The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2018-06-06T22:06:57Z Businesses Are Investing in Technology to Improve Customer Experience, but Many Are Still Falling Short of Giving Customers What They Want 2018-06-06T22:06:57Z businesses-are-investing-in-technology-to-improve-customer-experience-but-many-are-still-falling-short-of-giving-customers-what-they-want Nearly two-thirds (60%) of respondents in Australia say more work is needed by companies to improve their online experience Customer experience (CX) ratings vary by vertical with hospitality leading the way globally More than half of all respondents think machine-to-people interactions will improve CX Australian consumers still believe they will have the better customer experience in a physical location than an online store A new Mitel® (Nasdaq:MITL) (TSX:MNW) survey of 5,000 adults from Australia, the United States, UK, France and Germany indicates a measurable disconnect between the advancements organisations think they are making to deliver exceptional customer experience and how customers actually view their commercial interactions. Specifically, less than half of respondents believe the technology needed to deliver the perfect online buying experience is available. This stands in stark contrast to findings of a previous Mitel survey in which 90 percent of IT decision-makers optimistically reported progress in improving customer experience through the use of technology. While a clear sign of the growing pains associated with digital transformation initiatives underway globally, the new survey also uncovers an opportunity for technology to play a key role in defining and keeping pace with changing buyer behaviour and preferences. In fact, over half of those surveyed believe machine-to-people interactions will positively transform the customer experience (51% in Australia). Vertical Visionaries, Leaders and Followers As customer experience becomes increasingly critical for businesses to remain relevant and compete, Mitel’s survey shows differences in customer satisfaction across vertical industries. Growing use of cloud communications and applications, combined with emerging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, chatbots, and natural language processing (NLP), are creating new ways for companies to nurture and build customer relationships. Winning companies will be those that are able to differentiate their brands by delivering seamless experiences across physical and digital environments, devices and channels. Currently, some segments are doing better than others. Hospitality leads the charge: Hospitality management knows the first stop on the itinerary for today’s travellers are online review sites. Before booking a trip, consumers want to hear what others have to say. In fact, it’s a near-universal activity. Given the impact reviews can have on average daily room rates, it’s no surprise this industry takes customer satisfaction seriously, receiving top marks among those surveyed. Australians also responded with high satisfaction rates (41%) with regards to their online experience with hospitality providers. Physical retail isn’t dead, but the customer experience is: More than 60 percent of shopping done by respondents still takes place in a physical store, though that number is shifting. When asked about the challenges faced by today’s brick-and-mortar retail outlets, three out of five respondents say the fact retail stores are struggling has more to do with the customer experience they provide, not products. While Australians are currently shopping in physical stores at much higher levels (74%) they agree with their global counterparts that customer service just doesn’t exist anymore. A seamless omnichannel approach is critical for this market, where more than one-third (36%) of Australian respondents note they make purchasing decisions based on the experiences brands provide versus the products and services offered. Chatbots can be used to manage simple tasks, while IoT and team collaboration tools open up new avenues for communications across media, whether it’s voice, email, SMS, web chat, social media or a website. Speed is the game in sports and entertainment: In the fast-paced world of sports and entertainment, immediate and clear communication is a necessity. Forty-nine percent of Australian respondents point to simplicity and speed as the most important factor in a good customer service experience, slightly higher than the global average (45%). Availability vital in healthcare: Healthcare organisations receive the lowest marks from respondents in all countries when it comes to customer service. Australian respondents, in particular, say availability and 24/7 service (40%) is the most important feature they look for from healthcare services, followed by simplicity and speed (36%). Additional insights from the data indicate: Bots, AI and machines can fill the customer service gap: Consumers appear to be increasingly comfortable with machine-to-people interactions when shopping online, with over 78 percent of Australian respondents saying they are satisfied dealing with automated processes. Most do not want to interact with a person while shopping online unless the service is very complicated, or they are having trouble finding the product or service they need. Half of Australian consumers and over 60 percent of U.S. respondents say if they could shop without speaking to a person, it would be a good thing. Even so, physical retailers need to balance the use of technology. Consumers do expect people to efficiently help them when shopping in a physical storefront. Mobile reigns supreme in the United States; Australia favours in-store: Of all respondents, U.S. and Australian consumers shop most frequently during a typical week. There are also notable differences by country regarding how and where consumers shop. U.S. respondents reach for their smartphone and use apps; Britons like shopping online via their tablets; French shoppers most often use their laptops; Germans are more likely to use a desktop computer; and Australians prefer a physical store location (74%). In Australia, brands can’t be complacent about improving their online presence. While more Australians still prefer buying goods and services in physical stores, more than two in five (42%) say they want to shop even more online, and just one in ten Australians (9%) say they don’t like shopping online at all. Seven in ten Australians (71%) say overall, shopping online is more convenient than shopping in a store. To meet this growing demand for online services, and the change taking place in consumer behaviours and expectations, brands need to consider a greater level of consistency across both the online and physical experience for their customers. Mitel’s study is the latest in its Business Insights Survey Series, which builds on previous research from August 2017 where more than 75 percent of IT decision-makers said they planned to tie together devices, emerging technologies, and communications and collaboration capabilities within two years to enable machine-to-people interactions to improve customer experience. This body of work expands on the concept established by Mitel in 2016 of “Giving Machines a Voice” to enable IoT and other machine triggers to launch real-time communications workflows that can improve how companies work and collaborate. Exploring a different angle, this survey examines how consumers view customer experience in shopping for goods and services across market segments, including retail, hospitality, sports and entertainment, health care, financial services and utilities. For more results and a closer look at regional or country-specific data, download the white paper. Quotes “As physical and digital worlds begin to seamlessly intersect, how effectively a company serves its customers across both domains determines tomorrow’s winners and losers,” said Jon Brinton, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience Solutions at Mitel. “By supplementing existing applications and investments with new technologies such as AI, team collaboration and IoT, companies can better communicate and collaborate internally and externally and begin to proactively deliver the level of customer experience buyers expect.” “The data shows no matter where you are in the world, customer experience matters—bottom line,” said survey administrator Regina Corso of Regina Corso Consulting. “In order to truly connect with customers on their own terms, organisations must look for new ways to balance technology investments with personalised customer service. Those that are able to navigate this balance will go on to build strong brand loyalty with their customers, helping them succeed in today’s highly competitive purchasing environment.” Additional Facts Mitel has been recognised as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications for four consecutive years. Synergy Research Group has confirmed Mitel’s position as the #2 unified communications as a service (UCaaS) vendor worldwide. Mitel hosted cloud solutions are trusted by more than one million global subscribers. Related Materials Download the “Giving Machines a Voice” white paper Download the "Customer Experience for Dummies" e-book. Read the guide on "5 Steps to Increase Revenue Through Customer Experience." Download the "Digital Transformation for Dummies" e-book. About Mitel A global market leader in business communications powering more than two billion business connections, Mitel (Nasdaq:MITL) (TSX:MNW) helps businesses and service providers connect, collaborate and provide innovative services to their customers. Our innovation and communications experts serve more than 70 million business users in more than 100 countries. For more information, go to and follow us on Twitter @Mitel_AU. Contact Information PR agency contact Martin Aungle Explore Communications +61 (0)415 917 381 Media – EMEA & APAC Sandrine Quinton +33 (0)130-964-301 Shut Up Legs 4 with Jens Voigt, Stuart O'Grady and Robbie McEwan 2018-01-11T03:23:15Z shut-up-legs-4-with-jens-voigt-stuart-o-grady-and-robbie-mcewan Shut Up Legs 4  Featuring Jens Voigt, Stuart O'Grady and Robbie McEwan 17th January 2018 The Arkaba Hotel 150 Glen Osmond Rd, Fullarton SA 5063 Tickets $99 to $150 - Available At Sticky Tickets Information at Part proceeds to The Mary Potter Foundation Inc Cycling fans heading to Adelaide South Australia for the 20th SANTOS Tour DownUnder have a fantastic opportunity at join cycling legends Jens Voigt, Robbie McEwan and Stuart O'grady for the 4th edition of the “Shut Up Legs” at the Arkaba Hotel.An evening of stories with pain and glory, tears and laughter endured over a 17 year period during which in which Jens and Stuart alone clocked up 17 Tour de France performance each and as team mates for 14 of those years. Thats 34 laps of France (136,000kms) between the two and approximately 1.5 million km's in their careers all up around the world. Jens is world renowned for being a super tough cyclist & his motto, “Shut Up Legs” has been a global hit. Voigt and O'Grady were team mates for 14 years, and share the World Record for Tour De France starts. Australian legends Robbie McEwan and Stuart O'Grady have their own story of knocks and bruises as they both contended the Green Jersey at Tour De France for opposing teams that brought on a rivalry second to none between battling Aussie cyclists. At times the pair were so engrossed in their own battle to out do each other, they seemed oblivious to the hundred odd European riders trying to get past them as they went head to head to cross the line for honours in the sprint category.  Joined by the coach of the Green Edge Cycling Teams Mitchelton Scott, the four will chat about their times together living in Europe and the ups & downs of those journeys, and will also be talking to special guests Mark Reid, the Invictus Games cycling coach along with a couple of the athletes that are going to Sydney in 2018 to compete in the games.The Invictus Games is an international adaptive multi-sport event, created by Prince Harry, in which wounded, injured or sick armed services personnel and their associated veterans take part in sportsThis is a fun and informal night that will give you a real insight into the Cycling World with plenty of comedy and laughs. Jens is hilarious and we bounce of each other like brothers while the introduction of Robbie and Matt will spice up the night with plenty of digs at their former Crédit Agricole rivals.Q & A will follow plus we will auction off a couple of items signed by Jens, Stuart, Robbie and Matt. ★ TICKET PRICE INCLUDES - Cocktail food and 3 hour beverage package including Penny’s Hill wines, Pure Blonde, Carlton Draught, Bulmers, Pure Blonde Cider and soft drinks. Security Expert: Share-Bike Schemes May Lead to Bike Bombs Being Used By Terrorists 2017-10-29T23:41:20Z security-expert-share-bike-schemes-may-lead-to-bike-bombs-being-used-by-terrorists FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.27 October 2017 In the last 12 months a growth in ‘share-bike schemes’ have seen a number of publicly accessible bikes, unlocked using a mobile app, left on public streets. This provides a useful opportunity to terrorist groups. Daniel Lewkovitz of award-winning electronic security and life-safety firm Calamity Monitoring ( is concerned that unattended bicycles have previously been used as bombs in a large number of terrorist attacks which could be repeated locally. There are approximately 4000 such bikes currently on the streets of Sydney with latest entrant to the market, Ofo reportedly to drop 200 in the City of Sydney a further 200 in Waverley and 200 in the Inner West this week and thousands more expected to appear before Christmas. In Jaipur, India in 2008 nine explosive-packed bicycles were placed around seven locations and exploded simultaneously causing over 60 deaths with hundreds injured. There have been dozens of other such attacks globally. Some other attacks include: Ahmedabad, largest city of the state of Gujarat, India 45 killed in a series of 17 blasts. Twin bomb blasts at Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad, India on Feb 21st,2013 - 18 Killed and 40 Injured. Baquba, Iraq bicycle bombing on 26 June 2006 - 25 people killed, dozens more injured Lewkovitz said: “The hollow frame and pannier of a bike provides substantial space for explosives and shrapnel to be packed and the metal bicycle itself adds further fragmentation which could cause injury.” He warned: “For decades the most basic antiterrorism advice was for the public to beware of suspicious objects left unattended. The proliferation of bike-share schemes are potentially making large numbers of abandoned bicycles part of the scenery. This would allow a potentially lethal bomb or several bombs to be delivered and left unattended in plain sight in a crowded area without raising any eyebrows as any unattended item in a crowded place really should...If a potentially explosive-packed bicycle left in a crowded location won’t be considered suspicious it’s almost the perfect bomb delivery system”. He advises “I would be encouraging sensitive or crowded locations to actively monitor bike-parking.” Local Councils are still considering how to deal with growing problems of abandoned share bikes left lying on footpaths and driveways however are supporting these for-profit businesses on the presumption they reduce car traffic.   Lewkovitz says: “It’s ironic that councils such as City of Sydney are reacting to terrorism on the one hand by deploying ugly concrete barriers yet on the other hand simultaneously embracing a scheme that could allow terrorists to easily leave improvised explosive devices lying around the CBD. You have the absurd situation where a concrete barrier specifically placed to prevent vehicle-borne explosives, could have an explosive laden vehicle literally propped up against it.” Ergoflex Mattresses Names Seven Australian Athletes as Brand Ambassadors 2017-07-24T23:44:38Z ergoflex-mattresses-names-seven-australian-athletes-as-brand-ambassadors-2 Seven champion Australian Athletes have been appointed as official Ambassadors for Ergoflex Mattresses, Australia’s original online mattress retailer, to educate Australians about the importance of quality sleep.Team Ergoflex includes Michelle Heyman, Annette Edmondson, Mariafe Artacho del Solar, Olympia Aldersey, Lucien Delfour, Daniel Repacholi and Tay Clark. These professional athletes compete at the highest level in a range of sports including soccer, cycling, beach volleyball, rowing, canoeing, shooting and track and field.“We are delighted to welcome our new ambassadors to the Ergoflex team,” said Matthew White, Director of Ergoflex.“These champion Team Ergoflex athletes are dedicated in their pursuit of excellence and know the value of great quality sleep. Everyone should make sure they’re not just getting enough sleep but getting the best quality sleep possible. Our mattress is designed to relieve pressure and provide full body support throughout the night – making it perfect for recovering from the rigours of sports, and everyday life!”Ergoflex has a proud history of providing great sleep to sportspeople at the very top of their game around the world. In the UK, English rugby star James Haskell and record-breaking four-time Tour de France champion and Team GB Olympian Chris Froome are among many top-level international athletes who choose Ergoflex mattresses as an important part of their regime.In Australia, Legendary Matilda’s striker, Michelle Heyman has been a long-time advocate for Ergoflex.“Ergoflex is the most comfortable mattress that I've ever slept on!” Heyman said.“As an athlete, sleep is essential for my post-game recovery. My Ergoflex mattress definitely helps me give my body the best night’s sleep. I'm so happy to be an Ambassador for Ergoflex and spread the word about this amazing mattress," Heyman said.Annette Edmondson, world champion track and road cyclist, also enjoys the comfort and support she gets from her Ergoflex mattress. “As a professional athlete, we spend a lot of time away from home, moving from one hotel to another. Good sleep is sometimes really hard to achieve. When I’m competing overseas I can’t wait to get home to my Ergoflex mattress,” Edmondson said.The professional athletes each choose to sleep on the Ergoflex new generation 5G Memory Foam mattress which provides a comfortable night’s sleep and helps them recover from a gruelling training session or prepare for a major competition.“Our sporting ambassadors are striving to reach the pinnacle of achievement in their chosen sport. Both at home and on the world stage, Ergoflex proudly supports them on their journey,” White added.TEAM ERGOFLEX ATHLETE AMBASSADORSMichelle Heyman, SoccerMichelle Heyman is a star of the Australian soccer team, the Westfield Matildas, and represented Australia at the 2015 World Cup and 2016 Rio Olympic Games.  Michelle is also a key playmaker and striker for Canberra United in the National W-League. She was awarded the W-League Golden Boot and was named Julie Dolan Medal winner.Annette Edmondson, CyclingAdelaide-born Annette Edmondson is World Champion, Commonwealth Games medallist and Olympic medallist, in both track and road cycling. Her titles include gold medals in both the Omnium and Team Pursuit at the 2015 Track World Championships, Gold and Silver medals at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Bronze medal at the London Olympic Games 2012.Mariafe Artacho del Solar, Beach VolleyballFormer U23 World Champion, Mariafe is the current 2017 Australian Champion in beach volleyball. In 2007 she was selected to represent Australia at the U19 World Championships in Poland. After winning gold at the Asian Continental Cup Final in late June 2016, Mariafe made her Olympic debut in 2016 in Rio.Olympia Aldersey, RowingAt age 15, Olympia Aldersey took up rowing with a dream of competing at the Olympics. She was crowned U23 World Champion in the women’s quad sculls and has won Gold, Silver and Bronze at multiple World Championships in the double and quad sculls. She made her Olympic debut in 2016 in Rio competing in the Women's Eight and scull teams.Lucien Delfour, CanoeingLucien Delfour is a French-Australian slalom canoeist. Delfour started canoeing at age 8. At the Canoe Slalom World Cup in 2012, 2013 and 2015 Delfour won several medals.  He placed 17th in the K1 event at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.Dan Repacholi, ShootingDaniel Repacholi is an Australian sports shooter, from Victoria. He has competed at a four Olympic Games in the 10-metre air pistol and the 50-metre free pistol, debuting in 2004 at Athens at the age of 22.  In 2010, Daniel won a bronze medal in the men’s 10m air pistol at the Delhi Commonwealth Games. At the 2014 Commonwealth Games, he won gold in the 10m air rifle gold and bronze in 50m air rifle.Tay Clark, Long Jump/High JumpTay-Leiha Clark is a 19-year old full-time Australian athlete and one of our rising Triple Jump, High Jump and Long Jump talents. At the age of 16 and the youngest in the field, Tay won the silver medal at the Youth Olympics in the Triple Jump. Ends  About Ergoflex AustraliaErgoflex is Australia’s original online mattress retailer. The company was established in the UK in 2006 and Australia in 2010 with a mission to improve sleep health. Ergoflex was the first online mattress brand of its kind in Australia, offering premium-quality high-density memory foam mattresses delivered directly to the customer’s door as a ‘Bed in a Box’. This direct to consumer model has proven so popular it is now the industry standard. Visit for more information about the Ergoflex mattress and accessories. EVERKI Announces Release of ContemPRO Series 2017-01-23T23:37:52Z everki-announces-release-of-contempro-series Melbourne, Australia. 23rd January 2017 – EVERKI today announced the release of the ContemPRO series of products – their first line of laptop bags designed specifically for those starting a professional career. Like all EVERKI bags, expect quality construction, durable materials, innovative design and intuitive organization, everything needed in a professional laptop bag.  But the ContemPRO series is also designed for creative thinkers and self-expression with a personalizable window on the front of each bag that can be customized.   “There’s a new generation of young people entering the business world that’s decidedly different,” said Vyrio Ngo, director of sales at EVERKI USA, Inc. “They’re used to being able to express themselves in all facets of their lives; so we set out to make a line of laptop bags that allowed them to be actively engaged in conveying their personal brand and still maintain a professional image.”  The ContemPRO series provides the perfect combination of functionality and stylish design that the pro user desires.    Professional Style and Design The ContemPRO series is designed for the career professional entering the workplace. Every bag has dedicated spaces for carrying a laptop and a tablet, and both the laptop and tablet spaces are padded all around to keep the devices safe and secure. And, like all EVERKI bags, there’s a diverse array of intuitive organizational features, like multi-functioning side pockets, dedicated areas for water bottles and quick-access pockets throughout. The bags are robust enough to carry not only electronics, but have large main compartments big enough for binders, books and folders, as well as multiple slots, pockets and pouches to keep things neat and organized.   Quality Construction The ContemPRO series is engineered for the rigors of a daily commute. Like all EVERKI bags, the series line is defined by quality construction and intuitive organization – perfect for the mobile professional. Padded laptop and tablet spaces, rugged nylon construction and durable zippers and pulls continue to define the ContemPRO series of bags.     An Outlet for Self-Expression Each bag in the ContemPRO series has a window on the front that can be customized by the owner as an outlet of self-expression.  The bags come with a set of images, or the owner can design their own for ultra personalization. The personalizable window is a unique way to present a professional appearance and still maintain the consumer’s individualism.     A Diverse Line of Products Offering diverse designs including as the classic Commuter Laptop Backpack, Roll Top Laptop Backpack, Laptop Sleeve and urban Laptop Bike Messenger, the ContemPRO series of products has a laptop bag for every personality.   Everki ContemPRO Laptop Bike Messenger, up to 14.1-Inch/MacBook Pro 15 - Black (EKS660) The Laptop Bike Messenger from EVERKI is the original hipster bag for an urban setting. More street-smart than a backpack, the messenger has a stylish, metropolitan flair and is perfect for carrying multiple devices. The cross-body design gives complete hands-free capability, while giving you open access to your things without removing the bag. And, like all EVERKI bags, we’ve designed the Laptop Bike Messenger so you can store just what you need within reach, with multi-functioning side pockets that accommodate a water bottle and keys and a quick-access pocket on the large front flap.  You’ll also find the large and free-flowing main compartment big enough for a jacket, books and legal-sized folders; as well as multiple slots, pockets and pouches to keep things neat and organized. Urban style that’s office-ready. ·         Dedicated pockets for laptop and tablet ·         Personalizable window ·         Loops and strips for safety and security ·         Stabilizing cross-body strap ·         Trolley handle pass-through ·         Padded carry handle ·         High-contrast lining ·         Everki Limited Lifetime Warranty ·     Everki ContemPRO Roll Top Laptop Backpack, up to 15.6-Inch Navy (EKP161) The Roll Top Laptop Backpack from EVERKI is a stylish re-design of a classic favorite with a professional twist. But don’t let its preppy and relaxed look fool you; this bag is ready for the office with dedicated spots for both a laptop and a tablet. And like all EVERKI bags, we’ve designed this bag so you can have just what you need within reach, like the multi-functioning side pockets which securely hold your water bottle, and the quick-access pocket on the front for your phone and anything else you need easy access to. You’ll also find multiple slots, pockets and pouches to keep things organized and within reach. Add some interest to your office look. ·         Dedicated pockets for 15.6-inch laptop and iPad/Pro/Kindle/tablet ·         Personalizable window ·          Spacious and well-organized ·         Multifunctional side pockets with water bottle loop ·         Trolley handle pass-through ·         Reactive and conforming shoulder straps ·         Reflective strips and blinky light loop ·         Padded carry handle ·         Durable zippers and metal pulls ·         High-contrast lining ·         Everki Limited Lifetime Warranty ·   Pricing and Availability The ContemPRO series of products is available now at The products retail at $149.95. Exclusively distributed by Multimedia Technology     About EVERKI EVERKI manufactures stylish and innovative lifestyle products that carry and protect the digital equipment we use every day. EVERKI products combine comfort, convenience, durability and style. EVERKI distributes products throughout North America, Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe, and caters to customers looking for functional luxury. To learn more, visit   About Multimedia Technology Multimedia Technology is one of Australia's premier national IT distributors, representing the leading IT/AV/Software and Communications vendors from around the globe. Established in 1990, the Company has experienced exceptional growth and is now a major player in the Australian IT industry. Tour de France Pop-Up Cinema & Bar returns to Melbourne 2016-07-07T03:32:19Z tour-de-france-pop-up-cinema-amp-bar-returns-to-melbourne For the fifth year cycling the team behind Shadow Electric, who have just wrapped up their five-year tenancy at the Abbotsford Convent, will once again create a pop-up haven in a brand new warehouse space for all of Melbourne’s Le Tour de France fanatics. For the very first time, this year Domestique will be equipped with the very same screen and projection system used by the Shadow Electric during their outdoor summer cinema season. That means witnessing the serene settings of Sallanches, Megève, Albertville, Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, Megève and Morzine over a high definition nine-metre screen – all topped off with Funktion-One audio. Cyclophiles, night owls and arm chair commentators alike will all converge until the late, late, late hours for three evenings of bicycle banter, a fully-stocked bar filled with Bodriggy Brewery’s finest ales, and gourmet delicacies served up from Fancy Hanks BBQ Roadhouse (including Parisian-inspired cajun boudin balls). Featuring the salacious combinations of sprints with spirits, alps with ales, breakaways with brisket and rounds of table tennis while Mu-Gen, Jean Pierre, DJ PT, Chestwig and Tim Murphy man the decks, Domestique is the only sports bar you’ve ever wanted to actually be at. Images: Dropbox Socials: FB Event Pepper joins forces with St Kilda Football Club 2015-11-26T22:17:47Z pepper-joins-forces-with-st-kilda-football-club MEDIA RELEASE  27 November 2015 St Kilda Football Club has spiced up its corporate partnerships by announcing financial services provider Pepper Group Limited (‘Pepper’) as its new principal partner.     As one of Australia’s leading non-bank lenders, with a growing global presence, Pepper offers a range of consumer finance products and services, including home and car loans, and complements St Kilda Football Club’s existing line-up of exciting brand partners. Pepper’s relationship with ‘The Saints’ is in place for the next three years.   Patrick Tuttle, Co-Group CEO of Pepper, said: “As a founding club of the Victorian Football League, St Kilda has a strong heritage in the AFL and Pepper is excited by the opportunity to be associated with such an iconic Australian sporting organisation.    “As a club, The Saints proudly supports ambition, celebrates achievements and encourages all who are connected with it to aspire to its philosophy of ‘How I Want To Be’. These values are mirrored in Pepper’s culture, where we believe that everyone deserves the help and guidance necessary to realise their personal and financial goals.”    St Kilda Football Club CEO, Matt Finnis, welcomed Pepper Group to The Saints: “There is so much positivity surrounding our club and having an international business like Pepper join us and commit to being part of the journey we are taking is fantastic.” Pepper is seeking to boost awareness of its brand in key AFL states nationally and in particular, Victoria. The loyal St Kilda fan base represents the type of customers Pepper typically works with to help them get ahead in life, whatever their circumstances.    As part of the partnership announcement, Pepper will also unveil its new consumer-facing brand ‘Pepper Money’, which will be introduced over the course of 2016.     Commenting on the new brand, Pepper’s Co Group CEO, Mike Culhane said: “Following an extensive, and ongoing, period of acquisition, growth, and an ever-expanding suite of lending products, Pepper is embarking on a comprehensive rebranding exercise to better explain what products we offer to consumers.”   “To be named principal sponsor of St Kilda is a defining moment in Pepper’s story, bringing our brand to a wider audience of sporting fans in Victoria and across Australia, as well as expanding on our existing sporting relationships with the Western Sydney Wanderers and as naming rights sponsor of Pepper Stadium.”   Pepper is the only financial services brand to be associated with St Kilda and shares the principal partnership role with Dare Iced Coffee.    Ends    For more information, please contact DEC PR on behalf of Pepper Group: Joanne McIntosh or Sarah Bullen  02 8014 5036 |    About Pepper Group Pepper Group (“Pepper”) is Australia’s largest non-bank residential mortgage lender (as measured by total assets under management), is a leading provider of specialty residential mortgage and consumer financing, and a highly experienced third-party loan servicer and asset manager. Pepper is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:PEP) Worldwide, the Group currently has approximately A$36.8 billion of loan and lease assets under management (comprising prime and specialist residential mortgages, commercial mortgages, equipment leases, small business loans, consumer loans and car loans).  Pepper Group now comprises approximately 1,400 employees worldwide and has offices in Sydney, Parramatta, London, Dublin, Shannon, Madrid, Singapore and Seoul. Since establishing itself as a specialist residential mortgage lender in the Australian market in March 2001, Pepper has originated more than A$5.7 billion of specialist residential mortgages in Australia. It also commenced originating commercial auto & equipment finance in April 2013. In August 2011 Pepper acquired GE Capital’s Australian and New Zealand mortgage lending businesses, which comprised a portfolio of approximately A$5.0 billion of Australian and New Zealand residential mortgages. This transaction was one of the largest whole loan transactions in Australian history. Pepper’s current wholesale funding partners in Australia include Commonwealth Bank of Australia, National Australia Bank and Westpac Banking Corporation. In addition to lending and servicing its own residential mortgage and consumer finance portfolio, Pepper provides third party primary and special servicing across various types of mortgages, leases and unsecured loan products. Pepper is jointly led by Co-Group Chief Executive Officers, Mike Culhane and Patrick Tuttle. Mike and Patrick are focused on ensuring Pepper continues to leverage its core credit underwriting and loan servicing expertise both in its home market of Australia and other underserved markets in Europe and Asia. Pepper is regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (“ASIC”) in Australia. Pepper Finance Corporation (Ireland) is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) in Ireland. Pepper Savings Bank is regulated in South Korea by the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS). Pepper is ranked by S&P as a “STRONG” Residential Loan Servicer and is included on S&P’s Global Select Servicer List. 5 tips on using a solar charger for your mobile phone 2015-10-23T02:24:51Z 5-tips-on-using-a-solar-charger-for-your-mobile-phone Having a solar charger for your mobile phone or tablet means you can recharge your gear anywhere the sun shines. Perfect for travel, camping and most of all emergencies. Remember summer power failures, anyone? Imagine a holiday with no flat battery moments but instead the convenience of your camera and mobile phone fully usable anywhere. Solar power for your mobile devices also means you are taking less power from the grid – saving the planet one recharge at a time AND saving money. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your solar charger, whether this is for camping or everyday. 1. To increase the efficiency of your solar charger, make sure the panels directly face the sun at all times. As the sun moves across the sky throughout the day, adjust your solar charger accordingly. Pop it onto the car console or dashboard while driving to catch some rays. Leave it on the window sill at home through the day so you can recharge off the grid at night. 2. If you are charging through a window, windscreen, etc, be aware that the charging times will be increased especially if your windows are tinted. 3. A great way to use a solar charger for your mobile phone or tablet while camping or bushwalking is to WEAR IT! Strap it to your backpack and recharge your portable battery anywhere you go. Then its on hand to charge up your phone, camera, GPS or the kid’s iPod (so you can enjoy the serenity a bit longer). 4. The power of the sun’s rays depend on the season, as during summer the earth faces more directly towards the sun. So charge times can vary depending on the season where you are. The time of day is also an important factor to consider when using your solar charger. You will get the best performance when the sun is at the highest point in the sky, usually at noon. In fact, an hour charging at Noon will give better charge than a few hours later on the same day. 5. Extreme weather can affect your solar charger’s efficiency, so if its baking hot, protect your charger from until its a little cooler, ideally less than 45deg C. Powered Life has solar chargers from leading brands including Powertraveller. From the waterproof Powermonkey Expedition or to the family sized pairing of Powergorilla + Solargorilla, from waterproof Powermonkey Extreme 12V to the all-in-one Solarmonkey Adventurer, we have a solar charger to suit your lifestyle and mobile devices. Christmas Gift Ideas for people who love technology 2015-10-23T01:43:49Z christmas-gift-ideas-for-people-who-love-technology Picking the right gift for family and friends who love technology just got easier, with the release of new ideas to help them take their favourite device away camping, to school or even to work. Mophie H2Pro case for iPhone 6/6S and Lifeproof Fre Power Case have it all: military-grade tough, waterproof and dropproof tough case, with inbuilt rechargeable battery pack, so you get 100% extra battery life built into your case wherever you go. Powertraveller Powermonkey Expedition solar charger is a revolution in portable charging technology, bringing together multiple ways in which to naturally, yet efficiently generate power - all housed in strong, aluminium, waterproof casing. The waterproof (IP65 rated) powermonkey expedition houses a 10,500mAh lithium polymer battery which can be charged in three ways; via hand-powered crank, solar or via the international AC mains charger. Does your home or office have multiple devices to recharge every day? A charging station can charge up to 5 devices from one powerpoint. Griffin PowerDock 5 and BlueFlame 4 Device Charging Station can save space, time and sanity. Educational technology toys mean the kids won’t realise they are learning while they have fun. Osmo Game System brings iPad into the physical play, with interactive games for creative thinking and problem solving. LittleBits Electronics, including kits on space and Arduino, teaches them about circuitry, leading them to robotics, coding and much more. Working with iPad is so much easier with an inbuilt keyboard in a protective case. Zagg Slim Book case for iPad Air 2 has backlit keyboard to make working that bit easier, even in low light. Powered Life helps you maximise your mobile technology – whether you are a school with iPad and laptop fleets to manage, or a family that needs to kidproof its iPads, as well as businesses large and small. Protect your devices with the choice of best brand protective tough cases while recharging anywhere with solar and portable power. Reduce admin cost and time of managing multiple devices in your school or business with charge-sync solutions. Find out more at or call 1300 POWER 4 (1300 76937 4), email Live a powered life! Charity Bicycle Ride from Perth to Sydney in 13 Days – Starting 1 Nov 2015-10-16T01:11:26Z charity-bicycle-ride-from-perth-to-sydney-in-13-days-starting-1-nov Sydney, NSW 16 October 2015:  41-year-old Sydney resident Fraser Gordon will cycle from Perth to Sydney in 13 days straight to raise awareness of depression and mental health issues. He has partnered with beyondblue, a national initiative to support those with anxiety and depression. “An estimated 3 million people in Australia face mental health issues every day,” said Fraser. “beyondblue helped me when I went through a difficult period in my life, and this is my way of giving back.” Fraser, an avid cyclist and fitness enthusiast who has completed endurance rides and competed in Iron Man events admits that this is his plan is an ambitious one, averaging just over 300km every day, at an average speed of 24kph. “Some days will be filled with hills, and others along some of the longest, flatted, straightest stretches or road in the world.” Fortunately, Fraser will not be undertaking the journey alone. “My employer has been incredible, giving me the time off to ride across the country, as well as providing a support vehicle and driver to follow with supplies and thankfully give me sleep.” Which is not to say he hasn’t met with some resistance. “Everyone looks a bit bewildered when I explain the plan. A lot of people ask me if I’m serious. But everyone’s been very supportive.” The ride begins from Perth on 1 November and finishes in Bondi at 6pm on 13 November. Interviews can be arranged in the evenings where he stops, both by phone and in person.  Fraser is Sydney-based and available via video and phone from 27-30 October. Please schedule an interview through Justin Cleveland on 0426 829 404. Web: Fraser's donation page on Video: See Fraser discussing his plans and the reaction here - Power up your Dad this Father's Day 2015-08-21T03:15:16Z power-up-your-dad-this-father-s-day Dads come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and spend their time doing different types of things. Here are some great gift ideas for YOUR kind of Dad. Sporty Dad If Dad likes to bike or hike, he might like to take his mobile phone with him. MAMILs (middle aged men in lycra) often like to record their hard-earned kms so waterproof phone kit with a mount to keep it safe while he works the pedals is a great gift. Lifeproof has waterproof, drop proof, dust proof cases for mobile phones – so they are also Dad proof – including iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6. iPod users get protected too. Add on an optional mount kit so Dad has his phone on his bike, car, boat - anywhere.   Business Dad Mophie’s range of powered cases for mobile phones is legendary. Yes, you read right: built-in back-up battery in a protective case. Flick a switch and recharge anywhere. Stock available right now for iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus as well as Samsung Galaxy S5. Lifeproof makes Dad even more powerful (get it??) with a waterproof PLUS powered case. Perfect for the endlessly busy Dad, the clumsy Dad; the travelling or tradie Dad. If Dad likes to recharge more than just his phone, check out the Mophie Powerstation XL which can recharge 2 devices at once, from its 12,000mAh rechargeable battery pack. Or a ruggedised powerstation with the Mophie Powerstation Pro, with a 6000mAh power bank that is drop proof and water resistant.   Adventure Dad Does Dad like to get out there in the wilds? Powertraveller portable power gear means Dad can venture far, while keeping in contact with his world, with solar and rechargeable power packs. Powermonkey Explorer 2 is crushproof, waterproof while Powermonkey Solarmonkey Adventurer has endless power for mobile devices. For the hardened explorer, the brand new Powermonkey Expedition power pack includes solar and hand crank recharge options. For the Dad who ventures overseas, the BlueFlame World Charger plus Portable Battery Pack can make simple work of recharging devices, with a single AC adaptor with international pins, plus a detachable portable pack to keep him recharged anywhere. Powered Life helps you choose where to work or play. Use your mobile phone, tablet or notebook - anywhere, any time - with top brand portable power and tough cases for mobile devices including Lifeproof, Mophie, Powertraveller and much more. Solar chargers, waterproof mobile phone cases, kid-proof iPad/tablet cases. Seachange Emerald Lakes Advocates Active Lifestyle for Seniors 2015-06-17T02:17:44Z seachange-emerald-lakes-advocates-active-lifestyle-for-seniors Emerald Lakes, QLD, 17 June 2015 - The owners of Seachange Emerald Lakes pride themselves on offering what they feel is one of the finest active adult retirement resorts in Australia. Their business model is based on friendship, fun and fitness. They offer an active lifestyle for seniors who want to enjoy their retirement years and remain healthy enough to do so. Along the way, they have found out that an active lifestyle can extend the length and quality of life for their residents.In a recent blog post called “9 Benefits of an Active Lifestyle,” Managing Director David Pradella provided a summary of nine well-known benefits enjoyed by those who stay active in their later years. Mr Pradella is an advocate of the principles on which Seachange Emerald Lakes was founded and he keeps a close watch on research concerning over 50’s quality of life.According to Mr Pradella: “We are providing a world class facility that encourages our residents to establish social connections. Those social connections make it easy for them to lead an active lifestyle that includes some kind of exercise every day. There will be structured activities, but a lot of our residents choose to create their own structure.”Established Benefits of Exercise for the ElderlyThere are numerous studies and academic papers on the subject of the effects of an active lifestyle on lifespan and quality of life. The following benefits are well-established and are provided by as little as 30 minutes of walking per day.Stronger HeartThe cardiovascular benefits of exercise are well-documented. The risk of stroke is diminished by as much as 27% by a half hour of walking every day. Exercise lowers blood pressure and “bad cholesterol” levels while raising “good cholesterol” levels.Stronger MindExercise has been shown by observational studies to lower the risk of dementia by as much as 40%. One of the more important mechanisms may be the prevention of brain shrinkage.Stronger BodyExercise strengthens and tones the muscles. A stronger, more toned body is much healthier and less likely to sustain serious injury from an accident or a fall.Stronger BonesWeight bearing exercise strengthens the bones by helping them retain their calcium. This prevents osteoporosis and makes them less prone to breaking in a fall.More EnergyThose who exercise have more energy. The body adapts to the demands placed upon it. When someone expends more energy on a daily basis, the body responds by providing more energy to expend.Less WeightExercise burns calories and raises the metabolism. In addition, muscles that are stronger and more toned use more energy, even when sitting. This causes the body to use more calories each day instead of storing them as fat.Mr Pradella concludes: “We promote an active lifestyle because it helps our residents stay healthy and happy. A look around Seachange Emerald Lakes proves that we are right.”Seachange Emerald Lakes is an active adult lifestyle resort in Emerald Lakes. They are an over 50’s gated resort based on the principles of friendship, fun and fitness. The completed property will offer a plethora of world class facilities, including a 5-Star country club, 13 km of walking paths, a pool and tennis court. To learn more or to arrange a visit, call 1800 559 669 today or visit their website: There is Still Time to Order Uniforms for the AustralianSuper Corporate Triathlon in Perth. 2015-02-05T04:33:40Z there-is-still-time-to-order-uniforms-for-the-australiansuper-corporate-triathlon-in-perth Perth, WA, 5 February 2015 - On Sunday, 8 March 2015, the AustralianSuper Corporate Triathlon will be held in Perth. The AustralianSuper Corporate Triathlon is a triathlon in which the focus is on team competition. Unlike most triathlons, the AustralianSuper Corporate Triathlon, which is held in five locations across Australia, is held specifically for the corporate community.The AustralianSuper Corporate Triathlon is contested to help foster “healthy industry, company, team and individual competition.” While it is a competition, it is contested in a spirit of cooperation and goodwill to help promote a healthy lifestyle within the corporate community.The AustralianSuper Corporate Triathlon will have teams of three people each completing all three legs of the full triathlon. This consists of a 400m swim, a 10k cycle and a 4k run. The Woolworth’s Fun Tri-Relay will allow teams of three to each run one leg of the competition. In addition, CEO’s will have a dedicated time to compete against each other in the Australian CEO Super Challenge.The creators and management of the AustralianSuper Corporate Triathlon encourage businesses to wear uniforms that show off their corporate colours. Scott Eaton, owner of ImagePak Marketing, a provider of custom sportswear in Perth, agrees with the concept. According to Mr Eaton:“We heartily encourage businesses to create and provide custom uniforms for their teams. When an employee, manager or executive represents his or her business or workplace in competitions such as this one, it has a lot of positive effects for the workplace. Athletes representing their workplace and wearing a uniform tend to have more pride in their workplace. They also feel a camaraderie with the others on their team that can extend into the workplace with great benefits.”ImagePak Marketing provides custom sportswear for all sports and Mr Eaton says that it is still possible to have uniforms made in time for the AustralianSuper Corporate Triathlon. ImagePak Marketing has connections with a lot of different providers and plenty of experience in creating custom uniforms for all athletic and corporate needs.According to Mr Eaton, “We love this time of year because of all the races and sporting events that are going on. We help create uniforms from scratch. We need the company name, logo and colours. After we have them, we can find different styles of uniforms to ensure that each customer gets a unique uniform.”Mr Eaton added further: “We can use embroidering, screen printing or a process called sublimation, in which the design is dyed right into the fabric. Thanks to all of this versatility, we can get together with any representative of the company and create a unique, eye-catching uniform that will make your business stand out.”Mr Eaton concluded, “There’s nothing like the camaraderie between people all wearing their company’s colours, waiting to compete together in the pursuit of one common goal.”ImagePak Marketing provides custom sportswear, corporate clothing and promotional items to the Perth area. They have been in business for more than 30 years. They pride themselves on world class customer service, quality apparel and fast turnaround time. To learn more or to place an order, call 1300 658 745 or visit their website: 360 PR Secure Shark Shield PR Account 2015-02-02T01:26:07Z 360-pr-secure-shark-shield-pr-account Today, we are very excited to announce that 360 PR  will be representing the public relations for Shark Shield, the world’s only proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent designed to reduce the risk of an unwanted shark encounter.    The Shark Shield range of electrical shark deterrents are the result of over twenty years of scientific research by some of the world’s leading experts in sharks. Scientific tests of the Shark Shield, conducted using bait to attract sharks have shown that the Shark Shield reduces the chance of the shark moving closer than several feet from the device.   The technology behind Shark Shield devices sends pulses from the electrodes that interfere with the shark’s electroreceptor system, located in the shark’s snout. This results in muscular spasms and levels of discomfort to the shark, but does not harm it – Deterring it from coming too close.  Lindsay Lyon, Director of Shark Shield says, “We are focused on the environmental welfare of the ocean and its inhabitants. We believe that Shark Shield can reduce the culling of sharks directly by ultimately replacing shark nets, and indirectly by protecting all types of ocean users. These devices have no long-term effect on sharks or indeed any other creature.   “Shark Shield is increasing the levels of participation in water sports and we help make peoples working environment much safer – we provide peace of mind for individuals, families and employees so everyone can enjoy the world’s oceans,” said Lindsay.   It would be great if you could add us to your call-outs, our contact details are: Lisa Solomons: or 0416 175 518 Jessica Durrington: or 0423 833 814 Lydia San: or 0432 205 309   Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information, expert opinion or images. Shark Shield is available at: Teamster App Is a Sporty Tinder & Instagram Sandwich 2015-01-29T02:45:37Z teamster-app-is-a-sporty-tinder-amp-instagram-sandwich Melbourne, VIC, Australia (PRWIRE) January 29, 2015 Available today, the app Teamster offers users the ability to find people nearby to play sport with, as well as organise sports activities with friends and Teamster users. With 19 sports currently on offer, Teamster is designed for everyday runners, cyclists, ball or water sportsmen and women, as well as being a huge benefit to travellers. Whether the user is a beginner or an elite athlete, Teamster will find new training buddies and sort out who is coming to play on the weekend without having to ask everyone individually. After logging in through Facebook, users will be asked to select the sports they play and the skill level associated with each sport, from Level 1 (Beginner), to Level 5 (Elite). Teamster will then suggest the best suited people through its precise recommendation engine. The user can begin Tinder style swiping through the users who play the same sport, with a similar skill level, in their area. A swipe to the right will send a team request, while a swipe to the left will skip the user. On the Instagram inspired activity feed users will be able to see and join upcoming nearby activities that their teammates and other users have created for their selected sports, (an activity is a sports session with a set day, time, location, specific sport and level). The activity map reveals the same activities in a map format, with each activity displayed as a sports symbol in the location that the activity will be taking place. When any user joins an activity the creator will receive a notification, while all attendees will be reminded of the activity prior to the start time. To create an activity, the user clicks on the Instagram-like orange button in the centre of the bottom menu bar. The user can then enter the activity details; sport type, day & time, description, duration, location and select who can join the activity, (anyone, teammates and their friends or teammates only). Users also have the option of posting the activity to Facebook. “As an ex racing cyclist and runner, I realised there was room for a platform that would make it easier for sportsmen and women to connect and see what everyone is doing for the week, it’s something that I wish was created earlier” says 22 year old Teamster CEO and Co-Founder, Sam McCallum. The design and functionality of Teamster has a sporty feel to it, with users’ profile pages as an American style college locker, featuring a jersey with the user’s last name and the jersey number as the user’s age. Users are able to upload 5 profile photos and write a small bio which is all shared with other users. User privacy has been taken into consideration at every stage of Teamster’s development; users have the ability to block their profile from being seen and contacted by the opposite gender, while users between the ages of 13 and 17 will only be able to see other users within this age bracket. Teamster is currently available for free on iPhone & iPad, with the Android version coming soon. Please visit for more information on Teamster, including app videos, screenshots, a press kit, all social media accounts and a brief description on the development team behind Teamster. To install Teamster: