The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-04-09T03:46:36Z PADI IDC during Covid-19 2020-04-09T03:46:36Z padi-idc-during-covid-19 So here we are during this time of lock down and you may be wondering if and when can you do your PADI IDC... Here at Dive Instructor located in Port Douglas, Australia we are at lock down which means that everything including training centres, dive pools and dive boats are either closed down or tied up. But fear not..... There are a number of things you can do now to get ready for your PADI IDC which you will have to do anyway as part of your Instructor Development Course. Get in touch with me so that I can send you the PADI eLearning code that will give you access to the online portion of the PADI IDC which you must complete before you start the program. In addition I can give you access to my own online eLearning material for diving physics, skills and environment, physiology, dive equipment and the recreational dive planner. There are also PADI practice exams for you to complete so that you come into the IDC well prepared. Stay well, Stay safe and see you soon underwater... Kai Steinbeck AAA City Removalist’s Response to COVID-19 2020-04-08T22:43:40Z aaa-city-removalist-s-response-to-covid-19 During these difficult times, there is a lot of uncertainty and stress; and our team at AAA City Removalist would like to wish all our customers, staff members, alliance partners and the rest of mankind, safety, health and well-being. We are all in this together and we trust that we will get through this stronger than ever. AAA City Removalist is Doing Everything We Can to Help Protect the People of Our Beautiful Country  Our team at AAA City Removalist would like to assure you that we are putting the safety and well-being of our customers, alliance partners and staff members first, as has always been the case. We are complying with the best practices for hygiene and cleanliness when moving and unpacking our customers’ belongings.  Some ways we are taking extra precautions include:  Regular hand-washing Hand sanitizer   Using face masks  Regular cleaning of surfaces including trucks and equipment Social distancing Quarantining our FREE hire moving cartons and boxes. And many more... In addition to these practices, any AAA City Removalist employees and alliance partners who have returned from overseas recently or have come into contact with someone believed to be infected, are complying with instructions to stay at home and self-isolate.  We are Regularly Seeking Advice to Ensure the Best Practices in Health and Hygiene During This Time All our employees and alliance partners are kept up to date with the latest guidelines provided by the Australian government so that you can get the highest-quality removalist service that you need and deserve, along with the peace of mind from knowing that you are dealing with a business that you can trust in times like these. We are continuing to seek advice from our strategic alliances and partners such NatRoad, Australian Trucking Association, our Parramatta Chambers of Commerce which we are Gold Members of. We also receive regular advice from the World Health Organization, NSW Public Health, Australian Public Health and of course all other news which we keep up to date with by the minute.  We are Still on the Roads Giving You the Freight and Transportation Service You Need For AAA City Removalist, we are still operating and it is business as usual, with the addition of strict compliance with all health instructions by experts. We know that despite the current circumstances, many Australians require professional removalist services - so we’re here for you. You can rest assured that we are applying social distancing and all helpful methods to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 when operating for our customers.   We Continue to Provide a Freight and Transportation Service for Local, Country or Interstate Locations At AAA City Removalist, we take the well being of our customers and employees very seriously. We continue to provide removalist services for local, country and interstate locations while complying with all regulations provided by the National and State Governments. We know that those who have planned to move or are in the process of moving, have been highly disrupted by these uncertain times, so we continue to be there for you. We are a Professional Freight/Transportation Company with membership of National Road Transport Association, independently owned and operating in Sydney NSW, Canberra ACT and across Brisbane and Victoria. To confirm if we are operating in a specific location that you may have already booked, or would like to book with, you can contact us on the number below. Information on Rescheduling Your Move Due To COVID-19 Our customers and staff’s health come first. You can reschedule a relocation service; however, where possible, you must do this 48 hour prior to your original moving date. Kindly note we do not accept last minute rescheduling or cancelling. We Are Committed to Supporting Our Communities During This Difficult Time As a professional removals company, we put ‘Care’ before anything, and are committed to providing the best moving and storage services to our customers to help them meet all of their home and business moving needs. As we work through the COVID-19 outbreak across Australia, we are also working diligently to not only take the necessary precautions and actions for sanitation and safety with our employees and customers, we’re also offering support in our communities to those affected by the recent coronavirus outbreak.   Find Out More About What We’re Doing to Fight COVID-19 If you have any questions about your move with AAA City Removalist, contact us today at: Phone: 1800 77 77 81 Email: Facebook: Yours sincerely, David Amaneddine CEO AAA City Removalist Mondium selects Track’em for tracking materials 2020-04-08T03:26:11Z mondium-selects-track-em-for-tracking-materials Trackem Pty Ltd (Track’em), leader in cloud-based tracking technology, has been selected by Mondium to track materials for construction work on large expansion projects in the resource sector in Western Australia. “Partnering with Mondium is a strategic milestone underlining our focus to deliver prominent solutions that increase efficiency on capital projects,” said Kashif Saleem, founder and CEO, Track’em. “Through our materials tracking software, Mondium will have real-time insight into the status and location of materials across stakeholders on their significant projects. Having this reliable up-to-date snapshot has become even more important in these uncertain times. However, the main objective is always to ensure that engineers on-site have everything they need on-time in the right quantity and quality to deliver the project.” The cloud-based materials management platform will connect various suppliers, contractors and teams involved with the fabrication, delivery, instalment and inspection of the materials. Important updates, movements and custodian changes are recorded, keeping everyone informed. Having access to this data improves scheduling and prevents unnecessary delays. Track’em’s innovative solution streamlines processes and provides an auditable trail across all the steps in the supply chain that materials go through. This gives improved visibility and control to monitor, and manage progress for the successful delivery of projects. About Track’em Track’em is the leading provider of cloud-based tracking software in the resources and construction industries. By tracking assets, materials and time, Track’em provides control and drives efficiency during construction and maintenance projects. Headquartered in Perth, Australia, Track’em has tracked over 10 million items in engineering and construction projects across the world’s largest mining, and oil and gas projects, helping assets owners, engineering companies and contractors deliver projects on time and budget. BSI is providing complimentary access to in-depth COVID-19 related supply chain insights and intelligence 2020-04-07T23:49:40Z bsi-is-providing-complimentary-access-to-in-depth-covid-19-related-supply-chain-insights-and-intelligence BSI, the business improvement company, announced today that they are providing open access to the COVID-19 section of their Supply Chain Risk Exposure Evaluation Network (SCREEN) tool.  SCREEN is a web-based, comprehensive global supply chain intelligence system available by subscription, which includes valuable information for companies to anticipate, quickly respond to, and avoid supply chain disruptions.  As referenced in BSI’s recently released Supply Chain Risk Insights 2020 Report, the COVID-19 outbreak has highlighted the current fragility of global supply chains, wherein the failure of one link in the chain has the potential to cause extensive disruptions throughout.  As the pandemic has progressed, causing considerable disruption to every-day life and a negative impact on the workforce, companies have had to significantly re-evaluate their supply chains. Initially this was caused by the downtime and slowed restart of Chinese manufacturing, however the continued spread of the pandemic has led to complex and varied responses by individual governments to contain the virus, creating further disruptions and requiring businesses to adopt adaptive business continuity measures.  Whether this means that restaurants are closing their dining rooms and only providing carry-out and delivery, or hospitals restricting access to anyone other than critical patients, the New Not Normal is here and the need for comprehensive business continuity planning that considers all types of potential natural disasters, including disease outbreaks, has never been more acute. Lessons learned from the COVID-19 outbreak about how to better mitigate disease spread and absorb delays to manufacturing and global shipping will shape how organizations and supply chains are effectively able to respond to other disruptions in the future. For this reason, BSI is providing open access to SCREEN’s COVID-19 intelligence. “These insights will allow companies to sharpen their actions in the face of this crisis, focus their business continuity plans for their recovery and have a stronger continuity plan for the future,” said Jim Yarbrough, Global Intelligence Program Manager at BSI. “Our priority is to bring the global community reliable and actionable insights and information, curated by our team of experts, around COVID-19 to protect public health and mitigate business disruption.”  To view the SCREEN COVID-19 intelligence, visit: - ENDS - Note to Editors: SCREEN is a subscription tool that provides insight into global supply chain security, business continuity, food safety and fraud, and corporate social responsibility threats and trends in real-time. SCREEN allows users to visualize risk on a global scale and easily identify high-risk locations and potential exposures. Our spotlight news feature and proprietary global risk maps help organizations stay up to date with emerging threats and better protect their supply chain, brand, and reputation. For more information about our data and intelligence platform, please contact us directly About BSI BSI is the business improvement company that enables organizations to turn standards of best practice into habits of excellence. For over a century BSI has championed what good looks like and driven best practice in organizations around the world. Working with 84,000 clients across 193 countries, it is a truly international business with skills and experience across a number of sectors including aerospace, automotive, built environment, food, and healthcare. Through its expertise in Standards Development and Knowledge Solutions, Assurance, Regulatory Services and Consulting Services, BSI improves business performance to help clients grow sustainably, manage risk and ultimately be more resilient and trusted. To learn more, please visit: About BSI’s Supply Chain Services and Solution BSI Supply Chain Services and Solutions is the leading global provider of supply chain intelligence, auditing services, audit compliance and risk management software solutions, and advisory services. Our mission is to help corporations, governments and associations identify, manage and mitigate global supply chain risks and maintain world class governance risk and compliance programs. Our holistic supply chain risk management suite is designed to predict and visualize risk and develop robust risk mitigation and compliance management programs to protect your supply chain, brand and reputation. Our intelligence-infused supply chain solutions and global network empower our clients to understand global supply chain risk with unequaled precision. To learn more, please visit Think Outside the Square Announces the Immediate Availability of our Mobile Hand Washing Stations in response to COVID-19 2020-04-07T22:23:05Z think-outside-the-square-announces-the-immediate-availability-of-our-mobile-hand-washing-stations-in-response-to-covid-19 Sydney, Australia 7 April 2020, today, ideas incubator company Think Outside the Square PTY Ltd, announced the release of its first product in response to COVID-19. Our Mobile Hand Washing Stations are specifically designed to address the need to wash hands frequently for those who work on large sites, projects or with groups.  Designed with the environment in mind, our Mobile Hand Washing Stations comprise of 200 litres of fresh water, hand sanitiser, paper towel dispenser, first aid unit, secured disposal for waste and the ability to turn the tap system on with one’s elbow.  The water system allows for the greywater to be repurposed to gardens, plants and other appropriate uses.  Because it is a mobile system, it can be moved easily or locked up if needed. With the recent measures announced in the construction industry, the Lendlease, Northern Rd project approached our people to find a solution that safely allows crews to easily access an area to wash hands, one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of the virus. It took the team less than a week to “think outside the square” and design the first prototype with all the practical and necessary requirements recommended to reduce the virus spread. Safety of crews is a priority as everyone wants to keep working and pushing ahead through this time, but the way COVID-19 spreads means we need to ensure our workers have access to hand washing at the ready. “Within 48 hours of our first discussions the team presented me with their idea, after a few adjustments, the next day, we had a station and now we have ordered 7 for the Northern Road Project.” “We have had a lot of interest just by word of mouth,” says Paul Breen of Think Outside the Square, “we have heard from day-care centres and schools as well as others who want to discuss if this can be suitable for their situation, generally it is and if it needs adjustments we can do that too.” “We are only weeks old and launching our first product, it is exciting to see Australian ideas come to fruition so quickly at a time when we need to work together and stay apart because of COVID-19. We couldn’t have done it without supplier support such as InfraBuild.” InfraBuild supplies the steel for Our Mobile Hand Washing Stations and is committed to innovation, manufacturing and supply of solutions and products to the rapidly developing construction of nation-building infrastructure in Australia.  This product is also going to give back. Rather than making a profit for every station purchased, food parcels will be donated to Barnardos Penrith Children’s and Family Centre located within Cranebrook NSW and The Haven, Nepean Women’s Shelter. The centre provides a number of support services to children, young people, families within the Penrith Community.  “What this product really represents, is what happens when people come together to solve a problem, this can become a daily habit for parks, childcare centres and other public places,” says Paul Breen, “we are calling on creative minds and industries to come together to develop products that will not only work for the immediate needs but for the future, let’s work together to get to the other side of this health and economic crisis.”   Think Outside the Square is working on various projects at the moment, but are prioritising any that can assist with tackling the issues with COVID-19. About Think Outside the Square Founded in 2020, Think Outside the Square was specifically set up to develop ideas that solve problems and challenges with efficiency. There are many great thinkers out there, who have brilliant ideas on how to do things better, smarter and faster, saving companies and people time and money.  We know that to make that idea a reality is a challenge, getting the idea from paper to prototype often requires unique “outside the square” thinking and the support of people who have done it before. Reassure clients by dealing with the now and preparing for the future 2020-04-01T14:32:13Z reassure-clients-by-dealing-with-the-now-and-preparing-for-the-future Although many professional advisory businesses are facing a tsunami of unprecedented challenges as a result of the economic impact of the coronavirus, it’s imperative not to lose sight of the fundamentals that begin with reassuring clients.   As usual in situations such as this, accountants, financial planners and legal firms found themselves dealing with a deluge of anxious clients when share markets plummeted, businesses forced to close and employment lost as the economy faltered in response to the virus and government action.    Panic and fear are natural human reactions in these situations and the first anxious calls are invariably to advice practitioners seeking solace, reassurance and an understanding of current events.    In good times clients need their professional service providers to guide and assist them to achieve their desired financial, business, retirement, wealth creation or lifestyle goals.  But it’s in troubled times, such as the present, that clients become fearful and need reassurance – which is why the relationship so important.   As the seriousness and gravity of the health and economic impact of the coronavirus began to be realized, many organisations reverted to bulk emails as a means of communicating operational, administrative and general information quickly to clients.    As effective as this modern-day medium is in situations such as this, nothing beats the impact of a phone call and reassuring chat in times of unprecedented concern.    Technology is, and will always be well placed to communicate a ‘hygiene’ message quickly to a broad audience, but it cannot convey empathy and care of the trusted adviser’s voice or key contact within the business.   In normal times, and for a multitude of reasons, many advice and service professionals gradually lose sight of the noble reasons that guided them into an advisory business in the first place.  Impersonal email broadcasts and non-descript newsletters become the ‘go to’ communication mediums for the months in between the annual reviews.       A crisis such as a severe economic downturn, natural disaster or the current coronavirus serve as an important reminder that clients are at the centre, focus and purpose of all activities – and the communication process has an important and crucial role to play.   But before articulating any messages to clients, stakeholders or suppliers in the current environment, the first priority is to secure the financial health and operational framework of the adviser’s own business and ensure it is functioning effectively in the ‘new norm’.     In responding to the health and administrative challenges of the coronavirus, the insightful advice practices fast tracked new operational models that facilitated off-site workplaces and adoption / application of new best-of-breed technologies and cloud-based strategies.    Although a burden initially, the benefit of these Initiatives will be ongoing well after the effects of the coronavirus have passed.   With respect to client communication during this period, the message and content must position the adviser as a beacon of calm in this troubled sea – communicating and interpreting in a compliant manner the latest government announcement regarding taxation or stimulus packages they may be entitled to.   Most importantly, only communicate when there is something to say – quality over quantity.   Furthermore, each client sees the world and situation from a perspective that matters to them as individuals.  So, when crafting any narrative or message to clients, the advisory business owner needs to step outside of themselves and see things through the eyes of the recipient.   Although inundated with tasks and intense pressures at present, the importance of client communication demands time be set aside for this function.     Finally, there’s no doubt that the financial impact of the coronavirus will result in many businesses reopening in financial distress once the green light to do so is given.  Tragically, others won’t be able to reopen at all.   However, history has repeatedly demonstrated that there are businesses that thrive and grow in uncertain and troubled times.  For them, the end of the coronavirus will be a new beginning for their enterprises.    Good effective communication in these challenging periods is invariably rewarded with strengthened relationships and heightened business reputations and brands elevated by the word of mouth endorsement and promotion of appreciative clients.   Issued by Joe Perri & Associates      Media enquiries:     Mr Joe Perri, Joe Perri & Associates                                     Mobile: +61 412 112 545      Email:             Managing Director Mr. Joe Perri founded the company in 1995 after working for more than 22 years in the corporate sector.  Since then, Joe Perri & Associates has grown to provide PR and marketing focussed communication strategies / solutions for clients in the corporate, SME and non-profit sectors that help them achieve their strategic business aspirations.    Joe Perri’s goal is to help clients more clearly define their overall communication objectives and then implement the most appropriate strategy to reach their target audience more effectively. Every day, Joe Perri draws on his experience to enable clients to improve their business relationship, communication and brand / profile with customers, shareholders, distributors, the media and staff. Pro Rug Cleaning Sydney 2020-04-01T10:30:20Z pro-rug-cleaning-sydney Pro Rug Cleaning Sydney offers the best professional rug cleaning service in Sydney. We are the experts and know how to clean a rug properly. No matter if you need professional wool rug cleaning, spot treatment, stain removal, or just a general clean to keep the rug fresh, we are the experienced team for the job. If you need rug cleaning near you then you're in luck because we service the entire Sydney metropolitan area. We are the best rug cleaners and a friendly technician will perform our detailed and professional service to freshen up your rug. We offer rug cleaning at home services and will come to you. We are the rug cleaning specialists and know how to properly clean a rug. No matter if it's wool, cotton, silk, nylon, acrylic, sheepskin, olefin, polypropylene, or even viscose we will be able to perform our service. Contact our rug cleaning company for the best service and the professional experience to freshen up your rug. We even specialise in Persian rug cleaning as well so be sure to enquire about this if you have one. We will go to any region in Sydney including the Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, South West, Western Suburbs, North Shore, Sutherland Shire, North Sydney, and the Hills District. TTHA Announces Restrictions on Visitors 2020-04-01T00:16:52Z ttha-announces-restrictions-on-visitors As older people are more susceptible to getting sick with COVID-19, the government has put in place new restrictions to protect older Australians living in residential aged care facilities. On March 18th TTHA has announced on restrictions on access to their aged care facilities. The following update was sent out on their social media. “As you are all aware the Prime Minister Scott Morrison made a special announcement yesterday announcing further restrictions on aged care to combat the threat of coronavirus, or COVID-19, on Australia's most vulnerable. These are: Aged care facilities must enforce limitations on visitors including all visits to be short durations and limiting visits to a maximum of two visitors at one time per day, this covers immediate social supports like family or close friends, or professional services and advocacy workers. This visit should be conducts in a resident’s room, outdoors or in a specific designated area at the facility and not in communal areas to minimise the risk of transmission. There will be no social activities or entertainment permitted in aged care facilities indefinitely, and no large group visits and gatherings or visits from school groups. Additionally, no visitors are allowed to enter aged care if they have been overseas in the last 14 days, been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-10 in the last 14 days, or have COVID-19 like symptoms or have not been vaccinated against influenza after 1 May. Aged care facilities have been asked to encourage any visitors to engage in social distancing of 1.5 metres. TTHA has implemented all of the above measures, along with many other precautions to keep our staff and residents safe. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this time. The next 6 months is going to be a very testing time for all of us and for the world at large.” TTHA’s retirement living offers independence and peace of mind for residents. It allows seniors to downsize and enjoy living independently without the burden of looking after household repairs and maintenance. Each unit is stylish and comfortable but equipped with an emergency call system for their needs. They also provide home help either on a funded Community Care Package or by private arrangement. TTHA offers highest quality care to their residential aged care residents.  These residents have access to a range of support services, including: 24-hour nursing and personal care, visiting doctors and allied health professionals, physiotherapy, podiatrist, dietitian, a variety of lifestyle activities, memory support group, palliative support and a choice of general practitioners. For more information, TTHA can  be contacted on 87201333 or visit Epson printers and robots win Best of Best and Product Design 2020 Awards 2020-03-30T23:42:36Z epson-printers-and-robots-win-best-of-best-and-product-design-2020-awards Epson’s large-format printers and an industrial robot have won the Red Dot Award in the Product Design category (Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020), marking the fourth successive year that Epson products have been recognised in this award. The company’s printers have also been recognised for their second successive Red Dot: Best of Best Award.Created in 1955 the Red Dot Design Award is recognised around the world as one of the most prestigious awards in the design field. A jury of experts evaluates products announced during the past two years and selects the best designs based on nine criteria, including degree of innovation, functionality, ergonomics, ecological compatibility, and durability. This year's winners were selected from entries from around the world.  Details of the award winning Epson products: SureColor SC-P7500 and SureColor SC-P9500 (SureColor SC-P7560 and SureColor SC-P9560 in Australia and New Zealand) Alongside the SureColor SC-P9050V and SC-P9050G (SureColor P7070 and P9070 in Australia and New Zealand), these printers were regarded highly as the industry standard for reproducing high-quality images in fine art, proofing, and photo laboratories. These products provide the functional operability of high-quality professional tools, such as internal lighting to immediately check printed material and a neutral colour that does not interfere when making colour adjustments. VT6L six-axis robot This is a smooth and beautifully designed entry level 6-axis robot with curved surfaces that make it easy to install. Designed to automate simple transfer operations previously undertaken by humans, the main unit and the controller are integrated to enable space-saving and easy, and ease of use. Low ownership costs are achieved by reducing the cost of the main unit and lower running costs due to a batteryless motor unit. Epson products and services vary by region. You can refer to local Epson sales company for details of products and services available in your region by going For more details about the Red Dot Award, please Buying and selling real estate while open for inspections and public auctions are banned 2020-03-30T22:56:20Z buying-and-selling-real-estate-while-open-for-inspections-and-public-auctions-are-banned Since the Federal Government has banned residential property ‘open for inspections’ and public auctions buyers and agents are seeking a safer way to connect during the Covid-19 pandemic  Resilience and adaptation are hallmarks of the Australian way and the sector is already looking for alternative, safe and healthy ways for vendors, agents and buyers to interact, so that they can continue to buy and sell property. There are vendors who need or want to sell; agents with listings already in the market and buyers who do not want finance approvals to lapse.  Property Whispers, Australia’s only instant matching and connecting residential property platform is a big part of the solution and it is completely free for agents and buyers to use. Says co-founder Liane Fletcher: “Since buyers can’t attend an open for inspection, shake hands with an agent or huddle together at an auction, what can they do? Property Whispers is offering its service completely free, matching buyers and agents and connecting them so that they can assess specific property opportunities safely – complying with the new laws, without crowds and with appropriate social distancing. The way it works is: - Buyers register and provide their purchase specifications (ie) their preferred property type, suburb, price range and other requirements.  - Agents upload properties for sale – either by ‘auction’, ‘private treaty’ or for sale ‘off-market’. - Property Whispers’ algorithm matches buyers and properties and instantly connects agents and buyers so that they can discuss particular properties.  - This can be done by phone, text or email as a precursor to a privately arranged inspection.  Following this an offer, negotiation and exchange of contract can all be done with little direct interaction, keeping all parties safe and well. Over 38,000 instant matches have been created to date. Agents and vendors have a ready marketplace and active buyers can continue finding their dream homes! Property Whispers ( is simple to use and stands ready to help buyers, sellers and agents in these difficult times, allowing them to continue to buy and sell properties, in a safe and healthy way. ENDS - For further information or interviews, please contact: Liane Fletcher, mobile: 0402 333 012 email: Property Whispers is Australia’s premier property matching sales platform, instantly matching buyers and their property requirements with all properties for sale including ‘Off-market’ properties. New Forge Reinvents Australian Manufacturing with Brand New 3D Printing Technology 2020-03-27T08:00:48Z new-forge-reinvents-australian-manufacturing-with-brand-new-3d-printing-technology Running their own manufacturing and retail business the Team at New Forge have over 40 years’ experience working within the Australian industrial sector. They have gained firsthand experience of the limitations imposed by single part prototype and small-scale manufacturing and decided to do something about it. The cost of single part manufacturing can be high, but they found with 3D printing, single part/low volume manufacture is economically viable. With little to no setup costs, New Forge now gives everyone from the single person start-up, to fortune 500 companies easy access to the latest in manufacturing technology. Managing Director, Andrew Day added “We had been following the trends in industrial 3D printing for some time, but it wasn’t until we saw the complete package offered by Markforged (USA) that we felt confident in investing in the technology. We were especially captured by the technology’s ability to print a range of metals, including pure copper. With our automated manufacturing capability, we can alleviate bottlenecks in product design and manufacture. The result - faster prototyping, reduced manufacturing costs and shorter time to market”. “The current COVID-19 crisis is causing Australian businesses uncertainty with their overseas manufacturing. New Forge offers a solution right here in Australia. If you want your steel or carbon fibre parts lighter, stronger and tomorrow – Call New Forge today.” - Technical Director, Michael Tuckey. For further information: Michael Tuckey New Forge Technical Director M. 0419 911 743 E. CREAM Collection to Support Hospo Industry with new #GOURMETTOYOU 2020-03-27T06:07:39Z cream-collection-to-support-hospo-industry-with-new-gourmettoyou Pam Burnett, founder of sustainable hospitality apparel company, CREAM Collection, is launching a new online hub to help support restaurants to promote their altered service offerings. #GourmetToYou has been designed to help spread the word for restaurants that have had to radically change their business due to the COVID-19 crisis, yet continue to want to provide exquisite food to customers throughout this difficult time. Pam Burnett comments: “The hospitality industry has never experienced anything quite like this before, and this situation is going to unfortunately continue for some time. We are all in this together, and we will pioneer through this together as well.” “All my clients and customers are chefs or restaurant owners, and many have become close friends. My heart is breaking for all those who have been affected, both personally and professionally, and for those people who are now housebound until some semblance of normality can be restored.“ It is for these reasons that Pam and her team at CREAM have been determined to find a way to help the hospitality industry continue to thrive. Gourmet To You is an online hub, using Facebook and Instagram, that is showcasing all restaurants around the country who are offering takeaway or home delivery options, allowing those who appreciate fine food to continue to enjoy it from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Pam continued: “Gourmet To You was created for the love of our chefs, restaurants and the finest and most delicious of food. So, while we wait until restaurants can open their doors once again, we are here to help.” For all restaurants offering alternative services, please visit Gourmet To You on Instagram and/or Facebook @gourmettoyouau and send a message so they can let everyone know about it. Alternatively, email For more information, please contact: Emma Kirkaldy @ CRE8IVE on T: 0406 025 771 or Epson IC with Voice and Audio Play Function Supports 12 Languages 2020-03-23T23:46:30Z epson-ic-with-voice-and-audio-play-function-supports-12-languages Epson has launched a PC tool for creating high-quality voice data in an expanded range of languages for an Epson audio playback microcontroller and IC. The new tool is compatible with Epson's S1C31D50 (a 32-bit microcontroller with dedicated sound hardware) and the S1V3G340 audio playback IC.  The microcontroller and IC support four languages (American English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean), but the new tool provides support for an additional eight languages (American Spanish, British English, Canadian French, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish).  The use of voice guidance has become increasingly common in items ranging from remote-controlled tankless water heaters, home electronics, and health and fitness equipment to alarms in office buildings, shopping complexes, and factories. Epson's existing sound playback microcontroller and IC have been optimized for these applications and have been well-received by customers. By providing the new tool, Epson enables developers of items such as household equipment, home electronics, health and fitness equipment, and industrial equipment to easily make their products multilingual by embedding an IC.Epson bundles the tool with evaluation boards and provides it for free to customers of the S1C31D50 microcontroller and S1V3G340 IC.Epson is committed to helping its customers improve the performance of their products with solutions that leverage Epson's efficient, compact, and precision technologies.Notes: • For more information about the S1C31D50 32-bit microcontroller with dedicated sound hardware go to:• For more information about the S1V3G340 audio playback IC go Epson on social media:Facebook: @EpsonAustraliaTwitter: @EpsonAustInstagram: @EpsonAust SYSPRO delivers improved usability and performance in its latest ERP Release  2020-03-23T21:33:50Z syspro-delivers-improved-usability-and-performance-in-its-latest-erp-release SYSPRO, a global provider of industry-built ERP software, today announced enhancements to its latest ERP product offering, which further extends SYSPRO’s leadership within the manufacturing and distribution sectors. SYSPRO 8, the companies latest ERP version that was first released in 2018, sees new capabilities being added twice a year.  The first release for 2020 offers existing and new customers superior security, governance and compliance, enhanced traceability, extended tools for development and greater tax support. These capabilities have been aimed at assisting manufacturers and distributors to securely automate and integrate their business processes to improve production, inventory control and reporting. According to SYSPRO Chief Product Officer, Paulo de Matos, “The latest release will offer extended capabilities, which will optimise production processes and can ultimately result in greater productivity and faster time to value.” A few highlights of the latest release are as follows: Enhanced traceability As organisations continue to operate in a highly regulated environment, manufacturers have the need to recall a product on short notice. As a result, Product Recall has been expanded to allow any traceable parent item (Lot or Serial) that has been receipted into stock by any means, to be easily identified. In addition, it continues to provide the ability to regularly test the system through Mock Recalls. Benefits of this capability include the accelerated time to completion to product recalls, improved governance and the ability to meet regulatory reporting requirements. Enhanced administration and language customisation through SYSPRO MOM Improved transaction rights have been added to SYSPRO Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), allowing the rights of the user to be limited by the administrator.  Only approved users will be able to undertake shop floor transactions, while unauthorised users will only be able to view transactions – improving control and governance. The latest version also has additional customisable features. For example, SYSPRO MOM extends and enriches ERP systems by uniting the planning and production processes to help quickly and easily create flow, measure performance, connect machines and increase output and margins through the elimination of loss. This feature has extended language capabilities and now supports French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.  Improved System Management in SYSPRO Point of Sale (PoS) SYSPRO Point of Sale (PoS) enables manufacturers with a distribution operation as well as core distributors to automate their sales processes and transactions, including payments and inventory allocation. The new release has focused on improving the management of the system, specifically in areas of security and governance. Password expiry and password strength validation has been enhanced along with the management of deposits- inclusive of an audit trail. The addition of online and offline receipt number allocation prevents duplication, while administrators now have greater control over various aspects of Supply Chain Transfer functionality. Management of digital tax As more countries transition towards electronic tax submissions, SYSPRO will include support for Making Tax Digital (MTD) and will include the 9-box return for the United Kingdom (UK). This allows for the extraction of tax data electronically for improved electronic tax submissions. Additionally, there will be enhanced tracking and monitoring of tax receipts Increased security measures embedded within the architecture In today’s highly regulated world, most companies operate in an environment where they must comply with one or more security and/or privacy regulations or government Acts. Additionally, with the increase of organisational deployment to the cloud, there has been a surge of concerns around security and the levels of encryption required. For this reason, SYSPRO now introduces SQL Encryption in Motion. Data Encryption in Motion ensures that eavesdroppers and hackers can’t see what is transmitted. This is particularly useful for private and sensitive information, but also for all information sent between SYSPRO and SQL Servers. Avanti, SYSPRO’s flagship web interface has also been updated to support multi-factor authentication. Extended Tools for Development In addition to improved security features, Avanti will now include the Avanti Software Development Kit (SDK). With direct access to the entire SYSPRO Avanti API, the Avanti SDK provides developers with everything needed to enhance Avanti functionality according to your organisation’s requirements. The Bots Software Development Kit (SDK) allows developers to create their own Bot skillsets and functionality as well as connect their own applications to Ken the SYSPRO Bot. “In developing our latest release, superior system performance and user experience was of paramount importance. We wanted to improve customer experience and fundamental operational processes for our customers who at the heart of our business,” concludes de Matos. About SYSPRO SYSPRO is a global, independent provider of industry-built ERP software designed to simplify business complexity for manufacturers and distributors. Focused on delivering optimised performance and complete business visibility, the SYSPRO solution is highly scalable, and can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or accessed via a mobile device. SYSPRO’s strengths lie in a simplified approach to technology, expertise in a range of industries, and a commitment to future-proofing customer and partner success. Fantastic Services Group launches a new Antiviral Sanitisation Service in Australia 2020-03-23T10:41:49Z fantastic-services-group-launches-a-new-antiviral-sanitisation-service-in-australia Fantastic Services Australia has launched a new Antiviral Sanitisation service amidst the global outbreak crisis and in response to the high demand for prevention and disinfection against the COVID-19 virus. The antiviral property sanitisation treatment is available to domestic, commercial and public-sector customers in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.  Key points of the new service: - All professionals passed the Infection Control Training from the Australian Government Department and received a certificate; - It is performed with certified non-toxic virucidal detergent products;   - The technicians wear protective gear and have been specially trained to perform the service; - The treatment is effective against a range of viruses and bacteria. The co-founder of Fantastic Services, Rune Sovndahl, says that the company’s management has been closely monitoring the development of the health crisis in both Australia and the UK. The new Antiviral Sanitisation service is one of the Fantastic Services’ contributing efforts to keep homes and places of work and business safe. “We have taken all necessary measures to make this service as safe as possible. All technicians follow strict daily routines to ensure their personal safety,”  The Antiviral Sanitisation service is provided with the use of a certified virucidal detergent, which is child and pet-safe. It has been tested and proven to neutralise effectively a number of viruses and bacteria on “high-touch”, washable surfaces. The property disinfection treatment can be booked online through the Fantastic Services Group’s website or the mobile application - GoFantastic. The technicians, who perform the service, have been trained to execute the antiviral sanitisation treatment as safely as possible by following strictly personal hygiene practices and the company’s high-quality standards. Fantastic Services Australia endeavours to assure its customers that all cleaning and property maintenance services, it provides, are available and performed with the highest level of quality and safety amid the current outbreak situation.