The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-07-23T04:50:21Z The Guitar Dojo relocation now complete 2019-07-23T04:50:21Z the-guitar-dojo-relocation-now-complete Melbourne, Australia, 23rd July 2019 -- Specialist guitar school The Guitar Dojo is pleased to announce that the relocation of its core kids program is complete and that lessons will now be held at the Plenty Valley Conference and Training Centre (Infinity Church) at 5/9 Danaher Drive in South Morang.  This partnership allows us to enjoy top quality facilities , waiting area , technology and music equipment which will allow us to bring members the best guitar lesson program in Melbourne. The Guitar Dojo program is centred around combining the best benefits of private instruction and small classes , while teaching a proven curriculum.  We value teamwork within our community and employ the latest in gamified learning both in class and at home.   Students are encouraged to ask questions between lessons via our dedicated online practice portal which means more productive learning in class! All ages 7 and over are welcome and we love to see beginners  - both young and not so young.  Membership of The Guitar Dojo is all inclusive and includes hard copy learning materials ,subscriptions to our music apps and after hours support. Media Contact The Guitar Dojo Phone: (03) 9404 2656 Email – Renovate with confidence at the 2019 Perth Home Show! 2019-07-23T01:17:04Z renovate-with-confidence-at-the-2019-perth-home-show Over ten thousand Perth home owners, renovators and local trade are set to flock to the Perth Home Show when it opens for inspection this August at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. Now FREE to attend, the Perth Home Show will be held over three days from Friday 9 - Sunday 11 August.  Visitors will be spoilt for choice with over 120 exhibitors, showcasing the latest products for kitchens, bathrooms, interiors, outdoor living and smart home automation. Quality brands will fill the Show floor including, Siemens, Stratco, Granite Transformations, Australian Outdoor Living and Carpet Call to name a few! Homeowners can clarify their renovation direction at the Colour Your World Stage. Industry experts will showcase the latest ideas in interior design, bathrooms, planning, outdoors and much more. “The Perth Home Show makes updating the home easy,” Exhibition Director, Shane Kenealy says. “It’s a unique opportunity for homeowners and trade to source the latest products and services for their   project, all under the one roof”, Kenealy explains. For visitors looking to make a splash in their kitchen or bathroom, the KBDi Kitchen and Bathroom Advice Centre will feature free 20-minute consultations with leading kitchen and bathroom designers. Make an appointment online or at the Show. The 2019 Show also sees the inclusion of the SIEMENS Cooking Stage hosted by MasterChef contestant Josh Catalano, who will be preparing a range of fresh meals including quality seafood dishes. Getting to the Show couldn’t be easier. The Perth Home Show is located at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, in the heart of Perth’s central business district, conveniently within walking distance of public transport. Tickets are FREE, register online at  Get rid of this popular styling trend immediately 2019-07-22T00:46:22Z get-rid-of-this-popular-styling-trend-immediately Scandi styling has taken the interior world by storm and has been going strong for a while now, the world can’t seem to get enough – but not for much longer! A style that many are latching on to and taking to extremes, Justine Wilson, Director and Principal Stylist at Vault Interiors says it’s time to stray away from the bland, minimal style and insert a little personality and character into the home. When creating the Scandinavian style, Justine has seen most homeowners getting lost in the style, creating a matchy matchy look in their home. Justine says, “It is important to avoid having every item in your home in the same colour as your featured oak, as this leads to a space becoming bland and lacking personality.” Encouraging homeowners to inject some colour and texture items into their homes to create a bespoke and individual feel, Justine shares her top tips on how homeowners can introduce personality into the Scandinavian style and avoid having the display suite theme: Use a vintage kilim or Persian rugs in your bedroom or living space. The Scandinavian trend is to swap out any colour for plain jute or white rugs, so this leaves a great opportunity for you to bring in a rug that has some patina, age, and some pattern as well as colour. If you want a fairly neutral feel still, opt for patterns over colours, or colours in muted or washed out tones. Hunt around at the salvos, markets or vintage furniture stores for a statement piece. A retro coffee table, a unique chair or something as small as brass or ceramic vases, or coloured glassware will help add character to your space. The trick is to have something old in amongst fresh new interior to create a more welcoming feeling. Vintage items always add a story or some mystery to a space. Scatter cushions to inject colour. Try injecting warm tones such as rich plum, mustard, dark green or blush. A few cushions along with one or two accessories are enough to change the feel of your space. Introduce interesting