The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-03-21T03:12:06Z Fertile Foods Are Key to Reproductive Help Says Expert Phillipa Youngs 2019-03-21T03:12:06Z fertile-foods-are-key-to-reproductive-help-says-expert-phillipa-youngs “As part of your fertility journey, it is essential to think about what food you are consuming and the cascading impact this can have on your body.” “Trying to fall pregnant means you need all the goodness your body can get! A multidisciplinary approach explores optimization of natural fertility, causes & risk factors for infertility, preconception care, and other topics.”   Phillipa Youngs, qualified Chinese medicine practitioner, acupuncturists and myotherapist has a passion for honing her craft and helping families achieve their goals. Young’s focus on women’s wellness, wellbeing, fertility, and pregnancy has been her primary focus for decades. Youngs highlights the absolute importance and quite often unknown role that food and nutrition play during preconception, pregnancy and postpartum. According to Jean Hailles Womens Health Surveys, reproductive problems impact 15 out of 100 of Australian couples of childbearing age which is alarming. Government-funded online health support Heath Direct also supports these statistics of infertility.   Furthermore, according to Harvard Health, for women trying to become pregnant naturally (without “assistive reproductive technologies” such as in vitro fertilization), the following vitamins and nutrients were linked to positive effects on fertility: folic acid vitamin B12 omega-3 fatty acids healthy diets (such as the Mediterranean diet) For the betterment of both the mother and child's health, as well as the child's development in the future, nutrition is crucial during the whole pregnancy, including the peri-conception stage being the most critical. “According to The Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health research, women appear to make alterations to their diets while pregnant [but] many still do not obtain the nutrients they require. Australian studies indicate that the folate, fiber, iodine and iron intake of pregnant women does not meet nationally recommended levels.”   There is an abundance of people trying to conceive, and unsuccessfully bring this to fruition because of the critical yet straightforward factors they need to incorporate into their health. This information informs us that women need to seek nutritional value in their foods. The entire journey to better the chances of fertility, conception, healthy pregnancy, and overall wellbeing is of immense importance. Philippa has recently launched a free information e-book about Fertile Foods which you check out here. About Philippa:  Philippa Youngs has been educated and trained by some of the world’s most experienced Chinese Medicine Practitioners, Acupuncturists and Myotherapists at Australia’s prestigious universities. Philippa Youngs has spent decades honing her craft with a passion for helping families achieve their goals. Pregnancy is not a one size fits all model and therefore we understand each body needs to be cared for and balanced with precision and dedication for an optimal outcome. Good Egg Natural Fertility provides therapies for a broad scope of conditions and welcomes you. NEW DELI-COME-BODEGA OFFERS A MELBOURNE TWIST ON SOME SPANISH CLASSICS 2019-03-21T01:00:41Z new-deli-come-bodega-offers-a-melbourne-twist-on-some-spanish-classics-1 Conceived by Spanish-born Alberto Andres and Rufino Ramos - formerly of Chez Phat and The European Group - La Central is both a market deli and a bodega, where customers can sample much of what they can see on the shelves of this unique market space.   In Spain, a bodega is a local cellar or wine bar where you can stop by for a drink with friends or pick up a bottle of wine to take home. Because La Central is also a deli, Market goers can also sit in and sample a selection of tapas, as well as Jamon Iberico, Spanish cheese and olives straight from the deli.   While La Central specialises in delicious Spanish produce, beer and wine, it also stocks a vast selection of local produce, made from a range of traditional and contemporary Spanish processes – think cured hams and chorizo.   Owners, Alberto and Rufino like to describe the Market’s newest offering as “a Melbourne twist on Spanish classics.”   “Almost all our cured smallgoods are made in Victoria and more widely in Australia, while many of our olives, as well as our olive oil, is grown and made in Victoria from Spanish olive varietals,” says Alberto, who has dreamed of opening La Central since moving to Melbourne from Barcelona ten years ago, where he was involved in running a bar in one of the city’s most iconic markets.   Rufino, meanwhile, has been involved in hospitality for much of his life. His family owned several restaurants and bars in Madrid and Melbourne and he is the former owner of popular city eatery, Chez Phat, and the former General Manager of the European Group, which runs several Melbourne dining institutions, including The European, The Supper Club, City Wine Shop and Siglo, among others.   “We felt the idea of doing your shopping in a market place and taking the time to meet up with friends over a bite to eat and a quick drink would really resonate with Melburnians,” says Alberto.   “We both love food and wine, but by far the best thing about hospitality is sharing in people’s moments of celebration and time with family and friends,” agrees Rufino.   “La Central has been thoughtfully designed so our customers can experience the combination of a gourmet deli, Spanish-style bodega, a place to learn more about Spanish products and a great location to sit down and have a break between shopping at the Market,” Rufino adds.   Some of La Central’s renowned Spanish suppliers include Carrasco (Iberian ham), Don Juan (cheeses), Campotoro (dressed olives), Olasagasti (anchovies) and Savour-and-Grace and La Boqueria (smallgoods).   The Market’s contemporary new space features a mural painted by renowned Melbourne artist Ghostpatrol, whose artwork also features on the walls of several high-profile buildings, including inside the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Australia’s first community-owned wind farm, Hepburn Wind.   La Central is at: Stall 45, South Melbourne Market, Coventry Street, South Melbourne   Visit: or find them on Facebook and Instagram: @lacentraldeli Melbournia Development’s Couture Armadale likely to shake up Melbourne’s apartment market with Deco styling that hits new personalised highs. 2019-03-20T01:27:44Z melbournia-development-s-couture-armadale-likely-to-shake-up-melbourne-s-apartment-market-with-deco-styling-that-hits-new-personalised-highs Melbourne property developer, Melbournia Developments, has announced that its new project Couture Armadale, will be launching in the city’s prestigious suburb of Armadale next month.    The 19 apartment low-rise build is set to shift entrenched perceptions of apartment living - away from the mainstream cookie-cutter strategy by offering a development that elevates each apartment’s design to its own unique experience. No two are the same.     This design approach, which rightfully places buyers at the forefront of the experience by building quality, value and individuality directly into each apartment, is anticipated to surprise the industry and excite the market.    Inspired by Art Deco, Couture Armadale takes authenticity to a new level. Critiquing the design from the perspective of all disciplines - architectural, interior and environmental - the development presents as a highly considered residential experience. Its curation and tailor-made strategy is built around a highly targeted audience group, rather than being commercially driven with the audience as an after-thought.    Melbournia Group, Director and Founder, Zoe Zhu commented, “Couture Armadale is an honest statement of exceptional quality which demands attention. It’s uniqueness and extravagance are tastefully executed. This is true sophistication. We’re expecting interest from a mature and cultured market who have a honed appreciation for beauty and are ready to indulge in life a little.”    “We were drawn to the Deco theme for its sumptuousness and character and you really see this in the detail we’ve applied. Each apartment is a real celebration of individual style, right down to garden beds. No one apartment is the same,” Zhu said.   The Art Deco period (c.1908-1935) became its own movement as the decorative arts spilled over into every part of modern life from fashion, to furniture, art, textiles and music. It became a way of being. Couture Armadale brings this to the apartment living experience in a genuinely enticing way.   The development is the brain child of Kevin Phuong, Director, Melbournia Group. Even before the site was acquired, the concept and theme were developed. “I had a very clear vision for a specific demographic. There was an underlying gut feel and desire to create a residential experience that would engage this market emotionally,” Phuong said.   “It was important for me that it could express a level of detail not usually offered in an apartment setting, and that there was a real sense of thoughtful living integrated throughout.”     Armadale attracts a multi-cultural, educated and high-earning community that appreciates its adjoining suburbs’ offers of high-end shopping, restaurants and boutiques.   “People are clear about why they want to live in the area and expect that the advantages and prestige the area affords them will be directly experienced in their own living environments,” added Zhu.     “Couture Armadale respects this in a way that most apartment developments gloss over. The fact is the market is astute and apartment living shouldn’t feel like a compromise.”   Melbournia Developments collaborated with multi-disciplinary architecture, and interior design company Peddle Thorpe. Peter Brook, Director, Peddle Thorpe, Melbourne agreed that the collaborative process was not only enjoyable but that the project itself will offer a different level of interest from the market.    “We’ve seen decades of much of the same from state to state, city to city. Couture Armadale most definitely has been approached with a level of integrity that is rare in the industry,” Brooke said.   The development comprises 1, 2, 3 and penthouse apartments starting from $660,000. The project will be released to the market with an accompanying display suite in April 2019. Interest can be registered on or sales concierge on 1300 813 098. -ENDS- VIVID SYDNEY 2019 ENTERS A NEW DECADE OF INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY 2019-03-19T03:34:52Z vivid-sydney-2019-enters-a-new-decade-of-innovation-and-creativity MEDIA RELEASE: 11.30am, Tuesday 19 March, 2019 VIVID SYDNEY 2019 ENTERS A NEW DECADE OF INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY ARGYLE CUT IN THE ROCKS RETURNS WITH PIXAR ANIMATION STUDIOS, CAMPBELLS COVE AND HICKSON ROAD RESERVE REJOIN LIGHT WALK, GAME CHANGERS SPIKE LEE AND ESTHER PEREL HEADLINE VIVID IDEAS PLUS THE CURE, RÜFÜS DU SOL, FKA TWIGS & UNDERWORLD ROCK VIVID MUSIC. 2019 PROGRAM ANNOUNCEMENT VIDEO CONTENT AND IMAGES ARE AVAILABLE Vivid Sydney, the largest festival of light, music and ideas in the Southern Hemisphere, will ignite the Harbour City this winter from Friday 24 May to Saturday 15 June 2019 as it enters a new decade of innovation and creativity with an inspiring and star-studded program of events. Destination NSW CEO and Executive Producer - Vivid Sydney, Sandra Chipchase said, “Australia’s most loved and awarded festival, now in its eleventh year, will bring together light artists, music makers and brilliant minds to showcase Sydney as the creative industries hub of the Asia-Pacific. “This year’s Vivid Sydney program is bold, exciting and diverse, offering something for everyone so I encourage those who want to experience this unmissable event to start planning their trip now.” Vivid Sydney is owned, managed and produced by Destination NSW, the NSW Government’s tourism and major events agency, and in 2018 attracted 2.25 million attendees, delivering $172.9 million in visitor expenditure into the NSW economy. “I am proud to say our marketing activities saw a record 185,887 travel packages sold to domestic and international visitors for Vivid 2018 - an increase of 37 per cent over the previous year. Vivid Sydney is a must-attend event for travellers and motivates people to visit Sydney and beyond,” Ms Chipchase said. “It doesn’t matter your age or interests, whether it is your first time to Sydney or if you are a local - Vivid Sydney has universal appeal. The Vivid Sydney 2019 program offers inclusive and accessible installations, events and experiences that you can enjoy for one evening or over 23 nights.” Ms Chipchase also announced the inaugural Vivid School for High School students in years 9-12 to assist students to learn more about the creative processes involved in imagining, designing and delivering light-based artworks for this huge global event. “This initiative will enable students and their teachers to meet the professionals behind Vivid Sydney’s iconic building projections and light walk installations, and to hear from artists, designers and technicians about their career paths and how they harnessed opportunities to build their skills for future projects and employment,” Ms Chipchase said. VIVID LIGHT This year’s Light Walk sees over 50 radiant works curated into the largest outdoor gallery of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, stretching for more than three kilometres. In a partnership first, Academy-Award winning Pixar Animation Studios will illuminate Sydney’s heritage-listed Argyle Cut in The Rocks with a creative light projection that will delight visitors of all ages as they are transported through a visual feast of behind-the- scenes artwork and the evolution of iconic animation. The return of the Argyle Cut to the Vivid Light program will be a huge drawcard for festival goers featuring the captivating characters of Pixar films, including the beloved duo of Woody and Buzz Lightyear. For this year’s eagerly anticipated Lighting of the Sails, Los Angeles-based Chinese American artist-filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang presents Austral Flora Ballet. This hypnotic tribute to Australia’s exquisite native plants and flowers incorporates a dancer’s movements in response to the sensuous arcs of the Sydney Opera House’s silhouette. Visitors can once again weave their way through the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney for close encounters with illuminated artworks that reflect and refract both light and nature. Glowing, darting, hovering above the ground, Firefly Field is a mesmerising installation of 500 flying light points that simulate the aerial ballet of these tiny nocturnal lampyridae. Viewers are encouraged to look beyond the night sky and wonder what secrets lie beyond the stars throughKA3323, a retro-futuristic satellite dish overgrown with alien plant matter that has mysteriously landed in the Botanic Garden. While at I Hear You (But Do You Hear Me?), an array of LED light poles generates a space between two people with their voices starting a conversation of light and sound, questioning inequality in the digital era. Across the Quay, the imposing art-deco façade of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia will be transformed by award-winning Australian-Columbian artist Claudia Nicholson who, together with light veterans Spinifex Group, reimagine her vibrant artworks into Let Me Down, an animated cycle of creation, destruction and regeneration underscored by the cool and contemporary sounds of Lonelyspeck. Next door, in addition to an incredible experience at Foundation Hall, Samsung Electronics Australia will create a once in a lifetime experience at First Fleet Park using some of the most exciting features of the Galaxy S10 to reimagine how you see Vivid Sydney. Watch your chips! in The Rocks examines the collective behaviour of birds, mimicking the way gulls sometimes harass humans for food scraps while Nostalgia