The People's Choice Awards: Influencer Award Customer Service Award Making a Difference Award (Business) Making a Difference Award (Non-profit) Business owners or those who wish to nominate a mumpreneur, can go to: Nominations close on Friday the 30th of June 2017. Media Contact: Candice Meisels 0481 369 484 Wavelength International listed in the Best SMEs to Work Asia 2017 2017-05-30T04:21:58Z wavelength-international-listed-in-the-best-smes-to-work-asia-2017 Wavelength International has made the prestigious Best Places to Work Asia 2017, one of only 3 Australian businesses to make the top 10 of the small and medium workplaces list. The Best Places to Work Australia Study is one of the world’s most comprehensive independent studies of workplace culture by global research and consulting firm Great Place to Work – More than 1,400 companies participated in national list studies in the 9 Asia-region countries where Great Place to Work® is represented. Wavelength shot into the top 10 this year, placing 9th in the top 25 Best Places to Work (20-500) employees. It is an impressive achievement, especially in an industry renowned for its high pressure work environments and high staff turnover. “It just goes to show you can be a successful high performance business by embracing a generous and supportive culture,” says Chris Riley, Wavelength’s CEO. “Just by walking through the door, you immediately sense Wavelength is a happy, motivated and engaged place to work. In my experience in this industry our workplace culture is quite unique: everyone cares passionately about the business and working collaboratively as a team." With over 75 employees, Wavelength is Australia’s largest and most successful medical recruitment agency. The company offers a range of employee benefits including: Flexible and family friendly working hours, Free breakfast Fitness classes A creative, casual and fun working environment i Monetary incentives linked with productivity and performance against key goals. Additional information Specific highlights that have made Wavelength a great place to work include: · A generous remuneration and commission scheme renowned for being extremely market competitive. Wavelength is also committed to making salary packages consistent and fair across the organisation. Employees in all roles are recognised and rewarded for outstanding performance. Individual goals created for all employees quarterly which are part of their performance criteria. Managers regularly meet with team members to provide feedback and coach them to be even better in their role. An internal mentoring program which enable employees to discover and develop their talents. · A real commitment to work life balance with a broad range of flexible full-time, part-time and job share work patterns in place. Employees can work flexibly between 7am and 7pm and have the opportunity to work from home one day a week. Wavelength also offers an additional five days of annual leave once an employee has completed four years’ continuous employment. A generous paid parental leave program and flexibility when it comes to extended leave for weddings and overseas trips. · Inspiring values of excellence, ingenuity, integrity and heart incorporated into all business processes, policies and communications. · A bright, fresh, modern and open workspace to encourage a positive working environment and work life balance. There are showers, great training facilities and plenty of room for regular health and fitness sessions. Breakfast, drinks and healthy snacks are all provided daily for all employees. · A love for celebrations – birthdays, anniversaries, individual and company achievements. · An internal social networking platform to foster a modern culture of openness and transparency. · Quarterly employee briefings to share information, business goals, successes, challenges and new initiatives. A commitment to the health sector both in Australia and overseas. Wavelength actively donates and fundraises for the Fred Hollows Foundation and Médecins Sans Frontières. The company also sponsors indigenous medical students and encourages employees to participate in other charitable events throughout the year. ### About Wavelength International Wavelength International