lighting. A vintage table or floor lamp can add an earthy twist to your space. Popular in bohemian inspired interiors, a tray with lots of candles can make a good coffee table centre piece or an overcall colourful lamp will make a big impact to uplift and change up the Scandi style. Make it more ‘homely’ By layering additional items such as large floor scatter cushions, ottomans or a group of interesting side tables which can work as a coffee table the more you can entertain in it, as its flexible and still quite minimal. This will also help the space feel homelier. How to Live Slowly (Even When You're Busy) 2019-07-18T22:56:45Z how-to-live-slowly-even-when-youre-busy In the Internet age, many can attest to life speeding up, seemingly out of their control. However, making a conscious decision to look at what isn’t serving your greatest mission or purpose can quickly highlight the necessary from the unnecessary. Mindset coach and thought leader Maria Boznovska teaches that shifting one’s focus to ask better questions is an empowering place to start: “Instead of asking, ‘why do things happen to me’, ask, ‘what is this experience showing me… what feelings are coming up for me?’” Maria says. “The challenge in life isn’t in receiving answers, the challenge in life is in identifying your current questions. By shifting the focus to outcomes or solutions, rather than why this is happening, we’re more likely to remain calm”. How do we remain calm when life around us feels chaotic? Maria suggests: Let go of expectations. Taking time to step back from a situation and let go of expectation can help you reorient your thoughts and view things more objectively. Take a walk, read a book, watch a movie, meditate, connect with nature to take your mind off the situation. You will be much more effective at problem solving once you have taken time to rejuvenate your mind. Re-frame the situation. Once you have taken time to decompress, you may have a completely different perspective on a difficult or stressful situation. Embrace new ways of thinking and view problems from all sides. Self- care is imperative. Just because you have deadlines to meet and people to engage with, don’t neglect your self-care. Not only will losing sleep damage your health, it will make you generally less effective. A tired mind is one that is notable to think clearly, and it is hard to stay calm when you are living in a mental fog. Ask for help. Being afraid to ask for help is a sure way to continue to feel overwhelmed. Reach out to your network and circle—those who have skills and knowledge that you don’t. Feeling like you belong and are supported by people who love and care for you is a great way to stay calm. Visualise the outcome you would like to see happen. Let go of the attachment. Imagine yourself happy, healthy, safe and loved. See a more stable, calmer, friendlier and better outcome. ENDS Media notes: • Maria is available to expand upon this subject matter in great depth. If you would like to interview Maria, or have a post written specifically for your publication, please contact us. MARIA BOZNOVSKA BIO: Visionary, thought leader, adventurer, nurturer, game changer and future shaper. Maria Boznovska is shifting consciousness; empowering people to think differently about themselves and others. She is also the author, writer, motivational speaker and inspirational woman behind the highly engaged Facebook community, Live Gratefully with Maria Boznovska. As a creative strategist, she has a deep knowing and innate ability to encourage people to challenge the status quo, specific to what they believe about themselves and what they have been taught to believe as their truth. In her role as a leadership expert, Maria works within the corporate sector to "empower the leaders of today", and the education industry to "empower leaders of tomorrow". She is also known for her one-on-one leadership coaching, empowering men and women to be the best they can be. The mum-of-four has personally found profound blessings and gratiude in hardships. She inspires others to do the same through her introspective discoveries, thought provoking blogs, articles, seminars and workshops and lead-by-example journey. “I’ve dedicated my life to honouring my creative self-expression; and through that, letting my life speak—it is my mission and joy to help others do the same,” Maria says. Most widely known for her conscious leadership, Maria guides with a grateful heart while tapping into her gift of vision—the ability to recognise potential in almost anyone and navigate clients towards empowerment and fulfilment. As a creative strategist, Maria draws on her background in high-level corporate roles and her 15-year accounting business. She understands the importance of self-expression as a key aspect to happiness in the working enviroment and overall well-being. She says her role as mother is her greatest achievement. Through her conscious parenting approach, she aims to provide a safe space where her children can grow, explore and determine their own truth and path. Find out more about Maria at and Media Contact: Shannon Dunn Launch of 2019 NSW Sommelier's Wine List Awards 2019-07-18T06:26:57Z launch-of-2019-nsw-sommelier-s-wine-list-awards The NSW Wine Industry Association (NSWWIA), Restaurant & Catering Association (R&CA) and Destination NSW are delighted to launch the NSW