Above connects the romance of nature to data-driven climate technology, creating a virtual barometer that forecasts rain and thunderstorms, clear or gloomy skies. Campbells Cove is back with Ballerina, an eternal dance solo that shimmers along the harbour’s edge as if in a dream, while Let it Snow makes it seem that giant snowflakes have landed at Hickson Road Reserve offering great views from the water. Celebrating the International Year of Indigenous Languages, the southern pylon of Sydney Harbour Bridge is set to come to life with Eora: Broken Spear curated by Rhoda Roberts AO with projection design by The Electric Canvas. This powerful work reminds us to reflect, to call country, to read country and listen to country. The façade of Customs House is once again transformed to become an aquatic wonderland in Under the Harbour by Spinifex Group, sure to delight children and adults alike. The watery world with neon sea creatures, botanical wonderlands, and unclassified oddities will provide a playful and exquisite escape into an extraordinary underwater fantasy certain to inspire audiences and deepen the appreciation of Sydney’s aquatic haven. VIVID SYDNEY PRECINCTS Popular precincts Taronga Zoo, Darling Harbour, Chatswood, Barangaroo and Luna Park also light up in 2019. On the north shore, festival favourite Taronga Zoo’s Lights for the Wild adds to its illuminated trail of interactive lanterns featuring endangered species. Joining the star-spangled Asian Elephant, a family of glowing Silverback Gorillas, the iridescent Marine Turtle and the Weedy Sea Dragon, is the Sumatran Tiger Cubs marking the birth of three new tiger cubs and highlighting the Zoo’s commitment to conservation. In its second year, the ever-grinning Luna Park Sydney dazzles again after dark. This year adrenaline seekers can get airborne in the new family thriller Volaré studded with thousands of LED lights which perfectly complements the light-laced iconic Ferris Wheel. Vivid Sydney at Chatswood, a family favourite, is set to radiate with peace and harmony. The Concourse will shine with Co-existence, a large-scale projection work by Hungarian artist collective Limelight while music fans can catch shows by Vince Jones and Lisa Fischer as well as performances by the Willoughby Symphony Orchestra. Vivid Ideas weighs in with a festival/conference for girl gamers and free sessions on clean beauty, fit- tech and wellness. Barangaroo offers a feast for the senses with Exchange Place set to become a wondrous Winter Camp each night with the glowing six-metre tall spirit Marri Dyin (Great Woman) visiting Thursdays to Sundays. Visitors are invited to join her to hunt and gather through illuminated bushlands and enjoy light-inspired fare at all price-points from over 40 restaurants, bars and cafes. At Darling Harbour, Robot SPACELand imagines a not-too-distant future where a new civilisation rises from our post-industrial debris. This is where you will get to meet mind- boggling electro-automotive super-bots that have been sent to sow the seeds of a brighter, greener tomorrow. Vivid Sydney’s inclusive playground Tumbalong Lights is back with the support of Access and Inclusion partner Cushman & Wakefield. Inspired by the next frontier, playSPACE will bring together super-scale installations that give intrepid explorers an opportunity to walk Under the Milky Sky, play with Spaceballs, and share different perspectives with See What I See. Low-sensory sessions will be catered for too. VIVID IDEAS Vivid Ideas brings to Sydney 23 days and nights of talks, hands-on workshops and industry- shaping forums delving into the meaning of love, loneliness and belonging in our fast-paced, ever-connected lives. This year’s Game Changers challenge assumptions on race and relationships. Hollywood trailblazer Spike Lee opens up about his personal politics, story-craft and tips for making movies that matter, while iconic psychotherapist and creator of the wildly popular podcast Where Should We Begin? Esther Perel investigates modern love in the digital age and looks at the ways relationships are being affected by technology. The New Horizons series tunes into signals from the future. Highlights include Future of Sex researcher and podcast creator Bryony Cole charting the frontiers of sextech, Marc Fennell exploring loneliness and how and why many people in Japan feel overworked and undersexed, and Eileen Ormsby shines a chilling light into the dark underbelly of the web. Scientists and researchers from UTS, the ABC and CSIRO will also shed light on what’s coming next in AI and ethics, space exploration and more. In The Mark Colvin Conversation: Net Worth, Pulitzer prize winner author Sebastian Smee, psychologistJocelyn Brewer and artist and author Holly Throsby look at the value of an ‘inner life’ and ask what price we’ll pay for our constant digital distraction. Vivid Art After Hours returns to the Art Galley of NSW for free Wednesday evenings that combine art activities, live music and talks by creative thinkers addressing issues of belonging - including comedian and ‘bad Buddhist’ Meshel Laurie, rapper, poet and author Omar Musa and artist Abdul Abdullah in conversation about cultural identity, and the team behind the hit ABC TV show You Can’t Say That celebrating social diversity. Citizens of the World workshops and other how-to sessions will unlock essential skills for living a more creative, better informed and fulfilled life and Semi Permanent returns with a jam-packed program of design goodness featuring vice president of design for Uber, Michael Gough and other luminaries. The Vivid Ideas Exchange will once again reside on Level 6 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia with 23 days of stimulating talks and skill sharpening workshops including future-facing industry forums, deep-dive conferences, panels and showcases where we brighten up your perspectives and challenge your ideas. VIVID MUSIC Vivid Sydney spotlights the city’s live music culture by both bringing in influential overseas acts and placing a firm focus on local talent, this year’s line-up is set to impress. Dynamic electronic act RÜFÜS DU SOL and genre-bending popstar FKA Twigs headline this year’sCarriageworks program while the warehouse party of the year, Curve Ball curated by Fuzzy Events returns featuring Hayden James, Touch Sensitive and Mallrat. The City Recital Hall presents four musically diverse highlights including Australian music legend Paul Kelly and leading Australian composer James Ledger performing thirteen new songs and soundscapes inspired by birds, pop-darling Kate Miller-Heidke, internationally acclaimed pianists ZOFO and Concertos on Fire. Vivid LIVE at the Sydney Opera House celebrates artists at the cutting edge of their genre and visionaries who create on their own terms. British alternative rock pioneers The Cure mark the 30th anniversary of their landmark album Disintegration with four sold-out Australian exclusive performances. Their compatriots, UK electronic titans Underworld are set to transform the Concert Hall into a euphoric dance floor with four exclusive shows, while rising American synth-pop star Maggie Rogers makes her Sydney Opera House debut bringing her singular fusion of melodic folk and percussive beats to showcase her incredible new record, Heard It in a Past Life. Acclaimed singer songwriter Sharon Van Etten also sails in for an electrifying one-night-only performance and legendary jazz ground-breaker Herbie Hancock’s only Sydney show will be unmissable. 2019 marks X|Celerate’s third big year and partnership between the City of Sydney and Destination NSW supporting the ongoing growth of Sydney’s thriving music scene. 23 inner city venues including a hair salon, church and brewery showcase emerging grassroots acts across every imaginable genre, with acts like The Catholics, Set Mo, Carlotta and I Know Leopard, while Heaps Gay returns for the Qweens Ball at the Sydney Town Hall. Vivid Art After Hours returns to the Art Gallery of NSW with the fused Vivid Ideas and Music program on Wednesday evenings. Catch Andrew Bukenya’s Do the Spike Thing, OKENYO taking a sonic deep dive into the human condition andJZ Lunar Capsule presenting an Astronaut’s Playlist celebrating the music of space travellers as imagined by the Apollo 11 astronauts 50 years ago. VIVID SYDNEY SPONSORS Vivid Sydney thanks its sponsors for their support of Vivid Sydney 2019. American Express returns as partner for the third consecutive year with the American Express Lounge at Cruise Bar as well as supporting the Vivid Sydney Volunteer Program. Samsung Electronics Australia and official energy partner TransGrid also return as partners with Pixar Animation Studios joining as partner for the first time. Supporters include City of Sydney, Sydney Opera House, Technical Direction Company and 32 Hundred Lighting and ICC Sydney. For the third year, Vivid Sydney’s Access and Inclusion Partner is Cushman & Wakefield and the festival continues its sustainability partnership with the Banksia Foundation and Informed 365. Vivid Sydney’s collaborators include Art Gallery of NSW, Australian Museum, BEMO, Carriageworks, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Event Engineering, Kennards Hire, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service, PropMill, Spinifex Group, State Library NSW. The official charity party is the Royal Flying Doctor Service, South Eastern Section. The full 2019 Vivid Sydney media kit, program announcement and high-res imagery including 2019 Vivid Sydney light renders and broadcast quality video footage of 2018 festival highlights, are available to download at Media Enquiries Nathan McIlroy, The Mint Partners 0421 668 440 Jo Hocking, Destination NSW 0429 507 328 17 Years of Temple Skincare 2019-03-17T23:29:04Z 17-years-of-temple-skincare This article first appeared in our blog March 2019, Castle Hill, NSW -- The Temple Skincare and Spa is not your typical go-to for facials in Castle Hill -- yes, the goal is to make you look amazing -- but, it goes way beyond being a skin treatment centre for dull, lifeless skin or a place indulging the trappings of vanity. In many ways, it is a sanctuary, or a family, that one runs to to rejuvenate not only the body, but the soul. It is a place where (mostly) women go to to feel like they belong; to centre themselves; and, to entrust their bodies and their care to someone expertly skilled, respectful and openly nurturing. It is a community whose goal is not only to make you look the best version of yourself, but to make you feel and enjoy your confidence and the revelation of being among giving people who simply care. The Temple Dream Team At the heart of Temple Spa is Rene Herald and her dream team of beauty specialists and experts, comprising a tribe/family of women caring for women and their community. Rene, having built and sustained the business through the 2008 global recession, is a testament to the excellence and superior service and care that one gets for any spa packages or sessions. This is something that can only be achieved by treating each client with the utmost respect and professionalism and with the true pampering/treatment that can only come from someone whose passion is the spa life! As best expressed by Rene, [W]e are blessed to offer our clients more than just steps in a facial or a little pampering… it’s that something special just for her and her alone. Our lives are hectic and sometimes the juggling of life can wear us down. So when she comes into The Temple Skincare to [redeem] that facial voucher that she received 6 months ago, [which] she has had to shuffle the routine & babysitters just to have one hour to herself…[that] she fl[ies] in the door 5 minutes late and adrenalin still racing just to get there on time… NOW what we as therapists can offer this lady is so much more than a facial on a voucher, it is a transformation of her soul.”   Family Matters Rene, the therapists and all clientele -- no matter how “small” the treatments they may come in for -- are all considered family or a member of The Temple Tribe, all deserving of respect and mindful care. It is no wonder that locals and even ones who fly to Castle Hill on holidays or special visits, still prefer The Temple for their wellness needs and relaxation. Day Spa clientele comprise the majority of women patrons, seeking a luxurious way of spending some  much needed me-time, or just a fun getaway with the girlfriends from time to time. On the other hand, the Medi-Spa patrons see this as a long-term investment in themselves -- their health and well-being -- while still enjoying the same luxe feel and value for their investment. Taking care of them are a group of wonderful women of diverse interests and personalities, but whose shared goal is to bring women back to their core selves with their expertise and passion for what they do. Innovation & Expertise Having been long-term partners with leading skincare and holistic therapies brands like Germaine De Capuccini, iKOU, Image Skincare, Youngblood Mineral Makeup, and Bestow Beauty, Temple Skincare ensures that only the best products, with the best skin-friendly ingredients touch your skin. One item also topping their priorities list is also the constant drive to excel and be innovative leaders in the industry. Rene and her team strive to always advance their skills through regular training and education. It is with this that Temple can boast of numerous industry awards and commendations, including from the Australian Beauty Industry Awards for three years in a row! But the most compelling testament are the regular clientele who have been loyal and raving fans for as long as 10-16 years. A Brand That Nurtures & Cares Many women will find that it is no cosmic accident that they keep coming back to Temple Skincare. They are uplifted by knowing that the business is led by a woman and run by women. They know first hand that things can get really rough because of the toils of living and the daily grind. They know that it shows in one’s body. There is a sense of kinship in knowing that these women grasp what it’s like for one’s health, skin, and core self to take a beating from the demands of motherhood, business and daily life -- no matter how strong you are. It is therefore not uncommon to seek refuge to re-energise and help one to be a be a better mom, a better employee, and a better human. Women need tribes.Women need women who are supportive and healing (even if only for an hour or two at The Temple). Beauty with a Purpose Beauty is a fickle industry but it is the service industry that lingers. To have a team aligned with the importance of treating each client not just as an appointment but an opportunity to heal; that each team member or the boss are not just work colleagues but family; and, that the brand is a philosophy rather than just a business, really helps The Temple Skincare to dominate. In the past 17 years, there have been many ups and downs, but it is easy to say that the Temple Skincare & Spa has succeeded and will continue to do so in it's vision of creating a community of women nurturing and healing each other, not only skin deep, but to the core. About Temple Skincare & Spa Temple Skincare & Spa is located in The Hills Lodge, featuring luxury treatment rooms and a poolside retreat for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. All senior therapists at Temple Skincare have received advance training at the world's leading post graduate training facilities. All staff are specialists in their field and provide an unparalleled level of expertise. Contact us today for your no-obligation skin/body assessment and let's discover the best version of you. Or, go here to book an appointment: Conquer Kozi raises over $47,000 for R U OK? 2019-03-14T04:47:28Z conquer-kozi-raises-over-47-000-for-r-u-ok Over 55 keen walkers joined R U OK? Ambassadors Steve ‘Commando’ Willis and Rob Mills to Conquer Kozi this year while raising over $47,000 to support suicide prevention campaigns and resources. The annual 18-kilometre charity walk started from Charlotte Pass and climbed to the 2228 metre peak of Australia’s highest mountain on Saturday 09 March 2019. As well as challenging participants to conquer the summit, Commando Steve believes the hike is a great way to remind us all to support those who are going through tough times. “I really embrace challenge, no matter how big or small because there is always a gift or a lesson to be learned, whether it’s a positive or something we perceive as a negative, there’s always something we can take away that can help to effect change,” said Steve. Commando Steve led the inaugural Conquer Kozi event for R U OK? in 2016 and has participated every year since.  For Neighbours star Rob Mills, this was his first ascent. “I love this initiative, it’s all about community, conversation and collaboration. We want the R U OK? message to reach every corner of the country. ‘Asking, Listening, Encouraging action and Checking-in’ can help more Australians support a friend, loved one or workmate who might be struggling with life.” Said Rob. The funds raised for Conquer Kozi will contribute to new R U OK? campaigns and resources to reach Australians who really need it. Conquer Kozi is an annual partnership between R U OK? and Huma Charity Challenge (the specialist fundraising division of World Expeditions). More information at How Conquer Kozi works: Participants who register for Conquer Kozi aim to raise at least $700 (per person) for R U OK? and then Conquer Kozi by completing the walk to the summit.  For more information and to enquire about Conquer Kozi in 2020 email or visit Conquer Kozi is organised by Huma Charity Challenge, the specialist fundraising division of World Expeditions which provides travellers with the opportunity to adventure for a cause. In the past four years, Huma Charity Challenge has raised more than $5 million for charities, worldwide. Media contacts: ·         Annabel Bowman, R U OK? Media/PR Manager +61 411 084 186 or email ·         Virginia Haddon at Huma Charity Challenge on Notes to Editors: ·         R U OK? is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to inspire and empower everyone to meaningfully connect with people around them and support anyone struggling with life ·         R U OK? Day is a national day of action, held  this year on Thursday 12 September, 2019 ·         Every day is the day to start a conversation. Conversation tips and crisis numbers can be found at   New classic car website launches with gallery honouring the history of Grand Prix drivers 2019-03-14T02:06:05Z new-classic-car-website-launches-with-gallery-honouring-the-history-of-grand-prix-drivers When Melbourne’s ‘walking encyclopedia of classic cars’ Raph Tripp contacted celebrity music designer Bencu, an idea Tripp had been piecing together for over 40 years was realised. Tunnel was created over a two year period and represents the first time that over 7000 rare and archival classic car images from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s have been brought together in the one place. Tunnel Ram is now arguably the world’s greatest online image collection of classic cars, advertising and lifestyle. And what incredible imagery it is! The gallery reflects what some have called the peak of Madison Avenue (New York’s advertising Mecca) when General Motors engaged the 1960’s best creatives Fitzpatrick and Kaufman, to work on the Pontiac account. Two men tasked with travelling to the world’s most exotic locations, inspiring a new lifestyle dream with the ads they created for the pages of New Yorker magazine over the course of a decade. But it was not only Pontiac that received the treatment, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Camaro Chevelle, Mustang, Shelby, Torino, Thunderbird, Corvette, Dodge all became the centre of iconic illustration, photography and advertising art.  It was a period when not only car design was at its most confident, ambitious and spectacular but the ideas around how to sell them were breaking new ground in commercial art and advertising strategy. Selling the dream had never been so well funded. And Australia wasn’t immune to this great trend, thankfully. We took our car design leads from the U.S up until the mid 70’s, which meant we stepped up with our creative for cars like Monaro, Torana, Charger and the iconic Sandman. Ford too, with the Falcon GT received an elevated marketing platform (now Australia’s most sought after classic car) Tunnel Ram is a fascinating journey into one of the high-water marks of human creativity.  To celebrate the launch of Tunnel Ram coinciding with the start of the 2019 F1 Racing season, Raph Tripp has created a gallery in honour of the history of Grand Prix drivers and manufacturers going back to 1950. While the focus is on this classic period in American and Australian design, Tunnel Ram throws the net wider, providing some further context to this period. Galleries for British, European and Japanese classics are also included as well concept cars, vans, dragsters and stars with their cars. Culturally, there are also galleries for non-car advertising, with archives of Australian and American Street Life and Surfing. Raph Tripp is a Melbourne based classic car writer and image archivalist. He has authoured articles on everything from Mustangs to the Bat Mobile. His writing is available for publication, please contact for permissions. Raph has been the proud owner of a ‘72 Falcon V8 coupe a-la Mad Max’s Interceptor, a Monaro GTS 350 4-speed, a ‘67 Pontiac Parisienne, a ‘65 Mustang and a succession of Aussie Valiants. Ben Cunningham a.k.a Bencu is an Australian graphic designer, producer, director and artist that has worked in music, film and fashion for 25 years. His clients have included Jimmy Barnes, INXS, Deep Purple, Kylie, Nike, Sony and L’Oreal. He was creative director at Michael Gudinski’s Mushroom Group from 2000-2010 and is currently developing two feature films and Tunnel Ram. Ben has been driven around in many incredible cars but he is sad to say, has not owned any - yet ...     JURA's New ENA 8 Coffee Machine Range 2019-03-14T00:17:01Z juras-new-ena-8-coffee-machine-range Introducing the New Small & Simple JURA ENA 8 in Black, White, Red & Aluminium Media Release - 14 March 2019 JURA Australia is excited to introduce the new ENA 8 fully automatic coffee machine to the Australian market in March 2019. Available in three beautiful colour styles – Metro Black, Nordic White and Sunset Red – and one in Massive Aluminium, the compact, one-cup design is smaller in size than most other existing JURA machines and fits neatly in any size space. The different colours are inspired by various environmental climates, which allow people to choose a sophisticated design to match both their lifestyle and kitchen palette. 1. Metropolitan Black – Inspired by the hustle and bustle of city life with vibrant cafes, boutiques and bright neon lights illuminating the dark night sky. Think artificial office lights, or sleek white kitchens in contrast with the metropolitan black ENA 8. 2. Nordic White – Think purity and clarity in the snow swept mountains. Take a step away from the world of colour and explore the vast land beyond with the Nordic White ENA 8. 3. Sunset Red – With clay roof tiles and the warm light of the evening sun beaming through the window, experience the red earth through the sunset red ENA 8. 4. Massive Aluminium – Combines traditional craftmanship with state-of-the-art product technology to create the world's first coffee machine housing from solid aluminium. New JURA ENA 8 features include: Small – Only 27.1 cm wide, 32.3 cm high and 44.5 cm deep – this one-cup machine will comfortably fit anywhere. Stunning – A cylindrical shaped water tank inspired by premium crystal carafes; a key highlight of the design. Simple – Easy to use 2.8” TFT display and clearly defined operating panels Automatic filter type detection – RFID technology detects whether the new CLARIS Smart mini (30L capacity) or CLARIS Smart (50L capacity) is being used and adapts settings automatically. Freshly ground, not capsuled – Freshly extracted every time from coffee beans. The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) optimises the aroma of a short ristretto or espresso. Fine foam technology – Creates airy, feather-light milk foam. 10 specialties at the touch of a button – Providing the perfect cup every time. Solid 3mm thick aluminum housing in the Massive Aluminium ENA 8 – the world’s first coffee machine housing from solid aluminium. The aluminum panels add1.9kg to the overall weight of the machine. Metropolitan Black, Nordic White & Sunset Red - RRP $1,899 Massive Aluminium - RRP $2,699 The JURA ENA 8 range is available now online as well as selected electrical retailers, department stores, independent and specialty outlets. Did you know: Four-year-olds can swim with sharks? Five-year-olds can drive a race buggy? And 12-year-olds can skydive? 2019-03-13T10:08:29Z did-you-know-four-year-olds-can-swim-with-sharks-five-year-olds-can-drive-a-race-buggy-and-12-year-olds-can-skydive Wednesday March 13, 2019: With school holidays looming again, the thought of throwing your child to the sharks, or out of a plane, may become a very tempting thought. And the team at Adrenaline can help you do just that.Experiences brand Adrenaline has launched Adrenaline Kids; a range of more than 850 experiences across Australia, designed to help parents find things to do for and with their children - be that in their local area on a weekend, or when away on holidays in another city or state.Adrenaline recognised a customer need when they saw a surge of more than 20,000 people every month searching for ‘children’s experiences'; people keen to get kids off the Xbox and away from screens, to instead enjoy new and fun experiences.Experiences are available across Australia, and are targeted at specific age groups: 0-3, 4-8, 9-13 and 14+, with prices from $12 and up. Customers can search for multiple age groups and availability on specific dates, with instant booking available across all products - making life easier when planning things to do on weekends and during the school holidays.The range extends beyond the brand’s traditional footprint of largely Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane - with a big product offering also in Perth and Adelaide, as well as outside the major metro areas.Experience categories include: indoor skydiving, jet boating, zoos and animal encounters, theme parks, abseiling, horse riding, tree top adventures, quad biking, jet packs, kayaking, movie tickets, surfing, sailing and many more. View the full range here: unexpected products from the Adrenaline Kids range - Indoor Skydiving (ages 3+)- Diving with whale sharks (ages 4+)- Trapeze Lesson (ages 5+)- Buggy driving (ages 5+)- Flying Fox Treetop Adventure Parks (ages 7+)- Off-Road Zoo Safari (ages 8+)- Ghost Tour (ages 8+)- Skydiving (ages 12+)- Jet Packs & Flyboards (ages 12+)- Full Day Stunt Academy (ages 14+)- Gliding Flights (ages 15+)- Swimming with sharks (ages 15+)Adrenaline General Manager Julia Wilson said the range was designed to make life easier for parents who often struggle with ideas of things to do with the kids on weekends, on vacation and throughout extended school holiday periods.“As a working mum myself I know how hard it is to keep the kids occupied during the holidays, and even on the weekend when you’re hearing the words ‘I’m bored’ at least ten times a day,” Ms Wilson said.“We saw a trend emerging on the Adrenaline site where people were searching more and more for experiences for children, and we took that need and ran with it. Whether they’re mini daredevils, junior artists or just full of energy, the range boasts great experiences for all ages."It's great to see families wanting to do things together and create lasting memories."Adrenaline invites media to enquire about road testing and reviewing experiences in their local area.  - ENDS -For more information, or to enquire about an experience, please contact:Lauren Gleeson,, 0404 136 765 ABOUT ADRENALINE Since 1999, Adrenaline has given more than 3 million customers access to the best adventure sports and activities in Australia. Adrenaline was founded on a pure passion for adventure, and we’re constantly seeking out new trends and concepts to deliver incredible ‘heart pumping’ experiences for our customers. We love what we do and we love it when our customers feel the excitement we do. That’s why at Adrenaline we live the adventures we sell. Each team member specialises in a particular field of Adrenaline – from driving V8s to skydiving, climbing mountains to skiing down them, kitesurfing to canyoning, and much more. We joined the Big Red Group in November 2018, with the shared vision to ‘shift the way people experience life’. With more than one million happy adventurers and a range of more than 2,500 thrill-worthy experiences, we’re proud to be a part of the biggest experience business in Australia. Australian beauty pageant scraps bikini section and 'awkward' onstage question, encourages male contestants 2019-03-13T05:16:47Z australian-beauty-pageant-scraps-bikini-section-and-awkward-onstage-question-encourages-male-contestants An Australian beauty pageant has bucked the trend by eliminating the 'awkward' onstage question and answer, and banning the bikini modelling section. Charlie and Morgan Mancini, the mother and daughter team behind Miss & Mr Diamond Australia, drew on their own personal experiences to eliminate the harsh stigma behind pageantry, and this is what they say sets their system apart from the pack. “We simply ask contestants onstage to name their chosen charity, and explain why they chose it - confidence building at its finest,” said Charlie. “The kids are able to answer as they know about their charities. “We have also banned the bikini section of the competition as there is no need for such a round within pageants, especially those which are not based on appearance.” The pageant directors also not only support, but actively encourage, contestants to compete in pageants outside of their own. “The Miss Grand International pageant system made waves recently by revoking the title of a former winner because she entered a competing pageant after the completion of her reign,” said Morgan. “We actively encourage people who want to seriously compete in pageants to come to us first, and to consider our system as a stepping stone to other pageants. “Our system empowers entrants to go on and compete in international pageants. We have had many contestants credit their wins at other pageants to what they learnt with us at Diamond.” Another big difference is rather than focusing on the beauty aspect, Miss & Mr Diamond Australia base their competition on contestant's community work and their potential as positive role models. “First and foremost, our charity concept means each finalist is empowered to choose a charity close to their heart,” said Morgan. “Many pageants force contestants to raise money for the pageant's charity, we don’t do this. “We also do not collect charity money on behalf of contestants, the contestants send all monies raised directly to their charities of choice, and provide us with a letter from the charity to show the funds have been received.” Morgan, who has entered multiple pageants herself, knew that she didn’t fit the 'cookie cutter' pageant mould, and wanted to start her own pageant that included everyone, regardless of height, weight, age or gender. “Our pageant has categories from age 6 for females and 16 for males with no upper age limit,” said Morgan. “Diamond is one of the very few pageants in the world to eliminate age restrictions. We celebrate the beauty and diversity of every individual. “Our current Miss Classic Diamond Australia, Analieze Newton is 50 years old and she says that prior to our pageant, she was a lost soul, a ghost. Miss Diamond Australia has changed her life, she now sits on the judging panel at pageants around Australia and the world, and is a bit of a celebrity.” Unseen in most pageants here in Australia, the unique system of Miss & Mr Diamond Australia encourages men from all walks of life to compete, even including “Mr” in their pageant name. “There is often a very one-sided view of pageantry, which we feel has impacted the interest of men entering pageants. However, they have just as much to gain and enjoy as the females do,” said Morgan. “We are excited to see who will fill the very large boots of our current Mr Diamond Australia, who has done amazing things during his reign and is now an ambassador for male pageantry.” It is clear the entrants of Miss & Mr Diamond Australia have only good things to say about the system and its directors, as Morgan Mancini has just been awarded “Best National Pageant Director” by the world's leading pageant website, Pageant Planet. “We were over the moon, Morgan won fourth place last year, and first place this year for Best National Pageant Director. The winners are determined by feedback received from contestants, with the Pageant Planet director, Steven Roddy making the final call,” said Charlie. “Pageant Planet receives thousands of entries from all over the world, including from all of the big American pageants, so it really is the highest accolade anyone can receive in the pageant industry.” Applications for Miss Diamond Australia 2019 are now closed, with the gala grand final crowning event taking place on Saturday, 13th of April, 2019 from 5PM at The Emporium Hotel South Bank, Brisbane. More information about the Miss & Mr Diamond Australia pageant can be found at the website: and the application form for Miss & Mr Diamond Australia 2020 hopefuls can be found here: -ends- For all interview/photo requests, please contact: Joanne Rahn Director zanthii communications Phone: 0402 148 334 Email: Facebook: Travel from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane in less than 30 Minutes 2019-03-13T02:54:02Z travel-from-the-sunshine-coast-to-brisbane-in-less-than-30-minutes A new Sunshine Coast based luxury air fleet is providing passengers with a new way to beat the Bruce Highway traffic congestion blues.  Passengers can now travel between the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane in a luxury helicopter in as little as 30 minutes, while enjoying a bird’s eye view of the stunning Sunshine Coast and surrounds. Ghost Air’s newly launched Sunshine Coast service offers a Eurocopter AS350 helicopter with four or five-seater configurations as an alternative way to travel to and from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Passengers can be picked up or dropped off in the heart of Noosa or at Sunshine Coast Airport and fly direct to or from Brisbane Airport.  A second Eurocopter will soon be added to the fleet with Sydney and Melbourne services planned in the future. Ghost Air’s Business Operations Manager, Ms Knox, said as well operating high-speed commuter air services, Ghost Air offers VIP transfers within the Sunshine Coast, scenic flight experiences, fly-dine packages as well as bespoke charter services.  “Ghost Air offers a revolutionary service that enables people to fly directly to, from and around the world-famous tourist mecca and lifestyle destinations of Noosa and the Sunshine Coast all in the capable hands of our Head Pilot Ms Johanna Osborne ,” Ms Knox said.   “On a good run, the 160km journey from Brisbane to Noosa takes two hours by road but with the frequent delays on the Bruce Highway, often much longer. Our Noosa services takes off from the Noosa Tigers AFL club ground on Weyba Road, Noosaville, and flies passengers in stylish comfort direct to Brisbane Airport in approximately 45 minutes.   “We currently have one helicopter operating with a second soon to commence service. Ghost Air also has plans for an executive jet service with weekly commuter flights to Sydney and Melbourne in the future.”   Ms Knox said Ghost Air’s flights are available 7 days a week (day flights only) with commuter flights from Noosa to Brisbane available from Monday – Friday at scheduled times.  Flights are $550 per person (return) from Noosa to Brisbane with 15 minute scenic flights available for $150 per person from Sunshine Coast Airport. Bespoke charters are also available.   “Ghost Air has a commitment to luxury, safety and service, and creating memorable experiences for our passengers,” she said.   “Our helicopter has features such as leather interiors, noise cancelling headsets and air-conditioning. Any trip, whether it be a scenic flight, commuter travel, VIP transfer or fly-dine adventure is done in complete comfort and style.  “Ghost Air’s pilots have 35 years of combined experience and are well educated on our helicopters’ safety features, including live satellite flight tracking, computerised engine monitoring system and anti-collision technology. “Being based on the east of coast of Australia, we have relationships with many dining establishments and suitable clearings for touch-downs and departures. “We have already seen a high demand for our services.” Ghost Air is a sister company to Ghost Elite Charters Super Yachts GHOST 1 and GH, which operates luxury yacht services in Sydney Harbour. Bookings can be made by phone or email: or 0402 268 867 Meet Wombat, the Ambassador for the Eco Town feature at the Perth HIA Home Show! 2019-03-13T02:22:30Z meet-wombat-the-ambassador-for-the-eco-town-feature-at-the-perth-hia-home-show The Perth Home Show will be returning to the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre from Friday 29 - Sunday 31 March 2019. Proudly supported by the HIA, the Home Show continues to be the premier destination for West Australian homeowners and trade who are looking for the latest in building and renovation products, with exciting exhibitors showcasing the latest products and trends for kitchens, bathrooms, interiors and sustainable living.  The 2019 Perth HIA Home Show is excited to present Eco Town, an interactive and educational feature focusing on sustainability and making homes more eco-friendly! Eco Town will be solar powered with thanks to OneTide. Residents within Eco Town will include Tiny Homes Perth (who will be bringing in a fully functional Tiny Home), Strawbale Housing Strawtegic Concepts, New Earth Living and Perth Aquaponics. The City of Gosnells will be showcasing their Switch Your Thinking initiative and the Tesla Owners Club of WA will be bringing in some privately owned Teslas! Visitors can walk through this feature as our residents share their expert tips on how you can make your home more eco-friendly. They can even stop by the Solar Tree Charging Stations from Specialised Solutions and charge their phone! The brand ambassador for Eco Town will be Clint Price, who is more famously known as Wombat from The Block. Whether you’re building, renovating or redecorating, you can visit the Colour Your World Seminar Series for inspiration and ideas. Transform your home with tips, trends and advice including landscape design for the WA climate, where to start with your interior design project and moving to a more sustainable lifestyle. The popular NEFF Cooking Stage will inspire clever cooking with MasterChef contestant Josh Catalano demonstrating a range of tantalising recipes, focusing on simple, yet creative meal preparations.  For the renovation rookie or design novice, the HIA Ask an Expert feature will offer FREE 20-minute consultations with a HIA professional. Visitors can bring their plans and design ideas for a free consultation with an expert.  Find new products, great savings and the biggest names in renovating and building including NEFF, Escea, CurtainWorld, Flexi Home Offices & Wardrobes and many more! The HIA Home Show is Perth’s longest running and most trusted building and home improvement event, and a great day out for the whole family.  Register for FREE tickets online at  KEY EVENT FACTSDates: Friday 29 - Sunday 31 March 2019 Times: Open 10am - 5pm daily Tickets: FREE online registrations *Kids under 14 do not need a ticket. For all media enquiries, interviews, images, media passes and promotions, please contact: Samantha Todd - Marketing Manager Exhibitions and Events Australia  03 9276 5539 | TURON GATES PITCHES SIX NEW RIVERSIDE GLAMPING TENTS 2019-03-12T23:38:13Z turon-gates-pitches-six-new-riverside-glamping-tents Leading NSW bush retreat Turon Gates has added six new riverside, self-catering glamping tents to its 6000-acre Blue Mountains property.   The spacious new 50 sqm tents feature sophisticated neutral-toned teak and canvas interiors and combine rustic quality and functionality to stunning effect. It’s a beautiful place in the wild for grownups.   Adventure in style.   Furnishings include a sumptuous four-poster bed plus daybed and lounge area, elegant contemporary bathroom (with a tempting bath for two), kitchenette with Nespresso coffee machine and a Danish wood burner stove for cosy nights.   Turn on or turn off at Turon   A welcome gift of local wine and honey, complimentary toiletries, and an in-tent selection of magazines, books and board games, create an instantly chillaxed vibe.   All Turon’s glamping tents have a large outdoor deck with comfy day loungers and overlook the clear trout stream running through the property. The tents are fully insulated and have window coverings that unroll for extra breeze and views - the perfect recipe for a romantic night under the Turon stars.   Kirsten Lunoe of Turon Gates says, “We are excited to bring couples’ glamping to the Blue Mountains and believe it will appeal to those looking for a unique experience within easy reach of Sydney.   “Our new glamping tents offer urban escapees a unique outdoor experience in an authentic bush setting. A scenic road trip of about three hours from Sydney immerses you in the great outdoors, where you’ll be sharing the ‘hood with kangaroos, wombats, platypus and echidnas.   “Our guests love that they can choose to go bush horse riding or have an in-tent massage. Bush walks, canoeing or just chilling out are also popular at Turon. If guests then want to venture out and explore local happenings, Katoomba, Mudgee, Bathurst and Lithgow are within easy reach, but the magic of Turon tends to stop the urge to venture elsewhere,” adds Kirsten.   The new offering at Turon Gates includes The Pavilion, a unique event glamping tent accommodating up to 100 seated or 150 standing guests for special gatherings, corporate & wellness retreats.   In keeping with its commitment to all things sustainable, Turon Gates is solar powered. If you’d rather not do a digital detox, Wi-Fi is available around the glamping site to keep you connected and able to share your Turon experience.   For more information about Turon Gates including accommodation options, prices and availability visit:   A few facts… Glamping prices are from $231 per night. Dogs are welcome in the cabins at Turon but sadly not in these flash tents! The tents are self-catering. [End] Image link:   For further information or to book a review stay – Please contact Tracey Leitch – Impressions PR – +61 415 290023     Procular Announces Price Cut on Range of Binocular Products on its Store 2019-03-11T04:19:27Z procular-announces-price-cut-on-range-of-binocular-products-on-its-store Procular is one of Australia’s leading online stores selling a wide range of optical products including binoculars, monoculars, spotting scopes and telescopes. Established in 2010 the small company has risen to become a market leading on optical products. Recently Procular announced a price cut on several of its product range especially binoculars. Procular stocks and sells binoculars from some of the leading international brands like Vortex, Bushnell, Nikon, Fujinon, Olympus and also some Australian brands like OZ-Mate. Some of OZ-Mate’s most popular binoculars include the general use Peak Dawn, the Gallop professional series and the Skipper waterproof marine binoculars. OZ Mate binoculars focus on their value intensity, which means that for the dollar that you spend, you get a solid quality pair of binoculars. Their advanced lens coatings ensure the most powerful light transmission within that price range. The store is now offering a discount from up to 30% on a select range of binocular products. For example, Discovery 8X21 Pocket Binoculars, a very commonly bought binocular priced at $99 is now available for just $79 which is a cut of nearly 20%.  Another great product that you can buy at a good discount is the Avalon 8X32 Mini HD Binoculars. If you want to enjoy breathtaking views but need to travel light, then the new Avalon 8×32 Mini HD are the right binoculars for you. They feature a compact waterproof design and fully multicoated optics, producing bright, razor sharp images. Avalon Mini HD binoculars weigh only 416 grams and fit in your jacket pocket, handbag or glove compartment. Original Price - $235, New Price - $195. If you are some who loves star gazing but do not want to spend a lot on a binocular them the Meade 15X70 astro binoculars can be the perfect choice. The Mead 15×70 binoculars can be used for terrestrial or astronomical viewing. These binoculars are an ideal solution for long distance observations or stargazers that want to enjoy the beauty of the night sky without having to pay a high price for astronomical binoculars. Original Price - $385, New Price - $299. Procular offers Australian and New Zealand wide free delivery on all orders irrespective of your order size. If you are looking to shop for binocular anytime soon this might just be the perfect time. With the cut in prices you are sure to find a good deal. Hurry prices are effective only till stocks last. About Procular We are fascinated with nature. We love the excitement of observing a spectacular moment, crystal clear and in perfect detail. Whether your passion is traveling, bird watching, hunting, star-gazing, sailing or exploring your environment, our expert guides will help you choose the best tool to enjoy it. As the Australia’s leading optics retailer, we also offer the largest selection of binoculars, monoculars, spotting scopes and telescopes. Media Contact Procular 3 Osborne Rd Manly NSW 2095 Australia Website: Intermittent Fasting With Calocurb 2019-03-10T22:05:16Z intermittent-fasting-with-calocurb Calocurb have some great ideas on how to manage intermittent fasting, which are designed to work alongside Calocurb to help you reach your specific goals. This ancient eating technique is surprisingly simple, sustainable and is helping people lose weight and live healthier. It is basically a pattern of eating that switches between periods of eating and not-eating (fasting). Intermittent fasting is about when you eat, not what you eat. Don’t think about it like a conventional diet as it’s more like an eating pattern. With the burgeoning plethora of fast food outlets, cafes and restaurants, food is absolutely everywhere, which means our eating styles just aren’t in sync with our evolution. As a result, we’re missing out on the benefits of intermittent eating to improve health, protect against disease and manage weight. Several scientific studies have confirmed what we’ve long known – intermittent fasting really can support weight management and a healthy body. However, before you start you should check with your doctor as to whether intermittent fasting is right for you. Calocurb recommend you should prepare to manage your hunger by eating healthy, whole foods for your last eating meal, a schedule of activities to keep you on-the-move and a natural supplement like calocurb to stay in control through your fast.  You can also find support through friends, or Calocurb’s happy healthy living support group on Facebook. There are plenty of places to find more fasting information and tips too. They recommend that you maintain the healthy things in your life, such as exercise, and you should keep up with your extra-curricular activities, and hydrate with water. You can slowly increase your fast by delaying your fast-breaking meal just an hour or two at the start. Your body will slowly adapt to the new routine, and natural supplements like Calocurb can help you stick to intermittent fasting. This 100% plant-based supplement uses hop flowers to help you manage hunger, control cravings and stay focused when you need it most, so for more information on where can I buy Calocurb, what is Calocurb, Calocurb reviews and appetite suppressants NZreviews please go to .