is Australia’s largest medical recruitment company, offering local and international candidate resourcing, medical registration and immigration services for medical professionals and healthcare employers. Based in Sydney, we work with over 300 hospitals, clinics and general practices across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. About Great Place to Work Inc Great Place to Work Inc, is a global research and consulting firm specialising in workplace excellence and development of high-trust and high-engagement workplace cultures. Our proprietary research tool, the Trust Index Employee Engagement Survey, is taken annually by over 10 million employees worldwide. Leading companies worldwide use our model to increase the levels of trust across their organisations and drive business results. For further information, please contact: Deanna Daly Marketing Executive, Wavelength International Tel: 02 8353 9032 Email: Healing House – Restoration with the Jasmine House Package 2017-05-11T06:57:15Z healing-house-restoration-with-the-jasmine-house-package Healing House, the hub of Thai Massage Therapy at the heart of Brisbane’s hot spot Teneriffe, is offering the special Jasmine House package this month. The Jasmine House package is restorative. Customers can choose from Healing House’s special massages and receive complimentary beauty facial treatment and detox treatment along with it. Healing House has made a name as a premium wellness destination for Thai Massage and Day Spa. Thai Massage is therapeutic in nature; it adopts a natural, holistic approach to health, healing and the overall wellbeing of the person. Healing House is particular about using only premium organic and natural products in their treatments. Customers can take advantage of these special Healing House Packages which is excellent to help them to relax, improves good health and helps nurture their wellbeing too. These packages help customers feel healthier, happier and more relaxed since they are nourishing in nature. The Jasmine House package is excellent in restoring a person to good health. The massage package includes a 90-min full body massage. The customer is free to choose one from among three of Healing House’s special treatments. These are the Healing House Signature, a Traditional Thai, Aromatherapy or Sports Massage. The special massage treatment is complemented with a beauty facial treatment. The facial includes the use of cleansing oils and a natural oatmeal scrub. A detoxifying clay mask is applied after the scrub following which the customer receives moisturising and a sunscreen to give their skin a youthful glow! The entire Jasmine House package requires 120 minutes. The cost of the package is $179. Those interested in the Jasmine House package or any of Healing House’s Special Packages may call 1300979555 or send an email to To know more about Healing House and their Jasmine House package: Pamper Your Valentine with a Healing House Spa Massage 2017-01-26T20:38:01Z pamper-your-valentine-with-a-healing-house-spa-massage Relationships have to be nurtured and tended to with love and care. Intimate relationships are even more delicate and require a lot more from both partners to make it work. Healing House Australia appreciates the delicacy of these relationships. Anyone planning a special time for their partner for Valentine’s Day will be pleased to find special relaxing and rejuvenating packages available at Healing House. The Healing House Aromatherapy Massage is a deeply relaxing massage that uses a special blend of organic oils. The smooth, flowing movements used in this massage relieves muscular tension and gives deep relaxation. It also promotes improves circulation, healing and provides deep calming relaxation. Healing House has a variety of special massages to choose from. Customers can choose any from among them including the Healing House Signature Massage, the Traditional Thai Massage and specialised massages for sports persons, pregnant women and those who seek reflexology treatment.  Those who intend to spoil their loved one with a Body Spa package can also check out Healing Houses specials such as their manicure, pedicure, body scrub and facials. Healing House has a host of special packages that rejuvenate the body and mind such as the Sunflower House package. Priced at $169 this package includes 120 minutes of service with 90 minutes of body massage plus 30 minutes of foot reflexology. Customers can also choose from the Jasmine House, Orchid House, Frangipani House, Relax House and Glamour House packages among others. Special gift vouchers are available at Healing House. The customer can choose a special treatment or buy a gift voucher with a specific value and allow the recipient to choose from among their services. Customers can purchase these gift vouchers online and print them out. They can also email them to the person they want to gift it to. Customers desiring to know more about these packages can call 1300979555 or visit Healing House online. Bookings for their packages can be done online through their website. For more information on gift vouchers available from Healing House: Innovative HEATSTRIP goes mobile and new gas heaters added 2017-01-25T04:04:57Z innovative-heatstrip-goes-mobile-and-new-gas-heaters-added HEATSTRIP electric outdoor heaters have been an outdoor heater of choice for many years. Innovation now sees these energy-efficient strip heaters go mobile and two gas versions added to the range.   As with existing HEATSTRIP models, Thermofilm has designed them with elegant aesthetics in mind.   The new HEATSTRIP products comprise the freestanding HEATSTRIP electric heater, the portable HEATSTRIP LPG heater and a wall mounted HEATSTRIP natural gas heater.  