The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-04-15T23:27:48Z - a new web app getting people back into Sydney CBD pubs. 2021-04-15T23:27:48Z www-findavenue-io-press-release-a-new-app-getting-people-back-into-sydney-cbd-pubs-v1-0 EMBARGO: 10:00AM AEST 16th April 2021 A new web app to get people back into Sydney CBD pubs. Sydneysiders can now visit leading pubs in the city and save time with The live web app that brings discoverability, safety, spontaneity and stress-free navigation to visitors venturing to Sydney’s CBD, including seamless linking to the Service NSW COVID Safe Check-in app. Supported by a grant from the Sydney City Council, the map-based live web app has been launched as a free trial in the Sydney CBD. It was not long ago during COVID-19’s peak that almost 95 percent of NSW pub workers were stood down or had their jobs terminated. Additionally, Sydney CBD recreational visitor numbers dropped by 86% and NSW public transport usage numbers almost halved. With rays of light emerging following the Covid-19 global pandemic, fostering a safe environment to encourage people to return to cities has never been more important. However, despite the good news, COVID-19 continues to impact CBD hospitality businesses as not everyone is comfortable returning to the city centre for leisure and entertainment. And although initiatives such as the $500 million Dine and Discover program are promoting a safe return to city life, the public are finding it frustrating and stressful as some venues are booked-out weeks in advance and customers are not sure whether they will be let in without a booking. To address this agile, lean innovators are using technology to proactively support the sector's economic recovery. One such innovation is Founded by creative entrepreneur Jamie Andrei, based in Australia's leading innovation hub Stone and Chalk at the Sydney Startup Hub, the live web app is currently being trialed in Sydney's CBD. Leading, forward thinking venues already using the web app as part of the live trial include Harts Pub, York Lane, Papa Gedes Bar, The Fortune of War, The Glenmore Hotel, Since I Left You, The Australian Heritage Hotel, The Captains Balcony, The Foxhole, Argyle Bar, Spawn Point Bar and Stitch Bar with more venues to be announced shortly. is a free to use live web app that is all about encouraging the safe return of foot traffic to the city. The web app creates a seamless experience using data to allow the public to find the best venue options near them and increase certainty when it comes to making plans. The app makes it easy to browse by venue capacity in real time, register for SMS alerts should a venue be full, and it can walk customers straight to a venue’s door via Google Map directions, and importantly allows Covid Safe Sign-in by linking to the Service NSW app in a seamless manner.  It also features a window signage mode that displays the capacity status in venue windows as a visual nudge to attract walk-in customers. is designed to match patrons to venues near them and to optimise occupancy for owners, replacing the need to queue or crowd around to scan a QR code to sign in, or randomly walk around the city looking for a venue that can squeeze patrons in. founder Jamie Andrei states: ‘Many people stopped coming into the CBD altogether during COVID, they stayed at home and ordered-in which decimated the local hospitality sector. Being based in the city, I saw first-hand the impact the drop in foot traffic was having on venues. Foot traffic was down 90% with weekly takings mirroring that trend. As things improved there was still a lot of uncertainty and confusion over bookings. It got me thinking, there has to be a better way to find a venue.’ In addition to the positive feedback from initial market research, the easy-to-use web app has been testing well, with over 50 interviews being conducted with venue staff and the public alike. Uncertainty and frustration over bookings are universal pain points and is a simple and efficient way to improve the overall hospitality customer experience, encourage people to return safely to the Sydney CBD, increase venue occupancy and bring back fun and discovery to people’s lives. ‘The response has been great. The Sydney City Council, Sydney City Liquor Accord and CBD Sydney Chamber of Commerce have all been supportive. Customer and industry feedback has been very positive. Our focus is to get the public using the web app regularly to streamline their CBD customer experience and attract people into local venues,’ Mr Andrei said. Ultimately the technology could be used across many sectors from museums, restaurants to art galleries, the Royal Easter Show and more. Anywhere that foot traffic and venue capacity are key inputs. The long term vision is to operate the web app as a free to use, location-based media business. To use the web app please visit www.findavenue. Photos: Link here to photos cleared for use courtesy of Bake. ABOUT BAKE is a creative, innovative forward thinking content agency who work with a range of leading businesses from start-ups and scale ups, industry bodies, to state government agencies through to privately owned family businesses. Debbie Rivers spoke on the Podium at the Every Women Expo about finding the one in 2021 2021-04-15T06:26:31Z debbie-rivers-spoke-on-the-podium-at-the-every-women-expo-about-finding-the-one-in-2021 Every Women Expo event is organised in Sydney, where Debbie Rivers was invited to speak on relationship and dating. To empower women and help them find the perfect partner, Debbie shared a detailed speech on - “How to Find the 1 in 2021.”  Whether you are single, committed, or in a relationship, with her years of expertise as a certified relationship and dating coach, she shared a valuable message through her speech. She said, “If you were looking for a new job, house, and wanted to get fit or lose weight, you would have to take steps to achieve those goals. Could you imagine leaving a job to chance? You wouldn’t do it, as you need money to live.  In the same manner, if you want to make your relationship successful, want to make it more beautiful, or want to find the love of your life, it is only possible if you take the proper steps to achieve. Getting the right guidance and implementing it in your relationship will give you positive outcomes instead of just focusing on the problem.  She added, “Everyone will tell you the cliché – ‘you will find love when you least expect it. Yet you followed that advice and still nothing”. You will never get anything if you are expecting without doing any action. You need to look out for a solution; you need to attend events, meet new people, to find that one perfect person for your life.  Looking for a relationship in 2021 isn’t any different. I am going to let you know how you can find the 1 in 2021! Visit our website to learn more about Debbie Rivers.  About The Company:  Debbie Rivers is a Relationship Expert who works with singles and couples. Debbie’s been doing this for over a decade and is consumed with empowering people to be successful in love. She is obsessed with having more extensive conversations about love, dating and relationships. You know, the ones that change lives. She has been where you are and not just in a vague, “Oh, I get it” way. But I’ve seriously been where you are. Debbie’s motto is that it is never too late to have the life you have imagined.  Contact Us:  Debbie Rivers Website - Phone - +61 450 771 382 Email - GOURMET CHEESE HAMPERS' MULTI-MILLION-DOLLAR INJECTION INTO REGIONAL AUSTRALIA DRAMATICALLY INCREASES WITH EXPANSION INTO COFFEE AND WINE 2021-04-15T05:35:21Z gourmet-cheese-hampers-multi-million-dollar-injection-into-regional-australia-dramatically-increases-with-expansion-into-coffee-and-wine Despite being on the brink of collapse because of bushfires and COVID-19, 17 regional cheesemakers went on to enjoy 30 per cent growth last year after partnering with Cheese Therapy.   Now, Cheese Therapy wants Australia’s coffee farmers to thrive, as well as wine producers.   “A year ago, we had several cheesemakers ring us in tears, desperate for us to help them survive. If we hadn’t stepped up, many may not be operating today,” Cheese Therapy co-founder Sam Penny said.   “We are very proud to have been responsible for a direct injection of cash into Australia’s artisan cheesemaking industry which had a flow-on effect, creating jobs and providing much-needed support for dairy farmers, their families and regional communities. We want to see that repeated across other industries.   “Our number one value is to support small businesses in regional and rural areas, which are the heart of Australia.”   Through A Cup Less Travelled, Cheese Therapy co-founders Sam Penny and Helen Shadforth are working with coffee farmers from two growing regions, the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland and Byron Bay in Northern New South Wales.   “Instead of drinking coffee made from beans sourced from countries 15,000 kilometres away, we should be drinking coffee grown here in our own backyard,” Ms Shadforth said.   “Remarkably, we sold two tonnes of coffee over just four weeks when we announced A Cup Less Travelled had launched via Cheese Therapy’s social media pages.”   Each month, small boutique wine producers are also having their creations showcased.   “We are providing a much-needed voice for small businesses, which are trying to compete in a very competitive marketplace,” Mr Penny said.   “You don’t need to buy from overseas when we have fantastic produce grown and made here in Australia, by very talented small producers.”   Cheese Therapy sold four tonnes of cheese per month last year, and experienced 2,000 per cent growth year on year. Two warehouses opened to keep up with the demand, and the Geelong distribution centre will now be the operations centre for both Cheese Therapy and A Cup Less Travelled. In conversation with Professor Megan Davis: addressing The Uluru Statement, Australia’s “unfinished business” 2021-04-15T04:05:47Z in-conversation-with-professor-megan-davis-addressing-the-uluru-statement-australia-s-unfinished-business Four years after the issuing of the Uluru Statement from the Heart, key community leaders and legal scholars have come together to say there can be no further delay in moving towards a referendum on the issue. “Now is the time to walk together and address the unfinished business of this nation,” explains Professor Davis. “It’s time to start the work to hold a referendum on enshrining a Voice to Parliament in the Constitution.” The Uluru Statement from the Heart called for a ‘First Nations Voice’ in the Australian Constitution and a Makarrata Commission to supervise a process of ‘agreement-making’ and truth-telling between the Australian Government and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  In the latest instalment of the monthly ‘In Conversation’ series, Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins will chair a conversation with Professor Davis, who will speak about and reflect upon what has changed since the Uluru Statement was issued, and what still needs to happen from here.  Professor Davis is Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous and Professor of Law at UNSW and a renowned constitutional lawyer, scholar and public law expert. She is a proud Cobble Cobble woman from the Barrungam nation in south-west Queensland.  She is Acting Commissioner of the NSW Land and Environment Court and was recently appointed the Balnaves Chair in Constitutional Law. Professor Davis was named in the 2017 Australian Financial Review annual power list and was awarded the overall winner in 2018’s Women of Influence. She was ranked number 7 on the Cultural power list for her work on constitutional reform and delivering the Uluru Statement From the Heart. Professor Davis has also been the 2010 NAIDOC Scholar of the Year. Where: Emanuel Synagogue, 7 Ocean Street, Woollahra When: Sunday 2 May 2021, 5-6.30pm Members: FREE for Emanuel Synagogue members Non-Members: $20 in person, $15 online BOOKINGS: For more information or to arrange an interview, contact Robert Klein on 0410 439 347 or email ENDS  About Emanuel Synagogue:  Emanuel Synagogue was founded in 1938 and is regarded as one of Australia’s most inclusive and dynamic congregations. It is known for its commitment to social justice (especially concerning refugees and the homeless), other matters of human rights as well as animal rights, and environmental action.  “Looking For A Relationship In 2021 Isn’t Any Different.” - Debbie Rivers Spoke On The Podium At The Every Women Expo. 2021-04-14T07:29:42Z looking-for-a-relationship-in-2021-isn-t-any-different-debbie-rivers-spoke-on-the-podium-at-the-every-women-expo Finding the perfect partner is not difficult, but it’s about getting the right advice and solution. Debbie Rivers, a Relationship Expert, spoke about “how to find the one in 2021” at The Every Women Expo held on 20th March 2021. Many times people present themselves in the best possible manner as their partner imagined, but they forget their definitive version of this prospect. To be in any relationship, first, you need to be the one who you are.  