SOMMELIER’S WINE LIST AWARDS for 2019. These new look awards are dedicated to supporting and rewarding restaurants and wine bars in Sydney and across NSW that offer their customers a great wine experience and a range of delicious local wines, showcasing the quality and diversity of wines being produced in the state of NSW. Sommeliers and Wine Managers will be in the running to win the title of ‘2019 NSW Sommelier’s Wine List of the Year’ in seven different categories: Sydney small venue (<40 seats), Sydney mid venue (41-99 seats), Sydney large venue (>100 seats), Regional NSW small venue, Regional NSW mid venue and Regional NSW large venue. An overall winner will be chosen from these 6 categories. Along with a stunning trophy, some great prizes are also up for grabs, including wine service equipment and a professional wine glass & service consultation individually tailored to your establishment. NSWWIA EO Angus Barnes says, “We are delighted to be involved in a project that enables us to engage with our state’s most driven and forward-thinking restaurants and also support the smaller venues that have always displayed a passion for the home-grown wines of NSW. The latest research we had commissioned shows an encouraging 28% increase in the listing of NSW wines on our state’s wine lists, meaning we now hold 14% of the wine list’s space. However, there is still plenty of room to grow when you look at a state like Victoria which has nearly double that of its own wines on its wine lists. We believe it is critical for the sustainable future of the NSW wine industry that we must support and be seen prominently on our own ‘local’ wine lists.” R&CA CEO Wes Lambert adds, “R&CA is very proud to be co-hosting the 2019 NSW SOMMELIER’S WINE LIST AWARDS alongside the NSWWIA and Destination NSW. We believe that NSW Sommeliers deserve to be recognized for their hard work and tremendous skill at creating the best Wine Lists in NSW!  For the inaugural NSW SOMMELIER’S WINE LIST AWARDS we felt it important to open these awards up to the maximum number of participants so you do not need to be a member of R&CA to enter and there will be no entry fee required! The submission process is now all online, making it very simple and convenient to take part.” Nominated restaurants/wine bars will be judged by 2 experienced, independent judges, Mark Baulderstone, Managing Director of Riedel Spiegelau Nachtmann Australia and award-winning, multi-media presenter Lyndey Milan, OAM. Mark’s work with some of the world’s finest wine glasses and a diverse range of restaurants gives him great insight into the ideal wine experience. Lyndey has spent the last 30 years traveling around the world of food and wine, and most extensively through regional NSW, providing an unrivalled knowledge of the produce from our state. The judges will assess the wine lists using criteria including wine list content, presentation, educational content, selection, food and wine matching, service and NSW wine representation, so it’s not just about the wines named on the list but also the quality of wine experience given to the consumer. Participating restaurants will be invited to a prestigious Awards Presentation at NSW Parliament House on Thursday 17th October to discover who has won the 2019 title of NSW Sommelier’s Wine List of the Year.  If you know of a Sommelier/Wine Manager that is doing a great job and working with an exciting range of NSW wines, then please nominate them for these awards by emailing Every patient’s feedback is unique and valuable 2019-07-18T04:51:30Z every-patient-s-feedback-is-unique-and-valuable Bowel Cancer Australia today released initial findings from the first national My Colonoscopy Experience questionnaire. The questionnaire opened in September 2018 at the same time as the Colonoscopy Clinical Care Standard, created by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC). While the Standard was a welcome first step in outlining the care people who have a colonoscopy should receive, it did not contain specific indicators to measure the patient’s experience. “Communicating the unique patient perspective is vital for understanding how to make services better and safer for patients,” said Bowel Cancer Australia CEO Julien Wiggins. “As more and more people share their experience, findings will help shape Bowel Cancer Australia’s initiatives and can be used more broadly as a valuable resource to inform policy, programs, and investment in colonoscopy quality and care,” Mr Wiggins said. The responses from approximately 1,500 women and men across the country ranging in age from 18 to over 75 years old, who had recently undergone colonoscopy provide unique insights not previously reported. Some of the better aspects of the colonoscopy experience highlighted by respondents included: clear information about what to expect at each stage; provision of guidance regarding the post-procedure process; and feelings of trust and confidence in staff.      