Portable Freestanding Electric HEATSTRIP (THH1800AP) Thermofilm has taken one of its most successful HEATSTRIP models and made it even better by incorporating it into a sleek and robust portable stand.   This makes it ideal for spot heating of tables, lounges, entertaining areas and workstations, both indoors and outdoors.   The new electric freestanding heater with the slimline 1800 watt HEATSTRIP Classic radiant heater provides gentle, comfortable warmth with no glow. It heats an area of 3-4 square metres and has a running cost of .45c per hour (based on a .25c tariff).   Fully portable with wheels, the HEATSTRIP THH1800AP model is suitable for alfresco areas, balconies, patios, apartments, both for internal and external use. It is corrosion protected for even the toughest environments, IP55 rated to prevent water ingress and the heater is Australian designed, engineered and assembled.   DIY installation is easy and when assembled, it just plugs into a normal power point. A concealed power cable ensures its sleek appearance.  Portable LPG HEATSTRIP (TGH34PL) The new HEATSTRIP portable LPG (gas bottle) heater incorporates world leading design, quality, heat performance and efficiency to provide an elegant and stylish solution for any outdoor area.   It’s no longer necessary to put up with the clunky, ugly and cheap gas patio heater that is hard to operate, barely lasts a season and doesn’t provide much heat.   Providing a high heat output of 34 megajoules, it has a 4-tile commercial-quality ceramic burner, which offers higher efficiency than a standard stainless steel burner. The area it heats on high is 16 square metres.   For example, based on a 9 kg LPG bottle, a standard mushroom heater costs $2.50 per hour to run, whereas the HEATSTRIP will run for up to 44 per cent longer and costs just $1.39 on low and $2 on high.   It is easy to operate with an integrated Piezo ignition with tilt safety switch and flame failure device included. A high/low output control provides heat output flexibility.   The HEATSTRIP portable gas heater, model TGH34PL, offers significant running-cost-savings compared to standard patio mushroom heaters: a 25 per cent saving on high output and an 80 per cent saving on low output, while providing a significantly higher heat output.   The robust stand design allows the gas pipes, bottle and connections to be fully concealed, yet is easy to wheel around thanks to discreetly placed wheels. This makes it perfect for both residential and commercial applications.   A protective grille and reflector is included as standard to guarantee safe operation and heat can be directed to areas that are being used.   An optional cover protector is also available.  Wall Mounted Natural Gas HEATSTRIP (TGH34WN)   Thermofilm has also designed and manufactured a wall mounted natural gas heater for a permanent outdoor undercover heating solution, such as alfresco areas, balconies, patios, halls and warehouses.   The new HEATSTRIP gas wall mounted heater with its all-black construction, is a stylish addition to any outdoor area where connection to mains natural gas is preferred. The minimum mounting height is two metres.   Providing a high heat output of 34 megajoules, it has a 4-tile commercial-quality ceramic burner. Thanks to electronic battery ignition, micro-switch on/off operation and stainless steel pull cords, the cost of installation is minimised as only a gasfitter is required.   The wall mounting bracket allows for multiple mounting angles and the reflector design ensures that only a minimum of 300 mm overhead clearance is required.   The robust new HEATSTRIP, model TGH34WN, is suitable for both residential and commercial applications and can be converted to use with LPG.  Prices and availability   All Thermofilm’s new HEATSTRIP models come with a two-year residential and one year commercial warranty. They will be available in March from Bunnings, heating specialists and outdoor lifestyle stores.   RRPs of the models are: * Portable Electric Heater: $749 * Portable LPG Heater: $799 * Wall mounted natural gas Heater: $599   Covers for the portable gas heater will be available for $79.95.   ends  About Thermofilm: With more than 25 years manufacturing innovative, stylish and energy efficient products, Thermofilm Australia has supplied to residential, commercial and institutional markets both in Australia and around the world. The Thermofilm range includes the award-winning HEATSTRIP heaters, Bliss indoor and outdoor series, and Envirotouch energy saving timer switches. Thermofilm will continue to maintain its position as a market leader in heating products by listening to its customers and focusing on continuous improvement and innovative product development. Recently, Thermofilm was awarded the “Manufacturer of the Year” by the Victorian Government Manufacturing Hall of Fame. Similarly, the HEATSTRIP® range was awarded the coveted Australian Business Award for Product Value. General enquiries to Tel: 03 9562 3455 and  Media enquiries: Issued on behalf of Thermofilm Australia, 17 Johnston Court, Dandenong South VIC 3175 by WMC Public Relations Pty Ltd. Contact Wendy McWilliams on 03 9803 2588 or email or Greg Trezise, National Sales Manager, Thermofilm Australia. Tel: 03 9562 3455 (switch) or 0402 127 375. Email:  Photos: to request high res photos please send an email to and quote the photo reference.     