As Debbie Rivers described in her speech, “If you were looking for a new job, house, and wanted to get fit or lose weight you would have to take steps to achieve those goals. Could you imagine leaving a job to chance? You wouldn’t do it”. No matter what you do, you always have to put efforts to get the best and ideal outcomes, and the same law applies to relationship goals.  She also said that “Everyone will tell you the cliché – ‘you will find love when you least expect it’. Yet you followed that advice and still nothing”. You need to put exemplary efforts at the right time to find your soulmate. You need to stop looking for a soulmate and instead focus on finding the missing parts of you. Develop the qualities in you so that the right partner attracts you.  Looking for a relationship in 2021 isn’t any different. I am going to let you know how you can find the one in 2021! Visit our website today to learn more about our services.  About Debbie Rivers:  Debbie Rivers is a Relationship Expert who works with singles and couples. Debbie’s been doing this for over a decade and is consumed with empowering people to be successful in love. She is obsessed with having more significant conversations about love, dating and relationships. You know, the ones that change lives. She has been where you are and not just in a vague, “Oh I get it,” way. But I’ve seriously been where you are. Debbie’s motto is that it is never too late to have the life you have imagined.  Contact Us:  Debbie Rivers Website - Phone - + 61 450 771 382 E-mail - NO MORE TEARS WITH JABS 2021-04-14T00:54:38Z no-more-tears-with-jabs Media release - for immediate release   NO MORE TEARS WITH JABS Simple plastic device to block needle sensation lands in Australia – for use at home or at the doctor   Sydney, 13 April 21 ·      A chemical-free, non-invasive solution reduces or removes the feeling of the needle poke ·      Works in 93.2% of users[1] ·      Perfect for kids & adults with needle fear, or regular injection-receivers ·      Can be easily used at home for insulin or other self-administered shots ·      Can be used by nurses and GPs for vaccinations or allergy shots Most of us are glad that COVID vaccinations are getting close, but many Aussies are secretly dreading going to the doctor for their next injection. Now, a simple device used in the US and UK is available to reduce the sensation of the needle without any toxins or extra steps – some people feel nothing at all when using it. Needle stick fear As many as one in ten people has needle phobia, and one in five of those avoids medical treatment and can miss out on urgent care. Many of us put off going to the doctor because of it, and have to suffer anxiously in the lead up – or we put off taking kids because we want to delay the tears. Some people’s fear is so extreme is has led to death instead of treatment. It has been a problem since needles were invented, and we still don’t know why. But for many, needle phobia starts in childhood – often in relation to a medical experience that makes us link healthcare with pain or fear. It can be a serious problem that causes great anxiety and delays or disrupts proper medical care. Parents go out of their way to try to prevent their children associating the doctor with pain and fear, even if they do themselves. People try different methods to alleviate the phobia – including hypnosis, or requesting numbing sprays and creams before a jab. For young children especially, it is difficult to explain the unusual feeling of a needle prick, although people try with some success to bribe or reward them with treats, distract them with iPads, or play down the pain. Designed by a paediatrician to block pain If you dread getting pricked, or you have children that do, you know that ‘just getting over it’ isn’t an option. But now there is a tiny object that can safely and non-invasively prevent the pain, with no chemicals or drugs, smells, skin damage, or side effects. It’s so simple, it’s hard to believe on sight – but studies have shown that 93.2% of people experience mild or no pain when using it. ShotBlocker® has been used with great success in the US and Europe, and is now available for the first time in Australia and New Zealand. Doctors and pharmacists recommend its use for those with a fear of needles. It can also be used early on children, so they don’t develop an association between needles and pain. For those living with diabetes or other conditions that necessitate regular injections, it is easy, safe and cheap to use at home. It is reusable (on the same patient) and small enough to put in a purse or pocket. ShotBlocker® works in a unique way, using ‘gate control’ pain management. It is a plastic disc with a gap for the needle. Small blunt bumps are pressed against the skin, distracting the body by saturating the sensory nerves so that pain impulses aren’t sent up the spinal cord to the brain. Doctors in the US, where the device has been used for some time, report patients and parents asking for the ShotBlocker® by name because of positive prior experiences. It can be used for all injections under the skin or into muscle almost everywhere on the body – including vaccinations and minor injections such as allergy shots or insulin. Ask for it at your next shot ShotBlocker® is produced by Bionix Medical Technologies and will be exclusively distributed in Australia and New Zealand by ECOMED, one of Australia’s most trusted medical equipment distributors. It is available now at Pharmacy Online and in store at selected pharmacies – ask your pharmacist or doctor about it at your next visit. – End –     For media enquiries, please contact: Gigi Shaw E:   For purchasing enquiries, please contact: Lauren Callaghan ECOMED Customer Care T: 1800 67 5432 E:    About ECOMED Established in 1995, Ecomed is an Australian owned distributor of Medical Equipment & Consumables that has provided Australia and New Zealand healthcare markets with high quality products for a quarter century. Ecomed’s highly qualified, specialist staff are a dedicated team of professional healthcare Product Specialists, Product Managers & Clinical Educators that provide best in field before and after sales support. Global manufacturers partner with Ecomed because we understand their products; know their customers; and are passionate about providing the best products to the ANZ market and its patients. Ecomed distributes diagnostic, emergency care, infant care, monitoring, cryotherapy, respiratory, and general medical care equipment and supplies. For more information, visit   About ShotBlocker® Invented by James Huttner, M.D., Ph.D., a pediatrician and co-founder of Bionix Medical Technologies, a Toledo, Ohio based medical device company., US Patent # 6,902,554. The effectiveness of the ShotBlocker® has been clinically tested and supported through four independent studies. The medical facilities involved with these studies include: Department of Emergency Medicine and the Department of Pediatrics from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey‐ Robert Wood Medical School;  Department of Emergency Medicine, St Christopher’s Hospital for Children ‐  Drexel University College of Medicine; Department of Pediatrics, St. Luke’s Medical Center, Quezon City, Philippines; Family Physicians Association of Flower Hospital, Toledo, Ohio; Maumee Pediatrics Associates, Maumee, Ohio.   [1] A study on the Efficacy of ShotBlocker® found that 93.2% of those with ShotBlocker experienced mild to no pain compared to 51.7% of those without ShotBlocker®. The Executive Centre launches the 'What Is An Office' campaign 2021-04-13T10:32:17Z the-executive-centre-launches-the-what-is-an-office-campaign      HONG KONG, Apr 10, 2021 - (ACN Newswire) - The pandemic has led to the greatest debate of all time - do people even need an office and if so, what do they want? Today, The Executive Centre (TEC), the leading premium flexible workspace provider across Asia Pacific and the Middle East, launches the "What Is An Office" campaign, which examines the elements that make up a dynamic, productive workspace. The campaign consists of a brand video, plus 4 product videos that examines how the workforce views the role of an office and asks the central question, "What Is An Office?" The short films explore how a positive working environment and agile working practices can help business operations, shedding light on the fundamental importance of a multi-purpose office to a company's success."The break from office has pushed people to reconsider what they require to create a positive working environment. People are waking up to the fact that an office should be more than four walls around a desk. It is a space which fosters collaboration, communication and creativity," said Paul Salnikow, TEC Founder and CEO. "While human interaction proves to be crucial for work and life, people are also keen to enjoy variety in work options, the future of work is shifting from purely remote to a hybrid model. Flexibility is key in future workplace strategies because choice has become an invaluable asset; people want to choose to access workstations, meeting rooms and breakout areas when they need it, and corporations are realising that incorporating a flexible element can also positively impact their bottom line."TEC has found that the need for more flexible lease terms, robust technological infrastructure and internet connectivity for virtual get-togethers, as well as spacious event venues to host socially distanced conferences, and even on-demand passes to support their remote working teams has dramatically increased in the last year.A whitepaper report will also be released for free public download on the campaign website that looks into the history and future trends of office development, plus TEC's approach to office design strategy.What is an office?  Your work, your space, your choice.Visit the campaign website HERE.The campaign videos can be viewed HERE.  About The Executive CentreThe Executive Centre (TEC) opened its doors in Hong Kong in 1994 and today boasts over 150+ Centres in 32 cities and 14 markets.The Executive Centre caters to ambitious professionals and industry leaders looking for more than just an office space -- they are looking for a place for their organization to thrive. TEC has cultivated an environment designed for success with a global network spanning Greater China, Southeast Asia, North Asia, India, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, and Australia, with sights to go further and grow faster. Each Executive Centre offers a prestigious address with the advanced infrastructure to pre-empt, meet, and exceed the needs of its Members. Walking with Members through every milestone and achievement, The Executive Centre empowers ambitious professionals and organizations to succeed.Privately owned and headquartered in Hong Kong, TEC provides first class Private and Shared Workspaces, Business Concierge Services, and Meeting & Conference facilities to suit any business needs.  For more information please visit MOB BOSS MICHAEL FRANZESE MAKES YOU AN OFFER YOU SHOULDN'T REFUSE 2021-04-13T03:43:48Z mob-boss-michael-franzese-makes-you-an-offer-you-shouldn-t-refuse MOB BOSS MAKES YOU AN OFFER YOU SHOULDNT REFUSE HOW MOB BOSS MADE MILLIONS   # MICHAEL FRANZESE’s OFFER YOU SHOULDN’T REFUSE# LEARN HOW TO NEGOTIATE IN BUSINESS LIKE THE MAFIA# HOW TO DO BUSINESS LIKE A BOSS# MADE MAN TEACHES YOU HOW TO BECOME A “wise guy”# EXCLUSIVE “sit down” LIVESTREAM Former Captain of New York’s Colombo organised crime family, Michael Franzese will speak at an Australian exclusive live “Sit Down”  HOW TO DO BUSINESS LIKE A BOSS to tell all about how he spent his time making millions as a Mob Boss on Thursday April 22nd at 11am. Free registration at Once described by a Vanity Fair journalist, as “making the most money since Al Capone”, Franzese will share the tricks of the trade and all the negotiating business techniques he used to help him become the youngest person listed on Fortune Magazine’s 50 most wealthy and powerful MOB bosses. Michael, who was at one stage making $8 million dollars a week, will share his proven street-smart strategies that livestream attendees can take away and implement in business straight away! Michael Franzese says, “You’re really going to benefit from this live stream! I encourage everybody to sign up as soon as they can, with limited spaces it’s going to go quick and this really is an offer you shouldn’t refuse!”. About Michael Franzese Michael Franzese grew up as the son of the notorious Underboss of New York’s violent and feared Colombo crime family. At his most affluent, Michael was generating an estimated $5 to $8 million per week from legal and illegal businesses and in 1986, was named one of the biggest money earners the mob had seen since Al Capone, by Vanity Fair. At the age of 35, Fortune Magazine listed him as number 18 on its list of the “Fifty Most Wealthy and Powerful Mafia Bosses,” just 5 behind John Gotti. All that was to change when Michael met a beautiful dancer from California named Camille Garcia whose beauty and faith caused Michael to do the unthinkable – walk away from the mob. Nobody of his rank had ever just walked away – and lived. Until now. This former “Prince of the Mafia” is now a man on a mission determined to use the compelling experiences of his former life for the benefit of others seeking redemption and forgiveness and continues to bring record attendance to events all over the country.    Mother's Day Indoor Plant Gift Delivery 2021-04-12T06:09:32Z mother-s-day-indoor-plant-gift-delivery The Indoor Plant Co is here to help you show your love and appreciation for a very special person in your life, your beloved Mum, with our range of indoor plant gifts, perfect for Mother’s Day!    We are pleased to say that we will extend our delivery dates to include Mother’s Day, Sunday the 9th of May! You can place your in advance for delivery on the day. Or order you can even order before 11 am on the day and we will guarantee same “Mother’s” day delivery.   Choose from The Indoor Plant Co’s entire selection of pre-curated plant gift packs, individual indoor plants starting from $40, extras or create your own personalised plant gift pack and we’ll deliver it to your Mum, all wrapped in sustainable, Aussie designed paper and ribbons, with a complimentary card that has a hand written personalised message to Mum.   As an extra treat, add a milk or dark chocolate Koko Black heart for free when your gift pack is over $150! Is your gift pack a bit less? You can add a sweet treats from just $5! View the full range of “extras” here   We have some gorgeous indoor plant gift packs perfect for Mother’s Day offering a range of goodies alongside one of our beautiful indoor plants:   ·       The Coffee Lover’s Gift Pack a yummy treat for coffee lovers with chocolate coffee beans and specialise coffee from Honeybird amongst other items.   ·       Hi Tiger Pamper Pack Hi Tiger bath and body products to soothe and relax Mum.   ·       Warburton Wellness Pack Locally sourced wellness goodies from Warbotanicals in the Yarra Valley.   New Indoor Plants The Indoor Plant Co has added some amazing new plants to its already extensive choice of indoor plants. ●      Philodendron Birkin- its striking patterns and lush green leaves will be the focal point of any office or home. ●      Peperomia Raindrop- bring a bit of the jungle indoors! This beautiful and recognizable plant with its “tear drop” succulent leaves, is the perfect addition to a Mother’s Day gift pack! ●      Heart Leaf Philodendron - a stunning big indoor plant pre grown up a totem, covered in lush green heart shaped leaves, perfect to show your love for Mum on Mother’s Day! ●      The House Selection of Three – unsure which indoor plant gift to get for Mum? Why not let us pick three of the best and wrap them up together to surprise her on Mother’s Day?   You can even customise our pre-curated plant gift packs! Pick your favourite colour for the pot, add a few extras such as: A delicious bar of Pico vegan chocolate, a bottle of bubbly, a Keri Soy candle or the fun and funky Pipette Leaf earrings, to name a few.   Have a Question? Get in Touch! Do have any questions about our indoor plant gifts for Mother’s Day, add-ons or delivery? Feel free to give us a call or send us an email, we would love to answer any question you may have!     Media Publishares and VIDY to develop NFT platform for fashion, arts and music community 2021-04-12T05:39:21Z media-publishares-and-vidy-to-develop-nft-platform-for-fashion-arts-and-music-community      SINGAPORE, Apr 12, 2021 - (ACN Newswire) - Media Publishares, publishers of Vogue, Esquire, Robb Report and Buro in Singapore, announce a partnership with VIDY to launch and develop an NFT platform catering to the fashion, arts and music industry.Founded by Singaporean techpreneur Matthew Lim and Harvard University alumni Patrick Colangelo, VIDY is a blockchain-powered digital advertising tool that rewards viewers with native cryptocurrency, VIDYCOIN. Having implemented VIDY's technology across Media Publishares' titles, the partnership between the two companies grew organically given their shared 'digital first' approach and innovative thinking.The NFT platform - slated to launch in Q3 of 2021 - celebrates arts and culture within a 360-degree navigable virtual environment showcasing digital fashion, art, music and design. Key features of the platform include minting, trading and auctioning of NFTs through a tokenised system along with the ability to host social interaction.Focused on building virtual creativity as a skill set while promoting sustainable consumption, the platform will donate a percentage of NFT sales towards organisations tackling real-world problems to ensure a positive connection between the virtual and physical worlds."The NFT market grew over 229% since 2020 to reach over USD500 million. However, it's still in early stages and has a long way to go with regards to infrastructure development. With the metaverse and rise of digital models, people will be able to live in a parallel virtual world where they can own a digital identity and purchase items not just in a digital file, but as any unique asset in their virtual land, similar to their physical world," says Lim."For this new NFT platform, VIDY will lead the technology and blockchain development given our unique experience in dealing with traditional businesses and crypto. We are confident we will create the finest platform that will boost the NFT world by allowing seamless participation from the traditional fashion, art and music communities."The NFT platform will target a digitally savvy audience looking for luxury items with low environmental impact while also engaging creators exploring a virtual identity for their designs and new revenue streams for their craft."Media Publishares has always been ahead of the curve with its innovative approach to storytelling as lead by our anchor titles Vogue, Esquire, Robb Report and Buro Singapore", says Michael von Schlippe, President of Media Publishares."What we see is a new creative renaissance where creativity and technology are driving change together. By creating an NFT platform, which essentially acts as a virtual marketplace between creatives and users, it allows us to provide a unique shoppable platform coupled with content for the community in the form of education, interaction and entertainment," adds von Schlippe.Titles under Media Publishares have gained global recognition for their approach to content creation. Notable projects include Esquire Singapore's 'Artificial Intelligence Issue' that won Gold at the Native Advertising Awards in Berlin and Vogue Singapore's digital-only launch in August 2020 with a 360-degree microsite 'Vogue Studio', amongst others.About VIDYEstablished in 2016, VIDY was a San Francisco based video web tech start-up company founded by Harvard Undergrad Patrick Colangelo and former Credit Suisse Investment Banker Matthew Lim. In 2018, VIDY started to incorporate blockchain technology into its product to allow a decentralized reward economy to exist seamlessly across its publishing partners. Today, Vidy's technology is used by over 70 global media publishers such as the likes of CNN Indonesia, CNBC Indonesia, Vogue Singapore, Esquire Singapore among many others, with over 10bn of monthly page views of inventory, and a user exposure of over 150mn monthly. VIDY has two native cryptocurrency tokens; VIDY and VIDYX, both of which are integral to the Vidy Rewarding, E-Commerce and NFT Ecosystem. For more information on VIDY, please visit Media PublisharesMedia Publishares is a dynamic media company that specialises in impactful storytelling characterised by creativity, captivating visuals and the engagement of innovative technology. Headquartered in Singapore, Media Publishares, previously Indochine Media, has over 10 year's experience in digital communication, luxury print publishing, and events across Southeast Asia. A full-service publisher with over 80 employees in the region - from editorial and events to video and design production - Media Publishares operates in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines and is continuously expanding its portfolio to further strengthen its presence in the publishing industry. Anchor brands currently include Buro, Esquire, Robb Report, Luxury Guide and Vogue Singapore. For more information on Media Publishares, please visit How to choose and style crystals for every room of the house 2021-04-12T01:44:36Z how-to-choose-and-style-crystals-for-every-room-of-the-house Justine Wilson, author of the Crystal Connection, shares her tips on how to incorporate crystals into the different zones of the home. A crystal collector herself, with over 100 displayed throughout her own home, Justine encourages those just starting out with crystals to select a piece that speaks to them as the best rule of thumb. “Crystals can be used in any space that looks pretty and feels right to you, there is no right or wrong way to work with crystals. They are as beautiful as they are mythical, so just enjoy bringing them into your home, and thus you will get a feel for the visual and spiritual impact they can have on your space,” says Justine. Entryway: A nice stone to have at your property’s entryway is rose quartz. You will often see this at top end day spas as it promotes a sense of self-love, relaxation and a peaceful experience. Having a stone like this will also signify to your family and guests that it is a welcoming, loving environment to enter. Study: Amethyst is a wonderful stone to have in creative spaces such as studies, workshops, or even mediation zones, as it can promote mental clarity and assist in opening up and promoting your spirituality. It can help stimulate new ideas and inspiration so it’s wonderful for any space when you need to focus, work or create. Another great one for a work zone is citrine, as it can assist in attracting wealth and abundance - so a wonderful stone for any business endeavours. Living Rooms: Agate is a great stone to have in living areas as it is very versatile to incorporate, you could have an agate artwork, agate bookends on a bookshelf, or agate coasters. Agate also comes in many different colorways so it will work with any interior scheme. Agate is also a grounding stone that promotes maturity and stability, and I think it’s nice to feel grounded in your main living space. Kitchen/Dining: Clear quartz is a great stone for these zones as it is a master stone in many ways. Clear quartz can be programmed for any intention and is a nice one for a kitchen or dining area because often you are also creating something from scratch, so it will work alongside your mood and energy. Quartz can change the feel of the space depending on the vibe and meals you are creating, i.e you could be having a fun night with friends, ask the stone to assist in creating joy and happiness. If it is a serious family dinner, ask the stone to guide you with clarity on the right words to say to your family members to resolve the issues. Bedroom: A great stone for your bedroom is labradorite as it is a protective stone that can restore energy, promote rest and help to recharge you. It can also assist in revealing your true emotions, which we all need sometimes in order to deal with things or to take the right path of action. Any stone (blues and black stones are great for this) that are protective will also work in bedrooms. About the Crystal Connection: The Crystal Connection, a 200-page coffee table book is a sensory and emotive visual guidebook that demonstrates a profound love for crystals and is not only inspiring but will connect the reader even more with their own sacred home space. The Crystal Connection is available now at an RRP $45.00. Currently $34.40 from and Follow them on Instagram @crystalconnectionbook Renowned StretchLab Franchise Arrives in Australia 2021-04-09T00:46:38Z renowned-stretchlab-franchise-arrives-in-australia-1 Having taken America by storm, one-on-one assisted stretching brand, StretchLab, is now set to arrive in Australia. Boutique Fitness Studios, the Master Franchise Ownership group behind CycleBar, announced today that they have partnered with former AFL player Tory Dickson and professional cricketer James Pattinson to bring StretchLab, a unique assisted stretching franchise, Down Under.  The franchise will cater to the growing demand for wellness services, which has seen a worldwide surge following the coronavirus pandemic. Owned by Xponential Fitness, a curator of leading boutique fitness brands, StretchLab has become one of the group’s fastest-growing brands over the last three years, with more than 300 studio franchises awarded. The concept offers customised assisted stretch sessions with trained FlexologistsⓇ who are trained in StretchLab’s proprietary material. The sessions provide an easy, quick and much-needed solution to the growing awareness among consumers for the importance of recovery to everyone – regardless of how active they are.  Matt Gordin, CEO of Boutique Fitness Studios, immediately recognised StretchLab as an exciting business model and an affordable entry into franchise ownership for Australians.  “The unique beauty of this concept is that it complements almost every other fitness brand out there. It’s adding value rather than creating competition. The franchise opportunity is an affordable, scalable way for entrepreneurs of all types to bring a proven and sustainable business model to their market. It also aligns perfectly with our ethos to encourage fluid mobility and positive energy and wellbeing in the community. It hits the target in every way,” he said.  Dickson and Pattison were motivated to invest following their own experience with remedial stretch, its myriad wellness benefits, and the franchise’s prolific growth across the US.   “Throughout my sporting career, I’ve experienced first-hand the role stretching can play to mitigate and recover from injury. It is no surprise this concept has taken off overseas. I’m looking forward to it succeeding here as a business and as a tool to help achieve or maintain individual well-being,” said Pattinson. “The buzz around personal wellness is now huge and only getting bigger. The relevance and appeal of stretching are so widespread, making it a great investment. From elite sportspeople and amateur athletes to ageing bodies and people who understand the benefits of maintaining positive, fluid movement, StretchLab caters to all,” said Dickson.   The first StretchLab opens in Currambine, WA, mid this year with direct involvement from stretch guru Brad Walker, the original Course Creator and Chief Stretch Adviser for the StretchLab Flexologist Training Program.  To learn more about the StretchLab franchise opportunity, please contact Matt Gordin, or visit Bali, Islands of Gods is a marvelous and beautiful place 2021-04-08T17:19:40Z bali-islands-of-gods-is-a-marvelous-and-beautiful-place Bali, Islands of Gods is a marvelous and beautiful place. Many people choose this beautiful destination for their holidays. Indeed, Bali, Island of Indonesia, gather incredible asset for any holiday maker. It’s a dream destination. Beautiful beaches, incredible landscape with wild mountains, perfect trekking places, buzzing city and trending food places. Everything concentrated on one spot. Millions of tourists all over the world already choose Bali as their main holiday destination. Many people choose this perfect holiday destination to try new activities like surfing, diving, sports activities or Yoga. Other people decided to keep healthy and do some specific health and nutrition retreat in Bali Yoga and spiritual events are very frequent in Bali as the spiritual crowd is one of the most active in the world. The island gather individual from any nationalities passionate by mediation, Yoga, health, consciousness and mindfulness. So, if your decided to do a Meditation or spiritual retreat in Bali, you definitely choose the right spot. What kind of spiritual retreat can you find? You can find any kind of events, spanning form one day to a few days. Most of the retreat will include Yoga, Yogic philosophy, meditation or some specific spiritual practices (Buddhist, Taoist, Vipassana, Zen, Tantra etc. …) It's very important to check the feedback and reputation of the provider. Indeed, customers reviews can definitely help you to choose the right provider for your spiritual retreat in Bali. Indeed, the quality of customers feedbacks will give you a better idea of the quality of the service, the food and give your more details about the retreats itself. Location is another important topic too. Retreats can be all over the Islands in beautiful resort. Sometimes it will be good to check customers feedback on the hostel itself, to know if it really a good quality accommodation with professional staff and good food. ADDA YOGA located and Canggu Bali provide any kind of spiritual, mindfulness and consciousness activities and retreats. Our main service is Yoga studio, with daily classes for all levels. We have different styles of Yoga classes, some more dynamic, some physically challenging and some slow pace. So, if you are looking to practice Yoga in Bali, come and join us. We provide private Yoga classes in Bali too. Another part of our activity is retreat. We organized spiritual and health retreats for individuals. Those events spanned from one evening to 4 or 5 days and we try to cover different topics and practice as Meditation, philosophy, Yoga, health. If you need a full reset to relax and come back from your holidays with more energy and focus, get in touch with us. All our retreats are on Facebook section events. Recreating the early 6th Century! Period Instruments. Baroque Music. Incredible Cast. Mock Sword Fights. A unique night of music under the stars. 2021-04-08T02:32:21Z recreating-the-early-6th-century-period-instruments-baroque-music-incredible-cast-mock-sword-fights-a-unqiue-night-of-music-under-the-stars Sydney musician Jack Stephens, 25, is both the Producer and Director of tomorrow's unique outdoor performance of Purcell’s Operetta King Arthur within the grounds of Australia’s oldest University College. He is also singing one of the Bass parts and even working with the cast to pull together costumes to support the production.  Currently working to complete his Doctorate of Music from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Jack is the principal lay-clerk and Choir Tutor at St Andrew’s Cathedral and is used to singing and playing great music, having worked extensively within choral music and as a soloist.  He is also an accomplished brass player, having recently performed as a soloist in Schumann’s Konzertstück (Concerto for Four Horns) alongside Robert Johnson (Principal Horn of Sydney Symphony Orchestra). As part of his studies, he is the driving force behind this one off concert performance being performed at the University of Sydney this Friday. Purcell’s Operetta King Arthur  Hailed as one of the greatest works of western music Tells the story of King Arthur’s Britons as they battle the Saxons. Medieval re-enactment society performing mock fight scenes at the interval Unique one-off event - 7:00pm, Friday 9 April Semi-staged in the open-air Quadrangle of St Paul's College - Australia’s oldest University College within the University of Sydney  The event promises to transport the audience back to the early 6th Century- taking them on a tale of medieval adventure and mysticism.  A local medieval re-enactment society is even planning to add some additional colour at the interval, performing some energetic mock fights scenes! “This is a real cross-generational event – seasoned professionals will be pairing up with some of Australia’s best young musicians - including Soloists from Pinchgut Opera, Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, Sydney Symphony,Opera Australia and the Song Company, “ said Jack.  “In performing this extra-ordinary event, I have the privilege of working with some incredible performers including the legendary Peter Cousens, Artistic Director of the Talent Development Project Foundation, who will be narrating our version of the operetta.  “We also have some amazing soloists – all backed by an 18 period piece  orchestra,” he said. One of those soloists is the talented Chloe Lankshear, currently Principal Soloist with Pinchgut Opera, Australian Brandenburg Orchestra and the Song Company. “A highlight on Friday will be Chloe singing ‘Fairest Isle’  - one of the most loved songs throughout the world.   “I invite anyone who will be in Sydney who loves classical music to secure some of the limited tickets, grab their picnic rug, bring along some food and drinks, and be transported to medieval times and be immersed in this great sounding tale of King Arthur,” said Jack. INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITIES IN SYDNEY THIS WEEK Peter Cousens, Jack Stephens and Chloe Lankshear are available for interview this week. NOTE: Some of the cast in costume can be arranged. EVENT DETAILS Purcell’s Operetta King Arthur  When: Friday April 9 at 7pm Where: Quadrangle, St Paul's College, University of Sydney, 9 City Rd, Camperdown, NSW 2050 Cost: $40-$60 Tickets: THE PERFORMERS AND PLAYERS Conductor | Ross Cobb Concertmaster | Fiona Ziegler Narrator | Peter Cousens Soprano | Chloe Lankshear, Josie Ryan, Elise Morton Mezzo soprano | Stephanie Dillon, Hester Wright Tenor | Joshua Oxley, Elias Wilson Bass | Jeremy Boulton, Jack Stephens Violin | Fiona Ziegler, James Tarbotton Viola | Sophie Nickel Cello | Zoltán Szabo Bass | Will Hansen Harpsichord | Nathan Cox Bassoon | Harley Milano Oboe | Edward Wang, Joshua Ning Recorder | Isabelle Palmer, Aimee Brown Trumpet | Simon Wolnizer, Jonathan Baker Timpani | Adam Cooper-Stanbury     Greatest Arcade Console Experience at Home 2021-04-07T18:44:42Z greatest-arcade-console-experience-at-home Arcade consoles are the next level of gaming gear for kids, teenagers and even adults and are perfect for home use. When you are buying arcade consoles, you need to make sure that you consider the right console design and included games are important. Arcade consoles are popular not just for men but also great for families with kids and amongst both boys and girls who love to pass the time with games. It is not just an amazing pass time for the kids, but it also develops a lot of cognitive benefits for them. Hence, this article is all about making you aware of the perks of enjoying arcade consoles at home for both kids and teenagers. THE COGNITIVE BENEFITS WITH ARCADE CONSOLES AND RETRO GAMES Here are some of the cognitive benefits that you need to keep in mind whenever you are about to get your kid or child a new retro arcade console: Best for Improving Coordination With the arcade console games, the children will understand the meaning of engaging their audial, visual and physical movements at the same time. Video games are not just about gazing at the screen, but it also triggers mental stimulation. There is strategy and technic involved in every game.  Their reaction time and pushing the right buttons helps them develop these skills that can be applied in everyday activity.  Therefore, he/she will develop coordination by training the mind accordingly. Development of Problem Solving Techniques The kids and teenages will learn the approach of dealing with problems and overcoming them achieved by experiencing failures again and again in arcade games. Within the arcade games, the players will have to make quick decisions to find a way out of the complex situations of different levels and gameplay.  That in itself stimulates the mind and helps them to adopt this habit.This also encourages children to really think and consider different options as well as solve problems to complete a game level.There are many portable game consoles available in the market with many challenging games for you or your kids to enjoy. Boosts Concentration Level The children or the kids will eventually develop more concentration towards achieving an objective. Hence, the fun mindsetthat is developed in children will eventually turn out to be productive for them in the long run. Attention and concentration are always helpful for kidsin their school and future professional lives. Better Functioning Power of the Brain Arcade games stimulate the mind and trains the brain to handle different problem based scenarios as well as providing audial and visual transitions. As per research in this field, individuals playing video games are noticeably more mentally stimulated than the ones who do not play such games. Therefore, if your child is playing arcade games at home, then he/she is experiencing constant functioning of the brain and having to think through problems. These are a few of the cognitive experiences that the kids or teenagers will obtain while playing arcade consoles at home. DIFFERENT TYPES OF ARCADE CONSOLES AVAILABLE FOR YOU There are handheld arcade consoles and joystick arcade gaming consoles available at online and offline stores for you to enjoy your streamlined gameplay experience at home. Handheld Arcade Consoles The handheld portable game consoles are quite popular products that are being used by kids or teenagers at home to pass the time and develop cognitive benefits. They are in the form of a mobile phone with arcade gaming buttons on either side of the device and a screen in the middle. The games can be loaded in an SD card that will be plugged onto the console for giving you an amazing gaming experience. They are available in different storage and design variants. Check out the above-linked page to pick the ideal one based on your needs. Joystick Arcade Gaming Consoles Joystick Arcade Gaming consoles are perfect for your plug and play TV gaming experience. You can also connect these consoles directly onto your computer monitor in place of keyboards to play the games with the specified controls. These joysticks can be used to play different games based on your choices. You need to pick the console that has your favourite games listed on it. Whether you love fighting, adventure or casual games, joystick arcade gaming consoles have all of it. Get the one that suits your own or your kid’s enjoy the most. There are design, memory and game options available for you in any type of arcade consoles. Your favourite arcade games are now at your fingertips that you can also carry while you are on the go. Whether you get the arcade sticks or the handheld arcade gaming consoles, you will have constant fun and train your mind as well. CONCLUSION These are a few of the things that explain the great experience that you have while playing on arcade gaming consoles at home. If you are usually bored during your free time at home and want an affordable gaming console to pass your time, go for the arcade consoles. The above benefits are mentioned by focusing upon the kids and teenagers, but most people above the age of 25 and less than 40 are also fond of playing these arcade games. So, if you want that fun and nostalgic gaming experience that will keep you and your family entertained, go and purchase it today!