Areas for improvement highlighted by respondents indicated: the referral process should be more proactive and timelier; more choice should be made available in terms of bowel prep; and all relevant information in the colonoscopy report should be reviewed with the patient. Nine in ten respondents (94%) said a wait time of “less than 1 month” is about right, but most respondents (59%) waited more than the recommended 30 days from referral before receiving their colonoscopy. Three in ten (32%) respondents indicated they waited more than two months; nearly one in ten of those (7%) reported waiting six months or more. Respondents receiving their colonoscopy within the public health system reported waiting on average 2.5 months (150% longer than recommended by the World Health Organisation). "Proactive and timely referral is imperative, especially for symptomatic patients and is something that Bowel Cancer Australia continues to actively campaign for," Mr Wiggins said. Bowel preparation required for colonoscopy was cited regularly as the key area for improvement. When asked what could have made the experience better, most respondents’ comments (41%) related to improving the bowel prep experience. Nearly all respondents (97%) felt information about how to prepare for their colonoscopy was clear; however, most respondents (83%) were not offered a choice regarding the type of bowel prep medicine given. Two in five (41%) respondents mentioned they would have liked more options. Private hospital patients rated their experiences more positively than public hospital patients throughout the process, but both private and public hospital patients indicated the best part of their colonoscopy experience was positive interactions with staff (36%). “With 1.1 million colonoscopies to be performed in Australia in 2020 – 21, the My Colonoscopy Experience questionnaire will remain open indefinitely – because every patient’s feedback about their colonoscopy experience is unique and valuable. To share your experience, visit  For more information, download the report.   Kurz’s new IMD PUR dual-technology process is a quantum leap for plastics decoration 2019-07-17T23:01:40Z kurzs-new-imd-pur-dual-technology-process-is-a-quantum-leap-for-plastics-decoration Sydney, 18 July 2019: Kurz, a leading supplier of metallised foil based solutions for security and surface decoration, has developed an innovative new process that combines the advantages of IMD (In-Mold Decoration) with PUR (polyurethane) technology. In this process called IMD PUR, plastic parts are decorated during injection molding by means of in-mold decorating and then overflooded with PUR within the same clamping unit. This produces sophisticated designs under a crystal clear, high-gloss surface. PUR layer thicknesses of between 0.3mm and 15mm can be created that exhibit a marked depth effect. Besides a glossy glass appearance, the PUR coating also provides a high level of surface protection. The decoration remains intact when subjected to scratches or stone impact, and the PUR topcoat is self-healing when scratched. Stephen Pratt, Kurz Australia Managing Director, said: “The production and PUR flooding of injection molded parts in a single machine pass is a known process. The novelty, however, is in combining this with the IMD process. Kurz has developed IMD coatings that adhere perfectly to the PUR topcoat. This is another example of the quantum leaps Kurz is making in plastic decoration.” The mold manufacturer Schöfer, a member of the Kurz Group, has precisely tailored the mold technology to the process. Schöfer, with its specialist experience in mold-making, complements Kurz's comprehensive know-how in thin-layer and process technology. “Thanks to the intensive development work undertaken by both parties, it is now possible to perform injection molding, IMD coating, and PUR coating in a single clamping unit. Furthermore, the tailored formulations of the IMD and PUR layers, as well as process-optimised molds, ensure significantly reduced cycle times. “Plastic parts decorated by means of IMD PUR exhibit the high surface quality, depth effect, and glassy appearance of PUR coatings. At the same time, IMD PUR offers the great design freedom that is characteristic of IMD technology, with the ability to perform design changeovers both quickly and efficiently,” said Pratt. Press Contact: For further information or to speak with Kurz please contact: Jeffrey Coote, Account Manager, Filtered Media d: 02 8188 3616 | m: 0404 275 665 | e: About KURZ: The KURZ Group is a global leader in hot stamping and coating technology. KURZ develops and manufactures decorative and functional layers applied to carrier foils for a large variety of applications. The range includes metallized, pigmented and holographic stamping foils for packaging or print products, surface finishes for electronic devices or automotive parts, protective and decorative lacquers for furniture or household appliances, authenticity features for brand name items, metallic applications for textiles, and different types of coatings for many other applications. With over 5,000 employees in 14 production plants in Europe, Asia and the USA, 24 international subsidiaries and a global network of agencies and sales offices, the KURZ Group manufactures and sells a comprehensive range of products for surface finishing, decoration, marking and counterfeit protection, rounded off by an extensive range of stamping machines and stamping tools. KURZ also continuously invests in new technologies, and is developing innovative solutions for integrating functionality into surfaces. Helping thousands of Victorians with their home building and renovation projects. 