Group Homes Australia is so confident in their unique model of care that they are offering a free trial to live in one of their homes. 2016-12-28T02:14:42Z group-homes-australia-is-so-confident-in-their-unique-model-of-care-that-they-are-offering-a-free-trial-to-live-in-one-of-their-homes Sydney, Australia, 28th of December 2016, Group Homes Australia offers respite, dementia and high care in a sophisticated and luxurious environment, supported by a team of fully qualified homemakers who are there 24/7. Each home is designed to accommodate the needs of people living with dementia but looks, feels and smells like a home. Each group home houses 6 to 10 residents in beautifully appointed, private bedrooms. There are numerous living and dining areas for residents and their visiting families to enjoy. Each home boasts gorgeous garden and outdoor leisure settings. The homemakers focus on residents’ abilities and interests. The residents are encouraged to participate in weekly outings and the activities that they enjoy such as baking, gardening and laundry. Alzheimer’s Australia ranked GHA significantly above 80 aged care competitors. Tamar Krebs, CEO and Founder, Group Homes Australia, states: "We are so confident in our unique model of care that we would like to invite you to trial living in one of our group homes completely free of charge*. Please get in touch mentioning this offer. Places are extremely limited. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our homes so that you can experience the GHA difference for yourself." For more info about the free trial go to: To learn more and to arrange a visit contact call 1300 015 406. *** About Group Homes Australia: Group Homes Australia offers a unique model of care in a luxurious, friendly and safe, home environment. Our mission is to ensure that people living with dementia also live with dignity. We have homes located across Sydney, including in Waverley, Rose Bay, Vaucluse, St Ives and Warriewood, and were recently independently benchmarked by Alzheimer's Australia as best in class in every area of dementia care against over 80 competitors. Our model is the first of its kind in Australia and focuses on creating a non-institutional way of living that emphasises a resident’s abilities rather than their disabilities. Our homes are traditional houses in traditional streets and are an integral part of the community, with a maximum of 10 residents living together in private rooms. Each home has trained staff on site 24/7 and approximately 1 member of staff for every 3 residents. Our caring team members are homemakers, and they support and assist residents with their daily needs and activities. They encourage residents to be engaged in shopping, cooking, gardening… The full range of daily tasks that bring a sense of purpose in a home. We have no call bells or nursing trolleys, no rigid routines around waking, personal care or singalongs. We actively welcome friends and family to come and visit and stay for a cup of tea and sample our latest freshly baked treats. or 1300 015 406 5 Christmas Tips for those with older parents or parents who have dementia 2016-12-22T06:37:08Z 5-christmas-tips-for-those-with-older-parents-or-parents-who-have-dementia Tamar Krebs, CEO and Founder of Group Homes Australia has some great advice for making the most of this festive season. 1.Don't try and replicate Christmas of the past - be prepared to approach it differently. Bring food in, or offer to do the cooking. Instead of eating in, head to the beach and use the public BBQ. 2.Try and focus on creating new memories and living in the moment, rather than focussing on how things “used to be”. Celebrate what your parents can do, rather than what they can no longer do. 3. Do not waste time and energy worrying about whether Mum or Dad will be around for next Christmas, but instead enjoy the fact that they are around for this Christmas. Be sure to tell them how much you love them and how happy you are to be spending this Christmas with them. 4. Christmas is a popular time for reminiscing. Looking at old photo albums or mementos is a very powerful tool to help remind that person of who they are, what they were capable of, and what makes them unique, rather than just being a person who is living with a diagnosis of dementia. 5. Not everyone who is living with dementia has family around to help care for them. Suicide rates peak at this time of year as it can be an incredibly lonely and isolating experience if you are not surrounded by friends and family. If you know someone who is living with dementia who will be alone this Christmas, please reach out to them and include them in your celebrations. Tips for driving, flying and camping holidays with kids! 2016-12-21T01:25:47Z tips-for-driving-flying-and-camping-holidays-with-kids Paediatric Sleep Consultant, Cheryl Fingleson offers tips on driving with little or bigger kids. 1. Leave at night or very early in the morning It’s a good idea is to leave at night when children have all been fed and it is bedtime so they can have a good long sleep, as the motion of the car will also help them sleep. If you prefer to drive when it is lighter then leaving in the early, give bub a feed and get the older children in the car so you can get a good start while they are tired and still need to sleep. 2. Pack Refreshments Drinks and snack foods are a must for the car age appropriate. 3. Stop for breaks If you have tired, grumpy or bored children in the car it is no fun. Remember children are hard wired for movement. Stop for breaks so the babies can crawl, walk and the older kids can run around for a while, then back into the car. Put the nursery rhymes on, sing along. 4. Pack the technology Ipads, mobiles and movies can be one of the most valuable things you pack and more importantly may keep you sane.. This may be the key to eliminating whinging and fighting children. 5. Routine. Routine. Routine. While travelling try keep to your babies and toddlers usual routine. 6. Clean as you drive Keep a roll of paper towels and a box of wipes in the front seat for easy cleanups. Keep a rubbish bag handy too. There are five things I tell people when they ask about taking kids camping or hiking or paddling: They get cold faster. They get hot faster. They get hungry faster. They get bored faster. They get tired quickly. Cheryl Fingleson, The Sleep Coach, says: "Babies and kids need to eat regularly and sleep on their schedule. I recommend you make sure kids nap and sleep at their usual time. Babies can nap in a front carrier, pram or backpack. Having their schedule and routine the same makes them feel secure. Take their own toys, games, books and anything you child loves to play with from home. Making them have their own belongings helps them adjust to the different surrounding. Consistency and routine will be the magic that make a great relaxing holiday." If you are travelling by plane, then pack these life saving products that were invented by Mums: Cozigo (formerlly Fly Babee) can be used as a sleep, sun and travel cover. It is air permeable, UPF 50+ and 100% breathable. It also blocks out 97% of the light allowing bubs and toddlers to sleep whilst travelling anywhere, anytime... Fly Tot Once your baby is too big for the air line bassinet, make sure that he or she is comfortable so they he or she can sleep in their seat. Fly Tot is an inflatable cushion for older babies, toddlers and kids to stretch out, relax and sleep. Please contact for more info. Wishing you all a beautiful, relaxing Festive Season! Be the king of outdoor living 2016-12-07T04:04:54Z be-the-king-of-outdoor-living With summer in full swing, so is outdoor entertaining and relaxing outdoors - ensure your outdoor space is equipped with the right furniture to suit any time of day, occasion or need. MEDIA RELEASE December 2016 Be the king of outdoor living The essence of Australian summers is outdoor living and entertaining. From barbecues and afternoon cocktails to pool parties or simply relaxing in the sun – the King Living collection has all outdoor living needs covered. The range of outdoor furniture features modularity, discreet storage and optional accessories all dressed in premium materials. Ensuring long term enjoyment and lasting aesthetics, the new WeatherWeave and WeatherWeave Deluxe finishes are specially designed to keep their appearance longer than standard rattans and wicker. A carefully handwoven material, producing a superior high-density weave, WeatherWeave is UV protected and weather-resistant. From a cosy balcony or courtyard to an expansive deck or terrace, the Delta and Jasper Outdoor designs are available in a range of sofa modules and accessories that can be easily rearranged to suit the time of day, occasion and number of guests. Convert the Delta Outdoor sofa to a sun bed with the removable and adjustable arm and back cushions or brackets, and complete the look with a selection of square or round Calypso tables for a contemporary outdoor design touch. Providing clever storage solutions, the Delta Outdoor also has optional built-in storage to keep extra towels, sunscreen, magazines and pool toys within easy reach. It also has vents within the seating and mesh to help release water from rain or poolside splashes to help prevent mould and mildew. The award-winning King Cove design features integrated ceramic shelves and matching table for drinks and magazines for a truly relaxed atmosphere. Create design inspired outdoor living areas this summer with clever ideas from King Living. Images can be downloaded here: