The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-05-24T04:51:37Z Harness your inner goddess, celebrate yourself, expand your mind and energise your spirit at Australia’s largest health, wellbeing and spiritual event. 2019-05-24T04:51:37Z harness-your-inner-goddess-celebrate-yourself-expand-your-mind-and-energise-your-spirit-at-australia-s-largest-health-wellbeing-and-spiritual-event The Melbourne MindBodySpirit Festival, a FREE event, is also celebrating its birthday this Queen’s birthday long weekend from Friday 7 to Monday 10 June. We’re turning 30 and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate! Across four fabulous days, the MindBodySpirit Festival is set to enrich the lifestyles of over 25,000 Melburnians looking to become healthier and happier. The event, which is free to attend, will bring together the very best of organics, natural skincare, complementary medicine, holistic therapies, new-age spirituality and personal growth.  The 2019 Seminar & Workshop Series will feature an inspiring line-up of more than 60 guest facilitators who will share their International and Australian expertise on self-development, spiritual matters, health and nutrition. Special guests include self directed healing practitioner Claire Besley, award winning psychic medium Rene Barics, Childosophy practitioner Dr Maxine Therese and yoga workshops with Varsha Sutrave, Daniel Cuming & Active Yoga Sanctuary. Find mesmerising performances and interactive and spiritual entertainment at the Performance Stage each day including celebrity spiritual mediums Natalee Finn & Florence King, sound healing journey with Lou Van Stone and Anne Ridgeway, and Native American Mescalero Apache Red Horse. For those looking to relax, unwind and take a break, the Meditation Room by Brahma Kumaris will feature free guided classes. Or for those looking to delve into their future or reflect on the past, nationally renowned psychics can be found in the Psychic Reading Room, featuring over 50 of Australia’s most talented readers. Health foodies can learn to cook for their body type, how to combat a fatty liver or understand detoxing with whole foods - all at the Soul Kitchen Cooking Stage! Hear from leading experts including holistic Health Coach Desiree Taylor, Nutritional Medicine master Kathy Ashton and Holistic Health and Mindset Specialists Penelope Jayne and Sean Beveridge of Global Recharge! It’s an exciting day out, filled with shopping, new experiences, entertainment, learning and expert advice. We all want to live a healthier more wholesome life and the Festival is a great way to discover how. Held annually since 1989, the MindBodySpirit Festivals are Australia’s longest running and most respected wellbeing events, attracting over 91,000 visitors nationwide. The 2019 Festival will be held at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Doors open 10am daily.  Tickets (valued at $20) are FREE by registering online at - ENDS -  Generation Hex! Millennials are Embracing Witchcraft in Record Numbers 2019-05-23T12:59:22Z generation-hex-millennials-are-embracing-witchcraft-in-record-numbers Dabbling in the occult is cool again, evidenced by a sequel to cult teen witch movie The Craft  announced earlier this year, and a sharp rise in Google searches for crystal healing, tarot cards and candles. Local retailers are seeing alternative lifestyle products fly off the shelves.  Melanie Cramond, founder of Australian gothic and alternative e-commerce site Tragic Beautiful, has witnessed growth of the witchcraft category first hand since starting to stock witchcraft and occult items ten years ago. “Witchcraft, astrology and tarot are having a resurgence right now,” says Cramond. “Millennials and Gen X are exploring spirituality as they navigate challenges like finding love and establishing financial security.” She’s now expanded her growing range of witchcraft and occult items to include starter Witchcraft Kits starting from just $64, which include a portable cauldron, resin incense blends and sacred herbs. GET YOUR WITCH ON: WITCHY GIFTS FOR YOURSELF OR YOUR BFF Witchcraft Essentials Starter Kit - $64.00Perfect for the beginner witch Portable metal ritual cauldron, Ambrosia resin blend, Nightfall resin blend, Herb Sachet - Magic Focus, Herb Sachet - White Sage. Charcoal for burning resin and incense. Witchcraft Collection - Extra AF - $145.00The ultimate witch toolkit Portable metal ritual cauldron, Dark resin mix, Light resin mix, Ambrosia resin blend, Nightfall resin blend, Black witches salt, four herb sachets, large black ritual candle, 5 natural beeswax chime candles, charcoal and Palo Santo wood, amethyst crystal. Witchcraft – a Handbook of Magic Spells and Potions - $24.95Occult book by Anastasia Greyleaf An amazing volume filled to the brim with information about spells, charms, demonology, herbal lore, voodoo and more! Editorial samples available on request. Get longer and fuller looking brows and lashes in 4 weeks 2019-05-23T02:24:54Z get-longer-and-fuller-looking-brows-and-lashes-in-4-weeks Aussie women are turning to RapidLash for thicker, longer looking lashes and fuller brows, with over one million products sold in Australia to date, and now it’s even more accessible in Priceline. The innovative high performance serum, formulated with an exclusive Hexatein 1 Complex, helps your lashes to appear fuller in as little as four weeks* with a simple once a day application - great on eyebrows too! This paraben and fragrance free formula is not only safe easy to use but has been tested by Ophthalmologists and dermatologists. Containing powerful peptides, proteins and vitamins, RapidLash is proven to transform each strand at the root from thin and brittle to thicker, fuller and healthier-looking. RapidLash’s Key ingredients: Potent Polypeptides - Powerful polypeptides Octa/Cooper/Olgio help add volume and thickness to lashes and brows. They also provide effective protection against breakage and naturally support stronger more voluminous brows and lashes. Vital Proteins and Vitamins - Vital proteins and vitamins help replenish and fortify. Panthenol and rich minerals join forces to help replenish and rejuvenate lashes and brows with essential proteins and vitamins such as Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans that provide strength, shine and enhance the overall appearance. Moisturising and Rejuvenating Agents - Unique moisturising agents Allantoin, Pumpkin Seed Extract and Licorice Extract help add shine and flexibility. They also provide extreme hydration to lashes by locking in moisture while improving elasticity and durability. Directions for lash use: The eye should be completely clean of any make-up or eye creams Apply RapidLash to the base of the upper eyelashes using the applicator brush. Start from the inner corner of the eye and work your way outwards, applying directly on the base of your eyelashes Use once a day in the evening before bedtime Stockist details: RapidLash RRP $69.00 - Available from Priceline. *Based on consumer research studies. Trailblazing new program making it easier for families to travel 2019-05-20T23:52:50Z trailblazing-new-program-making-it-easier-for-families-to-travel Heading off on holidays might be a relatively simple thing to do, but when it comes to travelling with kids, it’s usually not that easy, which is why Australian woman Nicci O’Mara, developed the Family Trips Made Easy academy. A first for the travel industry, Family Trips Made Easy is a six-week online course, designed to help busy parents save time, money and stress planning family trips.  “I take the guesswork and time-wasting out of planning an amazing family trip, by teaching parents my step-by-step process, and giving them all the resources and tools they’ll need, so they can travel cheaper, easier and with confidence,” said Trip Chiefs Founder, Nicci O’Mara. The creator of Family Trips Made Easy, mum to two young boys, and intrepid traveller, Nicci O’Mara came up with the idea after finding it so difficult and time consuming to piece together all the information she needed to plan her own family trips. “When I first started travelling with my kids, I did what we all do. Get on Google and start searching for things to do in Rome with kids, where to stay in San Francisco, and how to see the Great Barrier Reef,” she said.  “I’d spend hours and hours clicking and reading, only to find I was overwhelmed with too much information and not much of it was based on the experiences and needs of families.  So I’d ask the travel agent, friends and family, and they’d give me some good recommendations but it would only answer a few questions.  I also needed to know how to work out how much money we’d need, how did I put together an itinerary that catered to the needs and pace of having kids, did my kids need car seats, and how on earth was I going to keep them happy on a 20-hour flight?” There’s so much parents need to know, which is why Nicci developed Family Trips Made Easy academy, so that other parents can benefit from her years of research and experience, together with the checklists, templates, destination research sites lists, tools and sanity saving tips she now uses for every trip.  “I know this is going to be an absolute game-changer for parents who want to take amazing trips with their kids, no matter whether they’re dreaming of a trip, or already planning, and whether they’re using a travel agent or doing things themselves.” Nicci has spent the past three years teaching parents how to make it easier to travel with their kids. Parents like Helen and her husband, former Olympic swimmer Darren Lange. “You’ve done all the work for us! Instead of having to go to heaps of different websites to find each piece of information, it was all there in the course, step-by-step. It was clear, quick and easy to do, and the bonus is I can revisit it once I get closer to leaving on our trip. I thought I knew everything I needed to know but there were so many things I hadn’t thought of. I was so wrapped up in the big stuff like flights, that I was forgetting all the crucial little details – time savers, mind savers and financial savers,” Helen said. And Brisbane mother of three, Dahlas Fletcher. “I thought I could find all the info for my upcoming trip to Canada from friends, family and my travel agent. However, when I dived into the course, there were so many things I hadn’t thought of. Trip Chiefs’ consolidates everything into the one spot so you know what you need to do next and where to find it. A must for anyone planning a trip with children!” Dahlas said. If you’re dreaming of travelling with your kids but without the stress and overwhelm, or, if you've already started planning your trip and want to to make it easier and be more confident in your decisions, you’ll see how Family Trips Made Easy academy can get you there in less time and with less stress. Family Trips Made Easy academy Opens for enrolments Thursday, 23 May 2019 Family Trips Made Easy course overview Week 1 is all about money, where we look at making travel more affordable. You learn how to save money to travel, how to find savings on your trip and how to budget, so that you can see and do more. Week 2 is about planning. where you’ll learn  how to put together a great itinerary that’s right for your family, plus find the best accommodation and attractions for you. Week 3 is about getting there and around your destination. We deal with flights, road trips, car hire and train travel, so you get the best deal and know how to overcome the traps and the challenges whether you're booking through a travel agent or doing it all yourself. Week 4 covers all the international essentials you need to know before you go. Here we talk about passports and visas, solo parent travel, insurance, vaccinations, foreign currency, and technology. Week 5 will have you taking off into the skies with everything about flying, with lessons on how to prepare the kids, helpful tips for at the airport, plus how to entertain and care for kids on even the longest flight. Week 6 is dedicated to making it easier to head off on your trip. You’ll get advice on packing, checklists of what you need to do before you leave home, and my top tips for what to do when you reach your destination to ensure a smooth transition, plus what to do when things go wrong.  Two Trending Epsom Salt Soaks for Winter 2019 2019-05-20T23:26:38Z two-trending-epsom-salt-soaks-for-winter-2019 The long winter days and cold nights can leave your body feeling tired and sluggish. Now, with the help of Dr Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt Soak range you can wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated all year round, giving you the extra love you need in winter. Dr Teal’s has revealed their top two trending variants in the lead up to winter 2019, Ginger & Clay and Deep Marine Sea Kelp. Erica Galea, Marketing Manager at Chemcorp International says, “Dr Teal’s is the perfect way to relax and revitalise the mind and body after a long and stressful day. In winter, the cold can worsen muscle and joint pain. So, by soaking in an Epsom salt bath up to three times a week, you can really notice the benefits this winter! My personal favourite in Ginger & Clay, it smells beautiful and makes me feel beautiful, too.” The healing properties of Epsom Salt combined with soothing essential oils, the Dr Teal’s range can help revitalise tired, aching muscles among many other health benefits, as well as helping to refresh the skin’s appearance. The two top trending products for winter 2019 include: Dr Teal's Pure Epsom Salt Soak with Ginger & Clay RRP $17.99 This soaking solution combines pure Epsom salt with luxurious essential oils to soothe the senses, provide relief from stress and ease muscle aches and pains. Infused with ginger and clay, it will help to detoxify and naturally remove built-up toxins and impurities and increase the body’s natural energy levels to leave you feeling invigorated. Dr Teal's Pure Epsom Salt Soak with Deep Marine Sea Kelp RRP $17.99 Soak in the power of the ocean with this nutrient-rich combination of Epson salt and the nutrient-rich sea kelp. This unique mineral soak helps hydrate and nourish skin and ease muscle aches and soreness. It is also gently fragranced with lemongrass and orange essential oils to create a blissful soaking experience. Simply pour at least 2 cups of Dr Teal's Pure Epsom Salt Soak under warm running bath water and soak for at least 20 minutes. Let the purifying properties of Epsom salt soothe the mind, body and spirit! The Dr Teal’s range is available now at Big W and online. Don’t let marketing stop when the property is sold 2019-05-20T23:03:34Z dont-let-marketing-stop-when-the-property-is-sold In a world first, JustClickVideos has taken the Australian real estate industry by storm clocking over 1,000 videos made within only one month since launch. The innovative service, helping sales agents and property managers create professional property videos in just one click, has now launched a new template for Sold Properties set to take your property marketing campaigns to the next level. After all, marketing your brand and proven results should be amplified following a great sale. Co-Director of JustClickVideos, Miguel Donnenfeld says, “Along with the new sold template, we have also implemented intelligent automatic recognition software which automatically selects whether the property listing web address (URL) is for sale, lease or sold. The platform then creates the tailored video accordingly with the correct template. We want to make the service as simple, streamlined and time-saving as possible for agents.” Launching their first video template designed specifically for Sold Properties, the JustClickVideos platform now allows agents to capitalise on great sale results and showcase them in the most engaging format for social sharing and EDMs – video. Damian Blumenkranc, Co-Director of JustClickVideos says, “After a successful launch, new innovative features and many more to come, we are excited to continue growing and developing the platform. We have had some great feedback following the launch in April from real estate agents and property managers across Australia.” JustClickVideos are completely customisable for your brand, allowing agents to ensure the colour scheme, logo and music fit the branding of an agency. How it works: 1. Property Information (comes automatically from your listing): Copy and paste your sold property listing web address from or 2. Video Creation (it is automatic): In 5-10 minutes you will receive an email with a link to download your real estate video.
 3. Use it everywhere: Upload your new property video and spread the word - Use it on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Listings, Instagram and more. Create your first video now from your desktop browser or via your mobile on-the-go: About Just Click Videos: Backed and powered by Attento, the pioneers in personalised and interactive videos in Australia, the Attento platform is currently trusted by tier-one banks, superannuation funds, universities, insurance and finance companies around the globe. Using computer intelligence and all the experience from producing tens of millions of personalised and interactive videos, JustClickVideos comes to revolutionise the way property videos are created and bring you a robust, simple, affordable, and beautiful property video creation platform that will solve all your real estate video needs into the future - from your desk, in just one click. Discover the secret ingredient to younger looking skin 2019-05-20T01:50:05Z discover-the-secret-ingredient-to-younger-looking-skin Discover the secret ingredient to younger looking skin Ceramide and Vitamin E Skin Oil from Africa Media Release - May 2019 We all want younger looking skin, so it’s never too early to prevent the visible signs of ageing. Thanks to BodyPlus Skin Oil you can now keep those wrinkles at bay to ensure your skin remains looking soft and youthful for longer! CEO of McGloins Supertex Nick Barnes says, “It’s so important to look after our skin no matter what age you are. You can also use it when you’re young to keep skin looking amazing, or when you’re older as the active ingredients ceramide and Vitamin E inject moisture into the skin to help rewind the effects of ageing”. The secret lies within BodyPlus Skin Oil’s active ingredient ceramide, which works to capture and bind moisture to hydrate the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age lines. BodyPlus Skin Oil is also enriched with Vitamin E, which aids in the prevention of dry and flaky skin. Ceramide has long been used as an anti-ageing agent as it helps repair and rejuvenate the skin’s natural defence barrier to protect the skin and increase moisture retention. Ceramide is found naturally in the outer layer of the skin but ceramide levels decline with age, leaving skin looking tired and dry. Key benefits and various uses of BodyPlus Skin Oil include: Everyday moisturiser Safely treats stretch marks Treats sunburn Lightens dark spots Heals drying fingernails Reverses premature skin ageing Acts as cleansing agent Soothes pain from cold sores Suitable for men and women of all ages Helps to treat eczema BodyPlus Skin Oil works best when applied twice a day for at least three months. High in Vitamin E and Ceramides, use BodyPlus as an intensive face and body moisturiser, bath oil or after sun treatment. BodyPlus Skin Oil is available at Chemist Warehouse, selected pharmacies or online at for an RRP of $19.95. L’Action 2 in 1 Ritual Face Masks 2019-05-20T01:39:05Z laction-2-in-1-ritual-face-masks It’s never been easier to bring the spa treatment into your home with the new range of 2 in 1 Ritual Face Masks by L’Action Paris. With four different nourishing masks in the range, enriched with a combination of unique ingredients to detoxify and hydrate the skin, you can achieve the day spa feeling in the comfort of your home in just 12 minutes! The simple 2-step process works to gently exfoliate and nourish the skin, offering a complete treatment in one easy to use product. Available in four different treatments, each product contains an exfoliating scrub and a hydrating mask suitable for all skin types. Simply apply the scrub and rinse off then follow with the mask for velvety smooth skin! L’Action Paris Ritual 2 in 1 Mask Hydrating Spa Ritual – RRP $5.95 – The creamy scrub is enriched with minerals and sea salt from the Iroise Sea to cleanse the skin and eliminate impurities. The mask contains white clay, Shea butter and sweet orange essential oils to regenerate and capture moisture. Cocoa Soothing Ritual – RRP $5.95 – Enriched with cocoa shell powder and orange peel powder, this scrub delivers gentle exfoliation and promotes skin protection. The mask contains Shea and cocoa butter to effectively improve the skin’s moisture levels and boost skin elasticity. Coconut Nourishing Ritual – RRP $5.95 – Specially formulated for dry skin, this nourishing scrub contains coconut shell powder and sunflower oil to eliminate dead skin cells and prevent dehydration. Enriched with coconut oil, the mask will leave your skin feeling intensely smooth and moisturised. Detox Spa Ritual – RRP $5.95 – Infused with Chinese green tea leaves, this scrub will detoxify and protect your skin by eliminating toxins to reduce the visible signs of ageing. The mask is enriched with castor oil to leave the skin feeling purified and soothed. Currently sold in over 40 countries on four continents around the world, there are over 50 different products that are available in Australia. All products in the collection include natural active ingredients, are developed in their Paris laboratory, are dermatologically tested and are NOT tested on animals. The L’Action Paris 2 in 1 Ritual Face Masks are available online: @lactionparis_au AstrOMara offers Psychic Readings, Astrology Reports, and Free Horoscopes 2019-05-17T07:42:17Z astromara-offers-psychic-readings-astrology-reports-and-free-horoscopes Many people have questions about what else is out there, where is their life heading, is there such thing as destiny? Paul O'Mara, Australian psychic offers you the opportunity to find some answers. Paul O'Mara offers a variety of psychic reading options from either Paul himself or with one of his highly skilled and experienced clairvoyants or psychics. Clients can have a live psychic reading by phone or can send a text question and wait for a response. As well as helping with common problems like relationships, the psychics are excited to connect with all kinds of people, from those who often find help from them, to those totally new to the process. Whatever question a person might have for them, their professional psychics will help using skills and different tools including tarot reading with cards. These tools help them to connect to a client's energy. On their site, they offer a free horoscope reading which can help give better insight into why people behave as they do and how it impacts those around them. There is also the opportunity to have a better understanding of their personality and the choices they make with an accurate astrology report. Using these powerful tools Paul O'Mara offers to help clients reach a better understanding of yesterday and today, to make better choices for tomorrow. Psychics have been around for thousands of years. There was a time when they were the top advisors to famous Kings and Queens and rulers around the world. While that may not be the case today many people still find value in getting a psychic reading from for all sorts of reasons. There is an incorrect assumption that readings have to be done in person, but in fact, there have always been psychics capable of distant readings. With a psychic reading by phone that is what clients are getting.  About Paul O'Mara Paul O'Mara offers psychic readings by phone and by text to people all around the world looking for answers and sometimes guidance. We have a team of highly talented professional psychic readers that includes tarot reading. From 10 am till 2 am you can get in touch with one of our receptionists who will then make an appointment for you with our Australian psychic or psychic reader of your choice.  Media Contact 134-136 Pascoe Vale Road Moonee Ponds VIC 3039  Australia  Website: Ten Tragically Beautiful gifts for World Goth Day 2019-05-15T02:48:18Z ten-tragically-beautiful-gifts-for-world-goth-day Goth is the sub culture which never went away. Almost 40 years after its genesis, the movement continues to inspire lovers of romance and chilling mystery.    Australian gothic and alternative e-commerce site Tragic Beautiful leads the way in producing quirky, original dark décor and gothic home accessories for those whose taste lie outside an IKEA catalogue.     Priced from an affordable $34.95, the range spans from coffin-shaped lipstick holders, serving platters and bookshelves to occult-themed wall hangings and candle holders.     Got a goth BFF? Here are ten gothic gift ideas she’ll love     1. Coffin Lipstick Holder - $34.95 Wicked gothic stained wooden coffin-shaped makeup holder. Ideal for displaying & giving your boudoir a witchy aesthetic. Holds 27 lipsticks  2. Dark Heart Vegan leather choker – $12.95 Adorable gothic choker necklace with silver spikes and a heart-shaped O-ring.  3. Coffin Jewellery Box - $45 Witchy little black coffin box featuring a hinged lid with interior mirror and soft leopard interior lining. Interior compartment and cushioned rows to keep all your rings, jewellery and trinkets safe.  4. Waxing Crescent Moon Wall Mirror - $34.95 Stunning crescent moon-shaped wall mirror - just perfect for adding some lunar luxury to your home. Features strong MDF backing and a hook for wall mounting.  5. Pentagram shelf - $44.95 Pentagram shaped shelf which you can use stand alone, or as wall art ready to be hung.  Perfect for displaying lightweight crystals, collectables and candles.  6. The Star Tarot wall hanging - $49.00 Stunning witchy tarot card print of The Moon. Perfect for creating a pagan or boho vibe. Looks amazing as a wall hanging, or draped over your bed, table or sofa.  7. Coffin bath tray/serving platter - $119 Stunning coffin-shaped tray locally made in Brisbane. Ideal for using as a bath tray to hold your goodies as you bathe. If can also be used as a serving platter, decorative tray or display item.  8. Spirit Board trinket box - $36.95 Planchette-shaped trinket box featuring intricately detailed spirit board. Perfect for storing stud earrings, rings or pendant necklaces  9. Pentagram rose tea light holder - $46.95 Wreathed in roses, this tealight holder is perfect for illuminating your home in more ways than one. Cast in the highest quality resin, a Celtic triquetra reinforces the magic.  10. Coffin shelf - $39.95 Gothic traditional coffin shaped wooden shelf for all your treasures.  Currently sold out. Back in stock June 1    High res images available here: Editorial samples available on request.    ###    About Tragic Beautiful    Established in 2004, Tragic Beautiful is a Brisbane-based, Australian owned company stocking handpicked, cult brands for those who live outside the box.     Founder and Managing Director Melanie Cramond is available for comment.     ###      1000 HOUR Sponsors Tigerlily Show @ MBFWA 2019 2019-05-13T06:18:32Z 1000-hour-sponsors-tigerlily-show-mbfwa-2019 1000 HOUR sponsors Tigerlily’s first Fashion Week in 17 Years Get the look from Tigerlily’s comeback Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2019 Show Media Release - May 2019 1000 HOUR, the iconic Australian brand behind some of the most sought after and innovative DIY beauty staples, including the ever-popular artificial lashes, graced the catwalk at one of the most highly anticipated shows at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, in Sydney this afternoon. On the eve of Tigerlily's 20th Birthday and comeback show; models were sporting dainty and natural looking 1000 HOUR Eyelashes by 1000 HOUR Lash Director Melanie Burnicle – in collaboration with Makeup Artist Lara Karamian for Lancôme this fresh natural sun kissed look was created for the show. Tigerlily shares the same youthful curiosity as the 1000 HOUR brand. Tigerlily CEO Chris Buchanan said, "Tigerlily is one of Australia's most admired and respected brands. At Fashion Week, we will be presenting a more elevated apparel offering - think linens, silks and luxe fabrications, new swim silhouettes with classic Tigerlily prints. We’re proud to be supported by iconic Australian DIY beauty brand, 1000 HOUR, as our lash sponsor for such a special show for Tigerlily.” The show’s 1000 HOUR Lash Director and Makeup Artist Melanie Burnicle said, “My secret to creating a natural look for Tigerlily’s show was 1000 HOUR's individual lashes. I love working with Australian brands and 1000 HOUR lashes are easy to apply especially in a fast paced environment like backstage. The lashes are great for creating anything from a fresh faced day look or adding a some fabulous drama to your makeup.” Melanie’s step-by-step how-to and top tips to create the natural lash look sported on the runway today: Step 1 - Curl your lashes Curl your lashes! This helps to create a base for the false lashes and allows for a seamlessly natural look. Doing this before Mascara helps to protect your lashes from breakage. If you choose to curl once mascara is applied be very gentle and careful on releasing lashes as mascara will stick the lashes to the curler. Step 2 - Apply mascara Apply mascara before applying false lashes. This helps create structure and allows you to better judge the placement of the individual lashes especially for the natural look. Mel’s Tip: Re-applying mascara at the end of the process will add more drama to the look. Step 3 - Prep individual lashes Apply a small amount of lash glue to the back of your hand and allow it dry a little (this means you don’t need to sit still for as long waiting for it to dry on the eye) and line up the Individual lashes close to the glue so you can see what you are working with. Mel’s Tip: If you need to, trim the individual false lashes before applying to ensure they aren’t too much longer than your natural lashes. This will help the false lashes to blend, creating a really natural look. Step 4 - Use tweezers to apply each lash Use tweezers so you can angle the lash application and help you to place the lashes flat into your lash line. Remember to make sure that the lashes don’t sit higher on the skin. If so, they will be visible especially in a natural makeup look. Mel’s Tip: Remember to look at your eye shape as most eyes aren’t symmetrical, so you may need 3 lashes on one eye and 4 on the other. If your brows sit low, don’t add too much length in the lashes you apply on inner corners as it will create a smaller eyelid. If your eyes are very round, don’t apply lashes right on the outer corner as it will follow your eye shape and drag the eye down and not lift it up for a youthful appearance. 1000 HOUR Individual Lashes are available in two styles Short to Medium and Medium to Long RRP $9.49. 1000 HOUR's range of false lashes are available in Priceline stores nationwide or online at ABOUT 1000HOUR: This iconic brand has been in the beauty business for over 25 years and is well known for high quality products by makeup artists and beauty lovers alike. 1000HOUR boasts product collections ranging from the ever-popular Eyelash and Eyebrow Dye Kits to false lashes, hair colour mascaras and DIY beauty tools to enhance your at-home beauty routine. The name was based on the brand’s launch product that provided a DIY tinting solution that lasted up to six weeks or 1000 hours – the lifespan of a lash. For further information, images or product samples, please contact 360 PR: Rachel King – 0434 820 542 – Hawks Jump on Board with Afford for An Inclusive Melbourne 2019-05-10T02:10:10Z hawks-jump-on-board-with-afford-for-an-inclusive-melbourne MELBOURNE, 8 MAY 2019 - This year, the spotlight will shine brightly on disability in Melbourne with partnerships between Afford, Hawthorn and Yarra Trams established to encourage an inclusive Melbourne that supports people of all abilities. Afford (The Australian Foundation for Disability) is a not-for-profit disability service organisation that provides whole-of-life disability supports for people across Australia under the NDIS. The disability service provider has been operating in Australia for over 65 years and is committed to creating opportunities for people with disability to live the life they want and create greater public awareness of the valuable community contributions made by people with disability. This year, Afford has partnered with the Hawthorn Football Club, to establish the MCG's first Sensory Friendly Space to allow footy fans with sensory sensitivities, and their families, to enjoy cheering on their favourite team while having a space for respite if and when they need it. In addition to the Sensory Friendly Space, Afford is working with the Hawks to support their Wheelchair and All Abilities Players in the 2019 season, facilitating AFL experiences for Afford participants and offering work experience opportunities at Hawks HQ for people with disability. Afford was also named 2019 Yarra Trams Community Partner which involves an entire tram being wrapped with images of people of all abilities.  Tram 3008 can be seen passing the MCG on Route 48 (North Balwyn to Victoria Harbour Docklands) and can also be seen on Route 109 (Box Hill to Port Melbourne) from April until July. The Afford Community Partner Tram will increase public awareness of diversity, inclusivity and encourage the celebration of everyone's unique abilities. Afford CEO, Steven Herald, says that the partnerships with the Hawks and Yarra Trams are strong steps towards creating an inclusive Melbourne. "We are thrilled to have established these partnerships with the Hawks and Yarra Trams. Both the Hawks and Yarra Trams are well established in Melbourne's culture and such iconic organisations that share our vision to encourage inclusiveness and acceptance." "Through these partnerships we are sure that our message of an inclusive Melbourne will shine on the streets and on the footy fields of Melbourne and foster inclusivity for Australians of all abilities."  "We encourage everyone to jump on board with Afford to support us in creating an inclusive Melbourne and tag @Afford in your social posts to show your support for people of all abilities." Hawthorn CEO Justin Reeves said the partnership supports the club’s vision to be inclusive and welcoming for people of all backgrounds.   Afford is a registered charity and has been operating in Australia for over 65 years, providing a range of disability supports to thousands of people across Australia every day. For more information about Afford, visit or call 1300 233 673. ENDS Editor's Note: Footage/imagery of the Afford Community Partner tram can be obtained, please contact Maria on 0402 239 929. Media Contact: Maria Crema: Crema PR m 0402 239 929 e About the Australian Foundation for Disability (Afford) - The Australian Foundation for Disability (Afford) is a registered charity providing disability services to thousands of people across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The supports provided by Afford include: Shared Living; Overnight Respite; Social and Community Programs; Transition to Work Programs; Transition to Retirement Programs; Carer Support; Disability Employment Services; Supported Employment; Allied Health Support and Support Coordination.   A Smart Way To Hire A Good Separation Lawyer For Betterment 2019-05-09T08:51:24Z a-smart-way-to-hire-a-good-separation-lawyer-for-betterment UGH! Are you tired of the relationship? Well, it is easy to get knotted but hard to commit on the words till the life ends. Nowadays, the ratio of divorce is increasing because people become less compassionate and less tolerance with the life styles. 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Concerns from CWA of NSW that looming election stalling drought assistance commitments 2019-05-07T21:30:16Z concerns-from-cwa-of-nsw-that-looming-election-stalling-drought-assistance-commitments Hi The Country Women's Association (CWA) of NSW's State Conference continues in Albury today after delegates yesterday overwhelmingly endorsed a motion that calls for a firm and ongoing commitment to drought assistance from the country's major political parties. The association is also concerned the looming Federal Election is stalling the release of more information on initiatives announced in the Federal Budget, and announced by the Federal Government last week. "Major issues, such as drought, should be treated with a bipartisan approach and all major parties should have a firm position for action on drought so money and support gets to where it’s needed without delay," CWA of NSW State President Annette Turner said. “It’s too important to play politics with and must be treated with the urgency it deserves. The fact the government is in ‘caretaker mode’ should make no difference. In drought-stricken areas, every single day bites. Unlike politicians, we can’t ask our farmers to wait a few weeks, while there is a potential changing of the guard.” Attached and below is a media release on the urgency motion. For further information or interview requests please let me know. Kind regards, Kylie Galbraith Seftons Tamworth NSW 2340 Ph. 0411 480 208 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MEDIA RELEASE Concerns that looming election stalling drought assistance commitments The Country Women’s Association of NSW is urgently seeking assurances from both sides of politics on an ongoing commitment to drought assistance following concerns the upcoming Federal Election has thrown a shadow of uncertainty over future aid schemes for drought-stricken areas of the state. It follows an announcement last week by Prime Minister Scott Morrison on new re-stocking and re-planting loans of up to $200,000 for farm businesses, part of a $500 million package that includes the establishment of a specific “Regional Investment Corporation” for the loans, once conditions improve. The package also includes funding for more rural financial counsellors. The Country Women’s Association (CWA) of NSW at its State Conference in Albury yesterday, prior to a visit to the conference by Mr Morrison, expressed concerns that now the Government is in ‘caretaker mode’ pending the federal election, there is no further information available around the announcement and that the federal Opposition has not yet indicated its intention to support the scheme should it win the May 18 ballot. “As it stands the Opposition has even expressed some hesitation at the issuing of concessional loans, which means if we have a change of government, we may not see the program get off the ground at all,” said Annette Turner, CWA of NSW State President. “We are calling for all major political parties to state their support for this scheme. Major issues, such as drought, should be treated with a bipartisan approach and all major parties should have a firm position for action on drought so money and support gets to where it’s needed without delay. “It’s too important to play politics with and must be treated with the urgency it deserves. The fact the government is in ‘caretaker mode’ should make no difference. In drought-stricken areas, every single day bites. Unlike politicians, we can’t ask our farmers to wait a few weeks, while there is a potential changing of the guard.” The motion of urgency, which was unanimously carried by delegates, included a call for consideration of grants for farmers, as well as loans, Mrs Turner saying that while they welcomed concessional loans, they wanted the major parties to look further into grants, where appropriate. The motion encompassed the need for more information on the budget announcement of $5 million for the Country Women’s Association of Australia to assist with the ongoing allocation of drought assistance grants, along with a call for the streamlining and simplification of the Farm Household Allowance scheme, in the wake of ongoing complaints from applicants about the excessive ‘red tape’ around the scheme. “We have publicly applauded the Government for the funding for the CWA of Australia. And as we have proven, drought funding is in very good hands with the CWA, with the state associations efficiently, and at no cost, getting every dollar to where it is needed. However, we need all parties to confirm ongoing support for this. If there is a change of Government we need to know that all parties support this important work,” Mrs Turner said. Several other urgency motions around water security for regional communities are also due to be discussed by delegates today, including one relating to the inadequate quality of town water in many regional areas and the need for greater transparency on decision-making under the Murray Darling Basin Plan, particularly relating to the allocation of water and the balance between social, economic and environmental factors in water management.