2019-07-16T06:31:28Z helping-thousands-of-victorians-with-their-home-building-and-renovation-projects Australia’s longest running building and renovation event, The Melbourne Home Show, is set to inspire and assist thousands of Victorian homeowners, builders, renovators and local trade over three days from 16 - 18 August at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, South Wharf. With over 250 leading brands under one roof, The Melbourne Home Show will be packed to the rafters with the latest building products, kitchens and cabinetry, bathroom fixtures and fittings, heating and cooling, interior and outdoor solutions, free seminars and expert advice! Visitors will be inspired to ‘live a little’ as they take a walk down the inaugural Tiny Houses Expo, where the latest compact and tiny homes will be on display. Whether you’re on the hunt for a cost-effective new home, looking to reduce your carbon footprint, tight on space or simply on the search for a simpler life, a stroll through the Tiny House Expo is sure to inspire. For those looking for outdoor inspiration, a visit to the Open Garden designed by Full Potential Landscapes and FormBoss, is a must. With a theme of Australian Made and Built to Last, the garden display is energy efficient, water conscious, spacious and smart. With flowing lines, this practical and functional design adheres to Australian climates and conditions and will showcase just how you can utilise Australia’s best in your backyard. Visitors can also learn to bring their bathroom to life or create their dream cooks kitchen with a FREE 20-minute design consultation with one of the Kitchen & Bathroom Designers Institute’s very best designers at the KBDi Ask an Expert hub. Visitors are encouraged to bring their plans and design ideas for a personalised consultation with the experts. Pre-bookings can be made online and walk-ups are welcome. Find new products, great savings and the biggest names in renovating and building including Australian Outdoor Living, Bora, BlockOut Blinds, Clover Kitchens, European Kitchen Group, Melbourne Polytechnic, Mondella, NextGEN Decking, Spa World, Stratco, Tesla, Vergola, Victoria Government and more. Discount tickets are available to purchase online at Kids under 14 are free. - ENDS - For all media enquiries, interviews, images, media passes and promotions, please contact: Alana Hawthorne - Marketing Manager 03 9276 5539 | Introducing Samson & Charlie’s ultra-luxe Famous 24k Glow Watermelon + Kiwi Facial Oil 2019-07-15T05:08:05Z introducing-samson-amp-charlie-s-ultra-luxe-famous-24k-glow-watermelon-kiwi-facial-oil Request Sample Imagine being immersed in a blush pink, mesmerising facial elixir infused with 24k Gold, that will leave your skin emanating a kilowatt Glow. Samson & Charlie’s new release: FAMOUS 24k Glow Facial Oil is an ultra-opulent face oil that will catapult your skin to celebrity status. Launching on August 1st online currently available for presale at now. This dreamy blush pink face oil with real 24 karat gold flakes resides in a super sleek, clear glass bottle, making it not only Insta-worthy, but an amazing anti-ageing secret that doesn’t belong hidden on your beauty shelf. FAMOUS needs to be in pride of place, on centre stage. Famous 24k Glow Facial Oil is intoxicating to look at, you’ll be almost too scared to open it, but wait until you smell it. With a superfruit cocktail of powerful antioxidants including Watermelon Seed Oil, Kiwi and Blueberry Seed Oil, this powerful fruit cocktail fights wrinkle and age spot-inducing free radicals to create clearer, brighter skin with the added benefit of a fresh, delicate fruity floral finish. Blending some of the world’s most luxurious absolutes of Pink Lotus, Rose, Neroli and Champaca, this delicate oil creates an unforgettable, sensory-rich experience. It’s the world’s most attractive, effective and luscious face oil yet. Off the heels of the sold-out success of THE GIFT Balancing Facial Oil, the brand’s founders knew their customers had high expectations for their first anti-aging oil. “I absolutely fell in love with Watermelon seed Oil, and there was not one Watermelon based Facial oil on the market,” said founder Carole Staeck. “After researching its unique properties; we made Famous with a delicious combination of rare and exquisite super fruit seed oils that boast powerful anti-aging properties as well as edible aromatic qualities. When I discovered this gap in the market, I just had to create this unique, delicious blend. Whilst the value of gold in skincare is well recognised for its anti-aging benefits, not to mention its ultra-chic look, most products boasting gold don’t include real gold at all, just gold-coloured mica. For Famous, Samson & Charlie sourced their pure gold locally through one of the most reputable Australian Manufacturer. It’s made in Melbourne, and the gold originates from the Perth Mint to ensure it is pure, genuine 24 karat gold leaf, priced at $168 per gram. 24 karat gold leaf holds the highest concentration of gold per part, which ensures once the mineral’s properties are absorbed into the skin, producing the maximal anti-aging benefits. These include slowing collagen depletion, increasing elasticity and brightening the delicate skin of the face. Famous 24k Glow Facial Oil is enriched with regenerating boosters as well as the gold leaf to increase collagen cell turnover, leaving skin firmer and brighter. Vitamins C, B and E, as well as Omega 3 & 6 simultaneously provide an anti-inflammatory barrier to protect skin from the daily insults of pollution, weather and chemicals. “It feels ultra-light like a serum, but acts deep within your skin as an oil,” said Carole. “I wanted to give busy women a lavish, deeply hydrating, anti-ageing versatile product that would work all day so their foundation wouldn’t look dry by 5pm. Famous is perfect for face, lips and layering under makeup.” The Famous 24k Glow Facial Oil works deep within the skin thanks to baby soft Camelia and Squalane oil, formulated to penetrate the skin’s dermal layers. Fractionated coconut oil is also used as it’s able to penetrate much deeper. “After months in development perfecting the formula, we are so proud to share this super fruit cornucopia of nature’s most delicious creations in a bottle. It looks so luxurious with the glistening gold floating in it. I was listening to Spotify when I was creating it, and ‘Famous’ by Ivy Adara came on. That settled it, we had to call it ‘Famous!’” said Carole. Famous 24K Glow Facial Oil 30ml RRP $89.95 CNH Industrial announces new structure for Australian ag machinery market 2019-07-15T02:37:30Z cnh-industrial-announces-new-structure-for-australian-ag-machinery-market Hi Prominent ag machinery brands Case IH and New Holland have a new man at the helm with the appointment of Brandon Stannett to a new position as CNH Industrial Agriculture Segment Leader for Australia/New Zealand. Brandon has been leading CNH Industrial Capital for Australia/New Zealand for the past four years, providing a robust knowledge of the local market and existing relationships with the Case IH and New Holland teams. “Taking a fresh look at our engagement with both dealers and customers will be a priority. The local ag sector has had more than its share of challenges in recent times, so the time is right to refocus and re-invigorate our approach to products, services and support, together with business and network efficiencies,” he said. A release is attached on the appointment, along with an image of Brandon, and for further information or interview requests, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Kind regards, Kylie Galbraith Seftons Tamworth NSW 2340 Ph. 0411 480 208 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CAPTION: Brandon Stannett has taken on a new role heading up the Case IH and New Holland brands. MEDIA RELEASE CNH Industrial announces new structure for Australian ag machinery market CNH Industrial has announced a restructure of its agricultural machinery business in Australia and New Zealand, with the appointment of a new leader across both the Case IH and New Holland Agriculture brands. Brandon Stannett has been appointed the Managing Director – Agriculture, Australia and New Zealand, assuming responsibility for CNH Industrial’s Agriculture Segment from Michele Lombardi, in a new position created as part of a global restructure announced in January. At that time CNH Industrial revealed changes to its organisational structure across the five segments of its operations, in a bid to become closer to its customers, streamline decision-making processes and encourage faster and more market-focused innovations. Brandon has been leading CNH Industrial’s captive finance business in Australia and New Zealand for the past 4 years, which he said offered the advantage of a strong knowledge of the local market when it came to his new role. “It’s certainly an advantage already knowing the Case IH and New Holland Agriculture teams and having those existing relationships, and I look forward to the opportunities this new structure offers both brands, our dealers and our customers,” he said. “Taking a fresh look at our engagement with both dealers and customers will be a priority. The local Ag sector has had more than its share of challenges in recent times, so the time is right to refocus and re-invigorate our approach to products, services and support, together with business and network efficiencies. “CNH Industrial, through our Case IH and New Holland Agriculture brands, are global leaders in the agricultural equipment and products sector and are always looking to the future with advances such as automation, connectivity and alternative fuels that will be the foundations for the next generation of advances in farm productivity and efficiency. This restructure has come about because our industry is experiencing a period of accelerated change – automation and digital technology being key examples – so we need to make the changes that will secure our reputation for innovation and excellence into 2020 and beyond. “I’m privileged to be leading this process across Australia and New Zealand for CNH Industrial and know that we have the teams in place with the knowledge, passion and foresight to make some real differences where it matters: innovative products and market-leading agricultural solutions.” Brandon has a strong financial background, working in senior roles in some of Australia’s largest banks, and founding a financial consultancy practice and leasing business, before joining CNH Industrial. How to reduce period pain in winter 2019-07-15T00:23:59Z how-to-reduce-period-pain-in-winter Media Release - July 2019 Winter can be a troublesome time for women who suffer from menstrual pain and cramps. While many use medication to relieve pain, it has actually been proven that heat therapy is much more effective when it comes to period pain. HOTPOD, the next generation hot water bottle, is a great alternative to wheat packs and is more effective and safer than ordinary hot water bottles. Nick Barnes, Founder of the HOTPOD says, “Applying heat to your abdomen has been shown to alleviate menstrual pain and our HOTPOD Electric Hot Pack offers the perfect solution to provide relief and keep you cosy and snug this chilly season”. Cold weather means we spend more time indoors; move less and tend to eat more. Unfortunately this can have a negative effect on period symptoms, worsening pain and cramps and can even prolong your cycle. The Electric Hot Pack, HOTPOD, provides relief for up to 6 hours in a warm environment, and up to 3 hours in a cold environment, so that you can get on with doing the things you love even during the chilly winter months. Key benefits of HOTPOD include: Ready in 10-15 minutes No refilling required Thermal auto cut-out Safety cut out Suitable for all ages from 5 years + Lasts 3 – 6 hours in a warm environment 1 year warranty “So whether you are going to curl up on the couch for a movie marathon, drive up the coast for the weekend to visit family or go to the kids footy or netball finals, the HOTPOD Electric Hot Pack has got you covered!” added Nick. The HOTPOD Electric Hot Pack is available now from Chemist Warehouse and selected pharmacies nationwide at an RRP of $39.95. HEMPLE LAUNCHES IN THE USA 2019-07-15T00:00:08Z hemple-launches-in-the-usa FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday 15 July 2019 Following a recent investment from MMJ (ASX:MMJ), Australian hemp & cannabinoid brand, Hemple, has launched in the USA. The millennial founders, Cade Turland (31) and Forbes 30 Under 30 list-maker, Georgia Branch (30) are de- termined to carve out their piece of the world’s biggest CBD market, projected to be worth US$22bn by 2022. The team is being on beer delivery technology for their organically grown CBD and innovation through first-to-market, functional CBG and CBN formulations to set their brand apart. Their Australian Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil and US grown and made, Sigma N-Osmo CBD have already made it into the hands of the Kardashian’s. Both products featured in the most recent Travel Mailer which landed Hemple in social media feeds of Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Selma Blair, Shanina Shaik and Behati Prinsloo. As Facebook and Instagram continue to disallow ingestible hemp foods and CBD advertising, the founders see this style of organic social media endorsement as key to reaching their millennial consumer - a fast growing segment of the hemp CBD market. Brightfield Group dubs the 26-35 year old CBD user group as “stressed out millennials”. This group accounts for 38.2% of the total US CBD market. More than half the members of this segment have a household income of US $50,000+ and are looking to relieve the pressures and stresses of their busy young professional lives, turning to hemp CBD to relieve a range of emotional health issues, most prominently: anxiety, depression and insomnia. Co-Founder, Georgia Branch, says, “There’s over 5600 CBD tincture brands in the USA. We’re breaking away from the commoditised products which dominate the market. Our approach is to differentiate with a premi- um brand position that’s backed up by truly innovative, effective products targeted towards the needs of our customer. Each of our products will have a specific functional benefit - from stress management (like our first CBD release, Sigma) to sleep.” Turland continues, “We’re one of few companies in the US using nano-technology to improve the absorp- tion rate of cannabinoids. Similarly to vitamins, only 10-30% of most CBD edibles and tinctures are absorbed by the body. The technology used in our N-Osmo cannabinoid range increases absorption to over 90%. Ulti- mately, this means beer value for money for the customer.” Value for money maers, as Brightfield Group shows 41.3% of this group are taking some form of CBD to manage everyday pressures, 5-7 days per week. On 29 July in the US, Hemple will launch with Fleur Marche, dubbed the “Sephora of CBD”. In Australia, Hemple’s range of hemp foods products are listed in over 350 health and specialty stores including Flan- nery’s and Healthy Life. Ends For more information and high res images contact: Georgia Branch +61 410 690 408 Let Calocurb Take Care of Your Appetite While You Take Care of Your Tan in Fiji! 2019-07-14T23:54:49Z let-calocurb-take-care-of-your-appetite-while-you-take-care-of-your-tan-in-fiji Calocurb have an awesome prize on offer this winter, where you can win flights to Fiji and five nights accommodation for you and a friend by purchasing Calocurb between 20 June and 5 August. The prize includes return Economy Class airfares for two adults from Auckland to Fiji, flying Fiji Airways, 5 nights 4-star twin share accommodation staying at The Warwick Fiji in a Garden View Room for two people with buffet breakfast daily and return airport transfers.  Please note an Economy Class airfare includes one carry-on bag weighing up to 7kg, one checked bag weighing up to 23kg, meal and drinks, movies and one standard seat. 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Please refer to  Entry is only open to New Zealand residents, and entrants have to be over the age of 18. To enter the promotion the entrant must complete the following steps during the promotional period. First purchase one bottle of Calocurb (minimum) as either a first time subscription customer or repeat subscription customer. Only one eligible entry per person will be accepted. By completing the entry method, the entrant will receive one entry.  Be in to win this amazing prize by purchasing a bottle of Calocurb today, and for more information on appetite suppressants, intermittent fasting, weight loss pills NZ reviews and Ketogenic diet plan NZ please go to .           JURA named winner of two Good Design Awards in 2019 2019-07-11T23:33:21Z jura-named-winner-of-two-good-design-awards-in-2019 Media Release - 12 July 2019 JURA is pleased to announce that they have won not just one, but two Good Design Awards this year! JURA’s GIGA X8 Gen 2 and ENA Signature Line in Massive Aluminium were winners of Australia’s peak industry design awards at The Star on 11 July at the 61st annual Good Design Awards Ceremony. George Liakatos, General Manager of JURA Australia says, “The Good Design Awards are the highest honour for design and innovation in the country. We are so proud to have received two Good Design Awards this year in both professional and household machine lines. Innovation and design is part of our DNA here at JURA, so I am glad that it has been recognised by such a significant award.” The Good Design Awards Jury praised JURA GIGA X8 Professional: “The chrome trims are flattering against black and is aesthetically pleasing overall. It is easy to operate without superfluous functions. This commercial grade product exudes quality and promises more efficient delivery of coffee. Every aspect of this product has been meticulously designed - form, function, material selection, ergonomics, aesthetics, design for manufacture - all coming together to create a world class product with high market appeal.” The JURA ENA 8 Signature Line was described by the Jury as: “A beautiful combination of design details and refined technology. This coffee machine's overall design is beautifully executed. The mix of a beautiful aluminium body and lightweight plastic parts for construction make the product work well aesthetically. It is easy and very intuitive to use, clean and all the moving parts have a nice feel to them. Well-resolved evolution product with high attention to engineering detail. Overall, this is a robust piece of industrial design that has been very well executed.” About Good Design Awards: The annual Good Design Awards is Australia’s most prestigious international Awards for design and innovation with a proud history dating back to 1958. The Awards celebrate the best new products and services on the Australian market, excellence in architectural design, engineering, fashion, digital and communication design and reward emerging areas of design strategy, social impact and design entrepreneurship. About JURA: JURA’s products stand for innovation, ease of use and sustainability. JURA believe in the perfect cup of coffee, using fresh beans, freshly ground and extracted at the touch of a button. The product range includes both machines for domestic use and professional models for the office and food service industry. In recent years the long-established Swiss brand has grown to become a global player, operating in around 50 countries. Polkadot Communications Grows its Lifestyle Portfolio and Hires New Staff 2019-07-09T23:50:12Z polkadot-communications-grows-its-lifestyle-portfolio-and-hires-new-staff Polkadot Communications has added three new clients to its lifestyle stable including global fitness phenomenon and trainer of Victoria Secret’s models, P.volve, vegan-based food company the Fry Family and functional oral health drinks brand Swirlit. Across all three clients, Polkadot Communications will deliver a mix of content creation, community management, PR, event management and influencer engagement. Agency owner, Dionne Taylor said, “We’re always looking to work with clients who can differentiate themselves from their competitors in their industry, and those that have something to say. We’re thrilled to partner with these leading brands known on both a local and global scale.” General Manager of Polkadot Communications, Anna MacIntosh, said, “As the agency continues to have a stellar 2019, we are proud to continue growing a sector in what the agency is famous for, lifestyle communications.” Marketing Director for the Fry Family, Tammy Fry said, “We are very excited to be working with the motivated, professional and experienced team at Polkadot Communications. We have no doubt that the collaboration will have excellent results and add great value to media content on the subject of plant-based foods and lifestyle.” In addition to new client wins, the agency has also hired Sarah Young who joins the team with a strong mix of lifestyle experience and design and digital expertise. Polkadot Communications clients include; The Empire State Building, Sydney Harbour Federation Trust, Palmer’s, Hostelworld, The Fitness Show, Athena Home Loans, PagerDuty, BaseUp, Tasman Eco, Stack Panel and The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas – Nusa Dua, Bali. -ends- For more information: Clare Goodhew, Polkadot Communications / 9281 4190